By James F. Tracy

One year ago a national media frenzy ensued over my analysis and observations of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre event of December 14, 2012. Evidence that has since emerged since, including the State of Connecticut’s curiously expurgated official report released December 27, has overall tended to confirm such observations. My initial series of articles was circulated widely in alternative news outlets in late December 2012 and early January 2013. Yet not until the South Florida Sun-Sentinel interviewed me and published a rather inflammatory story on January 7 did a select set of my remarks subsequently “go viral” in major news media via the Drudge Report.

I was initially startled with the fervent backlash exhibited in corporate media outlets (below), as well as a portion of the progressive-left blogosphere. As far as I can gather, the outrage centered around 1) the conclusion upon considerable analysis that what the media publicized about a profoundly tragic event was at best only partially true, 2) my purportedly bizarre and speculative belief that a swell guy like President Barack Obama and his well-meaning administration would ever, well, act like politicians and seek to hoodwink the public, especially in such a brazen fashion, and 3) the fact that such remarks were being voiced publicly by a “tenured university [censored].”

While at times personally unnerving, the experience was instructive in that it strongly confirmed much of what I continue to study and teach—the powerful influence exerted by the government-corporate media nexus in terms of pushing certain emotional buttons to channel, manipulate and, where necessary, stifle debate on extremely important issues and events.

In my view, it was not surprising or unusual that something like Sandy Hook had transpired in the US, particularly given historical precedents in Dunblane, Scotland and Port Arthur, Australia. Still, I found it unsettling that a large majority of the public—including friends and colleagues—allowed for themselves to be swayed by their blasé reliance on headlines and sound-bites versus taking the time to actually read and engage with what I had written.

Further, while a handful came forward to point out the contradiction that I was being publicly excoriated and my livelihood threatened for essentially doing what I was trained and hired to do—media analysis and criticism—my employer’s response was not to defend academic freedom and free speech, but rather to disavow my remarks, hold a breakfast fundraiser for one of Newtown’s multitude of charities, and eventually reprimand me for using the professional salutation “[censored]” on my personal blog and elsewhere.

While my tenure was ultimately upheld, one is left to seriously ponder the informal yet persuasive constraints placed in intellectuals today who concretely address certain controversial issues and topics. Only a brief survey of today’s lamentably somber and often inane public discourse is necessary to conclude that tenure is far too infrequently used in the fashion originally intended—to allow academics to research with impunity the topics of their choosing that may prove inflammatory, particularly to some who may wield enough political influence to have them disciplined or fired.

There is in fact room for academics to engage in controversial topics, yet one must know how to strike the appropriate chord between axe grinding and well-mannered career advancement. For example, it was recently high-fives all around at my institution when a colleague secured a fellowship with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a neoconservative think tank that has vigorously advocated the disastrous and criminal “Bush Doctrine” against Iraq and urges similarly brutal military action against Iran. Another social scientist is affiliated with the AIPAC-controlled Washington Institute for Near East Policy. No conspiracy mongering here, only implicit acknowledgement of which way the political winds blow, however tainted they may be.

KABC-AM (Radio)1/8/2013 10:58:40 AM
Los Angeles, CA

there are radio station that are allowing people on the air to say that the whole new down master never have right now to Florida Atlantic University professor saying it never happened it was a Obama push to push gun control advocate the day of wagging the dog , and said Finnigan Ladino music made the marathon for roughly the size of everything before her fourth really ` don’t go away with a lot of thought about a two percent tax on everyone on ABC’s Richard Davies with today’s text it for the past couple of years workers of enjoying a two percent reduction in Social Security tax they pay the debts into and on December thirty first Imperial holiday

WTVJ-MIA (NBC)1/8/2013 11:15:38 AM
Miami, FL
NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am

the grammy winning singer was found dead at her london home in july of 2011. >>> a communication professor known for conspiracy theories is now stirring up controversy at florida atlantic university. 47-year-old james tracy claims last month’s newtown, connecticut, shootings didn’t happen as reported. goes onto say even perhaps it didn’t happen at all. tracy says there’s not enough evidence to support that one gunman killed 20 students and six staff members. the professor says he knows he sparked all kinds of controversy on campus, but he would like his students to look at events in a more critical way. fau, by the way, distancing

