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The Newtown Legislative Council voted Wednesday, January 21 to demolish the home of Adam Lanza and preserve the location as open space.

The Council’s move comes just sixteen months after a similar decision to demolish Sandy Hook Elementary School and upon strong advocacy by Newtown Selectman Patricia Llorda.

The decision was made following almost no deliberation by council members.

According to the narrative put forth by state and federal officials, Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother, Nancy, in the home before going on the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012.

Newtown officials remain unclear on what will replace the structure.

“There should be further discussion on what to do with the property. Something productive definitely should be done with it. It shouldn’t just be left demolished,” said Tim Wilder of Newtown.

Council members may also put a provision on the property deed specifying that the victims’ families would get any proceeds from any sale or development of the land.

“It hit very close to home for me. I taught three of the girls at a dance studio and we lost them and I don’t give him any thought,” said Brianna Velky, of Southbury.

In late 2014, Newtown bought the Lanza family home in Sandy Hook for $1.

“Just because there were some terrible memories that happened there I think other people should have the potential to have good memories there,” said Shawn DeFord, of Woodbury

The town is also expected to consider putting some limitations on the home’s deed including ensuring any profits made would go toward supporting the victim’s families.

“I wouldn’t want to be living on that land,” Velky added.

Newtown’s First Selectman expects it will cost about $29,000 to tear down the home, which will be covered by insurance through the Sandy Hook Recovery Fund.

“It would be better to spend more time doing something like putting more resources into building the school. That would be more of an honor to the kids,” said Brian Danziger of Newtown.

The Board of Selectman has to give the final approval, but that is more of a formality. There is no word yet on when that will happen.

More information available at Additional reporting by the Associated Press.

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197 thought on “Lanza Home Slated for Demolition”
  1. Since there is no legitimate evidence that this property is a crime scene then the implications of the actions of the Newtown Legislative council are far reaching and highly questionable.

    1. I wonder if there are any Lanza fingerprints or DNA anywhere. Probably only rubber glove marks from the perpetrators planting that crazy-looking evidence including those awful cheap looking slippers.

      1. The Lanza family is fictitious: This was a government psychopathic production with casting provided by It Works which appears to be a front company for government sanctioned frauds. The front is selling health and beauty aids and you can find faces connected to this company in world government fabricated events from beheadings to Ebola and beyond. They really put an effort in deception. The little pods of actors in the individual acts all have similar look-a-likes so pegging the exact match can be a challenge.

        You never find just a single look-a-like; they engage their friends and extended family for the fringe characters; so when you can match two, three and more it makes the find more valid.

        These clans are scattered all over the country. Many appear to be generational crisis actor clans and the defrauding starts at birth; their babies and the family elders are in these events. Sandy Hook has the bulk from Florida and Michigan. The actual Newtown people involved are likely operating with false names and credentials and likely infiltrated years before the event so that the every day Joe actually believes he knows these people. The fringe characters are from various states depending on what extended family gets involved.

        They pulled this in WA State and I found the actual people to be from Texas and Maryland. They are employed as the school superintendent, doctors and even the county sheriff; all false identities. In fact, here in WA the phony medical director at the local Trauma Level 2 hospital is actually married to the fraud county sheriff in real life and they are both from Maryland. One of the girls that purportedly died is actually a young adult and daughter to the school superintendent and they are from Texas.

        The distractions are plentiful and they are all tall tales years in the making. It really is much simplier than what we are led to believe; a certain class has been deemed above the law because they help the government defraud the population by creating a tangled web of deception.

        Meet the man they used as the base to create the persona Adam Lanza

        Here is Ryan

        Here is Peter and Nancy plus extra added attractions

        Here is EmiLIE Parker to show you the Ryan Lanza connection

        I have actually found all these actors and the fringe too. I just found one of the Soto fringe because she blocked me on Twitter and when I looked at her profile sure enough her face was in a family photo where I found the Carlos Matthew Soto actor; she is his relative and a nurse practitioner and this psychopathic fraud promotes mental health care.

        You can not under estimate the photo and video fraud involved. They do facial contour changes, age progression/regression, change body mass and more. The news is a pack of lies and a bad movie. Here you will see how they made the actor chubby to create the character D’Avino. Every American needs to study up on what can be done with camera trickery, both, still and video, and we all need to learn to look for signs of and become skilled in seeing through deception.

        1. rebelready, if we are to understand that Sandy Hook was and is, a fictitious, scripted event, then by no means can we allow for ANY of the significant characters to be real.

          By means of some perverted machinations, the orchestrators have managed to layer into “reality” apparently legitimate human beings.

          Its as fascinating as it is disturbing. What I continue to find most disconcerting in all of this is the ongoing wholesale acceptance of this farce.

          Try broaching the subject at your next family get together if you are under the impression that the “official” Sandy Hook is at all questioned.

          And be ready to duck.

        2. JCM- speaking from first hand research, traceable identities are indeed mixed together with crisis actors Sandy Hook Hoax TV series. Assertion at the family get together that the Lanza family is completely fictitious is not supportable and a red herring topic. However, inviting anyone to present evidence that the fairy tale is factual is a lively mind bending liberation.

        3. late to this idea; it has occurred to me that the Ryan lanza’driver’s license–last seen at the crime scene in the possession of this Adam Lanza should be traced back to a valid social security number for Ryan. Or, as in the case of our invented president (manufactured past, present and future) simply lifted from some deceased’s personal file. All these creatures posing for their close ups–lol–must have SS numbers to function in the US. IF THEY ARE REAL.

          SS numbers are a closely-guarded secret, but one intrepid investigator managed to ferret out Obama’s fictitious nonidentity.


        4. fvpatterson, I agree with you to a point. To argue with family about whether or not the Lanzas, or any of the other players, are real personages would be the least productive of avenues to traverse when attempting to engage an ear regarding our Sandy Hook convictions.

          However I beg to differ concerning anyones research which would substantiate any true identities here. If your research leads you to conclude that, say, Robby Parker is a “real” person, do you not think that, given the immense nature of the lie, Robby Parkers identity could have been meticulously created by whoever was responsible for this unconscionable deception?

          I have no doubt that “Robby” is a real human being, but what I cant accept at this point is that Robby is really Robby.

          I don’t believe they would have risked the inevitable tracing efforts that would have ensued.

          However, you may be right. I could just be so damn jaded at this point that I am missing this one.

          Bottom line is, no one will ever be able to prove to me that 20 children and 6 educators were slaughtered in sandy Hook, simply because a negative cannot be proven.

        5. JCM, Thanks to the humor, perspective and research presented throughout this forum (including yours) my sanity is growing stronger.
          Robbie is probably Robbie just as much as Nancy is Nancy or Pat L. is Pat L…etc…. for the simple reason they are likely Admiral Club members of this ongoing 4th branch of government led fraud and deception. I define Admiralty as lifetime allegiance and compensation. Ranking of involvement down the ladder can no doubt be described to include all the participants (real or stage names) we have seen listed in the credits.

        6. Rebel, I, like fv, am cautious. It is not necessary to “prove” any of the characters in this production were “real” or “invented”. Certainly there were people who at least played the role of a character in the script.

          One possible exception to that is “Adam”, as we have no real evidence of his existence. I agree that the anecdotal evidence strongly implies that they are not as described.

          While the whole thing is an obvious fraud, elements of it may be at least based on either real events or characters. I suspect that there is at least some mixture. “Gene”, for example, is a real resident. It doesn’t make his performance any better or make the event anymore believable. It is just one fact.

          There is a much darker side to this than the surface events. If you think of it as an existing center for illicit activities, and then being selected to be “center stage” for this drama, it isn’t hard to see that certain players were already in place.

          It is also obvious that most were brought in, over time, “sheep dipped” and introduced after the main event. Just like our fearless leader has an impossible life story, so do these players.

          The ones that we are familiar with have no volition of their own. They are following orders. That doesn’t excuse their behavior, but it is misleading to make much of anything they may say or claim. As long as they continue to play their roles they will be protected and cared for.

          I suspect that there are two additional groups. There are those who began this thinking that they were just participating in a drill. They were already in the area and are now in the same boat as the professionals.

          Lastly, there are those who simply live there and only know what they’ve been told. This place is almost dead. The original residents are dying off and the newcomers are connected to the pageant.

          What I’m trying to say is that it isn’t “one size fits all”. To the extent that they play a role, all of that is fictitious. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist as people. Everything connected to the drill is, of course, bogus. Other drill scenarios can, and often are, scripted around existing players.

          There is a lot to be said for “hiding in plain sight”. The original nature of the place is no doubt continuing to operate with the added cover of being sacrosanct. I expect that when they get their new $54M THING in place their core business will grow to higher, (or lower) heights. It will be protected by having a spotlight shown on it, all under control, of course.

          This drill is ongoing. It isn’t going away anytime soon.

        7. fv, “Admiral Club” is a great analogy. That would be Holder down to our First Selectwoman. The real bosses are invisible.

          I’m sure they clinked many a martini glass over this one. The ones below that in the pyramid would be the enforcers and the production people.

          Below them are the drones. This one, like BMB is special in that they keep reviving it and recording the reactions. The others are allowed to fade away, having accomplished their purpose.

          I suspect they will push this way beyond the natural limits, depending on the nature of the reactions. At some point they will either have to up the dose on the Prozac or lower the methane.

  2. It is a crime scene – just not the scene of the current alleged crime and the alleged criminals have not yet been charged. They are destroying evidence that would be included in their future prosecutions.

    These people likely all have fictitious names and infiltrated prior to the event just as they did in Marysville WA shooting.

    BTW here is Carlee Soto see more at the link and a full post regarding the Carlee actor coming soon. Besure to click links in the comments; you do not want to miss this information.

    1. I read somewhere, can’t remember exactly where, that 36 Yogananda Street has already been emptied out and everything inside carted away, appliances and all. No unauthorized person would dare getting close – the hills have eyes.

      1. Anne, the last version of the script has “Peter” demanding that “Adam’s” personal belongings be removed. Ever the “model” father figure, he has directed the State to have them for further study. In this way, while wishing he had never been born, he can do his part to pay homage to The State.

        While no longer married to “Nancy”, “Peter” has decided to ignore the laws of inheritance and “take charge” as an alpha millionaire is wont to do.

        “Ryan”, it has been reported (I think it’s on Page 666 of the script), has also removed his personal belongings. The remainder may have become “evidence” (currently being held in the prop room for a future production), with the exception of a box of diapers.

        So, as the cold Connecticut winter molders the St. Vinnie’s furniture, and the adverts collect in the mail bin, dark tales are spun be children passing “The House Where Someone Died”.

        Soon it will become a vacant lot where the bankers weep over their lost funds and ponder how this came to pass. Maybe the “proceeds”, (I still haven’t absorbed that yet) from the demolition can be used to purchase ceramic bones for the park.

        So, as the camera pans back from the scene, we see the children frolicking amongst the bones and sacrificing small animals in the “park” while the adults continue their caroling, dreaming of Spring and garden discussions on the walk.

        1. As special correspondent for the new TELLaTRUTHVISION media network along with the other razor sharp intellects here, I appreciate your hilarious sanity Lophatt.
          Perhaps the Sandy Hook Hoax Players will write a Yogananda Midnight Bonfire into the script. Ashes of objects of deception will be prized by these frauds.

  3. By doing this, they are protecting the CT State Police Report images from being substantiated or discredited. I am of the belief that the crime scene photos taken inside this house were fabricated and possibly even taken at a different location.
    Time to destroy the last bit of physical evidence !!

  4. Oh, gee, here we are in the twilight zone again.

    Maybe they could build a freedom tower on that vacant lot.

    I think it would be kind of interesting to when the house was built and how much was paid for the house new. Where the Lanzas the first owners or secondary owners? Follow the deed transfers. Follow the money, yadda yadda.

    I look at that huge house, I get strange feelin all over. Here sort of fairly picture perfect large American traditional family home, probably over 3000 square feet. You know, the house had to have an original asking price somewhere around one million. Did daddy Lanza make that kind of money? You know where I’m going this… If somebody goes there I’m sure they will many anomalies that just do not add up, you know, like every aspect of the Sandy Hook event.

    Ok, so now we have twilight zone Potemkin house that was constructed and installed as part of the Newtown Potemkin Village installation project and we are now in the next phase of this Potemkin Village project where certain buildings are to be disappeared, disappeared physically and disappeared from our Potemkin psyches.

    I was looking for a video of Red Button singing his famous “Strange Things are Happening” but only the audio is available. The flip side is The Ho Ho Song, which is just about identical to the Strange Things are Happening Song.

    1. Sorry for missing words in my postings lately. That’s another strange that is happening. I just feel I need to go ahead post and have not been careful proofreading lately for various, so look at it like its fun little puzzle and you just guess what the missing words and put them in.

