American Free Press Editor Dave Gahary interviews James Tracy for the AFP Podcast Series.

Discussion highlights include the Sandy Hook massacre and media assault on Tracy, false flag terror, academic unfreedom, whether simple optimism at this stage is a fool’s game, and America’s continuing descent into tyranny.

Tracy extends his thanks to Gahary and AFP for the opportunity to partake in such an exchange. Downloadable mp3 is available at American Free Press.

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  1. Thank God for an academic who has the “cajones” to question the “official explanations” of events ! AND for “staying the course”….AND for teaching his students TO think, rather than WHAT to think ! You are of enviable personal character & only wish you were available to me while I attended school. I’m now a 70 yo rushing to catch up & re-question more than just the “Kennedy Assasination” as I did then.

  2. Now that I have finished the whole program: “cognitive dissonance” plain & simple. You know of it & have probably used the term. I see it every day in my personal emails & in groups on Facebook. People are uncomfortable questioning long-held beliefs. But pls. keep up your optimism as I see evidence, also, of it’s demise. I “share” every post of yours to FB & I have thousands of “friends” all over the world. There are more people aware than you realize & more people, like yourself, who are doing their own research & questioning, shedding their fears, & becoming more vocal.

  3. Keep the faith, Professor Tracy.

    Two stories in recent history, concocted and spread by the Pentagon and the Press, were eventually proven false: the Jessica Lynch story and the Pat Tillman story. Jessica Lynch testified years later that she was not the hero the press made her out to be, nor did she want the title. Pat Tillman’s family refused to accept the scenario put forth by the Pentagon and it was ultimately proven he was killed by friendly fire.

    Americans love heroes.
    And the heroes of Sandy Hook?
    Nuns and cops:

    1. Brilliant work, Carol–these items u bring-up are YET MORE “BIG-LIES” as I’m trying to persuade folks (see just preceding blogs comments here) is what’s going on as regular campaign by our satanistic rulers in horrifically corrupt gov. working to mass-murder the people, according to AGENDA-21 “population-reduction,” and ObongoCare death-panels.

    2. Carol I agree with you whole hearedly. These two examples are prime real valid examples of high level lies by government and media and these need be be an ever present reminder to the ignorant Kool Aid drinkers who believe the official stories without question.

    3. Great find, Carol. Note on the courant article (200 police awards) the sentences:

      The department is not publicizing the ceremony and the public, including family members, is not invited.


      The awards are being given to officers who specifically assisted the state police or were assigned to state police units at the time of the massacre. Officers from nine other departments, including the FBI, will get medals.

      State Police spokesman Paul Vance said there is no monetary bonus affiliated with the medals. Vance said the ceremony “is just to recognize all of those officers in the agency who responded that day.”


      Another 131 officers will receive an outstanding service medal, including the 26 troopers who were assigned to each individual family in the weeks after the shooting.

      Hmmm… why would a ceremony honoring 200 “heroes” would not be made public or even include the families of those honred??

      and why were troopers “assigned to individual families”???? When does THAT ever happen?

      1. The nuns from St. Rosa of Lima also received medals, as another poster pointed out earlier. Perhaps someone should interview the nuns concerning their involvement in this Hoax. They may be the weakest link in this puzzle and an interview would be very interesting!

  4. We are lucky to have you Dr. Tracy. Keep up the good work. America is waking up.

    Dr. Tracy for President!!!!
    Dr. Tracy for President!!!!
    Dr. Tracy for President!!!!

  5. About to listen to this. I have no doubt it will be interesting. My reason for commenting is to point out what I’ve observed happening in the past few weeks in relation to these recent shooting events and the debate over possible government involvement.

    I don’t know enough about AFP to condemn them and appreciate that they host guests like Professor Tracy. However, they are party to the greater debate and may be motivated for reasons they wouldn’t readily admit to. I simply don’t know. What I do know is that Mr. Halbig has been a focus of AFP and a few other outlets recently and I’m getting mixed reviews across the spectrum.