WFLA-AM (Radio)1/8/2013 3:14:32 PM

there and then not before sunset both covering the story of four kilometers dear here … from mother Sun Sentinel they publish this late last night for inclusion in the paper today and the online last night FAA you professor stirs controversy by disputing the new town Connecticut master are you are you kidding me of a lesson of Looney Tunes stuff you a piece written by Mike Larry Sun Sentinel a communication professor known for conspiracy theories has stirred controversy at Florida Atlantic

WPEC (CBS)1/8/2013 5:07:07 PM
West Palm Beach, FL
CBS 12 News—5:00

claiming that the newton massacre leaving 26 people dead – including several kids… was a hoax. (2shot) the florida atlantic university professor making the bizarre comments on his personal blog. john cbs 12’s lynn gordon spoke to students who say the professor’s claims are not only outrageous, they’re giving the school a black eye. trt 1:53 5:27:49 that fau ( look live intro) professor creating quite a controversy with a blog that suggests the sandy hook massacre may not have happened as reported or maybe didnt happen at all 5:27:58 ( newtown file) its one of the worst mass shootings in our nation’s history. the massacre at sandy hook elementary in newtown connecticut where 20 children and six adults were murdered in cold blood last month 5:25:10 i think its kind of craxzy that a professor would say somethng lke that it def happened ( photo of tracy) students are referring to

WPLG-MIA (ABC)1/8/2013 5:36:32 PM
Local 10 News @ 5PM

a professor at florida atlantic university is raising questions about what happened at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut last month. in a blog post james tracy asked in the if the shooting was a conspiracy and if the media are asking the right questions. tracy says it’s worth asking if the shooting was politically motivated. f.a.u. is distancing itself from those comments. >>> 20-year-old adam lanza you will remember won’t a shooting rampage at the elementary school, killing 26 people, including 20 children on december 14th. lanza also shot and killed his mom and then turned the gun on himself. >> now to the subject of home here. hope is on the horizon for haiti.

WPBF (ABC)1/8/2013 6:14:47 PM
WPBF 25 News at 6:00

now to wpbf 25 news exclusive a professor at florida atlantic university in boca raton is creating controversy with the conspiracy theory involving the sandy hook school shooting. professor james tracy questions what really happened the day the 20 children and 6 teacher were gunned down in newtown connecticut. on his personal blog he questions whether the shooting was somehow politically motivated to get more gun control. he claims that the lot of missing information. >> there’s just a lot of conflicting information. we don’t have the autopsy on lanza either. it seems like a real stretch

WFLX (FOX)1/8/2013 11:01:39 PM

his bizarre conspiracy theory that suggests the newtown, connecticut school massacre may have been a government plan. dan corcoran is live on the fau campus in boca raton. dan. his  three hour class – called ‘communication and social power’ – just wrapped up a few minutes ago.until now professor james tracy has remained silent about his blog, which has gone viral, over the last couple of days. tracy is not apologizing for his words that he wrote this week on his blog on ‘memory hole dot com’.it was in that writing that he questioned if there were what he refers to

WPEC (CBS)1/8/2013 11:09:50 PM
CBS 12 News—11:00

an FAU professor strikes a nerve here and across the country over his claim that the newtown massacre was a hoax. tonight, “cbs 12” confronts him and his conspiracy theory. tonight, florida atlantic university is distancing itself from its media professor and his controversial comments but the professor himself is defending his comments. peter schaller spoke with james tracy. peter? >> the professor spoke with us after his communications class tonight. he’s worked here at fau for 10 years and he’s no stranger to controversy. in the past he questioned the

WPBF (ABC)1/9/2013 4:33:57 AM
WPBF 25 News Mornings

morning of a growing controversy… comments made by a florida atlantic university professor. as erin guy shows us.. he suggests the school shooting in newtown, connecticut could have been a government conspiracy. newtown connecticut… december 14th… police say adam lanza walked into sandy hook elementry school… armed with semi automatic weapons and opened fire… killing 20 children and 6 adults… but now a florida atlantic university professor james tracey … is questioning what really happened… saying on his blog quote: “while it sounds like an outrageous claim, one is left to inquire whether the sandy hook shooting ever took place-at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.” on his blog he askes. how did lanza fire so many shots in a short amount

