By Jim Garrison

In a country with advanced technology for news distribution, the removal of a nation’s leader by a coup d’etat will never be attempted unless those sponsoring the murder feel assured that they will have an effective degree of control over the dissemination of the news.  Government control must be at a high enough level to guarantee the subsequent distribution of official news releases encouraging the belief that, however tragic the incident, it was essentially meaningless and all is well.

The high speed of news dissemination is used to great advantage in contemporary intelligence assassinations.  The official fiction can be spread to every corner of the world and obtain acceptance as reality long before any separate inquiry, if one ever occurs, has begun.  The sheerest illusion is spun into the only reality the public will ever know.

Creation of a believable cover for an assassination is routine for an intelligence agency of a major government.  The cover story which is initially distributed by the press release creates a degree of acceptance virtually impossible to dislodge.  This is the case especially when the official fiction is supported by the prearranged activities of a decoy pointing in the direction of a false sponsor of the assassination.

The actual events of the assassination become irrelevant.  All that remains relevant is the cover story issued to the press and the power to control the investigation and conceal the evidence.

A new political instrument has been created.  It provides for the permanent removal of a man whose philosophies do not coincide with that of the dominant power structure of the United States.  The danger that the press will recognize what is happening and will make relevant criticism has been demonstrated to be zero.  The thinnest of covers will set the press off in the direction opposite to the truth, like greyhounds pursuing the artificial rabbit.  The victim can be dispatched with a shotgun and an official announcement that it was done with a bow and arrow will produce editorials condemning the use of bows and arrows.

No one wants to recognize that somewhere along the line America has ceased to be the home of the brave and the land of the free, and that only in after-dinner speeches is it still the sweet land of liberty.  No one wants to recognize that there are assassins at work in the land, symmetrically eliminating men who speak out for the human race and for the future.  No one wants to admit that in America peace is dangerous business.  Better to have the assassinations accompanied by wafer-thin deception, eagerly accepted one after the other, than to have to face the truth.

Justice is not so blind that it pursues the most powerful forces in the country.  Nor is the press so committed to truth that it wants the burden of knowledge of what is happening.

America has become a nation controlled by men who seek ever-increasing power.  Justice is whatever they want to happen.  Truth is whatever they announce has occurred.

-A Heritage of Stone, New York: G. P. Putnam & Sons, 1970, 31-32.

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39 thought on “Corporate Media Complicity in State Crime”
    1. I beg to disagree dinophile. James Tracy slays dragons every day, before lunch.

      When and how was our free press beaten into submission? It’s time to hit the reset button.

      1. S rhe Ameridan pesss was not beaten into submission, it wwas pampered into silendce.wth
        bonuses for playing the game. Review the rise of Dan Rather–compensation for falsifying his inferpretation of the day in Dallas, Nov. 1963.

  1. Half tribal Oliver Stone’s movie about Garrison was both boring and possibly serving as subconscious disinformation. This essay paints Garrison in a more serious and sober light. I hadn’t thought too much about how decoys are often standard MO. I feel almost certain that the Mossad had JFK killed, though, so his writing resonates more on this generalized level. Garrison was a catholic; his metaphor ‘about wafer-thin deceptions being eagerly accepted one after another,’ like communion in the catholic mass, is brilliant. The artifice accompanying contemporary ‘assassinations’ really is almost transparent and yet the public consumes it unquestioningly like some faith experience. (I detest catholicism BTW).

    Wasn’t MLK’s family was able to prove that he was the target of a government conspiracy to kill him…?

    1. ETA: How prescient of him to note that “Justice is whatever they want to happen. Truth is whatever they announce has occurred.”

      All over in comments I am seeing the american public line up to receive the host with the obsequiousness of Jim Jones’ devotees. They don’t seem to have any interest in taking responsibility for having the power and duty to judge. They incessantly refer to Elliot Rodger’s ‘mental illness’ as if repeating the lines of the priest (catholic mass is the same every Sunday in terms of the laypeople’s lines, which largely echo the priest’s). It’s as if there is no such thing as human choice or agency. Americans have yielded full force to exactly the conditions Garrison describes. Sorry, lophatt, but I think there is culpability in these lemmings, at least more than you recognize. Those who refuse to measure the morality of others lack any themselves.

  2. The blame cannot be solely apportioned to Israel and Mossad. JFK had many adversaries, most of which were domestic.

    Based on the work of Garrison, Jim Marrs, and Fletcher Prouty, Stone’s film, with the exception of some cinematic license, is entirely accurate. Stone was forced to suggest otherwise after tremendous pressure exerted by the US press.

