soros1By George Soros

“We need to introduce new ground rules for political discourse.”

(November 8, 2007)

NEW YORK – In his novel 1984, George Orwell chillingly described a totalitarian regime in which all communication is controlled by a Ministry of Truth and dissidents are persecuted by political police. The United States remains a democracy governed by a constitution and the rule of law, with pluralistic media, yet there are disturbing signs that the propaganda methods Orwell described have taken root here.

Indeed, techniques of deception have undergone enormous improvements since Orwell’s time. Many of these techniques were developed in connection with the advertising and marketing of commercial products and services, and then adapted to politics. Their distinguishing feature is that they can be bought for money. More recently, cognitive science has helped to make the techniques of deception even more effective, giving rise to political professionals who concentrate only on “getting results.”*

These professionals take pride in their accomplishments, and may even enjoy the respect of an American public that admires success no matter how it is achieved. That fact casts doubt on Karl Popper’s concept of open society, which is based on the recognition that, while perfect knowledge is unattainable, we can gain a better understanding of reality by engaging in critical thinking.

Popper failed to recognize that in democratic politics, gathering public support takes precedence over the pursuit of truth. In other areas, such as science and industry, the impulse to impose one’s views on the world encounters the resistance of external reality. But in politics the electorate’s perception of reality can be easily manipulated. As a result, political discourse, even in democratic societies, does not necessarily lead to a better understanding of reality.

Mr. Soros is a longtime financial backer of President Barack Obama. He has “the charisma and the vision to radically reorient America in the world,” Soros remarked of Obama in 2008.

The reason democratic politics leads to manipulation is that politicians do not aspire to tell the truth. They want to win elections, and the best way to do that is to skew reality to their own benefit.*

This insight should lead us not to abandon the concept of open society, but to revise and reaffirm the case for it. We must abandon Popper’s tacit assumption that political discourse aims at a better understanding of reality and reintroduce it as an explicit requirement. The separation of powers, free speech, and free elections alone cannot ensure open society; a strong commitment to the pursuit of truth is also required.

We need to introduce new ground rules for political discourse. These cannot be identical to scientific method, but they should be similar in character, enshrining the pursuit of truth as the criteria on which political views are to be judged. Politicians will respect, rather than manipulate, reality only if the public cares about the truth and punishes politicians when it catches them in deliberate deception. And the public should care about the truth because deception misleads people in choosing their representatives, distorts policy choices, undermines accountability, and destroys trust in democracy.*

Recent history provides convincing evidence that policies based on a misrepresenting reality backfire. The Bush administration’s response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 – declaring a War on Terror and treating criticism as unpatriotic – succeeded in gathering public support, yet the results were the exact opposite to what the Bush administration intended, both for itself and the United States.

The practical difficulty is in recognizing when political professionals are distorting reality. There is an important role here for the media, the political elite, and the educational system, which must all act as watchdogs. In addition, the public needs to be inoculated against the various techniques of deception. The most effective techniques operate at the subconscious level. When emotions can be aroused by methods that bypass consciousness, the public is left largely defenseless. But if the public is made aware of the various techniques, it is likely to reject them.

One influential technique – which Republican pollster Frank Luntz says that he learned from 1984 – simply reverses meanings and turns reality on its head. Thus, Fox News calls itself “fair and balanced,” and Karl Rove and his acolytes turn their opponents’ strongest traits into their Achilles’ heels, using insinuations and lies to portray the opponents’ achievements as phony. That is how insinuations of cowardice and foul play helped defeat two highly decorated Vietnam War veterans, Senator Max Cleland in 2002, and John Kerry in 2004, while Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney – both of whom avoided military service – were portrayed as true patriots.

Another technique is transference: accusing opponents of having motives or using methods that characterize the accuser himself. For example, David Horowitz, who accuses me of being “the Lenin of the anti-American conspiracy,” is a former Trotskyite for whom opponents are never adversaries to be debated, but rather enemies to be crushed.