WDBO-FM (Radio)1/9/2013 5:31:47 AM
Orlando, FL

after he claimed a personal blog that he said he hoped elementary school shooting made a massive conspiracy W. DBO’s Ken Kendall and Marcia Taylor began our life can coverage of Prof. James Tracy a lighted the conspiracy involving law enforcement and federal government and the mass media to leave your country Johnson digging through those blogs this morning and an interview the professor did just couple days ago that Dr. Tricia question how Atlanta was able to fire off so many shots in such a little amount of time he also

WFLX (FOX)1/9/2013 6:12:07 AM
West Palm Beach, FL

“florida atlantic university” professor. james tracy says he won’t apologize for what he wrote on his blog on “memory-hole-dot-com.” his conspiracy theory suggests the newtown, connecticut school massacre may have been a government plan. on his blog, he questioned if there were what he refers to as “crisis actors” hired by the government during the massacre. now, he’s speaking out– saying why he wrote it and what he wants every american to think about.”in terms of saything that sandy hook, the newtown massacre, did not take place is really a simplification – an oversimplification – of what i said. i said that there may very well be elements of that event that are synthetic to some degree, that are somewhat contrived. i think that

WRTV-IN (ABC)1/9/2013 6:37:51 AM
RTV 6 Good Morning Indiana

and defending his bizarre conspiracy theory that suggests the newtown, connecticut school massacre may have been a government plan. florida atlantic university professor james tracy talked to our scripps station in west palm beach about his blog. tracy writes that there were ‘crisis actors’ hired during the massacre…and the shooting was a ‘set up’ by the obama administration/’85to prompt more strict gun control regulations. but he now says his ideas were over-simplified. > >”in terms of saything that sandy hook, the newtown massacre, did not take place is really a simplification – an

KSHB-KC (NBC)1/9/2013 6:33:27 AM
Kansas City, MO

newtown, connecticut school massacre may have been a government plan. florida atlantic professor james tracy wrote on his blog this week that he questioned if there were what he refers to as ‘crisis actors’ hired during the massacre in newtown. he also claims the shooting was a ‘set up’ by the obama administrationa to prompt stricter gun control regulations. (curtis) new this morning– a man wanted in monday’s quadruple murder in tulsa– was arrested in kansas. our scripps station in tulsa has learned joseph tillman was arrested in independence, kansas– near the oklahoma border. he was wanted in connection with a separate assault. police believe he may also know something about the

WJXT-JAX1/9/2013 7:40:22 AM
Jacksonville, FL
The Morning Show

shooting. he says it may not have happened. these new claims — by a professor at florida atlantic university — are really causing a stir. james tracy is basing them on the early reports filed during the incident. he says the timeline confusion shows a coordinated effort to hide the so-called “real” story. for example, at one point it was thought there were two shooters. florida atlantic university is distancing itself — saying the conspiracy professor does not speak for the university and tracy was writing on his personal blog page. how much do you like cockroaches? if you’re

KTRS-AM (Radio)1/9/2013 7:39:27 AM
St. Louis, MO

and I believe for Atlanta Gazette not the site of where the Cardinals of his returning that right there is right yet it’s close all floors like right altogether but not elapsed on the of America Abaco was a right afforded when it is not women’s I can’t believe that town were formulaic is to Ezra’s Roto-Rooter area within this professor from their is making some claims about this in the book of school shootings in Newtown Connecticut he’s saying that it really didn’t happen and that it was just the Obama administration’s effort to sway public opinion in favor of gun control up professor is saying this professor

FAU Professor Makes Surprising Comment
(WIOD NewsRadio 610 (Miami) © 01/08/2013)

 Indexed Jan 8 2013 9:23PM

FAU Professor Makes Surprising Comment An FAU professor under fire for saying the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut may …

FAU professor says Newtown school massacre might have been faked to push gun control
(WPEC News 12 Palm Beach County © 01/08/2013)
**Also ran in Daily KOS
, Indexed Jan 8 2013 1:24PM

