Derrick_RobinsonDerrick Robinson, President of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) joins James for the hour. FFCHS has been in existence since 2005 addressing the issues of remote electronic assaults and surveillance.

The secret research and deployment of these devices and techniques affects multitudes of people in this country and the world, most of whom are unaware of their existence. FFCHS seeks to raise public awareness on the impact of these technologies, as well as a congressional hearing and investigation to expose and stop the perpetrators of these crimes.

In January, 2011, Derrick Robinson was featured in a program by Canadian TV show host, Richard Syrett for his The Conspiracy Show, was consulted extensively in Jesse Ventura’s 2012 season of Conspiracy Theory for an episode entitled, “Brain Invaders,” interviewed by the Washington Post in 2006, the New York Times in 2008, and appeared on KMIR-TV in Palm Springs, California in November, 2012, for their news story about electronic harassment.

In 2013 and 2014 he was featured in the Super Soldiers/Mind Control Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada and has spoken on numerous radio talkshow programs around the web, such as George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM, Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot: The Legacy of A Nation, and Pinkney to Pinkney.

Sources Robinson has worked with assert that as much as ten-to-twelve percent of the US population may be subject to some form of electronic harassment or surveillance. “There are probably at least millions of people who are victimized because we get calls every single day from all across the country,” Robinson points out, “from every major city, every major locality–a steady stream of people.”

There is a long history of such mind control research and techniques in the United States, dating at least to the CIA’s MKULTRA program begun in the early 1950s. “Basically their aim [has been] to control a human being without the person being aware of their efforts. They use drugs, they use electroshock, they use hypnosis, and ultimately electromagnetic energy. That seemed to be what paid off the most for them.”


Robinson remarks on the scientific work of Yale mind control pioneer Jose Delgado. “He started off first with animals. He referred to cats as his electronic toys. And he was able to, just by using a remote radio frequency transmitter, he was able to make cats twirl in circles, to lay down, to roll over, to vocalize–just about anything he wanted them to do.” With additional experimentation, Delgado detected the specific frequencies necessary to to initiate the desired response in primates en route to the overt control of human minds, the findings of which are presented in his book, Physical Control of the Human Mind.

Not only are intelligence agencies at least indirectly involved in electronic harassment and surveillance of innocent individuals, but so too are private corporations.

What we have come to learn is that many of them are brought in to the system with the idea of investment in the technology, satellite technology, accessing certain parts of the spectrum to advertise their products. It’s a selling point for those in corporate industry, because then they’re able to subliminally market their products to an unaware public.

The prevalent demographic of an electronic harassment/surveillance victim is a single woman between the ages of 40 and 50 years old, although single men are also desirable targets. “They tend to choose individuals that are alone and unattached to family and friends,” Robinson observes. “They tend to want someone that they can isolate, and if they can get someone by themselves they can really bring the full bearing of their program upon them.”

Shortly before his death, Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis was in touch with FFCHS via email to obtain the organization’s support for what he believed were electronic assaults, possibly emanating from the Navy Yard compound.

Robinson notes that Alexis was in touch with FFCHS on September 1, 2013, less than two weeks before the fateful Navy Yard episode. “He had the exact same symptoms as many in our community. He was hearing voices. He was getting microwave attacks. He felt he was being followed by a group of people. He was sleep-deprived. In fact, he went to the hospital in search of medicine to help him to sleep …

This is a recurrent theme in the active shooters that we see oftentimes in the news. We’ve tried  in some instances to make contact with the individuals that have survived to let them know what is going on with them.

Robinson holds a B.A. in Speech and Theater from Ohio Wesleyan University and a Certificate from the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland. He can be heard regularly via the organization’s Saturday Night Podcast on

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  1. And I’m sure that the proper selection of pharmaceuticals would only serve to weaken resistance, or to enhance the effects, of the electronic ‘stimulations’.

  2. […] Derrick Robinson, President of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) joins James for the hour. FFCHS has been in existence since 2005 addressing the issues of remote electronic assaults and surveillance. The secret research and deployment of these devices and techniques affects multitudes of people in this country and the world, most of whom are unaware of their existence. FFCHS seeks to raise public awareness on the impact of these technologies, as well as a congressional hearing and investigation to expose and stop the perpetrators of these crimes. In January, 2011, Derrick Robinson was More… […]

    1. What a brave son! He knew what he was up against and ultimately received his answer and hopefully tons of money for his family for this great injustice done.

      Folks here often question how come nobody speaks up at various travesties. The answer is, once you are in, you’re in, the only way out is death.

  3. truth is with regard to single or not; you cannot retain a relationship as the barrage from foreign interlopers play in the sensory cognition of our brains. That brain is their playing field and their handlers are psychiatrist or worse. To have people who have no moral compass plaguing your cognition is all they have to do in any given day. Push pull or toss is absolutely what they like to do. Rape pillage and plunder are correlative. All is a lie that isn’t you in yourself by yourself to yourself; I think you now can see the rabbit hole is clear. They play with you as jugglers of influence in a circus environment; they have created a panopticon, a prison where surveillance is secondary while probing with electronic waves to your cerebral existence. Being that they are truly evil, it is their objective and intent to stretch the envelope of social acceptance. It was not going to be a ‘brave new world’, not brave nor new. This is to create an accepted clearing house for private and public torture, social abuse, sexual to, whereby all virtues are skewered in a most flexible and contorted fashion. A cabal invested for all time in what comes from the shadows. With great influence, Hollywood is merging with their other creation pornography. Consider their new wave propositions, no colour, everything is relative, social manipulation using vice as their spear to your heart.

