kreigResearchers to probe official narrative of President Kennedy’s murder

Andrew Kreig appears on Real Politik to discuss the forthcoming Assassination Archives and Research Center’s Conference on the Warren Report and the JFK Assassination. Kreig is the conference’s Communications Director, in addition to being a consultant, attorney and investigative journalist.* Kreig and RP host James Tracy also discuss the major media’s accompanying disinformation program on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

“We do think in terms of round numbers,” Kreig notes, “and to let the 50th anniversary of a deeply, deeply flawed report pass is a huge opportunity wasted.” This is because public opinion overwhelmingly demands such analysis and discussion. According to Kreig,

Most of the American people–in fact, according to some polls, over 70%–believe that the Warren Commission Report is wrong in its central conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald killed the President from the rear with three shots, acting by himself. Many, if not all, of these other disputes do not have this level of evidence and this level of broad support from the public. So this is just a unique opportunity to drill down and show that the general public is correct–not the conventional wisdom.

slide16Indeed, such seemingly commonsensical notions that Oswald was the principal agent in the assassination of John F. Kennedy is exhibited more so via mainstream media outlets and often mistaken for public opinion itself. Along these lines, “we see that the media is not really a separate entity [operating apart from] the powerful controllers,” Kreig observes. “I spend a lot of time with reporters. The culture is, ‘Oh, we’re all independent. Nobody tells us what to do.'” Yet censorship of mainstream journalism is much more subtle; those in power “don’t have to write a memo to control things.”

The JFK assassination and its coverup via the Warren Report are as contemporary as tomorrow’s headlines, Kreig asserts. “I would suggest for every American who values freedom that this is not the past.” Many do not recognize the event’s significance because mainstream journalists, news outlets, and academics implicitly cling to or even actively promote the Warren Commission’s untenable “magic bullet” hypothesis.

I mention some journalists, and there are also many historians, and I’ve observed that they almost never have their feet held to the fire. Here in Washington last year the National Press Club, of which I’m a member, had a big session on this, and they asked many of these distinguished reporters, “What did you see?” and then they’d skip to, “Well, what are your thoughts of Kennedy?” And missing entirely from that is the most important information, which is, “What do you think of the evidence that’s come out in the last 50 years?”

And they don’t want to address that because many years of marketing have gone into building up these names–like Bob Schieffer of CBS, Dan Rather of CBS, and Jim Lehrer of PBS–as hard-hitting reporters. If they got into the evidence, in my view, it risks their entire reputation and the networks’ that have hired them, supposedly based on their great reporting.

*Mr. Kreig is a Washington DC-based attorney, nonprofit executive, and author of Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney, and Their Masters (Eagle View, 2013). As editor of the non-partisan Justice Integrity Project, he is a passionate and accomplished fighter for the public interest, with credentials including 14 years as a metro newspaper reporter, plus degrees from Yale Law School, the University of Chicago Law School, and Cornell University.


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18 thought on “Warren Commission: 50 Years of Deceit”
  1. One has to understand the incredible amount of cognitive dissonance that must go into simultaneously believing in the Single Bullet Theory and the existence of CE399.

    I believe that the murder of RFK is even more fraught with unbelievable scenarios…but I digress.

    I’ve seen John Costella’s work on the Zapruder film, and it’s amazing to me that the people occupying Dealey Plaza had absoluitely nothing to say about what they witnessed versus what they viewed in 1975, when it was “released” for the first time.

  2. Lane’s work was the beginning of the end of this nation’s blind faith in government. He dissected the Warren Commission Report, and found thatmost of the key eye witness statements were missing, yet included in the 888 pager were Jack Ruby’s mother’s dental records. His comment was to the effect that such information would be irrelevant even if Ruby had bit Oswald. (LOL!)

    Mark Lane is now 86 years old, and wanted to communicate this message:

    “They killed our president and have sought, all these years, to continue the cover-up the facts that demonstrate that the CIA with assistance from the Secret Service was involved.

    “I started the opposition to the government’s false story almost half a century ago and I am not pleased to see egos and personalities interfere with our joint perspective. How about an end to the name calling by those who share the same evaluation and hopes. How about those of us on the same side starting to work together. It is still our country and there is still work to be done. Just a modest suggestion or two.”Best to all.

  3. They have been using the lone gunman since JFK at every false flag shooting even when witnesses have said there were other shooters.

    The people at the top of the food chain and all the Journalists will stick to the official story for they know they will lose their careers, FCC licences, Corporations and maybe even their lives if they dare speak the truth. Period.

    I cringe every time I hear someone on TV I have a little respect for repeat the 19 hijackers and lone gunmen rubbish.
    I know they can not say what they believe and I don’t believe they all buy the official story.

    This is off topic but a must see. Take a deep breath..

  4. […] Researchers to probe official narrative of President Kennedy’s murder Andrew Kreig appears on Real Politik to discuss the forthcoming Assassination Archives and Research Center’s Conference on the Warren Report and the JFK Assassination. Kreig is the conference’s Communications Director, in addition to being a consultant, attorney and investigative journalist.* Kreig and RP host James Tracy also discuss the major media’s accompanying disinformation program on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. “We do think in terms of round numbers,” Kreig notes, “and to let the 50th anniversary of a deeply, deeply flawed report pass is More… […]

  5. We must always remember that these “journalists” are employees. They (the “name” ones at any rate), owe their grossly inflated salaries to the networks they work for.

    The flip side to that is the fact that any well researched material will not get air time or be printed in major publications. So, by cooperating in this arrangement they are, in effect, assisting in the mind control operation.

    Many do not believe the Warren Commission Report. For a large portion of the society, knowing that they are being lied to is frightening. Rather than be frightened and perhaps incur the wrath of others in their peer groups, they profess belief.

