Updated Feb.11, 2014

By James F. Tracy, with research provided by MHB Reader and Commenter Beth D.

On the day following the most tragic mass murder events in US history and amidst a cascade of local, state and federal law enforcement officials, Al Barbarotta busied himself inside Sandy Hook Elementary School. Mr. Barbarotta directed the transfer of furniture to a renovated school in the nearby town of Monroe where students would eventually resume classes.

The owner of AFB Construction Management and Conveo Energy, Barbarotta is no stranger to such work. AFB is a longtime recipient of lucrative municipal contracts throughout Connecticut, looking after 11 million square feet of public school facilities in addition to parks and beaches.[1]

After reportedly receiving a request from the Connecticut Commissioner of Education’s office within one day of the massacre, Barbarotta sprang into action. “Instantly, on Saturday,” December 15th, “we started bringing in cleaning crews and moving crews to get the furniture out,” he told the New Haven Register.

I’ve seen things I don’t even really want to talk about,” the contractor declared. “There’s markings on the floor.[sic] There’s blood everywhere. You can see the broken windows in the classroom in the whole area where the shooting took place.[2]


Despite the entire lack of law enforcement or medical credentials, Barbarotta nevertheless gained access to the scene where, just hours earlier, autopsies were performed following the most publicized school shooting in the nation’s history—one that is repeatedly pointed to as the rationale for ratcheting up school safety measures and mental health protocols nationwide.

Yet there was really no need for the Education Commissioner’s office to contact Barbarotta. After all, he’s someone who, according to the Connecticut Post, “Gov. Malloy has on speed dial.”

Connecticut residents have long understood that Al Barbarotta is to Dannel Malloy what Bebe Rebozo was to Richard Nixon. Indeed, Barbarotta is quick to point out that he is the governor’s “best friend,” regularly calling Malloy, “Danny.” And, as the Post observes, “the relationship between the two men extends far beyond the realm of friendship to the world of politics, power–and money.”

Barbarotta’s AFB Management has raked in $18.5 million for subcontracted work from Stamford, where Malloy was mayor from 1995 to 2009. AFB won its first city contract in 1999. Over the past few years, “AFB has enjoyed unfettered dominance of major city contracts,” the Stamford Advocate reports. AFB most recently sent Stamford taxpayers a $424,000 bill after “replac[ing] all the fluorescent light fixtures with LED bulbs” in one of its schools.”[3]

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 62-year-old Barbarotta was “a major bundler of campaign cash for Malloy, whose close ties to the governor have previously raised questions of impropriety and cronyism,” according to the Connecticut Post.[4]

In 2003, Malloy was the focus of an 18 month investigation by the Connecticut State Attorney to determine whether the mayor was awarding contracts to those he personally employed for home renovations. AFB figured centrally in the probe, yet Malloy was eventually exonerated.[5]

At Sandy Hook Barbarotta explains that his crews built plywood partitions isolating the crime scene. This must have involved a great deal of plywood, because according to the official story the crime scene extended to the parking lot of the school. As the reader may recall, automobiles like those of teacher Lauren Rousseau were “riddled with bullets,” supposedly caused by one of marksman Adam Lanza’s wayward weapons.[6]

On top of the Obama administration funneling millions to Connecticut officials for their participation in the Sandy Hook massacre event, and Malloy’s office similarly siphoning tens of millions to Newtown pen pushers in an effort to wholly eliminate the crime scene,[7] we now find that a longtime confidante and supporter of Governor Malloy was directly involved in preserving the immediate scene while simultaneously mourning to the press.

It has become almost amusing to observe how yet another “twist” is added to the official narrative—one now including an awkwardly compiled official investigation that overall fails to adequately address any of the unanswered questions brought up in the wake of the initial tragedy.

[1] Kate King, Neil Vigdor, and Ken Dixon, “The Man Gov. Malloy Has on Speed Dial,” Connecticut Post, August 24, 2013.

[2] Frank Otto and Adam Poulisse, “Contractor Moving Furniture From Sandy Hook Elementary School: ‘I’ve Seen Things I Don’t Really Want to Talk About,” New Haven Register, December 18, 2012. The Newtown Bee reports that Barbarotta’s Conveo Energy was commissioned by the Malloy administration in December 2012 to relocate school equipment from Sandy Hook Elementary School “free of charge.” “State Agency: Logo Misused in Newtown School Move,” Associated Press / Newtown Bee, September 16, 2013.

[3] Kate King, “Board of Ed Under Fire Over Energy Management Services,” Stamford Advocate, January 11, 2014.

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202 thought on “Gov Malloy’s “Best Friend” Helped Preserve Sandy Hook Crime Scene”
  1. So according to Barbarotta, there was blood everywhere. However, clearly from the crime scene photos that were released, we see a minimum amount of blood. There is no blood on the walls, windows,etc. where one would expect to see blood splattered from this type of “mass shooting”.

    1. Amazing, isn’t it? I loved in the one article how he said he “saw things I just can’t talk about,” then he proceeds to yack a load of trivial b.s. Based on the timing given – it is astounding how soon he was allowed into this supposed crime scene…

      1. Yeah, windows shot out. Mentally trying to follow this tale (as if it were real) is impossible. Then they issue a report that I’d be fired (rightly) for writing.

        Now they are trying to build policy on quicksand. It has to be an experiment. I think they’re testing to see if the TEE VEE or the drugs work.

    1. Considering that Connecticut has a large presence of Hispanics, Polish and WASP, this might be significant, especially as it relates to the later Marathon Bumming as well.

        1. Boston Globe article has it that Serino is the “Founding Father of Boston Emergency Medical Services” and that he is coming home to Boston after his leadership at FEMA. So yeah, I guess there is some kind of probably “omertà” and ethnicity to it, where secrets are kept in families.

    2. Dinophile – you are very kind. James did a fine job putting it all together. This just scratches the surface. Amazing the amount of work (and money) this guy has had directed his way. Very dirty politics.

  2. This is a great find and good work. So, their narrative now entails a cleanup effort of a crime scene less than 24 hours after the event, by a non-licensed Haz-mat crew. If we look at the opening credits of their redacted films, some of the footage of the interior of SHES was filmed on 12-16/17-12. There is no sign of Mr. Barbarotta, his crew, or his numerous plywood partitions. There are a few prop blood stains, prop bullet holes, and stacked to the side desks and chairs, even in the reported classrooms of the incident. His plywood barriers are missing in action, save for the boarding up of the front façade of the school.

  3. “Preserving the scene”? In his own words he brought in “cleaning crews”. Those are ‘evidence wipers’ folks. And they were there the very next day – so there is one reason the report released by the State Police is so light on details. If you remove the evidence you can make up any story you like, and there will be no way to factually dispute ANY phony-baloney allegations you’ve made.

    To me this is clear evidence of Malloy involvement in a murderous false flag operation.

  4. Uh huh – criminals in the midst. Why don’t they give it up and confess? Cause it’s only the conspiracy nut jobs doing ALL the FREAKIN work? The real investigation is done by the public???? Criminals.

    1. Eventually this will be exposed. MSM will try to limit the damage, allow o few heads to roll. But it’ll take more than some Band-aid to hold this together! I can’t wait for the show to start!

      1. It may be exposed. I have a theory that we are being conditioned to mistrust the U.S. government to such an extent that the general public will one day willingly welcome international intervention. At least I think that’s the plan.

        1. I’ve read your posts in the past and you have offered some thoughtful comments…but this one is a non-starter, IMHO.

          I know of no man, woman or child in my 50-odd years of living in America who for one moment would believe that the governments of France, Russia, China, Botswana, India, England, Mexico or any other places between would be suitable proxies for American governance…nor would the UN, International Court or any other body work.

          If and when we throw off Washington’s rule it won’t be to let a different group of criminals in but this time with accents. It will be either total civil war or a spontaneous reorganization of society in a way that benefits a greater number of people. I’m betting on the latter.

          There are a lot things we truly should be worried about. An international takeover that is willingly accepted is not one of them. You would see blood in the streets that would be unimaginable. With tens of millions of well armed Americans, we would never allow the kind of intervention we routinely force on others around the world.

        2. This appears to be an entirely disproportionate and off-topic response to Maestro’s somewhat flippant comment, suggesting troll-osis of the discussion thread.

        3. James,

          My apologies if I came off as flippant. It was a sincere reply to the previous comment, nonetheless. Perhaps another topic for another time.

        4. Yes, I think USA is drifting towards a situation of secession and or reorganization of States, rather than takeover by NWO actors. The exposing of this crime would be a “Conspiracy Theory 101” for the masses. A voluntary NWO takeover would be the antithesis of this lesson.

          But I do agree this is a conditioning operation. I made some comments on other posts on this blog late last year, describing SSH as a “gaslighting exercise”. Since both blog posts and comments generally are very worthwhile reading here, perhaps you can find them, when studying Dr Tracy’s tome of truth!

        5. To me it seems more like global unification, which would explain the participation of gov all the way to the top here in the USA. Governments all over the globe being taken over and working together under some higher power is I believe what the original commenter meant, not being taken over by another country. And check out this info about common purpose. Does it not seem to explain the coordination of participants and media,, and the motive and results of the crisis of Sandy Hook?


        6. I believe maestro is ahead of the gameplan. Breaking up the US as the United States and accepting offshore governance are not mutually exclusive propositions: On the contrary, they fit together like hand and glove. And it would explain all the necessary hoaxes meant to stampede the herd into submission. I apologize if I sometimes link to threads that seem to be off-topic. But it seems obvious to me that all things are connected on levels we don’t immediately perceive. This we do understand: something is very rotten at the core of American society,

          No institution functions for the betterment of us citizens. And at the risk of once again flyling off into the wild blue yonder, here is a brilliant video perhaps explaining our predicatment in graphic terms going back centuries. I was taken aback even though I considser myself aware–moreso than most– of earthly reality. (A bit of hubris?) View and pass on….


        7. This video expresses what I have said here many times, Marilyn: the state is our true enemy, it is never good, and can never be trusted. If we can’t eliminate it, we can at least starve it by denying it the power to create money and to tax. The smaller the state, the better. The fewer government employees, the better.

          What strikes me as odd about your posting this is what you said last time I said this. You referred to me as one who “hates government,” as if that is a bad thing. Have you come around to my way of thinking?

