By Kevin Cannell

[The following was an unsolicited contribution to MHB. The evidence and conclusions provided within the article are uncertain. The post will remain with this proviso in the hopes that it may promote continued collaborative engagement with the site and between readers on the Boston bombing event.-JFT]

A widely overlooked element of the Boston Marathon bombing event involves photographs of the backpacks carrying the explosives that purportedly killed 3 bystanders and maimed and injured dozens more.

The white tabs on the black backpacks are passive RFID adhesive tracking tags/labels. Such devices are used to track merchandise from manufacture to consumer and for check-in/check-out operations. The two largest entities in the USA that require these identifying tags/labels are Walmart and the Department of Defense.

These tags might be an especially solid piece of evidence that links the event to government perpetrators. Again, there has been no discussion of these tags/labels beyond the fact that they were found on a security contractor’s backpack and the backpack containing contents that exploded in front of the Forum restaurant.

Boston Marathon Bomb Photos
Photo 1

It’s important to note that the RFID tag/label in Photo 1 was under the nylon fabric. It appears as though someone may have pulled back the fabric to expose the tag/label. There is a photo of the bag before it was moved to this location that does not show the white tag/label or the torn fabric.

Transponder_RFID - Global Tag Srl
Photo 2
Photo 3

Photos 2 and 3 are examples of this very common type of tag/label. At the minimum the tag/label would identify the bag by its serial number. Combining the manufacture (which should be marked on the bag) and the serial number, one could learn a good deal about how this bag made its way to Boylston Street.

Photo 4

The presence of a similar tag on a security contractor’s black backpack raises serious concerns. (A close detail of the white tag on the upper portion of the security contractor’s backpack suggests a portion of the circuit board showing through the middle of the tag.) The security contractors and the FBI agents have similar black backpacks, but they are not all identical.

Were these two bags used in a security drill gone bad–perhaps related to the explosion announced by Boston law enforcement and media before the initial detonation occurred on Boylston?

And were the RFID tags/labels used for check-in/check-out purposes for such a drill? It seems unlikely that these two black backpacks with similar RFID tags/labels are not connected in some way. The white tag is the one visible on the upper hand carry loop. This contractor is the only one with the tag visible on the outside of his bag. Why? One can think of a few reasons but they are only speculation. The thing that stands out the most is the fact that the white tag stands out like a sore thumb.

Here are a few ideas that come to mind when applying what I’ve learned through research with the above photos of the BMB.

– The RFID tag was added to the contractors bag at the last moment. (possible)
– The RFID tag was placed where it could be more easily read from a distance. These tags have a short read range of
5″ to 30′ but with special equipment can be read from over 100 yards away. (possible)
– The RFID tag was used by the rooftop spotters to keep visual contact with the contractor. (more likely)
– The white dot is just an innocent anomaly found on this single bag by chance. (not likely)

The white tag is there for a reason and someone out there knows why. The other contractors were using the identical backpack minus the white tag.

Photo 5

Photo 5- The black backpack in its original position with no visible white tag.

bmb7 (2)
Photo 6

Photo 6- The black backpack in its new location with the white tag visible.

There is always the slight (very slight) possibility that the white tag was added to the bag by authorities within 40 seconds of the explosion.

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92 thought on “Boston Bombing Photos Prompt Additional Questions of False Flag or Hoax”
  1. Good find, but if anything, it may prove what many of already know, which is that the Feds were involved in this massive hoax. The backpack did not contain any explosives. It was most likely ripped to pieces beforehand and placed in the area as a cheap prop.

    There were no “real” explosives, rather, just a lot of smoke and noise. Anyone who has witnessed real bombs going off can tell the difference. The energy from these alleged explosives went straight up instead of all directions. There were runners mere feet from the explosion who were not injured and the only protection they had was a plastic or fabric banner. The alleged shrapnel from the bombs would have ripped through those banners and traveled hundreds of feet injuring people a quite a distance away.

    Photo and video evidence clearly shows that there were no real bombs or real injuries. What is mind-blowing is the fact that most people still believe this cheap production was a real terrorist attack.

    1. I agree Paul. Too many of Dr. Tracy’s postings are about supporting the ‘official story.’ I believe the backpack was a plant and had no bombs at all. There were no bombs, but a large boom of some sort with lots of smoke. I’ve seen these fake bombs in the crisis simulations shown on Youtube and the ‘explosions’ are only feet from people’s heads and they don’t even budge. No bombs.

      The white thing could just be tape for identifying people from a distance. A means of communication within the group.

    2. It’s not all that ‘mind-blowing’ paul. Most folks I meet are incapable of any kind of independent thought into things like this, and the younger they are the less capable they are. Many are simply unwilling to even consider anything so scary to them as a government arranged media hoax. And the media these days, with 24×7 coverage of everything, drills the already planned official version into their brains as effectively as a dentist drills into their teeth.

      The media also hype up everything – I heard a reporter yesterday talking about “major storm damage” from the blizzard in New England – because 10 beachfront houses got damaged by a broken sea-wall. Crikey – Sandy was major, Katrina, Ike, they were major. 10 houses doesn’t deserve TV time for more than a day.

      This is the USA of the 21st century – idiocracy, to steal from the name of a movie. Is it any wonder people just ‘believe’ anything. We’re all overwhelmed – and most just turn off trying the think their way out of it all.

