Teacher fired over Sandy Hookby Prof. Jim Fetzer

[The case of Adam Heller signals a dangerous precedent in the US where federal law enforcement authorities are implicated in subjecting individuals to psychiatric evaluation and financial hardship merely for harboring unconventional thoughts on controversial topics.-JFT]

“Adam Heller, shown in this 2009 yearbook photo, was an English teacher at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, New York before school officials, worried he was mentally unstable, fired him in May”–USA TODAY

The anti-gun agenda of the Obama administration is being advanced on several fronts, some of which are blatant and absurd, others more subtle and deceptive.

A tenured teacher has now been fired for expressing the opinion that the government may have been behind the shooting–in private email correspondence–and for his ownership of legal firearms, undermining the 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendments.

The target, Adam Heller, has had an exemplary record but was removed for his expression of beliefs at variance with the “official account” of what happened at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012.

This case illustrates the ominous consequences of the “mental health” dimension of the anti-gun agenda that Eric Holder and Barack Obama are so aggressively pursuing. Adam Heller is an ordinary, hard-working and dedicated American, who could be you or me.

Some background on Sandy Hook

Press TV contacted me to do an interview about an article on huffingtonpost.com, which provided an opportunity for me to explain some of the elements of the Sandy Hook hoax for an international audience. For those who may not be current with the latest research on Sandy Hook, it offers a concise summary:

The article even includes a live link to “Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died”, which brings an important study about what actually happened and how we know to a world-wide audience who might otherwise have missed it.  But there is new and ominous development.

Teacher fired over Sandy Hook

The ultimate exemplification of the Holder/Obama gun-control/mental health agenda is the recent firing of a high school English teacher, Adam Heller, who had an exemplary record, but who incurred the wrath of the School Superintendent, Jere Hochman, who concluded he suffered from “mental illness” for believing the government was involved in Sandy Hook:

“Due to an apparent mental illness, it would create an undue risk to the safety of the students and faculty of the Bedford Central School District if you were permitted to return to your duties,” wrote Hochman.

According to court documents, Heller, a Pound Ridge, New York resident, acquired a Russian military rifle on Dec. 14, 2012, the day Adam Lanza gunned down 20 elementary school children and six adults at the Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut.

That same month, Heller began having online conversations with Georgia O’Connor, described in court documents as a “medium,” about government conspiracies.

During these conversations, Heller expressed “concerns about government power and corruption, including the potential use by the government of technology to effect weather patterns and nationwide conspiracies,” according to court documents.

USA TODAY reports that O’Connor, with whom he had exchanged some 540 emails, became concerned about his well-being and contacted the FBI, which in turn contacted Bedford Police Chief William Hayes, who subsequently confronted Heller but with whom Heller was cooperative and cordial.

The evidence does not appear to support the decision to terminate Heller’s position as a tenured teacher at Fox Lane High School in Westchester County, New York, among the nation’s wealthiest counties. Consider, for example,  the result of a mental health investigation, which was reported in a lengthy article about this case:

Give a clean bill of health

Heller was charged with misconduct, conduct unbecoming of a teacher and incompetence due to mental illness. But, while his beliefs about Sandy Hook may not be shared by others in the school system, his conclusion the government was involved appears to be justifiable based upon the available evidence.

His attorney, Michael Sussman, has filed suit on behalf of Adam, contending that the decision to fire him should be vacated because of the decision maker’s “evident partiality” and the imposed penalty “is not proportionate and is otherwise arbitrary and capricious”. He seems to have a point.

Thought control is the new standard

One of the more intriguing aspects of this case is that, while USA TODAY claims that the initial notification came from O’Connor to the FBI, she denies that she provided any such information about her private email exchanges with Heller. Officials have been unwilling to be more specific, but I strongly suspect that they came from the NSA’s surveillance.

Since a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs reported on 3 October 2012 that, based upon its review of 680 fusion center studies, where “fusion centers” merge federal, state and local anti-terrorist activity, gathered between 2009-10, had yielded not a single instance of domestic terrorism, officials have been at their wits end to justify the surveillance program.

That appears to be the explanation behind the spate of contrived and fabricated events, including the Sandy Hook hoax and the Boston bombing as well as more recent incidents in Santa Barbara, Seattle and Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, which affords a nice example of what is going on:

A chilling portrait of a man obsessed with guns and anti-government rhetoric began to emerge as people in this eastern Canadian city struggled to reconcile the knowledge that the person charged with murdering three Mounties was the same one who had seemingly lived quietly among them.

Justin Bourque, 24, was caught and charged with three murders and two attempted murders Friday, ending a 30-hour manhunt that closed schools, forced residents to hide inside their homes and paralyzed Moncton with fear. He appeared briefly in court Friday after he was charged in the second deadliest attack on the Royal Canadian Mountain Police nearly 130 years.

But as neighbors of his parents and others who knew Bourque spoke of a quiet man from a well-liked, religious Catholic family that home-schooled its children, recent posts on social networks told a very different tale – a litany of paranoid conspiracies that included statements on Russia being a threat to Canada and deep animosity toward authority figures.

A friend, Trever Finck, said he noticed changes in Bourque’s behavior over the last year, particularly after he created a new Facebook page for himself in February and filled it with anti-police messages and conspiracy theories.

Notice how mental health criteria are being expanded to encompass anti-police messages, criticism of the government and conspiracy theories, where no consideration is given to the possibility that the individual in question might be right, his conclusions true and his opinions better supported by logic and evidence than more conventional beliefs.


Prof. Fetzer conducted a 25 minute interview with attorney Michael Sussman on the June 25 episode of his Real Deal podcast.

As Michael Sussman explained to me, in America, we are supposed to have the right to think our own thoughts and to express them without fear of punishment for disagreeing with what others may think. This case represents the intersection of profound issues about the 1st, the 2nd and the 4th Amendment.

So far as I can see, Adam Heller is an ordinary guy who has given more thought to Sandy Hook than most Americans–and for that he should not be punished. But this case shows how far we have gone in abandoning the principles upon which this once-great nation was founded. 1984 has arrived 30 years late.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

This article originally appeared at Veterans Today.

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  1. knowing & expressing the TRUTH is a very dangerous thing living amongst so many brain dead & brain washed tv /boob tube watching zombies

  2. Assuming this story is essentially true, it is indeed disturbing. It is also consistent with the apparent ongoing pathocratization of the USA, i.e. the project that intends to reserve all authority to essential psychopaths and similar unempathic mental deviants. An important part of such a project is to emasculate psychiatry. This incident may be a prototype of such a subproject.

    I’ll respectfully caution that the USA is not Orwell’s 1984. Most dissidents, like the author, are not being openly persecuted. Most unempathic deviants still hold lives of professional petty delinquents, as they are not any smarter than mentally normal people and don’t understand that law enforcement agencies are increasingly willing to hire and promote them on account of their psychopathologies. If and when those people suddenly wake up to the U.S. pathocratic project before the normal people, though, we will be in trouble. So will humanity as a whole, as a pathocratic U.S. government will inevitably project its macrosocial disease worldwide.


    1. There are a few I’ve heard from who have noted they are suspicious of the story. However, it appears to fit the overall narrative the FBI has been promoting since 9/11, namely that the agency has successfully intercepted a would-be evil terrorist before he could strike, thereby emphasizing the continued relevance of such federal policing. The public relations strategy has been ably documented in Trevor Aaronson’s The Terror Factory. In this scenario it appears the FBI has pressed the stick too far.

      1. Yes, that is a very old phenomenon. I’m sure we all agree that what one thinks or believes is their business. It isn’t “illegal” (technically). This case has lots of “innuendo”. The “mental health” angle and the school’s handling suggest that he is “dangerous”, or harbors “dangerous ideas”.

        This is what is so disturbing about the recent changes to the DSM to include “Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)”, gotta love those acronyms.

        The usefulness of this is obvious. If what you are doing isn’t illegal, you could be crazy. This is a standard that is left to “professionals” to judge.

        I have observed bureaucracies up close and personal for many years. The one enduring characteristic that they all possess is a need to justify their continued existence. The other is to grow.

        Of all the various bureaucracies, none is more virulent than “police” agencies. I include all the various spy versions in this category. Once you get one, you never get rid of it.

        Realizing that none of them are justified, they must resort to creating threats to us tax donkeys that we need them. It is all a vicious cycle. They create the false events to ratchet up the fear so that our enforcers can continue to incarcerate us.

        I wish I had something positive to add to this discussion. Simply being innocent is no guarantee of freedom, whether that involves jail time or loss of one’s livelihood, The obvious lesson being, there are limits to what one is allowed to think.

        Most of the people I know react to things like this be burying their heads a little deeper, lest they be noticed. That, of course, is the goal. Apparently only those who toe the Government’s line will be “allowed” access to the training centers.

        Nothing I’ve read in regard to this shows any legitimate reason for dismissal. It seriously calls into question the moral and ethical underpinnings of both the FBI and the school administration. I wish him luck. He’ll need it.

    2. I beg to differ, sir. We ARE in 1984: we are constantly bombarded on TV by the endless, world wide wars, CCTV cameras are everywhere, recording our every move plus most citizens film everything from their ubiquitous cell phone cameras; we cannot question the holocaust without furious and sometimes legal backlash, including firings from jobs, our food supply has been take over by Monsanto and others, decimating the soil & nutritional content, hiding GMO’s throughout our food supply, thereby weakening the health of most Americans. We have yet to be living in the grimy, hopeless cities of 1984, but that will come in time.

