Newtown residents and Sandy Hook parents win the Connecticut Lottery

By Duke Reichert*

“There was a whole tribe of men who made their living simply by selling systems, forecasts, and lucky amulets. Winston had nothing to do with the Lottery, which was managed by the Ministry of Plenty, but he was aware (indeed everyone in the party was aware) that the prizes were largely imaginary. Only small sums were actually paid out, the winners of the big prizes being nonexistent persons.
― George Orwell, 1984

You are almost certainly familiar with the fact that there is a mass of people around the world who question what “Sandy Hook” was, and you probably have you own opinion about how much of what the media told us was true. However, when it comes to truth, the people and events of the small village of Sandy Hook, Connecticut, and the 60 square mile of rural town in which it rests- Newtown- seem to be a mystery. And from what even the dodgy media are saying, that may not be a coincidence.

As the talking heads and printing presses interrupted our regular broadcasting, the critical masses and awakened population started to question what was being reported. A discerning public began to rise, a swell of whispers and theorizing that has become an internet frenzy, and fodder for podcasts, blogs, websites, and chat rooms. Seekers of truth are pushed to the periphery to find out what really happened that day, because the center of it all- the media stories and government reports- serve to show us only that the Sandy Hook event was without question a function of secrecy, an act of concealment. Lies of omission, and outright lies. And, if you believe the media’s version of events, your trusted media is, too, reporting that Sandy Hook is an event that is “shrouded in secrecy”, as reports Jon Lender of the Hartford Courant. Indeed, Lender explores this very topic in his article, “Secrecy, Funding Hobble Sandy Hook Commission” . More recently, the front page of The Hartford Courant trumpeted the headline, “FBI releases heavily blacked out records”.

To some it seems that Sandy Hook has opened a Pandora’s box of conspiracy and lies. As more is revealed each day, however, the information has started to beg the question: What if the secrecy did not start on 12/14/2012….What if Newtown, the Sandy Hook event—whatever one wishes to call it—was business as usual?

Let us take a look at a certain mysterious aspect of Sandy Hook, and Newtown, that predated the Sandy Hook Event (SHE). Without speculating if there is a conspiratorial, or even sinister reason for this, the facts stand:

certain Newtown residents are winning the lottery at alarmingly strange intervals, at high rates of succession and repetition.

Sandy Hook, one of 17 “neighborhoods” (the town’s .gov website lists five, but maps and Wikipedia list 17’ Sandy Hook is the only one with its own zip code) in the 60 square mile town of Newtown, is the home of many of those anomalous cases. They are recorded here as they appear on the lottery websites, and confirmed by matching them with other public records, such as town hall records of home ownership to check where individuals reside, and other relevant public documents.

I came upon this interesting lottery connection when I was reading something about Mark Mattioli, SHE victim James’ father. Mattioli has been featured at legislative meetings, speaking out like the other parents of victims’ of Sandy Hook, but in a notably different manner—Mattioli has become known as the black sheep of the victims’ families—he is “pro gun.”
Working with lobbyists from the National Rifle Association, Mattioli has spoken out about Americans’ Constitutional right to bear arms, blaming not the gun laws on what allegedly happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, but rather on the individual. His stance is unpopular, and for that he has garnered considerable media attention—much of which has been disbelieving. Losing a son, and being shunned by because of his controversial views on gun control, Mattioli has nevertheless had some rays of sunshine peering through the clouds.

An old adage is that you can’t win if you don’t play. With this in mind enthusiastic lottery winners from all over the state would have the same type of winning percentages. Yet in Connecticut this is far from the case the case. A cursory check of lottery winners’ names and dates in Florida, a randomly selected state, show few-if-any repeat winnings.

Yet this is hardly the case in Connecticut. In 2009, for example, James Mattioli’s father Mark Mattioli won the lotto 3 times, within 3 weeks! He won lotto again in 2011 for $100,000. Mattioli then won the lotto again in 2013 to the tune of $50, 000



Mattioli winning: 12/20/13


Mattioli winnings: 2009, 2011



Michele Ann Gay, co-founder with Alissa Parker, of Safe and Sound: A Sandy Hook Initiative

Michele Gay says of finding out of her daughter’s SHE death that it “was just a sucker punch…then my husband came in, from Massachusetts, where he was already working…” One can hear her recorded message on her YouTube here:

Michele Gay has a few aliases/’aka’s listed: Michele Kay, Michele Patuzzi, Michele United- based on unpaid search on A phone call to Intelius showed that these aliases come from birth, marriage, death records, in addition to business ownership, motor vehicle records, and “self-reports,” which would include each time one submits a magazine subscription or a frequent shopper card application.