      1. When I am tired, my typing suffers, as does my proofing.
        Resting and relaxed, I can seem almost coherant. I have been known to invent a word because it sounds good.
        Words to me are like music to trained musicians. Just the way my mind works. I write poetry with that as my impetus. And I vent on blogs to cleanse me soul of the wrath engendered due to endemic deception in our society, but Lord I hate taking time to look up every word for spelling errors.

        Even when I know word is misspelled, I stubbornly choose the wrong possibility: ant or ent or ible or able; mysogenist or misogynist. (knew there was a ‘y’ in it–just put it in the wrong place.) Won’t say I have disabilities; if I want to engage, no excuses.
        Can see why English is so difficult to learn as a second language.

        Keep om kneping on soldiers of the light.

  5. How come son Ryan Lanza (if there is such a person) didn’t get the house? Anyway, I tried twice to post the link to a Professor Doom1 you tube video but it wouldn’t post—‘Sandy Hook Capstone Drills–fully explained’. He describes how Sandy Hook was a drill that went ‘live’ He shows documents detailing the multi layers of players and agencies and their uses. Also shows footage of DHS van on premises–and why would that be? Many questions answered as to the bizarre nature of the whole thing. The scope of this event is even more surreal than I already thought.

    1. For some reason now clicking on the link says the video is not available but if you type in the title search it will come up. You won’t be disappointed with this one. Sorry for the wild goose chase as I have only basic computer skills and trouble shooting You Tube stuff isn’t one of them

  6. Is this a new trend now, destroying the homes of alleged mass-murderers and the locations of those alleged murders? Columbine HS and the Harris and Klebold homes were not destroyed. The “Amityville Horror” house in Amityville, NY has been bought and sold many times and is still standing. This whole thing stinks of a cover-up. The home was probably not lived in for years and Newtown could not take the chance of a new owner realizing this, and perhaps letting someone from the media into the home to film it.

    1. Bingo, Heaven forbid a REAL investigator get a look around the “crime scene” or lack thereof.

      Also the “name game” again.

      Jason Newton reporting from Newtown..haha

      1. They made quick work of the school before anyone had a chance to ask Kaitlin Roig and her kids to recreate 15 of them in the bathroom.

        How sad that such an obvious fraud is not being exposed by anyone in main stream politics or media.

        In Connecticut one candidate, Martha Dean, was demonized just for raising the subject. She knows it’s a lie.

        Oh and hear this , Sandy Hook Promise founder and director, Tim Makris, raked in a cool $170 THOUSAND in compensation. When I raised this issue with Nicole Hockley on twiiter she became very rude and condescending. $983 THOUSAND to the top 4 contractors alone in 2013 alone not counting 2014.

        Talk about exploiting a tragedy. How many people does Makris manage ? 4 part time ? Mark Barden, Nelba Marquez Green, and Nicole Hockley.

        1. Thank you so much. That is one document that needs further scrutinizing. Sandy Hook Promise is registered or licensed to solicit donations in all 50 states. Some hefty sums paid for consulting and PR as well.

        2. Check out Jessica Berlinski here:

          At the federal level, she successfully advocated for the inclusion of programs and language supporting school climate in President Obama’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act proposal. Berlinski currently serves on the Sandy Hook Promise’s Tech Committee, dedicated to identifying and supporting new technologies to promote safe school climate, advances in mental health, and gun control. Prior to her non-profit work, she spent seven years as a Talent and Literary Manager in Los Angeles, CA.

        3. ” Prior to her non-profit work, she spent seven years as a Talent and Literary Manager in Los Angeles, CA.”

          Glad her career track is consistent with her area of expertise.

          I need to go back and listen to the lyrics of an old flip side song of the Stones. The title was something like…Under-assistant west coast promo man.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        4. Great document marshall, thank you.I think its interesting that the stated additional awareness and education initiatives include ” Mother’s day Father’s day, Back to School, and 3/6/12 month Tragedy Anniversaries. So many opportunities to remember. ” Thanks Anne B., I am also interested in the companies making large consulting fees. This one stood out to me as being particularly Californian: Griffin|Schein based in LA
          From their website: “Griffin|Schein has rebranded as RALLY and moved to

          The reason for our rebrand is straightforward: over the last two years we have evolved into a better and more robust business than when we began. We’ve expanded from two partners to a talented team of twenty professionals; we’ve added a San Francisco office and a number of Bay Area clients active in technology and innovation, education, and environmental protection; and we’ve added new capabilities to our service offerings, including digital and social media consulting, issue ad creation, and non-profit management, among others.” Wow, they seem to be promoting a lot of issues I hear about all the time. The name is sounds a bit, “we are legion” as well. Maybe that is just the Newtown/San Fransisco connection in my brain talking…

          I asked the question whether demolition of criminals houses is a standard practice or not, it seems kind of medieval. “Home demolition was often employed by the state as a means of punishing crimes regarded as exceptionally dishonourable. In a number of medieval European countries, the relatives of those convicted of offences such as incest, sodomy, parricide or treason were sometimes collectively punished by having their homes demolished and their possessions confiscated.” Wikipedia

        5. Calimom, that is interesting. Once in a while the opposite happens and a notorious gangster’s home is saved and becomes a popular and beautiful destination. Such a place is Al Capone’s hideaway named Two Bunch Palms in the California desert. I recently spent three years in this desert and Two Bunch Palms was on the way to the grocery store.

        6. I have a “Sandy Hoax Promise” myself: I PROMISE, so help me GOD, to do my absolute utmost to expose this most massive of frauds. I WILL NOT rest until these Hoaxperps are arrested, tried, convicted and incarcerated FOREVER for their unholy, unlawful and unforgivable manipulation of everything that “happened” in Newtown that day, and ever since.

        7. Sandy Hook Promise had a gross income of around 3 million in 2013. Expenses totaled ca. 2 million, leaving 1 million for charity disbursements.

          Local mom and pop consulting and PR firms were not considered. Whatever for when millions keep rolling in? Instead they sought out the brightest and the best? Of the firms listed I looked into Rally (formerly Griffin Schein), Shepardson, Stern & Kaminsky (SS&K) and Capital Strategies.

          Rally’s Sandy Hook site (firm located on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles):

          SS&K recently sold a stake of the firm to one of the world’s largest advertising agencies – M&C Saatchi:

          Capital Strategies is located in Marina del Rey, CA:
          “TERRI NEW is the Founder and President of Capital Strategies, and a seasoned fundraiser with over 20 years experience in managing major fundraising and capital campaigns. Over the span of her career, Terri has managed hundreds of events around the country, including receptions and dinners with high-profile politicians and celebrities, concerts, movie premieres, Oscar parties, golf tournaments and comedy events. Among her many successes, she has helped elect Democratic Members of Congress and Senators from around the country. She is proud to have supported a number of prominent and accomplished women, and to have been a part of momentous modern history, including: working for then-First Lady Hillary Clinton in 2000 on her bid for the U.S. Senate in New York; and working with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and the DCCC in 2008, when Pelosi made history by being elected the first female Speaker of the House.Terri’s network is extensive and national in scope. She has longstanding relationships with many groups, including the entertainment industry, progressive community, Trial Attorneys, gay and lesbian community, environmentalists, women/pro-choice advocates, and the Jewish community.”

        8. Anne, so if I understand this correctly, “Sandy Hook Promise” is really a political action committee soliciting funds to lobby for their agenda? This is done under the cover of sympathy.

          It seems rather unlikely that actual individuals are contributing to this. It makes better sense for corporations and other launderers of money to be doing this. Those who oppose their agenda are described as heartless cretins.

          This is quite a little enterprise. PR firms raking it in, A-21 agendas being pushed, all under a superficial cover. Layers upon layers of deception.

        9. The organization mission of Sandy Hook Promise rings the bells of Baha’i – turning tragedy into a moment of transformation.

          lophatt, care to expand on that?

          2013 – Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax:
          Sandy Hook Promise Foundation, Inc., incorporated in Delaware 2012.
          SHP is a national, non-profit organization.

          FORM 990 Sch. O

        10. Anne, I can try. We’ve discussed charities here several times. When the stated purpose of a charity is care of the “victim’s” families, etc., if someone were to give their money their expectation should be that it is going to those people.

          From the bio, it appears their expertise is legislation. In other words, a political action committee. If someone wants to give their money to a political action committee, that’s fine.

          Using someone’s money to buy politicians in support of federal initiatives and disguising it as a “charity” is deceptive. Whether it is a group, like the Baha’i that you mention, or the government, advancing policy through staged “tragedies” is not a trend I’d like continued.

          To be honest, I do not believe that these “charities” are currently receiving much, if any, money from Joe and Joan Sixpack. Besides capturing appropriated funds from agencies budgets, I suspect there is a sizable amount of dirty money being “washed” here.

          Think about it. If this were perfectly legitimate and real, would you want legislation funded through the use of charities and federal grants? Instead of appealing to Congress (ha!), they stockpile money to buy politicians?

          Further, this seamless collusion between private and public interests is disturbing. There are many events that occur each year with loss of life and property that do not receive anything close to the largesse showered on this production. Obviously, the government has an interest in using this.

          So here we have the hoax, fully produced and televised involving government, organizations, individuals, actors, zombies, all intended to give the impression it’s all “just plain folks”. In other words, if there isn’t anything in a “tragedy” for them, you don’t get this treatment.

          It is all modeling. Every aspect of it is designed to provide an example of what they want to see the whole country become. These people represent “us”, whether we want them to or not.

        11. Thank you so much lophatt, you put it well. There are still various local fundraisers going on, scaled back. You wrote “advancing policy through staged “tragedies” is not a trend I’d like continued.” That is exactly what’s been going on for some time now – staged so called tragedies large and small – major wars excluded, although those are staged too.

          Policies are coming fast and furious at us now; more gun control, more mental this and that, more loss of freedom in speech and travel, more insane public school “education”, more police brutality, more surveillance and on and on I could go. Sad to say, there are few sane places left to retreat to. For myself, I don’t wish to be “represented” by anyone.

          Sandy Hook is many gifts that keep on giving for the modelers – as intended. Gifts such as fast tracking towards tyranny on all continents and washing dirty laundry through nonprofits. The future is no brighter for ordinary names in the playbook than it is for the rest of us. They are not special, contrary to what they’ve been told.

          “In 2012, there were more than 1.4 million exempt organizations that had formally obtained recognition of their tax-exempt status from the IRS.”

        12. My pleasure, Anne. As usual, I tried to say too much. Any of these events are multi-layered. Often, more actual damage is done through the ancillary activities than the main event.

          I know that the “charities” are still ongoing. I have doubts as to the “donors”. If by staging violent events they acquire compliance with their planned agenda, they will continue.

          That is why it is so important to expose it. Besides the hope of turning others away from blindly accepting whatever they’re fed, if these things generated howls of derision instead of rapt emotional attachment they would have to resort to other means.

          The modeling is more important than the money. These players are nothing more than paid lobbyists. Instead of the usual lawyer contingent, they are using actors. The Government is pushing their owner’s agenda through the use of manufactured “quasi-private” events.

          That way, they can sit back and say “we’re just responding. But, while we’re at it, if you had just allowed us to do…….., this wouldn’t have happened”. The more this happens, the more accustomed to it the population gets.

  7. We can all comment here, but wouldn’t it have much more impact to comment in the medias’ comment section instead? The link to the Eyewitness News article has a comment section … THAT is where these Memoryhole comments need to be posted so when people happen to scan down, they see that 100% of the comments ( 4 thus far) are negative …..maybe it will give the reader the initiative to start questioning the event themselves …

    1. Fully agree. I also point out the obvious shills and watch there profiles disappear, leaving my directed comment to them look silly since the comment they made disappears too.

      It pays to just check agenda laden commenters profiles – having zero friends or only a few comments is a dead giveaway

  8. I want to see a signed copy of the one dollar check and see who signed the check and who the check was signed to.

    Are the members of the demolition crew going to be required to sign a gag order to keep them from telling anyone what they saw during the demolition as was done for the crew that demolished the Sandy Hook Elementary School building?

    1. “I suppose eventually,the entire “town” of Newtown will be bulldozed into dust.”

      This is something interesting to watch play out. There are two Newtowns and the newer imposed Potemkin Newtown may indeed fade away. In a way that process is already underway. It is my understanding none of the “parents” of the child “victims” live in the area anymore. They have all moved far away. They are disappearing the school and the Lanza home and other buildings have undergone major changes including the St Rose of Lima Catholic elementary school.

      Of course, there is no clear demarcation between the two Newtowns. They have blended together and are cemented nicely by a kind of omerta, or the code of silence in the MAFIA.

      The people of the existing old Newtown live in fear and while they may still live there, they are simply trying to live out their lives without reprisals from the installers of the new Newtown.

      Like William Shanley said, the whole state of Connecticut now has a Twilight Zone atmosphere and people are very much afraid. They know something wicked has come their way and they live in absolute fear.