  3. “Profiles in Courage” was a book by JFK (with some editorial help by another) which was all about sacrificing one’s secure position to pursue the object of exercising one’s conscience during times in which one’s voice is necessary. Around the same era of the book, there was a movie Spartacus about a slave revolt which shook Rome. The most famous line was when they came for Spartacus and every slave said “I am Spartacus.” These are two extremes of the same kind of situation. In “Profiles” it was often a politician breaking with his own party, and thus standing alone. That is what the teacher in this story is. In “Spartacus” it is others making the determination that you cannot fire them all, you cannot kill all your slaves, so you must put up with their support of Spartacus, for a time anyway.

    Whatever the knowledge of this dissident teacher, whatever view he has of the government’s role in SHES, however it might differ from mine, I must agree with him that we have been given a crock of very fragrant stuff, and told it was pure water, even holy water. The case being otherwise, the fact that someone cannot hold a different opinion is a sign that this country is sliding towards totalitarianism. Once that occurs and is evident for what it is, there is no chance of revolt, only covering for the various Spartacus figures who come along and accepting our crucifixion when might finally crushes us. The Profiles in Courage moments can still happen, but we are running short on time.

    1. It’s fairly easy for us to critique those on the top of the heap. Yet few outlets have given this story attention, and I think we can agree that it’s rather low-hanging fruit.

      1. What do you mean by that, the story is low hanging fruit?

        I happen to think it’s pretty important as a harbinger of what’s coming at us fairly soon.

        1. That means that it would be fairly easy to obtain an interview with Sussman and statements from other parties in order to get to the bottom of the story.

    2. It wasnt my my intention to criticize jones. Throughout the sandy hook saga i have found his reaction and choice of coverage interesting. You yourself said there was some trepidation on his or his staffs part as to the extent and what particulars they would or would not explore. I like jones and have no small appreciation of the position he has to navigate in a previously uncharted media role. He has stated that the exposure of this story could unravel the agenda for the average person in a way not yet seen, but he never covers it unless he is forced to by a circumstance like Halbigs crusade that he couldnt ignore without raising questions about his lack of coverage.

  4. This situation strikes me as odd in a number of ways. He’s minding his own business and the cops ultimately haul him “involuntarily” to a mental health center for seven days?? Normally, this would happen if someone was “acting” out and an active danger to themselves or others–which he clearly was not. Did he not protest this action or ask to see a warrant or call an attorney? I’d be on the phone calling everyone I knew to get me some help. That the Psychic felt compelled to get involved was weird. He wasn’t talking “crazy” talk but she was presumably contacting “spirits”? Hmm- This part almost sounds made up or set up.

    So then he gets released from the mental health center deemed not mentally ill but now the school superintendent wants him to get another psychiatric eval. Uh, that’s what they did at the mental health center. It makes no sense that he would need to undergo another one. Why is this Adam agreeing to all this? And one by someone who apparently couldn’t make a determination–what’s up with that! Did no one suggest notifying the ACLU? Last I heard they were still doing freedom of speech cases. Not sure if this attorney is the “right” type of attorney to defend him. I could go on but I think folks get my drift.

    The whole thing is weird from the start. For someone who is portrayed as being very intelligent and aware of what’s going on, he almost seems very naive and is going to be the fall guy. On the other hand maybe this is “one” of those made up stories to serve as a warning.

    1. Danabelle, when the cops drop you off at a ‘mental health center,’ it’s usually ‘involuntary.’ There is no way to ‘protest,’ and the state doesn’t need a warrant to stop you or to ‘check’ on you, and once they do they can arbitrarily force you to the ER/psyc evaluation. Once you’re in such an ER or actual psych ward, there isn’t always a way to call someone, and even if you do, what are they going to do? At best one might have a lawyer if they have money, but all the lawyer can do is show up at what’s called a ‘hearing’ when in reality it’s only a quasi one, in that it’s not an adversarial process and a person once taken in by the state is *assumed* to be mentally ill and so to question that is perceived as further expression of the so-called ‘mental illness.’ I don’t think based on interviews with other people that even one’s actual lawyer can challenge the ‘diagnosis,’ as the process assumes complete authority for the ‘doctors.’ At best I think the lawyer can challenge whether the person *needs* to be there, but that’s a different issue than the ‘diagnosis,’ which, since it cannot be proven, cannot be disproven either and is therefore assumed to be irrefutable. The hearings are not conducted even like actual legal hearings in that aspect. Accusations are made without cross examination, etc., and ‘evidence’ that challenges the ‘diagnosis’ cannot be entered.

      That’s if there even is a hearing. If a psych ward takes someone and drugs them they can then claim the patient wasn’t capable of attending their own hearing without the ‘patient’ having any recourse whatsoever. The notion that it’s not adversarial in itself should crystallize how nazi-esque the process is. I know a lawyer who works as a ‘public advocate’ for a state institution in my state, who told me that every psychiatrist he goes up against every week (they have hearings once a week although prisoners are only legally allowed a hearing every three weeks or less often if a judge commits them for longer) LIES every time.

      Think about how David versus Goliath the situation already is, in that the person without means for a lawyer has zero recourse whatsoever, and yet the shrinks still lie consistently to commit people. This shouldn’t surprise people given that the entire concept of a ‘field’ of ‘mental illness’ ‘diagnoses’ that exist without any scientific medical evidence is a lie to begin with.

      But disabuse yourself of the notion that there is any sanity to the system whereby citizens are judged ‘insane.’ There simply is not. It’s already 1984 for the poor and oppressed.

      1. ETA: By ‘needs to be there’ I mean ‘is suicidal or homicidal by dint of a mental illness.’ Or thereabouts. Currently that is the threshold in the US for committals. Which is not to imply that ER’s and psych wards don’t lie and make stuff up about people to get their insurance, or for various reasons, one being that high census or body count in a state institution, for eg, makes for job security when insurance might not be the issue, as it is for private hospitals. Family or relations can also make things up about people for any variety of sick or nefarious reason and often do; I’d say from my research most committals are actually resulting from this phenomenon. If anyone finds out where a person is in some ER or hospital, they are allowed to send their ‘input’ without challenge to that ‘doctor.’ It is truly an insane system where sociopaths are the only winners.

        As we type, Congress is considering whether to change the threshold to ‘needs treatment’ for committals. Since the system is already insane as it is, one can just imagine where it’s going once that’s the law. Since there is no way to prove a diagnosis it cannot be disproved, hence one can be kept without any challenge for however long some psychiatrist wants him or her to be.

        And there is no way to challenge the claims made by whoever wants to get someone committed, or the people who have you in their possession once the cops grab you.

        Oh and I spoke with someone who recently left Merck about the whole psych cartel. He said that they aren’t making new drugs anymore, really. Apparently the standards have gotten higher for testing. I wonder if law suits for side effects have had an impact. They also have so many now that there isn’t really a need. Further, he told me that insurance companies are now fighting back and refusing to pay for some medications, which might be another reason why their lobby is pushing so hard to enable the state total tyranny, as once people are interned in institutions or court-mandated to take drugs the state has to pay for it, not the insurance company. He claims the pharmaceutical companies are focusing now on drugging the Third World countries like India…I don’t know how they’re getting compensated.

      2. ‘their lobby’ should have been the pharmaceutical companies’…and, I just realized that if this Heller case is designed to be some sort of controlled op challenge which ultimately has the effect of proving the state *right.* it’s again quite odd that they taped any part of the interview with Heller. That is something I have never heard of and I’ve talked with a considerable number of people about the screening process.

        The screeners and psychiatrists would NEVER want screenings to be taped. If they were then there would be some small measure of transparency, as the tape could theoretically be played in a court, subpeonaed as part of a law suit, etc. Of course tapes can be altered and edited, and parts of interviews deleted, etc. But such a protocol (I think videotaping screenings should be mandatory) would still offer a bit of protection. To institute such a practice would be admitting that the system is adversarial in a way, though, so they’d never do it even though it’s not expensive to. They’ll never give up their power and to admit there’s anything biased or ‘unscientific’ or non-‘medical’ would be to essentially end the field. Anyone can tell when someone is hallucinating or materially delusional, so the citizenry should be able to see what justified this interning and force-drugging of its members.

        Which causes me to think that maybe this case might be real, upon deeper reflection, as it does seem to suggest a precedent that interviewees should be taped to prove what they said.

        Or that could just be part of the whole drama and it’s just another false media story to convince people that the psych system is ‘good’ and legitimate, with no eventual impact in court or on the law…

  5. When the Psychiatry profession endorsed torture we, as a country, crossed a line that will be very hard, if not impossible, to correct. And they were all too willing to go along. A very disturbing event. The foundation of a Grand Inquisition in the New Dark Age of America.

    Medical torture describes the involvement and sometimes active participation of medical professionals in acts of torture, either to judge what victims can endure, to apply treatments which will enhance torture, or as torturers in their own right. Medical torture may be called medical interrogation if it involves the use of their expert medical knowledge to facilitate interrogation or corporal punishment, in the conduct of torturous human experimentation or in providing professional medical sanction and approval for the torture of prisoners. Medical torture also covers torturous scientific (or pseudo-scientific) experimentation upon unwilling human subjects.

    America’s Torture Doctors

    Peace People


    1. Medical torture has been the modus operendi of the CIA for decades. Most heart breaking is the systematic torture used on children in the MK ULTRA (mind control) program. There is an overwhelming number of accounts by individuals and those trying to help these victims describing the most traumatic sexual,physical and emotional abuse you cannot even imagine. It is more than shocking.

