By Namesnot Mary

In this fascinating short video, independent researcher Namesnot Mary examines a well-known Newtown family’s history, its potential ties to the Freemasonry, the entertainment industry and private aviation.

Robert Fulton (1765-1815) is a well-known colonial era Mason, engineer, and inventor who contributed to the development of steamboat technology, and for a time defected the newly-formed United States to work as an inventor for British Prime Minister William Pitt and his military. Nevertheless, five US Navy ships have been designated Fulton. Further, numerous townships and similar undertakings bear the family name.

A potential “collateral descendent” of the senior Fulton, Robert Edison Fulton Jr. (1909-2004), is highlighted in the video below. Edison Fulton bears the name of American innovator Thomas Edison, a close friend of Fulton’s father. Robert Jr. was also an inventor, his most famous project being the “airphibian.”

Introduced in 1947, the unusual aircraft “could be converted into a car in less than five minutes, chiefly by removing its wings and propeller,” the New York Times observes. The device was adopted for use by the Central Intelligence Agency and US military. One of Fulton’s major accomplishments, it may explain the airstrip in close proximity to his  Newtown residence.

Robert Jr. and his son, Robert III (1939-2002), both developed interest, skills, and professional endeavors in cinematography. Fulton family scion Elgin Fulton, a probable namesake of Robert Jr.’s maternal uncle, cross-country transit tycoon Elgin Travis, has recently worked for Anderson Cooper, ABC News, and is linked to Ryan Seacrest’s Million Second Quiz game show. As the Namesnot Mary video suggests, this relation also potentially ties the Fulton descendent to local Newtowners Mary Fellows and John Conk.

Another well-known Newtown resident is US presidential candidate, former Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd. Dodd is presently CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, the US entertainment industry’s foremost advocacy organization.

Susan Collins, author of the widely successful Hunger Games series, also resides in Newtown.

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78 thought on “Probing Newtown’s Media Industry Elites”
  1. “33” acre estate”…lol, say it isn’t so
    That private airfield seems very suspicious.
    Excellent work once again. 🙂
    Another more obscure connection is the game SCRABBLE. The guy who bought the rights to the game In 1948, James Brunot was a resident of Newtown, Connecticut.
    Obama said it was his favorite game in a Barbara Walters interview.

  2. Wow, very interesting video. It really sheds some light on what would be the inner workings of those orchestrating these incidents. I don’t think the narrator discussed Freemasonry on it? The connections to the film industry are important; I have tended to think that the film industry is ruled almost totally by the tribe, yet the video suggests that it’s elite (and they’re all sort of elites) are of the same types, both TCP and european, who rule the government. It’s not that I didn’t know that sort of, just that I’d figured film was almost solely TCP enterprise, but perhaps that’s more in personnel (or that Dodd serves to function as the european figurehead for the Elders of Hollywood).

    Elliot Rodger’s grandfather was most likely TCP and part of the film and governmedia elite in England and he was in on the framing of the germans for war crimes. Peter Rodger’s second wife’s father is both TCP and CIA in Tangier. The more I read of Elliot’s manifesto the faker it’s seeming…

    Really good video.

    1. Frank,

      I saw a few scenes of the remake recently and this quote really struck me as an inside joke to the film makers.

      The Stepford Wives (2004)

      Claire Wellington: I asked myself, “Where would people never notice a town full of robots?”
      Claire Wellington: Connecticut.

      1. The original Stepford Wives movie from 1975 is better than the 2004 remake in my opinion. Coincidently two of Newtown’s neighboring towns are named Stepney and Botsford.

        There was a TV sequel made in 1980 titled “The Revenge of The Stepford Wives” that received less than stellar reviews. Then came “The Stepford Children” and “The Stepford Husbands”.

        Perhaps we have been watching “The Stepford Families”.

      2. Ira Levin, author of The Stepford Wives, Rosemary’s Baby and The Boys from Brazil among many other novels,wrote this letter to The New York Times. He was obviously a champion of free speech. Levin died in November 2007 from a heart attack.

        Published: March 27, 2007
        To the Editor:
        Re “Play About Iraq War Divides a Connecticut School” (news article, March 24):
        Wilton, Conn., where I lived in the 1960s, was the inspiration for Stepford, the fictional town I later wrote about in “The Stepford Wives.”
        I’m not surprised, therefore, to learn that Wilton High School has a Stepford principal, one who would keep his halls and classrooms squeaky-clean of any “inflammatory” material that might hurt some Wilton families.
        It’s heartening, though, to know that not all the Wilton High students have been Stepfordized. The ones who created and rehearsed the banished play “Voices in Conflict” are obviously thoughtful young people with minds of their own.
        I salute them.
        Ira Levin
        New York, March 24, 2007

      3. Thanks Patrick, I changed my mind. And no problems posting so far. I am glad you are here and all the others too, minus the trolls.

