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Agricultural science expert and environmental activist Rosalind Peterson explains how the US Navy is intensifying its warfare testing in the Pacific, Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico in 2013 and 2014.

Some environmentalists and alternative media outlets suggest that elevated coastal radiation levels and marine die-offs have resulted due to radiation emanating from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power disaster. Yet how much of this devastation is attributable to recent widescale military experimentation off of the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts?

The toxic combination of “Shock & Awe” Bomb Blasts, Sonar use, Missile Exercises, Live-Fire Weapons Testing, Lasers, Electromagnetic Weapons, and Experimental Weapons Testing all negatively impact marine life and our oceans.

Click here to view Peterson’s March 11, 2014 video addressing the escalation of U.S. Navy Warfare Testing and the areas in which the U.S. Navy is currently conducting Live-Fire Warfare Practice.

Public Comment Due by April 15, 2014, on U.S. Navy NWTT Website for Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Alaska. Read the Northwest Training & Testing EIS/OEIS Draft EIS/OEIS on the U.S. Navy Website & Make Your Public Comments or Ask Questions:
U.S. Navy Website:

Call Your Elected Officials Today in Washington D.C. Toll Free: (1-866) 220-0044

1) Request a 30 to 60 Day Extension of Time for Public Comment (U.S. Navy NWTT Draft EIS/OEIS)

2) Contact U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, Requesting Congressional Hearings to Protect Our National Marine Sanctuaries, Biologically Sensitive Areas, Marine Reserves, Coral Reefs & Other Coastal Regions from “Shock & Awe” Navy Warfare Testing.

*** The U.S. Navy Map below outlines the areas in which the U.S. Navy is now conducting warfare testing in the Pacific, Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico.


Relevant Documentation

1) These areas now include the entire coastal region of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico
See U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet Warfare Testing Range (AFTT) Map & Final EIS/OEIS (November 25, 2013)
U.S. Navy Website:
NOAA Permits to “harm” marine mammals in AFTT Range 2013-2019

2) The U.S. Navy Hawaii/Southern California Range
See U.S. Navy Warfare Range Map & Final EIS/OEIS (December 23, 2013)
U.S. Navy Website:
NOAA Permits to “harm” marine Mammals 2013-2019

3) The U.S. Navy Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Alaska Range
(U.S. Navy Draft EIS – Public Comment Due by March 25, 2014)
See U.S. Navy Warfare Range Map & Draft EIS/OEIS (2014) U.S. Navy Website:
U.S. Navy December 18, 2013 Application to NOAA to “Take” Marine Mammals Between 2015-2020:

4) The U.S. Navy Mariana Islands Range in the Pacific (U.S. Navy Website Deleted 2014)
Navy Application to NOAA for Permit to “Harm” Marine Mammals April 2013:
NOAA Website:
NOAA Website for Navy Renewal Application for 2012-2015:

5) The Gulf of Alaska (U.S. Navy Website Deleted 2014)
NOAA Website U.S. Navy Permit to Harm Marine Mammals:


National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Website Which Lists “Takes” from All Sources Permitted by National Marine Fisheries Service:
Mendocino Coast Says NO to U.S. Navy Weapons Testing – March 7, 2014 – Fort Bragg, California

The Navy, in the above video, refused to answer any questions to this group as a whole attending the Navy Open House Meeting.  The Navy would only answer questions individually at their individual Navy stations outside of the group meeting room.  This restricted the ability of everyone attending their meeting to hear the answers to questions posed by the group as a whole.  We allege that the U.S. Navy Open House process violates the National Environmental Quality Act (NEPA).

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  1. Thanks for posting this information, James! These programs have been going on for several years, and we who live in Southern California have noticed many strange conditions in the ocean, from non-native algae blooms (e.g. tetraselmis) to clustering and asphyxiation of local baitfish, freezing ocean temps in the middle of the summer, and stranding of marine mammals. Bottlenose dolphins in Northern Cal are beaching themselves and are found to be deaf. Other fish species wash up on shore bleeding from the gills. A lot of this has been attributed to radiation from Fukushima on the Internet, but it is far more likely to be a result of the many nefarious activities being conducted in the name of “warfare testing” by the U.S. Navy. The training ranges set up for this testing and experimentation (which includes the use of explosives, chemical and electromagnetic weapons, sonar, radar) flank the entire U.S. coastline, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic seaboard. The “study ranges” around the training hubs are much larger than the hubs themselves; in the case of Hawaii, the HSTT Phase II Study Area takes up 1/4 of the Pacific Ocean and is right between us and Japan. I urge people to watch the bottom link above ( “Mendocino coast says no to naval weapons testing”) — it was great!

    1. While I can well believe that this military activity has consequences to marine life, we still cannot afford to ignore the effect on the food chain of an actual, documented power plant in meltdown. The higher up the food chain, the broader the feeding on plankton and smaller life forms, the more serious the contamination. This is documented both in large cold water fish species and in seaweed (nori) imported from areas affected by the radioactive contamination such as China and Japan.

      Nevertheless, even this well-documented event is being swept under the rug. It is easy to see in real time, it is identifiable in place, and yet it is treated as inconsequential to health of Americans by those who are charged with protecting citizens here, and it is definitely covered up in its health effects on Japanese by their own government.

      Given this obvious problem, I find that seeking for other causes is not only premature, but it gets the governments off the hook for flagrant neglect and abuse in a sphere where anyone can see what is going on. When it comes to attributing this stuff to covert causes as well, I fear one may be putting the wrong foot forward and actually creating some kind of a co-dependent relationship with the nuclear industry which truly has much to answer for, and must be shut down.

      The swords to ploughshares model of atomic energy promoted in the building of nuclear power plants is unwarranted, not because someone could use it for a weapon, but because nature will eventually turn it back on its users, as in Fukushima. But go ahead – try and stop the war-gaming. I am afraid that is less feasible than mobilizing against power plants by demonstrating their obvious lethality and using the best example to date staring us in the face. I would not be running interference for the atomic energy industry by ascribing the contamination to other sources until I made damn sure I knew whereof I spoke.

      1. musings, Sophia said “A lot of this has been attributed to radiation from Fukushima on the Internet, but it is far more likely to be a result of the many nefarious activities being conducted in the name of “warfare testing” by the U.S. Navy.” I don’t know how she knows this, but then again, I had never heard of Galen Winsor until Paulstal introduced him to us.