  6. I just had to comment on what Fetzer was saying about Obama. I think there is an inordinate emphasis on only one person being at fault for every tragedy, war, or false flag. It is always a presidents fault. The president is merely a PR guy for the collective conglomerate – he is taking orders like the rest of us. Its unhealthy to think -and worse to say – that this is a president’s fault. First, the natural reaction is partisan, which starts the divisive snowball rolling. Then Joe six pack starts believing that 60% or more of the nation thinks contrary to himself and subconsciously revises his political correctness to better conform to the pressures of the phony two parties.

    Never once does any msm (and rarely alternative press) peel the onion back to demonstrate why decisions are made, who benefitted, how long the strategy had been planned, etc .

    Instead, we are left with knee-jerk conjecture like the “follow the money” euphemism. It’s this kind of thinking that trains us to never venture passed the shallow end .

    I say quit declaring Bush caused all this, and Obama all that. HorseSh^t! Individually, they probably had the least to do with most events the public debates. The culprit is the foundation of capitalism, or better, humanity itself. If we want no war with iraq, then we need to understand the ramifications of our inaction, which would effectually usher in another tyrant civilization in our stead.

    Ultimately, it is our own condition that is at fault. In all forms of life, survival is exploitation of your environs. America may be the best at this now, but we are certainly not convincing the rest of this place why we are. If we want to continue living in this era of comfort and excess, we should start pretending better. Our current swagger is killing us.

    In closing to this purely philosophical and oblique rant, I suggest that the silliness of illuminati and NWO may really have a bloodline lineage- one that goes back to the first self replicating organism. Save me the finger pointing and posit some solutions.

  7. To say that this case is a piece of “low hanging fruit” is quite accurate. It reminds me of the plump raisin that I put on a mouse trap behind my fridge. We ‘Truthers’ are all supposed to pile on, citing it as an example of governmental overreach infringing upon an individual’s right to free speech, and upon his second amendment rights.

    However, before we do this we should take a closer look at what this guy is supposed to have said to his on line ‘medium’. (What the heck is a ‘medium’ anyway? Shades of Linda Tripp?) He said he thought that Adam Lanza was a MK ULTRA style mind controlled patsy, and that he himself, (another Adam) was also mind controlled. It is also claimed that he said he thought that certain political figures should be “taken out”. If true, these are fairly alarming statements which substantially change our perception of this story.

    By connecting these inflammatory online statements with gun ownership and Sandy Hook Truth, the PTB can put all those questioning the Sandy Hook narrative on the defensive. The message is clear: Watch what you say online folks, especially if you are a gun owner. Stay away from Sandy Hook Truth if you want to keep your job.

    Personally I think that the whole story is a set up to give legal precedent to the firing of teachers who voice conspiratorial views about our government and its actions. He is going to look kookier and kookier as the story unfolds, and so will we if we take the bait.

    1. Is there a source for what Heller allegedly said? A transcript available? If so, it would be helpful to include this in the comment text or subsequent comment to bolster its credibility. Further, if he in fact did state “that certain political figures should be ‘taken out'” as you suggest, federal intervention would be swift and Secret Service would almost certainly be involved, arguably with justification. There is no indication of that, according to his attorney. That said, perhaps no one should be surprised if the event is revealed as some sort of stunt.

      I think it would be helpful for us to distinguish between “instant messaging” and “online,” for the former suggests a certain degree of privacy while the latter indicates that something stated is publicly accessible, such as the comments on this blog. If truth be known, and the courts confirm, if something is typed out and/or transmitted via a computer there can be little if any assurance of security. Just ask David Patreaus.

      1. Okay, so Christo has perhaps astutely sensed a trap for us, if his assertions about Heller’s statements are true.

        I’m going to have to delve further into this to figure out whether he’s right, because it would be an absolutely brilliant psy op if so. Debunk our debunking of the psych system…by proving that even when it appears that some citizen’s most basic rights were egregiously violated according to us ‘conspiracy theorists,’The State turns out to be ‘right’ in its seeming overbearingness after all.

      2. I have been reading all of his internet comments/IM on the new york state courts website. I would have to say that the psychic he was chatting with sure does chat like a narc. I believe that she did rat him out. Another point that I didn’t pick up on from reading the article was that the school district hearings and such were going on for a year and a half or so. It didn’t happen in a couple of weeks like I had thought before.

    2. Adam Heller, it seems, was upset with our current situation like many of us these days. His mistake was seeking spiritual advice from a do-gooder.

      Bedford school district: Fox Lane teacher was ‘a time bomb’

      Psychic Medium Georgia O’Connor Reads Audience

      Fox Lane teacher accused of calling Newtown a conspiracy sues district

  8. This story sure sounds very strange, it is one thing to speak with your friend, but to speak to a medium would imply you are paying them to reach those in the afterlife.

    This article implies the conversations happened while they were playing on-line scrabble and just to make it all a tidy package, he was also upset about chem trails and spoke of shooting down the planes!


      1. According to Heller’s attorney, the psychic maintains that she divulged nothing. If this is true, how did federal authorities obtain the communications? You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.

    1. This article has rattled me as much as any I’ve read before it because if it’s true then we who comment here are all at risk of being committed. As independent researchers (thank you Dr. Tracy) Eric Holder may consider us to be “self radicalized individuals” and our employment may be threatened and we could possibly find ourselves served with a mental hygiene warrant. In the article offered by Pedantic Skirt as per http://www.lohud.com it is stated by Dr. Alexander Lerman, who believed Heller didn’t fully cooperate.

      “Mr. Heller appears to be seriously mentally ill, but to have been functioning adequately at work,” Lerman wrote in the psychiatric evaluation. “He is at high risk of further deterioration, and chronic risk of suicide. I find no evidence that Mr. Heller represents an acute risk to the safety of others, but have a low level of confidence in my understanding of this aspect of Mr. Heller’s life.”

      In the article posted on Memory Hole and also here http://www.record-review.com/record-review/Record-Review_060614.html, Mr. Hellmans, attorney, Michael Sussman, states the following, “Mr. Heller is a high-functioning individual without any illness. He was discharged after being committed, in 12 days, with a clean bill of health from the medical practitioners at Westchester County Medical Center,” said Mr. Sussman. “He wasn’t found to be mentally ill. He was found by this hearing officer to have not cooperated in the proceeding, as I understand it, and made it impossible for there to be a determination as to whether he was or was not mentally ill, to be precise.”

      I certainly hope more information will be forthcoming and we need to watch updated. The truth yet remains to be determined, however it would seem that Mr. Sussmind as a cum laude graduate from Harvard who specializes in civil rights and constitutional law is the ideal representative for Mr. Heller.

      As Dr. Tracy said we have no official transcript to peruse and therefore we are vulnerable to misinformation. That said I see nothing to indicate that such as intense intervention by the FBI was warranted. I also am curious regarding this so called medium and her involvement. Was she the one who called the FBI and if so why is there no comment from her? I did view the suggested video of one of her readings and I was not impressed. I can’t but wonder if she made the initial complaint to the FBI and if she was working with the FBI to further entrap Mr. Heller as he expressed his frustration regarding SH to her.
      If anyone has any further thoughts on this I would greatly appreciate reading them.

  9. James-You are correct to point out that “instant messaging” should not be confused with “online” communication. In this case I suspect that the medium contacted the FBI and they obtained a search warrant.

    As to the source for my above comment that Heller had stated that “someone should be taken out” see the Paul Preston interview with Michael Sussman you posted here at MHB.


    In minute 16 Sussman says that Heller had written “The Government should be killed.” and ” I think someone should be taken out.” Sussman goes on to defend these statements as “rhetorical”, much like saying “I hate you” during the heat of a family dispute. Nothing to be taken seriously, he claims. Frankly, I was surprised that Preston let this slide without further questioning. It would indeed be helpful here to see a transcript of Heller’s instant messages in order to illuminate the context.

    The other alleged statements by Heller, that he thought that Adam Lanza was mind controlled, and that he, Adam Heller might also be, came from this article:


  10. A very significant comment made by Eric Holder a few days ago:

    Holder called on nations to pass laws that criminalize “preparatory acts,” similar to a U.S. material support statute used to prosecute people before they complete their plans. He said the FBI has successfully used undercover operations to prevent self-radicalized people from executing their plans.

    “We have found undercover operations -– which the Federal Bureau of Investigation pioneered in fighting transnational organized crime -– to be essential in fighting terrorism as well,” Holder said in the speech. “In the United States, the FBI has already conducted undercover operations that have identified individuals with intentions to travel to Syria. These operations are conducted with extraordinary care and precision, ensuring that law enforcement officials are accountable for the steps they take -– and that suspects are neither entrapped nor denied legal protections.”

    Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=892_1404916025#R9QUXGhWmL2rg4Yb.99

  11. Most Americans have probably never heard of Pyotr Chaadaev, a Russian nobleman of the 19th century. Chaadaev wrote a brilliant diatribe against his own nation and culture, criticizing its backwardness, its insularity, its unwillingness to try to improve itself, its overall inferiority to European cultures…

    And what did the Russian Tsar do in response? Why, he had Chaadaev committed to a mental institution, of course! After all, if a Russian thinks and says such things, he MUST be insane, right?

    I think it was Mark Twain who once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes.”

  12. The psychic may not have divulged anything directly, but she did notify the FBI about her concerns over statements made by Heller. An online article discussing documents supporting the case states:

    The documents also detail Heller’s online conversations regarding the Newtown massacre with a friend and “medium” who reported her concerns to the FBI. That prompted agents to notify Bedford police that Heller made multiple suicidal and homicidal statements online and spoke about stockpiling weapons.