        Professor Tracy is very much appreciated for giving us this classroom.

  3. I find a private air strip interesting. Am I thinking like everyone else this could have been used to transport 28 people out of SH while everyone was in town focusing on a ” shooting”? Just wonder’n out loud.

    1. no. its not really an ‘airstrip’. its more helicopter transport to NYC (22 minutes).

      from SHE you could jsut take the back road and either jump on the highway to Danbury airport or take backroads to Oxford airport, where actual planes that could hold 20+ people could take off. In reality you would jsut put them on a big bus and it would look like all the other buses coming from the southbury bus depot.

      Flying ridge is way on the other side of Newtown from the school, pretty much as far away as you could get and would take multiple multiple helicopters or planes to move people.

      1. If there was a helicopter escape it would make more sense to land on the lower soccer field at Treadwell (there’s a well beaten path from the park to the school).

        Of course, you could use the same trail system to access the field kitty-corner to the firehouse/behind Rosen’s.

        You can clearly see the main mouth of this trail at the far end of the baseball diamond.

        Bob Fulton’s history with the CIA draws a connection between Newtown and the upper echelons of elite espionage and science.

        He lived on Orchard Hill for most of his adult life, simultaneously as the CIA’s darling of black-ops aerospace gadgets. You can imagine that his own personal airfield was well equipped, which it was.

        The video on the Flying Ridge website seems to deliberately omit shots of the control tower.
        This spread has a good shot of it:

        But you’re right about the capabilities of the Flying Ridge strip, you can’t move high payloads of a 2,400 ft. runway.
        Maybe only some of the 26 people were sequestered, and the others killed to add the element of reality.

  4. That one-eyed avatar picture at the beginning of this post was the one used by a major troll who was working all the Sandy Hook hoax videos. She/he suddenly appeared when QK’s video on the Superbowl kids came out. Her/his main effort was to ridicule that discovery, going all over and commenting on every vid that addressed it. I engaged in many arguments with this person. She/he finally realized they were getting no where in their attempt to rid the Superbowl vid. Then this troll suddenly fell off Youtube just the way they came on. The Youtube name had the word “brothers” in it. I can’t recall. Why using this avatar in this post?

  5. Why did you use this one-eyed avatar at the start of the post? Interesting, because this was the avatar used by a troll who suddenly came on Youtube when QK ‘s Superbowl kids video came out. He/she had the sole purpose of trolling every video on Youtube that contained content about the Superbowl kids. They created an account, and attempted to ridicule the theory everywhere they could all over Youtube.

    I engaged in many exchanges with this person, telling him/her that I knew exactly what they were up to. Then after weeks of trying to ridicule the Superbowl theory, this person was pulled off the job and disappeared from YT as quickly as they were hired. An obvious paid troll. The YT name had the word “brothers” in it. I can’t recall the name. Why using this avatar? The one-eye is also an Illuminati symbol.

  6. I appreciate the tag picture, James. Anyone who spends time at the Vigilant Citizen (and everyone around here should) understands the significance of the “one eye” thing (

    That web site examines in detail the signals the popular media have been bombarding us with at an accelerated rate, blatantly telling us to accept illuminati symbolism as the meat-and-potatoes of our new civilization. I myself avoid using the term “illuminati” because, like Sue’s primary focus (which I don’t entirely reject, incidentally), there is tremendous ambiguity in the mind of the listener when you use that word. The VC, of course, has defined what he means by it very well, so within his context, there’s no ambiguity at all.

    I point this out because I regard it as a clever clue James is giving us that too many will unfortunately miss. Whoever and whatever these forces are that are racing to completely restructure our minds and cultural assumptions, they are saying it all out loud, in full view, without hardly anyone noticing what’s going on–which demonstrates to them just how successful they have been.

    That’s why MHB is so important. The VC documents the brazenness of the imagery in magazines, music videos and movies, showing us the symbolic language our evil enemy is using to systematically indoctrinate us to accept their plans for our future. But by having gathered remarkably diligent researchers who independently have been digging into the underlying, hidden, reality of Newtown–primarily in the comments–a very large story has gradually come into view. Dinophile linked recently to her blog, for instance, listing the amazing multifaceted connectedness of mental health professionals between the original New Hampshire domicile of the Lanzas and Newtown, CT. Others plotted the path of the gas pipeline on the map; others the real estate angle. Then there’s the fantastic recent article “Gut Feeling.” I won’t list it all. You get the picture.