The American public has proven remarkably susceptible to the manipulation of truth, which increasingly dominates the country’s political discourse. Indeed, a whole network of publications, some of which manage to parade as mainstream media, is devoted to the task. Yet I believe that it is possible to inoculate the public against false arguments by arousing resentment against Orwellian Newspeak. What is needed is a concerted effort to identify the techniques of manipulation – and to name and shame those who use them.*

Now is an ideal time to begin that effort. Americans are now awakening, as if from a bad dream. What we have learned from recent years’ experience – what we should have known all along – is that the supremacy of critical thought in political discourse cannot be taken for granted. It can be ensured only by an electorate that respects reality and punishes politicians who lie or engage in other forms of deception.

[*Emphasis added.]

This article originally appeared at Project Syndicate News Service in 2007. George Soros is Chairman of Soros Fund Management and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations. Using the rhetoric of “human rights,” “equality,” and “democracy,” his Open Society Foundations have manufactured dissent and co-opted political discourse in the United States and throughout the world for over three decades, most recently in Ferguson Missouri and Ukraine.

Among the world’s most powerful financial market manipulators, Soros has written (or commissioned the ghostwriting) of many books, including The Alchemy of Finance, The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What it Means, The New Paradigm for Finance Markets, and The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of The War on Terror.

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47 thought on “From Karl Popper to Karl Rove”
  1. It’s a great article, but as to the man, one must be cautious to keep the advice he gives: “Another technique is transference, accusing opponents of having motives or using techniques that characterize the accuser himself.” So while I agree that his opponents are dirty rotten scoundrels, that does not mean that this high flyer billionaire is not one himself. Birds of a feather flock together, and I imagine they rub elbows at all the top level planning forums.

    Still, it would be nice to have more truth. Soros spreads little light here, and keeps it all abstract. Obviously he knows much that he will not state.
    He will not rip the curtain off, and that means he stays alive and stays in the swim. Truth is not for billionaires to disseminate. It is for mad men to shout to unhearing ears.

    1. You are so correct.

      Politically I would describe myself as a cross between a conservative and a libertarian, but that doesn’t blind me from the nefarious agendas of the Bushes and the neocons in general. Bush was as much a conservative as I am a communist. Anyway, Soros is truly an evil person if there ever was one. He is a big backer of Agenda 21 and the king of the one-worlders. BTW: notice how he and his ilk (Rockefeller) seem to live forever.

    2. Musings, politics have no meaning at all. They are a distraction to keep the eaters busy. These mutts couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of their actions. They are going to do what they will, regardless.

      Keeping people hypnotized into believing that they have a say in their governance may make their plans somewhat easier for them. In the end, they couldn’t give a hoot what anyone says. Those in politics have no power whatsoever.

      While everyone is focused on Soros and his billions, his bosses could snuff him our like a candle. If he is ‘allowed’ to keep his billions it means he’s “in the game”. Money is merely a control mechanism. They only allow a measure of control to those they can trust.

        1. Funny, the link was only three days old and no longer working. Here is the article from The Economist:

          Whatever its outcome, the trial of the former IMF boss breaks French taboos
          Feb 14th 2015 | PARIS | From the print edition
          No longer a world saviour
          WHEN Dominique Strauss-Kahn was hauled off a plane in New York in 2011 and arrested on charges of sexual assault, there was indignation in France. At worst, it was seen as a set-up; at best, the result of American puritanical excess. The spectacle of a handcuffed IMF head doing the “perp walk” aroused special outrage. “It’s not as if anybody died,” shrugged a senior French Socialist.

          Those charges were eventually dropped, but France now has its own home-grown version in a courtroom in Lille. Mr Strauss-Kahn, along with 13 others, is accused of “aggravated pimping”, an offence that carries up to ten years in jail. As details of orgies with prostitutes in Washington, Paris and Lille have emerged, the French are being torn between an instinctive respect for privacy over sexual behaviour and a creeping moral disquiet.

          The presiding judge in the trial, which opened on February 2nd, made it clear that this was a criminal, not a moral, hearing. The case against Mr Strauss-Kahn hinges on whether he knew that the women who attended soirées libertines, or group-sex parties, often organised in his honour, were paid. In France prostitution is not illegal, but pimping and soliciting are. On February 10th Mr Strauss-Kahn admitted taking part in such parties—but no more than “four times a year”, he said, because he was too busy “saving the world” after the global financial crisis. He had no idea, he added, that he was having sex with prostitutes.

