MilleganOn this week’s edition of Real Politik we are joined by Kris Millegan, publisher of that modest yet significant book imprint, TrineDay. Millegan discusses how in the late 1960s his father, a veteran OSS and CIA operative, explained to him that the world’s major institutions were greatly influenced by “secret societies.”

Since then Millegan has embarked on a 45-year project examining America’s hidden history. This led to the founding of TrineDay in 2002, when the fledgling entity published Daniel Hopsicker’s Barry and the Boys: The CIA, The Mob, and America’s Secret History, and reprinted historian Antony Sutton’s 1983 title, America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones.

TrineDayAddress-2-148As Millegan puts it, TrineDay is a home for “interesting, well-researched and well-written books with but one key ‘defect’: a challenge to official history that would tend to rock the boat of America’s corporate culture.”

TrineDay’s catalog now consists of over sixty titles, including works by authors such as Daniel Estulin, John Loftus, Judith Vary Baker, Douglas Valentine, and Peter Levenda.

Interview Highlights

TrineDay’s initial foray into examining Skull and Bones was deemed unacceptable by corporate news outlets. “Fox News called me when we did Fleshing Out Skull and Bones, and I told producer what I was going to say. He said, ‘Fine.’ I get on there with the talent. She asked me a couple of questions. She was wrong about something. I didn’t want to correct her at first. But then she was wrong again. I said, ‘Well, OK. I’d better correct her.’ She asked me a question, and I [brought up] drugs. She said, ‘Drugs?!’ I explained my thing. Then she came back and said, ‘Well, we’re out of time.’ I was told I was going to have seven-to-nine minutes. I ended up with about three or four.”

When Millegan was coming of age in the late 1960s his father began to explain the underlying political-economic contours of Western nations’, many of which were influenced by covert alliances such as those represented in Skull and Bones. “My father had been in intelligence since the thirties,” Millegan recounts,

and during the war he got involved in deep politics in ’43. One thing he told me was, “They’re out to opiate your whole generation.” It stands out still today because it was the first time I had ever heard the word “opiate.” I knew what it meant, but it wasn’t a word that was used in conversation in the late sixties. I was growing my hair long and being a hippie. My dad and I were having a discussion out in the driveway. He says, “How come there’s all you kids [getting stoned]? How come this is happening at the same time? What’s going on here?”

Millegan’s father then followed this exchange with a more formal one. “The first words out of his mouth were, ‘The Vietnam War’s about drugs. There are these secret societies behind it.’ And then he says, ‘Communism’s all a sham. There’s these same secret societies behind it all.’ He went into Vietnam and explained how they were playing out a loose scenario. Then he went into psychological warfare and propaganda. He conducted this discussion with a professor from Vanderbilt, Dr. D. F. Fleming. It soon became very apparent that I had no frame of reference. I had no understanding of what they were saying.”


Nevertheless, the discussion planted the seeds for Millegan’s lifetime independent research into “the subject I call ‘CIA drugs,'” he recalls. “I had been researching the subject of the Kennedy assassination because it just didn’t seem right.” In the early 1970s men’s magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse were among the few places where in-depth investigative journalism on political assassinations and the drug trade was appearing.

“‘CIA drugs’ wasn’t supposed to exist,” Millegan observes. “This dynamic that I’m talking about has to do with the fact that the boomer generation wasn’t supposed to cohere as a generation. We were supposed to be a peaced-out, drugged-out generation, as an anti-thesis to our parents war generation.” This provided the context to “start the drug war, dismantle the Constitution, scare the people in the suburbs, and all the stuff they could hang their psychological warfare hats on.”

Ironically, however, the boomer generation did advance intellectually in various ways, laying the groundwork for mass awareness evident in today’s alternative media and journalism.