    So when James features this video, with his accompanying comments, about how many amazing media connections there are to this previously unknown corner of rural America, and tags it with the one-eye-thing, I don’t think the bigger significance should be overlooked: something very dark, and very deep, and very connected is going on with this story. I don’t know if the Powers knew any of these connections would ever be put together, the way it has been done here, in real time, as the plot has been unfolding. I have said before that when the book is written about the Sandy Hook event, the writer will rely on MHB for the bulk of the insights into what really happened.

    Maybe I weary the reader by my repeated evocation of Eyes Wide Shut, but it’s only because this story constantly reminds me of that movie.

    1. Amazingly, while I was composing my comment (currently in moderation), another commenter brought up the end-eye thing. My comment was not intended to reply to that one, because I had not read it, but in a stroke of luck it seems like it.

      1. I was having the same problem with my Mac correcting my words and making them nonsensical. Look up “How to turn off autocorrect.” It’s easy to fix.

    2. Patrick, did you read my post, or just my first sentence? I fully understand one-eye symbolism. My point was that this particular image/avatar was used by a troll who was sent to attack Sandy Hook videos. She/he came on and trolled every video containing content about the Superbowl kids theory. This troll tried his/her best to ridicule Sandy hook research, but ultimately left in defeat. This was the avatar used by that paid troll. I was surprised to see it re-surface. NamesNotMary would not want to be associated with that person.

      1. Certainly, I did read it, after I had posted my comment, as I said, although I suppose I did not gather the extent of your concern. Sorry about that.

        I can’t read Tracy’s mind, so I don’t know if he knows the back story about this particular image.

        I found your remarks very interesting; I don’t follow any other conspiracy-oriented web sites, so everything you wrote is news to me, concerning the agent of deception using this “brand,” and that’s probably why the import of your worry did not sink in for me. If James knows that back story, perhaps he should add a comment about it, confirming one way or the other. As for me, I very much doubt he wishes to associate himself with the kind of paid troll you identify in your comment. He has made every effort to expose the truth about what happened at Sandy Hook. It would astonish me if he knew that he was sending two messages with the use of that picture, and if he knew it was a backhanded slap at Namesnot Mary, it would be very odd for him to feature her video so glowingly.

        When I wrote my comment, knowing nothing of the story you tell about the picture in question, I was struck by the jolting image itself, and I wanted to say to all who visit here (particularly people who don’t know what the one-eye thing is about) that by using that tag James was sending the message: enough evidence is now in; Newtown, CT is an Illuminati base of operations. It seemed like a clever clue, and I was a bit reticent to spell it out. Obviously, to me, James wanted people to think about the meaning of the thing, and come to the conclusion on their own. So I felt a little like the guy who’s already seen the movie and shouts out to everyone in the theater the secret, ruining the picture for them. Then, after reading your comment, I felt relieved: it’s now on the record that the purpose of the tag-picture is a topic of conversation.

        I take you at your word that if all James was doing was saying: “Illuminati warning!” he chose the wrong “one-eye” to do it, this one having had another purpose entirely. The question is, did he know the backstory you relate? This is a valid question. Thanks for asking it.

  7. It is noteworthy that the steamship magnate, Robert Fulton(1746-1813 or 1815)) appears to have married ‘The Chancelor’s’ daughter Harriet Livingston. This family descends from famous early Americans on both the maternal and paternal line.

    Namesnotmary has found a family connection to the film industry, as well as the media, and specifically Anderson Cooper, whose reporting during the event was so staged, as to bring a bold red flag of suspicion to all the interviews.

    In a previous video, NNM explored the connection of one of the key Sandy Hook players, Mary Fellows, and her husband John Conk to his Newtown event company. I was stunned to see their business profile which lists the annual company revenue at averaging from 20 to 50 MILLION dollars. The business profile boasts a glowing recommendation from a former client, The Pentagon, after their successful event in which they commemorated the anniversary of 9/11.

    If one wants to attempt to connect more dots, and this is purely speculation, it may have been planned to get the adults out of Newtown via the private airstrip, and down to Isgut’s place. (Argentina? – memory fails me.) Possibly children too, although I believe the children’s photos are simply of older kids.

    CW Wade began his website, opting for a tone of rational expertise. He has since become apoplectic – resorting to venomous name calling and near hysteria. The main thrust of his animus is NNM, whom he has outed with a great deal of personal identity information. What that says to me – she has uncovered very damning facts and information.

