Hamamoto“I’m going to engage in intellectual inquiry wherever it may take me, even if it goes straight into the the very existence and bowels of the University of California, Yale, you name it.”-Darrell Hamamto

On this week’s edition of Real Politik James is joined by University of California Davis Professor Darrell Hamamoto, The two discuss academic politics, the ideological correctness that tends to characterize professional life within the modern American university system, and how such orientations impede the quest for knowledge and truth. They also consider the challenges faced by the younger generation, and the major influences on modern social thought, such as the work of C. Wright Mills and Herbert Marcuse.

Professor Hamamoto’s recent research has culminated in the exciting new book, Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America. He is presently embarking on a set of new endeavors to advance his conceptualization of “New World Order theory.”

On Hamamoto’s new intellectual and research paths, Hamamoto recollects, “Around 2005 I had to rethink the premises upon which I was functioning as an intellectual, as a would-be scholar, as a professor and classroom instructor. I had to relearn. I had to reeducate myself, and it’s a difficult process as you might imagine.”

The very fields that I helped to pioneer have been visited by the Rockefeller Foundation boys and the Gates Foundation,” Hamamoto remarks concerning the subversion of genuine activist-oriented and propelled scholarship. “This is what happens. You do pioneering work, and then you get the knock on the door anSofEd the invitation to be brought in to the fold. Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies in particular have had those visits. We’ve been taken over. We’ve been co-opted. In place of the organic leadership has been placed these people who I call the ‘servitors of empire.’ That’s a midpoint between servants and … the wielders of true power–the great Anglo-American families.

On challenging academic orthodoxies and forging new ground, Hamamoto remarks that the conventional academic publishers, some with whom he had long-standing relationships, shunned his most recent project. “Servitors of Empire is operating on many levels, and one of them is the parodic. That doesn’t mean it’s not serious. But it’s also sort of like the distorted self-reflection of academic jargon and silliness that we engage in … I didn’t stick with the canonical literature in academia that you’re supposed to [cite]. As you know, there’s a politics of citation involved; you have to cite the right people, otherwise you’re not taken seriously. I wanted to implicitly challenge that while I was doing my own work.”

Those who are in academia will get it and will look at the bibliography and go, “Wow, this guy is really way out there.” But on a practical level I think it’s going to open up space for a variety of perspectives that don’t come from the academic world. A great example is the fine work of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Concerning deep agendas involving modern eugenics, Hamamoto observes,”Just like I got to see more [students] coming in on psychotropic drugs, I’ve been able to see the greater feminization of the male population over the years. I wanted to ask questions why. It didn’t take too long to figure out that the male species in the Western world and places like Japan and South Korea, and definitely Southeast Asia, are being purposely re-engineered into a new type of gender orientation. The university,” Hamamoto continues, “has purposely come up with this whole GLBT intellectual, scholarly, and student services agenda to act as a smokescreen for a more fundamental and nefarious attempt to engage in a massive eugenics exercise in effecting human reproduction.”


(There is 3 minutes of silence from 27:00 to 30:00 for ad spots on the audio file below.)


With regard to tenure protection of university faculty,

unfortunately, I have to say that we still need tenure, because there are people like us who use it for its original intents. The other people use it to go on cruise control. You go to any institution and it’s true. There’s mostly dead weight. I go by the 90-10 rule: You’ve got ten percent of the faculty doing 90 percent of the scholarship and the work.

Hamamoto notes that the freedom to uninhibitedly examine controversial ideas and research afforded through tenure is comparable to the liberties realized under the US Constitution, and must therefore be exercised for their continued realization and preservation. “I’m helping [my colleagues]. I’m creating more space and freedom and protection for them. Because if you don’t flex your muscles in these tenure examples, then you’re going to lose it.”

Darrell Hamamoto holds degrees in political science, popular culture, and sociology, and is a graduate of University of California at Irvine’s Comparative Cultures doctoral program. A Fullbright Scholar (Japan) Hamamoto is presently the senior ranking professor in the Department of Asian American Studies at UC Davis. Throughout his 30 year academic career he has become a major figure in the study of media, race, and popular culture. Professor Hamamoto is also the author of Monitored Peril: Asian Americans and the Politics of TV Representation (University of Minnesota Press, 1994) and Nervous Laughter: Television Situation Comedy and Liberal Democratic Ideology (Praeger, 1991).

