Following an October 2014 trip, researcher says area is like an “abandoned Manhattan Project. Is this where our (occupied) government plans their False Flag ‘school shootings’ and ‘terror bombings?'”

By Barry Soetoro, Esq.

Sandy Hook Elementary school is where the (alleged) “Biggest School Shooting in US History” happened.

The infamous Firehouse is where the Sandy Hook “Memorial Service” was held — and Crisis Actors wandered in circles through the parking lot.

Driveway blocked by orange cones is “Dickenson Drive,” the entrance to the now-bulldozed Sandy Hook Elementary school. It runs adjacent to the Firehouse parking lot.

Newtown is clearly a Potemkin Village. Many buildings are abandoned – and homes look neglected.

Sandy Hook “proper” feels like a one-horse town.

Small houses along the few streets look like abandoned shacks with overgrown shrubs. There’s a few shops at one intersection, then everything else seems to be a “school” or “academy” of some type.  I’ve never seen so many schools/academies in one place before.

I pulled over at the infamous Firehouse to take photos, and directly across the street was a small house with 5 people standing in full view in their DRIVEWAY, outside their front door, having beers….. for no reason. I noticed them because there seemed to be no other people in the town.  And who stands just outside their front door in their driveway, socializing – while avoiding their side/back yards.


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  1. […] Following an October 2014 trip, researcher says area is like an “abandoned Manhattan Project. Is this where our (occupied) government plans their False Flag ‘school shootings’ and ‘terror bombings?’” By Barry Soetoro, Esq. Sandy Hook Elementary school is where the (alleged) “Biggest School Shooting in US History” happened. The infamous Firehouse is where the Sandy Hook “Memorial Service” was held — and Crisis Actors wandered in circles through the parking lot. Driveway blocked by orange cones is “Dickenson Drive,” the entrance to the now-bulldozed Sandy Hook Elementary school. It runs adjacent to the Firehouse parking More… […]

  2. Dr Preston James over at Veterans Today called Newtown a “synthetic town”. That is, a town especially altered for the Sandy Hook event over a period of about 3 years.
    Note also that a relative of one of the “alleged” victims is trying to trademark the “victim’s” name so it can’t be used by the free press. I think this is called the proxied paraphrase protection proviso.
    Newtown is, indeed, one of your strangest towns in this nation and undoubtedly many secrets lie within its confines. Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of that coherent group of town officials and citizens that refuse to cooperate with journalists. Who woulda thunk they’d have been able to go this far without a major chink in their secrecy?

      1. Anne, just so. The drill continues. There would be little purpose in staging a drill if the elements of it were “normal”. Gaging the reaction to the introduction of ever increasing levels of nonsense is both a modeling device and a study piece.

        In an average town, where funding comes from the residents, they can’t afford to have cops just sitting around watching the street or full-time security goons at one school, while the one next door is wide open.

        Even taking into consideration some of the remarks above, related to the population, all of these extra-curricular events cost money. Keeping the myth alive is an expensive industry. It is more than obvious that funding is available and I don’t, for one, believe that comes from bleeding heart types through “donations”.

        Let’s try a little “thought experiment”. I’m the city bagman in Newtown. I get showered with money. I put out newspaper pieces on how we’re struggling to find ways to spend it all. For some mysterious reason, the money keeps coming.

        Now, look at the buildings in the photos above. Anybody see a candidate for a little “urban renewal”? I’ll bet they could get the cops out of their cars and the bums in the parking lot, hand them some tools and paint, and the eyesore would lessen.

        We’ve been told that they moved their administration offices to Fairfield Hills. That’s appropriate. So the dilapidated buildings are, what?, a barrier? These shadowy figures appear with regularity on the MSM, but no movement can be found on the street?

        Where are the cars? Where is the activity? The closest thing to id I’ve seen is a tour of Universal Studios. My sense is that this was selected precisely because of its remoteness and lack of normal activity.

        An army of successful, too old for elementary school, parents do not just “arrive” at a decaying burg, form relationships, and set up a live version of “Up With People” without provocation.

        So, they needed to bring the drill to Newtown, not the other way ’round. what has Newtown got that can’t be found easily anywhere else? Why it has lots of “hidey holes”. It has tunnels. It has Fairfield Hills.

        The site looks more like a place where one would stage a witch’s convocation than an attractant for well-healed city dwellers. There may be something in that observation.

  3. After I win the Super Bowl, I’m going to Disneyland.

    Great, very interesting article. I hope and believe, for now, that it is on the up and up, because there is nothing like genuine reporting by genuine people, who are fellow truth-seekers and not paid actors and agents.

    (Actually I have no winning agenda and will NEVER visit or patronize Disneyland or Disneyworld or Disneyanything.)

    Ned Lud

  4. Did you happen to get a chance to drive past Newtown High School or any of the elementary or middle schools that supposedly exist there? Since this seems like a vacant town, it would have been interesting to see if schools 1) actually exist and 2) whether they have any students. The Newtown High School blog NEVER has comments from students – EVER.

      1. Good work “Sandra”! I can only imagine how weird it is. The pictures so a nice job but I’ll bet it’s even “better” live. I don’t understand the manicured lawns and the new sign with the rundown buildings and flaking paint.

        All of those industrial buildings are strange as well. It would make a nice cover for a Stephen King novel.

        I mean, it’s a tough sell to convince someone that these upper middle class achievers just “fell in love” with the place. It has that “dirty deeds done in dark places” ambiance. It’s a sort of “Masonic Mayberry”.

        1. The Town of Newtown moved its offices from Edmond Town Hall on Main Street to restored facilities on the Fairfield Hills campus. That is why you see manicured lawns and flowers, but it does not diminish from the fact that they are surrounded by spooky buildings from the past.

      2. I meant “The pictures do a nice job…..” (bad eyes!).

        The drive with the “No Trespassing” sign is hard to understand. It appears to be a public road. How do they post a public road? Same idea with the nature trail.

        Do they not see a problem with having one school “open” and another with a full time police guard? Just wait until they get the THING built. They’ll have helicopters and satellite telemetry.

        You are right Sofia, looking at all of the carefully designed graphics and slogans for a town that looks like the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution is hard to fathom. “We’re so proud to live in our ‘holy’ neighborhood”.

        Contrast what you found against the “Norman Rockwell” footage on the MSM. My mind keeps getting drawn to the mysterious houses. Who lives there? Where are they?

        1. Since when is an elementary school the “center of the community”.

          “There’s a rebirth going on out there.”

          I rather think that’s a true statement. It is rising, Phoenix-like, from their old center of operations. It is frustrating to read articles like that, Anne. Does no one question the artificial premises contained in the narrative?

          We all know that this has nothing to do with its stated purpose. But, that said, how do they justify spending $54M on a fortress elementary school with a declining enrollment. Think about it. They have other schools that are open to all the dangers of the civilized world. Makes one wonder just what “special” kids will be the lucky recipients of all that largesse.

        2. A school in California, connected to a former governor dinophile is familiar with, cost 58 million to construct. The school was given the former governor’s name. I found some interesting information about this man while he was employed at Los Angeles taxpayers’ expense, but it vanished from my screen before I hit post. This has happened a few times lately while naming certain names, especially aging front men.

        3. Anne, yes I read Dionphile’s piece on her niece. Very nicely done. It is more conformation of everything we’ve been discussing here. Most go about their business assuming that what they see on TEE VEE is true and that “their” representatives and officials are carrying out their business honorably.

          As we all know, the concept of openness is predicated on our ability to get sufficient information to verify. In practice, these decisions that affect us are made by a relatively small cabal of connected individuals and access to verification is blocked by legions of toadies whose livelihood depends upon their complicity.

          The joke is really on us. Those involved with these scams know that, even if exposed, they are protected. As Dinophile relates in another of her articles on her censure, I know that feeling. It is a very frustrating and at the same time, enlightening, experience to be “in the right”, know that those deciding your fate know that as well, and have them basically say “I don’t care”.

          What falls apart is the notion of “common ground”. When we’re naive and believe that even our opponents want to “do the right thing”, and we discover that nothing could be farther from the truth, one realizes how powerless they are. The truth is that we are never powerless, we simply can’t rely on the perpetrator’s coconspirators to defend our rights.

          The entire self-centered universe runs on connections. It doesn’t run on ethics. This is the Satanic model. “Do as thou wilt”. Holding ourselves to a higher standard and considering others is the Christian way.

          While all these self-serving parasites pile up riches through their nefarious deals, we should all remember the powerful words of Don Henley; “…you don’t see no hearses with luggage racks”.

        4. Wow, Musings! You got that word for word. I’m impressed! Shows how much of my early programming has slipped hanging our with all these “Conspiracy Theorists”, excuse me, “Dangerous Extremists”.

          Remember, “you’ll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent”. Now, take your sugar cube like a good girl.

      3. There is a huge High School facility there with manicured ball fields and tennis courts. I got caught in a traffic jam due to a football game. Surely they did not hoax that. Or…..did they…..?

        1. Would appreciate it if Dino, Anne, lophat, musings, skirt, mark – any skeptic – please read the following article regarding Adam Lanza’s alleged digital communications on forums, as well as alleged emails from Adam, Nancy, and the professionals allegedly involved in their lives.