    1. C W Wade has irrational, delusional thinking that stems from “little man syndrome”. It’s a tough sickness to overcome. I’m sending him love and healing energy.

      1. NNM clearly has lots of keys to supposed locked doors in our memory hole. Her name came up many times today in a variety of SH blog sites. All of the comments directed at her were uncivil and threatening. Obviously, her work is making some people very upset.

        What intrigued me the most was that I recognized a lot of the names who regularly post here at MHB. They pile on, usually with “commander” CW Wade, to drive certain agendas. And yet, one would not recognize these regulars except for their screen names. Their attitude is different. They seem biased and short-sighted. They gang tackle all dissenters to their viewpoint. Moreover, they go from blog to blog, dominate the comments, and depart, thinking they have won all arguments. I have read many posts with no more than twenty comments, usually a lob-fest between these same people.

        They are playing a game for pay. We are not playing anything; therefore, the end result is manifest.

      2. OldMan
        Very interesting observation. would you care to share the link of where these attackers display their true nature?

        Have a pretty good idea, some have been scolded for bad behavior, disappear for awhile and come back with new tidbits of information….

  8. When I think about all the planning that a drill of this scale required, how could they forget to include 600 children? Sounds like a scene from ‘Blazing Saddles – where they built the fake town to lure in the outlaws – but forgot to put people in the picture. They planned to need port-potties and electronic signs reminding people to sign in when they arrive. But no panicked children running from the scene in every direction? Even the people that were at the scene, seemed to have no sense of terror or shock. No one was moving fast or seem to have any sense of urgency about what they were doing. They looked like people do at a fire drill, milling around until the all clear signal signal is given.

  9. Another big omission in all these drills/fake shootings is the entire void of any pictures/videos other than those slick produced videos and pictures shown on MSM. I think the directors/scipt writers lacked the foresight of the impact of cel phones that normally would capture hundreds if not thousands of pictures and videos that would be instantly uploaded to Twitter or other news feeds. Seriously, killers go on rampages in plain sight on the streets of big cities and no cel phone video or pictures capture any of it? Ooops, major faux pas guys! Every once in a while you see a manufactured cel phone video (i.e. the fake battle in Watertown, MA). That one takes the cake – full out battle complete with guns, pipe bombs, cars running over people and everyone is inside their houses watching Jeopardy. Why are more people not realizing that the events portrayed as they supposedly happen just DO NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!?!?!?

    1. Because the public is so inattentive and looks only for news sound bites, many details that would normally be part of a real event can be overlooked because what is included (or scripted) is “good enough.” A few children participating is “good enough”; to have to manage hundreds of children in a staged setting would be difficult. Good enough works for millions in this country!

    2. Radio free revolution, a prolific researcher, has some You Tube channels and his main one was taken down about a month ago. He had done a critique of the latest Miley Cyrus video that heavily featured MK ultra symbolism and was very dark. He credited it as is the custom and pfft that channel was gone.

      He is Canadian and just recently had vids regarding the recent “killing” hoax of the RMCP in Monckton. He put out numerous “tweets” about it as well and there is NO record of them being sent. The rating system for You Tube is being altered, certain comments are being deleted and hits aren’t being counted properly. The comment ratings are being manipulated as well.

  10. Also, is anyone else smelling a rat with other current events other than just the shootings? For example – it seems something is off with the Tracy Morgan accident to me. The theme of “driver error”, whether in flight, conducting a train, or driving cross country is a theme that keeps coming up in the news. And the pictures of the wrecks always show clearly the logo and the serial number of the truck (or plane). Like this:

    These in particular:–M9fVivLi–/c_fit,fl_progressive,w_636/eysnzkqptojugesesk9h.jpg

    Almost like they someone is trying to remove all doubt as to who was responsible – and the responsible parties are always deep-pocket corporations. And then the Wal-Mart link to the recent shooting in Oregon? (I can’t even keep track of them!)

