Using Sandy Hook as Pretext, Administration Backs Psychiatric Surveillance of School Children

By James F. Tracy

Using the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre as its justification, the Obama administration has recently given the psychiatric business and pharmaceutical industry a major gift by quietly introducing a behavioral and mental health program in public schools throughout the United States. The maneuver was initially laid out on January 16, 2013 in President Obama’s executive policy, Now is the Time: The President’s Plan to Protect Our Children and Our Communities by Reducing Gun Violence.

The document is partly devoted to articulating Obama’s proposed gun control measures that failed to move gain legislative traction in 2013. Yet an under-reported section of Now is the Time is applied to “making schools safer” and “improving mental health services” for students.[1] While presented by the Obama administration as “commonsense solutions to gun violence,“ one is left to consider the long range implications of such an initiative, particularly in light of the Affordable Care Act and the psychopharmaceutical complex’s never-ending drive to expand its clientele.

On September 22, 2014 Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell announced $99 million in new grants “to train new mental health providers, help teachers and others recognize mental health issues in youth and connect them to help and increase access to mental health services for young people.”[2]

On September 23 the Department of Education announced an additional $70 million in “School Climate Transformation grants.” According to the DOE, over half of the funding “will be used to develop, enhance, or expand systems of support for implementing evidence based, multi-tiered behavioral frameworks for improving behavioral outcomes and learning conditions.” The goals of such measures include “connecting[ing] children, youths, and families to appropriate services and supports,” and “increase[ing] measures of and the ability to respond to mental health issues among school-aged youth.”[3]

Both HHS and DOE explicitly cite Obama’s Now is the Time declaration as rationale for the new programs. “The administration is committed to increasing access to mental health services to protect the health of children and communities,” Secretary Burwell asserts. “If kids don’t feel safe, they can’t learn,” Secretary of Education Arne Duncan similarly remarks. “Through these grants of more than $70 million, we are continuing our commitment to ensure that kids have access to the best learning experience possible.”

NITTOf the DOE’s $70 million, $13 million is allocated to aiding school districts in creating “high-quality school emergency plans.” Another $14 million goes toward “Project Prevent grants” for violence-plagued schools to “be used for school-based counseling services, or referrals to community-based counseling services for assistance in coping with trauma or anxiety.”[4]

Such designs should be viewed in light of two related concerns that hint at broader motives and agendas: 1) the US government’s continued aggressive transformation of the healthcare system; 2) psychiatry and drug manufacturers’ shared mission to persuade an increasing segment of the national and global population that it has one or more undiagnosed mental or emotional “disorders” that require analysis and treatment.

Introducing psychiatric explanations and methodologies into school environments guarantees a growing customer base for the psychiatric profession and pharmaceutical industry. Alongside government’s increasing control of healthcare, the technocratic surveillance and management of everyday thought and behavior is likewise emerging as part of what is deceptively termed “wellness.” In reality such efforts ensure an ever-expanding bureaucracy, handsomely line the pockets of a select few, and further normalize a culture of learned helplessness and control within an environment that already privileges conformity as a matter of routine.

Between the early 1990s and mid 2000s antidepressant use in the US increased almost fourfold.[5] At present 20 percent of Americans take at least one psychotropic medication, a figure that at the present rate of expansion will double by the early 2020s. Yet there is little evidence such drugs actually address the symptoms psychiatric patients are advised they have.

Indeed, the entire notion of “biological psychiatry”–that psychiatric conditions are rooted in observable processes–cannot withstand serious scientific scrutiny. Yet such notions comprise the underlying rationale of psychopharmocology. As psychology professor Elliot Valenstein observes,

The belief that the complex cognitive and emotional states that underlie any emotional disorder are regulated by a single transmitter receptor subtype is probably no more valid than the idea held earlier by phrenologists who believed that complex mental attributes could be localized in one specific part of the brain.[6]

More recently, Dr. Richard Friedman, professor of clinical psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College, remarks, “[W]e don’t yet understand the fundamental cause of most psychiatric disorders, in part because the brain is uniquely difficult to study; you can’t just biopsy the brain and analyze it. That is why scientists have had great trouble identifying new targets for psychiatric drugs.”[7]

At present de facto behavioral examinations are administered by medical providers’ inquiring on a patient’s tobacco and alcohol intake. Yet psychiatry has been pushing for “mental health screenings” to ferret out clientele since the early 1990s. The fact that such mental health practices are being introduced throughout the nation’s schools suggests how they will likely become much more commonplace under in coming years.

“Absolutely, people should have a mental health checkup,” notes Dr. Jeffrey Borenstein, editor of the American Psychiatric Association’s Psychiatric News. “It’s just as important as having a physical checkup.” Borenstein recommends the “P.H.Q.-9,” a “patient health questionnaire,” freely available online, as a preliminary assessment for determining mild-to-major “depressive disorder.” The P.H.Q-9 was designed with funding from Pfizer.[8]

Perhaps coincidentally, the HHS and DOE announced their mental health grants just two weeks before National Depression Screening Day on October 9th. The occasion for “mental health awareness” has been observed since the early 1990s by Screening for Mental Health, Inc., a nonprofit 501c(3) offering its own free online examination.

