Cognitive Infiltration For the Masses

By James F. Tracy

On March 18, 2014 Cass Sunstein released his latest collection of essays, Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas.[1] Like his other works geared toward a mainstream readership, the prominent Harvard law professor, former Obama administration regulatory czar, and NSA advisor [2] points to numerous alleged dangers posed by even “rational people” who are susceptible to adopting “crippled epistemologies.” What Sunstein fails to explain throughout his most recent medley of gentle authoritarianism is how the “conspiracy theory” term has received vigorous promotion from the editorial practices of certain major corporate news media.

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US Navy’s “Shock and Awe” Environmental Assault

From Agricultural Defense Coalition

Agricultural science expert and environmental activist Rosalind Peterson explains how the US Navy is intensifying its warfare testing in the Pacific, Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico in 2013 and 2014.

Some environmentalists and alternative media outlets suggest that elevated coastal radiation levels and marine die-offs have resulted due to radiation emanating from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear power disaster. Yet how much of this devastation is attributable to recent widescale military experimentation off of the Pacific and Atlantic Coasts?

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Sandy Hook Charity Industry: Follow the Money

By Pilot

Tragic publicized events provide the basis for major fundraising efforts with the purported rationale of assisting those immediately impacted. In the case of the Sandy Hook School massacre charities have sprung up to take in tens of millions for wide array of “healing” and preventative initiatives.

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Is Legal Action An Option for Sandy Hook?

By James F. Tracy

The course of action Wolfgang W. Halbig proposes to address unanswered questions concerning the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, and a foremost reason for the funding drive he is spearheading, involves civil litigation to compel testimony from pertinent officials and parties.

Parties close to have recently consulted a proficient attorney to discuss the effectiveness of filing suit in situations involving potential state crime, such as Sandy Hook. 

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An Open Letter to Florida Power and Light CEO James L. Robo

By James F. Tracy

The letter below was sent to Florida Power and Light Chairman/CEO James L. Robo this week upon reviewing FPL’s policy to “opt out” of Smart Meter technology for an “enrollment fee” and subsequent monthly payments. Such payments amount to mob-style extortion that utility customers are forced to pay, simply to remain free from potential harassment or harm.

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Wolfgang’s Bad Company

By James F. Tracy

For two months Wolfgang Halbig has made the rounds on alternative media outlets to explain his doubts on the official narrative of the Sandy Hook massacre. Now the apparently well-intentioned school safety expert has proceeded to establish an online presence, where he has raised over $10,000 toward achieving “Sandy Hook Justice.” An appearance before the Newtown School Board is tentatively scheduled where Mr. Halbig will publicly demonstrate his indignation toward a cover-up.

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Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston and Kiev: Connecting the Dots

By Andrew S. MacGregor*


With the ‘Anti-firearms’ moves that started in the 1980’s a young American woman moved to Australia.  Rebecca Peters studied law for two years and then quit. She became employed by ‘The Australian Broadcasting Commission’ (ABC), and then started ‘The National Coalition for Gun Control’.  At the time she also coyly joked about the rumours that her father was ‘CIA’.

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The Sandy Hook-Psychopharma Connection

By Tony Mead*

There is a possibility that Peter and Adam Lanza never existed. There is, for example, limited evidence of their lives before 2009. Do you want to know who does exist ? The author of a 7,600 word article that is supposedly based on several interviews with Peter Lanza.

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No Lies Radio, March 7, 2014

From No Lies Radio

Communications [censored] James Tracy of Memory Hole Blog wonders why the foundation-funded “left” is so touchy about 9/11 truth and other subjects that might displease their paymasters. He wonders whether even the best of the foundation-funded media-watchdog groups, Project Censored, “is censoring non progressive-left outlets, including Infowars, while promoting nonsense like the SPLC’s ‘hate map’ and climate non-science.”

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