By James F. Tracy

“The only feeling that anyone can have about an event he does not experience is the feeling aroused by his mental image of that event … For it is clear enough that under certain conditions men respond as powerfully to fictions as they do to realities.” Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, 1922.

[Photo Credit: Aaron Tang/Wiki Commons]

The careful coordination of information and visual representations governs the mass mind. The conditions for such are accentuated in times of perceived crisis. For a relatively brief period following the Boston Marathon bombing two sets of photographs emerged that actually depicted what appeared to have taken place at “ground zero,” where the first explosive device detonated. Each series of photos strongly suggests the execution of a mass casualty exercise.

The first set of photographs was taken by amateur sports photographer Benjamin Thorndike, whose employment as a financial advisor at FOC Partners on Boylston provided him with an ideal position. The second set was taken by graphic designer Aaron Tang, whose office is several doors down Boylston Street from FOC. In fact, Tang’s photos are especially revealing as they chronicle the unusual law enforcement and first responder reactions to the incident.

While Tang’s photos and personage are almost entirely absent from corporate news reportage and commentary, Thorndike and a handful of his more than two dozen photos receive sporadic consideration in the short-lived news cycle preceding 5:00PM on April 18, when the FBI revealed images of Tamarlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the vicinity of the finish line.

The federal government and its major media appendages would then employ this dubious evidence vis-á-vis the Tsarnaevs’ non-American otherness to essentially indict the brothers in the court of public opinion. The spectre of Muslim terrorism–an important propaganda element of the “war on terror”–further legitimated the declaration of martial law in the greater Boston area, culminating in the extrajudicial killing of Tamarlan and the near-murder (so far as the public is lead to believe) of Dzhokhar.

The Boston bombing’s “forgotten” photographs are worthy of further consideration as they suggest the ways in which major news media operate in a de facto censorial fashion with the federal government to highlight certain phenomena while simultaneously rendering important artifacts down the memory hole. The images’ misuse or sheer absence arguably contributed to a major tragedy and miscarriage of justice.

Thorndike’s credentials alongside his bird’s eye perspective of America’s most horrendous terrorist attack since September 11 are of tremendous significance. With this in mind one would think major media would have been clamoring to disseminate his eyewitness account and series of photographs worldwide. Indeed, following the event Mr. Thorndike made himself readily available to the media for interviews.

Although the Associated Press circulated a select few of Thorndike’s photos, LexisNexis and Start Page web searches for “Ben Thorndike” and “Boston Marathon bombing” between the dates April 15, 2013 to May 15, 2013 reveal photo credits in only three US print publications within two weeks of the incident–the New York Daily News (April 17) the Boston Globe (April 18) and the New York Times (April 27)[1] each of which used the photo below; one European paper, the Scottish Express, also used the photos in two pieces.[2] The Globe was the sole outlet to publish remarks from Thorndike extending beyond a soundbite.[3]

As for broadcast outlets, the same search for transcripts reveals only four stories referencing Thorndike, none of which extend beyond a reference or brief interview excerpt. CNN published seven of Thorndike’s photos on its website, yet referenced them only once in subsequent broadcasts.[4]

Mr. Thorndike asserts that he was at his office building on Boylston almost directly above where the first explosion erupted on April 15, 2013. “Almost momentarily when I got there, directly in front of me, right in my sight-line, the explosion went off,” he said. “Just out of reflex, I had the camera on, had it in sports mode, which means I can shoot rapid-fire.” As CBS Boston reported,

“Thorndike shot a sequence of 25 photos right after the blast that shows injured and stunned victims on the ground below. But it was the behavior of one man — seen running from the scene — that prompted Thorndike to contact the FBI.”

“His reflex is to sprint away that really caught my eye [sic]” Thorndike recalls. “Everyone else in the photo is stunned, shocked and frozen,” he said. “It’s either someone who is badly burned, panicked and running, or they’re running for another reason.”[5]

The important fact overlooked, however, that the observed man is running with all limbs intact from the epicenter of a harrowing blast and its purportedly lethal wave of shrapnel.

Thorndike turned the photos over to FBI investigators, who repeatedly interviewed him concerning what he observed. The FBI was tight-lipped concerning the investigation, and what some media termed the “running away man” depicted in the photographs who remains unidentified.

Thorndike’s photographs of what transpired at “ground zero” of the Boston Marathon bombing event contrast sharply with the widely-circulated video footage from the Boston Globe, where the videographer appears to purposely arch the camera away from alleged bombing victims and activity on the sidewalk.

Although more than 260 individuals supposedly suffered injuries as a result of the bombings,[6] the high resolution photographs of both Thorndike and Tang indicate no more than three-to-four dozen persons in the immediate vicinity of the initial explosion, most of whom remain mobile in the immediate aftermath and are soon eclipsed in number by law enforcement and medical responders.

According to the CBS Boston report, “Thorndike and his co-workers fled soon after the photos were taken.” This is perhaps an unusual observation since journalists given that within seconds of the detonations the Boston Police locked down surrounding buildings in order to strictly control media access to the unfolding event. [See, for example, video here at 0:07-2:24].[7] CBS also curiously reports, “All the other bay windows in the office were blown out except the one where Thorndike stood.”[8]

[Image removed on 9/11/14 at the express written request of the photographer.]

{Photo Credit: Benjamin Thorndike]

In terms of broadcast, with the exception of the more detailed interview highlighted above by CBS Boston, the novice photographer is given a soundbite on ABC and NBC newscasts, as the photos are presented and lightly touched upon.[9] For example, like Thorndike, NBC’s Pete Williams similarly references the man emerging from the center of the initial blast. “[Y]ou can see the impact of the blast has partially ripped his clothes away,” Williams remarks.[10]

Thorndike’s photos are also brought up twice on one specific CNN program by the cable channel’s “law enforcement analyst” Mike Brooks, who explains how the visual evidence from a typical crime investigation is handled. “What [federal law enforcement] have done,” Brooks remarks, is that

they will take this picture, any video that is along that route, and they will try to put together a timeline. Going back before, during and after and what they’ll do is they’ll take this video, and they will send it to Quantico. The FBI lab at Quantico has an engineering section. I have used them on a number of my cases to help enhance video and the technology has increased so much, you know, over the years–“[11]

What the FBI in fact proceeded to do with the assistance of major media was almost the exact opposite–focusing on the Tsarnaevs to the exclusion of all other agents and phenomena–and foregrounding these images alongside those of purported evidence and the injured to forthrightly incriminate the Tsarnaevs. The overall effect of this gross manipulation was evident in the jubilation exhibited by Boston residents upon Tamarlan’s murder and Dzhokhar’s capture; mass ecstasy eerily akin to the effect of a public lynching.