    This was in fact proven by the King family in a civil suit that was, in keeping with the theme, entirely overlooked by major media. At the time news outlets were giving inordinate attention to the O.J. SImpson trial.

    See, for example, William Pepper’s overview of the episode.

    1. Dr Stan repeatedly brings up the fact of that trial, that a jury concluded that it was in fact a government conspiracy, and that there was a media blackout.

      Interesting that you connect it with the O.J. trial; Stan has never noticed the connection, that it was used to run interference, but Stan DOES have something very interesting to say about O.J. You can order a four CD set of his interviews with researchers who have written important books, and O.J. didn’t do it. One of these guys spent his life savings over 17 years investigating the crime, and proves that it was his insane son Jason who committed the murders; he was able to purchase the contents of Jason’s storage locker when he defaulted on it, which contained, to his surprise, the murder weapon. (The Daily Mail published an article about it a couple of years ago:–went-trial-cover-up.html).

      O.J. went to the crime scene to cover up for his son, and never ratted him out. O.J. probably isn’t very bright.

      Lest this go to moderation (two links seems to do that), Dr. Stan’s web site is Over the years Stan has mentioned occasionally that he is disappointed that that particular 4 CD set is one of the least purchased of those he has on offer, because it is one of the most eye-opening, and worthwhile. White people simply assume that O.J. did it, and are perplexed that blacks, almost universally, believe that he is innocent. Well, he’s not innocent: he tried to cover up a crime he did not commit. Why does practically no one know this? Because the MSM, and essentially all of the alternative media, never said a word about it. No one knows.

      The possibility that the trial was given 24/7–we never close–all O.J.-all the-time coverage to block out the MLK jury story is very interesting. Thanks, James.

    2. THe eloquent William Pepper did a brilliant job of laying out the case for a conspiracy in the assasination of Martin Luther King. He convinced a jury, in a mock trial, that James Earl Ray was a patsy. His powerful account of his exhaustive investigation is an IMPORTANT BOOK. To read Ray’s own words, it is obvious that he was a simple man, with no motive, but was easily manipulated.

  3. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a bullet fired so perfectly in the center of the bullseye as this essay. Absolute brilliance Mr. Garrison. Guts, bravery and fearlessness. Odds against you a million to one and you went full throttle any way. A fearless warrior fighting one of the biggest lies ever told long before the internet was there to tell your side. What you started has never stopped and is like a snowball rolling down an endless mountain. It gets bigger every year.

  4. The deception problem is partially conceptual, not informational; the problem is often not disinformation, but DISCONCEPTION.

    Political science, which is scientific in the same sense that the Salvation Army is an army, maintains that we are ruled institutionally by a ‘state’ which largely coincides with a ‘government.’ In fact, we are ruled institutionally by both a government and corporations. The oligarchy, which controls the corporations, has gained control of the government as well, and is currently stealing anything that isn’t nailed down.

    The most obvious institution in this institutional power system is the corporate media, or Free Press. The government lies to the people and the media repeats the lies as if they were true. But if the people were to think of the media as a ruling institution, they would demand control of it as part of Democracy. So the conceptual disconnection between Government and Private Enterprise is maintained to deceive the people as to how we are really ruled.

  5. The title of this piece “Corporate Media Complicity in State Crime” is misleading, in my opinion. The only way a government has of deceiving and deluding the people it rules is through its truth institutions: the schools, universities and other learned bureaucracies; the media; the churches; the Entertainment venues; political and social science; etc. Therefore the corporate media is not ‘complicit’ in false flags, but a central component of them as part of the power system.

    And the central element of this deceit is not ‘corporate,’ which is just a legal form of organization. if the people controlled the media and the people’s truthers produced it, it could take the form of a corporation as well as any other form. The central element in the power delusions is that it is controlled and financed by a business oligarchy, not that it is corporate.

    Nor is it generally accepted by honest truthers that this was necessarily a ‘state’ crime. It could have been achieved, at least partially, by Private Enterprise, namely the gangsters apparently involved in it. Unless what is meant by the ‘state’ includes both government and private agencies, which it may. But the conceptual language of people and power is so restricted, fragmented, ambiguous, and obscure that it is literally impossible to communicate in an accurate holistic way about matters of enormous common concern.

  6. “Truth is whatever they announce has occurred.” This could not happen without the participation of the people. And it takes all kinds. Here is an analogy I created some years ago; I call it “Animal Farm.”