          Up to a point, the French have reacted with indifference. A man many once saw as a Socialist front-runner for president is no longer a public figure. There has been plenty of news coverage, but no editorial outpouring of moral disapproval. The day after Mr Strauss-Kahn testified, Le Monde, a left-leaning newspaper, had no story about the trial on its front page.

          Yet as the prostitutes testify, this tolerance is being put to the test. One recounted tearfully enduring an act of sodomy by Mr Strauss-Kahn. (He said he might have a “rougher” than average sexuality.) A group of topless feminist protesters tried to disrupt Mr Strauss-Kahn’s arrival in court. Jean Quatremer, a journalist who raised questions about Mr Strauss-Kahn’s sexual behaviour in 2007, said it was time for the media to examine their own silence. “Why does the press have such difficulty criticising the powerful over their private lives?” he asked.
          Never before has such a once-powerful French figure had his bedroom activities exposed in public, semi-pornographic detail. Most cases of sexual assault against French politicians are dropped, including one by Tristane Banon, a French writer, against Mr Strauss-Kahn. Mr Strauss-Kahn may yet be acquitted. But a taboo has been broken, and traditional indifference to sexual excess called, painfully, into question.

  2. George Soros, a multi-billionaire currency speculator, may well be the most dangerous oligarch in the world today. He is currently instrumental in trying to begin a war in Europe around Ukraine, which involves nuclear powers. He was instrumental in devastating Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union, causing widespread starvation and economic havoc, which he has since apologized for. He is not entirely cynical, he actually believes in liberalism to some extent, which is why he is so much more dangerous than the neocons.

    He has been instrumental in trying to move Ukraine from being a buffe stater between Europe and Russia, to a state wholly into the Europe camp. Since perhaps half the Ukrainians are Russian speaking, this can only be done by fraud, corruption, and coercion. The Western Ukrainians have a strong Nazi tradition inherited from Germany in ww 2, which is denied in the Western and especially the American media, but which is being used to implement the necessary brutality.

    I now have to say something which is going to appear incredible, but it is true. The ideology of Western Ukraine is anti-Semitic Nazism, where a hatred of Jews is Proclaimed, but where violence is directed operatively at Russians. What is hard to believe, what is incredible, is that this anti-Semitic Nazism, directed at Russians, is led largely by Jews. Nuland, the US diplomat who was instrumental in engineering this coup, and her husband the neocon Robert Kagan, and both Soros and Popper, as well as the key Ukrainian leaders, are all Jewish. And this includes the billionaire gangster oligarch Kolmonoysky who was behind the Odessa massacre, burning and killing about fifty people trapped in a union building.

    How this incredible ideological perversion has happened is too complicate to go into here, but commenters might remember Sue who was pushing the White movement, Proclaiming anti-Semitism but operatively directing her venom against African Americans. The point here is that Soros has been a part of this movement, involving the Color Revolutions, and has financed it for years. According to James, he has also financed the Ferguson uprising, evidencing James suspicion that the racial conflict is being staged.

    Now notice the article that James reprinted; I agree with most of it. AND IT MAY NOT HAVE BEEN INTENDED ENTIRELY CYNICALLY. But, as James has argued, it deludes people more effectively than the Fox News or Russ Limberger untruth. Because it pretends to identify with people values while operatively promoting those values of power that the oligarchs finance. And that form of ideological deception may well lead currently to a nuclear war, as Washington increases its military involvement in Ukraine.

    1. Mark, you are correct. I don’t find it incredible, however. I find it entirely consistent with past history. Zionist Jews sacrifice “their own” all the time. The appeal to tribalism or ideology is only used to keep a particular group pliable.

      Those in control have no ideology other than Satanism. They only use that one in furtherance of their own self-interest. Politics are all show. The intent is to provide some distraction from the business of enslavement. None of it is real.