    1. It’s seemed off to me, but then so does everything I hear from Big Brother, more or less. But yeah, something could be going on. I just posted some minutes ago about a phenomenon – hispanic crime against whites. Besides mass robbery and intentionally violent crimes, there has been a number of car accidents in which illegals have killed white people in the last year. I can think right off the top of my head of at least four white children who have died this way in less than half a year, actually, usually at the hand of an illegal who besides not belonging here shouldn’t have been driving. I myself have seen prosecutors let off hispanics who were caught driving without a license or with one suspended and I assumed it was to cover for them (while I got socked as a white person for a much less minor offense). But indulging entitlement only makes it worse…

      So could this be a smokescreen? As a student of inter-racial crime I’d say there would be a need to somehow camouflage the outbreak of these illegals murdering innocent white kids with their cars. I’ve also noticed that the media seems to want to bombard us with horrors if for no other reason than to shock and thereby numb us to our own suffering, and/or to get us to give up independent thought, which tends to be one impact of countenancing various horrors and disasters as many seek comfort in the group in such circumstances.

      1. I should add that those four children’s deaths made national news on the pro-white circuit, whose audience grows by the week, so the motivation to contain the damage may be there.

  11. In addition to VIGILANT CITIZEN, check out The site was started in 2008 and goes into the pathological social conditioning we are being inundated with from all forms of media. It is truly mind blowing.

    In a similar vein as the air strip on a Fulton property, I just discovered a You Tube video– “Sandy Hook had a tunnel” by hollywoodpastels. Sorry, but I’m not good at linking skills! She shows a CT dept of public safety — investigation of crime scene form that documents a law enforcement team going thru a tunnel under the school. This was new info to me–anyone else???

    I’ve been “down the rabbit hole” since 1995 and the books at that time by Alex Constantine exposing the psychic warfare is as relevant now as it was then.

      1. Love the no comment james, just a link to the conspiracy in question. Very conniving.
        Credit glp commenters:

        “With the center peel method all the patrol members step to the left or right accordingly to create a file, or tunnel formation. This will only allow the front two riflemen to engage but it is useful for withdrawing along linear features or where fire is coming in from the front but also to the front and flanks on both sides.”

      2. I have shared this Hollywoodpastels video with many since it came out. That tunnel was my first thought when NNMary reveled this airstrip.

    1. Granite, in order to buy what you are selling, one would need to believe that this team of officers expected to be fired upon in the school 2 days after the event. As the kids would say, “LOL.”

      “Tunnel entry,” means exactly what it says: an entry into the tunnel. It does not state that they entered the school in “tunnel formation.” Why on earth would they need to enter the school in ANY specific formation TWO days after the shooting took place, and why on earth would they be the only ones to describe the way in which they entered the school on the sign-in sheet? Nobody else described how they entered–only that they did in fact enter, and where they entered. To believe what you are suggesting requires a huge stretch of the imagination, while it requires no such stretch to simply take them at their word: they entered the tunnel. It is a fact that the Fairfield Hills campus was one of the command centers in the days following the event, and it is a fact that the defunct mental hospital on the grounds of Fairfield Hills has tunnels underneath it.

  12. I stored this little piece of news in the back of my mind when reading it. After the exposure of the Fulton owned Flying Ridge Airstrip in Newtown it dawned on me that there is another privately owned airport/heliport not far away in New Milford (Litchfield County) named Candlelight Farms Airport. It’s been there since 1970 and DHS knows about it.

    Candlelight Farms Airport
    As for the small Candlelight Farms Airport in western New Milford, it has two turf runways and no control tower. The largest runway is 2,000 feet, aircraft parking is via tiedowns, and there are about 33 aircraft based at this field.

    From The Greater New Milford Spectrum:
    Homeland Security conducts drill in town
    Updated 5:17 pm, Wednesday, May 21, 2014
    A training operation by the federal Homeland Security Department was conducted May 14 at Candlelight Farm heliport in New Milford.
    Candlelight owner Carl Dunham said he had been contacted by Homeland Security weeks ago about doing a training landing at the heliport on his farm property along Candlewood Mountain Road.
    Three helicopters landed there the evening of May14.
    The area was closed to traffic and a reverse 911 call went out to neighbors to alert them the training operation would be occurring, Dunham said.
    “It was a typical military training operation that they do periodically,” Dunham said. “Sometimes they like to do it at different facilities to have the practice.”
    A call by The Spectrum to Homeland Security was not returned……………………..

    Comment in the Danbury News Times regarding the same story:
    “Typical training, yeah right. Go play at an army base where there are no homes in the area if something goes wrong. Too many Homeland Security vehicles around the area recently.”

    1. Yeah, we discussed this when the “report” came out. This is, of course, another line of thought for those who believe the kids were actually there.

      I’m struck by the idea of “the place” as a center. Many are aware of places like Jupiter Island, Florida where all the nefarious high-level players have residences. If you’re going to conspire to do something “big” it would be better to do your planning close to your resources. All very private and secure.

