chossudovskyJames is joined by Michel Chossudovsky, award-winning author and editor of Global Research. Together they discuss the phenomenon of manufactured dissent, contemporary independent news media , and the prospects for challenging corporate media disinformation, American imperialism, and the New World Order.

Chossudovsky received his doctorate in economics from the University of North Carolina. He is Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa and Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization and Global Headquartered in Montreal, Global Research is of the most well-known alternative news outlets in the world.


Dr. Chossudovsky’s writings have been translated into more than twenty languages. He is the author of The Globalization of Poverty and The New World Order (2003), America’s “War on Terrorism” (2005), and Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War (2011). Chossudovsky is a regular commentator on economic and geopolitical issues in various news media throughout the world.

Republished at Global Research on June 28, 2014.

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18 thought on “Chossudovsky on Challenging Media Disinformation & Manufactured Dissent”
  1. What a fantastic show. It’s great he agreed for you to interview him. We may have an uphill battle but people are joining daily who never thought they’d be labeled” truther”. And whoever thought anything to do with the truth would be a negative rather than a positive. Each blog you post encourages me to move forward and each person you bring to light and help us get to know teaches us so much on a daily basis. It goes to show where your ego stands it also goes to show your. devotion to information by letting people guest host on your blog and by the people you choose to interview. Thank you for the information and for the Enlightenment

  2. Thank you gentlemen for the great interview and the grand awakening that truth seekers have or are about to realize!

    As Elana Freeland in her book, “Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth” documents, in the interest of national security, the ‘government’ dictates what subjects are not to be discussed in the media.

    Conspiracy theorists, or those news outlets deemed to be anti-big government, are our new heroes. The Drudge Report stands alone, simply linking to news media. They alone, are reporting the travesty of illegal immigrants being herded like cattle into despicable prisons, mostly children. Where is the outrage?

    The AP reports these illegal immigrants are simply migrants.

  3. it’s not enough. Chossudovsky heads one of the best news sources on the planet, I agreed strongly with everything he said, except one, strongly endorse the truthers he mentioned, the best of the best, but its not enough. I used to think that Global Exchange was too academic, but actually it appears too journalistic. I know that that is its purpose of course, but the purpose is inadequate.

    The problem is that Global Exchange does not sufficiently connect the truth in a simple way so that the general person can easily understand it. I know that this is very difficult to do, but the tendency is for the learned to talk mostly to the learned, excluding the general person.

    For example, he Mentions the Unmentionable as far the mainstream media is concerned, that the Ukraine National Guard wears Nazi insignias on their uniforms. Naturally he can’t go into detail in the interview of only an hour, but the tendency tends to be general on Global Exchange.

    This is an extremely important informational item he discloses, with enormous political implications. The Ukraine regime is essentially coordinated by the USA, with CIA, FBI, diplomats, mercenaries, and others shaping the policies. This means that the Nazi symbols are displayed with US approval, or at least acquiescence. Which means that the US is supporting a fascist regime in Europe. And if in Europe, why not next in the USA.

    The general lack is connecting the truths for the general person, so s/he understands the political implications the facts reported. True, the connections will be more speculative, but that’s the problem with predictions, as Yogi Berra didn’t say, especially about the future. The news needs more ideological background to reveal its significance, even if the context is more Controversial.

    That said, Chossudosvsky has done a remarkable job, to a large extent a unique effort.

    1. I agree with Bamboo Harvester. Empire is a loaded word and yes, the notion of it predates America. It’s also used for other areas – the Inca Empire and so on.

    2. The term “Empire” is indeed an old one. I think it is appropriate here as well. I’m not sure that America “heads” it, but it has a role to play that involves explosions and killing people.

      If they are successful “America” will not be running this “Empire”. Countries are a dead concept. They are used because people haven’t caught up to that fact yet.

      This empire is a fascist oligarchy. Those who control the wealth and resources control the empire. You can think of “countries” as “zones” or “sectors”. They have specific assignments, although there is some bleed over at times.

      Where they ultimately run this world government from is not material. In essence it is already run from wherever the Controllers find themselves. In a sense, they are hoping this will be controllable due to advances in technology. They won’t have to be out of touch with far-flung troops like the Roman Empire.

      In the end it will fail just like all the others. It only lasts as long as the populace’ fear outweighs the imposition. When the people have had enough, and their enforcement arms lay down their weapons (or turn on their masters), it’s “game over”.

    3. You may want to research “The Empire of the City”.

      I found the setup to be rather astounding when I first came across it about 8 years ago in a documentary called “Secret Rulers of the World”.

      It connects the seat of religious, financial and military power. Obelisks, same flag and so on. Groups within groups within groups, as is so often the case with other shadow government type setups.

      Global Research has proven to be an immense source of data for a long time. The other favourite being one of the biggest archives on the internet. Biblioteca Pleyades.

  4. As always an excellent interview which not only introduced me to a new (for me) alternative news source, but much needed nourishing food for thought and action.
    Michel Chossudovsky’s idea of ” shake up”/ “wage a campaign against global media conglomerates” inspires me to look at my own “ritualized” thought processes and complicity in the government and media’s “Conspiracy of Silence”.
    As I began listening, I immediately caught myself thinking what can I do when our criminal MSMedia is just an arm of our criminal government that has passed laws that allow/promote/encourage the MSM to tell lies and “war propaganda”.
    Now after listening I am more hopeful about dissenting, I can ask myself what part I can play in “breaking down/democratizing the media”.
    What is stopping me from spending some quality time in front of my local TV station, even if just to hand out web sites of alternative news sites I use for information.