    Then there’s the specific issue of Sandy Hook, Jim Fetzer, Sofia Smallstorm, Michael Collins Piper, etc. Some are throwing around the theory that the dissonance campaigns suggested by Cass Sunstein are now in effect, and I tend to agree. But, where we differ is in who exactly is involved. Not surprisingly to me, the first to throw out the accusation that Jim Fetzer and others of like mind were disinfo agents gave me the impression that they were projecting. It seems to me from their behavior that they’ve taken a defensive stance which doesn’t make sense if they are simply sharing their concerns.

    There’s also a lot of stark, black and white claims over the veracity of Mr. Halbig. It began as criticism of what little he revealed of his plans regarding exposing Sandy Hook as at least partly a fraud. It quickly became a community divided between those who suspect he is a distraction agent and those who still doubt the official account of Sandy Hook. You see, from my angle it’s not really that critical what Mr. Halbig is up to and extremely critical that we avoid shrinking from all the attacks on our theories. I don’t question Mr. Halbig’s motives and won’t unless I detect deception. Some will argue that someone with naive or dubious plans is doing that intentionally. I don’t come to that conclusion so quickly and consider humans as less than perfect.

    So, I suggest remaining the same person you were 6 months ago, or 6 six years ago. The facts will remain the facts and good ideas will remain good ideas. I suspect various agents of government seeking to conceal their misgivings have decided that it’s the perceptions that should be targeted and shifted if needed. That tells me first that they underestimate human perception somewhat, and that if I just disregard claims backed by nothing I’ll remain on track.

    To end, Mr. Tracy I really think you’re in a great area of study; that being of the media. From my more focused research I continue to be more concerned that the media’s role over the years is not at all to inform. I once thought that some media groups had grown corrupt or were at least home to a few bad guys who would, sometimes deceive at the states’ request. I now have strong evidence that the largest media groups began with the intent to deceive and have only grown more efficient at doing so. Even still, when I see what LIFE and TIME magazines have done I can’t quite get my head wrapped around it, yet. But, it is very telling to read the web edition of a Time magazine article as compared to the print edition my Dad still reads. He reads it and goes on his way, but he’s being ripped off. The real value is in reading the comments. A recent article has Joe Klein trying to smooth over all of Hillary Clinton’s epic volume of horrible crimes. The 300+ comments that followed were each a brilliant detection and refutation of this and contained a consistent undertone of disappointment. And, to think some of those comments were from Liberals? Nahhh. Well, if so it’s a damn good sign.

    1. Excellent – just finished listening to the entire interview.

      Bringing up Jim Garrison’s name three or four times is very much appreciated. Also journalistic crime fighters Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein.

      Like Wolgang Halbig, District Attorney Garrison had the objective to bring the hoax perpetuators to justice.

      Garrison’s investigation of the 544 Camp Street stamping on Oswald’s Fair Play for Cuba pamphlet led him to FBI / Intelligence operative Guy Bannister, providing tangible proof Oswald was much more than the Warren Commission told us.

      Discussing inconsistencies, blatant contradictions, and the ridiculous behavior of everyone involved (i.e. Wayne Carver, Robbie Parker, Gene Rosen) cements Sandy Hook as an obvious hoax played upon the American public.

      My point is rude, crude, and direct. Enough talk. Let’s do something.

    2. Mr. Smithers said, ” Some will argue that someone with naive or dubious plans is doing that intentionally. I don’t come to that conclusion so quickly and consider humans as less than perfect.” And that’s so true.

      But, for me anyway, it throws a big red flag on the field when he attains overnight notoriety in the press.

  6. Dr. Tracy, you are one of the few speakers who can keep me listening for a whole hour interviev. I always learn something new and spliced together all the info makes for a very dark arena. Without that spark of hope, doubt sets in and consumes us, similar to descent into the hell of mental depression.

    Keep the faith; I pray your energy and good vibes will not flagg.

  7. I enjoyed the interview, but am wondering on a individual basis what can be done to encourage and increase accountability in the media. I think the use of Twitter, and social commenting is now being censored as well. Increasingly online news is limiting comments to only those who connect with Facebook instead of letting them post anonymously, again the ability to dissent and be heard is increasingly being thwarted. Our ACLU needs to address this issue.

    1. ACLU is INTEGRAL part of the problem. So u’re going to rely upon integral part of the very gang that’s responsible for present dictatorship? Ho ho ho ho–they’ve got u perfectly enslaved, esp. psychologically, if u think ACLU is any kind of answer. U ought to ck into the origins of ACLU.

