Feds Target Political Writer, Steamroll Due Process

By Brian Wright

Book on kangaroo trial of Doreen Hendrickson sheds light on our truth…

Witchcraft… and liberation. [Review by the author.]

Since 2007, when I read Pete Hendrickson’s Cracking the Code, I, Brian Wright, have acknowledged and asserted my non-federally privileged status with respect to the federal ‘income’ tax. And believe all Americans to whom the ‘national excise tax’ does not apply should stop paying it (as a patriotic duty)… libertarians especially! Further, libertarians must learn and spread the immediately liberating and healing truths that Pete Hendrickson has unearthed… to hardstop the DC gangster state NOW.

As a personal friend of the Hendrickson family, I was caught up in the struggle to help Pete’s wife Doreen resist the vicious, arbitrary aggression by the court upon her for refusing a federal judge’s order to commit the felony crime of perjury. I attended her sham contempt trial in Detroit, for five days at the end of July 2014, and was moved to write this book—a journal of her ordeal and primer of the ideas for which she was persecuted—for her liberty… and ours.

[Rather than an evaluation per se—which would of course tend to be subjective—I’m going to simply post the foreword (to give the reader an idea of the content) then provide a paragraph or two of assessment of whether I can honestly state I met the goals I had set in the writing.]


The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s) is a diary of the so-called trial of Doreen Hendrickson in federal court for criminal contempt for ‘refusing to obey a lawful order of a judge.’ [The judge commanded Doreen to perjure herself on a tax form by entering a specific value in a specific line of a specific government form… which, of course, Doreen, being an honest, brave woman, refused to do.]

Doreen is the wife of Peter Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code (CtC): The fascinating truth about taxation in America (2003). This book has gained quite a following across the country for fluently yet painstakingly demonstrating that the federal so-called income tax, while constitutional, simply and solely applies to Americans whose earnings are due to exercise of federal privilege—via fed employment, officeholding, and the like.

If your earnings are not federally privileged, you are by law a nontaxpayer, entitled to full refund of payments made in error or in ignorance of the statutes/code. Naturally, full awareness of tax truth by Americans—and, more important, assertion of that truth en masse—will put some serious crimps in the champagne and hors d’oeuvres budget of the Washington partygoer class. Thus, the royal-robed judiciary, as well as the odious bosses of the prosecutor automatons at Treasury, are excreting 20-inch Frisbees at such a prospect.

The federal mafia has been conducting hits as best they can on Mr. Pete for a decade; they’d certainly kill him if they thought the people would not notice. Too late. He’s as strong and feisty as ever. So unlike any ‘honorable’ mob, the federales strike like cowards against his family, his wife. Their case is devoid of legal or Constitutional principle; it’s mob rule pure and simple, foisted on us for show via a tampered drone jury.

This is a small book:

1. Background: The Fascinating Truth—Describes the bigger picture of why Doreen was being persecuted, showing the nature of the liberating discoveries her husband Pete conveyed in his landmark book, Cracking the Code. The chapter is a primer of the CtC system and the government’s unsuccessful attempts to suppress it.

2. The Daily Kangaroo—This is the diary by the author as he attended all five days of Doreen’s court proceedings in downtown Detroit, 21-25 July 2014.

3. Now What? A call to legs!—To stand for Doreen. This chapter considers the big picture from a number of angles, then concludes with a call for practical action

Listen to or download Prof. Jim Fetzer’s April 3, 2013 interview with Pete Hendrickson.

Intent of the Book

… and whether I hit the target I was aiming at. Well, that remains to be seen, certainly, whether the goal is fulfilled in reality—a good part of which is to spread the good word and make a few ducats (half of which go to Doreen’s liberation and support fund, and to the general effort of the educated tax community to share their liberating discoveries with all Americans). But the goal of the book before the successful spread of the knowledge is simply to bear testimony to a) the truth of what Doreen was persecuted for and b) to Doreen herself, and her needs as she struggles under the burden of a complete travesty of the American justice system.

