Obama_SSN_SmallThe real owner of Obama’s STOLEN SSN, Harrison J Bounel, was a patient at Fairfield Hills Psychiatric Hospital in Newtown Connecticut

By “Barry Soetoro, Esq”

Would access to Harrison Bounel’s Death Records prove Obama stole Bounel’s SSN?

After the Sandy Hook “school shooting,” the State of Connecticut made a bizarre move.

CT locked down ALL Death Certificates — for any deaths in the entire State of CT.

Governor Malloy signed three Orwellian bills into law, after they were crammed thru at 2AM, “for the children.”

As a result, CT Death Certificates are NO LONGER public record — you cannot obtain them.  Death Certificates have been PUBLIC RECORD for hundreds of years…. but suddenly, NOT ANYMORE.

Was the Sandy Hook “massacre” a ruse to lock down the Death Records of Harrison J Bounel — the real owner of Obama’s STOLEN SSN:  #042-68-4425 ?

Harrison J Bounel died at Fairfield State Mental Hospital (circa 1978) in Newtown CT. Where is that location?  It’s 1 mile from Sandy Hook Elementary school.


In other words, the rightful owner of Obama’s SSN died in the SAME TOWN where the historic “Newtown school massacre” occurred.  Just 1 mile away.

Same State (CT). Same town (Newtown). Same town clerk’s office with same records (Newtown town clerk).

Amazing coincidence – or the reason for the Sandy Hoax coverup?  Could this be why approximately $200 Million in taxpayer money changed hands surrounding this “massacre?”

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105 thought on “Was Sandy Hook Used to Bury Obama’s SSN Records?”
  1. I stopped voting years ago. I think I voted twice, while still in my 20’s, for the hell of it, I guess. To see what it felt like?

    When I first heard the voice of ‘Barrack Obama’ (or whoever he is) and while others were saluting him for his dramatic, symbolic ‘Hope and Change’ campaign in 2008, my reaction was that I was hearing the voice of a true fiend.

    I said FIEND.

    Ned Lud

    1. If your vote “counted,” Ned, it would mean that it was the deciding vote. And in a corrupt system, no one would be allowed to know that it came down to one vote.

      There is a video floating around depicting the “battle of Athans,” about armed citizens who shortly after WWII forcibly confiscated the ballot boxes from the cabal that ran that town, and conducted a genuine count. The people had voted them all out–no one would have known that if these men who had come back from defeating Hitler in Europe had not refused to allow the corruption to rob them of their democratic role.

      Who, today, can imagine such a thing? It’s like something out of the Andy Griffith Show.

      1. Patrick-That was just up the road from where we live, in Athens,Tennessee. It is a true representation of how a “well armed citizenry”(they broke into the town’s armory) can actually effect change for the better. The only difference in that and “The Andy Griffith Show” is that Andy would have led the insurrection.

        1. “They broke into the town’s armory”.

          In other news, people are murdering cops in order to take their weapons, in “gun-free” places.

          Sounds very similar: those who control, only think they do.

      2. That was an awesome American story. Unfortunately today they all would be incarcerated or dead even if they proved the ballot counting was a fraud!

  2. We have no control of our country whatsoever. No matter how compelling the evidence or the merits of our arguments TBTB just push their agenda down our throats and the media is used as a too and for those that challenge the agenda through the courts the corrupt Judges will shut them down.

    Obama’s SSN and Birth Certificates are blatant forgeries and yet nothing is done.

    Sandy Hook is a massive fraud and yet nothing is done. You would think some pro 2A congressmen somewhere would take initiative on this.

    The media just reports what they want to push the agenda and the hypnotized public just follows along- no matter how absurd the report people believe it.

    Cassidy Stay blocked bullets to the back of her head with her finger and her family is murdered and she has a victory parade the next day like the Patriots in Boston ? Hundreds of thousand of dollars are donated to her and people lines the streets to cheer her parade route ?

    The cause seems hopeless and lost – where can we escape to ?

    1. Sorry for the typos

      -As a Post Script – I feel compelled to interject my observation regarding the milk bottle shaped target- there does not appear to be any effort to group or mark groups of shots anywhere on that target. So to suggest with that type of accuracy, even it it was real, would you expect Lanza to have at least have some wounded ? Not a single wounded child ?

      Furthermore the evidence that the Lanza’s did any shooting at all is extremely limited. Only one indoor range instructor said that he saw them several years earlier and the RENTED guns.

      One other former LE officer said he saw Nancy and Adam at Wooster Mtn gun range in Danbury with the AR-15 once two years earlier

      CSP found a sign in sheet at a New Milford indoor gun range that indicated Nancy and Adam stopped in for 20 minutes. Previously the ATF had visited the same gun range and examined the records and they found NOTHING

      So much for the evidence suggesting that Nancy was a passionate gun fanatic.

      The lawn guy that knew Nancy for 15 years said she mentioned an interest in skeet shooting once many years ago but that was it. Since then he never heard her speak about any interest in guns.

      I am convinced that whole element of her personal profile is a complete fabrication.

    2. Ray777 you hit the nail on the head. Where DO we escape to is the question. Unless one is financially well off, even leaving the country isn’t possible. And it’s only a matter of time that the ‘safe’ haven countries will be targeted in some fashion. Those that are ‘awakened’ have been ‘awakened’ for A reason. The trick is to discover what is the reason. What is it that woke us up and removed the veil so that we can see thru all the insane manipulation,control,lies,evil, etc. that we are being inundated with and others can’t??

      It doesn’t seem to matter how many You Tube videos, official documentation and convincing evidence etc. one presents to family and friends about anything-the cognitive dissonance factor takes over. Unless one has actually lived thru the depression or in a generational state of poverty, most Americans have lived a pretty comfortable life–things have ‘worked’ out for the most part–they are content. They don’t want to hear that their life could change and just the idea that it could shuts them down. Their faith in the ‘system’ that’s made them so comfortable is so strong that they have given all their power to it. They will accept any and all actions by that system no matter how restrictive and odius cuz they chose it to be their reality.

