An Open Letter to The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission

SHE_TrespassFrom: William Brandon Shanley and
Sandy Hook Justice
To: Sandy Hook Advisory Commission
August 21, 2014
via Commission website

[Image Credit: Los Angeles Times]

I request that this letter goes to all members of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission.

I am a member of a team of scholars, journalists and researchers named Sandy Hook Justice:

* Dr. James H. Fetzer, Professor Emeritus University of Minnesota Duluth and editor and journalist for Veterans Today;
* Wolfgang Halbig, former Florida State Police officer, school administrator and national school safety specialist;
* William Shanley, a non-fiction filmmaker and author, with news analysis specialty since 1980 presidential election; and,
* Yvonne Adamow, the mother of an 8 year old, an expert on Sandy Hook, who has been writing to officials for months.

There are literally hundreds of other investigators working behind the scenes to expose this act of terrorism against the people of the United States. We are writing to request the opportunity to present our credentials and photographic and other documented findings regarding the
events at Sandy Hook.

We will present evidence that:

* Sandy Hook Elementary School was abandoned by 2008 and used as a prop in 2012;
* That the “iconic” photograph taken by Shannon Hicks of the Newtown Bee was staged;
* That State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky did not show Adam Lanza committed a crime;
* That the death certificate for Noah Pozner provided by Lenny Pozner is not authentic;

The legal principle, “Fraud vitiates everything”, supports the conclusion that no one died at Sandy Hook.

Extraordinary steps have been taken at the local and state level to deny access to relevant proof of death–apart from the fabricated death certificate for Noah Pozner.

Evidence that could confirm a crime took place is completely missing. This reveals human intent and manipulation of what has been presented as being real.

This appears to have been a “made-for-media event” contemporaneous with a Federal inter-agency and Connecticut Department Public Protection and Safety drill and television production rolled out that created an entirely false community over a period of years into the real world using crisis actors, climaxing on the stage of a school that seems to have been closed for asbestos and bio-hazards and to avoid the expense of meeting ADA requirements.

* Despite live TV coverage from choppers throughout the day, there are no images or proof of a mass evacuation of a school of more than 500 children, teachers and staff;
* Drill protocols were followed, not those for mass disaster events;
* Two CTSP officers have confided to Mr. Halbig that the 11,000-document dump
is “the script” for the drill;
* Internet records show that fundraising sites and photographs of the purported victims were operational three days before the event and, in some cases, for even longer.

The mass media are complicit and the event could not have been portrayed as real without full media complicity and engagement. Staged photos were issued by State Police and the Newtown Bee as real. The iconic photo carried on front pages around the world of a “conga line” of children
was staged several times to get “the best shot”.

Adam Lanza, as he has been presented, appears to be a phantom, almost wholly fictional, may actually by Ryan Lanza, or to have died at some point prior to 2009.

The documentary evidence we will present will show that the political power structure and media elites in America, up to and including Attorney General Eric Holder, were involved.

We are troubled key officials and witnesses have fled or disappeared from the scene through retirement or death. The deaths of former New Haven Register reporter Michael Bellemore, 27, and Major William Podgoski, 49, Western District Commander of the CTSP, one of the lead
Sandy Hook investigators, are only two of a dozen illustrations.

The constellation of correlations of anomalies render the consensus narrative to be impossible.

It’s time to open this up to a good old Connecticut-style town meeting and save our souls!

Please contact me at once regarding coordinating an appearance before the Commission at the earliest possible date.


No children died at Sandy Hook!

William Shanley

New London, Connecticut


Sandy Hook Advisory Commission

The Sandy Hook Advisory Commission is a 16-member panel of experts created by Governor Malloy to review current policy and make specific recommendations in the areas of public safety, with particular attention paid to school safety, mental health, and gun violence prevention.


Scott Jackson (Chair): Mayor, Town of Hamden

Dr. Adrienne Bentman: Director, Adult Psychiatry Residency Program, Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living

Ron Chivinski: Teacher, Newtown Middle School

Robert Ducibella: Founding Principal, DVS Security Consulting and Engineering

Terry Edelstein: Nonprofit Liaison to Governor Malloy

Kathleen Flaherty: Staff Attorney, Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut, Inc. / Facilitator and State Trainer, National Alliance for Mental Illness in Connecticut

Dr. Alice M. Forrester: Executive Director, Clifford W. Beers Guidance Clinic, Inc.

Dr. Ezra Griffith: Professor Emeritus of and Senior Research Scientist in Psychiatry, Deputy Chair for Diversity and Organizational Ethics, Department of Psychiatry, Yale University

Patricia Keavney-Maruca: Member, State Board of Education / Former technical high school teacher

Christopher Lyddy: Program Manager, Trainer & Consultant, Advanced Trauma Solutions, Inc. / Former State Representative, 106th Assembly District of Newtown / Former Program Director, Youth Equipped for Success!, Forensic Health Services, Inc. / Former Clinical Supervisor, Juvenile Risk Reduction Center, Community Solutions, Inc.

Denis McCarthy: Fire Chief, City of Norwalk

Barbara O’Connor: Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police, University of Connecticut

Wayne Sandford: Professor, University of New Haven, Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences / Former Deputy Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Emergency Management & Homeland Security / Former Fire Chief, Town of East Haven

Dr. David J. Schonfeld: Pediatrician-in-Chief, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children / Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Drexel University College of Medicine / Director, National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement

Dr. Harold I. Schwartz: Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Hartford Hospital’s Institute of Living / Vice President, Behavioral Health, Hartford Hospital / Professor of Psychiatry, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Bernard R. Sullivan: Former Chief of Police, City of Hartford / Former Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Public Safety / Former Chief of Staff to House Speaker Tom Ritter




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98 thought on ““Fraud Vitiates Everything””
  1. I hate this post. Why exactly should we be so confident that “no children died at Sandy Hook” and at the same be “troubled” by deaths of key witnesses?
    Do we really think that the elements behind the latter are too *decent* to harm *any* children?
    Why not limit our assertions to what the evidence actually shows?

    1. all the evidence actually shows that no children died , this was not even an operating school, perhaps you have not done the research on this subject to be certain but obviously these people have as many others have also, it was a NON OPERATING school , wake up. It was a made for TV show .

      1. “all the evidence actually shows that no children died….” I admit that you are correct that I need to do more research. However, so far I see a lack of evidence that any children died, but also a lack of evidence that NO children died. Until we see conclusive evidence that each and every one of the children alleged to be killed are actually alive, I don’t know how one could definitively conclude that “no children died.”

