By James F. Tracy

The Obama Administration is giving Newtown another $7.1 million in federal funds for those allegedly impacted by the December 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The grant comes from the U.S. Department of Justice Office for Victims of Crime, and will pay for long-term mental health counseling for families, law enforcement and first responders. Officials say some of the money will be set aside for school safety measures.

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The funds are being sent to the Connecticut Office of Victim Services, which is part of Connecticut’s Judicial branch. From there the money will be distributed to the town of Newtown and other organizations designated to serve the community, including Newtown Youth and Family Services, St. Rose of Lima Church, the Newtown Resiliency Center, Wellmore and the United Way of Western Connecticut.

“This grant will provide much-needed relief and support for Newtown to help this brave community heal,” says Elizabeth Esty, US Representative for the 5th District of Connecticut that includes Newtown. Esty announced the news on the morning of June 17, 2014.[1]

In August 2013 the Obama Department of Justice doled out $2.5 million to law enforcement and first responder agencies involved in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. In May 2013 and January 2014 the US Department of Education directed a total $3.2 million to Newtown. Also in 2013, Newtown received a $1.5 million grant from the DOJ’s Office for Victims of Crime. Overall the federal government has now funneled a total $14.3 million to the Newtown region since the Sandy Hook event.

In October Governor Dannell Malloy designated $50 million for Newtown to build a new school in place of the Sandy Hook facility. Shortly thereafter the Sandy Hook school was slated for demolition.[3]

Over the past 18 months Newtown Youth and Family Services increased its staffing capacity and has seen the client population quadruple, NYFS Executive Director Candice Bohr says in a press release. She asserts the agency will likely see a continued need in mental health-related services and funding.

Richard Blumenthal, Democrat US Senator from Connecticut, says he will also continue to work with advocates and families of Sandy Hook Elementary School to change the nation’s “deeply flawed gun laws.”

“For those who lost loved ones, and for the students, educators and first responders who witnessed the unimaginable horror at Sandy Hook Elementary School, recovery may require continued services,” he declares in the release. “I will continue to advocate for the Newtown community to aid its full recovery.”[4]

“The community of Newtown has faced unimaginable tragedy with incredible strength and resiliency,” Representative Esty remarks. “Survivors, families, law enforcement, and first responders deserve sustained counseling services and enhanced school safety resources, and I’m grateful to the Department of Justice for responding with continued support,” says Esty, whose district includes Newtown. “The leadership shown by First Selectman Pat Llodra, town officials, the courageous families, and community activists inspire us and the nation.”[5]

Newtown Youth and Family Services has seen a rise in demand for mental health counseling in the aftermath of the shootings, said Executive Director Candice Bohr. “Since the tragedy, NYFS has increased its staffing capacity and has witness the client population quadruple in the last 18 months,” Bohr notes. “We anticipate seeing a continued need in services and funding related to mental health, and we are committed to providing the continued support the town, the school district, and the families of the community need.”[6]

US Senator from Connecticut Chris Murphy said the nation has a responsibility to help the people of Newtown recover. “But while this grant will go a long way to help the people of Newtown, they will continue to need our support in the coming months and years,” he says.[7]

The significant amount of funding being designated Newtown is unusual, especially give that the massacre event continues to defy adequate explanation by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies that together responded to the event. In November 203, the FBI released a heavily redacted report of the event to the Hartford Courant.[8]

As MHB reported in 2013, less than three weeks before the Sandy Hook massacre, on November 27, 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder appeared at a news conference in New Haven alongside Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy to announce Project Longevity, a joint venture by the Justice Department and State of Connecticut. The endeavor was described by one law enforcement officials as “a statewide approach that targets repeat criminals, creates alternatives for potential gang members and rallies neighborhoods against violence.”

On December 20 of that year Holder made an unannounced visit to Newtown to meet with state and local law enforcement and emergency responders shortly after a meeting in Washington with Vice President Joe Biden, presumably to discuss forthcoming attempts at gun control legislation.[9]


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Republished at Global Research on June 18, 2014.