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48 thought on “Academia and the New World Order”
  1. Academia’s relationship to the New World Order? 9/11 shows it better than just about any other issue. The video record of the twin towers’ destruction clearly demonstrates their controlled demolition, yet…
    * no school of civil engineering, anywhere in the world, has affirmed it
    * no school of sociology, political science, or history, anywhere in the world, has taught the implications of the 9/11 obfuscation
    * no school of theology, anywhere in the world, has denounced the demonic myth of 9/11’s attribution to Osama bin Laden’s hijackers as a religious abomination
    * no school of psychology or medicine, anywhere in the world, has denounced 9/11’s impact on mental health.

    One of 9/11’s ironies is its upside-down pyramid of knowledge: illiterate undocumented migrants who spent most of their energy barely surviving understand it much better than university professors. Unlike the former, the latter make great efforts to not understand 9/11, even fleeing the elementary http://www.911babystep.com rather than risking to have no choice other than understanding it.

    Regarding the NWO, university personnel mention it extremely rarely, and mostly to dismiss it with the silly argument that they would have known about it. They never even call it by its proper name: the global pathocratic project.

    What is the force that keeps scholars blissfully ignorant of something as simple and as important as 9/11? Another billion-dollar question.


  2. The indifferentiation of difference (“all differences are the same”) is the end of difference itself, the unidimensionalization of life before the one fundamental, irreconcilable difference of capitalism itself, before its self-generating and determining structures of power.

  3. I enjoyed the discussion and I am considering getting Prof. Hamamoto’s latest book to get a better understanding of his ideas. I noticed, maybe because it was a slightly informal discussion, that Hamamoto doesn’t have the same ‘measured’ response when discussing conspiracies as Prof. Tracy does.

    Prof. Hamamoto mentioned, in passing, quite a few obscure “conspiracies” as if they were incontrovertible facts when maybe a little explanation/evidence would be appropriate, especially from an academic. For example, the Monarch Project, the manufactured Hip-Hop culture and the Obama’s sexual orientations. Compared to 911, JFK, Sandy Hook or even the Apollo missions, I would put those in the category of urban legends.

    I don’t mean to quibble, I just think it’s really important to be clear when discussing these subjects. If anyone can link me to some cogent site/video evidence of these “urban legends”, I would appreciate it. (Are Butterfly-Illuminati videos really evidence?).

    And, lastly, Hamamoto mentioned Obama being a 3rd generation intelligence operative, and I think there is evidence of that. It begs the question of how little we know about Barack Obama? Outside of some good stuff from Wayne Madsen a few years ago and a little from Webster Tarpley there is just a complete mystery surrounding this guy.

    1. Perhaps the most liberal state in the US and probably the largest benefactor of tainted money is more in the know than the rest of us. Do the ends justify the means?

      Many folks who got too close end up dead as in Andrew Breittbart and the forger of the birth certificate. Joan Rivers recently made all the headlines by declaring everyone knows about the transgender and refused to back down from her statement. She is in a coma today.


      1. Hey Lophatt! Seems to me we have not heard from your learned self in awhile.

        Would like to think there is nothing remotely related to my thinking that is devious, and strive to be a realist.

        Peace and love!

      2. Pedantic Skirt,
        Thanks for your reply with a link…unfortunately, I remain unconvinced if not more so by this type of “evidence”. The caption under the first picture is pretty illustrative of the type of thinking on that site…..”The young commie crack user Obama moved freely in gay circles and paid queers for sex before being granted the presidency by the Jews in the synagogue of Satan”.
        Funny, how that checks off every “fear” box of your average american…red scare “commie”, check, black “crackhead”, check, “gay circles”, check, “queer prostitutes”, check, and hey instead of calling him a muslim-extremist they just say he was bestowed the presidency “Jews in the Synagogue of Satan”. Oh, yeah, if that didn’t scare you, he’s married to a man.

        I thought it was odd that he referred to his wife as “Michael” in that one speech…and then I thought about how many speeches this guy has read off a teleprompter in the last 6-7 years, nearly every day. How many mistakes would I make?