      I feel sorry for relationships where one partner is ‘awake’ and the other isn’t–it happened to be my case. It’s like living in a parallel universe and it didn’t work out in the end. There is always hope that we can wake up some of the pajama people. I wonder though if the ‘awakened’s’ main purpose is to just support other ‘awakened’s’ cuz you aren’t going to get it from anyone who isn’t.

      1. You make some good points. However, I’m absolutely not convinced the reason for our failure to break through is necessarily a sign of impending doom. If you’ve been lucky enough to have read John Taylor Gatto’s books, you’d realize our Prussian derived educational system stinks. Imagine valedictorians from so-called “great high schools” needing remedial college coursework, and this is so even at Harvard!
        Gatto details how students learning by rote often never learn. They depend on the crutches of sheer memorization and the passing of tests that are off kilter. Gatto taught in the ghettos of New York and his students went to college in high percentages! Why?
        I firmly believe that we are failing because we don’t know how to unlock the key to learning. We are trying to appeal to peoples’ natures, not to their learning cores. Until we can interest them in the process of learning, our efforts will fall on deaf ears.
        We are talking, we are trying to reason, but we are not stimulating learning and we blame it on cognitive deficits. Yet, once we learn to reach people, the job of inculcating knowledge will simply greatly.
        Moreover, the great propagandists like Paul Joseph Goebbels utilized the pitterpatter of constant repetitions and, as we all know, big lies are often easier to sell than smaller ones. We need to find our own propagandists and put them to work. Until we can fight fire with fire, we have little chance.

      2. I feel there is this Dark Cloud of Evil that surrounds D.C.

        All 535 members of Congress are scared to death and self-police themselves.

        They know what they can say or even dare discuss.

        This trickle down fear seeps all the down to local Mayors.

        Maybe, Just maybe, some will stand strong together and risk their lives and careers.

        I find it hard to believe every Congressman is either “Lame” or is “in” on it.

        It would take a group of about 25 members of Congress to stand together and form a caucus to even stand a chance.

        They see the Chem-Trails too……

      3. Danabelle I feel your pain. My spouse is a Fox News watching committed Kool Aid drinker.

        I have to do all my CT research activities on the sneak like I am having an affair or sneaking cigarettes.

        Apologies for typos-

      4. Danabelle I have many of the same thoughts and concerns. I personally believe the reason we have been “awakened” is a spiritual matter. The time is coming when we must choose which master we will serve. I find any thought or hope of a revolution nearly absurd as even this site has featured many articles regarding the incredible technology at their disposal. No doubt the masses can easily be controlled or eliminated if need be and they’ve certainly demonstrated their ability to create a good cover story. All aspects of government and education are controlled, privacy is soon to be non-existent and if there is hope I have no clue where it might be. My own plan is to continue to speak to anyone who will listen, to find kinship with like minded people here and on other “truther” type sites, and to honor the truths as I have them to be in Jesus Christ. I agree with you that many Americans have enjoyed a comfort that keeps them vapid and uninterested even as their freedoms are being decimated. When they become aware, when they get hungry, it will be too late for any reform save a personal one. Find your faith and that’s really the only thing they can’t take from us.

        1. Just a different perspective that may be helpful: While you are solidly within the framework of a Christian perspective, even those of us outside orthodox belief systems are beginning to see strong parallels.

          I personally believe much of what passes for Christianity today has no real basis in ultimate truth, but that the message Christ attempted to impart was one that has been universally available to all those who have a sincere desire to uncover it: “Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.”

          I have been gradually moving towards the understanding that, indeed, there are Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness. That the principal of Evil/Resistance/Chaos/Obstruction is in an eternal battle with Good/Truth/Love etc., that we live in a time when a vast polarization is occurring and that we are in the midst of a winnowing out of those who choose Light, those who choose Darkness and those who, out of ignorance. are led to darkness.

          By necessity, the Sons of Light are outnumbered. However, the desire to benefit the Whole is a tremendous power against those whose desire is to benefit the single point, the ego/individual. One is an upward arc, the other a spiral closing in on itself.

          I believe there are “battles in heaven” in the sense of conflict both in the physical and in the non-physical. The abominations we read about in Dr. Tracy’s fine journal is the clear trace of those aligned to the so-called prince of this world. Heraclitus taught that strife was universal and to be welcomed as it was within the contention between opposing forces that a resolution to a higher synthesis was possible.

          Like more than few of the people who frequent this blog, I struggle with the truth that the net of illusion is so powerful, and so welcomed, by many we love. It has always been this way. We should consider ourselves special only in the sense we have a special responsibility to make sure the energy we project into the world is one that is the antitheses of the the darkness that is being spread across the face of this planet.

          We can’t know the outcome but each of us knows the absolute responsibility we have to the Truth and our allegiance to it.

    3. I believe what you are experiencing is a stage associated with coping through the revelation of true reality. I have experienced that feeling of helplessness myself. However, I now feel like I have reached a point where I feel more comfortable simply knowing the truth, and speaking it whenever the opportunity presents itself. History shows us how this will shake out, just as it has time and again. Things will progressively get worse until the populace decides it has had enough and a revolution will occur. It’s only a matter of time because the machine of oppression cannot be stopped and more people are realizing this on a daily basis. You and I cannot control the time and place the change will begin. Therefore, we just need to be patient, take precautions, do what we can and remain as calm as possible. Good luck.

    4. The “people line the streets “, I would donate the my perception that said people’s are not sheep, but paid audience. The term sheep is applied to the population and constantly reinforced by the awakened, my contention is that the herd is not so asleep as tptb would have us, you think. I sincerely believe that the number of people who are awakening is far higher than what is thought. However the degree of knowledge varies. Some people are interested in finding out, while most are trapped in just every day bs that goes along with paying bills to live in this joke of world. How insane is this world we are in, yes it is such a disappointing end to what had so much potential, just sayin. Oh, I truly thank all here for their info

      1. John, I tend to agree. I suppose it is in how we define “awake”. Most of us simply want to be left alone. We are not the ones with an agenda. The Opportunists, however we define them, depend on cooperation to achieve their goals. Most people just wish they would go away.

