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Sandy Hook Promise founder, Rob Cox, recently asked the question, “Did the law, and our Constitution, make this massacre easier to carry out?” His organization advocates for massive mental health screening for all children, according to the Burlington Free Press article, “Sandy Hook lessons yet to be learned, two years later“.

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This is the same “mental health screening” that clearly failed Adam Lanza at Danbury Hospital, where he was screened by the Department of Psychiatry for harm to himself and others and released prior to the mass murder in Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut.

According to the Burlington Free Press Interview, “In asking these wrenching questions, Cox was essentially framing the mission of the organization he would help to forge during the coming weeks in Newtown, Sandy Hook Promise.”

This has prompted AbleChild cofounder, Patricia Weathers, to ask some pointed questions to the founder, Mr. Cox, who has garnered the attention and support of the mainstream media, politicians, and financial supporters.

“This stunning “anti-constitutional” mission of the Sandy Hook Promise should have us all alarmed,” says Patricia Weathers.

The question, Mr. Cox, why are you not asking for the medical and mental health records like AbleChild, or finding it a little “strange” to say the least that there are just too many discrepancies in the reporting?

Why does Sandy Hook Promise blame the Constitution and yet does not want access to all the data involved in the “treatment” that failed this young adult?

Cox seems to buy into the State’s “Lanza Narrative”  that he didn’t get mental health treatment or needed drugs instead of looking to facts within the police investigative report.  Is this why Cox hasn’t asked for the records to be opened or held the State of Connecticut and the Sandy Hook Commission accountable to the public?

My son was placed on psychiatric drugs with dangerous side effects and had a violent adverse event.  Being a mother who testified before the FDA and Congress with the hundreds of parents that have had children who have died as a result of antidepressants linked to violence and suicide, I know that parents who want answers DON’T STOP until all information is revealed and all questions are answered. These parents, despite their loss, fought through the bureaucratic rhetoric to get to the truth and based on this truth changed appropriate laws and worked to get a Black Box Warning on the drugs and TV Ads so that other children would not share the same fate. They were not pawns for one political group pushing an agenda. They saw through this and the pharmaceutical conflict of interest within the government.

Perhaps this is why the Sandy Hook Promise doesn’t have all the Sandy Hook victims’ families that lost a child on that horrifying day supporting their efforts.  A fact Cox admits in the article.

An organization like Sandy Hook Promise, that blame the Constitution and uses innocent victims to spread misinformation without having all the facts is reprehensible.  This organization, by pushing forced mental health treatment and gun control without public hearings is endangering our children and violating parental rights.  This flies against the very foundation of this Country.

AbleChild: Parents for Label and Drug Free Education is a nationally recognized Non-Profit Organization (501c3) dedicated to parents, caregivers, and children’s rights alike. Incorporated in New York in November 2003, Ablechild is steadily moving toward ensuring that all caregivers are provided with a safe haven, resource center, and support network when faced with issues surrounding subjective psychiatric labels assigned, and drug “treatment” prescribed, to our nation’s vulnerable children.

Founded in 2001 by parents who had their own personal experiences with label and drug coercion by the education system, Ablechild has a personal commitment to inform, support, and unite others faced with all aspects involving labeling and drugging children.

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39 thought on “Sandy Hook Promise at Odds with Constitution and Other Parents”
  1. Some with Nazi like ambitions would do well to remember that just one generation ago we did not have these problems. Why is that?
    Because we weren’t medicating our children! We weren’t subjecting them to side effects and withdrawals. We simply allowed them to be children, and all was well.

    Now, somehow, they would have us believe that all of our children need to be medicated like perfect little Nazi robots. Why is that?
    Because it fits into their narrative and agenda.
    Yet it has nothing to do with our children having mental problems … until they start messing with their brain development chemically.

    Our children are fine. It’s our system that is broken!

      1. Yeah, that’s right – Nazism is about “will” rather than law. It is about loyalty to one man, a dictator. Some of us are saying that’s what this kind of thing looks like. You got a problem with that, BMan?

