NYP_SavagesWestern Foreign Policy Based on Sheer Propaganda

By Vivian Lee

With a rash of “beheadings” sweeping the world, a horrified public is asked to see this depraved barbarity as The New Normal.

First we had the August “murder” on video of U.S. journalist James Foley, shown kneeling before a black-robed, masked figure brandishing a knife. Yes, even a rather small knife can do it (just as box-cutters can enable the hijacking of commercial airplanes). The perpetrator is identified as a member of the terrorist group ISIS (or IS or ISIL), which supposedly wants to install a new Islamic caliphate based in the region.

However, the video did not actually show the beheading, but faded to black at the appropriate moment. A subsequent frame purports to show Foley’s head propped up on his headless body. This video was staged, however, as proved by numerous researchers, and even admitted in the British press.[1] According to a report in The Telegraph:

…a study of the four-minute 40-second clip, carried out by an international forensic science company which has worked for police forces across Britain, suggested camera trickery and slick post-production techniques appear to have been used…no blood can be seen, even though the knife is drawn across the neck area at least six times.[2]

Nonetheless, the U.S. media continue to report this “beheading” as a real occurrence, over and over again, followed by another “beheading” of an American journalist, Steven J. Sotloff, in a video released in early September. This was supposedly a “second message to America” from ISIS: “Just as your missiles continue to strike our people, our knife will continue to strike the necks of your people.”[3] This video too is problematic, with no blood in evidence before the scene fades to black.[4]

Both Foley and Sotloff have intelligence connections, as does SITE, the media dissemination service behind the release of the videos. SITE [Search for International Terrorist Entities] is an offshoot of Intel Center, both of which have an uncanny ability to produce such material at the most opportune times in support of U.S. foreign policy.[5] A visit to the SITE website is instructive.[6]

The SITE Intelligence Group, founded in 2001 by Rita Katz, is an intelligence gathering operation that monitors jihadists online, often finding terrorist statements and videos as uploads “before they are published,” according to Katz. These are transmitted to U.S. intelligence services, which are curiously beholden to SITE for these sensitive materials, and they are then released to the U.S. media.[7]

All such information obtained by SITE and then broadcast is therefore suspect. Nonetheless, the Foley and Sotloff videos have reportedly gotten the U.S. public on board with the bombing of northern Iraq and Syria in an R-2-P operation (Responsibility To Protect), the real goal being to take out Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

As for the U.K., David Haines was shown in a third “beheading” video released by SITE in mid-September.[8] And the black-robed “killer” has a British accent, which surely indicates that British citizens have gone to Iraq-Syria to join ISIS – and that they could return to wreak havoc in the homeland.

Not to neglect France, which now has its own beheading – of Hervé Gourdel, a mountaineering guide from Nice who was kidnapped in Algeria, shown in a video released by SITE in late September.[9] And certainly Australia should have one as well, but a dastardly ISIS plot in Sydney was reportedly thwarted by the government.[10]

These western countries are instrumental to the U.S.-led coalition to protect the world against ISIS, since the coalition initially included only Middle Eastern client states such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Jordan. As of this writing, France, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, and England have now signed on, with Turkey lining up as well.[11]

Just to drive the point home (as it were) for any “war weary” Americans out there, we now have a home-grown beheading of an employee at a food processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma. The perpetrator, a black man named Alton Nolen, is said to have been fired from his job at Vaughan Foods. Nolen “recently started trying to convert some of his co-workers to the Muslim religion,” according to a police spokesperson.[12]

On “a Facebook page that appears to be his,” Nolen posted the following: “This is the last days… AMERICA AND ISRAEL ARE WICKED. WAKE UP MUSLIMS!!!” The FBI is assisting with the investigation after putting out “an alert to local law enforcement officials across the country to be on the watch for so-called lone wolves who might respond violently” in the wake of U.S. bombing in Syria. Now ask yourself: is this scenario credible?[13]

Nonetheless, the “beheadings”are getting major traction in the U.S. press. Magazines feature articles and editorials, television anchors report with great gravity, and radio hosts banter with listeners about these fake events. WAKE UP AMERICANS!!! As this war propaganda multiplies, with gullible members of the public accepting these psy-ops as fact, at stake are the destruction of the Middle East, continued massive “collateral damage” in Iraq and Syria – and the degrading of our own collective mentality.[14]


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 Vivian Lee PhD, is a professor at an East Coast university.

