Shanley On this joint edition of Real Politik and The Real Deal Connecticut-based author and filmmaker William Shanley speaks with James Fetzer and James Tracy on his trillion dollar lawsuit against big media for fraud and terrorism of the public via their reportage on the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event. Shanley maintains that the alleged shooting was a FEMA-orchestrated drill deviously presented by major wire services, newspapers, and broadcast and cable networks as an genuine tragedy.

Interview Highlights

Shanley became involved in researching Sandy Hook while producing a film he continues to work on. He then viewed Sofia Smallstorm’s presentation, Unraveling Sandy Hook in Two, Three, Four and Five Dimensions and read several articles on Sandy Hook written by Professor Fetzer. “When I heard that Michael Bellmore, the 28-year-old former New Haven Register reporter had died for unexplained reasons I saw myself as a 28-year-old kid in radio and working for Jimmy Carter with sound equipment, and I just thought of this kid. I said, ‘This is something I can do. I’m going to go to the mat on this.'”

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Additional File (Specific discussion of lawsuits and 20 more minutes of interview)


After further delving into the work of independent Sandy Hook researchers Shanley marveled, “The evidence is just overwhelming.” He then began to plea through traditional channels by

writing a series of letters. First of all, I wrote to [Connecticut] Governor Malloy, informing him of my background and association with Dr. Fetzer and other scholars. I started writing all the politicians with the best writing I could come up with and I was astonished [to receive no response] from the Governor, the Secretary of State. I’ve written to everyone in the legislature a number of times; the Sandy Hook Commission a number of times. I’ve written to the President twice. I’ve written to the Senate and House Judiciary Committees calling for joint hearings. There’s been no response from anyone to any communication. It’s been a complete blackout. This is like Moscow 1952.

Shanley asserts that reporters have been caught running flagrant propaganda on the Sandy Hook massacre, and that this speaks to larger concerns, such as today’s news media being run by conglomerates that care very little about actual journalism.

We have to look at the fact that the news budgets over the past 20 years have been savaged. The salaries of reporters are very low. $30,000 is the average salary for a reporter in the state of Connecticut. My mother was a newspaper reporter for the Waterbury Republican in Connecticut. They covered these little towns in Connecticut like vacuum cleaners. [Reporters] went to every town meeting, every city council meeting, every finance meeting, every environmental meeting, and it all got reported. That’s all disappeared in America with the conglomeration and the international media companies, all of whom are responsible.

Imagine Disney, which sells products to children, now being a marketer of terrorism. How can that brand ever withstand this? This is how I know these captains who are running these corporations, this little news division is just another division of their big company. That’s why they’re involved in business with the government.

They’re the people’s stand ins. They’re surrogates for us who cannot be there. They’re our voices and our ears and eyes. And they’ve chosen to besmirch their role as upholders of the sacred trust of truth in journalism, and sell out to do business with the government.

Shanley observes how the Newtown area’s background of psychiatry and occultism may be related to the Sandy Hook event and other unusual practices by Connecticut state officials. In 1997, for example, the Office of the Child’s Advocate was established to obscure the unusual and unreported deaths of 66 children in state institutions. The same agency is presently advocating a policy that will likely culminate in federally-mandated mental health screenings from infancy to young adulthood.

Those in the state government are “lunatics,” Shanley asserts.

I don’t know where this strain comes from in America or in Connecticut in particular. It’s literally like living in the twilight zone here. I’ve never seen anything like it. You can cut it with a knife–the fear, the trepidation, the sickness underlying it. Now we’ve got the Connecticut State Police who are members of the Masons. They had a project for a kidnapping kit for every parent with a school child in Connecticut. [Parents were expected] to participate in this school kidnapping kit with the local community. This was a project of the Masons. I looked at the data and there were no kidnappings in Connecticut!

Shanley notes how advocacy on the Sandy Hook incident has jeopardized family and personal relationships. Indeed, last summer, shortly after receiving an odd warning concerning his research activities, his new roommate apparently committed suicide under a bizarre circumstances. The judge presiding over Shanley’s recent lawsuits against big media has also issued a protective order to aid in protecting Shanley from bodily harm.

Overview of Lawsuits

The first lawsuit is for fraud and terrorism against the Newtown Bee, the Hartford Courant, owned by Tribune media, the Associated Press, and the New York Times. None of them have responded. That’s for $10 billion–$5 billion for each count. What I’ve designed these to do is to put these companies out of business, or put us in a position to take these media industries over by requesting punitive damage equal to one year in revenue for each of the corporations.

The second lawsuit [filed on December 22, 2014] for $1 trillion–$500 billion for each count–is against Obsidian, people like John Miller of CBS who is intimately involved as Deputy National Director of Intelligence who misled many other news agencies. Anderson Cooper is in there (I put him in especially for you, James), and all of the chairmen and CEOs of all the mass media companies. We’re talking about Reuters-Thomson. We’re talking about Disney-ABC. We’re talking about General Electric, which owned NBC up until 2013. Comcast, and all these [other] mega-multinationals.

Shanley wants to use most of the proceeds to begin a news trust that will provide a new form of genuine journalism. “This will be used to free journalism forever from the tyranny of economics.”

Rather than seeking personal damages, Shanley states that his suits involve punitive damages for the media’s dubious Sandy Hook reportage.

Punitive damages are halfway between civil and criminal. They’re basically designed in cases like OJ Simpson, where they couldn’t get a conviction in a criminal trial, where the bar of evidence is lower in a civil case. As far as standing, the court has standing, because this is a violation of federal laws. I am a citizen of Connecticut and the United States. I have standing just on that basis. Any citizen can do this.

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82 thought on “William Shanley Discusses $1 Trillion Lawsuit”
  1. so he is pro se (no lawyer representation) and needs our money right?

    Ahem. Well lets get that red flag out of the way first. next, WE should have a say in where the money goes since we are funding this. I recommend an audited uninterested 3rd party to administer a charitable trust for improving npr and pbs – public news. I am skeptical of another private news corp with a trillion dollars that would surely attract the same greedy and power hungry shills this suit would supposedly take down.

    1. Sorry. I just don’t see the act of asking for money as a red flag. How do you know it’s not a legitimate request? Are you familiar with his current income and expenses? What we may need is a certain set of criteria to base an individual’s perceived intent.

    2. He should be trying to raise money for this, with or without a lawyer. He has sued mega-corporations and very powerful people. They can and will try to bury him with overwhelming amounts of work, pleadings, motions, depositions, expert upon expert witnesses, fact witnesses, travel expenses, subpoena fees, etc. His expenses alone (not attorney fees) could amount to hundreds of thousand dollars. Raising money is not a red flag.

  2. This guy Shanley is old school, the salt of the earth. I will be following his case closely and feel we must root out the rank Satanic deception orchestrated by these psychopaths who continue to pull massive profits from the hoax. Truth always wins in the end. God bless Mr. Stanley.

    1. The folks who pulled this off are not going to give up easy. If we get anywhere against these evil bastards I think we will find many many skeletons coming out of their closets. They will fight until the end and will take down out country with them too. They will do everything in their power to cover their tracks which go back many years.

