Dees_Wi_FiIn this episode of Checkin’ It Out we are joined by two especially knowledgeable individuals to examine the dangers posed by the wide deployment of electromagnetic radiation-emitting devices in taxpayer-funded schools and other public spaces.

In the first half hour we speak to Joe Imbriano. Mr. Imbriano  is a public health researcher and community activist located in Fullerton, California. He holds bachelors degrees in both Biological Science and Chemistry from the University of California, Irvine, and has worked for the past 25 years as a licensed insurance agent. Mr. Imbriano is an avid Constitutionalist and strong citizen voice seeking to raise awareness of the grave dangers posed by WiFi in public schools. His advocacy for public health was reignited because of the current explosion of chronic health problems–particularly among children. This is where he began his quest to confront the epidemic of autism, cancer, and the unfolding fertility crisis rooted in the widespread usage of wireless technology. Imbriano’s websites are Fullerton and


In the second half of the show Attorney Shawn Abrell discusses the health dangers of electromagnetic radiation. Abrell is recognized internationally for charitable work in the ultra-complex area of children’s civil rights and electromagnetic radiation. Versed in all aspects of personal injury and medical malpractice, insurance, construction, business, U.C.C., and banking, Mr. Abrell is a highly qualified and skilled professional with over ten years of experience in complex state and federal civil litigation in Washington and Oregon courts. He holds degrees from Indiana University and Nova Southeastern Law School.

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41 thought on “CIO Interview 6: Killing Our Children Softly”
  1. When the World Health Organization studied the carcinogenic effects of EMF’s from cell phones, a study partly funded by the cell phone industry, their results were so skewed that the final numbers indicated that people who used cell phones, were less apt to experience gliomas or other cancers, than those who did not use cell phones.

    1. Sandy,you are incorrect in your statement here. Here is a quote from the World Health Organizations official document showing that many studies were used and one in particular ,the Interphone study that was partly funded by the cell phone phone industry, was included in the scientific literature that was examined: “Results –
      The evidence was reviewed critically, and overall evaluated as being limited2 among users of
      wireless telephones for glioma and acoustic neuroma, and inadequate3 to draw conclusions for
      other types of cancers. The evidence from the occupational and environmental exposures
      mentioned above was similarly judged inadequate. The Working Group did not quantitate the
      risk; however, one study of past cell phone use (up to the year 2004), showed a 40% increased
      risk for gliomas in the highest category of heavy users (reported average: 30 minutes per day
      over a 10‐year period).

      Dr Jonathan Samet (University of Southern California, USA), overall Chairman of the Working
      Group, indicated that “the evidence, while still accumulating, is strong enough to support a
      conclusion and the 2B classification. The conclusion means that there could be some risk, and
      therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risk.”

      “Given the potential consequences for public health of this classification and findings,” said IARC
      Director Christopher Wild, “it is important that additional research be conducted into the long‐
      term, heavy use of mobile phones. Pending the availability of such information, it is important
      to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands‐free devices or texting. ”

      The Working Group considered hundreds of scientific articles; the complete list will be published
      in the Monograph. It is noteworthy to mention that several recent in‐press scientific articles4
      resulting from the Interphone study were made available to the working group shortly before it
      was convened. ” The Interphone study was partly funded by the cell phone industry and certainly was not the whole basis for their classification. Further more the chief scientist on the WHO committee International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC),PHD Anthony Miller , testified before the Toronto Council in NOV.2013 that EMF should now be re-classified a class 2A carcinogen,probable “cancer causer” with all the latest research.Here is link for that testimony : Glioma cancer was rare till the advent of cell phones and now it is epidemic.

  2. Thank you for staying on this. Some parents and I are now considering trying to terminate the wireless routers at our local public school…

  3. Excellent interview.My child is an adult now so I was not aware of how classrooms have become mandatory wireless ” electronic sardine cans”. Agenda 21 at work: ignored nose bleeds, ” microwave transmitters in direct proximity to the female and male reproductive organs”, “earpieces as conduits of RF emissions to the young developing brains”, “video game addictions” and mind control/compliance.
    “This is the future appearance of the world headquarters for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They have plans for a total of three 6 story buildings. There are those three 6′s again. Funny these look like magnets.” – See more at:
    “Who is ultimately behind the wireless radiation exposure safety guidelines and vaccination programs:
    Who has the exclusive market on the wireless device market in the classrooms?”
    – See more at:
    I really the appreciate the passion and dedication of Joe Imbriano and Attorney Shawn Abrell, as well as yours, Memoryholeblog for introducing them to me.