        Is it possible that radioactivity is for the most part harmless? Hard to get one’s head around that one. The Apollo program has no physical evidence of harm (only psychological) to attribute; it’s just a scam. Radioactivity, on the other hand, is said to be the culprit in the poisoning and death of much of aquatic life–not to mention millions of human beings. The death and perversion of aquatic life is real. I am only too willing to attribute it to radioactive elements, because I have been told all my life that those isotopes are deadly.

        But then again, I have been told all my life that Americans hopped about on the Moon when Nixon was president. (I DID always wonder why they could only manage a couple of inches, when in 1/6 gravity their hops should have been YARDS. I always thought about the impossible gymnastics I would have attempted, were I one of them. But I for some reason brushed that aside, and carried on accepting the official fairy tale.)

        So your hostility towards the atomic power companies is justifiable only if radioactivity is dangerous. If we have been lied to about that, then something else myst be the cause of these various pathologies.

        If Sophia knows (“far more likely”), I’d like to know how she knows it. As I said in my other comments, I’m open to throwing away paradigms I’ve lived with all my life, if they’re proven wrong. This is a big one.

        1. Patrick, I live in Southern California and have been swimming in the ocean for over 25 years. I have witnessed the increasing profusion of algal blooms that have permanently clouded the water; I have had “nurdles” swarm in front of my goggles without having any idea what they were. Neither of these has much to do with Navy warfare testing: they are the result of overfishing and the subsequent “cascade effect,” and the immense amount of plastic trash that has made its way into the ocean and is now slowly deteriorating. Other developments, though, do not seem to “fit” into these two main causes of destruction to the marine environment. When thousands of dead Humboldt squid wash up on shore after a supposed oceanic earthquake, you begin to wonder. I have followed Rosalind Peterson’s Navy Warfare Testing posts closely, helping to spread the word in local communities. The So-Cal sites were some of the earliest, and very strange things happened afterwards. When you begin to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the ocean and you spend many hours in it every week, you develop a sense and appreciation for it that landlubbers don’t have. You know the “normal” temperature swings, the nature of the currents, and you begin to learn the ways of the creatures whose world you are sharing. As that world begins to change and the creatures begin to die as never before, you begin to wonder. Especially when the shore is populated with biologists with notebooks and everyone is scribbling and taking pictures and talking about “the Navy”! Of course, in the meantime, we are all continually warned by well-intentioned [landlubbers] not to swim in “the radiation from Fukushima” and the “radioactive kelp.” I urge you to visit Rosalind’s AgricultureDefenseCoalition website and read through the extensive material she has on the U.S. Navy and you will be able to see what is happening more clearly.

        2. I don’t see science as a spectator event, as with the moon landings seen on television. It is something you do, like art. I built a cloud chamber in high school and watched the effect of cosmic rays on a cloud of vapor. I stuck my finger in a bowl of oil that I had microwaved for five minutes and freaked out my fellow waitresses, because I understood how a microwave used water molecules to heat things, and I knew from doing chemistry lab work that oil and water should not mix. Science is used around us every day. We need not have faith in it, we use it and do it. We also know that foods and drugs in many environments become polluted because the locals do not understand certain principles and they are manufactured there and sent here without the same history of reforms in the food industry.

          Simply because some military types have lied to us about their accomplishments in science does not mean the principles are wrong. It means that reforms should have happened which have not happened.

          Sometimes civilizations become too corrupt to last. You get the fall of Rome or whatever we call our civilization. But the Pantheon dome still holds up because a civilization which allowed great people to build existed once and somehow, over the ages, people preserved a few things from it. That may well be the way with this one.

          When it all ends, I hope we keep the periodic table and remember what pH is. And can do a little basic math. We may be able to put things back together some day from that. I didn’t see the world I saw in order to dismiss it because of some liars in it. The reason I hate what they did is because I still maintain my reason.

        3. The abnormal conditions I describe (beaching/death of ocean creatures, algal blooms, etc.) have been occurring for many years — since before Fukushima. They continue today.

      2. The government and their mishandling of nuclear bomb waste is far more a threat then the private industry which is very good at making money and it is in their interest to keep the public and their highly skilled workers safe.

        Fukashima and Chernoble in Russia, were the result of governments purposely cutting corners and not following the proper design codes in place in most other coutries.

        We have spent 15 billion dollars of our tax dollars to build the Yucca Mountain storage facility, which sits idle. I maintain that the ‘not in my backyard folks’ that closed it down, have made us less safe with nuclear waste disbursed across the country.

        Carlsbad NM site not receiving low level nuclear waste from Las Alamos since an incident last month, a ‘temporary’ site has been found in TX.

        Las Alamos, home of the Manhattan project.

        Hanford, WA, the biggest nuclear bomb dump site in the world and yes saw an article on how they are baffled with the recent high rate of birth defects..

  2. There is an interesting counter-point on this nuclear fear mongering going on:

    Now, I am not saying I agree with what he is saying 100%, but I do think it’s worth a listen.

    Is it possible the Fukushima event is being blown out of proportion in order to scare the “conspiracy” segment (especially) of the population into non-action on other issues? and help reduce the amount of fish eaten and further destroy fishing industry in the Pacific?

    Remember hearing over and over again: “The oceans are being fished dry, we need to stop fishing so much!!?”

    What way to better stop people from eating Omega-3 loaded fish and simultaneously destroy what’s left of the independent commercial fishing industry in the world’s largest ocean than blow the danger out of proportion and scare everyone into thinking all fish are radioactive and they shouldn’t eat them?

    They’ve effectively shut down fishing here on the Central Coast of California @ Morro Bay already before this event, lots of former fisherman out of work already, could this just be another way to finish it off, when ultimately the risk is blown way out of proportion?

    Just sayin’.. They like people in fear- it clouds the thinking, remember when 9/11 Truth was taking off in 2005-2006 and suddenly they started attempting to scare people in the “truth movement” with all the Niburu videos? Maybe Fukushima is the new Niburu, just sayin’.

    1. Now, I’m not saying all nuclear radiation types are ok (I’m not totally sure)- DU for example in my opinion seems to be pretty bad, but I don’t think most types of radiation are as bad as we are told they are- as Winsor shows handling Uranium @ 1:07:00 in the above video and proving Gamma energy isn’t nearly as bad as they say it is.

  3. Paulstal Service, thanks for bringing up Galen Winsor. Very strange tolerances this man seems to have — similar to the ability of the bacterium D. radiodurans to absorb loads of ionizing radiation without consequences. D. radiodurans was developed in the 1950s by irradiating canned food … it actually gobbles up radioactive waste. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

  4. Here’s one final video on the potential that this nuclear scare stuff is being blown out of proportion:

    Final note: There have been multiple movies recently highlighting deception taking place on humanity and a fake radiation threat being used to control people.

