By James F. Tracy

Shannon Watts often explains how she’s simply a reluctant activist. The plain ole everyday stay-at-home Midwestern mom founded Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA) on December 15, 2012, just a day after the Sandy Hook School massacre. Boasting “tens of thousands of members and over 80 local chapters,”[1] the organization seeks to accomplish for gun control what Mothers Against Drunk Driving did for sobriety behind the wheel.

MDA joined Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) on February 12th to issue a new joint study highlighting at least 44 school and college shootings since December 2012. With a total fatality count of 28, the report emphasizes how the tragic events have surpassed that of Newtown itself.

“We are a developed country,” Shannon declared in a fed-up tone upon the study’s release, “and we have to ask ourselves what is wrong with our culture and laws that’s creating an environment where not only do we have 44 school shootings in the past 14 months – but we are doing nothing about it.”[2]

Is it beyond reason to ask, “Who exactly is Shannon Watts?” This is a question major news media outlets have predictably left unexamined. Again, the 43-year-old is a self-styled “mother of five children,” a modest “stay-at-home mom in Zionsville, a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana.” Watts is also portrayed in glitzy promos and has been wholeheartedly embraced by venues such as MSNBC as simply “a mom who demands action” to stop gun violence–the kind of gal who wants “sensible” gun laws, much like Boss Michael Bloomberg, President Obama, and many Congressional Democrats.

Yet Watts’ public persona was one she has only recently acquired. In fact, she has spent two decades quietly behind the scenes as an extremely ambitious executive at several major public relations firms and Fortune 500 companies. Watts’ Linked In profile indicates that she formally left the PR profession in June 2012, just six months before the Sandy Hook event.

At that time Watts headed up her own “boutique” firm, VoxPop Public Relations, while working as a freelance consultant for clients of public relations behemoth Fleishman-Hillard. Watts began VoxPop in 2008, the same year she was recognized by the foremost public relations trade journal, PR Week, as one of its “40 Under 40,” for notable achievements and future promise in the industry.

Overall, Shannon Watts, who until only recently went by the last name Troughton, began work fresh out of University of Missouri in 1993 as a public affairs officer for Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan, the Missouri House of Representatives, and the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

In 1998 Watts (Troughton) moved on to further develop her propaganda acumen as Vice President of Corporate and Public Affairs at the major PR firm Fleishman-Hillard, where she remained until 2001. Watts then became Director of Global and Public Affairs at the Monsanto Corporation “where she led external initiatives designed to generate positive, proactive media coverage of the company’s agriculture biotechnology products.”[3]

Between 2004 and 2006 Watts served as Director of Global Communications for GE Healthcare, General Electric’s $15 billion medical and diagnostics device unit. She then joined WellPoint, the nation’s largest health insurance corporation, as its Vice President of Corporate Communications.

At WellPoint Watts oversaw an impressive “30-person corporate communications team” until 2008, when she stepped down to begin VoxPop Public Relations. Watts “started the firm because she saw a need for boutique agencies that can provide the same service at a lower cost during the recession,” PR Week observes.[4]

Watts’ Linked In profile lists numerous proficiencies, including “New Media,” “Crisis Management,” “Crisis Communications,” “Thought Leadership” [sic], “Publicity,” “Integrated Marketing,” and “Marketing Communications.”

In other words, as a very highly-positioned and well-connected public relations maestro, Watts is an especially apt individual to head up MDA—perhaps too apt. Given her talents (that systematically go without mention in news stories) it is perhaps unsurprising that Watts has been embraced by corporate news media outlets that strongly back heightened gun control measures and routinely cite Sandy Hook as a transformative event in this regard.

For example, here’s Shannon playing reluctant protester at the January 2013 “March on Washington for Gun Control.” “I am not a politician. I am a mom from Indiana,” Watts declares. “I am an accidental activist.”

Here’s Shannon on MSNBC, where she is introduced not as a professional flack, but simply as the “Founder” of MDA and “Mother of Five Kids.”

More recently Shannon has appeared on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show,” where she provides her account of being accosted by a motley pack of “gun bullies” while on a simple coffee date with like-minded moms. Asked by host Ed Shultz whether she had previously been an activist, Watts responds, “Never in my entire life. I became an accidental activist on, uh, December 15, 2012, after Sandy Hook–the day after–and I will never go back …”

Watts has also become a de-facto columnist for the Huffington Post, having written nine opinion pieces since January 2013—about one every six weeks—as the “stay at home mom” and former “communications executive” who has finally found her cause.[5] One piece appearing on Mother’s Day, “Keep Your Flowers on Mothers Day, I want My Rights,” predictably trotted out Sandy Hook as a rallying cry. “Twenty children and six adults had been slaughtered in the sanctity of an elementary school by an assault weapon designed for the battlefield,” Watts tells HuffPo readers.

The horror of it was almost too much to believe or comprehend. This has to be the tipping point, I thought. This has to be what moved us as a country to change. But it wasn’t. Twenty dead first-graders weren’t enough to advance even the weakest of legislative measures.[6]

Here is yet another especially unusual development closely related to the Sandy Hook massacre. In this instance a highly experienced public relations practitioner apparently quits a very promising career, then just months later happens to start up a prominent non-profit activist organization that echoes the voices of Newtown parents–the day following the incident itself. The organization is also now closely aligned with Bloomberg’s MAIG, a group that similarly clings to Sandy Hook, and will thus have more than ample resources going forward.