  4. When I held an iPhone in my hand for the first time. I remember thinking that it was the most incredible machine, a “Star Trek” communicator finally made real. I mean, you can do anything with it. It had a seductive power. And I’m supposedly an adult. You can imagine how a child or teenager would see it and do see it. Throw in peer pressure and psycho- consumer propaganda and there you go, some have even killed for it. A sick phenomena referred to as “Apple Picking”.

    But in the back of my mind though, I knew, this mesmerizing device could track your every move, be used to ease drop on your every conversation and that all your confidential data could be easily accessed. A truly perfect weapon. It makes you think of the genius in its design and the millions and millions of dollars in research it took to develop.

    I’m starting to think someone out there really, really does not like us. Jeez, they seem to hate us! And to expose children to this kind radiation knowingly is simply demonic. They seem to have forsaken our future for some unknown future for themselves. They have no need for us now, they are onto bigger and better things apparently. To act this recklessly with the destiny of humanity and the planet they surely have an escape plan of some kind. I don’t think they plan on living underground forever. And I don’t think they are criminally suicidal, though it’s hard to tell sometimes. They’re too greedy for that. Remember they want it all, and that includes life…

    So maybe they found another planet out there somewhere to repopulate in their own likeness or a giant space station like in the movie “Elysium”, where they are the Overlords of the Prison Planet below. All of this is so eerily fantastic and somehow familiar but the evidence, over the years, and sad to say, has been pointing in this direction for quite sometime now.

    Our future is not bright. The solutions to our current dilemmas must be Radical! Something never before seen, we must match their evil genius with a genius of our own. We must hijack their agenda and end it forever. We must take nothing off the table and nothing should be deemed as too weird or crazy. If you can make it fun and exciting all the better. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Follow your heart that’s all you need to know. We must shape a new reality to counter the false reality that we presently reside in. At this point we simply have nothing else to lose. The clock is ticking people, tick tock, tick tock.

    We might not succeed but we might be able to plant a seed into the next generation of home schooled children. Creating a sensibility that is beyond our own, something more adapt to the technological nightmare we are now living… This is what we are meant to do, it’s why we are on this planet, it’s our job!

    There are Guides and Spirits that will help us along the way…



    1. I agree, For what it’s worth, I don’t say or think the things I do because I like them. Over much time and study I’ve come to the conclusion that, essentially, those who say there is a plan to reduce the population to 500M and there is a concerted effort to get there.

      Without putting too fine a point on it, that is why I believe that, overall, it is the same old “good vs evil” dichotomy. Along the way to accomplishing this they must control us. It is easier if we comply, they have ways to deal with it if we do not.

      What advertises itself as your government (or anyone else’ for that matter), controlled by the same cabal. Whether knowingly, or unknowingly, it makes no difference. They only champion the causes that they are told to support.

      If the government gets interested in digital TV, for example, or universal wi-fi, there’s a reason. It isn’t being done because they think it would be so enjoyable. Just as most advances in science and technology are largely due to military attempts at superiority.

      This group has a basic problem. Many of us are old enough to realize that something’s wrong. We will pass away soon enough. The focus is on our children. It is much easier for them to work with those who simply don’t know any different.

      I’ll finish with a comment on your “Elysium” remark. One of the twisted ironies of this is that, once they get it down to 500M, it will then be 200M, and so on. This is an utterly mad plot, hatched by utterly evil and mad men. So, I suppose you could say “the joke’s on them”.

      1. (I write the following comment as a Christian; but for the irreligious here, please look at it as a metaphor…I think it still works.)

        I find it mind-boggling to watch this all play out. What we’re seeing matches Satan’s plan exactly. Surely he knows that his plan to thwart our God-given free agency will never work…can never work…yet he forges ahead anyway, even to his own detriment. That’s always been a big question in my mind: why does he bother, when he can’t possibly win in the long run? (I mean that rhetorically; I really DO know his purpose.) But as has been pointed out several times, we have front seats to the Big Game, the likes of which have not been seen since the War in Heaven. This IS Good vs. Evil, and every single one of us is going to have to pick a side.