        Even if it could be conclusively proven that no children died *that day*, I would submit that it is quite possible that *at least* one child could have been killed after the fact for the purpose of a “cover-up”, and that would hardly warrant us “rejoicing” that “no children died at Sandy Hook!”.

      2. No, you’re wrong, Karin. We have no burden of proof in this matter. It is the government’s burden, entirely, to establish that a crime was committed here. With no blood, no bodies, no witnesses identified, no sworn witness statements taken (ID’s and witness statements having been “redacted” from the official report)–as well as numerous inconsistencies in the official version of events–we are required to conclude that no crime was committed (let alone 26 murders).

      3. I agree that “serially murderous thugs are claiming children died”–but their claims do not constitute proof. Not only do we have no duty to take their word for it, we have no OPTION to do so, while at the same time considering ourselves the informed citizens of a free country.

        What we are seeing everywhere is a concerted attempt to close the doors on information that, in the past, we have been entitled to review. The government now forces us to take its word that certain things happened, without providing reliable evidence. It is our duty not to be satisfied with their mere assurance. We must DEMAND that they support their case; ridicule them ceaselessly; and boot them out of power, when they do not.

        1. nothing on the TV can be believed – everyone must seek out only alternative news sources , the TV is a brain washing piece of equipment & look at what a great job it is doing , it is proviong to be completely fatal to the once known as the United States of America .We must try to wake the people up to this fact. If it is on the TV it is a made for the agenda TV show –
          all things on the television are scripted, the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations) / NWO owns all media outlets, they completely control & orchestrate every word that goes out on the TV

      4. Dinophile nailed it.

        “What we are seeing everywhere is a concerted attempt to close the doors on information that, in the past, we have been entitled to review. The government now forces us to take its word that certain things happened, without providing reliable evidence.”

        As with Santa Barbara and Las Vegas. The police are NOT releasing any reports anymore on any crimes. It’s the new normal. “Take our word for it, a crime really did happen” it’s not just the Feds, the local police are now that are following this lead.

      5. Dino, you (as you well know) are absolutely correct. At the risk of sounding overly critical, the letter should have been a little more polished, however.

        “The deaths of former New Haven Register reporter Michael Bellemore, 27, and Major William Podgoski, 49, Western District Commander of the CTSP, one of the lead
        Sandy Hook investigators, ARE ONLY TWO (emphasis added) of a dozen illustrations”, being a case in point

        I do not disagree with what was said, it would get more serious consideration, however, if it was more professionally done. Also, if one is going to use academic accomplishments and professional experience as one’s “bona fides” in support of a position, it could have been done more eloquently and artfully. Again, no aspersion intended, it just weakens the impact of the letter.

        I am happy to see someone do this, not because I believe it will achieve anything, but just because it should be done. My concern with the form of the letter is that, should this receive some attention elsewhere, it would make a better impression if it were written professionally.

        Finally, while it is a dubious proposition that any “souls” were ever saved at a town meeting, in Connecticut or elsewhere, the request is appropriate. When you start a “complaint” in a serious and “concerned” manner and end colloquially, it sounds less like a demand and more like a remark.

        I’d love to read a response but I won’t hold my breath.

    2. The reason people ‘know’ that ‘now children died’ is because we can see it in the parent’s lack of emotion, their lying eyes, and the sparkle that still remains.

      1. Dinophile,

        Perhaps my first post was worded too harshly. I never claimed that we have the “burden of proof in this matter”. Of course it’s the government’s burden to establish that a crime was committed. But in this case there is absolutely *no doubt* that a crime was committed!

        My only point is that we do not have enough information to conclude definitively (much less “rejoice” in the notion), that no children died.
        What we do know *for certain* is that serially murderous thugs are claiming that children died. I am merely suggesting that we at least consider the possibility that they are telling the truth about that particular point.

      2. Dinophile,
        I don’t want to belabor the point, but I will try to state my case one last time:
        The claim has been made that the government has not proven that anyone has died. I agree with this claim.
        However, some would suggest that because the government has not proven its case, we can therefore confidently declare that nobody died. I would emphatically disagree with this claim.
        The only thing that I can confidently declare is that I *do not know* if anybody died.
        Otherwise, I agree with everything else you have written.

        1. No–you CAN say “no one died,” because they have not proven anyone did die. And my point is that you have a responsibility to put them to their proof, to shout at them and back them to the wall, as this letter has done. We cannot let them simply engender doubt as a substitute for proof. And especially is the mere suggestion that murders occurred not enough when you consider the level of control of the citizenry, and restriction of their freedoms, it is being used to accomplish politically.

      3. Again, I agree with Dinophile. Those who created this hoax and those who “report” it are demanding “belief” as a default position. It is actually and truly the other way round.

        If I tell you “I saw a purple antelope”, you are free to believe me or not. You are not obligated to believe me unless you can “prove” that I didn’t. In fact you can’t.

        In this scenario they charged a phantom with a crime. If the phantom had “lived” to stand trial a rather important element of the case would have been their burden to prove that a murder had been committed. The court will not “assume” that it has because they are obligated to believe it.

        Conveniently, there is no living defendant. They “tried” this “case” in the court of public opinion. They “found” the phantom guilty. Case closed. A cynic like me might find that incredibly fortuitous.

        The trick to resisting this type of manipulation is to remind ourselves of these principles. The burden is with the accuser. We have no obligation to believe. This is especially true in a situation where the “media” is selling an agenda, no “reporting” news.

    3. The evidence shows there is no evidence.

      Our very astute Larry linked the last SH commission’s meeting on a previous post where they were lamenting the fact that no history on the purported killer had been provided to the committee on the very existence of him. Most on the committee just wanted to close their investigation even though they had nothing to report on.

      None, zero, zilch. They are supposed to recommend mental health solutions while having no information on the medical history of this ghost.

      Yes they certainly can be evil enough to create this grand scam and eliminate all those suspected of exposing it.

      1. Skirt, by “the evidence” (in terms of The Report (ha!)), it shows the opposite of proof. There are inconsistencies that would lead a prudent person to think either that it was impossible or that there must have been multiple actors.

        It is impossible to understand why they would have left that in there. If they decided to leave it there it demands an explanation.

        The committee all looked like they were part of a charade. All of the talk of “covert” evidence and, “wink, wink, let’s move on” didn’t lend any credibility to the meeting.