        If you were trying to convince me that Oswald wasn’t a lone nut and came at me with that kind of evidence, I would be laughing with my Warren Commission report under one arm and the 911 commission report under the other.

      3. Skirt, “devious” was not intended to be an insult. It was a poor choice of words. I meant your ability to connect dots. I think its a “curse” we both share.

        I haven’t written much in a while. I’ve been in a sultry mood and I’m afraid I’d get into a disagreement with some who have been writing lately.

        You already know my aversion to “credential worship”. I read/listen to a lot of sources, credentialed or not. Often what is “earth-shattering” for some is old hat for others.

        Your instincts are usually spot on. Some of the topics are just not as personally interesting for me as others. I could comment, but it wouldn’t likely add anything.

        I started posting here because of the interest in SHES and other media manipulations. They continue unabated.

        On another topic here there was mention of the Sandy Hook school again. We spent much time on that. Still, to my knowledge there is no definitive proof of closure. In theory, that shouldn’t be too difficult to settle once and for all. The maddening part is that we seem to make progress and, after a time, we’re back to debating things that were considered “settled” months ago.

        Since that time we’ve moved on to other hoaxes, distractions and diversions. If we have a goal, and that goal is to inform those who may not be aware of how manipulated their daily lives are, we should focus on that. First is the “discovery”, next is the “disclosure”.

        Fo example, the letter recently written about the anomalies of SHES is a good strategy, (even though I’m not fond of the format). Things like that provide a mechanism for spreading truth. If enough “alternative” sites pick that up sometimes the MSM is at least forced to acknowledge it. Even if their acknowledgement is negative, if the item is carefully written, some will investigate further.

        So see, you’ve provoked me to write more than I intended. Talk about “devious”!

      4. I am not certain, but always thought big bottomed women are usually big bosomed and that body is just not the norm. Of course, plenty of women have had breast reductions, the ones I know were still huge. There was a utube video, not sure if it is available anymore as the link do not work in the article, that clearly displayed a noticeable, large adams apple.

        How is it that one gets the reputation of being the queen of physical fitness and fashion and routinely wears big, billowing skirts. Honey, does this make my butt look big? LOL

        We need your sense of humor here! Have probably vented my frustration here on enough with SH, what is the big picture? Just like JFK, that we all know was another crime, no charges will ever be brought,

        What is good for our human spirit is that we continue to expose these frauds as they happen. We are dropping bombs on other countries and our state department declares we are not at war?

        Just saw a comment on another thread regarding the great Joan Rivers and how they were very concerned for her after the damming tranny declaration and yes, do see how devious that was!

        Peace and love!

      5. Skirt, here’s some more dots:


        The “Queen of Physical Fitness” may simply be the queen. There are indeed fascinating differences that hormone replacement won’t fix.

        I noticed in a recent article about Joan Rivers’ death that the attending physician apparently allowed a “new” doctor to “examine her”. Sort of reminds me of the JFK autopsy.

        There is another lady, (can’t remember her name right now), who has been going on various pod casts. She lived near little Barry in Hawaii while he attended the private school. She didn’t go to school with him but hung out on the beach with him. She has some VERY interesting things to say about that. She claims he had no interest in girls but liked to hang out with middle-aged vacationers that helped him “powder his nose”.

        Then there is Larry Sinclair. He’s written a book about his adventures. To my knowledge he hasn’t been sued.

        I work with a lady lawyer who went to Barry’s old school. She confirms that one didn’t simply “transfer” there. You had to begin your education there. They made a special exception in his case.

        I appreciate the comments about my sense of humor. As an example of just how twisted it is, I chuckle every time I see him. They are obviously rubbing our collective noses in it. It’s all so bizarre it had to be manufactured in Langley.

    2. To many who have looked deeply into the monarch project, they have all the evidence they need. However you would do well to understand in the final analysis only the individual can decide what is truth or fact for themselves. All of the discussion and links in the world notwithstanding.

      What seems clear to some is sometimes very difficult to grasp for others. Exposure to the subject is also a factor. Much depends on how much research one is willing to do for themselves. I use Duckgo as a search engine.

      This will help on the monarch program however.