          My question to all, is this all contrived? I ask this assuming that we are in accord here that AL probably did not exist, but if so, was a patsy and most certainly could not have killed the alleged victims, nor could have carried the presumed 58 lbs of gear (that is, if there even was an occupied school involved in a shooting – real or drill). That IS the fundamental consensus, no? Sans, of course, the fact that we don’t agree on EVERY aspect mentioned, we do see eye to eye on the afore general premise?

          That said, having only read the article above, I find it disturbing to see that there is an entire community of people who acquire and attribute to AL constructs that give him an existence that corroborates the official narrative. Can anyone explain the seemingly credible minutia weaved throughout the correspondences? Truthfully, I now know what cog dissonance feels like.

        2. Grant, yes, it’s a hoax. More importantly, its a drill. It isn’t over. What you just linked to is part of it. It doesn’t take much creativity to write phony emails in character. Look at the substance and the conclusions. The conclusions are precisely what those who perpetrated this want people to come to.

          We went from assurances that the computer geek didn’t have an internet connection to this? Now we have a site who is psychologically analyzing “Adam” and pushing state intervention as the “cure”.

          Most everything we’re exposed to these days is a total lie. For those of us who don’t watch TEE VEE, when we are exposed to it the magnitude and obviousness of it is overwhelming. Those who have not broken the cycle don’t see it.

          It’s an interesting study. When you tell a huge lie, and then proceed to push it to the limit (and beyond), the response is to believe basically because it is impossible to imagine anyone with the audacity to lie to that degree in the first place.

          You could pick any “character” in this production and artificially create a life for them down to scars on their feet or their favorite nail polish. It’s easy. We know that they faked phone calls from airplanes that were impossible. It’s easy to fake emails.

          Then you can take the faked emails and psychoanalyze them. “He was jealous of his grandfather’s tricycle”, whatever. The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t make any difference whether or not there was a “real” Adam. I rather suspect that there wasn’t. If there was, fine. It still did not happen as advertised.

          You speak of “cognitive dissonance”. It’s a powerful tool. An older term could be “yarn spinner”. Ever think about that one? People who do this can be very good. They don’t miss a beat in their lies. They even throw little anecdotes into their stories to improve their veracity. These types make excellent salesmen.

          One of the techniques used by liars is to throw tremendous amounts of minutia out there in a muddle. When one tries to analyze it, it make no sense. But due to the sheer volume, some of it “sticks”, and people start wondering “well, they said he did this or that…..”, and forgetting that the whole thing is imaginary.

          If you want to see an example of this go to “The Montuak Project” and look for an interview with Al Blievik. It’s three hours long. He is one of the best yarn-spinners I’ve ever come across. When you’re finished, go back and think about the plausibility of ANYTHING that he said being true. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think that SOMETHING was going on there. Al is a perfect cover for it.

          So my response is this. if you want to believe any or all of the story, please, go right ahead. If you want to learn how to spot disinformation, learn to read these things backward. Read the “conclusions” first. If the conclusions are consistent with what we know they are pushing, it’s part of the ruse.

          Whether they’re selling toothpaste or SHES, the techniques are largely the same.

        3. lophatt – Don’t you know that 9 out of 10 dentists say that Crest has been shown to be an effective decay-preventive dentifrice that can be of significant value when used in a consciously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care? Nothing like Fluoristan to bring out the “Look ma – no cavities” response. I may be mixing up my toothpaste – sometimes I wonder where the yellow went – but anyone who grew up when we did can sing a thousand such jingles when walking through the aisles of a well-stocked grocery or drug store, huh. Thus are these spectacles to our sense of our history. Everyone remembers what they were doing on 9/11. Everyone knew immediately that all their anti-war ideas had to be immolated in the fires of that day. It was a no-brainer.

        4. Lophat thanks for taking the time to spell it out for me – Seriously that article unnerved me, partly due to the unbiased tone but mostly to the degree of detail (however I did catch him at least once jumping to poor conclusions). The whole time – I realize now – I was putting together this puzzle of Adams thoughts and motives when I had no foundation to base any of the article as true. In other words, i failed to apply any critical thought, being enthralled in the entertaining world of someone’s job assignment.

          However, I must say that there is quite a bit of behind the scenes work going on here. The sheer amount of manpower required just to think this up is astonishing – for they even had the time to add in foreshadowing, symbolism, numerology, batman, etc etc.

          I am leaning more and more everyday towards the conclusion that we are dealing with some real professionals here, people who have studied this one act just like they would for a war – complete with, most likely, years of gaming and prep. Countermeasures and simulations, predictions and drills must have been repeated so much that they had time to put the icing on their cake by throwing in their signature sloppy and over the top blatancy for us to scoff at. I declare that these “idiots” we scoff so often at, may actually be well ahead of us, leaving breadcrumbs for us like pigeons at the park.

          Because, after all, it’s either they REALLY planned this out with thousands of insiders (witting or tools), OR the event happened as described and they absent- mindedly tossed out a freedom restricting laws so as to maximize the potential of a good tragedy.

          When will I ever get over the fairy tale of altruism innate in humanity? I used to wonder how people could do these things to their fellow man. Nowadays, I wonder what I should have been doing to scrape and claw my way to the top, at the expense of anyone.

          How many zeroes onto your salary would it take for you to look down your nose at the sheep as an expendable herd?

          Money is a tool. Like a gun. Humans are the root of all evil. Nay, life itself, must be the root – for its sole purpose is to exploit other life in order to survive.

          I know I’m going off on a philosophical tangent here, but this line of thought leads to a) the reason for the evolution of guilt should stem from religion -in its efforts to subdue and reign over the unenlightened and b) one must logically conclude the psychopath – the apatheist – to be the perfected state intended by nature. Which explains the behavior of those who govern.

          I’m not making an excuse, merely an observation of our condition, as taboo as it sounds, this visceral explanation shames vis a vis burdensome mythology transcended en perpetuity generation after generation.

          Do what thou wilt is a ruse; Instead, Do what thou must.

        5. Your observations about the condition of the godless psychopaths is are why I choose to devote my life to my God: I’ve seen my choice; I understand exactly where “evolution” leads. Where is there room for ethics, morality, or altruism (no matter how it’s defined) within survival of the fittest?

          No, thank you. I choose to believe that we have a Creator, that we are made in His image, and to follow His commands…the alternative is simply too horrible.

        6. The Sandy Hook event, and others in the same genre, is psychological warfare conducted with a long term agenda in mind. The cold war, lasting around 45 years, is a reminder of the long haul we’re in for.

          I was unaware of the Sandy Hook Light House blog. We have Ben’s Lighthouse for Newtown’s Children and there is the real Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey, the state’s oldest lighthouse. Sandy Hook, NJ was also the location of a hoax that sent the coast guard on a wild goose chase in June 2012.

          Now we have a Sandy Hook Light House blog created by one Reed Coleman. Who is Mr. Coleman? Researching his email address he has just three postings outside of his Sandy Hook blog. On one site he is defending Lenny Pozner.

          There are many by the name of Reed Coleman, but none in Connecticut. It does not have to be in Connecticut, could be anywhere. May not even be his/her real name. The avatar is from a movie or television show. However, Coleman is investing a lot of time and effort in promoting the drill/hoax. Is he/she on someone’s payroll? Most likely.
          There are untold people on government payroll creating all sorts of persona, stories and fake communication on forums. That is their job, they are storytellers – a large part of psychological warfare. Media is the conveyor. CT governor Malloy’s former spokes-hack was just hired by a major PR firm because he is “a good storyteller”.

          Here is one such example. A sugar induced coma may result from reading this:

          From UK:
          New British army elite unit to hone social media and psychological warfare

          “…….the new Brigade 77 will aim to be a “smart” brigade.”

        7. One advantage anyone has in making up these scenarios is that people naturally look for and find patterns in things – like seeing shapes in wood paneling or in the clouds. Once you have surrendered to the dominant storyline, then if you find numbers which seem to point to some magical sequence, it may or may not have been intentional, because those who suspend disbelief (as we all do to watch and participate emotionally in any drama or art work) will experience a resonance here and there. Something has the “ring of truth” once you have discarded the notion that the premises are false. My objection to these events is that not only are they bad art, they are bad rabble-rousing in the service of liars and cheats, and their purpose is to sway the crowd to some action it would not have taken if thought had been expended on whether something was true or false.

      4. And when Bill, my ministry partner, and I were there in August of 2013 at Treadwell Park on Philo Curtis Rd., you would have thought that Sandy Hook was the hub of all of New England as this park was swarmed with HUNDREDS of citizens participating in what surely seemed to be some sort of soccer extravaganza.

        And all I could think of as we went completely unnoticed in the sweltering heat, singing gospel songs, is that just beyond the tree line adjacent to the park, a mere 8 months prior to the day, an incident of infamy was alleged to have occurred that would be etched in our memories forever.

        1. Joseph, I appreciate your willingness to “put boots on the ground”. That all is perfectly understandable and, under normal circumstances, might be fruitful.

          In this case, however, I think we would be chasing an illusion. I feel somewhat responsible for some of the confusion. For all my blather, I expect others to understand the nature of what we’re being shown.

          There are at least “two” (possibly more} Newtowns. There is the “Drill Newtown” of television fame, and the Newtown that residents go about their business in. I suspect there is at least another “Newtown” with very dark overtones that most no nothing of.