We did cohere. We cohered as hippies, around a joint being smoked around a circle, with a little bit of LSD sprinkled in … What came out of the hippies was the personal computer and the internet. Those are the tools that we as a society are using to fight this corruption. Because that’s all it is is just people lying and cheating and stealing. They might be doing it in fancy ways, but that’s what it is. The personal computer to make a book. It allows you to have a radio show. It allows people to make videos. It engenders creativity. Instead of just sitting around being slobs and having the percentage of people to think and write letters to each other continually going down, with the personal computer people are sitting there typing, they’re thinking, and they’re being creative. This creativeness surpasses the sophistry the secret societies use to control us with. And it’s a proven fact that if you understand your control mechanism you can rise above it.

Such networks operate a three-tiered system to maintain their physical, emotional and spiritual control of the world’s population. “It’s a leviathan of three levels,” Millegan explains,

and each level has three parts. The top level is mining, metal and money. It kind of makes sense, because if you control the mining, then you control the metal that comes out of it and the money based on it. The next level is drugs, guns and oil. They use the theater of war for urban renewal. Skull and Bones is intimately involved in all three of those things. The only reason we go to the oil store is because they own it. And where the rubber meets the road is media. They basically have virtual control through that television and through the media. Then, the next is movies/music; they’ve gotta effect those as much as they can. [Out of the third tier comes] “magic”–the ability to hoodwink us to make us think that something else is going on, and their preponderance on using mass trauma to scare the crap out of us!

Addressing the power of alternative media to ferret out hidden forces, Millegan notes that recent efforts by major Hollywood producers to adopt TrineDay titles have been actively fought through strong-arm economic and even flagrantly criminal tactics. “They don’t like me publishing books,” he points out.

They’ve tried to put me out of business. I’ve had to go to federal district court, then they play mercantile games with me … A bunch of people have tried to make movies out of The Franklin Scandal, out of Dr. Mary’s Monkey, out of Me and Lee, out of A Terrible Mistake–quite a few of these books. They had financing. They had production. They had distribution. They had everything. So they were working on three of the books. First [the producers’] place got broken into. They got surveilled. They got computerized phone messages that showed [how their computer screens were being monitored and how] they knew what they were doing. This would have been about three years ago.

Finally, when nothing else was working–they tried a bunch of things, sequestering their bank accounts, openly surveilled them–[then] somebody stopped [a film company’s executive vice president’s] wife on the street and said, “If your husband doesn’t stop I’m going to kill you and your husband. Then what are your children gonna do?” He calls me up and says, “Well, I guess I’m taking a sabbatical.” And he goes away for two weeks. He calls me back and says, “Well, I guess were just making Will Ferrell movies.” So there’s active suppression.

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50 thought on “Control Mechanisms of the Global Elite”
  1. Well, what Millegan’s father told him about “opiating” the young dovetails nicely with Dave McGowan’s work about Rock and Roll/Laurel Canyon. Every time a dot is connected the picture gets clearer about how are reality is manipulated by these shadowy groups.

      1. That’s a good point Vincent. That’s probably true, not to mention that they misunderstood what they were looking at. They thought it was all mindless partying instead of utter contempt for what they were selling.

        While they were trying to “opiate” us, we were turning our backs to them. They never did “get it”.

    1. Well said, Marzi…I pointed out in an earlier post under another subject that the oligarchs feed on the human spirit–a very disturbing graphic, to be sure.

      Expanding that thought, they have nothing inside so the void must be filled with outside relevance–sucking in the aura which emanates from living beings. Why prey on children? Is it because these debased cretins realize the spiritual purity in an innocent, unspoiled child? They need the energy of beauty and
      harmony to give them purpose, as they lack the essential element of human connections with the cosmic consciousness.

  2. Excellent interview. I think his description of the layers of control is basically correct. It is pyramidal in form, with various aspects divided and assigned to various groups.

    Sutton made an important distinction between “conspiracy” and “simple control”. For example, Skull and Bones is a “secret” society. So any product that came from that would, by definition, be a conspiracy. Others, like the CFR or Minerva Society are not producers of conspiracy. They publish their agendas.