Over the past year MDA has generated publicity by pressuring retail chains Starbucks and Staples to issue policies preventing their law-abiding customers from possessing weapons inside their stores. It will soon be embarking on a campaign against McDonald’s to enact similar measures.[7]

As an expert PR practitioner Shannon Watts appears to have a great deal in common not only with Sandy Hook’s central players, but also the classic engineers of mass consent. By combining her personal identity and professional forte toward furthering a broader narrative intended to refashion public understanding and will, Watts demonstrates the greatest of moral forfeitures so common to modern governance–specifically, inducing a credulous constituency toward the false notion that a statist monopoly over killing technology will somehow achieve more secure communities and public spaces. History suggests such a concentration of power brings about quite the opposite.


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[7] Clare O’Connor, “After Starbucks Success, Gun Control Advocates Target Staples,” Forbes, September 26, 2013; Awr Hawkins, “Bloomberg Joins Moms Demand Action to Pressure Businesses for Gun Control,”, December 22, 2013.

Republished at on February 21, 2014,

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  1. Excellent, as always, Professor Tracy!! As usual, I’ll be forwarding this along.

    Also, it looks like Wolfgang Halbig’s information is gaining momentum. On Friday,Jeff Rense linked to Wolf’s AFP audio, and in his radio show, he and his guest spoke quite positively of Wolf and encouraged listeners to look into his questions about Sandy Hook. I actually sent him the link to Wolf’s earlier audio and article posted here at MHB and Rense is now linking to it as well.

  2. It appears that Shannon Watts has been too busy with promoting her non-profit propaganda around the nation almost full time to have any spare time be a mom to her five children. Maybe it is more financially rewarding than her previous highly paid jobs.

      1. That is exactly how it is in Northern New England. If you hold office and support Gun-control, you’ll be drastically shortening your political career:

        “Well the people of NH have been drowning the NH state reps with email, faxes, and phone calls [against gun control]. Supposedly it was 10 -1 against the bill. And the November Election is coming. Privately NH democrats are worried they are going to lose the House, and the Governor in NH and the Congress in Washington. Reality set in, they couldn’t give the voters another reason to kick them out of office.”

  3. Always remember that those who advocate gun control are actually extremely pro-gun all the way, into the hands of government agencies, law enforcement, the military, and even minority gangs, while their primary goal is to disarm law-abiding citizens. This creates a police state of woeful proportions!

  4. I’ve seen videos of some of their “Million Moms” rallies where they have had close to a half dozen supporters show up. Nobody believes their nonsense any more, just as mayors are dropping like flies out of Bloomberg’s corrupt, gun grabbing mayors against guns gestapo group. These propagandists either don’t understand, or won’t admit that the people involved in gun crimes pay no attention to any laws, much less gun laws. Molon Labe!

  5. Another great article, James! I think your readers have known all along what the main objective of Sandy Hook was and is…gun control and confiscation. That objective is becoming more brazenly conspicuous day by day. It has also been quite obvious that the numerous phony school and mall shootings of late were designed to convince the American public once and for all that something has to be done about the gun problem.

    No doubt, Ms. Watts has been groomed since at least 2008 for the part she would be playing in this charade. I seriously doubt that she is a “stay at home mom” by any stretch of the imagination, and likely not a mom at all. She-devils like her don’t have the time for such nonsense as having children. Besides, that would cut into the time she has available for training to be a good crisis actor, which she most assuredly is. Just another huckster in a business suit with her hand out!

    1. I disagree that gun control and confiscation was the main objective. It certainly is part of the plan. First and foremost, I think SH was about controlling the message. Next, I think it was about the continued expansion of our police state. Safety first. I think gun control might be third at best. Ultimately, like most things in our society, it is about control and money.

      1. And as we can see, SHES (with its alleged contingent at the Boston Marathon, front and center in front of the Library in Copley Square, the alleged end of the Marathon) may be a talking point for gun control, but obviously the agenda is far larger as the commandeering of the entire city of Boston and its environs for a whole week demonstrates.

      2. None of the aspects you mention are the slightest bit separable from one another. ‘Control’ is achieved through might – force if you will. The right to bear arms stands is what this pivots around, along with the right to free speech (not to be drugged like Susan Lindauer was for dissenting).

        I still think people that there is an agenda big time behind the alleged murders of those two women in Pittsburgh.

        1. For Americans (and not necessarily other free people) the right to bear arms is pivotal. It is based on the size of the country and the fact that we are not a “people” in the sense that some Scandinavians are or even the French. Some of the arming of Americans, the rhetoric behind it, has to do with demographics and the fact that we have always had a large population of poor people (who feel they need to protect themselves because no one else is going to).

          Also, as I pointed out to an Englishman who was trying to interest me in totaling disarming Americans, if you live out on a remote ranch like my father did, and you have to hire strangers who drift into town to work for you (on a cyclic rather than permanent basis), being unarmed, and everyone knowing that you are, is asking for trouble. He just didn’t get how Boston, though perhaps similar to where he came from, is not the whole country and its standards are not those of the gigantic country as a whole. The reason the shutdown of six cities around Boston working during the Tsarnaev hunt was that you could tell people you know were unarmed to stay in their houses “for their own protection.” In other parts of the country, residents would have formed a posse and hunting him down (but he was an actor anyway). If people do not reality test, but accept their reality from others, they are not dangerous to the actors on the set. You can stage anything you want to. They picked their venue well.

          So I don’t think the Second Amendment has a universality (though would be like believing I must export my system abroad, which I don’t believe). I think it suits us in the US however. But I also feel that it is no more absolute than any other amendment. It is a product of human design. It is alterable. But not the way some people want to alter it.

