By Patrick Murphy

Why do we gather here, each day, at MHB?

The Memory Hole Blog is primarily a place to examine media reporting about what are clearly artificial events, spectacles, really, that are designed to traumatize not only the American people, but,  the whole world.  Whether we call these things “false flags” or whatever better term presents itself eventually, they tend to attract the most boisterous conversation at MHB.  But that’s not all James Tracy is interested in.  Chemtrails and “smart meters” are topics we talk about here as well.  These are not acute traumas like the false flags, but chronic assaults on the natural world that have a gradually accumulating, low grade traumatic effect on us all.

What all these things have in common is that they are conspiracies.  Of course, any group can hatch a conspiracy–as Mel Gibson once remarked, asked if he believes in conspiracies, “Of course!  That’s what people do: they conspire.”  There are benign conspiracies—hatching a surprise party, for example; and criminal conspiracies—the movie Ocean’s Eleven describes a very nice one of these; and then there’s the conspiracies we examine here.  What puts this group in a special category is that they are very large-scale objects; they all depend upon a complicit media; and they are either hatched by government or government is unquestionably complicit in them in some hidden way.  I take the view that they also seem all to tie together, sharing a common purpose; chemtrails and dangerous radio frequency bombardment weaken us and make us sick physically, and false mass shootings traumatize us psychically, weakening our will to resist the reduction in our freedom by the relentlessly expanding state.  If we are sick and weak, we are a lot less likely to examine the lies the media tells us about the fake “massacres” the media obsess about, much less press back when opportunity presents itself.
Because these things have to do with the state, or more precisely the media/government syndicate that rules our way of thinking about the world, there is a special danger we face in reacting to them.  That is, they are political, and politics have been hijacked over the past century in the West, occluding our ability to think clearly about them.  What was done to our politics is in essence the creation of a one-party environment that is relentlessly reinforced by convincing us that there are two distinct viewpoints in competition with one another.
We are encouraged to take one or the other side, and to strenuously oppose the other as vigorously as we defend the one we selected—and to switch sides feels strange, almost terrifying.  A betrayal of one’s principles.  This is, however, emotion masquerading as thought.  It turns out to be an excellent way for the elites to reshape the world behind the scenes while rendering us essentially paralyzed: we are assured that to make progress we must work within the system—the political system—but that system is rigged in such a way that it saps away our energy.  We are encouraged to endlessly feel confident that what we are doing has efficacy, when in fact there’s no real possibility of fundamentally altering the system, at all, because it’s a closed loop: the New World Order advances regardless of our activities.
This state of affairs proves to be a real liability when it comes to examining the conspiracies MHB is interested in, because we tend to carry our political predilections with us into the quest.  It’s very deeply engrained, and remarkably hard to remove from our assumptions about life.
For example, Alex Jones occasionally pops up as a topic around here, and it’s certain to draw a crowd, as it did in a small way recently.  That episode brought to mind Dr. Tracy’s surprise some months back when his friends and colleagues, and frequent collaborators, at Project Censored could not see Alex’s work as fitting into the list of the top 10 censored stories of the year.  Project Censored essentially censored Alex, and they couldn’t see themselves doing it.  Certainly, Alex inspires strong agreement and strong disagreement, on more than one level, but so what?  Why could P. C. not appreciate that he pursues stories the MSM won’t touch?  He should, at least sometimes, be right up their alley.  What was the reason for this reaction?
Thinking about that mystery, it struck me that American politics over the past century has systematically been transformed into something like the two pillars in front of a Masonic lodge, as all of Western public life has become a simulacrum of a free and open polity.  It looks like the real thing to us, because we are constantly told that it is, but scratch the surface and you find it’s anything BUT an open marketplace of ideas.  If it were, there would be no widespread mockery of “conspiracy theories,” which is an intentional way of protecting conspiracies from open examination.
Masonry is a secret society.  Initiates are told nothing about the mysteries residing within, but only given shallow clichés.  They are then observed over time, and depending upon their degree of corruptibility, they are allowed to learn more, as layer after layer of the true nature of the thing is unfolded to them.  (The Vigilant Citizen is an excellent place to learn these things in a more or less delightful way; here is a great example.  You can search the site using the word “masonry” to find lots of excellent articles, taking you as deep as you wish to go.)
So it is with American politics: the average person is expected to have no idea what’s really going on, but they are expected to attend the Lodge regularly (i.e. watch the network news, vote, denounce at the water cooler at work the horrible ideas of the political party you decided to oppose).  The only people who are supposed to learn something of the “deeper politics” are those who’ve been vetted, who have demonstrated their corruptibility, degree by degree, as they advance through the system.  Incredibly few are allowed access to anything close to the core, of course, although a surprising number are made to think they are “insiders.”  Initiates are only allowed to advance to the point they can still be trusted to not break faith with the system; when they start getting dodgy, the progress stops, and they begin to be monitored for the possibility of betrayal.
Both systems, Masonry and Today’s America, place a very high value on vows of secrecy.  Masons must take vows that openly invite torture and death if they break faith, but these sanctions are rarely imposed in fact.  Modern politics relies very heavily on murder and the threat of extremely harsh imprisonment to maintain secrecy.  That’s why Edward Snowden fled to Russia: Bradley Manning was tortured for years before his fake trial, and will languish in an inhumane cage for the rest of his life.  Potential whistleblowers get the message.  It is also why an investigative reporter can die in a car crash where the engine somehow lands many yards away from the rest of the car, which supposedly hit a palm tree—and yet the tree sustains no damage.  Others are “suicided,” which happens a lot more frequently than most people know.  Paying with one’s life is very common in this Big New Lodge.
The twin pillars guarding the entrance into the place where the mysteries reside, in American life, are called, conveniently enough, the “left” and the “right.”  In pondering why a “left” outfit like Project Censored would omit Alex Jones from its special list, it struck me that it’s because he is perceived to be from the “right,” which means, from a leftist point of view, he must by definition represent the “system.”
The same is true from the other side.  Otherwise perfectly reasonable, thoughtful, Christian conservatives defend the egregiously misnamed “Patriot Act,” as if in doing so they are defending the Constitution itself, as if when one points out that that that law in fact DESTROYED the Constitution it’s as if you joined up with a commie goon squad trying to overthrow civilization.
Paul Craig Roberts, who wants nothing to do with the pillars protecting this new Mystery Temple, once a darling of the “right,” is now constantly berated by them for pointing out the nuttiness of this ideological straightjacket.  I don’t always agree with him, but I always read him, because he thinks for himself, without those terrifying pillars looming over him all the time: he doesn’t care what either side thinks.
So, even if I’m slightly off about why P. C. handled the Jones contretemps they way they did, I think it remains a useful demonstration of the principle: when an agent of one side of the fake split in our politics sets out to pull the veil off the lies the system is telling, it is likely that they will instinctively, unconsciously, back away when they sense that fulfilling that mission might authenticate an agent of the other side.  Both sides, in other words, tend to act as gatekeepers, even when they have no idea that’s how they are behaving.
I think that the Memory Hole Blog is fearless, which is why so many very fine writers and thinkers are happy to spend time here, and why so many curious visitors keep coming back after tasting the thing.  Neither pillar holds sway, and most of us, whether leaning generally “left” or “right” on political or social topics, want nothing to do with that horrible Lodge, with its evil secrets.  We broke free of it some time ago, and wouldn’t reenter the Matrix for all the tea in China; we see what it is doing to the world around us and we want to see an end put to it.  So this “gatekeeper” instinct does not really fit the MHB profile, which I suspect is why ideologues don’t tend to last long around here.
Still, in the broader culture, these twin pillars are genuinely believed in, and practically everyone believes that those columns looming over our culture frame reality itself, that this weird new Lodge IS reality.  This is the problem we face when Sandy Hook, Boston, Santa Barbara, Aurora, et al. look to us from the very start so obviously fake, yet we can’t persuade those closest to us to take a closer look.  Even people supposedly dedicated to exposing the truth believe the artificial, mentally crippling, left/right paradigm.
It is hard to step away from that Lodge door, turn our backs on the two pillars, and walk away from the model everyone is expected to accept as essential to the nature of reality.  But once we do, we discover that it was not always so, here, even, in North America, and DEFINITELY not  elsewhere in the world, throughout time: it’s a new creation.  We’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled.  We can blame the schools, the MSM, Edward Bernays; hell, we can invoke the Twinkie Defense, for all I care.  The point is, here we are, and people’s attachment to that thought-prison seems to me the real problem we face in trying to liberate those around us.  The problem is it has been so well ingrained that the modern notion of left/right seems like an innate instinct that all human beings have always shared.
I will conclude these thoughts with an example I do not think should be at all controversial, but expect will be.  Last week, Dr. Walter Block wrote what I think is an almost perfect column  about why minimum wage laws are a vicious attack on the poor.  Since Block is a libertarian, he has no stake in the left/right controversy.  He starts out with these words:
I think it important to pulverize the case for the minimum wage law. I am guided in this determination by the Jesuit notion of the preferential option for the poor. (Hey I have spent 14 years teaching at Loyola University New Orleans, a Jesuit institution; some of it had to rub off on me). What is this principle? It is to ask of any public policy, how will it affect the impoverished. Why is it important to do so? In my own words, it is because the poor occupy the most precarious role in society.
He proves, beyond doubt in my opinion, that the minimum wage is ruinous to the very people that “liberals” profess to help by imposing it.  He uses Jesuit logic, to boot, and who are more leftist than the Jesuits?  Yet, defenders of the false logic behind defense of the minimum wage are almost always on the left, and they will react to this reasoning as if to agree with it is to betray the left.  It does not matter that the policy does the opposite of what it purports to do, because to reject it as a failed experiment would mean giving a “win” to the other pillar, which simply cannot be allowed.
This is how the system remains in place.  The population, having become captives of a tiny group of ultra-powerful persons, are trained to maintain it for them with ideological enthusiasm.  The people all around us eagerly await the next edition of the Newspeak Dictionary, and endeavor to forget the words each volume excludes, as a patriotic duty, instead of just laughing at the idiotic notion and walking away.
What we face, when we examine conspiracies, is the Lodge door, and the pressure the two pillars place upon our minds.  The mysteries within generate great power over the culture we live inside of.  Everyone around us believes it, and can’t be persuaded that it’s not really real.  They think those who laugh at it are nuts—to the point of seeking to forcibly medicate us into conformity.