    3. Agree with you Paul. It is a wonderment to me that people who really know about b#mbs would not call this one. But perhaps they were unwilling to look at the initial evidence, and were carried away by stories of the amputees.

      I have to ask myself why I doubted this story from the first minute I heard it, while going out on a walk hours after the helicopters for the runners at Heartbreak Hill had departed, long after the typical African winners had been declared (it’s always Africans nowadays). Yes, it seemed there might be some stragglers that afternoon – but few spectators watching them except family members.

      It just seemed impossible to imagine all the deaths – much like Sandy Hook in the hour or so after its non-evacuation.

      I guess they can count on the few critics to be without influence. People don’t discourse in a way that promotes skepticism. This is an age of hype. Doubting Thomas’s are always the bad guys, even in the Gospel as it is sometimes interpreted. But doubt is essential to establishing truth and true beliefs. That’s how I read that Gospel. Doubting Thomas is the one who supplies the proof.

      And no one can do this for these false events.

      1. Musings, interesting that you should use the “Gospel” analogy. People are so conditioned to react “appropriately” to any stimulation provided by TPTB that it is now considered an obligation to “believe” the media.

        Years ago “the news” came on three times per day. It was rather droll and, even then, people didn’t believe half of it. Now it is a 24/7, 365 breathless hyper-event.

        It is cruelly and blatantly government-furnished propaganda but everyone just takes it for what it’s not, “the news”. We’ve talked about this a lot. Most of us know that they’ve been studying this psychology for a long time. It works because it is designed to work.

        Sensory overload, ever diminishing attention spans, lack of analytical skills, all contribute to the problem. Our problem is their solution. They are already moving toward declaring insane anyone who questions them.

        If you find yourself questioning them it is a sign of mental health. It means that, so far, their efforts have not been totally successful. There may come a time when it will no longer be safe to tell anyone that you question authority.

        Most of us know this is bunk. It reeks of methane. If we did not have anywhere near the amount of evidence that we do, the actions that followed this would be enough to tell the tale. It was obviously planned. It was obviously a drill. It was obviously designed to test what happens when marshal law is declared and the Fourth Amendment suspended.

        There are, of course, several other “injects” into the drill that are designed to model behaviors and test responses. We are lab rats. The difference is that we KNOW we are lab rats.

        1. “If you find yourself questioning them it is a sign of mental health. It means that, so far, their efforts have not been totally successful. There may come a time when it will no longer be safe to tell anyone that you question authority.”

          Sofia did a lovely interview with Darrell Hmamoto ( which I think most people around here would appreciate. In it, she expounds at some length on a theory she’s developed involving the steadily increasing intellectual isolation that comes with being “awake” and pursuing deeper understanding of the various aspects of the bizarre reality we are constantly being presented with. She pictures a pyramid, the bottom layer of which is the sleeping masses. As one achieves insight into the various frauds (the truth about vaccines, for instance) one finds oneself at higher and higher levels, with fewer and fewer people to talk to.

          She points out that it makes cocktail party conversation increasingly difficult, because it is unlikely you will find anyone there that knows anything of importance, and unawake people are uncomfortable hearing the thoughts of awake people. And dumb stuff is boring for awake people. So, in her experience, the people she knows who pursue the truth tend to become increasingly isolated, finding worthy companionship mainly through the internet.

          Also, lophatt, your observations about the news reminded me of something I read a long time ago. Apparently, until some time in the 60s the nightly news was only 15 minutes long. I think it was the Viet Nam war that caused the networks to expand it to half an hour, if I remember correctly, and the executives were really worried about finding enough content to fill the whole slot every day. What a difference half a century makes.

        2. Hmmm, not to be fussy, but it is “martial” law, not “marshal.” However, because you are Lophatt (and not Lowfat) maybe you can get away with it.

        3. Sofia, I wrote a reply to this lophatt comment this morning, which James has not yet retrieved from the spam folder, recommending everyone listen to your interview with Darrell Hamamoto (; I sort of summarized your pyramid model of how awake people systematically sift themselves out of the ability to endure cocktail party conversation.

          I did not slap the man’s hand, however, about the misspelling. I let it pass. Editors, I guess, can’t hold back on stuff like that.

        4. I answered you “Marshall”, but it seems to have disappeared into electron heaven. That’s a shame, I thought it rather good (sigh!). I’m going to blame being half-blind. You can ascribe it to anything else you like.

          I saw Sofia’s interview. It was very good. If my comment ever returns you’ll see what I had to say about it.

        5. Patrick, at the risk of losing another response (grrr!), yes, it was generally 15 minutes for the “updates” and as much as an hour for the “Nightly News” (usually at 6:00 P.M.)

          I think the “news as entertainment” format came in with cable TEE VEE. In truth, the “news” wasn’t very good then either.

          As to it being difficult to find common ground for discussions with The Hive, I have mentioned my approach a few times here. Actually, if done correctly, it often spurs interest later. They usually come back to talk when no one else can hear them. If you are sensitive enough not to overload them, over time they can start to grow in awareness.

          This trait is directly proportional to how important acceptance is to them. There is hope if there is curiosity.

          The vast majority of people I interact with daily only talk of sports or weather. Whenever someone signals that they want me to reinforce the hive creed, I refuse. For example, if someone says “when the Aye-rabs flew the planes into the towers…..”, I say “is that what happened?”. If they feign surprise, I smile and say “hey, you can believe anything you like”. Often the come to talk about it more later.