Frankly, I believe The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s) has delivered splendidly on both counts: To give the background and context of why Doreen was facing this ludicrous (and treasonous) contempt charge, I provide a primer in pamphlet form of Pete Hendrickson’s liberating tax discoveries—mostly by applying content directly from Peter’s scrupulously researched and stellarly written articles on the federal ‘income’ tax that appear on his site, losthorizons.com. Then before moving to my diary of Doreen’s ordeal in July, I again condense from losthorizon documentation the sequence of federal harassment/ suppression that Pete and his dear, valiant wife have had to deal with for 11 going on 12 years.

The final chapter is a combination of appeal to the freedom movement to support Doreen in her hour of need (particularly by attending her sentencing November 20, 2014), embrace Satyagraha (Gandhi’s global truth force) Liberty, consider Pete and Doreen Hendrickson’s rightful place in the truth movement, and to get off its collective butt to assert the clear message of Cracking the Code. Shout it from the rooftops. Tell your friends in the UAW who still have jobs. Use the 1040 form as it was intended: to correct wrongfully withheld payments to the federal government for full refund.

Like Cracking the Code, Witchcraft Trial(s) shows how to break the chains that bind us. But each of us individually must support the strike. It only works if we all see it and say it. And do it. Now’s the time.

Brian Wright
Novi, Michigan, USA, October 6, 2014

Obtaining Witchcraft Trial(s) from the Author

For this book and several others, as a marketing method, Brian is making it available initially for free as a pdf file… with the understanding that readers will write a (hopefully favorable) review on the book’s Amazon page. Just send to him an email at brian@brianrwright.com requesting the file, and he’ll tell you the location to download it. For a signed copy of the book in the mail, please contact him at the above email address to make arrangements to send remittance.

Brian Wright is proprietor of TheCoffeeCoaster.com, a ‘wholistic libertarian’ opinion and review site. His writing—and that of many of his guest writers—comes mostly from a caring and reasonable ‘libertarian’ humanitarian perspective, that is, as a (world) citizen-intellectual who has a) appreciated Ayn Rand, b) broke sweat for liberty, and c) become a ‘person in his own right’. In the early 1970s, Wright was active in defining the secular-humanist libertarian movement and a co-founder of the Libertarian Party of Michigan.

[The above is not intended to constitute financial or tax-related advice.]

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19 thought on “The Motor City Witchcraft Trials”
  1. This strikes me as an example of Loony Libertarianism. A long time ago I lived in a small building of apartments that included Dana Rurbacker, currently a congressman and leader of a rightist faction in the House. He was a Libertarian at the time, and lived with a beautiful dark skinned Cuban woman, Linda. We used to play poker now and then while I explained what a complete dingbat he was. The Repub party tended to indoctrinate their young leaders in Libertarianism, much as the Mormons went on Missions, to make sure of their reliability in serving the financial oligarchy when they achieved office.

    Dana worked for a news agency and every once in a while I would go along to provide comment different from his. Dana was a classist of course, although he vehemently claimed to support the Middle Class, not what came to be called the 1%. But he was not a racist like Ron and Rand Paul, and other libs. Occasionally he sometimes still gives a vote or comment that displays his early heritage, like questioning Nuland about the Nazis Washington was sponsoring in Ukraine. But mostly he supports Libs like the Koch brothers, who finance a movement of Patriotic dingbats like Henderson and Wright.

    Libs are anti-government, and in the case of Washington he highly justified, since the American political system has become old, obsolete, and dysfunctional, being well over two centuries old. However the notion that any government that coordinates and regulates the economy is tyranny is as nutty as a fruitcake. Libertarianism has gained currency because liberalism has become so corrupt, and socialism has been discredited. So many honest truthers have been attracted to libertarianism.

    It includes the notion that the American government doesn’t legitimately govern and doesn’t have the right to tax the population. I partially agree insofar as it occurs to THIS American power system, but to conceive this to be the case for ANY form of governance, including one controlled by the people, is nutty. The loony lib theory exists because we are afraid to develop ideas outside the conceptual and ideological boundaries of American ideology, the fear being reinforced by traditional American racism, classism, and sexism. But a truth revolution is in its preliminary stages historically, and this theory will be swept away, or mortally transformed, in the resulting ideological carnage. In the meantime we have Henderson, Wright, and Cliven Bundy.