Patrick Murphy, a frequent participant in the conversation at the Memory Hole Blog, runs a small (very small) business in Indianapolis, and is the author of the books How the West Was Lost and The Stairway to Heaven, information about which can be found at

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  1. Public buildings and schemes such as the Masonic Temple image used above are all designed to give credence to the state as a legitimate source of security and power. They employ the Golden Mean, a naturally hypnotic mathematical formula. Here are more images of famous state buildings, which in their splendor render citizens feeling subjugated. Most Masonic lodges use this formula as well. The Masons secrecy is at once infantile and scary.

    1. Thank you, Marzi. All very true. You might know about The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capital: The Masons and the building of Washington, D.C., by David Ovason. It has quite an astonishing collection of elements I have seen no where else. I highly recommend it.

      Before reading that book, beyond the obvious (to those who know what they’re looking at) architectural elements you mention, I liked to think it was the street system layout that was the most powerful clue as to what these people were doing, and the grand plan they had for this continent, indeed the whole world. But the whole place is saturated with very detailed messages in architecture–principally the dozens of zodiacs that each tell a story, some very large, scattered all over the District. People see them when visiting a park and have no idea what they are looking at. The Plan continues to unfold, hidden in plain sight. One great example is the “flaw” in the placement of the Washington Monument, so that it would exactly reflect the astronomical alignment the Mall is designed to model: “as above, so below.” Another is the fact that the Jefferson Memorial is built on landfill that was specifically created so that the “compass” portion of the street system layout could be complete.

      I did not go into any of these things, of course, in the article, but I’m glad you brought it to mind. America has for centuries been key to a very large plan for the future of the world, going back to Francis Bacon (he called America “The New Atlantis”), and we are to the Planners mere vermin who often get in the way of its fulfillment. But they are quite open about what they are doing; they are so bold because they know that we are completely blind to the symbols they rub our faces in all the time.

      This, apart from the politics I focus on in the article.

      1. Since the Mall now has many different elements on it, the geometrical mystical effect has been diminished. Starting with the modern American Indian Museum (best lunch on the Mall) and other new buildings sandwiched in between, and the Viet Nam memorial which is black and not the traditional classical white for funerary monuments. The geometry doesn’t work quite as well. A hodgepodge. Ironic that the symbol of power – Washington Monument, was damaged from nearby earthquakes – a testament to the greedy backdoor meetings to allow fracking when they knew it would never make an environmental review.

      2. Have you (or anyone else here) read “America the Babylon” by R.A. Coombes? As the title suggests, the book discusses Biblical prophecy and points to America as the “Mystery Babylon” indicated in Scripture and explains the symbolism behind many of our great American landmarks. First published in 1998, it is currently out of print, but I have a copy (which includes Vols. I & II of the book, a Debate Handbook, the author’s lecture PowerPoints, and numerous Appendices) on CD-ROM that I would be happy to share with anyone who is interested. Though it is written from an Evangelical Christian perspective (I am not an Evangelical myself), I think it is relevant to Believer and non-believer alike.

    1. I appreciate that you put your face out there, with your thoughts, Larry.

      Sad thing that the evil “don’t be evil” Google bought youtube; I’ll bet that’s part of what you complain about near the end. But that could be a whole ‘nother article.

    2. Mr. Smith snuck in the “smash the minimum wage law” shite at the end of his article, cheap.

      Larry, I think you’d get more views if you did your selfies shirtless.

      1. I am glad you are a part of this community here at MHB, Larry. You are one of the Good Guys.

        I’ll bet you could start with a video commentary, once you have processed your thoughts. I’d like to watch that, if you find your way to producing it.