          Incidentally, I DON’T hate “government.” I hate CIVIL government. I believe in self-government, because if we can’t govern ourselves, exercising our consciences and devoting ourselves to the non-aggression principle, we can’t expect a civilized society. Likewise, I love family government, which is the place we learn to govern ourselves; it is the government at the core of social good. Finally, I love Church government, where collections of families coordinate their effort to craft a good larger society. Remember, all charity, including most hospitals, orphanages and mutual aid societies, originated with Church government ( for obvious reasons, this includes Judaism, although there’s no point in saying “synagogue government”).

          As the video makes quite clear, as the state grows, it co-opts and absorbs and finally replaces the institutions of self, family, and Church government. In the end, there is only the state. That’s why it is our true enemy. No matter how nobly one strives to contain the state by means of a written constitution, evil men will contrive a way to subvert it, and empower the state, and ultimately enslaving everyone.

          We can do nothing about this, alas. But we CAN understand it, and know when we’re being lied to. Which is why I am drawn to this web site each day.

      2. I appreciate your optimism Col., but there is far too much involved – they will never — and who listens to us “conspiracy nuts”. I picture us all camping together some day in the same FEMA resettlement camp 🙂 I’ll bring the popcorn and s’mores, if they let me.

        1. No s’mores in the camps. Pure hard tack and MRE’s. No, I don’t expect a metanoia here. They are probably practicing their “I am not a crook” as we speak.

          It’s sad really when you consider how many average people out there with normal knowledge of things related to these aspects of their story can just watch it and not say “hey, that’s not right”.

          It’s like The 9-11 Movie. There are pilots who KNOW it can’t happen that way. There are people certified to clean up crime scenes who KNOW you have to be certified and manifest the material, etc..

          But, just like the alleged bodies left at the scene, on that day they had “special dispensation” to break all the rules. One day after the event they have an army of 500 volunteers slapping paint. Another crew tromping through a crime scene. Hey, it makes good television.

  5. Ok, so the people involved in the demolition has to sign affidavits to not disclose what the saw, but it could be for what they DID NOT SEE, no partitions, no plywood, no blood. Besides, McGuire Company supposedly did the clean up. This is exactly why No agency could tell me who cleaned up the blood. Like I have said for a year now, THERE WAS NO BLOOD TO CLEAN UP

    1. Kelley, exactly. This little issue of cleanup is bigger than some realize. You must be certified to do that sort of work. It is disgusting but necessary. It is a biohazard.

      Just like with the EMT’s and refusal to take “wounded” to area hospitals, this is completely contrary to normal protocols.

      Here we are to believe that the Governor called his pal and he responded “instantly” by sending his construction workers into a biohazard site to “erect plywood barriers” and remove the contents of the school.

      Meanwhile, according to the story, “volunteers” at Chalk Hill feverishly repaired and repainted in preparation for the furniture. All the while a police cordon was in place to prevent onlookers from contaminating the crime scene.

      In the end we are left with what appears to be the belief that extreme emotional trauma will cause anyone observing this to loose all their ability to analyze events logically. It just gets “curiouser and curiouser”.

    2. http://www.jpmaguire.com/
      JP Maguire only specializes in property damage cleaning and restoration. “just make it go away!”

      That says it all, they made it go away and they only do property damage cleaning and restoration. Well, if 27 bodies damaged the property and it was left in shattered remains………..

    1. I wonder how the “replicators” dealt with the custom-made, curved library shelves? Did they build a curved wall at the new site?

      Why would it be necessary to “replicate” anything? Would that be a “good” thing? Who dreams this up?

      1. Lophatt, I have said it all along, that SHES was really Chalk Hill School, and that is where the students were going at least ten years before the Drill, during the Drill, and 16 months after the Drill.

        I have to make a business trip to western Mass. early next month and I will pass through Newtown on I-84 and will visually check a few things out myself.

        1. John Luv, if you have an out of state license plate you may find Ms. Llodra in her golden chariot on your tail. If you manage to view the sights and not get arrested, that will be very interesting.

          Anyways, the Berkshires area of western Massachusetts is beautiful any time of the year. Enjoy.

        2. John, what I’m trying to say is that they showed pictures of the curved cabinetry and said that they were “moving” it to Chalk Hill. Unless Chalk Hill also had a nice curved wall just like SHES, how would that work.

          This whole idea of “replicating” the old school is nonsense. Why would a kid want to go to a place just like the one they’ve been told was attacked? How “reassuring” is that?

          Good luck on your trip. Too bad the old school is no longer there to examine.

        3. Should one be shocked that ‘Huff-Po’ was enlisting its services to bolster the official narrative in the immediate wake of the event?

        4. A curved wall or book shelf can be free standing, and used as a partition. It might not be up against a wall.

        5. John,

          I do hope that you will stop into the local libraries and check the status of Chalk Hill. Librarians know everything! (Mom was a university librarian.)

          It never made sense to me that you would go to all the trouble and expense to completely shut down a working school building, when only a small area of the building could be renovated.

          Clearly, it was done to distance the children from all those associations of the traumatic shooting event. Why on earth would you go to all the trouble and expense of moving the children, only to exactly replicate the school environment?

          It contradicts the reasoning for the move, and only makes sense if they anticipate a problem with new and old school photos, of Sandy Hook and Chalk Hill matching up.

          Part of Chalk Hill the lower level, was listed as a recreation center. It seemed to me, that the cluttered classrooms, disordered storage areas, small scale food prep area and the tall stack of wading pools in the Sandy Hook gym looked much more like a recreation center than a top tier public school in an exclusive area populated by wealthy professional parents. I hope you can check into the recreation center.

          Good luck John!


        6. Sandy, you probably have hit the explanation of the reasoning on the nose, and I agree.

          I’d also like to add a possible reason for the use of Sandy Hook, Dickenson Rd, as the scene. The destruction of it after the event provides the reason for the government and business donation of money. I like to think of it as money laundering.

        7. Thanks. It will only take a few minutes for me to see for myself what I need to see, as it is on the way to where I am going 🙂 What I need to see will be very easy to find out, and it will be incognito. Basically, what I am looking for is proof of a population of 28,000, which I can ascertain in a few minutes. If my theory is correct, I will find much less than 10% of that total?

          Before I obtained my degree in Accounting, I was a Geography major, and I did that for over two years before switching. I will be able to answer the basic question of “What?” is Newtown without relying on pre-published material.

        8. For me the jury’s still out on the school. I understand where John is coming from. It could be, but my suspicion is that they took photos at Chalk Hill but had at least some classes at SHES.

          I think that would account for the dirt and disorder. Of course, I could be wrong. It really won’t bother me one way or another. The story is just as unbelievable either way.

          Good luck John.

        9. John,

          While you are there, give first selectman Tim Herbst a call and see if he’ll have coffee. He appears to have a lot of interesting information on Danny Malloy’s pal.

          He’s no fan of Barbarotta. It appears to be mutual – Barbarotta refers to Herbst publicly as ‘little Timmy.”

      2. Lophatt, I know, right?! If you were in a traumatic situation like this supposed Sandy Hook mass shooting – or if your child was – would you seriously want to duplicate those surroundings? HELL NO! Talk about post-traumatic stress…yeah, just put us back in there.

        1. Beth, yes. The perfect word for this is “hooey”. Do these people read what they write? Does it make sense to them? Now we know what happened to the former residents of Fairfield Hills. They became writers on the Sandy Hook reality show.

        2. Yes lophatt, “hooey” is polite and very sufficient. In a perfect world people would look at SHH, shake their heads and say “…hooey”, and then do something useful.

        3. That does look very interesting. I doubt that they will build a new school, because, with the dwindling population of that area, they really don’t need one. Only a weekday visit to town will verify that statistic. My geography senses tell me that Chalk Hill (SHES) is sparsely populated. They will pocket the money and then some.

        4. Great video. Thanks for posting that. The only way they could make a school of this size work would be to consolidate other schools into it – which may be the plan since the other schools are so outdated.

          It is correct that the population in the schools have dwindled considerably – there is absolutely, positively no cost justification for this building (unless as mentioned last night it’ll have a government bunker under it).

          It does look a little like a maximum security prison – those little structures on the top – is that where the fun turrets will be placed?

        5. That’s just the “above ground” stuff. It starts to make more sense if you think that they need a “facility” for some reason. Just like the Denver Airport. Those towers come in pretty handy if you have something to hide or need air vents for underground operations.

          Why lavish $50M on an elementary school in an area where the student body won’t support it? They have a plan for this all right.

        6. Those 26 towers allegedly are in memory of the 20 children and 6 educators killed that day. Of course, they could also be great lookout towers and, like Lophatt said, vents like Denver International Airport. Perhaps artwork reminiscent of DIA as well. Can’t wait to see the plans for the world class performing arts center.

        7. Anne, yes. Remember that town in Oklahoma that was wiped out by the tornado? The first thing they built was a “performing arts center”. What’s up with that? I love art, but I doubt that its most people’s priority when the whole town blows away.

        8. Lophatt, I remember it well. Sandy Hook Truth ripped that story wide open. Performing arts centers and fancy theaters with Egyptian themes in places we would least expect. Newtown has a movie theater in the old Edmond Town Hall where we could see movies for 2 dollars. Actually very nice inside, too nice to be replaced with an Egyptian Colossi.

          “Edmond Town Hall is home to the first-best second-run movie house in New England. We feature popular movies after they’re in chain theatres but before they come out on DVD, so you can enjoy the true theatre experience on the silver screen. With $2 admission and an affordable candy counter, your family can have a night out without digging into your pocket.”

        9. Even without the creepy music that is one creepy looking school! What is up with those creepy towers? Yet another horriic and daily reminder for the students in their “duplicated” school. Is that fencing on top of the concrete wall going to be barbed wire? One word – CREEPY!

    1. Don’t Forget Larger Context, Perspective: Spenglerian, Western “Decline”

      Because, my dear Kathy, we’re in midst of CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler–this all is what happens w. degenerate, hubristic people, mostly apathetic, don’t doubt, within a degenerate culture which is sated w. pretend “wealth” and “prosperity,” addicted to “bread,” but especially “circuses” and spectacles.