        2. Yes, through the Constitutional amending process it could be altered. I don’t consider this out of the realm of possibility in the next 20 to 25 years, if not sooner. We already elected a socialist who despises this country to the Presidency. It will only be a matter of time before sane people will become so disgusted with politics, they will no longer run for office, lest they be stigmatized as corrupt. You will see the same thing with obamacare. Intelligent people will begin shying away from medical school due to the red tape and lack of reward for being a doctor. Eventually firearms will be illegal, and Doctors will be scarce, and inept.

        3. “So I don’t think the Second Amendment has a universality (though would be like believing I must export my system abroad, which I don’t believe). I think it suits us in the US however. But I also feel that it is no more absolute than any other amendment. It is a product of human design. It is alterable.”

          Well, musings, when I disagree with you I always have to do it with the proviso that I hate to do it. Well, here you are wrong. (I’d like to believe you are always right.)

          The right to defend oneself it intrinsic. It cannot be granted, by definition. The state has no authority over it, any more than the state has any authority over our right to travel, or to speak, or to not be murdered. All that the state can do is violate that right.

          When I read Robinson Crusoe, one of the things that struck me most is that everyone was always armed. These were English people, as well as people from every other country mentioned in the book. No one in the world at that time doubted that everyone had the responsibility to take care of their own self defense. That book was written eight decades before the Second Amendment was written.

          So why did the obvious, natural rights of free people have to be spelled out, when the conspirators were attempting to get the American States to replace their constitution? Particularly, why did the right to protect oneself with arms make it almost to the top of the list? Because the antifederalists, as Patrick Henry said, “smelled a rat” (which is why he refused to be a part of the Constitutional Convention). The desire to stop a free people being free was clear way back then.

          In my view, the right to self defense is not subject to restriction by any state, anywhere. Unfortunately, the state does not agree. Which is why the state is our true enemy.

        4. Perhaps Musings meant that the Second Amendment was a product of human design, and not the inalienable right of self defense.

        5. Obviously there are distinctions, or we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I don’t believe that disarming the public is an immediate, short-term goal of any of this.

          Over the long haul would the government like to take away the guns? Sure. Now, they want to control the message. The predominant message is that we need to live in fear. They are fully aware that pushing this message will actually cause a spike in gun and ammo sales.

          They are OK with this for now, as long as they get to tell us what to think, watch everything we do, and put cops and cameras on every corner. Taking the guns comes later, or at least selectively for a while. In my humble opinion of course.

  6. Great catch. There really is no end to the amount of people who have sold themselves out to this farce. Although shes no stranger to selling herself out, working for Monsanto, GE,and WellPoint. Wasnt WellPoint responsible for Obamacare??

  7. Observe the CONTINUING BIG-LIES:

    (a) Shannon Watts wants what she calls “safety,” but gun-control DOES NOT give safety. Crime actually increases when citizens, the source of all rights and delegated power to the gov., are dis-armed. Safety is actually enhanced by citizens being armed.

    (b) Watts typically says, “don’t worry, we’re not against 2nd amendment,” etc., but back-ground cks are known prelude for dis-arming the citizenry.

    (c) And of course, Watts over-looks purpose of citizens being armed–as a counter, resort, and deterrent to tyrannic gov.

    Note the train of BIG LIES, including all the instances, (1) 9/11, Aurora, Col., Sandy Hook, Bost. Marathon, etc.,

    (2) observe also the huge BIG-LIEs behind the US Federal Reserve Bank (that it’s not COUNTERFEITING, etc.), that it brings “prosperity,” etc., which Fed is necessary financial instrument behind this anti-Constitutional campaign.

    And observe now, perhaps MOST OF ALL, the BIG LIE to effect it’s all for the good of the people–that the gov. is not out to destroy the people, to exterminate them utterly–as we see in ObongoCare death-panels and AGENDA-21 “population-reduction.”

    “Gov. is ur friend” completes the huge BIG-LIE complex.

  8. This mom IS the underbelly of America. She sends her kid into a violent movie, Batman, and then claims the kid is having psychological problems, not because of the inappropriate movie content, but because of something he heard on the news. She is not crusading against the movie industry nor against the media – the obvious players connected with her son’s psychological symptoms. She takes NO responsibility for her poor choices as a bad mom.

    1. Her kid doesn’t have psychological problems, Bipsy, other than being mothered by a despot. Shannon Watts is just propagandizing, pushing simultaneously to legitimize this mass control of the citizens by the Psych Establishment/Governmedia and manipulate us with her paean to protecting children.

      One interesting layer to this Newspeak edition is how sexist it is and how shamelessly they exploit gender stereotypes – of moms somehow caring more for a couple’s children, or of controlling the purse strings – that the left constantly deconstructs out of the other side of it’s mouth.

      So we have the tyranny of the Nanny State insisting women are superior parents via this seemingly xanax-enabled harridan. She plays her post modern June Cleaver role as the strong woman behind what is increasingly becoming the Big Brother state.

      Puke. So I guess since there really is some essential nature of females The Party should rescind the radical pro-transsexual legislation it recently forced on California.

  9. Brilliant article. And if it is revealed to the general public, which will not be done by the mainstream media, that the stay-at-home mom previously had a long career in public relations, that would not necessarily negate the message of outlawing assault weapons. Even though most of the gun homicides in the US are committed by handguns.

    Why eliminate assault weapons? Because they can help resist putting Americans in concentration camps. In a speech at the U of Hawaii on Feb 5, supreme court justice Antonin Scalia discussed the internment of American citizens of Japanese origin in concentration camps and stated: “You are kidding yourself if you think the same thing will not happen again.”

    Credible reports on the internet state that their are perhaps 600 to 800 concentration camps, partially staffed, already in existence, and more are being constructed. The speech by Scalia on the over hundred thousand children, women, and men put in concentration camps during world war 2, is quite ominous. It was legalized by the Court’s case of kOREMATSU V. UNITED STAES on the grounds of ‘military urgency.’