    Many of these “Hegelian Statists” are quite proud of their agendas. They are not the least bit embarrassed by their beliefs. In many cases they have published their desires for years.

    Oddly, people in general do not read the publications that these groups produce. When members end up in positions of influence and their membership is noted, it means little or nothing to those reading their biographies because they are not familiar with the beliefs of their organizational affiliates.

    As Mr. Millegan says, that is the value of the internet and of video/film. Most will not research without a spur to draw their attention. He performs a valuable service in publishing the books and promoting the films.

    I completely agree with his assessment of “control” being the pivotal issue. It isn’t greed. It is also important to realize that the real string pullers steer the agenda. Those are the conspirators. The group members are often “true believers”. They very much want a world government to worship.

    There is no opposition to this without awareness. The more light that is shown on it the tougher time they have of it.

    1. I’m kinda being a pain blogging so much here but I listened to the entire interview.

      One thing he said among the many things he said caught my ear.

      He said if you have a good idea, a point that’s relevant.

      The Troll (CIA or whatever, Mick West or CW Wade) moves in and takes it to the extreme thereby nullifying your original point.

      You know what I mean? ( I did case law with my Dad. I hate the concept of case law changing laws)

      I hate to say, but things that should never be said if you want to win in a court of law are:

      Adam Lanza never existed.
      SHE was closed.
      This person is really that person.

      Were their Actors and Fake videos..YES
      Can we prove it..Maybe

      I hope you know what I’m try to say. I’m not as smart as you guys.Haha

      But, my main point was the interview and what he said that moved me.
      The Troll (CIA or whatever, Mick West or CW Wade) moves in and takes it to the extreme thereby nullifying your original point, sending you down your own rabbit hole.

      Very Important tactic to remember…

      1. Ric, your comments are appreciated. I agree that we should be careful with our words. As you know, there is a difference between what we “think” and what we can prove.

        I’m not sure I follow your reference to “case law”. To me that is based on the concept of “stare decisis”. Basically, if something similar has been ruled on previously the judge will follow that precedent.

        Anyway, I appreciate your concern for precision in speech. I try to be precise myself, although not always successfully. It isn’t so important in ordinary discourse as it is when one is trying to convey exact ideas.

        Few things in life are absolutely “proven”, however, and most beliefs are based on the preponderance of evidence, not absolute proof. It is to be expected that those who disagree or have an agenda will attack such statements.

        I have talked about the school, repeatedly, sometimes incurring the anger of those who think it is “proven” to be closed. I too believe it was closed (or not in general use), but I have not seen “proof” of this as yet. When someone insists that it was closed all it takes is a stronger argument for its being open to destroy anything else they may have said.

        But, as I’m sure you know, what is most important is to speak honestly. Be slow to form opinions and keep an open mind. It isn’t necessary to have a fully-formed opinion on everything.

        In this operation there are several points that are obviously not as described. In some cases it is perfectly alright to just let them stay there. If something ties them together you have an hypothesis.

        Please keep up your studies here. By the way, I apologize in advance for my typos. I am scheduled for eye surgery soon and am having a difficult time proof reading my stuff.

  3. Reporting from the field, as it were (being a virtual field that is), of the BMB: The eleven o’clock news in Boston, ever ready to reinforce the fears around the hoax, carried a report of the courtroom appearance of D Tsarnaev, complete with shouts of protest from an alleged Chechen woman about FBI misbehavior towards someone they allegedly killed in Florida.

    But wait – that’s not all – and this to me clinches the story as total fiction. A man with a prosthetic leg, which he allegedly lost to the Tsarnaev’s dastardly attack, takes off his leg and shakes it at “conspiracy theorists” (described in the nightly news as “supporters of Tsarnaev”).

    In the whole universe of mankind, is there anyone so – you should excuse the expression – “lame” – as to engage in such a response to protesters? Someone who really lost a leg because of the actions of the accused in a courtroom? Did you ever see a soldier attacking antiwar protesters that way? Isn’t it a little too comic? Marc Fucarile wanted them to see that he really did lose it, by losing it with them.