      The Newtown area is obviously beyond the “coincidence” level for cinematography and media talent. It is actually a little strange that they would do this drill in their own backyard. There must have been a reason. Maybe control.

      The author makes mention of Masonic connections. Besides the normal creep factor, it really boils down to “connections”, that’s what makes these operations work. They work with those who they know. In return those players are handsomely rewarded.

      It would be an interesting effort to try to identify how many of these enclaves there are. Those in need of these services know where to go to get them. The most effective of them are the ones that no one would notice if they drove by.

  13. Don’t miss Dr. Fetzer’s latest at VT: “Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died”

    It’s the S.Smallstorm interview with Paul Preston transcribed, with relevant youtubes added at appropriate places.

    My criticism however, is what’s conspicuously absent from the article: Preston needs to poop out WHO those Obama officials are, and those officials need to go public. Tall order, as said officials would be forfeiting their careers/pensions/etc, on top of being tarred/feathered in the MSM (imagining they cover the development at all). But without that happening, Preston’s claims will remain hearsay, vapor-ware, like Sorcha Faal with his seekrit Kremlin sources; and just be discarded by the wayside.

    1. Well, that was interesting. I suppose it is good to have someone else confirm what we know. I too have a part of me that is astounded that they would do something like this. On another level, I’m not at all surprised.

      The lies and lawlessness are unsurpassed. I know that they have been doing things like this for a long time, but they used to be at least a little cautious. Not anymore. I guess when you can talk openly about torturing people, detaining them without legal review and even killing them without any due process, what’s a little lying?

      It also seems apparent that, for some at least, participating in these lies is acceptable. In order to further their owner’s plans and desires they are more than willing to help. We shouldn’t forget that these things would be impossible without a lot of cooperation.

    2. According to the article:
      “Paul Preston had obtained information from officials in the U.S. Department of Education of the Barack Obama administration”

      So someone in that department. We can safely assume it’s not Arne Duncan.

      1. Yeah Anne, I wouldn’t be surprised. It is good to see something like that, although it is still a little “circumspect”. I don’t need any convincing but it could be useful for others.

        Remember the piece that was making the rounds about Carver in Vegas? Supposedly he had admitted that no one died as well.

        I think most of us have always said that one of the most telling aspects of this is the way they slathered it on. It smells of someone with an agenda.

        Well, we’ve been looking at it, warts and all. This isn’t so much a study in “crime” or “fake media” as it is a study in hubris. I shudder waiting for what they have planned next.

      2. Lophatt, yeas I recall. Carver was attending a medical examiner convention (a confirmed convention) in Las Vegas. Sometimes what happens there does not always stay there. A lady called in to the Joyce Riley show with the information.

  14. Fulton was the first man to circumnavigate the globe via motorcycle. He built the first flight simulator to train WWII pilots.
    His most significant invention was, in fact, the Skyhook (as seen in”The Dark Knight”)
    Here’s the official CIA account of Fulton’s Skyhook adventures in Antarctica:

    The comments on this obituary are interesting:

  15. Wow, descendants of the town built ships in the late 18th century! What an odd thing to do in New England

    Keep up with your non sequitur “journalism”. It’s cutting edge.

    1. I like you, Linda. (Then, I liked “Carl,” too; I’m weird like that.) I tell you this because you’re not very good at your job. Here’s how it’s done: you are not completely obvious up front. You lull the marks in, making us think you are one of us. Talk to “Wilson” at the water cooler, about how quickly he was made, and how ineffective his mission was because of it. Then ask “Carl” how long he he thinks the maximum is. Better, ask “Aaron” what went wrong with HIS operation; it was pretty much half way in length between the award-winning “Carl” and the worthless performance of “Wilson.”

      What I like about you, Linda, is your failure right out of the gate. Probably, you took the job because you are just out of college and there’s nothing else. So, I guess, my “like” is really pity. Tell the boss I say Hi!

      1. I, too, notice ad hominem being evoked here once in a while. Sadly, as in this case, the one invoking it almost always demonstrates the need to purchase a dictionary. You obviously have no idea what the term actually means. Look it up; it might come in handy some day, when it does in fact fit the circumstance.

        And, do tell your boss about this, too. Perhaps they’ll add it to your training, so that you people won’t seem such an obvious plant on your first outing.

    1. the rapport report…

      interesting conversation – somewhere around 30 comments ago someone mentioned stepford families?…I feel like we’re walking into stepford war. Talk about media saturation – jeez

      Thanks to all of you for sharing such great information…I didn’t know about half the stuff that’s been mentioned here, and this thread just keeps movin’ on – appreciate your knowledge.

