ebola_killsIs Ebola a fraud? Is it being used by certain forces for broader political purposes? Fresno State University Criminology Professor Jason Kissner joins James Tracy on Real Politik for a dynamic discussion addressing the important series of articles the former has written for Global Research dissecting the Ebola phenomenon and its accompanying media frenzy.

Kissner initially delved into the Ebola story by considering the descriptive statistics initially propounded in major media. In looking further he found that contributors to New England Journal of Medicine had never observed an outbreak of such a virus in West Africa before. Further, the Public Health Agency of Canada provided information on its website concluding “that human-to-human airborne transmission was possible and maybe even happening.” A few weeks later, Kissner noted that the PHAC took the information down.

Since then I’ve begun to come around a little bit more to the view that what we may be looking at here, at least right now, is mass mediated fraud in connection with Ebola. At least with respect to that phenomenon as it appears in the United States.

Has Ebola been concocted in a laboratory, as may have been the case with AIDS? “It’s possible there’s a human-involved engineering component to this,” Kissner observes, “and if there is, that may help explain its appearance in West Africa.” He acknowledges that many will attack those who assert such a thesis, clinging to the notion that the Ebola outbreak was just a “chance event.”

That really isn’t much of an explanation at all, and people who are supposed to sort of know about these things aren’t simply stating in a conclusory way that it arose in West Africa as a result of natural selection and, basically, random processes. Instead, they’re speculating that it may be fruit bats or something [similar] that brought it over there.

This led to his employing of  statistical methods to the probabilities suggested in information relayed on Ebola by Western media outlets. “It really is quite astonishing that there really is very little evidence supporting what the mass media is telling us is true about some of these Ebola cases in the United States.”



As Kissner explains “The fact that a positive test is returned on Ebola, or really any other positive test [for another disease] is not dispositive at all in terms of whether somebody has the illness, for example.” Such tests are dependent upon the “prior probability” of contracting the disease, and this is largely determined by the “true nature of exposure” of health workers to Thomas Eric Duncan, of which little is known.

Of course, unsurprisingly, we’ve been told very, very little about what the nature of that exposure was. A rough analogy would be that if those two nurses were on the moon previously it wouldn’t matter that they got a positive test result because there would have been no basis to assume they could have contracted it.

With this in mind, corporate media are especially tenacious of the initial crisis narrative they establish, which makes it highly unlikely they will change tack in light of evidence that contradicts the established Ebola storyline.

Once one of these narratives has been cemented in place, it’s very difficult to dislodge it no matter what subsequent evidence says. Right now, there’s very little concrete evidence that Nina Pham or [Amber] Vinson has Ebola. Conceivably they could have something else. It’s possible they have something else that’s conventional, that has some of the similar, or mimics the symptoms that’s not so conventional.

Kissner and Tracy also discuss the very ill-defined background of Barack Obama, a topic Kissner has addressed in several online articles and commentaries over the past several years.

If you go back to the election in 2008. So he’s running against Hillary Clinton in primary season. Obama had just won a number of primaries and was really beginning to build a great deal of momentum. All of a sudden on the campaign trail he drops that he’s been to Pakistan as a college student … Pakistan in ’08 was a very live foreign policy issue. So, it’s interesting that he only mentioned it two weeks subsequent to his passport having been breached by Analysis Corporation that was headed up by one John Brennen. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was information on Obama’s passport indicating that he was there longer or conceivably at a different time than he’s admitted publicly.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Brennen went on to serve as Obama’s National Security Adviser and Director of Central Intelligence, one of the many disturbing and unexplained facets of the Obama presidency.

Jason Kissner received his undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Florida. He also holds graduate degrees from Cornell University’s Law School and Florida State University. His work has appeared in numerous academic journals and alternative news outlets, including Global Research and American Thinker.

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  1. […] Is Ebola a fraud? Is it being used by certain forces for broader political purposes? Fresno State University Criminology Professor Jason Kissner joins James Tracy on Real Politik for a dynamic discussion addressing the important series of articles the former has written for Global Research dissecting the Ebola phenomenon and its accompanying media frenzy. Kissner initially delved into the Ebola story from the perspective of the descriptive statistics initially propounded in major media. In looking further he found that, for example, contributors to New England Journal of Medicine had never observed an outbreak of such More… […]

  2. Change John Brennen
    John Brennan.

    We know enough at this point to know that there are extremely lethal contagious bioweapons created by our government. I believe the book “Emerging Viruses” by Lynn Horowitz wrote plainly about Ebola over ten years ago.

    It would seem logical to think that it is possible that one of these created viruses could get out of the control of its creators and testers. That would behoove each of us to take common-sense precautions against that possibility, meaning build up your health and your immune system in every way you can and avoid mass crowd situations as much as possible.

    There are many little factoids being communicated about these US Ebola cases that simply engender suspicion and simply do not add up, but that does not prove that Ebola is not unleashed on our country. It may be possible also that the intent of Ebola’s creators and testers is for it to spread in the USA.

    There was a very interesting show with guest Francis Boyle yesterday, October 24, 2014, in hour 3 of the Alex Jones Infowars show available in archives at gcnlive.com.

