Personal_Twin_Towers_OutlineBy James F. Tracy*

With few exceptions the news that will shape public discourse is subject to a de facto censorial process of powerful government and corporate elites beyond public accountability. It is here that Sigmund Freud’s notion of repression is especially helpful for assessing the decrepit state of media and public discourse in the United States.

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In Freud’s view, one’s collective life experiences are registered in the subconscious, with those particularly disturbing or socially impermissible experiences being involuntarily suppressed, only later to emerge as neuroses. Whereas suppression is conscious and voluntary, repression takes place apart from individual volition.

With some opinion polls indicating at least half of the public distrusting the official account of September 11th, the foremost basis for the “war on terror”, no public event has been more repressed in public consciousness via the mass media than 9/11. The enduring usefulness of Freud’s theory is suggested in repeated manifestations of the repressed episode to haunt the public mind for which a surrogate reality has been crafted.

Peter Dale Scott describes occasions such as the assassination of President John Kennedy and September 11th as “deep events” because of their historical complexity and linkages with the many facets of “deep government”—the country’s military and intelligence communities and their undertakings.

The failure to adequately explain and acknowledge deep events and pursue their appropriate preventative remedies leads to continued deceptions where unpleasant experiences are contained and a new “reality” is imposed on the public mind. Together with the notion of repression, the term is also applicable for considering how instances of such historical import are dealt with in mass psychological terms, or, more specifically, by ostensibly independent alternative news media capable of recollecting the real.

For example, on May 1, 2011 President Obama announced the assassination of Osama bin Laden, the mythic mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, to an apparently ecstatic nation. Most conventional news outlets reported Obama’s announcement unquestioningly because it fit the scheme of their overall erroneous reportage on September 11th.

When alternative news media and bloggers almost immediately pointed to various contradictions in the story—the observations of eye witnesses to the raid, doctored photos of bin Laden’s alleged corpse, and international press reports that Bin Laden died many years prior—corporate news outlets acted swiftly to repress the well-reasoned critiques as “conspiracy theories” with a barrage of swiftly-produced editorials and op-eds.

Indeed, the announcement of bin Laden’s supposed demise came just four days after the Obama administration released the president’s purportedly authentic long-form birth certificate, an event at once uncannily amplified and repressed by the proclamation of bin Laden’s fate; where the vocabulary of repression produced another term, “deather”.

Again, the life of a lie is predicated on the success of subsequent deceit and the strength of the alternate experience created to stand in for the truth. Nowhere is the repression and revision of the memory of September 11th more acute than in progressive news media claiming to offer an alternative to corporate-controlled journalism. Some of these media themselves have multi-million dollar annual budgets and are especially open to manipulation by elite interests, often through self-censorship, via corporate underwriters and grants from powerful, tax-exempt foundations.

The Democracy Now! news hour is a case in point. A markedly persuasive program with a highly-educated and influential audience, Democracy Now! has substantial credibility, much of which was earned through its scrutiny of the George W. Bush administration and the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. It is through the use of this credibility that Goodman and Democracy Now! have consciously suppressed serious questions pertaining to September 11th, thereby playing an important role in dividing the 9/11 Truth movement from its antiwar counterpart and cultivating the latter, with its inevitable confused detachment from history.

The success of Democracy Now! in this regard lies in its adherents’ belief that it represents an authentically radical alternative to mainstream news—a claim that has some validity given the program’s willingness to address race and gender-related issues and its copious attention to acts of social protest.


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In terms of analysis, however, Democracy Now’s coverage is at best lacking and at worst outright misleading, bearing more of a resemblance to its mainstream equivalents than real alternative news outlets. This phenomenon has only increased despite the Obama administration’s intensification of many policies begun under its predecessor.

A working example is Democracy Now’s coverage of the so-called “Arab spring” over the past several months. While reports from alternative and international news outlets have pointed to the ties between the Libyan and Syrian “opposition” and the intelligence and military apparatuses of NATO’s leading countries—Britain and the United States—Democracy Now! has fallen into lockstep with corporate news outlets that have valorized such forces as fighting against the tyrannical Gaddafi and Assad regimes.