      1. I’m not so sure. After all they are building a $54M dollar THING. This will doubtless become the “center of a perverse universe”. They have the whole traveling freak show installed there. Maybe the goal should be to get them ALL in there and build a big fence around it.

  9. There is evidence to support the “crime scene” photo’s said to be taken at the Lanza home were likely staged at the neighbours home at 34 Yogananda. John Trentacosta, President of Newtown Savings Bank, Advisor to the Federal Reserve, and member of C.H Booth. Better tear down that house too!

  10. What sort of “insurance” pays for the purposeful demolition of a perfectly usable house?

    Early, they said “Ryan” inherited the house. Later they said that “Peter” gave it to the town. Peter would not inherit it as he was divorced.

    It makes no sense to destroy a home over a murder. Then they, as usual, make statements about proceeds going to the “victims”.

    They passed this resolution with no discussion. Pat Llordia wants and she gets.

    That is what sets this drill apart. Everything in it defies normal behavior.

      1. Ha, ha. “An act of ………gawd”. They’ll get their adjusters right on it, Screwtape and Wormwood. Look at their “leaders”. They have “the look”. I once worked for a Satanist. She had “the look” too. She could kill lice with her eyes.

        That’s a very insightful comment, Sofia. To understand this people must look past where the magician is pointing. I’m sure there are several of them who are splitting their sides laughing. Their stealing the rest of their children right out from under them.

        That’s probably why there was no discussion at the town meeting. The real meetings are held naked ’round the cauldron in the woods.

        1. As the Sandy Hook chapters unfold, it makes sense that a local real estate appraiser, Robert Hoagland, had to be disappeared – willingly or unwillingly.

        2. Anne, oh yes. I’m sure Mr. Hoagland suffered a similar fate to Mr. Langlois. If you think about it, they fit the expected percentage of the population that would have a sufficiently developed ethical code to resist something like this.

          There is an ever growing list of people such as these. Those who pose a problem for them are removed. They even remove the cooperative ones if it suits them.

          It is pretty easy to see that, even with notable suspicion present, it doesn’t stop them. When you own the system what do you have to worry about?

  11. The anti-government film maker, that died in a familar “murder/suicide” event this week, has had his raw footage from the documentary he was working on published on the website: dcclothesline dot com. Just finished watching it and I can see why TPTB had him “disappeared”.

    1. Even weirder, the bodies had been there a month, even over a holiday.

      His brother is helping the in-laws raise money, because the wifes mother has cancer.

      Ok,so…. no one wondered where they were for a whole month? A terminally ill mother-in-law, a sibling, and no one sends the cops to check on them? Nope a neighbor was looking in the window instead. Oh sure that makes sense.

      The trailer I saw months ago was amazing & shocking. I was surprised he was getting support, as it seemed …accurate?
      I’m not surprised about the events, yet as usual, the story makes no sense.

  12. You know,
    I’ve thought about this long and hard. Nobody can do anything about all these crazy things they put before us everyday.
    I don’t care how many letters you write or phone calls you make to the 535 people who represent us.

    I think the People here on MHB need to re-activate the “Star Chamber” and handle this ourselves…..Haha

    1. Lophatt will be the Judge and give the final order

      Pat will make the moral arguments.

      Dinophile will handle the legalities.

      Anne, Musings,Pedantic and Recynd77 will handle the research.

      All the rest of us will carry out the “Sentence”.

      I know I always make fun but we need some laughter

      1. I fully agree. i earlier suggested we get a “Sandy Hook Truth Commission” going–and I was serious about that.

        Patterned on the South African Truth & Reconciliation Commission.

        Except…rather than “reconciliation,” I suggest HUMILIATION.


        1. I say we all pitch in .$10 cents each and BUY the Lanza Home back for $1.00.

          It’s a 2 story plus a Basement.

          The First Floor will be the Research Center for all the Indictments.

          The Basement will be the Dungeon” if you will….

          The 2nd Story will be be where the “Star Chamber” convenes to pass the Sentence’s for Crimes against Humanity…

          Hee Hee Ho Ho (Evil voice over dubs)

        2. You know that’s a for sure, I was just kidding but wouldn’t it be sweet..

          It’s all just a big money scam on all of us.

          Can you imagine a 3000 sq. ft. home for a dollar?

          I wouldn’t care what happened there..pure BS

        3. I wish it was all just a money scam.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        4. And while I’m at it, This Lawsuit against Bushmaster by Dumber and Dumber is a joke.

          If you’ve had a frontal Lobotomy and are drooling from all the psychotropic drugs they have you on,

          You still know Obumber is going to write a check from the Peoples Funds for $10 Million or whatever to Bushmaster and they are going to “Settle” with Stupid and Stupider.

          Then “Pass” our money to them and this case will never see the light of our phony justice system.

          That’s why it was “moved” to Federal Court.

          No matter what any state’s voters approve the Federal Judges Trump it for the Fed’s own agenda.

          The Sates should kick ALL Federal Judges out.

        5. ” Obumber is going to write a check from the Peoples Funds for $10 Million or whatever to Bushmaster and they are going to “Settle” with Stupid and Stupider.”

          To me, it is a real possibility that Bushmaster is one of the “crisis actors” and as for what checks or money passes hands, we know zero about that, if money does pass hands, be certain is is of the racketeering kind of transaction. Perhaps the consideration is being allowed to stay in business.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        6. Yes to that DL and it is noted that Bushmaster was the household word with the 2002 Beltway sniper incident in which Bushmaster and Bulls Eye Shooters Supply supposedly paid $2.5 million in an out of court settlement as co-defendants.
          Recently, It seems the firearms business is a bull market and prospering on the negative press. The negative press appears to be a useful tool and distraction to larger and longer term PTB agendas.

  13. Interesting…. I went back to the site tonight and all 4 of the negative comments from this afternoon had been deleted. Gone…. But interestingly enough, the one new, and only comment says “We all need to talk about Sandy Hook”. WE know what that means, however, the average person has no idea…..

  14. The business contracted to perform the demolition will surely have a list of the members of the demolition crew in order to make payroll. Since this will probably be a private business, the roster of crew members will be guarded from public inspection.

    A record of the contract between The Newtown Legislative Council and the business it hires to perform the demolition is a public record. It should be readily available to any interested party. A denial from the Council for this public record would be troubling.

    1. Ah yes, the Governor’s “special” friend. This whole thing is just another dose of methane. Proceeds? What proceeds?

      If you are to believe the video (which we can’t), the place is furnished with St. Vinnie’s junk and vintage appliances. The appliances are older than the house!

      This is just another fishing expedition. They’re “chumming”. “Nancy” allegedly got a HUGE alimony/child support (?) check each month and “Peter” was responsible for payments on the house. What did she do with that money? It wasn’t spent on furnishings, that’s for sure.

      Then there was the tale of her jetting off to faraway places. How was that done? Did she leave “Adam” mouldering away in the basement with the windows blacked out with plastic?

      Of course in his hermitage, he occasionally compelled to drive (?) to a video dance outlet and dance the night away by himself. So instead of Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde, we get “Igor and John Travolta”.

      I wonder if it’s a violation of A-21 principles for them to erect a Baphomet altar in the “open space” left by The House? They could leave a collection plate, you know, for “the families”.

  15. The Lanza house always looked a little fake to me. Almost like a back lot studio prop. I wonder if there’s much of anything behind the facade other than wood frames supporting walls.

    1. You know, weird as it sounds, I wouldn’t completely rule that out. I lived in a little Victorian town once where Hollywood shot a lot of films. They did a horror flick once and built this facade for a guy’s house. They left it up for years afterward. It was so real you had to walk up and look carefully to see there was nothing to it.

      1. Mat and Lophatt, do you remember the M. Night Shyamalan film “Signs?” That movie was filmed 15 minutes from my house, on the property of Delaware Valley College in Doylestown Pa. The reason I bring this up is that they built the façade for the house the Hess’s were to have lived in, the family headed by Mel Gibson portrayed in the movie.

        From Almshouse Rd, the house looked real. You would never know it was a false front. The interior house scenes for the movie were shot at a nearby house in Bedminster.

        Considering what we are dealing with here, would it surprise anyone here on MHB that 36 Yogananda (and I drove by it slowly once, on my first trip to Sandy Hook) that it was a staging house for nefarious official activity?

        Seriously folks, what can we really rule out with regards to Sandy Hook as being to far fetched?

        1. Joseph, it would not surprise me. On the other hand, from the aerial shots it appears real. I mentioned that I once lived in a very picturesque victorian town. They used it for several films.

          There was an old water-driven mill that had been abandoned for many years. It had a small apartment attached to it that someone lived in. The film used the property and built an elaborate facade that looked like a spooky castle. It was so real it was unbelievable. The only way you could tell it was false was to get out of your car and walk to the back. From that side you could see all of the props holding the front up.

          I have not been to Newtown so I can’t tell. On one hand it seems easier to just use an existing house. As we see from recent developments, money is no obstacle. Unless a neighbor stated that no one had lived there we would have no way to know.

          If you consider all of the activity at the Trentacosta place next door, it could very well have been a “club house” for organizing. We can’t consider the footage in the report as accurate. This was a big event. I use the past tense but I believe it is still very much alive. Whatever it started out to be it is now a study in media and audience management.

    2. Yes, I had the same feeling about the house. I wonder if it has ever been lived in and is not just a plastic looking shell. Again, the Potemkin or false quality presents itself.

    3. Well, when the demolition does come it will be interesting to see how they attempt to shroud it. I’m surprised we haven’t heard of any break-ins. You would think the house would be a prime target at the very least for some pranksters.

      1. You know Mat, you make a very good point here. Though the locals would be well aware of the scripted nature of 12-14-12, from elsewhere would not those have come to vandalize the home of evil incarnate, even perceiving such to be an act of benevolence towards the unfortunate community?

        Though the questions raised regarding Sandy Hook seem to be countless, dare I suggest the number of ponderings which have NOT yet been addressed at least rival those which have?

      2. Early on, there was a guy who did a “walking tour” through the neighborhood and videotaped it. He wasn’t there long before he was accosted by either a cop or security guard. I don’t know if they are still doing that.

        It was very creepy. He talked and described what he was doing. You could hear dogs, sprinklers were working, etc., but not a soul around. Nobody driving, nobody out front.

        The question is no longer “is this a drill”, the question is “how much of this is real”. If everything was as described, would anyone just shut up a house and walk away? By now there would be frozen pipes, etc., and whatever value there was would be lost.

        People are murdered in houses all the time. People have been dying in houses since before there were hospitals. Treating this like a Viking funeral, where they load all your possessions and set fire to the boat is ridiculous. The dead no longer need a house and dead people should not be feared.

        Every so often they trot out another strange circumstance and try to sell it as plausible. I doubt that they allow vandals on the movie set. They’ll probably tarp the whole thing, swear the crew to secrecy, then have a “cleansing ceremony”. Maybe they’ll haul in some ceramic bones and dance the Hokey-Pokey.

    4. The headlines stated that the town would vote – but further reading showed that “town officials” only would vote. Pat Llodra was very vocal about the need to destroy the house, so this vote was another piece of the contrived story. It was staged so badly, that they have no choice but to demolish. Researcher ‘Names Not Mary,’ put Pat Llodras name into a search engine last year and Google Maps showed her home location to be at 36 Yogananda.

      Why would Ryan need to retain a specialist lawyer to negotiate a gift of the property to Newtown, in the form of a $1 sale? It doesn’t require a skilled negotiator to give away a half million dollar property for a buck. But, that’s the story.

      The police video was filmed at night, perhaps because the grass and shrubbery was green and growing. (October?) A brand new garbage can is filmed, almost empty. The taping required plenty of light to record the inside of a home, but with no utilities hooked up, they had to find other solutions. (A gas receipt with the date 12/14/12 was photographed inside the mailbox – which is against the law. Only US mail can be delivered to a mail box. A delivery company would have affixed it to the door or knob.)

      To solve the utility problem, they used a generator. A roaring electrical generator can be seen and heard hooked up next to the pristine vehicle in the garage. It roars away as they walk through the home to record dry toilets, empty kitchen shelves, one set of matching dishes and glassware found both in the cupboards and the dry sink, almost no food in the pantry or fridge, empty bedroom shelves, hundreds of wire coat hangers, cheap laminate furnishings, a bed with no blanket or bedspread, a dozen pair of brand new socks in the drawer, the only photo of “Adam” is found in two different frames used up and down, a video game corner has no monitor, cat litter sits in a bag in the living room – but no cat, diapers in the cupboard, and on and on.

      The Triple AAA card with Adam’s name on it, photographed in a drawer, is actually in Ryan’s name according to Triple AAA. Two pair of eyeglasses in the bathroom? If they belonged to Adam, he shot pretty well without ’em. They appear to be Ryan’s.

      If anyone walked through that house – the game would be over for Newtown.

  16. The interior shown in the police report came from a much lesser dwelling than the McMansions found on Yogananda Street. It was suggested in a comment here that the interior may have been shot next door at the bank president’s house. No self respecting bank president would live in such a home.