  2. Here is my second comment on the Obama’s Mental Health Mandate article here…

    dachsielady says:
    November 11, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    On the July 22, 2014, Hour 2, The Power Hour show with host, Joyce Riley, Sheila Mathews of and associated also with, discusses here efforts in Connecticut to stop forced early mental health screening laws. Free archives available at

    A part of the show dealt with Ms. Mathews’ views on Sandy Hook event. She essentially said that she accepts the official story. Her group tried to get full medical/psychiatric history and records on Adam Lanza through a FOIA request to no avail.

    She also stated that Adam Lanza’s main psychiatrist was a Dr. Paul Fox, who now is “treating children” in the country he has fled to, New Zealand. Dr. Fox is said to have surrendered his Ct. license to practice medicine. He is said to have admitted to destroying all of his records of treatment of Adam Lanza. He also is said to have complaints on record of his having sexual relations with his clients. He is said to have fled the USA. The state of Ct. would not release any information about who Adam Lanza’s doctor was for one full year after the event.

    I think this is interesting because you have what looks to be some well-intentioned people and organizations looking after the rights of parents for informed consent regarding the testing and drugging of their children, but who are at the same time totally reacting and responding to something that is not based in fact, evidence or verified records of any kind. Nothing good can come from building upon, reacting to, a big vague unsubstantiated and unidentified set of people connected with a false event.

    We do not know if Adam Lanza was a real person or anything about him if he was. Same for Nancy and the father.
    We do not know anything about “Dr. Paul Fox” nor if he was a real person practicing as a psychiatrist in Ct.


    Sheila Mathews said on this cited radio interview that she was one of the founders of

    She said she had in her hand the letter to the Ct. Board of Medical Examiners whereby Dr. Paul Fox surrendered his license to practice psychiatric medicine in Ct.

    Having this written record such as this letter is what determines for Ms. Mathews and that Sandy Hook was a real event basically as presented in the media and by the government as the “official narrative.”

    This may well be an instance of an official fake fabricated government record, and there may be many many of these connected to various different “false flag” or hoax events. Government records that are released via FOIA are not to be taken at face value.

    Ms. Mathews said that Mr. Sedensky, Ct. Attorney General, told her there was absolutely nothing he could do to prosecute Dr. Fox since he was now in another country, New Zealand.

    It never occurs to that his “letter” record from a Ct. state agency is false or fabricated.

    It never occurs to well-intentioned organizations like AbleChild to try to find the identity and record of Dr. Paul Fox in state of Ct. to thereby try to at least make some determination that he was an actual identified person and psychiatrist treating patients in Ct.

    The introduction of drugs and gun control efforts began in the US public school system began over 50 years ago, probably closer to a century ago. Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Charlotte Iserbyt and Beverley Eakman, and many other conservative commentators have explained early historical roots of turning public schooling into the experimental laboratory carrying out the tenets of the Humanist Manifesto. Children are to focus on how they “feel” about things and are to share their “feelings” about home relationships are practices. All of this led to extensive values testing and mental health testing in the school, gradually getting more blatant over the years. All of this led to the situation now where you have school “counselors” and people with B.A. degrees in psychology recommending and referring students to a psychiatrist for prescription of psychotropic drugs. The mental health diagnoses over the years gradually accommodated ADH and ADHD, behavioral disorders linked to learning disabilities.

    For the most part, parents, even well educated, upper socioeconomic status, seem to swallow this bovine excrement hook, line and sinker. They get their kids on Aderal and a host of major drugs with serious long-term side effects. The parents are not the least bit interested in asserting their rights as parents nor in information about the drug their child is taking.

    Sandy Hook is a sophisticated MULTI-LAYERED false or hoax event.

    It is not possible to properly and intelligently address the subject of this current article about the phony “Sandy Hook Promise” type organizations unless one goes beyond the outer layer of the event, that is, simply and only reacting to the outer official narrative of the event.