  4. My initial reaction is to suspect the FFCHS as being a facilitator of some Hegelian scheme (perhaps playing the “anti-thesis” part). Admittedly, I have not spent any time researching how they came into their current role, but I find 1 in 30 to be on par with CDC’s astronomical 1 in 5 figures for h1n1 (2009-10):

    Given that, I will take some time to see what lies under this (seemingly) altruistic façade.

  5. This is certainly an interesting and disturbing issue. As with so many of these secretive operations, there remains “plausible deniability”. After all, many would simply say that the reported victims were schizophrenic.

    He mentioned electronic testing. That seems like a possible way to “prove” that someone was being acted upon. While I’m not familiar with the mechanisms for doing this, it would seem that you would need some frequency or waveform that could be measured.

    Another problem is the why of it. Why select certain persons and invest so much to simply harass them? Of course experimentation or possible use for criminal or other purposes is a possibility.

    If his goal is to get congressional action on this he would have to prove it sufficiently to force that interest. Knowing that these experiments have been conducted does not translate to proof that a particular individual is the target of them.

    I certainly have sympathy for anyone who truly is a victim of this. It is unlikely they will receive any relief from government sources.

    1. I sense that sitting in a soft chair while commenting about a war on a humans soul can possibly be interesting or disturbing. Perhaps then add a schedule of possible assertions and aspersions which might be used to connect the dots, may seem to be something of an investment of your intellectual energy. Of course as I relate to IT metaphors then this applies ‘garbage in, garbage out’ as it represents your list of prescriptions.
      Somehow that ELF warfare is a fact of life doesn’t connect to moral outrage may be a philosophical point to consider. I have turned the corner and have seen no 7 Deadly Sins and or 10 Virtues. Consider what was lost and when, then if possible (gets scary when your looking in the mirror) by whom.
      soft landing –
      hard landing – Code Name: Artichoke

      1. Yes, my chair is soft and I did find the interview interesting and disturbing. Sorry! I suppose if I shrieked and howled with indignation I would be found acceptable by you.

        I have not said that this doesn’t happen. It is a subject that deserves caution. You should be aware that “crazy” people are not “lying” when they explain what’s happening to them. I’m not saying that that is the case here.

        I believe that experiments have been done and are probably continuing. Believing that doesn’t mean that I think “I” am being targeted (at lease at the moment). I have sympathy for anyone who is affected by something like this.

        There are people who believe they are periodically abducted by aliens. Maybe they are. Maybe they aren’t. They believe it, though. I think I have an easier time with something like this if I can connect it to a motive.

        You seem to believe that I have an obligation to believe something just because someone says it is true. I don’t work that way. I have no reason to think that he is trying to fool anyone. It may be absolutely true but I confess that the logistics of such a program seem troublesome.

        One or two, or a dozen or hundreds, seem possible. Millions seems a reach. But, I could be wrong. It has been rumored for many years that a program exists to use people by mind manipulation. I can believe that. This seems more random and he mentions “businesses” as the source of some of the stalking.

        I was involved in a case of “improper termination” of an employee once who believed she was an alien abductee. Her testimony left no doubt in my mind that she was not lying. I also do not believe she was an abductee. In this case I haven’t ruled this phenomenon out. It deserves further study, however.

  6. “’s” rationales for dismissing FFCHS as a “disinformation group” are not convincing. There are in fact important figures behind FFCHS, and lawsuits centered on such activity are moving forward., whose author is curiously anonymous, alleges that FFCHS does not advocate for petitioning legislators or otherwise raising awareness on such matters. In fact, this is at the forefront of its endeavors. (Did you happen to listen to the interview?) It also speculates that the organization cannot be trusted because it has funds to purchase some billboard space and other promotional materials to raise awareness on the phenomenon.

    As “” decries FFCHS, it unabashedly recommends websites/sources such as Democracy Now!, The Nation, The Progressive, and so on, as reliable sources of information, yet overlooks the fact that all of these sites are tremendously dependent on major philanthropic foundations for their funding. Have any of these outlets ever concertedly addressed electronic harassment? “” also recommends the somewhat dubious wikileaks while raising hackles about FFCHS as “disinfo”? Well …

    1. I thank you with all my heart, Anne, for this essential story. How grateful I am that you continue to grace us with your presence, and share the fantastic research you do.

      What was done to this woman, certainly, is not at all rare. We just never learn about it. I read every word, and wondered how many people have experienced the same thing, but had not money to hire PIs, or can afford hotels–much less finance a relocation to another country. Most of them, no doubt.

      She was also smart enough to figure out what was going on, which makes her even rarer. Certainly, no such stories are ever told in the MSM–even those as well documented as hers. We are so screwed.

      1. Patrick – thanks, but this was not research on my part, although Leslie’s story is tailor made for this interview. I knew Leslie briefly through a mutual friend who also wanted to leave this country, but after much research found it impossible with young children, a husband and cats and dogs. She decided to stay put, even after the two middle aged owners where she worked part time, they both died during the same week. The two were in good health and those deaths were no coincidence she said. It made her fear for the future. They were in the vitamin and natural remedies business on Los Angeles’ west side. This was in 2006. The following year my friend’s other boss died – Aaron Russo.