    I do find it rather interesting two movies recently with clones in them: Oblivion, and The Island talked about using a fake radiation scare as a fear method to control people.

    In the movie “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise (he does a number of warning movies about technology if you’ve noticed)- They use “radiation zones” to keep him from travelling out of his area- and finding out his other clones in other zones who are themselves kept in using the same “radiation out of your zone” scare-. It is only later he learns that these “radiation zones” are in fact just fake to keep him from leaving.

    In the movie “The Island” (also with clones in it) – The clones are kept in their area underground being told that the world has been contaminated with radiation- It is only later that the clones find out there is no radiation, and the invisible “radiation threat” was just used to keep them enslaved below- it doesn’t really exist, and the surface isn’t radioactive like they were told.

    Are “the clones” being used in both films Hollywood’s tongue-in-cheek Metaphor to the regular people of the world kept in fear of radiation, who are not “illuminated” in the know regarding how harmless it actually is? It seems possible to me.

    I just find it interesting that two movies that came out right before Fukushima event had not only the clone theme- but also, the fake radiation scare theme that was used to keep people paralyzed and controlled- It’s just interesting.

    1. A few final notes I forgot to mention regarding the two films I mentioned above:

      In both The Island and in Oblivion:

      The Clones are manipulated by fear in order to have their own labor used for a sinister perpetuating enslavement agenda:

      In both movies, there is a strict set of rules, a very regimented existence, where the clones are kept busy working and are fed a mix of lies and fear to keep them working and not questioning.

      In The Island- the radiation fear is used to keep the Clones from leaving their underground work center and to keep them always working in a hope of one day returning to the surface of the earth-

      They are constantly injecting tubes full of vitamins and nutrients – and they don’t know where the tubes go- but we later find out the tubes go into the creation of more clones, so they’re kind of perpetually enslaving themselves and working for sinister enslavement agenda, and their lives are being regimented by a set of strict rules to keep them from questioning the reality of their situation.

      In the movie Oblivion- The fear of radiation is used once again to enslave the clones into an area where they work on repairing drones- This in itself is also a self-enslavement agenda- as the drones we later find out are being used to hunt-down free humanity, not actually protect humanity- These drones in actuality are killing off humanity, and Tom is fooled into repairing the very drones used to kill humanity – his labor repairing the clones job he does happily thinking he’s helping make things better actually enslaves him.

      So, both movies have similar themes going on:

      1. Humanity as the mindless, worker clones who are kept in the dark.

      2. Fear – in the form of radiation that isn’t true (radiation could just be a symbol for the synthetic fear created by the media and government, or could be a literal nod to the fact that radiation isn’t really as bad as they say it is.)

      3. “Hope” is used in both promising hard work will lead to eventually returning the surface of the Earth/making the Earth habitable again from a threat that didn’t exist.

      – People kept in the dark, controlled by fear, fed a little Hope being used to enslave themselves through their own work- what does that sound like: Oh yeah, our lives right now.

        1. Yes, I did read the article- i went on a little bit of a tangent, but one of the topics brought up in the article was whether increased radiation levels were due to this testing, or due to Fukushima.

          Military testing is almost never a good thing, I am completely against it, especially in the ocean, just was pointing out an interesting counter-point which made me think regarding the Fuk scare.

          There are plenty of terrible things the military is doing off the coast, that is now well known by many locals and people are getting tired of it.

          Here in Central California, residents have been hearing strange distant booming sounds- so much that they had to write about it in the newspaper. They seem different than sonic booms, and carry much further:

          Cover story: f-22 raptor;

          Residents talking about how it’s not a Raptor:

          So, people aren’t buying the sonic boom cover angle really- the Tribune (I call it the Fibune) took down their comments on the story.

          Also, on many nights- an interesting thing is happening (well it’s irritating) we get this body-shaking hum sound going on, where you can’t get away from it, and it’s a constant “vum-vum-vum” sound kind of like a distant diesel engine. The closest thing I can compare it to is probably the Taos Hum, but in my opinion it’s a military thing, not natural. It’s not just in my house, it’s all over town. Some nights it’s going strong and some nights it isn’t.

  5. Paulstal, as much as I pride myself on knowing when the received wisdom is wrong, this is the first time I have heard that radioactive exposure is not at all harmful to living tissue. I always believed that lots of people died from radiation poisoning, that witnesses watched such people die ugly deaths.

    I remember some years ago a fellow in Brazil, rummaging around in a garbage dump, came across a metal cylinder filled with glowing material. It was medical waste, improperly disposed of. He and his friends played with it, ate it, demonstrated that it glowed on their tongues. All the kids in the slum were delighted. The news story was that all these people died horrible deaths quickly thereafter, sickened by radioactive poisoning.

    Weird. I don’t know why stories like that are cooked up. Probably, those slum dwellers never existed, Paulstal, presumably. I’ve never been to Brazil. Certainly I did not fly down there to meet the imaginary victims of that poisoning, so all I know is what I read in the press. What a fool I was to believe that hoax, I guess.

    I also fell for the hoax that the “victims” of atomic testing in the American southwest have experienced off-the-charts levels of cancer, for generations, as the result of radiation exposure. I certainly was not there at the time, and have never gone there to investigate. All I have is the bullshit everyone else has been fed. I had no way of knowing all those reports were a complete fabrication.

    If I sound sarcastic, it’s not because I don’t believe your argument is impossible. Sure, it’s possible. But why is it that I have never heard about it before? I thought I heard every revisionist story–and I tend to side with revisionist stories, because the official world is almost always a lie. I’m open to any and all weird theory. But somehow, this one has completely escaped me.

    I spend a lot of time around here, and have defended some of my conclusions, when warranted. For instance, I believe that the worst thing that happened to America was the overthrow of the government (the failure of the antifederalists), and the next worst was that that illegally replaced America lost Lincoln’s war, resulting in the nightmare we currently inhabit. Some people around here don’t like these opinions, but I don’t care about that. I just care about the truth. I have lots of other conclusions I have drawn, about free energy, for instance, that few are willing to entertain, but have not come up in conversation in a serious way in this forum–although I’m always game to defend wildly unconventional arguments that I deem to be true, given the organic opportunity. I’m willing to listen to new ones, too. I hate to hold wrong ideas, even if the whole world agrees that a false idea is true–and I shall happily be burned at the stake for being that lone voice.

    Somehow, the harmlessness of radioactive materials has evaded my field of vision all these years. This is entirely new to me. Something to ponder. Of all the hoaxes out there, this might be the greatest.

