Williams reporting with Tom Brokaw from Iraq in 2003.

No controversy ensued when Williams and NBC colleague Tom Brokaw repeatedly upheld the Warren Commission’s “lone assassin” conspiracy theory on November 22, 2013

By James F. Tracy

NBC suspended Brian Williams for six months on February 10. The fashionable anchor admitted to lying about a being involved in a life-threatening combat situation while reporting in Iraq over a decade ago. Yet a survey of Williams’ career indicates that this isn’t the first time he’s been dishonest with the American people.

In one important instance while broadcasting from Dallas Texas on November 22, 2013, Williams began the NBC Nightly News by remarking,“We’re in Dealey Plaza just across from the sixth-floor window in the Texas School Book Depository building where three shots were fired fifty years ago today that changed the course of American history.”

The statement flies in the face of honest reportage by upholding the powerful myth devised by the Warren Commission that former US Marine and intelligence operative Lee Harvey Oswald was the principal assassin in President Kennedy’s murder.

“In this city where there are still so many reminders of that day half a century ago,” Williams continues, “not just Dealey Plaza itself and the School Book Depository building, but also the Texas theater where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested that afternoon.”[1]

The American public can now point to overwhelming evidence presented by attorney Mark Lane, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, the US Congress, and a host of other researchers indicating that the “three shots fired from the Texas School Book Depository” was a CIA-contrived conspiracy theory. In fact, at least three sharpshooter teams killed Kennedy and wounded Texas Governor John Connally in Dealey Plaza in a triangulated crossfire.

A few minutes into the November 22, 2013 broadcast Williams segues to an outtake from a 1963 broadcast with NBC’s David Brinkley, where Brinkley states: “The essential facts are these: President Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, Texas. He was shot by a sniper hiding in a building near his parade route. He was dead within an hour. Lyndon Johnson is President of the United States.”[2]

Williams returns after the Brinkley soundbite to further emphasize the historical fallacy of a lone assassin, as if five decades of research and thousands of declassified government documents have not put the unfounded notion to rest. “[F]rom November 22, 1963, just over six hours after the shots were fired from the building here behind us, meaning this place and this city and our country would never be the same.”[3]

Thus not only is Williams perpetuating a lie—one might safely conclude that he is also a conspiracy theorist. And, he is among the world’s most famous journalists working at a major US broadcast network that intends to bring him back after a six month hiatus for “a second chance.”[4]

Later in this November 22, 2013 broadcast Williams introduced fellow NBC anchor Tom Brokaw–the same colleague he imparted his supposed combat exploits to in 2003.[5] “On November 22nd in 1963,” Williams begins, “Tom Brokaw was a young reporter in Omaha. He read the news of the assassination on the air, in fact.”

I think there was another element in all of this that helped us fifty years later remind each other about why we remember,” Brokaw intoned. “He was the first generational President who came along when television was pervasive in America. So he was a familiar figure to everyone, wherever they lived, in the big cities, small towns, and remote areas. And so when he was taken away at that young age–this dynamic man– it was a shock to the system because they felt that they knew him not just as a President but as a friend.”[6]

Amazingly, after 50 years Brokaw had yet to exercise journalistic due diligence by publicly questioning the implausible government cover story suggesting that Oswald killed Kennedy. Nor does Brokaw take the opportunity to do so during this broadcast, thus perpetuating one of the US government’s greatest lies.

Thus two of America’s most prominent journalists flagrantly misled the American public on this notable 2013 broadcast, yet no controversy surrounds their truly astounding assertions. Perhaps we need to ask, How differently would Williams or Brokaw behave as official press agents for the US government?

Brian Williams’ deception points to a larger truth: A major career journalist’s incorrect or embellished personal recollections are the stuff of controversy. In contrast, when it comes to the country’s most momentous events–from the JFK assassination to 9/11, the “war on terror,” “weapons of mass destruction”–star journalists are compelled to spread and perpetuate massive lies. So long as those falsehoods are sanctioned and promoted by America’s national security state these celebs are allowed to proceed without question. Indeed, such figures are lauded for their “journalistic” service. The public be damned.


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41 thought on “Brian Williams’ Greatest Lie”
  1. I don’t think Williams was in Dallas in 1963. “while broadcasting from Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963,”
    Also, have you read about Prof McAdams at Marquette?

