130 Crisis Actors Deployed in Mass Casualty Event

“Victims” screamed … “Somebody help us, she’s not dead!”

By Ely Portillo

Charlotte Observer

Covered in fake blood and makeup with gruesome wounds, actors playing passengers mingled with luggage and plane parts sprayed across the pavement Sunday, as Charlotte Douglas International Airport held its first ever disaster simulation on a runway.

Crash_DrillThe realistic scenario, based on past crashes at other airports, was meant to test Charlotte Douglas’ plans for an air disaster and give first responders the chance to work together and practice their technique. More than 130 volunteers played the part of plane crash victims, many injured or dead, while about 200 workers from a dozen agencies participated in the drill.

[Image Credit: Robert Lahser,  charlotteobserver.com]

Here’s the scenario: A fully loaded Airbus A319 passenger jet collides with a smaller general aviation jet during takeoff, when the smaller jet mistakenly taxis across its runway. The smaller jet is destroyed in a fiery wreck, while the shattered Airbus rolls to a stop, disgorging injured passengers along the way.

“It’s in the hopes that if we do have a rare and unfortunate event, we’re prepared,” said airport Operations Manager Jimmy Mynatt. The drill lets first responders test communication systems and other critical disaster responses that are rarely used and ensures that the first time they work together isn’t during a real emergency.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires such drills be held every three years, but Charlotte Douglas has typically conducted them off-site, away from active runways and passengers who might think they’re witnessing an actual plane crash.

Staying sharp between accidents means preparing for an event that might not happen for many years.

The last major crash at Charlotte Douglas occurred more than a decade ago, in 2003, when a US Airways Express flight with 19 passengers and two crew members stalled during takeoff. Everyone on board was killed when the plane slammed into a US Airways maintenance hangar. An investigation found the crash of Flight 5481 was caused by improperly done maintenance and incorrect calculations of the plane’s weight and balance.

Participants encouraged to make injuries, event appear “realistic”

On Sunday, the “victims,” many of whom were Red Cross volunteers and paramedic students, arrived hours before the simulation started. They were given makeup and “symptom cards” listing injuries from minor cuts to a severed hand.

Before the simulation, they milled about in a hangar near the runway. A woman with a loop of intestine hanging out from an abdominal wound passed another woman with a jagged shard of broken glass embedded in her forehead. A woman in a pink tank top smeared all over with fake blood would soon be “dead” on the runway, and one man was impaled, with a pole through his back.

Kevin Staley, deputy director of Medic, told the volunteers to scream, call for help and make their injuries realistic. But he warned them not to venture into the melodramatic.

“There are no Academy Awards given today, so please don’t overact,” he told them. Staley also reminded them to remove their makeup before leaving for the day because “It tends to freak the public out.”

On the runway, one “injured” man was lying with fake vomit – oatmeal, actually – smeared across his shirt. “Now I have a Halloween costume,” he said. Volunteers joked with each other and tried to stay warm as they stretched out on the chilly concrete.

The simulation started with a fire whooshing up from the smaller private plane that had crossed the Airbus’ path. Within minutes, firetrucks swarmed the runway, firefighters jogging next to them to make sure they didn’t run over anyone.

“If you can hear me and you can walk, come this way!” a firefighter yelled, and the “walking wounded” stirred up like zombies, shuffling forward on twisted ankles or moaning as they clutched various cuts and burns. A triage area was set up, a medevac helicopter landed, and firefighters and medics moved the more seriously injured on stretchers and backboards.

“Victims” screamed. One man, sitting next to the blood-smeared woman in the pink tank top who had been tagged “dead” by medics, begged for help.

“She’s not dead!” he yelled to medics who jogged by. “Somebody help us, she’s not dead!”

Staley said the realistic simulation was meant to ensure that first responders have some idea of what to expect if a crash occurs. “You train how you fight,” he said.

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28 thought on “FAA Conducts Mock Jetliner Crash”
  1. […] 130 Crisis Actors Deployed in Mass Casualty Event “Victims” screamed … “Somebody help us, she’s not dead!” By Ely Portillo Charlotte Observer Covered in fake blood and makeup with gruesome wounds, actors playing passengers mingled with luggage and plane parts sprayed across the pavement Sunday, as Charlotte Douglas International Airport held its first ever disaster simulation on a runway. The realistic scenario, based on past crashes at other airports, was meant to test Charlotte Douglas’ plans for an air disaster and give first responders the chance to work together and practice their technique. More than More… […]

  2. I’m unsure of the reason for this post, may be news to a few. But EMS does this AT LEAST 1/yr., FD have regular “training burns” of old, abandoned structures. Have to practice to get efficient & medical triage is a cold-hearted, calculated, decision-making process. The realistic makeup is called “moulage” & can be bought on eBay/Amazon.
    The crime is in passing this off to the public as real & making it national news !