FAU professor says Newtown school massacre might have been faked to push gun …control Posted by Scott T. Smith / CBS12 News BOCA RATON, Fla. —

A Florida Atlantic University assistant professor says the Sandy Hook school massacre may never have happened, …to impose gun control. James Tracy, who has taught media studies at FAU

FAU students react to professor’s conspiracy theory
(Palm Beach Gardens-WPBF (ABC) © 01/09/2013)

Indexed Jan 9 2013 3:42AM

FAU students react to professors conspiracy theory Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy raised questions about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary …law enforcement authorities and the nations news media have described.”Students on Florida Atlantic University reacted after hearing about Tracys comments.Kenson Delva said his comments are …a real debate on gun control.” Alex Jeanty is a senior at FAUand said its too soon…

Florida school moves away from professor’s claim that Sandy Hook massacre was staged

(Fox News © 01/08/2013)
**Also ran in WOLF Orlando,
Indexed Jan 8 2013 2:24PM

…Connecticut really happened. James Tracy, an associate professor of media history at Florida Atlantic University , made the bizarre claim on his personal blog, writing that …for himself. “James Tracy does not speak for the university,” Lisa Metcalf, FAU ’s director of media relations, told in an email. “The website on which his post appeared is not affiliated with FAU in any way. As for any previous disciplinary actions …

Newtown leader condemns professor who suggested school massacre was ‘drill’
(Fox News © 01/08/2013)
**Also ran in KBND News Radio,
Indexed Jan 8 2013 10:24PM

…community really happened. James Tracy, an associate professor of media history at Florida Atlantic University , made the bizarre claim on his personal blog, writing that …for himself. “James Tracy does not speak for the university,” Lisa Metcalf, FAU ’s director of media relations, told in an email. “The website on which his post appeared is not affiliated with FAU in any way. As for any previous disciplinary actions at…

NUTTY PROFESSOR? FAU Prof Suggests Obama Behind Sandy Hook
(Boca News Now © 01/08/2013)
**Also ran in Bayoubuzz
Indexed Jan 8 2013 9:44PM

NUTTY PROFESSOR? FAU Prof Suggests Obama Behind Sandy Hook BOCA RATON, FL ( — Florida Atlantic University (FAU ) officials are distancing themselves from communications professor James Tracy who on his …

Obama staged Newtown shooting with ‘crisis actors,’ says professor who is totally not a crackpot
(Daily KOS © 01/08/2013)

Indexed Jan 8 2013 5:44PM

…all: A communication professor known for conspiracy theories has stirred controversary at Florida Atlantic University with claims that last months Newtown, Conn., school shootings did not happen …not speak for the university” and his website is “not affiliated with FAU in any way.” But lest you think that this lunatic is, you …

Professor makes no apologies for calling Conn. massacre a hoax
(WPEC News 12 Palm Beach County © 01/09/2013)

Indexed Jan 9 2013 3:34AM

…School massacre are creating a national controversy. Its not so much that FAU professor James Tracy doesnt believe the tragedy happened, but that he believes …could have done a better job,” Tracy said. Tracy has taught at FAU for ten years and is no stranger to controversy. Hes questioned the …reading the media stories about his blog than the blog itself.  FAU Media Relations Director Lisa Metcalf says that Tracys views do not reflect …those of the universi…

Professor’s Ridiculous Newtown Theory Gets Internet Wings
(Associated Content © 01/08/2013) 

Indexed Jan 8 2013 5:24PM

…use “whippersnapper” these days, but nonetheless, the words of a professor at Florida Atlantic Universityhave escaped their little corner of the South. Before the grand scheme …

1/9/2013 – New York Daily News – Florida conspiracy professor suggests Sand Hook massacre didn’t occur, was cooked up by Obama to promote gun control

1/9/2013 – Web Pro News – Prof: Newtown Didn’t Happen The Way We Think It Did

1/9/2013 – WBDO Orlando – FAU professor under fire for blog comments on Newtown shooting

1/8/2013 – Fox 8 Cleveland – Prof: Newtown Didn’t Happen

1/8/2013 – DesMoines Register – Florida professor, a U of I grad, stirs up controversy by disputing Newtown shooting