    We do not know much of anything about Ebola. We do not know its incubation period but there is data that shows that the CDC does know that that period can be much longer than 21 days yet they enact ostensibly very dangerous and injurious policies and regulations contradicting that knowledge.

    It appears all we have at this point is a bunch of unknown unknowns and certainly no known knowns and known unknowns.

  3. Interesting interview. I have a couple questions. One, I don’t know what it means to “breach” a passport. Do you mean Brennan illicitly got a look at it, and that was the reason Obama volunteered the information that he had been to Pakistan? Are you then implying that was the reason Brennan then was appointed to his national security positions–that it was blackmail?

    Also, I don’t understand this statement: “[T]he fact that a positive test is returned on Ebola, or really any other positive test [for another disease] is not dispositive at all in terms of whether somebody has the illness …” I would say it generally IS dispositive: i.e., if I test positive for tuberculosis, it is presumed that I have the disease.

    Finally, Dr. Tracy, you refer to Obama as “progressive left”. Dr. Kissner correctly characterizes him as a Neocon! That would make him “reactionary right,” in my book. I agree with the latter. Also, let’s decide whether he is a fascist or a Marxist! Lots of things about Obama do not add up. In other words, labels are not helpful.

    1. Years ago I was given a tb test while pregnant. Of course it was quite disturbing when it came back positive. The doctor told me not to worry about it, a lot of people have dormant tb.

      So why test for it, if it means nothing? It was the law.

    2. “Finally, Dr. Tracy, you refer to Obama as “progressive left”. Dr. Kissner correctly characterizes him as a Neocon! That would make him “reactionary right,” in my book. I agree with the latter. Also, let’s decide whether he is a fascist or a Marxist! Lots of things about Obama do not add up. In other words, labels are not helpful.”

      A few things to say about this. The last first: “labels are not helpful.” Oh, but they most certainly ARE. If I order a BMW and they deliver a Toyota, the argument will be all about labels. Labels are how we differentiate between different things. Bananas are not lamb chops, and when you order the one, you know perfectly well what you’re ordering–and so does the waiter.

      The problem, therefore, is when there is falsity in advertising. Labels are essential goods. It is only FALSE labels that cause trouble.

      Now, as for Barry-the-president, the question becomes, what is a “neocon”? Neocons are one-time trotskyites who abandoned the Democrat party when it became clear it was not going to suit their needs any longer, and those who followed them. They are believers in Trotsky’s principle that the political task of the activist is to force the rest of the world to be remolded into the vision of the Party, whether they like it or not.

      Barry is none of that. He has abandoned America’s “neoconservative” efforts to micromanage the countries of the Middle East; is vigorously shrinking the military (the Navy is now less than it was prior to WWII); and he’s been gleefully treating our allies with contempt and/or diffidence from day one. He’s shown that, in exact defiance of the neocon position, he wants America to be completely disengaged from its prior commitments to shape the political landscape of the globe.

      Now, the idea that neoconservatives are the “reactionary right” is ludicrous. It’s the opposite of the meaning of the label, like calling a communist a “free marketeer.” Pat Buchanan, as an example, represents the “reactionary right”: he has hated the neoconservatives since they emerged, and he despises everything about them today. And he hates that they get away with using the term “conservative” in their label. This is because he represents the Old Right. He is a genuine reactionary: he sees what has been done to the political landscape and the culture, and reacts against it, wanting to roll back the socialism that kicked into high gear with Franklin Roosevelt, and despising the neoconservatives for wishing to expand the American Empire abroad, while maintaining the welfare state at home.

      So if Barry Soetoro agreed with the “reactionary right,” he’d have Pat Buchanan over for dinner all the time. Barry, of course, wouldn’t shake Buchanan’s hand, much less be found in the same room as him.

      So Barry is neither a neocon–which is a legitimate label–nor a member of the “reactionary right”–an equally legitimate label. The problem, again, is not the labels, but their misapplication.

      Then, what IS he? He is a dedicated Allinskyite, and his regime has been truly astounding in its success in implementing the Cloward/Piven strategy to break the welfare state system by overwhelming it with dependents, so as to force a communist answer to rescue the desperate (because of an engineered collapse of the economy) proletariat.

      This is by definition the position of the “progressive left”–another perfectly legitimate label. Sadly, the so-called “progress” these people advocate is systematic REGRESSION, away from freedom. It is the technocratic capture of the state to implement a theoretical model by Ivy League smarties, whereupon the stupid, bleating, masses will get what’s good for them. Good and hard.

      Certainly, our masters don’t particularly like Barry’s sincere desire for America to completely disengage from its overseas commitments, so they have their operatives continuing to meddle out there, on the side, even as Barry tries to disengage, “leading from behind. Of course, these monsters have no problem at all with his enthusiastic destruction on the domestic front, even where it bleeds over, as with the erasure of the Southern border. They WANT America destroyed, but they also want America’s military to erase the borders between all the other countries, to create a World Government. Since Barry is just a tool, they have to make do with the poor sap’s failures to fulfill the Vision for them. It does not worry them one bit.