      1. Bill, the CFR ( global regime ) organized in 1921 , so by this time the wheels had already been well in motion for a global take over for many years prior to this. What so few people seem to understand is we are under the new world order, this is GLOBAL , every nato nation is under the SAME RULE , EVERYTHING on the TV ( democrat/republican/ “foreign” nations ) this is all fantasy / fiction & scripted for the agenda ( agenda 21) of the CFR . there is no such thing as the united states , it is long gone & if we want it back i suggest everyone DO WORK NOW , take ACTION immediately , spread the word as diligently as possible . I suggest a paper in upstate NY called THE PATRIOT , IF you could distribute this paper in your locations we could possibly wake people up , it is absolutely the most PATRIOTIC news paper on the planet. I would love to send Jame Tracy a Copy , The publisher Joanne Wilder of Cicero NY is absolutely a one woman army for the cause of returning America back into the hands of the people who have lost control of it long ago.

  3. I did not download interview yet as I am on anothers pc to ck. my mail, however, in regards to des1Oemays cynicism: did he mention in the interview “Common Law jury” ? You HAVE to take your suit there pro se as they are all practicing Admiralty Law (or Maritime Law if you prefer) as evidenced by the gold fringe on the flags (illegal) & you have to cross behind the bar–which represents boarding a ship. Common Law juries are now fully constituted in ALL states to start cleaning up at a local level & work right on up the ladder. This generalized apathy & non-participation did not happen overnight & it won’t be fixed till we work to clean the whole system bottom to top.

  4. Shanley is under psychiatric care of a Yale professor specifically regarding his trauma inflicted from the Sandy Hook and Boston events. The Yale professor’s sister is a doctor at Beth Israel in Boston that was involved in the Boston bombing.

    On Aug 5 the psychiatrist/professor calls Shanley paranoid, warns him that he might have “problems” should he continue his investigation, and three weeks later his roommate commits suicide by jumping off a bridge.

    According to Shanley. Odd.

  5. This is equivalent to going to an area gang leader, and asking him to please stop his thugs from lying to and bilking millions of dollars from the area’s feeble, slow, frail grandmothers, because by golly it just isn’t fair. Oh, and by the way, he should punish them for doing it in the first place, too.

    If you’re expecting to get some mainstream press from this, good luck. If you do, you will be called variously “conspiracy theorist”, “racist”, “hater”, “antisemite”, “kook” and all manner of slurs against your character, and by inference, everybody associated with you or standing behind you. And the public will swallow this rhetoric hook, line and sinker, too. Why? Because they are feeble, slow and frail, just like the grandmothers being directly bilked.

    The sheer size of the damages demanded will bring out all the stops. I would expect the FBI, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), local police, and a plethora of other criminals to come after you, in many different ways. The FBI will no doubt get you institutionalized into a mental institution far from your friends and family, where you will be chemically lobotomized, like they have done to 20,000 war veterans in Virginia alone, who don’t agree with the official stories the government are passing off as fact.

    Brandon J. Raub, Former Marine, Detained After Anti-Government Facebook Postings

  6. This is wonderful, hit them in the purse-strings, they are in control of the media and if we want any form of truth to get to the masses who are dealing with chemtrails and fluoride and other forms of mass drugging it is going to take a blow to the bank roll. AND we need to get word to the sleeping masses in order to make changes, changes that are essential to our survival.A catch 22 but we have to do it or we perish. Just keep in mind that THEY do not want this to happen and THEY are pure evil and have endless control to inhibit and completely stop the truths from EVER surfacing!! THEY control the media, courts (bar stand for bank) and banks, but they are few compared to us…we are legion!

  7. Did anyone notice that many Youtube videos regarding the event in Newtown CT on 12-14-12 were disabled beginning yesterday afternoon through around 08:00 this morning?

  8. I commend all of you for your investigation of Sandy Hook. Very much
    needed but you must come to realize this is primarily a spiritual battle.
    I am a Vietnam veteran but now a pastor. All of these false flags have
    their origins in Satan’s Kingdom. These are “powers and principalities”
    we are up against.

    1. Amen, pastor Rick! Until people understand there is a powerful demonic war going on in the spiritual dimension, that seeks to enslave every man, woman, and child on the earth, they will never come to any understanding of what is truly going on or who is really directing this war on humankind. People have been blinded by the god of this world, Satan. It’s not even socially acceptable to believe he is real anymore. As the saying goes, the biggest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he doesn’t exist. People need to wake up and look around, and understand that there is absolutely no hope for this lost and dying world, except for the Lord Jesus Christ. There is nobody that can fix this mess we are in. The Apostle Paul tells us that the things which we can see are only temporary, but the things we cannot see are eternal. To me, that means the spiritual dimension is more real than the physical dimension. Yet people still either deny the existence of Satan, or they believe he is a harmless little critter clad in a red suit with horns and a tail. They have no comprehension that the rich and powerful men and women of this world actually worship him as lord and do his bidding.

  9. I’m sure this opinion will be met by much criticism so let me state for the record; I believe sandy hook is a government operation and what we are being told by the msm is not true. So many people have done amazing research into this event and even if only half of what they’ve uncovered were true it will still prove that it was a false flag. To that end I have a hard time with people like William Shanely. I think once you start to mention the church of satan, satanic rituals, the Freemasons, “mysterious deaths” of people (who are “drug users”) it starts to sound a bit fantastic. Shanely makes so many statements that stand out (mainly about his Harvard psychiatrist signalling him by changing her voice, LT Vance initiating the whole SH event among other things) that…well, he sounds like a nut job and a trillion dollar lawsuit (seemingly against pretty much everyone) will be laughed out of court. While I believe a lawsuit would (or should) force certain truths to come to light, Shanely may be doing more harm than good. Again, I’m not trying to slander anyone but I’m trying to look at this objectively and see it with fresh eyes. Im not looking to get into a battle of wits or theological debate, it’s just my .02.

  10. […] William Shanley Discusses $1 Trillion Lawsuit Against Major Media For Sandy Hook Fraud On this joint edition of Real Politik and The Real Deal Connecticut-based author and filmmaker William Shanley speaks with James Fetzer and James Tracy on his trillion dollar lawsuit against big media for fraud and terrorism of the public via their reportage on the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event. Shanley maintains that the alleged shooting was a FEMA-orchestrated drill deviously presented by major wire services, newspapers, and broadcast and cable networks as an genuine tragedy. Interview Highlights Shanley became involved in More… […]

  11. It is difficult to imagine the scale of this thing, when you first start to look into it. It it is great to hear you all discuss it, and I want to thank Mr. Shanely for filing his suit. My husband was watching Family Guy on Fox the other night and came in all freaked out by the ending..He said at the end of the episode everyone went home and as their doors open you see one person open a door and someone is hanging from a noose, another person opens a door and a pedophile is waiting for them on a bed. I said “Really, they were showing that on TV at 9:00 o’clock when kids could see it?” And he said yes and it had really scared him. We ended up in a discussion about whether the devil exists. When I broach the subject of the mostly satanic dreck presented as popular culture, I don’t get much traction if I call it satanic. I think people respond better when you use the word psychopath. I am currently reading a book called The History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil, to try and get some information on where the concept of the Devil originated. But yeah, as you look at the UK pedophile scandals and the Franklin cover-up, you start to get a glimpse of what is at stake here and what we are fighting against, very bad people doing very bad things, using the courts, and the legislature and the nativity of the public to cover their tracks. When you through in the mental health aspects, and what seems to be the desire to screen and control the destiny of our children, man it is amazing how many tentacles this thing has. Thank you a million times for your bravery on this.