      Look at what’s going on–these people are being SHOWERED w. funds and “money” which is just printed-up and digitalized by means of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEIT scam. This Fed COUNTERFEITING is the KEY to the entire degenerate, hubris-infused culture.

      So the take-away to this observation I give u is it’s a large-scale DETERMINISTIC (in accord w. absolute cause-effect, no perfectly “free” human will) process, and u and we need to plan and analyze accordingly.

      Our chances for recovery and reviving the Constitutional republic will only come as the US Dollar collapses, which is happening even as we speak–that’s why masterminds are steadily trying to get us further and deeper in war–look at recent activity in Ukraine, ho ho ho.

      It’s important not only to keeping eye on details–at & for which this blog and posters are extremely good (my hat’s off to u all)–but also the large context and perspective. We’re in a long-term historical down-trend as the general culture/civilization “declines”–fm at least US Civil War of 150 yrs ago, don’t doubt.

      For another, more detailed example: look at the sort of “new-agey” sort of people involved in Newtown and the Sandy Hook fraud. One of the extremely relevant psychologic issues is that of the perfectly “free” human will vs. aforementioned determinism. The “new-agey” -types love to think they have this God-like, hubristic “free” will by which they can seriously change reality and become “morally virtuous.” These new-agey -types thus believe in the “noble lie” of Leo Strauss–by which it’s okay to lie and commit fraud IF and as long as it’s for a “greater good.”

      Anyway, the active, on-going, overall process taking place, as I say, is the continuing collapse of US Dollar–this threatens the oligarchs’ main, primary weapon, that money-making instrument, the Fed–that’s why they’re trying urgently to get us into war, never forget. “War is the health of the state.”

      1. Well, in 1914, if one had a Morgan Silver Dollar in his pocket, he could travel from Butler, Pa to Pittsburgh Pa, watch a professional baseball game, have dinner, a stay at a decent Hotel, have a few beers in the local tavern, and return home with at least a silver dime, buffalo nickel, and a couple of Indian head pennies in his pocket. Today, that same excursion would cost several hundred paper dollars. So, yes, the dollar is collapsing substantially!

        1. Yes John, thanks–and my pt. is this collapse is accelerating substantially–thus the powers gotta start a war, or something, as distraction to the over-populated goons addicted to foot-ball games and TV.–upon which indeed, we see they’re doing their best, in Syria, Iran, Ukraine, and even in east Pacific w. Korea and China squabbling about islands w. Japan. Mass-corp. “news”-media is necessary to spook & psyche the goons, so a false-flag would also serve to remove the I-net.

        2. There is so much push-back on the Senate Resolution 65 redux, that Team “Lets-increase-sanctions-on-Iran-in-order-to tank-talks” has asked the Neo-Con Republicans to delay a vote.

          I can not figure out why starting a war in Syria or Iran is beneficial to anyone, as a distraction or otherwise.

          What is the point of a new Middle-East War? The US certainly can not afford it, the rest of the world is against it, so who benefits?

        3. Wondering: haven’t u hrd old saying, cited by American founders, I believe, “War is the health of the state”?

          War in mid-east is wet-dream of Israeli terror-state, which is the tail wagging US dog, never doubt.

          Further, note w. imminent currency and economic collapse, thus starvation, civ. un-rest, etc., war is necessary, typical, and traditional diversion to keep people’s attn. off domestic criminals–much like WWII was.

      2. Disagree – they have only contempt for citizens whom they consider like ants worth crushing beneath their feet. Lying is their natural state as they are sociopaths.

    2. “The shattered remains” of the school? Wow! Was “Adam” a bomber too?

      Looks like the “Gov” sure can pick ’em when it comes to friends. Parasitic capitalism. Nice. I suppose it isn’t cheap to either send employees into biohazard sites without training or to shut them up when they find nothing there.

      1. Lophatt, I picked up on the shattered remains too. Gave me a good chuckle. Made it easy on the demolition crew though – so much less to demolish. Adam was really something. Not only did he carry weapons and ammunition enough to kill 20 students and 6 educators many times over, and then himself too, but he managed to put some sort of a long gun in the glove compartment of a car, and after killing himself put another weapon in the trunk of supposedly the same car. While all this was going on he managed to shatter the school as well. Left it in shattered remains according to this Pulitzer Prize candidate. No wonder the need to study the brains of super human Adam Lanza.

        The leadership of CT is corrupt to the core, but they have plenty of competition from their neighbors directly to the east and the west. No shrinking violets to be found there either.

        1. On December 14, 2012, a virtually unknown 6′ – 112 lb Adam (already dead according to the SSD) who carried 40 lbs of weaponry, breeched the front glass, checked out the office, gunned down the first wave, tried locked doors,entered a classroom, hit a single car in the lot multiple times from various directions, changed magazine clips, managed an unprecedented 26:2 spree, and if you believe the music teacher – ran around to the far end of the school and pounded on her door, then shot himself, all with the space of 5 to 11 minutes.

          This is about the average time it takes for a television commercial break.

          In his spare time, he left the building in “shattered remains!” Wow.

          Yet, most intelligent people refuse to doubt all this nonsense.

          Perhaps, inherently good people are incapable of evaluating the actions of inherently bad people.

    3. Never let a good disaster pass without a financial reward I always say. Why, it’s positively “inspirational”.

      There are schools all over the country crying for financial help. In little Newtown it rains money. Others get crabs, they get lobsters.

    4. For certain + this guy’s companies are on the receiving end of all kinds of nice municipal / state gov work. Nice to be friends w/the gov…but his cronies are starting to bite back – he’s had some litigation and had a staffer leave and start his own biz – and swipe one of the contracts away…and big Al went ballistic.

  6. This is just crazy….the MSM can do all kinds of hidden camera expose’s on third world adoption and sex-slavery, but we can’t get any media to uncover one crumb from the MOUNTAIN of deception surrounding this event. Thankfully, you are doing your best Mr. Tracy.

  7. From Huffington Post:

    Near-Replica Of Sandy Hook Made Nearby For Students… “All the same posters, artwork, smart boards, even cubby holes are going into the classrooms, too.”

    This whole story is completely ridiculous, and tends to support some of the the theories that Sandy Hook was not operating; or just something super-weird that these psycho freaks are up to implementing their sick plans on us regular folks.

    1. Bill, it’s insane. The “media” will print anything they’re told. “They designed the new bridge to look just like the one that collapsed. That way survivors can feel at home driving over it”. I suppose its a good thing there’s no cannibalism involved (yet). They would be running stories of cutlery donations.

    2. From looking at the old photos of the “kid victims” it is clear many of them were not taken in the years 2006 onward. More like 2001 onward (or earlier). Potentially, they actually attended first grade in 2007 rather than 2012.

      Lots of the “kid victim” images of their toddler years appear to have originated from film cameras. Images originated from film must be scanned in order to be used in digital format. Those images when used in electronic media are lossy, they do not look crisp and clear (http://www.digitalmemoriesonline.net/scan/output/jpeg_vs_tiff.htm)

      The early 2000s were transitional years, many families had not yet invested in digital. By 2006, digital cameras were the norm. Images originating from digital cameras hold-up well in electronic media.

      The technological adoption curve fits well with the evidence of the “kid victims” real ages as seen in the Super Bowl 2013.

      1. That sounds right. What this has pointed to more than anything else is that we only know what we see on TEE VEE. We have no real way to validate what they show. If it seems to “make sense”, few question it. When it is as ridiculous as this, and then immediately used for political purposes, it is suspicious.

        They have been caught recently using footage from Greece and claiming it was Russia. It just points to the fact that they are just a political outlet. They are not even embarrassed by getting caught. They see their jobs as being primarily propagandists.

        To me it is quite obvious that the footage here, just like the 9-11 stuff, was spliced together from various sources and presented as contiguous. It is equally obvious that it will not stand scrutiny.

  8. If Barbarotta was ready with his plywood and cleaning crews, moved onto the scene and started cleaning and erecting plywood walls and partitions the day after the shootings and while the police were just starting to investigate the “crime scene” in detail, implies that he may have been informed beforehand of his part in the play.

    1. Well done Beth D.- this is great information, a very important piece to the puzzle that you and the good Professor have saved from disappearing down the memory hole.

      1. You’re very kind Sandy – thanks. I started just to poke around the Gov’s connection with Newtown, Sandy Hook, contracts, etc. and it was right there. The good journalists who started picking at this stuff ahead of me are to receive the real credit (and their editors). I’m so glad Prof. Tracy took this and created a good blog piece from it. The pieces are falling together such that we have even more info. to question.

    2. Thank *you* Beth for your efforts. As we now know from so many deep events, major media are often capable of doling out the bread crumbs, yet will seldom make the effort to explain where they lead.

    1. Beth, that is insane. Connecticut has a very large number of charity organizations and foundations that are tax exempt, so where is this money coming from? The beleaguered taxpayers? Or…. perhaps Alfonso Bebe Barbabozo is getting a cut from all the grants and GE largesse. Just a silly thought of course. Now, this is a racket worth its weight in gold.

      The governor and his first friend Alfonso may not win the next election, rigged as it is, so they are skimming the cream off the top faster than they can milk the dairy herd. Great find about Al Barbarotta, another one to add to the cast of characters in Fairfield County. Thanks Beth and Dr. Tracy.

      1. Thank you, Anne B! You are always so on top of these subjects – hats off to you and our crew here. I know exactly what you’re saying – this list of fiscal expenditures (in the above link) is mind boggling!

        Maybe we’re looking at oodles of cash coordinated with a pre-planned event? I mean really – look at some of these projects! LED lighting? C’mon! Really? If it isn’t money laundering or something else extremely shady, I will eat my hat.

        1. I wonder if some percentage of all these contracts for “schools” are really going to build this structure, which is not actually a school and is something the public would never agree to pay for–so they have to dupe it by calling it a school.

        2. There are many ways to “launder” money. Seen on a larger scale it must be understood that those who control vast sums of ill-begotten loot don’t need it for their personal enjoyment. They depend on the fact that most look at things like these from their own perspectives of being “landless peasants”.

          “Money” in this sense it just an instrument of control. They are not concerned with acquiring more (they have enough for ten lifetimes), they are concerned with furthering their agenda and keeping anyone else from having the means to escape their control.