Those familiar with Sandy Hook research understand how aliases abound in Newtown. For example, Michele Ann Gay, 41, wife of Robert Gay, is mother to Josephine Gay, one of the victims of Sandy Hook. On September 2, 2012, three months before the Sandy Hook Event Michele Ann Gay, 41, of New Haven (208 St. John Street) won $30,000 in the lottery. There is one Michele Gay listed in Connecticut according to phone records, at an address in New Haven. Currently, in the media, Michele and Bob Gay are shown to be living just outside of Boston.

Michele Ann Gay’s New Haven address lists court proceedings (2010, Debt Collections,,) in which “Cach LLC” is the Plaintiff. Cach LLC is a corporation known for suing debtors, and then having a judgement in the company’s favor, without allowing for a response from the defendant. According to Connecticut judicial records, such was the case with Ms. Gay, when in 2010 the court ruled against her in absentia.

Regarding her New Haven address listed on the court documents, a phone call to the New Haven Connecticut assessor’s office tells us that the address listed is nonexistent. Saint John Street exists, yes. Does 208? No, it does not exist, says the assessor in a sing-song voice. 206 exists, if you sent mail to 208, however, it would just be returned as undeliverable.

The Economy of Steven Zvon

Steven Zvon is a member of the Newtown Economic Commission. He and his wife reside in Sandy Hook in Newtown. His wife is active at town hall meetings, and in the schools’ PTO board. Zvon, too, has had amazing luck; he has won the lotto a total of 11 times in the past few years; a few times he won several times in the SAME week! Here is a screenshot of Zvon’s winnings:



Screenshot: Meeting minutes

The Family- the Barillaris of Connecticut






Dominic, Patricia, Lorrice and Richard- Barillari; are they related?

Yes, they are.

According to (A division of the CT Post online), Lorrice Barillari passed away at the age of 87 in 2007. Her husband had been Dominic Barillari, her son is Michael, and Michael’s wife is Patricia, of Newtown. The Barillari family, it says, owns a Dunkin Donuts franchise.

DPLR Enterprises, LLC (formerly RJLD LLC) operated out of the Barillari home in Newtown at 15 Old Castle. [The business has since been dissolved, and the Barillaris moved to another home in Newtown in 2010.]



Dominic was the President; Patricia, Vice President, and Richard, Secretary and Treasurer. While “Lorrice Barillari” is not a Principal, it would stand to reason that the “L” in DPLR is the last of the four Barillari Lottery winners from Newtown.

Richard C. Barillari owns 2 properties in Newtown – 40 Glen Rd. and 64 Watkins Drive- a townhouse assessed at $400,000. Glen Road is vacant land. He also owned Barillari Construction LLC, of Newtown. This business, too, is dissolved.

(Note that Richard C. Barillari has a son, Richard Patrick, who is 33, and so the elder Barillari may not be the lottery winner; it may be Richard Jr., or it could be a mix of both, but with no dates of birth or other identifiers on lottery listings, one cannot determine for certain which.)

Next up is Mr. Frank Mathison of Newtown.


Mathison lives in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown, and he is not low on luck either. Take a look at a sample of Mathison’s ‘wins’ -January 7th, 2013. Mathison wins seven (7) times- in ONE day. Certainly this must just be a glitch, a hiccup in the system causing one win to look repetitive, right? Wrong. Each of the seven wins was on a different ticket number, as follows: 2013-574, 2013-576, 2013-578, 2013-579, 2013-583, 2013-584, 2013-586. The PLAY4 tickets were all purchased at the same store – Carluzzi’s Market on Queen Street in Newtown- on January 6, 2013, and he claimed the seven tickets on January 7. Lucky 7!

James Mattioli, Michele Gay, and the pack of multi-time winners in Newtown are certainly enough to pique one’s interest. There has been online conjecture and chat room buzz that those “crazy hoaxers” (For the new reader: Any people who do not buy the official version of Sandy Hook) are alleging that ‘They’ (with a capital T) are using the lottery as a way to pay actors in their charade. I am not making that claim. I do not even have a theory as to how this anomalous situation has arisen….but it has.

Our media has certainly not touched upon this topic, but upon closer inspection, why should they have? This multi-time winners were hitting small amounts frequently, not one large lump sum payout. None of the winners in these anomalies hit the Powerball, beaming at the Connecticut Lottery Headquarters in Rocky Hill, CT, dwarfed by a giant yellow check. These sums are humble amounts, small enough to not garner attention, but substantial enough to merit a closer look. A statistician could polish these numbers to tell the mathematical tale of a town and its people, a state and its lottery, and the cloud of unlikely circumstances and high strangeness that operates there. Don’t worry, reader, as of this writing it has been verified that the Newtown lottery connections are but a wart on the slimy toad of Connecticut corruption. Newtown is reminiscent of Churchill’s Russia, and you are implored, readers, to keep with you the latter half of his statement: “It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma: but perhaps there is a key.”