  12. At the risk of being jumped on for being a naysayer, I agree with THX1138 completely on this one. (Maybe his[?] comment about not having any faith in the courts is still in moderation? I don’t see it here now.) How much satisfaction has come from the courts on past issues like 9/11, the Kennedy assassinations, or Waco, to name just a few? Hoping (let alone expecting) that the perpetrators will ever have to “face the music” on this is nothing more than wishful thinking, I’m afraid.

    Sadly, it strikes me as terribly naive for Shanley (or Halbig, for that matter) to expect a response to the letters written to public officials, even the elected ones. I’ve written my share of letters, and at best I’ve gotten a form letter in response. And does Shanley really think he’s going to put the fear of God–and the fear of losing his medical license– into some doctor (especially one with connections) because he (Shanley) is going to prove that Sandy Hook was a fraud? It just seems so…simple, so green…so naive.

    As for Fetzer, after the debacle publicly pointing the finger at some hapless musician as being the “real Robbie Parker”, I have a very hard time taking him seriously. It was such a dangerously reckless, amateurish, and potentially libelous stunt…it was something I might expect out of Brendan Hunt (sorry, Brendan) or RPR, but not an academician with a doctorate.

    That said, I wish anyone success who’s doing what they can to bring this evil to light. Though I don’t think any of this will be solved by legal action, I will not do anything to undermine efforts to that end. And should Shanley’s attempt fail, I will not get one ounce of satisfaction from it.

    A teensy bit of GOOD news: I mentioned giving a copy of “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” to a friend’s husband at a Christmas party. I threw Sofia Smallstorm’s “Unraveling Sandy Hook” on the CD as well. As I was writing this post, I got a call from said husband (he’s an accountant, so he’s very methodical and logical, btw), and he was totally blown away by the documentaries! He came to many of the same conclusions that we all share, and he immediately saw the connections between Sandy Hook and previous events (specifically the Kennedy assassinations and 9/11).

    I liken spreading the word about events like Sandy Hook to spreading the message about Christ and repentance: most people aren’t all that eager to listen and will actually go to great lengths not to hear. However, every once in a while, you will stumble upon a seeker, and then the work isn’t difficult at all.

    Happy New Year, all. Here’s to me being completely wrong about Shanley’s case!

    1. trying to do something is better then not doing anything, at least this will bring attention that we so desperately need it to, share everywhere , share it on twitter,share it on google, facebook, if everyone would just hit the share button on these articles, curious people could have their eyes opened up, so while your busy being pessimists ( & I understand this completely ) at least DO something & hit all the SHARE buttons, help attention be brought to the subject please.

    2. The courts are masonic theater. Unless you’re part of the brotherhood, you will not have justice. And if you are part of the brotherhood and you get caught up in something nasty, then “oh well” you have to suffer in silence – at least outwardly. I’m sure there is plenty of quiet avenging of wrongs within the lodge, but I’m sure, in those instances, it often appears to be an accident.

    3. Recynd, I agree with you. I would expect people to be able to analyze this in ways that were realistic. We don’t have to like how things are, we are stuck with them anyway. Charging off to do the impossible with absolutely no chance of success is not admirable.

      In fact, when someone provides an opportunity to demonstrate the futility of it all to those who benefit from that, it is counter-productive. From what I can determine, at a minimum, this didn’t receive much careful thought.

      If he’s suing a newspaper, how is that a federal offense or, somehow, a federal tort case? What is he suing the newspaper for? Lying? It’s legal.

      If he were going to sue because of the fraudulent charities, etc., and/or the official reports it would be a criminal matter. He is not empowered to bring criminal cases.

      If most know that this is a conspiracy involving the highest levels of government, including the Justice Department, why would anyone expect a favorable outcome?

      I think “Ramer” is correct. I’ll be surprised if it’s remanded. I hope Shanley has someone watching his back.

      I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about over your opinions. By speaking up you are doing what you can. That is a very adult and wise thing to do.

  13. I am still digesting the actual lawsuit and what I think, although I think those who have questioned standing are probably right — especially after reading the actual complaint.

    Nevertheless, the who FEMA drill manual made me curious and I think I have confirmed that it is 100% real.

    My experience is that these things are built from a template and you can uncover other examples by using the same technique professors use to spot plagiarism: take a random phase of about a dozen works and do a google search.

    So I downloaded the complaint and manual and did just that and got likes to just 7 pages. The sixth link was to an original PDF copy of document Shanely attached to his complaint. I say “original” because in the “properties” you can see the PDF was created on October 2, 2012. this in information automatically imbedded in the metadata of the PDF document and cannot be “backdated” very easily.

    Here is the link to the manual — you can look for yourself:


    Here is the search I put into google:

    “If an automated response function is not available. Upon being called, sites”

    Make sure you “expand” the search to include similar sites and you will end up with 7 links. Other responses support the conclusion that the manual is the real thing.

    First you will see the RAND corp whitepaper for call down drills posted on a state of Missouri website. This RAND whitepaper is where this type of “Call down” drill was developed it appears. interestingly enough, Obsidian, which Shanley is saying managed the drill can be linked to RAND through the two companies that the founds of Obsidian used to work for: the DFI and Detica. Here is a link to a page on the two entities from a public interest wiki that also shows the link to RAND.

    Second you can find a WORD version of the manual template with directions on a Massachusetts website. This at first made me suspicious because it would be very easy to take this template and create a fake manual. But that is why the metadata in the original PDF is so important.

    In some, given the Metadata in the original PDF of the manual, it looks that at the very least there was a drill planned for December 13. Either that or someone has put a huge effort into creating a fake and obscure trail, which is suspicious itself.

    1. Nice methodology. Furthermore on the standing issue: it seems Shanley may have standing if he claimed being terrorized by the false media narrative, and backed it up with proof held by his psychiatrist. But then it would have to change to punitive damages that would apply only to him. Speculation, of course.

    2. Ramer, at its most basic, it isn’t difficult. There are, however, lots of rules that the court assumes you know. In addition, judges are loathe to make new law. They prefer to be convinced that the case before them is so much like another that they should rule as a predecessor did in another case.

      Interspersed with that are the rules of evidence. There are “pleadings”. There are various challenges that can be filed that must be responded to.

      “Standing” is definitely a concern. The courts hear cases because they are required to. If there is some reason why they are not required to hear them they are not bashful about letting one know.

      So, if you “Google” something or use “Westlaw”, looking for case law, I can assure you that your opponent will do that as well. Generally, whoever makes the more compelling argument as to how their case law fits in this situation is the one who “wins”.