          As Sofia quite rightly observes, people’s attention spans have all but disappeared. That is why they are supplied with toys, i.e. “I-Phones”. Has anyone tried to talk to a young person lately? They can’t maintain eye contact. They keep looking down at their phones, lest they miss a message.

          When I hold meetings I make them shut their phones off. When the meeting is over most don’t make it to the door before they’re powering up. What this means is that the reality of the interaction at the meeting is less real for them than the electronic messages on the phones. They are like pheromones. They can only process information in little packets, like photons.

          So when we speak of the “dumbing down” of the populace, it isn’t just the education they receive. Their ability to concentrate, process information and think critically is all but gone. Their phones are their anchors. Anything that takes them away from that “reality” is disturbing to them.

          Lastly, while I expect to lose another pedal from my achievement daisy for choosing the incorrect form of the word “martial”, I’m scheduled for eye surgery in March and I’m usually looking at a blur. But, that’s no excuse (apparently) for mistakes in English. So, Sofia, I am filled with humidity.

        6. That’s “petal,” lophatt! I don’t think the word you want is “pheromones,” either.

          That said, you are a brilliant writer. I want, by the way, to make use of your pithy “they advance policy through staged tragedies.” I will, of course, credit you when I do. It would be nice to know your real name, but I don’t want to endanger you! That said, can you post a picture of yourself? I want a visual image to connect with your writing! And is “lophatt” a play on “low fat”?

          That said, about the phones and young people: I live in Gainesville, where the University of Florida is, and often ride the bus. Almost all the students on the bus are doing exactly as you say: looking down at their phones and pushing screens with their fingers. Most have earbuds in to listen to music, too. The few that aren’t are usually talking–I think back on one young woman who used the word “like” about 29 times in the anecdote she was recounting to her friend. “Like, it was, like, you know, sort of a like a …” I wanted to slap her.

          I’ve figured out this locution, by the way. I think it is that Americans are afraid to be perceived as know-it-alls. So, instead of stating their opinion affirmatively, which would sound like they presume themselves experts, they water it down by saying it is only “LIKE” (whatever their real opinion is). Foreign students I’ve come to know here appear proud of themselves when they master that speech pattern.

        7. Forgot you have that picture of the boar statue, lophatt (and I like that).

          There is one outdoors at a shopping center in Englewood, Colo. (suburb of Denver). Very cool subject for a statue. I just learned it is a copy of “Porcellino” in Florence, which was used in one of the Harry Potter movies. I think your picture is also of Porcellino, no?

        8. lophatt’s “they advance policy through staged tragedies” should go down in history with all other great quotes.

        9. Dino, thank you for the compliment, you too, Anne. I must be more careful. I usually bang these things out pretty fast and, since I’m having trouble seeing, I don’t proof read them as well as I should.

          For the record, you are correct that I meant “petal”. I also meant pheromone. I meant it in the sense that the phones seem to give out some irresistible attractant that the addicted can’t resist.

          I can post a picture to your site if you wish. i need to find one. The boar statue comes from a set of them located at Thornwood Castle in Washington State. They also have life-size chess boards with “pieces” to match. It is a real 17th Century manor house that was transplanted from England, brick by brick. It is now a B&B resort.

          As to the “Lophatt”; when Sparky Bush was pres., I saw a picture of him with the Chinese leader. Both were wearing traditional silk Chinese coats. He was rather “porcine”. I sent it to a friend with the caption: “Lophatt meets Dim Son”. That’s where it originated.

        10. Dino, I feel like a nose. Is it “pick on LoPhatt’s grammar” day? You must be channeling my second-grade English teacher. I used “LoPhatt” intentionally, not because I don’t know the difference. Jeez, have some creativity!

          Thornewood was worth a visit. We stayed there two nights on our 40th anniversary. And, yes, it’s Thorne (with an “e”).

  2. The Boston Marathon Bombing was a HOAX not a false flag. This continued obsession with the distractions manufactured by those who orchestrated and carried the hoax is unproductive.

    Where are the critical thinking skills when it comes to the bogus photo of the backpack that purportedly carred a bomb that disintegrated limbs and burned bodies?

    Are we really expected to believe that there would be any trace of a backpack remaining that carried a bomb purported to do such physical damage to human bodies. The large, still pretty much intact, mass of material shown is a load of distraction to keep the sheep talking and to further divide the people.

    Yes, we all know Tsarnaeav had a light colored backpack that still had remaining empty volume and that it was so light in weight that he carried it with one strap over one shoulder. We know it did not carry a bomb.

    No one died because there was no lethal bomb; the phony injured were crisis actors. Therefore hoax, NOT false flag. Further, fraud vitiates all!!

    Our problem is the corrupt government which leaves us with no legitimate representation, legitimate federal law enforcement or legitimate justice system.

    Proof of crisis actors and there is much, much more but here are some highlights.

    see more at the link and follow the links in the comments for more information and visual evidence of BS

  3. Peekay, on You Tube, has it all broken down. His photo analysis destroys the illusion of any real bombs, shows the actors in frame by frame fakery, and should be used in court before a jury. The explosives and powder were set off in tubes which can be clearly seen – they are set up in pairs and have pink markers. Watch the runners – some of them barely break stride and continue on. The mayhem area shows a ridiculous assortment of uninjured people wearing cut up trousers – and the damage to the seating area occurs several minutes after the blast.