“People stop and they check in on their physical health but they don’t do the same with their mental health,” says Michelle Holmberg, director of programs at SMH. “In the same way you would get a blood pressure screening … why aren’t people stopping to do mental health screenings?”[9]

Saul Levin, the CEO and Medical Director of the American Psychiatric Association, sits on Screening for Mental Health’s board of directors. SMH received over $16 million in “gifts, grants, contributions, and membership fees” between 2008 and 2012, according to the organization’s 2012 federal tax return, suggesting backing from APA and like-minded stakeholders.

Corporate news media have thoroughly blacked out the Obama administration’s program that further transforms the nation’s public schools in to lucrative referral centers for big psychopharma. In contrast, most school shootings that have become routine throughout the US receive considerable publicity, yet almost no investigative work or follow-up from the same news outlets sensationalizing them.[10]

Alongside Obama’s mental health mandate, the coverage further anchors in the public mind the idea—however subtle—that practically all youth are potential time bombs that must be closely monitored and, where appropriate, defused. Such approaches only negate the possibility for achieving what they implicitly promise: the prospect for self realization within a genuine community of peers.


[1] Now is the Time: The President’s Plan to Protect Our Children and our Communities by Reducing Gun Violence (PDF), January 16, 2013, Washington DC.

[2] U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “HHS Announces $99 Million in New Grants to Improve Mental Health Services for Young People,” September 22, 2014, Washington DC.

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[10] No major Western news outlets have given serious attention to the Sandy Hook School massacre narrative’s many unanswered questions. In the more recent Isla Vista and Las Vegas shootings the investigating law enforcement agencies have refused to publicly release their reports on those incidents.

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50 thought on “Obama’s Mental Health Mandate”
  1. Excellent post, all important points.

    No diagnosis of mental illness is based on any external validating criteria. There are no blood tests, Xrays, Cat scans, brain lesions, or anything else to validate existence of a disease: the diagnosis is entirely subjective. Your friends on Prozac will swear that, oh, yes, the drug is remedying the chemical imbalance in their bodies, especially their low serotonin level, when there has never been any blood test to measure their serotonin level, or any other diagnostic test whatsoever in anyone’s body, to know what “normal” is, let alone what the drug does.

    In fact, reliable studies show that, as far as remedying depression goes, a placebo is better. However, it IS well documented that Prozac and other antidepressants induce suicidal tendencies.

    Schoolchildren are routinely prescribed Ritalin, which has been described as “kiddie cocaine,” for ADHD, another imaginary disorder. The DMS IV, the “Bible” for diagnosing mental illness, is nothing but unsubstantiated guesswork and includes such things as “nicotine withdrawal” and PMS (by another name), as mental illnesses.

    The foregoing (and much more your readers will find of interest) came from “Psyched Out” by Kelly Patricia O’Meara.

  2. These false events are always multi-purpose. They accomplish many goals even when it appears the falseness of the event has been full exposed.

    Here is an interesting pdf file put out by child “victim” Noah Pozner’s maternal relatives through their attorney one month after the event.

    “Attorney Alexis Haller, Noah Pozners uncle, authors and submits a detailed memorandum to the Obama Administrations White House Task Force on Gun Violence on behalf of the Pozner family. The eight-page document proposes a range of [state, federal and local] legislative reforms to help prevent another targeted school shooting … The proposals … are based upon conversations within the family, consultations with school security experts, independent research related to prior school shootings, and discussion with legal professionals to focus on criminal law. *The statement urges linking gun control measures to mental health diagnoses, federal grants for school security system upgrades, and _mandatory lockdown drills at public schools_*. Alexis Haller, Memorandum from The Maternal Family of Noah Pozner to The White House Task Force on Gun Violence (, January 13, 2013. “

  3. Oh, my. “Wellness” just means how compatible one is with the state’s vision of us — meaning the way they would like us to be. Please also note that psychotropic drugs are often prescribed for management of physical pain, e.g. from autoimmune conditions. With the number of ailments piling up in all of us from assaults like GMOs, wireless radiation, vaccines, aerosol spraying … there are now plenty of reasons to give us drugs for our minds to quell our distress.

    1. You nailed it, Sofia. It is nothing short of acclimatizing the population to the ‘system’s’ mandates. I saw that this was their goal a long time ago. Either you get on board with their vision or get your ass reprogrammed through forced, institutional drugging.

      As long as we pay them heed, supporting their system with our participation, we will be subject to their mandates.
      My advice to everyone is to get out while you still can….before your employer issues you your prescription card along with your paycheck.