      In my mind the most important realistic thing that could come of this is access to records and the ability to depose witnesses. Unfortunately, that is precisely why I don’t believe that will happen. It is certainly not going to happen without counsel. In fact, it is probably too late now as it has already been filed.

      Another little characteristic of federal courts is that the documents will be filed electronically. You will need a PIN number to access them. There is a fee.

      I don’t say this to discourage anyone. There is much to gain from diminished expectations. When one begins they should ask themselves, “is this really the forum for the remedy sought?”. Strategy is another matter. Do you “get it all out there” or do you do that in “baby steps”?

      Personally I wouldn’t do this. But, if I did I’d remember an old adage; “by the yard, life is hard. By the inch, its a cinch”. The simple truth is that most have an entirely different belief in what the justice system is than what it actually is, or how it works.

  14. Although I feel Mr. Shanely brought up many things in the interview that (in my opinion) muddied the water, some were valid topics. Prof. Tracy mentioned the Franklin Cover up of the late 1980s/early 90s and the documentary that was produced but never aired. If anyone is interested in that subject, the documentary is available here:

    I read John Decamps book The Franklin Cover Up several years ago and feel that the whole thing is something that still needs investigtion.

    1. This isn’t the film. It was not a documentary, although this is the project Mr. Shanley mentions.

      In the interview I reference my discussion with Trine Day publisher Kris Millegan of a few weeks ago, where in the second half Millegan explained that The Franklin Scandal and two other Trine Day titles were being developed over the past few years by major Hollywood studios. Higher-ups received a good deal of harassment, including death threats against family members, after which one production ceased.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. I did hear that interview with Kris Milligan and I recall the part in the interview that you referenced regarding Hollywood producers being threatened but somehow missed the mention of Franklin.

    2. Weep. weep. weep! Have preferred not to confront myself that child sexual abuse could not possibly exist, and it does. How naïve can I be? What could I do to save my grandchildren from these monsters?

        1. My true feelings often do not make it to the typed word. Was actually crying uncontrollably. It is too painful for me to think anyone could injure a child and have kept my blinders on when the subject comes up. Suppose before Sandy Hook, was in the same denial on 911.

        2. Skirt, if that’s how you react to stuff like this, I’d advise you not to go there–ever. That rabbit-hole is far too terrifying for even the most stout of heart.

          I had read a series of Dave McGowan’s newsletters about the satanic ritual abuse of children (although he does not use that phrase), and hated every minute of it. Then I bought Programmed to Kill, and discovered that the first few chapters were those essays. I did not go on to read the book.

          Shortly thereafter, I stumbled upon a radio interview with Dave, where he talked about the research that went into that book. He said that the nastiness taints the soul (my words, not his), and unless you are ready for it to be a part of you permanently, it’s better not to go there. Or words to that effect.

          There are some facets of the darkness we confront that we, as individuals, are temperamentally equipped to wrestle with. But we must each know our boundaries. We can become shattered.

          I thought I could be up to enduring the Franklin situation, at first. I heard it mentioned on Dr. Stan, and conspiracies that lead to hypocrites in the political establishment in Washington are right up my ally. Why didn’t Stan sell the DeCamp’s book, though? Anyway, I let it pass (I have, as you know, many interests).

          Time passed, and the more recent book on the subject came out, and the author was on Dr. Stan. A few items were interesting to me–especially the suppressed documentary. I found it, and watched it (it was a bootleg, unfinished version–the only one in existence, so far as I know). I searched for more information, and am very unhappy I did.

          I called Stan, and his wife Barbara answered. I felt so poisoned by what I had learned. I suppose I wished to say that I now know why they did not sell the book. I could not get those images out of my mind, and never will. Barbara was very supportive. However many horrors Stan made us aware of, she was always there, just like the listeners. She comforted me, and it helped.

          I know that the depths that evil plumbs cannot be visited by those who serve God. Some can go deeper than others, but we must be aware of our limits. That is not to say that we cannot serve, and even rescue, those who have descended farther than we ourselves can explore–we can in fact do that. But to do so requires exquisite training, and calling.

          Exploring and examining the conspiracy realm is dangerous from the start. And many people dive headlong into it, and become unhinged. I don’t think YOU, Kathy, have become unhinged; I only want to say that we should all learn when we, personally, need to back away–for our own good.

        3. Patrick, that is excellent advice. I’ve encountered authors who post a warning at the preface of their work. It is healthy to be disturbed by it. I am a believer in the notion that we should attempt to understand the nature of evil. It’s much worse than anything somebody shoots in their veins.

          None of this is new. It has been around as long as man. It doesn’t go away by ignoring it.

          When I first started studying this I rejected it out of hand. Then, there was simply too much evidence to ignore. I have personally known people who practiced the “dark arts” but, up until that time, I hadn’t considered this. There is a sick progression that goes with this stuff. “In for a penny, in for a pound” is how it works.

          While this may seem “off topic”, I was listening to “Red Ice Radio” the other night and there was a lady on who had written a book about her conjuring demons. At one point she casually mentioned that she thinks she may have gone too far and that she might not be able to reverse it. There is a reason why the Church has cautioned against playing with this stuff for centuries.

          A person can take the “modern” approach and say that such people are “disordered”. Myself, I can’t see any physical or mental “disorder” that would account for abusing children. It is evil, pure and simple.

        4. The reality of evil, is the reality of the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan (Rev 20:2). The god of this age employs countless numbers of demons to do his bidding. And then there are those human agents who willing serve this god (Illuminati, Masons, Jesuits…)

          Patrick (and others), it is so simple, and yet so profound. So simple that it is most often cast aside as a fairy tale or a myth (even by many modern churches). It is so profound that to accept the supernatural to explain the evil visited upon mankind, one must also reasonably accept its antithesis; God, and therefore acquiesce to accountability to Him.

          I am in no way providing a means for appeal by ANY human agent for ANY atrocity committed. They are free will agents, able to choose whom they will serve.

          The fascinating aspect in all of this to me is how the organized Luciferian worshippers operate in relative obscurity. One must wonder how the lid is kept on. May I submit that ALL official agencies, in ALL the world, who are responsible to the public to punish evil (a God given mandate, see Romans 13:1-6) have abdicated this authority, and are now instead THE PERPETRATORS OF EVIL?

          And the MSM has been enlisted as the propaganda ministers, serving their masters faithfully.

          This is how the reality of such unspeakable evils as Satanic Ritual Abuse against children can thrive in the shadows, avoiding the light of exposure. It is how such a depraved deception as Sandy Hook can escape popular critical analysis for more than two years now. Such suggestions have strategically been confined to the lunatic fringe as conspiracy folly.

          “Illumined” ones in the highest places the devil has to offer in this world. Remember, the devil offered all the kingdoms of the world to Jesus, if He would bow down and worship him.

          Jesus response was, “Away from me Satan (adversary)! Worship the Lord Your God, and serve Him only.”

          Well, those in temporary control of this world system have taken the devil up on his offer. They surely are making the most of their time of rule.