In the case of Syria there are conflicting reports on whether the Saad regime or death squads run out of Turkey by NATO are in fact responsible for the many deaths that have occurred over the past year. The Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya networks along with allegedly independent human rights groups have depicted the Saad regime as responsible for much of the Syrian bloodshed. Democracy Now! parrots and reinforces such reports without question, even though genuinely alternative media have scrutinized these claims.

In November 2011 the independent journalist Webster Tarpley journeyed to Syria to conduct a firsthand investigation of the Saad regime’s alleged brutality. His findings utterly diverge with those many western audiences had become used to. After interviewing Syrian officials and embarking on unescorted tours of Syria over a two week period, where he spoke to dozens of Syrian commoners, Tarpley reported that almost all of the violence was chiefly attributable to the same forces involved in the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya.

While innocent pedestrians have been subject to bombings and being targeted by snipers and death squads—recognized techniques of US forces from El Salvador to Iraq to provoke ethnic division and civil war—the Syrians Tarpley spoke to held the Saad regime in high regard and wanted an increased Syrian army presence to prevent such attacks.

Tarpley broadcast from Syria on his own weekly World Crisis Radio program and proceeded to report his findings on alternative outlets, including Russia Today, Iran’s Press TV, Alex Jones, and Jeff Rense. Despite the notoriety Tarpley was absent from Democracy Now! and like avenues, in all probability not just because of his unorthodox conclusions on the “Arab spring”, but also an intellectual honesty that steered him toward, among other endeavors, a rigorous and unadorned interrogation of September 11th, thus placing him beyond the pale of the Left’s permissible discussion and dissent.

The repression and revised imposition of September 11th and the attendant “war on terror” on the public mind have important implications not only for the integrity of public discourse, but also for the collective sanity of western culture and civilization. As crafted by dominant news media 9/11 has become the cracked lens through which we view and conceive of our own history, identity, and purpose.

Each act of subverting or evading factual accounts of actually existing events manifests itself as a small fissure in the broader edifice of truth and rationality. So does it also contribute to furthering the designs of broader forces seeking to build a once seemingly pretend brave new world.

*The post was among the first to be published in March 2012 at Memory Hole Blog’s forebear,


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  1. A Youtube producer, Betsy McGee, produced an expose of Carlos Arredondo. Years ago DN reported on Arredondo’s setting fire to a gov’t car in which some soldiers had come to tell him that his son had died in Iraq. But when DN reported on Arredondo’s role as hero in the Boston Marathon bombing, Amy Goodman stated that the car Arredondo set on fire was his own car, not a gov’t car. She either forgot the details of her earlier report, or she purposely changed it to make Arredondo more of a sympathetic figure.

  2. America is destabilizing the entire world, just as the West has been doing for centuries, only this time it may lead to cataclysmic nuclear war and again (and definitively) the culprit would have been the West and those who imitate it. Nihilism, economic and cultural, is the only thing the West has to offer itself and others as it waits half-cynically/half-simplistically for its last epistemological and existential hope: the so-called technological singularity, having–through its spiritless and autistic capitalism (that sphinx with the “pitiless” gaze and the “head of a man”)–cursed and trespassed all other human experiences and possibilities.

  3. This blatant lie serves as the very foundation of almost every aspect of American life. Now 13 years removed from the event, the collective national neuroses have gotten decidedly worse, and people don’t even have the ability to place blame in sensible directions. Frustrating to witness.

  4. It is amazing to me how the media declares the majority of Americans want to go to war again, but they refuse to use that word, as we do not.

    The Benghazi attack which murdered our Ambassador and 3 other brave men, has revealed the fact that our government routinely arms our enemies. As if to declare this as standard operating procedure, our leader last night declared he will be arming Syrians while he would also be bombing them.

    We’ve seen how the media puppets have worked before, here’s Rush on the reluctant warrior, please!