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52 thought on “The Beheading Psy-Ops”
  1. Odd that the government would fake these events to ‘scare’ the public, when there are so many of us who merely buy more ammunition in preparation, rather than being frightened. But I suppose it’s more about making an excuse for some action than it is about whether or not citizens believe it.

    You make the video, broadcast it widely, scare a few folks and claim it’s a majority, and then you use that claim to justify your planned activity. Ba-da bang!

    1. I can’t help but wonder that if there is Muslim terrorist on every corner that hates us for our freedoms and want to kill us than why is nobody securing the border and why does our government want to ban ownership of guns ?

      I also wonder when the next news report will assert that the Muslims hate us for our freedoms and are also Tea Party members who are Ron Paul supporters

  2. the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations)/ new world order/ globalist regime that rules ALL nato nations/ united nations/ AGENDA 21 OWNS ALL MEDIA OUTLETS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJNgm4kM24s almost everything on the TV “news” is produced /fiction for the agenda . please , our time is running short . it is our duty to wake up as many people as possible today, share all this information, share this whole post on your sites. start sharing more, stop worrying what others will think,, we must try to get them to THINK and have a light bulb moment . just SHARE .

  3. When Rep.Issa asked Janet Napolitano if she had knowledge of the Fast and Furious operation, her response gave me pause. “Uh, Representative, we have hundreds of operations…”


    It’s one thing to be proactive, and something else again to create crime and terror. We have an election coming up, and putting a stop to political propaganda needs to be an issue. Where is an honest leader who will put a stop to all this cloak and dagger government?

    1. The behavior of Big Sis is chilling in this clip. But it is emblematic. It is exactly the same as that terrifying ghoul who fronts the IRS these days. These people are entirely shameless. They know perfectly well that Congress has made itself powerless, and are either annoyed (in the case of Big Sis) by these peons wasting their time, or immensely amused (Koskinen), as if these Fools on the Hill exist to entertain him.

      Honest leaders who could put a stop to it all? I laugh Koskinen’s disdainful, mocking, smirk at the idea. The secret government is all that remains of the system. The visible parts are all just for show, eyewash for the rubes.

  4. We are lucky James is plugged into the network of the few academics who can produce sharp incisive pieces like this one. They will be needed to combat the emerging War on Extremism that may blossom after the November election. But one can’t keep from stating how clever the American power system is in fomenting a war on Syria, and this just after a year when it was decisively rejected by the American people, and even Congress.

    It plays on the fear of gruesome, sudden death. ‘First a Conspiracy Theorist tells you that Oswald was just a patsy, and the next thing you know, he cuts your head off! Lucky the FBI is on the job. All those Extremists who subvert the government should be outlawed. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. You can’t be too careful.’

    And by the time that the population discovers that there are no Weapons of Mass Destruction…excuse me, that was the last one; that Washington is demonizing ISIS to attack Syria, the US is at war again, and ‘we have to see it through.’

    It’s a little discouraging, I agree, but waking a people up when systematically deluded by an anti-people power system is an historical process. It is occurring, but slowly, slowly, from the perspective of an individual person’s lifetime.

  5. Allegedly, Youtube censors ‘inappropriate’ material – ya know, to protect us. Yet somehow, savage beheadings slipped through the cracks of YT’s protective censoring filters??! Hmmm… I have to at least raise my eyebrows on that.