1/8/2013 – KSEE News 24 – College Professor Creates Controversy with Claims Connecticut School Shooting Never Happened

1/8/2013 – Gawker – Florida Atlantic University Professor Wonders if the Sandy Hook Shooting Isn’t Just One Big Mass Media Conspiracy

1/8/2013 – The Inquisitr – Florida Professor James Tracy Claims Sandy Hook Might Be A Hoax

1/8/2013 – Christian Post – Professor Claims Newtown Shooting Was Likely Staged

1/8/2013 – Radar Online – Whacko Professor Says Sandy Hook School Shooting Didn’t Happen, Was Hoax By Obama Administration

1/8/2013 – Opposing Views – Professor James Tracy Claims Sandy Hook Shooting May Not Have Happened

1/8/2013 – International Business Times – Professor Claims Sandy Hook Shooting Did Not Happen As Believed, Sees Political Agenda

1/8/2013 – Human Events – Florida Professor Questions the Newtown Massacre

1/8/2013 – Orlando Sentinel – Daughter of Eustis coach has dreams of becoming Olympic speedskater

1/9/2013 – Broward Palm Beach New Times – James Tracy, FAU Professor, Says Sandy Didn’t Happen; Revels In Notoriety

1/9/2013 – Miami New Times – FAU Professor Thinks Sandy Hook Massacre May Have Been A Media Conspiracy

1/9/2013 – The Holiday Gossip – Newtown Didn’t Happen, Professor Claims

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87 thought on “Anatomy of a Media Frenzy”
  1. It is always frighteningly amazing as to what happens when a person or group questions the “Matrix”. Why does our dialogue threaten them so? Hmmm…

    Professor, stay safe and thank you for providing a place for like-minded, awake individuals to engage in thoughtful communication..

    1. “It is always frighteningly amazing as to what happens when a person or group questions the “Matrix”. Why does our dialogue threaten them so? Hmmm…”

      This is what every truth seeker, whether convinced of Dr. Tracey’s position or not, should keep an eye on.

      A huge red flag should go up EVERY time responses to reasoned, factual and unanswered questions are ridicule, character assassination and lame dismissals that don’t include answering the points raised.

      If you want to see a people who have had their ability to critically reason replaced by emotional manipulation, just look at the American people.

      I will NEVER accept the mind numbing propagandist techniques used that never get around to responding. You can be sure of one thing: When you see ridicule and sensationalism used to respond to serious factual questions, you need to shift you focus of attention over to the naysayers. They have an agenda, psychological issues or both.

  2. I still have seen nothing to convince me there was a shooting. This school had surveillance everywhere. This whole thing has forced me to become a thinker and not a believer.

  3. “Still, I found it unsettling that a large majority of the public—including friends and colleagues—allowed for themselves to be swayed by their blasé reliance on headlines and sound-bites versus taking the time to actually read and engage with what I had written” JT

    I found this blog because I kept on hearing people talk about this “crazy” professor espousing conspiracy theories surrounding the Newtown shooting. I am glad I took the time to read what you actually wrote instead of just believing the hype. I agreed with you right away. I’m glad that you had the courage to share your thoughts publicly. The response that you got from the mainstream media shows their bias.

  4. Mr. Tracy,
    I am very curious and would appreciate an answer to this question directly.

    Have you ever heard from, been approached by or threatened by any of the family members of the so-called victims?

    If indeed my child would have been killed in any way and you were posting on your now famous blog that it “never happened”. I would be outraged to the point of wanting to cause you harm. Serious harm!!!

    The absence of this is remarkable unless of course this is not something you have posted.

    I mean each kid, each victim had moms, dads, aunts, uncles, friends, grandmothers, grandfathers, neighbors, etc to the tune of hundreds of people. Are you going to tell me that not ONE of them has contacted you to tell you what a POS you are? I would if it were me…..and so would many many of my family members….just saying.

    1. Maybe no family members threatened Dr. Tracey because no real children were killed. I don’t speak for Dr. Tracy, that is MY opinion.