    Every time we Internet “researchers” of these events search a bit below this other layer, we enter Cass Sunstein land. Nothing pans out or fits together about the major players. Every line of inquiry we try to follow is increasingly nebulous and ephemeral. You end up wanting to see DNA proof that a subject person of interest actually existed.

    1. Apparently a Dr. Paul L. Fox existed. Whether he had a patient by the name of Adam Lanza, whose records have conveniently vanished, remains unclear. Especially with the doctor’s sudden departure for New Zealand – a safe distance from his former digs.

      Dr. Paul Fox’s ex wife (divorced in June 2012). She is very active in local affairs where she lives in New Fairfield, CT:

      The Internet Trail of Dr. Fox:

      Dr. Paul Fox specializes in psychiatry in Brookfield, Connecticut.
      2 Old New Milford Rd
      Ste 1 E
      Brookfield, CT 06804
      Phone: (203) 775-9711
      Fax: (203) 740-8890

      Dr. Fox is affiliated with 1 hospital:
      Danbury Hospital
      24 Hospital Ave
      Danbury, CT 06810

      Dr. Fox attended medical school at New York Medical College and graduated in 1986 having 28 years experience.

      1. Thanks for info, Anne B.

        OK, let’s say Dr. Fox was a practicing psychiatrist in Ct. I still think the letter from Dr. Fox to Ct. Board of Medical Examiners (or whatever state agency) surrendering his license and admitting to destroying Adam Lanza’s records is a fabricated second or third layer “insert” into the Sandy Hook official story.

        These inserted layer stories many times will seemingly contradict the official story so that lends credence to them.

        These inserted layer stories always lead researches into a whole new round of discussions of things “they”, the plotters want us to waste time on. was in existence long before Sandy Hook and what they say they are trying to accomplish seems very good indeed. However they seem to accept the basic idea of ADD and ADHD and other “behavior disorders” is diagnosable by a school counselor and is treatable by pharmaceutical chemicals.

        That trend of moving education away from truly educating the child into the affective domain began many decades ago and it is all about social engineering and compiling huge databases on every individual and setting their education and career / work path in about the first grade.

        Of course it is possible to tie gun control into psych disorders so the more you expand exactly what psych disorder there are, the more gun control you have. Same goes for general ownership of the child by the state and declaring more and more parents unfit to raise a child.

        A great deal of control over the population is wrought through the public education system and is also helped along greatly by fabricated hoax event that instill fear in the parents and the public regarding their children’s safety and well being.

        I personally like what Dr. Peter Bergen has to say about all the psych drugs etc. It is all hit-or-miss, trial and error prescribing of basically unknown chemical combinations on individuals with very unique individual biological characteristics.

        I would note also that Psychiatry, Psychology, Sociology etc seem to be largely the domain of persons of self-declared Jewish religion and or ethnicity. I am the victim of such education and would say my university training was largely dominated by the Frankfurt School ideology.

        I do not think we ought to be spending so much time on these side subjects though, that is on subjects like education system, psyche drugs, etc.

        I think we ought to be observing the patterns we observe in the formulation and execution of false Sandy Hook type events.

      2. Dachsielady – you wrote “…surrendering his license and admitting to destroying Adam Lanza’s records is a fabricated second or third layer “insert” into the Sandy Hook official story.”

        Isn’t it convenient that Dr. Fox is out of country, and not available to be interviewed or questioned? And I’m willing to bet offhand, just based on the fishy situations around all of this stuff, that New Zealand doesn’t extradite.

      3. dachsielady – good comments.

        It seems that this Dr. Fox existed and was used as a player in the plot. His departure for New Zealand, or wherever, took place before 12/14/12 so that he could not be reached after the event. We can assume he had “able” help to get away. Someone had reached a Dr. Paul Fox in New Zealand, but it turned out to be a different Fox. The name is surely fitting. So yes, the name attached to a this person was used in the many layers of Sandy Hook deceits – for a handsome profit we may assume.