  2. Divide and Conquer as praticed by Caesar and Napoleon is alive and well in the modern age. To divide and therefore control is the aim of the powers that be and I wager a more effective means of ruling the lower classes by the elite has not been found. In America the public is continuously encouraged to be outraged over some right or left cause be it prayer in school, flag burning, abortion, gun control or whatever the elite presumes will effectively cause distraction and a splintering effect among all groups that are blinded to the real threat by the elite to keep us enslaved and ignorant. Their sovereign powers are thus insured as the “useless eaters” fight each other. Alex Jones and his bellacose style is criticized and even called by some to be a shill, but I see him as a significant voice in sounding the alarm for many years on what has happened in America. There is no perfect voice, well perhaps Dr. Tracy is as close to perfection as we may find, but as “independent researchers” we must be wise to the efforts of the elite to pit one against the other in order to more deeply entrench their power over us. Patrick, I also read your comments with great interest and you’ve written an excellent piece here. You remind us that we too often forget that the current processes of control have been ongoing for centuries, are widespread, and through intimidation and mockery seek to silence those who question their authority. It is difficult to conceive of a consolidated plan that has been in effect for hundreds if not thousands of years. With out short lifespan it’s tough to grasp such a concept and so they use our myopic view as an advantage. Thank you for your work here. Dr. Tracy obviously respects you as well and that’s quite a recommendation.

  3. You were right Patrick, I do like it. It amazes me how most people can watch as left and right walk between the pillars and up the steps, passing through the lodge doors only to join hands and celebrate in victory after the doors safely close behind them. That is, and always will be my undoing. I seek no victory in this life. Most of us just want to pass through this life in happiness. I visit this blog regularly not because I think I can effect change, but rather to marvel at those who think they can, staging these events, and committing these atrocities against us. Somehow these power addicts came to the conclusion that the war they must fight is against the rest of us. Unfortunately, they will have their reward.

    I simply wish to see what is coming my way, and not be surprised by it. The reason we cannot win this fight, is because we do not own the stage. I think the best way to fight back is to wage the battle within, and to awaken others to it. To win an external battle only changes the psychopath running your life, and resistance, in the form of left right politics, is their energy supply. We need to find a new path that they don’t own.

  4. I have put off more intense study of the Masons, as I don’t really know how I would go about investigating them if they’re really so secretive. Does anyone have any books to suggest reading to find out more about them? One thing I don’t get is why they’d bother placing symbols everywhere.

    1. Albert Pike: Morals and Dogma. I have yet to wade through it, but have seen enough of it quoted, that I probably never will.

      Pike is the only Confederate General memorialized by a statue In Washington D.C. He was the Grand Poobah of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in the mid to late 19th century.

    2. Sue, the book I recommended in my reply to Marzi is close to the top of my list. But here are my recommendations (I’d read them in this order):

      Holy Blood, Holy Grail
      The Temple and the Lodge
      The Templars’ Secret Island
      Secrets of Rennes le Chateau
      Key to the Sacred Pattern
      The Holy Place
      Holy Grail Across the Atlantic
      The Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar: Solving the Oak Island Mystery

      With all due respect to Rich, who has read both my books, and whom I thus hold in great favor, I think he’s mistaking your request for a book about masonry for a way to cure insomnia; Morals and Dogma will definitely do the trick if you want to go instantly to sleep. None of the books I recommend will accomplish that task. You will wish for a way to stop yourself turning the pages, if you read any of the ones I’m suggesting.

      I have others, incidentally, should you ask.

      1. That was kind of a dirty trick, I’m sorry Sue. A good metropolitan phone book would most likely be more interesting than Albert Pike. It was kind of a joke, as can be seen by my little “Grand Poobah” comment regarding him.

    3. Sue, The writer of this film was imprisoned, the producer and director executed. It’s the story of one man’s experience with free masonry. Its English language title is “Occult Forces” made in 1942. It’s black and white in French with English subtitles, (1:06:29): Occult Forces(1943) —

  5. You analyze masonry as a sort of metaphor for how things are. This is the wrong approach. The fact is, your town’s mayor is probably a mason. Every military and intelligence agency in the world is a masonic institution. The next time you vote (if you bother to, I mean), take heed of who is counting and collecting the votes. They’re probably eastern stars. Masonry is not just a symbol for how things are. It’s what sets the parameters of social operation. You don’t need a degree nor the third degree to figure this out.

    We have public procedure, laws and customs, and public knowledge of them. We have a society. We also live beside a double society, which is a mockery of the first which we initially see. We, initially, presume people would not lie about children being killed. We find that Anderson Cooper, a double of himself, plays on the very tendency of the masses to believe his portrayal (of himself). His pseudo-name even hints at a ruse: we say Anderson Cooper as if we know who we are referring to, but who is he, and what is his name, really. He is certainly not Anderson Cooper. And what a unbelievable name this is, anyway. Who the hell would ever be called Anderson Cooper!

    Just as a double agent, pretending to be this or that, is a mockery of the typical man or woman who is more or less honest (who really is a teacher when he says he is, and not someone posing as a teacher in order to sneak in curriculum changes), a double of society, staged by masonic lodges that stretch into intelligence organizations and then reflect back into social institutions of every kind, is an insulting and dangerous imitation of the clarity with which most see the world. It’s very real and not some post-modern fun-house mirror, however. The dangers of climate change really exist. The danger really is man-made. But it’s made by specific men, carrying out world-wide geo-engineering projects. To add insult to injury, these men, this brotherhood of the sky (check out the H.g. Wells attributed “Things to come” for my meaning here), is boosted by carbon-based life forms who believe there is just too much carbon. What could be a bigger mockery! We are being laughed at, no?

    1. What you describe is nothing short of Evil…an imitation of God’s plan. It reminds me of B.F. Skinner’s idea that “free will is over-rated” (as illustrated in “Walden Two”). The Enemy surely scorns us: we are but stupid cattle, yet even the lowliest of us are, by nature, above him. But he is laughing indeed: human-kind has a very short memory, and he’s got us convinced we’re nothing more than mere animals, begging to have our God-given agency taken away. Well, we may be stupid and we may be sheep, but there IS a map available, and if we can but figure out which path to take and whom to follow, we will have the last laugh. Until then, we are to love each other (no matter how hard that might be) and learn as much as possible.

      1. Yes, exactly. Think of how this works. To borrow Patrick’s example, a man wants to enter “The Lodge”. Why does he do that? Self-interest. He expects SOMETHING from it. That may be a job, money, influence, whatever.

        They “recognize” him as self-involved. He is welcomed. They tell him some fanciful tale, maybe throw a little business his way. Now, if he is “connected” or has some special skill, they may “advance” him. At this point he is told that he’s “special” and that all that they told him before was hooey.

        Ultimately, if he “rises” high enough, he is told that they are really a Satanic, Johanine sect and that everyone else has it all “wrong”.

        So, if you talked to a real Satanist, they’d tell you the same thing. They are unashamed by greed and self-interest. They are contemptuous of others and live for their selves. They view those that don’t as fools.

        So, you’re right. We’re being mocked. I’m confident we’ll get the last laugh.