  4. My daughter’s teacher called my 11 year old daughter “Divergent” in our last parent teacher conference, and when she saw my questioning look she said “Oh no, I mean that in a good way, she thinks differently and creatively and keeps us all entertained.” I am worried that the schools seems to feel they have the right to let these people (many of whom seem to love to gossip), make permanent records and lasting judgements about our kids. It literally makes me sick to my stomach when my neighbor who is a teacher’s aide, sits down next to me at the Halloween carnival, and tells me which kids are on meds, and which kid has a troubled home as I try desperately to change the subject to Halloween costumes. I’m left with the feeling that they talk about the kids unprofessionally all the time there, and now the government is making a business of selling private data about students to anyone who pays. Really want to push back against this if anyone has any ideas. Thanks for the excellent article, please consider investigating the massive collection of student data as well.

    1. Calimom – I hope to offer some small bit of reassurance – my son was called a “divergent thinker” by his first grade teacher, a very sweet woman who wrote animal stories, and who was trying to tell me about his style of expressing himself. He came through the system of public school with his ego intact, I think (but ego – isn’t that a Freudian word?), and went on to demonstrate his divergence as a creative writing major in college. But I knew he was that way before he ever attended school.

      However that gossiping teacher’s aide with an unprofessional attitude towards the students indicates something unhealthy may be going on, where a kid is labeled and judged unfairly from an early age. That sounds very troubling and actually a form of bullying, cloaked in “the insolence of office” that Hamlet complained of in his soliloquy. Some kids will survive it better than others. Some may retreat into the woods, never to be heard from again, totally alienated from school and the witches who run them (from their standpoint).

      I think many teachers are well-meaning and while some get into jargon, many are simply trying to express what they have observed to the parent. They are not necessarily suggesting that our kids be put on drugs. I fear that two sources who are the worst for that are 1) the upper middle class parents themselves, who are already veterans of dependency on psychotropic medications for various ailments generated by this society and 2) the people running schools with children who are in bad life situations and who react with extreme emotion to objective trauma – rather than deal with the bad stuff directly, it is so much easier to suggest meds.

      If your child is in school, you simply have to develop sales resistance to the authorities. With a private school, you can walk out any time. If you are rich enough, you can take your child out of public school and find some alternative.

      But the pernicious “Handicapper General” (cf. Vonnegut) mentality around today seems bent on making sure the traumas of example 2 above are at least simulated in middle class environments, so that everyone experiences being under siege just like they do in the gang-ridden inner city. After enough of that kind of theater, a child will either become a complete cynic or a nervous wreck. Then indeed the drug pushers can move into his neighborhood too, with the nostrums for dealing with school phobias.

      1. Thank you Musings for your kind response. I don’t have much time to post today, but I am thinking a lot about the school experience, my experience in California public schools, and now having kids attend. There are many good teachers I have come across, but I am not sure why the culture of the schools seems so off putting to me, then as now. I am worried about the labeling of kids, the medicating of kids, the drills. Even if homeschooling is the answer as truthchase and others suggest, you are talking about a whole lot of kids going through this system. I would really like to assert that children have as much right to privacy, in fact even more of a right than adults, and should be protected from industries that would sell their information and have them taking powerful mind altering medications. And so it goes.

      2. Hi Calimom.

        Just talked to my sister this morning calling from the usual jam on the 110 on her way to her job in South Central LA, where her biggest challenge is the fact that her students’ parents are illiterate, so they often have no understanding of how poorly their kids may be doing with homework and caring about acquiring the necessary skills to get out of or, better, change a neighborhood – where a couple of weeks ago a real active shooter, not a drill, had the school in lockdown, and where there are disturbed children with a solid reason to be traumatized and disturbed by what they have experienced.

        She often finds herself driving slowly around dead dogs in the street or strays running all over the neighborhood where she teaches.

        Since the needs of her students rarely match the imposed curriculum, she has to make up lessons as she goes along. One lesson, she thinks, that might reach her kids would be about taking back the neighborhood from strays (a symbolic way of dealing with its other problems). She thinks she can get some people who love animals to take an interest in teaching her fifth grade students about caring for their animals, as a way of reaching into something that matters: just getting to school without being chased by packs of dogs, for instance. I’ll never forget being chased while pushing a stroller by three akitas in my parents-in-law’s largely Hispanic neighborhood in Hollywood! So my sister thinks this animal thing might have legs to help deal with some of the emotional issues too, while the community starts thinking about something it actually can have control over. She herself is a cat fancier, and has often taken strays to the vet and found homes for them.

        Never underestimate the value of one person trying to make a difference about something that everyone can accept – the right to go around your neighborhood without being menaced. This wasn’t how it was in Mexico, they came here for something different, they should get something different.

        The top-down nature of schools is a constant problem, edicts from above and bureaucracy. I remember seeing the show about Jamie Oliver trying to change the cafeteria food in LA and meeting with stonewall resistance. Everything is a political bone to fight over. Everyone fears some conspiracy to change the status quo will result in something worse, which is a well-founded worry, because money and politics never sleep.