        Remember the “Peter has the information” portion? You could do an entire post on just what was wrong with that element. Pure theater.

    4. Karin, it appears that your focus is on whether ANYONE actually died on 12-14-12 at SHES. You must consider, in its entirety, the unmitigated absurd nature of all of the elements of the Sandy Hook story, which apparently, for whatever reason, you have not.

      Let me suggest you begin by searching and digesting the vast amount of subject material that is available for scrutiny on the internet. There ARE those who visciously defend the official narrative. However, the scales are without question tipped well in favor of those who know it was a depraved production.

      When you inevitably come to terms with the fact that the story itself is impossible, following no logic or reason, completely devoid of any real evidence, and that all those who appeared on camera or in print (federal, state and local police and officials, alleged parents, teachers, students and other witnesses…) are completely lacking any credibility, you will conclude that there were no deaths on that particular parcel of Connecticut real estate on December 14th, 2012.

      If where you fall on this is merely relegated to proving that any deaths actually occurred or not, you will remain in Sandy Hook limbo simply due to the fact that no one has submitted substantive proof one way or the other. You cannot prove ANYONE died, and I cannot prove that there were NO deaths. But remember, the burden of proof is on the former. Ask any prosecutor how difficult a task it is to prove murder without a corpse.

      You can begin by showing me a post mortem photo of the alleged assailant, or any of the other alleged adult victims.

      Hmm…didn’t think so.

      1. Joseph, couldn’t agree more. We have made that point over and over, here and at another site since the beginning of the production. What we have are images and a narrative.

        I know that Patrick and I discussed this several times. In a sense it is a “test”. It could easily be “proven”, as you say. The fact that it hasn’t means that it either didn’t happen as described or the real intent is to condition people to accept “faith-based journalism”.

        Every effort has been made to slam the door on meaningful inquiry. Why?

        Reading the posts here this morning made me go back to the actual status of the school again. This should be one of the easiest elements to verify. There would be records of utilities, maintenance and cafeteria workers payrolls, bus driver trip records, etc.. Many of these should be public records, at least in summary format.

        While evidence of the school being mothballed may not be conclusive in terms of murder, it would certainly go a long way to deflating the balloon that the story rests on. There are, of course, many other avenues for research. This one just seems less likely to be concealed than others.

        In these days of surveillance it is important to understand that attempts to obtain records will be monitored. I am not technically savvy enough to be able to engage in this myself. A good investigator with IT skills could probably uncover much without exposing themselves to too much scrutiny.

        You said: “I have maintained from not long after 12-14-12 that Sandy Hook is the watershed event in modern American history.” I’m not sure I’d go that far but it certainly may be the biggest example of fabricated reality in recent times. The “Boston” event was pretty spectacular as well.

        What I think SHES represents is “the thing that won’t go away”. Other than the fund raising, they would like nothing better than for this to fade into obscurity. Instead, people keep poking them with it. It’s hilarious.

        1. touche’ lophatt , you are so right on all points , “the test” etc… I have been screaming from the beginning & trying to get it to anyone that might listen to go after the status of the school, as you have said this would be the best course of action for investigators to take, the records you mentioned of deliveries of vital importance to run a ‘school’ (utilities, maintenance,cafeteria workers payrolls, bus driver trip records,) & food vendors, drink vendors office supply , office materials, all these records as you said can be found out & also found to not exsist as it already appears that so many people are missing ( school volunteers,cafeteria workers,bus drivers, delivery people , 700 students & 1400 parents etc etc etc the list goes on & on of all the missing links that sandy hook was actually an operating school, I hope they take this course of action full force . We all must keep making as much noise as possible about this & thank God for James Tracy & the people that are not letting this die, it is the one thing that could save our children & grand children. Bringing to light the facts that the school was not in operation is the key to saving our country.

        2. All excllent points. I love that phrase “faith-based journalism.” It could not be more apt.

          To attempt to answer your question “Every effort has been made to slam the door on meaningful inquiry. Why?” Well, obviously because all the perpetrators are on the gravy train and they are not going to be the one to cause it to squeal to a halt.

          And they know there will be consequences to them personally if they do. I re-watched the movie “Bugsy” recently, about the founding of Las Vegas and the Flamingo Hotel, and specifically about mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. In the scene where Siegel is trying to talk his fellow mobsters into supporting his venture, he hits on the fact that gambling is legal in Nevada and says Nevada is “wide open. We can get control of the state, and once we have a state we can even help choose the president!” This is a key admission, because organized crime has done exactly that. It has taken over all the institutions of U.S. government. The government does not work for the people: it works for the Mafia (and that term covers the Jewish and other ethnic organized crime groups, as well as Sicilian, because they cooperate). I maintain, moreover, that the Mafia is simply an executive arm of the Catholic Church. It is the Vatican at the root of all the crooked dealings we see, the incomprehensible acts of public officials which have no relationship to the job they should be doing.

          Someone posted a video on this blog that I just watched about the Catholic control–as it truly was–of Hitler and the Nazi Party. It is very important, really essential viewing. In the U.S., Catholics now predominate in the judiciary and law enforcement. For instance, six of the nine U.S. Supreme Court justices are Catholic–and they are not simply pious people. At least two are Opus Dei, which means they are fanatics. Jesuits, who take an oath to deceive and infiltrate other groups with the intention of subverting them to the Catholic agenda, are truly scary.

          In Colorado, too, almost all the judges, both federal and state, are Catholic, with only a smattering of Jews (and one Mormon). They do not decide cases based on the evidence and the law. They decide them the way the “phone call” tells them to. I feel sure that is how they rationalize violating their oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States and State of Colorado: they believe they are serving a higher master.

          The immigration problem can be viewed as part of the Catholic agenda, surely.

          And I’m sorry to say this, because I’ve been friends with many Catholics in my time, but it is time they stopped being obedient sheep and realized they are being used to accomplish quite the opposite of the goals they believe their Church stands for. They have been duped.

        3. Shee–I just wrote a substantial response to lophatt’s post, only to see it vanish into cyberspace again. Dr. Tracy, can you check your spam mail?

      2. Dino, while I agree that “organized crime” (in a sense) is responsible, it is most certainly not run out of the Vatican. I am a a Catholic and I certainly am not “an obedient sheep”.

        This is the last “acceptable prejudice” and I won’t glorify it by an argument. It is simply too ridiculous to consider.