        I’ve often wondered how one-third of the host of heaven could have picked the side of rebellion…but it becomes clearer by the day. I’ve also wondered how I was going to know when the End Times were here…I mean, many of the prophecies of Revelations (and others) are difficult to interpret, and many have already been fulfilled in past ages. However, this too becomes clearer by the day.

        I think it’s been pretty well established that the Powers That Be operate under their own religious philosophy, so I think it can be argued that a religious perspective is warranted. Still, my apologies to the non-Judeo-Christians/atheists here…I don’t mean to start any sort of exclusive dialogue.

      2. Indeed. To reduce it to simplistic religious concepts, some want their “reward” now. Others “store up treasures in Heaven”. If one believes that they are islands unto themselves, and have no concern or responsibility for any other of God’s creation, their behavior will show it.

        These controller’s reward is materialistic. They are driven by avarice and greed. Whether thought of as metaphor or not, they “serve their master”. They regard those who have empathy or feel responsibility as fools. They are contemptuous, and it shows.

      3. Recynd,

        There is a very important book called The Threat by professor David Jacobs of Temple University. He has been a UFO researcher for something like 50 years. What he has done is to hypnotize abductees, and recover their memories of what was done to them (amnesia is induced when people are abducted; they just know they are “missing time”). By the time he wrote the book (1998) he was very, very afraid. He still is–you can find videos of him on youtube.

        He is convinced that the UFO phenomenon is a breeding program, that they are systematically creating hybrids that look 100% human, yet they possess non-human powers, like telepathy. They also do not have the human emotion of empathy. They are created for a purpose: to replace us. They are a lot like an ant colony, with a single-minded purpose within a highly structured division of labor; able to act individually, but always for the collective’s goals.

        Believing the Bible to be true, as I do, it is easy to know who the creators of the hybrids are. It says so right there in Genesis chapter 6.

        These beings all have jobs to do. They are busy. They are goal-oriented. They are accountable to bosses. The pure aliens, without any human DNA, the Bible’s “Sons of God,” are very cruel, and everyone beneath them knows it. It is a fear-run operation.

        As for how it all started, why these beings rebelled, the Bible only offers clues; we don’t know much about the conditions in Heaven when it happened, but it has something to do with the rules of life there. God constrained Himself when He created sentient beings with free will. God made the rules, but He subjected Himself to them, and because He’s honorable, He can’t break them.

        Genesis 1:26 says “us” and “our,” and while many people think this is the Trinity, I agree with Michael Heiser that it is the Divine Council, the Sons of God the verse is talking about. They were involved in the creation of the human race. When the Earth was created, Satan thought he naturally would rule over it. He was outraged when he learned that Adam would not be his slave, but that Adam would be as free as any Son of God. This, he intended to put a stop to. He has grown to hate the human race more intensely ever since. He uses human beings, granting them enormous power, to accomplish his ultimate goal, which is to openly, visibly, rule the Earth. This has been a very long term plan, and the continuity is maintained across the centuries, as his mortal tools constantly die, by means of mystery religions, which morph over time into new forms: Egyptian Hermeticism became the Knights Templar, which transformed into Masonry, etc.

        Human beings are easily tricked into participating in this scheme to destroy humanity, sad to say.

        The hybrid breading program is very advanced at this stage. The Sons of God have been building an army that looks just like us. They can (and do) blend in now (this is a recent development). We can’t know when the war against us will start, but I suspect that it is soon; there are many indications that they are just about ready. Lately, the drive for complete control over the public mind seems pretty well accomplished. The mass of humanity can be made to believe just about anything, no matter how preposterous–which is what we talk about here, at MHB.

        I suspect that the trigger mechanism will be a world-wide economic/currency system breakdown that will launch a world war. That could happen any day our enemy wants it to.

        1. Thank you for the recommendation; I’ve downloaded the book and will start reading it as soon as I’m done with the two I’m currently working on.

          I have some thoughts about the rest of your post, but I want to develop them better before I post a response.