    A side benefit of this phenomenon is that it divides the population into “believers” and “non-believers”. It isn’t such a reach to morph that into “Patriots” and “enemies”.

    No matter what the subject matter, what passes for our “government” does not care what we think. They are employees too, just not OUR employees.

    So, the purpose of this sort of thing is more to encourage obedience than to “convince” anyone of their lies. They don’t actually care if you believe. They just want you to act like you do.

    1. Well said Lophatt.
      They have control of all media because they are “their employees”. How do you fight the entire hierarchy of the Govt., Media and the self policing Journalists who “tow the line” just to keep their $200K salaries if not $2 million dollar salaries?

      That’s what we are up against and I don’t see anyway out except for giving them more money and security if they did. We can’t so that’s not happening.

      If the people would just…..oh forget it

      Oh by the way Lophatt, I too am a life long musician/songwriter and the piece by Larry over “the devils beat” is rubbish. No offence Larry.

  6. Thank you Andrew Kreig, sending energy to all those involved in the forthcoming Assassination Archives and Research Center’s Conference on the Warren Report and the JFK Assassination in late September.

    Would love to be there, but unfortunately we have limited amount of vacation time, and would never dream of being any where near DC. Hopefully, the speakers will be recorded and available for purchase, for those who wish to witness and support the cause.

    It is very interesting that the Warren commission appointed by the benefactor of this assassination, was headed up by a former top dog CIA agent, who happened to of just been fired by JFK.

    The word commission, now can be interpreted to mean, the government needs a white washing machine to hide the truth of their corruption and the longer they take the better,

    The Sandy Hook Commission – they are still working on that and it is public record, they have no information to make recommendations, the ‘child advocate’ may have the secrets but they are unwilling to share. Duh! Were we all born yesterday?

    The Benghazi commission – concluded no wrong doing on the part of the government but did not feel the need to interview key players and indeed refused to hear from them. How many witnesses/wounded have been shuffled away to silence or have been silenced?

    And there is the Boston bombing commission, oh wait there was none, because there was no bombing!

  7. One name I do not see on the AARC line-up is Abraham Bolden, who was the subject of trumped-up criminal charges for his knowledge about Secret Service involvement in the assassination.

    Also: although I fully agree with Andrew Kreig that the purpose of the cover-up has been to protect the CIA, it is also to hide from the public the cooperation of the CIA with the Mafia–because the Mafia was indispensable to the assassination. Pershing Gervais, who was another saboteur in Jim Garrison’s office, was closely associated with the mob in New Orleans. Garrison nevertheless let Gervais have full access to all his files. Garrison had to have known. Although I consider Garrison a hero, it is possible that, by focusing on the CIA exclusively, Garrison diverted attention from mob involvement–and by this means stayed alive.

    1. The CIA and the Mafia have a symbiotic relationship. If you consider that government-run programs generally fail, they are like “contractors”. If you want your plumbing to work you call a plumber.

      Speaking of “plumbers”, that’s essentially what happened with the Watergate break in. For all their hype and expense they generally botch about everything they touch. They wanted those documents linking Poppy Bush and Tricky Dick out of there.

      I once read a book by a retired CIA agent. He described various failed assassination attempts on Fidel Castro. A “normal” person would have looked at the plans for these operations and said “are you nuts?”. Of course they all failed.

      I agree that it is true to say that the Warren Commission was to protect the CIA, at least in part. The larger goal was simply to establish that they could get away with anything. And they have. Fifty years and counting.

      For those who see these things for what they are, it has come down to speculating about the “hows” of each successive operation. Can anyone seriously doubt their willingness to carry them out? If anything, it is easier these days to control the discourse than ever before (at least in the mainstream).

      Recently there are signs that some of their tales are falling flat. I attribute that to the internet. While that is certainly healthy, I would imagine that it is a source of irritation to them.

      Think about MH 17. Once it became apparent that they were not going to be able to sell another Lusitania with that……..silence. The cat is most definitely out of the bag. But then, it has been with JFK for over fifty years. If there’s no one to prosecute does it matter that a crime has been committed? Just asking.

      1. You’re right: that’s the key question.

        I remember one of the Castro assassination plots. Maybe I read this in James Douglass’s book. He was fond of SCUBA diving, so the CIA was going to give him this fancy wetsuit–impregnated with poison on the inside. However, he was given a nicer one by someone else just beforehand, or for some other reason the gift was obviated, so he never wore the CIA’s suit.

        It’s like Boris & Natasha.

    1. To reply to my own comments yet again: I read the Wikipedia entry about Abraham Bolden, and it does not even mention what I consider his most important information. That is that the Secret Service issued new ID’s to all its agents shortly after the assassination. That is because one was missing–apparently lent to one of the assassins. That was the one shown to a witness who ran up the grassy knoll.

  8. i am interested in what the overall plan by the CIA/FBI/Secret Service?MOB/ as well as top Texas Oilmen like Murchinson and Clark has morphed into, because THIS is why they were so fascist in Dallas at the 50th anniversary episode, it is because they are still willing to go to the mat in order to push the lies and this proves to me that nothing has been on the up and up within the government EVER since! The entire functioning of the country has been run by criminals ever since! The USA has been a land of corruption and evil a modern day Sodom and this is not going to change again until you have a civil war/revolution because the criminals have far too much to lose!~! Oh yes and the banking families behind the Federal Reserve are there loud and clear as well! The good folks of the USA have no choice but to organize secretly and launch a serious offensive! I shall write a screen-play showing how it could be accomplished!!

  9. Thanks Sean, for mentioning the Federal Reserve. JFK was aggravating them by wanting the silver standard re-established. Of course, everyone knows that he was setting up the end of the war in Vietnam…and he was hated by Johnson, who had tremendous power on the “HILL”.

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