    1. Yes Bonnie, This type of scenario will be big news when “your” local school hosts a near realistic casualty/active shooter drill. Who decides when and if this will take place and in the presence of local elementary or high school students? Who is footing the bill and is there an incentive program from a sponsor?

      1. fv, shooter drills are a whole other ballgame & IF such a drill were scheduled/staged at my local school I’d scream & cuss loudly, publicly, & non-stop.
        Fire/rescue drills are staged in mostly remote areas to gain skill proficiency & are included as a line-item in every yrs. budget.

    2. Are you suggesting that every city has one of these practice pageants every single year, or more often, to keep them on their toes? Obviously, that would be the only reason for your sanguine attitude, since no one in Memphis will be benefitted by a practice pageant played out in Kansas City. If these exercises are of value, they have to be done in the place the imagined event would happen.

      The reason for this post, I’m guessing, is that since it is not a practice everywhere, all the time, there must be some other explanation.

      I for one never heard of such things until very recently. Now they are pushed in our faces all the time. Maybe that’s the question we should be asking.

      Think about that for a minute. The pageants have been presented in the last few years with increasing frequency, in direct parallel with the development of the internet–the emergence of a truly independent community of researchers who write lengthy investigative articles, and make compelling proof-displaying videos posted to Youtube.

      Maybe what’s going on here is a psy-op. The System is alarmed that so many have learned about the emergence of the Crisis Actor industry, and the widespread knee-jerk instinct that every event is a lie.

      So what does the pageant-maker do? Admit it! Go public. Say to all the world, yea, we do that all the time, always have done. What’s the big deal?

      They would do this knowing that the programming is so effective that the vast majority will instantly tell the friend trying to wake them up that everyone knows that they’ve always done this kind of thing–it’s only the mentally imbalanced that say that EVERY event is fake.

      This is the (official) theory behind vaccination: given a taste of the disease ahead of time, the immune system is primed to deal with the real thing when it eventuates. They detected that lots of people are alerting people to the need to question these events’ reality, and the that truth is gaining traction. So they had to head the truth-revealers off at the pass. The couch potato who might be awakened has to have a taste of the truth embedded, so as to resist the whole truth when it is presented to him: yes, of course, everyone knows they use such techniques to protect us; only lunatics see conspiracies under every bed.

      1. That is not how vaccination operates, as you so eloquently and scientifically summarized to give the immune system a “taste of the disease”.

        Had you taken a graduate level immunology class, you would have been more fully informed.

        The vaccine, containing shredded inactivated virus, is recognized by the immune system (B cells, alpha beta T cells, and beta gamma T cells). After recognition. The T cells undergo somatic hypermutation, the B cells differentiate into antibody forming plasma cells….the antibodies which destroy that particular disease. If that weren’t enough, the B cells also differentiate into memory cells, so should the person come in contact with the pathogen in the distant future..20 years, they can make antibodies against it in very short order.

        1. According to their IP, “Whalesswim” has also posted comments at MHB as “Paul,” “Wilson,” “Nataeg,” and “McRae.”

        2. Why does that matter? I don’t recall any abuses committed under those other names.

          Patrick used to post under another name, too.

          I play online Scrabble as “Annie Oakley.” 🙂

      2. I love appeals to authority. They are so persuasive.

        In this case, we are told that no one has the right to summarize an idea everyone is supposed to accept, unless they have a graduate degree in the subject. I laugh out loud.

        By that logic, no one could summarize the Norman Conquest, or the French and Indian War, without having worked on a PhD in history. We wouldn’t be safe chatting about oil drilling news in a new strike, without having a geology background.

        Even if James had not uncovered the fact that this commenter is a repeat troll, I’d send him/her the Bronx Cheer.

  3. “You train how you fight.”. How ‘prophetic’, given the apparent use of crisis actors in false flag events. Nevertheless, I have two questions.

    One – how many of the actors in this exercise can be identified as having been in Newtown, Boston, or any other mass casualty event? Two – How long now until we have a jetliner crash that is blamed on ‘terrorists’ – probably homegrown this time, ‘cuz that could be a ‘two-fer’ of terrorism and gun control.