  2. As ignorant as Williams and Brokow are,they are pikers when it comes to shilling for the Warren Comm. Report;Dan Rather is the “clown prince” with his performance at the mic,declaring that “the President’s head jerked violently foreward when indeed it did the opposite. Professional lying is an art form and lawyers/politicians certainly have no monopoly on it. Remember the ratio of the so called “news”:75% Bullsh*t and 25% Truth…at best.

  3. This is the part of Snowden’s interview with Williams that NBC censored from the broadcast but put on their website

    Go to 1:09 and Williams does his National Duty.

    “So long as those falsehoods are sanctioned and promoted by America’s national security state these celebs are allowed to proceed without question. Indeed, such figures are lauded for their “journalistic” service. The public be damned.”

    Edward Snowden Censored 9/11 & Boston Bombing Segment On NBC

    1. Snowden smokes Williams using his own official fairy tales. The question is whether Snowden can be trusted. Is he real? Does the MSM give him airtime to discredit him? Who among us would trust someone with his face plastered all over MSM?

      1. No one in their right mind. the media doesn’t broadcast anything ever unless its a psyop or propaganda piece.

        no one’s r eally got a good reason for what Snowden’s purpose is but it seems to be evident that he is at least controlled opposition.

        My best guess is he was a plant to get everybody to accept the precedent of all this, in order to condone future law breaking with little debate. Brilliant strategy, but nothing new.

        1. “no one’s really got a good reason for what Snowden’s purpose is but it seems to be evident that he is at least controlled opposition.”– per reprehensor

          Ilike our thinking re Snowden. He is obviously a spook working clandestinely for some intelligence network. His antics have cost the American tech industry dearly since his disclosures hit the world press. We have lost billions in revenue when all countries practice the spy game with impunity.

          Snowden’s association with Wikileaks and Glenn Greenwald are suspect. Wikileaks paid for his move to China and later to Russia. as documented by Dave Emory on his Spitfirelist blog. And Wiki is in the throes of right wing fascists namely working out of Sweden.

          Greenwald’s history reads like a spy novel penned by John Le Carre–very edgy and spacy. Also, let us not forget he is now in partnership wth billionaire international financier, Pierre Omidyar. who helped to engineer the Ukranian upheavel. (do a bio on Pierre for background material)

          To say I do not like Glenn Greenwald is missing the point.

        2. Jon Rappoport did an excellent opinion piece (or two or three) about Snowden, back when the Snowden thing was first happening. I don’t have the link at hand, but it’s worth a look and should be very easy to find with a simple Google search.

      2. Everyone seems to attack the messenger.

        Everything Snowden says is Right on the Money.

        That’s why they DIDN’T show it on National Television

        This man had to leave this country.

        Congress and Eric the Red Holder said he would try him for Treason.

        Why anyone would think he’s some kind of trader for TPTB

        Is everything a PSYOP?

        Is everyone out there protesting SHE, Boston, 911 ALL Controlled Opposition?

        Where do we draw a line?

        Can we believe anyone or anything?

        Everyone seems to have a problem with anyone who stands up.

        I don’t know any more.

        Anybody have an extra Blue Pill so I can go to sleep and just enjoy my life because no one can seem to unit on anything

        1. Ric I think what I hear you saying is that not only do we not unite, but maybe nobody does. Maybe it isn’t just a monolith creating a false reality, but different forces acting and pulling in different ways, so even though Snowden’s message has been accepted and absorbed by the public, it does not mean that he was designated as the one to put it out. Maybe he chose himself and let the chips fall where they might. People can still do that. I think the important question is why we don’t act on what we know, however that happened. That’s the thing to examine, more than this one guy.

        2. Thanks Musings,
          What I’m trying to say is I listen to EVERYONE.

          David Icke has some good things but when he goes into the lizards I turn that off but don’t forget the good things he said or call him Controlled Opposition or completely disregard his entire message because I don’t buy the Lizard gig. He may believe it. It’s his theory.

          Same goes with all the other people like even Alex Jones. He’s done and said really good things and he knows where he must curb some of his opinions because the Govt. controls the air waves FCC and today unlike years ago, our Govt. is using the IRS, FCC, ect as a political weapon.

          i’m not one to write a PDF here so I don’t articulate very well.