    People who are wide awake and are putting out messages to the public about these compounding events in very visible ways (e.g., websites, books, interviews, talks) are Eagles. Eagles are powerful and fly high and are brave. Beneath them are Owls: those who are awake and wise and see deeply into what’s going on, but who do not have or want as wide a reach as the Eagle… Owls spread the word in their own resourceful way. Below the Owls are the Sparrows – “truthers” at large who are out there hopping around and scattering crumbs of knowledge in the effort to alert people to wake up.

    Then we have the masses who are asleep, who don’t suspect much (if anything): they are the Lambs. Scattered here and there among the Lambs are people who have been told about a few things, but for whom the prospect of reality being upside down is frightening and they would rather not know more … these are the Sheep.

    Then there are the people on the payroll of the perps, who are richly rewarded for operating and executing the various nasty scenarios and plans: these are the Snakes. And then there are those who have been shown ample proof of the upsidedown-ness of things (by various Sparrows or Owls) but who insistently deny that the world is awry or that anything sinister is going on – vehemently rebutting, arguing, denying, dismissing, over and over – these are the Jackals.

    Eagles, Owls, Sparrows, Lambs, Sheep, Snakes, Jackals. That’s my list so far. The worst are the Jackals, it seems, because for no reward at all they are willing to ignore the danger and therefore do their part in transporting humanity and nature into oblivion. The Snakes have got the Jackals on their side, and the masses of Lambs and Sheep are their fodder. A few Eagles and some handfuls of Owls supported by a scattering of Sparrows are trying to rescue the sleeping Lambs from Jackals backed by Snakes who are endlessly shouting them down. The Sheep are simply blinking in the sunlight. What animal are you?

    1. Sofia, I like your model, but you should consider adding another animal to it: mice. Mice are snake-food. The Lambs you describe strike me as hapless middle class people who simply don’t want to worry about reality; people in the Matrix. But there are others, the underclass they are sometimes called, who are not only clueless but addicted and without a future because they don’t even want to think about anything beyond today. The Lambs can be awakened a little, and become Sheep; Sheep can become one of your bird-species, on occasion. But our enemies are systematically creating an environment where absolute thoughtlessness prevails amongst a growing segment of the population. The chances of these becoming Lambs are vanishingly small.

    2. This is a very astute analogy; I think categorizing can be very helpful, especially for those of us who lack our own imagination.

      While I would like to think of myself as an Owl, I suspect I am more of a Sparrow…but one who enjoys keeping the company of Owls, and even the occasional Eagle (when it’s not looking!).

    3. Smallstorm’s Excellent Metaphors Projected In CYCLIC Process

      Smallstorm makes excellent sociologic metaphor, but don’t forget the larger, general historical, CYCLIC process so well described in Oswald Spengler’s “Decline of the West.”

      Thus the society begins most generally w. self-sufficient and HONEST farmers–say like the Romans (Aristotelian OBJECTIVITY). But as the society is successful and grows more prosperous and victorious the seeds of ultimate destruction are steadily sown.

      Thus “success” of a society leads ineluctably to generations (like the recent in USA) who wouldn’t have otherwise survived on their own merits but for their forbears achievements, talent, and fortitude providing for them, allowing the increase of population.

      Thus as things sociologic and economic continue to “prosper,” the inheritors suffer increasing HUBRIS, esp. of moralism-Pharisaism, pretending they are “good” and can substantially change reality by means of a substantially “free” human will (Platonist SUBJECTIVISM)–and they begin to “tolerating” criminals and liars who are expert in plying the corrupt generation w. false compliments, encouraging the HUBRIS, esp. in way of afore-mentioned moralism-Pharisaism and tolerance of these criminals, pretending, for example they can now begin to issuing fiat-money and in this way preserving and enhancing “prosperity” by artificial means/methods.

      So the “eagles,” “owls,” and even “sparrows” have their natures and status COUNTERFEITED–no less than the money supply–and the sheep and lambs are beguiled and mis-led–what has happened?

      Observe then the sheep and lambs are now OVER-POPULATED–due to the success of their forbears for “prosperity.” And as human life is inexorably TRAGIC, these sheep and lambs must eventually be de-populated by means of the snakes and jackals and others, no doubt, perhaps like those who were formerly of “eagle” or “owl” spirit, but now corrupted, who become like ravenous tigers and wolves.