        But I have to say that comparing my kids with their home-schooled cousin in LA, my kids met more friends, which they still have maintained ties with, even post-college. Yes, these are Facebook days, but it pre-dated that, and they really see each other. While this slightly quirky cousin, who is really brilliant and who is now attending college, had the benefit of being with her active grandparents a lot, taking trips with them during the school year to places like dinosaur digs, and being more with adults than other children while growing up. Who knows what long term benefit that is?

      3. musings: good summary of our disfunctional educational system–but what instituion in these United doesn’t fall into that category or distinction?

        just another ruse to let in the creepy mind benders. If we wanted to keep them truly employed with meaningful missions, turn them loose in Congress or within the halls of the White House. Start at the top and migrate down the chain of command.

        our poor little children will suffer the consequences of men with too much money and time on their hands to initiate intelligent protocols, if safety is their actual purpose. And someone ask them–please. Who do you serve? The Bush cabal (Kissinger/Cheney/et al.)
        deserve a little special attention. Why are these pschopaths able to run amok? Who watches the watchers?

        They are grown men and women who have plied their trade to the detriment of world civilization for decades.

        Too bad no system was in place to ascertain THEIR depravity before it took root.

  5. The recent shooting in Washington State was a complete and utter fraud. Multiple crisis actors have been identified with the bulk of them from Maryland and Texas. A fraud playing the School Syatem Superintendent who is also the mother in real life of a “victim” that died appeared before the Washington State Legislature pushing for mental health and $ that they apparently easily agreed upon.

    This hoax even included doctors that were fraudulently credentialed by the State of Washington. The fact that the Chief Medical Officer was completely ignorant to the transfor guidelines for pediatric patients and referred to Harborview (a level 1 Trauma Center) as capable of handling a less serious wounded trauma victim while keeping the more serious at a level 2 Trauma center that has no pediatric ICU speaks volumes and this woman is a complete fraud.

    I sent Providence the guidelines that were ignored and reemed them for killing two crisis actors and included they were very lucky that these were only personas and not actual pediatric trauma patients; now the guidelines can no longer be accessed on the net.

    [PDF]Pediatric Consultation and Transfer Guidelines …
    Washington State Department of Health Office of Community Health Systems … Hospitals that are designated trauma centers must have transfer guidelines in … adopted three levels of pediatric trauma care in order to enhance the care of.

    They also pulled this stunt to influence the vote on gun issues that are on the ballot and they pulled it right before the date that mail in voters would begin their voting.

    Becky Berg is a fraud

    The “victims” at Harborview are also only personas and, again, just as they did with the Boston #BS they used photo fraud age regression to create these characters. I can only provide so much in these graphics but I have hundreds of photos collected to back up my determination regarding WHO IS WHO. I spend hours and sometimes days assessing and comparing to other close look-a-likes in other photos to make my determination. They play the game where there is always a few who have similar features within the same group of people. They also have other identities set up to further confuse the the identification process. I do not post until I am completely confident in my decision and I know how to look past the multiple deceptive tactics used. Photo fraud by government entities and the press is destroying this country and believe it or not when folks look at a media picture they take what they see for face value which is an incredible mistake. Our news is bad movies and fake pictures!!

    You do not find multiple look-a-likes to a suspicious event from a connected group of people without totality speaking; an unquestionable evidence supported fraud has been determined. The people have a cause for action!

    1. touche’ rebelready – everything on the TV is a fraud, i cant believe that people actually believe the nonsense on it . i think its so hard for people to believe that almost everything on the idiot box is complete fantasy, the TV is a completely fictional world. The NWO has been very very good at making the TV the greatest piece of brain washing equipment ever PRODUCED like the shows on it .

      1. Our Senate & House Committee hearings are bogus as well. All preplanned; even the discourse is pre-planned to make them look legit. Some folks on Twitter show they just swallow it all and love their reps who are sitting there and defrauding them through “show time’.

        False witnesses and phony credentials. The whole Ebola thing proved what I knew all along regarding false witnesses and the phony beheadings had me look more into Barak Barfi; let’s just say for now he is not who he says. Pre-planned witnesses because they are willing to lie and the lies are promoted by the language in the questions pre-designed by our tax supported representatives.

        We really are in serious trouble.

  6. This is very chilling we should be able to file a class action suit against the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission and the Yale Child Study Center, of which Dr. Ezra Griffith (a psychiatrist) is a member of both, for terrorizing our children and indeed murdering them by prescribing unapproved drugs that are known to make victims suicidal.

    The SHAC made a joke of the proceedings, whining about how the police reports were nothing but a retracted pile of nothingness and they just need to finish up their assignment even though there was zero information on the phantom killer’s medical history.

    The only ‘history’ available was a fluff piece 3/14/14 article published by all of places – The New Yorker. The author uses hearsay evidence that a nurse reports of two deadly drugs prescribed to the phantom patient.