    1. I am not claiming there are no types of nuclear substances, or enriched nuclear or militarized substances which could be harmful- I think there is a definite correlation between Depleted Uranium and birth defects in Iraq.

      My current “belief” though is many types of radioactive materials aren’t nearly as harmful as we have been told- including materials used in most power plants.

      Thyroid cancer in young children appears to be the main problem associated with extreme high doses of radiation and that happens when highly contaminated meat is eaten.

      I find it strange though, that after Chernobyl they were expecting millions of deaths (or at least hundreds of thousands of deaths) according to what people expected from the six million people living around it, and they had less than 100 deaths. didn’t get nearly the magnitude of deaths they said they would.. Like is said in the above video you get almost the amount from Chernobyl radiation from living around it as you would from a CT scan.

      I do find it interesting that Gale Wensor was blowing the whistle on this subject in that 1985 interview – well before the terms “scam” and “hoax” were part of most American’s lexicon. Well before the mainstream “truth movement” ever showed up-

      The conclusion he makes is: The damage by radiation is not “radiation sickness”, it is brute force trauma. Like getting hit with a car is trauma not sickness, getting burnt at stake was not a sickness it was what fire does. After the radiation source is no longer present, the risk of said blunt force trauma is removed.

      As Galen Wensor demonstrates by eating Hot Uranium tested by a Geiger counter – it’s not as bad as we have been told. He lived until 2008.

      1. I watched the video with fascination. He certainly seems altogether credible, but what he’s saying is so contrary to everything we are told, have been told, all our lives.

        I like how you point out that in certain movies fear is used to control entire populations, and the thing feared is just made up. If everything around us is predicated upon an assumption, constantly reinforced, it is all but impossible to rethink it and reject it, even if it is entirely fabricated. Especially if is an invisible thing only the “experts” understand–and they all agree that the thing indeed must be feared. We really ARE the idiots who believe the naked king to be fabulously clothed!

        The thing doesn’t even have to be all that credible, come to think about it. I used to think it preposterous to argue that the Apollo program was a hoax. Now, it is so obviously fraudulent to me that when I see the pictures I laugh out loud. How can anyone believe any part of that ridiculous story? Yet, I can’t get the people I know to examine the evidence. They want to believe, and think I’m insane to reject it. When I ask how many hours they have devoted to examining the evidence the answer, of course, is zero. When I say that I have devoted hundreds of hours to the research, my opinion still means nothing. That fact fails to persuade them to take a peek. Every time.

        In the movie They Live, one of the longest fight scenes in the movies takes place as the man who “put on the sunglasses” tries to force his buddy to see what happens when you put them on. It is almost impossible to persuade people to “put on the sunglasses.”

        Still, it will be a while before I cease fearing radioactivity.

        Thanks for exposing me to this question. I’d rather see reality than live in a delusion.

      2. While it is difficult to prove ill effects of radiation by statistical means on the general population, nobody originally thought radiation was a problem until workers exposed to it began dying, often of leukemia. This process started coming to light in the 1920’s.

        So perhaps it is just a silly superstition that when you go to the dentist, they put this lead apron over your body. Perhaps. But I doubt it. Consider that one recent victim of jaw and thyroid cancer Roger Ebert eventually gave up on all the painful operations to arrest his cancer, caused he believed by acne treatments in the days when they thought the atom could be used all over the place for terrific cures.

        Consider too that radiation treatments are used or have been used to kill cells in breast cancer treatment (but don’t get me started on that industry).

        The basic problem is that from fission, you get a cascade of new elements, if you know the science behind it in even the most superficial way (which is the only way I can confess to know it) – those isotopes of certain elements (several forms of the same element, some of them unstable) are incorporated into the human body if they are consumed, and they become a part of those organs – bone, blood vessels, which use similar elements. Thus radioactive Cesium 137 (a variant on cesium that does not occur naturally in large quantities) makes salts and is absorbed into the body’s soft tissues after nuclear blasts and power plant meltdowns. It would tend to cause muscle tumors. Strontium 90 is a “bone-seeker” in that it is size-wise similar to Calcium and can move into places where bone is developing. Just look at the fission products at either of these isotopes at Wikipedia.

        The reason it is important not to dismiss the dangers from these products is that objective, measurable tests which people all over the world have performed indicate their lethality. This is not something controlled or mediated like a play that we have been seeing. It is cross-national, cross-cultural and cross-political in how it is measured.

        My disgust with the fake terror does not mean I have given up on science or civilization and taking some kind of detour into a world of my own fantasy. I realize the limitations of anything scientific – there are hypotheses subject to being proved false. One may doubt, and that is the beginning of further discovery. But what I doubt is actually the ability of a country running on fantasy to handle real risks coming from the industries laid down by perhaps more rational generations than this one, industries with fatal flaws indeed, in that the present and future may not be able to manage that which was given us in the past. Admitting that does not seem feasible, but I see that the Germans began getting rid of their power plants after Fukushima.

        1. You haven’t give up your faith in Science huh? Why not?

          The same “scientists” that says it’s ok to put Fluoride in our water and toothpaste, and hardly any mainstream scientists are saying a word? Fluoride being more toxic than lead?

          The same “science” that is completely ignoring the thousands of years of temperature fluctuations that have always happened and are now scaring the population with “climate change” while simultaneously completely ignoring and whitewashing the Holocene Epoch, where it was much warmer than it is now, with no anthropomorphic global warming possible?

          The same “scientists” who are saying the weather is changing, while completely ignoring the admitted man-made weather modification programs all over the country and effects of other military weather modification?. The same scientists who won’t tell the public grapes used to be grown in Northern England in Roman times, because it was warm enough- but now it is too cold to do so, and that warmer weather cycles (due to solar radiation) have always been associated with golden times for humanity?

      3. I just have a couple of comments on this topic. I believe it would be ludicrous in the extreme to regard radioactive materials as harmless. He is splitting hairs by saying that the effects are something different than the cause.

        That is not incorrect, it is misleading. As to Fukashima being “overblown”, I don’t think so. I get the point. NO amount of radioactive release is desirable. The main reason being that they are not “natural”, they are enriched.

        If you have ever seen the film of the scientist on the Manhattan project who exposed himself and allowed them to film his death you’ll never forget it. It is horrible.

        It is true that all radiation is not the same and some forms are more dangerous than others. It is also true that the earth has a miraculous way of dealing with things.

        To get a better understanding of this it would be good to read a little about particles. Just like poisons, its all about dosage and their method of operation. In a particle’s case how they decay.

        The actual “sickness” is your body dying from cell death. The level of exposure and the consequences depend on the type of particles and whether you ingest them or not.