        There is indeed a cabal of control. If it has an ideology it is Satanic. It does not advertise its connections. It is involved with EVERY organization and religion, worldwide. That doesn’t mean that those in responsible positions within those organizations are aware of it, or if they were, that they could do anything about it.

        Just as the much discussed Illuminati is credited with methods of control that require infiltration of all societal elements, this method is in full bloom today. I doubt very much that Adam Weishaupt invented it, (nor the Jesuits for that matter).

        You won’t solve this problem by persecuting Catholics (or Jews). Those ultimately responsible for this mess answer to a different master.

      3. Interesting post on the catholics, dinophile. I have been meaning to study their cult, especially the jesuits, for some time. Which justices are ‘opus dei?’ Wikipedia has only six of the justices as catholics, scroll down about a third of the way to see the chart:

        Some think Sotomayor could be a crypto-Chosen. I don’t know what to think of that, the evidence doesn’t scream out anything. Thomas attended catholic schools, then protestant church with his wife, then somehow wandered back into catholicism, apparently.

        Your assertions about the italian mafia in the US are off, though. Just for starters, Siegel was TCP, and his tribe were definitely the overlords of the ‘italian’ mob whether you want to deal with that or not. Try Gus Russo’s book Supermob.

        As for the catholic hierarchy, all I know is that they’re obviously corrupt, but your failure to address WASP/masonic orchestration along with TCP’s is just myopic wishful thinking. Catholics are right in there but they’re just part of a coalition it seems. Theodore Hesburgh, ex-president of Notre Dame, tried to help that vile spy, Pollard, get pardoned. I think the top of the hierarchies all work together, really.

      4. Responding to Sue: this site quotes Gore Vidal, in a September 2001 Vanity Fair article, as identifying Scalia and Thomas as members of Opus Dei, along with a third member of the Supreme Court he did not name:

        I looked up the Vanity Fair article (how do you like that publication date, by the way?), which is about McVeigh, and Vidal’s own statement appears less clear, but I have only skimmed it:

        The membership of Louis Freeh in Opus Dei is irrefutable. Remember he was not only the head of the FBI, but was called in as the prosecutor in the Penn State football pedophilia matter. His deputy at FBI, Robert Hanssen, was also a member of Opus Dei–and is now in Supermax, the big federal prison in Florence, Colorado, where he is kept in isolation 23 hours a day. He was put in there a few months before 9/11, putatively for spying for the Russians. I have wanted to discuss his case on this blog, actually. I have come to believe that people are put in isolation not because they are so dangerous to society, but because they know things the government does not want to get out. In this case, maybe Hanssen knew what was cooking, with 9/11. A movie about him, quite good, is “Breach.”

        Similarly, the doctor who supposedly set John Wilkes Booth’s leg was put in prison on the Dry Tortugas, an island with no fresh water about 90 miles from Florida, so totally inaccessible! Was he such a threat to society?

    5. Karin, even better….read the Connecticut states attorney for the judicial district of Dansbury Stephen J. Sedensky’s report on Sandy Hook, as well as the 200 plus page index. Draw your own conclusions.

      You can also hear our critique of Mr. Sedensky’s fantastical summary by visiting, clicking on the media page and listening to our three most recent Sandy Hook broadcasts.

      I have maintained from not long after 12-14-12 that Sandy Hook is the watershed event in modern American history.

      Nothing since has changed my mind.

    6. I was replying to Karen regarding her evidence statement.
      I have been a troubleshooter for 40 years and to be able to succeed one has to trust one’s logic – instincts honed by experience where evidence is merely circumstantial. Otherwise your start “going in a circle chasing your tail”, “dead in the water” and “flying blind.”

    1. I think it is a very strong letter, and its conclusion is inescapable: not only did no children die at a fake school, but neither do they lie under weeds in an old cemetery in essentially a mass grave for four little six year olds (can we say that would be very creepy if they did?). So yes, “Rejoice!” if you will, but teach our government that it cannot fight what it imagines to be fire with fire, by giving us this political theatre to keep us under control. This is not how a healthy society functions. It is the last stage of decadence and must be dug up like the noxious weed it is, and replaced by common sense and healthy plants. Unfortunately, those addicted to television and to the authority it conveys are unable to rise to this occasion.

      1. Musings, yes, it is a “strong” letter. As usual I do a poor job of conveying my meaning sometimes. In my view, letters should be done in a certain form and tone depending on the results sought. If they are “advertisements”, it is fine to be less scrupulous in how they are crafted.

        I’m sure you’re aware that I share your thoughts. That is why it would be so important to have proof, for example, that the school was not open for business. Not that I don’t “believe” it. Belief is not “proof”.

        The way to understand what is happening is to realize that “our government” is a sham. It professes to represent us. It does not. It is merely another extension of the cabal. They are not interested in “healthy societies”. They are interested in total control.

        This is OUR country by virtue of the fact that we occupy it. The government does not own it, we do. I did not ask anyone to invade anybody. I did not ask anyone to militarize the police. I did not ask to be lied to and bombarded with hoaxes and propaganda.

        This is why I get “preachy” when I talk of ignoring them. Call it constructive ostracism. The “political theater” you speak of consists of convincing the eaters that they must “ask” their “betters” to do something to fix their mess. Of course that will never happen as their mess is to their liking.

        This is one of the fundamental quandaries with psychopaths. To know one, one is forced into a “competition”. They simply cannot and will not leave anyone alone. That is because, to a psychopath, everyone else is an “opportunity”. They are not about “us”, they are about “them”.

        And yes, the TEE VEE is a vital tool to ensuring that none awaken from their slumber. It is all vanity and distraction. While we watch the celebrities mince and keen on the Emmy Awards, the psychopaths are busy enslaving us and plucking us like chickens.

    1. Perhaps. I wouldn’t count a death certificate as “proof” in this case. There is some conjecture that “Mother” may have only had one son. Who knows for sure? Apparently “Peter” is the sole proprietor of the covert information.

      In my view NOTHING has been proven. That is why there are so many “facts in dispute”. There are lots of statements, often conflicting, that we are expected to accept on “belief”. Many are not even supported by contrived evidence.

      I think that was largely the point the guy with the video showing a comparison of what the videos actually showed with the narrative in “the report” was trying to make. Remember, this was the “official” report.

      We see a small amount of blood on the bed clothes, we see a rifle carefully placed on the floor. We see toilets. We see redacted scenes (Lord knows why), suspense I reckon. I’ve seen a fair amount of information compiled as evidence in my life. None as sloppy as this.