The list of Connecticut lottery winners is found here. However, the list is not searchable by name, or location, and is chronological. This site which is independently run by a man who researches lottery winnings by location, and according to the site his “analysis was based on Connecticut lottery winners from 1998 to 2011 that I obtained through the State’s Freedom of Information. I then organized the data by zip code, and crossed with income data from the IRS and number of residents in each ZIP code by using data from the Census Bureau.” It is very user-friendly and one can search the site easily by putting a name or location into any of the search fields. The site’s author has not yet replied to requests for further information about the FOIA documents used to create the statistics and data on the site, and if this author receives them, there will be an amendment as an additional source here.

Any criminal or civil cases referenced are found in the State of Connecticut court documents at, and are all a matter of public record. When possible, there is a photo or screen shot to illustrate and provide evidence for any claims made herein.

Meeting minutes and documents showing that Steven Zvon has been a member of the Economic Commission can be found at

Business information retrieved from the Connecticut Secretary of State’s records.

*Duke Reichert attended a highly esteemed university in New England and has had a fruitful career in both business and government. A natural skeptic, he applies logic to illogical and puzzling circumstances in an effort to sift out fact from fiction. Due to the nature of this topic, and its highly controversial content, Reichert has been writing under this nom de plume and looks forward to the day when truth is championed and he no longer has to do so.

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  1. Thank you Duke for that excellent nugget of research and reporting. Hush fund and “pay for performance” money conveyor belts operate in plain sight. It seems the more obvious and incredulous the better as additional probing (psyops) of the public reaction continues.
    A local and friendly invitation to the United Way to discuss their basis for funding SHE event claimants has not received a response.

    1. Statistics reveal things because patterns matter, and this one is stark. But sometimes a pattern is also a signal. Imagine its message being that “if you want money from us, we have demonstrated that we know how to deliver it, so look at our track record.” Whitey Bulger won the lottery twice in Boston (if not more) because he would muscle in on someone else’s winning and claim they bought the ticket together. There have also been rumors of fixing the electrostatic properties of the lottery balls with ink on certain ones that allowed them to drop while the others stayed in the air, which seems difficult for an outsider to pull off. But it is also playing on the law of averages. If you have ink that has a component the others don’t (say lead is used) you might add invisibly enough to the weight to allow them to drop while the others stay in the air – but I doubt this would work predictably enough. Better to be declared a winner after the fact, perhaps in a contest where there are no winners, and you are put forth to make the claim. That would be a piece of cake. Just wait until there is such a lottery with no winners, and be the winner.

    2. FYI..the United Way was caught having illegal dealings back in the late 1980s. I don’t recall any of the specifics of the scandal. I was employed with the large airline (which was based in MN) at the time which twisted our arms to make contributions to the United Way at least once per year. But I do recall after the scandal, I stopped ‘donating’.

      1. I remember one of the scandals involved a higher up with a 15 yr old girlfriend. The guys name was Aramony.
        I stopped donating, too. (Perhaps out of envy, ha ha)

      2. STL, interesting info, Perhaps United Way would like to set the record straight about the due diligence they have performed on SHE and BMB events so that any misconceptions of fraud are avoided. Anyone from United Way: Please link us to such information.

    3. fvpatterson, would like to know more about United Way funding SHE events…..did something similar here in the quiet corner and have never been able to find out what they did with the money. At least the fundraiser that took place and the reason to garner those funds, then never did come to fruition. I know for I did much work to help get funds for a certain cause, but then denied knowing where the money went.

      1. Are you sufficiently curious VDare to file an FOI or other open disclosure request protocol?

  2. Thanks for this insightful research. Your article could also be called, “The Lighter Side of Lotteries.” It’s interesting that any of this information is actually available. With the crooks involved at the state level, they could easily bury the statistics if they wanted. Meanwhile, the fund for Sandy Hook and other dubious events are compared here –
    Boston reared its ugly head in the Kentucky Derby yesterday with a very nice horse named Wicked Strong – as in Boston Strong – placing 4th. A percentage of his earnings will go to the One Fund Boston for hoax actors, which has raised over $70 million, a very nice payday for some of the participants.

    1. I noticed that horse in the race. Again, it corresponds to sports venue advertising of this Boston Strong meme. According to the commentator, the owner (who has an Indian name) hoped to used Boston Strong rather than Wicked Strong, but somehow he wasn’t allowed to due to copyrighting or something. I would imagine there’s a story to that, about who is “in” and who is “out” with the powers that be in Boston.

      In the world of naming racehorses, the names are usually propagated in a family tree of sorts. So “Strong” is now something the breeder may have claimed (think “Native Dancer” and all the “Dancer” and “Native” progeny), so we may yet see other “Strong” and maybe even “Wicked Boston” (which would be appropriate).

      1. Oh, sorry the actual owner is a (probably) old-line WASP from Beverly Farms. The jockey was Indian.

      2. There’s no reason for naming the horse Wicked Strong except to be political. Take a look at his pedigree and there isn’t one horse with a similar name.

