The release of the documentary, “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook” by the group, Independent Media Solidarity has become a story of aggressive copyright fraud, a massive video upload movement and an unexpected Internet solidarity more than a story of the controversial Sandy Hook event itself.

The weakest link in a chain is the one you choose to break.WNTTASH_Poster_Art21

If you imagine manufactured events like 9/11, the Aurora theater shooting, Sandy Hook and others as links in the greater chain of deception, you might be close to understanding the circumstances in which these events are allowed to go unchecked. This chain of events cannot survive if any one of its links is broken.

On November 30th, the fortress that protects the truth about these grand deceptions was dealt a very different kind of blow. Unlike fleeting exposures or leaks of evidence that quickly get swept into the memory hole, this blow has caused a festering wound that will persist indefinitely. The opening act in this play, long in production was the release of the documentary, “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook.” This, nearly 3 hours long video exposing the numerous anomalies and ongoing cover-up is in itself an important, historical document. But, it’s the stories behind this story that are becoming a phenomenon.

A Documentary by and for the Common Man

In February of 2014, over a year since Sandy Hook many groups were deeply involved in research and analysis of the Sandy Hook event. This may come as a surprise considering that the media had long since moved on to speak of it as a well-documented, historical event. Referring to the little-understood, Adam Lanza as “the shooter” is but one example of their portrayal of the event as authentic and undeniable. What little attention the media paid to anyone who thought otherwise was limited to stories of “conspiracy theorists” harassing and even stalking victim’s family members. Behind these stories of bloggers turned stalkers was a large body of people who continued to question the event.

One such group questioning Sandy Hook was a research group on the topic comprised of 60 some odd members. Back in February, one of its members approached the group with an idea for a project that would involve a number of segments, each focusing on a different piece of evidence. The Sandy Hook event is, if you weren’t aware is brimming with anomalies and curiosities. These segments would then be combined to form a painstakingly factual and revealing expose. The only caveat was that nothing contained within a segment would be included if any of the others in the group specifically objected to it. In addition, each participant would be required to narrate their segment. The topics would be submitted to a coordinator beforehand, to prevent participants from covering the same topic.

Once a core group had formed, a repository for evidence such as photographs, video clips, news stories as well as narration scripts and cut lists was established and the work began. Over the course of 9 months, the work continued and the segments were produced with little consideration of cohesion or the end result. The coordinator and editor were tasked with producing an introductory and closing segment. As each completed segment was previewed, a picture began to form and as fate would have it the picture was that of a complete and very intriguing documentary.

Creating a Home for the Project and the Group behind It

Independent Media Solidarity
One other significant development emerged from within the project early on. One of the participants, who was also the editor had conceived of a way to give life to the project, prevent the video from becoming just a static document as well as give the group an informal identity. Without much fanfare, Independent Media Solidarity (IMS) was born. This would become the moniker under which the group could be identified. A website and various social media accounts were established in support of the group. Although the significance of this move was predicted to some degree by the group, none predicted just how significant or in which ways IMS would become a useful platform.

Video Take-Downs and the Surprising Counteraction

Long before the documentary was completed, it was determined that the usual method by which the video would be disseminated through YouTube would not work in this case. Many of the members had been stung previously by having videos flagged or removed through claims of copyright or privacy infringement. YouTube is heavily invested in the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) implementation, having designed an automated system by which to prevent copyright violations.

One component of the system is built into YouTube’s uploading function. As videos are uploaded, they are screened for audio that matches anything within a massive database of copyrighted material. If a match is found, one of two things happens. Either the uploader is presented with the option of disputing the claim or accepting it as accurate, or YouTube simply rejects the video on the basis of it being a violation of their terms. The second major component of their DMCA system involves the copyright owner making a claim against a particular video. In this process, the owner of the material flags the offending video and YouTube responds automatically by taking the video offline while notifying the video’s producer that a claim has been made. The video producer at this point must either accept the claim as accurate and forfeit the video or dispute the claim, at which time notice of the dispute is sent to the claimant.

The unfortunate side-effect of the overall process is that, during a 10 day period in which the claimant has to choose whether to take further action the video is offline.

As you might imagine this policy of allowing anyone to make a claim against any video is easily abused. The function largely favors claimants over producers of videos the claims are made against. As it stands, anyone can make a claim against any video to have it removed for a period of between 10 days and 3 weeks, and the uploader of the video has no recourse whatsoever. They are simply not afforded a means to legally challenge the claim aside from the initial dispute option. But this does nothing to prevent the take down of the video. It’s this concerning reality at the root of the next story behind the story.

As mentioned, the group chose not to upload their documentary to YouTube. After researching the options, it was determined that Vimeo would likely be the best home for the video. So, on November 30th it was uploaded to a newly established Vimeo account, a trailer was loaded to the group’s YouTube account and those of the participants. Despite there having been little hype in the time preceding its release, many people began to watch and the buzz was that people liked it.

Within less than 24 hours, Vimeo removed the video and sent notice that it was removed due to a violation of their terms. Here is the relevant text of that message…

Your video “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook” has been removed for violating our Guidelines. Reason: Vimeo does not allow videos that harass, incite hatred or depict excessive violence.

Vimeo Take-Down Notice

If you haven’t yet seen the video, this might appear to be a legitimate reason for its removal. However, if you have seen the video it’s very unlikely that you’ll find the reason given to make much sense. There simply isn’t anything that could be construed as harassment or inciting of hatred. Not only is their not excessive violence, there’s no violence depicted at all. Therefore, it appears that Vimeo chose to remove the video for other reasons. I won’t begin to speculate what those reasons were and the group hasn’t bothered to inquire further into the matter. Both Vimeo and YouTube are notoriously steadfast in their take-down decisions and rarely, if ever provide detailed explanations for them.

Although the plan had been to load the video to a secondary host as back-up, that simply hadn’t been done when the primary source at Vimeo was removed. Being faced with a newly-released video now totally unavailable, the decision was made to upload it to the group’s YouTube channel. Although it was predicted that it wouldn’t last more than a day or two, this seemed the quickest way to make the video viewable again. Concerned about and fully expecting it to be removed from YouTube, the group also scrambled to upload the video to, which seemed like a suitable back-up source.

By this time there was a growing buzz across the Internet in places where conspiracies were discussed as well as matters of free speech. The group began to receive numerous requests through the simple contact form on its website for a copy of the video that people could upload to their channels both on YouTube and elsewhere. A completely unexpected phenomenon was showing its first signs when discussions of the take down by Vimeo was seen as unfair censorship. This generated more interest, the assumption being that for it to have been taken down so quickly what it contained must be bombshell material.

Although the matter of whether any material in the video constitutes being described as “bombshell” is relative, this notion did lead to increased interest. As the group struggled to ensure the video was viewable, considering the take-down of it at Vimeo to be a setback it was in no way a ruse by them to gen up interest through promoting a perceived notion of scarcity. This appears to have been an organic phenomenon.

YouTube Claim Summary
Then the video was taken down from YouTube. In just over 24 hours, the video was taken offline by a copyright claim made by the HONR network, represented by one Lenny Pozner. For those who may be unfamiliar with the Sandy Hook characters, Lenny is the purported father of child victim, Noah Pozner. Although Lenny wasn’t amongst the many victim’s parents making the rounds on news programs and morning shows, Lenny has been highly involved in post Sandy Hook event affairs. At the point at which it was taken down, just this single source of the video had received over 117,000 views. This was learned thanks to an observant viewer who kindly emailed a screenshot to the group.

YouTube Statistics

Some members of IMS had previously had videos removed through copyright claims. What was different in this case was that the claim made no reference to any specific material. It wasn’t possible to determine which specific material within the video was supposedly infringing on a copyright. The reader might be interested to know that, in order for a claim to be made at all the person or group making the claim must be the owner of the material. The group was perplexed, as it seemed extremely unlikely that any material in the video was owned by the HONR Network or Lenny Pozner.

Once again, the documentary was offline and a seemingly endless string of notices of this fact and requests for a different link to the video began to flood the group’s inbox. The uploading process for a nearly 3 hours long video can take many hours to complete, depending upon conditions like bandwidth availability. At the time the video was removed a second time by YouTube, the upload to was not yet completed. Once again, the video was inaccessible for a few hours until traffic could finally be redirected to At this time, the primary source of the video stream remains

Acts of Kindness and of Rebellion

Once the dust began to settle after scrambling to keep the video online, the group finally had a chance to see a sampling of the public’s reaction to it. It was overwhelmingly positive. Some comments online read like letters written to Charles Lindbergh after landing at Le Bourget Field. Messages coming in through the contact form often referred to the group as heroes. Even in places where the tone was typically cynical and comments were often times ugly, there was a swell of appreciation for the producers and many recommendations that others take the time to watch.

Below is a sampling of the comments found or received by IMS…

“The video you made was GREAT!…I’ve made a video with you guys in it to promote your work.”
YouTube User: HighImpactFlix

“Great work! Independent journalism is the only journalism. Thank-you for helping us understand reality in this lifetime.”
YouTube User: David Gordon

“i am sharing now………..i will do my part, world, how bout you?” commenter: truthlovingsoul

“It’s truly a great video! Very informative!!!… Well worth the time to watch!” commenter: LoP Guest

“Great job! I actually learned a thing or two. I’ll do what I can to get it out for you…here’s to viral status”
Vimeo User: SusanL

“Great video and i am so relieved this event is being looked into by so many talented people…”
Vimeo User: Stuart Heathcote

“HOLY MOLY! Who gets the Nobel prize for investigative journalism? Now THAT’S what the truth looks/sounds like. Many thanks!”
Vimeo User: Ron Trinny

“Thank you very much. I have forwarded your website and Vimeo link to my family members and will continue to promote your work at every possible opportunity, because, yes, we do need to talk about Sandy Hook.”
Received through Web Form: Anonymous

“Thank you for your incredible work exposing the Defrauding of the American people,”
Received through Web Form: Anonymous

“Keep doing what you’re doing. Thank you for your time and effort.”
Received though Web Form: Anonymous

The list above would be dozens of pages long if you were to compile all the supportive comments. It’s fair to say the response was generally positive, despite some negative assessments. But, in another example of how this whole phenomenon is different, the documentary found its way into the Internet Movie Database. That, in itself is unusual for videos produced as non-commercial ventures that didn’t receive wide release. Again, the views of those discovering the documentary through IMDB are highly favorable. At the time of this writing, 81 IMDB users have rated the video and the overall rating is a 9.5.

It doesn’t require re-printing the entirety of the eight reviews of the video to get a clear impression of the reviewer’s opinion. Just take a look at the review titles alone…

  • Worth the time. Amazing.
  • Very well prepared.
  • A Oscar worthy documentary that will change everything
  • Well done
  • Paradigm shifting
  • A must see!!!!!
  • Excellent documentary! 10 star
  • The Smoking Gun of Sandy Hook Research

View the complete reviews on IMDB…

Some will argue that the phenomenon of numerous people uploading portions of or all of the video was born entirely from the early reports that it had been taken down. The perception this led to was that the material in the video was explosive and that taking it down stood as another example of an attack on free speech. They will likely cite the spreading news of the many other video take-downs as only supporting their theory that all the uploading was in response to this.

There’s little doubt that this partly accounts for motivating this mass upload, but it simply doesn’t make sense that it accounts for it all. Fundamentally, a video is uploaded to a user’s channel with the expectation that at least some people will view it. Popular YouTube channels that regularly see thousands of views of any video uploaded to their channel would expect similar results from this video. But, the channels where videos barely garnered any views and had few or no subscribers wouldn’t expect so many viewers. Some of these less-trafficked channels broke up the video into as many as 15 or more parts. So, when a couple days had been spent uploading the first half as only a handful of viewers took notice, it was clear their channel wasn’t going to receive much traffic. Yet they diligently uploaded the remaining parts.

Simply put, never before has such a mass upload occurred on YouTube. It’s astonishing to see. As IMS isn’t aware of a method to track exactly how many copies of the video were uploaded before being taken down, the true number may be impossible to know. What is apparent is that comments from users on various channels and comment threads indicate that they too had uploaded the video and had it taken down. IMS is making efforts to record the account names and titles of copies of the video still available on YouTube. But, the take-downs are occurring at about the same rate as the new copies that are uploaded in response.

The Coordinated Efforts to Eliminate this Video and the Greater War on Free Speech

I’ve made reference to the various incidents of copyright claims being made against the documentary appearing on the official IMS YouTube channel and many others. These incidents, however aren’t limited to the actual documentary itself. It has been discovered that, likely in response to this mass upload event they’ve upped the ante.


Well known YouTube user, blogger and activist Dutchsinse has a very compelling story to tell involving his copy of the documentary being taken down, videos that merely report on the take-down phenomenon being taken down and even efforts by YouTube and other social media outlets to limit his ability to communicate with his fan base. Dutchsinse is no stranger to difficulties with YouTube and other social media portals, having had his account shut down 6 times in 4 years. Each time his account was shut down it was as a direct result of false copyright claims. In each case, he fought the claim and his account was restored.

Not only was Dutchsinse in the sights of those who falsely file claims of copyright infringement, he’s also been the victim of anonymous claims that he is an imposter. This actually led to his story being covered in grotesque detail on and other main-stream sites. In short, when an anonymous individual flagged his unwanted and unused Google+ account which happened to be connected to his popular YouTube account, it resulted in the interconnected accounts being taken offline. The 800 videos and his 75,000 subscribers just disappeared and no mechanism existed for him to refute the false claim.

Only because he had a connection inside Google was his issue raised with the proper departments, resulting in his YouTube account being restored. However, his access to the Google+ account tied to the YouTube account was not restored requiring he go through an identity verification process. Surprisingly, this was still deemed necessary despite the fact that his account was under the name Dutchsinse, not his real name Michael Janitch. The passport he used as the photo ID required by Google didn’t contain a reference to this pseudonym, and the processes in place seemed insufficient to reconcile this.

If not standing as an example of a serious campaign to harass Dutchsinse, then certainly standing as evidence of the unfair policies of Googe/YouTube he was forced to comply with this identity verification process 6 times. In each case, the anonymous person making the claim wasn’t required to identify themselves or provide any contact information.

The HONR Network Website

When Dutchsinse recently produced a video in which he merely describes how his copy of the documentary was given a strike by Lenny Pozner of the HONR Network, that video too was given a strike and taken down. But, this time there was something different about the claim and something that should be very concerning to anyone hoping to keep the Internet a home for free speech. Unlike other copyright or privacy claims he had received, this one didn’t allow him to dispute it. When he clicked on what had formerly led him to the copyright claims dispute form, there was a message instead that read simply… “This video is not eligible for a counter-notification.”

Video not eligible for counter-notification.

As Dutchsinse explains in an article on his blog, “The fact that I cannot dispute this means that even though I committed no crime, I have been deemed guilty by the person accusing me of the crime. I now have to get a lawyer and sue to have this accusation of a crime removed”.

CW Wade
It’s known who is doing the targeting of certain online content, in Dutchsinse’s case and in the case of IMS and others. But it isn’t only Lenny Pozner and the HONR network that’s working hard to oppose the efforts of IMS and others to speak freely about the Sandy Hook event. Take, for example one CW Wade. Wade began to appear first through his YouTube channel, Wadesvids. His very first video was a lengthy analysis of the official report in which he attempted to reconcile as many of the anomalies discovered by independent researchers with the official report. From there, he graduated to appearing on radio shows and podcasts where his position as a supporter of the official account of events was cemented.

Over the following months CW Wade began to establish a number of online blogs which he has devoted to the singular topic of Sandy Hook “hoaxers” and “stalkers.” Through first one and now a handful of blogs, he slanders many people researching Sandy Hook with an obvious proclivity to bend the words he uses to better portray his subjects as “stalkers.”

One example is an article in which he accuses one researcher of soliciting the help of another, whereby he claims they put a “…stalking hit…” on someone related to the Sandy Hook event. I’ve heard examples of stalking, but this is truly the first time I’ve heard that one stalker may have asked someone else to stalk on their behalf. It’s clear that CW Wade’s intent is to do as much damage as he can to people questioning Sandy Hook. The answer to whether anyone in the IMS group knows who CW Wade is working for isn’t being revealed.

In a bold move that only leads people to further suspect deception, Wade published another blog that this time he acquired a domain name for. The reason why a proprietary domain name was a requirement in this case was that it was needed to create the impression of being a regional news site. Writing articles now for the “Newtown Post-Examiner,” Wade appears to be making an attempt to pose as a writer working for a non-biased news organization. The strategy appears to be paying off to some degree. A few news stories on the web cite quotes from the Newtown Post-Examiner. They don’t bother to clarify that it’s a blog and likely doesn’t employ an editorial review process.

Incidents of this online persona slandering people who produce content questioning the Sandy Hook event is not only impacting the individuals but, by association anyone in the growing community of those who question the event. Making these acts even more sinister is the possibility that they are part of a coordinated effort working with other groups, one of which was mentioned previously.

Cease and Desist

When one member of IMS had received two copyright strikes made by Lenny Pozner resulting in two videos being taken offline, he noted something CW Wade said in one of only two exchanges they had with each other. Only the member and the claimant, Lenny Pozner knew that they had been saddled with two copyright strikes. In closing a comment made to the member, CW Wade asked, “How many strikes is that now?” Without explaining exactly how, the comment made it clear that CW Wade received this information from Lenny Pozner. It’s likely that CW Wade didn’t wish to make this fact known. It doesn’t seem all that far-fetched considering that Wade has allowed his blogs to be used as a pulpit by Lenny.

The relationship between Lenny Pozner and the HONR Network has been well established. In what is unlikely to be a simple case of showing appreciation for having shared values, CW Wade openly supports the HONR Network which has even been the subject of articles by Wade. Because Lenny Pozner is engaged in making false and illegal claims against members of IMS and their supporters, and CW Wade has made numerous statements that slander IMS members as well as others, they are engaging in a criminal conspiracy. CW Wade has openly called for IMS members to be the targets of law enforcement actions, claimed that they are lying to their respective subscribers and that it’s just a matter of time before they WILL commit acts of violence. IMS requests that these claims be examined carefully. They state that not a single shred of evidence exists to support them and that, to view them individually isn’t likely to reveal Wade’s true intent. But, to view them within the context of Wade’s single-minded body of work shows clearly his intent to manipulate public opinion of those who dare to question officialdom.

What’s in a Name and Why it’s a Very Serious Matter

PerjuryIt is an act of perjury to file a claim of copyright infringement via YouTube using anything but your legal name. An alias may not be used when filing these claims. It is through the work of IMS members beginning before their documentary project even began that many now suspect “Lenny Pozner”is not the actual name of the person presenting himself using that name.

One very simple technique by which the average person may see evidence of this is to conduct a search of any number of public records databases, such as Radaris. Searching “Lenny Pozner” may, depending upon the system being queried result in a match for a person in Connecticut. On Radaris, for example a result for “Leonard P Osner” can be seen in Newtown CT. Researchers who have looked into the matter of Lenny’s true identity have cross-referenced the data available through both public and commercial sources and determined that “Leonard P Osner” is almost certainly an identity used by Lenny Pozner.

With that name in Radaris are associated aliases. They include “Enta C Pozner, Len Pozner, Lenny Pozner, Leonard Posner, Leonard Pozner and Eliezer Pozner”; six in total. How many aliases do you have? The more appropriate question in this case is, how many aliases are connected to your identity? My age is close to that of Lenny’s. I checked to see in Radaris how many aliases I was shown to have. I have one alias, which is a simple misspelling of my name with the last character of my middle name missing. Likely this was the result of an input error. If, however, Lenny’s actual legal middle initial and last name is “P. Osner” the fact that he’s credited for his editorials and has established a family under the last name “Pozner” is no simple clerical error.

Radaris results

Evidence is said to be in possession of IMS members indicating that Lenny has committed numerous acts of federal fraud by providing affidavits using names other than his legal name. This is not just a case of whether there was intent to defraud. It’s a simple requirement of certain documents. If the person who has filed no less than dozens of copyright claims on YouTube using the name Lenny Pozner has a different legal name, then this is a clear case of perjury, as YouTube specifies that they require the claimant’s sworn oath.

As IMS has been forced to deal with what are likely illegal attempts to disrupt dissemination of their new documentary, the plight of their supporters has become a concern as well. Not that the people who took it upon themselves to upload a copy of the video and been subject to its removal have been taking it sitting down. Many have been quite vocal in expressing their dissatisfaction with how easily the system allows for their videos to be taken offline. In one sense, YouTube is being exploited for this purpose. However, it’s YouTube’s lopsided system, favoring the claimant that doesn’t prevent and even facilitates the fraud.

IMS has determined that the best course of action to remedy the conditions that are impacting their supporters is to provide a detailed report of the problem to YouTube. As stated, YouTube is both being defrauded by these illegal claims and are themselves employing a system that facilitates it. There seems no party better situated to resolve the matter than YouTube themselves. The support mechanisms available to YouTube users are tailored for copyright owners making claims of infringement. Although there are mechanisms for some other scenarios, there simply isn’t anything amongst their standard support means suitable for reporting the situation IMS and their fellow YouTube users are in. Therefore, IMS is considering their options as it’s in the best interest of everyone concerned to report this activity in the most expedient way possible.

At present, IMS doesn’t know of any way to obtain a comprehensive list of YouTube videos taken offline through unwarranted and illegal copyright claims. That may require an in-depth and lengthy search effort. This should give you an idea of the numbers of users that could have potentially been impacted just in relation to the IMS documentary. Presented below are just the first 125 accounts that have uploaded the video to their respective channels…

Documentary Video Uploaders
documentaire Angel White Aaron Schuett
AnarchyWorld Jessica Morgan B3LI3V3R 1- FREEDOM FOR ALL
Kieran T ZeeRoeThree rorscharch5380
Jack Larson Hans Fuchs Stop Obooma
Qadosh Stephanos theunimaginables Kons Piracy
Jenn Openyoureyes The Vigilant Christian Paul Williams
houseoflogic1969 Overdose Denver SloppyCatProductions
Tatoott1009Reloaded 2 MIN NEWS tatoott1009 2 MIN NEWS xatisis
Skid Davidson a Voice Crying in the Wilderness grat mccall Useless Eater
psyopdestroyer druid189189 Eddie Rodrigues
Unorganised Confusion lee lee Richard Rowell
AnarchyWorld BIGBABYZIP Kevin Wright
jstark551 Miss Island Spice alex blazquez
Vigilant Guardian radroofer HighImpactFlix
dmonat truth4wtc7 Dwaven Gully
?????? (Documentary) Kieran T Anthony Barrea
Exposing The Big Three Scott Anthony xxxDemonDavexxx
YORAKHUNT Coy Calderon Red Angel
Lunos Pariah TheGronkeyKong stertim
santiagovalecallampa Christopher Yates Global Agenda
Taylor French Run2Christ {R2C} Bore Hog
SpreadingTruth Georgette Washington Kevo Palapala
13andsim Daniel Wierzbicki 1933Truth
tomtomandt John Mutch VeritasPress
Truth Seeker Free Mind Revolution Mole Nopoly
Vick Nash macek677 ST3ADYxKICKS
Reversed News TheFubar1066 TheWindjunkie
garuchillajoe Vick Nash KJV Only
Em Bean dextro org DITRH
Widiar Adam LeeBerty Free Thinker
Gary orGibby Bill Owens OFC Go F Yourself
peekay22 Wilson Phillips Fred Dagg
Keylontic Science The Knowing 101 Dicegirl72
ARMWORTH100 Leah-fathoms-stars Tom Goffnett
An Ony MattyD 4TruthAlt Beloki Memorial
DIGIVOXJ23 Joe Piscapo lavzee lavzee
Craig French Jeff Curtis silver palomino
Lee Beezy lucidmoment71 Wakulasan
Timmy Richardson Amanda Saor Alba Lv4music1
Aussieinthefight franco3830

The above list is in no way comprehensive. It lists only the first 125 uploaders. IMS will continue to record the account names of uploaders in a master list for future reference. Everyone’s efforts will not be forgotten.