      It could be that Nancy died as stated. Then again, maybe not.

  2. great article please everyone hit the SHARE button,twitter it ,face book it , now it not the time to pull punch’s lets see what everyone is made of, try to wake someone up today, we must get this article circulating, we must stop these sociopaths ,we don’t have long ,the geoengineering is killing every living thing on the planet, trees are being killed everywhere, 3 out of 5 trees are dead or dying here, we MUST stop the geoengineering & if we can wake 1 person up with this article today by sharing it the closer we get to stopping the spraying, as soon as someone starts investigating the socioapths & delves into the rabbit hole, one trail leads to the next crime against humanity they are doing .

  3. The word “Terrorism” is a state fabricated one that should not exist in a free society…this word should not be used by anyone…ever(.)
    It only facilitates Tyranny and it’s myriad machinations of oppression.
    Please STOP using this word! You only aid the conspirators of global enslavement.

  4. I actually felt a small tingle of hope that this letter may actually garner the attention needed to finally unmask this deception. It seems to me that the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission would be hard pressed to explain why they should ignore a request to present this evidence. To further ignore these questions would imply that they are complicit in the hoax/cover-up. At the very least this letter sends a clear message that those of us who continue to question the events as presented are NOT going away.

  5. Predictive/imposed determinism translates (for the purposes of the NSA) into a regime of political and economic unidimensionality over the entirety of the world and over all the human individuals contained within it; it is a subject that is amply documented in academic sources, and yet there is hardly any mention of it in Wikileaks’ entire archives. On the other hand, predictive analytics/determinism forms the very substance of and the basis for the Snowden revelations; how to explain the yawning discrepancy between the paucity of testimony of predictive/imposed determinism in the Wikileaks archives on the one hand, and its overwhelming corroboration, indeed instantiation, by Snowden’s NSA-centered revelations on the other?

    Similarly, “imposed determinism” in the form of a significant psychological defect likely circumscribed the thoughts and actions of Adam Lanza to the point of a predictably dangerous conclusion; the discovery of the origins of such a(n assumed) determinism would of course also be vitally conclusive.

    1. all these moms have to do is LOOK UP to find why their children are so sick & getting these disabilities in staggering numbers, as a geoengineering activist, who works very hard at trying to wake these moms up, i am here to tell you smashing head against wall would be more productive, trying to get these people to LOOK UP & SEE the jets spraying heavy metals,molds,virus’s & God only knows what else is being done right in front of your eyes & you refuse to even look at that for a reason your child is so sick ? we have a huge apathy problem in this society & a refusal to investigate things past what their TV tells them. how are we ever going to get them to understand anything when they won’t even investigate for their children and they just keep getting 1 vaccine after another & have you gone to the grocery store lately & see what these people are putting in their shopping carts ? its a national tragedy , ( GMO ‘s in every food their feed their kids ) without a care. Non of this takes a brain surgeon to figure out, it takes about a 3rd grade education & the ability to do a book report , but we are living in a completely detached society.

      1. My kids are not sick, knock on wood. And I try everyday to keep it that way. I believe in weather wars and geo-engineering, What is for? They’re using it to fight wars in conjunction with HAARP in my opinion and perhaps block solar energy. The fight against the war on children is on many fronts, institutionalized pedophilia, chemical additives like BPA, growth hormones added to milk, and vaccines. The list is very long…….most of the Moms I know are aware of the dangers and living with this stress every day. The reason I single this out is that given the data, why not recommend that African American children get the vaccine later? The implications are staggering. With the CDC having a patent on the Ebola virus, I am frankly quite worried about a culture that seems to have no ethics in regard to people’s health. Everyone has their issue that they would specifically like to see addressed. I have worked in the field of special ed, and have heard heartbreaking stories of children who were fine one day, had a MMR shot and were permanently changed. Blaming Moms as they try valiantly to navigate their children’s health and well being in this messed up world, is not the answer in my opinion Attacking evil anywhere you see it is. Hate the people who hate children. They are generally not Moms. Thank you for all you do to raise awareness about chemtrails.

    1. The grand jury would just be ignored by the DOJ and State Attorney Generals. Pastor Manning did just that and he was ignored by every entity of Govt. and MSM. Maybe he didn’t set it up right? I don’t know but if we could simply convene a grand jury on all these issues these crimes would cease to exist.

      1. That would be interesting. Of course, the major crime would probably have to do with “fraud” (in terms of the charities). The rest, basically lying, is probably not a crime.

        There could be charges involving public office and misuse of public funds, etc.. The real effect would be to shine the light on how outrageous this was. It would make it more difficult to do in the future.

      2. Heck. Once again I prepared a substantive comment which vanished. This time I will copy it before hitting “post comment”!

        Getting back to the idea of a Truth Commission, and what it would take to really put this together: I suggest finding five to seven people to sit on it who are “hard sells,” such as the woman who runs the group opposed to medicating children. I forget her name now, but Larry made that video recently about her group’s report. She has read the whole Sandy Hook police report, etc., which makes her a good choice–she has shown she will actually read things. Even more important, she does not buy into any “conspiracy theory” at this point. I think we should get more like her.

        I could act as the executive director of the commission–the Philip Zelikow of this exercise, if you will, but with integrity!–and, per its instructions to me (or on my own), summon people to come testify. We would not necessarily be focused on proving the elements of particular crimes, but just getting to the bottom of what happened. We can tell witnesses who are summoned that, if they choose not to appear, all disputed facts relating to them will be taken as admitted. Same thing with documents, if those we request and know exist either are not produced, or are produced to us with redactions. Admissions against interest of the authors or custodians of those documents. We would publish the narrative testimony taken at this hearings, as well as the Commission’s findings. Ideally we would go further afield than just whether or how the murders occurred to try to answer the question, “Cui bono?” (“Who benefits?”) from the official version of events–for instance, what is really the involvement of G.E. Capital?

        Because I am in Gainesville, FL, I would like the commission to meet here, at least periodically. I know I could find a place. Unfortunately, there is nothing to pay the commissioners. They would do it from their respect for the truth and love for the concept of (our now vanished) accountable and transparent government.

