FSU_FootballBy Dr. Jason Kissner

While it is obviously vital to detect and deconstruct the fictitious narratives that often accompany mass events charged with political significance, here we will discuss another potential line of thought that should perhaps be pursued: the anticipation of mass fraud.

[Image Credit: Businessweek.com]

Clearly, such a project confronts several major challenges. Foremost among them, perhaps, is accommodating the necessity to place strictures upon conjecture that are sufficient to distinguish reasoned supposition from wild speculation.

In recognition of this chief concern, the following addresses the FSU active shooting and applies a tentative, simple framework that is intended to guide the anticipation of mass fraud. The output of the analysis is, it is believed, a reasonable conjecture as to the occurrence of another conceivably linked mass event that will contain elements of fraud.

The elements of the simple framework, which can interact depending on the particular analysis one is performing, are:

1. A careful analysis of empirical irregularities associated with previous mass events reasonably believed to have been, at least in certain respects, fraudulent
2. Close inspection of timing issues pertaining to the release of information/disinformation regarding previous mass events that carry mass political significance

Discussion of the two elements is in order, but first it should be noted that the framework is inherently domain-constrained. That is, it is intended to apply only to the anticipation of mass events the occurrence of which can be reasonably anticipated because they might be viewed, on an empirical basis as subtended by previous events (this will become more clear as we proceed).

In other words, the set of potential mass frauds that cannot be conjectured, in specific ways, to build on the momentum of previous mass frauds are excluded from the coverage of the framework.

The elements can be fleshed out with application to the FSU active shooting. With respect to the first element and considering, at this point, the FSU active shooting as a “previous” mass event, we can observe that active shootings in which active shooters have returned to schools they once attended (e.g., several years prior) are, empirically, very rare.

Furthermore, Myron May (the alleged FSU active shooter) is said to have sent 10 packages before the shooting. I am not sure, but May might well have been the first active shooter to have done something like this. We might add that May is said, in the just-now linked CNN article, to have believed that the recipients were to receive the packages on Friday, the day after the shooting. Why May, if he were planning on a Thursday shooting, wouldn’t have sent the “Priority Mail” packages earlier is a reasonable question to ask.

Moreover, are we to believe that May’s selection of Priority Mail rather than, say, Express mail is to be attributed to financial concerns, mental illness, or some combination thereof? Given the circumstances, that seems rather unlikely. For example, May, a former prosecutor, had to have been aware that any packages he sent that were still in the system would be intercepted subsequent to the shooting, yet he seems to have believed it very important that the packages be received. Of course, it is possible that the packages are shams.

Another empirical oddity is that May seems to have been more itinerant than typical active shooters are, having taken up residences in, for example (there may be others) Texas and New Mexico before his return to Tallahassee.

And, bearing on the possibility that May might have been a TI, active shooters don’t typically hear voices and complain of energy weapons being directed against them either, although there are of course other examples of this having happened, as we saw with Aaron Alexis (another alliterative name, somewhat curiously—and one wonders whether, for some reason, the frequency of alliterative names among TIs is statistically greater than in the general population).

With reference to this last set of empirical irregularities, the expectation has to be that the general public will attribute May’s doings to a mental illness such as schizophrenia. What we get, therefore, are empirical questions in connection with the factor analytic structure of, say, schizophrenia as opposed to TI symptom clusters. For example, how often do schizophrenics exhibit the degree of itineracy that May apparently did?

If May was a TI, the empirical fact that active shooters very rarely execute active shootings at schools they once attended could be especially significant. A priori, May could have acted at any of the other locations he resided, but he acted at FSU—and precipitously, quite soon after his arrival in Tallahassee.

fsulibrary2Alone, the fact that he had ties to Tallahassee is not necessarily sufficient to account for the fact that the active shooting event took place at FSU since, as was stated above, active shooters at schools have only very rarely executed shootings at schools they’ve once attended. And, more generally, active shooters, whether they shoot in schools or not, aren’t typically “itinerant returners.”

In fact, if May was a TI, it is reasonable to suppose that he was directed to FSU—which might have been made easier to do by virtue of the fact that he had ties to the location. Thus, empirical considerations might be taken to suggest that the FSU event location was statistically very unusual, but perhaps not random.