    Have become convinced that all charities are frauds, but this organization called appears to be doing heroic work to save our innocent child from these sadistic, money grabbing leeches of society.

  7. Monitoring the mental health of children in public schools? This is a great idea! Essential psychopaths are incapable of developing their Cleckley mask of sanity by the time they enter school, so even a mediocre–and therefore inexpensive–psychotherapist could identify them with little work and little room for error. Registering essential psychopaths long before they reach adulthood would be a highly valuable public service. It may be sufficient to end the war system and propel humanity into a historically unprecedented era of harmony and prosperity.

    But thinking of it, maybe this is not what Obama’s handlers have in mind. At the risk of appearing to be a conspiracy theorist, I’ll formulate without affirming the conspiracy that this program can be used to indeed identify essential psychopaths before they have formed their Cleckley mask, but with the purpose of teaching them the Cleckley mask so they can successfully pretend to be mentally sane, with a view on grooming them into positions of authority where they can discreetly unleash their pathological egoism on the public under the guidance of more powerful mental deviants. More war, more terror, more poverty, more fear! Another brilliant initiative from Obama’s teleprompter writers!


  8. one word – YIKES & time to home school . an army of psychopaths making up TV shows of children killing children wants to ‘evaluate’ our children ? again YIKES , if you are having children to institutionalize them in grades k-12 , schools with the real TERRORISTS ( our ‘government’ / NWO , then YOU are the one who needs your head examined. Please remeber these “shooting” are almost ALL false flag events & are being made to terrorize us all, TV shows with crises actors , there have been no ‘shootings’ , there is nothing wrong with the children . This is agenda 21 hard at work, beware pull your kids out of school.

    1. I believe that if I were just starting out with my kids, I could not in conscience enroll them in a public school, knowing as I do how they are likely to be manipulated to satisfy certain agendas. “Never volunteer” as the phrase went in the military might apply to volunteering our children, signing them up for the vagaries of delusional bureaucrats. But I would have a job of convincing my husband, because he always believes every single thing the media says, and cannot wait for his nightly dose of poison before one of the talk shows. I have given up trying to get him to examine things, so I just don’t try. He will have to get curious on his own. But our kids attended elementary school pre-911, so all they had was the experience of 9/11 in high school, with a military helicopter practicing landings on the school soccer field a few days later (which my son thought was fun).

      1. Musings, I agree, I wouldn’t put my kids in a public school now if I had to do it all over again.

        This mindset is the result of the Hegelian (also Kant), belief that children belong to the state. From a purely psychological point of view, this sort of “pre-crime” approach is ridiculous as there is no “cure” for psychopathy.

        They would, however, dearly love to medicate the little darlings to make them even more docile and further enrich their owners. The only “cure” for this is for people to stop asking them to “do something” and demand that they get out of our lives.

        Those who invite this self-enslavement not only wish this on themselves, they insist that they apply it to all of us. It is already beyond “out of control”.

        1. While I understand people’;s concerns about public schools, I am very leery of home schooling. First, it means one parent–obviously, the mother–has to stay home to do it. Second, is that parent qualified to teach her kid any of the subjects required?

          From what I’ve seen most adults can’t do algebra problems, can’t diagram a sentence, certainly can’t perform any type of scientific experiment (even if a lab were available, and I don’t know if it is, to homeschoolers), and don’t know anything about history. How will this produce an informed citizenry? And then there is the deprivation of social contact. Children need opportunities to develop social skills, in group settings.

        2. I’ve been on jury duty for the past week and a half and haven’t had time to be online like I’m used to. However, Heather’s response to your concerns about homeschooling was spot-on.

          The only few bits I’ll add (and I’ll do it quickly) is that you should really read up on the history of public schooling. I’d suggest Sam Blumenfeld’s “NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education”. You might also re-examine your beliefs about how kids–people–learn. “Teachers” aren’t as critical to the learning process as we’ve been led to believe. If you’re interested in some alternative ideas about education, you might check out the works of John Taylor Gatto, Sandra Dodd, and Peter Gray, to name just a few.

          Finally, what was your point about “stay-at-home moms” doing the bulk of the teaching? Surely you’re not suggesting that most SAHMs are under-educated, right?

          And finally-finally, those adults you reference who can’t diagram a sentence, do algebra problems, or understand the scientific method? All schooled, I’d wager…and most likely OVER schooled. I’m just saying.

      2. dinophile, to fully understand homeschooling you really need to look into it, examine how kids learn, what kids need to learn, the true meaning of socialization and how it relates to child development and the state and the family unit.

        Before a child reaches high school age, I would argue that any parent could teach a child basic math, reading and writing skills that most public school educated children learn before 8th/9th grade. Beyond those skills, elementary schools are basically babysitters.