    2. I don’t know about grand juries. There was huge scandal in my town with missing money and we were so happy when a grand jury investigated and they sternly castigated the wrong-doers and…that was it, nothing ever happened. It was just another way to seem like something was being done. It is on record now, but that is all. But maybe this grand jury would be different…I’m so tired of waiting for justice. In the pedophile scandals in Britain, the courts and the police protect the abusers. At Sandy Hook the children, images of children? are used as well, by the police and the mental healthnauts. Thank you to the letter writers and sorry about the MMR rant. I am just so scared about what injecting three live viruses can do to a developing human child. I will rejoice when people stop maiming and killing children, both in the world and in theatrical productions

      1. Grand juries are just another device. They can be useful, more often than not they are used improperly. The “just-us” system has been around long enough to have learned how to game any scenario.

        Probably the most common use is for a DA to convene one when they don’t want to be responsible for bringing charges themselves. They are a popular “fishing tool”. There is an old saying “a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich”. It isn’t far from the truth.

        This is the problem with this. There is top to bottom involvement of TPTB. They will NEVER allow anything that would result in exposure or sanction to come from this.

        If any of you have read “The Franklin Scandal” you will see good examples of what can happen in a grand jury. When the powerful are targets they pull out all the stops. Who ya’ gonna call?

    3. I recently first heard about the common law grand jury – that is why I made my comment above on the 27th. Here is a link to some breaking news about one such jury:

      Here is the link to the Nation Liberty Alliance who is responsible for creating the grand jury that met in Dixie County Fla. in August (which the above link explains):

      The thing I found most interesting from that site is the quote from Supreme Court Jutsice Scalia, “”The grand jury requires no authorization from its constituting court to initiate an investigation….”


      Power of the Grand Jury – In a stunning 6 to 3 decision Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the majority, confirmed that the American grand jury is neither part of the judicial, executive nor legislative branches of government, but instead belongs to the people. It is in effect a fourth branch of government “governed” and administered to directly by and on behalf of the American people, and its authority emanates from the Bill of Rights, see United States -v- Williams.

    1. It just has to get any of the players to spill the beans for fear of perjury or conscience. That is WH’s strategy to get some conservative appellate judge.
      Maybe fed. level then maybe we can get a meaningful deposition FOI wise. I think that is why he was looking at NFL angle.

      1. all media outlets are owned by the CFR ( counsel of foreign relations/ NWO ) , everything on the boob tube are questionable at best , there might be a truthful story here & there , but most of it is FICTION – agenda 21 is in place in the U.S and people are being mind controlled the TV is nothing more then a mind control devise.

  6. I think that a grand jury like the one used to investigate the OKC bombing would be an excellent development, though I am not holding my breath. I don’t get the sense that the residents of Sandy Hook are similarly motivated.

    Incidentally, the children in the second photo are dressed differently than those in the “iconic” conga line photo. None of the children in the second photo are wearing brightly colored clothes, and I don’t see the girl in the skirt in the first photo. Are they different children, or were they just photoshopped in to make it look like more kids were evacuated? Why is the same police woman in almost exactly the same position but with different children? Were she and the two grownups behind her the only ones evacuating children that day, or did Shannon Hicks just wait till they came round again? Either way, I see only fifteen or so children in each photo, so that makes over 33 trips to evacuate all 500 kids. Allowing a brisk two minutes per trip that would take over an hour, yet aerial footage captured none of this. Once again, the entire story is full of holes from beginning to end.

    1. Christo, Shannon Hicks “iconic photo” should more accurately be described as Shannon Hicks “iconic photoS,” plural, because as you say here, there are actually two distinct sets of children.

      What is even more significant…and I CANNOT stress this enough, is the fact that at the time that this/these photo(s) were allegedly taken (10:09 am; shootings allegedly ended @ 9:40 am) by Newtown Bee photographer/Sandy Hook volunteer fireman Shannon Hicks, the school was not secure (as per Mr. Sedensky’s report), meaning that those responsible for mass murder could have been ANYWHERE, and yet law enforcement officials on the scene had no problem with allowing the bystanders we see in the photos to just mill around the school parking lot?

      It would not be the first time that a murderer had assimilated himself into the crowd of onlookers (check the Dusseldorf killer of Germany) immediately after his or her murder spree.

      No explanation as to my above contention has ever been offered, because there is none. The photo(s), like all else pertaining to the Sandy Hook School shootings, is fake.

      1. the easiest thing of all to confirm that should be stressed is sandy hook was not an operating school since 2008 . so once people figure this out , the rest is easy . sandy hook “massacre” was a TV show made for the agenda & the CFR owns all media outlets & controls all content that is aired for the American people .

      2. I read on another blog (which I cannot recall now as it was some time ago) that the Hicks picture was determined to have been shot during a drill that was held in October of 2012. So I do not even think this photo was taken on the day of the “incident”.

      3. Joseph, that is true. “Truthchase” has a point as well. These productions are identifiable by what “isn’t” there. Obviously, they want people’s attention focused on what emotion-laden imagery they are holding up. Just like a magician.

        When ordinary protocols are abandoned, i.e., leaving bodies uncovered in the street for hours, or leading school children through a potential field of fire, its a dead giveaway.

        Just as the leaving the bodies in the school and autopsies in the parking lot are pretty unlikely, none of the questions raised are answered with anything other than feigned outrage.

        I also agree that proving that the school was not in operation should be fairly easy to do. That would most definitely put a hitch in their get-along.

      4. Joseph….

        …taken further… from the parked police car videos offered as “evidence,” we do not see one child at any point in time starting well before 10:09 on 12/14/12 passing from the school through the parking lot on their way to the firehouse as the police affidavits state. Those “iconic” photos are staged and Shannon Hicks is a willing participant in the deception.”All the world’s a stage,” including the theater that came out of Sandy Hook.

  7. I disagree with the hypothesis that the person presented as Adam Lanza is really a phantom or may be someone who has previously died. As well, I strongly believe that the persons presented as Adam Lanza and Ryan Lanza are, indeed, related. One of the things that makes me believe this – aside from finding a photo of the two of them together – is that one has to question why there is such an obviously photo-shopped photo on Wikipedia of Adam Lanza. One answer to that question could be that this person is offered money to have his old – and I emphasize old – photo-shopped photo put on Wikipedia. Not that this person would necessarily need money, but big money talks doesn’t it? And, after all, it’s for the cause.

  8. We need to see some deaths resulting from the Sandy Hook Hoax. All who were involved in the staged false flag, media circus and cover-up should stand trial for high treason and hang for their crimes. No prison, death penalty is the only option for these scumbags.

  9. It is interesting with every new SHH new post new characters appear out of thing air to declare absurdities such as these:

    Predictive/imposed determinism translates (for the purposes of the NSA) into a regime of political and economic unidimensionality over the entirety of the world and over all the human individuals contained within it….