    2. Love your call sign, gogreen. Love your passion as well. Don’t get me started on fracking.

      Lately, I have been rethinking the “truth” of man-made climate change. Is it possible that “global warming” is another profit-and-politically-motivated scam? Lots of good thinkers addressing this topic, fyi.

    3. Re *Anderson Cooper*. He is the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. I don’t know how many marriages she had or didn’t have but she did marry a Cooper and became Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper. A social maven she was and yes, it was those Vanderbilts. Just an FYI.

      1. Kath, that is correct. The disturbingly weird A. Cooper is a Vanderbilt. Judging by what they say he won’t be producing any offspring, however.

      2. ” The disturbingly weird A. Cooper is a Vanderbilt. Judging by what they say he won’t be producing any offspring, however.”

        lophatt, that”s not true. As the last few presidency’s have proven, butt babies can rule the world.

  6. “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.”
    Carroll Quigley, “Tragedy and Hope”

    The current two party system presents a false dichotomy to the public – the truth is that each party represents the interest of big government, they just focus on different aspects of attaining the same underlying goal, which is control of the people.

    Masonry represents a similar goal, with the added appeal of being an ostensibly secret club. There’s nothing that appeals more to the base nature of men than the idea that they are a part of something that others are not, that they have been selected to possess knowledge or understanding that is beyond the reach of the general public.

    It is quite an effective technique, proven time and time again, to make people believe that they possess control of their lives when in fact they really have no control at all, or at least of the things that matter most. Masonry is just one of many such groups, there are numerous others. The key to recognizing them is to understand their goal, i.e. is it to strengthen the ideas of self-government (individual responsibility and accountability) or is it directed at controlling the actions of others?

    Unfortunately, there are very few groups that promote individual responsibility and accountability. But that makes sense when you realize the best way to control people is to encourage them to act irresponsibly, for then you have every right to impose your controls on them. Very insidious, but very effective.

  7. Good points. I respectfully propose that this problem of organized disinformation is best reviewed from a worldwide perspective, as the problem seems to be much less acute in industrialized democracies than in the rest of the world. A good starting point in this endeavor is a review of what is arguably the most daring instance of grand obfuscation in history: the widespread live broadcast of the twin towers’ criminal controlled demolition with the explanation that it obviously resulted from the famous Osama bin Laden-sponsored aerial ballet, using or some similar resource.


  8. Patrick, I like your use of freemasonry as a sort of “metaphor”. I can’t speak for others, but I know from my own journey that sometimes I have mistaken to vehicle for the destination.

    It is very easy to become obsessed with identifying the culprits. Some look at the masons as “the controllers”, etc.. I don’t. I think it was and is a useful forum for them in their workings. As you point out, other mechanisms provide a similar dualistic structure. Again, as I read your analysis, I would agree that such a structure is ideal for control.

    Depending on how deep one wants to go, there are levels of awareness. There is the superficial level that “things are not as described”. There is the deeper level of “the Government is not calling the shots”. There are many more beyond this point.

    An example might be David Rockefeller’s statement at the Trilateral Club. He freely acknowledged that he was involved in a hidden effort to control and supplant governments in the interests of the ruling elite. In his case, financiers.

    Ultimately, however, I believe it all boils down to “good and evil” and what basic decision a person makes. As fascinating as the Byzantine workings of the conspirators are, at the end of the day they are either working for freedom or enslavement. Even among the most “successful” practitioners of evil, it is still evil that they choose and they are its slaves.

    And what were most of us taught in our youths? Were we not taught about the obfuscatory nature of evil? Weren’t we told that evil was so dishonest that its greatest feat was getting people to disbelieve its own existence?

    So here we sit with this seemingly vast, contorted puzzle and scratch our collective heads. Who is behind this? What do they want? Why do they do these things? In many ways we had a more solid answer when we were very young.

    We are looking at the face of evil. It isn’t pretty. Our ancestors weren’t stupid. Whether it shows itself at the Masonic Hall or the White House, those are just the venues, not the force itself.

    When people compromise with evil it expands. When they outright reject it, it shrinks. It needs an invitation. It asks for admittance from the shadows. Let’s continue to shine a light in its direction and refuse entry.

    Nice work, I enjoyed it very much.

    1. “So here we sit with this seemingly vast, contorted puzzle and scratch our collective heads. Who is behind this? What do they want? Why do they do these things? In many ways we had a more solid answer when we were very young. ”

      Lophatt, I don’t know if you’ve ever come across the Saturn Death Cult material, but to me it’s as good an answer to your questions as any. It’s pretty “out there”, but so are the shenanigans the cabal keep pulling.

      The golden age was marked by effortlessness, fruit fell from the tree into your lap, so to speak. What these elites are doing is recreating the golden age for themselves at the expense of everyone else:

      It’s interesting.

      1. Sue, it is interesting. There are other versions of this type of analysis. Most of them arrive at the same conclusion that I do although they don’t use Christianity as a basis.

        For some Christianity is “uncool”. More esoteric explanations are more intellectually acceptable. Whether evil is caused by “planetary alignments” or God’s design, it is still the same thing.

        Whether we study it like we do other things at this site, or just accept the fact that others have done that and advised against playing with it, the basic choice is the same. Those who choose it do so to further their own interests at the expense of others. In the end, the things they seek cause their destruction.

        That’s a good find though. The “theme” is universal because it’s true.

    2. For those who have puzzled–and been tormented–by the good/evil dichotomy, you might try reading Jacob Boehme if you feel up to it. Particularly if you are Christian and desire a deeper understanding of what evil is, feels like, acts like, engages with, Boehme is your guy.

      What I found to be really eye-opening was his precept that good and evil are both recurring elements in the physical world and that one will never eradicate the other. We can only act for the good to keep the balance from tipping to evil.

      I agree with those who proclaim we are seeing the rise of true evil in the world. I feel it, sense it and the oppressiveness of its power. There is a polarization happening in the world, I believe. I do not accept Christian dogma in most parts as it is currently taught but I do think the idea of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness seem to be unfolding before us.

    1. There is a case in Los Angeles that has received worldwide attention in sports circles and elsewhere. On trial will be free speech and mental health. I hope to be able to write more about this when it’s over. A four day court hearing is scheduled for July 7th. I know the gentleman being crucified and that is all I can say at this time.

      1. This is pretty important too:

        A NJ dad is being hunted down because he dared to question when a bully accused his son of twirling his pencil to look like a gun.

        The People’s Republic of NJ, gotta love it. The pharmaceutical companies run the state (and the country more or less). But Connecticut and New York are all saturated with ‘mental health’ mania.

        The NJ bill that may or may not have passed from this winter to allow cops to issue tickets for ‘distracted driving’ – when there already exist violations for careless driving – serves to give The State total unquestionable power. It’s also a way to extort more money from drivers, but I’m convinced it’s larger goal is to obviate any need to justify cops stopping citizens.

      2. Sue, yeah, I followed this one from the outset. The dad met with them and thought it was all over. Apparently not. If you don’t take their nonsense seriously they intervene.

        What sort of a place has this become?