The Future Remains Uncertain but One in Which We Might Speak Freely

There are definitely stories emerging from a simple, yet unprecedented act. Regular people came together to share their individual contributions in research of the Sandy Hook event. In addition to the sensible presentation of the information, people seem to appreciate that those presenting it are personally motivated to give of their time and energy without being paid to do so. Maybe this is why harsher criticisms of the amateur effort are set aside in favor of giving thanks.

There is mounting evidence that this controversial documentary is the target of a coordinated effort to prevent it from being seen. Because of this, the very people who appreciate the work of its producers found an opportunity to help by uploading the video themselves. In so doing, they’ve joined with IMS in solidarity; in sharing their goal of achieving full disclosure. Others who watched as people came to IMS’s aid, helping ensure their documentary would be seen were touched by the display and decided to join in.

It’s unclear how long this phenomenon will continue. We can’t know for sure how far the opposition will go to disrupt it. More interestingly, we don’t yet know what other twist will develop out of all this. One thing that it calls to mind is that the Sandy Hook matter appears far from being concluded. For so many people to express their thanks, there must be far more conspiracy theorists out there than traditional media would have us believe. For still more people to go to such great length to help the video get seen, there may be a bright future in which we’re free to speak our minds in store for us after all.

Please direct questions or requests to the IMS group:

Independent Media Solidarity on the Web
Official Website:
Watch the Full Documentary:
IMS on YouTube:
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IMS Contributors to the Documentary “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook”

Professor Doom1
Free Radio Revolution
Sherrie QuestioningAll
Sandy Hook Research

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  1. It is so obvious – so over reaching – If you have nothing to hide and it IS what happened on the 14th of December, 2021 why censor and attack this video? Bigger Question – WHY CAN’T WE QUESTION THIS EVENT UNDER FREE SPEECH??? Wake – up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great article, yes, they protest too much! Nothing short of full disclosure will put a rest to Sandy Hook, they could end the debating right away, by opening the full reports and redactions to anyone who wishes to file an FOIA request. If I was a family member & this was a real event, that is where I’d spend my energy, lobbying for full disclosure….to stop what they contend is harassment etc….their actions to cover up have caused the publics reactions!

  3. I recall another change that was made to youtube many years ago:

    I used to be able to see where my youtube clips were re-posted, and I can’t do this anymore (or if there is a way I’m not aware of it, it used to be very easy)
    in effect, it reduces the ability of like-minded people to congregate in cyberspace

    freedom of association, freedom to peaceably assemble, freedom of expression, all curtailed

      1. Perfect! There’s a balancing act between writing correct English and not writing at all because one fears misspelling. Correct English helps promote trust in the messenger. But one must never go to the extreme of not writing at all because of fear of errors. The message is too important.

        I was going to send a private message to the author, but I couldn’t find one, so I posted it in comments instead. If I get some time over today I can look through it for the spelling errors I can find.

        I enjoyed every minute of the movie, too, even if I couldn’t stand Rosen. I was way too uncomfortable with his embarrassing charades.

        Eagerly awaiting more from you guys!


    1. Yes Anne, me too. Of course they may be bold enough to try to extort a settlement from the gun maker. We’re talking money here!

      I’d love to see them file. We could all help with that. I suspect this is just another publicity stunt.

        1. Who would they sue? They are already in cahoots with local, state and federal government. The media and charities as well. We should welcome lawsuits against an outsider, a non Sandy Hook player. Material for another documentary.

        2. Teresa, yes. I doubt anyone will sue. I meant that they could try to “bluff” the firearms manufacture into thinking they’d go through with a lawsuit. After all, to date I wouldn’t call them “bashful” when it comes to money.

        3. ” I wouldn’t call them “bashful” when it comes to money.”

          This brings up a whole new area of consideration. I would think that the SHES plotters would want the money for themselves and not only make their actors/beneficiaries very rich.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        4. Possible defendants are the manufacturer of the car that drove the phantom killer to the school, manufacturer of the many weapons found, manufacturer of the bullets, the Lanza dad with the many names, the failed security system manufacturer, the glass window manufacturer, the expat psychiatrist who did not see this coming and various professionals at Yale who did not see it coming either.

          Not that I think any lawsuits are forthcoming, but the paper work was up against a deadline on Sunday leaving plaintiffs no choice amidst their yearnings for privacy.

          For someone not familiar with my view on the Sandy Hook event, I am being facetious.

    2. Anne B.,
      Just read that article you posted, thanks BTW.

      I find it odd that not one mention of suing the town and/or state, for not following emergency medical protocols, very telling. Perhaps anyone of the “victims” could have been saved had EMTs been allowed to do the job they are trained for…


  4. The Pozners do not exist. The alternate names in the article are not Lenny’s actual name either; there are three candidates that could have played the role and all from the same family. The actual mother has been identified and the in real life children that represented Noah and Charlotte Bacon are actually brother and sister. He is a member of the Davis, Morse, Moreno, Ondo, Bunn crowd that appears to be a more than apparent crisis actor clan with connections to It Works which is a health in beauty aide company that appears to be a haven of crisis actors and government sanctioned FRAUDS. Some of these people have two and three names beyond their fictitious Sandy Hook name and it appear a good many of the fringe Sandy Hook crowd also have fictitious names. Every one of these parents is using a fictitious name and the family histories and claimed credentials are all fabricated lies including public record.

    The years in planning is more than evident where they may have actually interacted and functionted under their alter in order to deceive the public. Even the histories beind the Wheelers is a load of BS and their history speaks to the pre-planning to defraud the public.

    The actor that is portraying Mark Barden is listed in public as the Present of a company called Video Pros

    The Pozner lie

    More in the photo line on Twitter @rebelready

    1. In the past we’ve visited that thought, up to and including longterm assumption of various personalities. After all, there is a history of planting personalities, “characters” into operations. There isn’t any reason why said characters couldn’t be under contract.

      I admit to being very bad with faces. I trust the judgement of others on that score better than my own. So when I look at the “actors”, I am not so much concentrating on their appearance as I am on their demeanor.

      In the same way that those who have been trained in “communication” tend to have certain postures and inflections in their delivery, actors do as well. The “normal” general public are not usually that polished in public situations.

      As a suggestion, those of us without your skills in facial recognition may have a difficult time trying to understand some of your allusions. The charts with the arrows, etc., would be easier to understand if there were a “For Dummies” version. I do, however, appreciate what you’re doing.

  5. Great article.

    I did several searches to see how many hits I would get on

    Deanna Spingola, C W Wade

    AmericanFreePress, C W Wade

    In each case I got over 1800 hits

    If C W Wade is closely connected to Lenny Pozner and Lenny Pozner is increasingly associated with the prospect of being a false name/identity used illegally, then perhaps Deanna Spingola and American Free Press, and perhaps also “Keith Johnson”, are closely associated with this coordinated false scheme to discredit those who question Sandy Hook event.

    I believe Wolfgang Halbig has been harassed by someone identifying themselves as Lenny Pozner and that speaks very well of Wolfgang Halbig.


    I am beginning to see that

    YouTube (owned by Google – Larry Page et al.) and Vimeo (owned by — names associated — Zach Klein, Jakob Lodwick and Barry Diller)

    and Wiki
    and GoFundMe
    and on and on I could go

    are all themselves a coordinated network.


    I hope that a lawsuit can be filed against “Lenny Pozner” and YouTube and Vimeo.

    I would be happy to donate to such a cause and I would love to have my own copy of the video

    We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook

    If I get the energy, I plan to index the video giving where timewise on the track each subject is presented and where each segment begins and the screen name of each presenter.

    This video is an important reference document and this indexing at least needs to be done.

    There really should be a full transcript of this video. I may take a shot at that when I get better vision wise.

    1. I really appreciate your input and knowing that you’re in support of our work. FYI, if anyone should do the transcript it’s me as I have the narration scripts and could fill in the gaps. It’s a long process even still. But, I’ve heard that YouTube’s automatic English transcript can be exported for editing, taking advantage of the built in timing.

      Although I’m not wanting to advertise this, it’s important that I start sharing news of the general concept, get feedback and start building the support needed. There’s a plan being considered with the group now involving first a goal to have all the formerly removed copies of the documentary restored to their respective accounts on YouTube. There’s enough evidence in place now to prove that YouTube has been used in 100 or more copyright claims that were both fraudulent and cases of perjury. Rather than target the group filing the claims, the idea is to leverage the evidence to convince YouTube to take action as they are the primary victim in each case.

      Knowing how YouTube is positioned and limited obligation to their users, we think a video “Message to YouTube Management” if mass uploaded as in the case of the documentary would convince them to at minimum restore the videos, and at most cause them to “appear to be” taking action against the perps. Who knows? Maybe YouTube would appreciate being forced to do this, as they may not entirely be willing participants. This might be the perfect “out” opportunity.

      At this point, I just want our fellow-YouTubers who had their videos taken down to prepare for a second wave with this, much shorter video message that will not only mention their account but speak from their perspective.

  6. I tried twice to upload to my channel ( took 6 hours, I believe ) and received, each time, a message that said that I had exceeded my 15 minute video length. I have no such restrictions as my channel was upgraded 3 years ago to allow for extended uploads. Also, I had a copyright infringement notice strike against my account this past summer when I produced a very short video of Vani Hari and Michael Adams on two separate daytime shows ( The Doctors and Dr. Oz, irrespectively ) parroting the very same mantra about the FDA. I titled the video, ‘Controlled Opposition’ and even copied the link to Vani Hari’s site. Within a day it was pulled. My comments were then afterwards censored. The same goes for Mike Adams’ Natural News website and Jeffrey Smith’s IRT website. My comments somehow just conveniently disappear when I give an alternate view of the subject matter. That does not sound like an open society to me. Dr. Oz claimed copyright infringement on the ‘Controlled Opposition’ video and it has been “banned worldwide”. Why “worldwide”? Why ‘banned”?? I merely edited a portion of the clip and made no changes to the dialogue.
    ( just checked my channel and the video has been removed from my upload list. ) I have tried numerous times to out certain frauds and carpet baggers but their web of connections is wide and tightly woven.

    The charges of ‘We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook’ documentary being hateful, harassing or violent is beyond ludicrous. Should we levy these charges at the mainstream media for promulgating fear and horror when they show images of “Ferguson”, ” Aurora”, “Columbine”, “9-11″ or ” Oklahoma City bombing”? Or any other nightly “news” feature that permits the footage of war atrocities? Is it not hateful to show the bombing of Iraqi citizens? Did we not harass these people with our guns, bombs, tanks, planes and door to door round ups of innocent citizens? Talk about hypocrisy! I had a video on YouTube for years that demonstrated the horror of war yet the video was never removed until I did so myself. I suppose one can show maimed and mutilated babies on YouTube…as long as they ain’t ‘white’…..and from New England.

    What the hell kind of insane world are we living in and why are we talking ‘politely’ about the gigantic shaft buried deep in our posteriors? Surely we are blind now with the penetrating reality that we are being duped beyond any doubt? Is there anyone still asleep at the ‘wheel’?

    Ah, yes….there are, now that I recall. I do have sisters that believe that their ‘government’, and provider of a monthly stipend, loves them unconditionally. So there are still many who could benefit from intrepid investigators like the IMS…..and polite talk thereof.

    1. The more widely you circulate your stories about the censorship you are experiencing, the better.

      As Dachsielady said, all these entities which control our ability to get the message out are connected. They are all CFR/CIA. Their blatant censorship of your videos shows they are threatened, to the point they have thrown caution to the winds and are clumsily tromping all over free-speech rights. Their justification for their conduct is sheer babble. And there is this air of desperation about it: the public must at last begin to see not only the hypocrisy, but the level of censorship and control even these hip “populist” news channels like YouTube exercise over communications which do not toe the party line.

      Thanks so much for what you are doing, jamie and all you videomakers and writers. I see cracks forming in the monolith.

      1. Dinophile, I think that you are an unsung hero. I have my ‘theories’ as to the reasons behind the blatant absence of recognition for your personal contributions. Nonetheless, you have my respect and admiration.

        1. Wow, thanks so much! That really means a lot to me, jamie.

          Of course, there are many “unsung heroes” on this blog–I learn new things all the time!

  7. This is strange, some of the Sandy Hook parents have announced plains to sue as reported by the courant and MSNBC.

    Predict another mass payout settled out of court.

    Great job on the video again!


      1. Yes, that’s good. I know I’m going to expose my ignorance here, but aren’t there other ways besides “YouTube” and “Vimeo”? I don’t understand the mechanics of this.

        As the article says, this is truly disturbing, not just because of SHES. If someone makes a video and another claims a copyright infringement, doesn’t the maker have the right to ignore it unless there is a court order? Anyone can be sued, of course, but what if someone posts it and refuses to remove it?

        I suppose that is what “Veterans Today” is doing, but if that is possible, why would anyone need “YouTube” or “Vimeo”. Is there a technical issue I’m missing?

        1. Is your point, James, that even Veterans Today can’t keep the thing from being snatched away? Or is it the case that when you published your comment the video was still available there?

        2. I’m no authority, loofah, but the way I see it YouTube and Vimeo are, in the end, just web sites. Very big ones, and ubiquitous, but they are not public utilities. They might SEEM public, but they are private property and no one can force them to change the rules by which they allow the public to post things on them.

          Long ago, practically anything could be posted on Youtube. I don’t know if it coincided with the evil giant Google purchasing YouTube for billions of dollars, but there came a point when it became an everyday event to find that a video is no longer available. Which is a problem for researchers who post articles and embed videos as virtual footnotes. If the video is a “prooftext” in an article someone reads years later, and the video “no longer exists,” it damages the integrity of the researcher’s work.

          That is, we’ve complacently grown accustomed to treating YouTube as a permanent, virtual, library where we can deposit materials that will stay there forever. But it’s more like Wikipedia, where anything can be removed at any time, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

        3. “YouTube and Vimeo are, in the end, just web sites. Very big ones, and ubiquitous, but they are not public utilities.”

          So right. I was way off base in thinking they could be sued.

          It sounds like Derrick and company are dealing with this most intelligently.

          Derrick refers to YouTube and Vimeo as “the system” but I really do not see how we can “put pressure” the system unless we could boycott them and put financial pressure on them to do right and that does not seem like something that could happen.

          It needs to come about that YouTube is not basically the only game in town.

          Certain identification of Pozner and C W Wade is a very big ace in hole though.

        4. Patrick, my mind may be like a “sponge”, but its depressing when others start to notice!

          Anyway, I think the point I was trying to make was that I realize that they’re private concerns and, therefore, they can make their own rules, but I don’t understand the significance of why everyone uses them. Is there some reason why you couldn’t just post a video to any website?

          My other question is that, once posted to YouTube or Vimeo, do they now control it? I have deliberately remained ignorant of many things surrounding the internet. I have too many other interests than to devote the necessary time to studying it. I am grateful that others are willing to go through this to host sites.

          I realize that by not getting promotion from Google it would adversely affect the distribution. That said, word of mouth is pretty good. I have noticed that some videos are “taken down” on other sites. If the owner of the video wants it played how does that happen?

          I guess I’m assuming that if I posted a video here someone could complain about it but I don’t think they could make Dr. Tracey take it down unless it was a term of his agreement with the host. YouTube’s choice to do that is just that, their choice.

          After they went to so much trouble to produce the video I am having trouble understanding how either of the two main hosts can have that much control. If they don’t want it there can’t you just post it elsewhere. Maybe not, like I said, I don’t completely understand how this works.

  8. I wonder why the IMS folks have not yet found themselves a good private investigator willing to do some nominal pro bono work. PI’s have access to huge databases with names, alias’s, family members etc. While PI’s tend to charge a lot for these background checks, in reality that only cost about $6-10 per run. It is easy to analyze them for inaccuracies if you know the ropes. I know because I used to be a PI years ago. There is a huge amount of data to be had on these Sandy Hook actors out there. I would be willing to help with an analysis, but don’t have a license right now to do the computer runs.

    1. Gail, I’ve been saying that for a long time. This needs someone with skills and access to databases. Everyone here tries in their own way, but a skilled investigator has access to and knowledge of various other avenues.

      I would love to see what a good investigation could unearth. They’ve hidden a lot of the common records, there are certainly others that those with the services could discover.

    2. Gail, who says we haven’t found a good PI? Who says some of us aren’t PIs? I’m being cheeky, but you get the idea. My response to why we haven’t hired an outside PI on behalf of the group is based on previous experience and in light of what we’ve already obtained. We aren’t daring to share the most damning evidence. The reasons to withhold evidence of some types are many. Much of it relates to individuals. Some of it is only partially useful until related evidence can be obtained. Finally, I’m afraid we’re in a difficult spot with SH and other events. Reminds me of the mysterious death of Spinal Tap’s drummer that they said was, “best left unsolved.” The struggle isn’t to research this further as much as it is to gain sufficient public support to pressure the “system” into solving it themselves. I hope this makes some sense and it isn’t meant to diminish the research work ongoing.

      1. Derrick, that’s interesting. I can see your point. I, of course, have no way to know just who has investigated this and to what extent. I know that many of us have spent considerable time on it.

        That said, I, for one, do not possess the skills or the sources to do a “professional” job. As far as pressuring “the system” to investigate this, I’m afraid I don’t hold much faith in that happening. I personally think that, if enough embarrassing information came out the best one could hope for was some spin and damage control.

        That said, I don’t suggest that we don’t investigate. If someone has concrete evidence there would have to be a serious conversation about how to get that into public awareness. I don’t think that is impossible, it would take some creativity, however. The video is certainly a good start.

  9. Very refreshing article, thank you. It is a nice change from the constant and almost boring complaint about the mainstream media’s role in the censorship of conspiracies against humanity. The mainstream media could not do it alone. YouTube, Vimeo and other alternative information providers need to censor unorthodox information with the same zeal, albeit through different processes. Ditto, in the case of the probable Sandy Hook conspiracy, for the NRA, the John Birch Society, and other institutions that should denounce the hoax as a treasonous and repugnant assault against gun rights, using arguments that even gun control partisans would have to accept.

    Plato’s cave is big. Indeed it is so big that very few activists encompass its size.


  10. I just watched it on YT. Sensational, phenomenal, amazing, riveting, thrilling, chilling and shocking. AWARD WINNING !! Without a doubt the best documentary on Sandy Hook, without question. Easily one of the best produced documentaries ever on youtube. I know it’s almost 3 hours long, but give it 15 minutes and I promise you’ll be hooked, no pun intended, you won’t be able to stop watching.

    1. A search of the movie title and “torrent” will provide links to download with any torrent client. At YouTube, simply search the title and scan for a copy that’s over 2 hours in length. There are dozens or more versions of it that remain on YouTube at the moment. FYI, the version at is available again. It’s not clear what happened, but it’s now the official stream on our group’s site,

      1. I am listening again to the video, this time the one that is now restored on

        The quality of the audio on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 the best is about a 4.

        Breaking up bad.

      1. I think you could probably also upload it to, which is a secure online vault, and give people a link to it. Box costs only $10/mo. While I haven’t tried it with videos, I have documents in an account there and each one is protected by a 20-character password. That means it cannot be cracked.

    1. The in-on-it media needs to remind and constantly reinforce to the public that the poor people of Sandy Hook have been hounded and threatened by the mentally deranged from the get go. Remember, they’ve already told us that Sandy Hook “victims” will need assistance ($$$$$) for many, many years to come. Like 9/11, it’s implanted.

    2. Anne, according to your article he’s been locked up the whole time. I like this line from the story; ccording to a filing from a dense lawyer” (direct quote).

      I wonder if he knows “Carlos”?

      1. The article states he has been locked up since June and guess we can assume the loony tune year was shortly thereafter the horrid hoax. No doubt it took his dense lawyer all these years to get him extricated to Venezuela for proper mental health care.

      2. Wilfrido Cardenas Hoffman pleaded guilty as charged yesterday. Having been in custody since June, his psychiatric diagnoses must be extensive.

        Witnesses were prepared to testify. However, what I gather from the article, none did. Mr. Hoffman’s dense (defense?) attorney came from the Federal Defense Office.

        The top federal prosecutor said Mr. Hoffman’s actions “compounded the collective suffering of the town”. $uffering.

        lophatt – Carlos, a Costa Rican-American, has his own Wikipedia site. I doubt Wilfrido, a Venezuelan who spoke English well enough to frighten Newtown residents; will be elevated to Carlos’ status.


          “He admitted making 90 calls to 47 families and businesses two days after the Dec. 14, 2012, shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

          “Speaking through two interpreters, including a bilingual public defender, Hoffman pleaded guilty to a single felony count of making threatening phone calls.”

          I am still wondering about “Our Man in Venezuela” and have some unanswered questions. If Wilfrido can’t speak English, how did his victims in Newtown understand what he said? Perhaps he sought out residents with Hispanic names, but not a heck of a lot of those in Newtown. More luck in Danbury.

          How can a man in Venezuela make 90 phone calls to Newtown, having those numbers handy, not speak proper English, but still make those Newtowners believe he is Adam Lanza from the other side?

          On the eve of the 2nd anniversary of the Sandy Hook event, they are getting more and more brazen with their tales.

          Next we’ll have a national holiday declared for December 14th.

        2. I believe the article, timely in that it was published day before the 2nd SHES anniversary, is “a shot over the bow” …. an intimidating message to anyone who may want to open their mouth about the event. Look at this nut’s photograph … his neck and ears look totally photo-shopped, but at least this psychotic, rifle-toting wannabe doesn’t have googly eyes in HIS featured photo… maybe his meds are working!

          Boy, you can’t make this stuff up … or maybe you can …

        3. Que lastima! Mui mal esuarte de las Wilifridito. I can’t get that image out of my mind. The phone call: “Es Genaro en casa? Genaro, dees ees Adam. No Gene, leesen, I no have to show you no EYE DEE, I a gonna keel you!”, comprendo? Muerte!.

          I don’t know what little Winifredo was drinking down at the cantina, but my guess is that the worm died. Maybe “Adam” was dancing a hat dance down at the “Dance, Dance (whatever)” emporium. “Aye carumba”.

          All I can say is that somehow it fits. Just like a giant rabbit named Harvey would fit.

        4. lophatt, thanks for the laugh – much needed in these times.

          This Wilfrido character, why write him into the script? Btw, I have more on Wilfrido who apparently can’t speak English. It’s in moderation. Frequent moderations now. It’s not Professor Tracy.

          That got me thinking, probably over thinking which now is epidemic in Newtown with a price tag attached. Now we have one Wilfrido, he is presumably Spanish speaking, calling English speaking Newtown residents. Yet later he needs several translators because he can’t speak English.

          How does this man acquire all these Newtown numbers two days after 12/14/12? He threatens them in English, but in captivity needs several translators? He knows the slang word “gonna”, but needs translators. Does he have connections/handlers?

          According to msm, Wilfrido hails from El Hatillo, Venezuela. El Hatillo has a 29 year old mayor with the name of David Smolansky, a descendent of Russian immigrants via Cuba.

          David Smolansky received a diploma from the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program at Georgetown University.[2]

          The Constitution of Venezuela of the year 1999 declared Spanish and languages spoken by Indigenous people from Venezuela as official languages.

          From msm:
          “This is Adam Lanza. I’m gonna [expletive] kill you. You’re dead. You’re dead. You hear me? You’re dead,” the caller said, according to authorities. In another phone call, Cardenas is accused of saying: “This is Adam Lanza. I’m gonna kill you. You’re dead. With my machine gun. You’re dead [expletive].”

          On the eve of another anniversary, this is the latest jewel in the Sandy Hook cockamamie crown.

        1. Ric – funny you should mention that. Almost another million is on the way:

          Newtown has another problem – overthinking. Associated Press says so:

          Should be good for another million or two.

          On Sunday flags will be waving at half-staff all over the state of Connecticut:

        2. Hey, times are HARD! Besides, I’m told there’s a bumper crop in Afghanistan this year. Maybe this “healing” will continue until a drought makes it impossible.