      1. They (youtube) are in the process of wiping out any and all BMB pic’s/videos. I hope they have saved them to hard drive not “the cloud”

        They know BMB is next on everyones radar and the pic’s and video evidence is un-disputable. In fact it’s comical..

      2. Correction: Peekkay22 is back up as Pee Kay.
        He has a video from one of the cameras attached high on a building.

        There was several cameras all over that area but the FBI will not release the videos as with OKC,911, Aurora,SHE,LAX none.

        Where he got this one I don’t know but its good..

        1. The “first fire truck” seems to use the two dropped markers as his stage direction – he drives between them. This cannot be an accident. If you thought there were really bombs in the area, you’d be careful where you drove – this is a world of IED’s after all. So indeed, these must have been his stage directions. As we know, if you look at a live stage, it is always taped out so the dancers know their positions.

        2. Musings, that’s what I think as well. He didn’t just “drop” those for no reason. The whole thing was choreographed. “Pee Kay” got it right. They had to know where they were going, in what order, and where to stop.

          We have the guy with the shredded clothes entering, “stage left”, away from the “explosion”. The spotless lady in pink calmly directing her players.

          I remember watching this the day it happened, even before the “main event” with the full-blown assault on the Fourth Amendment. I actually stayed up to watch. Not because I believed it, but because I wanted to see what they were up to.

          Look at all of them, the world over, they are not coincidences or copy-cat events. They are being directed by a cabal who knows what they need to achieve their ends. They are an invading force, both mentally and physically.

  4. As discussed previously, there is plenty of evidence of another false flag event. We kept hearing of the FBI video evidence that never materialized. The only video of the pansies was with the younger carrying a light colored backpack, not the black one that was presented as evidence early on.

    His pictures at the fraud scene appear to be the same side view photo shopped head placement. While he supposedly put the backpack near the road, the first ‘explosion’ comes from behind near the building.

  5. With or without this additional information, you have to ask yourselves – why, at the ragged end of a race with the winners long past the finish line, does anyone think for a minute that spectators would be clustered so close this ragged pretty much intact backpack would contain such a magical b#mb that dozens of people would lose one leg from it.

    Magical thinking more like. And yet the frightened, conditioned populace cannot stir itself to confront the obvious lie. Oh, they’ll tell you, I haven’t had time to think about it. It doesn’t concern me. Let them do what they will do.

    This sort of negligence may well produce a real violence down the line – and then when it emerges, it will be put down as the true source of the evil, much like an FBI sting which eggs on radical elements and then points to them as the source of the problem.

    These small details have some meaning – but only if the whole event will be subjected to the scrutiny it deserves. That isn’t happening.

    1. It’s never far away in Boston – the conditioning, that is. In the midst of a hyped snowstorm, with cars banned from the streets for a couple of days and children kept out of school, a lone bartender shovels a spot on Boylston St., and garners a lot of responses at “hashtag Boston Strong”. The young man (who looks and acts like an actor), does not want to be called a hero, oh no, but he shoveled the finish line at the Boston Marathon, and Boston is all the stronger for it, because otherwise who would shovel the streets? (He does make sure he remembers to thank the crews who did the real work, while taking his bows for what he really did, never letting us forget how much the Chechens hate us for our freedom).

      1. Do not feel alone – we are subjected to the same hyped propaganda here in the south. Yes the hero bartender was in the ‘news’ this am in the south, was hoping to hear how the old people might of been shoveled out by good Samaritans.

        The other night, for no apparent reason, the most watched ‘news’ channel did an hour? reenactment on the marafalsebombs and the 2nd in ‘news’ channel had 911 revisited, movie night for us! Suspect they are required by regulation to air a certain amount of free government programing and can choose the late hours to do so.

        Where is the uproar that the NE Coast was under house arrest, wonder if you can sue if you were forced to sacrifice your paycheck and the blizzard did not come to your neck of the woods?

        1. I saw Jon Stewart’s take on Snowmageddon, which actually made me laugh. Where I am, the only benefit I can claim from the garden-variety winter storm (albeit in January – at the end of the month – rather than in the usual February, big whoop it’s thus “record-breaking”) is that since truck traffic is not what it usually is on my street, I wasn’t woken up several times in the wee hours of the morning. I am well-rested. Everything is quieter… and this time, no military in the streets either (but it wasn’t in my neighborhood anyway during the BMB, only threatened).

        2. And by the way, what you are saying about neighborliness towards old people would have been a non-starter in Boston. I believe it is actually very common, so therefore, how can it compete with such news are the worship of a line of paint in the street?

      2. Boston is still pandering conspiracy theories and not just about Boston Strong but in defense of its beloved Patriots somehow tied in. In the Boston Globe this morning, Joe Montana says Brady is responsible for the deflated footballs and no one else, then the columnist buries his comment in a bunch of nonsense related to conspiracies.

        The reason why it’s all nonsense is because by now every sports writer knows about Warren Short’s Patriots’ fumbling analysis but the main stream media is not exposing the full story. There is absolute proof because of the fumbling statistics by Short that the Patriots cheat – since 2007 when Brady pushed for a rule change. Boston suffered so you can’t challenge the Patriots.

