rappoportJames is joined by independent journalist and author Jon Rappoport, one of the most thoughtful and prolific investigative reporters of our time. Jon has written articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. He ran as a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California, and has also delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences throughout the world.


In this hour-long interview Jon discusses his initial forays into journalism, why he forged his own path as an independent reporter, the varied shortcomings of formal journalism education and educational institutions more broadly, and the nightmarish dimensions of the new Affordable Care Act..


Mr. Rappoport is the author of three multimedia collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, in addition to several books. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Individuals can find out more about Jon’s extraordinary work and sign up for his free columns at nomorefakenews.com and jonrappoport.wordpress.com.

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34 thought on “Journalism, Education, and The Matrix”
  1. Jon Rappoport, a living legend… Love his stuff…
    Had to post this story in full, just to good…

    And God appeared on a mountain; or maybe it was an actor

    by Jon Rappoport

    July 9, 2014


    On August 4, 2074, God appeared on a mountain in Colorado. For some reason, he’d failed to notify the networks, so they had to rush in drones and choppers with cameras and interrupt regularly scheduled programming and go live to the whole planet very quickly.

    He was tall and wide. He was wearing a white robe. His hair was wild and long and gray, and his beard was silver.

    The first thing he said was, “I’m from El Salvador and I need a place to stay”

    Then he laughed and muttered, “Joke.”

    “But really,” he continued, “you people amaze me. Why haven’t you been paying attention to artists for the past ten thousand years? What’s wrong with you? Sure, I created the universe and laid down all the natural laws, but that was a provisional thing. It wasn’t meant to be permanent. Space, time, energy, law of conservation, the basics…but that was just to give you a place to live. Ever since, though, you’ve been fixated on it.

    “The artists caught on soon enough. They began inventing their own spaces and times—ever heard of music?—but nobody took them seriously. I’m really disappointed in you.

    “You were supposed to realize you could create worlds of your own by the ton, with different rules, any rules, but instead these priests came along and hardened the whole deal into religions.

    “What ever gave you the idea I was in favor of religions? Are you kidding? “Do you really think I want people falling on their knees worshipping me? Why? What kind of a guy do you think I am? Some bloated preposterous dictator? I’m an artist. Isn’t that obvious? And that’s what you should all be by now.

    “I’ve got a good mind to uncreate the whole shooting match and force you to start over from scratch on your own, but I know that wouldn’t work. You’d just sit around in the void in a puddle of your own tears and whine and wonder and blather.

    “And I certainly don’t want to watch that. The crux of the whole business is you’ve got free will. You can do or not do. By the way, I didn’t give you free will, you always had it. It’s yours. Not mine. You were all homeless vagabonds wandering around and I gave you a place to stay. But not so you could screw it up.

    “Long ago I told you, ‘Here, a world, a hundred thousand million trillion worlds and space enough.’ And the implied understanding was, you’d make art, your best creations in all fields of endeavor. Because you wanted to. It wasn’t my idea.

    “So there’s no confusion, I wasn’t talking to you as groups or collections or races or anything like that. I was talking all at once to each one of you. I really thought you were artists.

    “I don’t know who you thought I was.

    “You keep talking about me creating the universe, but it’s apparent that most of you don’t know what that means. You believe it means I have all the power. Wow. Where did you get that one from?

    “Talk about fairy tales.

    “I’m painting in my studio. I’m playing the piano. I’m writing symphonies. I’m inventing different kinds of science. That’s what I do. I took a little time off a few billion years ago to make this universe, but since then I’ve only shown up a few times to peek in.

    “This planet of yours…it looks like one big hospital now. Is that what you want to do? Play doctor for the next few thousand years? Diagnose each other? Pretend all twelve billion of you are victims? Where did you get that gig from?

    “If you’re staging one grand play on that theme, I have to tell you it’s a flop. It should have closed way back when. It’s a dud. That’s my review.

    “Maybe I made it too easy for you. Invented too much space and time. Maybe I should have brought in monsters, real ones, not the ones in your heads. You know, created a threat from the outside.