Events such as momentous political assassinations, the Tonkin Gulf, Oklahoma City, and 9/11 have suggested that government-corporate manipulation of the public for broader political ends is not difficult to achieve. Control over an event and the select use of stimuli elicits certain desired responses. This is particularly the case in a society that exercises almost unquestioning allegiance toward what Erich Fromm termed “anonymous authority.” The Boston Marathon bombing event suggests the end result of this blind faith; how such finely tuned stagecraft can mobilize a mass mentality to the degree that it misinterprets the implementation of martial law as a genuine representation of a public will.


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Republished at Activist Post on April 14, 2014.

87 thought on “The Boston Marathon Bombing’s Constructed Reality”
  1. It’s funny.. I was thinking this morningabout the world series MVP last year getting the crowd going into ‘Boston Strong’ chants in almost like a hypnotist.


    Kyle – AB Moving

    972-865-5671 cell 214.644.6683 Dallas 817.401.5797 Fort Worth 512.964.2710 Austin 713.388.6284 Houston 210.519.2040 San Antonio

    1. I live outside of Boston, and know the sidewalks around the site of the “bombing” very well. When I am in my own town, they call it X.-strong. It was one of the ones shut down by martial law aka “Shelter in Place” in order to reify the seriousness of their pursuit in Watertown (about 6-7 miles away) of the younger Tsarnaev. Everything, but everything was shut down, irrationally, but as the government told us “voluntarily.”
      That is not strong. Strong is taking your dogs and looking for the culprit. But did they even use police dogs? No. They enjoyed making us all learn the “sit-stay” command instead, and I began to smell something which got riper with each passing day. It wasn’t dead bodies, it was a great big stink bomb of phoniness.

      Today, I understand one of the young cops who was about to receive an award at the White House, who was supposed conked on the head by one of the bombers’ devices when he was staking them out, has suddenly and unexpectedly dropped dead after eating his lunch at the police academy. I guess he won’t be riding in the parade or whatever they will have to celebrate the big day when we forget the Patriots who stood at Lexington Green, and remember instead the First Responders to a drill.

      Oh, yes, the strong thing – well here’s some more Orwellian propaganda. A radio program on public radio just announced that the Boston Strong slogan is fading and going to be phased out. They note that T-shirt sellers created it. It was a populist thing. The h it was. A few days after, as I walked by MIT, I saw that Fidelity Bank had already a high production value “Boston Strong” poster in a window. The Museum of Fine Arts had a very sophisticated banner over its entrance soon after the event – everything was waiting to be rolled out, like those flags in Sound of Music that suddenly went up for the anschluss. This was a Top-Down not Bottom-Up response, and it was based on a bunch of rich people deciding a long time ago to “just do this thing” for whatever reasons.

      Only a year before, Occupy Boston had taken over the Financial District, and it was very orderly, very soup-kitcheny, people helped each other. I think that may have put the bee in their bonnets, but I cannot say for sure.

      Control. To me, the Boston One Fund symbol looks like the Fasces of Roman emperors (and it is on our money, like FDR dime, too). I don’t think this can be confined to a single party. It is the War Party and the 1% who have embraced it long before – months perhaps – it came to be claimed as T-shirt stuff (although that was part of it – the T-shirt gun to the stands, like gifts from the Emperor at the Games).

    2. Yup, anytime you hear those code words…Boston Strong, Oso Strong, Newtown Strong…and resilience, resilience, resilience…be wary of the message.

  2. Thank you for this great exposition of the story, Prof. Tracy. This is only anecdotal, but when I asked someone (a foreign grad student, probably holding a temporary student visa), who was in the building at MIT right next to the alleged shooting of Sean Collier, whether the cops who entered the building shut it down (which would be logical if you were looking for murderers or their accomplices and creating a crime scene for investigation), he stated that there was just one cop asking kind of simple questions (“Did you hear the shots?”) but no force present and no shutting down the building.

    The other building in the same area on the other side of the campus patrol car when Collier was allegedly shot is a David Koch building.

    At the time this happened, they were still working out the script for what to say. This event was staged between the 7/11 that was allegedly robbed a mile away in Central Square on Mass Ave by the brothers, and the East Cambridge carjacking on Third Street off Kendall Square. Neither of these events could be used, because something went wrong with people who apparently could not cooperate about the story.

    But the running man who was not detained – broken field running through the crowd after the blast – of course he wasn’t stopped, but one was to suspect him, as part of the illusion.

    It is the absence of evidence which is key throughout. Normal police procedure is lacking and militarized forces are deployed, for the multi-city shutdown in seeking out a fugitive. This is done to make a kid on the run rise to the level of an existential threat, to invest in him national security threat. Perps of drug shootings, who kill 2-3 people are not unknown even in Newton, along a major highway (Route 9), and they could possibly take hostages – although recently there was a story about carjacking which may be there to change the policy into more lockdowns.

    1. I keep reading more and more stories about the police shutting down the freeway for this threat or that threat. Nothing more than conditioning, as was the BM martial law skit.

      One story was about the police looking for 2 robbery suspects who were in a tan SUV. The police go scurrying through the parking lot of a freeway, guns drawn, and search every tan SUV they find. Can you imagine (if the robbery story were real) if the 2 robbers are stuck there with innocent drivers and a shootout begins – everyone is a sitting duck.

      The other day it was for somebody who “might” jump from a bridge.

      1. Yes, reality will force itself into the scenario; even a movie must have some semblance of threads we recognize or it’s just gibberish. And that is a diet we continue to ingest.

        The scene playing out in Nevada, for instance…the Department of Land Management is driving out ranchers to make way for a
        wind farm, which theoretically will produce alternative energy.

        However, Alex Jones discovered the real purpose for killlling the endangered desert turtles and harassing native-born ranchers, some third or fourth generation homesteaders, is a deal struck between Harry Reid, the high-ranking US Nevada senator and Chinese land grabbers. Recall when President Carter turned over the Panama Canal to the Chinese? Money takes on a life of its own and there goes the neighborhood.

        Time to ask: what is going on–really….The DLM federalies killed the turtles but are using the pretext that cattle grazing is encroaching on native species. Thus, ranchers must go.