          There are black ops funds, drug money, prostitution, insider trading scams, you name it. As I’ve said before, this is a hierarchical arrangement. Those at the top are invisible. Those who appear to be at the top are nothing more than highly-rewarded flacks. Those below them are essentially provided immunity from prosecution and allowed to run whatever scam they like. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the overall plan they don’t care.

          Those attracted to politics, for example, do so because they know this. They know that they will become rich and powerful within their permitted realm. I can assure you that all these acts of apparent “charity” are not. It is an excuse to move large sums of money to places where they prefer it to be.

          Why do you think they are so scrupulous about who gets picked to account for this? It is true that a certain amount will get skimmed, but the bulk will go somewhere they’ve decided to put it. This operation isn’t primarily about money. But, as they say, “never let a crisis go to waste”.

    1. Former Connecticut governor John G. Rowland must have been a boy scout compared Malloy. They all find “work” after office and prison. I’m sure Malloy has his next career already lined up.

      “On December 23, 2004, Rowland pleaded guilty to depriving the public of honest service. Rowland was sentenced on March 18, 2005, in New Haven, Connecticut, to one year and one day in prison, four months house arrest, three years probation and community service. On April 1, 2005, he entered Federal Correctional Institution, Loretto, in Pennsylvania. His federal inmate number was 15623-014.”

  9. There is horror movie directed by John Carpenter called “In the mouth of madness”. It’s about a NE town. Anyone else seen it, and made any parallels to SH?

    “if you go to Hobb’s End, even just reading about it, you will return insane. If you read to the end you will be consumed and stay forever”.

    Well worth watching!

    1. Col – had to go look up the movie as I’d never heard of it. Looks interesting. Just was teased with YouTube clips. Now I want to find the movie or book. Thanks.

  10. Not being a practitioner of the “occult”, I find it very difficult to comprehend the “official” narrative surrounding Sandy Hook.

    I learned about the likely intentions from the map that was briefly shown in the “Dark Knight Rises”, which of course led to another psycho babble med led attack with multiple suspects initially identified.

    Re the MSM, I can only assume they fully condone the entourage of “fallen ones” prancing about like spiritually void containers on many of America’s recent award shows. It’s all connected, as was London’s occult based Olympic opening/closing nonsense in 2012.

    Time this world booted the “hoofed one” into oblivion. That Bohemia Grove owl also needs to go. An honest society is a transparent society, but it seems like one needs to be Knight Kaddosh or above to learn what the truth is. Everything has been turned round 180 degrees.

    Where there is darkness, may there be light. Time to get the floodlights on at full power as there is too much crap still lurking about in the shadows with these Luciferian lunatics.

    As an outright financial collapse approaches, the next one will likely be a major incident involving a huge loss of life. Get the dual passport figures in authority out of power. They are America’s true enemy!

    1. The clever plot is to bankrupt commoners, pheasants, the middle class and anyone who has not sworn allegiance to the Cause. They will take away money, health, mind and land from people to strengthen their own Cause. It will be not be done by bloodshed in the streets and invasion of this country and other compliant countries as they have done elsewhere, but by global weapons. Weapons called UN, EU, NATO, NAFTA, anything Common, Agenda 21, CFR, Bank for International Settlements, Chatham House, Tavistock, Davos, TV, Hollywood, Media, Big Pharma, Fear – I could go on forever. These weapons need ammunition and they have that in form of highbrow and lowbrow minions hired for the Cause.

      How many homeless, broke, sick and ill informed people does it take for a once prosperous country to wake up? What is happening here is nothing new, just the methods for the Cause have changed – “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” – look it up.

      1. While the stated origins are a little strange, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” is interesting. Thank you for recommending it.

        The Psychological Warfare is constant and has been going on much longer than Sandy Hook (although it was Sandy Hook that made me aware of it).

        I’m interested in how obsessed these folks are with lying… they just keep piling it on. My guess is that the real goal is quite simple… to lie and make people believe lies.

        How do liars react to being known as liars? How do liars react to other seeing through their BS?

        My sense is that it weakens them.

        1. Wondering: The liars at this level are psychopaths. The have no consciousness and no empathy and can’t relate to ordinary humans beings. I posted about CIA director William Casey previously. When the masters no longer need their services, they may end up dead or in Casey’s case speechless and brain damaged. I highly recommend this book: Political Ponerology (A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes) by Andrew M. Lobaczewski.

          We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.– William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting in 1981)

        2. Empire Of Lies: Built Upon Subjectivism, Perfectly “Free” Will

          Wondering: u bring-up excellent subject & question. Note philosophy, at the outset for basic principles, takes two main branches, (a) Aristotle and the objective reality, and (b) Plato, also Kant and Descarte, who hold to subjectivism.

          Note then objectivity gives the only basis for TRUTH (hence Christianity), the objective reality providing the necessary criterion for any claim of truth.

          Observe further, objective reality leads to determinism, absolute cause-effect, no perfectly “free” human will, while subjectivism is the realm of “good-evil” and the perfectly “free,” (ultimately God-like) human will, which is much taken by children who are so typically dependent upon approval of parents, elders who demand obedience, “good” being equated w. obedience–like the “good dog.”

          Problem, of course, w. subjectivism is that anything goes, there’s no real standard for true-false–SO anything could be truth and lies at same time. BUT regardless, subjectivism is necessary for “good-evil” by which people are most easily controlled.

          MOST people are ambivalent and easily confused upon basic philosophic ideas, don’t forget. Most people prefer to “going-along,” and seek and accept “leadership.”

          So note the establishment–esp. a gross criminal establishment, as we have presently–typically demands OBEDIENCE, hence they push “good-evil,” “free” will, and subjectivism as grounds/justification for this demand for obedience of theirs.

          Another obvious problem is free-lance subjectivists are quite given to lying–since, after all, everything’s subjective anyway, right?–and those who are especially addicted to this sort of out-of-control lying and subjectivism often become known as psychopaths and can be vicious towards fellow humans who don’t co-operate.

      2. Wondering: The stated origins are not working for the people. Thus each become a weapon in its own right There is more than one way to declare war against humanity.

      3. Previously I mentioned “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”. Today I listened to David Icke’s latest rant on his new media outlet and he dissects that very paper. He says it much better than I ever could, and if anyone has 55 minutes to spare, it is well worth listening to. No commercials. Icke says that the cabal does not see war like we do, but as part of the orchestrated manipulation of “their” economic system. Beth will appreciate what Icke says about public education.

        Icke also refers to pediatrician Dr. Richard Day. Dr. Day’s speech in March 1969, ten years prior to the date of May 1, 1979 on the “Silent” document, was written down from memory by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan who attended the same conference in 1969. No one at the conference was allowed to record Dr. Day’s speech, who by the way was a Rockefeller insider and lived in Connecticut. Dr. Dunegan titled his document “The New Order of Barbarians”.

        Radio Liberty: The New Order of Barbarians (Volume 1) Audiobook CD– Original recording by Dr. Stanley “Stan” Monteith(Author),Dr. Lawrence Dunegan(Author)& 1 more

        Icke on Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars:

        1. Yes never give up to what you believe inthe ‘ powers of B ‘ want to make it difficult, put obsticals in your way, in thought and emotions, to distract. Divide and Rule with the government parties, keeping you thinking one is better than the other. Enforcing the ‘ me, me, me, what is best for me culture,’ and not considering the whole plan and falling into their system , easily manipulated , the bigger picture money being circulated, without question. We are not mavericks we are ordinary people, leading ordinary lives that challenge authority – for the greater good. They don’t like that but for the sake of us all we should never give up.

    1. Sounds like SHE was a paintball shoot house (for LE using Simunition). Perhaps they had not had time to tear down the plywood walls and make it look like areal school?! Confusing stuff!

    1. Actually Larry, it was done in a tent in the parking lot. New York mayor Bloomberg sent something that ME H Wayne Carver referred to as a ‘magnificent thing’ – a portable morgue.

      Although Sandy Hook was the biggest story in the world, not a single one of the hundreds of journalists who descended upon Newtown, witnessed the transfer of any of the bodies to the morgue. This is not credible – especially since the school lies at the end of a cul de sac, with but a single exiting roadway. On Saturday, the press asked Dr. Carver when the bodies would be moved. Done! When they all gasped in collective astonishment, he announced something to the effect that he spent a big percentage of his career time developing surreptitious vehicles.

      Besides, how do you autopsy Alison Wyatt. who was created from a stolen photobucket picture?

      1. Precisely Sandy, what logical reason could there possibly be to do autopsies in the parking lot? Why,…….it must have been in the drill schemata.

        The coroner creates “undercover hearses”? Why? He didn’t even make sense. What do they do at a crime scene? “Elvis has left the building”?

        We’ve all been over this a hundred times. I’m still astonished. Like “Wondering” says below, “these folks are from a different culture….”. Yeah, Uranus.

      2. Sandy you hit the nail on the head, The school at the end of a cul de sac, with a single exit. not a single journalist staked there witnessed the transfer of any bodies to the morgue, how come? did they all fall asleep?.. so what was the meaning of Dr Carver developing surreptitious vehicles..similar meanings of that word is, secret, discreet, sneaky, covert and clandestine ( Oxford Thesaurus).. anyway why would they want to do that.. it would have been more simple for them to evacuate the bodies ( if thats the case) in caskets without much question.. it seems to have backfired and more questions are now being asked about the validity of the event, due to no evidence of the removal.

  11. This video came across my radar in the past few days:


    I watched it twice. Seeing “Allissa Parker” re-enact the moment she supposedly first handled the clothes her daughter was wearing at the time of her “death” was interesting. What mother would do that for the cameras?

    Again, the “Parkers” re-enact the painting of the children’s play space as if it were prior to their daughter’s “death.” Odd.

    It really is as though these folks are from a different culture and do not understand the crassness or tackiness of using Hollywood-styled scripted reenactments to milk their daughter’s “death.”

    On the micro-expression level, the “Parkers” enjoy being in this “dramatic movie.” They like the attention, their sense of importance, and the casting of themselves as “heroes.” In expression and mannerisms, Robbie Parker reveals a weak morality and sense of self. Allissa is mad, but she very much enjoys the benefits of this “job.”