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59 thought on “Obama DOJ in $7.1 Million Sandy Hook Payout”
  1. “This will help this community heal”? This should be the healthiest place on earth. Who said crime doesn’t pay?

    I wonder what they’ll spend this pile on? They’ll have gold-plated surveillance cameras and tile-lined tunnels. Where does all this loot come from, opium sales?

    The country I was born in had an old fashioned silly idea that Congress controlled the spending of the public’s money. Can you believe that? This is much more “efficient”.

    We’re going to have to appoint someone “treasurer” just to keep up with the income.

    1. It is amusing, lophatt. Considering how few people there are there, their need for mental health services is probably record breaking. All of them must be morons to start with and victims of some sort of abuse. What a mess. I laugh to cover up the tears.

      1. I noticed you are spreading vicious lies about Sandy Hook victims at this website. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for saying they were on the take. Whatever you believe, it doesn’t justify slandering, harassing and stalking people already traumatized by these unfortunate events. Everything is not a conspiracy. Please stop.

      2. Everything, obviously, is not a conspiracy, but everything about Sandy Hook sure is. There were no kids, and thus no families to hurt the feelings of. They are paid actors, each and every one of these so-called “parents.” The only time their feelings are hurt is when they read our reviews of their really poor acting performance.

        The “vicious lies” being spread are the ones about a fictitious gunman at a defunct school, concocted to traumatize the country, indeed the world.

        It is YOU who should be ashamed, for this transparent attempt to resurrect that dead horse of a ridiculous story. How much money does it take to agree to sell your soul, “Linda”?

    2. Lophatt, yes, according to the U.S. constitution congress is to coin and regulate money (the non-federal reserve does that now). The easiest way around this is to create quasi-governmental agencies, like the Pennsylvania Sports Authority, which technically grants public money to build playpens for multimillionaire sports franchise owners, since it is against the Pa. state constitution to give taxpayer dollars to private entities. So we have here the DOJ dishing out the coin to Newtown, so someday down the road congresspersons can declare “Who me? I didn’t approve of giving any money to Newtown.”

  2. I am so stunned by this obvious payoff/bribery that I can hardly make a reasonable statement right now. In spite of my awareness of this scripted “event”, I cannot put into words the incredible “in your face” gall of the TPTB to commit ths blatant crime against our country.
    I sent an email to my friends and family stating that this money should go to the nine/eleven first responders poisoned by the “clean” EPA air at ground zero, the sailors irradiated off the coast of Fukushima on the USS Ronald Reagan and the military personnel killed and injured by the Iraqi and Afghani wars. The Newtown people should get nothing until every US citizen is compensated for the devaluation/confiscation of their money via bank bailouts, QE, etc. Oh, that’s right…many of the people bailed out live or have direct connections to Newtown CT…you know..the wall street psychopaths. Financial criminals.
    I can only hope that this money will eventually be taken out of the personal bank accounts (x1,000,000,000) and reputations of all parties involved…before they are tried for treason.
    I’ve been told to avoid the word treason…but I’m sorry…I have to call it as I see it.

  3. Pat Llodra expects the grant to last for 18 months, but they really need more money for at least 15 years. This Newtown Bee article is full of buzzwords and slogans for the cause aka crime.

    Mrs Llodra believes those involved with administering the grant will learn a lot during the 18 months of anticipated coverage. And she thinks the knowledge gained can be applied to requests for new grants to underwrite programs that are still needed beyond that year-and-a-half window.
    “I don’t think the issues will go away after 18 months,” she said. “We actually expect the demand for services to increase during that time, so we want to plan for a sustainable model that will extend for 15 years.”

    1. “The issues”? What “issues”? A “sustainable model” (more hyperbole and rhetoric). With all the genuine needs out there they lavish funds on this?

      I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t a mechanism for laundering that opium money coming out of Afghanistan? There’s hardly any people. It doesn’t look like “crime” is a continuing problem. What, pray tell is the compelling need this money is designed to salve?

      Just like the story, the explanation for their “need” won’t stand scrutiny either.