    “Who knows? But try to get with the idea that…how can I explain it…if this universe started out as an idea in my mind, you can see it as an idea in your mind, too. It’s a temporary housing project.

    “Yeah, I made it with symmetry and harmony and balance and repeating ratios, but that’s just because I was in a hurry, so you could get out of the rain, so to speak. I used simple blueprints.

    “Believe me, I can do other things.

    “Anyway, don’t get hung up on the housing project. And if you have any sense, you’ll stop listening to those priests. They’re petty little artists who also happen to be control freaks.

    “I could take you on a tour of history and show you how they grabbed on to what some poets were writing and stole it and edited it and used it to found their cheap cosmologies, their religions.

    “But I don’t have much time. I have a meeting with Vin Van Gogh—you don’t think he’d come back here for another go around, do you, after what happened to him the last time? And I’m having lunch with Orson Welles. I wrote a script and he’s looking it over.

    “Figure this whole thing out, okay? Space, time, energy, they’re butter. Melt it, freeze it, eat it, drop it in soup. Make some worlds. Get with it.

    “Peace out.”

    Jon Rappoport

  2. Thank you for this interview. Jon Rappoport is a wonderful example of someone who does not play cat-and-mouse with his audience. No excuses, no cute turn of phrase (wait .. what did he mean? I’m not quite sure what he said … ), no toying with emotions or teasing. Just a straight talker.

    A former editor of mine once said: You don’t write to be understood. You write to make sure you are not MISunderstood.

    Love it. Keep the interviews coming.

  3. That was a great interview, very engaging and interesting. I hope he will come back on with you James, you both have very soothing voices!

  4. Thanks for interviewing one of my favorite journalists. I used to read his work in the LA Weekly (on breaks from my job at McDonalds oh so long ago), and have always loved his original voice. What he said about people’s natural desire to get to the truth is very heartening. Please do have him back, one hour is not enough. His voice sounds a bit like one of those hard boiled detectives from the past, a little world weary perhaps. I would like to hear about his paintings as well.

    On the subject of Journalism, I found this article about an unprecedented letter sent to the White House by 38 journalist groups, protesting “the politically-driven suppression of news and information. ”
    Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_07_10/38-journalist-groups-in-US-protest-against-suppression-of-media-by-White-House-9919/ Here is the letter text from the Society of Professional Journalists:http://www.spj.org/news.asp?ref=1253

    As an aside, I was reading about the execution-style murder of the Stay family in Houston last week. Miraculously the only survivor, a little girl named Cassidy, is already out public speaking about the event, after being shoot point blank in the head, and losing a finger, and watching her whole family die in front of her. The matrix is saying this is how people who have experienced tragedy behave. I just find it so so strange, still, even after Sandy Hook, and Isla Vista. I just can never come to terms with what is being presented and what I feel and see. It is such a strange disconnect.

      1. Yes, another unbelievable episode! Is this not another form of child abuse?

        If we don’t stand against it, than we are for it, said some wise person whose name escapes me at this time….

      2. Aside from the Robbie Parker imitation, we have the stay strong message, “light” is good message, they are in a better place message, and even a shoot out to Harry Potter. Oh and of course many, many thanks to “first responders,” RNs and MDs.

        This one is jaw dropping. But of course she is acting like any 15-year-old who witnessed her entire family killed. They all smile and giggle like that. Just unbelievable. Literally,

      3. Fish, something sinister is going on out there. I understand this clip was only a little over one minute, and there maybe some context here, but this girls behavior to me is disturbing. Her reference to this “light” hearkens me back to all the “light” references from the Sandy Hook players (and there were a lot of them). And Harry Potter is nothing more than the celebration of sorcery (there is no biblical distinction between good and bad witches…they are all demonic) And the smiling and giggling, I am sure, many will attribute to nervousness, but I am not buying it. And the fact that she topped it all off with the Baphomet hand signal to me confirms the insidious nature of all of this.

        I cant watch this clip without my blood curdling.