    Scalia stated, ” it was wrong, but I would not be surprised to see it happen again, in time of war. It”s no justification, but it is the reality.”
    He invoked the Latin phrase, roughly, ‘in times of war the law is silent.’
    We are already in a War on Terrorism.

    These new Orwellian conspiracy scenarios are different from the others. The bin Laden killing, the Sandy Hook massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing did not really happen, certainly not they way the media portrays them. Are they not prelude to a radical break in the traditional American political system? Is Scalia preparing public opinion for an increased step into political brutality? It would be unrealistic to completely rule it out.

    1. Speaking of soccer moms. Don’t mess with Texas. Super mom Shannon Watts is worried about moms being raped by members of Open Carry Texas.!

      At the end of my conversation with Shannon Watts, of gun-control group Moms Demand Action, Watts said something rather astonishing. The reason that the moms in Dallas were so intimidated by the counter-protest outside, she told me, was that Open Carry Texas is “like the Taliban” and could feasibly have planned to open fire. “You don’t honestly believe they were going to shoot you?” I asked.

      “I have no idea why you would actually assume that,” Watts replied. “You never know with these mass shootings. I don’t know who these people are. I don’t know if these people have had background checks. Or if they have had any training.” Watts also suggested that Open Carry Texas was full of people who might rape the women involved in Moms Demand Action. I suggested that this was a “little extreme,” but she said that OCT’s website featured some choice comments and that she had inferred it from that.

      I don’t know too much about OCT, I grant you. But I do know that one is probably unlikely to plan to shoot up and then rape a restaurant full of mothers after one has alerted the press to one’s presence and brought along one’s wives and children for good measure.

    1. Super mom Shannon Wells has yet another line of work in addition to her 5 children. Seems that this multi talented lady lived in several places in California before attaining Midwest motherhood status.

      I noticed that The Children’s Defense Fund is on board with Mother Shannon et al. Let’s not forget famous moms of The Children’s Defense Fund such as Mrs. Edelman and Mrs. Clinton. Mrs. Edelman still runs the financial endeavor and these words of hers should not be forgotten:
      “Never work just for money or for power. They won’t save your soul or help you sleep at night.”

      1. Back to Zionsville, Indiana. Seems Watts Fine Arts did not do so well after all and shut its doors in October 2012. Oh dear. Then on Dec. 15, 2012 the missus becomes a national celebrity. Oh my.

        But shed no tears, because the mister is just as multitalented as the missus. While Shannon is jet setting on behalf of Bloomberg and his agenda, good old John is home in Zionsville teaching yoga.

        “John Watts is the founder of Movement and Meditation, a mind/body/spirit coaching practice that awakens clients to the joy and power of the inner spirit. Combining motion practices (Yoga, Qi-Gong and motion coaching) and meditation, Movement and Meditation helps people of all ages find the physical balance and mental flow needed to live life to its fullest. John offers private sessions as well as workshops and retreats for individuals, schools, corporations and other interested organizations.

        After a successful 30 year career as a healthcare executive, John left the corporate world in 2008. During his time “on the grid,” John used hard work, finely tuned communication skills and intuition to develop people and teams and to lead successful businesses, including a $50B division of a Fortune 50 corporation. Since 2008, John has been coaching CEO’s and senior level management teams on business strategy, team building and balancing professional and personal lives.

        John completed his 200 RYT training at Peace Through Yoga in Indianapolis, and his Qi-Gong instructor certification through Tai Chi Healthways in San Diego, CA. John is a graduate of the Mindful Education Institute teacher-training program.”

        1. Thanks for that info, Anne.
          When I saw the mention of John being a graduate of Mindful Education Institute, it made me wonder if it is in any way related to Esalen, the Tavistock of USA. I haven’t done a lot of research on it yet, but does appear to be an arm of Esalen.

          What is it with the “mindful” education thing? Mindfulness….if you do some searching on this, you will see that word over and over again.

          I’m thinking it’s a kinder word for mind control.

        2. Violeta: As you know, Esalen Institute graduates mindful people by the numbers. One such individual is Charles Manson. The mind has become a booming and lucrative business.

          Mindfulness in Education
          Teacher Training
          Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA
          July 13-18, 2014

          Mindfulness Professional Teacher Training in San Francisco – May 2014 to April 2015

        3. Thank you for the link, Anne.

          Charles Manson? I didn’t see him listed under the “RESULTS” tab;)

        4. Violeta, leaving out Manson must have been an oversight. On a road trip up the California coast we actually decided to stop at Esalen which is right by Highway 1. The location could not be grander. Our intention was to ask for a tour of the premises, but first we had to stop at the guarded gate. There we were told that since we had no appointment a permission to enter was denied. The place is totally fenced in.

        5. Sounds like The Mindfulness Institute is opening a branch in Sandy Hook:

          Newtown – The Board of Education and the Public Building and Site Commission will have a joint meeting Wednesday, Feb. 19, at 7 p.m. in the Reed Intermediate School library to consider a Main Street design concept for the new Sandy Hook Elementary School project.

          …….and talk about the design inspiration that includes “healing connections” with the natural surroundings.

        6. Gee, they’re getting to be predictable.

          Newtown is excited to have it’s own school for making all their children into little mindless puppets. That’s too sad.

          That’s so interesting that you tried to visit Esalen and they wouldn’t let you in. I’ve seen online pictures of it, and yeah, it must be very impressive in person.