        1. I heard it stated that some high percentage of the balls were under inflated, I think 11 out of 12. Right now in Boston, there is a thug named Aaron Hernandez being tried for a murder of a hanger-on of his, and is also suspected of a hit of two men in a car. He was a Patriot until his past caught up with him. Not that high-living, red carpet-walking Tom Brady was ever up to that kind of stuff. But cheating to win – and all that implies about the underworld of pro sports betting – does show an aspect of Boston which should not be forgotten. It’s a very thuggy place, more organized in its crime than someplace like LA for instance (although all that kind of creativity is probably associated with its port).

  6. Very interesting comments above. I would like to refer the reader to a YouTube channel called “Pee Kay”. He has done a comprehensive analysis of live BMB footage and it is quite interesting.

    His channel gets shut down very frequently and his videos are often flagged.

    1. I have to say the Aussie is kind of shall we say “blunt”, as though he never learned to control his speech when he sees something outrageous. Americans used to be rough like that, but not anymore. Perhaps our prissy speech codes also blind us to reality, rude as it is, making us putty in the hands of our history-fakers.

  7. Remember Dzhokhar’s backpack was lightweight and falling off his shoulder and so could only have contained a miniature explosive if it had any. Here’s the video of his buddy saying someone else was in the courtroom. The court artist confirms the person couldn’t be Dzhokhar because his rendering looks nothing like him. Why do these drills and aftermath have such brain-free plot lines and scenarios?

        1. Hover over the graphic and right click then choose open link in new tab. The smaller version will come up so add :large to the end of the link and reenter and the bigger graphic will come up. The links in my earlier comment already have the :large so if you want to see any of those graphics all you have to do is right click and open in a new window.

          I am working on a new version of my pictorial but due to some problems with which I live, I have a serious case of slow. LOL

          For some reason, of late, I am even slower than usual but with the ball game tomorrow likely no one will be researching. I hope to have it up some time tomorrow. It should convert here, as well, when I upload.

        2. Best view if you download the PDF because you can play with the zoom in and out as needed. Sadly, these 81 pages are only the highlights. I have actually connected all the Sandy Hook families and fringe to the same network of people. It is a vast network of crisis clans and the same with Boston only there seems to be more independent clan work in the Boston event. The very end touches Ebola.

        3. Rebel,
          I’m not,dissing,you, but these collage’s of pictures you put up completely confuse me.

          I’m wide awake but this bombardment of photo’s without adequate descriptions of who,what,why just throws me off.

          A lot of these comparisons I disagree with.

          It’s like you you just throw these out as fact and me, the reader must decipher it and what your trying to portray.

          I’m not telling you what to do but maybe you should just throw a couple of pic’s out there at a time, explain comprehensively what you want us to see and what your point is and why.

          You’ve been doing this along time and I’ve never commented for I just passed it by as that Wellaware Gold? whatever Dude style.

          If you have a good message and photographic evidence I’d love to engage.

          But this method is just a distraction and a little “out there” if I may.

          No offense and I’m sure you mean well and are bubbling over trying to scream out you findings.

          I only spent all this time responding as a brother of truth for I don’t think your message is coherent.

          As Daniel here says:

          Peace and Love but I must throw in:

          Bobby Sherman…haha (old joke)

        1. I tweet my research using graphics. After uploaded to Twitter, a link to the graphic is established. The short link without :large at the end in my comment creates a compact version of the graphic. To get the best view the :large needs to be added back onto the link.

    1. I almost took this seriously, until I saw the one about Dan Bidondi. I KNOW Dan and I can assure you that he is who he says he is. That whomever did this tried to paint him as some kind of actor completely blew any legitimacy I may have found in this analysis.

  8. I have a theory about the Tsarnaev brothers’ involvement in the fake marathon bombing. I believe that it may be possible the brothers were “set up” by one or more of our government agencies and given fake bombs and instructions.

    The brothers may have been radicalized and willing to kill people, but they didn’t know that the bombs they had in their backpacks were duds. One of the brothers was executed and the one waiting to stand trial may actually believe that he and his brother left live bombs at the scene, killing and wounding innocent people.

    When the trial begins the shills and debunkers will ask why Dzhokhar doesn’t point out that nobody was killed in order to defend himself – but Dzhokhar probably doesn’t realize that nobody died, and nor do his attorneys. This is how devious and evil the people who set these things in motion are.

  9. Just an FYI the guys in the beige – kaki BDUs were a team of Air Force personnel from Hanscom AFB.

    I remember seeing a photo of an LE officer in the middle of the mayhem and he was laughing. I dont remember where that picture is.

    Sandy Hook, Boston, Cassidy Stay- the stories become increasingly absurd as almost to test the volume of ignorance of the country on an incremental basis

    1. Yeah, that’s a good one. There is another, of the assault on the Kosher Shop. One guy is blasting away with five or six other cops right in his line of fire.

      They had the same thing in the Aussie episode. There is a guy filming away while the guns are blazing, right next to the cops. What a joke!

  10. When in need, just post some pap about SH or Boston to drive up traffic

    Hell, that’s what the yellow journalists did and you are certainly no different

      1. For the record, this post is lacking in several respects.

        The top (unnumbered) photos do not even show backpacks.

