myron-mayOn this episode of Real Politik the last words of Attorney Myron May are broadcast to an international audience for the first time. A few days before going on a shooting spree at the Strozier Library on the Florida State University campus in Tallahassee, May calmly and knowledgeably video-recorded his observations and insights regarding what he argued was an organized campaign of electronic harassment, stalking and surveillance he was subject to. Withstanding what he argued was a sophisticated program of continual harassment, May hoped that an extreme act could draw attention to the plight of targeted individuals. In this vein he challenged elected officials and mainstream media to address the event and issue rather than explain them away as matters of mental illness.

A 2005 graduate of Florida State who went on to complete law school at Texas Tech University, may was an unlikely profile for a mass shooter. However, analysis of police reports and related documentation obtained by the Tallahassee Police Department alongside personal communications from those familiar with May’s temperament and situation suggest that his observations, at the very least, deserve our attention and consideration.


Program Highlights

In addition to several statements by May to his friends and loved ones, which have mostly been excerpted, the remainder of May’s presentation captured on the videos consists of describing various techniques of electronic harassment and gang stalking utilized by government or private contractors involved in organizing the overall regimen. “When I first realized that there was maybe more going on than meets the eye in my particular scenario, and I started to come to the realization that I was a targeted individual,” May recalls,

viruses and malware were downloaded on to my Toshiba laptop. I would literally be working on something on my computer, and all of a sudden my [cursor] would start moving and be clicking on things–totally out of my control. I’m not touching the mouse or anything … It was a very weird experience. Of course, again, it’s designed to cause fear, apprehension, and paranoia.

“The most critical aspect of gang stalking, and kind of the hardest to believe as well,” May observes,

and it’s the lynchpin that hold their whole program together and enables them to keep it a secret from everybody else in society. It’s called ‘electronic harassment. It’s by far the most creepy and frightening weapon in the stalker’s arsenal. Some of this technology is detailed in a book written by Dr. Robert Duncan. This book is called Project Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cybernetic Warfare Revealed. Dr. Robert Duncan actually participated in designing a lot of this technology, and so he details it in this book. And that’s how you know it’s real, because there is a legitimate professional scientist who talks about the technology and its capabilities. I would encourage all of you to read that book if you have questions, and your questioning whether or not this is even possible, read the book and you’ll see that it very much is possible.

May argues that “through nanotechnology [distributed aerially] the control panel stalkers who are basically in an operation center watching the targeted individuals, are able to monitor and induce all sorts of things in a targeted individual. This very freaky, They’re able to manipulate a targeted individuals bodily functions–things like their pain receptors and stress hormones. They’re able to speed up a targeted individual’s heart rate to very rapid speeds.

Shortly before the FSU shooting, May sent packages to several friends and acquaintances with materials explaining his plight. At least some of these parties then turned the package contents over to law enforcement.

I have actually been induced to have panic attacks on two separate occasions. This is before I realized I was a targeted individual. I shouldn’t say panic attacks, but rather what I thought were panic attacks. Basically my heart rate just started speeding up very, very rapidly. It was just going at full blast. I thought I was actually having a heart attack. So I went to the hospital. I had the ambulance called to my job. They took me to the hospital. [The hospital staff said,] ‘Oh, nothing’s wrong. Everything’s normal. Your EKG is fine.’ So, I just resolved that I was having panic attacks. Now that I know a little more about the technology I realize that I was not having panic attacks, and this was when the harassment first started, and this was part of the game.”

May explains how such technology is employed to increasingly isolate targeted individuals.

For the individual who doesn’t know they’re a targeted individual, or who doesn’t know how this technology works and fits in to the whole scheme of the targeted individual program, all you know is that you’re hearing voices in your ear. You start to think that maybe you’re schizophrenic, or having some sort of psychotic episode. And if you try to explain to somebody else, “Hey, I’m hearing voices in my ear,” then naturally they’re going to have the same conclusion. They’re going to think, “OK, you’re being schizophrenic,” or “You’re having some kind of hypnotic episode.”

The reality is you’re not. It’s these “voice of god” weapons. And this only serves to isolate the person with their isolation tactics. If you tell a friend or a family member or a co-worker or an acquaintance, “Hey, I’m hearing these voices,” those people are naturally going to want to stay away from you. Because you’re trying to come to them for help, or explain to them something you have, then you’re going to naturally withdraw when you’re pushed away like that. And so, you’re only further isolated.

Through “image induction technology” control panel stalkers are capable of seeing the real and imagined representations that a targeted individual experiences or conjures. “If I’m thinking about something in my memory,” May posits, “something that happened several years ago, and I have an image of that in my mind, they they can actually see that to. Or, if I’m imagining something, and there’s an image that I’m imagining, they can see that too.”

May draws the presentation to a close by appealing to elected local, state and federal officials and mainstream journalists to further investigate and sincerely address the crimes of organized electronic harassment and gang stalking.

I challenge you to not just dismiss me and the stories of other targeted individuals as people having mental illness, but to seriously consider the story and consider the possibility that the story could be true. The story could be real … Research it yourselves. Have your aids and assistants research it. I challenge you to open an investigation. Pass a bill, pass a resolution so that an investigation can be opened. Establish a commission that will look in to bioethics and the treatment of targeted individuals, and not just dismiss it as, ‘These are schizophrenic people suffering from psychosis or some other mental illness,’ because that is not the case. We are subjected to torture daily … I challenge you, as elected officials, to do something that matters in the lives of your constituents and people across this country.

In their episodic reportage, corporate news media failed to delve deeper in to May’s claims of electronic harassment and gang stalking. May repeatedly asserts in his final video presentation that he was not suffering from mentally illness, and challenges journalists to actually delve into pressing issues and phenomena, such as those surrounding targeted individuals.

To the media, I challenge you also to research and investigate this issue. Give it a real investigation. Don’t just dismiss it as mental illness. Don’t draw conclusions based on ignorance. Don’t substitute taglines and lazy journalism for doing the real work that you’re supposed to do, which is to look deeply in to an issue and give both sides of it. Research the technology. Dig Deeper. Question the FBI. Question the CIA. Question the NSA. Question the military. Question your government. That’s what you’re supposed to do. And I challenge you to do that. I challenge you to revisit this issue every single year, because it deserves that much.


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  1. How excellent.

    isolation tactics — I think that this is perhaps related to what many of us experience when speaking to family members or close friends when we try to tell them about facts about certain false events, when we try to “wake up” others. They close up, close down, and will not listen to us and they ostracize us when we broach these subjects. We are, in effect, forced to ‘transform” our mode of conversation, usually forced in to only speaking on trivial superficial matters. There are certain subjects we must be mute about if we want to have a harmonious social gathering.

    Darren Weeks, who has a Govern America show on Republic Broadcasing every Saturday, did a show a couple a show a couple of years ago where he had two or three guests who were Targeted Individuals and they told of their lives. I even exchanged a few emails with those TIs. The show recording is probably still available to RBN subscribers or by emailing Darren. Any and all information is of value on this subject.