        Also, socialization does not mean “make friends.” In fact, in elementary schools today, kids really don’t have the opportunity to play together. 28 minutes for lunch/recess, a “working snack” (kindergartners must WORK through snack time, no talking please). And heaven forbid you have a phys ed class, then NO RECESS that day. That’s how my district runs its kindergarten class. As a working adult, I get more “playtime” than a 5 year old, and a friend has confided that her outgoing son has not made any real friends yet this year in his classroom. Wonder why.

        I suggest you really look into homeschooling, who is doing it and why. i think you will be very surprised as to what you find. The amount of resources and support available is staggering. It is the fastest-growing educational group right now. There are state/county conferences, seminars, blogs, curricula fairs, co-ops, moms groups, science groups. physical education programs, church groups, etc., all geared specifically for homeschoolers. A local county park runs a monthly science program midday on weekdays in my area specifically for homeschooled kids — that’s how common it is.

      3. Red Ice Radio just had an interesting interview with a private tutor in the greater Boston Area. In the second hour they discuss homeschooling, but you have to be a Red Ice member to listen to that. First hour is free. Nevertheless, good interview.

        On a different note, Newtown’s first selectwoman is once again pleading for privacy during the upcoming two year anniversary of the event that put the town on the map. Afraid that some strangers may come to town and meet a loose lipped local?

      4. But it’s stay-at-home mothers doing the teaching?

        It’s so sad, the changes. I am a product of the public schools, and had an unbroken string of dedicated, smart, wonderful teachers. Maybe it’s because I lived in white suburbia. I have never felt my preparation for college was lacking in any way.

        Moreover, I remember phys ed in elementary school in Littleton. We had this great teacher, Mr. Waller, for phys ed, and he really worked us. I especially remember gymnastics, which we called tumbling. I was doing running forward flips. My brother did back handsprings (and even did one when he was over 40 to show us he still could). Do kids do tumbling today, I wonder? I’ll bet liability concerns nixed that.

      5. Alright, since the topic of homeschooling is brought up and someone posted a link to brett veinotte’s interview on red ice, I thought I ought to plug Brett’s podcast, “the school sucks podcast.” I really recommend that everyone listens to his first 10 – 20 episodes – they are really short and in my opinion are the best ones of all 300+ shows. The easiest way to listen is in I tunes but here is the first episode from his website

        good luck navigating through his website to get to the rest – but well worth it if you do!

  9. As usual, those trying to make schools safer miss one of the most salient points: schools are too big. Mass-producing education is a bad idea (parse that any way you like). They can come up with all the schemes they want to somehow “automatically” identify children who need help; but the real problem is that no teacher sees or interacts with this child for more than a few minutes per day. The schools are TOO BIG. Period. No programs will change that.

    1. If I believed in the 87 school shootings since Sandy Hook, I would have to conclude that this huge, and historically unprecedented spike in gun violence was likely a consequence of the frequent hyper-realistic active-shooter drills that have taken the country by storm.

      Have you seen the latest version of the new Sandy Hook? This complex building looks to be very hazardous to young children, with catwalk hallways, treehouse study areas, and a rainforest bridge entrance. The doors close and lock automatically, and the ground slopes down and away from the building, in effect trapping children in the school. There is no playground visible in the drawings.Here it is:

      Having just raised three children, somehow managing to get them into adulthood relatively unscathed – I can’t imagine how any of them would have passed a mental health screening between the ages of 13 to 18.

        1. It reminds me of the “Cash For Clunkers” deal: destruction to spur construction…whether it’s needed or not. Simple wealth redistribution, or something else?

      1. Sandy, yes “if I believed…….”. We all know this is the method. Stage the event, point to it and say “DO SOMETHING”, then go for the legislation. A corollary of this is war. Create a group, call it “ISIS”, fund it and send it to wreak havoc, use it as an excuse to invade.

        Statistically, (even the contrived ones), schools ARE safe. That’s their problem. They need an excuse to take control. I’ve said that the SHES event is a good case in point. If you really did have one shooting incident, would it justify building a new school? Why?

        Further, they make a mythical figure and then psychoanalyze it. The results are then used to justify more control. If anyone resists they say “do you want another shooting?”.

        When I was young I went to a fairly good school. I had some wonderful elementary teachers. Later, it was obvious that things were already degrading. Still, it wasn’t so bad. I spent one year in an “inner-city” school. THAT was bad.

        There isn’t one aspect of society that isn’t negatively affected by what we’re all living through. I agree that kids need socialization. That shouldn’t happen at the mall. On the other hand, I’m not sure the brand of “socialization” currently practiced in the schools is any better.

        My kids suffered public schools that were worse than the ones I attended. They look good compared to what I’m seeing today. I do not trust the state to have that degree of influence over our kids. That’s always been a problem and it’s much worse now.

        I see no alternative than to remove them. The state educational systems are nothing more than indoctrination centers and parents have no rights to advocate for their children. In my view it is an outrage.

        Notice that this is full of “ifs”. If they were trustworthy. If they respected both the kids and their parents. If…….., the problem is, they don’t. If you are even affiliated with them you will become “suspect” if you oppose them.