        In Photo 1, I am at a loss to see the so-called “RFID tag.” He says it’s under the nylon fabric, and then that the fabric has been pulled away to expose it. I don’t see it at all.

        He hasn’t proven that the white tag on the handle of the backpack in Photo 4 is an RFID tag. I don’t see anything that looks like a bar code. He says a “close detail” shows it. Why doesn’t he present that? And he says, “The security contractors and the FBI agents have similar black backpacks, but they are not all identical.” He needs to back this statement up.

        He refers to TWO black backpacks. I only see one.

        I find his discussion of Photos 5 and 6, puzzling, saying in 6 that the white tag is visible, while in 5 it’s not. I don’t see anything that looks like a white tag in 6 (let alone a “white dot,” as he referred to it in another place).

        So…this post gets about a D.

        1. I agree, dino. Moreover, backpacks had nothing to do with the smoke bombs anyway, so who around here actually can be expected to care about them? Dave McGown, in his excellent analysis of the photographic evidence, has this to say (

          “Did you notice that pretty much all the people along the fence line who aren’t running away, beginning with the bald guy with sunglasses and continuing down to the guy in the red jacket and blue cap, are all looking in the same direction? And it’s not at the ground, where the bomb supposedly detonated and where all the alleged victims are laid out. No, they are all looking at a spot about midway up the building, above where all the fake victims are sprawled out. That’s a pretty strange coincidence, isn’t it?”

          It is certainly true that the official story depends on backpacks, but the are about as relevant to what really happened as Adam Lanza is to Sandy Hook.

          Supposedly, the backpacks were used to conceal pressure-cooker bombs filled with shrapnel that supposedly only expanded laterally, chopping off feet and not arms or heads. We don’t hear about that much any more, perhaps because if that really were true, the fabric of the packs would not not have survived in such recognizable form. There’s only so much ludicrousness the sleeping public can be expected to take.

        2. dinophile, your correct. The post is lacking in several respects. My origional post was meant to encourage you the reader to add to the information pool regarding the rfid tags. The post was never meant to give 100% proof of guilt by any party, but just to open the discussion into the relevance the rfid tags may have. I personally believe that they are very relevant, and a dedicated group can shed more light on the subject than I could alone.


          The unnumbered photos are to show that we are discussing Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s backpack.

          Much of the current rfid technology operates without bar codes. This way the rfid tag can be read without having to find the tag. You can just point the handheld reader at the item and get its information.

          From the photos of the FBI and security contractors carrying black backpacks there does not seem to be a consistent make and model. Some are tactical and some are off the shelf type backpacks. The point is that the exploded bag wouldn’t need be an exact match to any other bag.

          If you click on the photos in the article you will be able to see the bag with and without the white tag in more detail.

          Please let me know if you have any question and please try to add something positive to the conversation.



  11. Excellent comments here. Yes, the scrap of backpack with the scary looking piece of shrapnel in it was nothing but a prop. The RFID issue is pretty irrelevant, especially if no one has access to the physical evidence.

    This whole event was a moulage fest from start to finish. (To distract from the absence of gore at Sandy Hook?) Even the bodies of Tamerlan and Ibrahim Todoshev were faked. No one died. There was no real shoot-out or execution in Florida. Look at Todoshev’s autopsy photos- they show no sign of rigor mortis or ‘dependent lividity”. All these secondary deaths were faked, for effect. There is nothing like a simulated fight and flight to make the puppets look real. It’s just like a Punch and Judy show.

    Incidentally, I found the interview with the photographer who took the first set of photos quite revealing. James has a link to it in an earlier post. The photographer, Richard Thorndike, claims that he walked into the room from which he was filming just as the “bomb” detonated. This is supposed to explain why he took no photos before the “explosion”. All this seems way too convenient to me. I think Thorndike must have been in on the fraud.

    We should assume that almost everything we see in Thorndike’s photos, we are supposed to see. This includes the first few photos where the hooded guy tries to wrap something around Bauman’s leg. If you look carefully you will see the strap he applies pop off. The hooded guy was supposed to look like he was applying a tourniquet, which would have helped explain Bauman’s miraculous survival. This mini narrative was left out of the story because of the snafu, leaving us with the very improbable bloodless femoral artery, and later, the loose prosthetic which falls off on the wheelchair ride. This entire event was an outrageous comedy of errors.

    1. In September 2014 one Ben Thorndike contacted MHB via email and vehemently requested that his photos be removed from the site. Mr. Thorndike argued that the MHB editor/writer did not do his due journalistic diligence by failing to interview him. MHB previously argued that Thorndike’s revealing photos did not receive a sufficient airing in mainstream outlets.

      Against prevailing evidence, Thorndike took issue with this argument. He then wanted to talk to the site’s editor via telephone, apparently to explain how dismayed he was that his photos be used by such an outlet. When the editor attempted to contact Thorndike via phone Thorndike did not answer. Thorndike then sent an email stating that it would be too disturbing to talk to the editor via phone and he has not been in touch since then.

    2. Here’s a little trick I’ve been sampling around with some of my media-trusting and “unskeptical” friends and colleagues. I tell them this, “You will not see any NEW internet or print media images of D. Tsarnaev in any context at any location (i.e., in/outside courtroom, at sentencing, with lawyers, etc.), just the well-worn media photos or courtroom sketches.” To this, the response is typical and accusatory, often nasty, about how I’m a tin-foil-hatted nut, or “That’s impossible,” or “Are you saying he doesn’t exist?” I elaborate no further leave them with, “Just remember what I said and keep an eye out for new photo evidence of the guy.”