    Another important thing I read somewhere a long time ago, and I THINK it was in the book, Psycho Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz.
    It said that a neurosurgeon who has a patient on the operating table can touch an electrode on a certain part of the brain and the patient will start speaking in detail about an experience in their life long ago, and the patient is speaking as though the experience is happening int he present. I think the gist of the book was that the brain is like a big tape recorder and the recording is going on all of our lives and it is on the “tape” and presumably that “tape” can be accessed and controlled or manipulated to one’s own advantage, or by extension, the advantage of persons other than the patient.

  2. Terrific comments here. I had initially pegged the whole story as a hoax – that it was a “shooting” that never occurred – based on the ridiculous eye-witness reports of Blair Stokes who is a clown actor if I’ve ever seen one. It turns out she was an intern at SalterMitchell which is a public relations firm specializing in Behavioral Change.

  3. It’s totally awful that an educated person contributing to society in a positive manner would be subjected to a merciless cutting short of his life. The recordings stop short of saying he was being pressured to kill, but we know of similar scenarios. Psychiatrist Dr. Nidal Hasan was sentenced to death in August 2014 for the 2009 Fort Hood shooting where 12 died, but apparently witnesses did see other shooters as well, they just were never included in his trial. He didn’t put up any defense and fired his lawyer from his wheelchair – he was paralyzed during the shooting. Drugs may have played a role in his attack as well as mind control, and drugs may also have been used on Myron May.

    What flies under the radar is that those who do the torture and mind control are actually agents who themselves are manipulated by their handlers. The same can be said of spies. They commit crimes and steal secrets but in reality they aren’t sophisticated James Bond types. They’re under orders and are manipulated by their bosses in a subtle way. When I met Jeff Bauman during his book signing, he put on a good show, but all around him were half a dozen handlers.

    1. “When I met Jeff Bauman during his book signing, he put on a good show, but all around him were half a dozen handlers.”

      How very interesting.

      As I mentioned before, I focused my Boston Marathon event on the “16 traumatic amputation victims” of that event.

      Dr. Stan Monteith, a retired orthopaedic surgeon spoke several times about his questions about Jeff Bauman’s bilateral amputations case.

      Dr. Stan said that some pictures at the event show below the knee traumatic amputations, yet at the soccer game Bauman attended I think 19 days after the amputations, he has above the knee amputations. Dr. Stan also commented that that appearance by Bauman at that game was just totally unrealistic because it takes almost a year for a person to be able to go out to a ball game like that after such a severe injury involving many months of physical and psychological rehabilitation. Dr. Stan discussed this with Dr. James Fetzer as his guest.

      I also saw pictures of Bauman at that game and compared them to the face of the person said to be Bauman at the Boston event. They do not at all look like the same person.

      The person playing now the role of Jeff Bauman obviously is a person who is an amputee crisis actor, and someone who sustained the amputations long before the Boston event.

      1. The Jeff I met was the one with the amputations at the knees – he was wearing shorts on a brisk day to show off that he was a real amputee. He was also more broad shouldered with a wider face than the crisis actor used during the event, so there’s more than one.

        1. Here is where I posted my findings on the 16 Amputees of the Boston Marathon Bombing event

          Sixteen Boston Bombing leg Amputees / VicSims / Amputee Crisis Actors ?

          I was only able to reach tentative “names and identities” of 12 pf the 16.

          I just was dumbfounded at the sheer magnitude of the deception in all of this. The several funds set up for donations and the facebook pages is just incredible.

          I know it is probably worse for Sandy Hook deception but this was my first semi-in-depth exploration of an aspect of this kind of event.

          I have learned that there are amputee crisis actor agencies. Kind of wish Anonymous would hack the photos and information on the crisis actors signed up with these agencies.

    2. What everyone needs to understand is that this implant technology was created in the black market economies of the former Soviet Union. It is being sold by criminal to criminal, secretly. That includes some corrupt government agents, probably some corrupt cops, definitely gangs and organized crime and most certainly terrorist cells. If you look for motive behind crimes of espionage like these, it is always about power and money. That is why any federal agent will tell you it is about his pay grade to even discuss it with you! Been there, done that!

      1. Brad you have bought the usual cold war propaganda, the Sovjets did this and that. The missile gap would have been more credible than them putting their priorities on developing state of the art micropower miniature computer chips and advanced microwave data communication. The Sovjets got their most advanced stuff from the west.
        Had the rouble been the worlds reserve currency they could have afforded any type of exotic science. As things were it was the US that arranged the enormously ambitious strategic semiconductor and electronics research.

    1. As I said before, as is normal in an autopsy, they only determined cause of death. If they had known what to look for, they would have found implants in his eyes and on the eighth nerve in his ears. If you want more details, I can proved years of evidence! He was driven crazy on purpose. The crime is that tortuous!

  4. This story still has major holes – the last post on Memory Hole Blog indicated that the police said May was shot 9 times. The autopsy shows 24 bullet holes. The report also said that May had his hands on his head when he was ordered to lie down. In any world I want to live in, hands up by a person’s head means he has surrendered – no reason to shoot multiple times. How many of the police bullets went all the way into the library? Did May ever really shoot anybody? I realize he may have shot AT someone, but did he hurt anybody or was it the cops who actually shot students?

  5. Some of Myron’s content is clearly delusional or he didn’t even realize it himself. Such issues of nano technology, which pretty much doesn’t exist. Its surprising .. Because the mean distribution, is electronic warfare, radar, and satellites. Sad to see this guy not make it to full understanding. There is a lot of misinfo on this on the net however, he might have had a hard time finding the best info.

    Also I have only had my electronics attacked with directed energy. Never had it hacked or otherwise invaded virally. Sure the government has my passwords and usernames, and they might be able to try to exploit me, but I think its actually risky to do because they risk leaving evidence. In my lifetime of course, as I am not a noob, never been infected with malware or virus once. Lol. So its always funny to hear the noobs dealing with that.

    1. Are you familiar with Azonano (.com) and “Smart Dust”? I have not heard much about nano tech lately, but it WAS more widely discussed 18 months-2 years ago, around the time that people were talking about Trap Wire.

      I’m not saying that I’m buying this whole Myron May scenario: that audio recording would need validation for starters (though it WAS well done and quite convincing, especially compared to Elliot Rodger’s videos and manifesto, and Chris Dorner’s manifesto-by-committee, for example). But out of everything he said, why would you target nano tech as “delusional”? As though being wrong on a single aspect would invalidate everything he says?

      (Forgive any typos, I’m typing this on my phone.)

      1. Yep read about smart dust. They don’t use it.

        Also I target that because I know the TIs. There is a huge bunch of them who are largely delusional. They believe they have implants and nano tech but they don’t have implants or nano tech. I am used to hearing total horse crap explanations from most of the so called victims.

        Its like this because there are legit victims, and delusional ones. There are those in the know, and then there are total BS fake content that is the dominate paradigm. Occasionally there are just people who came across the wrong info, or didn’t make it to fully understand it, this may or may not be Myron.

        I happen to like Myron’s content, I support what he did, but his explanation on how they were doing it is flawed. This information did not get released until his videos were released.

        I am just going by the written text here, haven’t listened to the videos myself. His letters were well written but when I read the stuff about the nano tech, it got me fearful he wasn’t as knowledgeable as I originally thought. I am not discrediting him as a victim I believe he nailed parts of it but he didn’t understand the technological aspects .. And this has left their true method hidden, if it weren’t for guys like me.