        1. Had a run in with a BLM cop while hunting about four years ago. There were about 5 of us and he came sliding up to a stop, jumped out of his truck dressed like a street cop and proceeded to go all Barney Fife on us, with his hand on his gun, telling us to put our weapons down, as if we were about to knock off a bank or something. Extremely belligerent and looking for a fight was my impression of him. His truck was unmarked, and his badge did not denote his agency(simply said federal officer), but he had to be BLM based on the color of the truck. When I asked him to identify himself, and why he was attempting to enforce state hunting law while on National Forest (not to be confused with Bureau of land management lands) his reply was “I’m federal, and can do anything I want”. The reason for this interaction was that I had stepped out of my truck without an orange vest on, for which I think he would have gladly shot me. When he realized that the mood of the group was getting sour, and he was not so much in charge as he thought he was, he quickly took down a few names, got in his truck, and slinked away. It is common for the feds to fill these agencies with environmentalist psychos, anti-hunters, and others who are just plain ignorant of the outdoors. Their job is to get practice running people off of their own public lands. Other than that they are a useless waste of taxpayer money. They have no oversight, and can change regulations and close off land with the stroke of a pen, which they are doing every day. Most likely getting warmed up for Agenda 21 is what I think.

        2. Insanity. Milita-cop in action.

          It reminds me of a local fish and wildlife officer who would lay on his belly for hours on end hoping to catch someone. He also trolled (pun intended) for unlicensed fisherman.

          He accosted my husband late afternoon. I’d had our young son hand dad his fishing rod so he could hold it while he went to get me the worms. Well, this copper comes rolling up with his truck like he’s entered a crime scene and jumps out of the truck and demands to see my husband’s fishing license.

          My husband doesn’t fish – explained he didn’t have one and was holding it. Cop replies, “You’re lying, I saw you from the bridge.” Well, this was nuts. My husband was trying to be reasonable with him – because he’s the cool headed one.

          I couldn’t stand it after 4 mins – So I got right up in his grill, asked him what he was up to because he was an absolute liar, set out the facts and then asked him why he was harassing us for taking little boys fishing. We only had enough rods for each of the boys, we had one little container of worms.

          I had my license and showed it to him – and told him he was welcome to check back for a decade of consecutive licensure in that state and another 1.5 decades in another. I said, my husband doesn’t fish – he was here to help bait and that means he might hold a rod once in a while and THAT is not illegal. I was rabid…well, at that point he was lucky enough to spot a distraction – some drunk boaters. No apology – but this guy was aching to write someone a ticket or just harass the crap out of someone he thought was perhaps not a local. I should’ve filed a complaint on him. My children still talk about that day – was a good 7 years ago or more,

          Seriously, some of these guys are OUT of CONTROL.

        3. BLM likes to close land because they “don’t have the resources to police the area”. Since when did they become a police agency? Police what? jackrabbits? prairie dogs? But its ok to give out hundreds of drilling permits, just don’t drive your 4 wheelers here. Stay home where its safe and watch government approved television. What they really don’t want is people finding out what they are really doing out there.

        4. Good stories, Rich and Beth D. Examples of abuse of power.

          There is good news. After Alex Jones broke the story
          of the Harry Reid/Chinese company’s connection, the BLM called off it’s vendetta against Cliven Bundy and
          opened up the land again to citizens. They couldn’t stand the heat of a story that went viral and did not want more information to leak out, IMO. They want to keep the cattle they impounded but will sell them, giving Mr. Bundy a share of the profits. hmmmmm I guess they must do something to save face….

          Jones’ initial theory was the development of a wind farm but further disclosure via documents going back two years showed the initiative was for solar panels
          to bring alternative energy to the region–miles and miles of solar panels. Jones deduced that Reid and his son would be beneficiaries of this lucrative brokered deal.

          Oh, my, then we wonder why the US is dissolving before our eyes. Our Senate Majority Leader is a corrupt crony capitalist. Doesn’t get much highter than that.

        5. The truly disturbing thing about the BLM vs Bundy assault,is that there is now an almost unprecedented “no fly zone” over that area for THIRTY MORE DAYS…what next???

        6. This is an incredible exposure of what the feds are up to, had not heard of DML until now, but have been subjected to inspections on the water by young Wildlife police with big guns and boats..

          Seems the folks out in the country are not about to bow down to the tyranny as easily as the more conditioned city folks.

          Cannot believe the crooks are getting away with this, we need term limits and a massive investigation of all those government workers who become millionaires while in office!

          Harry Reid got caught giving his granddaughter campaign funds and he was let off the hook by just paying the $20 grand or so back!

        7. That is why politicians like Reid keep running for office well into their eighties. Why quit, when you can live above the law. Not to mention becoming a regular citizen would mean a loss of privileges, and maybe even criminal investigation.
          We have an ex-congressman(McInness-5 terms, bet he was sorry he promised the voters to limit his terms to 10 years) here in western CO who is actually running for a county commissioner job. Dude, get a life! These guys hate the thought of working for a living. Recycle garbage, not politicians!

        8. What’s really going on has to do with monetary policy.

          Our government is clearly expecting a shift and is preparing. The “American Way” of doing things is under attack, from our own government. We will see more and more “highway blockades” and strange news. Consider this article:

      2. Agree completely with the assessments that the “shelter in place” notices, etc. are training for Marshall Law. As Musings noted – though the “orders” were recommendations for “voluntary” sheltering, most people complied. In fact, it seems to be amazingly easy to get large numbers of people to comply with these requests.

        I thought the same thing when hearing audio from the 2nd Ft. Hood shooting – the loudspeaker telling all within earshot to “shelter in place”. More training. The news shows us people complying and the audio is played over and over. More training.

        There will be more events like these – spaced far enough apart to avoid more suspicion. Then the events will change slightly and Marshall Law will be needed in small locales…gradually growing to larger locales. More training…ultimate goal: Compliance.

  3. Excellent. Thanks Dr. Tracy. For anyone who missed this, it’s a MUST-WATCH from Betsy McGee on youtube, who had done an outstanding job at both research and presentation of the Carlos Arredondo fraud.

    Carlos Arredondo – Boston Hero or NWO FRAUD?

    1. Mangrove – Thanks for posting Ms. McGee’s video. I honestly would never have found it any other way. She is very talented and the first forty-five minutes were informative and very entertaining. The last 10 minutes took me to the very bottom of our collective rabbit hole in a very effective manner. The “master” plan we are all witnessing is so obvious and simple. Thanks for helping me tie all the pieces from the last five decades together under one common denominator. We can beat this evil if we help others wake up. Take care.

  4. Just a little after two minutes following the first blast, you can see a woman in black, carrying a huge tote bag. Both her legs are tied in white tourniquets as a policeman walks her forcefully out and away from the scene. She doesn’t even have a limp.

    Peekay on You Tube dissects the high res photos with hilarious commentary. Two wooden benches survive the blast just fine, yet show up in photos minutes later smashed to smithereens.

  5. Very timely in view of the latest NY times effort to link the imaginary bombing to an imaginary villain in Moscow (see, New Cover-up in Boston Bombing Saga—Blaming Moscow at Global Research).