      Now, I urge any MH readers to inform me if I missed any new pictures of this culprit anywhere at any media source. I may be wrong or have not done enough research. I will be happy to self-suffocate my smugness and humbly backpedal into the mist if I’m wrong. If not, I urge anyone to try my little trick with your own pals. They may get a bit cranky, however, as most people don’t like having their microreality tamped.

    3. Christo, the RFID information is only useful if it can be made public. That’s the reason for the article.
      We can see in photos that the bag was ejected in a huge fireball with other flying debris. So the idea of it being just a prop falls well short of reality.

      1. Kevin, thank you for taking the time and trouble to post this. I often say that it is easier to be a critic than it is to make a film. There also appears to be a sporadic phenomenon here at MHB of hypercriticism. I suppose that could be forgiven if the critic were perfect in all ways at all times, but I doubt that to be the case. One of the things I enjoy about MHB is the lack of disrespectful rhetoric. Not having to worry about someone lurking, ready to pounce when something annoys them, makes it a better forum.

        That said, I had noticed previously that the backpack did not appear to be the one the patsy was filmed carrying. While I doubt that the “device” was actually associated with it, that is the “official” tale.

        Many have captured clear evidence that this did not happen as described. I have no doubts about it being another drill scenario. If we are looking for “proof” this is another item, among many.

        In a way, I am hoping that our patsy is in on it. There might be a chance for his survival if he is. If he is an unwitting participant, they will surely make short work of him. That is one of the risks associated with these. Normally, with bad movies, they don’t kill the actors.

        I suspect that one of the modeling goals here is to present ludicrous “proof” and make a conviction. In that way they further lower the bar on the public’s knowledge of what should be required to convict someone.

        Thought about properly, they have created a non-event, then proceeded to try someone for participation in it, all in public. Several years ago I doubt this would have been possible.

        There was a case several years ago in Ohio where a man was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder without a victim. This violated one of the oldest established legal precedents, that you had to prove that a crime was committed to try someone for it. It’s been a downhill slide ever since.

        “Pee Kay” in his raucous Aussie way, points to endless anomalies. But, just like with SHES, it matters not. They saw it on TEE VEE and that’s all there is to it.

        So I’ll add the backpack to the ever-growing list of impossibilities used in these productions. Whether it’s twenty tons of explosives delivered in a 1/2 ton truck, Rambo-nerd on a rampage, or magical leg bombs, the list just keeps growing. We’ve said before, correctly, that much of these events is about conditioning the eaters to believe. “Faith-based journalism” is what its about. Those who question are deemed “heretics” and labeled accordingly. Those who “believe” will get a double ration of gruel in the camps “for their service”.

        1. “Those who “believe” will get a double ration of gruel in the camps “for their service”.”

          Too optimistic, lophatt. Ivan Denisovich has to trick the slop-slingers into that double portion.

        2. Thanks Lophatt,
          I agree that the official story about the bombings make no sense. We know that there was a drill going on that day. You can see the Saudis with the Boston Fireman who was hanging out at the Marathon Sports location. There is also the photo of a different Boston Fireman standing between the Forum restaurant and Starbucks just prior to the second explosion. Then you have the Swat guys in the “30 yards” video running into the street just seconds behind Dzhokhar as he makes his escape.
          Early on I got caught up watching videos from Pee Kay and others who believe that the BMB was a pure hoax. The just because something doesn’t look right so it must all be fake videos. They were very complelling until I started to watch the origional videos with sound. They told a very different story. People were yelling, screaming, and cursing at the police. It was chaotic, not a well organized act. Something happened that was not supposed to happen the way it did.
          My biggest issue with Pee Kay and others is the use of the word “firecracker”. There is plenty of video and photographic evidence that show these two events in detail.They were both very large explosions with huge fireballs. They scattered debris in to the streets and shot objects ( including a black and white backpack strap at the first location) 4 and 5 stories high in to the air. These explosions would have done serious damage to those near the blast. But by no means does this prove that they were pressure cooker bombs.



        3. Kevin, I’m unclear about your reference to “Saudis”. As to the “firecrackers”, he may be understating that, somewhat, but none of the objects directly in front were seriously damaged by the “blast”. Where I live, fireworks are freely available and when any excuse presents itself, people set them off. Some are VERY loud, with serious concussive force.

          Take a look at this:

          If you have any lingering doubts, this may help to assuage them.

        4. Note: I apparently got the whole set. The most important is the one on Carlos. It’s worth the time to watch it.

        5. Actually, the 5 questions one, which popped up first, is perfectly apposite. And hilarious, as usual with this Australian fellow.

          Backpacks with pressure cooker bombs inside is more rib-tickling than Adam blasting like Rambo through the front doors of the school at Sandy Hook. All the physical evidence renders the official story nonsense.

          I have nothing against Kevin, have no idea who he is in reality, and have no wish to disparage his efforts, but if he thinks back packs are anything but a distraction he’s on the wrong track. If he thinks the RFID tags help us understand how the official lie came to be presented, that’s fine. New insights are always welcome. Like the video showing the guy dropping the markers for the fire trucks to direct their positions. The back packs are just another of the lies, but evidently quite an important part of the nonsensical story, so it’s worth while examining it. But they are nothing more than the litter dropped in the street to tell the trucks where to position themselves.