        I run and

        1. I find your remarks somewhat dubious for the following reasons:

          1. There is a claim to be able to discern between legitimate TIs and psychotics, in the absence of appropriate credentials, training or equipment.

          2. How can one have a substantive grasp on the frontiers of nanotech research without one or more high security clearances? Given the tremendous amount of funding poured in to the field each year one would otherwise have to spend most every waking out keeping up with new innovations–few if any of which are publicized in mainstream outlets.

          3. While you claim to be an advocate for raising awareness and understanding concerning the TI phenomenon, your website appears to me somewhat farcical, yet would likely be startling to any potentially sympathetic newcomer.

        2. I see what your saying, and it mirrors what I’ve heard, too, from the few TIs that I’ve known. (Re: legit vs not legit victims vs delusions). We’ve discussed here before how similar the “symptoms” of TIs are to that of a schizophrenic…handy coincidence, or something more sinister? Hard to say, but I’ve got my suspicions.

          Clearly, the majority of TIs have something else going on: mental illness, drug problems, stressors, too much time on their hands. But then there are those who are far more credible. It reminds me very much of the Satanic Ritual Abuse or alien abduction reports: easy to deny as “crazy” at first, but the deeper you look the more there is to the story. Plus, many victims sound wholly (or mostly) reliable.

          If Myron May’s story is true (the part about being a TI, I mean)…and that’s a BIG “if”…he can be forgiven for being off on a detail or two. Believing in nano tech doesn’t make a person “delusional”.

          Sorry for any typos…using my phone again.

        3. Todd Giffin said, “Such issues of nano technology, which pretty much doesn’t exist.”

          There are at least 1,814 consumer products on the market employing known or suspected nanotechnology.

          An inventory of nanotechnology-based consumer products introduced on the market.

          I first heard about this being used in blue jeans to make the material stain resistant. There were advertisements about it on TV. Even David Letterman joked about it on one of his shows many years ago.

          There are many science articles targeted toward children to get these future scientists interested in nanotechnology. It’s pretty easy to google.

          I do think that there are

          1. Real TIs,
          2. People that think they’re TIs, and
          3. Paid agents posing as TI’s to really muddy the waters about this topic.

        4. To which I might add, this is one aspect of this phenomenon that makes it difficult to discuss. If we have thoughts on the matter it does not follow that those apply to “everyone” who claims the affliction.

          I know enough to say that I’m not qualified to make a diagnosis. I’m not entirely sure that anyone is. People with mental illnesses are not “lying”. On the other hand, someone who is being interfered with may indeed know the cause of their turmoil but no one will believe them.

          I have speculated in the past that, perhaps some of it could even be a byproduct of being saturated with electrical frequencies and/or pharmaceutical drugs.

          This is not the same as claiming that the means of control do not exist, or that they’re not used. It is difficult, if not impossible, to separate the reaction from the stimuli. One person could say “they are controlling someone” while another might say “they created a syndrome” through some form of induction.

          Part of being considered mentally ill is the inability to control the impulses. Whether someone is sitting at a keyboard controlling that, or it is a systemic problem would require study.

          Something happened to him. No matter the cause you can’t blame him for being afflicted. I cannot begin to imagine what it would be like to have these terrible things happening to me and be unable to do anything about it.

          The research and the technology (that we know of) appears available. Certainly if they were willing to test drugs on unwitting subjects I see no reason to believe that they wouldn’t do likewise with this. But do I have proof of this? No.

          Likewise, living in an environment where new technologies and materials are introduced without adequate testing, is an invitation to trouble. Who knows how these potential problems will manifest themselves? Would they admit it if they became aware of them?

          My sense is that there is something to at least some of these reports. Which ones are accurate is another matter. We can’t assume that anyone who hears voices is a “TI”. Conversely, we can’t assume that a “TI” who hears voices is crazy.

        5. James Tracy
          Nanotechnology when it refers to nanosized autonomous objects doesnt apply to radiocommunication over useful distances, ie beyond microscopic ranges.
          I suspect this mistaken idea comes from misunderstandings during the nineties concerning various medical terms, such as ‘radiocrystals’ injected into the blood vessels for various biophysical purposes. ‘Radio’ probably stands for radioactive markers, ie for identification of a particular crystal, not for radiocommunication. Advanced nanotech may be used for precise biochemical medication or probing of a target area but not for remote radio communication.
          So Todd Giffens criticism is correct.
          People may find it improbable that ‘blackops’ – whatever interpretation you give to that term, could connect cybernetic implants inside their bodies without being noticed, but common burglars are known to sometimes use hexane (introduced via the ventilation)to keep victims unconcious while they’re being robbed blind.
          I refer again to the comment section for the mhb article about Bowarts book, where an extract from ch 34 describes implants with bonelike properties rendering them effectively invisible under xray examination.
          Brads comment about other varieties also merits attention.

        6. Todd–please read “BIOapi”–google it. It’s long but thorough. Yes, nano tubes, electrodes, fibers are being instilled in out bodies via chemtrails. Also read up about Morgellons disease.

      2. Recynd
        Smartdust is too small to communicate with radiosignals however it is just about big enough to communicate with the much smaller wavelengths of light. So they use tiny feeble lasers to send minute quantities of light. Not enough for high bitrates only for very basic info eg for synchronization. Maybe a huge cloud of smart dust could cooperate to surpass to some extent the limitations brought about by their small size but I dont think it has any relevance for real TIs.

        1. Thanks Peter; you seem to have a better grasp on this subject than most (and certainly than I do). I was merely responding to the claim that nano technology doesn’t exist, and I was providing cases where it does.

          I’m with Lophatt on this one (check out his post from yesterday if you can find it).

  6. I’m going out on a limb here – a snow-covered limb at that. Does anyone live in the Boston area? By 9 PM last night, things were very snowy indeed. Yet the news reports that a b#mb threat to an outgoing JetBlue flight at Logan Airport caused the plane to have to return to the gate with passengers bound for Florida.

    It is at least the third in a series of alleged threats. The other two were Delta and Southwest at Atlanta (where as luck would have it, my daughter had just landed from a trip to New Orleans, and was chilling on her way to NYC).

    The thing is, since I live in Boston, I was playing around the other day with flights out of Logan to see when I could cheaply fly back to California as soon as possible. There are issues with my mom back home, and I know she may need me again soon. So for curiosity, I looked up my JetBlue flight out of California that had just brought me here. I looked it up in the afternoon, before the brunt of the blizzard. What I found was that this flight, scheduled to arrive around 9PM never went out during the day. It would have left Los Angeles around 1 PM (4 PM east coast time). But it was cancelled before it ever left, probably cancelled hours before.

    This tells me that Logan Airport had to have been closed before 9 PM, and the word had to have gotten out hours before to all the airplanes, obviously Jet Blue.

    My conclusion is that this was one more in a series of drills, and the plane was never actually full of passengers scheduled to go to Florida.

    In my opinion, if they wanted to convince the public about a threat, they were fishing in the shallow gene pool of people would react from the limbic system without the intervention of the higher functions of the brain, which would put 2 and 2 together and say – I can’t even drive my car in this snow, so why is an Airport about ten miles from my home pretending to be open and operating as usual with an airline that has cancelled other flights?