        Look at the dialog here at this site. It is an unending onslaught of attempts to change every aspect of our lives. It is not driven by the masses calling for change. It is a “top down” affair.

        There is an ageless agenda. In history there have been times when the scale tilted to the control side. If they “win” they destroy what’s there. The struggle is against “willingly” cooperating.

        Many do not have a good grasp on what is happening but they know they don’t like it. The “ace in the hole” is that there would need to be more of “them” than “us” to force total compliance. There aren’t.

        There is no doubt that they can, and will, cause great harm. We must preserve our faith and our traditions regardless. While we can’t control their actions we can control ours.

        Your comment “[t’]he people line the streets….” is insightful. All is illusion, especially on TEE VEE. Just like the “spontaneous” celebration for the killing of the dead Osama in D.C., it is a farce. Many more “know” but won’t speak of it. We are at the “brute force” phase of the plan. They will not win hearts and minds, they will simply impose their will at the point of a gun.

        The world is not short on examples of abuse of authority. Evil always seeks to control To preserve liberty a person must make a personal choice to live freely. That is not something “given” by authorities. It is something one simply does. All the rest is designed to prevent that.

  3. I have this off-the-wall theory that the invention of film has paved the way for our downfall. Its evolution into special effects and useful propaganda techniques are cannon fodder in the hands of tyrants and specialists practicing the fine art of deception.
    Oh, Thomas Edison, what did you do?

    Brought full circle in modern life. we see the ravages imposed on a captive citizenry weaned on illusion and movie wizardry unable to break the spell.

    Stay clear of TV schlock and Hollywood mind control.
    Bad for your mental metabolism. Read a good book lately?

    1. Funny you should bring that up. I’m reading a biography of Steven Spielberg, written in 1997. It appears he was groomed by the Illuminati to take up his post as Moviemaker for the Masses. He got all kinds of privileges (like a gatepass to Universal when he was still a teenager) which normal people–even extremely talented, credentialed people–don’t get. I don’t deny he’s creative, but it’s clear he’s had a lot of help. He also is surprisingly dishonest–that he has given inconsistent versions of events comes out over and over. His father worked for GE (hmm), then IBM, and had “contacts” with MCA and Universal.

      Steve’s mom let him blow up her pressure cookers for his movies, on one occasion putting thirty cans of cherry pie filling in it, by the way. Hmm, again.

      A prophetic last name, since “Spiel” means “play.”

      MCA is “mobbed up,” by the way, according to Dan Moldea in “Dark Victory” (about our mobbed-up president Ronald Reagan). Although, what isn’t, these days.

      Anyway, so there is another aspect of the Truman-show-type control and propaganda we are continuously subjected to, besides staged tragedies. There are the celebrities, who in many cases are just mediocrities–but they are given amazing advantages and attention. They are the embodiment of the Horatio Alger myth. Anyone can succeed in America! Anyone can become a star or a movie director. All it takes is hard work! Recall Dave McGowan’s research on the rock stars in Laurel Canyon. It was not their talent which set them apart, but their connections to military intelligence.

      I’ve wondered about J.K. Rowling, the single mother writing her Harry Potter books by hand in a coffee shop. They’re engaging, but the plot as a whole does not make sense (plus they teach children to be mistrustful, inuring them to killing, betrayal, and hidden agendas). There are thousands of budding authors who have written books equally good, but they never get published.

      1. I believe the writer below is on to some truth here. Consider the rumors that Shakespeare did not write his works all by his lonesome self. The story goes that J. K. sat in a coffee shop (allegedly owned by her brother-in-law) in Edinburgh and scribbled her Harry Potter ideas down on a napkin. Another story tells of J.K. getting her Harry Potter idea while living in Portugal. We should try that sometime in a coffee shop of our choosing and see how well it goes.

        ~Let’s not be naive. “Soccer moms” like J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins did not write the Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games novels all by their lonesome. The Illuminati obviously does not want people to know that this demonic propaganda they have foisted on the world was in fact written by a committee of skilled satanists, so they put forth these front authors, “soccer moms,” in an effort to trick parents into thinking these books couldn’t have anything harmful or sinister in them, after all, they were written by soccer moms not unlike themselves.~

        1. “Not unlike themselves.” That’s the ticket, all right–you’ve put your finger on it, Anne. Thanks for all the great information. I feel vindicated!

          I’ve wondered if “Suzanne Collins” was a pseudonym, in fact. I remember you saying she was from Connecticut, maybe not far from Newtown right?

          I read the “Hunger Games” not long ago and was interested to note that the Capital was in the Rocky Mountains.

        2. dinophile, you have mentioned Maurice Strong on your blog. As you well know, he has established quite a sanctuary in Colorado. Recently I heard an interview on Red Ice Radio with a resident of the Crestone/Baca area, professor Eric Karlstrom. You may be familiar with him. Strong and company have big plans for Colorado.


          So why establish a “spiritual United Nations” in the Baca? The “official” story is that a local mystic informed the Strongs that “the Baca would become the center for a new planetary order which would evolve from the economic collapse and environmental catastrophes that would sweep the globe in the years to come.” This version of events is related in http://www.DemocraticUnderground.com blog:

          The Strongs say they see the Baca, which they call ‘The Valley of the Refuge of World Truths,’ as the paradigm for the entire planet and say that the fate of the earth is at stake. Apparently, the Kissingers, the Rockefellers, the McNamaras, the Rothschilds, and other Establishment New World Order elites all agree as well, for they do their pilgrimage to the Baca-where politics and the occult- the New World Order and the New Age- all merge…..