    To those like Webster Tarpley and RT television and much of the “Patriot media”, who decided to angle off this fiction and keep the dream of independent terrorists alive (in order to center war mongering back on Muslim extremists), I believe you have wasted our precious time. Maybe you do have to play politics to save your neck sometimes. But it would have been better to tell the truth on this one, hard and fast. Cite the case of the Jeff Bauman character: Guy had his legs blown off. Guy didn’t bleed. Guy sat around and waited to be wheeled off in a wheel chair for 5 minutes. Guy didn’t pass out. Guy didn’t go into shock. Guy didn’t die. Guy wheeled off in a wheel chair. Guy didn’t pass out. Guy didn’t bleed to death. Guy didn’t die. Who is blood simple? Not I. It’s a hoax. This is blood simple arithmetic! Tell the truth when you can.

    1. Thank you, atadesk…. I sure was wishing Prof. Tracey would have gotten more ‘to the essential points’ myself.

    2. James, thanks for this thought provoking article.
      One of the key features of the Boston Drill is the absence of shrapnel injuries including none on Jeff Bauman, despite what the FBI claims happened during the blast. In Jame’s video of the event, right after the smoke blast there is absolutely nothing in the air, such as dispersed metallic material. There is nothing in the photos in the comments here either. Later, some doctored photos appeared in the media with added pieces of junk in the air. This almost comical “bloody” photo appeared, too, months after the event after a search on the internet for shrapnel evidence and the marathon. Someone worked very hard on the special effects.

      As to Jeff Bauman, he has a new book out called “Strong”, which is an appropriate description of his bank account by now. I happened to catch him at a book signing. He’s a charming fellow. He had no visible shrapnel injuries but claimed he had some on his side and back. He had no understanding of what shrapnel injuries entail – multiple scars and intense bleeding and pain during a blast. I asked the question you all are curious about – how he survived without a proper tourniquet and Carlos being an amateur. He said there was a doctor and medic present and an ambulance nearby and showed me a photo in his book.

      This photo is no where near where Carlos was “treating” him. Blocks away. Of course no explanation exists for how he could survive being wheeled out upright without passing out. The problem with marathon survivors like Jeff seems to be that they don’t study military history or even medical problems so when you press them with questions, they improvise. They’re given a script by someone who may know more but doesn’t give them enough information. I didn’t get a chance to tell Jeff that working with the authorities is very risky, which is why Dzokhar is in jail.

      1. Marzi, are you aware of the recent article appearing in the New England Journal of Medicine (one of the posting people cited it here at the next article I believe) in which one of the survivors is described as having shrapnel in his heart. From the description it sounds like Mark Futrile (sp?). This would probably be an old wound from combat, if they really treated him. It would be a good excuse for checking into a hospital and treating it while collecting on the fame and fortune of being a BMB victim.

        Looking at the picture you describe, it’s just across from the Boston Public Library’s more modern building (they have a Victorian era building too next door behind the subway exit and right on Copley Square). So this would not be too far away from the finish line. But of course they did run that wheelchair around in a circle when some of the moulage fell off.

        1. Marzi – scroll down to kkat down on this thread – the nejm article is linked there, FYI.

  6. Thank you Dr. Tracy. I also recommend the superb photo analysis of this event by Dave McGowan. Just Google “center for an informed America” and scroll down to the “Boston Bombing” section. It’s beyond convincing: this was a complete hoax and psy-op.

    1. David,

      Couldn’t agree with you more… have encouraged truth seekers to check out Dave’s brilliant expose repeatedly on this site every time the Marathon “event” rears its ugly head. Folks, if you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and go do it NOW!

        1. Patrick,

          Yes. I’ve read the first three of his installments, but have put Part 4 on hold for now as I’m working my way through James W. Doublass’ JFK and the Unspeakable, an extremely thorough and revealing analysis of the events that led up to the assassination.

          Patrick, I would guess you are familiar with another of Dave’s works, Inside the LC (Laurel Canyon) which I heartily recommend to everyone. As a child of the 60’s who at age 19 (in 1967) lived for a little over a year in North Hollywood, Dave’s account of those times had me riveted to my laptop for several days.

          As a matter of fact, that book has just been published and can be pre-ordered on Dave’s website.

        2. I read Part I on-line today – thank you so much for the info. The LC…most interesting, indeed! I sincerely appreciate your sharing this!

        3. I read many of the articles twice, and eagerly await that box from Amazon at the end of the month. I’ll start reading the book the day it arrives.

          His articles about the Apollo hoax are terrific, too. He sees absurdity as clearly as anyone in the world, and states it in ways that make me laugh out loud. I remember my daughter asking me why I was laughing so hard one time, and I showed her the picture of the cardboard-and-duct tape lunar module on the “Moon”, and told her I can’t believe I accepted this ridiculous thing as real for most of my life. Tears of mirth were flowing.

    2. I have found McGowan’s work on this to be especially insightful–and often humorous to boot, which is something I’ve not really attempted and doubt I could do as well. My focus is obviously more news media-oriented.

      1. The sarcasm / humor on the site was surprising at first and something some may find distasteful but I found it hysterical.

  7. The general public, swallowing a little Boston bombing mystification? Nothing amazing. After all, the same public religiously swallowed the myth that the widely televised criminal controlled demolitions of the twin towers were the necessary result of Osama bin Laden’s aerial attacks.

    I’ll respectfully add that the mass media could not cover up nearly as much as they do if this practice was not tolerated by other bully pulpits: U.S. congress(wo)men, foreign governments, Muslim organizations, defenders of human rights, etc. This situation is reminiscent of Plato’s cave, which relies on a vast conspiracy to misinform people.


    1. You are right. This is an old story with the public being fed these lies. I think though we keep hoping that something they do will be so outrageously fake that the public will demand truth, and sweep their sorry a’s from power. It would be great to see something unfolding suddenly start to come apart visibly, though perhaps it did if we see through it and so much of the internet contains the “bloopers” that many are even afraid to look at lest they lose jobs or clearances.

      1. they are trapped in their MH 370 psychological operation
        worldwide public will not accept any contrived ‘evidence’ without proof

  8. Excerpt from above article; “Thorndike shot a sequence of 25 photos right after the blast that shows injured and stunned victims on the ground below. But it was the behavior of one man — seen running from the scene — that prompted Thorndike to contact the FBI.”

    “His reflex is to sprint away that really caught my eye [sic]” Thorndike recalls. “Everyone else in the photo is stunned, shocked and frozen,” he said. “It’s either someone who is badly burned, panicked and running, or they’re running for another reason.”[5]

    The important fact overlooked, however, that the observed man is running with all limbs intact from the epicenter of a harrowing blast and its purportedly lethal wave of shrapnel.