    1. The online Globe has now removed the article! It turns out that earlier they had another article stating: “Most Logan flights cancelled ahead of the storm.” It was in the business section of the paper. The first line of that article reads: “All domestic flights into and out of Logan Airport were cancelled as early as 7:30 PM.”

      When I spoke to my sister minutes ago about this (she’s in Calif.) she said that the news in LA ran the story of the threat at Logan showing daylight hours and that my reading in the Globe was “probably a typo.” I told her that had the story been real, I would have heard it earlier in the day. That the online Globe seems to have removed the story indicates to me that people are questioning its validity already. Cognitive dissonance can only go so far.

      1. By the way, there is the story of another Marathon b#mbing survivor, who is facing another leg amputation, including vision problems. I imagine there may be more of these. You see, when you are a diabetic who had one amputation, you may need another. Usually the lower limbs are most affected. Oh, and the eyes – another vulnerable area.

        The author of the article is Eric Moscowitz. He’s the young reporter whose career was made when he described the Tsarnaev’s carjacking in an interview with the anonymous victim, one of the most unbelievable stories ever.

        This unfortunate young woman with a deadly disease is Jessica Kensky, age 33, living painfully with diabetes that is attributed to a non-existent bombing.

  7. Without denying the existence of the high-tech thought control machines the clip alludes to, I’ll affirm that the symptoms described are consistent with the use of a very down-to-Earth system of perverted telekinesis (aka spiritual perversion, black magic, sorcery or witchcraft) the U.S. military launched around 1990, for the purpose of conducting illegal and immoral operations without having to account for them. Professional military spiritual practitioners can, with little difficulty read the thoughts of just about anybody. They can also send thoughts to that person, who can indeed gullibly attribute them to Divine guidance. The thoughts being sent can be of discomfort, of pain, even of an urge to hurt or kill oneself or others. They can even trigger an automatic alert in case the person formulates a specific thought, and program an automatic response (typically pain) to that thought. Readers may have unknowingly experienced a mild version of it, as they felt discomfort by simply thinking favorably of the content of some dissident web page.

    I’ll respectfully note a touch of naivete in the account: the primary targets of this U.S. military spiritual harassment have been, for obvious reasons. key individuals in politics, law enforcement, and the mass media. As such, they have learnt to dread the idea of denouncing it. Just to take one example, one reason members of the U.S. congress have censored in unison the self-evident controlled demolition of the twin towers is that many of them were remotely tortured one-to-one around the day of 9/11 using this system, while a senior military officer briefed them on 9/11’s essence and their invaluable role in it.

    Ironically, if only a few million people knew elementary telekinesis, this spiritual harassment would be literally unthinkable. But this is another story.


    1. If the bodies of Aaron Alexis and Myron May were examined properly by a good medical examiner, they would find implanted lenses in his eyes and mini-robot transceivers on the eighth nerve in one or both ears. Unfortunately, he was unaware of this, so to try to expose it, rather than further endure the torture, he chose suicide by cop, just as Aaron Alexis did. I have two questions for the world to ponder. What if this was you? Who else have the criminals done this to for reasons of political, industrial or criminal espionage? This is real folks! I have the entire story.

  8. Myron May is not delusional. He is arttempting to articulate the inexplicable to those who refuse to comprehend the unspeakable.

    My thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones left behind to sort out and unravel the unraveling of our whole society–bit by excruciating bit. What else can we
    proffer in his defense?

  9. I don’t believe any of this rubbish. Targeted individual is a bunch of crapola. Why would ‘they’ spend so much of their resources on one guy? NO WAY. Either Dr. Tracy is one of ‘them’ or he is being duped.

    What was the motive for May being targeted? Probably nothing that can be proven.

    My theory is that the ‘targeted individual’ story is just to try and get people to shut up in fear of being targeted.

    1. “Either Dr. Tracy is one of ‘them’ or he is being duped.”

      Not really. He’s just reporting, as he does with all of these strange media events.

      What makes MHB so worthwhile seems often to be missed: it is a media criticism forum. Tracy presents topics, and we strain to get to the bottom of them. He rarely tells us what he believes about them. What he IS doing is showing the world how these promotions are uncritically presented by the media.

      This “TI” concept is indeed a very strange phenomenon, and the May case is stranger still. Certainly the hail of bullets aspect is very questionable. I have no idea what to make of all the elements of the story, which is a fine reason to keep looking into it.

      To say that Tracy is promoting the thing is preposterous. He’s showing the many layers of a situation that was uncritically presented by the media, which these days is just the court stenographers of governmental agencies. Tracy is demonstrating that no real investigative journalism goes on any more. Which is precisely the opposite of what you are contending, bill.

        1. Obviously not. He has given no indication that he believes any of the crazy things the MSM presents as actual events. He isolates them, without judgment, and by so doing they become obviously ridiculous. They can’t stand on their own, without the whole MSM matrix surrounding them.

          Why does he do this? You think he’s too dumb to see through the hoaxes, and that the comments here don’t “wise him up”? To think that would be ridiculous.

          He does not have to introduce all these developments with the words: “get a load of this crap, folks,” before flatly stating the official weirdness, for it to be obvious that that’s what he means.

          These productions are often presented in many phases. Whenever a new one emerges, he produces an article about it, almost always without telling us what he makes of it. That’s for us to thrash out. MHB is a sort of graduate seminar course in this sense, and he’s the professor who sets up the guidelines of the discussion. It is a matter of objectivity, in the scientific sense. If you are conducting an experiment in the laboratory, or if you are solving a mystery, it is best not to bring preconceived notions into the process of examining the evidence. The truth is not discovered by contaminating the evidence.

          When you accusing him of believing these official stories you are in essence accusing him one kind of bias (in favor of our masters), and you wish he held a different kind of bias (knee-jerk disbelief). I think it’s safe to assume that he is innately skeptical about all these things from the start, which is why he brings them up as topics of conversation here. But to tip his hand as you evidently wish he would, the would ruin the experiment/investigation. He teaches college courses on media criticism and conspiracies. While I have never taken one of them, I assume he tells his students to study the facts as presented by the media, on their own terms, and discover the internal contradictions which will take you in a direction for further investigation.

          These false flag and hoaxes are full of internal contradictions which, taken at face value, cause them to fall apart quite easily when subjected to objective analysis. He’s showing the media the lies they are telling just by repeating back to them what they are saying, and by adding no commentary, stripped of the MSM support structure required to get away with the lie, he’s shaming them.

          Well, they are shameless, I’ll admit. But by his method James Tracy is constantly telling them they should be ashamed of themselves.

          If he were to have openly stated a theory about Sandy Hook at the early stages, as the execrable Anderson Cooper accused him of doing, for example, he’s have lost all credibility. By stating only that the official story/reporting has internal contradictions, which is all he did, he splattered egg all over the “reporters’ faces. They don’t like that.

          There is a place for people like Jim Fetzer, who boldly points out the contradictions and climbs out on a limb with theories that may or may not be true. I’m glad Tracy is not like that. HIS role is, in my view, indispensable–which is why I share my own thoughts here so frequently.