        Wicked Strong was renamed after the event by Beverly Centennial Farms of Beverly MA – they wanted Boston Strong but it was already taken by a New York horse. It’s a partnership for investors, with two managers. One is a polo player and racehorse expert and the other is a vet. If they had money to buy racehorses on their own they wouldn’t need investors. So not so snooty like some of the other operations like the Phipps family.

      3. Thanks Marzi for the research. It also sounds like the racehorse crowd is superstitious and imagines that by renaming the horse a magical name, some special force from the universe will come to them. They apparently think the phrase is a talisman, and that it will bring them strength and help them to prevail over rivals. Because of course, the “evildoers” are bound to be defeated by the “good” who were victims once, but will soon overturn that perverse twist of fate where evil temporarily has the upper hand, and resume their rightful place on top. So yes, it was political. And more.

  3. More on ’98 Lottery Accountant shooting:
    Months before the rampage Beck — who had taken to shaving his head and wearing a goatee — complained to at least two newspapers that lottery players were being cheated. He claimed the Connecticut Lottery Corp. exaggerated potential winnings to spur ticket sales, and that store clerks were taking winning scratch tickets for themselves by cracking the computer system. He also complained to The Day of New London and The Hartford Courant about unfair treatment at work. The Courant described him as frothing at the mouth and said his eyes were “wild,” while the Day described him as “scruffy” in appearance.

    1. Thanks for that JM. Connecticut continues to renew the reputation as the Nutmegger State. The valued Indonesian nutmeg was counterfeited in early times with shaped wood and the meaning of the expression grew to designate deceitful traders. The modern day lottery bobbles remind me of the infamous Connecticut nutmegs.
      Any wonder that a recent 2014 poll by Gallup cites 49% of Connecticut residents would move out of state. Second only to Illinois at 50%.

  4. Here we have another spokesmodel from Sandy Hook with a cause. “Fund-Raising Mania” is now the most popular lottery game in Sandy Hook.

    Typical middle-aged, overweight teachers and parents, sporting moles, grey hairs, crooked teeth, and double chins are much less apt to have acted heroically, or have established an activism cause. Wonder why…

    In another speaking appearance, she looks back to that horrible day on 12/14 and explains with regret: “Why didn’t we require all visitors to wear name badges?” I’m not making that up. I couldn’t.

    Coincidently, (again!) she was packing up the house to move to Colorado as soon as the kids got home from school on 12/14. Seems like a good time to move.

  5. Duke Reichart’s lottery winning data is astounding. Amazing cross research!

    I was referring to Allisa Parker’s bff, Michelle Ann Gay, in my last comment above.

    The new Sandy Hook Elementary School will no doubt incorporate her “Safe and Sound” initiatives. As we know, the old building was pulverized and CT is spending 50 million so we could forget the horrific event. Yet, they are incorporating memorial elements from the old school and building on the exact same spot, so we will always remember.

    The new school design is being built up on a slight rise, with the ground to slope down and away so that no one can look in the windows and frighten the children. However, this design would trap the children inside. A safe and sound design requires the opposite and would allow for doors in every classroom with trees and shrubbery around the outside for screening. Teach the kids where to run. Never once, has an active shooter chased his targets outside of the building.

    I hope they build the bathrooms large enough for 15 people this time…

    Interestingly, the 50 million isn’t enough apparently. Even though that figure represents an amount which is seven times the cost of the average new elementary school in this country, the builders are already having to scale back due to cost over-runs, even though they haven’t started to build! They are scaling back the square footage, eliminating the first floor look-out private study areas, and planning to switch from real wood paneling in the lobby to plastic wood.

    The site is surrounded with two concentric layers of fencing,which block the street level view with green screening. “No Trespassing’ signs surround the fence. Oddly, there appears to be a drill a field away and to the rear of the school. Well water for a school?

    They plan to begin construction in the fall, so the construction people can freeze their @##$%& off all winter. Newtown is so strange.

    1. So a no expenses sparred supposed elementary school engineered to the nines in the heart of Shadow Government country. The history classes taught here will not include discussion topics within Memory Hole and the like minded. I would guess the students attending this school will be from parents of unique ideology and employment.

      1. Yes. You’re right.

        If anyone is confused by who the “good guys” are. Remember, good guys do not lie about being good guys. They just are.

        Those who lie and manufacture reality, or move the landmark, are not powerful. And, they know it.

    2. Sandy, nice work. How on earth do you get a “cost overrun” when they haven’t broke ground yet? $50M dollars? Is there no negative sentiment about this?

      As you pointed out, it is a contradiction in terms. Unless this is really for something entirely different than we’re being led to believe, what is its purpose. Is this going to be the new “model” brainwashing center?

      Even for those who believe this nonsense, what are the odds of it happening again? Of course, with all the “lucky” lotto winners in Connecticut I suppose you can’t be too cautious. Two shooters would be about as likely as a meteor strike or an attack by a gaggle of Baha’i’s high on pachouli oil.