      Of course its “real” for those with bombs raining on their heads. It keeps a lot of people busy dodging bullets while they consolidate their empire unobstructed. All that imaginary money ends up right back where it originated. Of course they leave everyone bleeding while they bag their loot.

  3. Unfortunately, Soros is a lying manipulator himself, pretending to promote an Open Society and the rights and freedoms associated with democracy, while at the same time working actively to overthrow elected governments in states the West wishes to acquire and convert to puppet regimes. He is currently lobbying with great energy and self-righteousness in support of the US-instituted coup in “the new Ukraine” and against the so-called pro-Russian separatists in the east who are resisting the Western take-over.

  4. The United States remains a democracy governed by a constitution and the rule of law, with pluralistic media,…………………………I see this as an outright lie. A couple of examples are Neil Youngs album “WAR” , which was banned by the Bush administration. It’s truly honest criticism of the Iraq war and bushs’ “accomplishments”. If you can find a copy please be sure to get a lyrics sheet, it’s refreshing. Pluralistic media??!!?? LMAO, most, if not all the media in this country is owned by jews, like Malkin. Owner of the Empire State Building and Father-in-law of Senator Blumenthal. Blumenthal robbed and lied to Connecticut during his 20 year reign as Attorney General, yet most people think he’s a “good guy”. this is because the media is so slanted in his favor,(thanks dad), that there is never any mention of the constant highway construction graft, the 1/4 billion $$ he gave his former law partner in no bid contracts, or his friend who walked out of the Teachers Retirement Fund with 100 million$$ never to be seen again. I don’t think any American has truly been represented in this country for over 20 years at this point, let alone told the truth for even longer. The Constitution and law? The entire system is now based on what you can prove in court, whether it’s true or not. Justice and the truth have been bought out.

  5. Whenever someone refers to the U.S. as democratic, we need to point out the Princeton study from last year that finds the we are actually a non-democratic government ran by and for the financial elites (a de-facto oligarchy). The main scholar involved in the study even mentioned Soros as one of these elites when interviewed about the study. Soros’ article is an obvious deception designed to keep people entangled within the matrix.

  6. Soros is quite right in this article; the pursuit of truth is essential to democracy. And he is also right that, under Bush, jr, the precise contrary of the operative reality-based truth was Proclaimed by the media and his administration. Obama campaigned on Hope n’ Change to reverse this state of affairs.

    And once Elected, he continued and deepened it, becoming part of the problem he promised to confornt. As did Soros. Yesterday Soros called the oligarchical-Nazi regime in Ukraine as “participatory Democracy,” the precise contrary of the reality-based truth. This ideological truth inversion has been a hallmark of the War on Terrorism, US power Proclaiming a fight against Terrorism while itself being the greatest source of terrorism on our small planet.

    Ideological truth inversion is characteristic of the end of Western Civilization, which has degenerated into what might be called Freedom Fascism. A police state is being installed, conducting endless low-intensity war, under the ideological guise of Freedom&Democracy, Human Rights, and Security.

    The Proclaimed Security is actually that of the powerful, not that of the people. The Electoral system remains visible, drained of all people power, a bait-and-switch operation, both parties financed by the oligarchs like Soros. American power massively and systematically spies on the American people, while classifying its own operations as secret, systematically disorienting and intimidating the American people.

    The major enemy f the American people is American power. And American power is in the hands and heads of oligarchs like Soros, who largely control the power institutions of American governance. The government is merely the major institution of this governance, but it could not function without the mass media, or Free Press. The private enterprise Free Press.

    The false flags and power conspiracies are conducted by a combination of government and Free Enterprise, largely under the control of oligarchs like Soros. They engage in ideological truth inversion, intimidating the American people who are reluctant to defy American power. We are afraid to be branded as Un-American.

    But what is really Un-American is American power. When the War on Communism of the 20th century segued into the War on Terrorism of the 21st, the oligarchs began a political revolution that transformed the American power system into Freedom Fascism. And we have not yet seen the worst atrocities of this last stage of Western Civilization

    That is why Ukraine is so important to the American people. What is happening in Ukraine threatens to happen in the USA. It is a White country, and reverberates in the White movement here. The CIA got the fascist party there to change its name from ‘Social Nationalism,’ and inversion of the German Nazi party, to Svoboda. Freedom. And under this new fascist form of Freedom the American people, especially non-White people, are being ground into the dirt.