        2. Hi Patrick – Just to add a bit to what you said about bias – and the careful lack of “knee-jerk disbelief” in Dr. Tracy’s remarks – one place you can find that over-reaction is at nodisinfo, which jumps onto everything as though it is a big lie. In fact I believe Tracy once alluded to that site. In fact, credibility (if that is what someone seeks) can only be built by a judicious response, sorting out where the gaps are between official pronouncements about some event and where one’s own sense of the evidence leads. Often this evidence is available within the narrative itself, which proves impossible on its face if one observes it objectively.

          Some events take more sorting out, but if they are discovered to lack the underpinnings of reality, and if they clearly advance some government policy or propaganda in the process, then they can be defined as false flags or hoaxes.

          There are gray areas of slightly dubious events which require too many untestable assumptions, but often that is a matter of personal discrimination.

          There are also some major events with loose ends that cannot easily be explained if one wants to assign them to the category of pure hoax. I would say that I regard the BMB as pure hoax, but a lot of 9/11 carries the possibility of actual death to some of the victims whose absence after the event cannot otherwise be easily explained. This too might actually be attributable to some facts which the ordinary person like myself cannot uncover (such as passengers and pilots being already dead – e.g. one of the pilots was a man I went to high school with for instance, but his photo looks decades older than 9/11; while I know he was a real person, I do not know if he died during his military service and was put “in reserve” to be used this way, but I am in no position to judge how he was used).

          Anyway, the benefit of a such a site as this is it provides a forum for perspectives on these events, and not one predictable doctrinaire line which one must toe to be welcome. That cannot be said for just about anywhere else, although I note that those posting at are often miles ahead of the main columnist.

        3. That’s just it, musings. Where else is there to look at these things so objectively? There are plenty of places to go if you want to revel in the obvious fakery.

          What’s great about this place…well, take the Wolfie threads for instance. Who knew, at the start, how credible the guy was? Fetzer was 100% on board from day one. Here, Tracy’s flat, opinion-free presentation offered incredibly boisterous conversations, some of which became pretty unkind at times. But since Tracy did not tell us what he thought we should believe, we endeavored to sort it out on our own. James rarely injects himself into the conversation. But he’s always out there, finding the new stuff we need to be talking about.

          I have mentioned more than once that anyone writing the definitive history of Sandy Hook will rely on our conversation here. This would not be the case were Tracy to have been like Fetzer, bloviating about theories. That role he leaves up to us.

        4. ” I have mentioned more than once that anyone writing the definitive history of Sandy Hook will rely on our conversation here. This would not be the case were Tracy to have been like Fetzer, bloviating about theories. That role he leaves up to us.”

          Definition of BLOVIATE intransitive verb : to speak or write verbosely and windily — blo·vi·a·tion

          Origin of BLOVIATEperhaps irregular from 1blow First Known Use: circa 1879


          Using this definition of the verb, to bloviate, I conclude that this word could also apply to the writing style of PatrickChatsAmiably, without regard to all of the good information said commenter often conveys.

          In defense of Dr. Fetzer, whom I hold in my daily prayers, I thank God he ‘bloviates about theories.’

          Dr. Fetzer. if any have followed his work over the years regarding many false events, beginning with his large body of investigation of the JFK assassination, has modeled the correct application of the scientific process.

          “Scientific method is a process involving four steps or stages of investigation or inquiry, beginning with PUZZLEMENT, where some phenomenon or event does not fit into your background knowledge and understanding; SPECULATION, where the full range of appropriate alternative explanations are advanced; ADAPTATION, where those alternatives are tested relative to the available relevant evidence; and finally, EXPLANATION, where the alternative that is best supported is acceptable as truebut in the tentative and fallible fashion of science.”

          He and to my knowledge no other person in the “truth movement” demonstrated the SPECULATION stage most admirably and interviewed many people of widely varying “theories.” He interviewed Dr. Judy Wood 15 or more times letting her reveal her “theories” that she adamantly claims are not theories. He never endorsed her theories, contrary to what some opine. I personally noted from the beginning that NOT ONE TIME did Dr. Wood or her co-hort, Andrew Johnson of the UK, ever profer even a perfunctory “thank you” to Dr. Fetzer for his generous donation of his radio show air time to them.

          Many many a time over the years of my studying 9-11 did Dr. Fetzer keep “us” from going down a wrong road in our reasonings.

          Dr. Fetzer provides a different perspective of examining false events, necessarily by his background and area of expertise, different from that of Dr. Tracy’s that also is defined by Dr. Tracy’s area of expertise.

          I appreciate all “bloviators” everywhere.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        5. Not to be misunderstood, dachsie, I have no problem with bloviation, and I certainly have no problem with Dr. Fetzer. I hold him in high regard, and have never spoken ill of him. In fact, in these pages, I have conversed with him about his book about the murder of Paul Wellstone, which is, sadly, too little known.

          The operative phrase in the quote is ” bloviating ABOUT THEORIES.” My point is that Tracy does not do that, and it is all to the good that he does not. That’s not to say that those who DO do that, like Fetzer, are less valuable. We need those sorts of people, too.

          As you say, Fetzer adjusts his theories as he works through them, and as new evidence develops. When he discovers he’s been wrong, he says so, which is admirable. Just as it should be.

          Remember, this side-thread is in response to “bill fred’s” assertion that what James is doing when he presents these stories without telling us whether he believes them he’s either stupid or working for the bad guys. I’m saying that there is a third possibility, and it is the more likely one.

        6. That was a good discussion. I have said that I am slow to form opinions. When I do, they tend to be “graded”, not absolute. I know that I do not have all the information. If some additional information comes along I may adjust or change my opinion. I prefer it like that.

          Others tend to form a thesis. They present it and “defend” it. That is another approach, but I think it works better if one spends more time forming opinions prior to developing a thesis.

          Most of mine will never develop int theses. That’s perfectly fine. I personally think this is a matter of personality. Some are competitive, they want to “win”. They like arguments. Most who engage in this like to utterly destroy their opponent. One can’t be “wrong”, one must be “stupid”.

          I try to proceed from the premise that discussions are good, arguments not so much. I don’t have a need to change someone’s opinion. I like it if they see the wisdom in mine, but it isn’t necessary. Few things in life are “all or nothing”.

          With most of what is discussed here, we have clues or bits of information that anecdotally suggest things. The value in the discussions is in sharing other’s insights based on their personal knowledge and experience. We all don’t read the same things or have the same interests in general. Often, someone will mention something I’ve not considered. It causes me to research it. It may result in my altering my opinion.

          Most of what we discuss is not “proof”. It is true that anecdotal evidence is important, it is risky to bet the farm on it, however. As Patrick says, James creates an environment that allows discussion. It is not necessary to come to a particular conclusion. Some topics are simply have more obvious implications than others.

          In the case of Mr. May, I simply don’t know. That doesn’t mean that I’m unsympathetic. That doesn’t mean that I think it all happened as described. It means that I do not have sufficient information to come to a tentative conclusion. Maybe more importantly, I don’t have to.

          The site provides an assemblage point for information and opinions. People bring information that can be analyzed, researched further, discussed and placed into the puzzle if the piece fits. If the pieces continue to grow we reach a point where an image forms. Some of these topics are further developed than others. Somehow, they are all related.