This combination of empirically unusual but perhaps not random should, I believe, be a core background idea when attempting to anticipate future mass frauds. So why FSU?

This brings us to the second component, which has to do with the timing of information/disinformation relating to previous mass events charged with political significance.

Under this component, we might want to recognize that we don’t know what might be in the ten packages May sent, if he sent them at all. But that we are to believe he did send them might be all that matters. The information, if such it is, in those ten packages might well provide for a steady stream of injections that help keep the FSU shooting front and center until it is time to move to the next stage.

Perhaps more importantly, though, we should consider that a day after the FSU event, the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate released a 114 page report relating to Adam Lanza and hammering on gun control and mental illness. And, referencing the report, CNN is banging on about “Red Flags Missed at Newtown.” Many other “news” outlets have behaved similarly—seizing on, for some reason, the FSU event in particular, as an opportunity to re-inject the Sandy Hook fraud into mass consciousness.

It should go without saying that the 114 page report could have been released a week ago, or two weeks ago, etc. Instead, it was released the day after the FSU event. Partly, this functions to inculcate the notion that TI cases are simply mental illness cases, so that we are told implicitly to identify persons such as Mayes with the Adam Lanza construct.

But it may also be that the timing of the release has even more ominous implications. Largely, the Sandy Hook operation was a failure on the issue of gun control, although it has attained considerable success along the mental health monitoring front.

And yet, even from the standpoint of gun control, Sandy Hook still retains appreciable potential in the sense that it still reverberates in the public psyche, and the reverberations might well be harnessed to other active shooting events so as to maximize cumulative impact.

On this score, the evidence is clear that Sandy Hook has been tethered to FSU. This is the upshot of the analysis under component 2. The upshot of the component 1 analysis, you may recall, was that FSU may well have been a non-random target destination.

When these two conclusions are synthesized, we arrive at the assessment that the Sandy Hook and FSU events might be parlayed so as to result in something even more impactful than Sandy Hook.

Given Sandy Hook’s domination of the media cycle, such an event would have to sort into the register of the “very big” indeed. It may prove worthwhile to think here of the fact that while Sandy Hook was momentous, it did not involve victimization relating to a national institution steeped in tradition—an institution such as the NCAA Championship game.

FSU is very well situated to participate in the ridiculous four team playoff scheme that has been constructed (and it is worth noting that Condi Rice sits on the Playoff Selection Committee). Even with a loss, it is quite conceivable that FSU would be selected anyway; as of right now FSU is undefeated.

Another active shooting at a university whose football team is participating in the four team playoff would resonate profoundly if carefully, and malevolently, timed. ESPN fanatics would be reached for days on end, as well as causal viewers of the extravaganza.

Of course, the playoff games will take place during winter break, but certain persons will be on campus anyway—and there are always the early days of December. And, there is always the mind-bogglingly horrific possibility that the contact could be in January, and very directly tied to the games.

Such an event might well prompt even a “Republican” Congress to pass gun control legislation.

In sum, it is perhaps inherent in the nature of anticipation of such events as these that the probability of something like the above transpiring should be accounted as rather low, but the prospect does arguably have some empirical support in active shooting data as well as other information—and it meshes very well with Obama’s “lame-duck” determination to secure his fraudulent legacy.

Dr. Jason Kissner is associate professor of criminology at California State University, Fresno. He holds degrees from Florida State University, The University of Florida, and Cornell University School of Law. Kissner’s research interests include active shootings and self-control. You can reach him at crimprof2010[ at]hotmail.com.

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30 thought on “FSU Shooting: The Anticipation of Mass Fraud”
      1. Thanks for answer. I had guessed targeted individual but did not find any verification for the abbreviation in my internet search.

        I have not followed this FSU case. I do not read newspapers anymore and do have not watched TV in my home for over three years so all my news comes via the regular sites I visit on the web.

        Little or nothing has been written about the FSU case on the sites I routinely visit. I do not even know the basics of the official narrative. I do not even know if Myron May is alive or if he committed suicide. I understand three people were shot and injured but their identities and condition have been kept secret.