        I took a special interest in the Sandy Hook event because I used to live in the area for many years and knew some of the players. My former veterinarian has a clinic on the same road where this Dr. Fox allegedly had his practice in a medical building. It is a somewhat rural country road.

        You wrote: “I would note also that Psychiatry, Psychology, Sociology etc seem to be largely the domain of persons of self-declared Jewish religion and or ethnicity.”

        Yes. And therein lies many, if not all of the answers.

  3. I don’t pretend to know if Ms. Mathews believes the “official” account. By addressing their narrative in the manner that she does she is able to carry on a conversation that would otherwise be dismissed out of hand.

    I rather think that she is clever enough to put the burden of proof back where it belongs. She correctly shows that you can tell the real agenda behind these productions by what follows.

    If we look at the current atmosphere we live in it is easy to see that the level of outright lying is truly amazing. The misdirection that used to be asserted through careful suggestion is now blatantly claimed as truth. “Belief” is mandatory.

    As usual we are left, slack-jawed, wondering what is to be done. It is impossible to control what these mutts do. Our reaction to it should be total rejection. I think Ms. Mathews does provides a valuable service with her organization. I would not want to judge what she actually thinks by her approach. I think her approach is far more effective than simply stating the obvious and being ignored.

    Just as Dr. Tracey produced his open letter to the disturbing strange Anderson Cooper (did I mention his numbers are circling the bowl?), sometimes it is better to meet them on their own turf. By pointing out the obvious fallacies in their narrative they are left to either remain silent or attempt to defend their position. Usually they simply feign anger.

    This pattern, creating an event and then “legislating” to it, is the same technique currently in use in the Middle East to justify more war. In a sense, they “war” has come home.

  4. Drive through any neighborhood; houses with young parents and children inside and no one on the street. No children outside playing together, and no one in the neighborhood knows each other. The kids are fed crap food, and get a constant diet of coma inducing brain garbage animation like “Frozen”. “Don’t go outside honey”, as mom walks by the fridge, under a magnet, a letter from the state showing the new pervert they just moved in down the lane.

    Fast forward and they will be like the crop of twenty something’s today. They will make one bad decision after another, and enabling parents will give them money to fix all their problems. Oh honey, you can’t pay for your $50,000 pickup truck? Just give it to Daddy and you can have his paid off truck. Quite simply the children are insane, and the parents keep fixing them, never allowing them to fail.

    Adam Lanza, a fictional character, is simply a tool to make the rest of this insane country look sane. Someday soon, when Mommy and Daddy have no more money to enable the kids, Big Brother will hand the little kiddies pitchforks and they will run Mummy and Pop off a cliff for their trouble. They will turn to Big Bro and say: “fulfill me!”. Sure kids, just as soon as this pesky little war is won, then you can have everything you ever dreamed of.

    America, we complained about bailing out banks, but the people of this country are just as bad within their own families. Adam Lanza was a fake, but you can bet the real ones are almost here.

    1. Thank you Rich,

      It was held by some, after the framing of the Constitution, that by allowing the practice of slavery to continue, that they has signed a ‘covenant with death.’

      In 1810, Unitarian minister Theodore Parker observed: “” I do not pretend to understand the moral universe, the arc is a long one, my eye reaches but little ways. I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by the experience of sight; I can divine it by conscience. But from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice.

      Things refuse to be mismanaged long. Jefferson trembled when he thought of slavery and remembered that God is just. Ere long all America will tremble.”

      A half century later, the covenant was fulfilled. The Civil War.

      Like you, I feel so discouraged and pessimistic – even irresponsible to have brought children into a world of such deceit and greed. I don’t think people are sheep. It’s worse. They grab onto the manufactured cause du jour, to exploit it. But they know.

      Let Parker be right, and perhaps time will see the moral universe return to a place of balance and justice…

      1. Then it would seem we are overdue. If justice is blind, the rain will fall on the just and the unjust. Of course, maybe there are no righteous left. We all participate in one way or another.