      I hope they do freeze their derrieres off. Typical! Talk all Summer and build in Winter. The whole place is a refuge for loons.

  6. After watching the video of Michele Gay, is it just me or do the childrens photos, especially her daughter look like they are dressed for the 1970’s or 80’s.. I remember this pattern – very 1970’s.. the designs are now coming back in 2014 as they do.. but in 2011/ 2012, this dress pattern was not in shops.. unless her Mother bought second hand clothes.. I can’t see this or the other childrens photo’s being an appropriate style/dress for the year they were supposed to be taken… so outdated.. it catches my interest every time I see them..

    1. I believe that SHES was closed for good back in 1980. I am still pouring over actual newspapers from CT to find a black and white hard copy article. I have read articles where a time capsule supposedly buried in 1980 was still MIA as of the schools demolition. I believe that the article was manipulated and that the time capsule was actually buried in 1956 when it should have been, and then dug up in 1980 as being customary with closing ceremonies.

    2. Poppy, yes I’ve noticed that as well. It seems certain that they used old photos to build their characters for this event. The haircuts, etc., are all dated.

      What is hard to convey is the concept that what we’ve been shown is immensely small. The rest is “suggested”. We have the same shots over and over, like “The 9-11 Movie”. Sometimes the narrative changed, sometimes not.

      Then we had the staged interviews. There aren’t any “freelance” interviews. This was all carefully managed. Every vignette had a message or two. They were designed to leave us with an “impression”, not facts. They were designed for emotion, not logic.

      Just like Sandy says above, they want to “forget” so the build right atop the old school. They want to forget, so they truck the whole operation to Chalk Hill. They want to be left alone, so you can’t change a channel without seeing them on TEE VEE begging for money.

      To me it is more frightening that people seem unable to see these inconsistencies. Up is down, back is forth, and so on. It has that “Alice in Wonderland” feel to it.

  7. With all the money pumped into the lottery racket each week, you’d think we’d not have to pay the extortion money (a.k.a. property taxes) every year in order to pay for the compulsory, government (so-called) ‘education’. If I remember, that’s how the gov’t sold the idea of having state lotteries way back when…part of the money was going to go toward ‘education’ in the state. What a really bad joke. You can’t look at any bureaucracy, any gov’t agency, anything ‘legal’, anything in media (a.k.a. the middle man), or publishing, anything in ‘medicine’ or the ‘health’ industry without looking at an open sewer of corruption, filth, degeneracy and plain old evil.

  8. The Hartford Courant has taken redacted copy from state and federales….and done nothing with it. They have not pushed their FOIA rights, reporters have basically taken what they were given and quit the chase.
    As far as insufficient money to do a solid study on SH, remember that Gov. Dan Malloy has had tons of money to give to his crony capitalist friends. He gave over 100 million dollars to move a hedge fund to his home town from about 10 miles away, it was one of his many peculiar deals he has showered on big corporations. You don’t suppose he is chasing votes for this November’s elections for governor, do you?

    Connecticut is a very corrupt state, although the Feds are behind this mess called Sandy Hook. There is conjecture that the 50 million dollars to build the new school come from Soetoro’s back pocket. We really need a special prosecutor to investigate this mess. Fat chance we get one, this is Connecticut, you know.

    1. Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Ohio, California, Oregon, Iowa…name the state and you’re talking corruption. It doesn’t matter which state you name. They’re all controlled by unseen hand, the mysterious force, and/or the brotherhood. This country was set up by them for one purpose. If you haven’t ‘guessed’ it yet, you are most decidedly behind the learning curve. The Hartford Courant prints whatever Reuters (routers) tell them to print. All news comes from one or two sources at this point. Again, the learning curve. .
      As for this particular episode of the punch and judy show, (another mind screw job) well, it’s just another day in the land of the blind where the one-eyed man is king. You’re looking at all the minor details and missing the big picture.

  9. Oh Joy! I’ve often thought that the state lotteries were rigged, now we have the truth, in Connecticut at least! So, being that I don’t tow the party line, I can take this fantasy off of my list of ways of wasting my money and time! Much easier to sleep at night, knowing I’m not missing out on a “chance of a lifetime”.

  10. The guy that won 11 times, also note that he won ONCE A MONTH FOR 4 MONTHS IN A ROW RIGHT AFTER SHOOTING! WoW! I wish I was that lucky! I’m just some dumb ‘ol Engineer! I’ve only taken a few classes on Statistics and Probability, so what would I know?? But it looks like that is statistically not possible, but hey, I’m not very good with numbers. (eye roll)

    1. My calculator doesn’t have enough decimal space for that calculation. As soon as I solve for pi, I’ll turn my attention to this. The odds are probably somewhat better than having two suns come up tomorrow.