        7. Bill – all citizens are being duped who believe the daily doses of propaganda they are being bombarded with.

          Certainly you are aware that the government has had no qualms about experimenting on the citizens for a long time now. From experimental radiation treatments to dropping atom bombs, or the modern day chemical poisoning of the air, land & water, those without conscience are in charge of deadly weapons.

          No surprise, the feds are actively involved in ‘scientific’ studies of the brain and certainly that includes how to control it. Only the gov could claim their initial investment of a few billion has resulted in hundreds of billions of economic output.

          All points of view are welcome on the MH, as long as they are respectful and somewhat coherent. It is occasionally telling to witness to what extremes the propaganda machine will go to in an attempt to discredit.

          Well, the good news is that those with questioning attitudes are now considered the most sane of all, which may in itself be a reason to purposely drive them insane!

    2. “Why would ‘they’ spend so much of their resources on one guy? NO WAY.”

      I’ve stayed out of this. I spent 4 hours listening and watching peoples videos including the subject here.

      I agree this has happened and drugs have been giving to people the Gov has really wanted to silence.

      Only someone very high on the food chain is targeted so there is NO evidence, like that guy from the Bush admin walking around with one shoe on clearly drugged and out of his mind only to be found in dumpster.

      That was 2009 when Obama just got in and Bush had some clean up left.

      BUT, there is no way they’d spend 10’s of thousands to chase nobody’s around just for the fun of it and maybe practice.

      Do they have the Tech to do this? I’d say yes.

      But after really trying to understand this and watching all these people saying everyone at the park, and on a bicycle and walking a dog works for “them” was too much.

      And I was a trained Tech for so many years and the whole “Satellites are beaming in my brain” just show they have no idea.

      Direct close encounter attacks? Yes, possible

      I don’t mean to offend anyone, I’m just laying some technical ground rules.

      Like I said, I’ve tried to stay out of this I’m WAY down the Rabbit hole and there are many tunnels, but this subject is beyond my pay grade..

      Ps. Shooting microwaves at windows to listen in on conversations is 40 yrs old and yes you can get sick and maybe even get cancer.

      1. Ric, good question. I have tried to be tactful in this discussion. I realize that many are “convinced”, not only of its existence, but have formed elaborate explanations regarding the methodology.

        First, I can’t prove a negative. So I can’t say “it doesn’t exist”. If it does exist, I have no information, other than the testimony of those who claim the affliction, as to its nature. Many of the reported symptoms are very similar to other known afflictions like schizophrenia.

        One could assume that it might be possible to “trigger” schizophrenia through the use of a device. Conversely, someone might actually be communicating with a targeted person as described. How would we know?

        I have said that people with mental issues are not lying. Their experiences are as real to them as ours. Being articulate has absolutely nothing to do with mental illness. I would wager that a large percentage of people with disorders come from the higher intelligence quotients.

        The only way to tell appears to be the ability to interfere, somehow, with the alleged transmissions. If the voices stop, bingo.

        The talk of “nanotechnology” is rather unfocused. The term only refers to size. That covers a lot of territory. I do, indeed, have concerns about the technology but for different reasons. I suppose it could be used as some sort of receiver/transceiver, but I can’t visualize just how one would locate and anchor such a thing where needed. It may be possible, I simply don’t know.

        Beyond the above, is speculation. I could write a science fiction book based on my imagination of how something like that would work. That doesn’t mean that it does.

        Lastly, I am assuming that those who suspect they are targeted individuals get their information from similar people. That is understandable. How accurate the information may be is questionable.

        Triggering a syndrome in someone is probably easier than controlling someone at will. Even the MK Ultra experiments with hypnosis were not totally successful. “Radio controlling” someone is much more complex.

        As you say, Ric, what would make a particular person worthy of such a targeting? There may be an answer to that but I don’t know what it is.

        1. ” I would wager that a large percentage of people with disorders come from the higher intelligence quotients.”

          Unfortunately this is true.

          “Lastly, I am assuming that those who suspect they are targeted individuals get their information from similar people.”

          I agree. Even Myron said he studying other “T.I’s” on youtube which was a red flag for me.

          But as I said, it our beloved Gov wanted to Zap your brain with a crew of spooks chasing you around and renting the hotel rooms next door to you I think they’d have to worthy at some level.

          Not to diss a commentor here who suggested if they had looked closer at Myron’s body they would have found “Lenses” on his eyes. I guess for hallucinations? Probability .00001. And No, the Satellites can’t power them either.

          But as I Said, if “they” really wanted to Zap ’em they could but “m sure it’s reserved for people who have the actual “Drill Plan” for 911.

          Thanks Lophatt

        2. Your comment, Lop, is yet another good one. People are so incredibly suggestible, just by our very nature it seems. We ARE sheep. Remember when everybody and their brother had MPD (multiple personality disorder)? Rosanne and Anne Heche come immediately to mind, but there were plenty more. For as big of a mouth as Rosanne has, she never really cleared that one up, as far as I heard.

          TI/gang-stalking must share a similar element. I actually know a girl/woman who claimed that she and her boyfriend were victims of gang-stalking, but she didn’t use that term specifically…this was before I’d heard about gang-stalking anyway (2006?). However, she was on a meth-binge when she told me, so obviously that made her story less reliable. In retrospect, though, she described any of the same things as the TIs we hear from today, and I’d bet the house my friend had no contact with any TI organizations at that time, even if they existed.

          And like you say, you can’t prove a negative…

        3. Lophat
          You’re right about the difficulty in completely remote controlling someone. However in the 1960s researchers funded by the US demonstrated it beyond doubt in some specific conditions. Jose Delgado recorded and later replayed the same brain-electrode signals resulting in the same behaviour of the chimpansee experimented on. It could be repeated any number of times proving robotic behaviour of humanlike animals. Similar observations of remote control of humans was observed as well.
          Nothing was forced on the patients, it was all done with consent or even demanded by the patients. Some wanted to be lobotomized.
          In those cases the individual self control was overridden by the particular choice of neurons connected. For electrodes bypassing the relexes it is undoubtedly possible to force involuntary motion.
          However it is probably not possible to force somone just by transmitting thoughts. And that’s where the real interest lay in MKULTRA.

      2. Ric
        You’re right about them wanting to scare those high up the food chain, but the way to do it is to target others and make sure they protest.
        In 1990 Marlin Fitzwater, the republican wip(?) threatened his fellow party members with secret methods of punishment unless they close ranks and followed the party line. They would experience a private purgatory.

      3. If you want to get away with something, repeatedly, attack a bunch of “nobodies”. You mention a higher-up and then point out that he turned up dead. That’s what you would do to an important person because if you slowly torture them over extended periods of time, they will have methods to discover you and means of exposing the atrocity to the masses. Nobodies are defenseless in almost all senses of the word. As for the “nobody” theory, all politics are local. In the same vein of thinking, you find out about certain person’s sentiments and skills as pertains to a particular locale and you might deem them a good target for two reasons: 1) They are a “nobody” in the big scheme of things and you can practice and perfect your evil tech on them and 2) Their eventual elimination will clear the slate of that locale of one who might oppose your ultimate objective.