    1. How about re-enacting the oil truck showing up with free oil? Alissa watching from the window, the oil truck driver turning to wave. Such a thoughtful anonymous gesture, let’s bring in a camera crew to re-create it…

      1. Maestro you took the words from my fingers… about the Parkers, I thought – s0, they re-created the druck driver, the truck, and the so called oil… to demonstrated the kindness… ….now who owned that oil..? what company was giving it away.. I had to laugh.. How can they do this..! Yes if their loss was true, they wouldn’t have to do anything, you would know by their true actions, not this role of good V Evil…its bad acting in my view… We never saw Mr Lanza having the meeting with these two.. we heard about it.. It was private.. OH yes..

        1. From December 2013:
          At a news conference Monday, Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra had a message for the national and international media looking to cover the one-year anniversary of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School: Stay away. “Please respect our need to be alone,” Llodra said. “To be quiet and to have that personal time to continue on our journey of grief in the way that serves us.”

          That woman really disturbs me. There is something about Pat. They need to be alone and grieve in ways that serve them, she says. No need to expand on that, because the Newtowners have been basking in the limelight ever since, traveling to DC on Air Force One, starring in ridicules little propaganda films (Parkers, etc.) and students (dead or alive) singing at the Super Bowl, all the while hording cash and gifts. If this is the journey of grief that serves them best, the joke will eventually be on them. Karma may come around as Dr. Carver suggested in a rare
          moment of honesty.

          In the meantime we can’t take anything seriously from those necks of the wood, but get a good laugh instead at their little films, statements and appearances. Humor them.

    2. Very strange. Why would they want to lead people to God if it was done by evil?

      Produced by Shadow Mountain, a subsidiary of Deseret Books. Church of the Latter Day Saints?

      Can anyone get a still of the picture at 3:28? I would love to know if the older girl is photo shopped into the picture.

      You don’t really see too many pictures of all three girls together. The one they show playing in the beginning looks like the middle child, not Emilie. Slick, they don’t show her face. She has bangs, unlike any of the girls in any of the photos.

      1. At 2:31 there’s a picture of the Parker’s with the two girls, and it’s quite strange that both of them are now the same size.

        It’s hard to catch that still, almost as if it was meant to be in there as subliminal.

      2. the picture at 3:15 is definitely photoshopped. There are several youtubes on it. The most obvious flaw is the disproportionate length of her right arm which extends far beyond a normal length. As for 3:28 picture I do not know

        1. If you go to Sandy Hook Elementary website they have archives of the newsletter that was sent out monthly, go to September 20th 2012, in that newsletter it states “Picture day is September 28th” and goes on to say ” all students will be photographed even if packages are not purchased”, so with all these recent photos of these children why were only obvious older or just fake photos used by the media, there is even a phone number in the newsletter to call about this event, I just recently started looking at this false flag operation. wow, America needs to wake up..

      3. I don’t think their hope is to lead people to God.

        God is the Truth. By having people believe a LIE, I gather their logic is that they are leading people *away from God.*

        In response to an earlier post, AnneBerg wrote: “Wondering: The liars at this level are psychopaths. The have no consciousness and no empathy and can’t relate to ordinary humans beings.”

        For me, this answers the question of “How” anyone could tell these monstrous lies.

        As for the producers, director, videographer, set/prop master, lighting and sound technicians, and editor of this tasteless little production… I’m not sure what to say. The commercial is one cliche after another. Seriously, the “opening the mail scene?” Didn’t we see this scene in the movie “It Could Happen to You?” (Go to: 12:07)


        The scene of Robbie in a third world country? Didn’t we see the “helping others after personal tragedy” scene in “Soul Surfer” based on the authentic Christian Bethany Hamilton?


        The Parker’s video is positioned to showcase them as being triumphant over their painful loss. If their loss was true, there would be no need for the theatrical production to make the “audience feel the pain.”

      4. Violeta, I don’t think that’s what they’re doing, “leading people to God”. It is true that anything with the name “Deseret” attached to it is a product of the cult, however. Big on appearances.

        These people are from Outer Space (normally). Creating alternate realities is what they do. They are very used to it. There is a reason for a beehive being their symbol.

    3. Touchy-Feely, Protestething Tooooooo Much

      Wow, by golly, what a TOUCHING, feeling, production that vid really, truly was–copyright 2013 too, if u noticed–they got right to work, didn’t they? Ho ho ho

      I’ll tell u: I was soooooooo “touched” I wanted to puke. Let me tell u one thing, as careful student of philosophy (’twas my major once), that jumped out to me–ck it again urself to see if I’m wrong–the vid pushes is “good-evil” and “choices”–so u see vid is designed for all those (who are legion) who insist upon, or at least will accept, this child’s “good-evil” and perfectly “free” (hence) God-like will.

      It’s not like most people consciously insist upon such “good-evil” hereticalism (Pelagianism), BUT they, not having confidence in ability to actually think and analyze, GO ALONG w. such child’s “good-evil,” etc.

      The more I see and learn about Sandy Hook massacre “event,” the more I’m persuaded it’s such putrid, filthy hoax, so perfectly designed for non-thinkers–not that they’re necessarily so stupid, but they’re very willing to go along and be suckers for this touchy-feely crap.

      1. Thank you lophatt, wondering, and apollonian, I see what you mean. They are saying what is considered leading people to God, which is considered a good thing, but actually they are not, and they know that they are not. It’s a part of their lie, and another level of their lie.

        Apollonian, I am just beginning to understand your explanations of Pelagianism, and would appreciate information about finding more about it. Thanks.

        1. Hi Violeta: Pelagianism is a heresy denounced by St. Augustine. Pelagius, a monk fm Britain, held one could earn one’s way to heaven by means of “good works”–which St. Augustine vehemently denounced, insisting we’re hopeless sinners doomed to heck.

          This debate over “good works” was revisited later by Martin Luther, who cited and took up St. Augustine’s position against the famous humanist, Erasmus.

          U can easily google Pelagianism by the name(s), and u can also do it by means of Augustine or St. Augustine, also Luther and Erasmus–there are huge section for all these on wikipedia.

  12. Reponding to Patrick: no reply button available….

    The video I linked was so penetrating and logical, I sat almost unmoored form many moments. It makes perfect sense. But I have always maintained that American excess is not new nor a ‘Yankee’ predisposition. It is univsersal to our species. In the past I have pointed out the heirarchical configuration that permeates human transactions. Power rises to the top and homage is paid to power, both voluntarily and by suppression of free will. That is the reality of the macrocosm; however, we deal with and live on another plane of existence. There is where our past conversation has diverged, Patrick.

    We need government–legitimate governance, with courageous leadership. When men fail to assume responsibility, the state is left in disarray, as we see now. And we are left with false choices–left/right; Communism/Capitalism. Fascism is a melding of these ideologies.
    Religion plays a role in propagandizing for the staus quo. The major institutions of society become toxic when no one stands up to power.

    I think the video is proffering for responsible governance, not the total annihilation of it. That I fear has become the mantra of many who wish to usurp the Constitution and replace it with their own set of rules. To me, that will not result necessarily in a better society. And I suppose we are stuck with this unfortunate circumstance until “Kings be philosophers and philosophers Kings.” It begins in he mind of Mankind.

    1. I appreciate these thoughts, Marilyn. I don’t suspect you will be surprised that I thane exception with some of them.

      “I think the video is proffering for responsible governance, not the total annihilation of it.”

      Watch it again. That guy HATES the state. The whole point of the video is that the state is a conspiracy to enslave the human race, by definition.

      “That I fear has become the mantra of many who wish to usurp the Constitution and replace it with their own set of rules.

      This strikes me as a straw man. ” their own set of rules”? Who be those strange ones? As for me, the worst thing that ever happened to our people is the ratification of the Constitution. The articles of Confederation were as perfect as anyone could hope for, and a pack of conspirators executed a coup to overthrow the legitimate government of the United States, causing all the troubles we now are forced to live with. America was too big then, at the time of the Constitutional Convention, and should have naturally broken up into the Four British Folkways regions. The Indians would not have been utterly destroyed, and slavery would not have become so strong a force. Among other wonderful things. We would not have become an empire. We would not have bought the lands Jefferson purchased from Napoleon, fought a war against Mexico, the plains Indians, Spain, or landed in the present welfare state.

      “We need government–legitimate governance, with courageous leadership.”

      No, we don’t. Well, we DO need “government” self, family and Church government. What we DON’T need is the state. “Courageous leaders” are just what we need to eliminate. Castro, Pol Pot, Lincoln, Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt, Lenin, Obama. Such are the likes that populate the hierarchy of Hell. What we need is a way to ELIMINATE such leadership from emerging, and find a way to keep these monsters from ruining our collective lives.

      “When men fail to assume responsibility, the state is left in disarray, as we see now.”

      No, we see just the opposite. Men have failed to assume responsibility. People actually LIKE Lincoln. they actually LIKE Roosevelt. There is no chance Obama is going to be cast into prison. The state is not, in other words, “in disarray.” It is in total control, and growing. If men were responsible, the state would be dismantled, and most of those who lead it would be in shackles.

      And we are left with false choices–left/right;”

      This much of what you write is true–because the so-called “right” is just another flavor of the statist “left.”


      This depends on what you mean by “capitalism.” If by that term you mean the corporate monstrosity that rules the world today, certainly. If you mean free enterprise, well, we’ll have to part company in that case.

      “Fascism is a melding of these ideologies.” Fascism is indeed what we see today: the total state, which for its own advantage allows vast corporate powers to operate outside the state itself–but always with the proviso that that non-governmental status is a prevailed that can be revoked at any time. Obamacare.

      “Religion plays a role in propagandizing for the staus quo.”

      It certainly does, if you are talking about Islam, or Bahai, or Scientology, or any of the various cults. But not in the case of the real thing.

      “The major institutions of society become toxic when no one stands up to power.”

      Well, the Antifederalists tried. Poor saps. The fix was in. It’s been downhill ever since.