      1. lophatt, there is a huge drive taking place that’s centered in NYC but drawing support in NJ and Conn to keep the state institutions open – precisely to launder people, or warehouse them to be precise. I’m hoping to get the time soon to write a longer detailed post on this.

      2. I don’t have to ” look up” hyperbole to know that it’s an extreme exaggeration….not to be taken literally

        So, I won’t take your posting literally.

      3. Sue, I’ll look for your article. While I’m aware that they are shipping people (illegally) all over the country, the point I was trying to make here is about the money.

        There is simply too much and too little “need” (even by their phony justifications). Secondly, where is this money coming from? I used to work with federal appropriations so I have more than a passing knowledge of how things are funded.

        These “gifts” are announced as if the federal government just says “here Eric, take this bag of money and do anything you like with it”. It would have to come from an appropriating that was designated for something close to what they are calling its use.

        So, I’m suspicious of the funds, both the “donations” and the “grants”. It is no joke they are selling opium from Afghanistan either. If you don’t believe that its fine, I do. Then, of course, there are various “black ops” funding sources. They generally don’t announce those, however.

        So, with all the genuine needs unaddressed, they keep pumping money (from somewhere) into this scam. I’m just an observer, it doesn’t make sense.

        Institutions can be another way to launder money. Of course there are some practical elements to that. It’s a dandy way to warehouse your opposition. In the case of Newtown, what is the stated purpose for all this largesse? All we get is “puffball” words like “resilience” and “sustainment”.

        So, yes, I’m aware that there is a payoff aspect, I just can’t help wondering if there isn’t a bit more to it than that. When someone says “I’m giving them a federal grant”, that implies that Congress (ha!) had to pass an appropriation to set aside funds for either the specific grant or a block of grants. So, where did it come from?

        If I had a lot of money that might draw attention it would be a slick way to get it duly enshrined in a bank if it were a donation. If you live in Detroit it’s “no grants for you”. If you live in Newtown it’s raining money.

  4. -and rallies neighborhoods against violence

    How exactly is this done? Do they do the opposite in Chicago? Do naturally violent people show up at a rally against violence and change their ways because the newspeak is so convincing? Not that I actually think they have a rally or anything. I’m sure rallying a neighborhood involves a lot of neat slogans and banners in conspicuous places telling people to be down on violence. Is it like a breast cancer run? Maybe the should have a run for violence. Tired of violence? come on out and run with us. We will send violence packing by running all over the place; and if you can’t run, then walk against violence, its all good! Brought to you by Newton Youth and Family Services because an insanely greedy mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    1. Exactly Rich. “Run for the cure” (sound great, doesn’t it?). What do they actually DO with the money? Obongo’s fellow “Man’s Country” member, Rahm, strips the guns away and look at it, it’s a war zone.

      They need a new slogan “We Like Our Victims Helpless”, that should be good for a few bucks.

        1. Linda Linda Linda! before you go back under your bridge for the night; do the public education costs provide the NFL with with those cute pink shoes the players are brow beaten into wearing?

      1. Linda, I’m not sure where you got those figures. The 7.1 million is earmarked in a very specific way and was all explained in the Hartford Courant. After several paragraphs of words such as “healing…mental health…community….caring…families….children” et c, it came to the actual disclosure. That cash is going to pay a PR flack (i.e. Community Outreach Liason who will certainly have his or her work cut out,) The United Way – not to add to the charitable donation fund – but to put cash in the pockets of the ‘back office’ staff. And, of course,as usual, more money is being directed to police and first responders.

      2. Sorry to contribute to the tangent, but I couldn’t help noticing that Linda’s figures add up to only 79%. Where’s the other 21% of the money?

        Not to mention that less than 20% of the funds (according to these figures), actually go toward medical care. Bloated, overpriced medical care at that, but that’s a different story.

        Seems that she may inadvertently be helping to make the point of her opposition.

    2. Rich Rich Rich

      Your argument concering the whereabouts of the breast cancer money are a fools errand. After I had given an itemized breakdown of the money, you had followed by asking who I pays for the NFL athletes uniforms in the month of October.