      Those who represent an ideal beyond the comprehension of the masses must face the persecution of the unthinking multitude who are without the divine idealism which inspires progress and those rational faculties which unerringly sift truth from falsehood.” -Manly Palmer Hall

      1. Dublinsmick: I think I am one of those your post refers to, and I will check out the link you provided. However (and this is asked in all candor), why would you use a quote from a Luciferian Occultist, even if it is relevant? The Mystery School, like many philosophies and perspectives, contains nuggets of truth…but this does not mean it is the Truth. Is there a reason why you chose to quote MP Hall? Would you be as willing to quote, say, Aleister Crowley or Helena Blavatsky?

        Or maybe I’m totally off base. Does it matter where truth comes from or how it is presented? I have heard the argument that the messenger is irrelevant, it’s only the truth of the message that is important (the example I’m thinking of is in relation to Alex Jones), but I don’t know if I agree. Alex Jones aside, can a bad tree bear good fruit? If so, can it bear good fruit reliably? Or do we judge each piece of fruit independently? (Sorry to go off topic somewhat, but this question has been plaguing me for years.)

      2. Dublin and Recynd, if I understand you correctly your thoughts mimic my own. I have to be cautious in advising others because I am never certain of their background. Not everyone possesses the basic foundation necessary to be able to analyze the work of others and discern its truthfulness or usefulness.

        On the other hand, I am not an adherent of trying to defame others in the interest of silencing them. I admit that, for some, reading the work of people with questionable agendas could lead to disaster. What I find is that many, regardless of their inclinations and beliefs, possess knowledge that is useful. They often simply come to the wrong conclusions.

        I don’t think we should accept what anyone says without scrutiny. That is especially germane in terms of those who use their credentials as a badge of authenticity. It is quite possible (and frequently happens), for a learned person to know much about a subject and use that knowledge incorrectly. This can be accidental or deliberate.

        In short, information is information and, facts are facts. What one does with those is what tells the tale. It is perfectly acceptable (and even desirable) to not have an opinion. As one acquires more information their opinions should strengthen. If one acquires information that causes one to reevaluate their prior thinking, they should be grateful for that and do so.

        Growing in knowledge is a lifelong effort. It’s like building a house, one brick at a time. If a beam seems out of place, it probably is. When that happens we go back to the drawings and try to determine why.

      3. I am aware Manley was a mason, however the statement still to me remains true. Lophat is wise in his description, using that type quote can confuse some people. It is probably better not to do it. I find some Nietzsche quotes humorous also but there again he had a dark side. Or better yet, he was in with them! 🙂

        All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth…….Nietzsche

        We should consider everyday lost which we do not dance at least once…..Nietzsche

        Against boredom the gods themselves fight in vain…..Nietzsche
        Convictions are more dangerous enemies of the truth than lies…..Nietzsche

        All sciences are now under the obligation to prepare the ground for the future task of the philosopher, which is to solve the problem of value, to determine the true hierarchy of values. …Nietzsche

    3. Each issue on your radar would require a long dicusssion and needs a proper forum with alloted time to play out. I agree it would be valuable for Dr. Hamamoto to tackle 9/11 and recent hoaxes at length, but
      when and where? should MHB give the good Dr. a weekly program to expound on his ideas? I wouldn’t mind heaing his in-depth coverage, especially on Sandy Hook–so bizzare in condcept and execution,it defies all logic to the sane among us.

      Would love to hear a smack-down between Hamamoto and Anderson Cooper. Super Cooper’s head would be spinning
      in the ‘exorcism’ of evil proaganda.

      Hey, Cass Sunstein, I am a social media blogger; The mark of the tyrant is to pursue those who dissent with documented lies in establishment rhetoric. So sue me! ( or continue to
      tamper with and dock my SS allotment…..)

      yours truly-

  4. I could lisfen fo Dr. Hamamoto’s wisdom for hours; second interview for me. (first on Alex Jones)
    Then Pofessor Tracy, with great insight, promts the
    Hamamoto dialogue, thus extending the conversation and
    nailing down saliant points.

    Just wondeRfuLLY presented, crucial information.

    Aren’t we lucky to be awake and receptive?

      1. Another good interview, but thank you for clarifying the background noise was children playing soccer and while that is a good sound, it is not appropriate for this important topic. It appears the window was closed and the listener could focus on the subject matter.

