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In a recent editorial, “Smart-Meter Phobia Sad, But Don’t Cut Power,” the Palm Beach Post hyped safety claims of Florida Power and Light / Next Era Energy accompanying the utility’s statewide “smart meter” deployment while condemning the roughly 6,000 Florida households that have declined such technology.

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The Post often weighs in on regional and state affairs with a discriminating editorial voice. In this instance, however, the paper’s editorial staff has chosen to ignore hard scientific data that clearly lay out the health-related dangers of exposure to the non-ionizing microwave radiation emitted by smart meters and similar wireless technologies.

Indeed, the Post’s editorial reads almost as if it was authored by FPL’s own public relations department, for it is replete with most every poorly-conceived and quasi-scientific claim the utility transmits to its broad customer base.

According to the editorial, the fears of “smart meter” technology are rooted in a small segment of the public too easily influenced by internet fear-mongering that has characterized the debate over childhood vaccination and global warming. “One of the latest internet-fueled fears,” the editors argue, “is of utility company ‘smart meters.’ Using a battery, a modem and seconds-long pulses of UHF (ultra-high frequency radio waves) these meters transmit customers’ energy-use data for billing accuracy and service reliability … But some people fear them.”

The health-related concerns over the electrical meters are in fact well-founded, yet one must look beyond their given utility’s promotional paraphernalia to assess safety claims—something that journalists are supposed to do. This author has repeatedly communicated with Florida Power and Light regarding the safety of such devices (e.g. here, here, and here) and assiduously researched the topic (here, here, here, here, and here). In 2013 Project Censored, an organization comprised of knowledgeable scholars and journalists, recognized his research in this regard.

Most recently, the writer communicated with and interviewed FPL spokespersons, presenting them with the 2012 Bioinitiative Report—a comprehensive set of 1,800 new scientific studies documenting in no uncertain terms the dangers of non-ionizing radiation to human health—the type of radiation emitted by “smart meters” and like technology. “Cell phone users, parents-to-be, young children and pregnant women are at particular risk,” the Bioinitiative Working Group observes.

After forwarding the Bioinitiative Report to FPL representatives the author had established a rapport with, they refused to respond and severed further communication.

Ironically, both Florida Power and Light and the Palm Beach Post refuse to concede hard scientific findings demonstrated in the immense body of scientific research dating to the 1960s while claiming to occupy the scientific high ground. They can’t have it both ways, and by failing to even consider such data the Post in particular has chosen a poorly-informed and thus journalistically irresponsible stance.

Most disturbingly, there is little difference between FPL’s public relations pronouncements and the Post’s. Each entity reasons that because most of the utility’s “approximately 4.6 million customers have adopted the new technology without a second thought,” the technology is inherently safe.

In fact, FPL deployed such microwave technology on Florida homes and businesses without allowing its customers a second thought, apart from a postcard suggesting that the meter swap was basically a fait accompli.

Moreover, the Florida Public Utility Commission that quickly approved the “smart meter” deployment was misled by FPL which, in its zeal to roll out its smart grid and collect federal subsidies supporting the operation, consciously omitted the abundance of published scientific investigations and failed to conduct adequate human health impact studies before implementation. Instead, it relied on health impact guidelines that are close to 20 years old and overseen by an agency that has absolutely no mandate to oversee such concerns—the Federal Communications Commission.

The Post concludes that before FPL cuts off the power to what it mockingly deems “refuseniks” and “octagenarians,” who remain understandably wary of such technological ultimatums and refuse to pay FPL’s monthly “opt out” fees, it should consider the public relations consequences of such heavy-handedness. “Some people’s minds won’t be changed, no matter what the evidence.”

Indeed, given its journalistic role and duty to conscientiously inform public opinion, the Palm Beach Post should likewise consider much more than the “evidence” it has been spoon-fed by power industry spinmeisters.

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36 thought on “Florida Newspaper Touts “Smart Meters”, Ignores Scientific Data”
  1. My daughter and I are two of those 6000 who are refuseniks. I go a little further by refusing to pay the $95.00 penalty fee, because I know that’s what it is. I don’t mind paying $13.00 for a meter reader, since at least one person keeps a job that way. All the wireless electro-magnetic and microwave fog we live in cannot be healthy, as attested by the research, but I do not see why I should pay a penalty because I have health concerns. FPL made out with all these federal funds, and figured no one would notice how furtively the “techs” were behaving when they came out to put the “smart” meters in. I am sure many homeowners were not home when they replaced the meter, and may not even know they have one. They tried twice at my daughter’s rental home, even with a “beware of dog” sign and a locked gate. They tried me only once. I read the tech the riot act, and he said “Well, you’ll have to have one eventually or you won’t have service” Nothing like using a private monopoly to push people around.