        1. Good points on the erroneous “nobody” defense. Additionally, tortured “nobodies” have always made very effective examples to force by-standers to participate and/ or be silent… Lastly, after the stalking campaigns’ “macro motive” is complete, many will have various “micro motives” depending on the politcal, social, economic situation of the targeted individual.

    3. Hi Bill-please go view videos at
      TheSpecialK45 at YouTube-

      These are videos of atomic level projectiles (streams of electrons).Smartphone camcorders with flash ON can pick up these things-some are even steered toward the TI. No evidence of external damage they SLOW KILL their targets-
      This is all science-The Electromagnetic Spectrum. Infrared light out of the range of the human eye makes it visible to the camcorder-thus the viewfinder is what the camera sees.

      So this whole gammit of attacks on innocent people are real-My videos are filmed with the flash/torch on-camcorder settings HQ video with fluorescent light setting-if you arent targeted Thank God for it. This is one technology that can be captured on video-
      Its microwave beam-it goes through walls with no damage-weapon is called a Free Electron Maser-Patented Technology-Steerable-
      In the hands of real criminals paid to hurt innocent people-any way they can. View my videos-im lucky that I am knowledgeable in mechanical, electronics-and science-saved my life-
      It is Real-this is Torture-Hell on Earth-

    4. billfred, THEY DO NOT SPEND THEIR MONEY, THEY SPEND ‘YOUR MONEY’ IN THEIR PROGRAM, of TARGETING FOLKS … The more ‘False’ national security threats, that they conjure, the more they are able to target their own perceived enemies, & make money as they eliminate threats, against their “Systematic Overthrow of the U.S. by the CIA” :

      Tailoring Intelligence, Hyping Terror Threats, Creating Fake Terror Events, Declaring a Terrorist is Lurking in Every Tree, Within Every Bush, & Behind Every Blade of Grass, is the Fast Track for I.C. Career Advancement. It translates into Big Financial Reward, & Job Security. ,,,:

  10. In all but content, May is articulate and rational. His voice is emotionally modulated, he does not exhibit a flat affect. He has none of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia so far as I can detect. He doesn’t explain how he disqualified schizophrenia but these reasons I have mentioned might disqualify it. He’s older than the onset age of schizophrenia, most schizophrenics are not so high-achieving, academically as May and most exhibit withdrawn or antisocial personalities during adolescents. I don’t know if he did. I can’t help but wonder if May’s complaints (symptoms) are a reaction formation, a defense against repressed homosexual or oedipal fantasies and wishes. He may also be a government actor, playing a role to sell “fear of the mentally ill” or, he may be the victim of targeted harassment, but that I think is least likely. In any case, and no matter what part of his story is true or false, it is a very sad set of circumstances.

    1. You sound like a well educated man, Peter, but you know nothing about the victimization actually going on. Why would this man choose suicide by cop, if he was anything but a real victim. He was driven to do this act, because of ridicule from people like you. WHAT IF IT WAS HAPPENING TO YOU?

      1. Have you come up with a theory of why suicide by cop after only a few months?… and why at his alma mater FSU? If these stalking campaigns can drive the sane to insanity in only a few months, then just think what these stalking crimes are capable of doing to those with a pre-existing mental illness or weakness; or our children…

    2. This is real. It is happening. You have some enlightened comments and then you take a hard turn away from enlightenment. This man was deliberately driven to what he did. Period. There are some very evil people in our government. I don’t mean in this administration. I mean in the government that doesn’t change with whoever gets elected. They are more evil than Nazis because at least Nazis did what they did in uniforms and out in the streets and before the eyes of the world. These evil cowards do this from anonymity and then go home to have dinner with their families as if they were human.

  11. Before any news of Aaron Alexis or Myron May I designed the Satellite Electronic Harassment Awareness Bracelet and self-published my suicide note of my 30 years experiencing being a VICTIM of Satellite Directed Energy Weaponry Terrorism! It’s a HORRIFIC CRIME to say the least! I try doing all possible to RAISE AWARENESS about the ATROCITIES being committed against us VICTIMS. I fear for my life Gangstalking is very real! The perpetrators are hearing the person accessing VOICE OF GOD WEAPONS SO it’s impossible to hide because as a VICTIM you’re being remotely Stalked and TORTURED by whoever is accessing Satellite Directed Energy Weaponry and completely defenseless!

    1. Some of the same things are happening to me. After taking plates and being aware, I think the corporation G4S is directing it. They are the world’s largest private security company and they are dirty.

  12. The RESPECTS to Mr Myron May and THANKS for let me post my Tis stories here. I am an TIs victims in HK. #TargetedIndividuals

    CONFIRMED the hk city is in perpetuals Exercisings in of the Advancing NEUROSciences Radiating Technologies(“ELF Mind Control Weaponry Technologies”. Ref.Us Patent: 3951134; 4877027; 5123899; 5159713; 5213567; 5289438; 5800481; 6011991; 6167304; 6488617; …….)along with the local Top-Police facilitatings.

    WHICH have the Functionings of delvers Airborne Techno-Electromagnetic-Stimulus-Wave in of Vital direct Intrusives STIMULATINGS of Humans BRAIN to acquired the Non-Consensual Conditioned-Sets of ‘BIO-NEURAL-MENTAL’ Effects Outcomes of from any individuals in the city (the Effects-Density to persons depends on stages-conditions and Bio-Physio dependent), via giant Microwave Antenna array at for the commercial broadcasting(ALL compass in every spot of the city found Disoriented with degrees, due to the Abnormal EMR Power Effects), and in of X-Hi Radiation dispersings in Atmosphere with the HK Observatory recorded lowest 1,300 mSv/hr(65 X Over ), and the scientific-facts quoted in hk local news press(on Mar. 30,2015)proved Astoundings High Levels of Cancers-Causations Radiation measured in the city is 0.32 – 0.45 mSv/hr, and is just 40% lower than the Japan ‘Abandoned-City’ which near the Fukishima Nuclear Explosions Sites measured.

    AND Couplings with Satellite the Covert Surveillance over peoples most PRIVACY, espionagings individuals Intellectual Properties & Non-Public materials with populations as a whole. And the NEUROTransmittings Effects of anywhere in effectings Deep LIFE-LIVINGS-FREEDOMS, SAFETIES and HEALTH of complete population in hk ALONG with the Energy-Effects in effectings other regions in Pan Asia Pacific and far to N. America. ……. A bit more info in my Face Book Wall.

    IN principles, I am the prime ‘Electro-Brain-Interfaces-Targeted’ victims in the city #TargetedIndividuals, since my ex-girlfriend was succumbed to Suicides by the ‘Electro-Telepathy-GangStalkings’ shortly before the ‘Telepathy-Doers’ Fully-Attackings me, as my ex-girlfriend didn’t co-operated with the ‘Telepathy-Doers’ to sabotage my Business/Life(this was V2k (Voices to Skull Transmissions)plus EMR Images Transmittings (Hallucinations effects)into my Brain by the ‘Electro-Telepathy-Doers’ after 2-3 yrs of ‘Telepathy-Terrorist-Threats-Torturings’, as I believes the ‘Telepathy-Doers’ Hope to Sadden/Soften or Threaten me to prevent me from disclosings it), OF course I did noticed my ex-girlfriend had some bizarre questions and Stranges-Manners & UnSelf-conditions from time to time before she took her own Life, and of course I can agreed she had no any ideas to how/what to tell me whats Happenings to her actually.