        In the case of “depleted uranium”, this is a scam by the producers of the material to “sell” what otherwise they would have to pay to dispose of. While it is fairly spent in terms of decay, it is still dangerous. It is even more dangerous when heated, as in fired from a weapon or the friction caused by penetrating something. Heat excites the particles.

        So, I get your point and I think its important to study everything, it is a leap to believe that radioactive materials are “safe”. If you can avoid them, I would. Having said that, there are newer versions of their weaponry that are much safer in general. That is because of what they are made of and how they work. None of them are “safe”.

    2. I was a child in Nevada in the 1950’s. I lived in Caliente, NV from 1953-54 and moved to a ranch area north of Las Vegas in 1954 living there until 1956. I am therefore coming clean about how old I am, folks.

      I had half my thyroid removed recently because of suspicious nodules which proved benign. My mother is a breast cancer survivor (she is 90 and had a mastectomy at 51, no subsequent cancer). No one in my family has had cancer, but there is one death perhaps ascribable to the downwinder effect, and this is significant. My full term brother died in Sept. 1953 due to lung development or lung problems at birth. At the same time, in this very small area, the infant mortality was twice the norm in the country and apparently abnormal. My brother had some company in the cemetery (I heard it was 6 newborns). Small sample but is it significant? The problem seemed to be developmental cues which were thrown off by the fetal ingestion in utero of radioactive isotopes of iodine brought in by some dirty fallout (Dirty Harry and others) which was recorded at the time. This meant that the coordination of development of the lungs for birth were affected, possibly.

      The direct effects of radiation are well-documented from leukemias like that of Madame Curie and her researcher daughter, Madame Joliot-Curie. The girls working on watch dials who licked their radium containing paintbrushes, the people directly exposed when a mass of radioactive material went critical, the Navajo uranium miners who almost universally contracted lung cancer. This is not just some grand illusion. We’re talking about high energy sources killing cells in the human body that were never designed to withstand them.

    3. Radioactive materials are not harmless. Don’t mean to sound like an authority, but the proof is ample. Galen Winsor is a very unique individual — you could even call him a “specimen.” This is what I am trying to draw attention to, the same way D. Radiodurans is a unique bacterial form with toroidal DNA. D. Radiodurans was obtained from and by radiation. Winsor spent his entire life around radiation. I’ll leave it at that. What I will add is that we are in a new phase of the Manhattan Project: worldwide dissemination of non-ionizing radiation and the observation of how individuals and populations respond.

    4. I think the critter that survived irradiation may simply be a case of evolution in action. Any disease which has swept through humanity has done the same, but I am sure if you are someone who succumbs to it, you resent being brushed aside in favor of the survival of the fittest. Ask a Native American dying of smallpox and perhaps he would not be smiling at the operation of a Darwinian principle, had he known what that was, oh so calmly accepting that the humans who would emerge would be a more resistant population.

      The same can be said for nuclear contamination. Those who take the poisons and live may simply have more resistance. But health and safety concerns are not unwarranted. Eventually smallpox was wiped out by a combination of vaccination and consequent herd immunity which prevented the disease from developing new hosts. They say it may be dead in the world (unlike polio, which has a ways to go).

      When our civilization eventually succumbs to the some series of nuclear disasters, there may be humans who will survive, although it’s just possible they will be replaced by plankton which does a better job of it. Life will go on, but we may not. It is nowhere written that we must, but I am not going to play dumb about the capability we have of destroying ourselves, which is no less real than ever.

      Kathy, to address your concerns about maintenance of these power plants – yes, go ahead and talk of “cutting corners” but you surely must see that two such widely diverse nations as the former Soviet Union on its last legs and the much more vibrant Japanese one (even with a recession) both had melt-downs in power plants. At one time, we almost had such an event with Three Mile Island. There is no telling that it could not happen again here with the best of intentions and best maintenance, in a “black swan” scenario where something unforeseen goes wrong. It is the dependency of these plants on everything going perfectly all the time that is the Achilles heel, and as we know with economic collapse, it is unpredictable and can be quite sudden. The cascade of events is not in our control, but the reliance on this form of power plant is. That is why Germany is phasing them out, or decided to do so, shortly after Fukushima. I feel they are one nation highly committed to technological innovation and progress, but realistic about how certain paths could make them far too vulnerable to chance. They do not want to give evolution that kind of inroad, so that they may sacrifice themselves to future generations of fall-out resistant plankton. I have to say I think their politicians understand who they are working for and ours do not.

      Japan is in cloud cuckoo land as far as radiation is concerned – they are equalizing it all over Japan, making sure Fukushima will not be bullied and teased for holding the lion’s share of the waste, and I watched a politician there on C-Span passionately arguing that it be stored all over Japan so everyone receives the radiation equally. I kid you not. But in reality a lot of it is becoming part of the food chain of the Pacific. Ask the survivors of the Bikini blast what that was all about. I personally sought a second opinion on my damaged thyroid from a physician who traveled the Pacific after that testing and helping the Pacific Islanders who developed thyroid abnormalities and had thyroidectomies (and needed meds for the rest of their lives afterwards). It’s real crap folks. It changes lives and kills cells. Play with it at your peril.

      1. I’m glad for your comments on this subject, musings. I was flabbergasted by the suggestion that radioactivity is not harmful, and was tempted to treat it sarcastically, but pulled back. Remembering that we are indeed lied to all the time, I had to be open to the possibility. But the evidence I listed, and that you reinforce, of the deadliness of the thing, militates against it being a lie, strongly.

        As for the pacific ocean, I find it very hard to believe that Fukushima steadily dumping vast amounts of highly radioactive water can’t be devastating to marine life, and to Americans like Sophia who swim in it, once the plume arrives on our shores. I for one would certainly fear it, and I think with good reason.

        1. The best way of dealing with the lies is to expose the most obvious ones promptly. But when you see in the case of radioactivity that the earliest researchers themselves took in lethal doses and died of the characteristic diseases, like leukemia, and when you see that widespread use of x-Rays in the days when it was considered a new toy resulted in people working with them coming down with cancers associated with exposure (the shoe store clerk who used the machine to look at feet in new shoes as a selling point might be an example), then you might understand the message was not totally scripted. If anything, there was initial cover-up so that nuclear testing could go on. It was treated as a social event in the Nevada desert, with people getting up early and going out to see the mushroom cloud on the horizon, and all sorts of motels springing up to afford a good view for tourists (I have seen such places for myself). It’s always statistically hard to prove the effect on the general population but not so hard when a technician is heavily exposed and dies either prematurely or in an accident which kills him in a few days from a sudden lethal dose that kills all of his dividing cells and basically fries him.