    So, I pay for my electric service and all the attendant fees, just omitting the penalty fee. When they turn me off, I will raise hell about FPL denying service to an elderly person who has been paying all along for her service. Perhaps that will get someone’s attention.

  2. I was told by PSEG (long Island NY) that the 2.0 plan they are going to be implementing in 2015, is smart grid technology. When I asked about safety PSEG said the company that made the new meters are the ones that conducted the safety study. Well that’s a win win for them!

  3. It is ironic the rocket scientists on this op ed piece mock those who cannot decipher false information on the internet and are not aware their examples of vaccines causing autism and polar ice caps [not] melting, are already common knowledge among those aware.

    Let’s just drop the data on black males who are 300% more likely to get autism with the mandatory vaccine.

    Record polar ice caps!

  4. EVERY single CFR ( counsel of foreign relations) owned,or CFR connected company,entity,person,organization is pushing smart meters, I would be very concerned about their safety. Every single governmental ‘health’ connected organization says they are fine & we are under no danger from the smart meter, these are the same companies,corporations,entities & persons who are spraying us with deadly chemical trails & also say they are not spraying us and that chemtrails won’t hurt us while every living thing on the planet is being destroyed by them. So be smart & beware , say NO to smart meters :

  5. As the lead petitioner fighting these FP&L smart meter fees, I can tell you the fraud is more than just the health issues.

    Let the stupid editors at the Palm Beach Post look at the numbers.

    FP&L presented in the 2009 rate case the following project numbers for smart meters (2009-2013) –
    Total Capital : $645 million
    Total Oper & Mtce (O&M) Cost: $40.4 million
    Total O&M Savings: $53.9 million
    Total Net O&M Savings: $13.5 million

    When they came in for rates in 2012 – well their story changed as well as the numbers for the 2009-2013 project period:

    Total Capital: $643.9 million
    Total O&M Cost: $62.4 million
    Total O&M savings: $30.5 million
    Total Net O&M COSTS (not savings): $31.9 million

    Net differential : it costs $45.4 million more than they said

    Your current rates are based on smart meter project costs for 2013, the test year used, which was a cost, not savings, of $3.4 million.

    In 2014, the year all smart meters were installed, they projected annual savings of $40 million – but your rates are not based on those assumptions, they are based on 2013.

    The FPSC has allowed them to keep the annual $40 million in savings AND charge smart meter refusers an additional $2 million per year. The rate case settlement is through 2018.

    FP&L Gain – $40 million not shared with general rate payers and $2 million add’l revenue garnered from smart meter opt out charges. $40 times 3 yrs = $120million + $6 million = $126 milliom.

    A good deal for FP&L.

    In 2013, when all 4.5 million customers had smart meters giving them “information to help manage energy” – how many hits did they get to that stupid energy dashboard of useless info?


    4.5 million customers accessed the energy dashboard for a WHOLE year – 1.9 million times. What a waste of data collection and storage.

    Smart meters are not healthy, not cost efficient, not safe and violate your privacy.

    Lakeland FL is pulling out over 10K meters with remote connect/reconnect switches due to fire hazards

  6. We were all raised to think that if something were available on the market, it must be “safe”. We know now that it isn’t so. Even those things that need approval, such as drugs, get biased and misleading studies.

    It is bad enough that they unilaterally decide to invade your space with the meters, it is unconscionable that they insult those who resist. “Octogenarian?”. May as well say “you’re just an old stupid person” or a Luddite.

    Actually, this ties in rather nicely with the other journalistic trends we’re seeing. Namely, “faith-based journalism”. If they say something it is your OBLIGATION to believe them. Whether its fluoride in your water or electrical poisoning you’re expected to pay them for it, or better yet, the “privilege” of opting out.

    For my money all of these devices should be required to be scientifically tested prior to sale.

    1. Larry, thanks the the video. I’ll mull that one over a bit. As a musician who likes many types of music, including rock, I think it would be wise to more carefully differentiate “New Rock” from “Old Rock” as a category.

      Scientists and philosophers have known from at least Greek times that music influences physical being as well as more esoteric aspects of human reception.

      Anyone with a background in music theory could tell you about modal systems and how certain modalities evoke predictable responses. The same is true for harmony and rhythm.

      Perhaps (though I’m not certain) what you (or Dr. Diamond) is trying to say is that the music is deliberately being used to incite chaos. Is that correct?

      While I would not have much trouble believing that in certain instances, especially with the newer “canned” popular stuff being broadcast on the radio, I would have to know a little more about particular groups involved to feel confident in that analysis.

      Those of us who write music often write pieces that we know will make someone “uneasy”. Just as a painter tries to communicate non-verbally, art does that. Life is not sweetness and light. If a composer wants to share his or her feelings in a song, that’s what its for.