      Also, did you bother to read Dr. Tracey’s initial post that set off a firestorm of criticism from the mainstream media? He did not say that it did not happen. He was just asking questions about very obvious anomalies and inconsistencies with the mainstream media reports. His questions were valid.

      1. & in light of the final report, professor Tracey is now proven to be completely justified/vindicated. There are no answers to any of the major questions in the final report. There is no photo evidence of Adam Lanza at the school. There is no photo evidence of any of the other victims either.

        It appears now, that the MSM is and has been knowingly complicit in the cover up of another staged event.

        My question is, what can/do we do about this?

        1. “My questionis, what can / do we do about this?”

          Long ago, it was suggested we use this forum to raise money, say $5,000 ($50 from 100 of us) to hire an ex-NYC cop turned private investigator for a week or so and report back. Some action, any action, would be better than just analyzing and writing about it ad nauseum.

        2. Can I call you Benny?

          I remember that original comment. I would prefer to raise funds for a legal attack, or a series of them. We need proof of fraud. We need access to the redacted files to prove fraud.

          Any suggestions on how to proceed?

        3. That’s a really good idea. I would definitely contribute to get that investigation started.

        4. Benjamin – Newtown is a favorite retirement place for NYC cops and in fact they are supplementing their generous pensions protecting the SH schools!
          Terry – Long ago was taught to pray for something good to happen to my enemies, it really seems to work like ugly bosses got promoted! Not everyone is religious but hopefully we all believe in Karma! They closed this case and they are never going to re-open it. How about all the intelligent minds here focus on a current corruption such as weather manipulation? If we can awaken more minds to see these terrible storms are intentional, that would start a momentum that will not be stopped. Even the bad guys have a stake here as we are all being poisoned, across the world. Posted a link yesterday on The Magnificant Achievements of the EcoPropaganda where Rush Limbaugh is respectfully speaking with a caller concerned about chem trails. Joined a group in facebook called Chemtrails Global Skywatch – there are a lot of folks there trying to educate themselves and the world.

        5. As a start, we can neglect them. Advertising is what fuels this beast along with the ratings. How popular a website or even newspaper is determines the prices they can charge for advertising. When I owned a salon, it was ridiculous the amount of money our local paper wanted to charge for even an ad the size of a business card. The alternative papers were much cheaper.
          So, if we stop paying attention to them it is a small start.
          The other thing is to make sure you can function in an analog world or even a world without electricity. Most people cannot. Our only vehicle left without some sort of “brain” is an old dump truck. We have an extra solenoid, just incase of an EMP scenario. Cost $20 and I hope we never need it

    2. You would think that maybe at least 1 family of the 26 Sandy Hook victims would be even slightly concerned that none of the victims received ANY basic first aid.

      The NON response to help the supposed Sandy Hook victims was gross criminal negligence & derelection of the duty to administer first aid.

      The lack of immediate life saving first aid PROVES without a shadow of doubt that the event at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a fraud. And the lack of questions/legal action from the victim’s families PROVES their equally criminal complicity in this fraud.

      1. Exactly, PCGeek. It defies logic to think that 20 sets of parents are completely fine with the fact that not a single thing was done to try and save their child’s life. We’re expected to believe that they’re ok with the fact that EMTs were admittedly turned away, and that the “authorities” even stopped to take pictures of the scene before even checking to see if any victims were still alive. Then, when they did finally get around to checking, it involved a cop taking their pulses. No CPR, no paramedic intervention, no frantic transporting to hospitals. Nothing. Just a quick pulse check before illegally declaring twenty 6 and 7 year old children deceased.

  5. The complete absence of any lawsuit(s), save for the one that was quickly removed, is proof enough for me that this was just a Drill. Even a single shooting with just an injury in a ghetto school draws a minimum lawsuit of $1M and a payout everytime! This event happened over 13 months ago….anywhere else there would have been a settlement long ago…

    1. I always find the legal angle in these fake attacks kind of strange. Just recently, there is a prosecution of NYC first responders (both police and fire) who have been claiming PTSD and actually going out and living their lives with fishing, boating, skiing, etc. Even in the fake terror attack, there was something traumatic for all of us, the closer in, the creepier. I suppose they tried to profit from it. But prosecuting them? Aren’t they the wrong people to be going after?