      Rich Rich Rich the paradigm of your argument has taken a seismic shift; when at first you suggested that the charity basically was a scam, you then vectored tangentially inquiring about the uniforms of 30 teams in one month.

      See you under the bridge

      1. A seismic shift? Linda, to assume that my comments are of such import as to actually cause a movement in the earths crust is a complement to which I can only say… thank you. Now what was that about hyperbole?

  5. FYI

    Martinez, Rodger and All the Rest: We Are You and You Are Us
    by Abby Zimet


    Received this e-mail one day after the SPU shooting…

    Our hearts break at the news of another school shooting, this time rocking the quiet campus of Seattle Pacific University.
    Details continue to emerge on the incident that has left one student dead and at least two others injured.

    But beyond the causes or motivation for this tragedy, we must come together and stand with those who have been affected by this shooting.

    Please join us in sending a condolence message to members of the Seattle Pacific University community. Volunteers will deliver these messages to SPU next week.

    While the SPU community grapples with the aftermath of yesterday’s shooting, the support and good wishes of those around them can help lift and restore spirits.

    Those affected by yesterday’s shooting are in our thoughts and will remain so. And together we will say — in the words of Richard Martinez who lost his son in the Santa Barbara shooting — “Not One More” person should die from our broken gun laws.

    Sign a condolence message now and we’ll deliver it next week:

    Thanks for your support,

    Everytown for Gun Safety

    P.S. — There is so much more Washington State could be doing to reduce the toll gun violence takes every day. Right now, there’s an initiative on the ballot, I-594, that would make sure anyone buying a gun in Washington passes the same background check, no matter where they buy the gun and no matter whom they buy it from. Click here if you want to get involved in the campaign to pass this life-saving initiative.

    Everytown for Gun Safety is a movement of Americans fighting for common-sense gun policies. We are moms, mayors, survivors, and concerned citizens.

  6. I wonder what the entire budget for the Sandy Hook Operation was. Unfortunately, I would bet this cool $7.1 million barely scratches the surface. Think of all the relocations required, years in advance for all of those crisis-actor families, to get them to appear to be genuinely local. Then there were the homes purchased. And apparently, lots of long-term planning went into this. Then there would be the pay-offs, which could really be astounding, the bigger the official. Total filth — on display in the shadows.

    1. That’s a good point. If you expand on this consider that SHES is just a focal point. There are many others, as “Wave” points out, above. We all know there is an agenda.

      For me it is particularly aggravating to see that they use our money to affect their agenda. We are not asked to support it, we are told what happens to those who don’t.

      When you consider the advertising, personnel, actors, cinematography, bribes, etc., this is no budget operation. Besides the funding directly cited as going to Newtown, this national roadshow is all related.

      Add to this the militarization of the “police” in order to ensure compliance. Obomber has said he plans to have a domestic force “equal to the military”. Besides the ethical and Constitutional issues, as a financial matter that’s pretty “ambitious”. Unless you live at the pointy end of the rainbow it usually isn’t raining gold.

      When you step back and look, we’re needlessly bombing people everywhere, we’re importing illegal aliens and shipping them around the country, funding massive gun confiscation agendas, and destroying any chance at meaningful work at home.

      Since this site devotes a lot of its time to “coincidences”, what do you think the odds of someone “trying to do the right thing” are making that many “blunders”? If you hired someone to destroy what was left of the society could you do better than this? Is this an “accident” or “coincidence”?

      The whole thing is a slow motion train wreck. We can sit here and watch what’s coming but no one’s going to apply the brakes. This one is very obvious (some other are not). They want to disarm the population for their own protection and render them helpless. Those who object are “crazy” and will be “treated”. Nothing disturbs a mugger worse than a victim who fights back.

  7. Gee, this entire scam/sham on the U.S. by the viperous PTB is getting worse every year. The level that they are ramping up the thievery without any regarding or fear of being revealed, tells you how dramatically and powerfully our nation is run by the “chosen ones”! Money, more money and even more money all going to this select group who then can use it to stomp the goyim into the dirt and buy up everything. And America just sits and watches and blindly believes now that they are almost totally brain dead by the brainwashing of the tv news propaganda and government school indoctrination.