          I listen to all, if I disagree with a part of your thought on the matter I don’t disregard your entire opinion. I don’t call you a Govt. Agent.

          I think this is called communicating and opining.

          Controlled opposition and Trolls are so obvious just with their comments. They divert, try to cause arguments ect.

          On youtube or Disgus( in which I warned was a Govt. comment consolidation program) they have no viable profile,

          Like Gowan and all of them, I take some and leave some but I appreciate all the effort they put in EVEN if I disagree with some of it, like the Beatles thing and Manson I disagreed with but he had a lot a good stuff in there too.

          Do I still like them..YES. I don’t call them trolls or Govt. Psyops or Controlled Opposition and will still read an effort they make on a new event that occurred.

          It’s very late in the hour but I’m pretty sure you know when your being Bullsh*itted or not without ANY of my help..Haha

          I guess I’m trying to say let’s stop calling everybody and everything a psyop. Stop calling everyone trolls or controlled opposition

          I think (hey just my opinion) that this whole Brain Williams thing just happened because the Troops got sick of it..Wow.

          I think this may become a good thing because now all these MSM far left leaning stories are getting questioned.

          The entire integrity of MSM is being questioned right which I think is GOOD.

          Ya know, the devil seems to win almost ever thing in this generation but GOD wins some too!

          I guess I’m a either naive, Controlled Opposition to deceive you or a paid Troll( I wish, I’d be a good troll if I got paid..haha)

          You know in 5 min. whether this or that person is a NUT BAG.

          I guess I wrote my first PDF here. Hope you all understand what I’m trying to say.


        3. Yes Ric, everything Snowden says is on the money. No, I wasn’t attacking the messenger. Was I trying to stir up some opinions on the guy? Yeah, sure. Sometimes some great feedback is generated and something is learned. I myself have wondered, as musings has; why hasn’t Snowden’s message moved the people to action? Why haven’t the last hundred scandals moved the people to action? Why is Brian Williams on vacation, when Hillary told a similar story about dodging bullets in Bosnia, yet she was given a pass? Most likely because the shapers of public opinion already have the next ten years laid out for us.

        4. The paid liars are sometimes allowed to retire for a job well done. Even if we see it as being fired and shamed, if I made $10 million a year for performing a scam job, wouldn’t really care how the exit show was scripted.

          They are flaunting the truth at us all the time, always confirming what those aware have already known. Yes they probably enjoy when their fake news productions are blown apart with facts and nothing is done, as in the JFK, 911, Sandy Hook or Boston bombing, or even the latest laughing news conference by friends and family of the young girl who died trying to save Syria.

          There has been plenty of news in the last several days on how the current mantra of global warming is a hoax, top US ‘scientists’ cooked the books once again. The skywatchers have documented the latest horrendous storms socking several areas in the country are man made with tons of chemical trails.

          Of course, a first-of-its-kind ever federal science report , headed by Marcia McNut, declares we should ‘test’ spraying of carbon dioxide in the skies to make us cooler and of course plaint more trees to reduce the same.

          Strange how this NBC report indicates we have been trying to master the weather for decades now and have even caused disastrous storms.

          Stranger still, how is it that the likes of Bill Gates has dumped hundreds of millions into geo-engineering, as per this 2012 article, and the experts are claiming today we need to start testing?

          It is all smoke and mirrors to keep us from seeing what they do not want us to.

        5. Ric, before I say another word, remember, everything that appears on TEE VEE is carefully vetted. If they don’t want it there, it isn’t.

          That said, anything that follows is suspect. One narcissist out of dozens of other paid liars is hardly “news”. My guess is that not only is it a distraction, it gives the impression that they have some sort of “standards”.

          These chuckle-heads don’t write the copy, they read it off the teleprompter. If it said “I’m a purple and blue striped donkey”, they’d read it verbatim.

          Anything of value is not on TEE VEE. If it makes an appearance, it is so spun that it makes one dizzy. As to Snowden, if they didn’t want you to hear what he has to say, you wouldn’t. At least on the MSM. No, the game here is that he is a “dangerous extremist” and what he’s talking about is both acceptable and necessary.