      Thus we see the historical process is truly CYCLIC, and sociologic effects necessarily reflect this CYCLIC hist. process, the tragedy of things always leading to rises and then declines of population of sheep and lambs. For only as the sheep and lamb population declines do the snakes and jackals and wolves and tigers begin to fight one another, reducing their own numbers, allowing then the sheep and lambs to rise, once again for their numbers. Such then is the inexorable, deterministic, CYCLIC process, so ably described by Oswald Spengler, demonstrated and verified in history, psychology, and sociology.

      Presently, it seems to me there’s still far, far too many sheep, lambs, and mice, and plenty of snakes and jackals, and esp. fearsome, ravenous wolves and tigers–too few eagles, owls, and sparrows.

      What must now happen is sheep and lambs will be reduced, thus reducing the food-supply of wolves, tigers, snakes, and jackals who will begin to fighting one-another–only then, when wolves, tigers, snakes, and jackals’ number is reduced, can the sheep and lambs begin to thrive and increase for their numbers.

    4. The jackals definitely seem the most vexing as they labor for something I don’t understand. But I tend to sort most of the layers of actors by class, and to some extent by ethnicity. People know what they can afford to know, or not as the case may be. Those who find benefit somewhere in the system (in some way or another) are less inclined to question that system. And vice versa.

      Yet these types of dynamics also engage our inner sense of self in some way that often defines us as individuals. I was born a skeptic in certain respects.

      Mostly I think the american people have become lazy and spoiled and entitled. They want to believe there are all these ‘madmen’ who are ‘mentally ill’ because they don’t want to find the moral culpability in people, whether it be themselves or others. This is the point of departure for me in assessing roles. I once read part of a book called ‘Mental Health Through Will Power’ or something like that. Did anyone know that the rates of ‘mental illness’ are much higher in the rich and the poor than in the middle class? Traditionally this was recognized; today I think it would be more a matter of ‘serious’ ‘mental illness’ aka as the ‘type’ that would justify interning people. So does anyone really believe that the poor are more genetically prone to ‘insanity’ than the middle class?

      It’s a question of character. Gwendolyn Brooks’ (in spite of claims by people who purport to question I am not anti all black people nor without admiration for some) poem about America seems apropos, We Real Cool:

      We real cool. We
      Left school. We

      Lurk late. We
      Strike straight. We

      Sing sin. We
      Thin gin. We

      Jazz June. We
      Die soon.

  7. The Jackals are winning, Smallstorm. The American untruth consensus is getting more homicidal and unreal. The US is orchestrating Nazis in Ukraine to create a new Cold War against Russia, and the entire American media simply deny that Nazis are involved, in opposition to the obvious truth.

    The US orchestrated a false flag of snipers killing about a hundred people to initiate the coup. It was under the control of Parubiy, a cofounder of a Nazi party, and a leader of the American sponsored Orange Revolution. All this is not merely sanitized out of the American untruth consensus, it is explicitly and vehemently denied.

    What is happening now in Ukraine may well happen in the USA, truth being the first victim of homicide. The untruth consensus is moving rapidly to the right as the US and the West lose world power, swamping the obvious reality-based truth with increasingly blatant deceit. The immediate future in the next few years does not look good.

  8. Good points. Putting yourself in the shoes of the assassination’s customers and financiers, it makes sense to take precautions so as to avoid personal adverse consequences.

    An immediate corollary is that people who want to teach such events to the public may be wasting their energy using assassinations. They may find outreach much easier if they were to use, for instance, a false flag that would have been televised live to the entire world, so that the contrast between its indisputable video record and its false official explanation would be blatant enough for the general public to understand it, in spite of overwhelming calls from all bully pulpits to just not think about it.

    Hence the quest for a false flag that would have been televised live to the entire world and how to leverage it. But this is another story.


  9. I have said repeatedly (without much success I fear), that there is a tendency both to blame the “unawake” and ourselves for the situation we find ourselves in. While I realize that the hype we grew up with categorically states that we are governing ourselves, etc., it simply wasn’t and isn’t true.

    While it is certainly preferable to have informed masses, it doesn’t make them impossible to control. If the vast majority suddenly had an epiphany, nothing would change with the controllers. They are marching to the script they’ve been given, not to the wishes of the masses.

    So my admonitions do not translate to “do nothing, I don’t care”, they translate to “lets look at things the way they are, not how we would like them to be”. What we see today is not the product of complacency. Granted, it may have been more difficult to achieve with an informed and engaged populace, but they would have pushed this agenda regardless.