      4. Not meaning to hijack Jon Rappoport’s wonderful interview, but this really is a MUST WATCH. It’s beyond bizarre, and I think RedPillRevolution has some excellent commentary. Hopefully, Dr. Tracy will start an article on this at some point (simply because this one, in particular, is more out-there than even Sandy Hook). Behavioral psychologists, please do weigh in. 😉


      5. I’ve read many articles on this and they all say she lost the tip of her finger and her head was skimmed by a bullet!
        In ALL the videos I’ve seen, both her hands are just fine and her head looks just fine too.
        Wouldn’t she at least have a huge bandage on her missing finger tip and also one wrapped around her head? I guess I’m just crazy.

        Oh, and the Luciferian talk. “The Light” “Better Place (dead)”
        And as always the news stories are all over the place.

        This is from an article by CBS News

        Here is a paid troll in response to a guy named Jake who commented he thought this whole story was FAKE.

        Take it away socalmom5:

        SOCALMOM5 (paid troll) 23 hours ago
        Response for Mr. No Fake Jake.
        You can’t believe everything you read in the news, especially at first report. There was so much misinformation being blasted into cyberspace at lighting speed.
        Her injuries were not as bad as first reported. (Initial news reports also stated the shooter was the father. Sloppy journalism is dangerous but believing everything you read is naïve.)
        It is possible to appear calm and smile after the loss of loved ones – it’s called feeling peace and it comes from a supernal power greater than our mortal minds can comprehend.
        Tragic events like this prove to me there are two forces at work in this world – good and bad.
        The peace and hope that Cassidy feels comes from the good source. The evil desires enacted by the shooter come from the bad source.
        For those who quickly pass judgment based on inaccurate news reports – take a step back and consider which source is influencing you. (P.S. Sandy Hook was not staged and to even allude to this is an affront to the pain and suffering of the families who still grieve the loss of their precious children.)

        Haha what a joke ……I could tear every paragraph apart on her response to Jake

      6. So, I could not comment for months. I emailed Tracy and he told me he wasn’t censoring me and remember others had a hard time too. This is the 3rd time I’m posting this and it will not go. Waiting Moderation?
        Most of us are older and don’t need moderation and if some jerk was posting everyone would respond…I’ve seen Tracy comment directly to jack off’s warning them. So here it is one last time then I quit.

        (See previous post.-JFT)

        1. I dunno. I have lost a few to cyberspace but I think most every post I have made that went to moderation eventually got through. nothing makes you more mad than typing a long comment(I am a really slow typer and lose my train of thought easily) and having it disappear when you hit post.

      7. Joseph Mirrodi – I believe Sean Marshall here is crying real tears. She is of the opinion that the official story is true; that her estranged husband Philip Marshall killed their two children, the family dog and then himself. Mrs. Marshall was away in Turkey at the time of the killings (as Mrs. Hoagland was when her husband Robert went missing in Sandy Hook). No doubt there was a killing – her family was assassinated.




      8. Yes, my apologies to JT and his guest as well. Far be it from me to advise Jim on how to respond when an introduced thread goes viral, as it appears the Cassidy Stay story has, but I guess I would just let it flow….

        I am now going to sit in the corner with the dunce cap on for being so slow. The “Stay Strong” lapel ribbons were ready for use, as were the “Sandy Hook Promise” ribbons. So there was nothing pre-emptive @ my earlier comment.

        Anne B, yes, I would say Sean Marshall is shedding genuine tears. Thanks for that clip. But this only leads me down a darker road, to a darker reality. Those who are truly in control (please read Ephesians chpt. 6) have multi-faceted game plans. They will engage their human servants (shadow government, illuminati…) to engage THEIR puppets (those in actual “elected” positions of human government, as well as black operatives) to perpetrate genuine murder, as well as orchestrations like Sandy Hook, where there were no real victims. Their objective is always the same; confusion, distortion, and to produce as much distance from the truth as possible.

        Nothing is what it seems to be. Really. Google “Fritz Springmeier.”

        And like many genuine Christians who openly speak against the rulers of this world, Fritz has been in prison for years (same as Kent Hovind, who in numerous debates has destroyed the argument for evolution).

        State churches (501(c)3s) don’t have to worry about state retribution because they are acquiescent to the states rules of conduct (COWARDS).