          By now you’d think the streets would be awash in money. This is like the fabled City of Cibola.

        3. Ric, I can hardly hear the sobbing over the rending of garments and the gnashing of teeth. “Leave us alone…….but send money”. It’s no wonder why people get into show business. The royalties are hard to beat.

  11. CW Wade engages in malicious adhominem attacks- he tries to always interject and associate allegations of stalking, threats , harassment and other adverse allegations against “truthers”. Wade rarely debates the merits of the evidence and simply promotes an environment of indignation and disgust against anyone who questions the official story.

    He should be ostracized and exposed at all costs. There should be complaints to Face Book that he is using a false name and identity and his ID should be verified.

    Complaints should be lodged against his FB and youtube accounts- is it not ironic that both he and Lenny have not had their youtube accounts suspended ?

    Carry on to expose this lie at Sandy Hook

    1. I would like to know what does CW Wade and Mick West get out of protecting SHE and BMB perps at their own expense and time.

      Has anybody ever seen these 2 guys standing together in the same room? Just joking.. Cw West and Mick Wade…

  12. I need to also interject that I am amazed that some of the parents , Nicole Hockley and Mark Barden, have created a new profession now working as full time “Professional Victims”.

    1. I watched 2/3 of the video and someone took it off line last night. I know another distribution method. Make into DVD and sell the DVD on line right here and people will pay and they can show their friends.

      1. Or make it into a DVD and GIVE IT AWAY to anyone that wants to see it.

        So if anyone wants a copy of the Sandy Hook documentary, let me know and we can exchange emails so I can get a shipping address. Unless the request is from outside the US, I’ll burn and ship on my own dime (outside the US starts getting very, very pricey). The offer will remain open until further notice 🙂

        1. Not sure how to get my address to you. Would love to have this and certainly will pay for it to cover your costs. Thank you for the kind offer. My email address is archie the letter k the number 1 at prodigy do net

  13. The vid was good but way too long. If we want to get Sandy Hook to the masses, we need to spice it up with some Beyonce, violence, Peyton Manning, drugs, mixed messages, spin – all the stuff the masses are used to seeing. Folks don’t have 2.5 hours to watch a real investigative documentary. Its interesting to truthers because we already know most of the presentation but for the outsider, they won’t be interested. I think we need to give up on Sandy Hook and focus on 9/11 because we have much more evidence, data, witnesses and experts to support a ‘conspiracy theory.’

    1. But, it can be used in it’s shorter segments, one at a time, when a person finds one subject they find interesting. Then they go for the whole movie. I don’t think you can condense all the facts/questions down more than int the movie already. Lest it becomes a slogan.

    2. Bill Fred,
      I respectfully disagree with you on 911. That event is locked in titanium chains from the Capstone.

      I personally think Boston is the lowest hanging fruit because of all the solid video evidence. But Boston has been put on the back burner while so many hard working people are still working on SHE and I think they have them almost “cornered”.

      The time is now for a video just like “We Need to Talk” but about Boston and hit them from both sides and see who creeps out from the shadows as Pozner has for SHE.

      If and When either of those events falls apart and the roaches start running for cover and ratting each other out to save themselves, that is when 911 will fall apart and all the other staged events we have all seen these last 6 years play out.

      Just my opinion.

      1. ” The time is now for a video just like “We Need to Talk” but about Boston.”

        I spent most of my time on 9-11 but did spend a little time researching one aspect of Boston, i.e., the alleged 16 people who sustained traumatic leg amputations. Most people only knew about Jeff Bauman, the supposed bilateral amputee, but believe it or not, there are actually 16 people claimed to be so injured and millions in donations going to the “victims” and many fake social websites involved. I have identified, or should I say “identified”, about 12 of the people but gave up on that never ending rabbit hole area of research a few months ago.

        Anyway, I would be willing to share what I learned with anyone who attempts a Boston video. I wish Nathan Folks would do that video, but for various reasons I do not think that will happen.

        9-11, SHES, and Boston just seemed so incredibly in our faces and so full of anomalies that I just could not help being swept up in to reading and researching. I read and watched and listened to everything I could for many years, starting on 9-11-01, regarding 9-11. Now I am away from that somewhat.

        To me, the great thing about We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook video is that, aside from its careful and professional production and great segmental format, it covers the the subject in one video with solid quality information. The makers of the video have gone non-commercial and that is extremely important too.

        (P.S. I watched a recent OdinRock YouTube upload today regarding how ABC TV coverage on 12-14-12 showed many signs of being prepared before that event date. I should have save the link and now I cannot find that video on YouTube.)

        “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

      2. I think SH is the event locked in titanium chains. Although they had some serious flaws, aint no way people are getting through.

        The list of architects, scientists, former politicians, lawyers, professors, etc. that don’t buy into the official 911 narrative is growing. NY recently had the failed ballot initiative to re-investigate building 7.

        Check Wikipedia’s page about world polling/opinions.

        You will see that only 46% of the world polling believes that Al Queda was responsible. This is very bad for the propaganda machine pushing the official story. In some countries, like Pakistan, only 2% think Al Queda did it!! YIKES!!

        9/11 is the ONLY way to get somewhere. OKC, Waco, JFK are too distant. Sandy Hook and Boston were so well marketed and so emotional that people won’t go there.

    3. Bill, thanks much for the levity. I laughed heartily, though I quickly sobered and understood your point.

      I think the video is a very good refresher for SH hoax vets, and will most likely send a good percentage of novices to examine the work of other independents.

      Exposure. Hope. Sandy Hook Hoaxers Strong!

    4. This is such bull. I commented to Bill 5 hours ago why I think we should stay the course and went in moderation from WordPress and didn’t save it.

      Tracy get your own website and this will stop

      1. Ric, Dr. Tracy has seemingly decided to moderate my comments too. I don’t know if he is moderating all comments, or just certain people. Maybe he moderates those that get a little too spicy, like mentioning Jews. I don’t mind Dr. Tracy moderating my comments as he almost always lets them through.

        1. Bill, I think it’s WordPress not Dr. Tracy who puts certain comments in moderation and then Dr. Tracy has to sort through them which can take a while. There doesn’t seem to any rhyme or reason as to why things wind up in the Mod. bin.

          Anyways, your point is well taken on 911.
          Everything seems to be locked up pretty good and that’s how they want us to feel, Despotic, Defeated.

          My reasoning on Boston and SHE is there are actual physical human beings that are somewhat approachable to squeeze until they break. Where as with 911 its all the same untouchable Lizard people(Icke joke)
          in the Capstone we have been after since JFK.

          This group of players (all the gun control people) seem more accessible because it appears that well known Corporations/Charities seem to have a hand in this as the beneficiaries, where as 911 was all top military brass and defense contractors who benefited.

      2. Ric to comment on your comment below. I don’t think SH is about guns. Maybe a small benefit, but not the big picture – probably more like Alex Jones type dis-information intended to keep us grabbing the short straws.

        I think all of these recent false flag hoaxes are more about pushing legislation and taking over more control of the federal government. I think the plans are being fast forwarded because the people are sick of the crap and seeing the truth behind 9/11.

        The internet is changing everything right now and people are changing their attitudes about our crooked government, media, military and corporations teaming up against the common folks. Five years ago I had no idea about the facts behind JFK, OKC, and now 9/11 as the major recent-history ‘inside jobs.’ Now its all so much in our faces and I can see them laughing at us through my tv screen.

        Without the internet, we would still be a bunch of brainwashed zombies following the crap we see on their tv, hear on their radio, or read in their magazines. The internet, Google and Youtube might be in the same category and as world-changing as Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press.

    5. I didn’t mind watching it at all – what you need is to have an AUDIENCE.

      Stop it every once in a while for questions and observations.

      Make a partty out of the whole thing – if people can sit through baseball games, when it’s a pitcher’s duel and everything is a slow as bloody molasses, one should be able to have fun with this and other like documentaries.

      We can’t win if we can’t think out of the box every once in a while.

    6. Thank you for the very pertinent reference to 9/11. I’ll add other essential attributes that distinguish 9/11 from virtually any other staged event:
      * 9/11 has been inducing deep, global, long-lasting sociological changes of variegated kinds, starting with war.
      * Building 7’s conspiracy offers several entry points that lend themselves to elevators speeches that affirm the mythical destruction by office fires while forcing people to explore it further.
      * The 9/11 conspiracy’s demonstration can be learned through only a moderate intellectual effort, thanks to the Master conspirators’ strategic decision to televise live to the entire world the key event, the terrorist controlled demolition of the twin towers under evacuation.
      * The above makes it fairly easy to demonstrate the existence, overwhelming size and effectiveness of the 9/11 censorship, the conspiracy against heretics who question the official myth.

      So, with all due respect to activists and leaders who seek to expose SHE or other real or alleged grand lies, they may reach their goals faster and with less energy if they table their work and instead research the poorly understood 9/11 censorship and seek more effective ways to educate the general public on it.


  14. Although homicidal false flags have been part of American rule and manipulation since the Kennedy assassinations, James has drawn attention to FANTASY homicidal false flags initiated in the Obama administration. Three of these are most important: first, the bin Laden caper where the pretense is the killing of bin Laden who has been reliably reported dead of kidney disease for a decade. This may include the killing of a dozen or so Seals who were involved in the operation. It was highly successful historically, bumping up Obama’s support by 6% or so, helping him the 2012 election.

    The second fantasy false flag was Sandy Hook, revealed largely by James, to disarm the American population of their guns. It was largely unsuccessful gun-wise, and US power is apparently trying to bury it now.

    The third fantasy false flag was the Boston marathon bombings, which was successful in shutting down part of Boston and surrounding towns. It was related in an unclear way to US support for the Cheznya rebellion in Russia, two of the Americans involved being murdered by the police and FBI, and others being prosecuted and imprisoned.

    These fantasy false flags are quite surreal and bizarre, even by American standards of media mendacity. Referring to evidenced real homicides as staged events, for ideological purposes, detracts from the credibility of reports revealing these fantasy homicidal events.

    1. “Referring to evidenced real homicides as staged events, for ideological purposes,

      “evidenced real homicides” maybe, but don’t you want this fully investigated and don’t you want important questions asked, like WHO for sure was homicided.

      I am beginning to think that every big media event that has thousands marching in the streets is a staged event. Somebody used it and promoted it “for ideological purposes” at just the most useful time. Yes, sometimes real people are really killed and sometimes not. But WHO exactly was killed by whom and when, we have no business just automatically accepting at face value what the MSM is feeding us.

      Of course, I want homicides justly adjudicated in a just trial, but these days, it is just as likely that some poor innocent patsy will be convicted if there ever even is a trial.

      I do not think Dr. Tracy and MHB are doing their work for “ideological purposes” unless the ideology is to get to the truth.

      1. Did anyone hear if Lanza is being put on trial? They do try dead people.

        I don’t think there were any criminal cases or convictions from 911 either, right?

    2. Can you please name some 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s false flag attacks please? Operation Northwoods was the original blueprint as far as documents from the feds in my opinion.

      The only way that SH is about guns is, say in 3-5 years from now, if their silly little games lead to such an outrageous public that the active controlled president calls for an executive order on guns and forces all Americans to turn in their weapons and we go Japan style where citizens are not allowed to arm.

      If the plan is a long drawn out plan to disarm Americans, then I don’t believe SH, or any of the other numerous recent false flag hoaxes are about guns. Its about 9/11. Its about controlling the federal government, passing legislation that furthers their powers, controlling our schools, showing their force to the public, keeping a constant fear status among the people, its another MSM spin story to run and rerun and rererun in our faces for months and years, and yes, its a little about guns but mostly to distract us.

      1. Last night I watched a movie set in Mississippi in the sixties. During a conversation one character says to another “We rich have to keep the poor in constant fear. That is how we keep our money”.

      2. Bill, we tend to use the terms “false flag” or “hoax” to describe what is actually a category of event. They actually vary in scope and complexity. Some are almost hidden, some are done to create public emotional reactions.

        I suppose the defining character of them is that they are not completely true. Some are totally false, while others have truthful elements in them that have manufactured bits imprinted on them for the author’s purposes.

        “Northwoods” is well known. You can rest assured that there are many others. Initially creation of this type of thing was why the CIA was created. “Dirty tricks”.

        My observations lead me to believe that there is NEVER one purpose for such events. There may be a primary purpose, but there are always ancillary purposes as well. It is not uncommon for what seems the “primary” purpose to be a ruse.

        It may be that the nature of the progress that’s been made is causing these to be more and more public in nature. They are at a point in their plan where it is necessary for standards to change and it is much easier to do that when a population supports them.

        It is obvious that gun confiscation is necessary for them. This has nothing to do with “crime” and everything to do with resistance. When they think the time is right they will simply come for them. It would be easier for them if people surrendered them.

        I personally think that SHES was more about “modeling” than gun control. I would say the same about Boston as well. That is one reason for the use of actors. They are there, just like Ozzie and Harriet to show what “good obedient NWO citizens do in situations such as these”. Obedience is rewarded, resistance gets the “Fergeson Treatment”.

        None of this is new. What is “new” is the technology and its use in the delivery. Secret, underhanded dealings have been going on in the United States since its inception. “Undercover” operations were going on during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and in all other periods of our history.

        We are in a period where they are “takin’ it to the streets”. We should never forget some of the wisdom expressed in “The Protocols”. Whether a “forgery” or not, it is impossible to argue with the methods described and their use.

        Remember that Kissinger recently reiterated a “protocol”. To paraphrase, he said that “there will come a time when you will beg us to take control”. They would very much like us to be so disgusted with “government” that we rebel and allow them to replace it with one of their own making. So you see, they can’t “fail”.

        The only mystery in this to me is why we keep going back to them and expecting them to “fix” a problem of their own creation. I suppose it is because we want so badly to believe that what we see is not true. Sadly, it is true. So why don’t we quit asking the mugger for a loan?

        “Gun control” will come, whether we agree or not. The only question is how we will respond when it does. If you think they are brutal now, wait until they think they have nothing to fear.

        1. The best definitions I’ve seen are as follows:

          False flag: a real-time event that occurs under false pretense (evidence-based facts demonstrate that some people actually died, property was damaged, etc.)

          Hoax: event where most of the story appears false and there is no evidence of any true harm (no evidence, that real people died, no real damage sustained)

      3. USS Liberty 1967 Not on US soil, but is false event

        Iran Contra Affair 1985 A false event

        1993 Waco, Brand Dividians, a false event

        1995 Oklahoma City Murrah Bldg. Bombing

        1996 Siege at Ruby Ridge, a false event

        1997 NeoCon Think Tank PNAC setsUS world hegemony stage /911

        All during these years there were mysterious deaths of people who knew too much about JFK assassination – read The Dead Witness by Roberts.
        Do search on “Bush Body Count” for all mysterious deaths connected with George W. Also search Clinton Body Count.

        There were at least 20 mysterious deaths associated with the aftermath of 9-11, and it is looking like there are at least two mysterious deaths with Sandy Hook so far.

        I count all these strange “disappearances” of people and imprisonments over the years as part of the one main big conspiracy in USA and the world.

        Manipulating people to get control of people has been going on for millennia. Nero burned Rome and blamed it on the Christians.

        All the wars the US has been involved in over last century are false contrived events.

        World false events are related to domestic false events. It really is one ‘grand chessboard.”

        There is one big conspiracy that may appear to have warring factions and it has been operating from the days of ancient Babylon, The goal is a one world death and slavery system for all. It is not so much that one group wants to be super rich and rule the world. That one group is nihilistic and megalomaniacal and wants only to lie, kill and destroy in worship of their Father, the Father of Lies.


        1. Whoa, dachsie, I differ on several of your false flags. The USS Liberty was basically not publicized in the U.S., bolstering the claim that it was real–I’ve never read that it wasn’t.

          Ditto with Iran Contra and Waco. As for Ruby Ridge, I could buy that.

          The Gulf of Tonkin incident, the bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941, and the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana in 1898 were probable false flags, all of which were the triggers for war.

        2. Doxie, I was trying (unsuccessfully) to address Bill’s comment. The term “false flag”, has a rather “loose” usage here and elsewhere. You listed several “events”. To me at least, “false flag” implies that something was engineered and was blamed on another country.

          “Hoax” (in the sense that we discuss here), isn’t usually blamed on other countries. It may be blamed on other perpetrators. In our context they are actions created by others for social or political gain.

          You left off Gordon Caul from the list. He predated Ruby Ridge. Same basic scenario. He was a perceived threat.

          I got the impression that Bill was saying this was a relatively new phenomena. I would say that it isn’t, but the scope of these are larger now due to the technology involved. These are older than Mesopotamia, it just wasn’t televised.

          What we’re seeing now is social engineering. They float an idea, create a need for change, and produce an excuse. That old Hegelian magic. We might do well to ask ourselves, “why do I need someone else to tell me what we need to do?”.

        3. I do not limit myself to “false flag” or “‘hoax” as may be defined here. I just call them false events. I recognize understanding meanings of words and terms and using them consistently, but I have simply stated that I look at all these Big Lie events broadly as “false events.”

          There are people at the top creating, covering up or allowing crime and evil of every kind. It is a giant blackmail, extortion and bribery grid. All go along with the evil because of fear.

          LBJ called the planes back that were sent to help the USS Liberty under fire. Why would he do that?

          Off topic
          but here is a good speech by

          John Pilger: War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda

        4. Hmm; good question (about LBJ calling the planes back). I didn’t know that. I assume it was a political decision not to retaliate against Israel, but I’ll see what I can find out.

          I recently read a fantastic book, by the way, “LBJ: the Mastermind of the JFK Assassination,” by Philip Nelson. I had thought of LBJ as a pathetic boor. In fact, he was a criminal and a sociopath. He had a personal hit man, a convicted murderer named Mac Wallace who carried out 17 murders in LBJ’s behalf, including (probably) of LBJ’s own sister. All kinds of people delivered suitcases full of cash to him, payoffs for various favors. LBJ was headed to prison, with a big expose planned for publication in Look Magazine on Nov. 22, 1963–which was pulled, and charges against him dropped, when the assassination happened, because he was now the president.

          Nelson makes a very strong case that LBJ planned the JFK assassination long before the 1960 election, knowing the only way he would ever become president would be as a vice-president succeeding a president who died in office. In the motorcade in Dallas, LBJ ducked down on the floor right after his car turned onto Houston St. There’s lots more, but it definitely muddies the waters vis-a-vis current acceptance of the theory that CIA were the top dogs–but I won’t spoil it for you all.

        5. The USS Liberty was a false flag in the true sense of the term. Johnson employed the services of Israel to sink an American ship in the eastern Mediterranean, but it was supposed to look like Egypt did it. Israel’s planes were unmarked, and its pilots were given very little information; the reason the ship did not go down was because some of the Israelis, when they realized what the target was, refused, and disobeyed orders.

          Johnson was enraged, shouting “I wand that God damned ship at the bottom of the Sea!” But it was able to limp to Cyprus, and the survivors were made to know that if they ever talked about it they would be killed, and their families, too. Some of them have been talking in recent years, and it’s clear they do not understand that Israel was just a “hit man” hired by the American president; they blame Israel for almost murdering them–and who can blame them? Still, I doubt Israel could have refused, in its weak condition in those years; without America’s patronage, it would certainly not have survived the 70s.

          The false flag failed; the Soviet Union remained Egypt’s patron for the time being, and America was not drawn into war.

        6. Thanks, Patrick. Very interesting history. LBJ was a psychopath.

          We were not drawn into a war *against Israel*, I guess is what you mean. We were certainly up to our necks in an outrageously unjustified war elsewhere, of course, in Vietnam, LBJ’s gift to his benefactors General Dynamics, Brown & Root, Bell Helicopter, and probably others. General Dynamics is Mafia. It continues to drive all our warmongering adventures around the world today (as I see it).

          I did know that the commanding officer of the Liberty had ordered a counterattack on Israel, and that his order was countermanded by Washington. You know, I trust, that that admiral was the father of Jim Morrison (of The Doors)? There’s a theory out there that Jim Morrison was assassinated by the Mossad in retaliation for his father’s order.

          Back to Sandy Hook, the NYT has a piece today about the disposition of the blighted property on Yogananda St.:

        7. “one of greatest unknown chapters in LBJ’s presidency is that he personally gave the order to Israel to bomb and utterly destroy the USS Liberty and its entire crew of 294 Americans. Astoundingly, when the mission went awry and Sixth Fleet Commanders were ordering the rescue of the besieged and bloodied USS Liberty crew, LBJ ordered that rescue operations be called back, at least twice. Against all odds, the USS Liberty survived but after the attack, 34 Americans lay dead. Except for 4 worthless 50 caliber machine guns, the USS Liberty was unarmed and defenseless against the far superior firing power of the Israeli navel and air force armada that descended upon it with relentless and unspeakable terror.”


        8. A little more on LBJ’s background, especially in regard to his long supportive relationship with the Jews and with Israel.

          Our First Jewish President Lyndon Johnson? – an update!!

          article by by Morris Smith

          And maybe his personal ancestry is totally irrelevant and maybe not…

          “The facts indicate that both of Lyndon Johnson’s great-grandparents, on the maternal side, were Jewish.
          These were the grandparents of Lyndon’s mother, Rebecca Baines. Their names were John S. Huffman and Mary Elizabeth Perrin. John Huffman’s mother was Suzanne Ament, a common Jewish name. Perrin is also a common Jewish name. ,,,

          The line of Jewish mothers can be traced back three generations in Lyndon Johnson’s family tree. There is little doubt that he was Jewish.”

        9. “We were not drawn into a war *against Israel*, I guess is what you mean.”

          Not at all, dino. Israel was our agent, not our enemy. They did not attack us, we hired them to get us into the war that was already underway; the idea was to reshape the Middle East–especially to end Soviet influence in the region. It was about establishing American hegemony. Israel was always our anchor in that part of the world; we were never adversaries. Israel was only two decades away from its declaration of independence against the British Mandate at the time, and still quite weak, with American support, almost half a century later, it today serves the American empire in many false flags that are far less crude–as many commenters at MHB have alluded to over time. Israel was an invaluable help to the globalists in 9/11 and Boston, for instance. A great investment–if you want a partner in conquering the world. Innovative, Western, and willing to absorb bad publicity hits all the time, sort of running interference for America’s bumbling giantism.

          You must consider the time frame. Here’s a quick summary from everyone’s favorite authority:

          “The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats, on 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War. Wikipedia

          The idea was to draw America into that war. It is only because individual Israeli military personnel defied their orders that the false flag failed, and we did not go to war against Egypt.

        10. Heck, *I* am the one who has said I believe Israel acts as the U.S.’s agent!

          I just misunderstood what you meant, by saying we were not drawn into war.

          Dachsielady’s and your information about LBJ’s order is absolutely chilling and horrifying. I did not know that he had actually ordered Israel to attack our ship. I knew only that he refused to retaliate against Israel when it happened and countermanded Admiral Morrison’s order.

        11. I think, as Patrick says, that LBJ withdrew the assistance that was on its way to the USS Liberty. In other words, he allowed Israel to try and sink a U.S. ship and murder the crew to facilitate a false flag by Israel.

          Ironically, it was Adm. McCain (yes, the senator’s father) who briefed the survivors and swore them to secrecy. Psychopathy looms large in some circles.

          All of these years the survivors have been trying to get this recognized. Everyone in power ignores them. I have to say that I don’t believe that Israel is “our” agent, I think it’s the other way round.

          Everyone of these mutts is beholden to them. If they aren’t bribed they’re blackmailed, sometimes both. It’s an outrage.

        12. “he allowed Israel to try and sink a U.S. ship and murder the crew to facilitate a false flag by Israel. ”

          Yes, and I offered a strong explanation as to why LBJ would commit such an heinous act, murdering his own country’s troops. This forum censored my two postings and they never made it to posting though I am unaware of any rules broken by me.


        13. lophatt, you wrote:

          “I don’t believe that Israel is “our” agent, I think it’s the other way round.”

          You are right; it is the other way around.