    2. Anne, examples of this type of thing are legion. All of the ones that I have read involve some “affront” to authority or an “official”. Someone doesn’t like what a person is saying and uses this to eliminate them, drive them crazy, or remove them.

      My previous comments are meant to be understood in that context. I believe they have the technology. I believe they will use it. After all, that is why they have devoted so much effort on it.

      Decades ago “gang stalking” was physical (of course it had a psychological component). The FBI was notorious for it. They used it to intimidate witnesses and so forth. Virtually every major operation from JFK forward has instances of this associated with it.

      If it is true that they have expanded this effort in a rather random manner, it would mean that the technology has gotten to a point where it is so easy to do that it is being used for someone’s perverse entertainment.

      We have discussed many times the “dreamlike” quality of this sort of attack. It usually takes a milder form, i.e., television, and is not “personal”. Nonetheless, the effect is devastating in terms of one’s mind being able to “fit” the action to what they are accustomed to.

      I can imagine the nightmarish world created by having those we’ve been taught to trust suddenly turn into “evil clowns”, etc.. This is the basis of many horror stories. Suddenly what used to seem “real”, is not.

      It seems to me that this may be the “high tech” version of what we’ve been discussing with the “altered realities” seen in these media productions. They create cognitive dissonance on a mass level. These electronic methods do so in a personal, direct manner.

      I hope she finds peace.

  7. The horrifying revelations of this article have implications so vast that they are difficult to capture in a few comments. American power is apparently developing new technology for driving people crazy. This appears to be part of the Divide and Ruin policy implemented under the War on Terrorism. Just as is done in the Mideast, and in Ukraine, where Divide and Ruin is the strategy, Washington had developed psyop organs to Divide and Ruin the American people from each other, and from the rest of the earth’s people.

    America under the Terrorist War is increasingly a schizoid society. The authorized ideological ideas disconnect groupings and individuals from each other so that American power can divide and rule. This is done conceptually in the truth tradition, as well as politically, operationally and institutionally. The conceptual language is fragmented, compartmentalized, and disconnected to make it impossible to connect and integrate the truth.

    That is a major reason why the professional truth consensus tells us more and more about less and less. It is not possible to integrate the specific information and specialized truth into a coherent people’s truth because the holistic conceptual structures do not exist in the conceptual language. The holistic integrated truth, formulated from a people’s perspective, would unite us, and this anathema to anti-people power.

    But what is happening as well is that America power is actually experimenting with developing the psychosis of schizophrenia, where one symptom is hearing voices. Apparently this happens to millions of Americans. The question is; what proportion is actually induced by modern technology like Extremely Low Frequency (ELF). Does American power want us not only politically and ideologically insane, but also psychologically insane?

    The only effort made to combat this tendency, or even reveal it, is people like Derrick Robinson and of course James for publicizing it. The horrific implications are Unmentionable in the mainstream media and other truth organs. It is only the American people and their truthers and organizers like Robinson and James that can effectively combat what is happening to us. /And it must never be forgotten, as prof Chossudovsky has argued, that America has nuclear weapons as well, and it is to the power interests of the American military to use them. If our consciousness can be manipulated to literally drive us clinically insane, we are threatened by anti-people power in ways that even our best truthers have not envisioned.

    1. Mark Again, assuming these numbers are even remotely close to reality – which is preposterous – DEWs need to be within what, 30 meters? There are simply not enough employed in these “covert” agencies to beam individually at 1 in 30 humans 24/7. I Agree that the technology is available as evidenced by Delgado, et al 50 years ago, but to this extent is just another fear tactic, plea for funding, or propaganda/psyop. To this day Delgado admits his experiments were primitive compared to the unimaginably complex nature of the brain, stating his frustration with not even pinpointing the area of the brain triggering epilepsy.

      So what are we left with?

      I don’t think the goal is to drive people crazy, this is just a byproduct of these experiments, for the few that are subjected to this. The goal, as with drugs and hypnotism before EM, is to control a human.

      Having read thru several “victims” reports of this harassment, I can’t reconcile the resources required, but moreso, the victims inability to mitigate the attacks with a simple faraday cage or even tin foil! Who goes 5-15 years of continuous attack without once thinking of simply blocking RF – like any rg6 cable you plug in your tv? And yet, they are capable of writing intricate, inexplicably long reports of their sufferings to these organizations. To me this is contrived (for the above reasons) and is right up there with Morgellons or Ebola. Maybe we should all just calm down and remember that capitalist nature will do just about anything to skim a buck off their fellow man.

      1. Granite, I’m throwing an idea out there to see if it sounds plausible. I don’t deny that there are “targeted” attacks. But, given the volume described (or anything close to it), perhaps Ventura’s implications have some merit.

        What if certain people had “reactions” to their daily bath in microwaves. Maybe those “reactions” manifest themselves as psychological conditions?

        I’m not saying that ALL such cases are “in people’s heads”. I’m suggesting that some, maybe many, of those cases are the result of exposure.

        That was why I said that “motive” was important. If someone is targeted and there is some reason or connection it makes sense for expending the time and effort by those in control of this. It quite frankly doesn’t make sense to me that such people would devote the necessary time and energy to just randomly target people.

        What I have read about this is that people say it’s “scalar”, not “electromagnetic”. The Faraday cage has little if any effect. I have explored scalar energy a little. I don’t claim to have that adequately assimilated yet.