        7. Violeta, it was a beautiful sunny day which gave the Esalen entrance a positive glow. But we knew what takes place behind the gate, perhaps more so than the students there. I have an acquaintance here in sustainable and new age SoCal, a person who works on TV documentaries. About once a month he heads to Esalen, not for mindfulness healing but for the naked ladies in the pool and spa. He’s got connections there.

  10. I’m still cracking up that this woman (that calls herself a mom from Indiana) would send her kid to SHRINK at 12! Give me a break! If he went to a shrink because she told him about a shooting at a movie theatre that occurred the same night in Colorado (2 different time zones), what damn time did she take her freaking 12 year old to the movies??? It was late in Colorado when that event happened. There are way too many holes in her story, but lord knows the MSM won’t challenge the lying twat on them!

    1. Not surprised that she’s talking about psychologists, they have one of the most important roles in creating this campaign to change public behaviour. There were tons of psychologists linked into Sandy Hook shooting in every single conceivable way. They seek to traumatize, then encourage you to head down to the psychologist or local resiliency center. Traumatized people are looking for direction, and they keep telling us that the resilient look outward for thing in their community to “fix”. If you don’t have any ideas, the resiliency center will point you in the right direction.

      People who chose to work in PR, media production, psychology, are not welcome in my life any longer. America has so many people employed in fields related to controlling people, and most of them think they are so clever and special. I graduated in 2000 and I can’t even count everybody I know that went into one of those fields.

      I like her GE link too.

      1. With the deliberate running down of the manufacturing base that began in the Industrial Revolution and is now outsourced to China, young people have a Hobson’s choice. If they are mathematically inclined, they go into computers and artificial intelligence (to create robots or drones) or they go into mass persuasion (to get people to accept the lousy horizons in life left to them by our economy). In order to prevail, you have to mix in the old technology with the new, and find ways to hang on. I would be cautious about excluding people on the basis of their careers, because a whole new generation is being co-opted but still needs wisdom to help them survive.

        1. My whole generation went into PR, psychology, media-production. That’s a bit of an over-exaggeration but I think the generational thing is a big part of why this is all happening now.

          They graduated from college, had trouble finding work, Obama promised to put them to work, and did. Gonna need a lot of PR people where we’re going. I don’t see this trend getting any better with younger generations. They all want to be part of the magic. There are a ton of kids going into social-media management as well. Another job that boils down to lying to others all day long.

          I understand your warning about excluding all of these people, but I don’t really care, I see them as the enemy. Most people see the local TV news reporter as an old friend. I see them as a professional liar, plenty aware of their own role, even the weather guy works with chroma keying on a daily basis and is not blind to what is going on. I consider them all guilty for not speaking up. Hopefully they have hell to pay

        2. Having been a media producer, I think it is a good thing that young people enter the media professions. They see the manipulations, biased reporting and editing, on a daily basis. They’re no longer wowed by the Wizard of Oz.

          They no longer consume media productions—the news, television programming, movies or viral videos—without considering why it was made and by whom. They no longer think there is a “Them” that is uniquely talented and gifted with such intelligence and integrity that they rose to the status of “Newsman” or “Producer” due to their special gifts.

          iMovie and Final Cut Pro are as good as Avid… and a whole heck of lot cheaper. Get your self a GoPro and you’re a media maker. Go change the world.

          That so many young people work in the Media, either broadcast or Web, means that they will either accept a world defined by lies… or, they won’t. They know how media is made, their eyes are open and the choice must be made.

          Most will be forced out of the industry by their mid-30s and it will interesting to see what they do next.

    2. She’s trying to be a role model for mothers. Send your kids to a shrink. They’ll have plenty of ideas on how to integrate and respond to the violent news stories.

  11. Fabulous article! Thank you Professor Tracy!

    “I am an accidental activist,” says the professional spin doctor. Not only professional, but having achieved elite status due to her skills.

    The constant drum of these professional lobbyist who seek to influence public opinion and position themselves as speaking for the “majority” in order to pressure Corporations and franchise owners needs to be disrupted… this article is a great step in that direction.

    Up here in Northern New England, we have a Connecticut-transplant… also a “house wife and Mom” who was inspired to lead the Gun-Sense charge in our State with a gun-rights stance. (Seriously!)

    The Sandy Hook argument did not work in 2013 due to the efforts of very smart people—their bill failed get to the floor of the State Legislature.

    Currently, the gun-control crowd is positioning their argument to be a drug crisis that needs solving. They argue that addicted State residents are trading guns for drugs… and those guns end up in a nearby State for the purpose of crime. Thus, they argue, we must tighten our gun laws. Oddly, official statistics do not support that contention.

    The Gun-sense crowd will be out-maneuvered again this session.

    I’m not from “gun traditions” or a gun nut… but, I’ve become a staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment since Sandy Hook.

    Drug problem?:

    1. The addictive drug crisis was manufactured. Every addict that I know started with Oxycontin, which are STILL SOLD in an easily crushable form, a single press from the top of the pill bottle will render fine powder ready to be insufflated or smoked.

      Oxycontin was first sold as a non-addictive opiate, and the FDA and other doctors had no problem with that assertion, and let them start selling it. Now 30 years later we are here, from what I can observe I would estimate millions of Americans addicted to opiates.

      The news campaign seems fabricated though. They started hyping Oxycontin/heroin on Denver news very heavily one week before the Hoffman death. I’m not going to go into all of the clues that seem to indicate that was a hoax, but I’m betting that Hoffman went into the dead celeb program on behalf of one of his PR companies other clients. That’s what celebrities are, people willing to be used by their PR agency to promote anything. It’s not always a movie that they are promoting.