          Don’t know if this comment will pass censorship, but I have found some more revealing information between the town in Venezuela, its mayor, Newtown with the main players and the boss our country serves as agent for.

          The young, globalist mayor is on a list of the most influential – fill in the blank – in Latin America.

        14. Yes Anne, I read your link. I don’t know what’s going on with the “moderation” either. Almost all of mine are getting that lately. As you well know it is impossible to discuss certain subjects without alluding to the obvious authors of chaos.

          Why our comments disappeared as a group is strange indeed. Obviously somebody didn’t like them. Of all the things we were discussing those seemed pretty innocuous.

          When you start down a path you follow it. If it leads somewhere uncomfortable for some you either have to be dishonest and ignore it, or say what needs to be said.

          After all, those tactics only work because people cower in the face of them. We both know that Latin America is not immune either. In fact, if you’ve been reading much lately you will notice a whole new understanding of what is really going on in Ukraine. It’s rather like Venezuela.

        15. “I don’t believe that Israel is “our” agent, I think it’s the other way round.”

          It depends on what the meaning of “is” is, to quote everyone’s favorite bubba. In 1967, Israel was extremely new, and very weak. The globalists plans for Israel’s role in the New World Order would not come to fruition. Anyone who thinks Israel cooked up a scheme to sink its patron’s ship out of malice is delusional. Israel needed America desperately at that time. Johnson used its client to create a Remember the Maine excuse for us to go to war in Egypt as a proxy for the Soviet Union.

          What Israel is today is quite different.

        16. Patrick, to “tippytoe around this”, let’s call it “Fred”. Fred is a state of mind. Just like “America” is a state of mind. There are no countries left in the traditional sense.

          At the moment, Fred is “the Center of the Universe” for control and corruption. Even evil needs a headquarters. In the mega-corporation that we live in, it is where the CEO and CFO operate from. The rest are, at most, division heads.

          So we can always discuss things within the context of commonly accepted reality, or we can do that based on the obvious. For now Fred calls the shots. While their bought and bribed minions go about their tasks Fred collectively laughs at them.

          Fred has been working toward this denouement for a very long time. It makes little difference whether anyone realizes this or not. Fred will continue, as always. As we weaken Fred grows strong.

        17. This argument perplexes me, lophatt. Were we Israel’s agent the day after Israel secured her independence from Britain? Was that pathetic weakling of a nothing country already our master? Or did they become our overlords five years after the Kibbutzes were up and running? 10 years?

          As I said, whatever the globalists had in store for Israel’s role in crafting the New World Order, it had certainly not come to fruition by the mid-1960s. What Israel has become since then bears no resemblance to what they were in 1967. Even 1973, when Nixon, against all his advisors’ council, rescued Israel be forcing the shipment of arms, saving the day. Israel NEEDED America, desperately, in those early decades of its existence. The idea that they would launch a senseless attack on their primary benefactor is ridiculous. Whatever future role Israel was intended to have, they were far from holding that position when the Liberty was attacked.

          Top of that, we know that Johnson ordered Israel to sink that ship, and was very angry when Israel failed to get the job done. And it being such a world-class false flag, the plot thus had to be covered up–and was, perfectly, until very recently. It is the equivalent in seriousness of 9/11, in terms of identifying the real motivation, and the people who were really behind it. In the case of the Liberty, if it had gone according to plan, the whole world would be instantly made to know that Egypt did it, and thus America has to go to war, and history would not record the suspicions of people who smelled something fishy. With 9/11, which was successful, it was Arabs the whole world were instantly made to know had attacked America, justifying the same kind of war, in the very same region. The difference is the success factor: since the World Trade Center was successfully destroyed, the agents who were hired to do the job are not part of the official history–because the false flag was a success. Those who smell a rat are dealt with by the “conspiracy theorist” dismissal process. Since the Liberty survived, and the plot could not be allowed to saturate the news but in fact had to be completely suppressed, ironically, over time everyone knows who really did it. Very few know it was a false flag; all people who learn about it tend to learn is that Israel inexplicably attacked the American military. Some hate Israel for it, because they know who the hit man was; some shake their heads and wonder why Israel took such an insane action. But no one knows that Israel was just the hit man, and the mafioso who ordered the hit lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Mordor.

        18. Ha! Mordor, indeed.

          Good post.

          I found this site about the Six-Day War, wondering whether it was Nasser’s closure of the Suez Canal (again) which prompted LBJ’s need to attack Egypt–and it does not even mention the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. (And I could not find any immediate connection to the Suez–looks like Egypt did block Israel’s shipping routes through the Straits of Tiran, though. I’m still trying to pin down where that is–I am only pulling up dive site maps!)

        19. Patrick, you have certainly given me a more complete understanding of the USS Liberty incident.

          I remember listening to the medical doctor who survived the attack being interviewed on a radio show several years ago. He spoke of it only as Israel having been the perpetrator but he did say clearly that Johnson called the planes back. This doctor was with a group collecting signatures to get the Congress to open an investigation of the incident, which of course never happened. Admiral Thomas Moorer, now deceased, of the Joint Chiefs of Staff spoke out valiantly to try to get truth and justice about the event .

          I think LBJ from his very beginnings in politics way back when in Texas was taking several political steps and big chances to help Jews in Europe and help Israel. I do not think his Jewish ancestry is irrelevant.

        20. Patrick, this is the best primer there is:

          The place is just that, a place. The perceived “weakness” is a ruse. “We” (the U.S.) don’t control anything. We are the execution arm (literally).

          Location or “nationhood” has never meant anything to them. It is misdirection.

        21. Yes, Lophatt, I think there might be a mistake to think about these things in terms of nation states. In the higher echelons there are no nations, there are important persons/groups/families and the rest are just peasants. These people in power have no allegiance to any state, they merely use nations, nationalities, religions and ethnicities to reek havoc, to destroy and gain. I think it’s a mistake in history as well as in current affairs to think in terms of nation states. It’s a useful illusion that can be used against ut.

          Us pays foreign aid to said country. Said country use the money by lobbying individual congressmen to work for the interests of said country, not for the interest of the US. Not only money works like this. There’s blackmail (all the spying is good for something), incrimination, sting operations, planting of evidence, you name it. If you only manage to have a system where you get to the key persons in a large country, that large country can be totally governed by a small group of people from a small country, or before that, by a small clique of a nationless people. And it’s even better when the great majority of the same ethnicity are totally innocent of these schemes, and only left to take the blame. Brilliant system. Reminds me of the 30’s.

        22. Oh. It’s the Joooowzzz. I get it now. No matter how weak they are, they rule the world, and no matter how dependent they are, they are really the masters of those they seemingly depend on. Got it. Israel was America’s master even before it existed. I understand. Not.

        23. Oh. It’s the Joooowzzz. I get it now. No matter how weak they are, they rule the world, and no matter how dependent they are, they are really the masters of those they seemingly depend on. Got it. Israel was America’s master even before it existed. I understand. Not.”

          Straw man!

          You understand not. You got that right, patrickchatsunamiably!

        24. Dach, I have no idea what you’re talking about when you say the words “Straw man!’ I was perhaps not clear that I was replying to the link lophatt posted.

          lophatt originally argued that Israel was America’s master in 1967, and is today. I replied that whatever Israel is today, it certainly was America’s CLIENT in the 1960s. I wrote another comment to make my case in more detail. Then lophatt provided a link which I interpreted to mean that he meant that Israel is a mystical thing, that the nationstate with that name is irrelevant and that my fixation on the political history is missing the point. I do not agree, and I replied sarcastically. Perhaps I should try harder to suppress my sarcastic impulse, lest I be misunderstood.

          I happen to hold the view that Israel is merely a tool on the globalists’ hands today, and do not believe that globalism and the looming New World Order is an exclusively “Jewish” conspiracy. I agree with Stan Monteith, in his lecture comparing it to Agatha Christy’s Murder on the Orient Express ( there are too many clues. Some people say it’s the Jesuits, some say it’s the Vatican, some say it’s the Masons, etc. A good case can be made for ALL of these views–as long as you leave out the evidence pointing to all the rest. I’m with Stan: there is a Brotherhood of Darkness behind all these conspiratorial efforts. Focussing on one to the exclusion of the others will only lead you away from the true source of the evil we are confronting. And that’s anything BUT a straw man.

        25. Pat, don’t forget the attack on the British.

          The King David Hotel bombing was an attack carried out on Monday July 22, 1946 by the militant right-wing Zionist underground organization, the Irgun, on the British military.housed in the southern wing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. 91 people were killed and 46 were injured.

          The Irgun committed the attack in response to Operation Agatha, known in Israel as “Black Saturday”. British troops had searched the Jewish Agency on June 29 and confiscated large quantities of documents which contained incriminating information about the Agency’s involvement with violent acts.

          The intelligence information was taken to the King David Hotel, where it was initially kept in the offices of the Secretariat in the southern wing.
          In order to destroy the documentation, the Irgun therefore determined to destroy that wing of the hotel.

          The Irgun planted a bomb in the basement of the main building of the hotel, whose southern wing housed the Mandate Secretariat and a few offices of the British military headquarters.

        26. Quite right, Ric. But it’s far worse than that, though. There is, after all, the Transfer Agreement, which was a deal that should be known to history as one of the most evil ever made. The new country was born in ignominy, no question. I am no apologist for evil.

          All I am saying to lophatt is that Israel, as a state, wasn’t in a position to boss anyone around in its early decades, much less attack one of its few powerful supporters. But I don’t think anything I have written can be construed to indicate that I run interference for that crew. Maybe it’s just a sensitive topic, and undercurrents can’t be avoided, and people read in stuff. I can’t control that.

          Those who have been around here a long time probably notice that I avoid commenting on this general subject. It is deep, and fraught, and too nettled to treat in short form. At least, in my view. Only gets you in trouble you can’t sort out later, because everyone has an unchangeable opinion. Not my cup of tea.

        27. In replay to
          patrickchatsamiably says:
          December 18, 2014 at 7:02 am

          I guess I thought your comment to Lophat was for me.

          I think that you have a unique take on USS liberty and I think it is good for me to consider all ideas. I cannot say for sure that I agree with how very weak Israel was in the 60s. The establishment of the nationa state of Israel always have Rothschild money backing as well as the backing of the international banking community. JFK thought it important to ban Israel from having nuclear weapons so he must have considered Israel a formidably player even then.

          It is probably best to avoid theJewish issue in MHB but I really do not see how we can pursue full truth and fully and openly discuss anything when we do not look at that issue. We have to examine WHO are “the globalists”, why really make up “the Zionists” and who really are “the Jews.” Unfortunately this subject cannot be fully and openly discussed without everyone getting in arguments and getting way off the Sandy Hook event or the subject of the article. But you always have to have thread drift if you want a open and relevant conversation.

          Of course there are limits but I think as a Christian that I must search for truth and I have to search for a way to understand the involvement of the people of the Jewish revolutionary spirit.

          I was influenced by E. Michael Jones, Ph.D. book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History.

          I always have read and been influenced by the books of William Guy Carr.

          I believe Freemasonry comes straight from the Cabbalism and Cabbalism was born in “Judaism” and is from the Babylon mystery religions. The relationship between “Judaism” and Freemasonry simply cannot be ignored. I know why Freemasonry is anti-Christ ideology is seriously wrong but even the Church, who has always condemned Freemasonry, has not explained fully enough the connection to Cabbalism. I guess Texe Marrs has done that most fully.

          Yes, there are many secret societies and as JFK we Americans find secret societies repugnant. We know where there is great darkness, there is great evil. There is the all-seeing eye.

          Yes, at the top of the pyramid, it is the Brotherhood of Darkness, but the “Jews” and “Israel” are pawns very near the top of the pyramid with the international bankers. We cannot just skip over that major area of truth and just completely avoid the subject altogether, using other terms like “Zionists”, globalists, or the “global elite.” That is not what Christ would have us do.

          Whenever you start searching for truth about the conspiracy for a New World Order, a one world death and slavery system for all, you, as Dr. Jones has explained, you observe a dark revolutionary spirit and you cannot avoid the words in the bible about the “synagog of Satan.” Those who self-identify as “Jews” have a solidarity. They hold a different set of values. They have money, not all or most have it, but those few at the top do have incredible disproportionate great wealth. And they get to make the decisions based on their values and their goal is a one world government.

          Dr. Stan taught me a lot, but I do not believe he ever acknowledged the role of “the Judaics”, to use Michael Hoffman’s term.

          One thing I know for sure, whenever you start examining and searching for truth about false flag events and hoaxes, and generally “false events” as I call them, you end up in Satanism or Luciferianism.

          Sister Lucy, a visionary of Fatima apparition, said the world is in a “diabolical disorientation” and that is true. I cling to truth because I cling to the One Who is Truth.

        28. Who are the “banksters”? Who are the “Globalists”? Who has a credo that only reaches fulfillment when others are destroyed?

          Read Reed (at my link). It isn’t perfect but its as close as anyone’s come to explaining it.

          I don’t have any sacred cows. I didn’t set out to blame someone. It is what it is.

          I’m speechless over the suggestion of them being “weak”. No one group on earth has more power and influence, no one. All those other convenient frontmen dance to their tune.

          I didn’t make it this way, I just report what I see. I could pretend that I didn’t see it, but I do. I wish it were the Samoans, it would be much simpler. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

        29. The echelon of global power is in the hands of very few who’ve manipulated and orchestrated events for eons. Due to their stolen wealth, cunning nature and inhumane traits they have managed to dupe peoples of all nations and all religions. I do not believe they have the same human DNA as we do.

          Some are willing dupes and others are ignorant of the roles they’re given. However, without dupes the echelon of global power could not maintain their position.

          The Balfour Declaration is important in this discussion:

          I agree with lophatt, read Douglas Reed who was vilified for his writings. Danish researcher Knud Eriksen wrote this biography of Douglas Reed:

        30. “I’m speechless over the suggestion of them being “weak”. No one group on earth has more power and influence, no one.”

          I suggested no such thing, lophatt. I offered the entirely accurate observation that the tiny, new, country Israel was very weak in the 1960s, and in fact would have lost the 1973 war and be wiped off the map if Nixon did not override the federal government’s insistence that Israel not be rearmed at the last minute. This is a matter of fact and history. Israel had to be built up over time. It is not weak today–and I never suggested it is. I said, in fact, it all depends on what the definition of “is” is: if “is” refers to 1967, Israel “is” weak. If “is” means today, Israel is very, very strong.

          I also made clear that the plot to create a tyrannical world government has a key role for Israel. But that plot is far older. It goes back far earlier even than 1879, when the land began to be resettled (land was ruled by the Ottoman Turks in those days, and after WWI by the British; when Israel declared independence in 1949, it was very weak indeed). Some track the plot back to the time of Napoleon, but I’d take it back to the Knights Templar.

          My argument has nothing to do with the strength of the people group that Israel was created to represent, or those peoples’ relative strength on in international affairs (I never even hinted what I think about that issue, in fact). It is about the process of building up the military strength of a new country, and the strategic choices involved in doing it. Israel’s military NEEDED America to get that done. Israel had no arms industry when it declared independence from Britain. No submarines. No nukes. Two decades later, Israel was equipped to fight wars, but their wins against the Arabs were always considered miraculous by military historians.

          The point is not that banking families were going to ensure that Israel’s political and economic future would be financed. The point is that for Israel’s pathetic little military to attack the most powerful navy in the world in 1967 would be utterly insane, because it is America that was going to ensure that Israel’s MILITARY future would be what it became.

          I don’t know when the plotters determined to re-create national Israel, whether the idea started before 1879, or if it started to seem like a good idea after WWI. I know that the plotters are adaptable. I think that, in fact, is why they have Bilderberg meetings–to coordinate strategy in response to new developments. But one thing is absolutely certain in my mind: they knew that the new country could not become strong enough to defend itself militarily except by friendship with America.

          That is, things like nation-building, from scratch, take time.

        31. lophatt, I have a reply in moderation, but meanwhile, as we wait, I’d like to say to Anne that the link you provide is quite excellent. I just read a few of the history articles–which are mercifully brief–and they are completely accurate. I’d recommend them to anyone who has not studied that stuff. Thanks.

        32. Patrick, I apologize if I misunderstood what you were saying. I know you to be an exceptionally bright guy and you are seldom, if ever, off the mark.

          I encourage you to finish reading Reed. It isn’t a long or difficult undertaking. It isn’t 100% “accurate” (in my opinion), but it is very close. I have probably read it a dozen times. I have much more on the subject but this is the best overview and he does an excellent job of tying it all together. Remember, this was written in the 1950’s.

          Pay particular attention to the early chapters. Once a person comes to understand that things we take for granted aren’t entirely as advertised, the rest becomes obvious.

          Regarding Israel, the country, I meant to say that it is not important. It is a ruse. It is a keystone ruse in terms of how a population is controlled and guided, but it really means nothing to those in positions of control. It is all in the mind.

          That is why I say they are anything but weak. They are, and have been, in the catbirds seat since the beginning. All those royal families and banker bloodlines are merely high-level cattle. They hitched their stars to a machine that was set in motion long ago and they hope to milk it for everything its worth on the way.

          Sorry for the misunderstanding.

        33. All good, lophatt.

          It’s just weird that my remarks about the specifics of a military attack end up in a conversation so far removed from those details. Even you, now, after many back-and-forths, don’t wish to pay attention to those details.

          As for me, I shall continue to hold the two issues separate. I think it is very important, in fact, because the Liberty incident is an excellent window into the true nature of the American government. Whatever the true nature of the conspiracy to enslave us all, the practical reality of what the United States has become seems to me very important. And the president’s ordering the sinking of an American ship seems to me at least as important as the agent he used–no matter how deeply connected that agent is. You might not agree, and that’s fine with me. But most people have no idea that Johnson ordered the sinking of the ship; all they know is that Israel did the attacking. Johnson is the villain in this event, not Israel–whatever Israel represents in the bigger picture.

  15. I managed to find the video on Daily Motion (not sure if it is still there) the other day by doing a search on its title. My Internet connection is slow, so it was rather a chore to attempt to watch it due to its length. As someone who has watched many SH vids, the only new info I derived from the long vid was the apparent activity going on in the house next door to the alleged Lanza house. Good work, though – very professional looking.

  16. The archived video is back working, the individual segment feature is not functioning, probably because of the first removal.

    For those not wanting to see the whole version in one setting, press the pause key and come back later, it is well worth the viewing for those of us who have followed the hoax and for the new comers.

    Earlier today the archived version worked perfectly with good sound and no interruptions that was experienced with my first viewing on Veterans Today, on it’s first showing.

    Seems the recently published notice of intent to file lawsuit by 10 of the families may have been prompted by this all telling expose. If it actually went to trial, which is doubtful, would they have to disclose how many millions they have already received?

    We have long wondered why lawsuits were not filed for failure to provide proper medical care, but according to the papers the wrong doers were the bushmasters gun manufacturers, the lack of security at the school and perhaps the Nancy Lanza estate that is only worth 60k!

    Thought the evidence revealed of all the spent bullets, the bushmaster was not identified but was in the trunk, there was so much bs who knows what if anything was there.

    God speed ladies and gentlemen, will continue to share your link on any site that brings up this despicable affront against us.

  17. Right off the bat, I would like to point out the large menorah in the segment about the Swiss ambassador, just saying. Get a clue.

    I have no idea why Deanna can’t see or won’t see this tremendous hoax, however I suspect influence by American Free Press, who are irrelevant in my world view…

    Youtube is NOT a victim, they are part of the perpetrators. And, just saying, look at the tribal affiliation of the google founders.

    I am right now downloading the mp4 2GB version of the film to my local hard drive, I have already saved to cloud storage the smaller ogv version. I downloaded both at We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook : Independent Media Solidarity : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

    And last, don’t forget bittorrent as a distribution channel. I’ll look into creating an account at kickasstorrents and get it out there. The Pirate Bay has died (at least for now), thanks to the military-type tactics of fanatical government.

    Thanks for this video, good work.

    1. thepiratebay was taken down by one of the founders who just got out of prison and did not agree with the way it was being ran. But they are already talking about multiplying servers to get it back online.

      More concerning is the bill that passed yesterday authorizing unlimited surveillance of any US citizen communications without due process. Unfortunately, this bill will retain digital communications indefinitely when a “crime” has been committed, and then this evidence can be routed to your local Law Enforcement.

      Sorry if this was a little off-topic but given the ramifications if/when Obama signs this into law, I feel it is warranted.


    2. Disagree that Youtube is with the perps. There is almost enough evidence on Youtube about 9/11 to convict the perps but they are running scared. They are quickly passing new bills and staging new hoax attacks so they can fast-forward their plans of complete control of our federal government.

      Youtube is the ‘Wild West’ of the internet. Just about anything goes. Remember, the perps need Youtube also to spread their propaganda.

      I personally don’t think Google/Youtube is in on it.

      1. That’s an interesting point, Bill. I have noticed a lot of videos on YouTube about SHES. Why don’t they remove those? Is the current on too close to the mark?

        All of us here appreciate “Lets talk”. It certainly doesn’t contain “everything” we’ve uncovered, some of it pretty damning. But its a good introduction.

        I gathered from watching that they plan a sort of “library” of SHES information to go with it. That’s a good idea as well. I think I would mirror that several places if I were they.

        Given what you said about the other videos being available I wonder what it is about this one that has them twitchy?

        1. I tried to watch it again tonight, on the IMS channel itself, and during Insanemedia’s segment suddenly there was no video–only audio.

          His presentation was about the 12/13/12 Bing cache date of the Newtown Bee’s “interview” with Dawn Hochsprung, along with his communications with Bing about it. I think he had more evidence, too, but, in fact, I went away from the page, and then back to reload it, and it would not play again, at all, for me.

          While I don’t know if that’s the piece that the PTB are most sensitive about, those 12/13/12 cache dates–think about it–being presented with the emails are unassailable evidence of a scripted event, with false stories planted in trusted news sources to carry it off. Insanemedia also pointed out the CIA sweatshirt worn by Hochsprung’s “daughter.” There is more of the cache date evidence elsewhere in the video. While it’s certainly damning for the public to realize there are all these actors involved, the hoaxsters, I’m sure, really don’t want people to understand that the media are full participants in the hoax and that they are lying to us, concertedly, all the time.

          If the public doesn’t trust their propaganda organs, the jig is up.

        2. Dino, yeah, that is a pretty compelling piece of evidence. There are others, as you know, equally compelling. It is impossible to explain away unless you convince somebody that it’s a technical glitch.

          A poster here has the same thing happening for the FSU event. I’m not technically savvy enough to know how all of this works in terms of their ability to “disappear” things. I have noticed many instances where things with serious evidence have become unavailable, while other, more speculative pieces remain.

          If it is possible to prevent the censorship it is puzzling why someone hasn’t developed a site for that purpose. Maybe it isn’t possible.

          There was a man who claimed to be a local during the early days of SHES. He posted two or three pretty interesting videos. He stopped and said that he was frightened to continue. He was believable. He was a burly sort of construction guy who didn’t look like he would be easy to threaten.

          I don’t think that they worry one bit about prosecution. I think they want to maximize the return on their investment. If it became a laughing stock, that might prove embarrassing.

      2. @ Bill Fred: I have personally had videos simply comparing Annie Haddad/Nancy Lanza and “Dawn Hochsprung”/Mary Maloney Removed for “Content Inappropriate”

        They were removed simply for comparing “two people.”

        If YouTube is the “Wild West” of the internet.. it sure is a tame place.

        1. I have never bought the bit about YouTube being the “Wild West” of the Internet. I have seen enough of what they post and fail to post as 9-11 videos to see it is the fined tuned, fine science Tavistock of the Internet.

          Also never bought the “they’re running scared.” That is Alex Jones marketing speech to make the listeners think they are actually doing something effective by just listening to radio shows and buying their wares.

          No, “they” are not “running scared.” THEY are sprinting naked the last mile. They have a time schedule to meet to install the one world death and slavery system for all.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

  18. Some here at MHB may remember that earlier this year I had planned to make a third trip of inquiry to that bucolic little hamlet of Sandy Hook, Connecticut. The first two rendered some very interesting results, which I will not refresh at this point.