  5. Thank you Ms. Mathews and the charity for all you do to fight for the rights of children and their parents who are in the trenches fighting this war on our liberties.

    It is criminal to poison children, yet they are making billions doing just that and hiding the evidence of their crimes. The Sandy Hook Commission and all the other officials involved in suppression of the evidence, should be held accountable.

    Perhaps there are other organizations such as the ACLU who should be shocked at how children are also being terrorized with live shooting drills at our schools based on endless pages of redacted reports and video evidence of only a dilapidated, fire hazard of a school and nonsensical hours of toilets that were not handicap accessible.

  6. Everything about this event is reprehensible. I just spent this weekend furthering my research. The event, like all the latest fabricated events coming from this government with government sanctioned frauds, is a bad movie. No child died in the Sandy Hook movie.

    Some in real life families involved in this fraud had two and three children in the event. The families we were told existed are ficticious and they do not live in Newtown. I have found the frauds in this game scattered all over the country and a slew of these frauds live in Florida. I am finding some with double identities and all living quite the good life. Each and every story on these people regarding their lives before and after the event is a LIE. Some stories told were filled with controversy and that is simply how they play the game to keep the lies alive.

    They used age regression, old photos with shopping and other video/photo fraud to carry the fraud as a true event including changing the apppearance of the adults. They have a huge net-work through It Works, It Works Global that was more than capable of supplying the casting for any funeral or other related event.

    They have many frauds helping them pull this off including doctors and lawyers. I am working to coordinate this complicated mess and then ALL their names will be put out there. Many of the kids they used were already pre-teens and I am finding photos as far back as 2010 which show their pre-planning. One family had three of their children in the fraud and even had a boy age regressed and presented in the fraud as a little girl. That little tid bit with give any shill reading this a good clue that I am onto them and have in fact found the families in this fraud.

    If they were not psychopaths they would end this now before the kids they used have to suffer embarrassment with their family names and photos posted for the public; based on past behaviors slim chance of any honesty ever coming from these people or the governments.

    They are not interested in constitutional rights, the health and wellfare of children or anything that one might consider positive. They are interested in diminishing rights because doing so makes it easier to rob the people blind. Any law or appropriation passed based on this event is straight up fraud and every single state and federal legislative body knows it.

    Our Representatives are in the game as is our president and our courts; the aforementioned gives the psychopaths confidence that they they will never be touched. As long as people continue to deny the more than obvious, the psychopaths will prevail. How ironic that PSYCHOPATHS want to direct the course of mental health care for OUR children.

    Wake up people – it is your children and their children that will suffer the greatest negative affect.

  7. […] Questioning the Motives of “Charity” Founded by Reuters Senior Editor By Sandy Hook Promise founder, Rob Cox, recently asked the question, “Did the law, and our Constitution, make this massacre easier to carry out?” His organization advocates for massive mental health screening for all children, according to the Burlington Free Press article, “Sandy Hook lessons yet to be learned, two years later“. [Image Credit:] This is the same “mental health screening” that clearly failed Adam Lanza at Danbury Hospital, where he was screened by the Department of Psychiatry for harm to himself and others and released prior More… […]

  8. “An organization like Sandy Hook Promise, that blame the Constitution and uses innocent victims to spread misinformation without having all the facts is reprehensible.”

    It seems to me that having all the facts might make it harder to collect donations, so why would he push to have facts? The fable is profitable enough.

  9. Make no mistake Rpbert Cox and Tom Bittman are up to their eyeballs in this Sandy Hook event in my opinion.

    This “event” was obviously intended to replicate Dunblaine-Port Arthur and result in the banning and confiscation particularly of AR-15s. Fortunately the plan backfired and production of AR-15s are at record levels and manufacturers are at full capacity.