          As to Pretty Boy Williams, he’s a vacant presstitute like all the other overpaid propaganda salesmen. Why anybody actually watches that dreck is beyond me. Maybe he’s in competition with Hillary. She came under “sniper fire” don’t ya’ know?

        6. That’s why they didn’t “air” what he said in the video I posted. Buy yes, I agree 100% everything is vetted with extreme prejudice.

        7. Alex Jones is going Nuts over Sandy Hook because Lenny Ponzer via Honr Network is attacking Infowars and has filed False strikes with YouTube.

          Alex said they made a huge mistake coming after him with false allegations.

          People have been calling telling their stories about Lenny Pozner/Horn Network and their dirty tatics

      3. Snowden is a fraud. His crapola is obviously scripted. Anyone with this kind of airtime on MSM is a fraud. FRAUD!!!


        What really brought down the towers? Two planes can’t do it – IMPOSSIBLE. How did WTC7 fall? Were explosives and incendiaries used on all three buildings? What hit the Pentagon? Whats the true story about flight 93? When does the new independent investigation start?

        Any ‘truther’ who is not asking these questions is a FRAUD.

  4. But James, we are talking here about two very different kinds of deceit. The Kennedy mediadreck is Professional deceit, lying in the interests of the state power system to conform to the delusive truth consensus. The personal deceit is very different. Telling personal lies to enhance his own Professional career detracts from the credibility of the mainstream deceit, marring the belief in the mainstream American whoppers that permeates the American truth consensus.

    The latter diminishes respect for the mendacity of American gangster power during the War on Terrorism. Is it any wonder that Williams was suspended? American power must restrict their untruthers to the straight and narrow, to stay On Message. This kind of deceit is not as bad as telling the truth about American torture, say, where those truthers are imprisoned. But it is Irresponsible to allow random deviation from the media untruth; Americans might get the idea that the American truth tradition is a pack of lies from beginning to end.

  5. Does this Rappoport article crystalize the problem with celebrity anchors? Reposted from “No More Fake News”–the Jon Rappoport blog.

    And also, Ray, I will always recall Rather’s dodgy observation in regard to the president’s physical convulsion when hit by the head shot. Disgraceful!
    Proves that playing the right cards enhances one’s career.

  6. really like the angle on this one James. in their favor, however, they don’t really have a choice to even acknowledge what we all know without the nod from on high. besides every time a journalist or celebrity has gone on record and said something contrary to the official narrative, they always immediately retract it and apologize. those who don’t become Rosie O’Donnell, and see an abrupt end to their career, if they are lucky.

    nonetheless it’s important to point this out – that the news is only as honest as our government is. it’s a concept that every American can certainly agree on.

    that said I’m starting to wonder what the heck Brian Williams did to get himself in this mess because from the looks of it he’s been telling tall tales for quite some time. and the witnesses in the military have been denying his story for a dozen years without anybody outing him.

    I wonder if for some reason the media is being discredited intentionally now…

    1. Speaking of retractions and apologies, former Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones was hung out to dry this past week for tweeting that he believed Sandy Hook was a hoax. Did the major networks report their outrage like the uproar on the net, or was the MSM purposely ignoring it and focusing on Brian Williams and other distractions?

      1. Hm. That’s interesting. Of course you observe that he is a FORMER sports team member, so there would be a tendency to downplay it, rather than a need to kick him out for saying it.

        I noticed an odd omission (almost) on Boston tv (during our current Snowmageddon): the police and firefighters (I think there were two of the latter) who held a big shoot out with the Tsarnaev brothers, all got the “Medal of Valor” at the White House. You’d think the news people would milk that in Boston for all it is worth. But no. It was as brief a mention as possible (at least at 11 o’clock).

        I don’t have a good explanation for why it got short shrift. The weather is the big story, but more significantly, the break-down in the transportation system and nature’s own martial law which shut most of Boston down for two days – with possibly more to come. People are not in a good mood, except maybe kids.

        Another reason why not to remind the public of the Marathon might be that Boston wants the Olympics, and wants to revamp the transportation system so it can have as much money sloshing around as it did during the Big Dig. So maybe that is why this is fading for the moment. And the trial of the Tsarnaev brother? Well, the defense insists they must have a change of venue (after which a nifty plea bargain should make it all go away).