    1. Pedantic, it appears you actually place some degree of stock in what the most listened to drug addict and salesman (ties, socks, cufflinks, underwear…you name it and this snake will sell it) of our time has to say.

      Be my guest, but I would suggest you watch old cartoons instead.

      You never know whether its him or the drugs talking.

      Limbaugh is bought and paid for.

      And please don’t misunderstand this as an endorsement for an antichrist like Obama.

      They both make me want to hurl.

      1. Wow Joseph!

        Have posted a comment in your support of your pro Christian comment below, It is awaiting moderation at this this time no doubt because of a couple of links to articles that seemed pertinent to the conversation.

        You are not appearing very Christian like accusing Rush of being, “the most listened to drug addict and salesman (ties, socks, cufflinks, underwear…you name it and this snake will sell it) of our time has to say.”

        The link I posted was Rush pointing out more than a dozen media outlets parroting the same words “our reluctant warrior brings us to war again!’


        I may have made a new acronym, text me if you want to know my definition..

  5. Tarpley’s book on 9/11 has sympathy for Bush being flown around in his jet not knowing what was going to happen to him. Hard to believe. Tarpley also does not have the proper account of the pentagon, and neither does Alex Jones nor Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth. Only pilots for 9/11 truth have the actual story with supported data, that the explosions in the pentagon were set in advance and the so called plane was a flyover.

  6. The 9/11 false flag was the fulcrum event creating the global war on terror and all the related horror, the rise of the domestic police state, the evisceration of our civil liberties, and cover for the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. There are no words that can overstate the importance of 9/11 Truth as a lens into the Matrix prison we are living.

    It’s astonishing that the vast majority of people, academics included, know nothing about the long history of false flags – particularly the history starting with the post WWII Gladio operations. It’s not just an American or European phenomenon. In recent times, former KGB whistleblower Alexander Litvinenko (murdered with radioactive polonium) revealed Putin and the Russian powers-that-be orchestrated a series of false flag bombings in Russia.

    It’s critically important to educate ourselves and as many people as we possibly can. I highly recommend James Corbett’s interviews with (1) Tom Seckert on the early Gladio operations in Europe and (2) Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B centered in Turkey that formally lasted until the fall of the Soviet Union at which time Turkish generals defected to Russia and revealed all they knew to Russian officials (yet unfortunately this explosive information which would have shaken the US and Europe to their political foundations was not exposed to the world).



  7. I appreciate the point your making here, James. If you don’t mind, I’ll flesh out one section a little, adding something, I hope. You wrote:

    For example, on May 1, 2011 President Obama announced the assassination of Osama bin Laden, the mythic mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, to an apparently ecstatic nation. Most conventional news outlets reported Obama’s announcement unquestioningly because it fit the scheme of their overall erroneous reportage on September 11th.

    When alternative news media and bloggers almost immediately pointed to various contradictions in the story—the observations of eye witnesses to the raid, doctored photos of bin Laden’s alleged corpse, and international press reports that Bin Laden died many years prior—corporate news outlets acted swiftly to repress the well-reasoned critiques as “conspiracy theories” with a barrage of swiftly-produced editorials and op-eds.

    Indeed, the announcement of bin Laden’s supposed demise came just four days after the Obama administration released the president’s purportedly authentic long-form birth certificate, an event at once uncannily amplified and repressed by the proclamation of bin Laden’s fate; where the vocabulary of repression produced another term, “deather”.

    May 1, 2011 was in fact a much bigger day than most people know. The announcement of the fake murder of Bin Laden happened on a Sunday. The fake birth certificate was rushed into creation because Jerome Corsi’s exhaustive research had been compiled into a much anticipated book, titled Where’s the Birth Certificate?. This well-publicized analysis of Obama’s back story was to be released on Monday, May 2, the very next day after the fake killing of Emanuel Goldstein–which had been scheduled for months later, as an October Surprise. The book spelled disaster, so Seal Team Six was rushed into service to distract the Public Mind from Corsi’s book. (In the event, they had to engineer the artificial Superstorm Sandy to get the job done, to the enduring sadness of millions of innocent citizens. Communists never mind “breaking a few eggs to make an omelet,” though, so it’s no harm, no foul, in their minds, I guess.)