          Visiting Newtown is much like visiting Universal Studios and expecting to find Errol Flynn. We know that he must be there because we all saw the film. In fact, at first, many of us made mention of the fact that what was televised was movie material, not “news”.

          The footage and stills were carefully cut and arranged to give the impression of a “unified town” in the face of tragedy. The story was created and developed around certain “characters”. “Extras” were occasionally spliced in for “human interest”.

          Having lived in a town that was frequently used to film Hollywood films, I can assure you that the man on the street would know nothing of the events transpiring during the filming. Just like now, meeting and greeting the locals would shed little, if any, light on the production.

          While I do think that the residents are the unfortunate recipients of the machinations of a death cult, I doubt that they notice. Outside of the official gatekeepers, the filming is over. We all know that they took much “artistic license” with the product and designed all of the shots and angles “just so” to visually reinforce their narrative.

          Even so, we found many mistakes. They were not really expecting anyone to study their work. The “impressions” were what they were after. Now that they have destroyed most of the evidence, all that remains are the manufactured memories. That too, shows a lot of understanding of the human psyche. People cherish and guard their “memories” more than concrete objects.

          You’re a good man Joseph. I too think someone needs to get to the underbelly of this thing. I’m not certain what the best way to do that is. My sense is that marching in there, en masse, would probably generate resistance where normally there would be none. Anyone “in the know” would communicate your presence to those who do know something and all would go quiet, or worse.

          This thing certainly has a local core. They know each other and unless you found a weak link, I don’t know how you would get much useful information. From the history to date it appears they may have taken care of their weak links already.

        2. Lophatt, I genuinely respect you, as I do many others here at MHB, if I didn’t I wouldn’t bother to visit or respond. True respect is priceless.

          I cannot argue with your grip on Sandy Hook. As I have stated here before, your understanding of the alleged events of 12-14-12 is matched by few, if any.

          However, I disagree that an intrusion of truth seekers would most likely be doomed from the outset. For one clear and present reason. As a TRUE believer in Jesus Christ, and understanding that whatever happened in Sandy Hook on that day was a result of the devils work, I am convinced that the Holy Spirit would bring protection and revelation.

          Halbig and Fetzer raided Sandy Hook IN THEIR OWN POWER. Little if anything productive was born from it. What I am suggesting is an invading force that is SANCTIFIED as a result of at LEAST one (me) who is going in the name of Jesus Christ.

          Please, at this point don’t accuse me of spiritual haughtiness. I am what I am as a result of the unsearchable grace of God. I merely accepted the gift which was offered in Christ.

          If your discernment disengages the spiritual from the physical, then yes, another trip to Sandy Hook, regardless of numbers, is just that – another trip. But if you allow for the workings of the supernatural, then how can you positively maintain that an organized effort would result in failure?

          Do not dismiss the possibility, regardless of how slight it may appear, that ONE citizen currently residing in Sandy Hook (or thereabouts) MAY have something to offer that heretofore has yet to be offered.

          I am just so tired of examining Sandy Hook from afar.

          Having said all this, regardless of the response, I am going back to Sandy Hook (yeah, yeah I know, been saying this for a while now…) in an attempt to UNCOVER THE TRUTH.

          And who can argue with that?

        3. Joseph, I meant no offense. Believe me, I’m not accusing you of “spiritual” or any other form of haughtiness. I am a Christian as well and I understand what you’re saying.

          What I’m trying to say is that, in terms of the drill, there is likely no evidence of any value left at the site. In terms of the evil behind it, I’m reasonably sure it’s still there. On the other hand, its everywhere.

          If you feel called to do this you should follow that. I know that you’re an intelligent and practical man. If you go, you will go with both eyes open. It is also true that, spiritually, you have nothing to fear. On the other hand, these forces have worldly powers at their disposal.

          I have nothing but respect for you, Joseph. I certainly didn’t mean to imply otherwise. Going there would be a courageous thing. I think these creature’s “father” is different from ours. I think that, if they were exposed to the light it would make it much harder for them to continue.

  5. EVIL is the operative word that envelopes the whole saga of Newtown CT. When an entire state is coopted into the agenda and the human element remains invisible to the naked eye, “…something wicked this way comes.”

    Is the disease metastisizing like a malignant
    tumor? Will it consume the country if untreated?

    Obvious questions we should be asking.

  6. Obviously the boy whose picture appeared as a school shooting victim in Pakistan is evidence that government intelligence operations have a cache of these entities. Most likely the child whose picture was taken then is unrecognizable today, because he is in his thirties or forties.
    The family photo of Sean Collier (Senator Elizabeth Warren’s statement about being “Collier Strong” her riff on “Boston Strong”) who was alleged to be the MIT cop gunned down by the Tsarnaev’s when they had a false story spread about having robbed a nearby 7/11 market, plainly dates from the 70’s. The clothing is very out of date, unless it comes from a remote part of Ireland. My brothers who appear in family photos from that era are in their 50’s, as the original stand-in for Sean Collier in that color-faded photo would be. But as we know the classroom photos of “Sandy Hook Elementary” had children dressed in the style of the 1980’s.

    This shoddy workmanship is either a bug or a feature of the intelligence entities who play these games. By the way, we can see them almost fully exposed lately in the Mideast struggles with yet another US-armed entity, ISIS, the younger cousin of Al-Qaeda. Why is it possibly a feature and not a bug? Because what they want to do is to get the public to suppress its own reactions against a bad product, to overlook the sell-by date and go ahead and say the sour milk tastes great. They want the public to get in the habit of never sniffing, to lie back and accept whatever is sent their way. So they play with the threshold of acceptance, maybe even keeping statistical reactions as they do in elections (with the infamous push polls) and in marketing of all manner of products.

    Some years ago, children were tested on their abilities to get other children to eat bad-tasting crackers. The children who sold them best to their peers were said to have an “M factor” in their personalities – “M” for Machiavelli.

    What both the Marathon Bombing and Sandy Hook say to the public is that all their worst fears about society, generated by endless nights of fictional bad guys (punctuated by commercials that told them the solution to happiness was to eat more or drink more Coke or buy more cars), is that there are answers to our terrible problems, and the answer is in the form of allowing government to protect us. Hunkering down and sheltering in place, becoming timid people who do not even venture out to know their own neighbors, is the way to safety.

    As to knowing your own neighbors – well, sometimes it takes a shock or novel experience (like the huge Boston snowstorm) to get a flavor of what they are made of. Otherwise, most as groomed to be followers, as even children in free play tend to start with their favorite tv or video game characters to act out. It takes awhile to clear the system of that kind of hypnosis. It is interesting to speculate on what might actually work to break the set of this long-running Truman Show. The real boss is Nature, and though it takes awhile, sometimes it sends a message you cannot ignore.

    1. Musings, I agree with your assessment. I’d add a few things, however. If we back up, and look at this for what it is, they are basically saying “we manufacture reality, and you will live in it”.

      Many of us have spent years studying their games. They have invested billions in psychological work. At this phase we are seeing that research applied.

      It isn’t difficult to get people to believe a believable lie. The only way to gage the success of their psyops is to make the lie at least somewhat unbelievable. By interjecting more and more bizarre bits they can ratchet up the unbelievability scale and study the reaction.

      One of the principle purposes with this is to get to a point where what is on TEE VEE is totally at variance with what one can see with their own eyes. They want us to “believe” them over our own senses.

      They have statistics, no doubt, that predict what percentage of the population won’t notice, which will notice but ignore it, those who will notice and say something…., etc.. This is not due to any real worry on their part. It is more a measure of what tools to apply to a given reaction.

      We are rapidly approaching a time where those who do not get their realities from TEE VEE will be declared “insane”. The surveillance is there to ensure their progress. Your TV is now watching you.

  7. I lived in Newtown for many years and the years I did not live in Newtown I lived just outside of Newtown, so that it was my backyard. I completely agree about the eerie feeling when walking around Fairfield Hills. In fact, I got an incredibly strange feeling about the town in 2009-2011 and felt compelled to leave, like some force was pushing me out.

    But Fairfield Hills, at least since I last wandered it, is open to the public so long as you don’t try to enter the condemned structures. People go walking around there all of the time and there are many trails and sidewalks where people regularly jog and walk their dogs there. However, that doesn’t take away from the chilling and ominous feeling. I recall looking up at the clock tower in 2010 or so and seeing the hands stuck on 9 and 11 and wondering what this could mean. I thought “no way, this is just Newtown, it means nothing. nothing will ever happen here.” but I always got the feeling something WAS going to happen in Newtown. And something DID happen in Newtown. It is a weird foreboding I live with, along with other thoughts and feelings about the town which I know I felt but no one believes me if I tell them.

    However, Newtown has many NORMAL people living in it. It is one of the biggest towns in the State and has many parts. The Sandy Hook part of town is, I totally agree, like a ghost town. It is nothing like how the media portrayed it and they were livening it up artificially in the years prior to the shooting. Sandy Hook is the poorer part of town and with the building of new shopping centers along route 6 and in the flagpole district, Sandy Hook almost lost its soul. It lost its charm somehow.

    Also, the Governor’s Horse Guard is stationed across from Fairfield Hills. This is the governor’s own personal guard. Literally a military force under his command! It is ceremonial, but it is still Connecticut’s very own personal Army, something a few states still possess other than the national guard.