      It’s the price they paid when they placed a narcissistic imbecile upon the Iron Throne, and instructed the servile academia class to pronounce to the media, endlessly, how incredibly bright and knowledgeable he is. Anyway, they’ll reshape the globe, Zbignev Breginski-style, no matter how much damage he does to America’s image overseas. They know how to roll with the punches history delivers them, being of very long practice.

      So, in reality, he’s almost none of the above. He’s not actually smart enough to understand what any of the labels signify. I doubt he’s bright enough to actually understand Alinsky, although no doubt he THINKS he does. The perfect puppet.

      Oh, one more thing: “let’s decide whether he is a fascist or a Marxist! ”

      For my money, the only difference is the way the two words are spelled. Both describe regimes where the state is TOTAL. Do you like your totalitarianism strawberries and cream, or butter pecan? Same price, same sugar content, same slavery. Me? I want the state to shrink to the vanishing point. Barry is a simple-minded tool of the men depicted in Eyes Wide Shut, and those people like nothing more than for us to count the number of socialisms on the head of a pin, while they craft the New World Order. (If you don’t know, Stalin had Trotsky murdered over just such a debate–the NWO guys love that kind of thing.)

      1. I amiably agree,Patrick,esp. with your assessment of Barry’s so called”intellect”. This was our take on the boy wonder of The Peter Principle,ever since we first heard of him….it has only worsened. Thank you,Sir.

        1. I do not see much use in classifying people as Right or Left or Progressive yadda yadda. It all is totalitarian authoritarian statist nationalistic brutal control of the people. NAZI means national socialism and socialism is straight from Karl Marx. The people who took over and ruined the Ukraine were led by neocon Victoria Nuland, nay Nudelman, Jewish neocon “Leftist.” But many major commentators now describe her as a fascist and that takeover as neocon/fascist.

          Obama is a total puppet. What he says and does is totally controlled by his puppetmasters and those are the moneyed neocons and always have been since his creation.

          It all gets very confusing. We tend to think that “fascists” as extreme Right and as anti-Jew. I do not see that at all these days. The neocons are Trotskyites who took up with the socialist Party R for a while and are now moving back over to socialist Party D. Generally, neocons self identify as Jews and appear very much to be “Zionists.”

          I realize descriptive terms and classifications are necessary to some degree, but these days they often do not lead us to clarity in our discussions.

          “and the light shines on in the darkness and darkness could not overcome it.” John 1:5

    3. For some illnesses that are rare, there is a high false positive rate. For instance, if you are diagnosed with an illness for which there are only about two cases in the whole country in a whole year, it would behoove you to seek a second opinion and look into the false positive rate of the test. I know, because it happened to me. The medical system however (as in my case) proceeded with “excess of caution” because they are afraid of dismissing something where non-treatment can be lethal. They are afraid of the lawsuits and being too cavalier. I think the ebola tests on these nurses (Pham got well very fast – she probably wasn’t actually sick with ebola after all) may have involved false positives. The “abundance of caution” standard was applied to them, and since there aren’t many sick people in the US, there were few consequences. But isolation with actual ebola patients in some kind of a quarantine zone could, if it is really done crudely, result in well people getting sick too.

      1. Musings, I would say that the choice of “Ebola” is deliberate. It is SCARY! They could have used Leprosy. Hemoraghic Fever is pretty nasty. In short, it’s “fearful”.

        To believe this one has to believe that CDC knows even less about this disease than I do (which is very little). It is not a “new” disease. From what I’ve read it is related to hygiene. It doesn’t seem to occur in environments where healthy food is eaten and cleanliness is the norm.

        There is speculation about a weaponized version. I suppose this could be done. There is talk about a combination of a type of influenza with Ebola. I have no way to verify any of that.

        The “miraculous recoveries” seem suspect indeed. Even more frightening is the prospect that someone could do that to a population deliberately.

        I have to keep going back to the reaction. Would they really dally in shutting off access from source countries? If the plan was to wipe out several million of us they would certainly protect themselves.

        It is even plausible that some would die of this because they had been deliberately infected. This would be because they know that it isn’t as contagious as advertised. There is at least anecdotal evidence that natural outbreaks seem to be due to common living conditions, not transmittal.

        As usual this is like watching a “Grade B” movie unfold and not being able to head for the exit. It looks like we’re doomed to be trapped in the Theater of the Absurd watching their fantasies.

      2. Good explanation, musings. Thank you.

        Lophatt, “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston, which was published in 1995, is all about Ebola. The writer of the last blog post (about it being a bioterror weapon) mentioned it. It’s fiction, but dang if it doesn’t lay the groundwork (once again!) for what would go into play 19 years later.

        According to this book, the virus does indeed liquefy one’s innards. Very sickening. The thesis was that it might have originated in caves inhabited by bats, due to guano, but that was never proven. The infection spread by Belgian nuns working at a mission hospital they had established in Zaire. They in fact had no medical training, so reused syringes when they gave injections to patients. Everyone got the disease, including the nuns, who all died. I don’t know how much of that story was based in fact, but certainly there are still Belgian nuns running hospitals in the jungle.

      3. Yes, and there are still bats. I’d be more suspicious of CDC bio-weapons experimentation than nuns. Nonetheless (no pun intended), I don’t mean to imply that it isn’t a particularly nasty disease.