        3. dinophile – in regards to Suzanne Marie Collins (52), she was born in Hartford, CT and as an air force brat moved around with her family. The name seems to be real. For someone who has made a great deal of money, she and her family live in a modest home in Sandy Hook, close to the demolished SHES. They bought the home in 2003 and the property shows another sale date on 12/25, 2009 for zero dollars. Part of Newtown’s infamous computer upgrades.

          Another person by the name of Suzanne Marie Collins made headlines in 1985 (85 pops up in many occult productions these days) when she was tortured and murdered at age 19. She was a marine corps lance corporal and is buried in Arlington. Just a coincidence, but nevertheless. The killer was executed in 2006.

        4. Anne, thanks again for the info–I look forward (or do I?) to see what Maurice Strong is now up to. He’s got to be over 80. He lost his court case to suck all the water out from under the Baca by 1992 or so, and I’d wondered whether he and his wife had boogied out of Colorado by now–appears they haven’t. His wife Hanne was the “spiritual guru,” with the new age center in Crestone.

          Interestingly, I have Roy Romer’s (former Colo. governor) campaign contribution records for the 1994 election, which show a contribution RETURNED to Hanne Strong. I’ve wondered if he welshed on some promise he made to them about the water. Ugh.

          In the meantime, I have finally finished my blog post about Brittany. Because people on this blog are already aware of much of it, you all can probably just jump straight to the sections about my contacts with the funeral home and the doctor.

          Here’s the link:


        5. dinophile, thank you for stepping in for the Fourth Estate. You have done remarkable work here. Perhaps professor Tracy will make a separate posting?

          Dr. Eric Wyatt Walsh is listed as a family practitioner, not a cancer specialist. We have to assume now that a big black budget exists for paying off participants in “advancement of policy through staged tragedies”. High profile tragedy participants seem to be recruited through military and government connections, such as your niece.

        6. Thanks so much for your kind comments, Anne. (I hope you can post them on my blog, too! 🙂 )

          I would be happy to work with Dr. Tracy to post something on MHB. As you can see, my piece is very long–and it is possible I will need to update links, the main reason I kept it on my own site. I am thinking I need to link to more pictures of Brittany. Most of my family photos are in storage, one reason I have not done so.

          Another is: it makes me sad.

        7. dinophile – in a post above you mention Roy Romer, former Colorado governor. After governing Colorado he became superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District for six years. Most recently he was (perhaps still is) the chairman and lead spokesman for Strong American Schools funded by the Rockefellers, the Gates and others.

        8. Right, as to Superintendent of the LA School System. He was also the chairman of the National Democratic Party WHILE he was governor. I’ll bet some real dirty things could be unearthed if one was able to do so.

          I have a post on my blog about how Romer put his ranch together out of public lands. He, Clinton, and Babbitt all did this with state trust lands when they were governors of their respective states. Romer did backroom deals where the trust lands–which were granted to the state by Congress for the benefit of the public schools–flew out the door for pennies on the dollar, to his developer cronies. And to himself, as I mentioned.

        9. The “Great American Schools” link you found, Anne, links Romer directly to the Rockefellers.

          This explains a lot!

        10. So I trust you see the irony in that: Romer prancing around the state, calling himself the “Education Governor,” while dealing the school trust lands away under the table.

          He was also the “Smart Growth” governor. What a joke.

          He’s the main reason I ran for AG. My opponent was his protege, Ken Salazar.

        11. Anne, I agree. I was hoping that someone would drop in and shed a little light on what we’re actually looking at. A problem with this is that it is both immensely complex and simple at the same time.

          There are many threads to occult theories. It can be a fascinating subject and much can be learned, but, it is all based on a very simple life choice of whether to serve good or evil.

          What can be useful here is that there are clues. Whether we believe as these practitioners do, or not, they do. Because they do, they leave clues. In many ways the clues tell us all we need to know about the culprits.

          This also provides insight into why they chose Newtown. There are certainly other centers, but this is a particularly advanced and sufficiently infiltrated site for such activities.

          Craig Crawford’s links are crammed with information. It’s a bit much to take in all at once and covers a great deal of territory. I’m undecided about much of it but the history is correct, for the most part, as well as the origins of the Mystery Religions.

          While I too find it fascinating what these people are up to, we have to remember that largely these events are all for show. We’re like the audience at a magic show that keeps catching the magician. Most of the audience is spellbound.

        12. I am utterly amazed that more people do not see through the fraud going on.

          Like the current bear market in oil. The purpose of this manipulated bear market in oil is to weaken Russia so they are less enabled to defend Syria. Is it not obvious we have been trying to push the agenda to destabilize and destroy Syria?

          So now we get the daily dose of how evil ISIS is and that they are “crucifying, raping and burying children alive”. (people are really believing this ???? WOW) – They burn alive a captured pilot and Fox news gives us a moment by moment description of the pilot burning alive in a cage. Come on people WAKE UP

          So now we can justify bombing the hell out of ISIS because they just happen to be in Syria- how convenient.

          God help us all because he is our only hope

          PS: Suzann Collins lives right down the road from the Lanza’s fyi

      2. Steven Spielberg is the creator of a cartoon many years ago called “Pinky and the Brain”. I used to say that was the funniest cartoon I’ve ever seen. They are a pair of mice and Brain was always trying to take over the world. I keep looking for used DVD’s as I’m real sure they are loaded with msgs. I did not know about at the time. I’m sure I will no longer see them as funny and laugh at my own enslavement.

        Anyway, I wonder what happened to Sheriff Joe Arpiao and his work on Barry’s SS and legal status? Was he just another John Wayne wanna-be?

        1. The Sheriff Arpaio investigation is very well documented by his lead investigator. However nobody is doing anything about it. Despite a total lack of cooperation by Hawaii officials the investigation proves without a doubt that the birth certificate is a forgery. At least one military officer was imprisoned as a result of his objection to Obama’s legitimacy and nobody can do anything about it.