    Because of life, I did not go back as I had planned. But the SH juices are flowing again and I am determined to execute that trifecta.

    My first two excursions to that cesspool of a town were oppressive, to say the least. I expect the next one will be no less.

    I am as serious as a 3 am heart attack.

    I am prepared to go alone, but if someone from the said documentary, or any MHB stalwart would think it productive, I welcome you to join me. I am thinking sometime in January.

    I have an itinerary that is not etched in concrete. A list of questions to ask the locals. A visit to a local church (would they lie?), and perhaps another knock on the SH Volunteer FD door. I am surely open to suggestions.

    I am pressing forward at the potential expense of my freedom, or worse (I have been threatened with a baseball bat by a poster here on MHB). While I applaud the efforts of the producers of this documentary, I also see the value of what law enforcement officials term as “canvassing.”

    I may be kidding myself as to what good can come from going back there. But Sandy Hook has had an enormous effect on me personally, and I am no longer satisfied with merely listening, reading and watching Sandy Hook material.

    At some point you have to deploy. If any are interested in joining me please contact my email;

    We will work out the details.

    1. Joseph, bless you! Be careful out there. The place reeks of a sort of “Children of the Corn” environment.

      As a suggestion, it would be good to talk to bus drivers and cafeteria workers. I think they use a contract service.

      There also appeared to be houses that abut the old school in the back. They would have had a front row seat. They would also know if kids had been attending.

      It might be good to start with a neighboring town. It seems to me that it would be less likely to be watched over and people might be more willing to talk. They may have leads in Newtown that they could give you.

      It might be worthwhile if you could find an old phone book. I think I would avoid talking to people indiscriminately as you would soon receive a visit from the local cabal.

      It would be interesting if you could get one of those construction workers who did the demolition to talk. I don’t think anyone is likely to discuss this with you unless you have a safe place where they won’t be observed.

  19. Bar none this video, ‘We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook’, was the best documentary on SH I have seen since Sofia Smallstrom’s ‘Unraveling Sandy Hook…’! Great article, Professor. Will be sharing on FB.

    Excellent job and many thanks to IMS!


    …and the truth shall make you free…

  20. There is new competitor to YouTube called Zeekly TV that says it won’t censor. We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook is available on there. Dutchsinse has a channel there now. They have experienced explosive growth so problems may be encountered trying to access the site. I tried to access Dutchsinse’s account and got message of too many connections and had to wait until later. So, they are adjusting to the growth spurt in their membership and patience will be needed during this period.

    1. Thanks for the info on Zeekly TV. But you can guess that if they don’t “censor” like YT does, that Zeekly TV will not be long for the Internet world. Lawsuits will drive them out of business – even the threat of lawsuits will do them in. Their IP provider will also be threatened. This is how it works now. Unfortunately. But in the meantime…I’m heading over to Zeekly TV.

  21. Can someone please help? I am from maine and have recently witnessed ex sandy hook resident sarah walker caron pen an article about her and her daughters recovery from the sandy hook “shooting”.
    Apparently her daughter was a student there. These articles are very damaging and perpetuate the lie. Who is this lying shill sarah walker caron? She now works for the bangor daily news! Please help…
    Also an article today in the portland press herald about the “healing” from sandy hook….these things are so egregious

    1. Since no one else is responding to you, James, I think you should try the letter-to-the-editor route. If there is a comments page, you could express your strong disapproval of what she’s saying and post a link to “We need to talk about Sandy Hook.” I would also refer people to Veterans Today, because it has information on it, such as evidence for the abandonment of the school and fakery of the conga line photo, which didn’t make it into the movie.

    2. This site, too, of course, such as the recent post about Obama’s student mental health tracking initiative. There are many. many other good ones.

      I think we should ALL protest every lie, and expose every shill, whenever we get the opportunity.

      1. dino,

        I responded to him about 3 blogs ago where I stumbled upon an article about her from the Los Angeles Daily News dated 12/13/12. I posted it here at MHB. James has posted this same question on the last 3 blogs or articles here which I thought was a strange.

    3. James,

      Sarah Walker Caron is a former reporter for the New Haven Register in Connecticut whose son was allegedly in attendance at SHES on the day of the event.
      They have people in every area pushing the tragic reinforcement buttons and apparently as a journalist, she not only has a propensity to continue to write stories about her “experience” that day, but also to catalogue the struggle she and her children continue to face. Expect it to continue.
      You can easily find out more about her… just google her full name + Sandy Hook.

  22. Dachielady, I sent away for the Quigley history which was quite expensive, no doubt to keep it out of the hands and heads of the population. Do you remember what page the reference was to Morgan and the other oligarchs buying up the major papers?

    1. A page number was not referenced but it was a “publiser’s note” so it will probably be in the front matter or the back matter of that edition of the Quiqley book. The Quigley books were destroyed by the government and had to be republished by Books in Focus anonymously.

      I copied and pasted the quote from Dr. Stan Monteith’s book, Brotherhood of Darkness, which I have a Word file copy of because I prepared the Kindle format edition for him for Amazon. I typed the whole book within a strict set of Kindle rules but I do not think Dr. Stan ever got the Kindle edition of his book up on Amazon.

      I did a lot of transcriptions free of charge for Dr. Stan and Dr. Fetzer and others over the years, but Dr. Stan, God rest his soul, did offer to pay me $100 for that work and I did accept the payment. It was physically hard for me to do that transcription and took quite a bit of time and caused me to go off my good weight loss regime, but I am one of those people that think $100 is a whole whole lot of money so it seemed worth it to me.

    2. Mark, Cleon Skousen summarized the most damning sections in a slim volume called The Naked Capitalist. It was published shortly after Tragedy and Hope came out (Tragedy is 1,200 pages or so, and is not indexed for some strange reason).

      Dr Stan was given access to Quigley’s papers (he taught at Georgetown) after he died, and found a taped interview, which Stan was given permission to distribute (Radio Liberty–it’s not very expensive to get a copy). In it, Quigley bitterly references the publisher destroying the plates to the first half of the book, and the “pirate” who re-created them (it’s why those pages are printed on tinted paper) and was selling the book–Quigley was receiving no royalties. Of course, since his publisher refused to sell “official” copies he should have been grateful people were actually reading it.

      But the problem was, for him, the people who wanted to read it. Most of them were interested not in the noble dreams of the Great Progressive, Scholar. They were turned on to its existence by Skousen’s book, which in the interview Quigley is very unhappy with. These people were conservatives who despised everything Quigley represented.

      See, Tragedy was subtitled “A History of the World In Our Time,” and it was about the conspiracy to reshape human society. He later wrote a much smaller volume, The Anglo-American Establishment, which is more or less a vast list of names and connections which authenticate what he wrote about in Tragedy. He had been given access to the archives of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Tragedy was a history of their doings–but especially the doings of those who created that organization, the Royal Institute for International Affairs (The Roundtable Group), Cecil Rhodes, and Alfred Lord Milner.

      He heartily approved of this secret plot to take over the world, and wrote Tragedy not to denounce it, but to reveal it because it was so wonderful. His only complaint was that an ongoing operation so important and so excellent should not be kept a secret. The conspirators should be PROUD of what they were doing.

      Well, the book got through the publishing process without review, because Quigley was an unimpeachable member of the Academic Elite, and presumably could be trusted to keep the Establishment’s secrets. When Skousen publicized Tragedy (The Naked Capitalist sold like hotcakes), something had to be done-hence, the destruction of the plates for the first half of the book.

      As I say, Quigley was quite bitter about the whole thing. He was, after all, an impeccable foot soldier in the ranks of the Academy, and truly admired the work of the Cabal, and he was being shafted in the most unreasonable way by his own masters, when he was congratulating them with all the talent he’d spent a lifetime demonstrating. On top of that, this ignominious dumping by his heroes, the people he hated the most were the only ones who wanted to learn what he had to teach–people who joined the John Birch Society! ARGGGGH!

      1. Thanks for nice summary, Patrick. Dr. Stan referred to the John Birch Society as “a great scam” in a 2013 email to me. He became very disillusioned with the JBS and called it “controlled opposition” , but I think he and G. Edward Griffen and Joel Skousen and others were sort of the charter members of the JBS when it began in 1959.

        I think it is important to get familiar with Quiqley’s two famous books.

        Don’t want to get too far off topic but Dr. Stan Monteith recognized the whole dialectic of “conservatism” verses “liberalism.” I learned so much from him, though I did not ascribe to some of his “Christian” dispensationalist and “prophecy” type radio show guests’ ideas.

        Dr. Dennis Cuddy said …
        “…Nelson Rockefeller was working with the NAZIs


        David Rockefeller was working with the Communists.”

        So Nelson, who managed the Right wing, bought Robert Welch’s candy company for 3 times its asking price and got him to be the leader of the JBS.

        The world’s ruling elite always control all sides of the conflicts and issues, so they win, and win big finanally too, even when they lose.

        The Congressional Record for Senator Oscar Callaway quote can probably be checked for its accuracy, though I do not know if there is internet access to Congressional Record going back that far.

        (Quiqley had a mistress and the royalties for his book went to her and Quiqley’s wife was rather miffed about all of this and fought it, I think, after Quiqley’s death.)

        1. I joined the JBS for a minute, mostly because of a few of its past supporters, like Sam Blumenfeld, Ezra Taft Benson, and Cleon Skousen. However, it didn’t take me very long to realize that JBS was supporting the official narrative on Sandy Hook and the BMB, two incidents that, to me, were CLEARLY manipulated.

          I think Dr. Stan was one of a few who have made the assertion that NO group can go un-infiltrated; once infiltrated, the group’s methods and goals become perverted. It certainly makes sense, though it is truly mind-boggling to take that assumption and run with it (just think of the implications!).

          Some very good discussions going on here at MHB lately! It’s hard to keep up, though!

      2. Patrick – you wrote:
        “He had been given access to the archives of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Tragedy was a history of their doings–but especially the doings of those who created that organization, the Royal Institute for International Affairs (The Roundtable Group), Cecil Rhodes, and Alfred Lord Milner.”

        You mean Lord Alfred Milner. Someone who is still alive and well, and who frequently lectures on the above characters, is Alan Watt. Well worth listening to. His website:

        1. Anne, as usual, you are quite correct. The CFR was the “Colonial” branch. It always amuses me that people think empire is dead.

          I rather suspect that’s the answer to the constant refrain; “why do they keep doing things like that?”. Perhaps, it is in THEIR best interest to.

  23. Great, inspiring posts throughout. Although I am concerned that we are missing the big picture here. SHE, BB, and 9-11 have been exposed – this fact is obvious to those of us unplugged from the matrix, yet the masses will NEVER believe as long as the power structure controlling the mass media remains. Doesn’t it seem likely that even if a jury trial reveals SHE to be a hoax, it will either be blacked-out by the mass media, continuously spun or superseded by a more “important” story “worthy” of continuous coverage. Hell, another “fantasy event” would likely be deployed as a distraction. No, our focus should be on weakening the power structure controlling public minds, from any and all angles we can conceive.

    1. our focus should be on weakening the power structure controlling public minds, from any and all angles we can conceive.”

      Great comment, Rick.

      We need to find a thread where we can brainstorm ideas. I like boycotts and passive agressive behaviors.

      One little bright spot. I recently called 5 different charities to try to give away 3 nice TVs and not one of them would take them. They are flooded with TVs being donated and they only want the late model very big screens now. I also rolled them out in my driveway with a huge bright FREE sign on them and no takers. Finally muscled up and put them in my car trunk and drove them over to Goodwill where maybe they can trade them for scrap metal or something.

  24. Thank you! Thank You!, to all involved for all your hard work. As always I am impressed by your courage and tenacity. It is amazing to me the amount of programming that one has to overcome to question things in our current milieu. I had to fight against myself in a way to share the video, fight against an inner voice that tells me to not speak out, and to keep my head down. I agree, the fight is against mind control. Thanks again Independent Media Solidarity group.

    1. Skirt, I agree. I could easily list twenty such things that seemed outrageous when first proposed that are now considered absolutely “normal”.

      Unfortunately, this is especially easy to do when children are involved. Anyone who protest is labeled irresponsible, etc.. As if shooting events in schools are daily occurrences. Oh, I forgot, they HAVE become daily occurrences. Must be those Muslims or something.

      Just look at the Boston fiasco. Those were adults who were only too willing to be barked at by Gestapo and to “shelter in place” on command. If they get to them young enough that won’t be a problem later on.

      Meanwhile, the little kiddies will grow up thinking that the only thing that keeps them alive are the vigilant eyes of authority. Can’t get much handier than that.

    2. This is part of the desensitization plan. Cable has been disconnected and this year I am homeschooling my son. In second grade his school was demanding I change his psychiatrist, change his medication and then they finally got to the point where they wanted to put him in a special program for emotionally disturbed children. It was a dropout prevention program. At the time, I was given 12 hours notice to consider. He would have had to change his pediatrician his counselor and psychiatrist. The school gave me no time to review the decision or investigate the program. Oh and did I mention there would be home visits? And prior to the Principal trying to force this upon our family, she was so mad that none of his doctors would get on board with what they wanted to do. She was screaming at me “how on earth did you convince a pediatrician a counselor and a psychiatrist to disagree with me?” . When I refused, they began to harass my son. When the counselor, who works with the county, tested him, they all of a sudden did not accept his testing and wanted to do their own. In kindergarten he was reading at a fifth grade, level his IQ was 121. They also said they would not test until 2nd grade. Them trying to push him out of the school and into that program happened as I was pushing for testing in second grade. My child is a nonconformist he never liked to color in the lines, he does not fit with their program or their agenda. Then they tried to come after me with unexcused absences. Protective services, Jail excetera. Thank God I keep detailed records. I had documentation for every time he wasn’t there. Three of the days was due to a sprained neck and back from getting jumped on on the playground. He used to sit on my lap and cry “mommy I know I’m normal why are they trying to make me feel like I’m not” Taking him out of school was the best decision I’ve ever made. He just finished learning HTML and CSS and has been coding away making pixel art and animated gifs. The fact that he no longer watches regular TV and does not have access to commercials has made a humongous difference as well. He’s even given up certain Xbox games because he can feel the programming and the change in his brain and says mommy “I don’t think I should play this it makes me feel funny”. He sees newspaper headlines at the checkout counter when I’m getting gas and will say out loud “mom that can’t be true, are they lying again” Cracks me up. I’m just glad I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to provide his schooling for him. It has been a big change for our family but it be worth it years to come. The best part is I now have a happy, healthy, confident, secure, 9 year old boy who is learning everything I can give him, like a sponge absorbing it all, enjoying his life. This is important so America’s parents can wake up and protect their children from becoming slaves of the system!

      1. You, madam, are an absolute nightmare to the world control grid. It was no accident that you were home to see the SH event unfold. The powers and principalities of this world certainly didn’t show you that. What you are doing now will have a positive ripple effect well into the future for many. It renews my hope to see the true living God working in the lives of the younger generation.

        1. You are very kind. What a beautiful heartfelt compliment. I agree 100 percent it was no accident I was home sick that day. Nor was it an accident I caught Mr Tracy on AC360. I thank God everyday for the day my eyes truly opened to this real world. And I thank God for this opportunity to be there for my son. He is my sunshine, truly a gift to our world, a beautiful soul. Peace 🙂

  25. I have tried to watch the video using Foxfire, Explorer and Opera and in none of the browsers did the audio work. I tried yesterday and today and will try again tomorrow. Sad story, overall.

    1. Recynd has offered to provide free cds for all those wanting, she just requests an email address to correspond, will be happy to assist recynd, if the requests are overwhelming. Now if there are individual computer issues, that may be another challenge…

      1. Thank you, Skirt, I will let you know if I need help. So far, I’ve had only a single taker, which I handled quickly and cheaply.

        Again: my offer stands to send a hard copy of the “We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook” video at my cost to whomever wants it. Hopefully it will be available online for all to see (if it’s not already).

        Finally, just a note that I’m having a time of it trying to stay on top of all the posts, so if someone makes a request and doesn’t hear from me within a day, ask again…I may have missed your post. Cheers!

  26. The latest debate with Wolfgang and Keith – I must say Wolfgang’s debating acumen on the subject has sharply improved. I just wish he would stop harping on how filthy the school was since that is totally irrelevant and entirely speculative as to the conclusion that can be drawn on that. Keith goes out of his way to ignore the many anomalies and irregularities that substantiate the official story as a lie.

    Biggest AHA issue – LT Vance stated that the crime scene was horrific and the asserted without equivocation that the shooter was in the hall. How could Vance have gotten that wrong since EVERYONE else said the shooter was in room 10. Vance = PROVEN LIAR

    1. “Suppose we are going to have to take back all those negative things we have said about AJ in the past”

      Don’t take them back quite yet.

      John Birch Society supports official narrative of Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing, and they were twisted and wrong about 9-11.

      Jack Blood has accepted official story of Sandy Hook.

      Keith Johnson, Deanna Spingola and other American Free Press people accept and strong defend the official story of Sandy Hook by using every obvious logical fallacy in the book, mostly straw man and ad hominem.

      Infowars has their token objective good guy, Rob Dew, moderating the “debate” nicely, but AJ and Infowars has always had the wrong take on 9-11 and is very much in with the Birch Society type thinking. But he wants to hold on to his popularity so he tips his hat to the “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” faction mainly because that group is very popular with a big part of his regular audience and he always wants to associate himself with the winning team for his selfish reason.

      American Free Press has their token objective debate moderator good guy, Dave Gahary, putting him out there lately for the same selfish deceptive reasons as AJ et. al.

      There is some kind of behind the scenes collaboration motivated by something I do not know but is no doubt something quite ugly. I do not believe these true believer Sandy Hook people reached their ridiculous, totally and obviously untruthful coordinated positions randomly and individually.

      These show hosts and bloggers have had to abandon reasonable discussion and argumentation for the most crass obvious logical fallacies.

      Something has happened and is happening behind the scenes. Let us maintain Sandy Hook truth solidarity and keep speaking truth to power.

        1. Sandy Hook is a good litmus test for sorting out the real truth-seekers from the shills. Those who are defending the official story are obviously on the side of TPTB and not to be trusted, ever.

      1. Yes I was being sarcastic. Was thinking since most of us view AJ as the provocateur in chief, the posting this enlightening “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook” was their attempt to discredit it and it seems it back fired in their faces.

        Will admit like to see their & CNN’s latest headlines to get a feel for what the propaganda machine is puking out at the moment..


    I put a space in URL because others seem to do that.

    Here is a show covering Sandy Hook second anniversary.

    Red Pill Radio

    I think it was live streamed on YT but I have never heard of that happening.

    Join us tonight [ this show was last night,12-13] at 9pm eastern on Red Pill Revolution’s You Tube for We’ll Do it LIVE: The REAL Alternative Podcast 2 YEAR Sandy Hook Special! (

      1. The link shows St Rose of Lima Catholic Church and its Monsignor Robert Weiss participating in the Big Lie. If that does not kill already depressed mass attendance numbers and coins in the basket, I do not know what will. Shame.

        1. This has nothing to do with St. Rose of Lima Church participating in the Big Lie and is purely coincidental, I’m sure. The article accepts some false premises to support its thesis but there are many interesting facts in this story to indicate that the very darkside pedophile coverup ops is playing a role in what can have the people of a whole town and a whole state participate in a conspiracy of silence.

          “The Lanzas attended the Saint Rosa of Lima Church, where eight child parishioners were among the shooting victims. Santa Rosa is the very same order that sponsors the western-state hospital that employed Michael Jackson’s physician Dr. Conrad Murray.”

          “Newtown, like Fairfield and Stamford, is part of the Diocese of Bridgeport, which got into legal trouble in 2001 due to lawsuits by 23 victims of pedophilia committed by priests. Bishop Edward Egan, then diocese head, was a protector of sexual offender priests, sending them to other areas when parental complaints reached the ears of the police. After the plaintiffs won an out-of-court settlement, the Diocese petitioned the US Supreme Court to quash the thousands of documents detailing the beastly sex crimes. In 2009 Opus Dei honcho Justice Antonin Scalia determined that the court records should not be made public.”

        2. Yes, Monsignor was “compromised”. We discussed this at length previously both here and at another site. Just because I’m Catholic doesn’t imply that I think that other Catholics are incapable of evil things. It is a “hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints”.

          Anyway, several of the players were compromised in some fashion. If you think about it, if you were going to bring an operation to a location you could use whatever was at your disposal to “soften up” the locals.

          Frankly, the place strikes me as a bastion of New Age idiocy and is ripe for plunder. All of the Kool Kidz escap The City and set up shop in little Newtown. Comrade Holder pays a visit to the Governor and enlists the support of the Connecticut Cheka.

          I would imagine that if one is facing serious charges for pedophiliac activities, some “relief” would be welcome. Unfortunately, The Church is full of offenders in the clergy, as are other churches. After all, if you are a pervert where would you go to practice your art?

          It is a great shame and outrage that more isn’t done to correct this. On the other hand one should be aware that The Church is a perennial target. In fact, if you look around you may notice that it isn’t just Christians who are being locked up for this. Of course, they don’t get near the publicity.

          Frankly, I never left my kids alone with clergy, of any variety. I wouldn’t trust Scout Leaders either. In fact, I am leery of any adult (especially male) who enjoys the company of children too much. It isn’t natural.

          There is little doubt that St. Rose had a major role in this operation. I would like to understand the connection to SHES. Was it open? Wouldn’t they know that? If it wasn’t and they knew then they are actively complicit. They would certainly know if any parishioners lost loved ones.

        3. Helfpful insightful comment, lophatt.

          There is much blackmail material these days, pedophilia among the clergy and elites not the least of which.

          I hope St. Rose of Lima Church gets religion and starts walking in the steps of the One Who is Truth.

          These days, I am not sure children or adults are to be trusted into the company of teachers, doctors, clergy or Hollywood or mainstream media oligarchs , etc., without witnesses.

        4. Amen to that Doxie. It’s an awful thing to admit that you don’t trust leaving your children with clergy, but its worse if you don’t act on your fears.

          Many of those in power have this sort of baggage and others know of it. When the bribes don’t work they can always wave the pictures.

          At another site, early on, we ran across the accusations related to St. Rose. Oddly, Veronique’s alleged lawyer “brother” was in a law firm that was representing them. It was strange on several levels.

          The tale that has Monsignor Weise giving Extreme Unction to the kids of SHES does not pass the smell test in my opinion. They are saying that they would not allow medics in to treat the wounded but they let a priest in? I wish I could say that those in the Monsignor’s position were above reproach. Sadly, I could provide examples of others who were not.

          It’s one thing to use your personal reputation to further something like this, it’s quite another to represent the Church when you’re doing it. As I grow older, with each passing year I see a diminution in people’s personal moral consciences.

          If the whole thing were just as advertised I would not allow myself to be used and manipulated to further their agenda. There is no excuse for it.

        5. Last year, one of the Sandy Hook “moms” wrote an article for Magnificat, a Catholic publication. It was near the one year anniversary. I am sorry to not have her name readily available, but she is the one raising money for an animal sanctuary in her daughter’s memory. One of Magnificat’s priest editors serves at St. Rose of Lima. As a Catholic, I was very disturbed by this as it shows a deep connection between Sandy Hook and the Catholic community of Newtown.

    1. Today is the anniversary of the SHE shooting.

      I wonder how many grieving parents have visited their child’s grave today? (it’s sad for me to even say this)

      I’d guess Zero unless there is a news crew or photo op for promotion.

  28. I did some research on the Venezuelan’s hometown. Found some interesting information on the mayor of that town and tried to post it here. It vanished right away and it has not been posted. Perhaps there is something there that someone does not want known. I will try to repost, but if someone is interested look up the town, the mayor, his name, his schooling and his background. Naming those names here may disappear this comment. We are being censored, and it is not by professor Tracy.