      2. Sofia, wonderful exchange on your new online initiative…
        You kept up with Dr. Hamamoto’s lengthy and incisive monologues and I found your input interesting, as well as helping to expand the interview. Some issues were repeated but always with disclosures which did not bore, on the contrary, which further illuminated their social significance.

        Well done.

  5. The operative function of Education, both at the elementary and university level, is to teach the young to do what they are told and to think what they are taught. In the US under the War on Terrorism, it is to identify with American imperialism, primarily by ignoring the elephant in the room and publicizing the unspeakable or Unmentionable.

    That is largely the reason why the American people are in a political stupor while a despotic police state is being installed to subjugate us. We are systematically miseducated by the schools as children so that the media can systematically misinform as adults. As Noel says, the Uneducated can understand the subversive truth much more readily than the Educated population.

    1. Mark are so correct.

      “That is largely the reason why the American people are in a political stupor while a despotic police state is being installed to subjugate us. We are systematically miseducated by the schools as children so that the media can systematically misinform as adults. As Noel says, the Uneducated can understand the subversive truth much more readily than the Educated population.”

      I graduated from the Florida State business school many years ago and nobody ever mentioned the federal reserve was not federal, not once ever. It is almost laughable when I think back on it. Exactly how much economic horsepower does the average graduate display when entering the world with this type background. Most of what I know about economics these days, I picked up on my own.

      It is what the system wants however, a cookie cutter type mentality that thinks everything is fine and dandy, no problems, get a job, do like what the boss tells you, don’t think too deeply, be drafted, if you survive join the veterans. The next time they have war march down the street screaming USA, USA. Be a mason etc etc. In other words go along to get along and shut up.

      As the American population becomes more dumbed down through fluoride, aspartame, MSG, vaccinations, radiation, GMO and a host of other contaminants, ignorance has become bliss. Exceptionalism has replaced the idea of racial superiority we saw in Germany but it is facism with different twist just the same. It is still central state control, favored corporations, unlimited war on many fronts and Rothschild is still printing the money just as Germany borrowed from the banking families.


  6. I can’t comment fully on the interview as time is limited…I’m deeply intrigued by Professor Hamamoto’s work and am thrilled James introduced his unique perspective to us. I have been wanting to find out more about the asian/asian american role in installing the NWO and will hopefully receive my order of Hamamoto’s new book from Amazon soon. It’s heartening to know there are stalwarts in academia who won’t fold so easily.

    1. There is no doubt that Foley’s brother and sister are acting very weird and don’t appear very sad or shaken either like the Sandy Hook Cast but this kooky stuff about Katie is really Alex and the brother is Elliot nonsense makes everyone look nuts.

      Yes, there are false flags and crisis actors no doubt but this crazy look alike stuff?

      There’s some nut bag on the net that claims all the internet millionaires’ are wanted criminals and hiding in plain site….. oh brother

      1. What a fantastic find, Dublin! I’ve seen a couple of videos on this, but the Ummmm one is definitive, in my opinion.

        These lies we are told, in bold daylight, are staggering. The liars are laughing at us. As I said in the recent article James published, and you picked up (thank you), these people are laughing at us from behind glass partitions, setting up social experiments. We are lab rats, dropped into mazes they have designed to learn how we think, just like in the movie Dark City. As in that movie, no one seems to be capable of remembering what life was like before the current iteration.

        I wonder how much longer these Lab Coats will allow us to uncover and disseminate this kind of insight. Miles Mathis thinks they don’t care (thanks, also, for telling us about him). I’m less sanguine.

      2. Posted on another comment stream his hooked nosed mother has a remarkable resemblance to the eye witness broadcasted on tv, who was at Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing and the Boston Shootout, what are the chances?

        There is amazing facial recognition programs out there, tying all these hoaxes together could be the break through we need. Or are they flaunting repeat actors on purpose?

        When you post a photo on facebook, the program suggests this is so and so and is always correct.

  7. Thank you James and Darrell Hamamto, could not imagine there was hope of reversing our fate when it was obvious the school system had been taken over. Let us hope the likes of you go forth and multiple! That is another book that I will have to buy, if for nothing else than for the principle.

    Darrell you might consider the occupation of being a realist comedian, if this gig does not work out!