          Heavy metal exposure is another problem which took a long time to address. Yes, there is lead paint in houses and kids may suffer from exposure, but more readily viewable were the painters themselves, who got sick from acute lead poisoning.

          Did you ever play with a blob of mercury as a child? I don’t think they let kids do that any more, because they now understand that the vapor pressure of elemental mercury can have it combine to create a mercury salt with the air, which could incorporate it into the body and cause neurological damage. The Japanese experienced an industrial mercury spill which created mentally retarded and dystonic children. Again, not something to play with.

          Radioactivity is a part of that – and if anything the cover-ups run to shielding government from responsibility and even to down-playing risks.

          We are usually talking about the opposite here – projection of fakery.

  6. This is sickening, and to think, as law abiding sport fishermen, we pay for the privilege of catching a limited number of fish, of which you better know what the current year’s law is.

    Every year the law changes for each species, some become entirely illegal, the size and number keeps changing, the penalty for failure to comply is steep, and the fish police throw them back in the water, if they are illegal. Wouldn’t it be better to eat a dead fish, than through it away?

    With the limits, many fishermen have given up their trade, as they cannot even afford to pay for the gas it takes to go out to the fishing holes, even if it was a lucky day.

    They have stripped the budgets of facilities tasked with dealing with safely retiring our old bombs, looks like they decided it is cheaper just to blow them up on our off shores.

    So much for the ‘green’ movement, which was always a total lie.

    1. Exactly Kathy- And get this!

      You need a license to catch fish, as we all know, but the company contracted and being paid by my taxpayer dollars here in Central California spraying Silver Iodide Weather Modification Inc. can spray as much Silver Iodide as they want, as long as they want, without a permit, and they don’t even have to warn the public, or get a permit to do so!

      So, you can spray a known toxic substance in the air all over the population, a listed priority pollutant by the EPA all over the County, without a permit, yet you need a permit to catch fish?

      1. At first I was optimistic that ‘cloud seeding’ was appearing in the MSM, but now believe it is just another brainwashing technique.

        While their paid trolls continue to bombard us trying to bring awareness to this dumping of chemicals in the air as conspiracy theorists, the public will believe they told us all along.

        Here’s a video that includes many folks hard work, including the very brave Rosalind Peterson. There is no way you can deny chem trail poisoning our earth after viewing this.

      2. 1:09 in the video here is from the second chemtrail protest in Los Angeles, this time outside the Federal Building on Wilshire Blvd. No one driving by refused the hand outs. We were also doing the banners over the freeway thing. Thousands honked in support. Yet here we are eight years later and nothing has changed. Instead, new countries have been added to the chemtrail roster. Thanks to all of you for not giving up on what I call the biggest crime in history.

      3. ————————————-

        See how the perps use the media so effectively to debunk inquiry into the “chemtrails”? The CBS Atlanta report incorporates the buzz phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ to immediately dismiss rational appeal to scientific data. And the data is obscured by babble and obvious attempts to derail facts. The levels of deceit are constructed to obscure hidden information. Scientists with a conscience have tested the chemistry of these trails; they have
        proven they are toxic and hazardous to life on earth.

        But as long as sources of information play along, the public will remain in the dark. These bobble heads on tee vee need to be introduced to an old-fashioned butt whoopin! American media represents a ‘fifth column’ to overturn both constitutional rights and mental accuity.

  7. Thank you for this article, Dr. Tracy; and thank you, Dr. Peterson, for the incredible work you have done. I will forward this material far and wide.

    Utterly sickening.

  8. Rosalind Peterson is to be commended for her tireless efforts in exposing this crime by the Navy, NOAA and the rest. Stronger words would be more appropriate, but crime will do for now. This has been an ongoing effort starting a few years ago. See link below.

    At the time contacting the various congress critters and signing petitions were of no use. TPTB do what they do with no regard for life and the planet that we all depend on for survival, whether our habitat is in the air, on the ground or in water. I sent letters to congress representatives, state representatives, the CA governor, NOAA and the Navy receiving in return the standard “We thank you for contacting us and appreciate your concern” followed by nonsense and gibberish that had nothing to do with the matter addressed.

    This is a matter of life and death and I wish someone would have a solution. They are not going to stop, that we can be sure of. If anything, it will get worse. The military sees the whole planet as its playground for war toys, consequences be damned. Who are we dealing with, what kind of humans do this for a living? It has nothing to do with defense (against whom?) and everything to do with mad men, mad women and their minions destroying all that is beautiful – and for what?

  9. Very well put, Anne.

    We are in the end game. After stripping the middle class of its wealth, the military/banking complex is smugly confident that those citizens who ordinarily would rise up against them in anger will be preoccupied with providing for their own survival needs.

    I say, Damn the military and their endless wars and war games. Every military man and woman you meet needs to know of your rage and contempt for what they are involved in. MAKE THEM QUIT. If there are no computer technicians on board these vessels, if there is no one cooking the fatcats’ meals or buying supplies, there will be no bombs set off in the ocean. Participation in the war machine is VOLUNTARY.

  10. The Servility Code~

    Though I regard the comments of ThePaulstalService as somewhat nonsensical, I nonetheless support their inclusion (along with rebuttal and counter-rebuttal) here (at MHB).

    This is in order to break the ‘Servility Code’.

    The Servility Code is that which causes us to be civil when we should be uncivil, and to be uncivil when we should be civil.

    Thank you!

    Ned Lud

  11. Tear back the curtain on any of our federal institutions, you will find many grievous abuses of power–some actively engaged and others involved in coverups. The military/industrial complex, which justifies its assaults on mind and body by hiding behind the ruse of “national security”, runs amok without government oversight. So, the perpetrators do what any rogue gang will do–overreach.

    But within that framework there is a pattern developed deliberately to
    aid and abet the rape and pillage. Peter Dale Scott leads us through the
    creeping process undermining constitutional governance.

    From his lecture delivered a few years ago, Bonnie Faulkner on her show, “Guns and Butter” lets Scott present his case against the COG (Continuity of Government) designed to snooker Americans into believing it is for our own security, even as the likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld conjure up reasons to suspend civil liberties and the rule of law.

    Take notes. Perhaps Scott’s message will connect dots, fill in gaps we so desperately need to understand. Why is the US Navy polluting our shores and destroying marine life on all coasts? Because it can. Because no one will stop it. Isn’t that obvious?

