Every_Spy_a_PrinceIn an excerpt from a 1990 C-SPAN interview with Brian Lamb, Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman, authors of the book Every Spy a Prince: The Complete History of Israel’s Intelligence Community (Houghton Mifflin 1990), describe (passage at about 2:40) how the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office officially refers to its subordinate organization “the Mossad”–Hebrew for “the institute” and denoting Israel’s most well-known intelligence agency–as the “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service,” or ISIS, “interestingly enough [drawing on] kind of the British model” for referencing such government entities, Raviv remarks.

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The full interview with Raviv and Melman may be viewed here. This information initially appeared at chemtrailsplanet.com.

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22 thought on “ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”
  1. Just in case someone hasn’t caught on to the new twist in all this:


    This ability will mean that anywhere they wish to go will only take a declaration that “ISIS” is operating there. Of course, they are only there to “help”.

    So now, instead of having to invent ever more creative reasons for their invasions, they can simply order one up. “Why, what could we do? It was ISIS!”.

      1. Certainly, it’s because the old Emanuel Goldstein got, well, old. As in boring. Couldn’t generate the daily Two Minutes’ Hate anymore.

        Perhaps this connects with the staccato unrolling of domestic false flags we’ve seen these last couple years. Originally, in one of the first articles of mine James published here, I postulated that the sped-up schedule of the pageants being presented indicated a target mark. I started with John Kennedy, then OKC–a long gap. Then 911, which had less of a time lag. Chart the rest, and it looked to me logarithmic.

        A good theory, around the time of Boston. But this year, new shows started to be performed every few weeks. Talk about staccato. It makes me wonder if my original thesis was wrong. Maybe it’s that the public has grown bored, and the pageant-masters are like drug dealers, and the public is less and less able to get high, or like pornographers who find that their audience doesn’t get the same thrill from last month’s product.

        If this modified model approaches accuracy, the fear factor is becoming harder and harder for our masters to maintain. It’s all just starting to wash over us, as we struggle to get the bills paid each month. They are losing control, in other words. It is harder and harder for them to create bogey-men that actually scare us.

        Now, admittedly, the fake, no-blood videos have seemed to produce something like the old thrill in the sheep (they HAD to kill off the long dead Bin Laden, as he had no fear factor left to sell), but I predict that that high it will be very short lived. Maybe they will find themselves forced to resort to REALLY chopping off some heads, showing the vast gushers of blood (it won’t be secret agents pretending to be reporters, of course, who are killed). But what will they have after that?

        My original thesis stated that this all indicates a Plan, and that does not change. I only thought that they had this thing under control, a couple of years ago, with a time target in focus. Your question, dino, alerts me to the possibility that they are a little desperate. I have referenced a few times here the weirdly wonderful movie Dark City, which is about an artificial planet UFO abducted persons have been taken to (not to be returned), and the alien race that captured them did this to constantly experiment on them, stopping time each night and using injections to change their memories. These aliens do this to learn what being human is. They have no idea, and however long they have conducted these experiments, they still have no comprehension of what makes humans human.

        Perhaps this is how our masters are. They had no idea that the old manipulation changes the subjects they apply it to, immunizing them. So the next round of experiments must be launched. But we are human, so the thing happens again. And again.

        Now, our masters, in my opinion, are far closer to O’Brien than they are to those emotionless aliens in Dark City, which is to say that they intend for 1984 to be implemented. So when we are completely immune to their fear generating, we will see them truly act in desperation. A very bad thing indeed.

      2. They are still there, the Islamic state might sound more threatening or this might just be a political ploy in the eve of the next election.

        They were a big theme in the last election as they were on the run. It would not look good now after leaving and declaring victory, we’re back with hundreds of troops there and no boots on the ground. Are they wearing sandals now?

        It is curious to me how little media attention is given to the thousands of Christians being slaughtered. That would gem up the public’s view of going into war for a just cause.

        We know our borders are open and assume deceased illegals and terrorists are flooding in. When they strike and the police state is in force, they certainly could not have the same name as the enemy we already defeated.

        1. Oh, right, we already defeated al Qaeda! Forgot about that! Or–maybe they forgot to tell us.

          Replying to Patrick: I’ll have to get Dark City. I take it you know about “They Live”? That one’s creepily prescient.