        In these articles I think it would be helpful to always include at the beginning a very brief, one or two sentence, recap of the official narrative for the event. I notice Dr. Fetzer generally does that on fairly recent events.

      1. Thank you John for that show link. What an excellent interview.

        I communicated with two women about two or three years ago who were on an RBN radio show as guests telling of their experiences as TIs though that abbreviation and term apparently is more in use now than it was then.

        I have no doubt that it is a very real phenomenon.

        I thought the brief comment by Dr. Drucker, the pyschiatrist that it was all just people with “delusional disorders” was truly unhelpful and probably deliberate disinformation on his part.

        It seems to me that the victims of the voice to skull voices in their head are clearly different in their behavior than someone with paranoid schizophrenia. I thought Dr. Drucker’s dismissive pronouncement was extremely unprofessional. If Derrick Robinson has the “voices in his head” kind of attacks, he is way too articulate and mentally “together” than someone who is truly paranoid schizophrenic.

        My heart goes out to these victims and I am glad there is that organization for these people to compare notes and offer support to each other. I personally am moved to pray for these people that they will find strong help for themselves.

        The fact that the victims are being guided to harming themselves or even killing themselves or others tells me that this whole thing is of the demonic realm.

        I always get a bit depressed just listening to interviews on this subject or even just reading about it.

      2. Looks like Europe is catching on to this problem as well. Conference took place on 20 November in Brussels.

        Over the last century, numerous illegal experiments have been performed on human test subjects without their consent and continue to this day in the European Union and beyond. Not only whistle blowers, activists and political opponents are targeted, but thousands of innocent civilians are also subjected to non-consensual testing and mind control experimentation with remote technology weapons and covert community harassment. Faced with an ever increasing number of citizens voicing complaints of being remotely tortured and/or experimented on, governments around the world have failed to acknowledge these human rights violations by ignoring them and often treating them as mentally ill.

        To address this issue of global concern and stimulate the debate at the European level, the European Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCACH) and the STOPEG Foundation (Stop Electronic Weapons Stop Gang Stalking), are now organizing the world’s first ever Covert Harassment Conference.

        Aspiring to provide a respectful environment for the voices of the victims referred to as Targeted Individuals, we hope that this unique event will bring together all actors concerned: medical, juridical, political and technology experts, as well as, press and media representatives, and the victims, with the shared objectives: (1) revealing the on-going non-consensual research, (2) assessing the scope of such unethical experiments at the European and the international level, as well as (3) looking for possible solutions to protect citizens from this covert abuse.

    1. Interesting, Marzi a radical departure by Piers Morgan from .Paul joseph Watson when he takes an opposite stand regard the Michael Brown/Officer Wilson tragedy. What is Watson drinkimg these days? He said depending on the forensic evidence, the Grand JUry made the right decision. The prosecutor can (and did) skew the evidence to his personal bias with no transparency as well as lack of meaningful and full investigation in a legitimate trial setting–all ignored by Watson.

      I have no love for Piers Morgan but give credit where due–if reluctantly. What the hey! Is Alex Jones doning the emporer’s cap to dictate truth? Is Watson falling prey to jones’edicts? hmmmm/ This bears

      Another Infowars anchor, David KNight, gave an excellent account of the Ferguson Grand Jury farce which totally trumped Watson’s spiel. A Grand Jury will indict a ham sandwhich under the right(or wrong) cicdumstances–paraphrasing one legal system observer.

      The whole world is watching, as Infowar’s founder,
      Alex jONES, likes to brag. Get it togethe, team–juST MY OPINION.

      1. Just can’t seem to let this go when so much is at stake across the country. So I Googled David Knight’s video essay on the Ferguson Grand Jury’s process that breaks down the falacies of grand jury legal machinations in general but Ferguson in particular. Needed to revisit
        his clear-headed thinking on the matter.


        Searing condemnation by a gallant David Knight expose.

        Bless you David for taking a crucial step forward in this ongoing war against American values. If indeed we want to secure our values for the future.

    2. Marzi, I think the point of this is that it is ANOTHER manufactured event. I have no love for cops, or thugs. It seems obvious, at least to me, that none of this has anything to do with an unjust legal system or discrimination.