    1. What a surprise that article is no longer available!, my recollection was surprise that the eight days of hearings did not mention a lawyer or union representative present..

      No way in he!! this is real, everyone knows NY has a strong teacher union presence and convicted teachers of child crimes have been on the payroll, many decades reporting to their rubber rooms.

      When it comes to union workers, you never get fired in a few days, there are hearings, there are arbitrators, at the very least, if you have a medical problem, you are given medical leave. No criminal charges, just you are crazy, you are fired, and he was a stellar teacher with tenure?.

      That is not how it works. This is more fear mongering, especially if you are a government worker, this guy was reported to making almost $100k per year, and he spoke out in a computer game to a median? Total BS I say!

      I do not play computer games, but if I did, my goal would be to win, not to go off on tangents on who needs to be killed.

      We are all well aware now on how the gov. set folks up as viewing pedophile material and seized their computers and implanted such damming evidence. They no longer have to seize your computer, they can just fabricate your online presence of being a danger to society.

      Fasten up your seatbelts ladies and gents, we are in for a wild ride!


      1. Dear “Skirt”, it does indeed strike me as strange. As you say, teacher’s unions are fairly strong. If they made a case that he was disturbed, he would be offered “employee assistance”, not fired.

        Someone here said that they thought it could be a set up to establish a precedent. Maybe. Still, as you point out, there would be hearings, arbitrators, long drawn out processes.

        As James said, apparently the psychic says she didn’t rat him out. I don’t play video games either but, whoever you play with probably has another line of work. Her being labeled as a Psychic is just a little too cute. Throw in the chemtrails and Holder’s proclivities for addressing “pre-crime” and you have your formula.

        Punishing people for what they do on their own time, unrelated to work, by losing their livelihood is very likely an object lesson. Why the FBI would take an interest in on-line Scrabble or psychics is yet to be heard. I suppose if he just played Dungeons and Dragons and swore daily allegiance to the NYT he’d be teaching today.

      2. So if you think it’s fake, which is starting to seem more likely than that it’s real, what do you think the motive and goal is?

        How would a teacher afford Sussman? Or are we to take it Sussman is working pro bono? Seems very odd to me that a high falutin’ lawyer like Sussman would take on a ‘gray area’ case in which his righteous client is not pretty much 95% solidly being railroaded.

        Upon a second superficial perusal, I’m getting the distinct sense this *is* fake. For one, I happen to know that screeners/psychiatrists don’t tape their interviews with people. So that’s odd right off the bat, as both screeners and psychiatrists lie constantly and would therefore avoid any type of transparency.

        I do want to scrutinize this but can’t stand the thought of wasting time on a fake out story.

    1. leerhiggins – It appears you are the author of said article which states “The Journal News reviewed a more than 600-page transcript from Heller’s disciplinary hearing which shows how seriously the FBI and local law enforcement viewed his online postings …”

      Please do share with us!

      1. Can we see the 600 page transcript? Many readers here reviewed the thousands of pages and videos of redacted reports on the incident hoping to find answers and did not.

        Must just be a coincidence you live in Newtown, CT.

    2. yes please do. This really, really sounds fake to me. It is also interesting that he had the alex jones version of sandy hook rather than the robbie parker version. There are a lot of statements in your article that ought to be sourced.

      1. Predict we will never hear again from Wiggins or Hellar, although the latter just might be the star in the murder suicide made for tv show that the FBI predicted.

        It takes on average 830 days to fire really bad teachers and this player was really good and fired immediately?

        We thought the SHH story tellers had very bad skills, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel now, be careful what you post, the fbi is watching and can get you committed and fired from your job!

        Suppose this puts James Tracy in a position of honor, they care enough about the free speaking here that they try to attack it, but we already knew that was going on long ago.


        1. that’s funny, you would think any case would have the name adam heller attached to it but there are no cases in westchester county under that name, only some matrimonial case in a different county.

    3. Thank you for the link. It did not make sense to me that a teacher could be fired for having a mental illness – they are claiming he refuses to admit it and refuses treatment.

      Read about as much as I can stand, not a psychiatrist but my gut says he is being railroaded by an overzealous police department, school board and the FBI. Hopefully, his new lawyer will get the justice for him that he deserves.

  13. Look, nobody in this case has clean hands. A little bit of internet searching shows that O’Connor is a bottom-feeder who just wants to make money. She charges $50 per session in her large readings, $150 for short personal chats, $300 per hour for longer sessions, According to the Dr. Randi website, “psychic” Georgia O’Connor, appeared on camera claiming to have helped police solve crimes, finding missing persons.
    An anonymous internet poster says, “Georgia O’Connor is a fraud. I had a reading with her on Tue and at first I thought it was all real ..” (The rest of his/her comments were scrubbbed). O’Connor has only a community college degree and she supports her husband and kids on her “psychic” money. Obviously she was wants to get in with the police and get a little bit of money and/or positive publicity. Maybe she was deliberately trolling the internet looking for suspects to report.
    The FBI, police and school district clearly overreacted, and the FBI exploited the situation to pound home the message that anyone who questions Sandy Hook is automatically a “nutter”. The FBI has nothing better to do these days, since there is no such thing as “domestic terrorism” and they refuse to address real crime like mortgage fraud committed by the Big Banks, and instead desperately look for defenseless stooges like Heller to get points. It’s pretty pathetic, actually.
    Heller himself acted stupidly. Why did he exchange some 500 IM’s with a person he didn’t know, on an internet scrabble site? It looks to me like Heller is a little bit wacky, but not dangerous wacky. What is he going to do with a little .22?
    Fetzer shouldn’t have embraced Heller without first investigating the details. This is consistent with his bad habit of embracing speculative witnesses and theories, like Halley Otis (“Agent Ladybug”), Judy Woods, the complete Holocaust deniers, and 911 holograms. Most of what Fetzer has to say about various topics is true, maybe 95% of it, but unfortunately he undermines his credibility by occasionally grasping at straws.
    We should all just move on to the next topic.

  14. This is a sampling of what Los Angeles Unified School District has to deal with.

    Comparing LAUSD with the Bedford Central School District in New York is a stretch to put it mildly, but what Adam Heller is accused of doing in his private life has no comparison to what some teachers in Los Angeles are accused of doing in the classrooms.

    Excerpts from link below:

    “I want my days spent supporting the tens of thousands of amazing teachers,” Deasy said. “Instead, they’re taken up by a very, very few with gross misconduct. ”

    The personnel files stretched the length of the 15-foot conference table in Superintendent John Deasy’s office, a chronicle of the corporal punishment, verbal and physical abuse and sexual misconduct reported in the classrooms of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Cuts and bruises. Curses and racial slurs. Caresses and pornography.

    Under the zero-tolerance policy that Deasy enacted after the Miramonte Elementary sex-abuse scandal erupted in February 2012, the school board has voted to dismiss more than 100 teachers for misconduct, and accepted the resignations of at least 200 others who were about to be terminated. Nearly 300 additional teachers accused of inappropriate behavior remain “housed” in administrative offices while officials investigate the complaints.

    “It feels like we’re seeing more cases,” said school board member Tamar Galatzan, who is working to streamline LAUSD’s cumbersome process for investigating alleged misconduct. Under California law, a school board’s vote to dismiss a teacher takes effect 30 days later unless the educator appeals to the state Office of Administrative Hearings. LAUSD officials say they expect an appeal from every teacher dismissed since the district’s crackdown on misconduct.

    It’s the files of those teachers that were spread out in Deasy’s office after he agreed to provide a first-ever public accounting of the potentially career-ending behavior alleged of teachers in LAUSD classrooms.

    The files are crammed with paperwork from the internal investigations that can take a year or more to wrap up. There are statements from students, parents and witnesses; disciplinary memos; supporting documents like attendance sheets and gradebooks; and the paperwork formalizing the reason for their dismissal. Some include photos of injured students, copies of X-rated images found on district computers or stick-figure drawings by kids too young to verbalize what happened.
    Most of the files also contain rebuttals of the allegations or explanations from teachers defending their actions.

    What Deasy agreed to provide were the basics of the complaints. Because the files contain the names of teachers, students, classmates and parents, he read aloud from the complaints but omitted identifying details. He did provide the genders of the employees and students, the type of school and its general location in the district and, where available, the year the teacher was born. On the advice of the district’s lawyers, he did not discuss the dozen-or-so cases in which LAUSD is involved in active lawsuits or the teachers are facing criminal charges.

    Still, it took hours to pore through the files of the 58 men and 26 women, Deasy frequently shaking his head or rubbing his eyes as he recited the litany of alleged misconduct that led to the employees’ dismissals.
    “God, how do I even explain this?” Deasy asked, before recounting that a Westside elementary teacher in his early 60s “trained” his students to give him a full-body massage for 20 minutes every day while he “rested.” Youngsters, including some special-education students, later told officials that he shouted profanities, spanked them and hit them with rolled-up papers when they misbehaved.The initial incident was reported by a classroom aide assigned to help the special-ed students.

    That’s also how the district learned about a teacher at a San Fernando Valley elementary school who disciplined youngsters by locking them in a bathroom or barricading them in a corner using tables and chairs. “Maybe this will teach you a lesson,” the teacher reportedly told the kids as they cried to be released.

    And that an Eastside elementary teacher used clothespins to pinch the ears of youngsters who weren’t paying attention to the lesson. The same teacher also discouraged thumb-sucking by putting nasty-tasting disinfectant on kids’ fingers and forced students to scrub their desks using cleanser and their bare hands.