        5. Joseph,

          Michael Heiser recently published a follow-up to The Facade, called The Portent ( which deals with the things you bring up in a very knowledgable way. Heiser is one of the best textual scholars of our time, and not just because he’s a super expert in the ancient languages. He’s fearless in his research on the Divine Council, for one thing. But he also fearlessly explores the hidden technologies and secret agendas behind the cruel monsters who rule us.

          If you read The Facade, you know how surprisingly well this man can bring those arcane theological debates to life, in a gripping story. If you have not read the first book, you would be well advised to read it first–but it’s not absolutely necessary.

          What he’s doing in these two novels is putting genuine history into the mouths of fictional characters, history most people think is the insane ravings of people who walk around with sandwich boards informing us that The End Is Near. One character will bring up a name, or a subject, such as Josef Mengele, Project Paperclip and MK Ultra, for instance, and the person he’s talking to will ask to have certain details filled in–so the reader gets to hear a detailed, knowledgeable, summary.

          In the same way, the second book has new characters who get a quick summary of the traumatic events that took place in the first–again, a device for the reader to get a feel for the first book in a natural, organic way.

          He covers a very great deal. The true nature of UFOs, Area 51, Economic Hitmen, the modern trade in enslaved girl children. SRA/DID. All fitted very well into the structure of the story.

          You, especially, should read these books–if you haven’t already.

        6. Patrick, thanks for the suggestions. It will be on my to do list this year. I am thankful that MHB is full of individuals like you who are so well read, and can offer dependable direction towards literature to those who are NOT so well read!
          (like me)

        7. Patrick, sort of like conversations between “Screwtape and Wormwood”?

          Just to keep it simple, most of us were taught that we have to make a fundamental choice in life. We serve The Lord or we serve The World. For those who choose the latter, they receive their “reward” materially.

          From a deeper theological perspective, we are all sinners. It is in the recognition and repentance that we manage to employ the Holy Spirit to resist. There are many ways to say this.

          As Joseph says, “they are free will agents”. I don’t pretend to understand the mind of God, but, that is how God set it up. When we knowing seek evil we lose our free will. That was the essence of my comment about the lady from the “Red Ice Radio” program.

          She stated that she was an atheist. Her further conversation clearly indicated that she was not. She had received religious instruction as a child and, as so many of us do, abandoned it at some point, having become too intelligent for that sort of thing.

          In many ways this phenomena is where the rubber meets the road. Those who refuse to acknowledge evil cannot survive. There is some solace in the fact that the power of evil is diminished somewhat by ignorance.

          For these individuals we were discussing, they have knowingly and freely embraced evil. They are lost. It is society’s responsibility to keep them from contaminating others.

        8. “Patrick, sort of like conversations between “Screwtape and Wormwood”?”

          Very much so, lophatt. A lot of serious philosophy can be learned when expressed in conversational form, and it can be a fun way to learn those things for people who will never read non fiction books, much less theology. With Heiser, it has the added benefit of taking people in places they would not go otherwise. The nazis in Antarctica, for instance; almost no one is aware of “Admiral Byrd’s very strange encounter with flying saucers” down there (google the phrase I put in quotes, and great stuff instantly appears), and if you told someone about it in regular life they’d scoff and make a crack about Bigfoot, or Nessie, as if you are a crackpot.

          So Heiser’s novels are the thin end of the wedge to get people to take seriously things they might not even consider any other way–just as with Lewis. Everything Heiser has in these books is real, and most of it is really scary. But, as we discussed yesterday in another thread, it is not advisable to pretend the troubles we face do not exist. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say. Once Heisers’ readers have been exposed to the full range of exotic topics the MSM will never in a million years address, knowing that he is no kook, but an entirely credible researcher, their minds can’t help but treat such things more maturely in the future. A great technique.

          That said, even for those of us who already follow all the ideas Heiser deals with, the way he ties it all together, and proposes what the big picture might possibly be is very helpful We never say “I know all this stuff, stop boring me already.” The books are page-turners.

          Incidentally, for anyone interested in the nazis in Antarctica/Admiral Byrd story, Mae Brussell did a series of broadcasts on it, which are a very good primer:
          As is usually the case with her commentaries, there’s a lot more to the story than she digs up, but it’s plenty much for those who know nothing about it.

        9. Thank you Patrick for bringing up Admiral Byrd and Mae Brussell too. I have a 62 page book titled “The Missing Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd”. It is an expanded edition published in 1990. Everything we know pales compared to this. My dad was an arctic explorer and I recall fascinating stories. There is a good reason “they” want to thaw up the arctic regions, but don’t expect guided tours for the average person after they fully succeed.

          My ex-husband’s grand uncle was part of a famous arctic expedition. There is a museum in Oslo dedicated to this and the ship is there too. We inherited some objects from this exploration which have been handed down to my daughter now.

          There is another fascinating story written by Willis George Emerson and published in 1908, long before Admiral Byrd’s story. It details events in the arctic of seafarer Olaf Jansen as told to Emerson when Olaf was old and frail. Emerson was his neighbor in Glendale, CA. After Olaf came back to so called civilization, he was locked up for 30 years after telling his story. Olaf eventually made it to USA and died in Glendale, CA. I have a reprint from 1999 of this old book.

          These replies went from child abuse to mysteries in the polar regions. Such is the Memory Hole.

  15. My, oh my, we certainly have been exposed to an unbelievable set of actors.

    The governor of CT, cannot read or write and still is a successful lawyer and politician? My experience in the educational system required considerably amounts of both those skills. Perhaps the mental health and academia has progressed to a point that only verbal skills are important.

    Wolfgang Halbig had terrible writing skills, as was evident in his published FOI requests. First brushed this off, as I worked for an engineering manager, who was not allowed to send even an email as his typing and writing skills were embarrassing.

    Have witnessed executive secretaries doing the homework of their bosses going for their next degree in something, were they also paid to take their final exams?

    And now we have a movie maker suing the news for billions and trillions, because they lie, hymmm. Wish it could be true but alas sure seems like more smoke and mirrors.

    There are so many, it is hard to list.

    Coroner Carver who hopes it does not go crashing down on the town of Newtown and that crazy, wonderful machine that swooped down and carried all the dead bodies away in the middle of the night.

    Lt Vance with his laughing deputies standing behind him, who promised to prosecute anyone not reporting the ‘facts’ as he stated, even if it was on the ‘open’ internet.

    Robbie Parker, Gene Rosen, Anderson Cooper, the confused nurse, and of course the Boston bombing Bauman miracle man and the hero cowboy who pinched one of his spurting arteries, pay no attention to the others dangling and no blood. There was another dancing with the star’s amputee, that clearly had to be memory holed.

    Spent a lot of time in rehabilitation hospitals and in the community of the disabled as my brother was paralyzed from the neck down at age 18, rehabilitation does not happen this quickly. Many surgeries are often required for amputees, and will never forget my brother reaming the amputees for feeling sorry for their selves, as they had so much more than most. He dedicated his life after that to helping the handicapped, amputees were the least needy among them.

    So what’s next folks? We have our ‘leaders’ declaring cops are bad and an increase in their being shot at, let’s hope for a Happy New Year, but it sure does not look that way.