        It may be too late for us. We can’t afford to give up on our kids. We owe it to them to protect them, and not from imaginary shooters.

        1. I would be afraid to send my child to a public institution /school, ‘they’ are gaining more & more control daily & every day you send your child off to ‘school’ , there could be one of these terroristic bizarro fake sandy hook TV productions going on at their ‘school’ at any time or God knows what. The children are obviously a TARGET group to scare & and gain control of. & so many people think it is ‘obama’ , it is NOT obama he is a mere freako puppet for the CFR ( counsel of foreign realtions) / NWO , agenda 21 is in place in what was once know as America and all this democrat & republic nonsense is all a dog & pony show for the idiot box? TV watchers , dem/rep doesnt matter they ALL work for the same puppet masters, doesnt matter which is ‘in control’ the outcome will be the same. rand paul & ted cruz ALL the same, all career politicians are obama in a different coat, if their mouths are moving they are LYING . The only way to vote in 2016 ( but it will still be a vote into an empty black box – no receipt- lets see who came up with the idea of no receipt anyway !!! ) we get a receipt for a pack of gum, but no receipt for who we vote for ???? , the ONLY way to possibly save our country & children is if Dr,Ben Carson can get in the White house, but by then it might be too late, almost 2 more years of criminal destruction,I think we are doomed, take your children out of school people, they are being brain washed daily & are subject to terrorism.

      2. Dino, yeah, I think he walked right into that one. Now it is being used as fodder to try to prove that all the rest is fantasy. That is the risk one takes when overreaching.

        1. Ya think? I dunno. “she” seems to enjoy spending hours and hours defending a crisis actor. I didn’t think her debunking of paulstal was any more convincing than his videos. All anyone has is one short clip at night of haddad all covered up it’s kinda hard to draw any conclusions one way or another.
          i read it posited that “betsy mgee” is likely a group of people working on the production with a female voiceover. after reading all the comments on her vids I am beginning to lean that direction. It’s pretty ridiculous really. there sure looks like a team of people working on her comments section posting with names like ghengy and fabricio and other “foreign” names and they attack anyone who dares to ask why she cares so much to spend all this time attacking another researcher. Stupid, moron etc. even if someone politely questions her motives. reads to me like a cass sunstein type of rift machine. I have certainly seen that type of troll pattern in comments before. Who cares what Paulstal thinks anyway? he posted on here and nobody attacked him. you either find his theory interesting or you don’t.

          I thought “her” carlos video was great but I have my reservations about the channel now. the computer modified narration is grating too.

        2. I wondered if she had been hired by Annie Haddad to do the rebuttal.

          She does go on a bit too long.

        3. I dunno, but I’ll tell you I sure got a lashing for questioning her! I have never heard the words idiot, fool and moron used so many times in one paragraph!

      3. Fish, I take no pleasure in watching someone getting trashed. He can certainly believe the Haddad thing. I don’t particularly. Besides not being good with faces (admittedly), it makes no sense “logistically” to me.

        I admit that I was somewhat annoyed with the “I solved it” hoopla as well. Even if true, how would that “solve” anything?

        While I like to be supportive of those who question SHES, that doesn’t create an obligation to believe anybody’s theories. “Her” video seems to support the “official” rendition. I DO think she nailed it in some ways as far as overreaching to “prove” a point goes.

        My issue was “what IS the point?”. All we know of “Nancy” are the images they provided to us. They could have shown us anybody and we would not have known the difference. Why would they need to select a local to play the part?

        If all he said was a stone-cold bust and proven to be true, what would that accomplish? What it HAS accomplished is a diversion. Instead of asking for explanations to autopsies in the parking lot, or illegal death declarations, etc., the focus has shifted to personalities and lookalikes.

        So now, if someone shows that Haddad is Haddad, the whole controversy vanishes. That is the level that a great many people operate at. So, you see, SHE has now “solved” it. Haddad is Haddad and all is right with the world.

  10. When the gov shells out that kind of money, watch the piggies flock squeeling to the trough. You can tell the breed by their coats.

    And second to the point, if anyone should be scrutinized for mental illness, it is Barack H. (Barry Sotoro)

    Enough said….

  11. pharmacy..Late Latin pharmacia (administration of drugs), fr. Gk pharmakeia, fr. pharmakeuein (to administer drugs), fr. pharmakon (magic charm, poison, drug; akin to Lith burti (to practice magic)

    The above definition of the word “pharmacy” can be found in any Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary.

    To practice magic is to practice sorcery. Sorcery and witchcraft are synonymous and forbidden in Scripture (Deut chpt 18).

    People are being poisoned (ho-hum…deaf ears…).

    What the pharmaceutical masters have practiced since pharmacy’s were known as apothecaries, is witchcraft. Why? Because their potions alter the mind and leave it open to demonic entities to have their way with. We are not talking about ibuprofen or acetaminophen here.