  11. I find it interesting that the media is now focused on Bengazi and the IRS scandal but still refuses to look at Sandy Hook, Boston and 911.
    Could it be that these minor scandals are a diversion from the real

    1. The Benghazi murders and attack of conservatives with the IRS scandals are by no means minor, and highly doubt the media, except for Fox and other nonconventional sources , are truly covering these scandals.

      The hoaxes you mentioned, will no doubt take the 50 or so years, much like the JFK murder, to bring the light of truth to them.

      1. Kathy, when you and others perceive that Fox is “truly covering” an issue then I become highly skeptical. Additionally, as Fox continually claims they are “fair and balanced”, I wish for millions of raised eyebrows.
        My view on Fox is they are portraying their specific role in this media theatre creation. What the plot of this Benghazi production is I can only speculate.

      2. Kathy,

        With all due respect,

        As long as you continue to accept that Fox “is truly covering these scandals,” you will exist within the illusion that the masters have created for the populace. ALL MSM and even much of “unconventional” news is controlled and scripted…. has been for a long time.

        These “incidents” are a psychological technique employed to distract us from thinking outside the box that has been created… all done to keep us arguing and fighting among ourselves.

      3. I do realize they all have an agenda and Fox is not afraid of exposing scandals that other sources will not touch.

        Today on a fair and balanced segment on whether a special investigation should be done on Benghazi, the ‘other’ side one should be done on why we assisted in overthrowing the Lybian government and remained there after we caused all the chaos.

        Recall Ms. Atkinson from CBS, was monitored by the government and recently resigned as they refused to air all her work on the murders of our citizens in the CIA station at Benghazi.

    2. People need to look into Columbine. There is a youtuber called: LivingonplanetZ that everyone should go watch!

      He’s found at least 3 of the people supposedly killed, still alive and kicking! One guy is even on Twitter, looks exactly the same as the Columbine photo they officially released, AND you need to check out his Twitter account! See who that guy follows, and it kind of ties back in to the Sandy Hookers satanic church! The guy still alive from Columbine (older guy with glasses) follows several “pagen” and satanic twitter accounts! That’s why these people have no morals or conscience! They worship satan! Probably found these liars at satanic cults, and paid them good money.

      1. Go to Dave McGowan’s site. You should find it very interesting.

  12. I am glad the article is stirring healthy debate and discussion.

    Many Thanks to the hard work of James Tracy for hosting the article.

    1: If one wants to follow the trail of winnings by politicians and convenience store owners, looking at winnings in Bridgeport, CT is a good start. *Note: I spoke with a store owner in my area who says that multi-same-day-winnings in small amounts like that can be rigged and have to do with reporting regulations/taxation. He explained several things I didn’t quite understand and will dig into more at a later time, but it made sense. Kind of like gifts under 10K —-bank account, no reporting. There are all kinds of lottery statutes/regulations that can be worked around and a series of same day ‘small’ wins seems to be a part of that.

    2: Some have said, “I cannot believe how available this information is!” It wasn’t- it is only accessible because of the effort of one man who wanted to expose the lottery- not as CORRUPT- in this manner as I did, but he is researching Gambling Addiction, and how laws prey on addicts, etc. and ‘no one REALLY wins’. He submitted several FOIA requests to the Lottery, got sent on wild goose chases, and not until he got a documentary crew and lawyer was he really able to get all the data. He amassed it here- *CLICK ON Start new search* ….

    I have spoken with him, and his documentary crew (Out of Luck- set to be out Summer2014) and I thanked him for the work he did, and filled him in a bit on all of this. He seemed slightly confused/incredulous; not that corruption doesnt exist, but the Sandy Hook Event was certainly a new concept to him. In any event, I want to make sure you all know that if not for his FOIA requests and hard work, the data would not have been available online. Also note that he pulled records from ’98 to 2012 and some 2013, so there is a lot that is still not there, but it is a huge step towards transparency, even if we the people have to take the reins ourselves.

  13. If one multiplies the infinitesimal chance that anyone might win the lottery so many times by the infinitesimal chance that two of these people might be connected to the Sandy Hook shooting, we get a vastly more infinitesimal number. Doesn’t this constitute a kind of statistical proof that Sandy Hook was a contrived event? At what level of improbability are we allowed to call a coincidence a conspiracy?

    Is there a connection between The Barillaris, Stephen Zvon, and the SH shooting? Even if these two families are not involved, their repeated wins offer statistical proof that the lottery is a source of laundered state controlled pay-offs.

    1. I know someone whose husband is an attorney working in the area of employment discrimination law. He used “regression analysis” (something I know nothing about) to prove that an act of willful discrimination had occurred. I don’t want to get into anyone’s opinion about the value of such law suits. But it seems that when you are looking for a legal precedent, you might cite some of these. (She also worked in employment discrimination and won cases in Connecticut on age discrimination in employment, as for teachers). It seems that the courts, and perhaps notably the Connecticut courts, may have admitted into evidence statistical models to prove some event was not random, but willfully determined.