        I know some about electricity and wavelengths and their properties. If they were electromechanical in nature it would be fairly easy to block most frequencies. Some of the extremely low frequency variety are harder to shield. Of course, we were talking “microwaves”, not ELF.

        I don’t know, I am just doing a mind experiment here. There are actually companies that sell products that claim to block scalar energy. I don’t know how legitimate those are.

        My allusion to “crazy” people is meant to be taken in this light. If you presented at a shrink’s office claiming these symptoms, you might not leave unmedicated. That doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be “real” to you, or any less tragic.

        So, for most, is it more plausible that a known phenomenon that many are exposed to, triggers voices and personal instructions, or is it more likely that there are thousands of individual controllers speaking personally to all these people?

        If this line of thought has any merit, it doesn’t mean that individual targeting doesn’t happen. It would be two separate, but similar, phenomena. Of course that would make the discernment process between those who were individually targeted and those who “reacted” more difficult.

        We know that exposure to certain chemicals and frequencies and other antecedents can trigger different responses in groups. Not everyone notices or reacts the same way. Some react in similar ways. In fact, part of the ongoing military experimentation deals with finding things that will cause an “enemy” to react in a predictable manner.

        I’m saying that both scenarios are bad. We may be seeing both.

      2. lophatt – I see what you are saying and given the length of time between Delgado’s experiments and now, they should have plenty of technology to deploy. Everything I have heard about scalar energy has either been total hooey (lazar or whoever) or the tests done at university:

        In the latter case, my understanding of “scalar” is when two lasers are crossed to create a plasma. From there, the sky is the limit with capabilities but I have not heard of this being used for causing auditory hallucinations of voices.

        Regardless, you present the aforementioned plausible deniability of blaming advanced tech on psychoses. Occams razor aside, I still feel that even numbers in the thousands would be (logistically) a waste of resources (at least in the aspect of 24/7 harassment).

        All that aside, its a very scary thought if you ever are singled out, and I sympathize with anyone that has symptoms like those described, whether natural or man-made. Also, I’m very glad no one entertained that one guys comments – what a mess!

      3. lophatt I totally missed the premise behind your hypothetical. I agree that it is much more possible that a certain unknown fraction of people experience these symptoms when triggered by everyday RF immersion.

        If that is the case, then it is unintentional, and organizations like Richard’s are just propagating fear instead of investigating more likely scenarios.

        further, this would be an ideal cover for the agencies and telecom alike; they could each blame each other.

        I don’t see us getting to the bottom of this one anytime soon, but could you elaborate on your findings with scalar energy and this topic?

      4. I limit this comment to a purely technical aspect.
        There is more to it but I skip it for now.
        Scientists experimented with a tinfoilhat to see how much it attenuated pertinent microwave frequencies, 1,6GHz and 2,6GHz ie same as satelite phones. The result was the tinfoilhat gave 3-5dB net gain!
        In order to attenuate effectively transmissions into the brain, you would have to cut off your head so you can cover it underneath.
        Seriously its harder than you might think. Putting a mobile phone in a metal case I had to shrink the opening in the cover made of Al-foil down to less than 1cm to see the phone loose coverage. It wasnt a round opening just a narrow slit.
        I also experimented with wireless phones for home use, ie only communicating locally. I let the base module remain untouched.
        The frequency according to the manual was similar to mobiles ie some 0,9GHz. I put the handheld inside multiple metal casings, separated by nonconducting material. But I failed to make it loose coverage!
        In this case the power would be much higher (some10mW)than from a remote base station, so there is no mystery, but I was quite surprised.
        Noneless your reasoning is sound and like you say quite rare among victims.

      5. We have witnessed that not all trolls are individuals, many seem to be computer driven, appearing based on key words and their gibberish or insults are easily detectable. Many comment blogs still let them spew away. Their profiles are often lacking any data and are newly created.

        A computer program could easily broadcast ‘individual’ messages to a database of victims much like organizations can generate personal letters to millions with the click of a button.

      6. peter
        the whole tin foil hat was a bit tongue in cheek. as for it actually blocking signals – just wrap your cell phone in tin foil one time. zero reception- you cannot receive or make a call. I don’t know what you are talking about re: slits, cm’s, spacing??

      7. If too many people seem to be targeted and some really are targeted, then logically we are dealing with an inhomogenous group, the bulk part of which must then be considered normal background. But those behind the targeting are clever devils and they use the normal background as a template and produce similar symptoms in addition to those peculiar to the targeting. A routine following a scientific protocol must be followed in order to create the proper background symptoms. Not much is left to chance. The symptoms not belonging to the background are of course the most interesting. But then the DSM manual steps in, leaving no alternative but mental illness. If a middle aged lone woman says she is being sexually assaulted by some invisible action and insists she is not imagining it, only psychosis fits among the DSM alternatives.
        If a TI says some invisible entity is examining the body, ‘playing doctor’, there is no official explanation save psychosis.
        The unofficial but entirely possible explanation is that a cybernetic interface has been inserted into the nerve bundles somewhere. The brainstem is accessible without boring a hole in the skull however I will not speculate further about the surgical details.
        One american woman said she was connected with her husband who was in prison. That is their two bodies had probably been interfaced in this manner and then the perpetrators connected them via a computerprogram so she could feel being in his body. She was absolutely sain and sound. A normal mother. She was probably picked on account of her husbands actions. I wont go into the details.
        So although this is entirely different from hearing voices, my guess is many TIs wont even mention that type of symptoms, while many say their thoughts are being manipulated, some believe the brain is nearly permanently connected to a supercomputer.
        I havent heard of any case when such people have noticed the intermittancy typical for wireless communication. Therefore there is probably some default function built in when there is no coverage.
        The technology was mature around 1975 and that’s when it went underground. Course literature in physical electronics from that time contains reference to brain-computer communication as one of two specifically emphasized applications, and this came from an american original.