    We cannot resist because we do not possess the holistic ideological truth needed to unite and organize general resistance. The holistic conceptual language needed to convey it has been tossed down the memory hole along with the specific truth. So the American people cannot tell the simple historical truth about what is happening to us, because we have been Educated to conceive professional truth as restricted to specialized cretinism. Americans have been taught and told by the truth institutions of American power to forget the past, deny the present, and ignore the future.

    By Soros, and the other oligarchs, and their trained professionals. It takes intellectual and moral courage to tell the truth in a society based on lies. We have not possessed that courage, which is the first step to effective resistance. But we are inching toward it historically, as we eventually realize that we have no other people-based alternative.

      1. I”m hurt that I wasn’t invited to see Ms. Hassinger and the blouse shot with bullet holes. I wonder if the offer is still good. If you have influence with the parties involved, can you give them my email address? I’ll be waiting for an invite to view the blouse with the bullet holes in it. Of course, I’ll want to have all forensics done properly, it’s the right thing to do. We need to get to the bottom of this mess.
        I’ll be waiting for the invite, I’ll bring my own cameraman. Thanking you in advance,

        1. Dawn Hochsprung #3 [OCME#12-17592]
          Mrs. Hochsprung had brown hair and was wearing a grey and red hooded sweater, red long sleeve shirt, blue jeans and calf-length brown colored boots.


    Soros’s deception must be seen in a world historical context to suck the juice out of its meaning. Deception is not necessarily conscious deceit, the American powerful, including the plutocratic oligarchs like Soros, actually believing sometimes some of what they say. But there are two truth tactics which historically have deformed the American truth consensus which have not been sufficiently clarified. The first is the conflict between the Proclaimed truth of power and the operative reality based truth, the distance between what is said and what is done. This might be called ideological truth inversion. The second one I wish to discuss here might be called conceptual cretinism.

    The consciousness of the American people has been constricted by space-time conceptual constraints. The space constraints is to conceive America as a sub-world all its own, disconnected from the other people of the world. Americans consist of only 4% of the earth’s people, but nearly 90% of the earth’s people are non-White. Since America has been a highly geo-racist society historically, more so than most other societies, the tendency is conceive America as Exceptional, which is largely a geo-racial notion. When other Western Whites are included in the discussion, the phrase often used is ‘the West and the rest.’

    The space conceptual restrictions are coupled with time restrictions, focusing on the Now, devoid of the past and future. The American people have been Educated historically by the truth institutions of power to forget the past, deny the present, and ignore the future. The book to read is James Loewin’s classic Lies My Teacher Taught Me. It illustrates how high school history is formulated in textbooks to be so boring and meaningless, that Americans never want to think historically again. Education mission accomplished.

    This space-time constriction of political and social reality has restricted the American truth consensus to a kind of conceptual cretinism that prevents us from understanding the past, present, and future persons of the earth.

    The conceptual cretinism results in specialized truth segregation. Just as geo-races are segregated in Jim Crow, on Indian reservations, in prisons, etc, so the truth is segregated in specialized truths and specific information. Junk truths and mediadreck. This conceptual fragmentation has been done for the same reason that the population has been fragmented in geo-racial groupings, to allow American power to divide and rule. The powerful, like Soros, have a holistic view of people and power, but the people’s view has been conceptually compartmentalized, like those of the intelligence agencies, to prevent Americans from possessing a general background context of people and power.

    As a consequence, our consciousness has been ideologically deranged by power historically to make us easier to rule. We have been ideologically and conceptually miseducated, misinformed, and misentertained from childhood to identify with power against the people ruled by power. Against ourselves. We are systematically miseducated by the schools as children to learn the ideological misconceptions that enable the mass media to systematically misinform us as adults.