        My first thought, however, is that it doesn’t appear that it has gone global previously. There certainly are centers for bio-reasearch in Western Africa. They would not do this if they didn’t already have a vaccination for it.

        What it implies, and I’m just speculating here, is that in its “natural state”, it isn’t very contagious. This may very well be a “modified” form. Your novel talks of “dirty needles”. That would do the trick alright. But that isn’t a very good vector for mass infection normally.

        There apparently is some support for a variety that was genetically modified to be a hybrid with either the common cold or influenza. That would truly be frightening.

        Prior to this the outbreaks seem to have burned themselves out on their own. That’s what I meant about “common living conditions”. If it were all that contagious it would spread more widely. If we’re now talking of a “weaponized” form there’s no telling.

    4. @dinophile: the passport story is here. There are many other links other than Geller’s, but hers is the most comprehensive:


      The main issue was believed to be the nationality listed on the pport.

      Btw, the Hillary fans knew about everything in the article and much more about lots of issues surrounding O (Odinga, BC, O member of New Party, O’s college funding, etc. etc.). After Hillary joined forces with Obama they never pursued any loud protests about anything…

  4. if its on the main stream media you can almost be assured it is a made for the agenda HOAX to keep the people distracted & terrorized from the real threats – geoengineering / weather manipulation & chemtrails that are being POURED down over their heads, if everyone is tied up talking about NON SENSE their TV tells them , this Ebola smells like classical hoax & more scripted lies, Via TV ( brain washing equipment), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJNgm4kM24s they have conveniently “spread” this decease in all corners of the country . Well if this was actually in our country you would have these pathetic politicians walking around in their pussy boy & girl hazmat suits , I will believe this ebola HOAX as soon as elephants fly . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhgVbbDBJ24&list=PLZj_5Tu8X_ug1CU6ny3_FxpP3AJMg4gpB&index=1

  5. It is a mistake to assign the bizarre happenings that are going on in this country to just the president or to one party over another. They are working in concert for an entity other than the people.

    The bickering we hear is for show. The hearings on the Hill are for show and this is no longer an allegation but a FACT because they have now shown that they do, in fact, have false witnesses before House and Senate Committees with a pre planned dialog including any moments of discourse. The oversight committee hearing on 10/23/2014 regarding Ebola is a prime example.

    The people involved in this Ebola fraud are government sanctioned frauds. The names are not true identities; the credentials are false. Public record is molested and fraudulent entries are made to play out the agenda of the moment including phony professional licenses.

    Totality speaks. You do not find multiple look-a-likes for the people involved in a suspicious event from a connected group without the probability being 100%. These are state crimes with multiple private sector co-conspirators. This is not a theory; this is an allegation of crimes against the people supported by substancial evidence.

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0uR6dJCYAEzywU.png:large The Whewell family plus: the now unredacted graphic which was posted without names with another article

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0u3x8ECAAAmnAG.jpg Whewall family involvement is without question (1)

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0u3xm_CAAA1bac.jpg Whewall family involvement is without question (2)

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0t8ewwCcAAUb_X.jpg Phony doctor and his co-conspirators vaction in Liberia, Costa Rica after defrauding America

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0wDbTGCEAAnKWh.png:large Reporter infected with Ebola is a fraud

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0rTxiCIIAAMKgV.jpg:large NY Doctor is a phony and connected to the other frauds

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0rs1RWCYAAZ-CT.jpg:large NY Doctor is a phony Sandy Hook money connection

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0QEBICCMAA62an.png:large Phony Playing Yasmin possibly working for Pharmaceutical Industry

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B0QmoI9CQAAlsM8.jpg:large PROOF of the It Works connection and the frauds that appeared on Anderson Cooper claiming to be a nurse and an attorney.

    This company now has a hash tag buzz phrase #ItOnlyTakesOne which fits an Ebola outbreak and they were involved with the Boston BS with their 2013 hash tag buzz word being #Boom

    The people have a cause for ACTION. The people have obstacles:

    (1) All the US Courts are Infiltrated
    (2) The legal community is infiltrated
    (3) The Medical Community and Healthcare, as a whole, are infiltrated

    1. Just read an interesting article by Julian Assange about Google, for instance, and its origins in (not invasion by) secret government in the US. It’s kind of eye-opening to those who have never heard and a reminder to those who should know better (like me), from the early days of computers. But what it says is that there are these people who are both acting with impunity to violate human and constitutional rights, but who were also brought up in a shadowy system which most people do not know for the puppeteering it does. Anyone who takes a stand against the violations of our rights at the most basic level can be in serious trouble. It’s very easy to break the law, too. Just about anyone could be prosecuted for something. Diseases like ebola (and earlier anthrax) add a whole new threatening layer. While some think – “oh no, they wouldn’t let something like that out – it might get out of control” — one should remember the Cipro-chugging White House even before the discovery of anthrax, and try to recollect whether you have heard of a vaccine being used to protect against ebola. Is there one? Why do we not know?

  6. If I may nitpick for a moment, I don’t think “fraud” is exactly the right word to describe the Ebola crisis, since the disease is real, although being used for ulterior political purposes. Perhaps “ruse” or something like that would be better.