    Meanwhile, the Best and the Brightest at the University of Michigan call for the head of their Athletic Director on account of a football game…

    1. They may be on the chopping block too. Just that someone allies with someone or forebears to attack them, does not mean they are getting off “Scot free”. Anyway, I am well aware they are tyrants, but for some odd reason (perhaps lack of publicity) they are rarely called on it (“Death of a Princess” was so pre-Diana it’s lost in the mists of time).

  6. I never thought of that, Musings! The ebola scare makes people afraid of Foreign contact and Foreigners, and dove tails with the war against them. Just as the anthrax scare did. Fortunately we have the military which is used to combat both of them, bombing and shooting the microbes just as We bomb and shoot the people.

    And don’t tell me this makes no sense. We are talking about politics here, not sense.

    1. When I turn to the BBC I find two news items about it: 1) its appearance in Texas (why not elsewhere? why not in Europe? huh?) and 2) the fear that it will break out at the Hajj when African pilgrims show up. False flag possibilities abound.

      1. Here is how the ‘story’ said victim’s sister has relayed.

        He helped another man carry a dying pregnant women with ebola and who are both dead now. So he decides to visit America. His sister has 5 kids who attend 4 different schools. Just how big is this apartment anyhow?

        He has violent symptoms and the hospital and the family allow him to be released. Speaking as a Mom, no way in he!! this man would be in my house.

        Let’s see, the next election is forecasted to be a disaster for the dems, could we possibly have a huge epidemic in 21 or so days and due to quarantine of the population, the election is cancelled?

      2. Not sure why I thought his sister had 5 kids, cannot really find any information on those children, only that they are being monitored at home.

        Imagine being a parent with children in those 4 schools and apparently getting little information, except that every one is safe.

        Suppose they could of lived in the apartment complex where he was spewing his guts outside, or in the emergency room where he was first treated and released.

        Four members of his family have been ordered to stay home and put all his belongings in garbage bags until the cleaning crew can come. If he was spewing outside, wouldn’t the whole area be locked down and properly sterilized? How would you like to be the officers stationed there to make sure they do not leave?

        My gut tells me things whole thing wreaks of another false flag.


      3. Skirt, don’t under estimate the ruthless Dem’s. They are in full control of those “electronic” voting machines. Nancy’s been pretty vocal and frankly it scares me half to death.

  7. The seed of this new Big Lie and metastasizing Global War on Terror is the 9/11 false flag attack. It is the fulcrum event launching the rise of the domestic police state and unimaginable suffering in the middle east with the goal of completing the global elites’ technocratic prison planet.

    It’s time to become galvanized to educate as many people as we can on the subject of 9/11 as an obvious “inside job” and how problem, reaction, solution, is a constantly repeating theme, including the last banking crisis.

    Regarding 9/11 awareness, a great resource highly recommended by David Ray Griffin is the remarkable documentary September 11, The New Pearl Harbor (links below). Please check it out. As an engaged 9/11 Truther for 11 years, I came across important new information.



    1. Cindy, this is the best 911 movie. This should be played on national TV and in every school and university but never will. “they” own the media at every level.

    2. Thanks for posting the vid, Cindy. If you think you know everything about 9/11, here are 5 hours of proof that you are 110% correct. This film is Gaudi-like.

  8. The beheading videos are intended to shock people into submission. The loony establishment in DC thinks that it will work, even though these videos are very poorly made. The intelligence level among the government is sub par so they can’t pull off any plot or video without idiotic gaps of logic.

    1. Either that, or they are laughing at us, saying, “See? We can make every play perfectly ridiculous and full of holes, using green screens that chop off Anderson’s nose and putting the same crisis actors on television for multiple operations, for example, and everyone will just accept it as real, BECAUSE THEY SAW IT ON TV.” Likewise, with the fake beheadings. The whole MSM paradigm expresses its terribly horrified reaction to them, and all the talking heads on television are gravely contemplating the need to send American armies to defeat these savages, so it must be true, no?

      The average person is too well trained to question any of it, much less notice that these beheadings are unique in history, and contrary to what everyone–EVERYONE–knows to be true: when you cut through a neck, you get a gusher of blood. Yet, none of these “proof text” videos that provoke the MSM outrage ever feature any blood at all.