    We can only change this historical state of affairs if we understand the truth tactics of ideological truth inversion and conceptual cretinism. Soros uses them both to deceive us. And it has worked so far. We have been conned by power as children to allow us to be swindled by power as adults. We have to turn our attention to the media and other truth institutions, as James and prof Chossudosky have argued, to collectively change our consciousness.

  8. Well we are slowly but suely learning why Obama–the Madison Avenue cut-out was manufactured from scratch…both Kissinger and Soros made statements praising Barry Soetoro Onbama as an asset for American
    global policy (read an ingress into the Third World.)

    My goodnedss, look at his face and resume. Is this a man an African or Asian national might trust?

    Only the feckless American media would buy that
    sales pitch. Thinking individuals might wonder what the end product will be; and our president went to work straight away to unmask the intentions of his puppeteers with every move and executive order.

    Why would anyone listen seriously to two bloated has- beens who seek to recapture past glory?

    Admit your purpose is OVAH and ride off into the sunset, George and Henry–hasta la vista, compadres.

  9. This is a political puff piece by the author in order to get the puppet elected, it worked apparently, but claiming to be a truth teller is the perfect use of the transference tool.

    The liars are so blatantly in our face these days, most of the us aware are not even remotely surprised when our ‘leader’ equates the Crusaders of a 1000 years ago to today’s muslim terrorists who murder and maim innocents by the thousands.

    Believe they are in shock that their race baiting tactics of the past did not catch fire as expected. While they are paying the usual thugs to close highways and burn the local food mart, there is outrage among the decent folks to stop the madness and importing criminals.

    “Black author and political commentator Mychal Massie says black lives don’t matter, to blacks. In his video “Just How Much Do Black Lives Matter?” he states:

    From 1882 to 1968, 3,446 blacks were lynched. But from 1973 until the present time, a period of 42 years, 17.3 million black babies were aborted. Why don’t we hear about that? Did white policemen do that? That 17.3 million is equivalent to 45 percent of the black population today. So do black lives really matter?”

    On a lighter note, find it somewhat humorous that Boston once again appears to be under house arrest by the horrendous snow mountains. The national report shows buried vehicles on both sides of the ‘typical’ side street that is barely passable by car and the rail system is shut down due to frozen lines. The problem is, even tho their is a big old ocean there, the greenies do not allow dumping of that dirty snow! Lived in a city where the annual dumping of the snow in the nasty old, polluted river, seemed like a purification process!

      1. Pat,
        That article you linked should be a Case Study as to what is happening to our society as whole and media’s narrative that everyone “of color”is somehow a Victim.

        Hey, everyone steals cars and tries to run down police officers, whats the big deal?

        I’ve never stolen a car in my life.

        1. “I’ve never stolen a car in my life.”

          Ric, I feel sorry for you that it was not a “rite of passage” to boost a car. Apparently, it’s a GOOD thing. I missed out on that one, too. No one told me. Maybe it’s because I am a person of no color. I’m guessing that you have no color, too, and that’s why no one told you of that particular “rite of passage.”

          DAMN this racist society for keeping us colorless ones in the dark about these essential aspects of growing up! Maybe Eric Holder can speak up, in his “nation of cowards” mode, and campaign for the right of the colorless to be presented with the insight that these are vital experiences. Just brainstorming here. Someone has to inform us of it. Maybe the Boy Scouts can make it a merit badge? Or Vacation Bible School can incorporate it into the program. Just brainstorming here.

        2. Sad, but everything wrong with America seems to be “our” fault for the last 6 years. I’m not naming any names either.

          I guess our Founders messed up and it will take the “minorities” to fix the way America should be…

    1. “Muslim terrorists” work for the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait….they are not some amorphous entity fighting for the sanctity of the prophet Mohammed’s virtues. Behind every terrorist is an interventionist representing the banksters, who are we kidding? Follow the shekels, follow the dollars. Stuff just doesn’t happen randomly, there’s a definite pattern to this ruse.

      1. Yes indeed. Yet another example is the current episode in Copenhagen, the shootout at a synagogue and also at Krudttønden, a place described as “house of culture”. By the way, Krudttønden means Powderkeg. 30,000 were reported in attendance at the following ceremony in Copenhagen with dignitaries present.