        1. Peter do you have any references or specifics re 1975 course study? Also another possibility besides cybernetics that you mention could be that another less invasive tech gives the feeling of being connected to another person or supercomputer.

          On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, Memory Hole wrote: > Peter Grafström commented: “If too many people seem to be targeted and some really are targeted, then logically we are dealing with an inhomogenous group, the bulk part of which must then be considered normal background. But those behind the targeting are clever devils and they use ” >

      8. I couldn’t help but comment on microwaves. I was in the field for many years. The reason they claim a “Tin Foil Hat” seems to intensify the microwave is because when a microwave hits an edge of anything metal such as the edges of the Tin Foil Hat, it will turn 90 degrees and go into your neck or whatever is not covered. You must roll up the edges or use some kind of dampening material.

        Thus, any metal will effectively stop microwaves and Trees or any kind of shrub will absorb most of the microwave’s strength also.

        For what it’s worth.

      9. Granite
        I didnt see your comment before I wrote the previous long comment about cybernetics etc
        About tin foil again. I was talking about a mobile phone placed on something nonconducting inside a metal casing like a cookiebox with lid made of aluminum household foil. If I cut a narrow slit in the foil longer than 1cm the phone gets enough signal. If the slit is say 5mm the signal is blocked. If you wrap a foil around a mobile without leaving any opening this corresponds to zero length of the slit with some reserve for what happens with the rfcircuits when you get that close.
        If you leave openings different cases might come about.
        But I was also talking about scientists who wrapped a tinfoilhat partly covering the skull showing that it might provide net gain compared with the bare head.
        In order to completely wrap in a human head you have to decapitate the patient. A serious effort to block signals would be to use a faraday cage.
        Some TIs managed to arrange that in Belgium but they were ‘aided’ by people associated with NATO. And I suspect they were being played around with. The helpers used an ordinary frequency counter and held it close to the head. They got readings showing emission of shortwave signals from the skull. But I think all that happened was the head together with the frequency counter acted like an antenna and received ordinary shortwave broadcast signals from some source. Either by some deliberate cheating with the faraday cage or a more elaborate fraud involving the measurement equipment.

      10. Ric
        I used three consecutive metal cookie boxes each separated with nonconducting material and hid one ~900MHz wireless phone in there without galvanic contact with the innermost box.
        It wasnt a mobile. The base unit was less than 10m away. The lids were tight enough. But the darn phone didnt stop functioning.
        Actually I tested it with the searchbutton and I wasnt entirely sure that function uses the same high frequency. I wondered whether it used long wave for the searchfunction but I concluded that they wouldnt complicate the thing so much.
        The cookie boxes were probably made of some kind of iron I guess.
        I havent tried aluminium casings since I have none with tight fitting lids.
        What you say about edges is an oversimplification. The head is partly conducting so its complicated.

      11. Granite, et al, I’m glad you “caught my drift”. While I do not agree that scalar forms are hooey, this whole discussion is highly theoretical. I said that I had not completely absorbed what I’ve read about scalar forces. I do find them intriguing, however.

        I mentioned them because those who write about this phenomenon often attribute it to scalar energy. Others to “microwaves”. They are not the same thing. That doesn’t mean that there is nothing to it.

        I do not maintain that this targeting doesn’t happen. I just can’t see it happening on such a large scale. That said, all I can elaborate on the subject is a very crude description. Just like electricity, we know it through the study of its effects, not directly by observation.

        There is actually nothing beyond repeated success that “proves” our knowledge of electricity is correct. Why? Because we can’t see it. It is the same with scalar forms. They are similar but not the same.

        It requires imagining the invisible world around us in a different manner. This is not so far fetched as we have to do that with electricity too. We’re just used to it.

        Acknowledging that this is extremely simplistic and probably not technically accurate, the best way I can visualize scalar energy is as “pressure”. Like pushing on the surface of water in one area causes disturbances in another.

        In a similar manner “electricity” is creating an imbalance. Nature strikes a balance unless acted upon by some other force. When we spin a magnet and induce a current to flow in a conductor, we are creating an imbalance that those electrons rush into to fill the created void.

        If we think of scalar energy as the same thing, without the conductor, we’re close to visualizing it in a way to better understand it. All of these different types of reactions are related. This is why they can affect us. We are beings that operate at least partially by electrical impulse.

        Vibration is one of the most (if not THE most) powerful forces we know of. “Frequencies” are just another way of talking about vibration. “Hertz” (Hz) is just a term for describing vibration. “Waveforms” is another.

        So, when these are “applied” a product is produced. Something changes from its normal, stable state. Just as we know that certain frequencies are more easily shielded than others, those who discuss scalar waveforms claim that electrical shielding has little effect on them. I don’t know this to be true as I’m still studying it.