    I found where ‘the running man’ went in a RT news clip. from 0 to 4 seconds you will see the back of ‘running man’, pants neatly cut off in back but full pant legs hanging in front. Yes, this is him. He has removed the black long sleeve T-shirt he was wearing under the black shirt. This is very interesting. 5 seconds in you see a bald guy with fake blood on his knees, at 9 secs in it looks like a dummy on the ground. this clip is only 51 secs long but loaded.

    1. Looking at the sidewalk, there should be a curb, but something was put in place to extend it and make it flush with the granite curbstone in the area. I had wondered how they could put so many people on the sidewalk in front of a little hole in the wall like Forum Restaurant (the site of the second “bombing”), but perhaps something was done to prepare the site – or perhaps it was filmed somewhere else. The danger to people playing these parts is that they might really get hurt falling on one of those hard curbs. It’s a whole new area of study – the creation of a seemingly wide sidewalks in a place where they are actually pretty narrow (not like the newer part of the street to the east of the Library).

    2. Who is the lady in the tan sweater running out of view from 0:24-0:28 only to return a few seconds later pushing a heavy set woman towards the melee?

      1. Dave McGowan has quite a bit to say about the zoftig chick in the brown sweatshirt. She appears in most of the photos, and keeps moving around. She had a major role to play in the production, whatever it was.

      2. Glen,

        The woman wearing a sweater who quickly runs into the scene and is then seen pushing and relocating a rather heavyset woman in a brown sweatshirt has to be one of the agents who is managing the production. If you study the videos and still photos, this chubby woman in the brown sweatshirt appears in various locations within the staged area. She has been identified as Mildred “Mimi” Valverde and it is clear from all the footage that she is not even pretending to suffer injury. Yet, when she showed up for Dzhokhar’s arraignment, she is sporting a crutch and one of her legs is wrapped to suggest that she’s been wounded. She’s clearly one of the many actors in the staging.

        1. John,
          Thanks for your update and that information. I do remember reading about her. What gets me is how obviously brazen this all is. I mean, once it goes on the air as a “real event” there is no turning back. So we are left with the video evidence, warts and all, but no one revisits it. I am sure there is immense pressure to keep the lie going – and it gets greater and greater with each book release, each TV special, etc.

  9. How does Dr. Tracy find the time for these long, complex articles?
    He must have a system and be able to plug into a database that CBS should envy.

    I remain in awe even as I try to absorb the information.

    Thanks to James and all who contribute.

    To a better America and a better world…why think small????

  10. For those who primarily receive their awareness of the world around them from TEE VEE, the trick is to give them quick little vignettes and move on. What they’re after is an “impression” of an event with a carefully crafted spoken narrative overlaid atop it.

    This is designed to communicate at a subconscious level. These presentations are not for study. They are designed to be rapid paced, information bereft and emotionally engaging. In short, they are a psychological ploy.

    By keeping the uneasiness flowing through each event and then, on to another in rapid-fire, staccato fashion, the hope is that the eaters will lose their bearings (and their wits) and be more easily manipulated.

    I can’t emphasize this enough. We joke about how sloppily done they are, and they are. They are not for education, they are for impact. By controlling the narrative and access to media (as Dr. Tracey points out), those of us who see through these things have no vehicle to reach those who do not.

    The first step for most is to “pull the plug”. The spell has to be broken in order for the affected to see the lie. Initially most don’t like to do this as it isn’t easy to admit that you’ve been hoodwinked. Once people realize that their primary information sources lie to them routinely the party’s over.

    1. Yes, lophatt, you’re right, but few pull the plug because they’re addicted. The prospect of a silent house, for one evening much less day after day is too horrible to contemplate, like a drug addict terrified of the notion of life with a clear mind.

    1. She can’t lie – anymore! I can’t stand that woman – any of them for that matter – with their dictatorial finger-pointing at anyone who dares go against their wishes or questions them on anything. She may want to hire a food taster.

  11. Not trying to start a new thread or spread disinfo, but I am looking closely at the story of the California bus crash and a few things do not yet (I emphasize yet) add up about the freak accident that shut down an important California highway artery leading to many ranches in Tehama, Shasta and Modoc counties, an area very similar to the Nevada cattle ranches and very dependent on grazing the BLM lands near them.

    I’ll tell you what strikes me as weird. Arcata California, where Humboldt State is, is hundreds more miles to the north, and there were three buses that went there. Were they in a convoy? It appears that at least one girl from the buses that eventually wound up at Humboldt State had a sister who is said to have died on the other wrecked bus.

    So if this accident happened, why did the other buses continue on to their destination? The hospital receiving the victims, the one where my own rancher father died (a user of BLM lands in Modoc Co. by the way), is Mercy (a Catholic hospital). That is located in Redding, CA, maybe 50 miles north of Orland on I-5. Why would those other buses not simply go to Redding and wait? They were in phone touch, were they not, with the other passengers on the bus in the accident?

    Most people may not realize it, but the area is full of Los Angeles retirees and rich people fleeing the immigrants and crowded freeways of LA, as far as it is from the place. They have plenty of cell towers and all the modern conveniences, so traveling on to Arcata next to the coast in the redwoods is ridiculous. It is said that this was an accepted students event, but something like this should have changed the plans immediately. Considering that some parents would have to go both to Arcata and Redding (Mercy Hospital) to pick up their kids, it makes no sense, unless the buses were very spread out and had started out at different times.

    I don’t say this is a fake – although it would be better if it was – but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    1. Hi Musings,

      I too, have taken notice of the amount of passenger train/plane/bus disasters there have been. I haven’t looked into this one with your details yet – but something looked strange to me with the picture they were posing in the media. Something didn’t look real about it.

      The serial number of the Fed Ex truck almost looks photoshopped on.
      Who took this picture? No story I’ve seen that used the picture ever gave any credit to the photographer. Did someone jump out of their car and snap it? Why isn’t that person doing something, anything to help – like call 911? It looks too staged for me.

      If you look at some of the train derailments (especially the one in New York a few months back) they look off, like someone placed the trains there on their side. And the bevy of small plane crashes, too.

      I have a theory that this is all part of a ploy down the road to push funding of a high speed rail that is going to be deemed as a much safer mode of transportation. The focus has been on driver/conductor error, falling asleep, etc. And all the small plane crashes have someone quoting the same line “this was bound to happen” or “it was only a matter of time before a plan crashed”….something strange like that.

      Or, I could be wrong!

      1. Like “Monorail!” in The Simpsons. Actually, having traveled high speed rail in other developed countries, I think I would welcome it. The one on the East Coast is funky and slow. It could be much improved, and I-5 in California (a creation of the Nixon administration for his buddies who bought up desert land they then irrigated near it) is quite the thoroughfare, especially for trucking. But pretty safe from my experience driving it every so often. I am a former Californian who moved to Boston in the 70’s, but because of family in California, I am there a lot, so it’s a second home to me.