      1. Perhaps, too, someone might have standing in such a case if he or she bought lottery tickets and could prove not that they should have won, but for the cheating, but that the entire game was rigged and therefore any ticket buyer was defrauded. There have been cases brought involving trivial amounts of cash, just because the buying of a ticket implied a contract that the game would proceed in a fair manner, and that contract was broken by the entity running the game.

        1. Brilliant and now obvious Musings. The Lottery is represented as a game of chance and it is clearly not given the evidence of statistical improbability of those multiple winners. A patriotic and no doubt capitalistic law firm moving a class action suit would be most appreciated.

      2. Hi fvpatterson – In the days before class actions (which involve large notifications and some kind of waiting period which might work to the advantage of the larger entity) there were cases brought for breach of contract, such as Carllil v. Carbolic Smoke Ball, an English case from 1892 which is taught to American first year law students of contract law, Carilill, who bought it and found it useless, sued for breach of contract, and he won the case.

        Our notions of contract may possibly have altered, but this would be a case in which the laws of Connecticut would be applied and I don’t know what they are.

        The first thing the plaintiff would have to do would be to prove that he bought a ticket in the expectation of a fair drawing during one of the drawings where it was alleged that the fakers were paid off; then prove that the lottery was fixed due to statistical analysis. The Carbolic case held that the advertisement itself constituted a binding unilateral offer and that the contract was made when the buyer purchased the item, and constituted a valid acceptance. I would argue that the purchase of a lottery ticket constituted acceptance and consideration which created a complete contract with the lottery agency. How could it be otherwise? The buyer of the ticket is not making a gift to the Boston One Fund, which is another type of problem, but has entered into a contract in hopes of winning in a contest in which the odds are poor, but not zero.

        There might be other such cases in the world which, though they would not be useful as precedent, under the notion of “like cases make like law” in the common law system, would guide in the understanding of how other judges have ruled on fraudulent lotteries. Not only that, the enabling legislation for the lotteries might have a legislative history which goes into how they were determined to make the Connecticut lottery a fair one, including their assurances to the public. I would also look to the employment discrimination cases in Connecticut and the rest of New England for the principles around proving intentionality by statistical means, where a hiring decision that was grossly unfair indicates intent to discriminate even though this is denied.

      3. fv said: “The Lottery is represented as a game of chance and it is clearly not…” Reminds me of the sucker who asked W.C. Fields “Is this a game of chance?” “Not the way I play it, no,” Fields replied.

      4. Musings, as you say, the principle of “stare decisis” applies here. A court always looks for other, similar cases, before writing “new law”. I know of one case that is similar but it was a long time ago. It involved a guy who conspired to “win” the trifecta. He used a glitch in the broadcasting system that delivered the results a few seconds ahead of the postings. It went to court and he went to jail. I believe it was the Kentucky Derby.

        I have a pet theory. If I had a lot of illegal or “black” money to launder and needed to pay off my henchmen, I couldn’t think of a better way to do that than to use the lottery. It would be like rigging a game in Vegas to pay a guy and you reimburse the house.

        Opium production is at an all time high in Afghanistan. There are plenty of funds coming from that that are getting used in clandestine ways. Besides those, there are “black ops” funds that are hidden in various budgets. When they say they can’t trace government spending, this is what they are really talking about.

        In an operation like SHES or BMH, there are a lot of palms to grease. When you have “insiders” in corrupt governments it isn’t hard to “arrange” things. Those no-bid contracts are just chicken feed compared to out and out payments for services rendered.

        I think the same about the “charities”. I frankly don’t believe that there are THAT many chumps out there with money burning holes in their pockets. Sure, there are always a few who like to give their PIN numbers to Nigerian princes, but not enough to generate what we’ve seen. It too, is a convenient way to deliver payments without too many questions being asked.

        “Where did he get the money to buy that house? Oh, he “won” the lottery”. Alternately, “it’s a good thing that charity was so generous with Ralph, he was really down on his luck”.

  14. Take some time to do a search of the past lottery winners. Type in “williams” and see how many multiple winners you get. The answer is too many to count. Do this for any name you like.

    The problem with this search engine is that is was personally created, and not very well. With all his cross references, he no doubt double counted quite a few times. Either that or their is an entire cadre of people with the same last names playing spy vs. spy in CT.

  15. This might be a typical lottery scam, here’s a possible theory: these people have some sort of retail store (or know someone who does) where lottery tickets are sold. People ask the store to check if their ticket won or not. The retail person says no, but it really was a winning ticket and the retail person keeps it and spreads the winning tickets out to different people to avoid suspicion.

    So, to bust these people, the CT lottery has to do a sting on the store that sold these tickets by asking the store if a certain “winning” ticket is a winner or not. If the store says its not a winning ticket and keeps it, then they are busted. They can do this a number times get the entire ring of criminals.