      3. So now they’re admitting outright that psychosis is not the criterion for committing people – only aggression is. For them to come out and admit this is huge, as the entire premise of committing people has always been dangerous to oneself or others ‘by dint of a mental illness.’
        Finally they’re copping to just wanting to imprison and drug anyone they deem ‘dangerous;’ so we are at a point where the government asserts that there is no such thing as morality or choice. By these standards anyone and anything can be committed. No one should be released on bail, any man who sexually harasses a woman should be committed for fear of what worse he might do…etc. etc.

        Note also how the cops are now being construed as part of the official arbiters of this designation of ‘dangerous.’ And that they continue to pretend there wasn’t already a screening protocol called for by law in Elliot’s case, and that the only choice is letting someone go or committing them, when in face the three day hold in an ER is neither official commitment nor freedom (one is in fact imprisoned however).

        So lies, more lies, and then the blurring of definitions and roles that is the goal of this whole exercise. I haven’t read the whole article yet because it really is maddening. They lie so outrageously about what could – and should according to protocol – have happened, and the goals they’re angling towards are so terrifying. More of us should be addressing this. Kelly O’Meara wrote a book in the last year or so about the lie that is the ‘mental health’ racket, but she and a few others like Robert Whitaker are only putting up sandbags against what is a tsunami that is going to drown us all.

        1. Ruled over by 536 corrupted psychopaths and the judges they put in place to reinforce their hell, and we are all supposed to walk around with a smile on our face lest we be suspected of being a terrorist, mentally ill, or a human time bomb. I don’t know why they even bother hiding their deeds with these scripted events. The people have proven again and again they will do nothing when confronted with evil. They will be sorry for it when they are picked up one by one and straight jacketed for the thoughts in their head. I wonder how long before public displays of positive emotion are seen as a threat to the order.

      4. To add to my post about the psych/police state admitting that ‘mental illness’ isn’t really about mental illness, I should point out that this collapsing of the space between the two concepts of evil and psychosis is a means of circumventing the due process that the Constitution guarantees american citizens. Committing and/or forced-drugging of people as outpatients is a way to avoid having to give the citizen a trial. The only reason medications and committals have been allowed to contravene the constitutional right to a fair and speedy trial in which one is judged by his/her peers is that historically there have always been uncontested ‘mental illnesses:’ schizophrenia and manic depression. Both were defined in their seriousness by featuring psychosis (for manic depressives this occurs during mania, not so much during depression to the best of my knowledge). The psychosis – hallucinations or material delusions – was the justification for committing people, as a person afflicted by it is not responsible for his actions and cannot be expected to be held accountable for them or for what they might do.

        A glaring problem in the era of psychopharmaceuticals is that both mental illnesses are known to be genetic so there is simply no excuse for the refusal on the part of the medical community to locate the genes that cause them. ‘Bipolar Disorder’ was a new name given to manic depression just at the time, late 80’s to early 90’s, when the shrinks wanted to shove drugs down people’s throats for conditions that had previously been recognized as simple emotional issues, like addiction, etc. True clinical mania had not been associated with anger the way it came to be under the rubric of ‘bipolar,’ which pathologizes the natural reactions many have to abuses, stresses and deprivations that became more common in the buildup of the oligarchy. Greed and exploitativeness causes abuses and stress that then cause these ‘mental illnesses’ which had never before been deemed ‘psychiatric.’ I witnessed first hand how women, almost all white, were being ‘diagnosed’ as ‘bipolar’ for reporting the abuses of rape and sexual assault that were fairly epidemic during the late 70’s and 80s.

        It is not coincidence or neglect that explains this unwillingness on the part of the biologists to identify the genes for manic depression and schizophrenia; it is a purposeful refusal. We can map the neanderthal genome yet somehow no one can find the actual ‘medical’ biological cause for ‘mental illness?’ To locate them would be to expose the reality that everything else is a function of environment and will. The entire ‘mental health’ field is based on a lie. Even the term ‘mental illness’ was rarely used prior to the 90’s, as there were only two real ‘illnesses’ to speak of, neither of which involved issues of character or attitude. People tended to just call someone schizophrenic or manic depressive.

        Also, prior to the mid-90’s it was widely recognized by private hospitals (I don’t know about state ones) that most ‘patients’ who were female were sexual abuse survivors, which also proves that when there isn’t real physiological ‘illness’ present, extreme environmental conditions cause much of the rest of the serious symptomology like multiple personality disorder, which was an unusual and extreme reaction some (mostly female) developed after sexual abuse in childhood.

        ‘They’ want to take away the citizen’s right to a trial and to be judged by a jury of one’s peers. They want to take away the right of citizens to be jurors and judge for themselves what is unjust or evil versus what is outside a person’s choice. It’s the ultimate dismantling of our most basic rights, since directly attacking the First and Second Amendment hasn’t worked so far. It’s a shame the american people are so anti-intellectual and unreflective; they’ll form militias to defend their land but can’t even question when tyrannical authority violates their minds and bodies.

        It is incredible that the american people are so willing to give up these rights. I never thought I’d be living in a society that didn’t believe there was such a thing as morality, or evil, or human choice. Where did common sense go?

        1. Sue, those are some excellent thoughts. It does not go unheard. This mental health angle they are using is going to get out of hand, and fast. I wonder how long before anybody who ever sought help for simple emotional issues will be put under the microscope and stripped of their rights. Given the millions of prescriptions for depression meds written each year, a lot of people with no serious condition are most likely in for a big fat Obamacare surprise.

    2. I just want to remind whoever didn’t catch my warning on a recent thread: know that anyone who works for the pharmaceutical companies or the ‘mental health’ racket (and possibly even the state in any capacity) will turn against you if/when it comes to challenging abuses of the psych system and the police state It’s inevitable. They’ll probably do it mostly to justify their jobs and paychecks internally, but I think external pressure from employers could also influence friends who might otherwise tell the truth.

      1. Sue, all excellent observations. This process is to label dissimilar things under an artificial label and use “authorities” provided to control the original “problem” on the new target behavior.

        So now, there is “authorized thought or ideas”. Speech can be “crime” or “pre-crime”. It can be “mental illness” or “terrorist ideas”. Either way, those are not “authorized”.

        What did not require permission, now does. If someone’s expressed thoughts are not consonant with official guidelines, the goons are sent to suppress the problem.

        I doubt if anyone has ever seen anyone in the “psych system” that hasn’t been diagnosed with some “issue”. Usually there’s a pill for the problem. Dissatisfaction at one’s state as a landless peasant is mental illness Criticism of those in authority is dangerous mental illness.

    3. Just like the old USSR. So, initially they “discovered” his comments by eaves dropping on his messages? Nothing he describes is “illegal”. Apparently even the shrinks couldn’t find anything to hold him on but the administration thought otherwise?

      It’s a good find, disturbing, but a good find. I guess “sanity” now equates to “belief” in the media. Remember the new “disease”, “Oppositional Defiance Disorder” (ODD)? If you disobey, you are “defiant”, or “in opposition to”, which is a “disorder”. In short, you’re “odd”.