      Ultimately (and that means pretty soon) there’s no hope or possible “solution” but for a complete, total overthrow of present regime–the removal of US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam (the “Fed”), fount of the establishment criminals and satanists.

      And this revolution will require the REAL Christianity–which does NOT tolerate or support the terror-state of Israel for one thing. If u look and see, u’ll find this necessary sort of Christianity is far fm the necessary dominance, establishment Christians, false and hereticalist, getting huge funding fm the Fed, the only ones, for example, u ever see on TV.

        1. WND is a Judeo-Christian, neo-con site which I ck sometimes, but rarely relish for any useful info, but the article on the ACLU is quite good, everything considered. Alex Jones is much better than WND, Alex being more libertarian-oriented, like Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura. These aforementioned aren’t the only ones I follow–there’s Rivero’s which I like. So tell us, Mr. Bill, do u know of any better sites? ho ho ho

        2. Apollo – Mike Riveiro goes ballistic if someone calls in about chemtrails, cuts them off before they can say another word. He must not be looking up to see those chemtrailed Hawaiian skies. Few of these Internet “stars ” make sense on all the dilemmas we face daily. The ones who have done so were retired early, some more permanently retired than others. The list is getting alarmingly long.

          And now Deanna Spingola has sold out too. What can she be compromised about at her age? Or perhaps threatened.

        3. Yes Anne, that entire crew over there at AFP are strange–except for Gahary who int-viewed Tracy–they seem to think they’re gate-keepers, including that bird at, Glenn, w. whom I’ve had several go-rounds, he claiming that if we don’t parrot the “official” version then “the movement” will lose credibility–this is what he said, seriously, ho ho ho. I simply asked him for a citation for the “official” version which isn’t redacted and doesn’t change fm day to day, ho ho ho ho

          Imagine these people who say they “KNOW” people got killed at Sandy Hook, and then when u ask them simple question, HOW do u “know,” they can’t answer, refuse to answer, and just start getting hysterical like spoiled little children.

        4. Apollo, exactly. I have an old friend back there who said a coworker flew out the door when they heard the news from Sandy Hook. The woman had a niece at SHES I was told. In the aftermath, and despite mailing a ton of information to my friend who does not have a computer, the only thing she will say is that it really happened because the coworker took a month off from work to recuperate from the stress she went through.

          That is her proof it really happened, a stress induced coworker taking time off. I can’t even get a simple answer to my question about the niece – did she live or did she die? Did she exist? Guess that is not important, but the coworker claiming to have a niece at SHES and taking a respite concludes the story as being fact.

    2. I felt better about the ACLU before they were trying to work with the government to insure that drones do not violate peoples’ rights. This is too accommodating in my book at a time when you cannot trust the government players one iota. Sometimes it is better to be totally oppositional, but being from various elites and their bread being buttered by people whose money comes from government contracts – well, they must be accommodating about the coming scourge of the domestic drone.

        1. very early on he issued a statement basically stating that he acknowledges that the media had alot of inaccuracies but that overall he believed the official story – I don’t readily have a link – will try to find it- I don’t know if he changed his opinion. Initially I believed the official story and now I am totally convinced this is a massive lie.

        2. Well, those were over a yr old, so maybe he’s changed his mind. Jesse’s smarter than to believing too much in gov. and mass-corp. “news”-media.

        3. Jesse might be playing it smart. Its not like he’s out there publicly denying truthers. Your article is over a year old, means nothing now. Ventura might run for president, jumping on the Sandy Hook Hoax bandwagon might not be the right track to getting there. Politics isn’t about being honest. Wake up man, you seem like a rookie….

      1. Yes, and as usual Violeta, the seer who alone sees the reality, u don’t bother telling us what is that “pt.” Ho ho ho ho. Assertion without substantiation, ur usual modus operandi.

        1. Why don’t you ask him what his point is? And you can ask him if I read him right or not. I didn’t make the point, he did.

        2. HOW do u know ur logic is correct, accurate, and valid?–if u say there’s a pt., then why not say what that pt. is?–esp. when u say others missed it. U make less and less sense as u go along here.