    But that’s not all. Even more enticing is the coordination of another event that night. Silver, in recent weeks, had been allowed to sling forward to reach the nominal “all time high” it achieved in the heady days of 1979 (of course, with inflation factored in, $50 was a joke in 2011). But Barry’s Raid allowed a 30% slaughter in the silver market, in an hour when no one was trading, to never be noticed. It wasn’t news. And the carnage only continued. By today, when the cost of mining silver in a primary silver mine is more than $32 an ounce, the price has been hovering around $20. Right now, it’s being driven toward $18. I wonder how long the mining companies will avoid bankruptcy.

    Obama is a fantastic front man.–-who-what-how-and-why-10991

    1. I like it when someone draws financial parallels to major news. The May Massacre was indeed a huge slap down on the common man. People were starting to see silver as money and once again the banksters returned us to their reality, which as usual, is in their best interest, and not ours. Notice how they are never as likely to manipulate gold, the fallback of the wealthy. Of course gold is probably undervalued as well, but the MSM will never address the most ridiculous anomaly in the markets, which is the banksters never ending quest to destroy silver. I imagine when they are done sucking us dry of our paper wealth, and crash the markets, they will do everything in their power to relieve us of our silver. I wish I had never believed in the lie that is the 401k.

  8. It’s astonishing how well this piece has held up in a rapidly changing world. The bin Laden caper bumped up Obama’s poll results six points, and may well have won him the election. It may also have set the stage for the other zombie false flags, the pre-dead bin Laden leading to the undead children of Sandy Hook, and the unmained bystanders at the Marathon bombing.

  9. Thank you so much for this very refreshing 9/11 article! It deals with the most dangerous, the largest, and sadly the least understood 9/11 subconspiracy: the censorship of a large-scale and self-evident false flag and of its transparent cover-up. Indeed the discerning observer will find very interesting the progressive intellectuals’ failure to call the 9/11 bluff and send the neoconservative experiment into oblivion.

    I’ll generalize this observation to other watchdogs who have counterintuitively failed to bark: professional organizations and faculties of civil engineers, anti-war organizations, Muslim governments, human rights advocacy organizations, “rogue” governments, terrorist groups…the list is long.

    The 9/11 censorship was a pre-requisite to the launch of the 9/11 project. The highly talented engineers who successfully directed the largest controlled demolitions in history and the high-ranking public servants who directed their cover were unlikely to accept their assignments without prior guarantees that the watchdogs, from Amy Goodman to Fidel Castro to Amnesty International to the Palestinian leadership to etc. would not bark.

    Accordingly, the 9/11 censorship deserves much more attention than any other 9/11-related conspiracy. The best analysis into it would focus on attempting to uncover a still bigger and more dangerous conspiracy. But this is another story.


  10. The 9/11-anthrax false flag is the most important of those intended to derange American consciousness for primarily foreign relations reasons, although 9/11 also had enormous domestic implications in transforming the power system.

    They differ from the zombie false flags that James has focused on, which intend to derange the American consciousness primarily for DOMESTIC reasons: elections, gun control, martial law, etc.

    Both forms of false flags are compartmentalize away from the customary dissident analysis of foreign and domestic policy, when they are not denied outright. Since they are increasingly being accepted by a minority of the American people, it may be time to integrate them more into dissident analysis, assuming that they will be acceptable. This is partially done by deHaven-Smith in book on conspiracy theory.

  11. I think that the posters here can all clearly see how this event was manufactured and used for the most obvious goals of the Elites. If one thinks of how this event was presented, i.e., “you’re either with us or with the terrorists”, everything that flowed from it demanded “belief” or at least adherence.

    The physical reality (ugly as it is) underpins the perhaps more dangerous psychological operation. Like some of the other events we’ve studied, many don’t believe the official version. They are afraid to say anything, however.