      This has to do with “divide and conquer”. They are obviously “forming teams” and fanning the flames to see if they can get an excuse going that will allow marshal law. Don’t forget what Kissinger said about how everyone will one day thank them for “restoring order” in their new world government. First, there has to be chaos.

      With all the other obvious abuses by cops these days, why do you suppose they chose this one? This one has enough ambiguity in it to be useful.

      So now they are busy promoting this thing like the Super Bowl. If you’re black you have to show support for your team. If you’re white, you have to howl with indignation.

      Meanwhile, while we’re gnashing our teeth, they are pushing their owner’s agenda at an every increasing pace. They are negotiating secret trade agreements, trying to start WWIII, importing Ebola and destroying the culture. All the while we endlessly debate precisely what they want us to.

      We all know that “justice” is really “just us”. I’m sure if they all simply went home they’d import “protesters”. I’m pretty sure that they have. This movie should have the low ratings it deserves.

  1. […] By Dr. Jason Kissner While it is obviously vital to detect and deconstruct the fictitious narratives that often accompany mass events charged with political significance, here we will discuss another potential line of thought that should perhaps be pursued: the anticipation of mass fraud. [Image Credit: Businessweek.com] Clearly, such a project confronts several major challenges. Foremost among them, perhaps, is accommodating the necessity to place strictures upon conjecture that are sufficient to distinguish reasoned supposition from wild speculation. In recognition of this chief concern, the following addresses the FSU active shooting and applies a tentative, More… […]

  2. Where can one begin to absorb, ingest and decipher these events which escape normal deconstruction only when they are stripped naked of the puffery, huffing and air-expanding delivery inherent in the 24/7 news cycle we euphamistically call ‘news.’

    Simply turn the lazer eye of the neutral but seasoned investigatorloose: behold clarity rises up to bite the hand that force-feeds the public pap. Oh my, what a delicious spectical to see the mighty hoisted on their own petard.

    Kudos to two intrepid doctors whose specialty is curing the habitual liar of systemic pathology. Referring to Ph.ds Kessner and Tracy, of course.

    1. OK, let’s take a look at that. It’s supposed to be somewhere near midnight at the library. The newsbimbo says there were 300 to 400 people in the library.

      Now, at that hour, the barrel hasn’t cooled off yet and we have footage of the scene. How did that happen? Shortly thereafter we have interviews, as the guy in this video mentions.

      By the next day we see this bizarre narrative. We have interviews with a student who claims that his backpack saved his life. All very dramatic.

      In a “real” crime, it takes time to figure out what happened. Usually they don’t want to release information because it could jeopardize a possible case should one develop. What you get is the sketchiest of information.

      I think it is important to think of the guy in the video’s phrase “a total hoax”. Does it have to be “total” to be a hoax? If someone dies and the completely spin the story, is that “real”? In this case, I don’t know. I do know that there seems to be an awful lot of fully-formed information on the event in a very short period of time. I call that “signature evidence”.

      1. Thank you for analysis Lo. Did you notice the second commentator (talking head), it seems she would be highly trained public relations agent.

        Interestingly enough to describe the incident she uses what I call the dialect of the ever-developing ‘death culture.’ Notice the inflection of her voice–pitch, tone, loudness–she is using language as a weapon of power that influences perception. Her message is ‘loaded’ to influence emotional impact–so there is propaganda. The words she uses are possible for a viewer to create abstractions of the incident which obscure reality, so we have rhetoric.

        John Ralston Saul stated in the book ‘The Unconscious Civilization’ that rhetoric, propaganda and dialect are ideological tools and when used together, when delivering information, the aim is the normalization of the untrue. (Pg. 63)

        Always something to think about.

        Also did you freeze the frame where the video presenter, upon reaching the FB page, clicks on a few names?? I did, mainly because what is obscure fascinates me. Connections are important especially connections that appear on the surface not to be connections.

        Thank you for sharing your term ‘signature evidence,’ I’ll be sure and put it into my evidentiary thinking tool box. BTW, Happy Thanksgiving and the best of the day to you.