          More confirmation that, regardless of the merit of any objections, the architects of the agenda will do whatever they want.

      3. Dinophile,After having read your blog piece about Brittany Maynard,I am sending a link to my sister,an Rn,for her opinion. (We are related to a Maynard family from NC,btw) Thank you for the excellent piece of REAL investigative journalism.

  4. Stolen identities and fictitious people are becoming the way of the day. Read this mind-boggler of an article (http://nymag.com/news/features/martine-rothblatt-transgender-ceo/index1.html) and see how futurists are drooling for robot-copies of their loved ones so that it won’t matter if flesh-and-blood people eventually die. Note that the robots want to “have a life too.” It all begins with real people and their real lives; this material is then “borrowed” by usurpers to create agendas and even fantasies that march us forward into Humanity 2.0.

    The problem is that we are too innocent to have seen this coming, and the faster it comes the more paralyzed we become.

    1. Sofia: I finally read the NYMag article you posted, and…yikes. I’m too flabbergasted to say much, and there’s SO much to comment on, and that alone is overwhelming.

      Just one short quote that’s apparently a favorite over at United Therapeutics: “Identify the corridors of indifference and run like hell down them.” So THAT’S how they did it. I guess the only surprise is that they’re so open about it.

      If there are readers who passed this up the first time, take the chance to read it now: http://nymag.com/news/features/martine-rothblatt-transgender-ceo/index1.html

      I know everyone here already knows, but we’re in the final innings of the game.

      1. I read the whole thing too, Recynd. Very strange how the weirdness of the “trans” thing that has so suddenly become everyday fare is now combining with transhumanism. Ray Kurzweil is close friends with Rothblatt! The red alarm is in hyper-screech mode.

      2. I made a little error: the article actually starts at this intro page: http://nymag.com/news/features/martine-rothblatt-transgender-ceo/

        The intro blurb says: “Futurist, pharma tycoon, satellite entrepreneur, philosopher. Martine Rothblatt, the highest-paid female executive in America, was born male. But that is far from the thing that defines her. Just ask her wife. Then ask the robot version of her wife.”

        There’s more dismaying stuff on this intro page … I don’t even know what to think now.

        1. Martine Rothblatt has a new religion and 501c3: The Terasem Movement, Inc. is a 501c3 not-for-profit charity endowed for the purpose of educating the public on the practicality and necessity of greatly extending human life, consistent with diversity and unity, via geoethical nanotechnology and personal cyberconsciousness, concentrating in particular on facilitating revivals from biostasis. The Movement focuses on preserving, evoking, reviving and downloading human consciousness.

          FYI, “facilitating revivals from biostasis” means using cryonics, defined by Wiki as “the low-temperature preservation of animals (including humans) who cannot be sustained by contemporary medicine, with the hope that healing and resuscitation may be possible in the future. Cryopreservation of people or large animals is not reversible with current technology. The stated rationale for cryonics is that people who are considered dead by current legal or medical definitions may not necessarily be dead according to the more stringent information-theoretic definition of death. It is proposed that cryopreserved people might someday be recovered by using highly advanced technology.”

          The revived Harrison J. Bounel might have to fight Barry Obama to get his SS# back.

    2. Sofia et al, it is all part and parcel of the Plan. People have spiritual needs as well as material needs. When those who seek to control set about destroying our anchors, they must invent things to replace them.

      The lure here is that people have been “repressed” and their “destinies” stifled. This new leap away from humanism into a hybrid state of being is to be perceived as liberation. No constraints. It is a new “branding” effort for Satanic ideas.

      This is a way to say; “your old superstitions and self-imposed limits are keeping you from being totally absorbed into The Entity”. Absorption is the goal. Everyone who came before you knew nothing. Your only hope is to turn your back on your roots and embrace our desires”.

      Perhaps the disturbing aspect of this is that it is presented as a viable “option”. This is simply a “choice” with no ramifications to others. There is no distinction between electrons forming zeros and ones and being human. Life has no value.

      Poppy Bush, a big proponent of “change”, once gave a speech entitled “The End of History”. He and his ilk are very big on this idea. As I’ve repeated (ad nauseum) Karl Rove, another stalwart, talked of creating “realities”. This is all related.

      With no past, no value in the present and a cabal of change agents “creating” our future, this is the desired response. These people with no sense of worth will line up for whatever procedure is necessary. They will create their “realities” in full compliance with their owners desires. They have no love of their fellow man or themselves. They have embraced their fate as objects.

      1. Heard an interview with this man on my car radio while being forced to take unmarked detours by LAPD. Took me an hour to find my way back in drizzly and foggy weather last night, very appropriate company to this frightening person. Perhaps thing describes him better.
        The Institute for Global Futures – the world’s leading authority on extreme futures:

  5. This government-perpetrated hoax has so many different political and financial agendas attached to it that we may never know all the nefarious reasons and players involved. I thought my state (NY) was bad, but I now believe that Connecticut takes the cake as being the most corrupt and sleazy state in the union. And, of course, Obama is obviously not who he pretends to be. Only lobotomized sheep can believe otherwise.

  6. I tried to get some interest going in Obongo’s SSN some time back. Apparently, it didn’t “catch fire”. This has been known about for quite some time. It would be a pretty hard “coincidence” to explain.

    While I certainly do not believe his SSN is the “purpose” of Sandy Hook, the principle of “never let a disaster go to waste” applies here. There are several different agendas operating here simultaneously and I, for one, don’t even think we’ve discussed the main one.

    That’s as planned, the main objective is the one most hidden. The play continues apace. People finding themselves in various stages of denial often have difficulty acknowledging the obvious. Virtually nothing is as described.

    As Sofia shows, there are plans afoot that would curl your hair. This other stuff is for public consumption. They have much more in store for us. They are not asking our permission.