      1. They always leave behind unreleased movies as well, usually “just finished filming” when they die. Leads to a nice bump in sales when the movie releases. Hoffman has 4 unreleased moviea.

      2. columjaddica, nice to meet you, I’m veteran on and off poster. So are you saying that Hoffman’s death may have been a hoax of that he was set up purposely to play a certain role, which included actually dying?

  12. An addendum to my comment above:

    “Ann Braden said this about her campaign: “I’ve taught in schools, my husband teaches in the schools, I have two young children who I will someday send to school, and my parents live in Newtown, CT. The threat of violence feels very real to me, but more than that, I refuse to keep watching tragedy after tragedy happen while the government does nothing. I believe that it is my duty as a mother to make sure our government protects our nation’s children, and the NRA, with its profit-oriented smoke screens and fearmongering, is not going to stop me. To that end, I’m working with the Vermont chapter of One Million Moms for Gun Control to support House Bill 124, and I need $775 to make signs and banners and create a website.”

  13. Seriously? She used to work for Monsanto? That’s 1\2 of Evil, Inc. with the other 1/2 being Halliburton! She also used to work for Genital Electric and Wellpoint? My God (if she exists) could this woman be any closer to corruption if she created it herself? She has been admittedly alligned with three of the most scandalous, corrupted, dastardly, manipulating corporations on the planet that kill many more people than all the false flag school shootings combined with their own agendas (GE with weapons/Monsantoa with GMOs/and if I’m not mistaken…Wellpoint with drugs that the FDA (corrupt to the core in their own right) green lighted without due diligence) and yet she has the audacity to come after the 2nd amendment which is the only thing keeping the USA from becoming Nazi Germany. For having five kids, you sure can’t tell by looking at her. Something stinks about this woman and it isn’t her appearance. Maybe it’s her corporate message trying to beat us into submission. Fear the government that wants your guns because only criminals will have them and after that…tyranny is just around the corner!

    1. Yeah, she worked for Monsanto as Director of Global and Public Affairs at the Monsanto Corporation “where she led external initiatives designed to generate positive, proactive media coverage of the company’s agriculture biotechnology products.”

      Now tell us again that she gives a d*mn about kids’ or anyone else (but herself).

  14. This is friggin’ incredible. I can not believe this stuff. I’m totally dumfounded. My brain is a mush pie. I’m delirious. Everything is upside down. Monsanto. This country is so screwed.

    1. My thoughts exactly Bill. Dr. Tracy did a great job with this article and performs an invaluable service for his countrymen.

      The question is, what are we going to do about it? Just keep typing on a keyboard?

      For those who have wondered or even concluded that I place too much emphasis on the narrative of Disarm and Drug I point out that I have been redeemed, but that we’re all going straight to hell if we fail to act.

      1. I just read the February 3 post and comments about Miriam Carey’s alleged shooting and want to add in here that it also reeks of hoax. The video expose posted by Bill Fred (produced by the same group that made the one I posted called Sandy Hook Exposed) really underscores the glaring issues, especially concerning this Disarm and Drug campaign.

        Miriam is a new addition to the cast of wanna-be archetypes starring in the narrative. She is a black, attractive 30-something single mother. She is hardworking, middle class – a paragon of society and particularly of Black America’s traditional subculture.

        And she was ‘mentally ill,’ but not violent we are assured – and just like us. Note how often her ‘sisters’ point out how ‘normal’ and high-‘functioning’ she was. They repetitively insist that hers was the life of middle class respectability; she owned her own condo, worked an honest service job, and took loving care of her daughter.

        But, she had a ‘diagnosis’ of post-partum depression with ‘psychotic’ features.

        I’m here to tell people that the percentage of human beings who develop symptoms of psychosis who do not have genetic brain disorders of schizophrenia or manic depression is almost minute. The human brain simply does not go psychotic very easily, or else we would never have evolved. Evolution in fact, wired us to adapt to our stressful and harsh environments. It’s precisely because our brains deal with stress and deprivation, even profound, that we evolved into who we are.

        Notice also how they claim she had been ‘hearing voices’ or something and thought she was being watched by Obama. This claim stands in direct contrast to my rather vast experience of observing the various iterations of those society deems ‘mentally ill.’ In my experience, it is rare that hearing voices correlates with external dynamics in this very unusual segment of the non-organically ‘mentally ill.’ Usually hearing voices goes with schizophrenia. I have seen someone who was not schizophrenic, but who lived through serious (including rape) childhood sexual abuse hear voices telling her to hurt herself. But oddly, she, like every individual I’ve ever known who suffered these psychotic symptoms but who wasn’t genetically brain-disordered, had some awareness somewhere inside herself that it wasn’t fully real. It was more like she knew symptoms were starting and retained a period where she could seek help, and wasn’t fully incapacitated. This was true of most of the people I knew thus afflicted. Their conscious minds don’t get fully taken over by the psychotic symptoms, not usually anyway. The vast majority of this small segment also never manifests a sense of external power dynamic issues or ‘paranoia,’ instead remaining unclear as to what’s going on inside themselves but capable of being reached somewhat easily, if not always wholly. Most of these individuals have very very minor and discreet psychotic symptoms, and, like the truly brain-disordered, the misperceptions they have are rarely engaged with other ‘people,’ real or imagined.

        I’ve never once seen someone who coupled paranoia stemming from imagined external stimuli with internal psychotic features. This appears to me to be a purposeful blending of the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia with this very rare expression of non-organically induced psychosis. It is being done to convince everyone that there really is no line between actual brain disorders like schizophrenia and what has become the alleged ‘mood disorders.’ But now we’re corralling women and black americans into the Needs Meds tent. It’s not just the white male lone wolf dressed in various costumes we need to fear and reign in, but also the mothers who might challenge the government’s tyranny over their kids, and blacks too.