    The reality is blatantly demonstrated in the FBI crime statistics. All rifles of any kind with any magazine capacity comprise a statistically non existent percentage of gun deaths PERIOD! That is correct – all AAR-15s, AK-47s, deer rifles, sniper rifles, assault rifles with magazines exceeding 30 rounds, 100 rounds or unlimited belt feeds make up approximately 300 out of 8000 gun homicides. So why is all the legislation to reduce gun violence focused entirely on agonizing details as to what is an “assault rifle”. Why are all unrregistered owners of these guns and magazines in Connecticut all worthy of being felons ?

    While Wolfgang was speaking at the Newtown Board of Education meeting Robert Cox was sitting right next to him. Bittman and Cox both closely flanked Pat Lodra. First Selectwoman, immediately after the meeting.

    And when Wolfgang was being interviewed outside the building Robert Cox childishly mocked him by fake coughing and saying “Bulls#t” in the midst of his fake cough. What a worthy candidate of the Alumni award.

    Bittman and Cox both appear to be unapologetic enemies of our Constitution. Enemies many of us to have sworn to defend against.

  10. The FBI data for 2013 is unequivocal – you are more than twice as likely to be killed by a fist or a foot than by all of the assault rifles and high capacity magazines and all other rifles combined.

    And also gun homicides have been consistently reduced year after year so the suggestion that this is an escalating problem is inconsistent with the facts.

    1. You are more likely to die from a bee sting than a Terrorist Attack much less a botched operation or auto accident.

      That hasn’t stopped the greatest money making hoax dubbed the “War on Terror”.

      They do what they want period. They just want your rifles now.

  11. I couldn’t find the recent thread where one woman’s SRA experience was mentioned. I heard this radio show from august where a caller calls in near the end of the frater-x interview and tells her story which lasts until the end of the show. Crazy,crazy. much different the way someone can speak off the top of their head for hours about life experiences compared to some alleged victims like cathy O’brian who only seem to remember their abuse after they had time to make up the story.
    anyway her story is well worth hearing even ted gundersen was brought up and not in a good light.

  12. Off Topic.

    Don’t be surprised if the Ferguson Verdict and Obama’s Proclamation come down at the same time Cloward- Piven Style.

    Keep ’em over whelmed and off Guard.

    James, How about a Free Friday Blog here where everyone can talk about current events, Report the Aerosol spraying over their city and talk about anything, any topic, for a week then it renews. The new articles can be published but it will give the people a forum.

    The Reply buttons would separate the different conversations.

    Just a thought.

    1. And let me just add, then all the comments on the articles will stay on topic and if you have something to say or what to report an event you go to the Free Friday Blog and say anything you want like “I’m in SoCal and they’re spraying the daylights out of us today”….

      1. Hey Ric! My reply seemed to disappear will try again. We all have a lot of reasons to hate facebook. but this site look at the sky, appears to have a productive purpose. Concerned citizens are reporting confirmed geo-engineering in their skies, and yes SoCal as well as the entire US has been hammered this past week or so.

        The admin has an open thread, where all topics are welcome.

  13. Hours ago, the Office of the Child Advocate released a report, two years in the making, in which they had exclusive access to Adam Lanza’s medical records. After reviewing it I noted a few red flags. This reads just like the inadequate Sedensky report. Only first names of victims are used, with the report written in a summery style, omitting names and specific dates. We hear from unnamed experts: “The doctor said…According to the team…The psychiatrist reported…”

    The report concludes repeatedly that there were many missed opportunities by mental health and school officials to stop this tragedy, yet at the same time, the OCA clearly tries to discourage lawsuits by including the following statement in boldfaced and italic typeface:

    “There can be no direct line drawn between one entity or person’s actions and a mass murder. ”

    -Two of the members of the OCA also served on the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission. They previously claimed to have no access to the mental health records of Adam.