    Dinophile expresses a perplexity about Obama’s politics that I am sure is mirrored, if only unconsciously, in the population. I don’t think he has any politics, in the usual sense. He is a professional political power broker who, in a very talented, intelligent, and articulated way, projects a view of the power system that serves its interests at a particular time.

    He comes from a family of intelligence assets and identifies with secret manipulation while pretending, highly effectively, to be open and genial. Currently he appears to be going to the right in his last years of presidency. His support of a Nazi-oligarch coup in Ukraine is extremely dangerous in my opinion, and may turn out to be comparable to Bush’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Iraq invasion.

    This Ebola crisis is his doing, and sends the American power system to new depths. As James and others have revealed, Ebola began in American biolabs. Hopefully it was released accidentally rather than on purpose to begin this outbreak. If this outbreak is intentional to increase the fear of Americans and begin new wars in Africa, we are sliding much further down the slope of the razorblade of history.

    As to Patrick’s analysis, let me just say this: foosh. Ideological reaction apparently has no limits.

  7. Is Ebola a Mass Mediated Fraud? In short, yes.

    “Ebola”, which has been called hemorrhagic fever for a thousand years, is a food-born toxin. It is not a virus. No ebola virus has ever been isolated and photographed. The PCR test they use to supposedly test for the presence of this non-existent virus is a fraud and a hoax, (just like the PCR test they use to supposedly test for the non-existent HIV virus.)

    The toxin which causes this illness is absolutely not airborne, and you cannot “catch” ebola from a sick person, unless you somehow injected his blood into yours.

    The illness most likely comes from the equivalent of eating roadkill.

    The nurses who supposedly died, probably died from asphyxiation and loss of bodily fluids from wearing those “hazmat” suits, which are extremely difficult to breathe in, and in the African climate cause a great deal of perspiration.

    Here’s a short radio show from Dr. Jennifer Daniels, which explains what is going on, and how you have absolutely nothing to fear from “Ebola”:

    Radio Show: Ebola And Other Things That Go Bump In The Night |

    1. Thats a huge leap in logic…that the PCR test is a hoax and a fraud. Hmmmm. Talk is cheap.

      About the roadkill, you would have to step outside your own little world to understand transmission of disease. Firstly, there are few ‘roads is rural Africa much less cars….so very ver few…as you say it….”roadkill”. These people have little to eat, and will kill and eat mostly anything that is native to their environment.

      Back off the uninformed rhetoric.

    1. Gag, I just noticed Alex Jones’s involvement last night. I watched just a few minutes of one of his rants (he was nearly in tears over the nefariousness of our government…so moving…) before turning it off, after he said that he was “95% sure” Ebola is going to be a pandemic. I was going to leave a smart-ass-y comment like, “You’re positive that you’re 95% sure? Maybe you’re more like 93% sure?” but I didn’t see the point.

      They’re really pulling out all the stops, what with Ebola and the three recent high-profile shootings at: (1) the Canadian Parliament, (2) the Marysville, WA, high school, and (3) the two deputies shot in Sacramento, CA. We haven’t had a beheading this week, at least.

      Did anyone else hear about this doozy: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/33-officers-fire-600-bullets-car-knowing-contained-hostage/? They’re making it hard NOT to buy into the numerology thing, aren’t they?

      1. And we will never forget how the infowars ‘reporter’ on the SH scene was booted out of the press conference for shouting out conspiracy theorist gibberish and in effect made all of us looking at conspiracies to be true loony tunes.

        Can hardly believe I followed Glenn Beck and all his inside information on how Benghazi funneled weapons to our enemies. Once he transitioned into pay me for my ‘knowledge’, I was done.

        Reminded me of my first husband who hoodwinked me, and then one day I woke up, what the he!! was I thinking? I was not thinking at all….

    2. “It is very clear now that Alex Jones and company are definitely in the fear mongering cartel.”

      Alex has had Jon Rappaport many times explaining why ebola may be a mass fraud. Yesterday he had Francis Boyle who also spoke with balance and reasonableness who seemed to be trying very hard to convey facts and reality and truth, not panic and fear. But Alex Jones always cuts in throughout the often very good guests comments to twist and fear monger. The listener is often wishing that AJ would just stfu and let the guest talk. Just listen to the general tone of all of his shows. I do not listen to him much at all anymore and maybe every two weeks listen to a show.

      But Alex Jones’s whole show for many years has the general rush rush hurry hurry screaming outrage rant and rave “ain’t it awful” theme running constantly. He speaks rapid fire and there is a mad rush to spew out his words before the next of many commercial breaks each hour, about 27 minutes of each 60 minutes to be more precise. So it is not like Alex Jones and company have just recently jumped on the fear mongering bandwagon. He has been on that profitable road for at least 15 years.

      However, the reason Alex Jones engages in constant fear mongering is probably not the same reason as the “fear mongering cartel.” Alex Jones and most of the alternative internet radio shows on GCNlive.com have as their sponsors companies that sell expensive vitamin and mineral and other over the counter supplements. Alex Jones now has his own company, with Dr. Group and his millionaire retired oral surgeon father, Dr. Jones, formulating health supplement products to “support the network” and fight the “new world order.” The more you hype ebola, the more these kinds of products sell, especially the liquid that kills every kind of pathogen, colloidal silver, and other special newly formulated products that “boost the immune system.” Some of his advertisers have recently raised the price of their colloidal silver to seemingly coincide with this “dire ebola situation” which only their special product addresses effectively.