      I remember that in the last century. Germaine Greer, the Australian feminist spoke of the Middle Ages and the way Christianity was used as a totalitarian system to keep people enmeshed in its clutches.

      It seems these government-sponsored events are like staged miracles designed to create a new belief system which cannot be challenged. Even the courts must tiptoe around them. I don’t think the courts are a particularly powerful branch of government, having worked for a time in one of them. Their budgets are poor, and certain people can walk in and run roughshod over them (at least the civil side – I know nothing of the criminal).

      But the absence of lawsuits – well that’s what you get on shoestring budget for something like Sandy Hook. 911 was an extravaganza, with oil money no doubt driving it. Where did the dough come from for Sandy Hook? I note that someone said all the registrations of the cars in the parking lot ended in 2007, which might indicate a pre-Obama drill which was introduced later. Joe Lieberman tenure?

      Let’s call the whole thing lies.

        1. Musings posts more nonsense here. There were a few First Responders who were not sick but there were huge numbers who were and still are being treated mainly for toxic metals in the lungs at Mount Sinai. Yes, toxic metals not radioactivity. Now, if you live in CA you can get that on the beach courtesy of Fukushima and world governments who do nothing.

  6. Professor Tracy,
    I first heard about you from Anderson Cooper. I immediately went to your blog and have been a faithful reader ever since.
    I happened to be home sick the day Sandy Hook occurred, and I knew right from the start something didn’t add up.
    I’ve never been one to completely distrust the entire MSM and was, until that day, a faithful viewer of 360. No more. I can’t thank you enough for removing the veil. I see our world with new eyes, much to my family and friends dismay. Im not hardly allowed in the living room when CNN is on because now I get so mad when the bs starts flowing. I’ve had to quell my passion for truth in the outside so my loved ones stop thinking i need professional help. Its sad. I suppose though, had I been at work and missed the opportunity to watch the story unfold, I may never have come to my senses. One day, and it seems soon considering the events in the past year, all of us will see the truth. For many it will be to late.
    Thank you for your courage to blog about these issues and thank you for your fortitude. Everyone it seems who comments here also are seeking the truth, even when they disagree. The discussion in the comments is fantastic. Birtram can spew all the junk he wants and you allow his freedom to do so, as you should. He’ll figure it out someday too 😉

    1. I feel for you, dandelion nexus, because you should see the way my twenty-something son reacted when I told him the injuries of the Boston Marathon were pre-existing to the event of fake bombs. He acted like I should be put in a home. There was the sense I was a right wing goon (but where is the right wing on this?).

      My husband is sleep-walking, but I think both these males have a problem. If they really took in the information and evaluated it, then they would have to do something, wouldn’t they? The stereotype of the male is to take action, and they could make serious enemies doing so. And then they would have to pledge their lives, their property and their sacred honor to ending the rule of this corrupt system. How’s that going to work out for them? I can be a gadfly, but as in the case of Tracey (had he not kept tenure) they’d possibly be driven from their jobs or shunned by associates, unless of course they organized enough to be jailed for creating a small army of resisters.

      Being a female has made it easier for me. I am never really taken seriously. I know that sounds sexist or something. But being a nutty female is a role my mother carved out in my family, and people always expect me to take on her mantle when she passes on.

      1. Dear Musings, I know exactly what you mean! Despite being fairly well educated, well read, and often described as such, my own adult children describe me as “quirky”, a “conspiracy nut”, “the priestess of the apocalypse”, a “negative pessimist”, and other such terms that are offered with amused condescension whenever I attempt to make any comments that question the official narrative. I have yet to find one person with whom I can have even a simple discussion regarding the plethera of contradictions in the SH, Boston bombings, Aurora, etc.

        Dr. Tracy, as Dan Hennen said, “You are a true American hero”! You are a voice of reason in a world that is increasingly becoming one of spin and doublespeak. I know I am not the only one who looks every day for your newest blog. That you are being described as “kooky”, “bizaare”, and “revelling in your notoriety” is more demonstrative of journalistic character assasination than it is opinion. Anyway, I think you’re the best example I can think of to represent critical thinking and analysis. I wish I could take your class. Perhaps you could offer an online class…I’d sign up in a heartbeat!