    -This report includes no actual records, or even the names of any caregivers. Confidentiality agreements were required. The report was guided by:

    Connecticut State Police (Vance)

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Members of the State Child Fatality Review Panel

    Nina Rovinelli Heller, Ph.D., Professor, University of Connecticut School of Social Work

    Patricia Llodra, First Selectwoman, Town of Newtown

    State’s Attorney’s Office, Judicial District of Danbury (Sedensky)

    U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Connecticut

    A cut and paste selection:

    6.AL had several sessions with a community psychiatrist between age 13 and 15, though there are no medical records regarding this physician’s treatment.

    10.Records indicate that Mr.Lanza made efforts after the Yale Child Study evaluation to seektreatment, appropriate care coordination,and education planning for AL. (An obvious attempt to protect him from lawsuits.)

    16.AL completed high school through a combination of independent study, tutoring, and classes at a local college. (Pretty vague…They do not name Western Connecticut any longer, since the police report found no records of enrollment. His studies there were part of the original official meme.)

    This is not an annotated compilation of records, witness statements, and conclusions by named authorities. Besides being full of typos, it appears to be a work of fiction.


      PDF: Office Of The Child Advocate Report On Sandy Hook Shooting
      Read The Full Story Here

      This is all nonsense.

      If you start working on trying to fill in the huge holes of missing information in the chronology of Adam Lanza’s mental health treatment history, you have to exert all of the work under the assumption that the general life story of Adam Lanza as it has presented in the media is true and correct.

      All the deficiencies and new questions this new report by the Office of The Child Advocate frustratingly presents to us now just are meant to use up our time and resources on dead-end rabbit trails.

      So far, the Yale Child Health Center and the Yale Hospital are places where nothing but mysterious missing information about patients and deaths at their hospital abounds.

      I would first like to see the birth and death certificates of Adam Lanza.

      1. Precisely, my dear Watson. This is a ploy. First you start with an unbelievable fantasy, then you issue “specialty pieces” about it later so that people debate the details and lose sight of the total phoniness of the thing.

        This is like “the guy in the woods”. That occupied many meaningless hours of discussion. Or, pictures of toilets. Let’s not forget our recluse who liked to go dance for hours?

        I think they call that “diversion”.

  14. Get Ready for the Theatrical Reading of the new Sandy Hook play “26 Pebbles” to benefit CT charities of the Sandy Hook Shooting. Get your tickets now for this heartfelt reading. December 15, 2014 at the Lynn Redgrave Theatre in NYC. Who knows, maybe there will be some recognizable crisis actors in the audience! What next? A Musical?

      1. Getting back to real life… just heard Francine Wheeler aged 47 and her husband David aged 53 have just had a baby boy!..also Jennifer Hensel and Jeremy Richman are celebrating the birth of of Imogen Joy..(. another elderly couple.).They have the Avielle Richmond foundation charity.. Any thoughts on this..? .. like wow… what age ?.. I read its only a 1 per cent chance of getting pregnant at that age.. there is a photo of Francine with one mighty bump.. standing over the cot looking at the stars on the wall.. another holding the newborn, she is sporting lovely Purple top…. I am trying to get my head around it…

        1. Hello PoppyLavendar,

          I have read many of your comments here and am appreciative of all the nuggets of information you have contributed! Francine Wheeler’s pregnancy is strange and unusual but not completely unrealistic.

          Please don’t get me wrong, This whole SH “episode” stinks to high heaven. I am only pointing out that it is possible because my paternal grandfather (61 years old) re-married when I was 8 years old. My step-grandmother was 45 years old when they got married and she became pregnant after they had been married for about a year. So, when I was 10 years old my Aunt was born. Also, my Father is 36 years older than his sister. I guess my point is, after all that meandering ?, it is possible how ever unlikely it may be.

          In conclusion, it is just one more example of an “unlikely, but possible” piece of this schizophrenic puzzle known as Sandy Hook.


  15. The Sandy Hook Promise is an illegal nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is for political lobbying and pushing their Marxist/Communist agenda.

    They are doing everything that a nonprofit is prohibited from doing by the IRS. There is a Form F3949 on which anyone can anonymously file a complaint against any nonprofits, and I am going to file one tomorrow outing them as a criminal organization using the so-called “Sandy Hook Massacre” to raise obscene amounts of money to promote their anti-Constitutional, anti-American agenda.