  16. This may not fit in here, but nevertheless –
    Stamford, CT news:

    Retired police chief Louis DeCarlo (71) found dead three days ago from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. According to his obituary he loved his family and his life. He was also a well liked city official according to many sources.

    Governor Malloy’s Stamford house finally sold in April. He must be certain either to win reelection or get an important appointment in the Obama administration.,0,999100.photogallery

    As we all know, the city of Stamford is no stranger in the Sandy Hook saga. It is the former home of one Peter Lanza, allegedly, and location of GE Capital which showered Newtown with millions of dollars and GE employees to “take care of things”.

    1. Hmmmm!. What do you make of this Anne? I wonder if he knew Hoagland?

      Apparently taste doesn’t play a role in property values in Connecticut. I don’t have a sense for the connectedness of Stamford to Newtown.

      1. GE Capital is located in Stamford. The company practically took charge of Newtown after the event and Mrs. Llodra was ever so grateful. Governor Malloy was previously mayor of Stamford.

        “In 1995, he ran successfully for Mayor of Stamford, defeating two-term Republican incumbent Stanley Esposito. At the same time, voters approved a measure to extend the Mayor’s term of office from two years to four, effective at the next election. He was re-elected in 1997, 2001 and 2005.[11]”

        Police chief DeCarlo was on the force for over 30 years and worked his way up the ranks. He retired as chief in 2004, so he and Malloy must have known each other well. Also being police chief in a city with a huge GE presence would have made him well acquainted with the firm. Then there is the alleged Peter Lanza who allegedly lived in Stamford.
        Many dots connect Newtown and Stamford. I find it strange that a man who loved his family and his grandchildren so much would end his life at 71.

        I also found strange the police killing of a multimillionaire with strong ties to St. Rose of Lima Church in Newtown. The same church is on the list of this latest largesse.

        Real estate appraiser Robert Hoagland of Sandy Hook reportedly also worked in Bridgeport. No known connection to Stamford. He knew for sure something about all those Sandy Hook houses. Malloy’s Stamford house was a carriage barn once upon a time, hence the look.

        We could use a Miss Marple or a Hercule Poirot in our midst.

      2. Anne, Miss Marple has nothing on you. I might add that its likely that the real estate mogul who practiced medicine as a hobby probably knew Hoagland as well.

        Now we have another “lawman”, dead at 49? It must be risky at the golden side of the rainbow.

        1. Just ask any of Billy Jeff Clintons State Police detail. If you can find one left alive.

      3. Two quotes from Mary’s link to Dominion of VA buying Bridgeport fuel cell park:

        “FuelCell Energy of Danbury, which has been shepherding the plant through the lengthy approval process, most recently securing a special tax arrangement from the city for the land, will continue to develop and maintain the site for Dominion.”

        “And the site, a contaminated two acres Bridgeport owns off Railroad Avenue, will now be generating revenue for the city. Under the original arrangement with FuelCell, approved this month by the City Council and now assumed by Dominion, the property will be leased for 75 years for an up-front payment of $286,825.”

        One year later it is reported that the installation is online and ready to go:
        “FuelCell Energy’s installation in Bridgeport, the largest in the United States, is online and awaiting final commissioning in coming weeks.”

        This business deal was important and no doubt there were many back door meetings during the years of negotiations. Robert Hoagland, a real estate appraiser, had his own office in Sandy Hook and also worked for a lawyer in Bridgeport. We can assume that this lawyer dealt in real estate transactions.

        The lawyer who is handling Hoagland’s estate has an office in Sandy Hook and also one in Bridgeport. Guess we can also assume that this lawyer is the one Hoagland worked for in Bridgeport. Hoagland’s youngest son managed to get arrested in Bridgeport during his father’s disappearance and sat in jail for two weeks before being bailed out. Not his first encounter with the law and he was conveniently out of the way.

        And just for kicks, since Bridgeport is on the agenda here – this may be how they run the city. Bridgeport councilman Olson, who is mentioned below, was also involved in the fuel cell deal.

        Posted on October 8, 2013 | By Keila Torres Ocasio
        BRIDGEPORT — Two weeks ago, Councilman John Olson, D-132, asked Mayor Bill Finch and the city attorney for an explanation as to why the $400,000 Bridgeport-funded driveway leading to controversial developer Manuel “Manny” Moutinho’s house in Stratford was marked private.
        Last night, he thanked the city attorney for — privately — giving him the response. Apparently the driveway is private because it’s always been private.
        Olson said that explanation was satisfactory to him.