      Again, we get the mention of “the military” as some sinister force. They are dangerous, but they are not at the root of anything. They follow orders. For those who are convinced that Laurel Canyon was the center of the universe and it was controlled by ‘the Military”, have at it. I won’t be joining the party.

      Has music been used as “mind control”? Absolutely. Is ALL “New Rock” (whatever that is) a part of this conspiracy? I think not. I think that some powerful negative music reflects some powerfully negative musician’s beliefs and attitudes.

      Led Zepplin, for example, claimed to be practicing Satanists. Maybe they were. Of course they said the same thing about certain virtuoso players of classical music as well.

      If a particular form of music resonates with some, it may say something about the state of the listener more than the musicians involved. It is indisputable that music produces physical and mental reactions. Everything from cadences (think A-Men) that’s a Plagel Cadence, is utilized to evoke a particular feeling. Whether that feeling is religious awe or Satanic rage.

      Some of the mentioned groups I like very much. I like The Who, although they inarguably have an edge that screams outrage at the world. One of my favorites is Pink Floyd. That can be “heavy” as well. They are artists and their art is heavy. There are novelists like that as well. They write beautifully but they are disturbing to read.

      Not knowing more about the book described, I’ll reserve judgement on what I think of his conclusions. I may read it myself, although I’m not sure I like what I’ve heard so far. If the conclusion is that he is saying that rock music past a certain point is a controlled product of “The Military”, I’ll save my money.

    2. Thanks Larry. No doubt all forms of media are working in unison to make us all crazy.

      Resisted at first, but my daughter hundreds of miles away convinced me to join facebook, it is easy to share pictures, why not?

      It is shocking on how my younger fb friends are obsessed with computer games, started off with Farmville, then angry birds, than candy crushers, who knows what I have missed?

      Think you actually play the games for free until you reach expert status, and then you have to pay to advance.

      Good Lord, please help us!

  7. They told me in Central Florida I could not opt out. They also said the one I had was special and did not contain high amounts of micro-wave. Yeah right.

    I intend to sue these killers one day if at all possible, in fact one side of my thyroid is larger than the other one. I wonder if special people, “Cheney’s” buddies don’t have to bother with the population reduction program.

    They will probably stop it some day after the Mengele cult have sterilized and killed the required amount of people under the reduction program.

  8. Off topic, but here’s an extremely important find from Paulstal Service — I couldn’t find a Sandy Hook topic that has comments open.

    Note: Paulstal had 3 videos on Anne Haddad / Nancy Lanza taken down by youtube for no good reason. They even took down the video he put up to explain that they were taken down. I’ve noticed a lack of interest here on this subject, but I think people should take a second look (Paulstal is going to re-upload a new video on the Haddad/Lanza fraud). But check this out: Kaitlin Roig works as a bartender or waitress at a restaurant in Port Chester, NY which happens to be the exact same previous address as Anne Haddad. Coincidence? Not possible. Paulstal is getting close to uncovering these frauds, and youtube is taking his work down so grab it while you can, and spread the truth.

    The Anne Haddad – Kaitlin Roig Connection

    1. Great work by Paulstal. Everyone following Sandy Hook needs to view this video. It’s amazing that new things are still emerging. Kudos to researchers like Paulstal who are not letting this go and are spending their time and energy to uncover the truth.

    2. keep forwarding this information everywhere you’re able to share it , we need everyone to keep hitting the share buttons on all this information, we must keep the sandy hook hoax alive – it is the key to stopping the destruction of the United States,our children have NO CHANCE of growing old on this planet if we don’t stop the geoengineering & exposing sandy hook & boston ‘bombing’ hoax is our best chance to stopping the sociopaths . No Sun ,No Life – sun dimming & chemical spraying is quickly killing every living thing on earth ,at this point we have no time to waste exposing all the crimes. .

        1. the truth hurts the agenda 21 sociopaths obviously, it is such a shame that the brain dead zombie TV watching general public is too consumed with themselves,American idol ,themselves, their I phones & themselves to process any of this information that could so easily save our children,grand children & the entire planet

  9. Smart meters, we can’t afford not to have one. I guess we’re going to have to put a metal backing on that wall. But have you seen this eloquent spokesman for truth? 9-11 Truth on C-SPAN,Watch: Richard Gage Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.Larry,love the videos you post. Thank you.

    1. great video Calimom .

      its all connected wake up please everyone , its almost too late the planet is being destroyed every day the jets spray more death is taking place -trees,plants,water,soil,animals,people – right now there is a massive “Unidentified Respiratory Virus Likely to Hit Kids Across Country” how nice of the to predict this ???? hundred of children hospitalized in west – NOW – WE MUST STOP GEOENGINEERING OF THE WEATHER–abc-news-health.html





      please help us stop them

      1. They sure are attacking us from all fronts. Remember the stories on how the Europeans brought over diseases that the American Indians had no immunity to?