    1. Does this fit in here? The Daily Paul is suggesting that:

      Wolfgang Halbig Holds The Impeachment Key To Bringing Obama To Justice

      Gee, he might have more power than I imagined.

      1. Well, just imagine if enough people realize Sandy Hook was truly huge, big-lie, just like ObongoCare by which u can keep ur doc and health plan. But it’s still doubtful the criminals in Congress would impeach and convict him–they’ve taken tooooooo much money churned-out by the Fed, u see, and that’s not to mention all the other crap by which they can be extorted. And don’t forget, there’s electronic voting too, ho ho ho ho ho. It will take tremendous disaster for people to get motivated enough to really do anything, I fear.

        1. I’m sure the script is already written, and the take down will happen if and only if they want it to happen.

          When I said that Halbig has more power than I imagined, it was actually tongue in cheek. I’m starting to think he’s written into the script.

          BTW, if want to add some variety to your ho ho ho, you could try hardy har har, or in Spanish…ja ja ja. Even lol gets the point across. LOL in caps for extra emphasis:)

        2. How would Halbig be written into “script”?–how does he help them? See, Violeta, u don’t substantiate ur pt.s, constantly asserting without substantiating.

        3. I don’t think Halbig is part of the script. I believe that he was visited by cops and threatened with arrest three times, as he’s contended. That would be consistent with the official thuggish reaction to people who challenge the official story.

          I posted, earlier, my own experience when I called up that man on Kale Davis Rd. in Sandy Hook (nonvictim) whose property I saw had a sale date of 12/25/09 for $0. After he hung up on me, within two minutes I had a call from a female Newtown cop named McCarthy wanting to know why I was making this inquiry. I was shocked, but saw for myself that the police are actively engaged in shutting down speech related to Sandy Hook.

          However, getting back to Halbig, he needs to stick to the area in which he has expertise. When he ventures opinions about other matters–such as “gifted homes”–he is outside his area of expertise, and may very well be wrong. In fact, it appears the “sale” is a misnomer applied by vgsi and based only on the assessor’s database, not the property records, so it may represent a tax break. It’s still questionable, but the actual recorded deeds do not reflect a sale on Christmas Day 2009 for $0 (or any other price).

        4. @apollonian, I am wondering if he has been written into the script for several reasons, but right now I’ll just address the why. I am thinking that part of the script for SHS is that it is actually revealed to be a hoax, some of the perpetrators will be exposed, and tptb will bring in their next set of players. This could explain the very evident whoopsies that have been placed on the internet from day one, the best example being the Robbie Parker interview.

          @dinophile, in reading Halbig’s emails, I see a lot of things besides the $0 home sales that he should steer clear of. For example, “Please tell your Interim School Superintendent that his response is total Horsepoop.” It’s just not very professional, and it actually is kind of ridiculous. It makes me feel as though the joke is on us.

          Which is just one more reason that I think he is written into the script. Why would someone asking such “revealing” questions, and writing such ridiculous emails, all of a sudden get so much exposure?

          As someone said earlier, an experienced investigator doesn’t go to psychopathic liars for truth.

        5. Yes, OK, he should steer clear of that, too!

          Halbig is one thing we have sorely needed: a guy who can speak as an expert on “school shooting protocols” who gave his NAME. He asked questions which needed to be asked. That we do not get honest answers from those charged with the official authority to investigate–that, instead, they respond to him with threats–is earthshaking. I want members of the armed forces, in particular, to ask themselves if the U.S. government is worth sacrificing their lives for, given this ugly display of raw official power to silence people exercising their First Amendment rights.

          James Tracy’s contribution has also been invaluable, as an expert in the manipulation of mass media, another hugely important asset to us. He has been threatened with economic harm, too. Both Halbig and Tracy have staked their professional reputations on getting the truth out about this event.

          I would like the EMT’s who were instructed to stay in their ambulance (one of whom posted his or her experience anonymously) to speak up now. Please come forward, all people who have knowledge of what really happened that day. Use your names. It is time to bust this thing open.

        6. I don’t know, dino, and of course it doesn’t matter what I think, anyway.

          What do you think about the fact that he wrote a book for educators and bus drivers, but has difficulty writing emails and needs to use bad language to express himself? Also, what do you think about his appearing on three different main stream media shows?