          As for the beheading simulations giving way to real beheadings, I wonder if anyone has thoughts about Daniel Pearl, the first of these. I was so shocked by that incident when it happened, and shocked all over again when his widow churned out a biography of him in record time. Looking back it’s that miraculous recovery by the “surviving spouse” which makes me think that event was probably not real, either. They were probably playing roles in the show, too, like good little media sock puppets.

      3. Meant to say diseased, not deceased although there are reports of many bodies found near the border.

        Of course we are aware of the new strain of flu sweeping the country that has hit the young the hardest. Have you heard about the record breaking measles cases?


        This one has me perplexed, they are spraying in CA to fight the mosquitoes and the H1N! virus with chemicals long ago banned, in this green state? They are blaming standing water in the folks’ backyards and they are in a drought? Swear CA was sold long ago, and the last part of the deal was depopulation of the area.


        1. I thought they said they were spraying for West Nile Virus, not Swine Flu. I’m in Orange County, CA; I’m telling you, I’d rather risk “West Nile Virus” than be sprayed like a bug (even more than what we’re getting with chemtrails, that is). But as far as standing water in a drought: a lot of people have pools or fountains that they don’t take care of. They get swampy pretty quick. Also, people are still using automatic sprinklers that can create mosquito pools. Bird baths. Drippy faucets.

          I remember the malathion spraying in the 80s all too well…NO MORE! (On second thought, if it’d get rid of the Argentine ant problem, maybe I’d consider it…)

      4. Recynd

        You are right it is the West Nile Virus they are fumigating for, there are so many we are being blasted with it is hard to keep track.

        Can ‘hardly believe I am saying this as I was outraged when Bloomberg outlawed bird baths, but wouldn’t a better approach be in a severe drought to declare all pools with green water and lawn watering are no longer an option?

        Spend those tax dollars to assist those who can no longer afford the electricity or water to keep their pools running, and retire them properly.

        Our water bill in SC, which has plenty of water, averages around $70 a month with a pool and a rather large vegetable garden, we do not bother with the grass but has been doing well with all the manmade rain. Our electric bill is around $200 for our meek home of 1200 sf..

        Can not imagine how expensive it is in CA.

        Am not aware of the Argentine ant invasion, what is going on with that?

        1. We pay through the nose for electricity (our bills run $200-$400/mo. for a family of three, depending on whether we use the a/c or not), but water’s not bad. Trash collection included, we pay maybe $50/mo. However, we don’t have a pool, and we don’t water our “lawn”, though we did remove the regulator on our shower head (don’t tell), so we’re not super-scrimpers. California’s a desert…green lawns here are unnatural. We’ll probably go with the fake stuff if/when we ever decide to sell. I’m so sick of the water scares. They’ve been doing it to us for DECADES. I guess nobody told them that water’s supposed to be a renewable resource. Our water shortage has far more to do with mismanagement and a lack of planning more than anything else. Low-flow toilets and shower heads only serve to keep us little people humble.

          Now the ants are another issue all together. They’re the little black ones we used to call “sidewalk ants”. They don’t invade in thick ropes like some ants do; instead, these wander and roam. Best of all, they bite. Luckily, they’re very small, but their pinch packs a wallop for the size. They form super-colonies, and drive out the native species. They are EVERYWHERE: inside the walls, along the ceiling, in carpeting, on my desk. In the bed. They’re attracted to electrical outlets and cords (how gross is that?). They nest deep, I’ve heard, and are very difficult (if impossible) to eradicate. Where’s DDT when you need it?

      5. If you want to know about Argentine ants, Skirt, an absolutely wonderful book is http://www.adventuresamongants.com/Adventures_Among_Ants/Blog.html

        The pictures are unbelievable and the various kinds of ants are so amazing you won’t believe it. The Argentines are completely taking over California, and as Recynd says, they form super-colonies, spread over hundreds of miles, killing every other species they encounter until they are all that is left.

      6. Recynd
        Eww, would definitely have to high tail it out of there.

        We have fire ants that will light you up if you step in their mound, but they are easy to spot. We routinely spray exterior outlets to keep the ants out.

        Something tells me our bug sprays are more effective than what is sold in CA.. After feeling woozy when painting in a confined space, read the warnings on the can and was surprised it to see that paint was illegal in CA!