      4. @Patrick, I also believe the bible to be true. Your comments are interesting to me. For most of my life I have passed right through Genesis 6 with only brief, momentary curiousity about the nephilim, and Sons of God producing offspring with the daughters of man. But recently my eyes have been opened a bit to the importance of trying to understand what this means. The UFO and abduction phenomenon is documented throughout our history. Not only that, predictive programming of aliens and UFOs in our movies and television is steady. More than one of our presidents has referred to the possibility of extra-terrestrials (most recently Bill Clinton on Jimmy Kimmel Live). And the Catholic Church of course has their observatory and are actively searching for life outside of this planet. I was fairly floored when I first started to investigate a little deeper. I have listened to Pastor Billy Crone, Russ Dizdar, L.A. Marzulli, among others, speak to this topic and it’s certainly opened my eyes. I do think that the “aliens” really are the fallen angels, and will be used by Satan as part of his end time plans, though I have no idea how it will all play out.

      5. CE, it was with some trepidation that I wrote about this subject, but Recynd has had so many kind things to say about me that I felt it worth the risk to share what I know, even if it discredits me in some eyes.

        I, too, have spent considerable time with Pastor Billy Crone, Russ Dizdar, and L.A. Marzulli, as well as the estimable Doug Riggs–the most important of them all, in my opinion. Anyone who pays attention to these men’s work knows this stuff is anything but kooky, but most people never have done that.

        The important thing to understand is that their is a very real, concrete, spiritual dimension to what is going on in the world today. We often hear people wondering about how the organizers of the various false flags can get so many to participants, and maintain secrecy so successfully. This is the key to the mystery. Human beings participate with evil on a far deeper, spiritual, level that most people are aware of; indeed, most of the participants are largely unaware of the depths they are involved in.

        So thanks for the comment; it is encouraging. I kind of expected a little blow-back.

      6. @Patrick, Thank you for the other names (and Anne’s recommendations as well). I look forward to checking them out. A couple of years ago I would have dismissed all of this information as completely crazy. The scales have been slowly falling off my eyes. It can be scary and depressing, but I find it invigorating as well. It is so clear that there’s a spiritual battle that wages between good and evil. It’s difficult to be churning this kind of information around in your mind but feel unable to talk with people about it. You’re right, it’s a risk to bring up these kinds of topics. I have a good friend who actually covered her ears and started humming when I brought up chemtrails, which feels fairly benign in comparison. Which is why I am happy you spoke up on this subject, and why I am thankful for this forum in general.

  5. While I still am skeptical about the factual side of this emf-scare I dont deny that there may be a correllation between mobile phone use and health issues. To prove it really is emf, only statistically significant data from animal experiments have a good chance of providing strong evidence, proving the emf causes these health issues. But lets leave the skepticism and try to judge the consequences of a downregulation of rf-intensities. There are demands to decrease allowed intensities one million times.
    I dont think wireless technologies would cease to be used. Instead they would probably move closer and be much more densely distributed.
    In return weaker transmitters would do the job.
    This scenario looks similar to what is being sketched regarding modern implant technology for advanced medical and cybernetic uses with a variety of services emerging having commercial potential. In that case there is an interest in being able to handle weak signals since the power source is a problem for implants and it’s much easier to handle if extremely weak signals can do the job. The envisaged future would be full of small weak transmitters, even distributed in every electronic device there is. This is known as the so called ‘internet of things’.
    And need not be related to any fear of health issues with stronger signals.
    Furthermore the actual bringing down of the emitted power from all radiofrequency sources would also provide military espionage satellites with much improved signal/noise conditions. This would enable them to more easily track individuals not just out in the open but also when concrete roofs and walls are in the signal path. Active filters in sensitive receivers have a limited dynamic range and therefore cannot resolve weak signals even when the disturbing signal has a different frequency.
    The lowering of the intensities of all transmitters may therefore improve the reception of the weakest signals.
    There are suggestions that am stations have a desorienting effect on birds and that such stations should be closed for that reason.
    If this would be generally carried through it would improve the potential for various military applications.
    So there might be some hidden motives behind the request for lower rf signal strengths and it is of course welcome if the demand comes from politicians with popular support.

  6. Patrick, you are probably familiar with John E. Mack, M.D.

    From Wikipedia:
    “John Edward Mack M.D. (October 4, 1929 – September 27, 2004) was an American psychiatrist, writer, and professor at Harvard Medical School. He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, and a leading authority on the spiritual or transformational effects of alleged alien abduction experiences.[1]”

    A producer is now seeking funds to make a feature film about Dr. Mack’s life. She has the cooperation of his children:

    The Boston Globe wrote a lengthy piece after his death in 2004. He was involved in an automobile accident in London they said. No mention that while crossing a street as a pedestrian, he was hit by a “drunk driver”. It was later established that this driver was of east European extraction and he received a very light sentence – 15 months I believe it was.