    Since Newtown was the recipient of charities from near and far, what about reciprocating by donating all useable parts of the house to Habitat For Humanity? If the parts can withstand eventual scrutiny that is.

    We have no trace of the school, no bodies, many families scattered to the four winds, and soon there will be no trace of the lone gunman’s childhood home.

    May I suggest to residents of Newtown the following: if you want no reminder of the event on 12/14/12, then remove the 26 stars from the firehouse roof, eliminate all activities, lectures, book sales, fund raisers, lawsuits, new playgrounds, memorials and other exhibits that have permeated the region since the “event”. Very simple, just stop it.

    On the lighter side, I am surprised to see no reference to this latest in Danbury News Times, Newtown’s main cheerleader. I looked and there is nothing. Odd to say the least. All they had to do was not allow comments. The last one about Newtown gathered so many negative comments it suggests even the locals are thoroughly fed up.

    My little, local paper here in California had a big article today on the Yogananda demolition. Even a quote from the neighbor across the street there, a lady I know is for real – she taught at the dance school my daughter attended in CT, who had this to say:

    ~Amy DeLoughy, whose house sits across the street, wrote to the council that her children’s bus stop had to be moved because it was too scary for the kids to wait near the house. DeLoughy said she would rather the property be sold and a new home built on the property. “Leaving the property to nature would mean there is still a sense of darkness in our neighborhood,” she said. “Love and light that a new family would bring would help heal some of the very deep wounds we are still tending to.”~

    1. You make some excellent suggestions, Anne! LOL

      I was reminded, by the way, of a New York Times piece that appeared yesterday: “36 Hours in Denver.” One of the locales featured–one of only two I recognized, since it’s almost all about new brew pubs; but, indeed, this place is unique–was the Mayan Theatre. The movie playing there now is “Awake: The Life of Yogananda.”

      This as the James Holmes trial gets underway…

      1. Off topic but I saw your ex-relative on tv, Dino. Cliche lines about her “shaken voice” seemed professionally written – she was practically begging. She did not have convincing emotions due to all the obvious overacting – but the clincher was NO tears. You nailed it Dino! An agenda facilitated and propagated by real government operations right before our eyes, no less predicted by someone we know here on this site. It’s vindicating to see this played out so close to home, however it’s sobering just how close they get sometimes…

        Unfortunately, snopes has an article calling it an urban legend that was true and points the reader to Brittany’s fund for more info. Nice reference – I wonder if all these donation sites are like a tip jar for an op well done. A cursory look on google reveals that many were not fooled, and are calling her propaganda a hoax. And the people with GBM on one forum had this to state:

        “I think the general opinion here seems to be that she was either misinformed about the treatment, or that she didn’t understand what she was told.”

        I’m starting to see that a good portion of the populace is awake – or at least becoming less prone to deception from msm.

        1. Thanks for the info, Des10emaye. I just found out about Debbie’s appearance but haven’t steeled myself to watch it yet.

          In the meantime, I have strong–in fact, unassailable–proof that Brittany is not dead. Since I uncovered this information establishing that her death certificate (yes, there is one) is fraudulent I have, in fact, been threatened with a lawsuit by Debbie’s attorney (who contacted my brother), showing that I’ve struck a nerve, although what they pointed to was my posts on this blog, not the findings they know I’ve made. Couldn’t call attention to THAT, nosirree. (Also, David Ziegler’s resume has been removed from the web.)

          I have almost finished my own blog post about the Brittany matter–will let everyone know when I do.

        2. Oops–you’re right, dandy, although it’s not findable with the same terms I used originally.

          Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I have begun working on that again. The Brittany article (and more) will be up soon.

        3. You’re welcome!
          Re: David… It took digging. Had to use startpage instead of google. Finally his name with the word intel after did it.

          You piqued my interest yesterday and have been researching the Maynard hoax since 😉

          Can’t wait to read your post. I need to find time to get my blog going as well!

        4. Let’s refer to it as the “Ziegler/Diaz hoax,” shall we? 🙂

          In fact, Brittany had changed her last name legally to “Diaz” on Sept. 29, 2012, according to her marriage certificate, which I also got. So the person who committed suicide did not legally exist.

        5. What is “GBM,” by the way?

          Also, that “she was either misinformed about the treatment, or didn’t understand what she was told” doesn’t sound like they’ve actually pegged this for what it is!

        6. Dino – GBM is the term for the brain tumor that Brittany is propagandizing – Glioblastoma Multiforme. I had to google to get the correct spelling and while doing so I noticed that many of the headlines show a new treatment or drug from pharmaceuticals coming out – all coinciding with the latest terrible speech from Debbie. So there may be many facets to this.

          Hope you get screenshots of any evidence going forward, I’m sure the scrubbing is well underway.

          BTW, the gbm people in the forum don’t suspect a hoax (due to PC behavior – especially since they all have GBM or know someone) but they at least are suspicious and questioning. I think that is a trait common to most of us these days and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

        7. You know Dino, if you can prove her death certificate a fraud, it would set a precedent, which by my calculations would be huge in terms of legalities, no?

        8. Yes, the death certificate is fraudulent.

          I will wrap up my blog post today–looks like I have to watch Debbie’s testimony, and I really don’t want to do that!

          In the meantime, I would appreciate everyone’s best arguments against assisted suicide right now. Because the Brittany event is being used by the CFR/CIA to push assisted suicide, it means it’s bad new for the public–more opportunities for control and eliminating dissidents. I can say that much. But I need help pinning down better why it’s a bad idea. Thanks.

        9. You know, Dinophile, your screen name is kind of really cool. I think you ought to go find the video of Dr. Dino, Kent Hovind, and see when he explains how when Darwin came out with his book, Origen…, it was really welcomed and applauded by Karl Marx I think it was.

          Now, having been raised as a Twilight Zone Catholic, semi trad semi modernist, I kind of know the deep Truth of Life. Life is a good thing. Life is a precious gift of God. When you murder those babies in the womb, you are not only committing murder, you are telling God what He can do with his gift. Same goes for end-of-life issues. Assisted suicide is morally evil.

          It is ok if a family decides to not allow extraordinary medical interventions, lots of tubes in the person, at the end of life. That is not the same as “pulling the tubes” out of a person, or out of a person like Terry Shiavo who was really not brain dead and there are videos of her communicating quite well under the circumstances.

          So “assisted suicide” is really just another Orwellian newspeak term. you know, like “war is peace” and “enhanced interrogation”. Assisting someone to kill themselves can very well plain ole murder.

          That’s my two cents worth.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        10. Dino: I know you’ve mentioned it before, but would you tell me the name of your blog again? And I bet Dr. Tracy wouldn’t begrudge a link, either 😉


        11. Hi, Recynd. Thanks for your interest. My blog is at: (The word “Colorado” should, at this point, be liberally construed!)

          The Brittany post is not up yet–it’s close to being done, but I need to talk to one more official in Oregon and add some “policy discussion.”

        12. “In the meantime, I would appreciate everyone’s best arguments against assisted suicide right now. ”

          Happy to oblige.

          It is a question of the role of the state, which makes it, by definition, a moral issue. The only thing, for the most part, that can be legislated, is morality: laws exist to describe a given society’s moral boundaries. Taken all together, a society’s set of laws tells us what that society thinks is good, and what is evil.

          For instance, in Saudi Arabia, they have a plaza they call “chop-chop square,” where the public regularly gathers to watch thieves’ hands chopped off, and lots and lots of beheadings for various things we in what used to be the West would not call crimes. Women are not allowed to drive in that benighted land (although they can’t see their realm as “benighted”, because these laws define good and evil for them, and since they come from the Koran–which they believe Allah himself dictated and thus is unalterably perfect–they cannot be questioned.

          Gary North wrote a magnificent book called Political Polytheism. The title describes America’s set of laws. There is no neutrality: everyone worships gods, because gods are defined by the morality they demand of us. If an atheist holds, for example, that because Darwin is correct, and the world is purely material, and thus since all moral choices are arbitrary then the Nazis were no worse than Buddhists, then in so doing he has defined his god, even if he denies there is such a thing as a god. Darwin, and the ramifications of agreeing with him, defines a moral universe, and acting within it is to adhere to a system of morality.

          Again, Allah, a single god (Allahu Akbar, the battle cry of Islam, means “Allah is the greatest of the gods”), has set down his moral code, and the Saudis endeavor to adhere to it–even to the point of reading automobile driving into it.

          If one examines the body of American law, North demonstrates, once can only conclude that the United States does not worship one god, but many, all conflicting with one another, a mixture of moral codes that conflict with each other and is in constant flux.

          The question is, is it moving in a better direction, or a worse one?

          Which raises the question, what is a “good” moral code? Which god should our body of law bend the knee to, and which should we shun? Sharia, the laws of the Saudis, demands lots and lots of amputations and beheadings, and women can’t drive. American political polytheism, thank Heaven, has not embraced Allah’s morality–so far, at least.

          A core legal responsibility for a society has to do with the value of human life. One of the Ten Commandments is “You shall not murder.” That’s a pretty good one; unjustified killing of other people should indeed be against the law. But what constitutes “murder”? What is “unjustified” killing of human beings? Answering this question is a core responsibility of the state, speaking for the society as a whole in terms of defining morality, and it is a very heavy burden indeed. And it should be recognized as such.

          Assisted suicide blurs the line between killing and murder in a very damaging way. The fact is, the legislative model in America (since we do not use as our sole source of moral instruction the Bible any longer), no longer reflects an imposed-from outside the set of laws that the people must adhere to, which everyone agrees on because we know the morality the man-made laws are supposed to reflect–and if legislators passed laws in contraction to that transcendent Code, they would be denounced for doing so because men have no authority to abrogate that unalterable Code. No. politicians now get away with making evil laws, and those laws now tend to inform the PEOPLE, changing how they perceive the moral universe. The roles are now reversed.

          For instance, abortion was once opposed by the vast majority, but a few men in black robes one day decreed it to be “good,” and the people sat by, and did not rise up in fierce anger, demanding that the moral universe be restored, and those judges be impeached. And thus, within a generation or two, most people had come to agree that it is not murder by definition. The making of law changed the people’s mind about a core principle of moral reasoning, as opposed to the other way around, as it always had been.

          Euthanasia is just the next step.

          Abortion is a way to get a society to feel good about killing innocent people for convenience. Now comes Assisted Suicide, which is the state’s plan to have us feeling good about killing people who may or may not be quite innocent, but are suffering, so to help put them out of their misery would be the acme of compassion.

          Next stop on this deadly train: the flat-out killing of inconvenient people who are deemed a drain on society. Once it becomes firmly set in the public moral code (the body of laws) that “helping” the suffering to die is a positive good, it will be the infirm and the old, and the disabled who are coldly dispensed with, whether they want to be murdered or not.

          One step at a time, legislation now alters the morality of a people. It is a slippery slope, and the bottom of it is quite a nasty place.

          America is politically polytheistic, because our body of laws is not coherent, paying homage as it does to all comers, as the political winds shift. The idea that the state should authorize murder for “good” causes should scare us to death. Alas, the morality that that strange god defines himself by is ascendent in our time.

        13. Dinophile,
          there was a front page article on the LA times, California section on Thursday, headline: A Renewed Push, California law makers will pursue assisted suicide legislation. It caught my eye because it featured a now familiar sight, a crying mother (Debby Ziegler), surrounded by assembly people, holding her steady, gently patting her on the back with concerned expressions on their faces.
          If you zoom out from this particular problem you start to see the pattern. Here it is as I see it:

          A Survivor is presented clearly in pain from what has happened to their loved one. The Survivor tells their story, and explains why legislation that will affect everyone is necessary to ease their pain at their loved ones passing. It seems an easy thing for the legislators to do, and they want to be compassionate and humane. Laws are then passed, so the next family who faces this situation will have an easier time of it.
          Any time we see someone crying on the news, appealing to our emotions to pass laws, it should raise red flags-Assisted suicide legislation has failed to pass twice in this state, and this is a renewed push. Legislation is also being drawn up in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and Kansas. Who is behind this push? I believe that it is something worth investigating.

          You asked for arguments against assisted suicide:
          Physicians are uncomfortable with it, it goes against their Hippocratic oath. The Disabled are afraid someone will decide for them their life is not worth living. What about people with mental illness, who decide to end it all-or even people who are not mentally ill, like the retired British art teacher who was assisted to killed herself in Switzerland in March 2014 “in part because she had become fed up with the modern world of emails, TVs, computers and supermarket ready meals.”? Wikipedia Combining this push with other the things we are learning about such as chemtrails and possible psychotronic weapons makes me worried. The plot of a science fiction novel and wild speculation says what if the goal is to make a population so sick and sad that they will want to kill themselves?
          Everyone acknowledges it is a slippery slope. As always, I am interested in reading your thoughts on this.
          Combined with other things we are learning about, this story makes me very wary.