    This site was chosen for reasons never discussed. When Obongo’s owners needed a Social Security Card, they knew right where to go to get one. No problemo. When they needed a site to stage an extravaganza, they didn’t have to look long.

    I think what we need to do to stay healthy is to get out of the mode of thinking about these things from the perspective of those who govern themselves. We do not. You can vote all you like, it won’t change a thing. You can pretend that “they wouldn’t do that right here in “Merca”, but they would, and they do.

    The “they” in question tells the tale. They are untroubled by our digging. Why should they be? They own the system. They continue to rub our collective noses in it and laugh. Hey, how was that Superbowl? I hope there isn’t another “bombing” at the marathon.

    While we’re admiring our navels and picking at their newest “reality”, they are already working, “Pod Personlike” on our replacements. Why waste valuable resources and effort tending the hive when robotic replacements would be less maintenance intensive. How smart does a yacht washer or caddie need to be?

    Yes, all the various developments, film making included, have been used to improve the effectiveness of the circus. We sit, spellbound, while the magician waves his object, “shiny-shiny”. While we’re chasing “Adam” they’re greasing Phil, our replacement.

    At the end of the day the only thing to do is to walk away. You can’t join this parade “a little”. I wouldn’t be all that surprised if HIs Nibbs’ new card has a chip in it. They just shove it in his ankle each morning and fire him up.

    1. This site’s mission is to prove that Obama is not a figment of our imagination, among other figments conspiracy theorists may possess. So here is everything we can ask for to comfort and convince those on the fringes of society that all is well in officialdom:

      Personally I believe nothing is real and true about the imposter in DC. His reported ancestry and background are bogus and he was handpicked and groomed by the cabal that runs the global show. Actually he is more teflon than the other teflon president. Protected like a Change and Hope Diamond, nothing will bring him down or remove him. He’ll be displayed in his gilded cage until replacement comes in form of another diamond, rough as it may be, that needs equal protection. That is the state of affairs we’re being smothered by. Walking away is all we can do, as lophatt suggests.

      1. I completely agree, Anne,. It is the perfect mark of the contempt they hold us in. This man, and these pageants, are so transparently obviously ridiculous, fake, constructs–but their control of the public Mind is now complete, and anyone awake is simply without recourse. Our masters hate the human race.

        One possibility though, is that Barry’s future might not be so bright as you think. They haven’t filled our country with unassimilated moslems to generate the civilizational clash as they have in Europe, but they have been keeping our black population in a ferment for just that purpose–and if they decide to hire a “James Earl Ray” the long planned race war could be launched. Either way, nothing good is going to come of this.

        1. I concur with your deductions on a regular basis, Patrick, yet I don’t agree with many who say the jig is up for us as we speak. I see a country filled with people who have not had access to the sources we’ve gleaned over the last half decade or so. I’ve written a number of state newspaper writers and editors fairly screaming out loud regarding a number of these travesities like SH. Screaming…
          The writers and editors, apparently doing their part and being severely afraid of job terminations or worse, never answer. Why? Obviously, they have been seated in the smoke filled lunch room and told the rules of the game. I am led to believe they often have other ideas as to the sanctity of this political organization and sequelae like SH. They do not dare write otherwise, they are totally controlled. Yes, they’d love to play the part of the guy who spills the beans on a major scandal and springboards them to a vastly potentiated career like Woodward and Bernstein, although W and B are not what you think they are, I might add.
          I’ve poked and prodded the papers and radio hosts to open up and start telling the facts but it’s always “no dice”. Again, total fear of repercussions is the main reason. Even the big national personalities on “conservative” radio are beholding to the folks who sign their paychecks, and we know who owns the MSM, don’t we?
          Patrick, there will be big benefits if and how and when we can break through to the unwashed masses regarding this inside information. Damn, I’ve tried but I’m still barking up the wrong tree. Think deeply, how do we reach “them”? I, for one, do not feel this is impossible. While there is the rumblings of legislation to abolish whistleblowers, we’ve already seen some rubbed out and many threatened. The odds are tough, the benefits infinite. Can we grasp the brass ring?

        2. Well, Gil, I can only say I sympathize with you for your desire to feel hopeful. I used to feel that desire, too.

          Now I steer towards accuracy of expectation, and don’t let my feelings enter into it. I have studied the nature of the enemy sufficiently to grasp the vastness of their power over the societal Mind.

          We have one hope. I am equally sympathetic to the theoretical/theological positions of my non-Christian friends. Good people are worthy of respect, and we can share much. But I am Biblical, and see every aspect of our current situation as a perfect match with the what he Bible says about he very last days, prior to the apocalypse.

          Dinophile yesterday wrote in these pages about politicians in Colorado (and other places) using their positions to enrich themselves shamelessly, white men speaking with forked tongue, and getting away with it. I always ask myself when reading such things: is it worth it? What good does it to own the whole world, but lose your soul? A great life here is not worth the cost.

          Soon, everyone will know how that calculation really works.

        3. Gil, I think the problem is at core that people love to identify with the winners, whatever they are winning. They have only to cheer for the winning team (a la the Patriots’ parade in Boston), and all of a sudden their quirks and weaknesses vanish, their maladies are healed. But to resist the flow, for the sake of truth – well, that would be like admitting you were fooled. Yet another way to feel like a loser.

      2. Well Anne, “nothing is real or true…”, about most anything presented to us. That is completely by design. Your fake President was put there just like your fake government. He was groomed, sheep-dipped, installed, and posturing away, as programmed.

        But, as you know, we are not alone. The world’s other “governments” are struggling with the same thing. Expecting anything good to come from them is like going to court over Sandy Hook. There is no relief to be found there.

        Obongo will serve his obligation, they will replace him with another tool, and the plan will advance. Nothing we do or say will have the slightest impact on it. They have shut down the transponder and are in full control of our flight.

        So, again, my advice is, watch what direction they’re heading, and go the other way. We may or may not survive this but, our best hope is using our brains. The Devil’s on the lose (literally), and we don’t want to get caught up in that.