          It just seems as though he has been propelled to high places by more than his innate intelligence and knowledge.

        7. For goodness sakes, Violeta, Halbig didn’t have “difficulty” writing his e-mails–he just didn’t write it like u and some others think is right way of sucking-up to ZOG, that’s all.

          NEWSFLASH: Sandy Hook “massacre” is ALREADY revealed as fraud and, in fact, BIG-LIE, one of a series.

          Halbig is right for bringing up any anomalies, including the house sales which would surely be explained if the bureaucrats and “public servants” in Conn. would do their job and give out w. proper explanations and info.

          Fact that Halbig is succeeding is indicated by his getting all the exposure fm the various news outlets. I know Alex Jones ( wants to get him on. Soon it will get to the big kahuna for info, Matt Drudge.

          Experienced investigators would go to any/all sources to ck them for their responsibility for giving appropriate info. Violeta, what do u actually KNOW about “experienced investigators”?

          And the only thing to be done now w. this Sandy Hook incident is to get the info out to the people as to how they’ve been defrauded by public servants who are guilty of TREASON. Sandy Hook incident is a BIG-LIE, one of a series, including 9/11, and the people need to know this.

        8. I’ve been trying to figure out why he is referred to as an experienced investigator. Maybe someone can help me out with that.

          And I will say it again, this whole thing won’t get taken down unless they want it to get taken down.

        9. violeta, I agree with you. It does seem likely that he was written into the script. We all share many of the same questions as Halbig but none of his points are particularly earth shattering, most of them are questions that many of us have been asking from the very beginning. That is why I find the level of attention paid to him to be suspicious. At first I thought people were excited because of his background, and that may be the case but that coupled with some of your other points regarding the lack of professionalism in his emails and the attention he has been paid by the media strikes me as odd. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being cautious.

        10. Zemblanity: u say it seems “likely” that Halbig was “written into the script”–would u care to explain to a candid world WHY u think it is so “likely”?

          And as I already explained in some detail, Halbig is significant, like Snowden on the NSA, as he’s something of an expert in his field, having served as expert witness in other cases, like Columbine, many yrs ago.

          As Dinophile explains above, Halbig helps us to FOCUS on the germane and key issues and items–much like Snowden helped folks to so focus regarding the NSA issues. An example is the FBI classifying their investigation–NEVER done before for any other investigation–and WHY was this done?–the info BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE and tax-payers who pay for it all, don’t forget.

  8. Good interview and thank you for your courage!

    Seems the FBI and IRS are no longer concerned with capturing the ten most wanted or stopping tax fraud, their current focus is destroying those who are not supporting the current regime.

    NAZI anyone? There is not one smidgeon of abuse our leader declares….

    FBI investigating CT Republican use of FL printing house FBI investigation into whether campaign work was steered to a Florida printing house.,0,4034463.story

    Political corruption of the irs

    Catherine Englebrecht is my hero, stood up to the IRS, ATF, OSHA, Congress, and 6! FBI ‘visits’ ! and is probably still fighting for the cause even while her perfect life would have been still perfect if she had not took a stand for all of us.

    1. Yes Kathy: BUT what is the CRUX to it all?–it’s the criminal US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEIT scam which funds everything–EVERYTHING–get it? Without the Fed and it’s funding these criminals couldn’t get away w. their stuff. The Fed funds the Sandy Hook hoax/fraud and the players behind it–funds all the military genocide which mass-murdered over a million Iraqis since 2003–funds the Israeli terror state, etc., etc., etc.

  9. Great interview Dr. Tracy. It was nice to hear an SH discussion which didn’t just rehash all the SH irregularities and “guilty demeanor” by .gov news bits which have rolled out over the past 14 months.

    I wanted to advise that I’m having an interesting dialog with Deanna Spingola at the comments to the corresponding blog entry at Mami’s.

    One element of the dialog is re her making the claim that, “I do believe that people died at SH as does Dr. James Tracy, according to his blog. “

    Hilarity ensues… 😉

  10. The host applauds Dr. Tracy for his readiness to question authority, and I agree.

    It’s always entertained me that the people most ready to label someone as a terrible, destructive conspiracy theorist are the folks who blather on endlessly about the necessity of “returning to the values of our founders,” etc. while ignoring some of the very best advice those guys had to offer.