      As Alex always says – “problem, reaction, solution.”

      1. I was never an avid Jones fan (his hyped up friendship with Charlie Sheen left a bad taste in my mouth), but I stopped listening to him nearly altogether around the same time I stopped listening to Glenn Beck, when it dawned on me that these men (and others like them) make their living off of keeping their audiences in fear. It’s their bread and butter. If things were to calm down, they’d be out of a job.

        These days, if I listen to (or read) anyone, it’s folks like Jon Rappaport, James Corbett, Miles Mathis, Mark Passio, and our kind host, James Tracy. None of whom are getting rich off of fear porn, or trying to sell me something, or otherwise benefit by keeping their audience stupid and scared.

        I happily donate to some of these people because I see the value in what I’m receiving, but not one of these guys sells his knowledge/information, but rather gives it away for free. That’s as it should be, I think.

      2. Recynd77 – many years ago I bought a book by Glen Beck as he was entering the media market as an “alternative” voice. I returned the book for a refund before finishing reading. It became very clear that he was chosen (paid) as another gate keeper. In one chapter he describes how he was summoned to Kennebunkport for a meeting with Bush the elder at his home there. Beck wrote he was not at liberty to discuss what the meeting was about, but his career surely blossomed after that.

        1. I have wondered how Glenn Beck became one of the Chosen Ones but never took the time (or had the inclination) to find out. However, I’ve always suspected that his kind of success doesn’t happen merely through hard work and personal initiative. As a matter of fact, the closer you look the more obvious it becomes that success isn’t necessarily tied to being the best or the brightest. Figuring that out was quite a disillusionment, actually, but a milestone in my waking up process.

  8. If you want to know something about Alex Jones, examine his wife, and what tribal affiliations she has. Also look at his “legal” team. You’ll find out.

    Did anyone listen to Dr. Jennifer Daniels’ show? I don’t see any comments on that.

    Think about this…. the PERCEPTION of power is just as powerful as power itself. Scare the crap out of people, and you have power. It doesn’t matter if the scary thing is real or not, you can rob a bank with a plastic toy gun. Ancient rulers had a few cannon, but because those weapons were so loud and deadly, the people became afraid, and gave in, even though they could have easily overpowered the empire through shear numbers, with or without their cannon. They didn’t know. Ignorance was an excuse. But today, with the internet, ignorance is absolutely no excuse. People are sharing knowledge, smart people, people who are educated and have removed their blinders, and who will not allow the lies to continue. This learning will become the people’s strength, and there is a powerful war being fought over knowledge. Information is becoming available about our falsified history, medicine, science and many other things which, if wisdom prevails, will become the tool that frees people from the tyranny. As I’ve said before, just stop beLIEving, it’s a very liberating experience. Share information with whomever you can find with even a slightly open mind. The others are lost, don’t worry about them, let them go down with the ship.

  9. It’s refreshing to hear others with the same suspicions I hold. At the same time it is frustrating to see an inability to make a leap to reality as it is. He correctly states that he thinks Obongo is an intelligence product. I couldn’t agree more. If you know that, how can one continue to speak of him as if he is an elected official with an agenda of his own?

    In my opinion he is simply a tool. He was groomed and selected to play a role. Even a casual look at the alleged official history is impossible to believe as anything but a fantasy. Everything from globe-trotting furniture salesman who have personal relationships with CIA operatives to high school educated bank presidents.

    That doesn’t even consider “mom’s” micro-loan (read NOC) operations in Indonesia where she ends up marrying one of the top players after a CIA orchestrated junta. Then “little Barry” is foisted off onto Grandma who apparently gets him into a very exclusive school in Hawaii that has no record of any other “transfer” student. Where did the money and influence come from?

    Calling him “Communist” is a hoot. He may be totalitarian, but he isn’t a Marxist. He’s “Communitarian” which is a construct for global oligarchy. None of this is HIS idea. I doubt that he has ideas. He has assignments.

    Moving to the media, they are nothing more than organs of the cabal that controls the government and the corporations. We continue to have these discussions where we act as if they are real entities with the ability and will to speak truth. They aren’t. Why are we surprised by this?

    The news readers are not “journalists”. The so-called “journalists” on TEE VEE do not write their own copy. They are handed their bilge on a daily basis. Why would they verify anything. Even if they know it to be false they certainly aren’t going to say that. We continue to discuss the media as it was perceived to be decades ago, not as it is now.

    Finally, we are back to the discussion we once had about what constitutes a “hoax”. My opinion remains that a hoax can have real dead people. It may, it may not. A hoax is something created or used to advance an agenda. We have also said that there is never only one agenda item.

    In the case of Ebola, there is the potential for martial law. There is the profit motive through forced vaccinations. There is the ever present conditioning angle. Neighbors watching and reporting neighbors.