        14. Thanks a lot, Calimom, Patrick, & Recynd.

          Yes, good point to find out who is behind this push. I wonder if I can get the names of contributors to Brittany’s fund, or to Compassion & Choices. (Something tells me that is going to be off limits–I previously tried to find out the total and C&C said that information was not available–but I will try.)

          Still haven’t watched Debbie’s performance. My brother was quite angry when he read the People Magazine article about her raising Brittany as a struggling single mother. He predicted that book and movie deals are in the works, something I hadn’t even thought of.

          Patrick, I appreciate your thoughtful comments, but am afraid to make a policy argument based on morality! I want–insurance fraud or something palpable like that. And definitely the angle about this option being used to push “unnecessary people” out of the way–especially to make ailing, elderly people feel they should GET out of the way.

        15. “Patrick, I appreciate your thoughtful comments, but am afraid to make a policy argument based on morality! ”

          This trepidation of yours, dino, is all very fine, and certainly your prerogative, but it remains an unalterable fact that every act of legislation is a statement of morality. The only reason things like assisted suicide are debated in legislative councils, obviously, is to decide whether the community thinks the idea is “good” or “bad.” One may feel uncomfortable with this inescapable reality, but that doesn’t make it go away. When a society decides, through its politicians and/or judges, to say that helping to murder someone is perfectly fine, it is a statement of morality. QED.

          The only question after the potentates make their decree is if they truly speak for the culture they claim to represent. As I argue, in our era, those toads can now make their decrees and in so doing actually bend the moral stance of the people at large in their perverted direction. A truly scary thought.

        16. Patrick said: “The only reason things like assisted suicide are debated in legislative councils, obviously, is to decide whether the community thinks the idea is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

          The only question after the potentates make their decree is if they truly speak for the culture they claim to represent. As I argue, in our era, those toads can now make their decrees and in so doing actually bend the moral stance of the people at large in their perverted direction.”

          Right–what we are seeing is not really a “debate” in the legislature, or “potentates speak[ing] for the culture they claim to represent,” but a stage play put on deliberately to push public opinion in the direction they want. The point is, why DO they want that? We both know that the reason for “bending the moral stance of the people” has everything to do with money and control.

          By the way, didn’t I predict from the start the Brittany thing would be used to expand the option of assisted suicide to other states? Chalk one up for the Gipper. Two months of mourning, and then Debbie’s ready to go at the outset of the California legislative session. The husband, too, I guess–I’ll make myself watch and read the new stuff they’ve churned out this morning. Ugh.

        17. ” a stage play put on deliberately to push public opinion in the direction they want. The point is, why DO they want that? We both know that the reason for “bending the moral stance of the people” has everything to do with money and control.”

          Right, as far as it goes, but what is the money and the control about? I have always said that when look deeply into these false events, you always end up the Brotherhood of darkess, i.e., Satanic evil. Kill of the human race, and leave a few robot/slaves around to run the one world death and slavery system for all. But their bottom-line goal is to capture souls for Satan and is nehilistic, i.e, kill our world, kill all “life unworthy of life” as Hitler would say.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        18. I can appreciate what you’re saying, dachsielady, but for obvious reasons can’t put that in my blog post!

          It certainly would be a short step from assisted suicide, by people who putatively want it, to the killing of people who DON’T want it, especially those who are incapacitated. And then to eugenics.

        19. Following that train of thought, possibly the next step in the legislative agenda is to enact a legal presumption that people who are incapacitated WANT to be put down–that it is presumed they consent.

        20. I believe it is Dr Stan who made the world aware of the Georgia Guide Stones (, which lays out a diabolical plan for the future, the first item being:

          1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

          What could motivate such a horrible ideal, much less spur someone to put it on permanent public display? Many things, certainly, but foremost amongst them has to be the desire to eliminate “useless eaters.” To get to the wholesale genocide required will require “softening up” the moral stance of the people as a whole, getting us all used to seeing killing people as normal. Step by step.

          It is the end goal we must focus on, not the individual steps on the path to that end.

          Either human life has inestimable value, or we are just animals in a herd to be managed by its owners.

          Actually, in a sense, both are true at the same time–we are in the same situation as the negro slaves of American history. They were human beings, whose value was as inestimable as anyone else, by virtue as their being children of the God who created us all. But they were also part of a herd, owned by masters, who had a right to manage them. They had a God-given right to try to escape that bondage, to rebel against the contradiction between their two statuses.

          This requires a bit of Biblical theology to unpack, loathe as I usually am to do that in this forum. So I’ll make it quick. We were created free, and became unfree when our original parents chose to join with a rebel army in opposition to our creator. Satan owns title to us–but we can break free from that bondage, and restore the status originally designed for us.

          That is the cosmic backdrop, the reality behind the motivations of the people speaking through the Guide Stones, the people softening us up to accept the culling of the herd. For those people, we are nothing more than property. Our minds can break free from that bondage, however, and we can say NO when they ask us to approve of the culling of the herd. We can demand that our voices register a VETO of that evil plot.

          The bottom line. Slaves can say NO. They can get away with killing us off, but we don’t have to approve of it.

        21. Dr. Stan is the one who made me aware of these tapes. Bone chilling. Reducing the population also included “assisted suicide”.

          Published on Aug 13, 2013
          ~This tape was recorded in 1988 and is the recollections of Dr. Lawrence Dunegan regarding a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. The lecturer at that gathering of pediatricians was a Dr. Richard Day (who died in 1989). At the time Dr. Day was Professor of Pediatrics at Mount Sinai Medical School in New York. Previously he had served as Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Dr. Dunegan was formerly a student of Dr. Day at the University of Pittsburgh and was well acquainted with him, though not intimately. He describes Dr. Day as an insider of the “Order” and although Dr. Dunegan’s memory was somewhat dimmed by the intervening years, he is able to provide enough details of the lecture to enable any enlightened person to discern the real purposes behind the trends of our time. ~

        22. Yes, I transcribed the interview Dr. Stan did of Dr. Dunnegan. Dr. Stan would make that transcript on paper available to people who bought the “Order of the New Barbarians” tape set, which is available still I think on Dr. Stan’s part of Amazon. If you purchase the interviews directly from, which is still in operation, you may request the paper transcript of that one interview. There are free transcripts on the web of the interviews done by Randy Engel. The other three tapes are of interviews of Dr. Dunegan done by Randy Engel, a lady who wrote the book “The Rite of Sodomy.” I think but am not sure that Randy Engel lived near Dr. Dunegan and that they were both Catholics who attended the same parish church.

          Dr. Day gave his talk in I think 1962 and forty some years later, Dr. Dunnegan is telling about that talk. And you see how long-term, think ahead type the people are who make up the Brotherhood of Darkness.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        23. Patrick, your argument against assisted suicide (among your other arguments and points) struck a nerve with me. Problem is I was too darn tired to respond when I read it.

          Your post deserves a thorough response. Some morning, hopefully soon, when I am off from work and sipping coffee in bed for hours, I will respond in detail.

          It is just too critical to avoid. Thank you for firing up the heart friend.

    2. Anne, your post inspires me to add a few things. References to “their neighborhood” are actually inappropriate as there is nothing there, other than the traveling freak show.

      One can chase this total contrivance in circles forever and attempt to make sense of it, all to no avail. You can’t make sense out of a drill with a badly written, ever changing plot.

      Every word that is released, every action taken, every “character” introduced is there to serve their purpose. Every reaction, comment, theory, etc., is duly logged into the drill log.

      Here’s a perfect example:

      New Age, Afro-Wiccan, death cult meets the “hive mind”. This is the future our owners have planned for us. This is an example of the modeling that each action in this never ending pity party is designed to facilitate.

      It is artless, it is “anti-art”. It is an appeal to become a zombie for the NWO. There is no place for individualism. “Nancy” represents what happens when a “loner” comes to the hive. Instead of bones, they should have used insect parts.

      The house, and all the other accouterments, are merely the surface of a very dark undertaking. As they say in real estate, and Satanism, location, location. I suspect that they “like” their children in Newtown.

      If you peel back the layers on this not-so-subtle mind-f*%k, you will come to a very deep pool of depravity. Soon there will be a brand new center for their unspeakable practices. The new one will be completely free from prying eyes and inquiring minds.

      Whenever a new wrinkle is announced in this never-ending saga, remember, the drill’s not over. If it doesn’t “look right”, it’s because it isn’t real. Karl Rove said it all; “while you’re studying that reality, we’ll create another……..”. Our choice is to sit in rapt attention and attempt to divine the esoteric meaning of……….nothing, or to laugh and say, “go peddle your snake oil elsewhere”.

      Did I mention that Connecticut is the snake oil capitol of the world? Actually, I just made that up.

      1. “Only Connecticut can claim the title, Insurance Capital of the World. Connecticut ranks #1 for insurance jobs per capita (Source: U.S. Census Bureau/CERC) …”

        Insurance Capital or Snake Oil Capital – some would say they are one and the same.

        Or is it Capitol?

        1. Anne, indeed it is. The company I work for is headquartered there. Maybe that’s how they have such confidence that their insurance will pay for voluntary demolitions.

          When they’re not dancing around bones and “giving blood”, they are dreaming of Yale. Maybe they are contending with Utah for the title of “beehive state”. Of course that image rather implies “ambition” as opposed to “submission”.

          Either way, both are places to avoid.

        2. Educational positive energies by all of you! Thanks.
          With the recurring themes of staged shootings, mythological deaths, false identities, Yale, recycled identities, MSM hype, gun control, and the centers of cultivation/ refinement of evil is it possible that the reported homicide and suicide of Yale grad. Dr. Michael Davidson last week at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital (of BMB mythology creation fame) is suspicious?

        3. Boston Police Commissioner is quoted as saying that they had several drills at this hospital in the past year or so in preparation for this type of incident ….

        4. ” recurring themes of staged shootings, mythological deaths, false identities, Yale, recycled identities, MSM hype, gun control, and the centers of cultivation/ refinement of evil”

          This is what Dr. Stan Monteith called the BOD, the Brotherhood of Darkness. I am still learning from Dr. Stan, God rest his soul.

          You can look at Yale and Skull and Bones, the Thule Society yadda yadda. You can look at the veil of falsehood, falsity that has descended upon all psychiatric and medical care.

          Anyone who interfacing with doctors and hospital for healthcare help can see how it has become compartmentalized and busted up. You can’t find any doctor who will take the time to get a COMPLETE history on you so that they can reach a good diagnosis.

          The area of psychiatry and psychology and psychotropic drugs is particularly evil. Do you know how many patients in state mental hospitals are being sexually abused by medical personnel and staff today?

          “Boston Police Commissioner”

          You know, as we study Sandy Hook we see it is so connected to Boston and the Boston Marathon even in April of 2013. I don’t know for sure, but I think Boston is not that far down the road from Connecticut.

          I did my little area of research on the Boston event focusing on the official story that 16 people had their legs blown off. I saw that the entire medical millieu there that allegedly treated and rehabilitated the amputees, especially the Spaulding Hospital and Clinic corporate chain, are all in on that evil Big Lie event.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

      2. Lophatt, thanks for that YT link. What word can I use to describe this “One Million Bones” movement in general, and as it pertains to Sandy Hook? Demented? Deranged? Demonic?

        The inherent darkness in even those initiatives which may begin as altruistic in motive, desiring to bring attention to victims of atrocity, apparently (but maybe not) is lost on those who begin them. Laying out one million bones may seem to be appropriate symbolism to those who are involved here, but they have always represented to me satanic ritualism.

        I would rather they come knocking on my door while I am eating my dinner.

        And the Sandy Hook crowd was only too eager to jump in head first. The whole thing is diabolical. And I think Kate Slates dire warning should be heeded. These sinister bastards are programming our children while we are busy with life.

        The indoctrination of children into the occult is systemic. I could go on here for hours on this.

        And, did anyone look familiar in that YT? The young male who spoke at what looked to me to be a conjuring ritual “remembering” one of the dead SH children appeared to be the white USA jacket wearing fellow who had a supporting role in one of Shannon Hicks “rescue” photos, and who was also interviewed a number of times about what he “saw” that day.

        Lophatt, I think you have as good a grip on the SH saga as any. It REALLY IS an ongoing drill, and the choreographers REALLY ARE watching us respond to their every sick, twisted maneuver.

        But we DO have to keep watching. The alternative is unthinkable.

        1. Thank you Joseph. Yes, we do have to keep watching. This is their plan for our children. They are enticing them, Pied Piper-like, into a New Age death cult.

          Instead of “hope”, they have dry bones. It is another task on their list that must be accomplished if they are to be successful. The cheapening of life, whether through “assisted suicide” or ritualistic symbolism, is necessary if they are to cull the herd.

          This “state worship” or “worship of the group” is an underlying theme. If “The Authorities”, (in this case school officials), tell you to dance around bones while intoning litanies to “give blood”, this becomes your idea of “religion”. Nothing to aspire to, no higher power, just dead bones.