    Maybe someone can pass a tip to the CT lottery?

    1. Oh Vanilla; do you think the owners of the system would have to run a sting to figure out who has been cutting into their profits? You’d never hear of the person. They’d simply die in an unfortunate accident or have a sudden malady which caused their unexpected demise. We’re talking about a mafia here (and I don’t necessarily mean the italian, russian or irish mobs). They don’t telegraph their problems on the evening ‘news’. The evening ‘news’ is for the masses who believe that the laws and the long arm of just-us apply to everyone.

  16. Speaking of gambling and corruption, here is a long history of the murdering mob in CT, that reached into New England and who would of thought, Boston!

    As mob families always do, they war against each other to control territory. Strange this Hartford Courant article ends with – “The revolt failed. Peace was made between rival factions in the family.”

    So the moral of the story is the gangsters control all things related to money, which includes politicians, police and the fbi, unless you want to be dead, play along!,0,5629989.story?page=1&obref=obnetwork

    1. That article kind of makes you wonder where they all went. When I first moved to Massachusetts, there were appalling stories like a trio of mobsters who fell into the linguini in Charlestown. Everyone had their cars stolen and the police called it “joyriding” even if your car later turned up at the scene of a crime. But something happened. Maybe it was the growth of computers which some mobsters (old school – like Grasso, who drove 50 miles to use an untapped pay phone) could not evade. But now it’s more open – the casinos they want, the occasional fires in race horse stables, the open courting of both lotteries and prisons as money sources for the community. They used to supply clean linen to the hospitals and do waste management. But now they’re probably running operations from Wall Street and you can buy shares in their operations. It’s their new world and we just live in it? I don’t think the leopard changes its spots, it just expands its territory. This isn’t just what shrinks would call paranoia, either, if you are in business in New England or ever had a car stolen by these critters. The question is, how often today do people really feel their presence, as they once did.

      I’m betting not much.

      1. musings, when you said “It’s their new world and we just live in it?,” it reminded me of the Vigilant Citizen article published today. It’s not about the Mafia, but the occult elite uses the Mafia as a tool, and the Mafia DOES mirror the occult elite in certain ways–although the difference between the two is Eyes Wide Shut against Goodfellas.

        He concludes his somewhat lengthy analysis with these words:

        “The series True Detectives spurred all kinds of discussions and theories about the identity of the killer. However, beyond the classic “whodunit”, there is a constant message communicated throughout every episode. It is about our society, about who rules it and about the unseen forces that influence us all. It is about the psychosphere, a concept that is obscure to most of us, but that is nevertheless extremely important in occult elite circles. Through mega-rituals amplified by mass media, the elite actively looks to generate shock, fear, and dismay in the general population, whose thoughts then get projected back to the psychosphere. This disturbance causes the human race to live in a toxic atmosphere, ruled by specific symbols and thoughts. Furthermore, as portrayed by Audrey in True Detectives, a disturbed psychosphere causes society to break down, to become immoral and obsessed with dark thoughts. This is what they revel in.”

  17. The scope of this thing is breathtaking. Thanks for the article. That 1984 reference really brings home what we are witnessing.

    1. You’re welcome, Miggy. James Tracy is a true ‘path paver’. We are fortunate for those who are willing to host, research, and teach this information.

      Macro & micro, and back and forth, help me as I try to make sense of this. It is one of the greatest plays on humanity ever; as in we are being completely had, but to understand the macro, we’ve got to get deep into the details. Never stop seeking.

  18. AS I have said before, the main strategy of the MSM is to focus on stories that can be managed and that will draw people away from the
    real scandals and the real issues. Nazi Germany was very successful
    doing this.

      1. Yes those right wing conspiracy theorists are really being downright racist in trying to expose the corruption of Benghazi.

        They are definitely anti woman for not accepting the screaming testimony from the likely democratic presidential nominee on the murder of four citizens, ‘AT THIS POINT WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE !” on who the still to be arrested, murderers were.

        Distraction is the key, conspiracy theorists, as pronounced by the WH press secretary is a common theme in the government run media today.,0,6310778.story

  19. Wolfgang got a lot of press today in Newtown, and good footage for the documentary. The town was very hostile and a fireman shoved him in the chest with both hands. Wolf is sixty-seven years old. Fetzer witnessed the whole thing, and they filed assault and battery charges.

    He faced the school board at the meeting and asked his questions – that audience was small, but the documentary audience will be much larger, Hopefully, broader public understanding of the event will force an investigation into the United Way, as well as the Connecticut Lottery. The odds of these multiple Sandy Hook winners are astronomical, and anyone can see that.

  20. I looked up Michele Ann Gay on Linkedin. Interestingly enough, she works for Compass Group.

    I think there is a Bloomberg link, but don’t recall where I read it. Anyone?

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