        Everyone (almost) will have to give up their freedom to The Party’s benevolent parenting in the New World Order. Everyone’s dissent, issuing from whatever various angles, is really a form of paranoid mental illness that needs to be cared for lovingly – and with benign as opposed to deadly force – with medication under the guidance of our dedicated government-appointed caregivers. For anyone can go ‘psychotic’ and when they do and we have to put them down, it was our fault as family, friends, neighbors – and citizens – that we didn’t force them, for their own good, to take their meds. We even have a black family member and NYPD cop to assure the black community that the system is on their side here.

        Miriam Carey, (an odd play on the name Mariah Carey?) meet Sarah Wolfe.

        Am I sure neither case is real? No, although Miriam’s screams out fake more obviously than Sarah and Susan’s.

        But I am 110% certain that this is an apt analysis of the narrative The Party’s propagating, and that there are just so many coincidences in the world.

        1. I should add (there’s lots to add) that the preceding scene saw Shannon Watts lamenting the tragic and assuredly preventable loss of Miriam Carey…

  15. Good find on another propaganda scheme. We were all speculating on the next hoax coming our way, this latest horrific storm in SC and GA. not sure where else as this is the first wifi or tv has been working since last Tuesday, 6 days ago.

    Many poor folks in this area do not have alternate heating sources and are really hurting. While thousands of yards of trees have been felled by the storm, there is a wood burning shortage.

    The first day of the outage, thought we had bad radios, only to realize later, there were no radio stations working. Then the local radio station turned into a where to get gas or food side show. “Please be patient , you might have to wait a few hours.”

    Power is on now for us now and our gas burning fireplace kept us warm but as usual, when there is visible blue sky, the chemical trail blazing planes are working hard to cancel out the sunshine….

  16. This woman must have cut her teeth at the feet of Diane Feinstein. Add her to the list of traitors who need fair trials. BTW, after they were “intimidated” at their coffee clatch, it will be interesting to see how many of them get a concealed carry permit, like Diane Feinstein must have. Afterall, she has admitted on tape that she carries a pistol, so she must have a permit to do so. She wouldn’t want to break any laws, you know.

  17. Great post.

    ‘Rejuvenating skin cream and snake oil.’

    ‘Also heals cancer and high blood pressure.’

    ‘It says so right on the label.’

    ‘I trust labels.’

    ‘It is priced right, a bargain.’

    ‘Why should I think (or look) any further?’

    (all lines except first, dripping heavy sarcasm)

    Ned Lud

    1. Might want to check with MAIG (Mayors Against Illegal Guns). I’m not exactly sure the relationship but MDA donation page has the option to donate directly to MAIG

      “Please note that contributions to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a campaign of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund, are NOT tax-deductible.

      If you prefer, checks made out to Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund may be mailed to:
      Mayors Against Illegal Guns
      909 Third Avenue, 15th Floor
      New York, NY 10022 ”

      So I’d imagine that her salary is in MAIG documents.

    2. Probably not new enough to be relevant, but here are 2010 and 2011 form 990 from MAIG Action Fund

      This might be the first non-profit that I’ve looked at that does not have the form 990 available on their own site (as far as I can tell)

        1. I would expect that to this point her compensation is not from within MDA. She probably benefits from her HuffPo gig or with other kickbacks and opportunities.

          But if any docs turn up, I’d be interested to see.

  18. Wolfgang Halbig is gaining astronomical momentum on Veterans Today and You Tube thanks to memoryholeblog! We may be very close to the proverbial tipping point of 34% to expose this Hoax nationwide, perhaps in the next 3 weeks!

  19. Indeed, that’s rich and telling–Watts having worked for Monsanto. Of course, once one does something like working for Monsanto, getting into the gun-confiscation, subversion of Constitution is mere next step in course of things.

    And these people, like at Monsanto, can’t even see how dis-crediting it is for being associated w. such as Monsanto, they just merrily push poor Watts into her latest “activism,” not imagining people are hip to Monsanto pushing the GMO poison foods, etc.

  20. Excellent report, Dr. Tracy. Much appreciated. It’s absolutely astounding what the propaganda media continues to propagate. I’m so disgusted by these evil people who play these roles that elevate fascism, death, and destruction, all the while pretending to be the ones who care and are here to help and make it a better world. Good grief, when will enough people wake up?! But again, thank you for doing your part in exposing these criminals.

  21. (With sarcasm)

    Here’s our favorite little mid-west corn-field country mommy:

    Five years ago, she decided to toss away her brilliantly successful and lucrative career, in order to become a full-time mother. Her oldest is 23, and her youngest is 12.

    This seemed a little convoluted until I thought about her strategy. Eighteen-year-olds love having a mom at home to visit during Christmas break. Besides, many parents don’t worry about tuition and housing costs for five kids approaching college.

    Well, the youngest – he’s done the baby-sitter/daycare thing – got the tee shirt – probably wants mom home after school. I guess when they get to be about seven and can pull a trigger – that’s when you think about spending more time at home? This will free her up for all his psychiatric appointments too.

    She still has skills! Not only can she bake cookies, but she put together an entire activist organization in one day.

    “Shannon Watts is a 42-year-old mother of five children (two step-daughters, 23 and 19; two daughters, 17 and 16; and a 12-year-old son). For the past five years, Ms. Watts has been a stay-at-home mom in Zionsville, a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana.”

    Shannon Watts isn’t part of any real child safety solution – but is a huge part of many of the worst problems facing this country. This lying, self-aggrandizing, shameless opportunist needs to stop talking. Unfortunately – we are probably looking at a future Senator.