  2. “Hendrickson.”

    Folktruther Mark typically when I receive a paper from a student who grossly misspells the name of an assigned author or reading title, I can safely conclude that they “haven’t done their homework.” If you’re going to bother to comment, why base your remarks on ignorance, misinterpretation, and caricature? How does this in any way demonstrate a sincere regard for “Truth.”

    I imagine that this post will receive limited discussion, if any, and that silence is perhaps suggestive of our perceived degree of genuine freedom in these times.

  3. I do not belong to any political parties (how many are there?) and do not care for labels ending in ism. They are all created by the same cabal. So much for avoiding my “civic duties”. However, one thing is for certain; the wizard is as afraid of being found out behind the green curtain as he is of “taxpayers” ceasing their “voluntary contributions”.

    1. Anne, me either, for the same reason. As to the argument, it is possible to build a legal case for their position. In this case I rather think Mr. Wright’s complaint has more to do with having Ms. Hendrickson coerced, under threat of contempt, to enter information on a form.

      The underlying principle that led her to this pass has been around a while. A fatal mistake made by some is to believe that because something makes legal sense it will be honored.

      Whether someone subscribes to a political party’s beliefs or comes to these beliefs on their own, they are valid points of view. If someone feels strongly enough to risk the consequences I have admiration for them. While I personally don’t believe that this approach has much possibility of success, it is certainly an exercise in individual freedom
      to pursue it.

      To risk the loss of freedom, possessions and wealth to assert a principle is admirable. Looked at properly it is very illustrative of how the system actually works. It punishes those who disobey.

      1. [The judge commanded Doreen to perjure herself on a tax form by entering a specific value in a specific line of a specific government form… which, of course, Doreen, being an honest, brave woman, refused to do.]

        lophatt – yes, I saw that. I wonder if they are tormenting Mrs. Hendrickson to punish her husband for having the insight and courage to write his book.

        Aaron Russo’s “From Freedom to Fascism” dealt extensively with IRS, and the Browns of New Hampshire come to mind. I never could establish if they really were the criminals and weirdos they were portrayed to be.


  4. […] Feds Target Political Writer, Steamroll Due Process By Brian Wright Book on kangaroo trial of Doreen Hendrickson sheds light on our truth… … and liberation. [Review by the author.] Since 2007, when I read Pete Hendrickson’s Cracking the Code, I, Brian Wright, have acknowledged and asserted my non-federally privileged status with respect to the federal ‘income’ tax. And believe all Americans to whom the ‘national excise tax’ does not apply should stop paying it (as a patriotic duty)… libertarians especially! Further, libertarians must learn and spread the immediately liberating and healing truths that Pete Hendrickson More… […]

  5. Fascinating article with detailed links to endless case studies that reveal the system is rigged. When it is all said and done, those receiving refunds probably had a net loss, when time and effort are put into the equation.

    Most taxpayers do not object to paying for services, they object to fraud, waste and the inequities. The very rich and corporations can afford to pay lawyers and accountants to hide their profits by ‘legal’ means and deduct those costs as business expenses.

    Years ago was shocked when working for a huge accounting firm that corporations get tax credits for not polluting as much as they are allowed to by law. Just who is doing the measuring and accounting of the pollution that did not happen? If they accrued more of these deductions in one year than they could use, they have the option of using them the following year or selling them to another corporation!

    Just like in Sandy Hook, after much brouhaha with the AP suing to get the 911 tapes released, in spite of what the msm reported, they were in fact not released. The few calls that were, was a very poor production and not at all too chilling to play on the airwaves.

    The criminals in charge count on apathy and the takers to keep them in power. Think the poor have begun to understand they were lied to. We need a big change in the senate who has frozen our system of government by not voting on most legislation. The congress sent over a bill to make birth control over the counter, makes sense to me but dirty harry refuses to act on anything.