        6. Lophatt,
          I think he’s referring to the Saudi guy that was first accused of being the bomber before they changed the story with an infusion.

          Then the Saudi guy turned out to be a personal friend of the Obama’s and Michelle visited him in hospital and later he went to the White House as a guest…no joke

        7. I actually identified the Saudi National as a Frendh actor/model that distributes It Works products which is appearing to be a front company for crisis actors; they sell health and beauty aids and claim at the high level to bring in $50k a month. I also found the faces of It Works people in in the Paris attack.

          Right click on graphics and chose enter in new tab then add :large to the link to make graphics large.

          The Saudi v Beck/Blaze civil case court record shows simulated, bogus proceedings.

        8. Patrick, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I still think the video on Carlos is the most informative. If anyone has any lingering doubts about this production that should put them to rest.

          As to Kevin, I wasn’t referring to whether or not I agreed with his opinion. I just didn’t want to be rude. There’s room for differing opinions and while his effort wasn’t as polished as some here, he went to the trouble to try to explain his ideas.

          If you watch the Carlos video the whole story falls apart. I had no idea of his history. It is quite clear that they offered this guy a part and he took it. If he hadn’t he’d be scrounging for iguanas in Costa Rica by now. Not many immigrants take a sledge hammer to a Marine vehicle, set it on fire, manage to burn themselves in the process, get arrested and end up “heroes” on the mainstream TEE VEE.

          The videographer has him standing around while Bouman has his prosthetic applied, profiling for the cameras, receiving the “blood”-soaked flag from a prop man, waltzing over to Jeff and calmly taking his position for his close up. He’s a trooper.

          I don’t know what’s more astounding, the production or the level of belief.

  12. I posted this information to MHB in the hope of spurring intelligent debate among free thinking people. James was kind enough to put my ramblings into a coherent format, and for that I am greatful. But there has been no intelligent debate. Only rambling and petty argument.

    James gives his time and puts his reputation on the line to bring us information that others will not. If he believes that a story has enough merit to post to his website, we as his readers should have enough courtesy and respect to post comments that enrich our understanding of events.

    1. Anne, absolutely. That is the nature of bureaucracies, they always grow. I’ve never known one to ask to diminish themselves.

      Just think of the sheer number of these spook agencies since the main event on 9-11. It explains the FBI’s interest in creating phony plots so that they have a reason to exist.

    2. This is the sort of thing we should be hearing on our 24/7 News cycle. Until we stop watching, demand to see the truth and find a way to bombard the MSM with negative reactions to false information, our government will utilize the medium & our neighbors will gobble it up.
      Will our efforts to spread the word ever change anything? It’s too soon to say. Seems easier and easier to convince people than it was years ago. We just all have to do our part and hope 🙂

      1. The documentary on the Newburgh Four is enlightening in many ways. This sting operation faded away among the more elaborate ones, but it gives a clear sight into the fake realties that have become so prevalent. We’re shown how patsies are recruited and entrapped. The Newburgh Four were sentenced to 25 years in prison, when their entrappers should have been sentenced instead.

        As the mother of one of the naive patsies explain – these men had no money, no brains, no incentive and no resources whatsoever to pull this stunt off. A stunt which included construction of ball bearing bombs and to supply a stinger missile. The four men were told to pick up the parts in neighboring Connecticut, thus making it a federal case transporting weapons across state lines.

        Their mission was to bomb a Jewish Synagogue in Riverdale, NY and to shoot a stinger missile at a given target on Stewart International Airport which is a public/military airport in Orange County, NY. As the former FBI employee says, an operation like this is not concocted by lower rank agents. It goes much higher up in the FBI, to the Attorney General’s office and most likely even to the President’s.

        Newburgh, NY is 60 miles north of NYC and 40 miles west of Danbury, CT. Once upon a time it was a picturesque and prosperous city on the Hudson River. It has since become a dumping ground for the down and out in this part of the state and now has the appearance of a Detroit on the Hudson.

        1. So those caught up in these high-level stings bear some resemblance to those imprisoned and tortured in order to create facts which otherwise would never have existed.

          And we can see that the hoaxes on the domestic scene are part of this orchestration of “reality” – but in the case of the sting participants, if they are actually real people, there is real suffering caused by this, real infliction of emotional distress on the people sentenced to prison.

          You’d think that members of congregations targeted would resent it, but if they only think it is persecution as usual, they will never understand where their real problems originate.

    1. Yes Sysa, RFID technology is everywhere in our daily lives. From our local library to much of the merchandise that we buy. RFID is extremely common in today’s world.
      My biggest challenge in getting this information out into the alternative media was the fact that we the consumers of alternative media tend to be very anti-rfid. We see the dangers that this type of technology poses to our environment and our persons. So I think that the media outlets who had this information were hesitant to publish any article that would show that RFID could have value. I had actually confirmed that these tags were “Likely” RFID technology with leading anti-rfid experts before trying to get my article published. Both of the anti-rfid experts were very helpful until we got to the point to where they could see a perceived public benefit for this technology. Then their demeanor changed, and we ended our conversations.
      The debate about RFID and other tracking technology is just beginning within the general public. We’ll have to see how it plays out.

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