    A rash of sex-related complaints were made in the weeks after the Miramonte scandal broke, including allegations of tickling and fondling, and inappropriate and vulgar comments made in class. One high school student said a female teacher inexplicably took her along when she went shopping for sex toys in Hollywood. A few months later, girls at another high school complained that their male teacher had downloaded photos of them onto his laptop, and given each a salacious name.
    Nearly a dozen male teachers were fired for pornography found on their district-issued laptops.

    They include an instructor at an Eastside middle school who inadvertently projected an X-rated video rather than the family-hour fare he’d planned to show his class as a “reward” after a difficult week. “You didn’t see this,” he told the kids, shutting down the film once he realized his mistake. Several students reported the incident, and officials found 636 pornographic images and two adult videos on his computer.

    And there were dozens of reports of corporal punishment, which LAUSD abolished in 1984 and which is also banned by state law. Some complaints came from campus nurses who treated injured students and others from parents who noticed cuts and bruises when their kids got home from school.

    Teacher misconduct became a hot-button issue after teacher Mark Berndt’s arrest on charges that he’d blindfolded and spoon-fed his semen to 23 students at Miramonte Elementary. Pressure mounted with news reports that there had been prior complaints against Berndt; that he’d received $40,000 to resign; and that the district had failed to tell parents about the accusations or to report his alleged misconduct to the state Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

    After the Daily News reported in February 2012 that Telfair Elementary teacher Paul Chapel had been arrested four months earlier for molesting students, the district announced that parents would be notified within 72 hours about alleged teacher misconduct.


    1. http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/texas-family-killings/was-texas-shooting-suspect-ronald-haskell-seeking-vengeance-n153811

      This article does a better job of exposing the hoaxiness of it; it’s got all the ‘markings’ and ‘signs’ shall we say. Haskell has some ‘mental illness’ that was never diagnosed, even though it’s clear he knew exactly what he was doing. At some earlier stage, his brother had called the cops to do a ‘welfare check’ on him but then after talking to Haskell, called them back to cancel. Haskell’s wife had claimed at some point that he’d dragged her out of her room and down a hallway by her hair, something that isn’t possible given that hair rips out of one’s scalp before it can actually pull an a body anywhere.

      I didn’t know what to think until I read the link. But it’s clearly fake in terms of how it’s being covered, anyway. Could it have happened and now the media is just working it’s angles into it? Seems unlikely given how far-fetched the plot is. People may not know this but most of the murders of women by their male partners or spouses have historically occurred when the woman left. In the 90’s there was talk about how during Viet Nam roughly the same number of women were murdered by their male partners as men died in the war, yet these martyrs had no memorial, etc. I studied the topic somewhat and what strikes me here is that it’s not too usual that an abandoned boyfriend or husband becomes *that* vindictive that he would kill so many people, particularly those who are not the children or lovers of the woman he felt such ownership of.

      BTW, the number of white women killed by black ex-boyfriends is another pretty astonishing statistic. It’s not that uncommon for these predators to kill the white women’s kids, either, especially when they’re a white man’s children.

      I want to state here that I used to be a democratic campaign organizer, and that I worked for one of the more famously progressive presidential candidates, whose campaign launched a grassroots movement that probably did more to get Obama elected than any other dynamic. Hard to believe I did that. i ‘awoke’ in 2006-2008. I mention this because not every person who reckons with the reality of Diversity Cult’s hatred of white people started out with what many would call ‘bigoted’ views.

      Facts aren’t bigoted. A person faking them can be, and this incident seems problematic from start to finish. It’s part of a campaign to demonize white men as the true oppressors of white women (and everyone else by implication) even though the annual white on black rape is about 10-12 according to the FBI; the highest number tallied for black on white was 35,000 in 2005 or 2006.

      Cassidy was the person who saw the whole thing, and heard all his plans, but then also miraculously lived in spite of being shot in the head. If it weren’t just too cute from all these angles I’d probably think *something* happened. Where did they get Haskell? Do they have him on drugs now? How about the various survivors, like Cassidy’s paternal grandparents…where do they get these crisis actors?

      1. “his brother had called the cops to do a ‘welfare check’ on him but then after talking to Haskell, called them back to cancel. ”

        ha ha, that works so well. “I just called back because I changed my mind, please don’t come over.”

        ” he’d dragged her out of her room and down a hallway by her hair, something that isn’t possible given that hair rips out of one’s scalp before it can actually pull an a body anywhere. ”

        not true, I weigh 230 and you could lift me off the ground with my hair. it depends on the thickness of ones hair.

        ” Could it have happened and now the media is just working it’s angles into it?”

        sure, it could have happened to another family somewhere, but not to that little crisis acting whore.

        “BTW, the number of white women killed by black ex-boyfriends is another pretty astonishing statistic. It’s not that uncommon for these predators to kill the white women’s kids, either, especially when they’re a white man’s children.”

        I guess he should have found some little black kids to kill,”just to be fair.”

        “I want to state here that I used to be a democratic campaign organizer, and that I worked for one of the more famously progressive presidential candidates, whose campaign launched a grassroots movement that probably did more to get Obama elected than any other dynamic. Hard to believe I did that.”

        now that I believe. in fact I would believe that you are still working for someone. race baiting is the name of the game.

        ” Where did they get Haskell? Do they have him on drugs now?”

        I dont know but there seems to be an odd mormon angle to some of these acts recently, harry reid, robbie parker, the bundy’s and the stay’s. I’m not sure what the role is if any. The fact that haskell( I can’t help but think curt haskell every time I hear that)was wearing a fedex uniform during the time of the “act” gives us a clue that he was an actor not a patsy. fedex seems to be a calling card for fake news.

      2. fish weren’t you the person making really ‘baiting’ comments about ‘queers?’ Please let me know when the Democratic party was ever known to plug for whites against blacks or hispanics. And while you’re at it, I’m all ears as to how reporting a statistic – that blacks rape white women at a staggering rate while whites barely rape black women at all – constitutes ‘baiting.’

        The point of the ‘welfare check’ isn’t just that it seems unlikely one could be so casually ‘canceled,’ but that it wouldn’t even have been a ‘welfare check’ to begin with, which is again, not something related to psych evaluations.

        A black person once tried to grab me to maim me and when I jerked my head and she grabbed my hair to jerk it back, surprise surprise she ripped out a significant portion of my european fine hair. There was not so much as a contest between my hair follicles and my neck muscles and head weight. Haskell’s ex-wife is european white and I doubt her hair would have presented any more resistance.

        Based on your calling a teen girl a ‘whore’ I’m sensing that you are a woman-hater, or that you have gender issues generally which might inform your paranoia that I’m ‘working for someone’ other than myself and my people. Sure, I call illegal aliens a name that means robbing looting enslaving sociopaths, but that’s exactly what the invaders are. Each one comes to steal from the white middle and lower class, or else they wouldn’t come to begin with.

        I might even call some gays or females pejoratives where the individual or certain elements of either group deserves it, but I don’t denigrate them all or indulge in the kind of people-baiting you do. If SV Bob’s theory is right then teen Cassidy is just doing what she can to help her disabled siblings and overwhelmed parents survive. But the word ‘whore’ when applied to this teen girl seems all-female hating and base. Maybe if our country took care of it’s own citizens instead of the oligarchs and non-whites the Stays wouldn’t have had to ‘pimp her out.’

        1. the whitehouse likes to portray themselves like this
          what better way to reinforce that then to have someone constantly make ridiculous statements about race on this site (as if that is what this site is about)and have nobody call you out for it. to the casual observer they might think that most of us are in agreement with you gauging from the silence. I personally think most people just aren’t interested in getting in a confrontation with someone who seems to be a bit off mentally. I personally think people have more of an intent when they spend so much time on a message board.

          I don’t recall any baiting comments about queers. I have no problem with gay people – I have been friends with many over the years. stating that elliot rodgers is queer, well that is just stating the obvious.
          calling a crisis actor a whore – what to you think they are doing? they are whoring themselves out. You seem to need to somehow sexualize my comment to detract from it’s implications.

      3. Perhaps I should change my name to ‘Crazy White Bitch’…or you should just own the fact that calling someone ‘off mentally’ is a way to avoid confronting their facts. ‘Whore’ generally means someone who prostitutes themselves, and its traditional connotation is feminine. Was I ‘off’ in reading ‘sexuality’ into that? Is it possible Elliot Rodger was just faking his videos, instead of being ‘queer as the back side of a barn’ or whatever superstitious

        I’ll be waiting for you to refute one statement I’ve made on race. I’m happy to confront you with facts and debate, but you obviously prefer to hide behind oblique aspersions.

        If you change your mind, I’m always here, ready to debate with facts and evidence. You can’t even counter or challenge one ‘ridiculous statement’ I’ve made on racial dynamics or else you would have by now.
        Hurling silly ad hominem is a pathetic cop out, especially for someone who seems proud to consider himself a ‘skeptic.’

        I directed a friend towards a website that collects articles on black on white violence. He could be considered ‘hispanic’ or ‘latin’ by some, although he calls himself european. He assured me there had to be parallel hate crimes committed by whites against blacks and hispanics until he actually consulted the evidence, did his research, and then asked me if I would help get him into some all-white settlement that’s forming in the american northwest that he’d discovered.

        Facts and evidence; pro-whites have a wealth of them, Diversity Cutlists have none.