  5. Professor Chossudovsky is worried that US power will initiate a thermonuclear war, and so am I among many others. It is to the US’s military advantage to legitimate the use of nuclear weapons, because the US has the most of them and the most advanced delivery systems. That this would devastate the American people does not enter into the power equation, because the American people has lost all control of American power.

    The major ideological force that would lead up to and initiate such a war is homicidal racist imperialism, as it was in Nazi Germany. Racism is a cultural concept with genetic characteristics and the holistic UN definition includes nationalism, with nationalism being the racism of nations. The Good Germans of the Nazi era has been replaced by the Patriotic Americans of the Terrorist era, the Terrorists in the media interpretation are mostly non-White peoples.

    The majority of American people, according to polls, now are in favor of torture, and a strong majority oppose closing Gitmo. Even though US power acknowledges that most of the inmates there have never been terrorists. But the fear and hatred that racism has induced has overcome reason to the extent that obvious and flagrant untruths are taken now as gospel.

    The indoctrination of the American people by American power is leading the American population to operatively support endless war, even while we consciously oppose it. The US support for Ukrainian Nazism is a large step forward to war with Russia, even if the US wants to keep it a Cold War. This struggle will go on for years, as has the Iraq and Afghan wars, but the difference is that now both sides have nuclear weapons.

    Chossudovsky has done the best he could, revealing truths told nowhere else. But this has been done within an academic and journalist frame of reference that tends to exclude the general population, since we are so ideologically deluded, and think the reality based truth is surreal and outlandish. What is needed is a mass movement to oppose the historical tendencies that are leading us to destruction. How such a mass movement can be created I don’t know, but I do know that it must oppose the homicidal racist imperialism of American power.

  6. The recent Supreme Court ruling is the perfect example of how the media lies to support liberals.

    Hobby Lobby is mostly owned by a very religious family, they support religious activities and more importantly the family unit. They start their employees out with double the minimum wage and provide healthcare that includes birth control.

    They objected to 4 out of 20 mandated birth control options in the unaffordable healthcare mandated law they view as being a form of abortion. They faced the possibility of billions in fines.

    The radical left is out front and center declaring a war on women and the burning of the stores. There is a movement in support of freedom of religion that calls for us all to buy something there July 3rd.

  7. The reason the Us is likely to like the nazi aspect is that it guarantees that they really hate the russians. Otherwise they may be expected to feel about their collusion with the Us like the recently leaked statement from a polish politician would suggest: that there really is no advantage at all, only risks.

  8. A word to the wise:
    Evgeny Chossudovsky (Michel’s father) was a socialist who, (in Michel’s words) “decided he wanted to be in the UN before it even existed,” and who was part of the U.N. for decades, (the U.N. being the precursor for world government) and who wrote an essay for Foreign Affairs magazine in 1972, titled “Reconsiderations”. (Foreign Affairs magazine is the mouthpiece of the Council on Foreign Relations.)

    Read the obituary for Evgeny Chussodovsky printed in the Irish Times and linked by

    Bottom line: the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. I don’t, for one NY minute, believe Michel Chussodovsky hasn’t known all along that ‘alternative’ media, if it has any traction at all, it is controlled opposition–otherwise, it doesn’t see the light of day or is kept tightly under wraps. Those in control do not take chances with their largest and best method of disseminating all the ‘news’ you need to know or that’s ‘fit to print’.

    Michel Chussodovsky has been ‘authorized,’ at THIS time, not so much to REVEAL, but to CONFIRM more of the global plan because it has become so OBVIOUS even to many who are sleepwalking. So the controllers CONTINUE to control the ‘RITUAL of REBELLION’. They do NOT take any chances. All facets of life must be controlled.

    “We are now in a very critical period” states Chussodovsky about this so-called ‘ISIS’ group in Iraq. BE aware…he’s telling you something important. ISIS is, in fact, a tool of domestic, U.S.A.–(if it can be called the U.S.A.) policy.

    Rebellion must be controlled, if there is to be any rebellion permitted at all. Remember however, REVOLUTION is the EXCLUSIVE domain of the controllers. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING important and overt happens unless it’s PERMITTED to happen..including the ‘neo-Nazi elements’ in Ukraine which Chussodovsky decries. The so-called ‘neo-Nazi’ element is likely funded by those who fund all such ‘neo-Nazi’ groups. And having video of killings (what Chussodovsky called “atrocieties” in Ukraine) is most definitely not “proof” of anything at all, since any video can be doctored to show anything at all. (Recall CNN and the green screen Iraq ‘live’ bombings.) For a man whose father worked to promote the U.N. and NATO, he now pretends not to think very highly of NATO…

    In a 57 minute talk, I just love how Chussodovsky simply MUST throw in an ‘offhand’ mention of the Spanish Inquisition, when it had nothing at all to do with the topic but he’s compelled to sneak it in there and term it an “absurd”[ity]. And, as for ‘pope’ Bergoglio having supported the Argentine military junta; of course Mr. Bergoglio supported it That is the nature of socialists and the U.N. NGOs that funded marxists in South America and the emigration of marxists/socialist from Russia to Israel and all over the world, including the Vatican. Who is kidding whom? Also, I’m sure Michel Chussodovsky has more than just a ‘minimum’ understanding of the Russian language since his father was fluent in the language having been born in Russia and been sent out of Russia on his U.N. mission just after the 1917 ‘Bolshevik’ ‘revolution’.

    Lastly, the media conglomerates will NOT fade away…they may change as a chameleon, but they won’t fade away. They are funded by those who own the money system. It doesn’t matter whether mainstream media has any ‘readership’ or not. The media is NOT fragile. Reuters owns all media, and Reuters is (routed by) the Rothschild empire. The Nuremburg protocol means nothing to them. The protocol is only used against voices & ideas that they can’t use, control or crush.

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