    1. You say, “Wolfgang Halbig had terrible writing skills, as was evident in his published FOI requests.” Where have you found Halbig’s “published FOI[A] requests”?

        1. I read the article you referred to. It includes letters Wolfgang Halbig claims to have written to various people speaking about FOIA Requests that were made and their responses.

          This is not the information I am asking for. I am asking for copies of the actual FOIA Request paperwork that Mr. Halbig says he filed and surely has hard copies of that are or should be in his possession.

          I have contacted Mr. Halbig through his website encouraging him to post these Requests on his website. As of this date Mr. Halbig has not responded to my contact and the documents do not appear on his website.

          The question is, “Do these FOIA Requests exist?”.

        2. Well, John, that’s just the problem. I would agree that wading through all the comments will require some patience on your part, but this community threshed out the implications of the issue to a fair-thee-well.

          There were a couple of articles around then, where we were trying to discover if this bumbling newcomer was what he was portrayed to be. I can’t say it was MHB’s finest hour, because an uncharacteristic nastiness sometimes prevailed, whereas MHB is almost always pretty polite. But Wolfie tends to bring that on himself.

          The issue, as you will see if you read the conversation, in the end, involves the question of whether he even officially submitted any such requests. Skirt, here, alludes to his incredibly poor writing, grammar, and even spelling. He claims to be a former school principal. The man came to this country as a small boy, which means he can’t blame his inarticulateness on coming here after the plasticity of early mental capabilities has long gone away.

          That is to say, if you read those letters, you will understand what Skirt was talking about. She might have been thinking in shorthand, or perhaps forgot the question we all pondered as to whether he ever actually submitted the FOI requests. But no one knows if he ever did that, because they have never been provided by him. All we have is his illiterate jumbles you just read.

          Why did Wolfie never clear this up? He doesn’t say. It is one good reason to hold him in suspicion.

    2. Governor Malloy relied on his exceptional memory skills to get to where he is today. His white haired Siamese twin do doubt can both read and write.
      As a child, Malloy suffered from learning disabilities and difficulties with motor coordination. He did not learn to tie his shoes until the fifth grade. Malloy eventually was diagnosed with dyslexia and learned the skills necessary to succeed academically. He does not write or type, and rarely reads from notes in public, but developed an extraordinarily useful memory.[8] He graduated magna cum laude from Boston College, where he met his wife Cathy, and later earned his law degree from Boston College Law School.[9][10]

      1. Anne, is it just me or am I being overly skeptical? I’ve never been there, but i’ve heard tell that Law School entails insane hours of reading materials few mortals can regard as anything but soporific. Not just “reading,” but comprehending, and using it later in original applications to other cases.

        Perhaps he belongs next to Hellen Keller in the annals of those who overcame such difficulties. Or is it just weirdness I smell in the Connecticut air?

        1. No Patrick, it is not just you, we have definitely entered the era of make believe and some of us recognize the absurd for what it is.

          Just as the requirement that our leader is supposed to be born a legal citizen or even have a SSN from the state he resided in, or not conceal his transcripts that might reveal he received a free ‘education’ as a foreign exchange student who also cannot read or write!

          Guess we should not be surprised that the academia has been co-opted along with every other system where the exchange of money is involved. It seems to me that certain states are more entrenched in the weirdness than others.

          LOL on your previous response and Happy New Year to all!

          On a side note, there seems to be a lot of unexplained booming going on through out the country.

        2. Patrick, it all “fits”. We have an “Alice in Wonderland” script, a former principle who can’t string five words, (let alone thoughts), together coherently, a lawyer who can’t read or write? Child’s play my dear boy.

          I’m waiting for the giant rabbit, somebody cue the rabbit. I have to admit those sound precisely like the skills needed to be an effective lawyer, (or governor), but it DOES help explain “The Report”. Obviously, nobody read it. They probably hired “Thorne” to write it for them.

      2. “And he received a law degree from Harvard where he served as editor of the Journal……”, oh, sorry, wrong guy. The achievements of these politicians always amaze. Just think of what they could accomplish with an honest job.

        The coroner had a promising future in “stand up”. Gene?, not so much. Just how they assembled this crew for the job is a poser. I have a mental image of flying monkeys with Wagner playing in the background.

        I keep remembering that somebody left their “Baphomet” in the woods.

    3. Mohave County, AZ has a prolific activist against all things absurd, including chemtrails and big government. He is Italian born Gianluca (Luca) Zanna, now a proud American. On December 15th he interviewed Wolfgang Halbig:

      Off topic – Mr. Zanna also brought this absurdity to the attention of locals:
      “That the sheriff’s office had possession of the massive armored vehicle was never revealed until Golden Valley resident Luca Zanna wrote a letter to the Kingman Daily Miner questioning its necessity.”

      1. Thanks Anne. Do you know if Mr. Halbig thinks people died at SHES?

        We have talked the dead kids in the school aspect over before. I think its more important that even the helicopter issue, but, if the case was that nobody died, it isn’t very helpful to get emotional over imaginary deaths.

        If ever, whoever, brings this to court, they must remember that they have no burden to prove that people didn’t die there. After all, it’s THEIR story. Sealing the records doesn’t help their case.

        Every aspect of this drill was unbelievable as a real life event. None was more unbelievable than the leaving of the bodies and no medical attention. Couple that with autopsies in the parking lot and no subsequent lawsuits pertinent to the handling of the situation and no thinking person is going to buy it.

        All the rest is at best a “Grade D” movie script. There is no shortage of angles to approach this from. None of them are enhanced by emotionalism, however. Pounding the law works well in this case because it is there.

        I’ve been thinking lately about a method to approach this. The recent video is very good. With enough circulation it is likely to inspire further investigation by those who may be unaware of this fiasco. Maybe what is needed is a series of smaller videos that explain various aspects of the story, i.e., the law and practice related to medical attention and declarations of death.

        My thinking being that having them inundated by questions from thousands of people for explanations related to the handling of this alleged incident would be beneficial. Each could end with contact information for the responsible agencies.

        I know I’m “rambling” here, but all of the recent hoopla has started me thinking again. Recently the focus has been on the MSM. I have said several times that I’m not even sure that what they did was illegal. Whatever they did was by the design of others. That doesn’t excuse their complicity, but they are not the authors of the hoax.

        We have, apparently, what appears to be the script for the drill. That’s a rather good starting point. I am certain that it goes beyond that, but that would provide a great handle to grab to pry the rest of it open. There is so much, and it is of mixed overall importance, that it seems to scream to be broken down into its component parts and presented that way.

        Someone who is unfamiliar with the material could get dizzy trying to absorb it all at one sitting. Once the enormity sinks in and the overall design is known, the peripheral pieces naturally follow.

        1. lophatt, you wrote “Every aspect of this drill was unbelievable as a real life event. None was more unbelievable than the leaving of the bodies and no medical attention.”