      4. Thanks Lophatt. The famous character Miss Marple had boots on the ground and that must have been a helluva lot more fun than sitting by a computer.

        “Two of her hobbies (and subjects of conversation) are bird watching and gardening, and she is often seen carrying knitting needles and yarn.”

        I can relate to bird watching and gardening, but no one has ever seen me with knitting needles and yarn.

        Speaking of Miss Marple reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. I have always been into mysteries from a very young age. While living and going to school in London I was invited to a party one Saturday. It was to be held at a fancy apartment on Baker Street. I was besides myself – I was going to Baker Street where the fictitious Sherlock had lived. I felt surrounded by mysteries there on Baker Street and the building and apartment were just as I had fancied. Never made it to Sherlock’s famous moors though.

      5. Lophatt, the Newtown real estate mogul and hobby practitioner of medicine owns real estate in New Hampshire. The previous home of one Nancy Champion Lanza to be exact. If she ever existed. Wonder if Hoagland’s trail may lead there. Or even down to Tennessee and the farm, reportedly former stomping grounds of both the hobby practitioner of medicine and Nancy’s brother. Now, that would be a perfect hide-out if one needed to get out of sight, either willingly or not so willingly.

      6. Anne, thanks for the update. Yes, coincidence does happen, but there are “limits”. In the other topic we established that “The Farm” was rather exclusive. “Nancy’s” brother (hardly being the type that one normally associates with a communal lifestyle!), as well as the good doctor, (reportedly of South American extraction), seems an odd match.

        Leaving “Junior” to rot in jail seems convenient as well. Maybe he needed some convincing that his silence would be much appreciated.

        I love the account of the publicly funded repair of the “private” driveway of a “connected” contractor. Deals like these put the “con” in Connecticut.

        “My dear Watson, when one eliminates the impossible………”. I too was mad about Holmes. I even read one written in the style a few years ago about the Dalai Lama. Great stuff.

        I used to stay in Porchester Square, Kensington. It looks a lot like Baker Street. My ancestors were from the moors. Reddinghall, St. Mary’s, Norfolk. It is very bleak. Everyone who ever invaded England came through there.

        Anyway, I think we’re doing Holmes proud. They have to get up pretty early to pull the wool over those who grew up reading logic.

      1. The pastor in the video states that a girl came running outside, covered in blood from head to toe. This is what he’s been told, he was not there, or he is part of the script.

        It is interesting that the Newtown pediatrician, who told her industry’s magazine in June last year about standing outside SHES’s front door with another pediatrician from Danbury while Adam Lanza went on a shooting spree inside, does not mention this girl covered in blood. Her first instinct as a doctor would have been to render assistance.
        “The AAP’s outgoing president, Thomas McInerny—who made the Sandy Hook massacre a call to action for gun safety during his one-year post—sat in the audience. While the AAP has been advocating for an end to gun violence for some 30 years now, the shooting in Newtown shocked the nation and galvanized the AAP’s doctors to redouble their efforts in support of new gun-control measures. Newtown pediatrician Laura Nowacki lost eight of her patients in the massacre at Sandy Hook. “I’ve never spoken to the media until all of this happened. But I really believe I have to stand up. I have to use my voice,” she told the AAP News in June.”

      2. More on the pastor being interviewed by Lara Spencer.

        Lara Spencer was recently “promoted” to some drivel show on TV. Pastor James Solomon somewhat resembles Andrew Solomon, the one who was covered in blood from head to toe voluntarily, and who allegedly interviewed the alleged Peter Lanza for the New Yorker.

        Pastor Solomon heads a congregation that rents space in a building owned by Town of Newtown on Main Street. Solomon is also a counselor who counseled throughout the country before settling in Newtown – of all places.

      3. James Solomon’s site also states:
        “…….and as chaplain of the Civil Air Patrol’s Danbury squadron as well as his significant role as chaplain of the Newtown Police Department.”

      4. It must have been that “alien blood” that they used on “The X-Files”. It used to disappear when it dropped on the ground.

        The pediatrician probably gave up medicine for real estate as local denizens are wont to do. It is somewhat puzzling, however, as there are less demanding paths to a career in real estate.

        The “pastor’s” connection to the Civil Air Patrol brings back creepy memories. There was a guy named “Ferry” and another named Bobby Seal that were “connected” as well. It has long been associated with another “company” (not GE).

        Chaplain for the Newtown Police? Now THERE’s a demanding job. I keep waiting for the return of the “Up With People” cult. Maybe they went to Tennessee.

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