    1. Yes, that program was from 2010. Think about all that has happened since. Peter Dale Scott is brilliant and even he could make some waffle-brains connect a few dots – maybe. His talks are clear and concise. We keep asking how can this and that be, how can this and that happen. The answer is quite simple really, and Peter Dale Scott explains it well. Marilyn, thanks for posting it.

  12. USA is a member of NATO, an organization that as of today officially has a new Secretary General. The outgoing Secretary General is former Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen, now replaced by former Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg. According to news from across the dam it was agreed back in January between Obama and Merkel that Stoltenberg was a good choice, as if they had anything to say about the finalist. Anyways, it is reported that Stoltenberg has a profile that mimics Obama and Merkel and they identify with him. I’ll say.

    Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize in Stoltenberg’s NATO member Norway, then goes on to become a warmonger. Stoltenberg already has that reputation. During his career as PM the Norwegian Air Force is credited with the most bombing raids over Libya, some six hundred of them are reported.

    “…………. meaning that Norwegian pilots are among those carrying out the most bombing raids over Libya.”

    The news are not good, but if not Stoltenberg they would have picked another Bilderberg stooge. He comes from a family of Bilderbergers. He is also joined at the hip with Bill Gates in the vaccine industry and Stoltenberg’s sister is in charge of the vaccine scam in Norway. This PM ran the show in the aftermath of the massacre at the youth camp on July 21, 1012. He was conveniently working at his home office when Anders Behring Breivik set off the bomb outside his office building. So the story goes.

    This bit of news confirms that nothing will change in any military branches within NATO membership countries. It also confirms that the revolving door in those circles never stops for a second.The war against ‘enemies’ everywhere goes on, including enemies such as sea mammals.

    I am very critical of my native Norway, a small country that a plays a big fiddle on the NWO stage.

    1. Jens Stoltenberg is a sociopathic criminal- No wonder he’s in charge of NATO now- He was very aware of the staged Breivik drama from day one, let it happen and helped cover it up.

      One of my favorite screw ups regarding the Breivik staged bombing was when I realized the media claimed he drove 4 different vehicles to Utoya, and they even had a quote from a Taxi Driver at one point who “helped him move his luggage and hail the Utoya Ferry”

      It’s at 1:36 in this video (this was done before I decided to speak in my videos)

      They say the taxi driver he used “hailed the Utoya Ferry” for him even- and later say he took his own car, no taxi- But didn’t his car blow up during the car bombing aspect before the trip to Utoya?

      They later retracted the Taxi Driver story!, and said he drove his own Fiat Dubloen to the island!- So what happened to the supposed testimony from the Taxi Driver? Did that guy not exist? Why are we hearing how he helped Breivik unload his luggage then? Can this story get any more terrible? The taxi driver was supposedly interviewed, and helped Breivik hail the Ferry. Then they say there was no taxi driver.

      Haha! What an enormous screw up… They also said he used a large van rented from and also used an undercover police car, so they said he took 4 different cars to Utoya (including one taxi, with a taxi driver) to the island in different stories printed.

      Also, during the Norway False flag, I was the only person to notice that the news media was showing people a fake video of the explosion-

      Later, the media had to admit the video was fake- and said “they didn’t know where it came from” But the video was aired almost immediately after the blast, so.. how did they get it so fast? It wasn’t until I uploaded the video expose showing how the video of the explosion was fake did Aftenposten retract the video and admit that it was in fact a fake video of the explosion! Amazing.

      Also, I noticed during the Norway False flag that many of the people seen walking around were wearing ID badges- this is similar to what we saw at Sandy Hook:

      1. Paulstal Service, thanks a bunch. I had no idea you had done work on Utøya. I checked out your other work on it as well. The events on 7/22/11 in Oslo has elements of past and future similar events around the globe. It looks like the same scriptwriters and prop masters are behind all these Gladio style scenarios. And AP again with beforehand information. How quaint.

        A family member was attending the youth camp. He was seventeen then and I am told he’s not been the same since. He was a handsome boy who has turned into a shadow of his former self. But as usual, I can’t bring up any other version of this event and others. It is what the media tells us and that’s that.

        There is a ‘conspiracy’ site in Norway that exposes all state sponsored terror and equivalent. They tore the official Oslo/Utøya story apart. All msm there are controlled and kept on a tight leash and big plans are on the table to turn Oslo into a Nordic version of Dubai. So the more buildings they can get rid of and orchestrate a psy op simultaneously, the better for tbtb.

        To the chagrin of compliant and obedient residents of Norway, there is a flamboyant and outspoken lady there not afraid to be ridiculed by her statements. In this interview on Red Ice Radio shortly after the massacre she gives her candid opinion. She says she had not heard about a drill in Oslo around the time, but there was one:
        “Oslo police were conducting a bombing exercise at a location near the Oslo Opera House just 48 hours before a terrorist blast hit a government …”

        Here is Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde on The Norway Massacre, Anders Behring Breivik & Mind Control. She is a medical doctor originally from Finland, married a Norwegian diplomat and has lived in Norway for many years witnessing the steady transformation of country and people. I do like this lady full of ‘conspiracies’.

        1. It’s funny you should mention the real estate aspect in Oslo- because I discovered a connection between Olav Thon- One of Norway’s richest and most prolific developers and his buildings getting blown up during this staged event.

          Not just any building mind you- a building he had wanted to tear down @ Storgata 27, and replace with a much taller, new building, but was denied the rights to do so because of the historic nature of the buildings which he called “Shacks”, which ended up in a protracted legal battle with the historic review commission which he ultimately lost.

          So, what happens? Shortly before the strange explosion in Oslo- Olav Thons buildings all have windows that have paper all over them, and they have one fake front Thai Restaurant – Thai Orchid which just uses a nearby Thai restaurant if anyone calls for take-out All the other stores in Storgata 27 are empty/or have paper over the windows –

          These buildings that Olav Thon owned blew up (Windows blow OUT) and were quite a distance away from the staged blast on Grubbegatta:

          Check out this expose I did on his properties Thon owned @ Storgata 27:

          (uploaded under another one of my accounts UtoyaCrew, I am also NorwayResearch)

          Olav Thon most likely blew his own buildings to smithereens in an attempt to collect the insurance money and re-build (read Larry Silverstein) the then “historic” structure like he had originally wanted but was denied on historic grounds.

        2. Anne B. thanks for posting that interview, I find Red Ice very interesting, and Henrick was one of the best researchers during Oslo/Utoya, I look forward to listening to that video in its entirety, I am starting it now.

          Anne- Have you seen the picture where there is a guy up in an apartment building smashing windows out with a hammer during the Oslo event? It’s at the 1:02 mark in my video above: Breivik takes 4 cars to Utoya- the guy with the hammer smashing windows out.