    Think of all the fodder you could play with while exposing the truth; there is a lot of trouble in the world so the US will just keep dropping bombs and arming our enemies, there is not enough revenue coming in, so we created an industry that must buy permits to kill golden eagles, there is not enough murdering going on so we will create diversions that actually increase the ownership of guns and it does not matter how many will die from thirst or starvation as long as that precious smelt survives!

    1. First of all, great interview with Professor Darrell Hamamoto. I heard him talk before, brave man.

      Now, have you noticed the daily shootings have stopped and now ISIS, the new boogeyman, is being rolled out?

      After the MSM had to admit the Foley beheading video was a fraud, produced in a studio the place has gone bonkers warning us we are doomed from…ISIS !! The Egyptian Goddess you may ask? No, the New and improved Al- CIA-DA!!

      It’s 2001 all over again except Bin Laden has been replaced with the terrorist Obama let out in 2009 (can’t remember his name, Da balla a-wooey) and Al-CI of ADA has been replaced with ISIS the New State of Islam…oooohhh Armed and Trained courtesy the American Govt. and CIA.
      (your tax dollars at work)

      Every talking head on MSM whether right or left wing is saying ISIS is hiding under your bed. ISIS is in your closet. Oh no, now they are in Mexico hooking up with cartels aaahhhhh.

      We need to quadruple DHS and put a Officer( Stasi) on every corner for your protection. You must show your papers where ever you go.

      ALERT: Just off the wire.
      ISIS have recruited US citizens with passports and can re-enter the US anytime they want with Manpads and RPG’s and huge MRAP’s. (so much for the TSA protecting our airports).

      The President says the answer to stop ISIS on our soil is:
      We must surrender all of our freedoms and expand NSA spying, quadruple DHS to a standing army of 500,000 fighting force more well funded and equipped than the US Army and all of us will be issued a Nation ID card ISIS can’t replicate. All bank acct’s will be seized and Martial Law will be enacted. There will be no more voting until further notice.

      It has been non-stop for a week. What are they diverting us from noticing or is this just Operation Gladio full steam ahead? Oh well, I’m rambling..be afraid, be very afraid

      Something’s up……..Have a nice weekend

      1. LOL Ric! It is important to keep your sense of humor in these trying times.

        The coverage has been over the top and we are aware they are letting them flood our borders.

        Perhaps they don’t want us to know how successful Judicial Watch has been in obtaining foi’s that has been denied to congress.

        There is a federal judge in DC that has had enough of the IRS criminals.


  8. Individual professionals are repudiating the delusive American truth consensus, but this appears to be much more difficult for academics. Scholars and scientists are embedded in a web of ideological truth relations that are assumed in order to carry out their specialized research. The ideological background context, largely without our conscious awareness, legitimates power. And no power system sponsors science or scholarship that subverts the ideology that has historically legitimated its power.

    Consequently it is very difficult for academics to follow James in Controversial areas. And it will get more difficult as the US sinks further into a new kind of postmodern fascism. But some do it to some extent, and they are very valuable for providing discourse points that can be expanded by the people’s truthers.

    One such is deHaven-Smith’s COSPIRACY THEORY IN AMERICA. I am not a fan of politically scientific discourse and deHaven-Smith, in addition to having a funny name, was president of the Florida Political Science Association. The last chapter of his book, RESTORING AMERICAN DEMOCRACY is pure political science, with the pretense that the Democracy can be restored without fundamental changes in traditional power relations.

    However it is a very valuable book, even though it is written within the strictures and style of the academic consensus. It assists people like James and Darrell to go further in specialized ways to tell truths that subvert the prevailing truth consensus. The American truth consensus is increasingly controlled by Washington, usually by secret or unknown truth institutions. They purvey what Smith calls “linguistic thought control” which helps keep the American people in a political stupor.

    Eventually there must be an historical truth revolution that begins outside academia. But academics can help legitimate it. And that is the major function of academia, not in creating new truths but legitimating the old ones. The more creative and courageous truthers can help legitimate the new truths over historical time, which will extend far beyond the American truth consensus to the world’s people. As American and Western imperialism decays, a new ideological world-view is being born, and this can be legitimated in the coming decades of the 21st century, partially by academics.

    1. The world of academia is aware for the most part that powerful forces behind the curtain can effect their lives and tenure. Most learn this very early. So most as a matter of self preservation learn to portray as what academia says it is, no matter how preposterous.