    Yes, he lost his leg somehow, maybe in a car or motorcycle accident. Yes, he’s too young to be crippled. But for a few dollars, he can masquerade as a victim of terror, maybe get his medical expenses paid. I seem to recall one of these guys married his nurse from rehab. Wonder how that is going?

    It is a tale told by an idiot. But there’s a sucker born every minute, and Barnum is still packing them in.

    The shaken prosthesis – who wrote this? Or is it the reality show that keeps on giving?

    1. Does anyone else remember the scene after the Tsarnaev brothers supposedly ran through MIT throwing “explosive devices” (firecrackers?)? I watched the subsequent arrest(s) on TV while it was happening: one of the brothers was surrounded by police and was forced, ON CAMERA, to strip off his clothes, ostensibly to ensure that he didn’t have any other explosive devices on him. He stripped, and was then handcuffed and led away to a patrol car. The other brother got away, but was later found hiding in a covered boat that was trailered behind a house. If I remember right, police fired numerous shots into the boat; however the suspect (who was found to be unarmed) was able to climb out of the boat on his own, and he was then arrested.

      According to Wikipedia, “According to the death certificate, Tsarnaev’s cause of death was “gunshot wounds of torso and extremities, blunt trauma to head and torso,” and “shot by police then run over and dragged by motor vehicle.” The death was ruled a homicide.” (I think this was the brother that was arrested naked.)

      Just as I don’t believe a thing about Sandy hook, I don’t believe that the Tsarnaev brothers were “terrorists”…but I can’t say this in polite company (I’ve tried and it didn’t end well). Hell, we can’t say this among friends, either:…they’ve got us coming and going.

      I remember a movie with the line: “You can take my body, but you can’t take my mind.” I want that put on my tombstone.

    2. Wow, we’ve come a long way. Khrushchev just used a shoe!

      We should all make a habit of waving body parts at them.

      I suppose this is more “modeling”. This is the new response to heretics who question “the news”.

  4. We have known for quite some time they want to disable our freedom on the internet just as China and Russia have succeeded in doing.

    This Sony hoax reeks of yet another government manufactured event and surely their plans of internet sharing laws means the opposite as in total control of any words that are not approved.

    Let’s throw in some bonus themes, a failing Japanese production company needs a boost, when the low quality movie is finally release, it will be everyone’s patriotic duty to go see it.

    The news is obsessed with coverage on how vulnerable we are, how bad the Koreans are, and oh yes let’s include how racist the industry is, we need Al Sharpton to the rescue!

    They just said on the news, what they did was equal to dropping a bomb on Sony!

    1. I would say that Sony was probably co-opted just as American and United airlines were on 9/11. But I am not sure it is a Japanese company in the movie production company branch, which is located in Culver City, Calif. It may be a spin-off which has retained the parent company name as a brand recognition thing.

      It seems to me the script itself borrowed the idea from “The Producers” with “Hitler in the Spring.” I’m thinking it was designed to fail or to “fail ironically” with some level of plausible deniability about insurance scams (a subplot). When the only people affected by hacking are simply studio employees, then things are pretty well confined to the “set”. You can make up the whole thing because no one alleged North Korea attacked anyone else but the very fiction-making body itself.

      Too clever by half, eh?

      1. That was a great movie. I worked with a lawyer for a while who reminded me of “Max”.

        “Co-opted”? I don’t know. They’re one and the same. With all the ugliness currently going on in the world, why are we looking at this? Oh, I remember, its a distraction – as well as several other objectives thrown in while they’re at it.

        In case anybody missed it, the Government is now DOA. The ship of fools is now sailing toward that great horizon with a psychopath at the helm. Congress (ha!), is busy ripping up the planks and burning them.

        We are now spectators. Armed goons assault us daily (and we pay for it). Crazy people rattle their swords at those who could eat their lunch. We are now the bully of the block. Don’t it make ya’ feel proud?