    All of what we see now is the preplanned product. What we abhor is their desire. They knew that it was unlikely (or at least would take a significantly longer period of time), to accomplish without the “pivotal event”.

    All of the planets are aligned to ensure that no meaningful “exposure” happens. It isn’t the failure of the knowledgable. It is the control exerted by those who control the organs of communication, along with the enforcement arm of the enterprise.

    If one needs an object lesson, look at JFK. Most know that the official tale is just that, a tale. Has anyone been held accountable?

    A harsh reality must be faced by those who know the truth. We do not live in a place and time where that is valued or respected. Power rules the day. We are not ruling ourselves, (although they would like us to believe that), we are being ruled. All the images of military equipment, beatings, “suicides”, and the like, are not accidental. Whether perceived consciously or otherwise, they are there to implant the notion of their supremacy.

    A more reassuring reality is the fact that they really are not in control. They have power, but that is a poor substitute for willing cooperation. The day we lose this fight is the day we lose our morals and ethics. Those who perpetrate these acts are truly disgusting and pitiful.

    This is the oldest conflict in man’s history. The only difference now is that they are armed with high technology and much knowledge of psychology. They are hoping to have success. They would prefer their subjects to police each other.

    It would be hard to outdo the “9-11 Movie” for sheer audacity. It was a ritual. It is a modern myth. It has been followed by a seemingly endless stream of smaller events, each audacious in its own right.

    At the end of the day what this small group of planners and social engineers have done is to create a “new reality” and insist that everyone live in it. They are not asking anyone’s opinion of what they think of their reality. They are simply doing it.

    I do believe in that old adage “pride goeth before the fall”. Also, “the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley”. If our lot in life is to be watching their ultimate unraveling, so be it. We must do what we can do and realize what we cannot. Whatever that means for us personally, we must be good at it. Eventually, they will get their just deserts.

  12. At the time of the Foley news conference, the day after they found out of their son’s killing, I noted the actress in the SHH, Boston bombing and Boston shootout looked and spoke remarkably like this mother.

    Understand some folks think it is a waste of time to make these comparisons but if we only had a facial recognition expert and the computer programs to expose all these hoaxes for what they are.

    What a surprise, the video of that ridiculous news conference has been removed, a youtuber has it captured for now. They should get an award for the worst actors ever, who do not even know how to silence a cell phone.

    Seems to me their story and her face has changed immensely, is it just really bad makeup to make her look old?

    Wait a minute, here’s another interview a few days after the press conference and that very prominent mole on her nose has disappeared. Either she has a very talented surgeon who leaves no scares, or the actress was replaced because of poor performance!

    1. Pedantic, the fact that Katie Couric conducted the interview of the alleged Foleys alleged siblings was enough for me to determine the whole event was contrived.

      Guilt by association.

      Hint for false flag planners: Don’t have the usual suspects conduct the interviews of your giddy actors and actresses.

      This would include; Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper, the Cuomo boy, anyone from CNN….or any other MSM outlet….

      Their act is SO tired…..

  13. It seems accurate to consider the events surrounding 911 a “Myth”. No other term seems to capture the psychological implications. The power of Myths lies in our subconscious as Carl Jung observed, in our ‘collective unconscious’. This is why ordinarily rational people accept outrageous falsehoods. (see Christ, Jesus…apologies to my well meaning Christian friends.)

    We were told the tale of terrorists with boxcutters, hijacked planes, collapsed buildings and incompetent agencies.

    But the Plane we saw on TV looks like live-spliced animation, crudely done, followed up with other nonsense videos. Hypnotically repeated.

    We watch two (and more) 110 story buildings pulverized into dust and we’re told it’s because of kerosene. It seems much more likely, thermite and/or mini nukes.

    It is such crude fiction, like all myths. The military was poised to strike Afghanistan, and the plans were given to the White House on 9/12. The patriot act was written way ahead of time and rubber stamped.

    It was a myth. Intelligence Op’s, Media, Shadow Government created this story out of whole cloth. Imagine that power. They had used this power many times in the past (JFK, Tonkin, Apollo,OKC) but this was the coup d’ grace. As we’ve seen with Sandy Hook and Boston, this myth making continues. And it will continue until, as William Colby said , (paraphrased) ‘everything we believe to be true is false.’