      1. Damn Mac auto-correct software. “thane” was to be “take”

        ” non-governmental status is a prevailed that can” should be “the non-governmental status that prevails can”

      2. Well, Patrick, you are still enamored with Lew Rockwell’s vision of economic philosophy and the Ron Paul “revolution, I see. How you can place FDR and Lincoln into your rogues’gallery of tyrants escapes my sense of history. Capitalism as practiced today is not free enterprise; it is crony redistribution of other people’s wealth bought by other people’s labor. I suppose you approve of redistribution of wealth as long as it is bottom – up and not top-down. (That would be Communism, for heaven’s sake!)

        The whole argument of which scheme is better is getting silly, iMO. Neither agenda is safe from exploitation and corruption. As I say, it’ a matter of leadership. When altruism overtakes greed, perhaps we will see a radical change in the human misery index.

        And I dare say, no one is in “control” of the ongoing financial debacles.
        People sitting at computers can rig the stock market and create bubbles to their faretheewell. Seems if there were indeed controls, these felons would be caught before they wreaked their devastation. What we find is complete planetary chaos and perhaps that is the ultimate goal of the Globalists who think they are the new Gods with the final say in all things. Who’s minding the mint? is an old truism…Appears no one of consequences cares about the nation. And the power of capitalist’s
        devotees runs on at warp speed and runs amok.

        Even Vladimir Putin knew enough to kick out the carpetbaggers who filtered into Russia after the Berlin Wall fell heralding the dissolution of the Soviet system. Those men were all big on Capitalism and its free market opportunities. If they had been allowed to continue to rape and pillage resorces in Russia, that country would be staring at what we now have allowed ourselves to become. I say ‘allowed’ because we put up no resistance.

        Globalization is the ultimate pinnacle of free, unregulated Capitalism. I will accept fair market philosophies, but not this gutting of a country’s –any country’s–wealth. How do you square that with moral values? The state as government can only do so much to curtail the onslaught. You can’t legislate morality. That is a whole other area for scrutiny.

        1. Marilyn: u gotta learn some basic things, like about history: Lincoln mass-murdered thousands of civilians in the south, during “Civ. War.” FDR schemed to leave Pearl Harbor defenseless, encouraging Japan to attack–ck Stinnett’s “Day of Deceit.”

          U use “capitalism” as mere buzz-word, not grasping that it’s necessarily free-enterprise by nature, and dependent upon rule-of-law (like US Constitution) and sanctity-of-contract. Capitalism is what made USA (a) FREE and (b) prosperous, that prosperity fading fast now along w. freedom.

          And “altruism” (selflessness) is impossible, absurd, and anti-human; self-interest is axiomatic and the only proper temperance of it is by means of reason as noted by Hobbes, Locke, and Adam Smith–we’re all sinners (self-interested), and cannot not be.

          Ever hrd of US Federal Reserve Bank (“Fed”)?–it’s literally just a legalized COUNTERFEITING scam–u ought to listen to Ron Paul–the Fed is in total control of all these events happening presently, never doubt.

          Hence u see the “globalists” are monopolists, criminals, and psychopathic, satanic mass-murderers, NOT practitioners of “free-enterprise” or real capitalism which u don’t understand. So I submit we need rule-of-law, NOT fascist “leadership” as u advocate.

          U should be ashamed of ur gross lack of understanding of basic concepts.

        2. U use “capitalism” as mere buzz-word, not grasping that it’s necessarily free-enterprise by nature, and dependent upon rule-of-law (like US Constitution) and sanctity-of-contract. Capitalism is what made USA (a) FREE and (b) prosperous, that prosperity fading fast now along w. freedom.

          There is nothing ‘free’ about the practice of Capitalism in this current application. Oh, and we are now (a) “FREE and (b) prosperous? If you are content to be treated like a debt slave and/or human livestock (per the video), than you are ‘free’ under your definition. And why pray tell are those much fought-for freedoms disappearing? Because of greed which is demanded under Capitalistic systems. Let the buyer beware when the corporate model must feed both the management and the stockholders before the laborers. Lincoln (the mass murderer) said
          ‘Labor trumps capital’. I think that should be the mantra of a civil society, not ‘bottom lines.’

          Subway just got called out for putting additives in their buns used to make synthetic products unrelated to food. How would you classify such unethical behavior?– if not a by-product of competative and runaway corporate (as in Capitalism) misconduct? Shall I cite a hundred such cases?

          Of course I am not a trained economist and I suggest neither are you. But I try to understand why our country is going to Hell in a Handbasket. And It isn’t, despite propaganda, due to Communists or Leftists, though the left and right are enjoined to push Globalization. More likely it is because that agenda is the height of commerical enterprise–the goal of all good corporate minions. And they are legion. Sorry, this issure really gets me riled up. I think I have a pretty good handle on BS and have in mind some who can really throw it expertly. That doesn’t make me a bad person. Laws are only good–on paper or in spirit– when they are enforced or practiced.

          Thank you.

        3. Marilyn, u’re HOPELESS, and a troll too, I guarantee. U imagine u’ll just play w. everyone here w. ur babbling. But I agree it’s not “left or right”–it’s really matter of Christian truth vs. satanic lies, and the satanists have a distinct initiative, esp. w. help of people like u, eh?

        4. Of COURSE I’m in Lew Rockwell’s camp. As Peter asked Jesus, “Where else is there to turn”?

          You write: “But I try to understand why our country is going to Hell in a Handbasket.” I’ll tell you: the Constitution was ratified. The current situation was baked in the cake. When John Marshal usurped power, declaring the Court to be the final say-so as to legislation’s constitutionality, and the president did not tell him to piss up a rope, the empire was inevitable. As I said, America was already too big. at that time; it should not have been made any bigger, and only got bigger by wars of conquest, and slaughter.

          Lincoln was more lawless, by far, than Obama. He was a vile little man, and evil from the inside out. It’s not just that he destroyed the voluntary union and murdered 800,000 Americans. He spent his life as a representative of Yankee railroad barons–which is the real purpose the Republican party was created: to transform America into their envisioned fascist state. Lincoln, by destroying the South, made that happen. When he had outlived his usefulness, they got rid of him. (Incidentally, Dave McGowen’s new series is about how they did it, and the second installment came out yesterday–essential reading).

          The corporations you decry are a direct result of Lincoln’s filthy presidency. They grew to such vast size as a result of the empowerment of the federal government that came after the war. The 25 years that followed the war not only created a new, vicious, racism in the South (the North always hated black people; the South knew how to get along), but Lincoln’s psychopathic generals kept up their blood-fest, systematically murdering the plains Indians and herding the survivors into concentration camps, where their descendants languish to this day.

          Whereas Lincoln was a useful idiot of the Yankee oligarchs, used to launch the transformation of the American state into a fascist one, laying the essential groundwork, Roosevelt transformed America into an openly fascist state. If he did anything good, I am unaware of it.

          You write: “What we find is complete planetary chaos and perhaps that is the ultimate goal of the Globalists who think they are the new Gods with the final say in all things.” As I have explained here many times, the secret powers have used Lincoln’s and Roosevelt’s transformed America as ground zero for the Fabian socialist agenda to drive the world into 1984. They need seeming chaos to do it. People accept any change in the midst of chaos, provided it’s sufficiently horrible. So it’s “chaos” only in the sense that it LOOKS chaotic; its engineered chaos. There is a goal: order out of chaos is the phrase.

          The Bible describes what we see unfolding. America is Mystery Babylon, and it could only become that because of its constitutional destiny to become an empire, and heartlessly devour the world. If the antifederalists had been able to stop it, I suppose someplace else would have allowed the state to grow with such cancer-like metastasis. But as it happened, it’s America that did .

          Now, I’ve made clear before around here that I think the optimism of the Mises Institute is misguided. I believe we are watching 1984 come to pass, and the events described in the sad late stages of the Bible. It can’t be stopped. A return to the libertarian paradise that existed before Lincoln ruined it all is not going to happen. Still, it is the correct model, and it is the only way I know of to truly see through the ridiculous left/right pap that serves as political discourse in our debased era.

        5. Oh, I forgot. Roosevelt got prohibition repealed. I suppose that they say about even a broken clock being correct twice a day is true after all, although with Frankie it was only once.

        6. Patrick, Appollo: seem to have struck a nerve. Though the ruling junta is professing a love for Satan and not hiding it I might add ( which should give you intellectuals pause), I think it’s a big ad campaign. I’m not buying the product. As someone said, “If there is a God, there must be a Satan to give the idea credence.” And many believe that the whole idea of organized religion is merely another extension of myth and superstition employed by power cabals to keep the proletariat chasing their own tails. In other words, a control mechanism, not unlike any other manufactured human hierarchy.

          I don’t see how it can be linked to economics, unless that is a clever ploy to misguide the guileless. Just a thought….(Don’t condemn me to the torch, which was a fit punishment for heretics in the opinion of the all-powerful Church-State. I might guide you both to Webster Tarpley, who is just as credible, IMO, as say–Lew Rockwell. He defends FDR, declaring the broohaha surrounding Pearl Harbor was a right-wing propaganda campaign to discredit a president who they had failed on three occasions to assassinate. hmmmm –True or False?

          As to Lincoln,I see the same passionate and illogical attempt to place blame where it does not exist. The South, hearing of his rise to the White House, decided to make war. War is an illogical decision in any circumstance save self defense. Lincoln was sworn to potect and defend the US Constitution, as was Robert E. Lee, I might point out. Abe defended the union. Why does that get your britches in a bunch? The Confederates could have laid down their guns and saved all those citizens’ deaths you place at the foot of the president. They knew the fight was not a winning proposition. Read the diary of Mary Chestnut, who lived througth it all and blamed the fools who started the Civil War.
          She was a Southern lady of means.

          As Dave Emory writes, the Von Mises Institute devotees are tied to various dissenting groups in the South who still harbor dreams of a separate sovereign state–as in secession. Where I come from, that is tantamount to treason. I doubt we will see another Lincoln with the courage and genius to hold us together once more. Maybe that is what we deserve–total destruction. What will the new flag look like?

          Talk about babble! The libertarians talk a good fight and many will follow right over the cliff. I for one will resist!

          Now I will let this rest.

        7. Marilyn: u struck nerve?–u’re just a troll. And u lie about the Confederates making war; they legally seceded as they had perfect right to do. Ck the 10th Amendment which is all of 28 words long: all rights not delegated to US, not prohibited to states, are reserved to states or people. And secession was not prohibited. Q.E.D.