  22. “twenty dead first graders weren’t enough to advance even the weakest of legislative measures”

    That’s right Shannon. You and your ilk will have to kill a lot more imaginary people before a lot of us will give up the inalienable rights granted by the Creator. As a matter of fact, given the failure of this hoax to cause the shift you were looking for , I’m sure you will go back to killing real people next time around.
    Public Relations… the emergence of this profession can actually be traced back to the beginning of the end of decency in this world. What was his name? Bernays?

  23. 1984 in America: Lies and fabricated events are the new truth and reality. I wonder if Shannon, the “accidental activist” is a repeat lottery winner like many of the “accidental” participants in the Sandy Hook Production.

  24. I was, until the events of the past two years, Sandy Hook and then the Boston Marathon bombing, an advocate of gun control, generally in agreement with the belief that handguns are killing far too many people. But perhaps someone needs to suggest to Ms. Shannon Watts that GMO foods gratis Monsanto probably have the potential to kill more people than handguns, not to speak of what Monsanto and its favorite herbicide is doing to the frogs (and probably to baby boys), to the pollinators, to the butterflies, to the environment and to the reputation of Science as it has been practiced in the West for the past 200 plus years. That aside, I find the increasingly prominent media stories about police brutality, some innocent guy in Arizona forced to undergo a needless colonoscopy, women in Texas forced to undergo by-the-side-of-the-road vaginal searches, stories that reek of crudeness bordering on bestiality, frightening in the extreme. We have sent young men over to fight in phony, senseless wars where they’ve learned how to brutalize nameless fellow humans and friends, and now they are back among us brutalizing us. Was this part of the plan? If so, I now understand all too well why we must, at all costs, hold on to the right to bear arms to protect ourselves from a government that is increasingly tyrannical and out of control. I hope Professor Tracy will continue his Sandy Hook investigations and either suggest, or delegate to someone else, the imperative to point out where Sandy Hook and impostors like Ms. Watts are leading us. As for the latter, we’re reminded one more time of that 1980’s book, Amusing Ourselves to Death. Is there a bottom to the layers of phoniness, or an end to the stashes of cash that support the unending charade that America has become?

    1. Quite an excellent comment, this. Wonderful summation. Thanks for writing it.

      This fraudulent woman is of particular interest to me because I live in Indianapolis and spend a great deal of time in Zionsville. Indy is a big city, but Zionsville is a small town, where prominent people tend to be known–and I had never heard of her.

      She’s a PR flack by trade, so it did not come as a surprise that living here, she’s been doing propaganda for WellPoint, the behemoth “health” insurer, which is based here. If I’m not mistaken, WellPoint is one of the foremost crafters of Obamacare, the monstrosity which is scheduled to destroy the practice of medicine in America. Shamelessness comes with the territory, especially if you cut your teeth putting a smiley face on something as purely evil as Monsanto.

      So it’s no surprise that her devotion to anti-humanity found its next expression in the crusade to render humanity defenseless.

      One thing they can’t stop, though, is the proliferation of 3D printing, and the emerging reality that everyone will soon be able to “print” a gun in the privacy of his home/castle.

      If everyone in the country was armed at all times (or at least presumed to be), of course, there would be no violent crime. There would be very few murders because violent thugs would no longer have an advantage. It wouldn’t take too many Travon Martins biting the dust before the rest of the thug class gets the picture.

      The gun controllers know this perfectly well, which makes it the key to understanding what they are really after. If this despicable woman actually had a love for humanity, as you so rightly say, she would not shill for the company poisoning the whole world, and the firm behind the destruction of medical practice in America. It embarrasses me that if Zionsville is to be put on the map, it is because she, of all people, put it there. It’s a wonderful little town.

    2. Couldn’t agree more with these two comments! She has the audacity to ADMIT she worked for WellPoint and Monsanto!?! What next? Did she work for Halliburton too? That would do a great deal in answering some unanswered questions on who she REALLY works for and her true agenda and I can assure you she is as phony as BLOWbama’s birth certific8! What or whomever she is…she’s not a patriot and she damn sure has no idea about what she’s potentially advoc8ing because when they eventually come after the 2nd Amendment (and they WILL) it’ll be those banging the gun ban drums who are asking …..WTF is going on here and WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME!?! By then…,the answer will come too L8 for them but those of us in the know will be wise enough to save one last bullet for ourselves.

      If you aren’t already awake and aware of the devil worshipping, admittedly sinister and unelected forces that lurk in shadows and direct their elected minions that we send to DC to represent us to do their dirty deeds then I urge you to go to and sign up for their mailing list and watch many of the THOUSANDS of videos (for free) that show these racist, fascist, narcissistic bastards in action. They OWN the Federal Reserve (no, it’s NOT a government agency and answers to NOBODY) who LOANS our government money at interest (which is the sole reason why we’re in debt) and they OWN most of our congress and senate. Yes…they OWN our “Change we can believe in” president too! We are well on our way to becoming Nazi Germany and YES…it CAN happen here and if you DON’T wake up soon, before you know it…you’ll find yourself in a FEMA camp getting a microchip in your hand before you can even ask “where are they taking us?” WAKE UP! SPREAD THE WORD! Time is running out and don’t look to the Shame Stream Network Media to tell you the truth…THEY TOO ARE BOUGHT, OWNED and paid for! All the information you need to see is out there to research! Don’t take my word for it. If you look…YOU WILL SEE FOR YOURSELF! Why do you think all these “preppers” are prepping for something? An asteroid? Maybe. But I and those like minded…know better

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