  9. Thank you Patrick, great work. I had a chance not long ago to examine a current book listing all the names holding Masonic memberships in my old country. Small country, huge book. Everyone who’s someone is a Mason from way down south to way up north and everywhere in between. Even I was surprised at this volume.

    1. Anne, that has been a problem all over. Bad as it is, it is but a taste of other, darker, things. It is a secret order that demands obedience. It occupies judicial systems and ensures that the “brothers” are protected.

      Those who join want an “advantage”. Those who control it use that fact. In some places non-members can’t find meaningful work. It is rampant in the military and police departments.

      A lot of people think this is a benevolent society. It isn’t.

    1. Yes Peter, there are a few books by former masons out there. I don’t discount their impact or that they are involved with a great many conspiracies, I just say that there are other groups as well that do essentially the same thing.

      In fact, the same people are involved with multiple groups. It is an interesting study but it leads to the same place. Those who advance in masonry are “recognized” by those with the power to advance them. They do this because they have uses for them.

  10. Patrick, Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Greatly appreciated. I remember listening to a local radio talk show host here in Philly, named Irv Homer. One of his mantras was that there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between a republican and a democrat. He was my inspiration regarding individual thought. His most frequent rant would be directed towards the IRS, to such a degree that the station he was employed by was contacted by the IRS and threatened. A gag order was placed on Irv. It was then, at the age of 17 that I began to question “things.”

    That was way back in 1977, and now fast forward to 2014. We are in an unparalleled age of secrecy and deception. Amusement abounds at every turn. Citizenry is unchallenged regarding critical thought, and they are all too willing to accept the non-challenge. Here in Philly we have an all news station as well as an NPR affiliate. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not left shaking my head in utter disbelief at the majority of the content.

    I am stunned at the willingness of Americans to be lied to. I am further stunned that they just don’t seem to care that they are being lied to. How can it be possible that we have long since arrived at the point that Americans don’t genuinely care what happens to their money once it has been confiscated from their paychecks? We are in the age where
    professional athletes routinely take home tens of thousands of dollars PER WEEK, yet taxpayer funding of their playpens (stadiums, arenas)
    continues without opposition. Its as though Americans view this as infrastructure. Its a sickness whose only cure is critical thought.

    I would love to address all of the content stated in your article, but time and fatigue will not allow. Let me state however, with unwavering conviction, that I come to MHB as often as I am able to re-affirm within myself that thought among the “uninitiated” is not dead. I am always encouraged by the core of MHB, because I see here that not all American thought is engineered. Original thought has not been totally confiscated by the Controllers.

    And I haven’t even begun to broach the REAL issue, which is spiritual in nature. But that’s what makes MHB so invaluable; for the critical thinker the requirement to return is unavoidable.

    Thanks Patrick, and a SINCERE thanks to all those who make MHB a treasure.

    1. -How can it be possible that we have long since arrived at the point that Americans don’t genuinely care what happens to their money once it has been confiscated from their paychecks? We are in the age where
      professional athletes routinely take home tens of thousands of dollars PER WEEK, yet taxpayer funding of their playpens (stadiums, arenas)
      continues without opposition. Its as though Americans view this as infrastructure. Its a sickness whose only cure is critical thought.-

      Joe, this is so true. I have often thought that things could be different if people were given some kind of A la carte choice system as to where there taxes went. Paying for garbage that conflicts with personal belief or spiritual belief is evil pure and simple.

      As for sports, it disgusts me to think that these organizations get a tax exemption, while hauling in billions. Sports in this country is absolutely out of control, and the indoctrination into the bread and circuses starts by the time a kid can walk. I remember playing every kind of sport as a kid in the local neighborhood park, without my parents spending thousands per year on league after league, dragging me all over the country to play three of four sports per year, only to retire after high school to armchair quarterback mediocrity. I see people all around me being slaves to this sport paradigm, and to what end? Children who think the world revolves around them, who grow up to be adults who think the world revolves around them. Young people head off to college, and parents pay big bucks to get them indoctrinated, or strap themselves with student loans, while the other half goes on a sports scholarship and pays nothing.

      I have watched my local university(a place where I flushed several years of my life down the drain) turn from a small regional state college, where people who selected the right program might actually learn something, into a sports park funded by taxpayer money(pell grants), and poor saps paying for some silly degrees that I won’t even mention for fear of drawing ire or hurting feelings. I admit there will always be sport, and it has a place, but where do we draw the line between entertainment/fun and national addiction? Why must we be subjected to nationally televised congressional inquiry into whether some overpaid dope rubbed steroid cream on his shoulders? So we can be distracted while bankers get us to build them stadiums with skyboxes. Or maybe to take the edge off the latest troop surge or bombing campaign. I don’t know, because I shut the cable off a long time ago.

      1. Great discussion. One of my dirty little secrets is that I occasionally watch “Toddlers and Tiaras”, that abomination of a show on A&E, about child beauty pageants. Recently, after watching, it struck me that pageants are nothing more than a totally artificial system of wealth redistribution: it was created out of thin air! People pay money (a LOT of money!) to participate in an wholly subjective evaluation of their physical beauty, judged by non-expert opinion, where the winner gets a prize that is always worth less than the contestants’ initial investment. What a sham! And yet, an entire industry (not to mention egos and neuroses) has been built around this totally valueless artifice. The parents, who can spend anywhere from $500 to $10,000 (or more!) to prepare their little darlings for each event, are convinced they are doing it for their kids’ future–which makes no sense, because if they would just save the money they spend on pageants, they’d probably have college paid for! But I digress…

        Well, it got me to thinking about the dance classes, competitive cheer-leading, gymnastics, and organized sports, and whether they’re any different than pageants. Can you believe that there’s virtually NO difference between these “legitimate” activities and pageants? It’s pay to play, ostensibly with the goal of developing some obscure “skill” in the child (often at the risk of severe injury, either physical or emotional) and to teach “sportsmanship” and “cooperation”.

        When did Americans pick up this collectivist value? For that’s the other commonality among these activities: they all promote cooperation, teamwork, discipline, knowing one’s place in a hierarchy, and development of a hive mind. The idea that the group is more important than any one player. “Gesellschaft” over “gemeinschaft” (I was a sociology major, I’m sorry to say). And it all is centered around the physical body, the material over the spiritual. To put it in a word, Satanic.

        Patrick, I have almost finished your wonderful work, “The Stairway to Heaven”. I heaped praise upon you in a previous comment (I don’t know if you saw it), so I won’t repeat myself here. Suffice it to say that I understand the message of Matthew 5 like I never imagined I would, and what a tremendous gift that is. Thank you.

        1. Recynd,

          Good call on the cheerleading etc. I have heard of parents spending $10K in one year on this. Your right, it is collectivism. They put out movies for these Dance and cheerleading leagues to promote the scam. Everybody gets to make the team YAY! Same goes for other sports. Had a co-worker try to get people to kick in once to send his third string kid to wrestle in in Australia in the off season. Thanks I said, but if anyone is going to Australia its me(selfish sob that I am). I am sure the chaperones who set up these tours get a free trip, and rake in some cash too. Meanwhile little Johnny gets to tell everyone for the rest of his life that he was such a good wrestler that he was invited to Australia to get his mean on! I’m pretty sure this was all designed by travel agents to ensure their survival in an Orbitz, expedia and Travelocity world that had them on the ropes.