        1. Well I guess “co-opted” means little in a society with the ability to print money on command and establish the cash flow of these corporations. While we are decrying the power and “personhood” of corporations, with a view to limiting them, the government is basically running them.

        2. Yes, basically I agree, although I have it the other way round. The corporations own the Government. But the banksters own them. And it comes back to what you said, they print free money and charge us for the privilege.

          I remember well my law classes telling me that corporations were “legal fictions”. At the time I would never have conceived of “corporate personhood”. It’s a contradiction in terms.

          But we’ve seen it with our own eyes. The Supreme Court says they have the same (or better) rights than us mere humans. A lesser person might think there was some corruption that lead to this pass.

          That’s why I keep talking about us pretending we have a government just like they pretend to be one.

  5. Just because you are paranoid, it does not mean they are not out to get you.

    Rarely have network issues, but in the last two days have lost connectivity 6 times, resetting the wireless unit resolves the issue, but it always happens when connected to this site and no others. hmmmm

    1. Pedantic- Just recently the same thing is happening to me, sometimes 2-3x daily but can be on any site. I’m feeling a weird vibe in the air. Hoaxes coming at us fast and furious among many other things–makes your head spin! How about this—Paranoia is just a heightened state of awareness.

      1. Yes we are definitely in a heightened state of awareness, at least we won’t be as shocked as those stupefied by the propaganda when tshtf.

        Today is better with the connection issues. Also had a tv switch itself to the local emergency channel two times and had to turn it off to get control of it.

        Suppose their testing was successful and now they are off on Holiday!

    2. Skirt, me too. Computer freezes, slows down. There is a lag between what’s typed and it appearing on the screen (like a key logger). I hope I keep them entertained.

      Recynd, I saw that arrest too. Later, they showed his body all torn up. He was walking to the police car.

      Little by little, since the operation, they have backed off quietly over each of the tales they told about the brothers. There was no convenience store robbery, etc.. They just quietly said; “whoops, we lied”.

      My only question is, “why does anybody watch them?”. You know they’re lying.

      Think about it, does anybody really believe that they are so concerned over copyright violations that they are going to pass more legislation? No, they are concerned that they don’t have enough control of independent media.

      Following the usual pattern of multiple goals, they are invoking Russia, China, etc., into the lie in order to stir up support for their next war effort. The way Obongo used the word “corporation” in his speech was like a preacher uses the word “God” in a sermon.

      Dr. Tracey was prescient to include Sutton in his recent “E-Bom”. These are Hegelians. They worship “The State”. That term no longer means “country”. It is a global thing. The corporations are the new “statesmen”. The proper term for this is fascism.

  6. You cannot ever figure out tales told by pathological liars. You will exhaust yourself. And they will keep laughing at your frustration. And enjoy the fact that endless time, energy and passion is spent ON THEM instead of others.

  7. Oh no, not again. The Washington Post reports that the Brooklyn cops were killed while participating in “an anti-terrorism drill.”
    I believe that with a drill, you can clear the streets the same as you would for a temporary film set. You can control who is there, and control the message you send out about what happened at the scene. This scenario has an outsider from Baltimore (who just killed his girlfriend – the way the shooter at Sandy Hook just killed his mother) – going into NYC after posting on social media that he was doing so – to take revenge for the Garner killing.

    In the end, the cops pursue him into a subway station where he shoots himself apparently in front of people.

    Is it real? If it was a drill, then no, it wasn’t.

    Imagine a hell-bent revenge-taker zooming in from Brooklyn (with a dead girlfriend left behind) only to stumble right into an anti-terrorism drill. What are the chances? And there are so many talking points, it’s as studded as a holiday potpourri clove apple, only it doesn’t smell nearly as good.

      1. Ahem, that’s quite a “zoom”. Booth headed South. Another story had them circling in helicopters and MRAPS with machine guns. I guess they need those to protect the little darlings from the eaters when they do their drills.

        It’s odd that they didn’t use local talent for this. It isn’t like they couldn’t find someone with a motive.