          Ultimately they will see themselves as drones in a hive. You know what happens to drones who “go rouge”. The other drones attack them.

          As Sofia so eloquently described in her video, it is “modeling”. That is the overarching theme of the whole production. “This is how we behave in a model NWO hive”.

    3. What really stuck out to me when I saw all the photos of the Lanza house (besides the crappy furnishings, that is) was the lack of dirt, dust, and hair. I saw photos of Nancy’s bed pulled away from the wall…please, it was spotless. Never mind no blood, but there was no dust at all. Same for the photos I saw of the inside of junk drawers and (if memory serves) bathroom drawers. No dirt, and more notably, NO HAIR. Nancy didn’t sport a pixie cut, for heaven’s sake. She had shoulder length hair that she would have shed all over her house.

      I also remember seeing boxes of junk that was collected as “evidence”: it WAS junk, but it was all NEW junk. You look at the aging Q-Tip boxes in MY house, for example, they’re banged up, and they’re usually open. Maybe I’m piggier than average, but I don’t think so. My sister is a total neat-freak, and I bet behind HER bed isn’t immaculate.

      Some of us here are SURE illumination is right around the corner; that any minute now, some piece of irrefutable evidence will make it into the light of day and the whole world will be convinced that Sandy Hook was something other than what the official narrative tells us it is. I, however, am far more cynical. Hell, we’re still arguing about KENNEDY, for heaven’s sake! However, it renews my faith in humanity to know that there ARE people who want to know the truth, no matter how uncomfortable or unpopular, and it impresses me to no end to see that there are a few who will go to the ends of the earth to find it.

      1. We were shown disposable diapers inside the so called Lanza home. Adam was a bit old for that, being so smart he attended Westconn at age 16. Presumably driven there and picked up by Nancy.

        He was taken out of high school at the age of sixteen, and began attending Western Connecticut State …

      2. Sandy Hook is ongoing, most definitely, and we are waiting for some propagandist cum extraordinaire to pop up out of the woodwork and expose these events to the bulk of Americans. Until this happens, or until the critical mass is reached, we are just grasping at straws and can expect no breakthroughs whatsoever. It is amazing how Newtown’s citizens have “stuck together” through all this, is Pat Llodra a zombie like the rest of the town’s citizens? Why won’t somebody come clean and lay the cards on the table?

        1. Coming clean and laying cards on the table have consequences in Connecticut. And where would they go? CNN? Newtown Bee? The Courant? Police? Llodra? Malloy?

          If they cherish their health and longevity they have no options.

      3. Recynd, what struck me was that it doesn’t look lived in. No landscaping, no fence, no pool, nothing.

        Who buys a suburban home with acreage and doesn’t do anything with it?

        As Anne says, what’s up with the diapers? It looks like a rental. Anyone who can afford something like that is going to decorate.

        Even though I know its fake, what a waste. People homeless on the street and their destroying $500K houses. It’s obscene.

        1. Oh, but Nancy loved gardening – in the back of her house. She also had a gardener named Dan Holmes. Collecting guns and gardening in the back of the house – that was Nancy.

          ~”It was just a nice, normal family,” neighbor Rhonda Cullen said Saturday, recalling how she and other women on the street would often go to each others’ houses to play cards. Nancy Lanza preferred to garden. “We used to joke with her that she’d do all this landscaping that no one could see because it all was in the back (of the house),” Cullen said. Nancy Lanza also collected guns, say those who knew her.
          Dan Holmes, who owns a local landscaping business, said she showed off a rifle she recently purchased.~

          Gardener Dan – he is really good, actually excellent, according to these photos. Somehow he missed out at Nancy’s place.

        2. Well, there you are! I must be mistaken. Can’t argue with CNN. I wonder if Dan worried about “Slingblade” living in the house?

          The article makes the whole neighborhood sound like it was right out of Norman Rockwell, or “Funny Farm”. Just caroling around at Christmas drinking hot cider and target shooting. That’s the life for me.

    4. Interesting. So, the premise is that no one would purchase the house? Why? Lizzy Borden’s house is still standing. The neighborhood I grew up in had people hanging themselves, shooting themselves, etc., and I didn’t see any demolitions.

      So the house is a symbol. A rallying point. A sin eater. They can focus all their negative energy on it and it goes up in smoke (along with the evidence). Maybe they can do this on Walpurgis Night.

      All the little goblins can gather round the flames. They can invite the neighbors from Levi’s summer home down the street. They could have enough potential energy to animate an incubus or two.

      This is a deeply dark and disturbing place.

  17. This is beyond absurd – even if kids died, they are just going way over the top with those statements. Seriously, like Newton residents are the only victims of a losing a child!!

    Their constant mourning, unending self pity, and limitless compensation further proves the insanity behind this. Everyone knows someone who lost a kid. NO ONE knows someone who grovels as much as a newtown resident.

    1. I agree and it points to even more evidence of a hoax event with major coverup!…First demolish the school now the supposed killers home…you cannot make this crap up!

  18. A lawsuit filed by family members of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims against the Bushmaster gun manufacturer has been moved to federal court.

    Daniel Barden, Mary Sherlach, Jesse Lewis, Noah Pozner and Lauren Rousseau are listed on the suit. Natalie Hammond was injured in the attack and also signed-on to the suit.

    1. Yes, how can they sue Bushmaster when they destroyed the school where gunshot evidence supposedly was? Also, the premier Nazi pre-trial show is in full swing in Boston. I guess somehow the computer lined up a bunch of crisis actors to fill the courtroom. Read the jury selection here. Photo of Dzhokhar is not the fellow who his friends say showed up twice in pre-trial.

      1. Interesting coincidence (is there really any such thing? I think probably not): the James Holmes’s jury selection is happening as I write this (it either started last week or will start this coming week).

        We’ll be having a helluva two-ring circus when these two trials get under way!

    1. I understood the story to be that the house had been re-financed to the point where there was money owing the bank, and the $1.00 sale was a legality, so the bank wouldn’t have to actually repo the house…that’s how I understood it. This would explain why it wasn’t part of the estate Ryan inherited. But refinanced by whom? Peter? Was the house in Peter’s name (I think it was)?

      1. I don’t like jumping to deep conclusions, but it seems quite an odd proceeding. Especially for a wealthy business family. Why would they need to re-finance?

        Has anyone heard anything from Ryan Lanza since his arrest and release?

        1. No BlackCatte, to my knowledge there has not been one single interview, photo, video, or any public presence from Ryan Lanza since we saw him being dunked into a police cruiser on 12-14-12. Not even paparazzi have managed to bring him into the spotlight.

          And except for the alleged interview of Peter Lanza by the ghoulish Andrew Solomon, we have not heard a peep from him either.

          In the age of instant information and universal obsession with celebrity, this would be IMPOSSIBLE if the Sandy Hook killings occurred as reported.

          Ponder for just a moment how implausible this is. Surely some family member, friend, neighbor, business associate, car mechanic, HVAC repairman….ENEMY…of either Peter or Ryan would have certainly somewhere along the line, for whatever motive, snapped some photos or taken videos of these two blood relatives of the man who was responsible for arguably the most heinous and monstrous act perpetrated on American civilians in the 21st century.

          The conclusion is inescapable. They are not real people. They simply cant be by the laws of reason and logic. And if Peter and Ryan don’t exist, Adam never existed, and Sandy Hook never happened.

          Oh…sorry…you guys already knew that. Sometimes I forget where I am.

        2. Catte, I agree with Joseph. If you can invent people, I suppose you can invent real estate transactions. You can make the people rich, or poor, or anything in between.

          You can release something that says “Ryan” owns the house, and later, “Peter”. You can say that “Nancy” refinanced the house, undoubtedly to cover the expense of all of that designer furniture.

          While we’re pondering these developments, they are laughing away and recording all of the responses to their latest ploy. Not one bit of it makes sense because it isn’t real. It’s a mirage.

      2. A company named Vision Government Solutions lists real estate transactions. Not sure of what I copied will print, but 36 Yogananda St. was owned by Estate of Nancy J. Lanza, with co-owner Admin. Samuel J. Starks Esq.
        Sale price was -0- on 4/25/2013.
        Two previous sales dates are listed: 2/8/2011 (owner Nancy J. Lanza) and 2/1/2013 (owner Estate of Nancy J. Lanza), both with -0- as sales price.

        Owner of Record
        Owner LANZA NANCY J EST OF
        Address 1100 SUMMER STREET
        STAMFORD, CT 06905
        Sale Price $0
        Book & Page 1029/ 988
        Sale Date 04/25/2013

        Ownership History
        Owner Sale Price Book & Page Sale Date
        LANZA NANCY J EST OF $0 1025/ 689 02/01/2013
        LANZA NANCY J $0 983/ 347 02/08/2011

        1. And here he is with Stamford Mayor and CT Boss Malloy


        2. Anne, I guess I’ll plead dumb on this one. I distinctly remember a bunch of paperwork related to the divorce and transfer of the house. It had a value of somewhere around $500K then, as I recall.

          While I realize that “0” dollar houses are all the rage in Newtown, In terms of a transfer of ownership, some “consideration” must be involved. Clearly, “0” dollars must be the value of the “transaction”, not the property. Even that is the sort of thing that makes assessors lose sleep at night.

          Forgive me, but my logic runs something like this: Our “Nancy” has two sons (that’s their story), one of them is deceased. The other is alive (presumably). Unless the other son was incompetent, why would he not inherit the property? Even if he “gave” it to the attorney, wouldn’t it show in the record?

          So, what they are saying is that “Ryan” asked his lawyer to give his mother’s house to Newtown? Newtown responds by destroying the house? The least they could do would be to establish some sort of shelter for bad actors.

          It’s no wonder the school was in such decrepit condition. There are no property taxes as all the homes are valued at “0” dollars.

        3. lophatt – Vision Government Solutions’ records states the sales prices as zero. It must mean the sale amounts of the house. Vision is located in Massachusetts.

          Zillow has information as well. On 7/30, 1997 36 Yogananda St. sold for $ 99,500. Presumably it was the builder’s purchase of the lot. On 7/23,1998 the property sold for $ 405,900. Presumably the finished house, and the alleged year the alleged Lanzas moved to Connecticut from New Hampshire.

          On 9/14, 2014 the sale price is listed as one dollar, which has to be the sale to Newtown. The estimated value of the house is listed as $ 542,554.

          Blockshopper lists Peter J. Lanza as seller and Nancy J. Lanza as buyer on 2/8, 2011. Vision listed the sales price on that date as zero.
          The immediate neighbors’ names are listed in this Blockshopper link:

          The Newtown Patch reports here that Newtown’s Legislative Council on December 3, 2014 voted to take ownership of 36 Yoganada Street. Newtown had already purchased the property for one dollar on September 14, 2014 so why vote on taking ownership? Unless the Legislative Council is separate from the Town of Newtown? Which I doubt.

          “The house belonged to Nancy Lanza’s son, Ryan Lanza, the sole heir of her estate, who authorized Stamford attorney Samuel Starks to sell the property. The home was purchased in 1998 by Nancy and Peter Lanza. The couple divorced in 2009.”

        4. lophatt, your idea of a shelter for bad actors is commendable.

          The Motion Picture & Television Fund’s motto: “Taking Care of Our Own”.

          At the very least they can transform 36 Yogananda Street into The Motion Picture Home, East Coast Division. These crisis actors, as they age, deserve a place to retire with dignity. Sandy Hook Promise is able and competent to raise funds needed and could adopt the West Coast Division motto.

        5. Anne, thanks for all the digging. So, basically, Ryan inherited roughly $65K in equity which he gave to Newtown for $1? The bankers, alway a sympathetic lot and suckers for tragedy, gave away over $500K in potential earnings.

          Now, as to why “Ryan” would give away his inheritance and the bankers their earnings, only to have Newtown destroy the building must be one of those things that only make sense in a parallel dimension.

          It is similar to how “Nancy” is a victim, but she isn’t. As you say, the vote on whether to accept the gift, or not, implies that it is a form of absolution. They are acting as if they are doing “Ryan” a favor by accepting it.

          This is all just too much for my simple mind to process. Whether it is building a fortress after the attack, or “recreating the scene of the crime” so as to make the students feel comfortable, or Sharpie fun with coffins, the whole production is a living example of cognitive dissonance.

          Do you ever wonder if they are laughing about this? If they are serious they need to reopen Fairfield Hills. Does anyone know what happened to the former inmates?

        6. lophatt, the further this production comes along the more understandable it is that a local real estate appraiser had to disappear, either by force or by choice.

          “They” have assured that the Sandy Hook production number will last longer than any other number they have staged. Perhaps even longer than JFK and 9/11. The demolition of 36 Yogananda Street and the handwringing over what to do next will be good for a few laughs. After that comes the elaborate construction of the “THING” which will occupy local and national headlines for quite some time. Not to mention the ongoing healing that will take at least 15 years to complete. It’s also the dilemma of how many victims should be declared by the SH Commission, 26 or 27. So yes, “they” are getting returns on the Sandy Hook investment – plenty of returns.