    1. Lev, I completely agree. That property of these operations should raise our hackles whenever we see it. Whether it is the “box cutters” or the “beheadings”, they are signature elements in the mythology.

      It is about “belief” and “things larger than life”. Above all else these things must be “dramatic”. They are simply doing what they intend to do. The productions are to keep the eaters under control while they do it.

    2. Hey, Lev….unless I am a complete putz, it seems you have indicted the Savior and Creator of the world we can know for sure exists by the simple testimony of the created order of the heavens and the earth, as being an outrageous falsehood.

      It appears you have purchased the outrageous falsehood of evolution.

      All of you here on MHB can be right about all of the conspiracies dealt with (and you are), but it seems most of you have ignored the greatest boondoggle of all time.

      And its technically NOT a conspiracy (the planning didn’t involve humans, but the execution sure does). The evidence of the existence and reality of God, in the person of Jesus Christ, is in PLAIN SIGHT (just read the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans).

      Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

      I don’t think I quite fit in here at MHB, but some of you may remember…I am still going back to Sandy Hook for a third expedition, and I owe it to you all to report back.

      And report back I will.

      May God give you ears to hear, and eyes to see.

      1. Joseph

        Thank for speaking up for our Lord, Jesus Christ!

        Why would someone want to mock another’s religion? Ours is one of joy and perhaps they have no joy and therefore try to diminish us. I will pray they find peace.

        It is quite perplexing on how the news of the ongoing slaughtering of Christians is difficult to find. Obviously tptb are engaged in ongoing wars and are trying to gain public support of more mass destruction.

        Why don’t they exploit these crimes against us? Perhaps they are in fact supporting it.

        In a strange co-incidence, my childhood Pastor in NY, Father Bob, is now the Monsignor at St Rose of Lima in Sandy Hook and was there during SH. Love him dearly for all he did for our community regardless of their beliefs and indeed my own spirit.

        Of course you belong here, you just strengthened the resolve of many!

        Peace and love to all!

      2. My point was to compare the “Mythology” of deep state events like 911 to the “Mythology” of Jesus Christ. I think it’s an apt comparison. There is,quite simply, no historical evidence that the character Jesus was an historical figure. It seems clear to anyone who is not a “true believer”, that J.C. is a myth drawn completely from earlier mythology.

        My underlying point was how successful this Myth has been, for so long, with so many apparently rational people.

      3. “There is,quite simply, no historical evidence that the character Jesus was an historical figure”

        This is a hilariously uninformed opinion, posing as authoritative fact.

        All but one of His core group were put to death, in the most horrible ways imaginable. The one who was not killed was severely tortured.

        Who gives their life for a lie? How about 10 people? They were willing to defy Rome–the most powerful entity imaginable at the time–and cheerfully refuse to recant. All they had to do was “admit” it was a hoax, and they would be on their way; offer a pinch of incense to whatever god and that would be the end of it.

        The reason they stood firm, and preached the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus Christ with absolute boldness was because they SAW the formerly dead Jesus, and spent more than a month with him, and then watched as he ascended into the clouds. If it was a made up story, they would not only not have died to defend it, they would not have been able to inspire others to believe it. Yet believe it they did, in their multitudes, so much so that for hundreds of years believers in your “myth” went cheerfully to horrible deaths at the hands of Romans for the simple refusal to fess up, and admit it was a hoax.

        So astoundingly believable was this charade of yours, in fact, that pretty much every province of Rome became fervent believers in it. All of North Africa, the Levant, what is today Turkey, Greece, and Europe all the way to the British Isles.

        That is obviously the most successful “myth” in the history of the world.

        But it’s not a myth. Hundreds of thousands of people simply will not cheerfully die to protect a lie.