    Again, from Webster’s;

    psychotropic adj: acting on the mind

    The only difference between the potions doled out like Halloween candy by the pharma giants and that which can be purchased from two bit pushers is the former is legally protected by the whores in Washington.

    Psychiatrists are de facto witch doctors, and ignorance is NO defense (let him who has ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying).

    What is laid before the feet of the parents of this country is well stated by James Tracy in this foreboding post. It is akin to making automobile insurance mandatory. Guaranteed business for State Farm, All State, and every other auto insurer under the sun.

    Allow the state to probe the minds of your children and a condition, if not already existing, will be made to order with necessary meds to follow.

    I can see the salivary glands undulating at Pfizer, Merck and Teva. And does anyone believe mom or dad will extricate themselves from the latest entertainment buzz to give a damn and pay some attention to what may destroy their child’s future (and possibly eternity)?

    How wonderful for those leeches who will profit from this unspeakable boondoggle, that phantoms like Adam Lanza cannot be mentally probed.

    And I cannot begin to imagine the dances of joy occurring in the spiritual realm, as they will now have a whole new generation of drugged up children to infest (in reality, THEY are the architects of this maneuver).

    Oh well, what is Honey Boo Boo up to lately (or any other manufactured and famous imbecile)?

  12. This issue was discussed thoroughly in this WND article, which gives Dr. Tracy acknowledgement!

    Needless to say, citizens are not in favor of government meddling with our children’s mental health, they have already revealed themselves to be totally incompetent of taking care of our Vets. The new director brought into clean up the mess of disappearing records and unearned bonuses for doing so, indicates it is impossible to fire the 1000 people responsible and they need 20,000 more doctors and nurses. This shortage of professionals, has been documented in many audits previously done.

  13. On the July 22, 2014, Hour 2, The Power Hour show with host, Joyce Riley, Sheila Mathews of and associated also with, discusses here efforts in Connecticut to stop forced early mental health screening laws. Free archives available at

    A part of the show dealt with Ms. Mathews’ views on Sandy Hook event. She essentially said that she accepts the official story. Her group tried to get full medical/psychiatric history and records on Adam Lanza through a FOIA request to no avail.

    She also stated that Adam Lanza’s main psychiatrist was a Dr. Paul Fox, who now is “treating children” in the country he has fled to, New Zealand. Dr. Fox is said to have surrendered his Ct. license to practice medicine. He is said to have admitted to destroying all of his records of treatment of Adam Lanza. He also is said to have complaints on record of his having sexual records with his clients. He is said to have fled the USA. The state of Ct. would not release any information about who Adam Lanza’s doctor was for one full year after the event.

    I think this is interesting because you have what looks to be some well-intentioned people and organizations looking after the rights of parents for informed consent regarding the testing and drugging of their children, but who are at the same time totally reacting and responding to something that is not based in fact, evidence or verified records of any kind. Nothing good can come from building upon, reacting to, a big vague unsubstantiated and unidentified set of people connected with a false event.

    We do not know if Adam Lanza was a real person or anything about him if he was. Same for Nancy and the father.
    We do not know anything about “Dr. Paul Fox” nor if he was a real person practicing as a psychiatrist in Ct.

    1. [I think this is interesting because you have “what looks”] Exactly, my research on these hoax events shows that all the victims, their families and friends thereof are persona characters. As far as Sandy Hook, there are many in Newtown promoting the hoax but none of the claimed victim families actually live there – they are scattered all over the country. Their histories are just as phony as the event.

      The MO for these events is to keep the lie going so the lie is accepted as truth. One of the tactics to achieve that goal is creating controversy and they do this with false hot topic issues which are promoted by shills who on first look appear to be on the side of truth but they are NOT. A clue to these disinfo shills is they always hang onto something as being a true part of the event while having difficulty accepting the entire official story; this is a a pacifier, if you will, that keeps their audience which is also infiltrated with shills.

      Sandy Hook was an in whole hoax by criminals who are government sanctioned frauds. This country is infilttrated at every level of government and in the private sector. No one can be trusted until every word read is validated by the reader including anything I say.

      I will tell you my research is solid and that I have in fact found many of the actors in this hoax and in other hoaxes because I rely on the connection principle and then let totality speak.

      The people have a cause for action but the people also have VERY corrupt courts. I am, also, finding that public record is fabricated to suit the story line including professional licenses. We really are in serious trouble. This is not America.

      I am working up the Marysville school shooting hoax and what I am finding is beyond belief. Without disclosing completely, lets just say we have an entire class of people who have full impunity regarding ANY LAW as long as they help the government promote its agenda. The agenda is control and $ for their masters.

      1. When/if you are ever ready to share your findings re: Marysville, I will be eager to see it. Within a few hours of the event being reported, I was poring through the participants’ Facebook entries to see what I could find…and I found plenty that got my “Spidey-senses” tingling.

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