      Why do the morons in their living rooms fail to notice that, and their programming begin to fail, prompting them to break the hypnotic gaze and turn to one another and ask basic questions about the believability of what the MSM is telling them? Because the programming is too good after a century of practice. There is nothing for the programmers to worry about. They don’t have to make it approach anything close to “reality” to get the result they want; in fact, the more stupid the play, the better: it lets them learn exactly how stupid their lab rats (us) have become.

      Moreover, the programmers, what I called in a recent article the Lab Coats, intentionally make it all so ridiculous because they want those of us who have left the Matrix to get the message: there is nothing we can do to stop them. We can’t expose them, however hard we try. In an interview with Mark Devlin, Fritz Springmeier says exactly that, when asked why the mind control techniques he exposed in his well known books continued to be used after they were made widely public (http://www.stafaband.info/download/mp3/lagu_fritz_springmeier_on_good_vibrations_with_mark_devlin_podcast_23_september_9_2013/).

      Still, they cooked up a way to falsely put Fritz in prison for a while. Being too effective in waking a small number of people up, our masters were saying, is not accomplished without punishment.

      1. You wrote correctly, the media is hypnotic to many, but the half-baked plots I think come from arrogant authoritarians who if they had any real talent wouldn’t be in government.

      2. I like your phrasing of the problem about “intentionally making it all so ridiculous BECAUSE” they want to assert their unassailable dominance of the story. Since the general public notices mostly the grave and shocked reactions of the newscasters – people put in the role of parents in a way (although few possess the gravitas of Walter Cronkhite), they become as little children.

        The bad news is always inappropriately interrupted with cheery commercials inducing you to buy your way back to happiness (the sucker play), unless it is a government-funded service announcement like 9/11, where soon after the commercials were for the various military services, with exciting graphics usually reserved for automobile ads.

        Not to be too banal, but I always see the greed motive behind this thing, always the commercial side of it. Perhaps there are more hellish motives, though I can think of few worse than grinding your fellow man into dust for profit.

  9. I don’t think Americans are stupid, Patrick; I think we’re crazy. Rather, we are stupid BECAUSE we are crazy. The major problem of denial is really pathological, not intellectual. It is simply too painful and difficult and fearful to express the reality-based truth in a Simple way. The holistic reality-based truth subverts the delusive ideological truth that we have been miseducated, misinformed, and misentertained to identify with.

    I think the indoctrination of the American people by American power has been, in psychological ways, quite brilliant. But both you and Marzi think it is clumsy, largely because, in my opinion, the power perps are in crucial ways, as nutty as fruitcake. Potty. Technical brilliance combines with ideological insanity to produce–well, to produce the American truth consensus.

    How you tell the reality-based truth to people who don’t want to hear it, however, is an intellectual problem, and being by nature optimistic, one that I think can be solved historically. But this would require a truth revolution that would change our inherited conceptions and preconceptions of reality, especially political and social reality.

    1. “I think the indoctrination of the American people by American power has been, in psychological ways, quite brilliant. But both you and Marzi think it is clumsy”

      Perhaps I was unskillful in my presentation.

      The morons in the living room, many of them, hold PhDs in physics, and have written very deeply considered theological texts, and have directed magnificent movies. It is their PROGRAMMING that renders them stupid, and unable to detect the tissue of lies that comprises the modern world–not their IQ.

      A “truth revolution,” whatever that is, can only be an idealist’s dream. The Lab Coats with their clip boards dutifully write down such neologisms, and program the computer to count how many times the term appears on the internet, the MSM, Facebook, Twitter, at al. (Since I’ve not encountered it anywhere else, I doubt they’ll get many hits, and won’t design any experiments using it to glean more about what we dissenters are thinking.)

      “I think the indoctrination of the American people by American power has been, in psychological ways, quite brilliant.”