      1. lophatt, thanks for that article. Very informative and sobering. It hit the spot. The digitized generation may be able to handle this. For some of us who grew up in what we now think of as normal times (I‘m sure it was not, but I like to keep that illusion), the digitized world with all its benefits and also shortcomings will remain a puzzle. I am starting to question my time spent in front of a computer screen. Knowing I could be a lot more productive elsewhere, my new year’s resolution is accordingly.

  29. On this 2nd Sandy Hook Event anniversary, there are family photos and sob stories everywhere. Even one reminiscent of a professional modeling photo of Ms. Lewis, probably from her portfolio. There are siblings on park benches with Sandi Hook victims’ names inscribed, and on and on.

    What is missing, and what would be appropriate for this occasion, is a photo of each victim’s grave with a small American flag next to it. Why not?

    1. Yes Anne, you would expect to find them in the cemeteries honoring their dead. That is what normal people do under the circumstances.

      Of course, there isn’t the access to media in the cemetery, usually. I’m looking forward to the lighting of the 20 Christmas trees. It will set the tone for “Amputee Day” just around the corner.

    1. There’s that “resiliency” again (choke!). This is likely to replace The Nativity as a Christmas tradition. They tell this tale like “Grendl’s Mother”. “Yes children, this is what it was like before psychiatry and RESILIENCE”.

    1. I hope she gets to the mini-nukes theory in the depth she did on this one. Last go-round, many months ago, lophatt made a pretty good case for it, although I have long been partial to the Tesla technology model. For those who have not watched her earlier videos about 9/11 and the World Trade Center, her comment that the buildings were built to be destroyed might be cryptic, so go back in her archives (it’s a two-parter). Very strange stuff, but I tend to believe it.

      1. There’s a lot in her video that would be explained by the mini-nukes. As well as other things like the diseased 1st responders and their very unusual cancers, that tritium, the amount of elements found in the dust, etc. In fact, mini-nukes explains everything better than these vague space beams.

        1. Well, lophatt has made these points about the evidence of a nuclear event with great eloquence, and at length, here, in the past. I will not reopen that conversation just to repeat it.

          But I will repeat that talk of “vague space beams” is a calumny on Dr. Wood, and I won’t have it. Tesla technology is anything BUT vague. It is proven and real. Dr. Wood postulates that it has been weaponized, and we witnessed its use that morning. No one who cares about the truth should dismiss it with such glibness. If these monsters who are behind these fake traumatic events are demonstrating their possession of such weapons, along side demonstrations of their complete control of the media, people seeking to know the truth should keep that possibility open, and not mock it in the way you are doing.

        2. I think the best explanation is something was used which has never been revealed to the american people as a new american weapon. I also think that a little bit of “everything” from their bag of tricks was used in conjunction such as explosives.

          I don’t think there was just one super weapon used.

        3. There is a lot of information out there. The short course is at “Veterens Today”. Dr. Ed Ward, M.D., also has good information on the physics and the math.

          I’m convinced. There is argument over the delivery and placement, etc., but, it really doesn’t matter. If you study the information with an open mind you’ll see it. You have to stop thinking “BOOM!”.

          All of the anomalies noted by Dr. Wood can be accounted for, including the melted cars. It is an EMP phenomenon. And yes, Patrick, that applies to toilets as well.

        4. For Patric, mainly:

          I have listened to more than 20+ hours of Wood’s lectures on directed energy weapons, on free energy and on what happened to the towers. It is not very convincing. The towers were blown apart from the top down to below street level, in sequence, floor by floor. Concrete turned to micron sized dust and the steel into small iron balls the diameter of a human hair and smaller. It took around 10 seconds per tower.

          Nothing that Hutchison demonstrates does anything like that. It “cold works” metal blocks, it levitates stuff if we are to believe him, and his low resolution grainy videos. It does nothing even remotely like the rapid disintegration that we see on the morning of 9/11.

          The toasted cars, the remaining paper and all the other weird effects seen down town after the atrocities, bear resemblance to strong emp weaves created by neutron/nuclear bombs. Peoples injuries, the apparent readiation sickness that the 1st responders suffered and that killed them by very unusual cancers in the end, anll speak to inhalation of alpha particles with the dust.

          Whe Wood claims that there’s no evidence of high temperatures at the WTC site she directly lies and discards al lot of 1st responder testimony, claiming lingering heat and molten metal. The one photo that is supposed to show “glow” without heat turned out to depict 1st responders using strong flash light into a cavity and the photo was tampered with for color temperature and such.

          There may very well exist directed energy weapons. They may even have been used on 9/11 (for example on the jumpers) or other such things. But they most likely didn’t blow the towers into particles, because if we follow the evidence (Fall-out elements, tritiated water, unusual cancers in 1st responders, china syndrome molten metal, spheres in the dust, emp toasted cars, everything ) there’s overwhelming evidence of nukes at WTC NYC.

          I find that the “directed energy weapons” is a diversion bottomless pit to disappear researchers into. Anything is possible in a scenario where the laws of physics no longer apply. So there could have been just about anything. I don’t believe it was “anything” since it seems so obvious what it actually was.


      2. Yes, a lot of her video is pretty good. One problem is that all those who don’t agree with her are not “liars”. Maybe some are, but many simply can’t get their minds around this.

        Molecular dissociation is very real. What she’s missing is that the cause can be something other than a “Tesla weapon”. There are signature decay patterns that happen when a nuclear device has been deployed. All of those patterns were inadvertently documented in the test samples taken when they were looking for asbestos.

        There are other indicators as well. It is precisely the obvious disassociation that points to the nukes. It may be possible to have some other device responsible for this, but the nukes are known to cause the effects observed. Another, theoretical device is less likely.

        The so-called Hutcheson Effect that Dr. Wood is so enamored of, is unpredictable by his own admission. I don’t believe that they would risk something of this magnitude on an uncontrollable device. I don’t claim that they haven’t developed this, I am just not aware of a functioning one at this time.

        The first step is to realize that the buildings, and their contents, were sublimated. Judy Wood says “dustified”. Thermite/thermate, kerosine, TNT and moose drool don’t do that. They did not “collapse”.

        This is like the narrative in SHES. You are looking at something with your own eyes and someone is telling you that you are seeing something else. The shot of that girder vaporizing and blowing away says it all.

        Once one gets to that point real progress can be made. While I certainly think that some are disinformation agents, not all are. Many people simply refuse to believe this as too “out there”. Just like the airplanes.

        I suppose everyone is free to think what they will. The trouble is that they will be wrong. There is no shortage of evidence here. Just because a lot of people aren’t familiar with the physics doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. This was not what they call “conventional”. The results prove it. The “toasted cars” are actually pretty easy to explain. I won’t do that here because it is a long-winded explanation, but it isn’t an unknown explanation. In fact, her observations prove it.

        1. Very eloquently put, Lophatt! Thank you.

          We have a lot to thatnk Judy Wood for. But probably not what she and most of her followers think. I believe it was her FOIA for all the photos that actually got us all the photographic evidence. She also “de-programmed” us enough to see that the towers actually dustify, that they didn’t collapse or fall – they exploded up and out and the pieces trailed dust and turned to dust on their way. That is a very important realisation for most people who have been so programmed by media as to think they actually collapsed into their footprints.

          I don’t know what to make of the good Dr herself, if she believes her own theory, or if she just promotes it for some reason (such as a cover for the real events.) But I’m very sceptical of people arriving late to the truth movement with ground breaking information (Like professor Steven Jones, like dr Judy Wood, etc) especially if they claim to have known all along. Why didn’t they come forth earlier? What were they waiting for? It actuallly in many cases looks like layer upon layer of misdirection and obfuscation that is pushed when the old explanation is starting to leak.

          Betty duely notes that Dr Wood was “ambush interviewed” by Jenkins. Quite true. She was asked ad hoc to sit down with Jenkins for an interview. But if you look at the footage in Betty’s own video, Gage is packing his lecture stuff while being ad hoc interviewed, so by the same definition that is also a hostile interview. Why is that OK, then?

          I’m not a huge fan of Gage either. I’m honestly not a huge fan of top steered movements that are controlled. Because they are so easily controlled. He is going on about thermite. And thermite is like directed energy weapons in thes case. It may or may not have been used on 911, to some extent. But it did not disintegrate the towers. Even thermite proponent Niels Harrit’s estimate of how much nano-thermite would have to have been used makes that idea impossible. It would also have been so bright it would have been seen from outer space. It wasn’t.

          Nuclear bombs are very very powerful. Thus, very very small nuclear bombs can do a lot of damage. If you fill Wembley stadium with dynamite, the same explosive power would be derived from a soccer ball sized nuclear bomb.

          In the towers they could have been placed inside vending machines, in the elevator shafts, inside dry walls, anywhere. And since it’s all gone, we will never know. But we “know” they were used, some how. All the evidence is there.

        2. Lophatt, I disagree that the collapse needs “mini-nukes,” or “directed energy,” whatever is meant by the latter. Conventional means (which I use to include nanothermite, maybe not so conventional!) fully explain what we see. The videos of the collapse of the J.L. Hudson building by Controlled Demolition, Inc., as well as of the Kingdome (on the same website), look just like the collapse of the WTC towers. They are reduced to small particulate matter in their own footprint, too–very little rubble left. Here’s that link:

          Because Controlled Demolition, Inc., brought down the Murrah Building “after” the truck bomb of fertilizer and fuel oil, one cannot help conclude this company was involved in placing and setting charges there beforehand. And if they did it in OK City, they could do it at the WTC.

          As for the toasted cars, they appear to be all in or around a single parking lot located well away from the towers. They could very well be explained by a separate event or mechanism from that which took place in the towers, another red herring thrown into the false flag event.

        3. How about the proof that nukes even exist? Pics and videos of nuke testing has been asserted to be fake. The Japan nuke blast video show the blast wave PASSING THRU CLOUDS. The Cold War was a psy-op as was the Nuclear Arms Race. One could put the use of nukes in the same category as the moon landings – why have they not happened again?
          Same with the Directed Energy theory – where is the evidence outside of the 9/11 imagery pool?
          I think a lot of pre-demolition hollowing in mostly vacant towers and thermite/ tnt is the most likely scenario

      3. I have a theory about Judy Wood that is in no way meant to discredit her or her research. I think she has been befriended by handlers. I can think of no other example that compares to the tactics employed by many of Wood’s “supporters.” Many of them use a similar tactic, that of accusing anyone discussing possibilities that don’t involve Wood’s research of being disinfo agents.

        This appears to result in turning people off to her work. I’ve seen countless examples of people reacting by saying in effect, “Hey, nobody’s dismissing Judy’s work here!” or “We have a right to our opinion.” Yet, they persist in insisting that if you’re not with Wood’s angle then you’re pushing disinformation.

        They also like to claim there’s an organized campaign to discredit her work or suppress it. Most of them making this claim seem to list the same culprits, which includes James Fetzer. I don’t know for sure that Fetzer even supports any particular theory or if he is misdirecting. But, it’s hard to discount that he’s apparently interviewed her as a guest on his show over a dozen times and even allowed her to guest host in his absence once. I did see that he rated her book 5 stars on Amazon, which spawned a 5,000+ thread of comments bashing him for this or that. That kind of behavior is unusual and seems to me almost cult-like.

        I don’t envy the position that Judy Wood is in. She’s not likely to be as expert at public relations or marketing as she is at science. If Wood was a well-funded corporation with a marketing department, I have no doubt that her influence in the truth movement would be significant and she would be a respected figure. But, with the reality being that her supporters are largely unregulated (for lack of a better word) it just seems unlikely that her work will be seen for what it is in the near future. I remain neutral on what happened to the WTC complex, but find the notion of hijacked planes meritless and most explanations for the degree of pulverization to be unsatisfactory.

        1. And there is the suspicious death of her assistant/student Michael Zebuhr (murdered March 19, 2006).

        2. Just because one 9-11 well-known “researcher” is persecuted and appears to actually be fired from her position and one of her students was mysteriously killed, does not make this well-known researcher right in her “theories” nor does it make her right and sincere in her agenda. It does not make her “theory” not right either. She did have a series of horrible “coincidences happen to her, she was deliberately run over by a truck while on her bicycle in 2006, as well as to several of her students.

          That kind of thing is part of deep multi-layered psyops against us.

          I would additionally state that Michael Zebuhr’s death was more closely related to sabotage of Pons and Fleishman’s “cold fusion” theory and Eugene Mallove’s journalistic work in his book, Fire and Ice.

          When you get to the subject of “free energy”, ever renewable and free for all the people of the world, you naturally are getting too close of the fire, and many mysterious deaths and psyops will be set in motion.

          The energy industry is basically the same as the international banking cabal, and the BigPharma industry is closely related to the petrochemical (energy) industry.

          These are world control issues, not simply USA domestic “false flag” or “hoax” events.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

        3. I was not stating that as evidence for or against her theories. I was stating it as a fact that it was a suspicious death. I haven’t looked into it closely enough to state why I think it happened, although the circumstances surrounding it are curious, and it was murder not an accidental death.

          I also hold Dr. Wood at arm’s length because when I was learning about her and her work, she never stated an opinion about anything. She would always state, this is the evidence, here is the evidence, see that there? here is another picture, look at this, isn’t this interesting? all with a coy little smile; she never once EVER said what she BELIEVED, what the evidence added up to, even when asked point blank. She always said, I am just showing evidence. She may have since come out with a statement, This is what I think happened, I don’t know, haven’t looked at her work in years.

          That approach is eventually what caused me to turn away from her work: hell if she can’t make up her mind after studying evidence for years, why do I need to listen to her? I can just look at all the pictures myself. I dislike cat and mouse games, and a number of these researchers play them.

        4. ” She would always state, this is the evidence, here is the evidence, see that there? here is another picture, look at this, isn’t this interesting? all with a coy little smile; she never once EVER said what she BELIEVED, what the evidence added up to, even when asked point blank. She always said, I am just showing evidence.”

          Nice summary of JW’s style with which I also became similarly vexed. I did not express it as nicely as you, but I would post statements like “Dr. Wood will never say what the heck she is saying.”

          All of the main researchers focus on that word “evidence” but I see big variances in how each define “evidence.” We do not have on-the-scene true forensic evidence for the most part in any of these false events. We have dates of internet documents, and videos and still photos and government reports and a few FOIA releases.

          Another focus of the different researchers is adhering to the true “scientific” approach but that fails for Dr. Stephen Jones and Gage

          Dr. Judy Woods’ book is not really research toward an hypothesis or theory. It is a nice catalog or compendium of data points. She never interprets the data. Whenever anyone states that she stated something, she is quick to say ‘No, I did not say that.’ But she leaves it there. She never will say what she is stating. She is a crafty manipulative woman who has apparently amassed a large collection of mindless groupies.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

  30. Any thoughts on Sydney? It reminds me of school drills where students are led to believe a gunman is for real, but it turns out to be a “drill” (not a very good one) gauging the reactions of the school children if someone actually did break in.

    Although I have not pored over the “evidence” of the raid on the chocolate/coffee shop, it doesn’t seem as serious as all the riot geared police would make it seem.

    An employee arrives, the other employees wave him away.

    Some women are allowed to escape.

    There is only one gunman holding a whole bunch of people.

    Iconic Sydney opera house is shut down because of a suspicious package. Some other places are evacuated.

    For a Muslim fanatic, it’s kind of interesting that the demands are to talk to the PM and for an ISIS flag. Talking to the PM (or President) would be something a native Ausralian (or American) might ask to do, because they’d have a need to assert power in a conventional sense, the sense they grew up with where the chief executive mattered.

    This is just my surface impression of the situation, and I really have no idea. But the worldwide publicity is very sure this is something coming out of Muslim terror – and of course, even in the face of the torture memo, it justifies the Global War on Terror: Headlines blare “And we thought Sydney was safe!!!” Oh, how wrong they were, but perhaps not in the way they are supposed to think.

    1. Musings, I watched a little of that today and read some articles. Of course we have the perpetrator’s whole life story, as usual, right out of the chute.

      I haven’t really formed an opinion yet. I have noted anomalies. There was a burst of shooting when they entered the cafe. Then silence. A few minutes later there was another burst. If the wounded are really wounded it could be from that.

      There was also the medics. They were right in front of the door. Supposedly it was “all clear”. There were gurneys, etc.. For some reason they hand-carried a wounded woman out for her photo op. Why? It was dramatic but not therapeutic. A second woman right behind her was wheeled away in the normal fashion.

      When it was safe for the medics, they still were seen running with the hostages. Why?

      They said that he was accused of murdering his wife. They didn’t say why he was loose. I suppose he must have been acquitted.

      They said he had over forty sexual assault claims filed against him. He must have been as holy as Rasputin.

      Did I mention he was Eye-ranian?

      He was supposedly stalking the Prime minister. With a record like that you’d think they’d at least deport him to New Zealand.

        1. Hi Elfmom….here is another piece of info for you to examine….

          5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the ‘Sydney Siege’
          Brandon Turbeville

    2. Here’s a little more on this:

      There have been other questions raised as well. Most notably, there is a Jewish run competitor right across the street from this cafe and, as the say in real estate (and 7/7), “location, location”.

      I should also mention that there was much talk of “drill gone live” immediately after this began. It seems that they indeed have a drill there recently.

      So, either we are being manipulated, or these “lone-nut, religious fanatic” shooters just follow the drill schedule and can’t help themselves.

      At the very minimum, it is being seriously exploited. It is statistically unlikely (to say the least), that something like this would happen that involved an iranian ex-pat, coincidentally.

      It is something like the odds of having a bus explode in London right across the street from Tavistock (and the cameras just happened to be broken). It could happen……..not!

    3. Yes they seem to ramping up the propaganda machine as of late. Noted to my husband, there are probably dozens of hostage situations all over the world everyday, but let the news all stop to cover this one particular event.

      Likewise the Sony internet breach coverage is equally bizarre. Do not really give a rats arze about who said what, or bombshells on how unsuccessful movies are and have they been stolen pre-release? Does that make new criminals on those that download them and now we hear movie theaters that show one certain movie will be attacked by terrorists?

      Find this blurb from the NYT telling, “Sony is the only entertainment company without some kind of news operation somewhere in the corporate mix.”

      So all entertainment companies are also involved in the news business, except this one which surely has to go. Or is it the free internet that has to go?

      1. Skirt, while it is undeniable that there are more of these put out every day lately, I doubt very much that there is anything “natural” about them. I mean, there isn’t something in the water that makes people do this. I’m equally sure that they aren’t “copy cats” either.

        I suppose you could say that it is a form of “entertainment”, although I prefer manipulation. I’ve developed a sort of checklist for these. When you see that certain camera angles are taken “in harm’s way” you can bet it’s a hoax. When you see people milling around, in and out of the “action’, you can bet its a hoax, etc..

        There are often certain shots that could have come right out of Hollywood. Those are usually of the “hunk” ambulance driver who looks like a movie star, or the overly attractive female cop.

        I don’t know about where you live but I don’t see people who look like that doing those jobs. The female cops here “wear comfortable shoes” and look like they want to arm wrestle. The EMT’s usually have a “unibrow” and a mullet.

        The cast of some of the vids on the Sydney production looked like they were on a break from a fashion shoot. Haven been in Sydney I don’t recall that everyone walked around dressed to the nines. Of course, women being women the world over, if they went to be photographed it would be understandable.

        We went from Hollywood escapism to “reality TV” to “unreality ‘news”. The plots keep getting weaker and the acting worse, but at least they don’t have to pay union scale.

      2. There may be more to this Sony Hack Attack than meets the eye.
        Obama’s trying to change the Internet into a Public Utility to be over seen by the FCC bypassing Congress.

        When Sony changed “The Interview” from 12/18 to Christmas Day, I thought here we go…Now they have dropped it and stupid Paramount Pictures is shutting down that old Team America Puppet movie for drama. You see, we need SOPA through an EO Order.

        This article claims they have been plotting this all year.

        “At the beginning of this year, the MPAA and six studios… joined together to begin a new campaign” to determine how it could “secretly revive SOPA,” Walker alleged.

        In a blog post Thursday, Kent Walker, Google’s senior VP and general counsel, wrote, “We are deeply concerned about recent reports that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) led a secret, coordinated campaign to revive the failed SOPA legislation through other means.”

        SOPA is the Stop Online Piracy Act legislation introduced in 2011, failed to pass muster in Congress after a major grassroots effort opposing it led by Google and others.

        “While we of course have serious legal concerns about all of this, one disappointing part of this story is what this all means for the MPAA itself, an organization founded in part ‘to promote and defend the First Amendment and artists’ right to free expression,’” Walker wrote. “Why, then, is it trying to secretly censor the Internet?”

        1. Perfect, “Newtown Green” tie and all. All of this “concern” about copyrights is bunk. It is a trojan horse to control the internet.

          I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that anything emanating from this administration is a production number. More social engineering.

        2. Another senator from CT, interesting his wiki profile includes 4 ‘controversies’ which in reality are 4 banking frauds that he got away with and now he is in charge of the MPAA. How fitting, and now that industry has managed to commandeer the news cycle as if this is the most pressing news of the day.

          Recall senator Lieberman, also from CT, stepped right up to ensure all the SH charities were following the laws, and soon there after disappeared into a fancy lawyer job that also happened to be in charge of administering a large SH fund.

        3. Ric, there is little if any doubt that internet use will soon be “officially” policed and controlled by TPTB. All that is publically required is the alleged compromise by some alleged N. Korean hackers to cancel the release of another moronic Hollywood release. A nice, juicy cyber attack to fulfill another agenda.

          Check. More internet mischief to come. Mark it.

          Trolls on this site, and others like it who dare to push back, will need to find something else to pass the time.

  31. I just wanted to address some issues raised by this excellent Sandy Hook video with respect to the dash cam footage presented by Sherrie QA. It is obviously very odd that no children or adult teachers can be seen exiting the school for the entire morning of 12/14/12. However, this does not conclusively prove that there was no one at the school. I don’t mean to quibble here, as I think that the missing photos of students and faculty were intentional, and their absence is significant. Whoever put that police car where it was parked knew that its dash cam would show nothing. I can’t see this as an oversight. I think that it was intended to provoke speculation in certain quarters that the school might have been closed. In fact, the children and teachers could have easily exited the school from the back, walked behind the police car through the baseball diamond and on to the firehouse, without ever being seen on the dash cam.

    I am not saying that this must have happened, just that it could have. On the other hand, it is also possible that few students were there that day even though the school was not closed, for reasons I have detailed elsewhere. As I have argued previously, I think that it would have been very difficult to conceal a closed school from the general public of Newtown. Too many dog walkers, and kids looking for a place to throw the ball around would have questioned the empty building. You can’t create the illusion of an operational school without school busses coming and going, and you can’t do that without having children on board. Unless the whole place was cordoned off, someone would have seen something and said something.

    So why am I highlighting the dash cam footage if it is so inconclusive?Because it suggests that the “school was closed” angle was written in to the script from the beginning, to misdirect those who might question the official story. The people who plan these things have learned over the years that skeptics can be confused and ultimately banished to obscurity by leading them up a blind alley where their claims become preposterous. To this end they seed these flaws into the narrative, then send in the controlled opposition to promote them to the rest of us.

    With this thought in mind, I want to propose an explanation for an anomaly in the WTC debris which is the subject of the video linked to above. Proponents of the Judy Wood “space beams” theory of the demolition argue that the oddly burnt cars hundreds of feet from the towers cannot be explained by the consensus view that explosives, and thermite charges in particular, were the cause of the destruction. But what if thermite charges were actually placed in these cars beforehand to create just this conundrum. It is likely that wireless technology was used to initiate the charges in the buildings, so why couldn’t it have been used to remotely melt a few cars as well? Then we have an anomaly that can’t be readily explained by controlled demolition, thus creating an opening for “conspiracy theorists” (controlled opposition) to look for “extraterrestrial” explanations. Such theories are kooky, technically impossible (see Kevin Ryan’s blog on this subject), and will never gain traction with the general public.

    1. Re the presentation of Sherrie Questioningall, Christo, she was very careful. She never said, “This dash cam footage proves there was no evacuation.” Instead, she said, “The dash cam footage does not support what the dispatch tape says is going on at the same time.”