    With that definition, can anyone doubt that this is manufactured? Anyone capable of fogging a mirror could do a better job of managing an outbreak than we’ve seen to date. It is farcical. I was happy to hear the mention of the guy with the clipboard. Just think about that one. That’s right up there with autopsies in the parking lot.

      1. Hah! Thanks. When I was in the UK I remember that it was more newspaper centered (or centred). Sad to say it hasn’t improved. I used to read each day’s paper that seemed to always feature the casualty list of pedestrians ran down whilst doing the “stile shuffle” crossing London intersections. I found that it was an acquired talent. You “won” if you survived.

        Now there is always the possibility of encountering the odd beheading on the street. I remember when cat burglars were about the worst one had to worry about. I guess that’s progress.

      2. truthchase – funny, sad and frightening. I’d rather listen to and watch real parrots.

        One sky watcher in Los Angeles refers to local TV weather personalities as weather mannequins.

  10. I think it would be good to establish…
    what we do know for sure
    what we do not know for sure
    about “Ebola”.

    You know, there is still a strong debate going on whether the HIV virus causes AIDS. So the condition called “AIDS” is simply a set of symptoms whereas the virus has been isolated and purified and named HIV.

    Has the virus that “causes” Ebola been isolated for sure? Until we have the certain answer to that question, it is futile to discuss “false positives.”

    What exactly are the names and methods of the two laboratory tests used to identify the virus in a person’s tissue or blood and how definitive are the results of each method?

    Is it possible that an isolated virus can be identified as man-created and not naturally occurring? If so, do journalists and the public have access to that information?

    The historical record shows that full and certain information about viruses in the past is incomplete and nebulous.

    It is my understanding that in Africa the method of diagnosing “Ebola” in a patient is the eyeball method. In Africa they do not have the technology or the money to do more sophisticated testing.

    There are many symptoms of Ebola that are also symptoms of typhus and malaria and other diseases, some of which diseases are hemorrhagic.

    Is it possible that a person diagnosed with “Ebola” is only a carrier of the illness but does not personally contract the illness? I think there was a person named “typhoid Annie” who spread that active disease far and wide but never contracted the disease herself.

    How do journalists explore these questions or any other of the basic right questions that should be answered and communicated when most journalists do not have the specialized knowledge of this infectious disease medical field?

    A qualified person needs to inform and guide the discussion and at least tell us the right questions to try to get answers to so we can know what we know and what we don’t know about Ebola.

    1. Exactly. We don’t actually know WHAT Ebola is. We don’t know what the tests for Ebola are, although you can see some entries listed on the CDC website:


      The nature of these tests and their efficacy are never discussed. We don’t know what effect blood plasma from a “recovered” patient has. We don’t know what the vaccines under development are supposed to do either. Oh, I forgot – you can read all about it in The New Yorker, along with the astounding recovery of Dr. Kent Brantly and the work of the magicians of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.


      For that matter, we don’t actually know how many people have died of “Ebola” in west Africa. We certainly haven’t seen any convincing photos. We don’t know whether Thomas Eric Duncan was a real person. Or Dr. Kent Brantly. Or Dr. Craig Spencer. Or any of the other participants.

      What the news media does (besides continually gross us out with repeated references to vomit, diarrhea, urine, feces, etc.) is to pile on detail after useless detail of unverifiable data relating to all the actors, facilities, and organizations in this drama.

      This weekend’s coverage in the New York Times is a case in point, with numerous articles, photos, graphics, timelines, and, perhaps most annoyingly, two big articles on Dr. Craig Spencer and his life history (and that of his girlfriend).



      We are not supposed to ask the basic questions about “Ebola,” but to be bowled over by the massive amount of dubious detail presented on every peripheral aspect of the story. More is more, when it comes to just about anything on the current agenda.

      1. & we DO KNOW they have set up MANY DONATION sites for ebola & I wonder how many millions they are raking in donations for this HOAX – Paul Allen donates 100 MILLION to fight ebola http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24765831/seahawks – hhhmmm look it here the United Nations has set up a fund fro their ebola , go figure http://www.unfoundation.org/news-and-media/press-releases/2014/ebola-response-fund-WHO.html —- https://www.unicefusa.org/donate/help-stop-ebola-west-africa-your-donation-matched/18771http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/ebola-epidemic-relief-fund/ ………

  11. Its sad that a large portion of our poulation benefits society by producing things; they, build, make and do. A small portion sit around filling their heads with conjecture….building what I’m not sure.

  12. We cannot forget one of the most costly mass media events used to brainwash folks into the green energy scam. It is now becoming very evident that wind and solar are not living up to their massive tax payer funded investments.

    Suppliers in both England and New England are worried a hard winter could result in blackouts this year.

    Here Neil Brillo of the BBC does what reporters are supposed to do in exposing how ridiculous Elizabeth Truss, England’s Secretary of State for the Environment plans are.


    1. Thanks for that, Skirt. These political creatures are astonishing to watch when they are trapped. Our own State Department has two new ones who are just as ridiculous, Psaki and Harf. We can only laugh.

      Not to pick on just the girls, here in America we have astonishingly shameless liars who sport Y chromosomes. We had to endure first the amazing Robert Gibbs, a liar of academy award quality unflappability; then the ludicrous Jay Carney, who always made me sad, because his requirement to lie for his daily crust of bread was so pathetic that I imagined he had all the mirrors removed from his house. The joker who replaced him, of course, knows that everyone asking him questions is in on the joke–it’s just a giant hoax,. So I don’t feel for him one way or another.