      There has been pretty much zero “indoctrination” in America. It is all mind control programming. It’s subliminal. James’ article about Edward Bernays and the Woodrow Wilson era tells the tale perfectly. He got women to smoke cigarettes with no indoctrination at all. Very intelligent women started smoking, as a result, without really understanding why. It’s key to the whole technique of the 20th century destruction of Western Civilization.

      To understand this,watch the movie They Live. It is the best way I know to grasp what’s going on. ( Last I looked, the whole thing can be seen on Youtube.)

      Indoctrination is overt. That’s not what has been done to us. The people who make up essentially the whole population in our time have simply ABSORBED the nightmarish, false, worldview, and now consider it fundamentally true, largely because they instinctively understand that questioning–by choosing to cross invisible lines–they will be choosing to be cast out of their position in the established order.

      Hope that corrects the misimpression I might have left.

      1. Pat, I think the main reason “they” get away with anything and everything they want to do is that there is No way for any other point of view to be expressed on a National level.
        They own and operate 99% of all media. The media giants must be abolished.
        As one commented here and said, “they need a little sugar in their gas tanks”.
        Unless we can take back the media…..

      2. Yes, what do we mean when we say “get away with it”? There is a huge mass of morons who are quite literally brain-dead, and thoroughly brainwashed.

        Those who aren’t are in no position to affect any change. That is the second part of the “sloppiness”, it fosters hopelessness. As Patrick says, it’s a big “neaner-neaner, we’re in charge, and you’re not!”.

        There is, I think, a large group who really don’t believe any of this crap but aren’t going to say anything about it. I find them all the time, often in unexpected places. If you’re alone, they’ll talk about it.

        It is a useful habit to go back to basics when analyzing issues. This questioning is what keeps things from taking on whole new meanings. For example, if we really “rule ourselves”, why do we care what they do? Is it not more accurate to say “we are ruled”?

        If all we are “allowed” is to hear what they’ve either done or are about to do, and have no say in the matter, how can anyone with a brain say “we are self-ruled”? In fact, under the circumstances, it is probably better to just openly say “we are ruled by psychopathic narcissists” and avoid responsibility for their actions.

        If it were truly so that we could change our direction politically, we would be huge failures for not having done so. I don’t feel that way because there is nothing that could have been done by any of us to avoid this short of rebellion.

        When they say “the U.S. is at war, or did this or that”, who are they talking about? I didn’t ask anyone to do that and don’t support it. I’m in the U.S.. The same could be said for any of the other participants. They neither seek nor care for our opinions.

        As flawed as they are, the poll numbers are currently so bad that it is not logical to argue that the parasites remain in power by popular demand. Why are they still there?

        No, they are running an agenda. It is not anything that any of us would want them to do. It is someone else’ agenda. The obvious nonsense in the media is both a reinforcement of the basic hypnosis inflicted through life for some, and arrogant flaunting of their ability to continue for others.

        This will continue until it collapses from its own hubris.

        1. My hope is to someday be able to break my conditioning enough to be able to see it as you do… all the time. Well said lophatt.

          How much brainwashing can humans take before even the most conditioned brain says STOP! ENOUGH! SYSTEM FAILURE! Perhaps there is no limit when creating new realities for the people, but given the number of people on anti-depressants it seems the collapse may be close.

          Patrick mentions the movie “They Live”, and I couldn’t agree more on the movies importance. The main character literally has to beat his friend senseless to get him to “see”. The friend puts up one hell of a fight to not “see” what is going on around him. It is a great scene.

    2. Very well-said Mark. It is as though some wealthy family which cranks out its own cash without effort has spawned all these misbegotten offspring which (so far) have not collided with reality. All kinds of sick things are tried, all kinds of contradictions are maintained, and indeed the human race has been mentally compromised forever, but the really decadent stuff finally gets punished by the reality principle, and civilizations fall, not necessarily to better ones but to temporarily (in the moments which count) stronger ones or to accidents and natural disasters like broken power plants and plagues. How will our winnowing happen? A lot of guessing lately.