    1. “Both officers were participating in an anti-terrorism drill”

      1. musings,

        From the Washington Post article you cited:

        “A gunman shot and killed two New York City police officers before taking his own life in a brazen ambush that played out on a quiet Brooklyn street corner Saturday afternoon, New York police said.”

        Sound familiar? From Gov. Dannel Malloy’s statement 12/14/12:

        “Earlier today, a tragedy of unspeakable terms played itself out in this community.”

        Seems as if we have a bunch of incidents PLAYING THEMSELVES OUT, no?

        1. Yeah, go back to the link and watch the video by “Old Denmark” in the comments section. You hear the guy filming say “two cops were shot in the head”. How does he know this?

          You see a flurry of activity around the cars and several gun shots are heard. I thought they shooter was in the subway? Who was doing the shooting. Surely he didn’t just walk into the middle of that gaggle of goons and shoot them.

          You see a struggle of some sort. It isn’t in the subway. Remember, it was a drill.

          By the way, I’m oddly encouraged by the comments. Sad to say, they’re honest if nothing else.

      1. Today, Sunday, the CNN story about the incident fails to mention the terror drill (there’s some other reason for the cops to be where they were), the Baltimore angle is absent (with the killer having an arrest record in Georgia and no mention of his just having killed his girlfriend in Baltimore). In that sense, it is like the alternative scenarios about the Tsarnaev’s which have to get them to MIT because they have just robbed a nearby 7-11 store. When the CEO of 7-11 gets on the airwaves and denies the shop was robbed, and denies the validity of the security camera photo of Dzhokar as being from any of his stores, the story has to change, but the officer at MIT is still listed as dead. Here, some snag must have been hit in using an alleged crime in Baltimore. Perhaps someone in Baltimore city government realized a potential for riots after the guy was said to die in the Brooklyn subway by suicide (the original story had cops pursuing him into a crowd there).

        Whatever it is, it appears that scenarios are changed when they step on someone else’s toes. This is just speculation, but the CNN story is very different today from the original one presented. I wonder if that change is permanent. It shows how this non-reporting could be crafted over time, based on something resembling a polling process. The message is changing based on response.When it means with a negative response from other authorities, it morphs into a message that skirts the issue. As Anderson Cooper might say this is “Just keeping it real.”

        1. My, my, yes, it was changing almost immediately. First they said he ran into the subway and shot himself. Then they say he was pursued and police may have shot him.

          If you watched the video it is hard to make the story match the action. In the Boston thing the idea was to stir as much emotion as possible. These brothers were the precursor to “ISIS”. They are super-humans.

          We keep saying that none of these will survive scrutiny. They keep proving us right. That too, is part of the modeling. You are not only required to “believe”, you are required not to question.

          We have confirmed that there is never just one motive for these. The Chechen connection is part of the current push against Russia. The Israeli-directed response in Boston is part of the normalization of things being run by the home office.

          It seems they have a choice at this point. They either back off the psyops or charge ahead. It appears that the latter is their chosen course.

  8. Strange there was an officer shot and killed in Tampa yesterday and on Friday an officer in Ferguson was critically shot, he is still alive but they have not been able to speak with him, the news is scarce on those incidents.

    Former Mayor Juliani declared DiBlazio, Sharpton, Holder and Obama were using propaganda to create a racial divide in the country.

    Dish network has just dropped coverage of Fox news, they are both blaming each other. Wonder what happens with your contract if the provider breaks the agreement?

  9. According to this article (link below),

    A guy was charged in a gun case linked to tBoston Marathon Bombing.
    The guy pleaded guilty for possession of the gun and trafficking heroin.
    The police believe the gun was used to kill the MIT cop Sean Collier.
    The guy’s not being charged with anything to do with the bombing
    or the murder of Sean Collier, or knowing if the gun were used in connection with the bombing or its aftermath.
    The guy knows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
    A plea bargain was offered.
    The guy changed his plea to innocent.
    A secret deal was made with the government.
    The guy’s lawyer says “It’s sealed”
    because “there is information in it that shouldn’t be made public.”
    The lawyer “refuses to speculate” whether the guy will testify in Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial in January.