  6. Thank you for your comment, James. This blog is valuable for revealing false flags which have been instrumental in deranging the consciousness of the American people. Also the articles and comments produce ideas that I would never think of otherwise, such as the current racial conflict in Ferguson possibly being intentionally created by shooting young Black males, or that the current Ebola hysteria used as a fear device to further Washington’s Divide and Ruin policy.

    However, many of the valuable ideas are accompanied by intellectual drivel and anti-people values which, in my opinion, are a reaction to the current deceit of the mainstream truth consensus. I did not discuss the notion that the income tax is illegal, or “do my homework” as you put it, because it is pathetic nonsense driven by wish fulfillment and a misunderstanding of the law. The law at the present time under the War on Terrorism is not primarily a shield of the people but a sword of the powerful. It is often unjust, but it is not illegal. Slavery, segregation, and putting over a hundred thousand Americans in concentration camps were legal, as is incarcerating millions of Americans, and torturing them.

    The law is not the legislation that is passed by the legislature, but the interpretation of it in cases by judges. Lawyers argue on the case precedent, not the original legislation, which often the judges interpret in precisely contrary ways from the original intent. Nevertheless, that is the law and you can go to prison for violating it, as apparently, according to a reviewer, has happened to Mr Hendrickson, and is currently a threat to Ms Hendrickson.

    It is wrong to encourage the intellectually naïve to engage in this kind of useless and counterproductive theory and actions. These opinions discredit effective dissidence, even if they are spelled correctly. The financial oligarchy encourages them because they want to pay as little tax as possible, and anything that de-legitimates the income tax serves their purposes. And the dissidents engaged in this endeavor suffer the consequences of it.

    1. Two quick initial points. James, I get completely the frustration you reveal, and I sense it is a lament, that this post will inspire “limited discussion.” There may be nothing further from American consciousness that the topic of the “income” (accurately, wage) tax.

      When I get home from work I am so mentally and physically fatigued I can barely turn on my laptop (if I can pry it from my 16 year old daughter). I would hazard a guess that I am not alone in this constant. Even as I am typing this one eye is about shut.

      So, I would say, absence of comment volume does not connote lack of interest regarding any particular subject matter.

      I will admit frankly, that I have merely read the post without any degree of scrutiny. I then dashed over the comments. I intend to administer due diligence when I am able.

      However, initially, it appears the agony of the “income” tax has been lost on some. It appears some are willing to accept the status quo. It appears some do not mind having their wages raped for the “welfare” of others.

      Some, unawares, are the most formidable of weapons in the propaganda of general popular ignorance.

      Yeah, people like you Mark.

      I have so much more to contribute regarding this matter (including a history of activist struggle with it), but as is often the case, the tank is empty for the day.

      Keep this discussion alive. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is.

      1. This isn’t a reply directly to you, Joseph, but your comment reminded me of the subject of James’ original post: federal income tax.

        Several years ago, after recovering from the initial gobsmack of waking up and realizing that it’s not all about “the ol’ red, white, and blue/stars and stripes patriotism” that I’d identified so closely with (and what a disillusionment THAT was), discovering “crazy” folks like Dean Clifford and Larken Rose (my personal favorite) who, in part, preach that federal income tax filing/paying may not actually even apply to us non-federal workers. While I suspect those rabblerousers are probably right (after all, who can point to THE law that states that I must give up a percentage of money each year to the IRS? No one, so far’s as I can tell.). However, I am not interested in going a few rounds in tax court. They hold ALL the cards. I hold principle. Yeaaaahhh…good luck with that. See if that principle will keep a roof over my head, or food in my and my family’s bellies.

        I’ve got more to say about this, but it’s late and my Ambien is kicking in. I don’t want to embarrass myself any more than necessary. More later, if it seems important then.

  7. Columbus day has just passed (I write at 2 in the morning) when America, including Latin America, celebrates Columbus discovering America. As we al learned in school, or at least past generations did, the great Mariner led his fearful men and 3 small ships to the Western hemisphere to Civilize the new world. And we learned this in the universities as well, if only by a learned silence about the history of the American continent, James’ “publicizing of the unspeakable.”