      1. THE ABDUCTION OF AMERICA – the TV has made them all stupid ,blind & crazy to what is being done to them right in front of their faces & the TV even tells them what is going to happen & they don’t hear it . the TV is the greatest piece of brain washing equipment ever built. & the poor stupids put their trust is MONSTERS like katie couric,dan rather,barbara walters,diane sawyer etc,….etc…. http://politicalvelcraft.org/2012/11/11/abduction-of-america-held-captive-by-big-pharma-nwo-mass-media-patty-hearst-stockholm-syndrome-revisited/

  10. The thing I can’t shake in my mind about the videos is: what man would stay still on his knees so they could successfully produce this video? Let’s say they have him at gunpoint off-camera… He’s going to die anyway! Why give them the satisfaction of filming what they want? I can’t see being a good little actor. It’s too ridiculous.

    As for the puppet masters ability to fool everyone… Maybe it’s something in the air? http://youtu.be/FeTaejpg18g

  11. After taking a week off from reading MHB, it is all clear to me now. The media-government plot has worked. It was never to control and enslave the masses. It was to expose the few who will not bite. Soon we will get to meet O’Brien.

  12. Patrick, I was using the term ‘indoctrination’ for both covert and overt conditioning. Your objection to it is quite valid. Maybe ‘programing’ or ‘conditioning’ would be better. You might have a better suggestion.

    Musings, you are quite right that pathological policies meet the reality principle. But often it doesn’t do so till much later. Capitalist ‘Democracy’ is both very space and time dependent, inducing a national and historical parochialism. Democratic politics is quite local. And Americans have been conditioned to be historically illiterate, forgetting the past, denying the present, and ignoring the future.

    That is why I am so worried about the future. American ruling power is boxing itself in continuously by responding to the present while foreclosing a reasonable and humane future response. And Washington has the most nuclear weapons and delivery systems of any power system, and an increasing incentive to use them. As does Israel.

    Ideological insanity, the identification with power allied with a contempt for people, is not reassuring. Perhaps that is why prof. Chossudovsky at Global Exchange is worried as well by world war 3.

  13. These visuals of ‘beheadings’ are very effective in manipulating the
    American population. When Washington began bombing ISIS (in its actual attack on Syria) polls have shown that Obama’s approval rating went UP. And this could only occur if the American people have been conditioned to BELIEVE in bombing. A fish rots from its head, and people are corrupted from the conditioning of its ruling power system.

    In THE MYTH OF AMERICAN DIPLOMACY, Walter Hixson outlines how foreign policy is determined by the historical ideology of the American people. We believe in homicidal violence, especially against non-White people. We think it is manly, potent, realistic and effective. Those who are against it are conceived as wimply, unrealistic, ineffective. Feminine. Killing people is a gender characteristic, and the women who have entered American political life–Madeline Albright, Hillary Clinton, etc–have to show that they can be just as bloodthirsty as men.

    It is this ideology of homicidal violence that is the reason why the police and random people are killing randomly, not primarily the prevalence guns. Canadians have just as many guns as Americans per person, and not nearly as violence. It is killing people that is the perverted American heritage, a lynch mentality, a posse mentality. And so Americans can be easily manipulated by some staged pictures of violent death which generate fear and hatred, and engender the feeling that we can be more vengeful and violent then They can. Whoever They are.
    These pictures would not be effective if the American people had not been preconditioned to react in predetermined ways.