        Warning: the Truth WILL set you free, but it will also make you an enemy of the state, because the state belongs to Satan.

      9. Mangrove’s video is right on the money. Patrick and I agree that part of this is a “test”. They need to check to see if the conditioning is effective.

        He gets most of the issues in his analysis. It IS pure fairy stuff. I keep saying that it isn’t whether anyone actually died that makes them “real” or not. Just like the happy, grateful amputees in Boston, or the smiling parents of “dead” children in SHES, it is all deliberately surreal.

        Who in their right mind would take a fifteen-year-old girl who just saw her family assassinated out on a road tour? Do you know anyone who would do that? I hope not.

        Look at the type casting. Look at the guy playing the assailant. Does he look the part? She looks like the cookie cutter Mormon girl. He looks like he would scare the other guys on the bicycles.

        The video got just about all of it in there. The ribbons, donations, speeches, motorcades, funeral hype. It’s a full blown production.

        These are designed to make us question our sanity. Who would ALLOW a child who supposedly just went through this to be out like that?

        I’m tempted to talk about the “hook ’em horns”, but it seems too obvious. She doesn’t do this a little, she does this ALL THE TIME. She looks like she just won a beauty pageant.

        Just to keep this in perspective, this is on world media as “news”. This is the level of belief we are expected to have. What’s next, herds of purple antelope? I’m as shocked by the participation in it as I am the storyline.

    1. In re: Cassidy Stay, I posted on another blog as to how I’ve seen what could be considered ‘regular’ people on FB questioning this latest shooting event in Houston with comments such as “This doesn’t seem right” or “Something is off here.” I find their comments almost an interesting as the questionable behavior of this child. It appears that others are slowly waking up as to the possibilities of staged events, or at the very least, questioning something that is decidedly “off” – finally.

      And once again we get the “in a better place” meme, because, you know, that’s where TPTB all wish we were. They want us all to look forward to that “better place,” to not fear dying because it’s so much “better” than what we have here on this earth, to not fear what they possibly have in store for a hell of a lot of us in the future.

      Also, I agree with Pedantic Skirt on the child abuse angle. Trotting out this minor to make speeches only two days after she was supposedly shot in the head (reports say the bullet fractured her skull) and lost the tip of her finger (which one?) – not to mention supposedly witnessing the slaughter of her immediate family – has to be construed as child abuse. This wasn’t something she thought of or planned (if she wrote that statement of hers, I’d be very surprised) – she was pushed to do this by the adults surrounding her. If this event truly happened, who is looking out for the welfare of this child and the effects of the trauma she experienced? Why isn’t she surrounded by mental health care professionals advising against her appearing at a rally with party-like atmosphere of balloons and parade? Who thought this was a good idea?

      BTW, the fundraising has begun and more than $300,000 has been donated to Ms. Stay.

      The commenters, and there were multiple ones in the thread that had this clip of Ms. Stay on FB, are right. This doesn’t seem right at all.

      1. From the Houston Chronicle – funeral and list of fundraising activities. 95 photos. Some look very staged, especially the mourning couples on a front lawn. Cassidy is flashing her famous smile in the car on the way to church. She was used as a pawn and did the best she could. Imagine being 15 and asked to perform the same role in front of the world. Hard to know when to cry and when to smile. The person behind her on stage during the Harry Potter scenario resembles a younger Donald Rumsfeld. He and a female are seen being let through the yellow crime tapes in two of the photos. In some of the photos Cassidy is wearing a chain with an owl. In a photo of the mom and dad displayed at the church, mom has the same hairdo as Cassidy was sporting – brushed to one side.



        A comment over at Godlike Production referred to a girl who was accidently shot in the head. Her name was given and I looked her up. The recovery took a lot longer than three days:

  5. For those interested in more information regarding psychiatry and psych drugs, I suggest Gwen Olsen’s Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher. Olsen was a successful drug rep who finally realized what a fraud the industry was and quit. The book is written as a memoir (family tragedy caused by FDA-approved drugs included), but is filled with a lot of information regarding industry practices.

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