    Ummm, maybe this one:
    “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” – Benjamin Franklin

  11. I particularly loved the way Dr. Tracy extrapolated, jumping from point to point in a cause and effect trajectory. You see, if the perps can get away with one crime, they become emboldened and their next caper is even more outrageous. They covered their tracks in Dallas and OK City; they have moved on to Newtown and Boston. I will be interesting to see what the masterminds will conjure up in a new scenario. But we seem to be willing participants (we the American people), as we voluntarily determine to suspend disbelief. There is the crux of the dilemma; can we show the masses that they are sucked into a theater of the absurd?

    The lights go dim; the film starts to roll and we are transported into the world of illusion; works every time–slowly disconnecting our critical faculty.

  12. My hat is off to Professor Tracy for standing out among the academic community , Far from easy. The academics care terribly much about reputation. Truth comes much farther down the line somewhere behind promoting community accord and nixing anything that might become embarrassing. Good work, Professor. You’re doing this country a great service.

    1. Thank you and thanks to all for the kind, overly generous words on the broader thread.

      I attribute the discussion’s merits to Mr. Gahary’s talents. Listening to such an exchange is often frustrating, since I am often kicking myself with a number of “I forgot to mention[s] …” Arguably why text is best.

      1. Another comment I’d like to add since I just watched Professor Fetzer’s discourse on the probability of nuclear demolition of the WTC towers. There’s a clear pattern forming here suggesting that the m.o. is to test the public’s gullibility. So far, we’re losing, and losing badly. We know the mainstream media is on the side of theTruth deniers. I’ve had the experience on more than a few occasions of having my comments re 9/11 (and related issues) immediately refuted by what are clearly other commentators lined up, ready and waiting, to argue the newspaper’s POV. In fact, I’ve openly called the NYT out but they have the upper hand. They can manipulate the comment stream in any way they wish, and that is exactly what they do. The worst part is: The NYT continues to command the loyalty of a large part of this country’s intelligentsia, one more reason why we’re losing the battle to save the constitution and to save this country from extinction. The powers-that-be are hell-bent on burying the USA beneath the rubble of a completely phony War on Terror which if it were fought honestly and in the name of Truth would be first and foremost a war on America and the crooks, bandits and liars who are currently running it (and us).

        This is why we have to listen carefully to the few people, like Professor Tracy, Professor Fetzer, etc., who are willing to step out of the comfort zone, risk reputation and much more, to remind us that this is how a country and its freedoms are destroyed, that ours is already on the Endangered List.

  13. Here’s a quick video of a Sandy Hook youtube researcher, Kate Slate, calling into Keith Johnson’s show where he’s trying to promote the official story on Sandy Hook. And for those who don’t know Keith Johnson, he’s also one of the radio hosts on Mark Glenn’s The Ugly Truth network, and these guys have endorsed the official narrative on all of these mass shootings.

    1. What are the chances Malloy made this decision on his own? Slim with Bloomberg and his safe NYC involved.

      ~Bloomberg lauded Malloy’s choice of Schriro. “Dora Schriro has been an integral part of our efforts to make New York City the safest big city in America,” said Bloomberg. “Her dynamic strategies to reduce violence and her experience working people who have been in contact with the criminal justice system will be an asset for improving public safety as a whole in Connecticut. I want to congratulate Governor Malloy on a really terrific appointment.”~

      Mr. Halbig made a comment to this article on January 7th.

      1. This is truly frightening that we now have a Bloomberg GOON STOOGE over the State Police. God only knows what will be forthcoming to the Connecticut residents with her in charge.

  14. Thank you James Tracy! You are certainly appreciated by those of us out here ready for change that will only come from an awaking to this lie.
    Sandy hook is the card in the house of cards that can bring down the whole media lie propaganda matrix!
    Please continue to speak out, we support all your doing, Thank you.

    ( i made a mashup video with you and anderson ) enjoy!

    1. Great video, thanks. Anderson Cooper is himself a trained actor appearing in crisis productions. He even showed up in the Cleveland situation. Looked out of place there on the wrong side of the tracks.

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