    I realize that this subject will upset some participants here, as it has in the past. However, many of us choose not to close eyes and minds since none of us are privileged enough to know the truth about much of anything. Heck, we are still speculating about state sponsored terror – true or not!

    1. Thank you, Anne. As I told CE above, I wasn’t certain I might not lose a little credibility here, but I fought Recynd deserved an answer to her question.

      This is excellent material; I just read the Mack interview with NOVA, which would serve as an excellent starting place for any curious sceptic. I hope they get the movie made, the way they want it done–without Hollywood compromises.

      As Shakespeare had Hamlet say, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

      1. I have met more than a few who think that my own religious beliefs are pretty “out there” (I’m LDS/Mormon); combine that with my “Truther” views, and I REALLY get it coming and going!

        I have seen so many parallels between evangelism/missionary work and the work of trying to wake people up: no one wants to listen to either message, so the best we can do is plant the seeds. If you’ll pardon my attempt at the metaphysical, the Truth is the truth, and truth is the Truth…and very few are interested in either.

        Since my own awakening was not all that long ago (three or four years ago, at best), I can still remember the feeling that came with realizing that everything I thought was true was actually either an out-and-out lie or a complete misrepresentation. When I started seeking, I almost immediately ran into serious, spiritual darkness. For once in my life, I listened to the Spirit that was prompting me to give equal time to the Lord, so for the past two and a half years, being blessed with time, I have started each day by spending a couple of hours studying scripture. I use the KJV of the Bible, plus LDS scripture, which COMPLIMENTS the Bible…it does NOT replace it (I have heard people say that Mormons do not read the Bible; this is patently false.). Anyway, for the past year and a half or so, I’ve been working on the Old Testament, chronologically, and it’s been a terrific challenge, but how much I have learned! I really think that everyone…Judeo-Christian or not…should take the time to read this masterpiece, if only to see how the message has been so perverted in modern times.

        I appreciate those who are willing to discuss these sometimes uncomfortable topics. Isn’t this how we learn? ESPECIALLY when the subject matter makes us uncomfortable. For example, I had pretty much made up my mind that UFOs/alien abductions were the stuff of demons (when I thought about it at all, that is). However, just having my mind made up doesn’t preclude me from listening to another point of view. Clearly, my views can change…the last several years testifies to that! The same goes for religion. I listen to many Christian preacher-types (my favorites tend not to be affiliated with any particular denomination…I don’t know what they’re called…”independent”?), like Russ Dizor, for example. I also very much like the work of Christian Truthers/debunkers, like Chris White and YouTube user, FaceLikeTheSun. How will we ever know the truth if we’re not willing to listen, even to those with a different perspective from our own?

        Anyway, sorry to go so off-topic, but I wanted to express my appreciation for having a forum like this one to be able to discuss “crazy” topics without facing scorn or derision. If this is all the good that comes from Dr. Tracy’s work (and I don’t suppose it will be), well, as far as I’m concerned, he can rest easy under this project’s success.

        Cheers to all.

  7. The mention of hybrids reminded me of a co-worker of mine who died at age 34 from cancer. He had previously worked at The Santa Susana Field Laboratory in Simi Valley, CA, two links below; first owned by Rocketdyne and now by Boeing. He said that the men guarding the entrance did not look human. They had identical looks, hair color and skin that looked “mannequinesque. Their moves were robot like. Laughingly he said “hell, I don’t even think they were human”.

    His mother worked for a NASA subcontractor not far from this site. She had access to some pretty interesting photos sent to her workplace by NASA. Sometimes she would secretly bring them home and my co-worker said his two small children went gaga over these photos. Once he brought some to our workplace. We went gaga too.

  8. I would be interested in purchasing a CD set of your interviews, in reverse order, starting with this one. I know many people who surf other sites and would only listen to these discussions, via my gift, during their routine daily commutes.
    The Amway pitch of yesteryear “Here’s a tape (cassette!) about business, I think you’ll like it” would simply transform to “Here’s some truth, I think you should think about it.”
    Please let me know the cost for a run of fifty CDs and I will remit payment.

  9. Former prime minister and head of WHO, Gro Harlem Brundtland, was considered crazy while in Geneva at WHO’s headquarters claiming cell phones made her sick.