      The sad thing is that it won’t get better. This is politics in our era. You can drive home the reality, in their face, over and over for endless airtime, and it is just water off their back. How such shamelessness is acquired is the great mystery–they always seem so unflappable.

      1. Speaking of mass media fraud, the founder of the weather channel and 9000 other scientists and professionals in the field have declared the whole climate change agenda is based on fraud!

        How refreshing in these times of virtually no truth in the media. Have often wondered if the whole reason for the weather geo-engineering was to create calamities. There is plenty of proof that in the cases of Hurricane Sandy and the CA drought, they have been successful.


        1. “Have often wondered if the whole reason for the weather geo-engineering was to create calamities. There is plenty of proof that in the cases of Hurricane Sandy and the CA drought, they have been successful. ”

          I just listened to an interesting interview Dr. Fetzer did of a guy named Hanrahan who is doing some very interesting, independent and unique research on Sandy Hook.

          At the time of that event, the state of CT was under emergency status because of Hurricane Sandy, (naming of that hurricane coincidental? I don’t think so) Because of that status, the emergency responders at the school event were not under the same law restraints as to what they could and could not do in such an emergency. In other words, they could do pretty much whatever they wanted or not do whatever they chose not to do and not be held accountable to the law. Wonder if Wolfgang Halbig’s lawyers have run into this situation in deciding what charges to base possible cases on.

          What a sweet set-up!

      2. There is actually good–very good–news on this front. The hilariously buffoonish fraud, Michael Mann, who has successfully used used lawfare to silence his detractors for many years, finally picked on the wrong guy, in the person of Mark Steyn. Even if the SLAPP argument is finally thrown resolved in the DC circuit on 11/25, and his asinine lawfare attack on National Review, et al, is thrown out, since Mark has counter-sued, for damages, it will still go to trial. Mann will stand naked in front of all the world, finally, and since no one has filed an amicus on his behalf, it’s clear the whole climate science world is anxious to see Mark win, and finally be done with the despicable little fellow.

      3. The Steyn suit may be the reason we are hearing about this huge fraud for a change in the msm. Although Fox reported during the Five show yesterday that the NYTimes published on 10/23/14 they refuse to allow any reporting on the anti-climate change position as there is no proof of that stance!

        We should ask the judge if the proceedings can be recorded for the public to see, that is one show I would watch!


      4. That Delingpole article is a nice summary, Skirt. Thanks for offering it up.

        SLAPP is a law supposedly written to preclude exactly what Mann routinely does: bankrupt people who call him out via lawfare. Yet, for more than two years, it hasn’t served that function–precisely the opposite. National Review and the other defendants in this frivolous law suit have tried to use SLAPP to avoid a trial, but Mark refused to go along with that strategy (which is why he’s not published in either the print or on line versions any more); he insisted that this belligerent bully be stopped. So, ingeniously, he COUNTERSUED, for tens of millions of dollars.

        Thus, even if the other defendants are successful in having the case thrown out on 11/25, Mark will still be able to expose the fraud, Michael Mann, and put an end to this “global warming” hoax once and for all. And no one will ever again listen to a word Mann says. Too bad Delingpole does not mention that aspect of the story. Of course, if the SLAPP law worked as intended, Mann’s bullying would have been zapped away with little cost to his targets; many people thought it to be the correct way to go. Only Mark Steyn understood the great opportunity this presented to put a stake through the heart of the warm-mongers for good. He’s a fighter, and he wins all the fights he enters.

        Can’t wait.

  13. Kaci Hickox, the nurse who complained her civil rights were violated when she was quarantined with an initial temperature of 103, works for the CDC and makes between $65 & 90K. Nice gig if you can get it.

    Something just didn’t smell right with her reports of being kept in a tent with a porta potty and no shower! Not very sterile or state of the art containment practices, wonder if the CDC knows?



    1. So maybe this is all about taking away states’ power… Kaci sues, Christie says “i don’t care, go ahead” (as he did), Feds surprisingly take it up and side with Kaci with the upshot being that only the Feds, not states, can make quarantine regulations.

      1. It seems curious that CT was the first state to quarantine 9 folks who arrived from West Africa, we did not hear a peep from them. There was a family of 6 immigrants who are hoping to become citizens!

        Now ME is the center of the conversation of whether or not it is legal. Both states have very close governor elections, ME has a republican governor, CT a democrat.

  14. This is a full scale fema drill!

    From the comments – “The Drill Started 9/10/14. The State Dept ordered 160,000 hazmat suits on 9/12/14. T.E.D. arrives in US on 9/20/14 and dies 10/08/14. Nina Pham tests positive for EboLie on 10/12/14 and hugs Obushma on 10/24/14…anyone who believes this is anything but a trial run/drill, I got a bridge and some marshland for sale…FYI the NY/NJ drill should kick into high gear on 11/13 and 11/20 when the full scale exercise 1 and 2 begin…this is the culmination of a 2 year exercise…should be interesting…QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!”


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