        What are all these illegals bringing with them as they are secretly disbursed throughout the country? The TSA has acknowledged no id is required when the taxpayers provide airfare for the illegals needing transportation to a city of their choice.

      2. The Mt. Shasta city council has voted to have hearings about chem trails. It is the first government agency to do so as far as I know. The above seems to imply that drought is being induced in California through Geo-engineering. It is true that the weather is way different with an anomaly that the scientists are calling the “Ridiculously Resilient Ridge” of high pressure. The storms that we need can’t get through. Here is the latest from the San Jose Mercury News:

        Truthchase what do you suggest we do, if Geo-engineering is the cause? Good info but maybe don’t type in ALLCAPS because it makes it seem like you are yelling. There are so many plot twists going on, and potential sources of doom for humanity, that it really is starting to feel like we are all in some bizarre movie.This is what the play write Anton Chekhov said about plot development:

        “Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.”

        With so many rifles hanging on the wall…how do we focus on what’s really important right now? Good video Paulstal but its hard to watch those smug faces party down while the world seems to be on fire.

        1. Calimom , continue your research you will see that the “weather high pressure ridge” is being sprayed by the jets, it is absolutely 100% without a doubt a man made ‘ridge’ of heavy metals. please do the research, so you are able to give people the proper information, assuming what is happening & sharing the wrong information ( that link you gave as the cause of the drought is a complete & utter horrifying lie that is being told, an absolute falsity ) & is an injustice to everyone. Dane Wigington is the lead researcher in geoengineering and his research & observations are 100% absoluitely correct , in order to come to his conclusions you would also have to do the weeks,months & years of observation & know the science like Dane Wigington does. we must stop the spraying it is destroying every living thing on the planet , the spraying is absolutely the cause of the massive drought in the west , it is causing the monsoonal deluges in the east and it is causing the death of every living thing on the planet. If we don’t stop the spraying now our children have ZERO chance of growing old on this planet as we know it , it is dire that we stop the spraying . please keep watching his work and passing it on . i also live in an extremely heavy spray area ( Finger lakes NY ) & have done the observations of these crimes for many years , our planet is being destroyed by the same sociopaths , we are sprayed underneath a chemical shield of death, everything here is dying and no one sees any of it, no sun no life – the sun is blocked here 10 1/2 months out of the year , without photosynthesis everything is dying here,withering right before our eyes( those of us who can see) , it is a horrifying place to live . 95% of the bat population is dead in the east from the mold that is being sprayed on us, the great lakes are filled with mold, so are my animals water bowls in my back yard after every rain, its being sprayed on us , wake up geoengineering is the only thing that matters to stop, NOW .

  10. How do the UHF emissions of smart meters compare to the UHF from your cell phone (which is held up to your brain and radiation decreases by the square of the distance), blue tooth in your car (again localized near the person), and of your laptop which gives off spurious EMF at various frequencies?

    Are smart meters using radio frequencies known to be detrimental to human bodies or at powers much higher than the wi-fi present in peoples’ homes already?

  11. Utilities must be prosecuted, they are criminals ! There is huge evidence that microwaving from any wireless device is deadly yet FCC that is controlled by industry is asleep !

  12. It seems all branches of the government, including the state owned media are disregarding scientific data and in fact just making up data to suit their agenda.

    Aren’t you glad the consumer price index indicates prices are not rising? It is a mystery on the formula they use to determine this, was not that long ago they decided to remove energy costs from this index.

    The EPA, if left unchallenged, will bring the country to its knees with all the archaic regulations being implemented by the non-elected authority. They have the audacity to admit, all the new rules if implemented would not alter the amount of carbon in the air.

    Go to and let them know how you feel about their lies. The NE has and is going to be the hardest hit, expect their will be massive power outages in all the green loving states.

  13. Thank you for covering this important issue. With the mainstream media whipping up fear and hysteria over Ebola, the Cold War 2.0, and the globalists’ Franken terror cell ISIS, the information overload appears to have dulled a sense of urgency over smart grid, geoengineering, chemtrails, domestic police state surveillance, and so on.

    The next time you cover the smart grid issue please consider broadening the subject to include the surveillance and control aspects of the technology. In a presentation Patrick Wood gave on Technocracy and smart grid technology, he explained how the latter is part of a larger agenda of “circling the noose of data collection” and he goes on to share images of maps planning for the North American and Global Smart Grid networks.

    Thanks again for being a much appreciated beacon of light.

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