  14. Syria is much more important in the larger scheme, the “Grand Chessboard”, than most people probably imagine.
    Syria of course is part of the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis and taking it out would give Israel dominance in the area, creating a “Greater Israel”, and would isolate Iran. Syria is Russia’s main way of influencing events in the Middle East and a means to counteract American attempts to pressure Russia itself. So knocking out Syria would leave Russia much weaker.
    Syria is also a potentially very important “Pipeline-istan”. If Syria remains intact, Iran could build an oil/natural gas pipeline to the Mediterranean, which would undermine the power of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. If Syria falls, the American parts of Iraq (Kurds and Arab-supported Sunnis) could build a pipeline to Israel or the Mediterranean. Or Saudi Arabia could build a north-south pipeline which would allow natural gas to be piped directly to Europe. If the Saudis build this, then Western Europe would no longer need Russian gas. This would greatly weaken Russia, which gets a lot of money from the pipelines to Europe, and kill the nascent friendship between Germany and Russia. And since the US essentially controls Saudi Arabia, the US would now control the economies of Western Europe. In addition, if a pipeline were to be built allowing oil to go from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, the Straits of Hormuz would no longer be as important and the US could now attack Iran.
    I don’t know how realistic the plans for these pipelines really are, but you can imagine that American planners (the Neocons) are no doubt pre-occupied with them. Taking out Syria is the next big stage in the game of American Total World Dominance.
    Personally, I don’t think the plan will work. Russia knows what is at stake and will provide whatever it can short of nuclear weapons. The US will lose a lot of planes – this will not be like Libya. Nobody wants to fight on the ground except paid mercenaries. Probably Syria will end up as an ungovernable devastated non-state wracked by violence and warlords, with a rump state of Assad followers armed to the teeth, and it will not be possible to put pipelines anywhere, nor would the arms flow to Hezbollah be stopped. It is easy to destroy an orderly state, but almost impossible to create one.
    What really surprises me about this new ISIS approach to overthrowing Syria is how amateurish the plan is and how pliant and unquestioning the American media has been. The Corbett Report posted a thread gathering all the information about ISIS. Little is known about them, apart from their connection the previous fake-terror entities in Iraq such as “Al Qaeda in Iraq.” They supposedly have somewhere between 4000- 80,000 heavily armed fighters driving around in pickup trucks. But there is no evidence of their supposed raids and battles, no pictures of ISIS soldiers fighting, no proof that they actually occupy any territory. You would think that some media outlets would ask, at a minimum, how many soldiers do they have? Where are they located? Who are their soldiers? Where’s the evidence of battles? How do you know they control any territory? In Libya, Iraq, and Lebanon we saw actual footage of insurgents fighting and the damage they caused – why is there none here?

  15. Another beheading today of a British citizen, the reporter declared while this one was much shorter than the rest at less than two minutes and included the British parliamentary declaring they have joined the war, it was just as brutal as the others.

    Was this a way of saying it is just as fake as the others and still keeping your job? http://video.foxnews.com/v/3819831756001/new-video-purports-to-show-isis-beheading-of-british-hostage/#sp=show-clips

    Been very curious about the ever changing stories on the ebola crisis in Dallas, he was visiting his sister and now she is his fiancé, she let her two children attend school after she was ordered to be locked down, now she has one child 13 and two nephews living there. The hazmat team was finally brought in on Friday and cleaned the apartment while the family was still present. They had been evicted, but are allowed to stay there under orders of the quarantine, there is so much that is totally ridiculous about this story.


    Be afraid, be very afraid!

  16. Good questions, svBob. If the videos are fake, is it not possible that other media truths are faked as well. It never occurred to me, and I would guess to others as well.

  17. Pendantic, Musings suggested a tie-in emotionally of the fear of ebola with the fear of the Mideast Terrorists. As you know, they usually get some aspects of their media stories wrong.

    1. I read many of the comments and they all believe it. Perhaps some, if any, who questioned this massive NY Times propaganda piece were censored.

      Back in 1937 NY Times had this to say about propaganda:

      ~”WHAT is truly vicious,” observed The New York Times in an editorial, September 1, 1937, “is not propaganda but a monopoly of it.” This monopoly is seen most clearly in totalitarian states where all channels of communication are controlled by the government. The extent to which the propaganda machinery of a country has been brought under the control of one organization or a group of related organizations is a useful measure of the degree to which absolutism dominates it, of the extent to which democracy has been eliminated.~


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