  8. Long term health counseling to make them forget that they willingly participated in a 100% totally staged false flag designed to attack the 2nd Amendment. Cowards, traitors and frauds.

  9. Sandy Hook is full of failed actors who think they should have made it big in show businesses and movies and instead wound up millionaires anyway from tax payer welfare.


    The Moms Demand Action lobbying group led the protest of last weekend in NYC. It’s odd that one ‘shooting’ created a ‘Moms’ organization, and the other a ‘Dads’ kind of one that seems to be forming.

    I wonder how many people who go out and protest and join the organization are simply paid operatives, or if Shannon Watts herself does.

    1. Sue, sure. It’s as “spontaneous” as those crowds forming in front of the White House when they allegedly murdered Osama. Pure Hollywood. Better join quick before one of them singles us out as “doubters” and has the police do a psych eval.

  11. Positively revolting. Holder’s latest payout has a name designation as the “Consequence Grant.” I’ll bet they never dreamed how damning the consequences would turn out to be.

    Oddly, money is being given to the United Way – not for the charitable donation fund, but to pay the back office employees! First responders are on Holder’s list as well. Also, with an eye towards diversity (huh?) they plan to acquire full time PR flack – a ‘Community Outreach Liaison.’ We might be hearing more from Cockfield soon.

    They didn’t bother to include the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission’s work in the DOJ spending plan – the Commission’s report and recommendations just came out today.

  12. Jon Lender and Dave Altimari
    The Hartford Courant
    May 29, 2013
    State police said Wednesday that the final investigative report on the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown may not be released until the end of September.

    Danbury State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky, who’s in charge of the investigation, said in January that the report wouldn’t be released until June at the earliest, so the new forecast continues a pattern in which information on the case has been delayed in its release or withheld outright.

    “Will it be ready by the end of June? I don’t think so,” state police Lt. J. Paul Vance said Wednesday. “Nobody ever said that we had to have it done by a certain time.”

    State police commanders discussed the new timetable at a meeting in the Litchfield barracks earlier this week. At that meeting, sources said, Maj. William Podgorski, who oversees the Western District Crime Squad, the unit involved in the investigation, said part of the delay is redacting FBI reports.
    “Detectives are still actively working on the case,” Vance said. “Our goal is to answer all of the questions as best we can, give that information to the families first and then to the rest of the world.”

    On Dec. 14, Adam Lanza, 20, killed 20 first-graders and six women at Sandy Hook with a semiautomatic rifle. Lanza then killed himself. Earlier, he had shot his mother to death at their Newtown home.

    State police have been criticized for releasing little information to the public about the investigation while at the same time discussing the case at conferences across the country. In March, state police Col. Danny Stebbins attended a conference in New Orleans and told police chiefs that Lanza had created a spreadsheet of the world’s top mass killers.

    More recently, state legislators and the governor’s office have drawn negative attention over their secret drafting of a bill that would block the public disclosure of some information from the Newtown investigation that normally would be available to the public under the state’s Freedom of Information law………………………………

    Major William Podgorski, mentioned in the article above and who oversaw the Sandy Hook investigation, just passed away at age 49.

      1. “Passed away suddenly, surrounded by family”? After a long illness? After a sudden attack of…….? After an accident? I’ve only seen this in cases of suicide, where they don’t want to discuss it.

        Forty-nine is a youngster (by my standards, anyway).

    1. Wow, they’re going to make a “trilogy” out of the “report”? I’ll go for the abridged version, you know, the one without the toilets.

      He “passed away”? That must be a new twist on instant “suicide”. If you “pass away” there is no need for a autopsy. Maybe the parking lot was unavailable since the demolition.

      I’m curious about how they are presented with these “stories” for publication. Do they arrive “fully-formed”, or are they merely “reviewed” by the politburo prior to publication? All the normal things that were standards of journalism are curiously absent.

      I wonder if he knew Hoagland.

  13. What a joke! How many of the families are even there? Pretty much all of them left as quick as they moved there (less than 2 yrs). So, where are all of these people that are “Hurting”? The fact that this whole event lines so closely with Operation Northwoods, is just evidence that this event was staged to appear as though a shooting took place when it didn’t. The children have been proven to either be older or borrowed. We have to stand up and demand the truth.