        In general the higher the frequency, the easier it is to shield against it. I’m not sure how that applies to scalar. In a sense, the logic is that electricity could flow through a conductor and only effect whatever is connected to the other end. Scalar is like “pressing” on the ether and causing a reaction somewhere along that disturbance, without the conductor.

        Tesla’s basic theory was that we are surrounded by an unimaginable amount of energy. It is stable (generally speaking), and dispersed. By causing that dispersed energy to assemble at a chosen location one could “tap” into that vast store at will. It would simply move toward where it was directed, do whatever work was required, and re-disperse.

        So, just like with both phenomena, we can’t “see” it. We have to invent corollaries to enable us to “visualize” it. We can’t see what happens to us when exposed to unusual energy sources either. We can only speculate when we see the reaction. If we KNOW, however, that something is damaging to us, we could, in theory, find ways to protect ourselves from it. Of course there is the possibility that the damage may be permanent.

        So, now that I’ve cleared that up (ugh!). It is one of those things that is easier to understand than to explain.

      12. Lophat
        Your discussion about scalar waves. Dont forget to explain how this corresponds to a force. It has seemingly a profound overlap with the properties of gravity. Of course scientists have tried to explain gravity in this manner before. Hannes Alfwen for one.
        According to present wisdom, electromagnetism just like gravity corresponds to a bending of space time. However gravity bends it in more than one dimension – crudely speaking like the bending of a flat surface into a spherical surface, while electromagnetism bends space-time in just one dimension – like the bending of a flat surface into a cone. While the distance dependence of gravity and electromagnetism is the same 1/r^2 they still are quite different.
        However if there is a scalar component of electromagnetism we’re in trouble because it would seem to be locally indistinguishable from gravity.
        Tesla probably was intrigued by the quantummechanical so called zero-point energy. But you cant extract anything other than energy differences between quantum levels.
        Perhaps antimatter or if it exists, dark matter, complicates the analysis, but that probably isnt practically useful, since there is no easily obtainable supply of either.

        1. Peter i havent read anything to corroborate your statements on em and gravity. 1/r sq? I thought it drops off by the inverse square root? And the bending you speak of is only relevant to the observer. And i dont follow how this is relevant – seems to be off topic

          On Thursday, October 23, 2014, Memory Hole wrote: > Peter Grafström commented: “Lophat Your discussion about scalar waves. Dont forget to explain how this corresponds to a force. It has seemingly a profound overlap with the properties of gravity. Of course scientists have tried to explain gravity in this manner before. Hannes Alfwen” >

      13. Peter, yes, there isn’t the space (or interest) for me to fully explain what I’m trying to say but you’ve come pretty close. In a sense, it’s all the same thing. I had a discussion once with Patrick about “nukes” and “DEW’s”. Think of the term “directed energy” weapon.

        When one is dealing with the invisible one has to be able to visualize it in a way that fits your hearer’s experience. What we’re trying to explain are manifestations of something we can’t see. We can only experience them through their effects.

        In this case we have no problem believing that someone who ingests something could end up behaving strangely. On the other hand, someone bombarded by energy behaving strangely is considered unlikely.

        We know there are waveforms because we can listen to the radio. We know that if we are exposed to radiation our cells will be damaged or destroyed. All that is is the energy of particles trying to regain their stability by decaying into other forms. If you happen to get in the way they do that through you.

        Even with the experimentation on mind control and the use of frequencies, all they are doing is observing what effect they can see when they are applied. It is all “directed energy”. The frequency or the amplitude may change, but, at its root, its the same thing.

        As fascinating as it is, we know so little. We know what we measure and observe. The rest is speculation. If we understood the true nature of what we were dealing with we might be better able to use it wisely.

      14. Gran1e
        You asked about references. It was my own course literature in my undergraduate studies from that time. The course put emphasis on rf and microwaves in particular. Antenna gain for microwaves, noise considerations. The book intro listed Herman Kahns predictions about future technologies, a very long list. But only two items were marked as particularly pertinent, as I rember it, one of them was wireless brain computer communication.
        At the university there was research about prosthesis, for hands, I think.
        Not brain computer experiments. But the fact that they put such emphasis on it shows that this was a hot topic back then.
        Microwaves are highly relevant. The noise is low and predictable. The best available part of the spectrum falls in the range of frequencies used by sat phones, 1-3GHz. Microwaves can be focused without a prohibitively large antenna, which is very important.
        RWP King, an expert on antennas for submarines and other submerged conditions was funded by Los Alamos in 1976 to theoretically determine optimum frequencies for transponders to be operated into large animals. He suggested 700MHz would be the best choice but also provided an alternative using 3GHz. He suggested using a two element dipole for higher directionality.
        The antennas for implants can be made small. The refractive index is higher inside the body, meaning the size of an antenna may be smaller than outside the body, some 3cm for 3GHz
        A disadvantage is the attenuation inside the body as well as the reflection against the skin. The former increases with frequency while the latter becomes worse for lower frequencies.
        This means that microwave implants would preferably be closer to the skin.
        Smart antennas, so called phased arrays are well suited for automation and much of the technology has been developed for military radar applications.
        Scanning tracking, focusing, locking to a target has a lot in common between seeking a faint echo from a missile or a targeted airplane and a human targeted individual. So the secret uses of mind control could employ highly developed military technologies.

        Simpler versions based on, I think VHF frequencies were employed during Reagans time as governor. Lots of base stations scattered over a city area to track criminals.