        Was wondering at the time why Californians were more important than the rest of us. What are the chances all the green fanatics of the past have woken up and realize they have not only made things worse, they are turning the comfy life into a fading memory?

        {Our air conditioning probably runs 8 months out of the year, mostly for the high humidity, our water bill also includes garbage. Ridiculously high taxes was a major reason we left NY.]

    1. Yes Mark, sort of. Israel is HQ. The others, including Amerika, have their assigned roles. Amerika’s is the bully on the block. Notice that for all the kerfluffle about the new bad guys, and the need to support this militarily, nobody is asking Israel. They take, they don’t give.

      Now, who stands to gain in the destabilization of the Middle East? By farming all that bloodshed out HQ can relax, count their money and watch the neighborhood kill each other.

      It is painfully obvious that we have no business participating in this. If we refused to participate it would stop, period. Of course the neighbors might stop fighting amongst themselves and realize who their enemy is.

      The day that we put every one of these bought and paid for politicians on a plane, one way, to Tel Aviv is the day we have a chance at getting our country back. Nothing short of that will work.

      1. “Yep blame Israel, with no proof of course.”

        I hope you forgot you . Because if not, your naivete would be charming if it wasn’t contributing to the butchery going on in ME.

        Congress–with very few exceptions–is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Zionist interests. Some of our most influential foreign policy promoters are duel citizens of Israel, or should I say half-Chosen People.

        Get this straight: American blood and treasure has been spilled in copious amounts so that Zionism can thrive, create mayhem in the ME, obliterate every possibility of achieving a peaceful co-existence with the Palestinians and in general sink into a morally bankrupt society that has dragged us down with it.

        We are being bled dry by Israel based on…what? God gave them that land 2500 years ago? They conveniently forget they stole it from the Canaanites/Phoenicians through merciless killing of men, women and children.

        Spare me the Neolithic myth that the Creator of all that is looked down and saw these humble people and decided to give them a “Get Out of Everything” card…it didn’t happen. You’ve been scammed. It’s a dream told by propagandists to idiots who believe Zionist virtual reality rather than what is actually going on in front of their eyes.

        Screw Israel. If they want to wallow in blood, let them do it with Israel’s youth and not America’s.

  2. Check out this promo for a new show in Iraq,which airs several times a day. “Satan and a Jewish Woman Give Birth to ISIS in an Iraqi TV Satire”…..”features an assortment of colorful characters, including a red-clad devil with a pitchfork, whose union with a Jewess – wearing a large Star of David – begets an “ISIS-ling” in the form of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, hatched from an egg. Other characters in the cast include Sheikha Mozah, wife of the former Emir of Qatar, a gun-toting, grog-swigging American cowboy, the Joker from Batman, Dracula, and a character presumably representing Stalin…” from Lawrence Colman’s Twilight Language blog .
    Music Video: Very strange. Puts me in mind of the NYT’s photo from the President’s speech about ISIS was either doctored or photographed at such an angle as to give Obama devil horns. Is the purpose to fan the flames of radical Islam or are they just sick of him? [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx0Gu0PlNjI&w=420&h=315%5D

    1. When the word “degrade” was used by our President in speaking about striking against ISIS, you know that word was carefully chosen. Likely to generate maximum upset in the Middle East.

      Calculated propaganda. The “Nobel Peace” prize is a joke. These psychos want constant war.

      Better that the US Public tells the President to “stand down” on this cartoon called ISIS and the people of the Middle East begin to reclaim their power over radical extremists (as we will do here at home).

      From Sept. 2012, (Before the Pope Quit):

      “Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday called on Christians and Muslims to forge a common front against warfare, even as battles raged in neighboring Syria and the new U.N. peace envoy to that country conceded that the situation there was deteriorating.

      ***’It is time for Muslims and Christians to come together so as to put an end to violence and war,’*** Benedict, 85, told an enthusiastic youth gathering on the second day of his three-day visit to Lebanon.

      The pontiff spoke directly to young Syrians who were in attendance, singling them out for praise. ‘I want to say how much I admire your courage,’ Benedict told them. His comments came a day after the pontiff condemned transferring arms to Syria as a ‘grave sin.'”


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