KreigJames Tracy speaks with Andrew Kreig on the state of media and politics in the post-Bush era and during Obama’s second term. Mr. Kreig is a Washington DC-based attorney, nonprofit executive, and the author of Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney, and Their Masters (Eagle View, 2013). As editor of the non-partisan Justice Integrity Project, he is a passionate and accomplished fighter for the public interest, with credentials including 14 years as a metro newspaper reporter, plus degrees from Yale Law School, the University of Chicago Law School, and Cornell University.

Unlike many commentators, Kreig has long been a DC insider but does not accept paid clients and pushes no political party. Instead, he delivers a rare combination of insider revelations about current events, local scandals, national issues, and self-help for civic reformers and fellow researchers.

Kreig uncovers scandals and reports on significant trends. He revealed, for example, to HuffPost Live! how Alabama deputies arrested, beat and jailed without bond freelance journalist Roger Shuler on Oct. 23, 2013. Authorities held Shuler into the spring of 2014 on contempt charges for failure to spike his stories before any trial. On Fox News Talk Radio and CBS-affiliate WWL AM/FM, Kreig described how such procedures threaten Shuler’s Deep South readers and national U.S. Supreme Court precedents on civil rights, with scant notice or protest.


His project now is “The Truth Patrol.” Kreig draws from a trove of material in the new Presidential Puppetry book. The first volume on the Obama second term, Puppetry boldly names the names, revealing the devastating hidden histories about the top two Republican and Democratic tickets in 2012. Kreig argues that the same pattern of suppressed or under-reported news looms for the 2014 and 2016 races, badly hurting the public in the process.

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8 thought on “Andrew Kreig on The Puppet Masters Behind US Governance”
  1. ‘non-partisan’ must mean Wi-Fi and ELF are now deemed “Kreiger-safe”

    “From 1996 to 2008, he was the president/CEO of the Wireless Communications Association in its worldwide advocacy to create a wireless broadband industry.” and UK have been attempting to raise awareness of these wonders since the introduction of Tetra in the 1980’s.

    1. The observation is not entirely fair. A great deal of attention has been given to this subject on this site and I can’t recall you ever having chimed, in at least in a productive way.

      Everyone (including myself) has the opportunity and capacity to “turn over a new leaf” in their professional endeavors and contribute to public life.

  2. Great interview, thank you! Just in case you did not know who is really in charge, you need listen. Sounds like another good book that is a must read for concerned citizens. “All presidents since Kennedy have been scared to death of being murdered.” “More people have been charged with espionage in this administration, than since the law was enacted.”

    And folks still ask, how come nobody talks? The answer may very well be, their voices are not allowed to be heard!

    1. Agree. Great interview. I wonder why there are not hundreds of other comments. Presidential Puppetry’s early adopters frequent this blog.

  3. Thank you for this very enlightening interview. Not quite sure where to post this – it may fit in here.

    In very upscale Bedford, NY a teacher is fired for discussing government conspiracies, Sandy Hook and weird weather. Apparently he is mentally ill. Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when reading this…….

    In a letter filed with the court, Hochman stated: “Due to apparent mental illness, it would create an undue risk to the safety of the students and faculty of the Bedford Central School District if you were permitted to return to your duties.”

    1. Wow, this cannot get more weird, the good old school teacher since 2002, was looking to buy a gun on the day of the SHH, and later had a private meeting with a person described as a medium, and later gets arrested for that conversation and is now insane?

      And another propaganda piece, we are not allowed to speak of the weird weather all while our leader spews that very concept out to the unwitting graduates of USC.

      Note to self, do not talk to ‘mediums’, they might be recorded, just pray for our great country!

  4. A niece of mine just spent a year in England as an exchange student. She writes about the often horrible and strange weather during that time.
    One quote: “However, the news constantly reminded us of the abnormal weather conditions.”

    UK may be a step ahead of us being allowed to mention abnormal weather on their broadcasts.

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