          In fact, Confederates could well have won the war–see Bevin Alexander’s book. Stonewall Jackson long advocated going on offensive, but Davis and Lee insisted on strategic defense. Even so, Lee had the Gettysburg campaign strategically won–he only needed to ignore Meade and march on any number of targets, even Wash. DC which was exposed due to Meade being out of position to defend it.

        8. “And many believe that the whole idea of organized religion is merely another extension of myth and superstition employed by power cabals to keep the proletariat chasing their own tails.”

          Well, many people believe false things. Are we expected to catalogue all the beliefs of all the morons in the world, or focus on the things that are true? I opt for the latter.

          Did you know that Tarpley is an acolyte of Lyndon Larouche? Do you agree with him, as well?

          Now, as concerns your comments about what Lincoln diid to the Southern half of his country, Marilyn, I am hoping you are only ignorant. The South did not invade the North. This is very easy to discover. The South was INVADED AND DESTROYED. Lincoln did that. His generals did that on his behalf, and then, having practiced they dark arts, went on to do the same to the plains Indian tribes. All Lincoln’s generals go down in history as the greatest genocide artists of all time, twice.

          The South did not “decide to make war.” It decided to leave the union. Completely peacefully. LINCOLN decided to make war. And to destroy the culture of the South. This is not in dispute.

          You say “Lincoln was sworn to potect and defend the US Constitution…I might point out. Abe defended the union” Certainly he did swear that, but he tore the Constitution into tiny bits and pissed on them, and then DESTROYED the union. He transformed a voluntary union into a unitary state. What “gets your britches in a bunch” is the lie that he was a constitutionalist, and a defender of the union, when both are absolutely the opposite of the facts. I hate lies.

          ” The Confederates could have laid down their guns and saved all those citizens’ deaths you place at the foot of the president.”

          This is exactly what they wanted to do, but dishonest Abe would not let them. He hired “Unconditional Surrender” Grant and Sherman, the maniacal marcher to the sea, to ensure that the Sourth would no longer exist.

          If secession is treason, Marilyn, then you are an odd sort of American, because you rebuke the Declaration of Independence, and believe that we should still be under the British monarchy. Or have you not read the Declaration?

        9. Hey Patrick: can u give citation for Dave McGowan on Lincoln that u mentioned in ur note, pls?–can’t seem to find it, so far, fm search engines. Thanks

        10. How fortuitous that Lew polished the perfect article, in light of this conversation, by the great Tom DiLorenzo on the topic of Lincoln this morning. Here is the first paragraph:

          As Clyde Wilson once pointed out, the symbol of America started out as “George Washington on his white horse” but is now “a corporate lawyer/lobbyist in an armchair.” The latter refers to the Lincoln Memorial, which is not so much the symbol of “America” but of the governmental regime in Washington, D.C. That is why Lincoln must be idolized, worshipped, and compared to Jesus Christ (“He died on Good Friday and died for America’s sins just as Christ died for the world’s sins” his idolaters and cultists have been saying for generations), and referred to as “Father Abraham.”


        11. Ho ho ho–thanks much Patrick–and yes, I read Dilorenzo’s two books on Lincoln–highly recommended, well-written, brilliant.

    1. Nick is on the IMDB and performed a small character actor role of a dingbat police detective in Spin City. He also is on film in what appears to be a very low budget, low production value thriller, where he spars with the devil over the family dining table. The above interview looks phony and staged, especially because he is obviously too warm in his winter costume and is wearing a pink plaid woman’s scarf.

      They look like the Greenberg’s to me.

      1. He’s more likely to INVITE the Devil to dinner. I can see the marque now “A Rosen/Greenberg Production”. Ah the roar of the grease paint, the smell of the crowds!

        They could collect all the “Up With People” veterans and make Newtown the new “Branson”. Just imagine, Wayne Newton and the Tabernacle Choir doing “The Messiah” (rhythm section provided by the local Baha’i’s). Break a leg!

        1. Newtown a new Branson? That is not a farfetched thought. They already have an American idol on board to promote this latest world class performing arts endeavor. With all the local talent to assist it’s sure to be a success.

          What Newtown now lacks in lodgings and eateries they will build. Grants will be pouring in, the state’s coffers are overflowing. Tacky museums and gift shops will go up as some stars get their own individual theaters like in Branson. Ms. Llodra will have to curtail her habit of chasing out of towners out of Newtown and embrace the new world they bought. I’d like a ticket to the Rosen/Greenberg/Wheeler opening production with a Newtown City Music Hall Rockettes Spectacular.

        2. Anne, I have stated this many times before and I think that somehow you will agree with me…Newtown lacks many things, and the most important thing that it lacks is population! My instinct tells me that the population of Newtown is not the reported number of 28,000, but much closer to 1,000 or less. This is how the event was easily pulled off without any flack at all internally. A quick drive thru town will easily verify this important statistic 🙂

        3. It will need a new name. No, it will deserve a new name.

          Performing arts…..it trashes humans, especially young girls.

          It also brings in a ton of money.

        4. For it’s new name, (should it indeed get one), I’m going to guess it will be a synonym of aurora.

        5. John Luv, I am as perplexed as the rest of you. Newtown is the second largest town in that region measured in square miles, second after New Milford. Both are listed with around 28,000 residents, but New Milford appears more congested due to a large commercial center, strip malls and big box stores which Newtown lacks. Newtown also has larger residential lots on the average it seems, two acres or more.

          Due to lack of a large retail presence, residents go to neighboring towns for major shopping. The shopping frenzies seen in many places are not present here. There are no motels or hotels in town and just a couple of real nice restaurants, the rest are a diner or two and pizza places for the most – not too many of those either. Many Newtowners commute to work and shop in neighboring towns, one reason it seems like a deserted place.

          Driving around Newtown on the main roads and all the secondary roads will take the better part of a couple of days. Besides the Borough there is also Sandy Hook, Botsford, Hawleyville and Dodgingtown neighborhoods. The impression one gets is that of many older homes, large and well kept, other older homes not so much and new mcmansions desperately trying to keep up with each other. What they all have in common are large lots. Many established houses are far away from the road and hidden. Newtown’s main road is long and goes from the Bethel border to the Monroe border. They have kept the center of Newtown well preserved with older, stately buildings – a bank, library, an insurance company, a real estate office, an inn (restaurant), Edmond Town Hall, several residential homes (some haunted), a church and not to forget the flag pole. There is a medium size shopping center on Queen Street and a larger one called Sand Hill Plaza further south on route 25. Spending some time there one sees no real hustle and bustle except for the exit off I-84 where out of towners stop for gas and to eat at the Blue Colony Diner.

          So compared to New Milford’s 28,000 that are quite visible, Newtown certainly lacks that impression. Maybe they are counting the prison population and also there are some new 55+ residential areas with people moving in from other places. Newtown has several facilities for seniors and a large Masonic rest home, all hidden away. There are definitely more than a thousand people living there, but 28,000 is up for discussion. I lived in a town that neighbors Newtown, my work took me in and around Newtown almost daily and my daughter went to a Montessori School there, right across from Dodgingtown Volunteer Fire Company. I knew people there and still do, but no one is talking. That is why I am questioning the Sandy Hook Affair, because it was a place where this could not happen. Something changed since I moved away and it ain’t good. Seems they waited for the republican governor to leave office, probably had nothing on her.

        6. Anne, that almost exactly describes where I live. Same thing. There is a shopping center on the outskirts, well away from town. There are other towns with shopping complexes. People go there to shop.

          There are touristy shops and art galleries in town. The “official” population (within the city limits) is about 10,000. There is easily double that outside the limits. It is forested and you really can’t see just how developed it is. But it is.

          I don’t have an answer for John’s assumption. I frankly don’t think its that hard to do something in a setting like that and not have the locals up in arms. Most believe what they’re told. The others are too scared to say anything. Besides, who would they say it to?

          Just like where I live, the “official” duties are all locked up by a small group of insiders. You can go to town meetings but they’ll ignore you. If you write the local paper they won’t print it. If you become a problem they get vicious. I’ve seen it happen.

          Just like Llordra says, she’ll take your money, not your input.

        7. In response to Felicity: The 1900+ population number is for the Borough of Newtown – the historical district. Newtown has several communities not included in the borough and that counts for the discrepancy. The larger number of approx. 28,000 is still up for discussion.
          Principal communities
          • Botsford (ZIP code 06470)
          • Dodgingtown
          • Hattertown
          • Hawleyville (ZIP code 06470)
          • Newtown Borough (ZIP code 06470)
          • Rocky Glen
          • Sandy Hook (ZIP code 06482) (including Berkshire, Riverside, Walnut Tree Hill, and Zoar communities)
          • Other minor communities include Head of Meadow, Hopewell, Huntingtown, Lands End, Middle Gate, Palestine, and Taunton.

        8. Am I going crazy or have the two Wikipedia pages I referenced now been deleted? In the space of 48 hours??? This is unbelievable!

        9. Never mind – they still exist in the Google search but for some reason the links don’t work anymore.

  13. According to a recent editorial in the Hartford Courant on Feb 3, CT has a big unexpected surplus of money that Malloy wants to divide between a Rainy Day Fund, the state’s pension system, and to refund money to every citizen. The article sees the refund as an election year gambit. What a turnaround for CT!

    Interestingly, the editorial demands that the secret midnight legislation be repealed:

    “Attacks On FOI

    A task force set up after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has given a thumbs-up to flawed legislation passed without public hearing last session. The legislation impedes the public’s access to crime scene information. There’s no need for sealing what were open records until now. They’re critical to investigations that serve the public interest. How can the public see how its government is working?

    Connecticut’s reputation as a leading open-government state is in jeopardy if the legislature fails to repeal the veil of secrecy passed without public input.”

    Let’s hope CT gets behind this and opens up the empty Sandy Hook file cabinet.

    1. When Malloy took office the CT sales tax rate was raised due to a budget shortfall. A barrage of new services were taxed as well – such as gym memberships, yoga classes and pet grooming.

      I came upon this video from Connecticut in the sixties, a state building wealth through industry. Promotional and interesting. There was a time not that long ago when CT had no state income tax, the sales tax was low compared to other states, services were exempt from sales tax and so were clothing and shoes under 100 dollars or so.