  8. It would be interesting to know what the demographics of this tortured population is, seems like the outreach is in major population areas, but it could be those in less populated areas have no clue they are really not crazy.

    Live in what may be considered rural America, but we have bizarre headlines all the time, like the father who killed his adult son for removing all the cheese in the boxes of the macaroni & cheese ‘dinners’. Apparently, he gorged one one really cheesy meal!

    If the goal is population control, they have been very successful with murders and abortions in major cities such as Chicago, NY, DC, Detroit, etc.

    There was a time when this article would of seemed preposterous to me. Now that it is common knowledge our military dumped 55 gallon drums of nuclear waste into the ocean and shot them until they sunk, our CDC spent $1,000,000 to study the sex lives of fruit flies, and probably an infinite number of realities of how crazy it has become, nothing is shocking anymore.

    1. Skirt, he said it was primarily single women and that they were all over the planet. He mentioned 13%. That’s a lot of people.

      I would be more curious to hear what the background of their affliction was. Did they engage in unpopular politics? Did they have an internet site? What brought this unwanted attention?

      In the Ventura episode he more or less suggested that microwave towers were at least somewhat responsible. I suppose that version would have it that it wasn’t so much “targeted” as a byproduct of microwave generation.

      Just to play with that a bit, my understanding is that the basis for this research was the discovery of certain frequencies and their effect on the body. Perhaps some people are more susceptible to it than others.

      I don’t know, just thinking. If it is true that we are susceptible to microwave frequencies, and we are bathed in them daily, can it be any surprise that reactions will occur?

      Not to eliminate the purposeful use on targeted individuals, just the general level of saturation would be expected to cause problems. Those who have studied this cannot be unaware of it.

      What little I’ve read about it is centered on “scalar” energy. This requires a shift in thinking. The worst one can say about it is that some are using this sadistically. The best one can say is that they are using it recklessly. Playing with technology that has a high potential for harm without regard for the consequences is criminal.

      1. to quickly put 13% in perspective – it is estimated 17% of people in the US smoke cigarettes. I have seen considerably more smokers than I have people talking to themselves.

  9. lophatt and others; you seem to miss the point I am claiming. If it wasn’t me then it would be you!
    Consider what this prose would mean to those who are entombed by the banal evil people common to this ‘project’.
    “The human sense of reality demands that men actualize the sheer passive givenness of their being, not in order to change it, but in order to make articulate and call into full existence what otherwise they would have to suffer passively anyhow.”
    Arendt, Hannah.
    In other words ‘I’m just sayin’. As you have said lophatt, ‘get up and scream’; at what, to whom and the questions seem endless.
    Those having chosen to follow the technology and its subsequent amorality principle take human beings to grist the mill, pay their bills. As they change to suit the environment, all manner of evil precipitates. No ardent follower of equal treatment to any argument is forgiven.
    I have known of these interlopers/handlers since my late teens but they were active throughout the sixties. The project is really very simple and pushing it forward has immeasurable numbers of outcomes available to the thinking willing mind. After all its only transceivers, computer relational data basing, algorithm design, transmission towers incorporating satellite technology and all those willing people including those that govern you. It was initiated with CIA brutality and that speaks volumes.

    lophatt; of sitting in the soft chair. Being there, won’t for all your effort, drive the donkey to the donkey show or give you any credence.

    1. Massa, I’m devastated, as having “credence” in your eyes is my fondest wish. You are certainly free to think whatever you will. You are obviously far superior to my mortal efforts at discourse.

      I’ll leave the “donkeys” where I find them. By the way, your ears are showing.

  10. sorry about bringing to bear the stellar abilities of a tribal jew; (not an anti semite), but their claim (politically seasoned) that the others are more viscous is historically absurd. She has a talent. Arendt is pressed forward to illustrate the subject and credit to her. When 2nd world war history is a made up game to neutralize and minimize our understanding that all wars are bankers wars and everyone is played to that tune, well you just lose faith we can ever have peace. Some people say there are light beings and others call on inter dimensional demons for the f’n rush while most haven’t a clue. Chem spray, man made viruses, Fukushima rad levels and other toxins in our water and GMO’d foods, fracking, Gulf oil spill or war to war to war are madman follies. No if no buts only and and and
    Lawyers are liars and they make up government. What was administrative is corporate now, meaning they stole it by hook and crook. Arendt’s observation rings true and my hat is off to her.
    My soul rests in the fact that there are good wholesome people in the world, a lot fewer than there was but still

  11. Remember thinking at the time the brain initiative was announced by our leader, how strange with all that is going on in this country.

    Now it is another booming, taxpayer supported big business. This would not be the first time they experimented on vulnerable citizens for the benefit of the elite.

  12. It is only SOME persons that must articulate the reality of their being, Massa; why this is I don’t know. Maybe men do it because they can’t have children; women seem less prone to the tendency. It is the same urge, I think, as that of a chicken laying an egg. A chicken might want a chick born of the egg to be Good, a credit to the barnyard community, a Doctor or a Lawyer if it is a Jewish chick, but that isn’t the reason it lays the egg. It has to. It is at least partially biological.

    This urge can be put to use at the present time in history by helping to reboot the mainstream truth perverted by power. Modern technology has been used to help batter the population in new and horrific ways, and this will probably increase in the future. The only defense is weaponizing the people’s truth to help us resist the power delusions with which they assault and pepper us. This would eventually form a people’s battering ram historically to attack the despotism and reaction of a dying civilization.