      As for your theory about the toasted cars, that’s interesting, and does address why those particular cars in that particular parking lot well away from the towers were toasted. And I like it because it uses technology we are familiar with. I have never seen this term “directed energy” defined. Do they mean lasers, or what? And where is the beam supposed to originate from? I tried to watch Prof. Judy Wood’s video on this, and the beginning was so poor and unprofessional, wasting so much time, I could not stick it out.

      1. dino, I have no idea why Christo attributes to Dr Wood the proposition of “space beams.” Weird. She postulates Tesla technology, and does not speculate on how it is deployed–only that we know it exists.

        It is not lasers, and certainly the term “directed energy” is misleading, because that is a category conventional research falls under. Tesla’s work is verboten to reference in mainstream chat. It is free energy, infinite in supply, available everywhere in the universe. Can’t have that being known to the public. But the powers who stole it have certainly weaponized it. The video states this notion as well as anyplace I have seen.

        1. Patrick, thank you for the compliment regarding “directed energy”, nuclear or otherwise. As you know I have never ridiculed Dr. Wood’s work. I think she got it largely right. I just happen to think that she has a “blind spot”, for some reason, on a couple of evidence items that she refuses to acknowledge.

          She certainly got it right with regard to the effects and the materials. After all, materials are her specialty. She also categorically discounts government involvement. Go figure.

      2. I should have said “police report” rather than “dispatch tape” above, it appears. Also, the way she said it was, “They don’t match.”

        Also, Christo, rereading what you wrote–seeing you invent reasons why Sherrie’s very clear analysis could be wrong, such as the hoaxsters having built in a false trail for researchers to follow, leading them to conclude the school was closed when, in fact, the police took the children out the back–well, I think I see a disinfo agent at work, and it is YOU.

    2. I don’t think you can call it a “blind alley” which can confound skeptics when you consider the totality of the evidence that it was a closed school, not the least of which was the poor state of repair of the parking lot and the lack of markings mandated by law. So of course they had to destroy that and the rest of the substandard facility. Do you have any idea how rich that part of Connecticut is? It’s not called the “Gold Coast” for nothing.

      I have relatives who live near there. I have been in the area. I live in a similar environment. The game is to keep up the public schools so they are just as attractive as the private day schools, which compete directly with them for warm bodies.

      That’s why your argument seems a non-starter, as the case is a circumstantial one, with a pile of other evidence besides the non-view of the evacuation of the school. They don’t especially need to make provisions for the skeptics, when everyone in the media, superficial thinkers that they are and more interesting in drama than truth, have signed on. “They” would not even need to lay traps for us because they can rely on the believers (who are the vast majority) to stifle criticism. After all, what’s not to like in the gun control mental health angle for them?

      1. All true, musings. In addition, Christo wishes to believe that the kids were taken to the firehouse, but the video supposedly taken that day makes it abundantly clear that THEY DID NOT GO THERE. It;s just a bunch of actors circling the building, and genuine reporters being chased away by hostile set coordinators. If the video everyone has been shown about the firehouse is false, and kids really were sheltered there, the story breaks down just as surely as if the school was defunct.

        The evidence for the school being long abandoned is too abundant to brush aside. I, for one, always repair to the fact that the handicapped spots in the parking lot evidenced no blue, and no public school anywhere would define the Americans With Disabilities Act for decades.

        And of course, you are absolutely right that that dump is impossible to imagine the very rich sending their kids to.

      2. Absolutely Musings, don’t forget that they hyped the idea that people from NYC came all the way to little Newtown just to have their darlings enrolled in such a fine school.

        Of course, all of this is circumstantial. But, most evidence is just so. The “preponderance” of the evidence suggests that it was not a functioning school.

        Even some of the footage in “the Report”, could have been taken anywhere. Wherever that was it was a pig’s sty.

        Let us not forget the tale of the miraculous “recreation” of the former school in all its unspoiled glory. The whole story is like a house that’s eaten up with termites and somebody keeps slathering plaster on it hoping no one will notice.

        As Hunter Thompson said; “when the going gets weird, the weird get going”. They are going to keep pushing this against impossible odds and insist that “you’re either with us or against us”. This thing has given corruption a whole new meaning.

        1. Nice video, and to the point. It follows a pattern, “listen to what we say, not what you see”.

    3. Christo, I like your idea of how they program in false trails. That is true, though there are several reasons to doubt the school was operational, not just that dash cam video. Repeat, several good reasons. Read Dr. Fetzer’s articles on VeteransToday.

      You do not seem to have researched 9-11 extensively from all angles. There were some who sarcastically referred to Dr. Judy Wood’s theory as “space beams.” However, If you had followed her 14 or so radio shows on Dr. Fetzer’s radio shows several years ago, you would know that she herself named several places from which directed energy weapons could be directed and from space was one of those.

      Also she named her computer files that people could access on her site to tell about her “theory”, which she claims is not a theory and not even an hypothesis in any usage of those terms, filenames like

      So all the sarcasm directed at her by the term “space beam” is of her own making. She should have known better.

      Don’t want to get into discussing 9-11 theories here, but it is still extremely important and one does best in just not fully subscribing to any theory out there. The entire 9-11 “truth movement” has been infiltrated by the worst elements of the blotters of these false events and the degree of misinformation and disinformation inserted into 9-11 truth discussion is off the charts.

    4. Christo –

      You are missing a major and very compelling, convincing proof of lying with Sherrie’s video, which I will admit missed it on the first viewing also.

      She is reading an officers report that is based on viewing this actually dash cam video. He is reporting seeing evacuations that did not occur. He reports precise times and numbers of children that were not there.

      While I can appreciate you all’s passion on proving 911, this would not be the forum to hash out old debates. My opinion is that our only hope is to bust the fresh frauds, as it appears many commenters on various sites on not at all convinced SH happened.

      Wonder how receiving millions in charitable contributions works tax wise. Heard on the radio today, although every one knew Al Capone was a murderer and major mafia criminal – they only got him on tax evasion in the end.

        1. To all who have commented on “the” dash cam video; there were MULTIPLE dash cam videos (I painstakingly watched every moment of every one of them) which showed ZERO SH staff nor children being evacuated from ANY building exit (multiple angles as well).

          The argument will be presented that we do not see an evacuation because the content has been redacted. Fine. Tell me WHY such footage would NEED to LAWFULLY be redacted. Its ludicrous.

          Forget the redactions. If you time each redaction (which I did), you will find that THERE ISNT ENOUGH TIME WITHIN EACH REDACTION TO ALLOW FOR ANYONE TO BE ESCORTED ACROSS THE SH PARKING LOT.

          The argument is so patently absurd that any debate is unwarranted.

        2. Joseph, I’m not arguing anything. I’m making the statement that, according to “The Report”, the transcriptions are done FROM THE VIDEOS.

          That is obviously not the case. So we have a sworn statement that the transcriptions are a true and accurate record of what the transcriber saw.

          The other point I was trying to make is that there were other cars with video in the area (lots of them). If they are trying to sell the idea that the action was occurring off camera, why not show us footage from another unit that shows this?

          I’m saying that this is purely an example of the same type of obfuscatory narrative that can be found throughout the whole operation. You are looking at a purple giraffe and they are telling you it is a green pig in a red tutu.

          A lot of the frustration from investigating this is due to being played for a fool. The arrogance is obvious. When questioned they simply up the ante. They are showing all of us their middle finger.

        3. Lophatt, my comment was not at all directed at you, but rather to those who find ANY official validation from these dash cam vids. I especially want to indict Shannon Hicks, whose alleged 10:09 photo splashed across every front page in the world, making her, in my mind, the photog poster child for the NWO.

          Actually my comment was meant as an encouragement to the vast majority of MHB participants, as well as those who read without posting.

          Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    5. Christo, It is true that without a full panoramic view it isn’t possible to say that nothing was happening. However, the transcript in the report states that the written report is a narrative based on the dash cam video. That in itself would make it defective.

      You could say that the pantomime going on in front of the car that seems to indicate that they are directing others behind it could be the students. The problem for them is that they said it was transcribed by watching the video footage and, clearly, that isn’t so.

      To take it a step further, there was no shortage of police cars. I assume most of them have video as well. Where is it? To accept this as “evidence” would require ignoring the transcription as compared to the video and assuming that something was happening off camera.

      1. Here’s a video of three dash cam recordings side by side:

        I find it important to note that one of the three time stamps was actually off by 1:20 min, a flaw that Sherry didn’t take into consideration in her portion of the documentation and thus cannot arrive at an accurate evaluation of the material — according to this video comment by brendan hunt:

        I haven’t verified these claims yet, just recently stumbled upon his remarks and wonder what IMS has to say about the matter…

        1. Without knowing for certain the opinion of the others in the group, I can say I’m partly to blame for not putting the brakes on that segment just to make clear that the timing was not to be taken as absolutely accurate. At the time we released the video, I wasn’t aware of the 1:20 discrepancy but did note a few seconds variance. That didn’t cause me to think the segment lost any of its value.

          What I am considering is a 3-dimentional look at the evacuation time frame. In this, I would sync the 3 source videos and add positioning of the cameras into the mix. I would do this by setting up a 3D stage and place the videos into that set exactly as the vehicles were positioned. I’d also add the rough shape of the school and parking lot features.

          What this would enable me to do is as quickly or slowly as I’d like move the view in 3-d space, which I believe will greatly improve our ability to visualize the scene. Something tells me this will help confirm the likelihood that the groups of children would have exited the front entrance, hugged the school building as they headed S/W to then pass behind the camera on route to the firehouse. The problem with that though is that it would add at least double the distance as compared to simply cutting right through the parking lot.

    1. Rick, it might be more effective to send email to the manufacturers. Their legal team might appreciate it. You know, when you accuse someone of negligence that caused damage, you have the burden of proving that damage actually occurred.

      In addition, you get to request documents and other records and take depositions. Somehow, I can’t imagine them allowing that to happen.

      1. But remember that a big part of the hoaxes and false flags is to enable stock plays for those on the inside track.

        So if we knew (maybe we could find out) who bought put options against Bushmaster in recent months, with this exquisitely timed suit against Bushmaster we would know who stands to profit. Its stock undoubtedly has already fallen.

        My guess, anyway.

        Oh, how I wish I’d bought stock in school security system manufacturers before Dec. 14, 2012, too!

        1. Dino, great point. I guess I just don’t have larceny in my soul. I hadn’t considered that aspect. This could be the gift that keeps on giving.

    2. Posted comments there Rick and for what it is worth up voted those making sense, but with so many, did not get through them all. While the machine works hard to stifle us all, believe we have them wondering on how the propaganda machine failed….

      1. @ Elisabeth.. there are images of Maloney Standing.. you should do an image search for “Mary Maloney St. Rose” or “Mary Maloney Newtown Bee”

        If you click on the above image it is larger.. The resolution of the “Mary Maloney” image is very high in its original form.. in fact it’s huge.

        Here is the original, high-res. image from Immaculate:

        Of course, the “Dawn Hochsprung” image is the highest resolution image of her we have been shown, that is why I used it.. even though the resemblance is more recognizable in other shots.

        The only thing that to me looks “different” about these “two women” is the under-eye wrinkles/indentation. I think they photoshoped the “Dawn” images and drew those strange under-eye lines in there just so it wasn’t a 100% total dead wringer.

      2. Oh, and for the record.. I don’t even think anything besides her height should be considered in the “Body Comparison shot” and even that as you know is easy for women to change using heals etc..

        Body “shape” is also easy to change by gainging weight, or wearing “shoulder bads” in your shirts- or choosing “clown like” clothing like “Maloney” has done..

        Anyway, that’s just my ipinion on comparing “Body types” in images that were taken 15-20 years apart.

    1. I don’t think they look at all alike.
      One has a round face, one oval.
      Their ears are different.
      Their noses are different: one straight, one bulbed.
      Their teeth are very different.
      Their eyebrows are different.
      Their necks are not only different, but the one on the right looks like she had her thyroid removed.
      This is a dead end, they are not the same person in my opinion.

    1. Anne, obviously a lawsuit could not be allowed to move to trial. In order for them to allow a suit they must have it all sewn up. Maybe they made the manufacturer an offer they can’t refuse.

      The defense is obvious. This is a publicity stunt. A counter suit would be fun. Just think of all that discovery.

      For all we know they may have used some of that poppy money to give to the manufacturer to “settle”. This whole thing reeks.

      1. This lawsuit against Bushmaster is not something that was meant to be a real lawsuit to be adjudicated in a court of law. It is a deception for control of the public mind. Another hoax within the hoax.

        The Ct. state attorney, Stephen Sedensky, official report on Sandy Hook showed no causal nexus between a 223 Bushmaster gun and ANY of the deaths. There would be no proof against a Bushmaster gun even if there were sincere intent of the lawsuit plaintiffs.

        Dr. Fetzer’s latest radio show interviews for the second time Ct. resident independent film maker, William Brandon Shanley. Mr. Shanley filed a lawsuit against AP and the Newtown Bee — U.S. District Courthouse in New Haven. This will ask the court to make a judgement on the validity and accuracy of the Shanon Hicks famous “conga line” photo.

        Mr. Shandley has an admirable plan. Check in a few days for the recorded show.

        “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

      2. lohatt, I was discussing this with a friend today and you made my points. This is another propaganda stunt from the fast and the furious. Also, why did not all families join in the suit? If this suit does not go as planned, they have reserve families for Plan B.

        Money is no object in this lawsuit – the coffers are full in local, state and federal tills for the desired outcome. We should not forget Bloomberg and his billions working feverously behind the scene.

        You may recall that at Sandy Hook Truth we researched the Riverview Gun Sales Shop in Windsor, CT. It was not what the media wanted us to believe. Now they are conveniently of business, but being sued nevertheless.

        This latest stunt will assure Sandy Hook a place in the sun forever. More like the dark side of the moon. The last publicized words from Pat Llodra were that the families would spend the 2nd anniversary in private. It was anything but private, just the way they have come to love their newfound status as celebrities.

        1. Anne, thank you. Yes, consider that you are the government and can cause all sorts of trouble for a business. Let’s say you pay them a visit and basically say, “I’ll cover the settlement costs, and maybe a little for your trouble”, or I’LL DESTROY YOU!

          Then you take the settlement as “proof” of how irresponsible gun manufacturers, dealers and owners are. Why, more legislation may be in order. Bloomberg dances a jig.

  32. You folks forget that the denizens of Sandy Hook may be wealthy, but they are wealthy Yankees, as in “use it up, wear it out, make do, or go without” kind of yankees. If you read the Newtown Bee, they are constantly one-uping each other at school board meetings about ways to save money. “Oh shouldn’t we expand the pre-k at Sandy Hook to a full day program”….argued Dawn Hochsprung at one meeting…”No no no” said a parent, “the half day program shows gains equivalent to the full day one by the third grade level.” “Why waste the money.” is the argument.The people in a position to suggest replacing the school knew that it was not long for this world. Upgrades were discussed but put on hold. Homeowners weren’t eager to increase their already high property taxes.

    Part of the reason I feel so certain that this “school was closed” angle is misdirection is that Fetzer is ALWAYS misdirecting. He did it with the Kennedy Assassination by pushing the Judith Very Baker story. This was done because her (fabricated) testimony contradicts the research of John Armstrong, who has shown that the conspiracy reached to the highest levels of the CIA and FBI. (I will provide a link on this in a follow up if anyone wants it.) In fact, it was a systemic conspiracy, not the work of isolated individuals like Ferie, Bannister, Shaw and “Oswald”. This is just an update of the “lone nut theory”. The “lone nuts theory”.

    Fetzer does it again with 911 by pushing Judy Wood’s “directed energy beams”. Kevin Ryan has shown that the energy needed to accomplish this is astronomical; a technical impossibility. And Fetzer is doing it now with the “school was closed” refrain. Wolfgang Halbig, who also pushes this, is just the American version of Andrew MacGregor, also a former police official, who was the misdirector for the Port Arthur shooting. That shooting was just as fake as Sandy Hook. All of these guys are pushing the idea that the school was closed.

    1. Christo, I have nothing but respect for Dr. Fetzer. He has his issues, like all of us. If there is a fault it is in his willingness to “go all the way” on something, sometimes prematurely.

      I have never seen an instance of deliberate misdirection. Since his involvement with Dr. Wood, he has now changed his position to nukes. I happen to agree with him. That is the sign of someone who is willing to change his opinion when new evidence appears. That is exactly as it should be.

      I am more cautious than he, but I admire his enthusiasm and courage. He’s one of the good guys. You are free to your opinions on JFK. Dr. Fetzer has done extensive research on this as well. I haven’t seen any fatal flaws in his logic.

    2. How did Fetzer “misdirect” with the Judith Vary Baker story? Yes, provide your link, Christo.

      I’ve just read “Dr. Mary’s Monkey,” and it’s firmly supported, about the work being done in New Orleans on monkey viruses. The author really checked Judith Vary Baker out: she is no fraud. Rather than she and Oswald and David Ferrie being loners or lone nuts, the CIA is all over them–even Oswald’s mother, for God’s sake!

      1. dinophile- “Oswald” had two very different looking mothers because there were two “Oswalds”. Lee’s (real) mother was tall, well dressed and good looking. Harvey’s ( not his real mother) was short, overweight, and poorly dressed. She is the person presented as Oswald’s mother after the assassination. All of them were working for US intelligence. This whole story is very well researched in John Armstrong’s “Harvey and Lee”. Misdirectors in the JFK research community are constantly trying to debunk Armstrong’s findings because they prove that the conspiracy was widespread and originated at the very top of America’s intelligence establishment.

        Here is Fetzer trying to debunk Armstrong using the “recollections” of Judith Vary Baker: There is no hard evidence that Baker and Oswald had an affair, or even knew one another. They both worked briefly at the Reily Coffee Co., but that’s about it. Judith makes no distinction between Harvey and Lee. That is the whole point of her rather late appearance in the “Oswald” story.

        1. I’ll read yours if you read mine: “Dr. Mary’s Monkey,” by Ed Haslam.

          Judyth Vary Baker is entirely credible, and her story was thoroughly vetted by Haslam.

        2. A response to Christo from Jim Fetzer, who had trouble posting this on the site:

          Reading the comments here, I have been struck by their thoughtful, well-informed and relevant content–with one or two exceptions from Christo. Having devoted myself to exposing governmental complicity in JFK, 9/11, Wellstone, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing since my retirement from UMD in 2006, I am fairly astonished to read this trash.

          I organized a research group of the best qualified experts to ever study the assassination in later 1992. We established that the autopsy X-rays had been altered to conceal a fist-sized blow-out at the back of the head, that another man’s brain had been substituted for that of JFK, and that the Zapruder film had been altered, where I was the first to notice that you can see the blow-out in frame 374. Is this “misdirection”?

          I have published three collections of studies by experts on JFK that Vince Bugliosi, who defends the “lone nut” theory, has described as “the only exclusively scientific books” ever published on JFK, which are ASSASSINATION SCIENCE (1998), MURDER IN DEALEY PLAZA (2000) and THE GREAT ZAPRUDER FILM HOAX (2003).

          Others that are among the most important in addressing the medical evidence using scientific reasoning include BEST EVIDENCE (1980) by David Lifton and now Douglas Horne, INSIDE THE ARRB (2009). Their research is consistent with and confirms the same conclusions on most of the key issues related to the medical evidence. Since there are many contributors to my books, are we all supposed to be “misdirecting”?

          On 9/11, I founded Scholars for 9/11 Truth in December 2005, organized its first national conference in Madison in 2007 and its first international conference in Vancouver in 2012. (See and I published its first book, THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY, which included a chapter by Judy Wood. Was including work from a wide range of perspectives “misdirection”?

          I have published dozens of articles about 9/11 on Veterans Today, which support the conclusion that the towers were taken down using a sophisticated arrangement of mini or micro nukes. They are very well supported, which, of course, as a professional scholar who has 29 books to his name and 150 or more scholarly articles, is my practice. Are all of them also “misdirection”?

          My work on Wellstone, which you can see in “The Senator Wellstone Assassination” (2005), “The NTSB Failed Wellstone” (2005), where my collaborative work on this–including my co-authored book, AMERCIAN ASSASSINATION (2004)–has been substantiated by snoeshoefilms, “WELLSTONE–THEY KILLED HIM” (2011/2013/2013). Was all of this collaborative research also “misdirection”?

          I have published around three dozen articles on Sandy Hook, where, as in the case of my research on other subjects, I have revised my views with the acquisition of new hypotheses and new evidence. The school was closed by 2008 (see “Sandy Hook Elementary School: Closed in 2008, a stage in 2012”), where I am simply dumbfounded that anyone would continue to insist it was an operating school at this point in time.

          We also know that there were no evacuations taking place and that Shannon Hicks’s “iconic” photograph was staged. I believe I was the first to expose that she had faked them. And I was probably the first to analyze the inadequacies of the “official report” by Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky. Was all of this simply more “misdirection”?

          My latest presentations on 9/11 and Sandy Hook have been with Bev Collins on her “911 Talks” program, where I appeared a few weeks ago on 9/11 and just this week on Sandy Hook. Check ’em out and, if you find something to disagree with me about, identify what I say and why I say it, then explain what I have wrong and how you know. You are not doing that here, for the obvious reason that you don’t have the goods.

          You don’t have to have taught logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning for 35 years to know that, unless all of my work falls into the category of “misdirection”, it cannot be the case that “Fetzer is ALWAYS misdirecting”. Indeed, I am stunned at the blatancy with which you are attempting to diminish, to disvalue and to discredit my work WITH NO PROOF AT ALL. The two cases you cite, for example, are baseless.

          Indeed, talking about Judyth Vary Baker and Judy Wood together is simply bizarre. I was every supportive of Judy Wood and featured her on my radio shows 15 times. I gave her three hours to speak during the Madison conference. But I was never quite sold on her views about DEWs and was convinced by the Vancouver Hearings (2012) that the heavy lifting had been done my mini and micro nukes.

          Others here have observed that Ed Haslam vetted her story and give her a clean bill of health in DR. MARY’S MONKEY. And Nigel Turner did the same for the 8th segment of “The Men Who Killed Kennedy”. So the best qualified experts on Judyth Vary Baker are on my side, not yours. The question that comes to my mind is, why are you giving out so much false information about me? One of us may be an op, but that ain’t me.

        3. Dr. Fetzer, your efforts in so many areas are greatly appreciated. I would never attempt to malign your work or your character.

          Changing an hypothesis when better information becomes available is precisely the appropriate action. I fear that some are rather quick to form opinions and become so wedded to them that they will defend them in the face of all evidence to the contrary. Avoidance of that, sir, has been the focus of your life’s work, to teach people how to think critically and form opinions based on facts.

          Thanks so much for your contributions. You’ve truly been a giant in the search for truth.

        4. I second lophatt. I am very impressed by Jim Fetzer’s work. I have learned a lot from it (and look forward to each new instalment!)

        5. Ditto that! I have followed Dr Fetzer’s work for a number of years now, and he invites all kinds of guests to his show, and considers all kinds of information in a very fair and scientific way. It is apparent that he is searching for the truth no matter where that might take him. He considered Judy Wood’s theories for quite a while, before partially dismissing them for not explaining what had actually happened, and because other theories fit ALL the evidence. It is typical of science to change ones hypothesis/theory according to what new evidence reveals, and not stick to an old pet theory because one has managed to paint oneself into a corner with it.

          I may not agree with Dr Fetzer on everything, but I find him honest and doing scientifically sound work.

          Thank you, dr Fetzer.


        6. Learning about Dr. Fetzer after the Wellstone assassination, and his work in that regard, I admire his extensive work on the other events as well.

    3. From my in-the-field recent experience at Thanksgiving, materialism is alive and well in Connecticut. A lot of the “Gold Coast” types are in the media in NYC, to which they commute. The frugal old Yankee types may still exist in dwindling numbers, but their descendants have assimilated with the rest of the world and its values. So no, cheap-ing out on Sandy Hook wouldn’t be the reason it looked like a neglected ghetto school that should have been surrounded with razor wire. There can only be one reason: it wasn’t a viable school. It was a defunct school. I’d do the Monty Python dead parrot routine if I remembered it. How many metaphors for that kind of school are there?