      1. A couple of tidbits: Gov. Malloy’s director of intergovernmental affairs, who was his executive aide when he was Stamford mayor, is named “Arielle Reich.” This is a lot like “Avielle Richman.” (Also, Noah Pozner’s twin sister is named “Arielle,” not a very common name.)

        Also, it appears Gov. Malloy has changed his name. In the 1980’s, there is an attorney with the firm of “Abate & Fox” named “Daniel P. Malloy”–not “Dannel,” but “Daniel.” This name is reported in two cases I found; and Malloy’s Linked-In bio says he was with Abate & Fox in the 1980’s. There is no lawyer in Connecticut presently named “Daniel P. Malloy,” though.

        1. Actually, I realized, as to the “name change,” that it may be a typo in both those cases! Sorry for the false alarm.

        2. Dannel is not a common name and is a variant of Daniel (Hebrew). The meaning of Dannel is “God is my judge”. How appropriate.

    2. Who said “crime doesn’t pay”? I can envision them sitting around the magic circle salivating over the cash.

      Whatever reputation Connecticut had for “open government” is pretty much destroyed already, in my opinion.

      1. The BIG-LIE And Greek Tragedy

        Anne: it was simply an elaborate, BIG-LIE, in the classic sense, actually, just another in a long series of these huge big-lies–9/11 was one of them. Bost. marathon bombing was another.

        Note how the BIG-LIE works–aside fm the basic deception provided by the perpetrator–it DEPENDS MOST upon the sucker/victim to fool him/her -self, u see–by remarking upon the gross, enormity of it all, but then to say to oneself, “no, no–it couldn’t be…”–couldn’t be done by their friends or by their own gov., u see–they FOOL THEMSELVES–that’s the secret, refusing to face-up to the possibility.

        Further, observe other gross hoaxes–the “War of the Worlds” by Orson Welles in 1938 and Gulf of Tonkin “incident” of 1964, just total, gross hoaxes. I wasn’t around for “War of the Worlds,” but I was for G. of Tonkin, and I fell for it all, willingly, hook, line, and sinker, so I consider I know.

        What’s another huge, gigantic big-lie people refuse to face-up to, this one being at the root of ALL these smaller big-lies? Try the US Federal Reserve Bank which is literally nothing but legalized COUNTERFEITING, pure and simple. People fool themselves, insisting, “oh no, couldn’t be, there’s got to be more to it than just printing up funny-money, like Monopoly play-money,” yet that’s all it is.

        Otherwise, things will just CONTINUE to degenerate in CYCLIC “Decline of the West,” by Oswald Spengler, and people will not begin to getting wise till lots and lots of these poor souls among us start to dying out–such is Greek TRAGEDY and nature of human hubris (madness).

      1. Yes – I did make this – sang and did video – I am hoping to get some “likes” on my Facebook page – The Hine Brothers – I have received overwhelming response to this and have been asked to do another. If i can get some likes on FB, I can deliver the new song to “masses” of sleepers. A large goal – but obtainable. Thanks!!

        1. Where is the Facebook button for LOVES? I’ll hit that.

          This is so beautifully done! Bravo!

          Will LIKE The Hine Brothers.

    1. Three excerpts from the News Times article:

      “The origin of Barbarotta’s participation and ultimate role in the relocation of Sandy Hook to Chalk Hill remains murky.”

      “Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra and the Monroe schools chief said they were comfortable with Barbarotta’s role.”

      “Llodra said she wasn’t involved in the matter and had no concerns with Barbarotta’s role.”

      Pat Llodra has been involved since the beginning, even to the point of personally chasing people with out of state license plates out of town. Here she is quoted as saying that she is comfortable with Barbarotta’s role and then goes on to say she was not involved and had no concerns with Barnarotta’s role.

      So how can she be comfortable with Barbarotta’s role if she was not involved and had no concerns with the matter? Good, old Pat can’t have it both ways and the “journalists” should have dug deeper instead of being parrots. Everything about Sandy Hook is murky.

    1. Very interesting. Clean Harbors, Inc. of Norwell, MA announced opening of new field office in Seymour, CT last September. Seymour is 17 miles from Newtown.

      With Clean Harbors, Aftermath Services, JP Maguire and Barbarotta’s Conveo Energy all stepping on each other’s toes in Sandy Hook, there must have been some traffic jam back and forth up Dickinson Road and over to Yogananda Street.

      Conveo Energy and United Van Lines were at Sandy Hook before Clean Harbors arrived to remove 63 boxes of biological waste that must have been out of sight and hidden by partitions set up by Barbarotta’s team. Makes sense.

      1. With the 2013 expansion of Clean Harbors, Inc. in Connecticut with easy access to 3 main routes…I guess we should expect more “events” in surrounding areas…

        1. Yeah, they probably were promised a lucrative future in CT after assisting at the school and the run down house. How often do they get a call for hundreds of jugs of what we are told is urine? Perhaps they’ll stumble over the missing Mr. Hoagland next time. That is another mystery in tiny Sandy Hook. I hope he is safe and incognito somewhere. They already have the Hunger Games author living in town and the Batman prop master lived there with his family before his demise. Way too much for one little hamlet.

        2. I came across some interesting information that Newtown’s local award winning weekly failed to investigate, or failed to publish. The “mysterious” case of 200 to 300 (can’t they count?) jugs of urine found in an empty dwelling on Berkshire Road, Clean Harbors to the rescue, can be explained after all.

          The absentee owner of this dwelling works for a major pharmaceutical company in Stamford that also researches, tests and makes pharmaceuticals related to urine testing for drugs. No connection to the hundreds of jugs I’m sure. The same absentee owner in his previous position worked for GE. It’s got to be the compact size of the state that makes dots here so easy to connect for outsiders.

    2. Word is that Clean Harbors was assigned by the FBI…no bid job. They don’t do Bio normally…nothing was labeled “hazardous bio” material (blood, etc.). Old cafeteria food…etc., etc.

      [Website: http://www.cleanharbors.com/.-JFT]

      Supposedly this entity was also involved in 9/11. Interesting to see if they were also involved in other “events”.

      Book 2 / 00198991.pdf (page 3)
      Newtown Police Department Field Case Report Supplement
      Case Number 2012-00030519
      School Clean Up
      Clean Harbors was the vendor that the FBI had assigned for the clean up of the scene. Thomas Wilson of Clean Harbors and members of his team were instructed not to bring phones, camera, or other electronic devices into the school. On January 4, 2013 one box truck was loaded with 63 boxes of biological waste removed from the school, computer equipment, and the remaining items removed from the school.

      1. A contractor of Clean Harbors is a firm called “Crisis Management Group”. Found it mentioned in a lawsuit against Clean Harbors by a trucker:


        The doc mentions that “Crisis Management Group” is a contractor of Clean Harbors.(CMG’s social worker interviewed the trucker). ANYWAY — check out Crisis Management’s Group’s Services:


        School services and uh, ACTIVE SHOOTER courses. How interesting.

    1. Graham, James Tracy is listed as one of the contributing authors! It is to his credit that he has not solicited contributions for the book on this site.

      I’ve just signed on as a supporter. Looks like a worthwhile project!

    2. I just went to pledge money and it states will not ship outside the US. Maybe they could request an extra $10 for postage if you live outside the US. I want this book to be written or else I will have to do it myself 🙂

      1. Felicity,
        You may have to write it yourself if the pledges don’t start picking up fast. As of tonight, only $129 dollars of the required $4000 has been pledged and there’s less than a month to go to meet the requirement.

  14. “Immersive theatre” as described on NPR Feb 14, 2014. Discuss.

    One feature of a taxicab ride with a theatrical narrative is that for the three passengers, there is the acting cabbie, driving them through NYC, combined with narrative involving buildings as props, and people on the street which may or may not be ringers, the hired actors. The number of actors on the street is three times the number of audience members. The effect is to create a surreal sense of the city itself.

    One way of looking at the cast members in the shows that are the SHES shooting and the Marathon thing is that they may well be actors which have been seen elsewhere. Or not. Total amateurs? Bureaucrats? CIA under cover? What are they?

    If you watch “Wag the Dog” it seems mere satire, but I believe it is really how they do it, with a huge budget, in order to achieve a political goal.

    We must always think of what that political end in view might be, reserving ultimate judgment.

    But we have to note that this form of reality show entertainment (cf. Balloon Boy) is very much the trend of today, and that by keeping in the pretend world, there is the hope of staving off the real world that might really hurt and lead to what they believe is chaos. It is as though one is in the court of Louis XIV with his vast centralized power (and imperial might stretching all the way to America)— and that the games at Versailled, the play, is the work of his realm.

  15. More big bucks. The Newtown Public School system filed a huge claim with their insurance carrier for Sandy Hook, Did it go to Al Barbarotta?

    According to the Newtown Bee:

    Mr Bienkowski also reported the Sandy Hook School property claim regarding the events of 12/14 has been finalized.

    “The insurance company has paid all of the outstanding bills plus the deductible,” said Mr Bienkowski.

    The total claim for the incident, according to the report, is $1,167,488.

    “So we have been made whole, plus our deductible,” he said.

    1. Very interesting, Sandy–and I agree with poppylavender. I think it is suspicious. What insurance company pays out for damage done by criminal acts of a third party?

      I have a theory that many, if not all, of the psy-op “disasters” we see are calculated stock plays (among the other money-making opportunities we see they create!). Before 9/11, for instance, put options were placed against the stock of American Airlines and United Airlines, betting that the stock would go down, and suggesting inside knowledge that the catastrophe was coming. Same with Katrina–in fact, there is considerable research on the web into the It’s put options placed against insurance companies when big hurricanes are expected, generally. And then there was the Gulf oil spill, where Goldman Sachs sold 40% of its BP stock right before the explosion, making $250,000,000.

      Do you know the name of the insurer?

      1. Ugh–sorry about that garbled text. I am trying to write on a small laptop with glare on the screen, at Starbucks. I have been unable to post from home due to constant interference with my PC as well as this laptop, as I’ve mentioned before. But I can do it fine from Starbucks or the library.

        The bad sentence should say “there’s considerable research on the web about put options placed against insurance companies when big hurricanes are expected, generally.”

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