        The problem with the system is always whether there is the volume to justify it. The East Coast has developed a lot of air service and the highways are okay too. But linking up the Bay Area Caltrans and the stuff that is being developed in LA might be nice, but most people either drive or fly, just deciding on a long day’s driving and writing it off when they go to and fro on I-5.

        Now north of Sacramento, I feel it would be harder to justify on cost, unless it were to link with Portland, Seattle, Vancouver. And since we are talking hi-tech, Pacific Rim, and a large Asian presence (and growing by leaps and bounds), I could see selling it to investors on that basis.

        As John Huston says in “Chinatown” — “It’s the FUTURE!”

      2. I also thought the picture of the truck looked very strange – particularly the side of the truck – it looks brushed in or something. Maybe it just appears this way because of intense heat.

        Otherwise, it is amazingly awful that both vehicles exploded. I don’t know much about such things except such things normally only happen in movies. I think in a 2010 study (NTSB?), it was cited that only about 3% of vehicle explosions are associated with collisions. I know it often happens in the movies – but they also create explosive scenes in space for the views – which of course can’t happen without oxygen.

        Anyway, awful story.

        I know you will forgive my suspicious nature (that’s why we’re here) – but perhaps the Fed Ex truck was packed with something unusual?

        What are the odds that at just the right time the Fed Ex driver crosses over the median and into that bus convoy…and nails one of them. Awful.

        1. I’ve traveled through there a lot. It is VERY common to see truckers falling asleep in that area. If they are headed North they have usually come from a long, straight, boring drive from LA.

          My wife worked at HSU for fifteen years. My ears perked up when I heard the school mentioned. I have actually reported truckers weaving over lines and onto verges out of fear they’d kill somebody.

          This is the main route running North and South through California, Oregon and Washington. The students were going to turn West at Hwy 299, about fifty miles further North from where the accident occurred.

          It is impossible to drive through there without being surrounded by big rigs everywhere.

        2. Totally agree lophatt. My sister went to Arcata for a few years at Humboldt State before she moved to Arizona. According to the story, the Fedex truck was coming from up north, however. The only thing that puzzled me in the story was why the two other buses in the convoy, instead of stopping or proceeding onto Redding and stopping there (where Mercy Hospital is, and is the turning for Arcata to the coast), kept on going to complete their trip. There is plenty of cellphone communication in the area, and you’d imagine someone would contact the other drivers, if it was only the college or whatever. It seems weird, that’s all. The accident itself does not. That seems reasonably believable.

          I do note that even if brakes were lost, the incline in the area does not seem to be all that steep. So there could be some explanation. As Beth D. pointed out, a lot of Fedex trucks come to grief these days, undoubtedly trying to push it for time.

        3. Thanks for your input. I used to be a CA resident, too – 1.5 decades ago.

          What I found most interesting is that witnesses report that the truck was on fire before the accident. sleepy trucker (perhaps) + fire of unknown origin. Also of interest is the number of Fed Ex trucks that have been burning lately. Manufacturer defect, sketchy cargo or ?

        4. Yeah, it is strange. I grew up in California but haven’t lived there for over twenty years. I have two daughters who do and we visit occasionally. One of the reports said the FedEx driver changed in Sacramento. That doesn’t make any sense to me. The buses were supposed to be coming from LA. They said he crossed the “center divider”. He would have to have been traveling South to do that, not from Sacramento.

          Musings is correct that there isn’t much of an incline in that area. It starts after the turnoff to Hwy 299 at Redding. If you are on I-5 you don’t really start up out of the valley until north of Redding, around Dunsmuir. In that area it is common for trucks to lose their brakes.

          I thought about this today. When I was young the truck drivers were generally the “ambassadors of the highway”. They were courteous and helpful, etc.. Now they seem to act like road warriors. That’s why there are so many accidents in that area. The highway is a 70 or 75 MPH area and there are all these trucks passing each other to keep from losing a couple of miles per hour. They should just stay in their lane and wait until they get through the passes.

          I also don’t understand the fire. Diesel doesn’t usually burn that easily. What could have caused that? HSU seems “cursed”. This isn’t the first time that visiting potential students have been killed in accidents.

    2. Interesting you should bring that up. I was having my coffee this morning and listening to the news and I had this thought flash into my head: “Wayyyyy too much stuff is happening. I really want it to stop – it is coming at us fast & furious and I don’t know if it is a strong of distractions designed for us or what.”

      It was just an moment of, “WTF is happening to all of us?”.

      Then I hear the Feds moved off the Bundy ranch. Whew. No, wait – not so fast – they’ve established a no-fly zone over the area? Crap. To keep media out (under 3,000 ft) or because the drones are coming w/tear gas or ? My teen sons are smart enough to know that is a very bad sign. The Fed agents pulling back can’t be viewed as a positive sign. This is not the end of this event.

      I’ve been worried someone in the armed militia groups will pop off a shot – because then we’ll have another big anti-gun event.

      How about the Clark Co. Commissioner Tom Collins’ recent statement that those traveling to Bunkerville to support Bundy in his standoff against the feds and the fact that they should make “funeral plans”? Seriously? Someone seems to have forgotten their duty to the citizens.

      I hope the county residents are already starting the recall on that basta*d. I would be standing at the county clerk’s office door at 8;58 a.m. waiting for her to unlock so I could get a stack of recall petitions if I lived there.

      1. ‘Twas the 18th of April in ’75, hardly a man is now alive who remembers that day and year..” Patriots Day becomes Marathon Day becomes mini-me 9/11. They do not want us to remember, it is as simple as that. But we do.

  12. OK, two recent Fed Ex truck fires – I’d noted in prior comments. So, I was curious to know if Fed Ex has had any other fire incidents other than these recent two. Of course cars and trucks tend not to explode / catch on fire…too often and I realize Fed Ex has a lot of trucks on the road but…

    This horrific one here in April. One the very next day. Both in CA

    March: in Texas –

    One in February – in PA (I think it was stolen before it started on fire) –

    Another in February – in NY –

    One in January – NV –

    OK…I have to run an errand but wonder what a little more searching would turn up. Maybe the postal service is after ’em 🙂

    1. We have this same fake ‘beefed-up’ security every year in downtown Detroit for the International Freedom Festival Fireworks around July 4th (it’s a joint show put on by Windsor & Detroit). Every single year there is an incident involving a shooting or beating up of the suburban visitors and people continue bringing their children down there. I don’t understand people who put their kids lives in danger for things like this.

      We have a new Quarter-Million Dollar police chief in Detroit who he himself runs from carjackers (I kid you not-true story) but tells us suburbanites to come to the city because crime is under control now that he’s the new sheriff in town. What a joke!