        1. sorry, I don’t believe in hate crimes, regardless of who is committing them. A crime is a crime. murder is murder, rape is rape.

          it was a bunch of BS when THEY started calling acts that were already illegal “hate crimes” when they were inflicted upon minorities by whites or gays by straight whatever. Now whites are crying HATE CRIME when the roles are reversed? quit crying! a crime is a crime. you have to have thick skin if you want to live in a free country. buying in to all this race stuff just ends up with all of us being further enslaved and our house more divided.

          if you awoke to some stranger shoving a carrot up your ass would it matter whether it was a purple carrot, a white one or some shade in between? no it wouldn’t because some stranger is shoving a carrot up your ass!

          sorry for such a brash analogy but I don’t think I can explain it any clearer.

          Is it frustrating that the laws aren’t enforced equitably? sure it is. One needs to ask themselves why are they doing this? I can think of two reasons. one, the the more booty you have the bigger target you are unless you are part of the superclass. two, they want us all at each others throats rather than being at their throats. it seems that focusing on our differences rather than our shared exigencies is the opposite of the approach we should take.

      4. If you don’t consider rape an act of hate, I can’t help you as your problems with women are indeed very deep. But thanks for demonstrating how spot on my analysis was. And don’t waste too much time ‘crying,’ as the masses of middle class whites lobbying for secession in the South, western Maryland, northern California, upstate New York and various other areas don’t want to hear whining about how it’s so ‘unfair’ that you can’t appoint yourself emperor over them. Perhaps try crying to James about his moderating, but don’t even bother trying to speak for the majority of whites in America.

        Facts and evidence, fish, are what mature and sober adults use to debate, not grandiose projections.

      5. Fish – You need to give up feeding Sue, it is a lost cause/ Think my last comment when Beth & Sue brought the halbig conversation to another post was .. oh sorry you are on the wrong channel please tune into the Beth & Sue chat room on that other conversation. Was accused of being immature with nothing to offer and unfortunately our gracious host had to step in and remind us of what is not tolerated… Enjoyed my chuckle though, as I’m sure a few did!

      6. fish, your coy act isn’t very convincing. You said you didn’t believe in ‘hate crimes’ in response to my alleging that black on white rape fits the definition of ‘hate crime.’ Interpreting your comment to mean you don’t consider rape a crime of hate doesn’t require confusing you with anyone.

        The fact is this country is blowing up all around us over issues like immigration and race and how tyrannical and illegitimate the government is. For you to claim white people don’t care when they’re lining up to demonstrate that they do, with protest signs and guns, contradicts concrete reality:

        What strikes me as the most ’emotionally off’ about your commentary is this compulsion you seem to feel to moderate someone else’s website. Using violent sexual imagery and language to that aim is clearly an attempt to bully those who do think race is relevant to the problem of ‘Big Government,’ and those, according to polls and a basic grasp of what’s happening, for instance, in states all over the country this weekend (anti-invasion protests are planned for Saturday all over) are most people, white or non-white. Witness the demonstrations in New Jersey regarding the recent planned murder of a white cop by a black man. Many blacks are demonstrating, in various ways, their investment in the issue, as are many whites.

        I write about the race/ethnicity context of hoaxes like Elliot Rodger and others to allow others to contemplate it, NOT for feedback or validation from anyone, much less you. I sometimes solicit reactions to questions about what’s going down in an incident and how, but when it comes to race I’m only about illuminating or expounding on the issues to others. I know exactly what I think and as such don’t look for your ‘input’ on the issue. Since I am uncomfortable speaking for other people (unlike you),I’ll only speculate that your uncivil, vulgar language and attempts to moderate seem offensive to me and I’d highly suspect many others who come here to make up their own minds.

        Your projections and language are great ways to scare people from confronting the truth. I won’t throw out the ‘paid troll’ accusation, however, because I don’t think it prudent to abuse or over-rely on that, and because your methods are so ridiculously coarse and unsophisticated it’d have to be a pretty low budget operation anyway…

    2. I think the shooting was fake, i.e. no one was shot. There are no eyewitnesses to the shooting, and the press conference is not “normal” (no evidence of head wound; lack of real grief and tears; pre-speech preparation; too much smiling; weird Mormon riff and Harry Potter quote; “stay strong” slogan; fundraising, etc.)
      Stephen Stay was a realtor, his wife a homemaker. They have 5 kids, one with cerebral palsy, another is retarded. The parents coach a baseball team for the disabled. Stephen Stay had only one real estate listing at the time, so presumably he was not making a lot of money. The Stays did not own a home in that county.
      I’m guessing that the Stays did it for the money, to take care of their two handicapped kids in perpetuity. That would explain why the “surviving” daughter is so happy – she honesty believes that she is doing the right thing, i.e. helping her brother and sister. And the grandfather too.
      The Stays will be given another identity in another state, and financially set up. Relocation shouldn’t be much of a problem because Mormons just need a church to join.
      I’m not sure how the “killer” ex-husband fits in. It was easy to set him up just by having him come visit one of the two homes on that street owned or rented by the extended Stay family.
      Probably the authorities assured the family that he would get the mental health treatment he needed, and would never bother the sister (his ex-wife) again.
      If you had several severely handicapped kids who you couldn’t provide for, wouldn’t you do what the Stays did?

      1. I don’t think I would, but the instinct to take care of your kids is strong, and one may do things that go against one’s conscious if the situation were desperate enough.This explanation makes sense, and fits in with cui bono. The Stay family is taken care of, TPTB get more chaos. The more chaos, the more reactive fascist measures the populace will accept, (I guess the Houston Police really do need those military assault vehicles to pin the killer in his car, honey, people who kill whole families clearly require that much hardware and military policing…) Now I’m feeling sorry for this little girl, and refocusing my attention on the people who are using her. Thanks for your thoughts SV Bob.

      1. that is just disgusting. did you see the second or third video where they claim “he called them my girls” sounds an awful lot like the mc’donnell interview where they call her “our little CEO.” in the funeral video the pall bearer is fake crying so poorly that they had to cut the scene. talk about being a crappy actor, to end up on the cutting room floor in one of these events..

      2. @fish, In the family friends video, was that an owl necklace on the gal in the yellow shirt? There was quite a bit of that symbolism in Sandy Hook. Could be coincidence. Also, check out the odd way this man is embracing Cassidy at the community event Saturday:http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/spring/news/article/Grieving-Spring-community-gathers-for-Stay-family-5624952.php#photo-6587777 For someone who just received 9 stitches due to a bullet grazing her head, one would think this would be quite uncomfortable. (if my link didn’t pop up the exact photo, just scroll through until you get to the one with the man wrapping his arm around Cassidy’s head). One other detail I haven’t read about, so wondering if anyone has heard an explanation: if the family were all tied up and then shot, how was Cassidy able to free herself to call 911?

        1. Those pictures are so odd: the numerous strangers coming to pray and leave memorials on the front lawn of the house (who does that?) appear to be far more devastated than Cassidy does.

        2. Other people have commented on the owl but I missed it myself. It is odd the way they are embracing, I guess he was reminding her of her lines “after harry potter let the applause die down and then DEVIL HORNS!”

  15. we are living in a nation of fools who unfortunately have lost the ability to think, they all walk around oblivious to what is going on around them ( they can’t even see the jets pummeling them from the sky with the massive amounts of poisons being sprayed all over their children, they are completely blind to it all as the sky is completely covered in toxic poisons daily, the don;t see the mold covering all the trees all the dead trees, the extremely hot fires that are being excellerated by the sprayed heavy metals, the massive amounts of dead animals washing up out of the sea from the eco system being destroyed ….) they walk around bunching buttons on their I phones 24/7. They have no idea that the TV is a piece of brain washing equipment that has been placed in every home across the globe for this reason, to control their fragile minds.How in the world can we turn this thing around when people except this idiot box as the master of their minds ? they believe what ever it tells them no matter how bizarre. it is now a game to the NWO, to see just how brain dead the public really is, the scariest thing is the people are proving they will except what ever they are spoon fed via the CFR owned idiot box & proving just how incredibly feeble their minds really are as the stories get more & more outrageous by the broadcast : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS3g6-2W35s


    1. Living in a nation of fools is right!

      (Halloween pumpkins in Connecticut can look forward to being stabbed in passive-aggressive manners by the thousands. Police will be busy. Good comments. Bantam is where Anderson Cooper bought the mansion).

      Connecticut man arrested after stabbing watermelon
      Updated 8:57 am, Tuesday, July 15, 2014
      BANTAM, Conn. (AP) — A 49-year-old Connecticut man faces threatening charges after a woman told police he stabbed a watermelon in a passive-aggressive manner.
      The Register Citizen of Torrington reports (http://bit.ly/1p1L3rS) Carmine Cervellino of Thomaston was arraigned Monday on charges of threatening and disorderly conduct. He was released after posting a $500 bond.
      Police say the woman had gone to police on July 4 to report finding drugs, including marijuana, in Cervellino’s tool box. He was not arrested.
      They say she later returned home to find the watermelon on the counter with a butcher’s knife in it. She reported that Cervellino then entered the room and began carving the watermelon. She called the incident passive-aggressive and menacing.
      No one answered a phone call Tuesday morning to the Cervellino home seeking comment.


      1. Vegetable cruelty! I’m told he is very kind to cantaloupes, however. A “passive/aggressive” stabbing? He must have stroked the melon first.

    2. In reference to truthchase’s first video link above; CFR reportedly takes its orders from Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs located at 10 St. James’s Square, City of Westminster. Mrs. Clinton was voted the winner of the Chatham House Prize in 2013.