        1. Lophatt, the people are stronger than you think..maybe the governments are in full control of our flight, but people need to know this..and question things..Things have to change, free access to all the info, just wondering why a man called Abraham Rodriquez was refused his update on Wikipedia,( twice ).on Dr Judy Wood, her investigations and facts are just as important than say Richard Gage who has a Wikipedia page and Mr Jones. why do they not want the info from her freely attainable? Seems to me Wikipedia has blocks on what we can read.I agree with you ‘.The devil is on the loose’.. but who is the devil?

      3. Anne,
        I find it amusing that the site does everything to protect Obumber but has to admit to all the abnormalities as pure coincidence..

        In this late hour there are NO coincidences.

        Everything is a coincidence nowadays……….

  7. So what is it People?

    Is everybody in Congress Mentally Retarded or are they “in”on it.

    Are they scared for their lives and their Family or are they “in” on it?

    Do they ignorantly believe 19 Saudis living in Caves got lucky because Cheney and Rumsfeld just happened to have so many drills going on on 911 that even Trinidad could have won a war with America?

    If you look at the situation as whole, we are out numbered by Agenda and Ignorance and Denial.

    People just can’t believe whats really going on so they want to hear it’s all good.

    1. “Is everybody in Congress Mentally Retarded or are they “in”on it.”

      I don’t believe the two are mutually exclusive.

      People need to believe what’s going on – burying their heads in the sand isn’t what a grownup does.

        1. My local rep in Congress is perpetually joyful and extoling the “facts” he is bringing home the bacon back to the district. We just so happen to be loaded with “defense” plants of all sorts and this guy wants people to know and realize he’s the Savior of our district.
          No, he never discusses the exorbitant costs for these weapons of war, the sheer folly of our continuous war scenario. He stresses that he’s making things great for folks to raise their families on the nice defense industry pork that is routed to our district. No, he never mentions exorbitant taxes as the source of these gifts from Nirvana, isn’t that curious?
          Americans are the most gullible, propagandized people on Earth. It’s always “me before the country”. And so we shall meet our demise, fattened to excess on government pork that is bleeding us dry.

    2. But we do know who lead the NFL in touchdowns…and Beyonce’s latest single…and who’s banging who in Hollyweird….

  8. I love reading this blog, even if I don’t add many of my own thoughts very often, such good insight and facts here, there seems to be no way of getting through to the wider public, no matter what evidence is produced- people just don’t want to believe it !..I agree there must be a bigger agenda, and these occurrences are just the tip of the iceberg. The Interest in these affairs are not only in the US. I won’t be voting here in the UK. I have no faith in the system.

    1. I have no faith in the system either, poppy, but you DO have Nigel Farage, who has been amazingly, hilariously, contemptuous of the Euroinsanity Britain got itself into. Thank God for YouTube, and for your compatriots who keep sending him back to Strasbourg so he can keep on mocking that horrible monstrosity.

      Keep those rants coming, Nigel!

      1. Yes Patrick, Farage upsets the Apple Cart in many ways.. but he is still ” In the system ”.. Euroinsanity, now that is a good phrase.. because that’s what it is.. A right mess.. there is so much going on.. what with pedo’s in government, and Teresa May trying to set up an enquiry, for the third time.it’s going nowhere fast.. it’s all such nonsense..
        laughing at them all keeps us sane..!

      2. Nigel is a keeper! He makes Chunky Dave and Randy Andy look pretty silly. The UK has the same creep show going as we do. Somebody drained the pond and all that’s left are bottom feeders.

        1. The UK is much further down the big brother iron fist control than the US. The Dunblaine incident successfully resulted in massive gun confiscation and they also have a massive public surveillance program.

          Now I am told they want their people to start turning in their knives ?

  9. Here’s a fact to contemplate: I just happened to come across a person named “Yogananda” while doing a websearch for an unrelated subject.

    This Yogananda was a Yogi from India, that moved to US in the 1950s, and lived not far from Hollywood. Do look his links up to verify what I say, please.

    The link I opened, had a quote from him about one of the “Trimurta,” the trilogy gods of the Hindus.

    This Yogananda fellow moved to America, and had a curious reference to the god the Hindus say is the god of “Illusion/Delusion”: Brahma.

    “All the world is Brahma’s stage, and he places all humans as actors upon his stage, and moves them to his will.”

    Read that again, please.

    I know, I know: WTF does that have to do with Sandyhook Elementary, right?

    Do you know what the address for Sandyhook Elementary was before it was demo’d? 36 Yogananda Street.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Funny thing: Hindus do not build temples to Brahma, as they do Shiva and Rama. Why? Because they say he has a predilection for turning demonic. Again: He Turns Demonic. He is aka “Abram/Abraham.”

    He also has a famous trademark: he is always grasping a water bottle.

    Ever see the youtube videos of an Aussie fellow named “peekay 22?” Highly recommended….very highly.

    In one of them, which is documenting Crisis Actors at the Boston Marathon farce, he is mystified “why are these Crisis Actors all carrying water bottles….?” Luckily, I knew.

    And now you know. They are hidden worshipers of the “father of the Jews”: Abram/Abraham/BRAHMA.

    Connecticut is under the control of David Rockefeller. Lock, stock and barrel. Justice does not exist in the “reality” he creates.

    It is no coincidence how DEMONIC and DEVIOUS this sordid Sandyhook farce is.

    1. “Do you know what the address for Sandyhook Elementary was before it was demo’d? 36 Yogananda Street.” ????

      “Coincidence? I think not” ??????.

      Thats Lanza’s House. SHE was on Dickenson Dr.