      Whether it’s fake crime or real crime they are trying to get us to be resilient and not trust our instincts about putting ourselves in danger. We just need to trust them cuz they know what’s best!

    2. Yes, Massachusetts,along with all of New England, California, Illinois, NJ and eastern NY is well known as communist territory in the former USA.

  13. The Boston Marathon Bombing was designed to justify expanding the authority of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). Acquaint yourself with the JTTF –

    “In order to ensure that there is a robust capability to deter, defeat, and respond vigorously to terrorism in the U.S. or against any U.S. interest, the FBI recognizes the need for all federal, state, local, and tribal agencies that are involved in fighting terrorism to coordinate and share information and resources. To that end, the FBI believes that the creation of the FBI National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF) and Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTFs) embodies the objectives of the U.S. policy on counter-terrorism as set forth in Presidential Directives.”

    More here:

    If I understand correctly, the JTTF takes its authority from the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and repudiates the U.S. Constitution.

    See also:

    1. I gave the video an honest viewing (the speaker is knowledgeable, but needs more shine). And liked the action plan. I invite any of the regular researching pros at this blog to tell me why we should not all be supporting panda united. I’ve got my checkbook out and am planning a visit to the city council and sheriff’s office.

    2. Great speech. I note that it is in Redding California, too, a sleepy little enclave normally, in Shasta Co. up I-5. There appears to be a National Guard facility there (saw it on Google map). But as he said, important for each municipality to come under local support of the Constitution and to end the potential threat of the NDAA militarization of American law enforcement and loss of guarantees as old as Magna Carta of due process.

      While I agree with his rousing the public, and feel that whoever is the US Executive it is still a pyramid structure with replacements at the top but no fundamental shift, and that things tend towards more and more tyranny, I would also make a stab at repealing the pernicious legislation itself.

      The Constitution is not self-executing. The Supreme Court cannot initiate cases – they must arise from cases and controversies below and work their way towards it. So indeed there must be a swarming of local challenges. If nothing else, when the Supreme Court upholds the NDAA it will put more people on notice of how badly things have gone out of whack.

      The news media seems designed to fit perfectly the agenda of creating false enemies and false threat (remember the color levels of threat reported? ), in order to consolidate arbitrary power at the top.
      The absurdity of what they say does not matter as long as they engage the primitive systems of the brain with the fight or flight response, and hammer away at that, while claiming to protect the public and be the parent.

      I like this kid. Thanks for the link.

      My father, a WWII vet and former rancher in Modoc County, rests in Redding. I hope the town takes the suggestion of the kid and raises some hell there. I’m not sure my dad (who died in 1999) would recognize today’s changed world or that he would deeply understand what is at stake. He always took his freedom in the US for granted. He thought he was living in the land of his forefathers. I just don’t know how we would have that dialogue today about what has gone on in his absence.

    3. Wow just WOW! Thank you Peter for posting that video. Although not surprised by anything he showed, it is chilling how they are implementing things like this and the country is too busy doing X Y or Z to notice.

      I thought the speaker was excellent. It is very refreshing to hear a young man speak about this subject – and the fact that he was home-schooled speaks volumes.

      If this is allowed to be I guess at some point we may all be sharing the same cell!

  14. I guess we all have to ask ourselves why the public does not seem to pore over the original evidence of a story. I remember that just after the BMB happened, a local news commentator on PBS, Emily Rooney (Andy’s daughter) asked a “public affairs” professor (not sure what he was – some kind of fixer perhaps) what to do because the public was starting to look closely at every clue. At the moment I had no idea the level of her worry and concern or why she did not want the public to do this. He smiled and told her: “Just ignore it. You don’t have to give them any forum.” Or something like that.

    See, people who demand reality are lower orders of humans, not up there in the Plato’s cave clouds of the elites. It’s low class to get your hands dirty. Sail away on all kinds of peripheral stories, arising out of the agreed upon premises that the story is real. Let that be the ground against you ALWAYS work, even when criticizing someone in office. Get the crowds to root for one SIDE or the other, but don’t let them ask any questions about the event itself unless it is to accept that the injuries were real.

    So the way the news people keep it going is to reify again and again. Victims, lost communication with Putin, secret FBI meetings in Chechnya, keep it up. These are the weapons of mass deception.
    Child’s play, really, to keep the cat chasing the laser light.

    1. I experiencing waves of nausea, including vertigo. I feel a flashback coming on of a traumatic experience. I am remembering a reverse 9-11 call telling me to stay in my house and not open the curtains or even walk in my yard. I am amnesiac about whether the content of that introjected image came from tv or the public safety phone call. The sources of authority have simply blurred in my mind. Doctor, will I get better? Or this to be a chronic, crippling, autoimmune condition in which I have become allergic to my country’s own social and political leadership? (Just joking – I have a healthy contempt for all of them which probably started when I entered puberty).

      By treating a hypothetical medical situation as real for the benefit of hoodwinking physicians and forcing them to accept the hoax, this seems a bridge too far. In that sense, it goes well beyond 9/11 and reaches into our “guts” and messes around with them, by citing such a case.

      In reality, physicians often write about cases in which patients’ identities are hidden, not exposed. Anonymity is key, making the patient unidentifiable to the readers. If this patient can be identified through the article (I must look again), then it seems to show a change in standards, because patient privacy is key. Publishing the Jeff Bauman photos for instance, flaunting them in fact, is not normal journalistic or medical practice. If it is a fake patient, well then, fine. Dummies and cadavers have no rights.

      So is this somehow filtered that way for doctors? Again, requires further study.

      1. Asking someone who has published in that journal, he told me that a patient who is identifiable from the story would have explicitly given permission. (In this case, given the story of shrapnel in the heart, I am thinking I know who). My informant cited an example of a family with a rare genetic condition who after the article appeared voluntarily to publicize the disease. So the story would not break new ground if indeed the patient gave permission. Of course the basic story is a crock.

  15. I did some e-mail communication with Bruce Mendelsohn- A phony liar who said he was blown off a couch in a building near the finish line.

    I asked him how it was possible he could have been blown off a couch when people standing right near the “bomb” didn’t even get knocked over.

    The communication didn’t last long, but I exposed this phony zionist fear monger pretty well in this video;

    I also exposed the staged crime scene and layers of glass added after the fact, as well as the boarded up “broken windows” which were not broken right after the blast.

  16. Interesting. In one shot where Bruce declares his insincere “I’m so angry at these guys” he is standing on Massachusetts Avenue, facing the main hall at MIT, and in the background (also MIT) is the auditorium and behind it an athletic building. I am wondering the date of this. Was it shortly before the event with Sean Collier, a week after the BMB?