      Adjacent to City of Westminster is City of London, the latter hosting a recent gathering where our economic future (or lack of) was discussed.
      Quite a roster of participants:




      1. Alan Watt of cutting through the matrix has spoken many times about the direct link between the CFR and Chatham House (and the Chatham House rules..of secrecy) and the RIIA. These are the think tanks directly beholding to ‘the City’ (of London). What I find interesting in this article by Fetzer is the fact the fired teacher, Heller, exchanged emails with a ‘medium’. Why wasn’t there further exposition on this? What was he asking of this ‘medium,’ Georgia O’Connor? Why seek out a ‘medium’? Or did they previously know one another? It is well known because the FBI has made of it no secret that it has repeatedly sought out the ‘aid’ of ‘mediums’ when unable to ‘solve’ a crime. Is this medium just another informant?

      2. Ha, ha, good one! “Inclusive capitalism”. “Trickle down economics”. Nothing the rich hate worse than a leak.

        Hildebeast is an award winner? The Rothschilds and Prince Ears? It’s so very comforting to know that these folks are meeting regularly to look after us. We can applaud, they can rattle their jewelry (as John Lennon said).

        There was once a time when “statesmen” met to discuss matters of empire. While this has the outward appearance of a later day version, it isn’t quite the same. In those heady days the upper crust at least had a pretense of “nobles obligue” thought they were acting for the “greater good”.

        These days they are nothing more than functionaries of the bankster class. Perhaps they always were. At least they had “class”, Hilary would not be welcome at such a meeting.

  16. “One of the more intriguing aspects of this case is that, while USA TODAY claims that the initial notification came from O’Connor to the FBI, she denies that she provided any such information about her private email exchanges with Heller. Officials have been unwilling to be more specific, but I strongly suspect that they came from the NSA’s surveillance.”

    I don’t believe this. Reading their IM’s O’connor sounds as if she is working for “to catch a predator.”

    they do have all of his youtube comments etc. in the court papers. They were all filed by Heller’s attorney however.

    I could find nothing as far as a government document concerning the surveillance of heller except an fbi doc where they followed him to a gun store after school where he did not buy a gun.

  17. If I am reading the legal papers correctly, he was suspended with pay, until all hearings are final. That sounds a lot more like NYS!

    Of course the getting fired headlines grab more attention don’t they?
    Nothing like being convicted by the main stream media!

    Didn’t we use to have HIPPA laws that guaranteed your medical information was kept totally private?

    1. I’m thinking that maybe his medical records were published because it was Heller’s attorney that submitted them as evidence.

      I have to say that, after reading many of the court docs and exhibits I’m absolutely SHOCKED that this guy was even investigated at all, let alone held in a mental facility for nearly two weeks (and dosed with Haldol and Abilify to boot!)!

      One of the “lies” Heller supposedly told was of reporting his early family life as happy, when his sister reports that their father was a bit of a tyrant. I would bet that my own sister and I would have different accounts of our growing up…and we’d both be right! Another “lie” he told was by not telling psychiatrists that he’d been depressed (although he hadn’t been treated for depression). When his family members (well-meaning though they might be) were interviewed, they reported that he’d complained to them of being depressed, and he’d been “isolating”. (In fact, somewhere in the court documents, I read Heller referred to…God forbid…as “a loner”! Cue the dramatic music!) More and more, I am starting to share Jon Rappaport’s view of the mental health industry….regardless of its occasionally helpful applications, it’s clearly a very powerful legal tool to be used against anyone deemed “difficult” or in opposition to TPTB.

      The way I understand it is that the FBI came to question Heller, and they were the ones who asked if he’d consent to a house search and, ultimately, a “voluntary” committal. I think it’s interesting that they came to question Heller without a warrant. I wonder if that’s because a judge wouldn’t issue a warrant based upon the comments Heller made to the psychic? Would any of this have happened if Heller refused to cooperate and forced the agents to have gotten warrants first? I think the real lesson here is: DO NOT CONSENT TO ANYTHING…am I wrong?

      1. Could imagine being a 100k totally upright, government worker, with a great record, stopped after visiting a gun shop by the FBI and allowing them in my house, every thing is squeaky clean. Not now.

        Glad he now has a good lawyer and yes the fact that the pscho dr in charge accused him of death threats on fb, which he denied and were in fact not true will be very important to proving the framing, meant to silence us all, I’m sure..

        Adding Mr. Heller to my prayer list, stay strong young man! Glad you still have your medical plan and hopefully can find non-corrupted doctors who will tell the truth. It is a common occurrence for northerners to get depressed in the long hard winters and certainly the stress of what they are putting you through has taken its toll.

        There are several hundred teachers on suspension in NYC alone for real offences against children, why is there no news about that?


      2. I think this story is a “launching pad”. They can get the “dangerous around children” angle, as well as the “gun lover” angle. Let’s not forget the “he questions authority and duly authorized versions of events” angle.

        So we have the cautionary tale. This could happen to you. Given the total absence of rights in this country, simply visiting a gun store and having your background recorded would be enough of a starting point for singling out someone as a target for one of their spectacles.

        They may even find out the “details” after they’ve searched everything the NSA can find. Then, just as we’ve seen with all of these events, they simply stitch it together to tell the story they like.

        Cases like these are dangerous. If they lose they aren’t out anything. If they “win” it establishes a precedent. In the meantime it provides a vehicle to sell their agenda.

        So, regardless of how this event developed, it isn’t hard to see what it is being used for.

    2. Yes, that sounds more realistic. Of course, as you say, “fired” is more attention grabbing. It also helps establish the belief that authorities can simply do anything they like with impunity.

      There are other elements of this story I find strange. Since when do cops possess the training necessary to determine when someone needs to be “observed”? How does the school administration take it on themselves to determine that he failed to “cooperate”? What does “cooperate” mean in this context?

      What I read was that he gave deceptive answers on an MMPI. Those familiar with this test will know that it is designed to spot deception (voluntary or otherwise). Such “deception” doesn’t imply that the subject lied (necessarily), or was not “cooperative”.

      So you have a layman reading the test results (including the indicators that say certain questions were answered inconsistently), and determining that he failed to cooperate with the tester. It is unlikely that anyone could take the full MMPI and not have some indicators show up such as these.

      It is actually a very good test for determining what general personality type a person belongs in. He apparently “passed” it with flying colors. By “passed” I mean that it didn’t say that he belonged to a dangerous group.

      So, yeah, in an honest country with a working legal system, he should be able to sue them into early retirement. I don’t sense the “healthy outrage” in his attorney’s approach, however. Some believe that it turns off the court. I don’t agree. Being “humble” in a situation like this is a formula for disaster. It implies guilt.

      So we’re left with, “he likes guns, he disbelieves the “9-11 Movie”, he must be crazy. Certainly not suitable to be around children”. Let’s not forget, “I think you’re crazy and I want you to provide evidence of it”. “If you don’t cooperate, you’re fired”.

      I don’t recognize this country anymore.

      1. He brought a friend with him to take the test as a witness, smart move. The friend said he was done in 45 minutes, the doctor said it took him 3 hours which meant he was lying.

        Took that test for employment several times and answered in a way that I thought a normal person would.

        For example – Do you love your father? Yes is what a normal person would say.

        As mine left shortly after my birth and never sent a red nickel for the 6 of us, love does not exactly describe the relationship.

  18. Seems to me, the long suspected or newly suspected trolls are working hard to change the subject. Hymmm, makes you wonder.

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if the well esteemed lawyer and his client would prevail in a multi-million dollar law suit on unlawful defamation of character?

  19. Posting this here where it sort of fits in.

    More “psychiatric assessments” in regards to the SHES event. Below is a pdf of the complaint against Wilfrido Cardenas Hoffman. Very interesting, but no explanation why the Venezuelan man was in possession of 96 Newtown phone numbers.

    The pdf also confirms the danger of using any form of cyberspace device for communication. There is no room for privacy here. Whether you’re a tenured teacher in an upscale New York town or one, according to Wilfrido’s mom, “stupid, idiotic, crazy, bad son, a poor sap, bad brother, a guy that was perturbed in school, a guy with problems, a schizophrenic”, we have no privacy upon entering cyberspace.

    NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — A federal judge in Connecticut ordered a psychiatric assessment Wednesday of a Venezuelan man charged with making threatening phone calls to Newtown residents in the days following the December 2012 shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.



  20. This story is just too strange. Now, apparently, it is sealed as well. So, if I make calls to people in another country and say that I’m “Vlad the Impaler” and I’m coming to get them, would they stage an elaborate sting operation to capture me when I come to Florida?

    Doesn’t Florida already have enough crazy Cubans without importing “reserves” from Venezuela? Just to have something to compare the degree of “crazy” to I’ve attached some other recent Connecticut behavior:


    Now, I think this one deserves a prize. Simple corruption and brutality is so commonplace these days. This guy “made the extra effort”. I notice that his case isn’t sealed. He must not be from Newtown.

    1. Lophatt, I responded to this last night and it vanished into cyberspace immediately. I must have used words or information that did not meet approval with the watchers.

      1. That’s not it, Anne. For reasons James does not know, many times our comments immediately go to the spam folder. He does not like it. Checking the spam folder regularly is an extra job for a busy man.

        When it happens to me, now, I write a comment to that effect. He catches it, and the flag comment ceases to remain a part of the stream.

        It is perhaps natural for some to be angered by this, or at least frustrated (I used to be, until I discovered what’s really going on). Perhaps there is a way to get WordPress to explain how this randomly happens.

      2. Thanks Patrick. I have already reposted and left out the vulgarity from Bikers of America, although the description of the thief was well put. The comment went to moderation this time – with no links. I can’t imagine all the work involved keeping up a blog like this. James Tracy deserves our admiration as well as all the others who maintain such blogs of education – although James is in a league of his own.

    2. (I’ll try to repost this and leave out the very salty words from Bikers of America and some other info.)