      4. ChattyPatty…
        Still getting a chuckle about your “hilariously uninformed” opinion comment…..
        I completely respect your belief in something that cannot, in my view, be verified by anything representing objective reality. I was actually astounded when I looked at the Wikipedia page that suggests that J.C. is incontrovertibly an historical figure. Of course, the Wikipedia version of the 911 attacks is exactly the “official story”.
        I don’t want to get into an argument, in this blogspace, about the objective truth of Jesus of Nazareth. So, I will concede. Jesus Christ was the “son of God” that lived 2000 years ago.


    3. The lengthy and lively tangent the allusion to Christianity as a myth generated illustrates one largely unknown but important obstacle in any quest for truth: otherwise knowledgeable, reasonable, curious and open-minded people will unconsciously defend their paradigms against change, even if they appear to lack objectivity in the process.

      The only thing this discussion’s protagonists would agree on is that Christianity can not “be a myth” and “not be a myth” at the same time. Apart from this, they could have prolonged the argument for a week, and they would have mostly confirmed and strengthened their mutually incompatible beliefs.

      This is another illustration of the enormity of the task of educating the public on the institutionalized mendacity it lives in. People who believe a lie whose complexity rivals Jesus’ resurrection (or non-resurrection, depending on the version you know to be true, he!he!)–i.e. not that complicated a story–may try very hard to not understand the truth and may even succeed in this self-defeating endeavor.

      This is where 9/11 comes in less as another grand act in Plato’s cave than as a one-time blessing. The indisputable video record of the twin towers’ destruction unambiguously falsifies the myth of its attribution to earlier airplane impacts. Building 7’s video record is even more compelling. This unique attribute of 9/11 makes it the subject of choice to teach the public to mistrust all institutions that have operated under the mythical 9/11 version, meaning just about any institution: irrespective of whether Jesus resurrected or not, the motion of Building 7 during its destruction resembles very much a controlled demolition’s, and any brain that denies this observation can be summarily and successfully dismissed as woefully defective.


        1. I’ll try to rephrase it, perhaps going a bit more personal. At the risk of reading your mind, I’ll assume that you believe that Jesus’ resurrection is a false story and that this is fairly easy to prove. Yet if you tried to offer this proof on this blog, several readers would not be persuaded, and their counter-arguments would not make them look like fools.

          Conversely, I’ll assume that those readers believe that Jesus’ resurrection is a true story and that this is fairly easy to prove. Yet if they tried to offer this proof on this blog, several readers, presumably including you, would not be persuaded, and their counter-arguments would not make them look like fools.

          This leads to the finding that even if a false myth can be disproved with little intellectual effort, it is very difficult to eradicate from believers’ minds. Hence the calling for truth promoters and myth killers to look for a myth whose falsity would be so obvious that its promoters would promptly understand their error or look like idiots.

          This is where 9/11 comes in as very different from Jesus’ resurrection or lack thereof. Denying the video resemblance between Building 7’s destruction and a controlled demolition requires much ignorance, a strong intellectual limitation, much hypocrisy, or a mixture thereof. Hence a unique advantage of 9/11: an entry point that forces reasonable skeptics to take a baby step out of the myth and to admit that believers are making at least one mistake.

          Another advantage of 9/11 is that mentally healthy people who could at best agree to disagree over Jesus’ resurrection will agree with little effort on the interest of exploring why the above-mentioned video resemblance did not inspire any major TV station, anywhere in the world, to feature it in an inexpensive and riveting documentary. As such, 9/11 Truth cuts across this intra-human division, and perhaps others.


      1. Daniel,
        Thanks for the post. I appreciate the more nuanced expansion of your previous post.

        This is such a difficult subject, that sometimes expressing oneself concisely in a reasonable space becomes quite a challenge. It seems like your main point is that, while the veracity of Jesus Christ’s existence is an endlessly debatable proposition…the truth of 911 is plainly evident so long as one looks clearly at the evidence.

        Sure, I think there is zero evidence of the existence of J.C.,and I understand it is impossible to prove a negative. I also think that “911” is completely false in almost all respects. However, I think you may have missed the main thrust of my point, and that is…not about the facts, but what happens when emotion and conviction intercede with logic and reason.