    Consider also the geography of this – nearby is the MIT Media Lab, an interesting place which has directed much of the narrative coming out of this, as well as a site for the promotion of prosthetic legs (not arms, never arms, because the guy who launched the movement to improve the gait of amputees is a double leg amputee, and he has been a director of that lab).

    Why would anyone need to make up a story to change how we treat amputees? Isn’t this a good thing in and of itself? Doesn’t the Department of Defense have money for wounded veterans? Or does it not? Who is Bruce REALLY angry with? Who is the real enemy? What kind of bureaucrat in-fighting was settled by staging this event?

  17. there exists one photograph of ground zero that I noticed the bark of a small tree was pristine right next to the supposed blast. not the least bit of damage.

    1. It was easy to see, Brian, that Forum had a tree and also an antique light post which were both unaffected. But in order to promote the narrative of a bomb near them, which would have sent powerful waves in all directions, with nails and ball bearings as originally stated (enough to blow a lid of a pressure cooker up to a nearby roof – something which does not work with the story of all the blast being like an IED in Iraq, at curb-level) – the tree was gratuitously cut down and replaced with another one, so that passersby could not examine the trunk of the one in the area for shrapnel or any damage.

      They left the lamppost there however. Not only that, the building facades flanking the small hole-in-the-wall called Forum (enhanced in size in some photos) have antique cement tracery and irreplaceable touches like windows and metal craft, all undamaged. The sidewalk itself, squares of granite in various colors, is just fine too.

      Only willful ignorance and incuriosity about one’s surroundings would allow this mass hysteria to go on. The nature of the physical reality in which we live has not changed. The psychological and political reality has.

      I have been in countries where bomb blasts have pitted buildings – notable is Budapest. I do not know if it was the Hungarian Revolution or WWII, but those scars are there and unmistakably so, both there and in other parts of Europe. The Boston showmen could not duplicate that level of reality, they did not yet have such a broad mandate. Maybe someday they will. For now, we can see the lies staring us in the face, on Boylston Street. For how long?

  18. Michael Ruppert has (supposedly) committed suicide via gun. Maybe “they” got to him. Poor soul – a very sad, tired fellow as he neared the end.

    1. I am shocked to see this. I found Michael Ruppert’s site “From the Wilderness” very soon after 9/11: he taught me a lot.

      I have a lot of trouble believing he committed suicide, Why did he move to Colorado, does anyone know? I have a blog post called “The Log of Accidental Deaths” in which I’ve cautioned political dissenters to avoid Colorado.

      1. I’ll have to check out your blog, Dino. Thank you for sharing that. It sounded like a “case closed” kind of suicide story as he’d left instructions for people, etc. I don’t know if that should close an investigation itself. What if a person is forced to write a letter or if someone wrote it for him? But, many close to him said he had reached a point where he just wanted to go. Very sad.

  19. Carl Sagan famously wrote: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” Wikipedia links this to the French Enlightenment philosopher Laplace who said, “the weight of evidence for an extraordinary claim must be proportioned to its strangeness.” These statements have been made in relation to strange natural or paranormal phenomena. They are not about news reports in the media, And yet, somehow, the “extraordinary claim” might be to doubt the news today.

    In the Middle Ages, doubting some relic or bit of religious dogma would have been regarded as extraordinary.

    Giordano Bruno stated that not only was the sun the center of the solar system, it was just another star among millions in the night sky. This was, for his era, an extraordinary claim about which the authorities did not want to hear any more evidence as it would shake their ordinary claims as defenders of Truth.

    I really think we have come to live in such an artificial environment that what is actually extraordinary has become unquestioned. The burden of proof is on the person who tries to debunk it. It is like the Middle Ages, which depended on authority to back up the claims, not experimentation or direct observation, measurement, etc. Who knew that the act of suspending disbelief for a night of tv dramas would segue into being asked to believe in dramas like the BMB?

    The quote by Sagan has been turned on its head, so that the burden now falls on the public to refute the myths and not on the myth makers to prove them.

    1. Good points. I’ll respectfully add slight corrections, though.

      The claim that the worldwide mass media and most other bully pulpits have conspired to disinform humanity is extraordinary. People rightfully request an ironclad demonstration thereof.

      Ordinary Europeans couldn’t care less for the relative motion of the sun and the earth, and rightly so, as heliocentrism hardly impacted their life. In fact, even today, the overwhelming majority of human activities use the geocentric model because of its simplicity. By contrast, the realization that the worldwide mass media and most other bully pulpits have reinvented Plato’s cave carries a considerable impact on human life. In fact, the realization of this paradigm is likely to usher humanity out of the war system and into an era whose attributes we can hardly fathom, except that they will be much more favorable than our era.


  20. Another shooting today at a FED-Ex Facility. 6 victims – shooter kills self.

    They are extending their conditioning beyond schools now with regard to forcing people to get on a bus when they are at the scene of an incident.

    FTA: “Dozens of workers were taken by car and bus to a skating-rink parking lot to call relatives for rides. Some family members got out of their cars and hugged the workers. Several employees said they had been told not to speak with reporters.”

    Why in the hell are they taking grown people away from the scene in cars and and buses to a skating rink to call for rides – where are their cars? They have been doing this with children at schools with knife/gun incidents. In some cases the kids will not be released to their parents unless they get their picture taken at the time of pick-up!

    I can’t find the article, but last year I read that in Atlanta they have a universal symbol for what is referred to as “Get me the hell out of here”. Per FEMA , if there’s an emergency you can just look for that symbol and a friendly gov’t worker will load you and your family onto the bus and take you to safety.

    They are exercising these scenarios left and right now. Shutting down freeways looking for robbers or because someone may be jumping from a bridge. Taking your kids to another location from their school and only letting you have them back after you submit. Locking down neighborhoods for flooding and not allowing you into your own neighborhood or home.

    I like the name of this clerk from Fed-Ex: FedEx clerk Liza Aiken (Lies-A-Achin’) said she was working when she heard something drop, looked to her left and saw the gunman. He had bullets strapped across his chest like Rambo” and held a knife, Aiken said while gathered in a nearby parking lot with other employees. Before she could continue, a woman wearing a FedEx jacket told Aiken to stop talking and led her away.

    1. Another shooter has absolutely no fear of killing himself, but is too scared to wait around for a shootout with police. I wonder what impossible angle he shot himself from? Another incident where it will probably be impossible to ever prove if anything really happened. Best guess: they are looking for something in that facility, and what better way to get everyone to drop everything and clear the area, while simultaneously putting another notch in the anti-gun bedpost. The article seems to come up short on the apparent motive of the shooter. My guess is the building may be short a package after the big search. See? you just have to know how to read the news. I can do this all day. LOL!

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