    2. The property that the Lanza’s house and all other McMansions in that area were part of a farm. The property owner was into all that new age India stuff and hence they named the road after the guru yogi Nanda – so I am told anyway

  10. Perhaps all we can do is laugh. I can’t help but think of the Novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. When we just start laughing at it all that’s when they lose their power. Walking away and laughing while doing so.
    “But the rest are even scared to open up and laugh. You know, that’s the first thing that got me about this place, that there wasn’t anybody laughing. I haven’t heard a real laugh since I came through that door, do you know that? Man, when you lose your laugh you lose your footing.”

    1. Yeah, like Charles DuMarr’s response to the “shave your date before you take her home” line by the stupid jock, in “Better Off Dead”. Just keep laughing, and laughing, and laughing — until they walk away. 🙂

  11. I’m not jumping on the bandwagon of this story quite yet, but I’ve been telling folks all along that Sandy Hook was NOT about gun control.

      1. I think its bla bla bla. It might have a little to do with gun control, but like 911, SH could have many reasons. They can please many interests with a single event. But gun control was not the primary reason.

        I believe this off-the-wall Obama theory more so than the gun control theory.

  12. On the SSN, this author is correct. Prior to 1973, the 1st 3 numbers of SSN were assigned based on your state. In CT, 040-049 were the #’s. If Obama had an SSN with 042, he either was born in CT(he wasn’t), or he stole it.

    1. That is untrue. The SSN area number does not relate to place of birth, and has never done so.

      Prior to 1972, the area number simply identified the location of the issuing office. Since an application could be made to any office in the country, and because applications could be passed from the office where the application was made to other offices in other States for fulfilment, there was no direct connection between the number and the applicant.

      Since 1972 all SSN have been issued by a central office, which started issuing area numbers based on the return address of the application.

      It has never denoted place of birth, and cannot be relied upon to identify residence.


      1. I agree, it does not relate to place of birth. I found out when I went to college and had a professor I got to know pretty well. She was from an old California family and had been born there. I grew up in California, but was born in Maryland. We both started work and got our social security numbers about the same time, both in California. That is why the last two digits of our social security numbers were the only places where our numbers differed. We each had the same California first three digits.

        1. Which tells you something about how secure your number is anyway: If the first three digits are the state in which you got it at a certain time, and the last four digits are routinely common knowledge on credit information, then there are only two digits which afford a degree of privacy, and in one out of a hundred tries, someone could guess it, if they know your employment history.

        2. Musings, you are correct. The number refers to the state in which you APPLIED for the number. On the original cardboard ones (like I have), it says “not for identification purposes”. That was back in the day when people were concerned about universal ID’s being none of the governments business.

  13. Oy veh! First off, nobody ever uses the SSN of some person under his own name as some form of phony i.d. It’s useless, more so if you have an unusual name. Picture it:

    Officer: “Are you Aloysius J. Shlabotnik, resident of 1313 Mockingbird Lane?”

    “Yes I am, officer.”

    Officer: “I have a warrant for your arrest.”

    “Oh no, officer; you’ve got the wrong person! I’m not Aloysius J. Shlabotnik of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, SSN 123-45-6789! I’m Aloysius J. Shlabotnik of 1313 Mockingbird Lane, SSN 987-65-4321!

    Officer: “I think he’s right, boys! We’d better let him go!”


    The way it worked was, you stole the IDENTITY of a dead person who had never had a SSN. Here’s how you would do it:

    You went to the library and looked through newspapers from around the time of your birth, and found a person who died in infancy or early childhood; hence they never had a SSN. From the obituary you got the date of birth, location of birth, and the mother’s name. Bonus points if said person was born in one state and died in another.

    You would then write to the custodian of the Vital Records of the place where said person was born, and order a birth certificate. With the birth certificate, you would get a Social Security number, drivers license, bank account, and anything else useful to establish an identity for this dead person.

    You would then disappear, and reappear as this dead person. If you were smart, you established your new identity in a location where nobody from your “previous life” would ever be likely to run into you.

    Of course, this meant cutting yourself off from all your family, friends, and any professional credentials you might have had. But there were people who actually did it. For many reasons, this won’t work anymore.

    1. Bob, that being said, the SSN in question IS Obongo’s and it was originally issued to the dead gut from Fairfield Hills. The how and why are still a mystery, the card is not.

  14. Sandy Hook victim “Noah Pozner” died TWICE. First, the kid dies at Sandy Hook. Then 2 years later, the SAME KID DIES AGAIN in Peshawar (Pakistan)!

    They hold a Memorial for Noah — every time he dies.

    How many school shootings is Noah Pozner planning to die in? Does Veronique Haller (his mother) wonder why her son keeps dying?

    It looks like Sandy Hook (Newtown CT) was a Gun Grab Hoax.

    To learn who the parents (Actors) really are, check out the Documentary, “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook.”

    It’s easy to find online.

  15. Construction of the THING may start in March.
    ~Mr Mitchell said one of the bidders to handle installation of the school’s security system filed a protest over its bid when the PBSC awarded the contract to another lower bidder. He said after a review by the town attorney, it was determined that Custom Electric of Manchester would handle the security system installation versus Stratford-based AST Security.
    “The contention was the criteria of the bidding was not fulfilled, but that was determined by our attorney to not be true,” Mr Mitchell said, adding that the electric company will be bringing in its own security system specialist to coordinate that aspect of the project, instead of using a security company that would coordinate with an electrical contractor on engineering and installing a system.~

        1. Look at all the different sizes and styles of the the typing fonts on the Noah’s D.C.

          It almost makes Obama’s B.C. look legit…

          it’ was done like this on purpose for the sheeple…

        2. Yeah, they are still using Hartford made Royal typewriters over there in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

    1. Haha..Trademark her name?

      There are about 500,000 Victoria Sotos through out Latin America.

      I’m going to trade mark Richard Allen if she gets away with it.

      We’re about 700k strong

      1. One of the commenters to this article made the same argument. They would have to link the name to Sandy Hook to make it work. So much for the privacy they demand.

  16. That’s crazy if Obama’s SSN was stolen from a mental patient who died in Newtown CT. Is that where CIA gets fake identities?

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