      This particular piece illustrates the huge fraud known as Albert Einstein who perpetrated his fraud aided by complicit media, by marrying Serbian mathematician Mileva Maric who handled all of his theories as most who knew Einstein were fully aware he was not that good in the field of mathematics. They also knew he did not have the laboratory to required to make such definitive statements in the field. He was two timing Mileva with his cousin Elsa Loewenthal and later divorced Mileva after his fame spread. What he had going for him known to many were numerous letters of correspondence between himself and Rothschild.

      Most of Einstein’s root ideas like ENERGY AND MATTER IS INTER CONVERTIBLE , SPACE TIME DILATION etc were known to other Europeans as these were written down in the Vedas 7000 years ago. Not much was said about it as the Rothschild machine was capable of doing damage to careers.

      Newton did not invent calculus, he lifted it from an indian math book.


  9. Dublinsmick, did you know that Ireland, as a proportion of its small population, has produced the most and greatest writers of fiction in the Western tradition. I see that you have inherited some of their talent.

  10. Remember, mick, if you go to Ireland, don’t order an Irish coffee. It turns out that it is an American concoction. They simply dump some whiskey in bad American coffee, and the whole thing would be undrinkable if weren’t for the whiskey.

    The best place to get Irish coffee is at Bergin’s on south Fairfax in LA. This might make a little jaunt for you from Florida, where you live, but you have to sacrifice for the best.

  11. An academic specialty that might possibly be feasible is how Washington coordinates the deceit campaigns with all the power figures and truth institutions. For example, how does Washington get not only American but European sources to buy in to the current untruth campaign of a “Russian invasion.” This has as much reality as the previous untruth campaign of “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

    It is quite true that Russians are volunteering to fight in Novarussia, but so are European fascists and American mercenaries for the Nazi-Oligarch Kiev junta. This is common in civil wars, but the Kiev pretense is that this is not a civil war but a war against Russia and its Terrorists. And Russia does not have to send equipment because the rebels get an enormous amount from the Kiev troops they defeat.

    But American and European power figures state with a straight face and assume in their statements that it is Russian troops and equipment that are fighting Kiev, and the media repeats these assertions as if they were true. How can Washington do this without a major mainstream voice saying that this is absurd, even though Obama in a whisper stated that there is no invasion. How can such a truth consensus congeal when it is obviously false. What are the mechanisms used. This would requires investigation by specialists, since sources within the power system are necessary to explain the details.

  12. Here is a good segmemt to drop this quotation:

    From Aldolf…
    “First tame the intellectuals; then take them to the field and hitch them to the racehorses.”

    To follow this logic–intellectuals are useful when shorn of individuality and harnessed to the power brokers who really make policy and run the show.

    (hat tip to Dave Emory for this gem)

    Appears Hitler was on to something. His Working hypthesis is working in U.S.right now.

  13. Part of the question of how Washington manages to deceive the American people so effectively was answered by James in an article published two years ago: “PROGRESSIVE” JOUNALISM’S LEGACY OF DECEIT. To get a reluctant American people to support entering world war 1, Wilson recruited Progressive jounalists like Lippman, Creel, and the propaganda specialist Bernays.

    They set up a huge Information center with 19 different kinds of propaganda to different audiences, and sent out a huge number of press releases continuously. Since those most opposed to war tended to trust Progressives, the propaganda was effective.

    Just as Democracy Now was effective in distributing propaganda for the Libyan and Syrian wars, and currently is the amen corner for the “Russian Invasion.” Her articles are reprinted by Z Net, the Chomsky-supported academic news blog.

    This huge news feed is now supplemented by false flag operations to Shock and Awe the American people. But there may be other techniques as well, such as staging race riots that James discussed. I don’t see why academics, as well as investigative reporters, could not publicize these techniques, increasing the distrust of the American people for what Washington tells us.

  14. Hats off by the way to professor Hamamto, I am sure he realizes but cannot say much about it, Japan is a mirror image of America in that Shinto Buddhism parallels the elite. Shinto is represents about 40% of Japan and mainline Buddhists, some 60% but I am pretty sure the Shinto are running the show as the imperial family display the six pointed star on memorials that are thousands of years old.