      1. Musings, the preponderance of the evidence suggests it was closed. I’ve seen Fetzer’s stuff as well. We’ve seen the “Report” footage as well, although that could have been shot anywhere.

        Then we get the Chinese lessons before school, etc., to mitigate against closure. I keep saying that the maintenance and support staff could be critical in settling this once and for all.

        Nonetheless, the film we saw looks more like an old school that is closed and possibly has business or school administration activities still going on inside. It does not look like a place for kids.

        You know the rest. School demolished, $50M replacement. Whatever the reason for that it certainly doesn’t naturally ‘follow’ the storyline.

        So, for those with doubts, consider that you would have to be crazy to believe this tale in its entirety. Not only do things not happen like that, the reaction to them is not even similar. This is the product of very poor writing and someone’s fevered imagination.

    1. John, yes I read this earlier today. I’m not sure what I think yet. The connections to Chinese trade seem straightforward enough, but I’m still processing the other bits.

      There is the Peter Lanza/Cudiner (his new wife) connection. There is the alleged “Adam” taking language classes. There is the alleged offering of Chinese language classes at SHES before school.

      I agree that some of the players belong to groups that appear to have specific tasks within this operation. I agree that every aspect of it is in accord with the NWO agenda.

      I don’t know what to make of the “Newtown Bee” printing an article in Chinese on 12/14/12.

      I get the author’s implication that they are trying to show that they’re working on a climate more acceptable to China. I think he is trying to say that the whole state is pushing this and that Newtown was a show piece.

      This still leaves the problem of whether the school was open or not. It also raises issues of “Adam”, both as a real person and as a strange recluse with darkened windows who drives to Chinese lessons every morning. Is he implying that he was there that morning because he came for language lessons?

      There certainly seems to be connections, as usual. It isn’t totally clear how they all tie together and they all can’t be right. I wonder where one goes to continue their Mandarin studies now that the school has bee bulldozed?

  33. I agree that it would be too conspicuous for the school to be closed. However Sandy Hook was clearly in disrepair going by the crime scene photos. It would be logical to stage an event at a school that was on it’s last legs so to speak with a skeleton staff and a few small classrooms.

    1. As much as I agree that it would appear too conspicuous for the school to be closed for all the above stated reasons, the photo evidence of SHES makes a strong case for a very poorly maintained building, inside and out, that supposedly was housing close to 500 students and dozens of staff and supporting staff.
      Here’s a new helicopter video (at least I had not seen this before) of footage of the exterior allegedly filmed that day. Take careful note of what appears to be rather fresh white markings on the blacktop roadway adjoining the parking lot from approximately 2:50-3:15 into the video. “CBYD,” or Call Before You Dig, clearly marks two rather large sections of the road.
      We know from Newtown Board of Ed notes that there were discussions about declining enrollment and the possibility of building closings. Does this discovery (CBYD) suggest they were already planning the demolition?

      1. John, do you see any bicycles? I know that I rode my bike to school, even when it was cold.

        That is the most deserted elementary school I’ve ever seen. All the cars lined up, just so. It looks like what it was, a drill.

        1. Lophatt,

          Good question. I’ve watched every known video to date that alleges to be shot on 12-14-12. I have not seen one bike or bike rack anywhere.

          There is a CBS “live” helicopter video from that evening making the rounds on Youtube that appears to reveal yet another anomaly of this event. There was an abundance of portable lighting set up in the SHES parking lot; but, for the life of me, the only other installed lighting I can locate anywhere outside the school is two lights above the “Sandy Hook Elementary” lettering in the area where the black Honda alleged to belong to Nancy Lanza is still positioned.

          As a retired high school teacher who taught for 33 years in a district similar to Newtown’s population breakdown, I can unequivocally state that all parking lots, as well as all fronts and corners of functioning school buildings I have taught in and visited over the years are well lit at night. They have to be for the most obvious of reasons- safety.

          Where are the lights at SHES?

        2. John, yes, exactly. Just glancing at it casually you are struck by the feeling that “something’s missing”. My wife worked both at a university and for a public school district for many years. I’ve made hundreds of visits to schools. They are ALL lighted at night.

          I have never seen an elementary school without bicycle racks. I’ve never seen a campus where nothing was stirring, not even a maintenance man.

          According to the timeline, there should have been busses lingering from having just dropped students. There would be parent’s cars as well. Where did they go and how did they leave? The road was blocked.

          In Gene’s story, “a bus driver” dropped off kids. Are they saying that, after a shooting, at an unscheduled time, they had a bus driver pick up six kids and drop them at Gene’s? Why? How did he get there?

          It boggles the mind.

        3. This is proof positive it was not a functioning building, there would be lighting along the whole perimeter and emergency exits clearly lit up.

          In the NE, the children go to school in the dark and leave in the dark during these short winter days.

          A building contractor commented long ago with this rarely seen aerial of the roof – it is not a functioning building. We should expect to see shiny aluminum pipes and other air handling equipment. Instead, they did a shoddy job of white washing the roof and it appears what equipment is there is shrink wrapped in white. On a cold day, a visible stream of steam would be seen coming from the boiler.

          There is also a few seconds view of the ‘playground’ that appears to be a pile of rusted metal and some plastic that is thrown together in a trash heap.

        4. Skirt, yes, even with this, it isn’t “proof positive”, it is just strong circumstantial evidence. It is the same here too. Dark morning and night.

          Besides, even if they wanted to cheap out on lighting, the insurance (risk assessment) wouldn’t let them. Too much liability.

          The roof is very bad. It appears to be a “built up” roof. The white should be rocks. If its black it means the rocks are gone and all that’s left is tar.

          My guess would be that they either used this for storage or maybe some small administrative tasks for the district. They don’t mind freezing the staff, the kids are another matter.

        5. For the record (and for the videomakers, commenters, etc.!): circumstantial evidence is good evidence. In many cases, it is better than direct evidence (which would be eyewitness testimony, notoriously fallible).

          In point of fact, the Rules of Evidence do not distinguish between direct and circumstantial evidence. The key word, instead, is relevance: if it is relevant, it is admissible in court (unless “its probative value is substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice, confusion of the issues, or misleading the jury […]”).

          The lack of lighting around the school, the lack of steam coming out of boilers on that cold day, and the physical state of the property not meeting the standards of a safety code or regulation in effect at the time of the event, would all be admissible on the question of whether the school was operating that day. (The lack of light and steam might even be considered direct evidence.)


        6. Dino, you are, as usual, correct. I’m not saying what I’m saying with a view toward proving this in court. As much as I would like to see that happen, there is about as much chance as me becoming a triple lottery winner.

          I am reasonably satisfied that the school was not functioning as a school, (unless in some very limited fashion). The reason I’m looking for “the smoking gun”, is that it would pretty much put an end to the whole charade.

          I don’t think I’ve misspoken about the nature of evidence. I agree that it can be persuasive and compelling, perhaps even more so than “direct” evidence. I suppose I’m trying to “eliminate the jury”. The reason being, this isn’t such a hard thing to dispose of.

          Whether the school was open or not should not be a matter of opinion. It was either open for business, or it was not. All of the evidence “suggests” it was not, but this is not something that should be difficult to prove one way or another.

          That is why I think it is the weak link to this operation. A lot of the other stuff is speculative. This is not. Whether Dawn (or “Mary) had a face peel or not may be interesting, but it isn’t definitive.

          I suspect that this was a strong motivator in the rush to destroy the evidence. Many, many things in this are “things that make ya’ go, hmmmm?”. Whether the school was open or not is a show stopper.

  34. I found out who was playing Dawn Hochsprung and she’s alive.. does anyone care?

    This is not a joke and I am 100% Sure it is in fact the same person as Dawn Hochsprung, just aged..

    Remember the St. Rose of Lima “Confusion”.. Where they had 3 bomb scares called in etc.. “Adam Lanza” attended there… They showed the police running in etc. etc. etc.?

    Who is the principal at St. Rose of Lima (or who was)? Mary Maloney.. Has anyone noticed that Mary Maloney looks exactly like Dawn Hochsprung?

    Here’s the comparison:

    This is TOTAL proof of hoax.. End of story..

    1. Sure looks pretty convincing to me, now can anyone zero in to see if this person communicates with the Hochsprung daughter or is her name an alias too?

      1. They have exactly the same teeth, hairline, nose, wrinkles, eyes, eye color… She even has a lazy eye that shows up in “both women”…

        Because it’s the same person.

      2. That’s exactly correct Mathew. The teeth match up perfectly after the image is flipped horizontally. Her lazy eye also matches better if the image is flipped horizontally.. so either the “Dawn” images have been flipped, or her staff photo was flipped.

        Then, they changed the hue to give her a more “red” look and just had her wear a ton of old woman style makeup, put her in clownish looking clothing, with the world’s dumbest “wave comb forward” haircut, way-too red lipstick, and you’ve got yourself exactly what we see-

        Take a look at those eyes- those are very recognizeable eyes- not only are they obviously the exact same shade of brown, but the shape of the eye- notice the crows feet wrinkles near the eye, and how they are exactly the same in “both women”.

      3. Their noses and chins are different. I don’t think the teeth on both are that clear. One woman looks very Irish, the other doesn’t, and from my experience could be from Eastern Europe or Germany, ethnically.

    2. Frankly, I have to respectfully disagree that the two women are the same. “Dawn” has a ton of sun damage to her skin, and her features suggest a different ethnicity to me. She’s probably one of the clowns up from Florida who do crisis acting (plenty at Boston Marathon too). Mary (not in quotes yet, but who knows) looks to have spent a lot of years out of harm’s way sun-wise. Which is why New England, as crummy as it is sometimes, can have a hidden benefit.

      1. In every image, “Dawn’s” skin looks different- in some it looks like she has nice skin.. It’s funny how much variation there is.

        But it’s for sure the same person. I am very good at facial analysis, and every single wrinkle matches up, as does the nose, teeth, hairline, eyes, and cheeks, chin, well, everything.

        Dawn Hochsprung is 100% Without doubt just based on younger images of Mary Maloney.

      2. Also, It’s amazing how blurry most of the shots and videos of “Dawn” are.. and the only “sharp” enough one looks wrinkle-for wrinkle like Mary Maloney..

        Oh, and you’ve heard of makeup, right? It’s pretty easy to get rid of freckles and blemishes.. women are pretty fond of it actually… smear it all over their faces, and neck down to their neckline…

        Some women even have fat injected under their eyes to fill up their sunken looking eyes.. it’s actually a rather common thing.

      3. Musings, me too. Besides, even if they were, what does it prove? We already know it was a hoax. I am not good with faces, admittedly. But, even to me, they have similarities, but are not the same person.

        They would have no need to select someone from the local pool. They could have picked anyone they wanted for the part. How would we know?

        There is also confusion about “Adam” going to St. Rose. For that matter there is confusion over whether he actually existed. They showed us a picture of him (allegedly). Do you believe that was a normal photo?

        Several photos are obviously from another era. They are as useful as discards from the animated film “Roger Rabbit”. Whoever cut this thing threw whatever they thought useful into the final mix.

        1. Well, the women are quite alike, but I’m fairly good with faces and my feeling is that they are not one and the same. BUT. And it’s a bit but. I believe there’s a reason for them being so alike. I suspect one acted the other. Just like with Lanza and Haddad. Lanza may not have been at #37 but rather that Haddad was occasionally there, went to bars, Parents club or whatever it was. And people around them remember a blonde woman looking about like that and that she must have been Lanza. Same thing could have been going on with Hochsprung and Maloney.

          Someone noted that Hochsprung had sun damaged skin. In fact, I feel that Haddad does too, in comparison with Lanza. Florida office of Crisis Actors, maybe?

        2. Chemical Peels, botox, fillers, laser … any of those procedures or a good application of liquid foundation, which neither woman may have worn when younger, can certainly change one’s skin complexion … and make it less blotchy …

        3. There also seems to be a large discrepancy in height. Hochsprung appears short while Maloney appears both tall and large. I say “appears” because with camera angles and other things such things can be worked on. There aren’t very many photos of Hochsprung. I’m beninning to doubt Maloney could have acted Hochsprung with such large differences in bodily build.

        4. Elizabeth, that’s an interesting thought. If I’m following you, you are suggesting that, perhaps, they mixed with the locals, etc., to plant a memory? That’s certainly possible.

          If you think about it, the core group isn’t large. The psychology of groups would need to be used in order to get everyone on board. That way they could all “belong” when a reporter asked them “do you remember…….”. They could say; “oh yes, she came here all the time….”.

          Of course I don’t know, but that certainly fits.

    3. This is an interesting video from St. Rose of Lima Church/School. Its has “Mary”, I’m assuming Mary Maloney telling her story of what happened that day 12/14/12.

      But, it also has that Priest(can’t remember his name) who was there and one of his stories was he was asked if he wants to Bless all the dead children. He went into the school and saw rivers of blood running out the classroom doorways and stopped there in his tracks.

      Now remember, at this point NO first responder had entered the SHE school.

      In the video while speaking to the church he claims he NEVER entered the school, But in a separate interview he nod’s his head in agreement when the Priest interviewing his claims he in fact THE first responder and went in and Identified the children!

      That’s 3 different stories from this Guy.

      That’s at about 10:30. Watch the whole video, it’s pretty good.

      1. Listen to “Mary’s” story of what happened that day at St. Rose of Lima. I have never heard this before. We were all told they had a drill going on yet she never mentions a drill and claims they were threatened twice and had two separate lock downs with Guns a blazing by the cops until 4pm that day..? Strange…

        1. Ric, thank you for bringing this extremely important video to our attention.

          Someone needs to do a whole line of investigation just on what is said by Monsignor Robert Weiss and St. Rose of Lima School principal, Mary Maloney.

          There are so so many inconsistencies and incongruities throughout this video that I personally am just thinking that “Monsignor” Weiss and Mary Maloney are liars and bottom dwelling slugs.

          Notice all the New Age Speak mixed in with vague “Christian” spiritual counseling by the “priest” saying that …

          “there are no coincidences…
          “there is a plan”

          We all know there are “no coincidences and that there is a plan”, “Monsignor Weiss. We just have a whole different take on that than you imply by your fake “Christian” speak.


          I would mention that there is extensive coverage of A DRILL going on at St. Rose of Lima Catholic elementary school, one mile from Sandy Hook school, on the same day at the same time, as the Sandy Hook false event.

          I searched online again today for the photogragh of two policemen dressed as nuns walking in a parking lot on the SRofL school. I sent the intelhub URL of that photo to Joyce Riley and was hoping I had saved the photo and URL in a Word file, but I did not. The IntelHub URL is no longer a working link. Joyce R. may have saved the photo to her site or files, not sure. We need to find that picure.


          server not found messages
          I sure would like to find that photograph online. (IntelHub may still exist but it has mysteriously faded off the scene and they were doing some outstanding work. Wonder what happened to them.)

          This Monsignor Weiss and that fakey, tear wiping, fake breaking up, speaker, Mary Maloney are truly sold out liars and I am so so ashamed of these people.

          I wish someone would zero in on those two false speakers and give St. Rose of Lima school and the diocese pure Hell.

        2. I’m sorry and don’t want to be an arse. But you really need to listen to what MARY, yes the woman who everyone is comparing to Nancy Lanza says about what happened that day.

          It’s insane and explains or gives cover to the video of the Cops rushing St Rose a Lima we saw on CNN which we know is bull and claims there was more going on at her school than SHE minus the 26 dead. It’s insane.

          The video starts out slow but hang on and watch.

          Again, Sorry for me wanting someone to see this.

        3. Ric, nobody is confusing Maloney and Lanza. If you think that I suggest you are the confused one 😉 Possibly Hochsprung/Maloney and Haddad/Lanza…

        4. Just for the record- I made the video above originally, and it has been mirrored.. That’s my work above. Thanks for the compliments.

          Here I took the highest resolution images of Maloney- I flipped it Horizontally and adjusted the Hue- They changed the Hue to make the same woman look like 2 different people.

          You’ll see why I did that flip- Because that’s how her teeth and lazy eye match up- Whoever assembled this hoax did a horizontal flip to make Maloney/Hochsprung look a little different.

          Check out this comparison: Same person FOR SURE:

          You guys have GOT to see the above image.. haha.. It’s so OVER for this hoax.

          – The Paulstal Service

        5. Ric, thanks for the video. Actually, Weise said that he drove to the school with two priests in a silver BMW.

          How he drove and walked with a cop is unclear.

          She is talking about arranging for “a funeral a day” before the bodies are even cold.

          She talks about the EMT’s leaving with empty gurney’s like that is normal.

          How would ha be in a position to be a “first responder” if they were still searching?

          She talks about a van with suspects.

          They are describing TWO drills, one at SHES and another at St. Rose.

          How does a “lockdown” work with catered lunch?

          If it were real, he would have a duty to bless the dead. Any priest would do that.

          The simultaneous drills is too hard to wrap my mind around.

          Lastly, we get the obligatory “mental health” advertisement.

          So I’m left with several feelings. I’ve never belonged to a parish that would allow cops to run around (guns blazing) or police dogs scouring the area. I can’t imagine interrupting Mass.

          How do these “lockdowns” originate if the administration is apparently so unaware of what’s going on? Who has the authority to do that?

          This is all over the top. Is this place even real? Are all those parents going to quietly sit there with them telling them that they’ve got their kids until 4:00 P.M.? i wouldn’t.

        6. Father Bob was the hip priest at my parish in the early 70’s. He left rather abruptly with a bad case of Hepatitis that turned him yellow and pretty much assumed it must of been drug related. If a priest declares they could not give the last rights to a dying child, he surely is a fraud.

        7. Yeah Skirt, I could tell you a few similar stories as well. We had one who always wore dark glasses and played “Phantom of the Opera” on the organ before Mass. The send a little irish deacon to collect him.

      2. Lophatt,
        You bring up a whole bunch of things I didn’t even address from that video. It’s loaded with many contradictions to the official story.

        I have no idea when this was filmed. I just stumbled on it checking out the whole Mary, Dawn gig.

        The EMT’s told to just leave with empty gurneys? Who made that call? On and On. The Van of Nuns. The MEN Nuns there at SHE.

        Who was making all these threats to St. Rosa a Lima for 5 hours?
        Lanza was dead before 10:00 am that morning. Who was calling them?

        It just proves many Govt. agencies were involved.

        1. Yes Ric, Anne and others looked at this early on when it was fresh. I remember the “silver BMW” because we were concentrating on the cars (all the black hondas) and I made some remarks about priests driving Beemers being unseemly.

          The original tale had St. Rose having a drill sometime much earlier (like maybe a year earlier).

          The whole tale doesn’t make sense. We talked about the “nuns” too. The whole thing makes my head hurt.

          The Church has traditionally been a place of sanctuary. That means that you don’t let jack-booted thugs run amok on the premises. They seem to be preaching a sort of “New Age” statist theology. It is very unbecoming.

          They are “modeling” something all right. It’s something I want no part of.

        2. Wow Lophatt, your right. This is a deep rabbit hole and brings up 2 years of thoughts and pains.

          But for $287, 000 a year for life I may, just maybe, be able to let this go.
          Everyone here on MHB gets $287K for ALL our troubles.

          Haha, but its true. I think we have suffered the most watching our own country men turn to treason for money. I know I’m being harsh and can’t prove a thing, but somethings wrong on Elm Street…..

  35. “It has to be carefully taught.” Just in time for Hanukah and even Christmas — in a town near mine, one where the Boston Marathon passes, up Heartbreak Hill, past the gravestone of Johnny Kelly looking out through the railing of the Newton Cemetery — a woman (a long time resident of the Oak Hill section of the town, who recently moved to Boston after raising a daughter in the city, according to the article) has published a book: “Twenty Twinkling Stars.” Please connect this with the Holocaust book, “Number the Stars”.

    By the way, I am NOT a Holocaust denier in any way. They killed members of my husband’s family and imprisoned his mother, as well as killing his little half-brother. But Newtown was NOT like the Holocaust, because Newtown is a fiction.

    The headline above the story in Newton’s Tab (one of those papers like the Newtown Bee, I suppose, owned by outside publishing chains), reads: “Newton honors Newtown.” The woman, Laurie Schloff said she began to write the book “days after the tragedy.”

    “Everyone copes with tragedy in their own way. I couldn’t stop thinking about their spirits. There is nothing more beautiful than the spirit of a child.” Oh my. Can I be rude here? Shall I number the children you don’t care about? How about the moppets who find this under the tree or the kindergarteners/first graders who have this in their classroom? How about dropping the book on Gaza?

    Second-hand sentiments derived from tv interviews with Stepford Parents? Or something far more sinister.

    1. Musings, there is money aplenty to hire the best marketing firms. As the Monsignor says, “it’s all according to plan”. There is something for everybody. There is the “schmaltzy” emotion-laden sell, and the “angry” there oughta be a law, sell.

      In the other post Sutton talks about “Hegelian statists”. That’s what they are. They will enforce what the State decides is “best for us”. If they can’t get that cooperation voluntarily, they’ll impose it.

      A great many find comfort in their docility. They are frightened and angered by those who are individuals. It is dangerous when they have power. They are the ones who destroy the village to save it.

      “Those who the gods would destroy, first they make proud”.

  36. Newtown families are suing Bushmaster in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting second anniversary. Bushmaster is the gunmaker that manufactured the AR-15 semiautomatic rifle used by Adam Lanza in the Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting.

    Bushmaster- owned by Freedom Group Inc.

    Freedom Group- owned by Cerberus Capital Management

    Cerberus- Co-founder and man at the helm- Stephen A. Feinberg

    Stephen A. Feinberg’s father- Martin Feinberg

    Martin Feinberg- Place of residence- Newtown, CT on 12-14-12.

    1. Interesting information. Also on the “executive team” of Cerberus, in addition to Stephen Feinberg, are J. Danforth Quayle and John Snow (former Secretary of the Treasury) (with others I haven’t looked into).

      1. Boy, with all those “coincidence” little Newtown must be the center of the universe. How convenient. Got a little free advertising as well.

        You are right Anne, many of these little items have slipped below the radar over time. That’s the trouble with conventional film making. You only get one shot at it and it only lasts so long. With these they can “give it a trial run” and come back and “reinvent” it if they like.

        This is a sort of “mini-series”. Just think of the actors who always wanted a soap role. They finally have one.

      2. Anne B.,

        Global Digital Solutions, “a company that is positioning itself as a leader in providing cyber arms manufacturing, complementary security and technology solutions and knowledge-based, cyber-related, culturally attuned social consulting in unsettled areas,” has filed a letter of intent to purchase Remington Outdoor Co. (Freedom Group) for $1.082 billion.

        Global’s website:

  37. A Christmas miracle: while at a Christmas party this weekend, I was talking to someone about Sandy Hook and told him about the censorship surrounding WNTTAK. He said he’d like to see it (and I happen to have it downloaded), so I burned a copy and gave it to him today. Huzzah! One mind at a time…

  38. Along the lines of your last comment about there possibly being more conspiracy theorists seeking the truth than we know about; I’ve said for quite a while that I suspect there are more than we know that doubt, say, 9/11, but the media must surely have to control this (as much as the official story). I sometimes suspect that if we only knew how many others doubted what we’re told, we’d be seriously emboldened . . . and a much more serious force.

  39. I am one of the 125 channels who first uploaded the video. I just got a copyright strike against my account today, 1/7/2015. I did a counter notification and will wait to see what happens. If you have anything help you can offer I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. My god ! Be careful guys one of their next move will be to infiltrate your group like they did and still do with every group (truthers, etc.).
      And, this will be with a guy or an event who will first seem to be “to good to be true”. Careful guys. I trust you to be able to find a way to counter-attack this old trick, once for all …
      Gook luck guys and thank-you for your work and God help you !.

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