          There was medical attention to be had if indeed there were bodies inside SHES. I have written about this scenario before and it won’t hurt to repeat that none other than chief of pediatrics at Danbury Hospital, Dr. Raul Arguello, and Newtown pediatrician Dr. Laura Nowacki were standing outside the school’s front door the morning of Dec. 14, 2012.
          Dr. Nowacki says so here:

          ”Her daughter safe, Dr. Nowacki made her way to the door of the school, where she found Raul Arguello, M.D., FAAP, chief of pediatrics at Danbury Hospital and parent of a second-grader and a fourth-grader.”

          I have been on the fence about Wolfgang Halbig, but will give him some more attention now. I am not sure if he believes people died. I’ll listen to a few more of his interviews to get a clearer picture.

        2. Very sensible comments, lophatt. “I’m not even sure that what they did is illegal” is my belief too. Since it was probably done on orders of FEMA or some other government agency, and since it was done with official notice (no doubt) to all the governmental bodies relevant, it was not treated as a real crime or even as one agency stepping on another. Clearly the coordination was smooth, as it was in Boston when 6 towns were placed under martial law (or a near equivalent) in a phony search for Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the man scribbling his confession in a boat with a ball-point pen. If you can absurdly shut down all those towns and stop economic and social activity in a very busy area, then pre-emption at the federal level, coordinated with the state must have happened.

          This is no doubt the result of legislation and regulations arising out of 9/11, and probably even Hurricane Katrina (with its absurd delays supposedly based on poor coordination between federal and state bodies – “See folks, that’s what state sovereignty gets you!”)

          “It cannot be illegal if the President orders it,” was one of the lines which condemned Richard Nixon. But apparently that is something they fixed. Now there is a “unitary president.” And no, I don’t consider this a personal thing against Obama. Unlike many people here, I find him very intelligent and credible as a top law student. He has a debate style second to none. And I am not put off by his negritude either. But he and Bush before him and the one who goes after them, has too much power, and it is not restrained by checks and balances. Most of all, it is reinforced in the public mind by a series of false flags like these we have described.

          I don’t think any special supernatural forces are behind this, mainly because history is full of this kind of thing, often brought about by those who claim to have God on their side. Present day communication, technology, surveillance and stupidity have brought us to this pass, as well as just as big a paranoid streak in government as its supporters are claiming motivates us, the dreaded “truthers”.

          One person who seemed to explain a cause for this was Mike Ruppert, of blessed and sad memory. I understand that one of the objections to “truthers” is their “belief” in the Peak Oil phenomenon. But if you check recent economic data, you can see that America is not recovering from the crash of 2008, except in the businesses which are fracking and trying to create an oil pipeline (to extract and sell oil to China, ultimately – just before we sell them the redwoods I suppose). Jobs. It’s about jobs. But no, it really isn’t. It’s about global power for a few. Unitary presidents are useful when that is how the country is run. Citizens are people who have to be put in lock-down to be reminded of it.

          If you were to trace the path of these events, you would see that the false reality being created has a purpose. It is the creation of a system of tyranny.

        3. Anne, yes I remember that. I suppose I was saying that, if Halbig plans to present these arguments in a logical order, their story is that they simply declared the “victims” dead and moved on.

          That is an easy point to make that most could understand without much effort. Your addition would be VERY helpful as well. It isn’t as thought they didn’t have access to someone qualified. They simply chose not to do that.

          Re: Musings comments, I agree in large part. I do not think this is accidental or simply the result of arrogance and stupidity. There is a plan. These characters, whether Obongo or any of the Bushes or, (pick a name), are simply employees. They are handsomely rewarded for their services.

          For that reason I do not find His Nibbs to be particularly impressive. I am not certain that he attended the schools he claims to have. It wouldn’t matter to me if he did. I am fond of saying (truthfully), that one of the stupidest people I ever met had an MBA from Harvard.

          Things are not as advertised. They never have been. It has progressed to the point we see now, not by accident or omission, but by design. I realize that some do not want to believe that. For what its worth, I don’t either. I have to, however, because its true.

        4. I am still intrigued by this little story. They are standing at the front door of SHES and do not wonder about the hole in the glass window there. Nor does the teacher he treats, presumably wounded by Adam’s shooting skills, or anyone else there inform him of the number of children and teachers inside the school – dead or alive. I do not buy any of this.

          ~Dr. Arguello then “flipped the switch,” ready to help where he could. He treated a wounded teacher but strangely, no one else emerged. “It never occurred to me that there were dead kids at the school — never.”~

        5. Of course, Anne, I’m not buying it either. She was summoned to do “triage”. He treats a patient but “it never occurred to him…” that there were others? At the same time they rush five pediatricians to the hospital? Why?

          If there was any shooting (and that’s a huge if), maybe one of the Stasi’s guns went off and shot somebody in the foot. They were so shocked by this that they got rattled. If you follow these things you will be aware that this happens with some regularity.

          None of us have to be convinced of the hoax. It is good to go back sometimes just to see how bad it really was. The script writer for this shouldn’t quit his day job.

  16. Having looked at this now, while I sympathize with why Shanley would want to bring this lawsuit, I think it will likely be futile and maybe even do more harm than good. It will be futile because of issues of jurisdiction and standing.

    Jurisdiction is a problem because Shanley sued in federal court and is relying on “diversity jurisdiction” because there is no federal law. Diversity jurisdiction requires “complete diversity” between the plaintiff and the defendants. This means if even on defendant lives in the same state as the plaintiff, there is no diversity jurisdiction. Lincoln Property Co. v. Roche, 546 U.S. 81 (2005).

    This is not fatal as Shanley can always amend and/or refile in state court. But he will also face a standing claim, and this I don’t think he will be able to overcome.

    To prove standing, Shanley will have to show both that he has a specific interest and a specific harm. A interest or harm that everyone in the community has is NOT specific. The classic example of someone without standing is the taxpayer trying to stop some wasteful or stupid government action. Everyone in the city will suffer equally so no one has a specific interest or harm. See Andross v. Town of West Hartford, 285 Conn. 309 (2008).

    Here, it could be said that his injury differs from the average injury, but he does not have a specific interest that differs from anyone else’s interest. The “interest” here is the interest in not being terrorized by the media presenting false news. He has a right not to be terrorized but everyone has that right. He might be able to amend the complaint to allege additional facts to show standing, but as of right now, I don’t see it. This is where maybe a state attorney general might be able to pursue a tort claim, but only because the AG represents the entire state.

    Both jurisdiction and standing will be resolved before any discovery occurs and even before the defendants even need to file an answer the claims.

    In light of the futile nature of the lawsuit, I would still support it if I thought it would serve some other purpose, but here I see the most likely outcome being some embarrassing headlines that will help the believers avoid looking at the real facts. But I could be convinced otherwise.

    In the end, I think Halberg’s efforts under the state freedom of information act is the most likely to succeed. There anyone who makes a records request will have statutory standing.
    And “success” will be forcing the disclosure of records that convince the public that at least a new investigation is required. This will be things like finding multiple copies of this drill manual held be key participants.

    1. ramer – are you an attorney??? I am not but I know court process in the federal courts. I do have to review and learn the local rules for this particular court to follow the case. I know that all the US Courts require oversight by the citizens because there is only show oversight by the judiciary committees.