  10. There is a very disturbing quality to the Soros article that James reprinted. Contrary to commenter opinion, I think Soros is largely, and certainly partially, sincere. His adherence to Popper’s philosophy is a lifetime obsession, although the only time they met, to my knowledge was when Soros flew to London to talk to him. (Popper was disappointed that he wasn’t an American (at the time), because that is who he wished to influence.)

    I tend to think that Soros actually wanted and expected Obama to change the direction of Bush jr’s deceit, war, and corruption. But when he didn’t, when he continued and expanded Bush’s policies, Soros went along with it. Realpolitik, you know. So what he Proclaimed at the time, and for all I know still Proclaims, became over time precisely contrary to what he did and supported in the Obama era. The Democratic party became a Progressive cover for anti-people Republican values. Both being financed by the oligarchy.

    But this means that American hypocrisy. which is reviled all over the world, is only partially a conscious truth conspiracy. It is an historical development that even the powerful may not like, but must support because they have no viable alternative. A power figure is not only restricted by his superiors, he is also restricted by his audience. He is caught between his superiors and his audience, a rock and a hard place, to restrict what he can say and do.

    So we have to consider the ideological truth inversion that has occurred during the War on Terrorism as an historical phenomena, only partially a conscious conspiracy by oligarchical power. We have to acknowledge that it is sometimes the case that the powerful actually believe some of what they say.

    1. It really didn’t seem to me that one election would alter such a bad trend, present even in Clinton when all sorts of “unintended consequences” happened in the break-up of Yugoslavia. Does anyone remember how jihadists were used there, just as they were used in Afghanistan against the Soviets? The Saudis ran that apparently. I don’t say they did 9/11 however. I have other ideas about that.

      Obama has a better style than Bush, with the international crowd. He even appeals to many in this country. But whether at core he is much different I rather doubt. Like Bush, he is there to be used. It may be that all presidents have always been like that. We tend to single out the most corrupt or inept, but maybe all of them dance to someone else’s tune and do not really chart their own course.

      Perhaps Soros was simply a spurned suitor in that process.

  11. That’s my feeling, Musings. Obama took Soros’s money under false pretenses, the way he took ;people’s votes. Saying one thing and doing the other has been his standard pattern. He just gave a speech to India telling them to shape up on women issues and Human Rights, and then cut his visit short to honor Saudi Arabia.

  12. While we all have opinions on one ‘news’ source or another, believe listening to all sides might bring us a glimmer of the truth. Rush hits the nail on the head when he describes the media and their reading of the current template. Something we have known for awhile, but never have heard a broadcaster admit to it.

    In case you missed it, they finally came out of the closet yesterday by admitting they want to ‘experiment’ with spraying toxins in the sky to cool us down. NPR had a disgusting interview with a female who attended the seminar who declared of course we cannot spray sulfuric acid in the sky, but we can plant more trees! Why didn’t we think of that before?

  13. I don’t critique Limbargher or Fox News, Pendantic; because they are beneath criticism. They don’t believe in reason or truth, and as their adherent, neither do you. It doesn’t do any good to critique a piece of their, and your, intellectual garbage because they, and you, will just promote another piece. It doesn’t matter how absurd or outrageous it is, because they are truth racketeers. Fox News is the ideology outlet for the Rebubs, while Proclaiming that it is Fair and Balanced.

    Your racism is, like theirs, is less explicit than Patrick’s, or Sue’s, but just as vicious and disgusting. You imply that it doesn’t matter if White cops kill Black youth because African Americans engage in abortion. So do all other groups. Abortion has nothing to do with racist police murder but it’s pointless to say so in rebuttal, because you’ll just pick some other irrelevancy to promote your racism, unreason, and untruth.

    However, your identification with rightist Repub truth puts you in a strong American current, with, astonishingly, perhaps a quarter or a third of Americans. This current originally fed the Nazi party in Germany, largely focused in the lower middle class. It is feeding the fascist tendency in the War on Terrorism, just as McCarthyism fed it in the War on Communism. It was less strong at that time, Anti-Communism being actually promoted operatively more by the FBI.