      2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well. Yes, regarding the “newsbimbo”, you can always spot someone trained in “communication” or “marketing”. The articulation of their words, as well as the practiced delivery is hard to miss.

        “Normalization” is an excellent way to put it. I suppose that is another way of taking the unbelievable and acting as if it were commonplace.

        I didn’t freeze the frame but I’ll give it a try.

  3. Indeed, I suspect that all the Florida schools and including the Universities are housing spooks and corporation crisis managers helping to set up the next event. And that Jewett Middle School drill shows that they could be waiting for the right set of circumstances to make the next event happen.

  4. I feel after 2 years following this blog i have had my first unique revelation/ experience, and information I can contribute to this discussion immediately.

    I follow sports bettors and spent the early hours of this Thanksgiving holiday picking the outcomes of today’s football games. I also read this post by RJ Bell on pregame.com, a very prominent (and often interviewed by mainstream media) sports bettor on a very popular sports betting forum on Nov 25, 2014…


    “Vegas Rankings
    (Top 10 CFB teams according to Vegas)

    1) Alabama
    2) Mississippi State
    3) Oregon
    4) TCU
    5) Baylor
    6) FLORIDA ST.
    7) Ohio St
    8) Georgia
    9) Michigan St
    10) UCLA

    Committee Rankings

    1) Alabama
    2) Oregon
    3) FLORIDA ST.
    4) Mississippi State
    5) TCU
    6) Ohio St
    7) Baylor
    8) UCLA
    9) Georgia
    10) Michigan St”

    He goes on to explain in the forum post why Vegas insiders do not agree with the committee rankings on Florida St. and the fact they are about to qualify for the BRAND NEW (media coverage) playoff system (top 4 teams) that FSU does not belong in. (Vegas always wins, and is always right)

    I find this very coincidental i read Kissner’s comments about Condi Rice on the selection committee, the connections of FSU and Sandyhook, media sensationalism/ exploitation etc. immediately after i was on pregame this morning.

    Also interesting, Florida / FSU campus police seem to be able to hamper investigations since one of the biggest college sports story this year is FSU QB Jamis Winstons legal troubles.


    Go Seminoles Go


        1. I read this book in 2004 (or thereabout) and subsequently saw the film. I thought both were great, but other than the obvious connection, I didn’t connect Sandy Hook with the story. But now that you mention it, the similarities are kind of eerie. The single mother aspect, the setting, and even the physical similarities between the actor who played Kevin and Adam Lanza.

          The movie is available to rent on Amazon Instant Video, if anyone’s interested.

  5. This deliberate alteration of photos by media to dictate a desired perception is becoming a pattern. Here’s a photo of Myron May outside with a group of friends. Myron is at the far right, sitting in a chair. Note the guy in center of the photo (with the wide, expressive eyes).


    Now take a look at this video put forth by ABC, which begins by showing that same fellow’s face cropped from the above photo, with the caption “Myron May is seen in this undated photo”.


    The photos of lone gunmen Jared Loughner (balded, thug-like, menacing), James Holmes (orange-haired, doped up, spacey), and Adam Lanza (bug-eyed, “deer-in-the-headlights” expression, freaky) all create an impression. But they were at least photos said to depict the person in question. ABC’s selecting, cropping, and presenting a photographic image of someone other than Myron May to give the impression it’s Myron May, seems strange and misleading.

    It’s like they deliberately *try* to confuse readers.

  6. If you are even a little bit curious about what this phenomenon is about, you should also visit the only website with a complete archive of all published news reports on this topic (counterintelligence stalking): Fight Gang Stalking.

  7. Speaking of mass fraud, is it not curious that there have been so many cyber attacks, and even sakes alive Hollywood has been attacked with yet to be released new movies available for free?

    Was it those dirty bugger Chinese or maybe the N Koreans? We will never know. But for sure the internet, our last outlet for the truth, is tottering on the threat of massive failure.

    Daily receive virus warnings when launching articles, not from my normal provider, but from a phantom looking out for my own good, when I try again it works. Admittedly, I visit conservative, anti-big government sites.

    Trying to wrap my head on how we just borrowed another trillion dollars to pay off an urgent debt, all the while taking in record income.


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