    1. The card is handed to Daniel Craig’s character 3/4 way into the film. His patient number is: 8-10-10, which is the number of people killed (28) in Sandy Hook. There is no 1103 Riverside Rd, but 11, 13 and 33 are very key numbers for Freemasons (11×3=33).

      To explore this google: ’11, 13 and 33: The Illuminati/Freemason signature’

      As an aside, ‘dream house’ has the same gematria (numerology) as ‘child sacrifice’. There’s a ‘gematria value-english gematria calculator’ site for this.

        1. Even in the official story the dead bodies of Adam and Nancy exist. They have no stars on that Riverside firehouse roof. Pariahs can be banished from further examination…

  8. Adam attended Reed Intermediate School which is located in the Fairfield Hills School campus. I live in a nearby town and Newtown has always given me a sense of unease… Richard Craft putting his wife thru a wood chipper and dumping her remains over a bridge during a blizzard, Fairfield Hills Campus and MKUltra ( Dr. Delgado from Yale ) and a prison with hideous architecture: google the satellite image. Regarding 17 Riverside Rd across from the firehouse: Read the article about Sandy Hook from ‘The Real Colorado’ blog–it is excellent and brings to light disturbing details I haven’t read about anywhere else.

    1. The story goes that Richard Crafts got the wood chipper idea from a neighbor who had put another neighbor’s dog through the chipper due to excessive barking. Then medical examiner, now part time medical examiner of SH fame, put a frozen pig through a wood chipper to test the outcome during the Crafts trial. This was back in the mid eighties.

      During the same time another Newtowner buried his wife under barn floorboards where she was discovered some 25 years later. A third Newtowner wife and mother went missing during the same time period. She was never found.

      1. That’s pretty disturbing. There are places the world over where repellent practices happen with some regularity. I don’t think that is a “natural” phenomenon.

        As an example, there was a case in Gloucester England years ago. It looks very similar to Newtown. A couple had tortured and murdered young women and buried them beneath the floorboards. They had been reported, spoken to by the cops, etc.. The worst they received was a small fine.

        I would hope that someone who escaped, went to the cops and said they’d been stripped naked, hung from ropes, raped and repeatedly beaten and tortured in other ways would expect a different response than a small fine.

        At present there is a scandal afoot in the UK. It goes back decades and involves many VIP’s. As more comes out it becomes increasingly obvious that these practices were known by authorities who simply turned a blind eye to them, or were actively involved themselves.

        One of the primary protections these creatures have is that most decent people simply can’t bring themselves to believe that these things happen. It is an extreme form of the same reaction we see with this drill.

        We’ve spoken many times about cognitive dissonance. The more horrific an event, the more intense the blockage. To acknowledge terrible things implies a responsibility to do something about them. That is the operative notion behind the drill. They are hoping to inspire a clamor for action. We are hoping to inspire a clamor for an end to manipulation and lies.

        1. Rotherham England. That is the city where the police ignored some 1400 cases(sounds like an impossible number) of child abuse committed by Pakistani predator gangs. The reason was political correctness. Supposedly the police didn’t want to offend the large Pakistani minority. Not surprising as local government and law enforcement in the UK has been infiltrated by a shadowy organization called Common Purpose. It is as Satanic as they come. The organization is bent on making wrong right, evil good, etc. Perhaps Newtown will be their Plymouth Rock, or are they already here. You have to be asked to join and go through their indoctrination.

        2. I read a few years ago the disturbing news that several corpses were found buried under the house occupied by Ben Franklin when he lived in London–and they had died during the period he lived there. Benjamin Franklin has always been one of my heroes.

          The rejoinder was that he was friends with a doctor who was teaching anatomy or the like in the house. It’s STILL creepy. Franklin was a Mason, by the way.

          I was given the biography about Benjamin Franklin written by Walter Isaacson, but have never gotten very far in it. I found no reference to the bodies in the index. I earlier read Isaacson’s biography of Albert Einstein, and liked it. He’s written several biographies, even while being the president and CEO of CNN AND editor of Time Magazine. Again, not possible–the immense amount of research involved in even one of these books would preclude holding another job, especially such a big one–and one must wonder whether there is a CFR goal to put sanitized versions of our heroes before the public, on a regular basis. Someone looking for a biography of a huge public figure like these two would naturally gravitate to the most recent. What have these books left out or fictionalized?

          I think it was Anne who posted the info about the Simpsons episode, “The Book Job.” It was terrific, not only an eyeopener but a real hoot. I’ve watched it three times now!

        3. Dinophile – the Ben Franklin story was recently on PBS. What they found were remains of autopsies performed by the doctor husband of Franklin’s landlady’s daughter. Franklin did not bring his wife to London – she had fear of traveling by boat across the Atlantic, and he was known to have affairs in Europe. It may be the landlady was more like a mistress. The husband of the landlady’s daughter was an anatomist who traced the lymphatic system, and he used a corpse or two, and also a sea turtle (whose lymphatic system was easy to trace with dye). These bodies were buried in the basement.

          The story continues with the young physician dying young from a cut and septicemia received during his autopsy work. His wife and young son emigrated to America – Philadelphia actually, once again under a sort of patronage of Franklin (I don’t know if she was actually his daughter). At any rate, the family continued as physicians for generations, the latest being a young woman now in medical school, directly descended from this brave anatomist.

          I don’t usually lump cannibals and abusive killers with one of the founding fathers unless there is a good reason. There seems none in this case.

        4. I hear you. But who’s to know? To play devil’s advocate (literally!), the marks on bones they attribute to dissection for anatomy class might instead be evidence of Satanic rituals! Franklin was, by the way, the Grand Master in 1734 and Provincial Grand Master in 1749 of the Masonic Temple in Pennsylvania.

        5. Re: Franklin, yeah, it is always a challenge to separate reality from hagiography in these biographies of famous people. There has been talk of Franklin being a member of the “Hellfire Club”. If you know anything of that you might consider an alternate version for the bodies.

          I rather think he was more of a narcissist and self-promoter, than a psychopath. I’m sure he could be perfectly charming. On the other hand he wasn’t very good with close relationships.

          Emerson wrote that “to be great is to be misunderstood”. I think there’s something to that. We don’t remember our blase and conformist figures. We expect our “heroes” to be perfect.

          This isn’t such a bother for me as I don’t have any “heroes”. I do appreciate someone who is good at what they do, however. I think the “tie in” here is that many geniuses have had their talents attributed to the “dark arts”. That is certainly possible.

          Paganini was said to be observed with the “devil at his elbow, helping him bow”. He never disputed it. Whether it was true or just good PR, he was a master.

          My suspicion is that Newtown was selected for reasons that aren’t superficially apparent. Like the bodies in the basement, there are “skeletons in the closet”.

        6. Thanks for that info about the Hellfire Club, lophatt. Didn’t know about that!

          Their interest seems to have been in parodying religious rituals, according to the article I just read, although there were possibly other things going on.

        7. Well Dino, some of their “parodies” involved local hookers who were never seen again. Through the mists of time it is hard to know what is exaggerated and what has substance.

          We know from diaries and sketches made at the time, that many sadistic orgies took place. There are rumors that some of them got “out of hand”.

          Part of Franklins charm, as with his colleagues, was in being “renaissance” men who mocked tradition and the Church. There is certainly a thread of this that lives into our day. Indeed, you could say that this thread transformed the Freemasons from a trace protectorate, into an occult religion.

          In fact, I think you could say, more accurately, that those occult forces are what gave rise to the Renaissance. The rest are the consequences. My suspicion is that Mr. Franklin is much more to our liking as a “character” than as a person. Even in his day, those who “flocked with the eagles” were chosen. It’s fair to say that it has more to do with recognizing them than natural ability.

        8. Cognitive dissonance implies nothing about horrific events, per se. Down at the klavern, I talk frequently with people who absolutely cannot accept ideas that are both new to them and either difficult or impossible for them to accept. It’s more than just skepticism, it’s this deep rooted hesitancy to accept things that are indelibilized within their acceptability spectra. There are lots of people who insist Israel is our best friend and ally in the Middle East, picture that carbuncle! There are numerous reasons why people cannot change their mindsets and laziness is certainly one of them. I try bringing in copies of articles that espouse these other viewpoints and very often one article is insufficient. There is no overt terror involved in many/most of these CD shilly shallies.

        1. At the risk of repeating myself, Connecticut is so small that events and happenings usually are close by, either in a neighboring town or city – even where you live. That was the case with “The Demon Murder” which took place in an apartment above a kennel. During vacations I used to board my dogs at this kennel on Route 7 in Brookfield, which neighbors Newtown. I lived in Brookfield for many years, worked in Newtown and my daughter went to Montessori School in Newtown. Always looked upon the region as having my American roots there, of all the placed I’ve lived in this country since coming here.

          This kennel was owned by a nice lady who for some reason moved away, can’t recall the reason, and a relative came from Australia to run the kennel for her. I did not care for the change and found another boarding facility. The relative from Australia was the man who was murdered by the alleged possessed young boy, Brookfield’s first homicide on record as I recall. The movie was filmed in Newport, Rhode Island which bears no resemblance to Brookfield.