  14. Thank goodness, I was just thinking Newtown might not have enough money left over for victim compensation. After all the Sandy Hook Promise funds are going to support Obama’s Big Data Initiative…ain’t that quite the coincidence that founder Tom Bittman just happens to be VP for the major big data analysis company in the US.

  15. Three high ranking officials involved with Sandy Hook no longer are – Reuben Bradford, David B. Stein and William Podgorski.

    Reuben Bradford:
    CT Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner Reuben Bradford resigned on 2/1, 2014 – replaced by Dora B. Schriro, commissioner of the New York City Department of Correction since 2009. Ms. Schriro is a long time acquaintance of Janet Napolitano when both served in Arizona.
    “After learning of an anomaly with my retirement and much soul searching, I reluctantly tender my resignation effective February 1, 2014. When I accepted your gracious offer to serve as Commissioner almost three years ago, I did so knowing there was a shelf life to the position,” Bradford wrote.”

    Quote from BuzzFeed
    …..After over a year of investigation, Connecticut state police publicly released their full report on the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012.
    The report, which is more than 11,000 pages in length, was made available Friday around 3 p.m. ET. It has been heavily redacted and includes text, photos, videos and audio files.
    “In the midst of darkness of that day, we saw remarkable heroism and glimpses of grace. We saw Sandy Hook elementary school faculty and staff doing everything in their power to protect their charges,” said Police Commissioner Reuben Bradford in a letter accompanying the report. He also heralded the work of law enforcement and community volunteers.
    Bradford called the investigation unparalleled in the 110 year history of the Connecticut State Police.
    This report marks the conclusion of the state’s investigation into the Sandy Hook shooting, though Bradford would not rule out supplemental reports being released in the future……

    David B. Fein:
    David B. Fein, US Attorney for the District of CT, resigned on May 13, 2013 -replaced by Deirdre M. Daly who served in an interim capacity following the resignation of her predecessor. She was sworn in on May 28, 2014.

    Quote from Fellowship of the Minds
    …..On November 27, 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney David Fein and Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy joined members of law enforcement, public officials, social service providers, community leaders and researchers in New Haven, CT, to launch “Project Longevity.” The project is funded by federal, state and local sources.
    This is what Eric Holder said at the launch:
    “Project Longevity will send a powerful message to those who would commit violent crimes targeting their fellow citizens that such acts will not be tolerated and that help is available for all those who wish to break the cycle of violence and gang activity. Today’s announcement underscores our commitment to working together – across levels of government and jurisdictional boundaries – to protect the American people from the crime that threatens too many neighborhoods and claims far too many innocent lives.”……
    …..Following Alba’s indictment, David B. Fein, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, made it clear perpetrators of similar schemes will not go unpunished.
    “Investigators continue to monitor the Internet to uncover other fundraising scams arising from this tragedy,” said Fein. “And any individuals who attempt to profit through these schemes will be prosecuted.”…..

    William Podgorski:
    CT State Police Major William Podgorski passed away on 6/17, 2014 at age 49. He was the commander of the Western District and directly involved in the Sandy Hook investigation and redactions in the official report.

    Paul Preston has this to say:

    1. This reads as if they have now morphed “Adam” – Lone Nut Shooter – into “Project Longevity” – gang violence and other criminal activity. Taken to its denouement, if they take the guns and send money, “crime” will cease.

      It looks like other scammers profiting from their work really riles them up! Maybe what’s needed is a carbon tax on murder.

      What, pray tell, were they doing to “protect their charges” (at least per the storyline)? Teachers hiding in rooms, janitors phoning in blow by blow descriptions but making no attempt to stop it? Maybe it was the magical bus driver making a run for Gene’s. Let’s not forget the two teachers who climbed out the window and went for a sandwich at Subway.

      “Heroes” are becoming more plentiful every day. I didn’t think it possible to outdo the atrocities of the last five Attorneys General, but Holder wins hands down.

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