      2.4.B. Declaratory Judgment Act 2.4.B. Declaratory Judgment Act

      The Declaratory Judgment Act is not, strictly speaking, a jurisdictional statute./20/ Under the Act, federal courts have the power in cases of “actual controversy” to “declare the rights and other legal relations of any interested party seeking such declaration, whether or not further relief is or could be sought.”/21/ In suits against federal agencies or officials for review of adverse agency action, plaintiffs often seek judgments declaring the action illegal as well as (occasionally in lieu of) injunctive relief. The Act does not confer or expand federal jurisdiction./22/ Therefore, the Act cannot be used defensively to raise federal issues that would not appear on the face of a well-pleaded complaint./23/ Rather, the Act creates an additional remedy that is available to a district court in a case in which (1) the case or controversy requirement of Article III of the Constitution is met and (2) the court independently has subject-matter jurisdiction because of either the presence of a federal question or diversity of citizenship./24/

      I do not see the Civil Cover Sheet, Form JS 044, on the docket but the case summary in PACER on both case have the jurisdiction as Federal Question

      3:14-cv-01881-JAM Jurisdiction: Federal Question

      3:14-cv-01929-JAM Jurisdiction: Federal Question

      I found an answer to one of the concerns in my previous comment within the local rules; apparently they do set up pre-trial deadlines when the complaint is filed in this court which then get amended as the case progresses.

      1. As you have indicated, for the federal court to have jurisdiction over a declaratory judgment claim, you still need standing (case or controversy) and jurisdiction (either diversity or federal question). I still don’t see federal jurisdiction and I have explained the issue with diversity.

        Under the federal and state court systems, most lawsuits are suppose to be in state courts, who are courts of general jurisdiction. This does not mean Shanley could not amend the complaint and add a federal statutory claim. But as of now I would expect the lawsuit to be dismissed and remanded to state court — all before the defendants would even have to answer.

        and yes I am, although I don’t practice in conn.

  17. How the cases are listed at Justia:

    Shanley v. O’Prey et al
    Filed: December 22, 2014 as 3:2014cv01929
    Plaintiff: William Brandon Shanley
    Defendant: Kevin O’Prey, John Miller, Deborah Turness and others
    Cause Of Action: No cause code entered
    Court: Second Circuit › Connecticut › Connecticut District Court
    Type: Other Statutes › Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations

    Shanley v. Smith et al
    Filed: December 15, 2014 as 3:2014cv01881
    Plaintiff: William Brandon Shanley
    Defendant: R. Scudder Smith, Curtiss Clark, Shannon Hicks and others
    Cause Of Action: No cause code entered
    Court: Second Circuit › Connecticut › Connecticut District Court
    Type: Torts – Property › Other Fraud

    It’s up to the people to ensure Mr. Shanely’s standing on the matter reaches beyond a law clerks willfully blind eyes and escapes the usual bogus opinion that comes regarding pro se in forma pauperis cases which do not receive actual Article III Judicial oversight. Every American has STANDING. Laws and appropriations are being passed on the basis of fraud. The laws are void and the appropriations are robbing the US Treasury. The media, IMO, is actively terrorizing us and has engaged a campaign of relentless BS in the furtherance of criminal conspiracies for the corrupt government.

    It’s up to the people to monitor the cases to ensure legitimate process takes place. The US Courts are corrupt and pro se in forma pauperis litigants historically get only a show filing on the docket with no legitimate judicial oversite. No litigant in the US Courts gets legitimate action unless there is a PAID attorney on both sides. The side with the attorney that has inside connections then wins after a long dragged out process that fattens up the wallet of attorneys on all sides.

    At the moment, I would like to know why summonses for the Defendants have not been docketed. All the pre-trial deadlines have been determined yet there is not even an answer to the complaint from the Defendants. The motions for in forma pauperis status have not received a judgment as far as allowed or denied so there is no ORDER stating the US Marshal can serve the summonses on behalf the the pauper Plaintiff. I see nothing on the docket that reflects all these Defendants have waived service of process. Please inform me if I am missing something that makes my statements unwarranted.

    WHY does the opposing party get to respond to Mr. Shanley’s request TO THE COURT for permission to use the electronic filing system?

    The protective order is a STANDING ORDER; there is NOTHING about this case that should be sealed from the public and no one motioned for a protective order so why is it on the docket?? It already looks like a show docket IMO.

    Who knows, but take a look at the link that follows. IMO several hundred people intervening would have the court see an apparent class action need which would require the appointment of an attorney. Oh joy, let’s hope it does not all go down hill from there!!

    There are no avenues for the average Joe seeking relief in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Everything we have in written statute that offers equal protection under the law and due process is simply pretty print on paper to keep foreign nations in awe of Amerika and to ensure the continued taxpayer support of the playgrounds where attorneys profit.

    We have to help our friend who filed avoid the maze that has doors that do not open and where overt and covert violations of the constitution and rule of law will follow; yes, the very houses designed to ensure justice, constitutional and civil rights are heavily infiltrated and tasked with ensuring only the class above the common man prevails. In short- “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more”

  18. Wow. Mr. Shanley even brought up ‘The Finders’ and Mr. Tracy brought up Dave McGowan’s book ‘Programmed to Kill’. And to name the masons (Lt. Vance has taken the blood oaths according to Shanley–no surprise there) IN the lawsuit !?!?

    Great interview. God speed to Mr. Shanley.

    1. Well, it looks like “naive” isn’t the right word after all. “Crazy” works, though. But maybe that’s my white-trash consciousness talking…

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist the poke. Happy New Year (soon)!

      1. Wolfgang Halbig has nothing to do with this looney tunes kook. Shanley is nothing but someone inserted to make credible people look crazy. His poorly prepared lawsuit was thrown out and is dead in the water. Shanley is no longer relevant.

    2. That is ugly, I get so confused with this stuff. Someone is upset with Sandy Hook, they try to express it or do something about it, and then they are attacked by people who have the same concerns. Because we are looking for the holy grail of crusader, a person with good professional credentials, who doesn’t seem crazy, who expresses themselves well, and moderately? James does that well but I don’t think he can fight this by himself. I don’t know what to say about any of this. When I get a few minutes, I sometimes post here. The thing I like about this blog is that people are smart and say what they think, but when the infighting begins….what was it that hatter said, oh yeah, “We’re all mad here.” I hate playing find the shill. Say what you think always, but help move this forward, tolerate differences, let people think their own thoughts,take action and express themselves in their own way. Its called freedom. Happy New Years.

  19. He will need a big charity behind him! this is the weak link that must be used to expose as much of the corruption as possible and wake as many people up as can be. He has only asked for punitive damages so that he will have a jury. I think the biggest thing is demanding that this trial be open to the public. The defendants will likely want separate trials, hopefully some DA will file criminal charges post haste then RICO would apply. when the word gets out and then the millions of class actions against the charities and anyone the profited on this farce will bring these giants down, god willing.

  20. I admire this man. I just wish he had filed a class action suit. The media is using lies daily not just this incident. Believe NOTHING on mainstream media. Thank you William Shanley a true watchman.

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