        2. I noticed where the Fairfield HIlls buildings were interconnected underground. In a sense, I can see where Newtown wants to avoid a plethora of sight seekers wandering through town and around FH, that seems reasonable. Of course, the truth about SH is another story.
          One issue that befuddles me is how/why the whole town appears to be on the same page while being tight lipped to inquiry by outsiders. Is it possible they are controlled by radio waves of the requisite wave length and amplitude? I saw some tapes on Dr Robert Duncan and he talked about government programs to control people with varying forms of wave patterns and wrote a couple books about the subject. He is an alleged whistleblower but some sleuths have challenged him as being, quite possibly, a phony, a disinfo guy. He claimed a Harvard/MIT heritage and some people checked into it and could not find his actually matriculating at those schools. Dr Barrie Trower has gone all over the country the last 5 years talking about radio wave damage to humans but I checked into his history and find considerable discrepancies in his educational experiences
          as reported by him.
          As for Newtown, are townspeople under the effects of some radio waves producing mind control? Fetzer and Halbig reported that the meeting they attended with the Newtonians to be bizarre when none would answer questions from either Fetzer or Halbig. How do you spell bizarro?

        3. Ray, Anne and Gil, the incidence of Satanic activities that I have come across in the area is indeed unusual. I actually inadvertently happened upon another days ago. There was a documentary on a murder case involving Witchcraft right there in Connecticut.

          As Anne says, it is small. The company I work for is headquartered there. I’ve been there a few times. Being somewhat familiar with New England the incidence of this type of activity in Connecticut is disproportionate to the rest of the states. Not that it doesn’t happen elsewhere, it just seems to be “accepted” there.

          Having tunnels under old buildings is quite normal. It was a common practice to run all of the utilities underground. It isn’t “having” them that’s odd, it is their potential use (out of sight) that causes concern.

          I think if we’re honest, that people with strange predilections tend to gravitate to places amenable to them. That doesn’t mean that “everyone” living there is involved. It means that, for whatever reason, an activity is accepted by and large. If you practice something that many find objectionable, and you discover a place that leaves you alone, you will call your friends.

          We see examples of this all over the world. The Isle of Jersey, for example, is full of Satanists and pedophiles. I’m certain that not everyone living there falls into those categories. But, on balance, there are definitely more of them there than you would find in most places.

          As to whether they are “radio-controlled” or not, I couldn’t hazard a guess. All that’s needed are “connected” people in nodal points. After all, it doesn’t matter what one “thinks”, if you can’t do anything about it. In the SHES case we’ve seen that they control the media, courts, politics, schools, churches, et al. Who ya’ gonna call?

      1. Thank you, dinophile. I found your blog shortly after reading ‘Sandy Hook Reference in ‘Dream House’ from 6-16-13. ‘Dream House’ is a movie which was released in Sept. 2011. It has a very interesting business card in a scene with 1103 Riverside Rd, Sandy Hook, CT as the address for a Dr. Greeley, Psychiatrist. The curious numbers, 10-10-8, are also laced in the film (28).

        Completely unrelated to this movie is a disturbing piece of history: a grisly train/school bus accident that took place in Greeley, CO, on December 14, 1961, in which 20 children died.

        1. I didn’t know that about the “Dream House” reference–and I have even seen that movie. I’ll revisit it.

          As for the bus accident, interesting that you bring it up. I remember that the Rocky Mountain News, which no longer exists, did this interminable retrospective on it on some anniversary–I don’t think it could have been the 50th because the News was gone by then, but maybe I am wrong. Anyway, it seemed to go on for weeks.

          I skipped over most of it, but recall that the bus stalled on the tracks and was sliced in half. The children in the back of the bus survived.

        2. By (28), do you mean 28 minutes into the film?

          So one of the Sandy Hook planners was relishing the impact of 20 children dying at once.

        3. This tragic accident was unknown to me. It happened on Dec. 14, 1961 and 20 children on the school bus were killed. One can only wonder if the creators of Sandy Hook used these real numbers for their fake event.

          Journalist Kevin Vaughn wrote a 33 part article about the accident for the Rocky Mountain News and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for this. As dinophile mentioned, the paper folded. He then went to work for The Denver Post, but left due to instabilities there as well. On that fateful day in 1961, the Union Pacific streamliner was one hour and 41 minutes behind schedule.

          In 2007 a memorial was dedicated to the children:

          As an aside, Pat Llodra lives on Riverside Road in Sandy Hook.

        4. Another connection to Greeley is Donald R. Champion, one of Nancy Lanza’s brothers. He lives in Eaton, Colo, about 7.5 miles north of Greeley. (My notes are incomplete, but I remember he lost the farm through foreclosure and moved to Greeley.)

        5. This afternoon I reviewed several of Kevin Vaughan’s articles in the Rocky about the bus-train accident, looking for the names of the victims and survivors. I found them–they do not include any last names matching Sandy Hook victims! Just thought I’d let everyone know I looked at that.

          I misstated what happened, by the way. The bus didn’t stall: the driver just drove onto the tracks apparently not heeding the signals. It was the back half of the bus which was demolished, not the front.

        6. Duane Harms, the bus driver, left Colorado in the spring of 1962 with his wife and young daughter. He settled in southern California where he died at age 69 on November 18, 2007 from a brain tumor. Another strange coincidence – he died at Cypress Gardens Rehab and Care Center which is located on Colorado Ave. in Riverside, CA.

        7. OK, the number 1103 had to mean something. In the movie Dream House, released in the fall of 2011, psychiatrist Fran Greeley has a practice at 1103 Riverside Road in Sandy Hook. Street numbers do not go that high in the area.

          However, many universities across the country offer Psychology 1103 seminars. Two examples:

          Psychology 1103 Sections:

          General Psychology II (PSYC 1103)

        8. Things that make ya’ go, hmmmm! That’s a bit too much synchronicity. The number of children and the dates. While I see some of this, occasionally, the fact that certain groups place great stress on auspicious dates should not be discounted.

          After all, for them these are rituals. There are countless examples of occultists planning “workings” around specific dates. At the least it is done to improve their success and to signal adepts of who is responsible. At the some actually believe in their efficacy. It is based on a different understanding of the nature of time.

          If you can get past the “creep factor”, and you take a look at many of these recent hoaxes, you’ll see patterns. In fact, many of them are connected to past hoaxes or real events. It is indicative of something that actually happens, regardless of what we may individually believe about it.

          Some of what we see comes from a very different, dark and repugnant worldview. I’m not certain what can be done about it, but it is certainly not wise to ignore its existence. I suppose the overall goal here is that those “dark ones” wish us to live in their “reality”. If we refuse, their reality impinges upon ours. When we ignore it we enable it. When we call attention to it, we expose it to the light. Dark things do not do well in the light.

  9. What amazes me is with all these abandoned buildings and homes, why was the school demolished for a new school when Sandy Hook was abandoned for years due to the hurricane which caused damage and toxicity. Was there another elementary school closed to transport children to this brand new building? What is the enrollment? And who would want to send their children to school at this eerie location? Are these people in this town nuts (pun intended with an abandoned psych building)? This all seems very strange to me. Something from a horror story – coming soon?

  10. I was looking at some of the comments about Newtown here. Perhaps I can shed some light as a local (about 6 miles up Rte 25). First of all, Newtown High exists, it is a larger-than-average CT high school. It is very typical of a western CT middle/upper-middle class HS and it is typical in most every way. Some of my good friends teach there (and by the way they believe the mass-market media account of 12/14/12). Good in sports — Bruce Jenner went there (how’s that for weird?). The Fairfield Hills “campus” is indeed strange and creepy. As I teenager I did, in fact, get into those legendary underground tunnels along with my buddies and a couple of 6-packs. They have since been sealed. Many of the decommissioned “mental institution” buildings are fenced off, others are serving as offices and even a youth sports complex, but the grounds are available to the public. This is not that odd, by itself — many cities have old “asylums” that have never been completely redone and utilized (mostly in the Northeast and Midwest). They usually wind up being political football when it comes to what to do with them and wherever you go there is odd folklore or strange tales associated with them. Sandy Hook was more of the “biker” part of town in the ’70’s and ’80’s, over by Lake Zoar. Things became what we might consider “strange” when the real estate boom took hold and the McMansion years began. Suddenly the Sandy Hook section wasn’t ratty river/lakeside houses with guys who liked to work on cars — they were groomed developments with IT professionals with the muted perversions of suburbia. A new kind of person moved in. I could go on, but I would just like to say that Newtown appears pretty normal overall. What’s truly creepy is what goes on just beneath the service. Newtown was chosen for this psy-op for whatever reason or configuration of reasons. The town, in my opinion, is not inherently evil; it was vetted and chosen as a place for this stunt. But it has left a stain that will never wash out: a different kind of tragic than 28 people getting killed, more like a confused, perverse paralysis. Just remember, if the stars aligned slightly differently, it could have been your town. Anytown.

      1. How do we even try to explain how/why that town’s citizens have clammed up to questions from the outside? How do you explain what happened to Fetzer and Halbig when they visited with a group of officials and citizens? Is the whole town basically defensive to outside questioning? Or, as some suggest, the perps and contributories to the event have moved on?

    1. Pumblechook, thanks so much for providing your insight as a local. I understand what you mean about it being something that could happen to anyone’s town. I personally think the comments found here are not directed against people who are not actively involved in this. I do, however, think that the reason for the location is more than chance.

      The older I get the more convinced I become that life isn’t about “merit”, it is about connections. Those with the “right” connections trump ability every time. There are many roads into this web of connections and, often, getting to the bottom of something requires being able to sort through those threads that bind the thing together.