    …….Another is this book whose pages I am flipping: Disconnect. The TRUTH About Cell Phone Radiation, What the INDUSTRY has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your FAMILY. The author Devra Davis, cancer researcher and former member of the UN’s climate panel, dwells by the fact that Gro resigned as chief executive of WHO in 2003, the year after she suggested that mobile phone industry could be a health hazard.

    Coincidence? “Hell no”, says George Carlo, known as head of one of the world’s largest research projects on mobile telephony and health. “Brundtland did not resign voluntarily” Carlo states in the book. “This was orchestrated by one of her subordinates, Mike Repacholi. What happened was that the Board of WHO asked Repacholi if there really could be any validity to Brundtland’s concerns. Repacholi told them Brundtland had to be crazy.”……..

  10. Lake Havasu, Arizona local paper June 20th:
    By KEVIN BAIRD and ZACHARY MATSON Today’s News Herald | 19 comments
    Mysterious white streaks in the skies over Mohave County are the subject of a meeting next week scheduled by state Sen. Kelli Ward.
    Ward says the meeting was called to respond to concerns by her constituents about the so-called chemtrails that appear in the sky after jets fly by. More commonly called contrails — a mashup of the words “condensation trails” — the long, thin clouds are left behind as water vapor freezes in exhaust spewed from passing jets….
    Mohave County has a very active anti chemtrail population. The meeting, hosted by AZ state senator Kelli Ward, is scheduled for June 25th and the locals have worked hard for this. However, it did not take long for shills to be activated.

    Hit pieces from

    New York:

    Phoenix, a heavily sprayed area:

    Even from Kingman in Mohave County, also a heavily sprayed area:

    1. We will have to ask Webster’s Dictionary for a new definition of conspiracy theorist – a term government/media applies to Americans in an attempt to stop freedom of speech or investigations into questionable government activities, as in the Kennedy assassination.

      Surprised the nydaily picked it up, could be giving the subject more publicity than desired.

      This is supposed to be a live webcast at today at 5:00 Arizona time.

      Go Arizona Patriots!

      1. That was a very vibrant town meeting with all kinds of citizens presenting the brave Senator Kelli Ward with all kinds of facts about the chemical poisoning of Arizona, are we going to strap it on America?

      2. This is a report from Lake Havasu’s News Herald regarding the chemtrail meeting in Kingman yesterday. This short article is what we can expect from a controlled media. No research necessary, being a good parrot is a must. Nothing yet in the local Kingman Daily Miner.

        Posted: Thursday, June 26, 2014 12:01 am
        Blood test concerns arise in ‘chemtrails’ meeting By KEVIN BAIRD Today’s News-Herald | 0 comments
        KINGMAN — One thing was clear after Wednesday night’s meeting in which people sought answers about so-called chemtrails. There’s a group of people throughout Mohave County who are concerned about high levels of heavy metal in their blood and they don’t know what caused it.
        State Sen. Kelli Ward invited her constituents to meet with Arizona Department of Environmental Quality officials at the Mohave County administration building, so they could address their concerns about what they believe is poor air quality caused by vapor trails from passing jets. Some people believe there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the condensation trails.
        Those attending Wednesday’s meeting told Ward and ADEQ officials variations of the “chemtrails” conspiracy, often blaming jet emissions for the metal in their blood.
        Ward told her constituents that the air monitor at the Kingman airport showed nothing unusual in its air-quality samples.
        Ward said last week that she is confident that the air and water in Mohave County are safe and pointed to naturally occurring minerals that could account for heightened levels of mercury and other minerals in blood tests.
        Because of her medical background and her masters degree in public health, Ward said she is concerned that so many people are reporting health problems because of metal in their blood. She added that she is curious about the possible causes.
        “Something is out there that is causing these health problems and it can be very difficult to pinpoint the source,” Ward said. She added that conducting more soil, water, and air tests could be helpful.
        Ward said she would consider bringing officials from the Arizona Department of Health Services to a future public forum to discuss the issue of metal content in blood.
        Sherri Zendri, administrative counsel at ADEQ, said if people want to learn more about aircraft emissions, or contrails, the Federal Aviation Administration would be the source, since the FAA has jurisdiction over administrative.
        “I am not here to debate the science behind aircraft emissions. I am not a scientist. I am here to tell you where you can get some information,” she said.
        Zendri also encouraged people to seek answers from their doctors for questions about metal content in their blood.
        You may contact the reporter at

      3. I love this part, Anne:

        “Sherri Zendri, administrative counsel at ADEQ, said if people want to learn more about aircraft emissions, or contrails, the Federal Aviation Administration would be the source, since the FAA has jurisdiction…”

        Ha ha! It gets even better:

        “I am not here to debate the science behind aircraft emissions. I am not a scientist. I am here to tell you where you can get some information,” she said.”