          This is written by a Newtowner who believes in the official story, but he has valid points about the inmates who were evicted from Fairfield Hills, an institution for the mentally ill as well as the criminally insane.

          “Many people did transition to the community, and some that could not live on their own could be placed in adult foster care or temporarily in so called “half-way houses” and receive outpatient psychiatric services.
          Many more however did not fare well. Some completed therapy, but could never become functioning members of society. For many of those people, there was simply no way that they could adapt to outpatient care without a greater degree of family or community support. For these people, the controlled environment of an inpatient facility was the only thing between them and life on the street. This unfortunately has proved only too true; many of Fairfield Hills Hospital’s former patients have been witnessed as one of many faceless homeless people now roaming the cold streets of Connecticut’s cities rather than the manicured pathways of the campus they used to know. Others who were unable to make the transition simply traded one institution for another.”

        1. Pat, that was my point. In rough numbers, if it was worth $600K and she still owed $500K, how would anybody be able to write off the difference?

          They would need a clear title to do this. Now i realize that banks are notoriously sentimental and often squander great sums of money out of boundless compassion, but even in Connecticut this is unusual.

          Here on Planet Earth, where I live, this would be considered suspicious behavior.

  19. In response to ‘rsrchr4’ below:

    If the suit against Bushmaster goes forward, the families will be required to prove their family members died. This has not been proven. Only one death certificate has been produced, and it appears to be a forgery.

    By filing this lawsuit, the plaintiffs are helping the people who are seriously investigating the event that occurred on 12-14-12. The burden of proof is on them to prove the event actually happened. The lawyers for the plaintiffs are not primarily interested in winning this case; they are interested in getting paid for pleading this case.

    The lawyer bills for the plaintiffs will be paid for with funds solicited by the plaintiffs from well-meaning people who sympathize with the grieving families. Bushmaster probably has lawyers on retainer for these kinds of lawsuits.

    In order for the plaintiffs to prove deaths occurred, Bushmaster will require the families to present authentic death certificates, legitimate autopsy reports and funeral director records, and forensic and ballistic reports on the gun in question. This evidence has yet to see the light of day.

    The plaintiffs will be lucky if the judge chooses not to hear this case. If the case goes forward and fails due to incomplete (or the absence of) legitimate physical evidence, the plaintiffs have put themselves in a position to be counter-sued for libel.

    It appears the family members have been chosen to keep the issue of ‘gun control’ on the front burner. Additional background agendas are being pursued by others involved in this event such as the psychiatric screening (leading to pharmaceutical drugging) of all school children as well as psychiatric screening of parents of home-schooled children.

    As all of this is occurring, the reaction of the public at large is being mapped through the electronic social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and throughout the internet-connected community by observing their surfing habits and interactions on blogs such as this one by the NSA and DHS. In this way, the perps are fine tuning their plans for their future escapades.

    1. These will be simulated proceedings and for show only. These people have already filed Complaints and they are not using their real names but are using their persona names; how do they get sworn for testimony? It’s just continued BS and Bushmaster is likely in on it.

      This is just like the Saudi National from the Boston BS suing Glen Beck and the Blaze in a Federal Court. The court proceedings are BS and the court record and master docket of the court which I collect daily support my allegation.

      The Saudi National is a french Model/Actor who sells It Works products and his buddies were in the Paris BS. All simulated reality that the taxpayer gets to support. Apparently Beck is a shill.

      Phony Saudi and friends


      The legal community really needs to be dealt with because it is the corruption within that entity that started a Domino Effect but with a corrupt Congress and many of them being lawyers there is no actual avenue for relief. We no longer have any kind of legitimate justice system in the United States. Both, civil and criminal, proceedings are corrupt. Our courts are for corporations and a playground for the fallen law community which has abandoned the principles behind the profession.

      1. Speaking of Paris, the De Rothschilds have no interest in politics that we outsiders should know about? Ok, just banking then?

        ‘Some family members wanted to block the purchase, because the medium would make us a political force. We wanted to avoid that at all cost. We have no interest in politics, at least not towards the outside world. In the end, the critics within our family were overruled.’

      2. You make an excellent point , the ballistics analysis did not have a single match for the AR-15 and the Glock as well. The initial reports from the NBC CHIEF JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT, Pete Williams, – said MUTIPLE state and federal LE personnel said that 4 hand guns were recovered and ONLY handguns from the interior of the school.

        So is Williams incompetent or a liar ?

        I could only find one person that said that they ever saw the Lanza’s with an AR-15 and his statement is vague and uncorroborated. Other evidence that they did any shooting is extremely limited. ATF went to an indoor range in New Milford and found nothing. CT State Police went to the same range and found that Nancy and Adam stopped in for 20 minutes in Feb 2011 I believe.

        No way did Nancy drive all the way up to Riverside Gun store to buy a Bushmaster AR-15. There are numerous gun stores within 20 minles of her house why would she go 70 miles away ?

        Also- somebody did a youtube video checking bureau of vital statistics records and could not verify the births of any children victims. A PI or fraud investigator should easily replicate that analysis.

        The only way Bushmaster will lose is if they choose to lose

        1. John, wow – thank you. A friend in New Milford, CT brought up Eric and his widow in a recent phone conversation, so I decided to look up his name again and found so much more than last year. Eric lived in New Milford and he was a high school classmate of my daughter in Connecticut. Therefore I took an interest in the case when learning he’d gone missing and they found him in the lake across the street from where we lived.

          I did not learn about Professor Doom until just recently. So much to go through, it’s mindboggling. Seems we have not given Yale New Haven the credits they deserve in this staged event. Their billing ought to be much more prominent. Sarcasm.

        2. Yes, I think it’s a safe assumption that they had to decide at some point to “go live”with this drill. Apparently Eric was present taking pictures for at least some portion of it.

          Once the decision was made to “go live”, and introduce the media, it would be necessary to get some reference shots done for the villain as well as some of the other players.

          Since there was no shortage of money available it must be assumed that Eric had other objections. Perhaps at some point he decided that participation in this was unethical.

          Of course this is all speculation, but, we have Anne’s acquaintance and her references cited, that show an admirable young man. Given Yale’s long association with dark arts, it would not be surprising for Eric to come to the attention of those who may have steered him to assist with what was intended to be a “normal” drill.

          It is certainly possible that, once it came to the attention of the controllers that he was expressing doubts about his involvement, they decided that he was too dangerous to have around.

          I was suspicious of this “accident” when I first learned of it. With this additional information I’m even more suspicious. Yale has, and continues to be, “spook central”. No matter how large an operation becomes, it all still boils down to connections and a cast of characters that are known to each other.

          We know that this Capstone Event was highly compartmentalized and divided into specialties. Besides the responders there were the media, the religious groups, etc.. Securing and altering footage for media use would have been one of those specialties.

          It is also quite possible that someone involved in performing their assigned task could come across even more damning information. Someone with first hand information that refused to be bought could be dangerous, indeed.

          While I don’t think that they are particularly worried about exposure of the drill, I think there are other, more serious aspects of this little conclave that would generate such a response. Lying and being corrupt are not a concern for them. So long as everyone’s attention is focused on the main theme, they are quite happy laughing at the responses and logging them.

          It is truly a shame about Eric. He had his whole life ahead of him. Instead he fell in with miscreants, most probably through his association with Yale. It is absolutely true that even innocent association with evil can result in a bad end.

      1. What a remarkable find! Did anyone happen to look at the eyes on page 8 of the face-morphing tutorial? Look familiar to anyone? It also explains why so many of the photos we’ve been presented are so fuzzy/blurry.

        Nice job!

  20. Thank to Anne et al for the detailed info about the sale/ownership of the Lanza house. It seems absolutely beyond doubt from this that Ryan Lanza is being claimed to have sold a half-million dollar property to Newtown for $1!

    Can anyone think of any possible way this could be a plausible scenario? Some weird tax thing maybe??

  21. Starks was named administrator of the Nancy Lanza estate by Probate Judge Joseph Egan in January 2013 after the two people she named in her will as possible executors declined to take the job.

    While Peter Lanza signed a document agreeing to have Starks serve as administrator of his former wife’s will, he also made a request through Starks to remove Adam Lanza’s personal property from the house. The request was granted Jan. 18, 2013, records show. Ryan Lanza also was given permission to remove personal possessions from the house.

    There is no record of what was removed from the house at that time and it is unclear how much was left behind after state police searched it three times following the murders.


    A couple of interesting things-

    Peter Lanza was given the rights to enter and retrieve Adam’s belongings one month after the murders.

    The estate belonged to Ryan Lanza.

    The house market value was ~$525K and the mortgage was ~$400 (not underwater)

    Joseph Egan Jr. is the name of the judge that ruled on the Probate. One of the Connecticut cardinals that was responsible for shuffling child molesters into Newtown in the 1990’s, Cardinal Edward Michael Egan (who has an older brother, but unable to find info on him).

    (probably a coincidence…)

      1. Nancy Lanza’s estate sole asset was the property. Ryan the beneficiary. So a lawyer creates an LLC 36 Yogananda and ‘buys’ the house. Only that sale isn’t on record anywhere. Then sells it to a Hudson City Savings bank after deeming it ‘unmarketable’? Right… the RECORDED sell date 4/2013….

        There’s about $120,000 unaccounted for that could have gone to pay the victims lawsuits, now they get NOTHING… (well, about a million a piece from other venues, but nothing from the Lanza estate).
        Search Yogananda St, there is no entry for 36, however, you can search the address directly to see the only recorded sale.

        Location 36 YOGANANDA STREET
        M/B/L50/ 7/ 73/ 61/
        Building Count1

        Owner LANZA NANCY J EST OF
        Address 1100 SUMMER STREET
        STAMFORD, CT 06905
        Sale Price $0
        Book & Page 1029/ 988
        Sale Date 04/25/2013

        This article alludes to ‘why’ the lawyer shuffle. So that it didn’t ‘appear’ that the town bought the home from the Lanza’s…… because that would be unsavory…

        And they tried really hard to make the house look lived in for the crime scene photo’s, what a waste 🙁

        1. Anyone who looked closely at the official crime scene photos of Nancy Lanza’s bedroom would notice that the room was on the bottom floor by looking out of the window and the photo could NOT have been taken from the Lanza home because the house, which could be easily seen through the window is a grey house relatively close, too close to be the grey house quite far from the Lanza’s on the left. It also could NOT have been of the house on the right of the Lanza’s because it is or was green, not grey and again the window showed the bedroom was on the ground floor. After others have also noticed and pointed this out, the conspirators realized that not only must the school be torn down to destroy lack of evidence of the crime and evidence of the hoax, but the home must also be completely destroyed before THIS VITAL piece of evidence- the real smoking gun- which absolutely proves that the so called crime scene was not only set up, but that it wasn’t even in the home that has been called the “Lanza” home! Another point, is that the photo showing the bed where the alleged death was supposed to have taken place shows a very paltry stain on the bed, nothing like the amount of blood that would have been there if the woman had her head nearly shot off, and no blood spatter on the somewhat pristine walls either! And one of the most ridiculous pretenses is the unbelievable furnishings they used to fill a home owned by a woman who, according the to the reported divorce records, was getting somewhere around $250,000 a year in spousal support! Come on! Really? Would she furnish her house with furnishings from Goodwill??? The furniture was so hodgepodge, not one thing matched! There is no accounting for bad taste, but the woman was living in a $500,000 home and she couldn’t afford at least ONE piece of good furniture? The house looked just like someone had bought stuff, yes stuff, to fill it up, yet it did not have the look of a real home! No pictures on the walls, no family photos, no knick knacks or decorations and the curtains/ can’t call them drapes they were dragging the floor by 8″ and looked like they also were purchased at a thrift store. Then Nancy Lanza was supposed to have NOTHING of her estate except for the house! What in the heck was she doing with $250k a year? It sure wasn’t used in lavish, no not lavish, not even nice furnishings! I didn’t see any fur coats, jewelry chest overflowing with costly gems or expensive cars in the driveway, did you? So where did it all go? The lifestyle and home life they mistakenly portrayed makes no sense. Just further proof that this whole thing is a lie…. and the photographer… well, someone had to doctor all of the Obama photos…who better than a morphing expert… but threaten to come clean…oops, you’re dead!

        2. I need to add to, and correct, some of what you say, Pat.

          There has been a misconception among a number of people that the Vision Appraisal site reflects recorded property transfers. It doesn’t: it is the assessor’s site, so reflects taxation.