        My point is not about “facts”, at all. It is about the subconscious effects, workings and resonance of these sort of “Deep” events. That is what I consider the “Mythological” effects. This is a different way of looking at historical events…..

        ****I was thinking a bit about Ed Bernays work w/the subconscious,
        also Carl Jung, Peter Dale Scott, and for the “Mythology” of JC,
        Joseph Atwill’s “Caesar’s Messiah” Documentary.

        Thanks again for the post.

      2. Funny, Lev, I thought I proved the point definitively, using pure reason, with no emotional element at all. That you can’t recognize that proof would seem to indicate that pure reason can be lost to a mind dominated by preconceived opinion.

        That is, logic can’t penetrate a closed mind.

  14. Perhaps this should be filed under “Oh what a tangled web we weave (when first we practice to deceive)” — There are businesses in Boston which claim to have been shut down during the kabuki of “going over evidence” after the BMB hoax. They claim they suffered legitimate loss of business, and should receive an insurance pay-out, but that they cannot do so because the Us Treasury department refuses to call the BMB “an act of terrorism”.

    Well, duh. The feds should know the difference between a drill gone fake live and terrorism. However, just as we must go through TSA scanners and the lot, there are real and tangible consequences to crying wolf, even if there is no wolf. People get killed because of fear-mongering (the Sikh who was murdered just after 9/11 as a “terrorist towel-head” by some ignorant vigilante – an act which can be attributed to the foreseeable consequences of making war on most of the inhabitants of the Third World).

    Still, these interesting discontinuities in the body politic — played for politics — show that while they are trying to put one over on us, they are also adhering to their own rules (so far), and reining in some of the expenses they would have to shell out if it had really happened. On the other hand, for those businesses who lost customers for more than a week (marginal businesses in boutique locations around the block from the alleged bombing) and for the Sikh who died, the terrorism was real – generated by our government.

    1. Musings, I’ve been thinking about the Boston extravaganza. If you recall, what started the whole thing was an alleged cop shooting during a robbery. It quickly escalated into a man hunt with “terrorist” implications. Why? Because the suspects were Chechen?

      Remember the outside help from Israel? Would the Boston cops really need international assistance in dealing with convenience store robberies? Of course we know what this was. I’m merely pointing out the obvious inconsistencies used to justify the response.

      Whether it is the “Third World” or right here in “the Homeland”, there is no longer proportionality in the response to an antecedent. Jaywalking could trigger an armored response team. There is a message in that, too. “We will restore order using any level of response WE deem necessary”.

      So, again, on the surface, if they don’t work for those small business owners and residents, who do they work for? If the residents are “suspects”, who owns the police? If they can be “locked down” and made prisoners under “house arrest”, are they not an invading force?

      Recently the Boston fiasco was used as a justification for the militarization of the police. One testified that the military-supplied infrared equipment found the perpetrator. This is patently untrue. Supposedly, the “perp” was found by a guy who stepped into his yard to smoke a cigarette.

      Anyway, my point is that we are now simply observers and victims. It doesn’t matter one whit what the level of outrage by the populace is, they simply ignore it and push on. It would be interesting to see what would happen if citizens in towns all over America simply asked for the Mayor’s resignation if the cops got out of control. It is obvious that nothing good will come from the national government.

  15. Great parallel between the news of May 1st and the May Massacre(of silver) Patrick. The people were starting to see silver as money again, and the banksters war on the metal began in earnest. Usually the Comex has 1 ounce of deliverable silver for every 55 ounces of paper silver, stock price to earnings ratios are ridiculous. Bubble anyone?

    CNN(or was it msnbc-is there a difference?) zombie Nancy Grace even accused physical silver investors of being single, white male, gun toting nuts. I take offense to that. I am not a nut.

    I am sure when the banksters suck us dry of any wealth we have left, when they crash the stock market, steal our homes , they will try to relieve us of our silver. I think most physical silver investors have some other underlying connection that the bankers fear more than the metal itself.

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