      I live in a town not too different from Newtown. I can say that although I live within walking distance of the schools, I have no idea what goes on there. Life here is more akin to a cluster of individuals going about their business than a community. Unless one reads the local rag, which is as pitiful as the “Newtown Bee”, one would have little idea of what is going on with “the connected”.

      I refer to our local government as “The Norwegian Mafia”. It just so happens that this town was founded by Norwegian immigrants and their descendants are firmly in control. I have witnessed many incredibly seedy deals transpire over the years, and all of them were “who” things, not “what” things.

      If you’ve been following this site for any time you will no doubt have noticed that some things are inarguable. This could not have been done without careful planning and collusion. The ongoing coverup requires extreme vigilance on someone’s part and those who write here are naturally curious about how that is accomplished.

      I certainly have my thoughts on this. I’m sure your insights, as a local, would be invaluable. I also believe that the real reason for the selection of your area for this has not been discussed here adequately. Because of what I said about “connections”, once that core reason is established the rest should be easy to follow.

      There was a local early on in this drama who posted two or three videos and then stopped. I don’t know if that was you. He mentioned the condition of Sandy Hook, the hookers and biker bars, etc., and the transformation into more of a “New Age” atmosphere.

      All of that made sense to me. His description of a “working class” environment, turned “Yuppie”, also resonated. I have seen examples of this in the past. I have not, however, seen one as extreme as Newtown and surrounds.

      Even understanding that most believe the hype, do they really want to live in a hive? Whatever elements went into making your community what it was, should not be allowed to be supplanted by an invasion of “Up With People” cultists and Satanic influences. These are not harmless elements.

      So, from your perspective, do you see the changes? Is the atmosphere repressive? Does anyone discuss this? What is your sense of the current situation there?

        1. Norwegian Mafia? Ha!

          Hey dere mate. It seems ya din’t show up for da lutefisk banqvet. Are vee gonna have some kinda problem?

        2. Anne, so I understand. Funny we don’t hear much of Breivik these days. Of course, there seems to be at least three of “them”

        3. Anders Breivik has been moved back and forth between two prisons lately. He is wearing out the prison staff and they need time for respite. Reason given for staff burnout is Breivik showing no signs of remorse. Besides, he’s writing so many letters they can’t handle it all. No mention which one of the Breivik characters are causing all this ruckus.

          Watching lack of remorse, getting no apologies and censoring letters could wear us all out. It cuts into coffee breaks and naptime as well.

          “Norway’s prison authorities said Monday they had seized over 200 letters from mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik to prevent him from setting up a network outside jail.”

        4. Ha-ha, “setting up a network”. A network of what? The article makes him sound like Godzilla. He was unstoppable.

          Either this guy is a chameleon like Ted Bundy, or there are three of him. Are you sure that Al died?

        5. lophatt – Al Bielek was also reported to have died in Ft. Myers, FL in 2007 and now in Mexico in 2011. We mortals have no way of knowing for sure.

          “Al was doing a radio show on the subject in Las Vegas in the Eighties when a listener named Lenny heard him. Lenny was Senator Barry Goldwater’s nephew. Goldwater was an early ally of the investigation and became frustrated when his own government closed the book on it to him. This was never mentioned in the original books as Goldwater was still alive then and it was a security issue.”

          A photo in this link shows Al at age 11. His legs are abnormally long.

        6. He died, twice? Him and “Noah” must be on to something. “He commuted from his day job in California to Montauk, Long Island via the underground subway”?

          He was full of surprises.

  11. Excellent read, that’s why I always stay in tune with memory hole, VT, etc, the truth is being sought, regardless of where the chips fall. But must admit, dinophile, Anne Kathy, smallstorm, lophatt etc, all of you are excellent in the information you research and post here and at other sites, I just want to say, thank you for your countless hours, spent reading and deciphering information to shed light on all topics, please continue as this is very important.

  12. While I applaud this authors efforts in actually visiting this demonic stronghold, I am discouraged by the trepidation he or she has expressed here, in not wanting to ruffle local official feathers by actually engaging the “townsfolk” in conversation.

    Can we get past something here at MHB, please? There has yet to be an organized, sizeable, physical intrusion on Newtown/Sandy Hook, by persons who understand that it was an historic, unprecedented lie. This present author has been there, Sophia has been there, I have been there twice, James has challenged the CIA coward at CNN, but there has yet to be a “swarming” of like-minded individuals.

    And at this point let me also include myself in this indictment. I had proposed to my ministry partner that what ought to take place is a convergence of “truthers” on Sandy Hook (and this, 2013). But I did not follow up. It was misfeasance on my part.

    What are you people afraid of, seriously? You all want to comment on Sandy Hook and that’s great, but what are you really in fear of?

    It is time to take up the shield.

    I have asked here on MHB before, James included, to be joined in an effort to retrieve answers from the Sandy Hook locals themselves, by visiting that insidious region personally, en masse. I received one response, from a woman in OKLAHOMA, who was jealous that she could not make it.

    I understand that we have lives, and that sacrifices would have to be made. However, all of you seem to me to be completely sincere in wanting Sandy Hook to be exposed for the hideous lie that it is. It would further seem to me that you would be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish this end.

    So having said this, I will again extend an invitation for an all expenses, unpaid, summer of 2015 weekend in Sandy Hook Ct., roaming the streets, asking questions about 12-14-12. I would be glad to compose the itinerary. This includes James. I am not Anderson Cooper but that should not be held against me.

    It is easy to sling even righteous arrows from afar.

    You can criticize me if you desire, but please include a more productive way to GET SOME FRIGGIN ANSWERS!

    Oh well, anyway, imagine the press reaction to hordes of “strange” folk invading the bucolic hamlet of Sandy Hook, Ct.

    Imagine the headlines.

    If you are tired of just reading and bitching about Sandy Hook, and are ready to do some traveling and serious investigating, contact me at and I will take care of the rest.

    Just imagine the possibilities. And it really is a very picturesque region, so bring a camera.

    1. I have asked here on MHB before, James included, to be joined in an effort to retrieve answers from the Sandy Hook locals themselves, by visiting that insidious region personally, en masse.

      don’t be so stupid!
      (read my other post on this ‘thread’, please)
      if yr suicidal and sick-of-living….then…by all means, go there with flags flying and trumpets blaring…..
      but…..again…..please…..don’t endanger other people’s lives!

      leave it to the professionals, eh?!?

      1. mister bickles, let met first apologize for my stupidity. I was not aware that an actual visit to Sandy Hook was akin to suicide, since I myself have been there TWICE, and am still…here…uh, typing..(and BOTH times I visited AND questioned the SH Volunteer firehouse personnel as to the events that day; does that qualify as “flags flying and trumpets blaring?”)

        And Yes, if I be honest, I am sick of living IN THIS WORLD because the devil is the god of this world (this is how events like Sandy Hook can be explained) and I long for the righteous rule of Jesus Christ.

        Although, you may have a point here, mb. So let me clarify. I am secure in my salvation because of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, so I personally do not fear PHYSICAL death. If you cannot rest in the same way, DONT COME WITH ME.

        With regards to “leaving it to the professionals,” you are joking, right? What “pros” might that be? H. Wayne Carver? Paul Vance? Dannel Malloy? Pat Llodra? Eric Holder or his replacement? Chief of Newtown Police? Sandy Hook Promise? C.W. Wade?


  13. Sandy Hook does appear weird, but Newtown appears to be a real place. The major gun lobby is located there, the National Shooting Sports Foundation. It spends about ten times as much as the National Rifle Association, according to an Atlantic article. It considered leaving because of the bad publicity of Sandy Hook. I’ve always assumed that it was one of the reasons that the ‘massacre’ was played out there.

    I have to say that I think that Dinophile’s article on her niece Brittany is sad. We deal with false flags on this blog, but not everything is a false flag. The legal discrepancies that she cites are no doubt real, but having worked in bureaucracies, they are common errors.

    1. Just saw this. “She is not in the system” is what I was told by the funeral home. That means there was no body.

      I am also telling you that multiple false photos have been used of Brittany. Why, and by whom? Do you doubt me? I have posted more photos of her, by the way, so you can compare, yourself.

      Also, I note that exactly what I predicted from the first has turned out to be the case, that this incident would be used to push an expansion of assisted suicide to other states. I note, in addition, that you do not know Debbie and Brittany’s history, and I do. I had to leave that out of the blog post.

      1. I need to also ask Mark (Folktruther) what evidence would convince him that a death did not occur as reported–and what evidence there even would be.

        An admission from the funeral home that “she is not in the system” is exactly that evidence. It’s simple. As I said, it means there is no record of body pickup, body transport, cremation, or interment; no online memory book; no funeral; and no BILLS.

        Nothing more is required (although I had much more, establishing that large forces were playing up this event in the controlled media for all it was worth). As I’ve said before, circumstantial evidence is good evidence, often much more reliable than direct evidence, especially when the direct evidence comes from people who have an interest. The funeral home employee who made the admission to me was someone who did NOT have any reason to lie. Her statement must be given great weight.

  14. I’m.sorry I couldn’t even finish after reading that cops were stationed every few hundred yards and that the buildings were crumbling. My best friend stopped by sandy hook in December while on assignment for GE Money and he said there was nothing close to what is described in this article. he stated it appeared normal in the town and surrounding area and that it was no different than any other town he went through.