      2. I did notice it last time, but it was so effusive that I felt I might betray a lack of humility if I said thanks. But I read it to a few friends. I thank you now. I tried to make the book as short and as accessible as possible; it can be read in a day, but the chapters are very short, so a busy person can treat it as a devotional, taking it a chapter a day. The idea is to have people actually read it, so I made it as non-intimidating as possible. And your response is exactly what I hoped for: to have people actually grasp the message of the Beatitudes for the first time.

        As for the rest of your remarks, they are excellent. The American people have come to worship the physical, pouring enormous spiritual energy into purely material concerns. This was quite a trick for the devil to accomplish, because the colonies were all founded by what were for the most part intensely Christian people, and that sensibility continued as the core thing that bound America’s people together, reinforced by great “awakenings” from time to time. At first, we were all various species of protestants, and when the Catholics started to arrive in large numbers in the mid 19th century, they became greatly concerned when they realized that the public schools were making their kids into protestants–think of that–which is why they created parish schools. Catholicism in America was as serious as protestantism.

        It took roughly a century to thoroughly de-christianize the American mind. When in the mid-60s Francis Schaeffer announced that America is now a post-Christian society, he was scoffed at: there are churches on every corner, after all! He replied, nevertheless, soon abortion will be legal and accepted as just fine, and euthanasia will follow shortly after that, as the sanctity of human life is increasingly denied.

        In How the West was Lost, I argue that we are now in a post-post Christian era. That is, whereas when Schaeffer was writing everyone could remember that America has always been a Christian country, today it’s very difficult to persuade the average person of it. The public mind has completely changed. I identify this as a signal that we have transitioned out of Western civilization, much as the West was a distinct civilization that emerged out of Rome, and Rome then ceased to be. I argue that the 20th century was the transition period, and that 911 was the official ending point. Now, that work is kind of philosophical–not as accessible as the Stairway book–but I think it’s worth the effort, if one wished to understand the strange new context we find ourselves in. (For an example, my daughter, who is now 18, who has attended only Christian schools and whose life-context has always been Christian, thinks favorably about “gay marriage”; that’s because she has grown up in this new civilization, which is utterly different in nature from the West).

        Antonio Gramsci was a communist theorist who went to Russia to advise Stalin; he told the dictator that Europe and America could not be forcibly communized the way Russia had been, because the people were free, and all their assumptions about life were informed by Christianity. Sensing that Stalin did not like hearing contrary ideas, he fled home to Italy before the monster could have him killed, only to be jailed there for the rest of his life. He used his time well, though, fleshing out his theory in multiple volumes. The gist of his idea was this: to communize the West will require a “long march through the institutions.” The churches (via the seminaries), the state, the courts, the bureaucracies, everything must be drained of Christian assumptions–but it can only be done gradually. He advised patience, because this was going to take generations.

        Well, Gramsci, not Stalin, had his vision fulfilled. Where we are today is the result of an intentional program. A supernatural conspiracy. Human beings are spiritual in nature, so a civilization based on pure materialism is going to be expressed in a religious form, inevitably. It takes various shapes: worship of physical beauty, or physical performance, or dietary obsessions, whatever you call Paris Hilton and the Kardashians–all will take on an aura of religious fervor. As you point out so well.

        And again, thanks for your lovely endorsement.

    2. And I thank YOU joe, for taking the time to say what you did. As you say, MHB is an island of original thought, and sanity, and the vast majority who visit here never comment. So it’s great for those of us who tend to join the conversation a lot when members of the silent majority join in. It is encouraging.

      Still, I agree with everything you wrote here, which is not a happy state of affairs (as Rich also states so well).

      Indeed, our real focus must be the spiritual reality behind our troubles. The bad forces are spiritual in nature, and our only hope for ourselves is not to defeat them physically, but to restore ourselves spiritually; there is evil in each of us, and we must endeavor to defeat it (it’s the topic of my book The Stairway to Heaven). The more “good” we become, the less power the evil forces in the world will have over us. They can control our physical environment and our money, but if we are spiritually healthy–holy–they have no genuine power over us. Jesus, after all, said that His kingdom is not of this world.

      Sadly, the sports-addicted experience a counterfeit spiritual instruction and experience that is quite crippling, and as Rich points out so well, the professionalization of sports is relatively new, but so overwhelming, so all-encompassing, that it seems like a permanent feature of social reality. But it’s really just another bizarre feature of the new civilization that has emerged in the last century (which is the topic of my first book, How the West was Lost). All civilizations have at their core a religious system, and all religious systems have confessions, statements of belief and practice. The modern idea of sports can be thought of this way: it is an ecstatic group worship practice, complete with relics and the worship of saints, mimicking the worst excesses of more traditional religions. What a hundred years ago was a noble and morally uplifting adjunct to one’s overall educational experience has been transformed into something unrecognizable.

      I could go on like this all day, so I’ll stop now.

      Thanks again for your thoughts.

      1. I’m not sure where I heard it, but it would be interesting to fast forward a thousand years and get an archeological point of view as to what in our civilization is considered the true religion(s).

      2. Well Rich, I suppose it would depend on where they dug. If they dug up a copy of the “Daily Mail” they’d think it was Kardashian worship.

        We once hung a Hostess Twinkie on a cork board at work from a string. It hung there for over five years, totally unaffected by bacteria or any other force of nature. I thought about archeologists digging that up a thousand years from now. They would probably consider it a religious relic or something miraculous (but inedible).

        Sports DO have a sort of religious overtone. Consider that most are programmed from the earliest age to “join” teams and compete. It is most certainly a control mechanism. Anyone who refuses to participate is an outlier.

        I suppose there is a herd mentality at work here. People can lose their individualism in the cheering, etc., and stop having to think for themselves. That’s very attractive for many. They can look left, then right, and feel like they must be OK since everyone else is doing it.

        I wish it wasn’t so but I fear that most are not lovers of freedom. They may say that but their actions prove otherwise.

  11. I am one of the almost inaudible voices of the silent majority on MHB,but occasionally, I feel constrained to comment…mainly to show my gratitude for each member,from Dr. Tracey all the way through the blog. Patrick,thank you for the inestimable value you have added to the discussion. I still devour each and every entry, and attendant comments from everyone. As someone much wiser than I once said,”Resistance may never be felt until force is applied.” I like to think that,in some small way,we are providing that resistance. May God bless us all.