    I hate this post. Why exactly should we be so confident that “no children died at Sandy Hook” and at the same be “troubled” by deaths of key witnesses? Do we really think that the elements behind the latter are too *decent* to harm *any* children?Why not limit our assertions to what the evidence actually shows?

    God speed to the letter writers!

    1. Well, because if it is not a real school (as has been amply demonstrated elsewhere) and because if the photos are obviously of a drill, then where are they going to get the children who will die? Why complicate things? Maybe later there is a falling out among conspirators. That would be a separate situation, involving possible extortion. But for the basic psyop, you would be making far too many enemies, known and unknown, if you actually killed children. Nor is there any forensic evidence that bodies were taken from the scene.

    1. Karin – You admitted you are new to this hoax, please review the thousands of pages on this website, if you are serious.

      You will see the contributors poured over the long delayed official report which was full of redactions, garbage and toilets, literally.

      We do not rejoice that no children died, rather we are very concerned about the current state of this country and the world. You might also want to open your eyes to the reality of the elite trafficking of children, poisoning our air, land and water, those in power are encouraging criminal illegals to flood our cities while the doj sues us for not taking proper care of them, most of what we hear in the news is total propaganda, our education system has been taken over to dum down society and it has worked, the poor are trapped in a cycle that is purposely difficult for them to get out of. I could go on and on…

      1. Hi again, Pendantic

        Here is a direct quote from one of my posts: “My only point is that we do not have enough information to conclude definitively (much less “rejoice” in the notion) that no children died.”

        Again, the *only* quarrel that I had with the original post were the following words:
        No children died at Sandy Hook!”

        And yet, after ridiculing that sentiment, you NOW claim:
        “We do not rejoice that no children died.” ??????????

        You then go on to state:
        “You will see the contributors poured over the long delayed official report which was full of redactions, garbage and toilets, literally.”

        I have no quarrel with this statement, but it is *totally* irrelevant to my point.

        You conclude by going on (and on) about how I need to “open my eyes” to things such as the “the reality of elite trafficking of children”, the “total propaganda”, etc. Oh brother…..

        I have in fact spent thousands of hours in my lifetime researching these topics. It is in fact how I spend MOST of my time. That is *precisely* WHY I find the last two sentences in the original post so objectionable.

        Nowhere did I admit that I am “new to this hoax”. I admitted that “I need to do more research.” I have in fact spent at least dozens (if not hundreds), of hours on this particular topic. I have uncovered many details that would probably be new to you -perhaps even the “boy in the sink”? However, because I try to be especially careful with my conclusions, I believe that I *still* need to do further research before declaring that we should “rejoice” that “nobody died” as stated in the original post. Until I can say it with 100% certainty (i.e., until I would bet my life on it), I think it’s an absurdly classless and inappropriate and unprofessional thing to say.

        And for what it’s worth, I personally doubt that we will hear James Tracy saying these things anytime soon…..

        Godspeed to you, Pendantic! (sic?)

    2. I don’t know what to make of this picture. First it’s on the guys music web page so it’s not a dead baby or if it is this guy should be shot.

      There is still something weird here. Is he trying to tell us something?

      1. Warning! do not ever launch a program or video from a questionable source. If you have run your virus scan immediately! Normal people distribute dead people photos, NOT!

      2. What happened skirt. The video ran fine for me and I even went to the sick f**ks website and its still there. Is that baby lying there in a sink happy with the family or is this some sick morgue picture. And yes the arm is not a problem as some have said. I can do it. The eyes look distant..creepy

    3. Aside from the photo appearing ghastly with the hand in an abnormal position, I examined the photo in Photoshop to see if anything else could be revealed. Depending on the pixels, sometimes darkened areas of photos can be lightened up, making a photo not only clearer but a bit more understandable.

      The only things that stood out when I did that was the ear area looks perhaps lightly caked with a dark substance (or could be matted hair), and that this child seems young, very young. Like about three years old. Wasn’t Daniel supposed to be seven years old?

      The hair in the photo is wispy and curly – wasn’t Daniel’s hair longish and straight in photos we saw after Sandy Hook?

      Is Mark Barden attempting to show us the coroner’s “very good photographers” photos presented to him after Sandy Hook? And if those “very good photographers” were truly good, why show a father the disembodied hand of his child behind the child’s head lying in a (coroner’s?) sink? Wouldn’t they have attempted to make the photos “parent-presentable” to lessen trauma? And why give the father the photo? And of course, why would Barden post it on his web site?

      Also, it almost seems that this child is in the process of “smiling” since the rosy cheeks give that impression.

      Plus, how big is that sink? Do we see just a head and hand without the rest of the body in the sink? Is it a decapitated head?

      What type of message is Barden sending to those who visit his music web site – ostensibly children could visit that site – ? And if his intent is a subtle or backdoor way to show the world his dead child, why not devote an entire web site to the photo and say “Here’s your proof. My son did die that day.”

      But again, if it is his son, how is he in possession of state property, which the photo would be? Or did he take an iPhone photo of his son himself?

      Creepy, creepy, creepy.

  10. Just like all the other false flags in the last 100 years, the same cabal is behind them all. The scumbag Rothschild Mafia who created the Federal Reserve and Israel are staging the terror attacks to destroy America and bring about their despotic one world communist dictatorship.

    One would ask why would our own government turn against its own people? Why would so many false flags be covered up, some over 50 years later, never to be admitted to have ever happened? USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, 9/11, JFK and RFK murders, Oklahoma City and many more. They were all done by the same zionist cabal who have hijacked our government and media. They have brainwashed most Americans who believe whatever they are told no matter how crazy or obvious it appears.

    1. AMEN Richard.E ! you call them the ‘zionist cabal’ & I call them the CFR(counsel of foreign relations)/new world order/illuminati/global regime – what ever someone calls them, these are the sociopathic organizations & its members – it appears we can not stop them, they counted on the ignorance of the mass’s & they where right, if they controlled the media, they could control the population & their sheeple population is under full control via their own stupidity.

  11. That’s a good point, Joseph, that the police would allow people to mull around before the area was Secured. That would indicate that the police were previously involved in the scam. Another piece of evidence to connect the truths.

    It’s remarkable how evidence is available almost in plain sight, and no one can see it until somebody points it out. Christo’s point about the body of Brown in the Ferguson uprising being left in the street for four hours is like this.