    1. Folktruther, you may be amused by this straight forward assessment by a philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. I found a strong relationship with his views and although I am disturbed by them, fault in them isn’t so apparent. In my co-opted life it is a fact that my early reading was of the Jesuits in the new world who had been delivered to a raw brutality impossible to imagine which reconciles the argument. As it is now 3 of the 6 cretins in an unsavory class known as handlers to me have brought themselves as low while their male compatriots are facile imbeciles. A homogeneous group that consider their skills of manipulation a credit of their existence. I often feel as though I was thrown in to the dumb end of the pool.
      Most believe that being a human being is the ascension. Most look everywhere else for its coming. Aaron Russo had an association with a Rockefeller and provided the contrast.
      100% of the time tinnitis covers 3 transmissions of frequency to round out what is neural subduction. The brain character is diminished and fixed, often fixated to the induction.

  13. I’m sorry, but I just have a great deal of trouble accepting this electronic harassment story.
    Awhile back I asked a friend of mine who a senior scientist specializing in microwave technology what would happen if somebody, say, the government, were to put a microwave device out on the street and zap a person inside a house with microwaves. He said the only effect would be that the person targeted would only feel hot.
    Obviously if the person feels hot they will simply move away from their previous position.
    I have read in the news about the Israelis using devices against Palestinians, and the effect is simply that they feel very hot and retreat.

    So I doubt whether the government has the technology to directly target individuals, at least using conventional microwaves. I suppose a passive RFID probably could be used for devious purposes, since it can be implanted via syringe, but if so the number of affected persons would be far smaller than the large number that the interviewee supposes. And there are other potential problems, such as how close the reader/antenna needs to be (100 yards max), and the location and size of the chip (the current RFID body chip is 11mm and is inserted in the arm, near the skin, not in the skull).

    1. SvBob
      Your friend is right about the effects of microwaves. And you are right about the short range of conventional rfid transponders. Even if they have a battery and are not powered from an external microwave the range would be short. You have noted the achilles heel of this technology. They have to put a fairly strong transmitter nearby in order to have enough power after passage through a concrete wall if there is no normal battery. (Except maybe a micropower battery for some memory function)
      In most countries I think 4W transmitters are the biggest power allowed without a licence but the frequencies may be regulated differently.
      That would be adequate if a smart antenna – phased array- is used. Then the probe would scan over the target area and as the weak response is detected the signal may be focused optimizing ie decreasing the power.
      If the frequency is hopping or otherwise changing unpredictably it is difficult to measure it unless you have a high quality transient recorder.
      A satellite transmission cannot be used to power an rfid circuit but if there is a normal powersource, the satelite signal may be received. However to transmit back to the satellite is a different matter. The satellite sees a forest of much stronger signals and the satellite receiver has a limited dynamic range. If the TI is not in the line of sight from the satellite but is screened by the layers of concrete inside a building things naturally get much worse.

    2. That’s interesting. Everyone talks about “microwaves”. That is only one form. It obviously can be used to excite molecules. That’s how it heats food. But heat is just the product of that excitation.

      Without being “implanted” with something, as you say, the long distance effect would be minimal. I’m not sure that microwaves are the operant here. Depending on the frequencies required a longer waveform would be more effective.

      I was only referring generally to the level of exposure, and perhaps some unintended consequences. To deliberately target someone may require something more manageable than microwaves. As Peter says, if there was a receiver/transmitter of some sort the microwaves would just be the trigger. It would still need a power source.

      I think that is where the idea of scalar energy comes in. As I said, I’m still digesting that one. In that scenario you are literally pulling power out of the ether (or rather, focusing it). I have no idea how that could be done without killing your subject, however.

  14. evidence vs explanation and then demonstration. You will need to be smarter than the average bear when you are struck by x plans in the brain mapping expose and the legion who presents it. Don’t pretend its complex as per; there is no god therefore walk this way…. a honey trap.
    more talk from duh tube and there is plenty. Gang Stalking – Targeted Individuals – Psychological Harassment

  15. sociopaths all, fraternizing at the B.A.R.
    Who knows what ‘will’ be next. The trend is your friend?
    It’s not like they don’t know of synthetic functions .3 to 3 Ghz but heterodyning (dining in the mind) has implications which prove my conviction. Life is a harried world to those who face an eternity in a psychotronic mindscape.of military grade weaponry.
    It was never about how clever we are but about how dense. There is no red pill.
    There is no shortage of people that won’t bend there ‘will’ to any new wave. Some people aren’t human beings but they like the name.

  16. one more thing. It’s not like the whole damned thing won’t see the light and the critters who make a living playing GOD with a small ‘g’ haven’t entangled themselves with nasty karma but make a resolution to yourself to take a note of them, they deserve to be remembered. They drank the ‘cool aid’ giving us all the finger.
    There seem to be masks which are being proven out for the low level persistent wave and the mutated models implemented. You may have heard of carbon nano tubes. A fullerene can be messed and strung together. It was tested and reported to the public with results which were very curious. A room encased was made to hold schizophrenic patients for the study. When the symptoms disappeared a speculation or two was made public. There is much more. Prof Tracy, please call on Richard Alan Miller for an interview. Edit that out if you wish.
    You can source them in Canada and in Texas US for about $40 a gm.

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