    I had him read part of this article and he was laughing the entire time at the absurdity of the author. this reads just like a hardy boy book I used to read back in 4th grade.
    there is so much speculation and hyperbole in this article with phrases like looks haunted and feels like a secret gov op – I just can’t fathom how anyone could take this serious.

    don’t get me wrong I’m all for Sandy Hook being a hoax and hopefully no children died, but this is just an embarrasment and likely a mockery of us all.

  15. One person who faded in the background is former Newtown Schools Superintendent Janet Robinson. Here she is interviewed on December 14, 2014 by FoxCT. Mrs. Robinson claims that she ran to the firehouse and describes what she saw, but in all the alleged footage from that day I never saw her in and around there. I would have recognized her, she used to be my neighbor.

    1. She is the superintendent in the Stratford school district now. Perhaps someone can ask her where the helicopters landed, as apparently she is the only person who saw them that day.

        1. Instead of “Newtown Strong Green”, it’s “Eastern Star black and white”, She definitely beat a hasty retreat.

        2. During the FoxCT interview Mrs. Robinson was dressed in all purple. Promo shot for her keynote speaker role at the NJASA School Security Conference shows her dressed in black and white.

          “Purple represents the color of dissociation in Monarch Programming.”

          The departure to Stratford was already in the works on 12/13/12:

          “Signs of the Newtown board’s disenchantment with Robinson surfaced last year.

          In the summer, the Board of Education declined to extend Robinson’s three-year contract by a 4-3 vote. She had clashed with board members over putting the district’s bus contract out to bid and her handling of complaints about the new transportation program.

          Robinson’s relationship with Debbie Leidlein, president of the school board, was particularly frosty. After the board’s decision not to renew her contract, Robinson inserted an $80,000-$100,000 provision for a superintendent search in a budget presentation, a move that surprised Leidlein and some other board members.

          On Dec. 13, members of the Stratford school board visited the district. Robinson verbally agreed to take the job at that time.

          The next day, 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 20 first-graders and six educators. Robinson said the job offer was no longer a priority, and Stratford board leaders agreed to delay making any announcements.”

        3. Anne, you should have been a detective! I suspect a little, er……pressure for her new job. Could it be that she made them an offer they couldn’t refuse?

          School safety expert? Does she know Wolfgang? Either way, her timing is impeccable.

  16. 36 Yogananda to be erased at no cost to the town.

    “Llodra said she would take any measures necessary to prevent exploitation of building artifacts.”

    In contrast to Sandy Hook……
    ~10050 Cielo Drive is the street address of a mansion in Benedict Canyon, north of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California where it was the scene of the Tate murders by the Charles Manson “family” in 1969, and was occupied before and since by various famous Hollywood and music industry figures. A different house exists on the site today. In 1994, the owner[who?] demolished the house and replaced it with a new mansion called “Villa Bella”, with a new street address of 10066 Cielo Drive. The current owner of the property is Hollywood producer Jeff Franklin. The property today does not resemble in any way the residence in which the Tate murders occurred.[10]~

    According to neighbors on Cielo Drive there are things going on at the old number 10050 that can’t be explained.

        1. Yeah, penance and implementing internal reforms. Very Connecticutish.

          “….will pay $2.4 million and implement internal reforms subject to independent monitoring to resolve a multi-agency joint criminal and civil investigation into alleged fraud committed by the company in connection with a public works project that commenced in 2007.”

        2. If Manafort Brothers’ offer is accepted by Newtown to demolish the “Lanza” home, would they and their employees need to sign lifelong gag orders preventing them from uttering even a single word about the demolition job and any other possible descriptions of the house and its contents?

        3. In lieu of the gag order I wouldn’t be surprised to see a reduction in their fine (and a few thousand years off in Purgatory). There was mention made of the concern that “artifacts” (trophies?), not be taken.

          They ARE tidy up there in Connecticut. Evidence disappearing faster than at “Ground Zero”. Maybe they’ll ship the whole thing to Bejing?

  17. “If you build it, they will come.” It was not enough to create a mega story about the Boston Marathon Bombing. There were going to have to be memorials on the grandiose scale I have seen lately in former Soviet gravestones around LA, where my parents-in-law are buried. This monument speaks in the same foreign accent – something alien and sinister (to me).

    Think Mussolini meets Stalin?

    After seeing this partially built monstrosity, knowing what we know so far about the Marathon hoax, knowing what any logically-minding person would know about rejecting impossible special effects, this is particularly disgusting. But did some cop actually die? That story is weak too, since the motive was shaky, the means were tinkered with (the 7-11 hold-up nearby was denied for instance), the situation was absurd.

    Meanwhile, in the endless corridor at MIT is a war memorial to a hell that really happened – about three times – the Civil War, WWI and WWII involved MIT grads who served and died for their country. Each one gets a simple name on a flat plaque (much like the Vietnam War Memorial).
    This “War on Terror Memorial” is disproportionately large and in-your-face. Whose face? Not just mine, that’s for sure, since I plan to avoid ever walking past it from now on. It is a badge of shame.

    1. The memorial represents and translates ‘Collier Strong’ (Really?)
      into a physical form of strength and connectedness. (What?)

      Structured as an ‘open hand,’(What? It looks Nothing like a hand)
      the five radial walls are interconnected through a series of reflection gardens. Ok

      The shape of the memorial evokes the absence of a large figure at the center of the five ‘fingers,’ (WTF? To Who?) creating in the void a unifying central space of remembrance. ???

      New Age Mumbo Jumbo..haha

      1. It’s interesting that it translates for me into alienation and not connectedness at all. I am not a math genius, but I did pretty well in more traditional college, where thinking about ideas and dealing with reality mattered. I remember however being with some kids at another technical college, who had an off-campus house. Someone had brought over a guy who spun totally bogus stories about being a spy, etc. I would have thrown him out rather than asked him to spend the night, because he gave me the creeps. In the morning, these innocent techies found all their camera gear gone – along with the creep. They often don’t get it. I don’t blame people at MIT or think most of them are in on this. I just think they do not take apart this kind of thing – the human illusionist thing, the determined psychopath thing. They take apart inert objects well enough, but when the government tells them something, they usually do not have the first kind of reaction some of us do, and I think they are generally defenseless.

    2. There are no words for this. We can only speculate on what Newtown will be up to when they finally decide on their memorial spectacle.
      If MIT is a precedence, can we expect these monstrosities to be erected wherever a drill, a hoax, fill in the blank, is perpetrated by tptb?

      1. I’m thinking a statue of L. Ron Hubbard holding the Rashneesh Mahesh Yoga under one arm and Veronique dressed as Vishnu under the other with a background of amputee angels. They can place the whole thing on a bed of bones outside the new digs for the city offices at Fairfield Hills. It’ll be……awesome!

    3. No doubt my comment won’t make it out of MIT moderation – will post it here. What a waste resources, looks like you’re giving us all the royal finger. Why not solve the difficult engineering problems that have stranded the city and will continue to do so until mother nature gives us a break? Might as well adorn these stone cold walls with the pictures of all those union workers standing around dumbfounded with their plastic snow shovels and no clue how to dig out a train track.

      1. In fairness, they are trying to dig us out. It isn’t the workers who are the problem. It is how they are used. I can see that this crisis provides just one more opportunity for graft – I see that getting a whole new set of trains and tracks is probably being planned behind the scenes, and since Boston is the only remaining US candidate for the 2024 Summer Olympics, I am sure the case will be made to get federal money for it.

        A former governor was Mitt Romney (who also ran an Olympics, in Salt Lake) and this one is also a Republican, Charlie Baker. He had so much Democratic backing that I would not be surprised if he were part of the deal to bring that Olympics in with bennies for the locals. With the Big Dig but a memory, new sources of input are required. The Marathon false history will be referred to when security concerns are voiced.

        As for the workers, the MBTA has required that drivers and other workers also report to shovel, which would seem to violate normal union rules but be treated as an emergency. There is so much snow, I would not necessarily think that slowdowns on the “T” are exaggerated.

        1. Handing union workers shovels sounds disastrous. Half of them will most likely come down with a back injury and its -disability here we come! On the bright side there will be many new jobs opening up.

  18. ideally, a team of competent, experienced “private investigators” should have gone to Newtown within a few weeks of the faux SH incident and un-earthed what really occurred there……

    (afore-said team “backed up” by, say, ½-doz or so tough, USMC or Special Forces vets just in case the local plod got a bit “antsy” )

    its still not too late for such an expedition…..

    but…i would strongly caution against private individual[s] trying to “muscle in” and investigate “off their own bat”!

    that way lies disaster!

    leave it to the “experts” who know what they’re doing and have the tools and the resources to get the job done……
    (worth remembering too: a PI report is admissable in a court of law as evidence)

    1. Yes, leave it to the experts. You mean like Eric Holder and other crooked investigatory types in the lettered agencies? Get used to the fact we are in the jaws of a crime element in the US that is completely reordering life as we knew it.