    They are not afraid of voting. At one time I think at least some of them had a suppressed fear that the eaters might arrive at the gate bearing torches and pitchforks. Not anymore. They believe they are ready for that.

    So while everyone is free to blame themselves and others for what these psychopaths do, I’ll sit that one out. I may not be able to stop them but I’ll not take responsibility for their actions. That only works when they actually do our bidding.

    I’ve lived long enough to have known a better time. I also know that that was never as described. What we see today was a long time in the making. People have certainly protested, screamed, threatened, etc., over the years. While it may make me feel good to know there are others out there who are dissatisfied, beyond that it doesn’t change a thing.

    I lived through the JFK assassination, Viet Nam, the Hippie Movement, the vacuous 80’s, etc.. The only time I’ve seen a “public serpent” alter course is if they thought they were going to jail or someone was going to grab them by the throat.

    So, I totally support the sentiments raised by Garrison and the principles he represents. I just say that we are not responsible for why we no longer have them. I hear that all the time and it isn’t true. It presupposes that if we said “enough” they’d stop. They won’t.

  10. The American people have been morally perverted by American power largely by sanitizing and denying our historical past, which has been covered up by historians and political and social scientists. This past history is now emerging into the mainstream truth consensus. It is illustrated by a recent book of a Harvard historian, Bernard Bailyn, who described the peopling of America in the 17th century in THE BARBAROUS YEARS.

    The barbarism, which he details in horrifying page after page, consisted of homicidal racist imperialism. He states:

    “There was never a time, over a half century of settlement, when there was not a racial conflict in one or another of the European colonies in coastal North America–not only random killings on isolated border lands and deadly attacks by ruthless traders, but concerted wars of devastation different from the precontact Indians wars and beyond the rules of civilized warfare…”

    The British killing and horrifying tortures were conditioned by Cromwell’s massacres of the “wild Irish” in the English civil war, the Puritans consciously equating the American Indians with the Irish. The War on Terrorism, and the transformation of the American traditional political system into a despotism, is conditioned by the homicidal racism of these religious fanatics. US power has killed hundreds of thousands of dark skinned Muslims to steal their oil and other collective and personal property and power.

    The American people have been conditioned by American power to support this homicidal racist imperialism. Our political values are based on this oppression. We cannot regain control over American power, and unite effectively, unless we consciously understand how we have been conditioned to identify historically with American oppression.

    1. Mark the genocidal plan of the globalists has endangered redheads, who are mostly celtic, to the point where they will be statistically irrelevant within 30 years. Please do not purport to somehow represent the oppression of the irish in your nonsensical rants. The Diversity Cult you love so much is killing my people. What they have visited upon me for having fair celtic hair is so obscene that I must call you out as the hypocrite that you are.

  11. I was amazed to discover on Wikipedia that persons with red hair have been discriminated against throughout history, often harshly, as degenerate, witches, or vampires. I suppose this is the case with all genetic deviation, such as short people, redheads being only 1or 2% of the White population.

    However, when I was in Dublin or Scotland, I didn’t notice any greater number of redheads, like most men perhaps, not paying attention tot he color of men’s hair. There are a lot of redheads, relatively, among Galician Poles, but they are Slaves or Jews.

    There is no record of blonds, being discriminated against, however, about a fifth of the White population. An exception might be conceiving blond women as being less serious and dumber, possibly more sexual attractive to dumber men. I suppose there is no visible genetic or cultural deviation that does not arouse bigotry.

  12. Here’s another example of “media complicity” from, where else? Connecticut:

    In this case it appears to be more akin to media acting as accomplices rather than “watchdogs”.

    I knew when we were treated to the fully-televised assault on the Fourth Amendment, vis-a-vis Boston, that there would be more to follow. Can there be any doubt as to the purpose for these drills?

    The Government has declared the citizens to be the “enemy”. The cops are their local army to intimidate and control us. How could anyone support this?

    Soon we’ll be sheltering in place while a drone takes out our neighbor.

    1. I watched the entire painfully poorly delivered and obviously well-scripted talk Philip Bobbitt gave at the Robert Strauss Center for International Security and Law (they go hand-in-glove you know) in 2009. He has been ‘authorized’ (under the guise of having being a ‘constitutional expert’) to reiterate that the constitution has run its course and the nation-state is to be purposefully ‘withered away’ and replaced by a global state which will be the ‘natural’ outcome of the war on (of) terror which has continually fluid parameters and no goal or ‘winner’ EXCEPT for a ‘safe citizenry’. If you haven’t been killed today, you’re a winner.

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