    THE ‘Electro-Telepathy-GangStalkings’ was ‘Shielded’ from High-Social members and Govt. Office and was ‘picked-out’ orders from one of my business-rivals to act the ‘Subliminal-Controls’ over me for commercial interests(it means the ‘Electro-Telepathy-Doers’ started with my ex-girlfriend first with the ‘Sweeties-Plannings’, and they ‘Electro-Spied’ on me and her long before we noticed their ‘Psycho-Operations’/works or existances, and they got a lot of personals/privacy details in of the plannings and to as to one of the ‘Torturings-Means’ in all way later-on. (Low-Terrorists Tactics).

    THE ‘Telepathy-StalkingGang’ got several high rank Detectives as the Back-Bone-Runners, and of course the ‘bone-runners’ did also Torturings me quite like no other choices, and to no avail. AFTERWARDS, few Senior-Top police personnels were ‘Recruited’ in to the ‘Telepathy-Mind-Torturings’ Psychic-Murders-Brokerings by several young girls of the gang by servings the few Stupid Top Police-Jerks of Sex-Lust(this was also V2k into my brain by those ‘Telepathy-Fools’ since I think they wanted to Pressings/back me-down by sayings as, You little-man got no any chances to get any ways out !!!).

    LATER ON, the few Top-Police manipulated the job-relationships to have several the city well-known City-Councilors sit in and stir up certains extents and make funs out of me, and asking many as to they Prouded political-questions ???? (I told them you knows the ‘Gods’ will speakings asks, you “Hypocrites-High-Man’ here to Fools/Torturings innocent citizens to say the Hell Hole ‘Political’ !!!!), it was also to my knowings there are several Girls Movies/TV. stars/celebrities also presences together to Make Funs/Agitate/Temptings me heavily, and of course along with the ‘Electro-Telepathy-NEUROTransmittings-Tricks'( as Seratonin with Calm/Peaces/Loves-Cares effects, Dopamine with High Ego/High-Moods, Adrenaline with Arousals/sex counter, Stress Hormones, and Brain-State manoeuvrings, ………….. ,), and with the girls celebrities Dump-obsesses, its really turns the Atmosphere/situations in to NoGrounds-Land, and its really easy to hook any victims into Hysterics/Insanes.

    IT also may to my knowings that few govt Top-Officials also awared of the Dire Situations but to do no anythings in of the heavily ‘Bureaucratics’ they picked.

    NOW, as to my knowings the ‘Electro-Telepathy-GangStalking’ no longer financed by any peoples , but was to given free Breakfast and Meth.(ICE)drugs by the local police force, and those ‘Telepathy-Sicks-Doers’ never-ended ‘Telepathy-Psychic-Torturings’ just for their Self-Joy and Out-Minded Delusionals. (Techo-Psychopath-Sick-Acts !!!!).

    EVERYONE can see that no Authorities and Rights Groups will do anythings(even the High-Branded UN Human Rights Office/Amnesty Int’l Offices in the city hk will do little-pit)due to the heavy ‘Bureaucracy’ circumstances, and will Things ‘Blow-Over’. With hk small city to no few peoples knows and even not willing to see their Brains are being ‘Zapped-ElectroReWirings’ by the Weaponry Technologies in 24hrs-days-years and with next generation also.

    I AM now keepings Pressurings on the local police by writing/x-rox letters to different city-councilors and govt. salaried Officials, and postings more info. onto the Internet. WISH Lucks with my side. I Sincerely thanks to ALL TIs advocacy around the worlds and Hope ALL in Health and Keep-On always. thanks much and thanks again,

    1. You say “Hi Radiation dispersings in Atmosphere with the HK Observatory recorded lowest 1,300 mSv/hr(65 X Over ), and the scientific-facts quoted in hk local news press(on Mar. 30,2015)proved Astoundings High Levels of Cancers-Causations Radiation measured in the city is 0.32 – 0.45 mSv/hr, and is just 40% lower than the Japan ‘Abandoned-City’ which near the Fukishima Nuclear Explosions Sites measured.”
      Q:Do you have a source about astoundingly high levels in hk?

        1. I’m afraid that assuming this information is correct, it is out of the article’s topic. I happen to have some expertise on one part of it: telepathic (aka spiritual) harassment. The U.S. military set up such a system around 1990 and continuously improved it in the following years, for the purpose of stealthily damping out “undesirable” thoughts. It ended up with the most powerful process of spiritual perversion (aka sorcery or witchcraft) in recent history, One of its major accomplishments was to support the censorship of 9/11.

          To Chun Kong Cheung’s point, these immoral U.S. spiritual practitioners use electronic machines to amplify their mental work, including satellites. I am not aware of some local facility that would emit to a specific city high level of electromagnetic radiation laced with spiritual perversion, but it is conceivable. I plead incompetence about the lengthy technical details, though.

          At any rate and just in case, I’ll respectfully invite Chun Kong Cheung to train his 3rd eye on me whenever he has reasons to believe he is being harassed. If by chance the above-mentioned process is the source of it, he should expect a significant relief.


        2. Patrick
          It means that a certain concentration of energy (energy per kg body weight) in the form of radioactive particles is deposited in the target per unit time.
          The term Sievert=Sv is defined as 1 Joule/kg. Sv/h means 1 Sievert per hour. Normal global radioactive background including internal body radioactivity, earth radiation cosmic radiation, and radon is some 0,27 microsievert/h=0,27uSv (he writes m instead of u)
          Normal background measurement only taken directly above ground are on average 0,09uSv/h and may wary between 0,01 and 0,15 in different cities. (That number does not include the internal body effects and radon mentioned above)
          The data he cites for Hongkong 0,32-0,45 uSv/h sounds very high and that’s why I enquired.

  13. This article appears to me to be an attempt to brand experiences of electronic harassment as actually the result of various forms of sleep disorders and sleep deprivation. The science appears weak and sketchy. As always, there may be some, or even much, truth in the article, there is an implicit denial of technologies that can be used on Targeted Individuals for various nefarious purposes. This article does, however, hint at what one of those purposes or motivations on the part of “the government.” Perhaps the overall idea of this article is part of the mind control of the general population to tell us that distrust of the government is just part of the “conspiracy theorists’ ” mindset, and that mindset is suffering from undiagnosed physical/biological condition.

    You see, Conspiracy theorists are sick.

    How Many Beliefs Are Due to Sleep Deprivation?
    Making peace with Exploding Head Syndrome and the need for explanations
    James Hamblin
    Apr 3 2015, 11:03 AM ET

  14. Expose police corruption Canada – They are covering up they’re sickly disgusting gangstalking violent behaviour: Canadian Intelligence working with undercover police are aggressively surveillancing a women living in downtown Toronto Ontario Canada. Sound/Noise acoustic devices are used, technology used to watch inside her home to extreme abuse, violation and harassment.. They don’t want the public to know as this is a Human Rights violation, extreme invasion of privacy and brings attention to their extreme human torture/inhumanity. This is really happening. Needs to end.

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