          Just a final note regarding my research into Olav Thon- one of the strangest things I found was a YouTube video which was uploaded shortly before Olav blew his own building up.. which attempted to make him seem like “conspiracy theorists” are out to get him.

          This “preview” for a supposed documentary called Thonstruck (which has never been made) is about Olav Thon – It’s obviously an attempt to make it look like “crazy conspiracy theorists” have had a historical precedent of attacking Olav Thon- So when it happens after 7/22 he can just say “the same old people attacking my character, they’re all nuts”.

          It appears Olav Thon had this video commissioned as cover-fire insurance policy as proof he was and is under attack by “insane” conspiracy theorists- in case of future scrutiny. When people start mentioning his Storgata 27 building being very suspicious and the windows blowing out after he was denied the construction he wanted, he can just say: “Those conspiracy theorists are always after me, they hate me, this is no surprise:”

          Check out this bizarre “preview” for a “documentary” (which never came out obviously) called Thonstruc just a few months before Olav’s Storgata 27 blew up – Apparently it’s a preemptive method of avoiding later attention by setting a past precedent of “being attacked”.

        3. Paulstal – my computer just shut down and I lost my answer to you. Second time that has happened today. I am going to lay off the 7/22 subject from now on. Seems to be a problem here. Trying again.

          Olav Thon, turning 91 this year, has rearranged his vast fortune according to this NY Times article from last month. The most recent image I could find from Storgata 27, Oslo was from 2009. Thon is still fighting with the city to get permission to tear the building down. It is a very valuable piece of property just a few blocks from the “new city” named Crystal Clear. The company developing this part of the city would love to get their hands on Thon’s nearby Storgata 27. Thon is a combination of Donald Trump and Larry Silverstein. His name is more often on Norwegian lips than that of the king.

          The silly video of Thon was supposed to be from Brønnøysund where he acquired a hotel in 2005. It is not a sinister place, but I can think of a few others. The maker claims he was trying to make fun of local characters. I have seen the photo of the guy with the hammer. I assumed he was trying to take advantage of the situation and cash in on an insurance claim.

          I have no doubt many were killed on the island, but I am not so sure about the government building. The PM made sure he was safe by staying home, would he not do the same for his office staff? Perhaps not. Another former PM had just left the island after giving a speech to the youth when the carnage began. Good orchestrated timing for leaving.

          Adam Lanza is nonexistent and there seems to be two versions of Anders Breivik. However, there are a few curious similarities between the two. Both had divorced parents and one sibling each. Daddy Lanza said he wished Adam had never been born and daddy Breivik said he wished his son had killed himself too. Both boys had not seen their dads for some time, for Adam it was two years and for Anders it was sixteen years. Both boys had an aversion to cats. Daddy Breivik met with Jon Henley from the Guardian at his home in the south of France and daddy Lanza met with Andrew Solomon of the New Yorker at his undisclosed new home (hm). Both boys are motherless, Adam killed his (hm) and Anders’ mother died at age 66 in March last year.

        4. Paulstal – Just out of curiosity I looked around some more for Storgata 27 and found this. The second smaller photo in the link shows what it looks like today, enlarge by clicking on it. Just to aggravate the city Thon went ahead and did this to a building from 1837. A Thai food market takes up a good portion of the first floor. The shoe store is gone. The city says it’s illegal to do this to a building with a long history. Perhaps now they will let him tear it down. Thon owns half of downtown Oslo.

        5. ————————————-

          After viewing these videos re Norway’s turn to the right, I suspect little Norway is trying very hard to enter into the lair of the biggies. Mythology plays a part in all cultures and Scandinavians have their own, which is peculiar to their Nordic consciousness.

          Here in the US, other techniques gain traction. Hoaxes, for example, that prey on human empathy and mass fear.

          Regard crop circles, read an interesting theory on this phenomenon several years ago. Seems they are being sketched by lazers from satellites above the earth. Found that idea quite plausible. Who knows what is going on in space or in the minds of spaced-out technocrats with unlimited resources and a gigantic lab in which to tinker with science? Now give them a political agenda and voila! The skies the limit. (Pun intended)

  13. “Houston – we have a big problem here!”

    See my previous posts on neglected nuclear bomb dump sites. the DOE, has been pulling back funding for years on projects to properly retire our old bombs.

    Having a major project put in hot standby for years, tends to make the smart folks seek employment elsewhere.

    We still have Russian bombs here not properly disposed of. And our leader promised Japan and another country {Italy?][ that we will take their crap, for some reason those news reports seem hard to find, although I read them a few days ago.

    As I have previously stated, have this gut feeling they have decided it is easier and cheaper just to blow these bad boys up in our waters and/or disburse the deadly chemicals in the air above us. Praying for us all!

    1. Or, perhaps the reason there isn’t much urgency and funding for retiring dump sites and old bombs is because they aren’t as harmful as people have been told they are?

      If it was so urgent to take care of this mess, resources would be put toward doing so.

      We are maybe taking the nuclear “crap” from other countries because we know it actually isn’t as bad as we have told them it is- and like Galen Winsor said might actually be worth something?

      1. Perhaps the reason they are withdrawing funding to take care of their messes is the same reason they are dumping poisonous chemicals in our skies or fluoride in our water or forcing gmo food down our throats.

        Have no doubt that properly handled, nuclear waste can be properly managed by responsible parties. Responsible parties they do not seem to exist in our current government structure.

        Las Alamos & Hanford are clearly a disaster waiting to happen.

        High rate of birth defects in Washington, that can’t possibly be related to Hanford, really?

  14. This is worth paying attention too – containing an increasingly assertive Russia. Meet the old enemy, now the new enemy.

    Norwegian to Lead NATO as It Is Poised for Bigger Role

    “The appointment of Mr. Stoltenberg, 55, comes as the United States reaffirms its commitment to the Western military alliance as a way of containing an increasingly assertive Russia led by President Vladimir V. Putin.”

  15. Well, speaking of the current science, are we going to allow them to distract us with the latest soap opera like melodramas or are we going to face the reality that they are in the process to “Californiacate” America’s regulatory system?

    If we keep on the current path, the middle class will be no more and was it the brave Ms. Thatcher who proclaimed, the problem with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other peoples money?

    That sure was a great idea to burn corn in gasoline, sent all those subsidies to corn growers, reduced the food supply and miles per gallon on vehicles that use it and as an extra plus to the Chinese manufacturers, ruin engines that must be replaced on all those old lawnmowers, boats and such.

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