      “Huntsman left the courtroom on Wednesday “with a big smile on his face following the hearing,” the Connecticut Post reported.”

      From Bikers of America:
      Sunday, December 2, 2012 OFF THE WIRE
      Connecticut – A Connecticut state trooper has reportedly been arrested after allegedly taking jewelry and $3,000 in cash from a motorcycle crash victim. Trooper Aaron Huntsman, 43, an 18-year veteran, has been charged with two counts of third-degree larceny, interfering with police and tampering with evidence in the Sept. 22 wreck, CTNow.com reports.
      John Scalesse, 49, was driving his motorcycle in Fairfield when he drove into the back of a truck. He was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
      Following the accident, Scalesse’s relatives told police they couldn’t account for some jewelry, clothing and cash. State police later found the missing jewelry, which had not been logged into evidence by trooper who led the investigation, according to a release from state police. They also found a large amount of cash in Huntsman’s patrol car.
      Huntsman, who has been suspended, was a vice president of the state police union for more than two years, said Andrew Matthews, president of the union. Huntsman resigned as soon as the allegations were reported, Matthews said.
      “If the allegations of misconduct are proven true, we wish that it not reflect the perception of the police or its union,” Matthews said.
      Huntsman, who has been released after posting $5,000 bail, is scheduled to be arraigned in Bridgeport on Dec. 10.

      We can assume he missed out on December 14, 2012. Aaron Huntsman lives in the town of Fairfield, about 25 miles south of Newtown. Connecticut is small in size and big on “heroes”.

      1. Thanks for taking all the trouble Anne. I thought that was rather “special” even for Connecticut. Here’s a guy dying on the side of the road and the cop takes his jewelry and money. Are there cannibals in Connecticut?

        I’m struggling with exactly how it could not “reflect on perception of the police-or their union”. It’s comforting to know that their first thought was for themselves. I hope he didn’t have any gold teeth.

  21. We have teachers and Venezuelans under “treatment” for mentioning SH. What about this one? Must be taking up a lot of his valuable governing time.


    HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — More than 18 months after a gunman killed 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Sunday he thinks of the massacre five or six times a day.

    “We are turning this state around,” Malloy said. “Things are in fact getting better although there may be deniers out there just as people will deny the president is an American citizen.”

    Just one comment so far:
    • BrainDrain
    Would thinking of Sandy Hook 5 or 6 times every day qualify him for counseling?

    1. Anne, ha, ha, good one! Why how could Obongo be anything BUT an American? His daddy was Frank Marshal Davis. He’s american. He may have been a Communist, pedophile, pornographer, but……he was a citizen.

      Yes, I’m glad we have Malloy on the job. He’ll make it so no crazed, psychopathic child killer would dare set foot in Connecticut. They’ll have to move to New York.

  22. http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2014/07/05/qa-with-mental-health-bill-lawmaker-tries-to-stem-gun-violence/

    This is an interview with Congressman Murphy. He’s completely trying to deny his law is about gun control, but since his main interest is in shilling hard for his ponzi scheme industry aka the ‘mental health field’ maybe he’s sort of telling the truth. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

    “Q: I think a lot of people have framed this bill as an alternative to tightening gun control measures. How do you see those two things in relation to one another?

    A: I’m talking about an illness. I’m talking about a medical problem, I’m talking about a brain disease. . . . I think we need to focus on what’s in people’s heads, not what’s in their hands.”

    He mentions Adam Lanza, Jared Loughner, and Elliot Rodger, only one of whom may have existed. He fails to mention exactly what ‘illness’ any allegedly suffered from. He repeats the old standard their families’ ‘tried to get them help.’

    I haven’t looked into the Heller case more. Adam and Elliot were easy to expose because they were completely fake and totally transparent upon investigation.

    Avoiding the gun issue is what the cartel has figured out works best. Americans seem helpless to challenge this Nanny State ‘benevolence’ regardless of how suffocating it is.

    I predict that either this or Thompson’s bill will pass and there will be a mass confiscating of guns belonging to anyone associated with certain groups that will be deemed ‘mentally ill’ via ‘diagnosing’ based on internet postings. The masses of (especially white) poor being dispossessed and displaced will be interned or force-medicated as outpatients.

    Dissidents won’t really matter at that point because there will be no guns or people to foment insurrection, and the internet will have been censored anyway so they’ll have no platform from which to proselytize. .

    1. Connecticut state senator Andrew Maynard takes nasty fall. Hopefully he’ll recover fully. He was one of two democrats who voted against governor Malloy’s now famous “Gun Violence Prevention and Child Safety Act”.


      Excerpt from New Haven Register April 3, 2013:
      Sen. Andrew Maynard of Stonington said he did not feel the bill infringed on gun owners constitutional rights, but he understood why they “deeply resent” the implication that they can’t be trusted and that they will be burdened “with a new set of regulations. I just don’t have a comfort level with a bill that goes that far.”
      He asked his colleagues to correct any excesses that may become apparent and to maintain respect for those who think differently about government than they do.
      Maynard was one of the two Senate Democrats who voted against the bill. State Sen. Catherine Osten, D-Sprague, was the other, which demonstrated the divide on the bill between those in rural areas and the cities.

      1. “Andrew Maynard of Stonington said he did not feel the bill infringed on gun owners constitutional rights…”? I think he’d have to explain that to me.

      2. “Dr. Fox (the predatory shrink)”. I wonder if he knows “Dr. CARVER (the comedic coroner)? Nothing like preying on sick people by plying them with drugs and taking advantage of them. It least he quit billing (according to him).

        If I were Sherlock Holmes I might suspect a pattern here. Not to worry, Malloy is going to clean this mess up. Now we know where the “somewhere” in “Over the Rainbow” is.

      3. Lophatt – saying that he did not feel the bill infringed on gun owners constitutional rights, but that he understood the implications of this bill, is something only Maynard can explain. He did vote against it.

        There is no news about state senator Maynard and his condition. He is also a licensed real estate professional. Don’t know if that is a good thing in CT.

        Speaking of real estate, there were festivities at Fairfield Hills and on Hilton Head Island in regards to the one year anniversary of the disappearance of real estate appraiser Robert Hoagland.


      4. Good link, John. Of those who know Adam didn’t exist, what do you make of it? The organization doesn’t seem to get that ‘Adam’ never existed, but it does expose holes in the narrative.

        It’s amazing that so many are still invested in the psych system. I worked in a bookstore about ten years ago, and I noticed that many parents especially had begun to figure out how misguided they’d been by it when trying to deal with their kids’ issues.

        Yet the push continues. Recently I discussed the issue of screenings with another dissident type, and he found that somewhere in I think federal law a clause calls for ‘patients’ to have the ‘right to be videotaped’ during their committal hearings. One problem with that is that a right is not the court’s duty to offer to a citizen. But the bigger one is that a hearing isn’t granted a ‘patient’ until he or she has already been committed. The hearing process only happens I believe when someone is going to be committed to a state or county psychiatric wing. So it’s a rhetorical sleight. The minute the state/cops force a citizen to an ER even for a screening that person is effectively ‘committed.’ I’ll repeat that an ER can hold someone for up to three days before a screening has to happen. That screening is really a committal, though, but because it’s not a ‘hearing’ before a judge a person has no rights, no ‘public advocate’/lawyer, etc.

        And the minute someone is either forced to an ER (I think drugs can be forced on them there) or up to a psych ward after being ‘screened’/committed’ they can be drugged immediately. Psych wards will force medicate to make a person appear so incapacitated they then seem ‘mentally ill’ to visitors…and also to a judge by the time an actual hearing takes place 2-3 weeks later.

        So it’s all a big scam. Why advocates aren’t pushing to have the cops film their own ‘screening’ so illicit force-medicating (to get insurance money often times, but also for sadistic reasons) isn’t an avenue to fake that someone is incapacitated is hard to figure. Transparency needs to happen but I don’t think it will, even though our modern technology would make it so easy.

        I’d mentioned Glen Miller, the KKK guy who allegedly shot three people this past spring and from watching the coverage of his court appearance it’s obvious to see he was medicated heavily. He had no disability before but had to be wheel chaired into the court room. That’s just one more element of evidence pointing to that it was a faked shooting. Maybe they had picked him up and placed him at the scene, then framed him, then drugged him…

        I really don’t know, but what’s clear is we’re in or very near to a Stasi State.

      5. Sue – AbleChild may or may not know about Adam Lanza being a fictional person. By not addressing that topic, and thus avoiding major controversies, they stick to facts that advance their noble cause. They avoid the “loon” factor for a good reason.

      6. I’m basically with you on that, Anne. It’s more expeditious for them to take that avenue, I just wish they could expose the full truth, as the fact that there was no Adam relates to the lie at the base of the psych racket.

        For anyone interested Kelly O’Meara wrote an excellent expose on psychiatry:


        At some point maybe in the 80’s, the CEO of one of I think Merck is quoted in her book as saying he wanted most of his customers to be ‘the normal people’ or somesuch.

        Other names to check would be Robert Whitaker, Peter Breggin, MD (an anti-psychiatry psychiatrist), Ken Kesey and Thomas Szazs whom I’ve mentioned. All have challenged Big Pharma.

      7. After they released the “luminaries”, they adjourned to the tunnels for a cauldron of eye-of-newt soup!

        One gets the impression that they are “kinda-sorta” looking for him. Even real estate appraisers have to eat. They said his wallet and credit cards, etc., were at home. Has anyone attempted to refill his prescriptions?

        I would hope that, if I disappeared, they would do more than put up a Facebook page. I see more advertising at the vet’s office.

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