    Garikai Chengu (if I’ve spelt his name correctly) wrote an article for Global Exchange which shockingly subverts this entire academic and scholarly history. Latin America is closer to Africa than Europe is to northern America, and apparently Africans could make the journey in weeks in primitive ships. Egypt had a great African civilization, although Western scholars have traditionally denied it, and in the -13th century, apparently sent ships to America. There have been found in the ancient Mummies the drugs of cocaine and nicotine which were native plants only of America at the time.

    Mali in Western Africa had a great empire and also sent ships to America. This began an ancient African civilization in the Wesstern hemisphere. Before the Inca, Aztec, and Mayan civilization, there was the Olmec civilization, beginning in the -12 century. It was the mother civilization of the later ones. It was an African civilization, with Black gods being worship, the pyramids adopted from the Egyptians, and an African culture developed. The huge stone heads with what look like football helmets in Mexico have definite African features, obvious to anyone.

    Well, it was not obvious to most scholars, who also denied an African culture in Egypt. J. D. Bernal’s son, wrote a three volume work, BLACK ATHENA, which argued Greek civilization was largely derived from Africa through Egypt. But scholars were reluctant to accept this, and still are.

    We are familiar with the fraudulence of the presstitute media. Is it conceivable that scholarship was another truth institution that contained a fraudulent streak as well? If only by what scholarship did not say? Is it possible that Columbus Day was extolled and legitimated fraudulent by scholars as well as journalists embedded in their truth organs?

    If this is possible, than our consciousness of reality, especially political and social reality, was preconditioned and deranged by scholars before it was deranged by the media. By academia, the schools, universities, and other learned bureaucracies. And this is so even though, in both cases, all the untruth was spelled correctly.

    Is it conceivable as well that scholarship emphasizes the trivial in order to divert attention from the crucial. This would result in what the intelligence agencies call a ‘partial or limited hangout.’ This a damage control device, telling partial or limited truths to conceal the whole truth that discredits power. Are our great universities, effectively, lying to us? Do they suffer from the same power restrictions that the media does.

    If so, then we have inherited from previous generations truths and values enfolded in celebrations like Columbus Day that scholarship and academia played a role in legitimating, a great historical deception. And deceptions like Columbus Day was not revealed primarily by scholars, most of whom traditionally have been White males, but by the non-White peoples who have been slandered by them. Just as there was a scientific racism at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th, scholarship has always been deeply racial. In 1945, according to Kuhn, there was only one African American historian in all the White universities in the US.

    Just something to think about, should anyone want to. Happy Columbus Day.

  8. Just FYI –

    Very sorry, but I’ve decided to retract the offer of the free PDFs; I may
    make them available to people I already know in hopes of seeding positive
    reviews, but the fact is the Kindle version is only $2.95.
    [And by having KDP handle the work, it eliminates the time required for
    having to do a lot of back and forth via email. Basically, I just don’t
    have the time. (:]

    Still I very much appreciate your interest and hope you can attend the
    sentencing November 20 in Detroit in a mass show of support for Doreen.

    Best regards,


  9. I wondered, during the BMB hoax, why Chechens were picked to play the heavy. It occurred to me that in spring of 2013 there was a bit of counter-intuitive shuffling around by the US government, which was supporting (so it was said), “the enemy of my enemy” (though not mine!) in Syria in an attempt to topple Assad (whose supporters included the anti-Chechen Russians). I wondered why there should be such a staged even with Chechens as heavies even as some were cheering them on against Assad (a toppling act that went a little less well so far than the one which brought down the statue of Saddam in Baghdad – a totally contrived non-event, which apparently resulted in one man being seriously injured).

    But now I see that Chechens are feared as nothing-to-lose redheaded blond members of ISIS, kind of like berserker Vikings. The Tsarnaev family always looked more Armenian to me (and their show-down happened in an Armenian neighborhood too! – Watertown, Mass.).

    So now I get where the propaganda machine has been cranking, and we’ll no doubt have a showy trial with ISIS as a subtext. Okay, so a long time coming, but very understandable. And still fake.

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