    1. Mark,

      Many months ago when we were looking at those photos, several of us made the point that if, in fact, those Hicks photos were “real,” there is no way a mother/father/brother/sister/adult would have simply stood there while the kids were marched through the parking lot, hand-in hand, by a couple of adults; “Real” parents/siblings would have run full blown to the kids, grabbed them and run, as fast as they possibly could, as far away from the perceived area of trouble.
      The adults in the Hicks photos are observers, nothing more. All the people and children are participating in a drill, most likely from a couple of months before the day in question.
      And… how the heck did Shannon Hicks get past the firehouse and all the way up to the SHES parking lot? C’mon, folks. It’s ALL a sham.

  12. This video of the last Sandy Hook Commission meeting posted by Larry thank you very much, deserves to be part of this conversation.

    Here is my shorthand transcription of what went on for those who do not do videos.

    There are components of the report that we anticipated that we would have access to when we began, that we do not have access to, specifically those records related to Adam Lanza.. to date we have not received the analysis and really want to issue the report regardless of no information…. ladalada the office of the child advocate may have more information, let’s wait for their analysis, just another couple of months….

    1. An earlier SH commission meeting had the doctor that sounded very much like the latest troll Loic. Could they be the same person? It is the first time in my life to hear someone speak in that dialect of English with big words that makes no sense!

      On the next listening of this eight minute meeting was struck that the leader called it a collegial organization and no less than 90 times the ‘words’ ahh, ummm were used to fill the spaces between the lies….

    1. Mark
      Perhaps you are from the old school and do not understand that when replying to a persons comment you simply click on the reply button within that conversation. Creating another conversation leads the reader to a loss of whatever you are agreeing/disagreeing with.

      Will have to agree with Patrick, you were on a different path of reasonable thinking and then went off on your usual path of race baiting…

      1. Also gone are CSP boss Col. Danny Stebbins, retired after a no-confidence vote over dispatch consolidation (among other things) and who had ultimate oversight of the Sandy Hook investigation, as well as Western District Commander CSP Major William Podgorski (R.I.P.) whose branch led the investigation; he died unexpectedly of unspecified causes at age 49.

    2. I am surprised it lasted this long.

      This guy’s channel had a video with over 10 k views 130 like and it clearly identified the link between Bloomberg and his employee Scott Vollmer the real shooter (who’s mother is a kindergarten teacher’s son) .

      The Newtown Bee also purged a story about K Teacher Janet Vollmer because the article included an allusion to her son Scott that works for Bloomberg.

      The Truth must be getting out.

      Google “sandy Hook + Kindergarten teachers son”

  13. According to the State of New Hampshire Adam Paul Lanza age 23 was dead the day before the Sandy Hook event. You can review this fact at the social security death index on the NH website. Why does this fact evade the questions given to this seemingly non responsive committee ? What’s even more puzzling is all the payoffs and miracle lottery winnings. This gun grabbing false flag is so blatant and so poorly planned its even hard for the average sheeple to believe. The fake names and worst acting jobs ever! It’s so sloppy. I guess you can buy off and entire town. What Carver and the rest of these liars don’t realize is after they get our guns they will have no defense against the very forms of tyranny our guns are designed to protect from. It’s our civic duty to install a new non corrupt able assembly representative of a free people. We are in big trouble especially when the very highest levels of our beloved government are murders and liars and will go to any length to disarm us as they build the largest domestic military force we have ever seen. May god save America because evidently the memory hole blog can not do it alone.

    1. Touche’ truthseeker & I encourage everyone to keep sharing Memory Holes information far & wide, as they ‘can’t do this alone’ and so far they are almost single handedly waking up thousands of people, with your help of hitting the share (twitter,google,facebook etc..) this article & all the others on sandy hook ) to not only keep this monster alive but wake up others to the death of the United States unless they wake up & quickly, time is not on our side, PLEASE SHARE NOW.

      1. Notice it happend on a Friday between Thanksgiving and Christmas and most important it was

        after 12/12/12 Huricane Sandy Teletion cause they didnt want to mess up that pet project.

        And Eric Holder is from Connecticut which would make it easier to implement logic dictates.

        Notice it happend on a Friday between Thanksgiving and Christmas like JFK ass.

        Typical … right out of the War College “Pleebe” tactical textbook.

        And most important it was after 12/12/12 Huricane Sandy Telethon cause they didnt want to

        mess up that pet project. And logic dictates Eric Holder is from Connecticut which would

        make “CAP Stone” event easier to implement due to basic cronyism.


    1. This is not intentional. WordPress has integrated some features for bloggers that are as far as I am concerned confusing and undesirable, and that seem to lead to such oversights. Comments are now activated on the post in question.

  14. It seems we have a new development on the Wolfgang Halbig front:

    He doesn’t say what the warrant is for. He does ask people to donate. Those who have been tracking him may have more information on this. I really can’t make sense of the comments.

    If this is true I suspect I would have my lawyer talking to them. Perhaps someone has more insight into just what is going on here?

    1. I clicked on the link to see what was up. I’m still on the fence about Halbig, but reading the comments, it would seem he got “phone number trolled,” and received a phone call from someone who claimed to be a gov’t official and asked him to send money. Sure – someone calls, pretends to be the IRS, and demands that you send money – only if you are a sucker. At least that’s what one commenter thinks, who says he called the number himself.

      Seriously, if Halbig was frightened or intimidated by a phone call like that, one would have to question his investigative skills, among other things. There are bots to detect phone numbers on the web, and well, he’s public and posts his phone number every chance he gets – so one could expect calls like this.

      1. Ramona, yes. I couldn’t think of a “felony” that he was involved with connected to SHES (at least that I know of). He just kept asking for money.

        It just popped up as a link to something else I was reading. Since we’ve visited that topic previously, I though it might be of interest. I certainly don’t know what to make of it.

      2. Me, neither, lophatt, other than what a commenter claimed about calling the number. I didn’t click on Halbig’s link to his web site – too many web sites, not enough time, LOL. Also, if someone did call and impersonate an IRS agent to anyone, that’s a federal crime. If Halbig is claiming that someone called and said there is a felony warrant out for his arrest, again, that sounds like a bogus claim/call. I would think that if there is an arrest warrant out for Halbig, the police would be knocking at his well-known door. A third, unknown party calling him on the phone to let him know about the warrant – eh, hardly believable. A.) Hang up B.) Don’t be intimidated C.) Don’t use it as an excuse to ask for money.

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