          To look at real property transfers and encumbrances, you must go to the registry of deeds for Newtown, which is on the Newtown town government’s website and bears Debbie Aurelia Halstead’s name. It is here:

          You can sign in as a guest and avoid paying a fee. You can’t see images of deeds (that I’ve found–maybe you can if you pay), but you can see conveyances by grantor and grantee. If you put in “Lanza,” lots of interesting things come up. First is that Peter and Nancy Lanza bought the house on 7/23/98, but it appears that Peter had a power of attorney for Nancy, recorded also on 7/23/98. (It could be the other way around–Nancy had POA for Peter–but that would not make any sense!) So Nancy was not at the closing. If the power of attorney were general, rather than special (which means limited to this one transaction), then it could be Peter signing Nancy’s name everywhere it has appeared since 1998.

          I find particularly curious a release filed 6/14/2004 of a mortgage from General Electric Employees Fed. Credit Union to Nancy and Peter–because the underlying mortgage does not exist. There is even a book and page given for it (772/246), but nothing comes up.

          As for the recent assignments, they were that a mortgage Nancy and Peter had with Peoples Mortgage filed 5/18/04 was assigned to CitiMortgage on 3/18/2013, then assigned to Hudson City Savings Bank on 5/19/2014, and then assigned to 36 Yogananda, LLC, on 5/19/2014. But what is 36 Yogananda, LLC–a bank? Why would this entity have acquired this instrument of indebtedness? The Secretary of State’s website shows that the agent for 36 Yogananda, LLC, is a Kenneth M. Gruder.

          36 Yogananda, LLC, was the grantee of the real property from the Estate of Nancy Lanza on September 24, 2014, via warranty deed. This means there was a merger of the mortgage and the fee title on Sept. 24, 2014. 36 Yogananda, LLC, became the owner of the entire property in fee simple on that date, with no loans against it. This entity still owns the property as of yesterday’s date.

        3. Actually, the POA COULD be the other way around–Nancy having POA for Peter. It’s just that that possibility didn’t mesh with my pre-existing conclusion that Nancy is fictitious!

        4. Hi Dinophile,

          I still don’t understand how Hudson can ‘liquidate’ a property without cause. They are in fact a publicly traded company.

        5. Actually, on thought LLC’s are used to invest in real estate all the time. However, that doesn’t appear to be what happened. Theoretically, the LLC could have booked the loan, then dissolved…. No cash changing hands. Where DID the money go. The property wasn’t unmarketable. I can understand Peter not wanting to live there..

        6. Hi Beraridi,

          Here is a link to all the Sandyhook Official reports

          Nancy’s room was on the second floor. The first floor EMPTY room was either Ryan’s room or Adams above ground room he was never in.

          Interestingly, all of the windows are masked over. I watched the video’ and there were no shots from the inside that could see outside. Where did you see those pictures.

          I found a few things interesting about the 36 Yogananda raid.

          They bashed in all the doors. The garage door was bashed in by a police vehicle (according to the police officer shooting the video). The left side of the garage was completely empty, the right side completely full. They bashed in the left side. I expect they raided the house looking for the second shooter, which presumably had gotten away.

        7. Blockshooper still has Lanza as owner

          36 Yogananda Street, Newtown, CT 06482
          Owner: Nancy J Lanza
          City:Newtown Zip:06482

          Yr. Built: 1998 Builder: — Sqft (land | living):95,396 land
          3,104 living,Bedrooms- 4
          Property Taxes: $12,151.23
          Stories: 2

      2. Advocates and some victims’ families have called on the federal government to establish a national compensation fund so donations after an emergency can go to one central place, and get to victims quickly. In June, Connecticut lawmakers created the Coordinated Assistance and Recovery Endowment, known as CT CARE. At the time, Governor Dannel Malloy’s office announced the Endowment will accept charitable donations in the immediate aftermath of an event like the Sandy Hook School shooting.

  22. Everyone, please sit down and have a handkerchief ready. I posted this sob story before and its needs reposting. Many are wondering why the famous dwelling in Sandy Hook only sold for one dollar. Besides bookkeeping likely worthy of any mafia outfit and tax write offs galore, we now have bankers in tears. They were so heartbroken that the Master of Disaster was called in for able assistance. We can guess he was paid more than one dollar. After shedding appropriate tears, feel free to laugh out loud.

    Three excerpts:
    ~No one was interested in money. Everything was about doing the right thing, and helping the community. That’s just their leadership style there.”~
    ~When the bank took possession, it removed and destroyed the contents, It also maintained and secured the house and grounds, Bell said. The appraised value officially exceeds $500,000, but Bell and other real estate professionals agreed its market value likely would be far less.~
    ~Meetings in the bank’s New Jersey corporate offices were so emotional that top executives were sometimes in tears, Bell said.~

    Paramahansa Yogananda would not approve of the shenanigans on his namesake street. Namaste.

    1. “God bless us, everyone”.

      I am speechless. Pat Llordia is worried about “controlling their own destiny”? Hey, nobody makes “reality” like this place.

    2. Quite strange when bankers appear more emotional two years afterwards than the parents did the day of and immediately following the actual “massacre” or funerals.

    3. amazing that bank officials were in tears but none of the parents of the murdered children cried a single tear to this day ? the bulls#t is piled so high in newtown you need wings to fly over it

  23. Can’t resist the impulse to share this small poem as we
    ease past cold nights and short days. Spring, like hope is an eternal quest within the human
    experience. So here we go:

    Nearing Groundhog Day

    Old January needs respect. sees
    his end coming on longer eves, higher
    skies. His racking breath rattles bones
    of ossified oaks, grabs the house in
    a churlish hug.

    Old man January frets at short winters.
    demands awe, finds Gulf fronts
    offensive in mid-solstice settings,
    prefers leaden clouds, stabbing sleet.

    A januweary dog parts a neighbor’s
    drapes, willing the thaw to
    slough blue ice, free the grass.
    He longs for puddled sun and
    singing bees.

    At twenty-thousand feet, an imagined
    Januwary plane drags a melting
    plume toward the horizon on a
    south-south-east heading to
    Miami Beach…



  24. Deft storytelling skills assure the revolving door never closes.

    ~Through the gauntlet of deficits, storms and violence in Newtown, he was the loyal gatekeeper of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, charged with insulating his boss from negative press ………..
    “I watched with admiration as Doba’s deft storytelling skills and smart strategies helped Governor Malloy lead Connecticut through some rough waters,”~

    1. Heh, heh, “clients in a tough media market”? Smarmy, bunch, the lot of ’em. Just what every government needs, marketing.

      Given the recent history they could benefit from a professional writer. Their scripts are very weak.

      So, it looks like Malloy is a “Bloomberg man”. Somebody pass the Dramamine. Somebody should call the CDC.

    1. Anne, from the comments it appears that the residents don’t share the same sentiments. Somehow, that’s good to see. Isn’t it amazing how this cabal arrogates power to itself?

      I see that there is a report coming out. I can hardly wait. I doubt if we would have any trouble guessing as to its outcome.

      It’s a cinch that the “Pod People” have taken over there. The question is, will they resist or allow themselves to be absorbed?

    1. Anne, that bears repeating, “…Newtown was chosen as the east coast location…”. I believe that in all of the other directed chaos, this fact is getting short shrift.

      There are reasons for the location being as strange as it appears beyond the drill. I have a notion that the drill is actually providing a very high level of security for the real purpose of the place. Distraction is an old magician’s trick.

  25. I wasn’t sure where to put this, but since we’re talking about Newtown real estate, I guess it’s as good a place as any. Here’s a baffler:
    Mergim Bajraliu’s parents bought their house at 17 Maple Road, Sandy Hook on Christmas Day, 2009 for zero dollars.
    That house has changed owners 14 times since 2000 (Carol Kelly, 52, lived there in 2000).
    Records for the house begin in 2001 when it was owned by the Fergusons. A sales history shows that in June 2007 the house was bought by Allison M. Baldwin.
    There is no activity recorded for the year 2009, when the Bajralius were shown elsewhere as acquiring it for zero dollars. But on March 6, 2012, Mergim’s mom apparently was now the owner of the house, which she then sold to her husband, Fadil.
    The next date shown is June 14, 2013 when apparently the owner is now Stephen White, who sells it to [names deleted upon request.-JFT], and three months later the owners are now the Matrullos, who then sell it to themselves. Five months later it seems to belong to a Heidi Harris, who sells it to Craig Harris, and five months after that, Ceila Celli sells it to John Celli and six months after that, the Crogans sell it to the Donohoes. The Donahoes bought it on January 12, 2015 but Alberta and Fadil Bajraliu are still listed at the top as the owners. (????)
    Of the thirteen listed transactions, only two show an actual sales price, one from 2013, and one from 2015, in both cases for the exact same amount, $657,000. All other sales prices are “N/A” (not applicable). Source:
    They’re mucking with our minds, right?
    Wait, there’s more.
    This site says 17 Riverside Rd (across from the firestation), was acquired in 2009 for zero dollars.
    Here, it says it sold for $178,750 on Dec. 3, 2014.
    It was reported as having been sold in December for $1,340 to Timothy Colby Schoen.
    Among the land transfers recorded at the Newtown clerk’s office during December 2014 on that same list were these transactions:
    Highland HC, LLC, to the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation, 123, 125A and 125B South Main St., quit claim. (These are spaces in the shopping center on South Main St.)
    Hudson City Savings Bank to Town of Newtown, 36 Yogananda St., quit claim. [Quitclaim deeds tend to be used in gift situations, since the parties have a prior relationship and the “buyer” is not paying to receive the property, according tothe Goog when I googled what is a quit claim?]

    Flagpole Holdings, LLC, to BNT, LLC, 160 South Main St., quit claim. [Flagpole Holdings is a subsidiary of Newtown Savings Bank. John Trentacosta is president of Flagpole Holdings).

    Mesa General Contractors, Inc., and Acorn Homes Inc., to Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut, 30-32 Church Hill Rd., quit claim.
    [Aquarion has its own real estate company and owns half the property in Easton, CT (according to Wiki). It also buys up other water companies. In 2012, it supplied water to 47 cities and towns in CT as well as servicing territories in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This transaction seems to be a quitclaim from the contractors to the water company connected with a $7 million Sandy Hook Village Revitalization Project to construct 5 buildings, groundbreaking in Spring 2014. (see page 15) –
    [Interesting that last year, Newtown’s Board of Education were listed first under “Major Employers”, with 755 employees, an increase of 51 since 2012, yet other town stats claim school enrollment is decreasing.]
    Veronique Pozner’s house at 3 Kale Davis Road, Sandy Hook was foreclosed on and scheduled for auction on Jan. 17, via U.S. Bank National Assicication [sic] –
    Apologies for the huge, detailed info dump, I still don’t know what to make of all  that confusing Buy/Sell activity on Mergim Bajliu’s parents’ house. (Never heard that one before, either – “Assicication” for Association.) There are also interesting real estate transactions in Monroe, right next door to Newtown, where the SH elementary school is now located. One in particular is most intriguing.
    1. Guest, sorry, but you are not getting correct information from whatever site you are looking at.

      The Newtown Registry of Deeds shows that Alberta and Fadil Bajraliu acquired their property on Maple Drive (which I think has to be the one you are referencing–they own other properties) on 9/29/2000 from Judith and Rodolfo Baez. Alberta did quitclaim to Fadil on 3/6/12, but he still owns it. There are, however, a slew of mortgages and judgment liens against this property. Five of the judgment liens were placed by Danbury Hospital and Milford Hospital.

      I did not review your other information.

    2. Guest, a few years ago (I’ve since lost the link), there was a site that did extensive digging into our current “leader’s” past. It was done very thoroughly and adequately cross-referenced.

      In the 1960’s the CIA was involved in installing various African government leaders, as well as their usual interference in the affairs of governments everywhere. One of the methods employed is a property shuffle. These are often done to hide both the source and end user of various funding sources.

      It seems that Stanley Ann’s mom became president of a bank in Hawaii, having only a high school education. The bank specialized in a number of suspicious property transactions. In fact the research showed that she had operated herself under several different social security numbers.

      Rather than try to explain all of the twists and turns of their research, although it was very interesting, the “take away” is that real estate transactions are a proven method for money laundering.

      While it is not unheard of for people to use quit claim deeds to transfer ownership of property, they are not as routine as the normal transactions most of us are familiar with. In the first place, few own their properties, free of encumbrances.

      Without exploring each individual transaction, a cursory look at the records certainly are not representative of what one would expect to find. For so many to appear in such a small area within a relatively limited span of time there would have to be an explanation.

      As to the level of teaching staff in an area of declining enrollment, that is suspicious as well. Those who have followed this with any regularity will remember the board meetings and talks of decreasing staff through attrition.

      Falling back on my usual practice of looking for patterns, I see a couple here. The details noted do not reflect the normal ebb and flow of everyday life. Even the prices of some of the homes do not make sense to me. Connecticut is not a low cost area. A house equivalent to “Nancy’s” here would probably fetch $800K to $1M, as is.

      What all this tells me is that things are not what they appear to be in Newtown. It would take someone a lot cleverer than me to discern any meaningful information from these records.

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