    (Why do the words “smoking gun” (excuse the pun) and “slam dunk” come floating to mind when I ended reading this article?)

    The TV reporter standing outside the courthouse (in the video) says Dzhokhar will be sentenced “on St. Patrick’s Day”, which is March 17. That’s also “Evacuation Day” in Boston, a Massachusetts holiday, when all government offices will be closed. (He’ll be sentenced In a closed courthouse, while everyone’s at the parade or otherwise distracted?).

    1. Interesting. Why would sentencing occur on a holiday? But the court is a federal court, and Evacuation Day is not a national holiday. However, in Boston, there may be no obligations to citizens of a federal nature if there is a local holiday. For instance, when your income tax returns are due on April 15, if that occurs on top of the three day weekend observance of Patriots Day, then you have one day’s grace. I don’t know how this will be observed in Boston federal courtrooms in general (as opposed to the sham one here). It seems odd, in that you would imagine that federal courthouses would follow the local custom on closing (the opposite of federal pre-emption). But I just don’t know how it normally works. Think about the Post Office. Do people still get their mail on state but not federal holidays?

  10. CORRECTION: The original plea was innocent. He changed his plea to guilty for possession of the firearm & drug trafficking He’d given the gun to someone (“unidentified in court”), which the police believed was then used to kill Sean Collier. It was odd the way the article was worded. The guy claimed to be Dzhokhar’s “best friend”. The part about speculating if he would or would not testify in Dzhokhar’s trial sounded like teasing (like, “Well go ahead and speculate, but it’s just … speculation”) as did the comment about the secret plea deal.
    The article was copyright Associate Press, but did not give a reporter’s name.

  11. Sorry about posting this here, did not know where else to post it right now. However, it’s another important dot in the global control mechanisms.

    “Antonio and Rosario Marciano, of the Italian website Tanker Enemy have produced an outstanding documentary entitled: “Chemtrails: the secret war”. This film analyses and provides scientific evidence pertaining to the chemtrails phenomenon.
    Weather manipulation is only one (collateral) aspect of this phenomenon. What is at stake is a covert military agenda.”

    1. Thanks Anne!

      This appears to be the most compelling evidence to date, on the chemical poisoning of our earth. Could it be that the French and the Italians are once again going to save the motherland?

      As noted earlier, they have been soft pushing the notion that the scientists have long been working on saving the world, and we do not get a say in the matter as we are too stupid to understand on how collateral damage is for the good of humanity!

    2. They are going to sneak the purposeful chemical poisoning of our world into the memory hole this Holiday week as most folks are too busy to pay attention. Of course anyone who can see knows this has been going on for a long time.

      Interesting that this article has pro-chemtrail trolls, how can they be supporters if they don’t exist yet? Bill Gates even has a fan club. They are really pushing the people are too stupid to know what is good for themselves theme lately!

      1. We had massive spraying before the recent rainfall in Southern California. In between, when the clouds moved leaving a gap, there they were spraying to their hearts’ content above the clouds.

        1. The whole east coast is getting bombed now, massive rain and total white out of the sky, a lot of recurring sickness going on. Merry Christmas!

        2. And yet the sky is clear here on the West Coast (Orange County anyway).

          Don’t know if you Facebook, but there’s a good group, Look At The Sky, that maps spraying reports.

  12. An excellent exchange in this interview. I have a good source to augment our curiosity, overheard on the WBAI radio station yesterday,’Law and Disorder.’ It featured Scott HOrton on his new book–“Lords of Secrecy: The National Security Elite and American Stealth Foreign Policy.” Checked it out online.You must scroll down to the discussion touching on Horton’s synopsis of our misguided foreign escapades.

    Worth the time to clarify so many debacles by so many
    policy wonks. Who are these people–the ‘experts’

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