    The time has come to go after these people with every legal resource at our fingertips. Never before has any group of parents formed any organization, using their dead children as props, in which they are dictating how 306 million Americans should live their lives according to their demands.

    Out of every hour since 12/14/2012, they have spent 50 minutes proselytizing, advocating, and anti-gun activism, forcing their ideological views onto everyone else, with barely a fractrion of their time spent in anything remotely resembling grief.

    How many episodes of 48 Hours or Dateline have you watched about murdered family members where the other members of the victim’s family relive the event and the grief 5, 10, 20, 40, and even 50 years later? How many times have we seen grown adults weep for a loved one lost no matter how much time has passed since?

    The wound never heels, but these people are evil to the core. They are as cold as stone. I would dare say that they would go as far as sacrificing their own children if it meant they could get their agenda imposed upon the entire country.

    How many people has Obama had killed to do likewise?

    In the first month after the “massacre,” nobody knew squat about Adam Lanza. Now, it seems like there’s more information about him than anyone else who ever set foot in Newtown. uwst as all of the information about Obama was manufactured, so, too, is all this bullcrap mental health history manufactured about Adam Lanza.

    Do you know that the Psychiatric Industry essentially works for the Pharmaceutical industry? You need to read the reports produced by CCHR International. Get on their website or on Amazon, and download their Book, “Psyched Out: How Psychiatry Sells Mental Illness and Pushes Pills That Kill,” in Kindle format so that you can read it on your computer using either a Free Kindle Reader program or Amazon’s Free Kindle Cloud Reader.

    When Big Pharma wants to introduce a new drug, they turn to the Psychiatric Industry to invent a new mental health illness.

    Of the 34 mass shootings that have been committed by young males, every single one of them was either taking an SSRI (for depression or bipolar disorder) or were taking multiple SSRI’s, had their dosage increased, or had gotten off of them, cold-turkey.

    But, since Big Pharma made $3.8 billion last year just from the sale of SSRI’s, and has been raking in more $billions every year as “new” drugs are marketed by the complicit shrinks, the AMA, and the APA.

    There were 66,000 new psychological syndromes added to the new code manual, the ICD-9, so that doctors and drug companies can boost their profits by pushing pills to “cure” normal behavior. Like the saying, “There’s an app for that,” the same theme applies to new mental health afflictions.

    Is your child lazy? There’s a pill for that. Is your child ambitious? There’s a pill for that. Does your teenage son think about having heterosexual sex with an older woman? There’s a pill for that.

    You get the picture. The government and the left-wing Commie front groups are sowing division among us and their ultimate goal is to control us from birth to death. We must fight back. We must call them out for who they are: scam artists.

    They are the ACORN of gun control.

    Every dictatorship seeks to disarm its populace – and when that happens, genocides follow.

    Who else has ever had a child murdered and then pushed for an omnibus law to make all pediatric homicide records off-limits?

    400 young Black teens were shot to death in Chicago in 2012. None of their parents have been pushing for universal gun control laws, holding fundraisers, going to Congress. When there is an adult shot to death versus a young child shot to death, the differential in fundraising potential is massive. The Sandy Hook Ghouls want to raise $1.2 million.

    For what? Where are all the educational programs and guides they were supposed to produce? nonprofits are not supposed to have an ROI of 66 percent! That’s right. On their 2013 Form 990, only 1/3 of what they collected were recorded as expenses. That means that 2/3 of what was donated in the name of charity was clear profit.

    Assistant AG Steven Sedensky added a small caveat to his final report that leaves the door open for re-opening the SHES investigation if any subsequent evidence contradicts the final conclusions in the report.

    And, boy is there ever compelling evidence for a 2nd shooter, and other people directly involved in the SHES incident that confirms a well-coordinated cover-up and conspiracy to hide all the evidence that contradicts the official story.

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