    2. Either Williams did something his handlers didn’t like and this will teach him a lesson (a la Brit Hume’s son being suicided) or it’s more Revelation of the Method. Either way, it serves their purposes.

  7. Indeed, it is remarkable that Williams is getting pilloried before the public for a rather minor–and even understandable under the cover of egocentrism–mystification, while his necessary contributions to much more bothersome conspiracies, including the censorship of the televised criminal controlled demolition of the twin towers, do not appear to adversely impact his career. Plato’s cave is so big that it has its special section to ferret out and punish ostensible purveyors of misinformation.

    Hence an important rule for independent analysts, known is ignorant circles as conspiracy theorists: once you have passed through a smoke screen, keep wondering whether what you see is the real world or another smoke screen.


  8. As is usually the case with any such public spectacles, I find myself scratching my head about the motives.

    My best guess is that there was a need to portray the media as honest and true, even willing to call out one of their own.

    I suspect that the employers of Mr. Williams had substantial dirt on him – something worse than the lies for which he was strung up. He became a pawn in this little morality play, and doesn’t “completely” lose his career.

    Just part of the gig when your multi-million dollar cashcow for the past couple of decades has been to systematically and willingly lie to the American people with a smile on your face. When you play that game you will occasionally get played.

  9. […] No controversy ensued when Williams and NBC colleague Tom Brokaw repeatedly upheld the Warren Commission’s “lone assassin” conspiracy theory on November 22, 2013 By James F. Tracy NBC suspended Brian Williams for six months on February 10. The fashionable anchor admitted to lying about a being involved in a life-threatening combat situation while reporting in Iraq over a decade ago. Yet a survey of Williams’ career indicates that this isn’t the first time he’s been dishonest with the American people. In one important instance while broadcasting from Dallas Texas on November 22, 2013, Williams began More… […]

  10. All good points, but please remember that Williams is only the mouthpiece, although the coverage would have us believe otherwise. NBC surely came up with the idea/s, in service to the powers behind the news – not Williams personally. A commercial news anchor would not be allowed that kind of initiative, would he? Now that he has been caught out they are throwing him to the wolves – although, yes, he may be back later to keep pushing the propaganda…

    1. Williams is (was – he’s on suspension for six months) managing editor of the Nightly News which allowed him complete control over what was said and aired by his news team. This doesn’t preclude the fact that others far higher than Williams tell him (or heavily influence) what to present in the broadcast(s). So he’s more than a news reader. But he would never go against the grain of “common” thought on any issue of the day (and we’re back to being “heavily influenced”) basically because it would marginalize him, or would have, much sooner than he is now. And no managing editor or news presenter would ever dare to do that on any of the network 6:30 p.m. news shows. Which is why I never watch them.

  11. For those interested on how the multi-billionaire oligarchs who control the media and other truth institutions influence the power system, there is a very enlightening lead article today on Counterpunch. It is by Uri Avnery, one of the ten most truthful and insightful Israeli truthers,
    and it traces the gangster power of Sheldon Adelson and his Israeli-born wife in both Israel and the United States.

    Adelson is currently worth nearly 40 billion dollars, gained mostly in Chinese Macao from gambling. I suspect the Chinese, whose foreign policy is much more sophisticated and far seeing than American policy, in allowing Adelson to enrich himself so much because he a neo-Zionist, and China wanted to tether the USA to Israel to get them out of east Asia.

    The Adelsons piggishly and massively support both Natanyahoo and the American republican party, which is why he is currently addressing congress in a vastly undiplomatic way. Uri describes how the Adelsons influence both ISrael and America through the media.

    This goes a long way to understanding how the mainstream truth has become so perverted, and why American power is so divorced from the interests of most Americans. Jewish billiionaires compose up to half of the American billionaires, and form a ideoracial grouping that bounces media power off Israel to influence the American consciousness. One wonders how common media has been influenced in this way. It has shaped American media historically.

  12. Williams tells us first in AZ at 5:30 then in his monotone voice, Scott Pelly (smelly) comes on at 6PM on CBS. Same news stories, same pictures, same catch words…John Stewart and Leno, Colbert Report has done segments with all the major news anchors and they all parrot each other. Message Received.
    Same old, Same old. They all are stinky!

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