  12. For those of us who believe it, this is a continuation of “the war in heaven” for the souls of men. The forces of evil have always relied on secrecy and subterfuge to deceive men and women. These plans and acts cannot stand of the bright light of scrutiny, therefore great pains are taken to keep them hidden. Another strategy is to make us believe that these forces are so powerful that they cannot be stopped and it would be best for us to simply give up and join “the dark side”. Again, for those of us who believe it, we know that good will triumph. The only question will be what side will we be on in the end. We must oppose these forces with the gifts that have been given to us, discernment and a conscience…

  13. Good post EXCEPT (and hugely important) for the idea that the ‘transformation’ of the American gov’t happened in the last 100 years.
    This ‘republic’ was formed by Masons FOR Masons on the Roman model, to continue the ‘great work.’ Good ol’ Benji Franklin (of the French masonry side) knew we couldn’t keep the republic because we weren’t meant to keep it for very long at all. The proverbial “we” were meant to use the propagate the false ideas of liberty, equality, fraternity [democracy] as a battering ram across the world to bring it under the control of those who own and run the Lodge, which at the top, is the most racist and exclusionary group imaginable. The Lodge has been operational for thousands of years in one incarnation or another. Alan Watt’s work at may be of assistance.

    1. I agree with you entirely.

      Keep in mind, I was focusing on a very small slice of the story, and that these articles must be kept to a relatively short length, so focus is important. Which is why none of what you mention came into it. I’ll write a book about my overall perspective on American history one of these days.

      I’ll say this, for now: it is my view that the Articles of Confederation were as fine as fine is going to get, when it comes to creating a state, and the Constitutional Convention was a coup d’etat against the legitimate government of the United States. The Constitution it devised had within it the seeds of the tyranny we endure today; the reason Madison wanted the Convention was because the Articles could not be the start of an empire, which is why, as you quite rightly point out, the republic was never intended to be kept.

      Why, after all, is the District of Columbia completely Masonic in design, and its official architecture always reflective of pagan Rome and Greece, if this was supposedly a country founded on Christian principles?

      Thanks for your excellent thoughts.

      1. Hey Patrick…I just wanted to let you know that I caught your interview with Dr. Stan on Radio Liberty a couple of days ago. A very interesting show indeed…you and Dr. Stan now have me rethinking the O.J. Simpson trial. That’s something I never thought I would do.

      2. Thanks for that, Maryaha.

        I listened to that interview just this afternoon, and I heard too many “uh”s in my remarks, so it’s good that the general point was enjoyed. I hate to hear myself stammering that way. But I DID think the ideas came through, and it is a genuine pleasure to have you tell me so.

        It’s better when he has me on earlier (it was midnight my time, when the show started). I am a morning person.

        By the end, I was regaining my sea-legs, and sounding better, and then I could not go to sleep. If there was another hour, I’d be really in my stride.

        Anyway, thanks again!

      3. Patrick, I also heard you on Dr. Stan. I was really interested to hear more about your book. I applaud you for what you’re doing, and also thought you gave a lot of nice publicity to James Tracy and MHB.

  14. Thanks!

    Trust me, if the interview had been at the start of the day, I’d have really been able to give James an even better plug. I’ve told Stan that James would be a great guest. As I say, I don’t function perfectly late at night.

    And as I said on the show, MHB and Radio Liberty are the two places that come to mind when it comes to finding out what’s really going on, without having to sift through too much painful nonsense. The great thing about MHB, of course, is the conversation. As I said above, in this article, James has been able to attract very good writers to join the conversation– but what’s more, they have really excellent ideas to contribute. Good writing that is empty is, well, empty.

    So whenever I can promote James’ efforts, I do.

    Incidentally, for those who do not know, Dr. Stan has been undergoing Chemo, and he is not at all young, so please pray for him, if you value his work. I would not know a fraction of the things/people/subjects I do if not for his ministry, and while every one he interviews is not a 10-out-of-10, who cares about that? Once he’s gone, I don’t expect anyone can replace him.

    This is because he runs his operation very closely. All I know about this is what I’ve heard him say over the years on the radio, but it’s clear that he has seen many, many, ministries infiltrated and destroyed, by people who the founders thereof thought were close friends. Stan has avoided that assiduously, so far as I can tell. Donations to Radio Liberty are not IRS exempt, either. He has avoided, as best as possible, entangling traps. Who else fits that mold?

    James Tracy, perhaps. But he does not do five hours of radio five days a week, either. Stan’s operation is unique.

    So pray for Stan. And his family. And his staff, who silently carry more weight than anyone can imagine–always have, and are now doing, moreso than ever.

    1. Thanks to these comments I listened to the interview also, and was oblivious to the MLK trial thing. I have something new to look into I guess. Once you got into your book, you smoothed out. You made a connection that you said you had wished you had made earlier and put in the book. As a reader it clicked with me, and some more things fell into place. Very cool.

      1. Your comments are always great, Rich, on any subject. When you talk about my writings, I am humbled.

        It is interesting, the idea that you mention, that struck me in conversation with Dr. Stan. Why did I not include a mention of Ephesians 6 in the Stairway book?

        The goal was to keep the book as short and accessible as possible. But that element, I could have worked in, and now regret I did not.

        I will write about this tomorrow on my sadly neglected blog.

        1. I would hazard to guess that pretty much everyone who ever wrote a book thinks of at least one more thing they might have put in. Books are supposed to make a person think, and authors are not immune to that, even when considering their own work.

    2. Yes, well I am unable to even stay awake until midnight, so understand that completely. You were just great. I was saddened when I realized that Dr. Stan was sick. He is a true hero!

    3. Patrick, I did not know that Dr. Stan is in chemo…I am very concerned about him and I will most certainly pray for him. I don’t know how he continues to do so many hours of radio each day, along with other work that he does. He is such a good man…a true fighter and he’s not afraid to speak out about the lies that Americans have been told to accept as truth for so many years.

      By the way, are you familiar with a man named William Kennedy that was a frequent guest on Dr. Stan’s program? He was very vocal about the secret activities taking place in the Catholic church. I believe William wrote several books about it, one being Lucifer’s Lodge. He also had his own radio show and was a guest on many others. Anyway, I heard Dr. Stan mention one day on his show that William had died suddenly under mysterious circumstances. I was quite shocked when I heard this, and tried my best to find out what in the world had happened. All I was able to find out was that he was 48 and in good health, but his body was found alone in his home last August. That’s it…I found nothing about the cause of death or any further details. Even his family was apparently silent about what happened, leading me to wonder if they did so out of fear. I did find that there are other people trying to find out what happened, but as far as I can tell, they haven’t been able to either. Do you know anything about him?

      1. Indeed, I knew him. I guest-hosted Barry Chamish’s radio show, when Barry needed me, maybe a year before William (he always made certain you included his middle initial, “H”!) abruptly died. Having no idea how to dig up a guest, I called Stan, and he suggested William. It was a great show.

        William lived in Boston, and although he believed the official story about the fake bombing (he had security-cam issues about it, is all), which I found perplexing, he had no qualms about exposing the crimes within Catholicism (he claimed to remain a Catholic, despite what he knew). I even brought up Lucifer’s Lodge, when promoting his work to the audience. That book was his attempt to use stories from the MSM to validate Malachi Martin’s “novel” Windswept House (everyone should read that one). Well, Martin remained a Catholic, too, and died under equally mysterious circumstances.

        He was fearless. A great voice. And sorely missed.

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