        Well, that helps.

        Anyone who hopes one of these, what does lophatt call them, “mutts,” will publicly state that sure enough, we have huge fleets of white, unmarked tanker-planes systematically spraying poison in the skies, and there’s nothing you can do about it!–is hopelessly deluded. And if a Congress-critter ever truly tried to find out what’s going on here, and expose it in an open forum, would be beaten to a pulp like Sonny Bono and we’d all be told the death was because the olympic-quality skier raced into a tree. Of course, no one, even the family, would be allowed access to official records about the “accident,” natch’.

        Stopping the painting of our skies with poison won’t be the doing of Congress, any more than Congress will eliminate the IRS and replace it with a small, benign, non-political agency.

        1. Patrick says, “[a]ny more than Congress will eliminate the IRS and replace it with a small, benign, non-political agency.”

          Sir, you are absolutely right. The same goes for the EPA, the US Chemical Safety Board, or any one of the hundreds (thousands?) of governmental agencies that exist to “help” us. I would recommend that everyone watch at least ten or fifteen minutes of the Oversight and Government Reform Full Committee hearings (available on YouTube), to see for yourself just what is going on within our government. It is one thing to hear about these shenanigans secondhand (if you hear about them at all), but it’s another thing altogether to see them with your own two eyes. Did you know the EPA has been having an ongoing problem with employees watching porn for HOURS A DAY on the EPA’s computers during their work hours? Did you know that there were (are?) EPA employees who turn in daily work time sheets while in long term nursing homes? Oh, there’s more, plenty more…go see for yourself. I don’t want to spoil it for you.

          Regardless of how (or if) you vote, when you see the partisanship, equivocation, and outright LIES taking place, at the oversight level no less, it really brings things into perspective. For even I, as one who possesses nearly NO imagination at all, can see how bad it must be during the federal workaday, when there are no cameras rolling or panels to be accountable to. Actually, I take that back: I really CAN’T imagine.

          Like Patrick said, if we’re waiting on Congress to fix some danger for us, whether the result of chemtrails, Wifi, oil spills, or the government itself, the sad fact is, unless we have millions of dollars and a way to grease the right guys’ palms, we’re going to be waiting a VERY long time indeed.

      4. Patrick, yes I saw the advice about consulting FAA. Got a good chuckle out of that one. FAA would not even be on my list for seeking answers. Many have tried and got the standard lines from HQ.

        Not long ago Arizona had a state representative, Karen Johnson, who may be considered an Owl? She is now retired. While in office she had
        no problems questioning such hot topics as chemtrails and 9/11.

        1. I listen to Dr. Stan a lot and really appreciate him. So many good interviews with much food for thought. That was how I stumbled across Billy Crone.

      5. Speaking of the EPA, they hired a consultant to study their problem of employees pooping in the hallways, it was determined this is workplace violence!

        While this blog has its resident pessimists, I remain the optimist that Americans are fed up with this sh*t. Wikipedia still lists the Global Warming Hoax as a conspiracy theory, as more reputable scientists are bravely stepping forward in disgust on the false science employed for political purposes and greed.

        Our leader is stomping about declaring him and the EPA will clamp down on climate change with more taxes and regulations and ‘necessarily skyrocketing energy costs’, while all polls indicate Americans think this is the least of our worries.

        When the folks wake up and realize our weather is manipulated with toxic chemicals and harmful radio frequencies, there will be an abrupt change to their plans.

  11. I have avoided engaging ‘scientific’ issues because there’s so much dust kicked up around them and since I’m not a scientist how could I begin to figure out what’s what? That ex-NASA promethean IQ (over 164) scientist I know told me there was nothing to fear from cell phones and computers…but he can be oddly flaky about some things, so who knows.

    Here’s some of the worst rated cell phones for radiation, is it?

    Does anyone know if laptops are also a problem? I have a horrible habit of placing mine on my stomach when I’m in bed to read…

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