  15. The UC System a la the US government was gamed many decades ago. One need only think about the total valuation of this “public” entity and realize that the Regents in control are serving greedy corporate masters.

    Hamamoto offers his students an opportunity to wake up. And yet to be part of this evolution, these same students will have to high-jump through thirteen years of Common Core, administrative, peer-pressure, and parental hoops in order to earn the right to attend.

    In the interim, over-paid puppets like Napolitano will continue to try and carve out the final remnants of free-thinking faculty and students.

    Education remains the most over-looked battleground for our future. Here is an interview that draws a line in that sand.

  16. “I was born mixed-race but I sorely wish I looked like my white father, I cannot function socially until people recognize me for who I am inside, a white male, not a mixed-raced one!” Is not a neurosis at work here, one that seeks to involve the wider society in its highly idiosyncratic (and also arbitrary and fluctuating) disconformity? Such a personal internal malaise projected onto the larger social world aggressively or passively is surely more akin to relatively rare conditions like bulimia or anorexia than it is to a grand civil rights struggle involving centenary or even ageless identities (grounded in reproductive, familio-ethnic, class-structural realities) pursuing their class, racial, and/or sexual (as opposed to “gender”) emancipation.

  17. Yes, you are a neurosis at work here and a Troll. Whose gonna take the bait? I have never called anyone out but this guy is off the charts with dribble and his dictionary.

    I can’t believe anyone here would believe the Alex Israel look alike trap is getting legs either. Stick to the facts and facts only or its pointless writing letters to any commission or entity.

    If your argument starts out Adam Lanza never existed or Sandy Hook was closed down in 2008 or there were no planes on 911 they already won the debate for 90% of the sheeple buy the MSM version or just don’t care.

    Though all those statements may be true, they can not be proved and there are plenty of other solid points to bring up.

    The Boston bombing CNN anchor woman (Barbra Starr?) shill they interviewed at two different locations was real. But when they started saying she was the same woman in Sandy Hook that was interviewed on the street, we lost that argument. Same with James Holmes’s woman lawyer is the same as, I can’t even remember nonsense.

    See where I’m going with this? We lose ALL credibility but I guess that’s the point of the offensive. Throw the kooky crap in and when they all agree it has legs you can disregard any opinion or great point they may have had in previous statements.

    Every time we get something solid it gets washed away by the Professional Trolls that are watching every move and they muddy the waters with look a likes and falsehoods.

    Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get some hate now.

  18. Hamamoto’s defense of Chomsky is troubling. The man-of-the-left-who-only opposes-the-right’s-wars is a man wasting my time. I’m not going to bother to dig up clips of Sean Hannity, in opposition to Bill Clinton, denouncing “nation building” “acts of aggression” in Serbia in the late 90s. I’ll just say that if Chomsky isn’t 100% against mass murder, all the time, he’s got blood to clean up

    Chomsky supported the destruction of Libya. He supported the death squads which overran that country. You’ll argue he believed they were protestors of some sort of revolution that for some reason was color coded? If he really believed that, his stupidity is beyond measure (and I say this with no desire to place myself ahead of Chomsky intellectually. I’m saying water is wet, fire is hot: you know that it is, I know, and Chomsky . . .).

    The 9/11 denials are not irrelevant either. Chomsky embodies the leader figure illustrated in the Bernays text Propaganda, a text Chomsky is supposedly familiar with. After 9/11 occurred many of the left parroted Chomsky’s response, “this is what happens when people get revenge on us/US”. They’re bad for parroting him; he’s bad for parroting the Company’s claims. He is of the same guilt to this day.

    One word from Chomsky on how those towers really came down, today, would spark the anti-war, anti-nato movement. Today, he could still do this? What is he waiting for? Who is this Noam Chomsky, thrust into the spotlight so many years ago? What of his ties to the Bertrand Russell caste–Bertrand Russell, another whose heartfelt protests against Vietnam were supposed to make us forget his advocacy of the USSR’s nuclear annihilation, not to mention a very long list of other filthy deeds.

    Today, Noam Chomsky speaking the truth would make waves. It may cause a ripple that would shake the voices of those nato savages, with their insane calls for total war. He could do it today. He does not. Why give him a break. We don’t have time for it.

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