    It is therefore not rightest Repubs that need to be attacked, but Progressives who sweetheart up to their, and your, values. Since they, or at least their supporters, are amenable to truth, reason, and moral decency. You aren’t, you are primarily motivated by power. So as the Progressives are weaned away from the Dems, to oppose both parties, you and yours will modulate your perverted anti-people values automatically, as they become less powerful. But this is an historical process, since it takes years to change ingrained historical tendencies, sans a Shock and Awe event.

    1. We all try to ignore our resident attacker who is so certain we are all racists and have intellects of garbage, but once in awhile my minority, feisty, spirit must stand up for those who have no voice. He will never bother to read any article presented., hint: it was not about abortion and not from FOX. It should be noted that the very liberal architect of the unaffordable health care act declared billions of tax dollars would be saved if the less desirable among us were eliminated before birth.

      It does bring a certain amount of satisfaction that the billionaires such as Bloomberg and Soros, squander their stolen treasures on socialist policies and rioting that so far have backfired in their faces. Even the poorest of the poor are beginning to realize they have literally been left out in the cold and their well being was never of concern to the lying scumbags who only want to maintain their power over the serfdom.!

  14. George: “There are disturbing signs that the propaganda methods Orwell described have taken root here.”

    Thank you George. Keep in mind that George is not the first person to have pointed this out, he is merely the richest person to point this out. Still, I thought it was a good essay.

    George mentioned the “American public that admires success no matter how it is achieved.” His Machiavellian summary of the American public and its nominally elected officials rings true. George again:

    “That fact casts doubt on Karl Popper’s concept of open society, which is based on the recognition that, while perfect knowledge is unattainable, we can gain a better understanding of reality by engaging in critical thinking.”

    There is no question but that critical thinking is in short supply in America. Too many people can’t do it, and too many of those who can, who are rich and powerful, overwhelm the public discourse either from the livid left or the rabid right. What Soros misses is that the lack of morality in American society has reached the point where immoral people are generally calling the policy shots, and they show few signs of letting go of power.

    It is immoral to lie.

    Our politicians do this all the time, and are allowed to get away with the continual lying, partly since the media are generally controlled by partisan factions who mostly wish to keep the power of tapping Treasury in the hands of their favored factions. The politicians, with gerrymandering and obscure primary procedures and control over the nomination process, are very effective at keeping a truthful discussion away from the public forum. The voting public, partly from ignorance and laziness, but also partly from a practiced apathy because of the inherent unfairness and falsehood of the election process, is almost incapable of stopping the lie.

    I think in part, it is Lakoff’s theory that truth itself is an unnecessary part of the human dialog which has proven to be a powerful component of the American political process. If Soros has read Lakoff’s work, I think he would agree.

    Good reading on Popper:

    “Popper argues that the ideas of individuality, criticism, and humanitarianism cannot be suppressed once people become aware of them, and therefore that it is impossible to return to the closed society; but at the same time recognised the continuing emotional pull of what he called ‘the lost group spirit of tribalism’, as manifested for example in the totalitarianisms of the 20th century.”

    It would be interesting to learn of Soros’ take on education. Both the left and the right have eviscerated American education, leaving few individuals with the courage to think critically and speak their minds freely and individually, unafraid of retribution from anonymous power.

    Just because I think this is a good essay doesn’t mean that I favor George Soros’ world view. For example, on the second Amendment, he is completely and demonstrably wrong.

    1. Soros is the most toxic, devilish, monster what used to be the West has ever produced. He made his billions with the express desire to destroy the civilization he was born into. Skirt posted this, in her response to VolkschprekerMark, just below, but to underline it I repost it:

      Every dime of the multiple millions he doles out to the people who make up the mobs that could not otherwise afford to flock to Ferguson Missouri, or attempt to close 5th Avenue at peak Christmas shopping time, to scratch the surface, is spent to destroy. He is the least philanthropic man ever to exist. He is misanthropic. He hates the human race.

      He came here to use our system so that he could make enough money to destroy us.

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