    1. To your point Tony, a prominently photographed BMB actress was advertised as from North Carolina. She was alleged to have broken leg/foot injuries and was a fitness instructor. I traced her on LinkedIn to a NC health club.

  4. The more drills that are conducted to simulate disaster and murderous rampage, the more difficult it becomes to distinguish reality from drill. Just look at Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon, especially Boston Marathon. When they declared martial law in Boston and the military went door to door, people had to believe the bombing was real because after all, the government would never point guns at innocent citizens unless there was a clear and present danger. I think it is programming us to be incapable of discerning fact from fiction. We will simply lack any frame of reference. The truth becomes what you believe happened verses what actually happened. If they make drills so realistic that they can pass for the real thing, maybe the next real disaster will be mistaken for a drill. The dynamic runs parallel with calling something the opposite of what it is, like the patriot act. Just don’t take away football, that would cause a violent uprising the likes of which this country has never seen.

    1. That, is precisely the case. Manufactured (controlled) fear, manufactured “realities”. That’s the game.

      Even in “real” events, the spin doctors are polishing their skills. Look at how quickly the plane crash in Ukraine disappeared once the frame job become untenable. Now nobody cares what happened.

      I have observed this for years. “Real” plane crashes that get five minutes attention and………nothing. Others, of the more useful variety apparently, are hyped endlessly and and all manner of peripheral pseudo-causes are trotted out that scream for legislation.

      Yes, theres a motive at work here. The “officials” know what to do. They spend our money on what they want. It isn’t our place to question them. There’s a veritable gold mine in “disaster” response and “security”.

      As Patrick said, if they did this when I was growing up I was completely unaware of it. These days we are constantly told that there are evil creatures lurking everywhere, waiting to steal the socks from our driers.

      Nobody questions how getting felt up at the airport prevents “terror”. What used to be almost pleasant is now more reminiscent of visiting Yugoslavia during the height of the USSR. For that matter, THEY didn’t feel you up at the airport.

      1. Well put Lophatt. It would appear that Ebola, real or imagined is now a tool for accomplishing the manipulation you are describing.
        Last summer it was EEE that allowed our local law enforcement to create fear and subservience. Ask for independent lab data if you find yourself in a similar situation.

  5. I suspect that the main crisis actors in individual fake and false flag events are recruited from the larger pool of actors in mass casualty events.
    I was googling images of mass casualty events and, whudya know, I stumbled upon a photo of what appears to be a younger Cassidy Stay, star of the Houston family slaying this year, participating in a mass casualty event held at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado in 2009.
    Here’s a hi-res photo of “young Cassidy”, who would have been about nine years old at the time:
    You can judge for yourself.
    She has identical ears, very similar eyebrows, red hair, prominent front teeth, uneven lower teeth, similar hands, painted nails, wrist bracelet on left hand, and necklace. Most revealing is a larger mole on the lower right neck, and smaller mole on the upper far right neck. A mole in exactly the same place is no coincidence.

    Article on Buckley exercise in May 2009:
    Photo of Cassidy Stay 2014, mole on neck, lower teeth:
    Photo of Cassidy Stay 2014, mole on neck, smaller mole on upper right neck:
    Cassidy Stay, lower teeth:

    The Stay family moved from Utah to Texas in 2009, which puts Cassidy in the general vicinity of Buckley. I’m not sure that Cassidy was even a member of the family, because she doesn’t really look like the other Cassidy kids. Maybe she was a relative of some sort.
    In an earlier post I suggested the “slain” Cassidy family was paid to participate because they had one or two developmentally challenged kids who they otherwise could not support, and now they live in another place with a new identity. Cassidy would be thinking that she was greatly helping this family by acting in this hoax.

    Also, several “victims” in the Aurora Batman shooting also had ties to Buckley.

      1. Fish, I do too. But, on the other hand, think about how quickly the “Cassidy Stay” event disappeared once the blush was off the rose.

        What MH-17? What was that kid’s name again who went on the shooting spree? What happened to John Holmes? What happens to FBI agents who murder suspects in custody?

        See what one can do with a totally controlled media? I notice recently that some of these bottom feeders are expressing displeasure with the internet. It seems to be interfering with their plans.

        I guess I’m saying that, if it weren’t for people like us, they could trot out “Cassidy Stay” every other week or so and no one would notice.

    1. I’ve decided you are on to something here.

      The part is in the same place, and she favors those elephant hair-type (stranded) bracelets.

      Buckley AFB is in Colorado, though–in Aurora–so not exactly in the general vicinity of Texas.

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