  19. Has anybody done any speech analysis of the verbiage uttered by residents/participants in the SH event? Does Pat Llodra sound like she’s hiding things? I’m guessing that there is some evidentiary support for alterations in speech patterns, etc.
    There are people asking the question “why are we so fearful and hesitant” when participation in marches or other fact finding modalities is concerned? Why are we so impotent when it comes to getting the “word” out? I’ll partially answer that question. The Hartford Courant has not accepted editorials from commenters regarding alternate information, but if you Facebook your comments on articles that deal with the government balderdash, you’ll get published. The extreme bias exhibited by the Courant is truly disgusting, how can one not agree they are coopted and controlled by the PTB? It’s just so blatant, so obvious, so disgusting.
    Remember one thing about Facebook, please. FB is directly “cooperating” with various government and extra-governmental agencies by funneling information gleaned about people when they register for FB. Mark Zuckerberg is an extremely avid multiculturist, he is spending a lot of his money pushing for amnesty and importation of people from central and South America. Zuckerberg is cut from the Bill Gates cloth, he’s a wacko eugenicist type who bought a major property in Hawaii “in case the US becomes Nazi Germany” during our takeover where he can move to just in case “it hits the fan here”.

  20. Thanks Grant. Yes, it is psychological warfare. It is an extreme form of manipulation. It plays on what is known about people’s psychological makeup.

    I mentioned the Montauk Project and Al Bielik (I can never remember how to spell his name!), because he’s “an artist”. Like Musings says below, you WANT to believe him. He can engage you in a way that makes you empathetic. It is analogous to SHES because it is as extreme.

    If you have the time and patience, listen to this and then take a deep breath. Go back over what he’s said in your mind. If he had told you one or two improbable things you might dismiss it. Here he’s poured in a sea of ingredients, stirred it into a “conspiracy stew”, and presented it as if he were talking about a shopping trip he recently made.

    Remember too, that this guy goes all over the world giving talks. He has a large following. Now, I certainly think that “something” happened there. What he is proposing is that it involved, Nazi’s, aliens, kidnapped boys, and Bigfoot.

    So building a plausible story for an imaginary character is child’s play in comparison to this. I think it’s illustrative, however, of how our minds work. Tell me when you’re done if Al doesn’t “sound” credible.

      1. Anne, I didn’t know that. I only used him as an example of a technique. There are other videos by Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron on the same subject.

        Whatever one believes it is quite a yarn. Preston goes so far as to tell a story of a “Draco” (lizard being) getting drunk on Drano and water, and having little “greys” scurrying about stinking up the office. He says that they used to stick them in the shower and spray them with Lysol. He said that because they absorb their nutrients through their skin they got drunk on the Lysol.

        There was an organization known as “The Liar’s Club” who competed to see if they could outdo each other in outrageous tales. That is what this reminds me of. It is a good study for those who like mysteries.

        His approach was much like SHES. He just keeps on talking. When someone asks about an “inconsistency”, he just says “good question”, and moves on. Al is also noted for having done talks on having time-traveled to the year 27XX and was a “tour guide” for floating buildings.

        Preston was involved in “deprogramming” of “Montauk Boys” that involved homosexual acts. I don’t know which is scarier, “Junior” (that’s the Sasquatch Duncan summoned in his mind to destroy Camp Hero), or these three.

        So, did something happen at Montauk AFB? i think so. Was it THIS? I doubt it. Once you start thinking about the implications it staggers the mind.

        1. lophatt, I remember the Lysol story. Funny.

          They claim the Montauk Project was shut down and evidence sealed off at the end of 1984. Who’s to say the military did not move their operation elsewhere? If only a fraction of the reported activities is true, why would the military give up on this? If anything they expand and grow, not vanish and wither.

          Hell on earth, Plum Island in Long Island Sound, is located south east of Old Lyme, CT less than 10 miles away. Old Lyme is where the Lyme disease broke out. Montauk, near the tip of Long Island, is 20 miles from the Connecticut coast.

          “Units of the U.S. Army were invited to the base for R&R, becoming the unwitting targets of mood-altering experiments. Similar experiments were also conducted on people living nearby on Long Island, as well as New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. The aim of these tests was very simple; to build a database of pulse settings and the effects they caused with time, the scientists were able to construct a control panel that allowed them to broadcast preset signals, thus allowing for consistent mind control effects.”

        2. Anne, that’s a pretty good synopsis. According to Al, it’s missing quite a few details. Duncan is supposed to be Al’s brother from the Eldridge in the Philadelphia Experiment, for example. Somehow, Al was “Ed Campbell” in 1943.

          According to Al, the “Montauk Boys” (later girls too), were programed in the thousands. Al says that “90% of young people” are programmed. He can tell this by examining their auras.

          Frankly, all of these subjects are interesting. I don’t argue that, theoretically they can be done. Again, according to Al, this was not a military operation. In later years, after the shutdown (of surface operations), it continued underground. The Air Force did work there, and later, the Navy.

          As you suggest, Al says that the equipment became smaller and easier to transport and it was duplicated in several other places. He claimed not to know the purpose of the programming. He referred to it as for “future missions”, or “a secret army”.

          It has been suggested by others that Al Bielek and the others are part of a coverup for what actually went on there. There are some things mentioned that should be verifiable. In the late 1970;s they say there was severe weather around Montauk Point. Also, animals exhibited strange behavior and ran through town trying to escape. Supposedly, there were abductions of teenagers.

          All of this is pretty heady stuff. I have not said that any of it is impossible. I, as usual, wonder about the logistics of such an undertaking as described. He mentions 400 to 500 people working there (and aliens). The spooky part is that most of it ties to other things we have discussed right here. Even the “trans-humanism” has a part with the reduction of the human mind being “computerized” and transmitted.

          Lastly, there are foundations in science for each of his claims. I have no doubt that there are many experiments “on the fringe” that are ongoing. This particular one contains quite a number of them working simultaneously. Strangely, what it seems to generate most are more questions.

  21. “And in other news” reminiscent of the razing of SHES – the Boston Globe reports with an interesting headline that contradicts (even on the same day) the other explanation I heard: “Forum Restaurant, Damaged by Marathon Bombing, Closing for Good.”

    The other explanation was that the fully renovated restaurant was now too expensive to run, due to a huge rent increase. But that might lose an opportunity to remind everyone of what terrible things happened there. Or outside. Depending on which story you hear.

    This was reported in the Boston Globe on Feb. 24, 2015.

      1. In my opinion, the article should state what the original rent was, and if it was a “sweetheart” rent to begin with. Maybe grandfathered in from a previous tenant? I find it interesting that details about the landlord are lacking in either of the two articles I have seen.

        By the way, I don’t think anymore will be said about it once it is, as you said “out of sight, out of mind.”

        This place is not as spacious as seen in some photos, and from what I saw of it, it was basically a hole in the wall (some of the time a shell). Even Yelp comments from before the “bombing” indicated that service was curiously slow and the menu lacking in choices.

        I had never seen this picture of the honor guard of Massachusetts State Police. Thanks for posting it.

        1. Yes Anne, it is a high rent district at least across the street with some notable international hotels (Mandarin), but “Back Bay” on the side that Forum may be part of the merchant community oriented to keep rents reasonable, although it is becoming mall-like over the years. I cannot imagine all the businesses on Newbury St (which is around the block) can all pay the highest, although farther down Newbury Street, eastward, towards the former Ritz Hotel, there are places like Chanel. For the most part, there are urban planners who try and create a mix of a walkable environment which can appeal to a variety of income levels, including those of students, for “vibrancy”.

  22. So Stepford…Just down the street from Sandy Hook is Dickenson Park, which doesn’t sound like much fun. The rules are very forbidding – you can’t play in the park unless you are a resident of Newtown, and don’t even think about walking your dog – they aren’t allowed. Don’t drive your car in either – permit needed for that. There is a brook – but no playing or wading. Frisbee? Bikes? Better watch out because they are restricted from many areas of the park. Kids aren’t allowed in without an adult, and they restrict who can, and can’t, teach you how to play tennis.

    Here is what they post on the Newtown P and R site:

    “Open to Newtown residents ONLY from 8 a.m. until sundown. Brushy Hill Gate is locked at 8 p.m.

    l Permit required on all vehicles entering the Park.

    l Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised by and adult.

    l Dogs and horses are not permitted in the park

    l Bicycles, skateboards and roller blades are not permitted on the picnic, ballfield areas, tennis courts or pavilion. No skateboards or roller blades in the parking lot.

    l Elm Drive gate is for two-way traffic.

    l Vehicles must park in designated areas only. No vehicles permitted in the picnic area.

    l No frisbee ball playing, or tennis on basketball courts, pavilion, picnic areas or parking lot.

    l No wading or playing in the brook.

    l Children using Funspace must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.

    l Tennis lessons by Parks & Recreation only

    As an aside, it was very interesting this week that Jeh Johnson, head of DHS, admitted that the FBI as been staging mall shootings all across the US ever since the Nairobi mall shooting 2 years ago.

      1. 41 years in the organization is a long time. They probably asked him to retire, and he refused. The next step is an insulting slap in the face to get him to leave. The article says the new commissioner is from NYC dept. of corrections, and not a cop. Apparently a political animal extraordinaire to rise to such heights in NYC. Vance is probably afraid to leave, given what he knows. If I were him, I would cancel any minor elective surgery that may be scheduled.

        1. “Apparently a political animal extraordinaire to rise to such heights in

          Yes Rich, she is. She can be traced back to the Arizona prison system and as a confidante of Janet Napolitano, former governor of that state and later DHS tzar.

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