        1. Thanks for your kind words. Perhaps you might consider beginning a reading group (in person or online) with equally inquisitive individuals.

      2. Musings,
        How right you are. What a great observation. I never thought of it that way re:male perspective. And ditto on the female perspective. Actually, your entire reply could become a completely new topic of discussion. What scares me is the lack of books read by males in my family. The new smart phones, tv’s and xbox suck them into a black hole. Even my eight year old (who has a very minimal amount of time utilizing this media) says they should all wear tinfoil hats so their brsins don’t fry lol. Electronic Crack is what it amounts to. So sad

  7. “While at times personally unnerving, the experience was instructive in that it strongly confirmed much of what I continue to study and teach—the powerful influence exerted by the government-corporate media…”

    No, this isn’t a condolence card to himself. It’s a detailed outline of the orchestrated attack against Professor Tracy and a sampling of what this onslaught must have felt like.

    You sir, are our generation’s Jim Garrison without the on-camera swagger. Speaking of which, you know it wouldn’t hurt if you had a little more ego and were in the attack mode more often like Jones, Fetzer and Barnett. For example, the most powerful comment in a Sandy Hook Hoax video (The View – Mothers of Sandy Hook Victims):

    15 year old Taylor Podnesik writes:

    “For Christ’s sake people, the mother had no goddamn connection to the school, plus the weapon they said he used was found in the trunk of Adam’s car after he had killed himself in the school and I’m so sick of hearing that just because a person lives in or near the town says they know exactly what happened. Nobody around Newtown knows who Adam Lanza was, their is no record of him or friends who knew him from 2009 to present. Plus where are the pictures of the carnage that we see in any other shooting. And don’t say its out of respect for the families, the media would want to get as many shots of the horrors as they could, why? Because it benefits their story. And 26 people, 26 PEOPLE were killed and one wounded?? that’s a 96.2 accuracy rate!!! And yes it matters because you will find no other shooting where a killer barged in and randomly killed people and his kills were so quick and precise. If people are so immature and idiotic as to call someone a fucking “truther” because they ask big questions that deserve answers, they need their head checked. I am losing my faith in the American people, I swear!!!”

    1. Ok, you asked me to rebut facts: you somehow came up with a 96 % accuracy rate. Poor poor statistics! You assume he hit everything he targeted. You can not verify that. That being the case, his. ” accuracy” rate and your argument plummets.

      Your alternate media is alternate for a reason

      1. If you call alternate media the official reports that were published over a year after the event, and after all evidence of the school was pulverized and sent to China, might agree with you, that source is totally bizarre, and not written by sane people. None the less, it is what we have. A scrawny, square pupil eyed guy who does not like loud noises single handedly killed 26 souls in five minutes, and based on the numbers had to reload 10 times. That is an astoundingly high accuracy rate, and seems bionic from those familiar with the weapon officially declared, and pretty much for all weapons. It is confusing, as the weapon is illegal in CT, but somehow the report declares it was obtained legally.

        1. Forgot to mention, the official report indicates these murders occurred in three locations and although he committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head in the last classroom, they cannot be sure of his 5 minute path…

      2. Hit to kill ratio, duh! Birtram. extremely high success rate. The point being, where are the injuries? Although the 5.56×45/.223 round was good at expending most energy inside the target(being adult soldiers) and inflicting maximum damage, it would seem there would be a lot of pass through on small bodies(children) and thus incidental injuries. Did they ever release whether the alleged AR-15 rounds were full metal jacket, soft point, or hollow point target rounds? Of course the gun Lanza put back in the trunk after he killed himself was not an AR15 or any of its variants, so what’s the point anyway.

  8. My curiosity runs wild. Each issue in a storyline is a jumping-off point for further investigation. Of course, skepticism of the MSM lies deep within my bones. Who said re journalists, one flies off the wire, they all follow like the instinctual animals they are? Seeing how Professor Tracy has been vilified by their professional colleagues would be reason enough to keep a very low profile in a very highly-charged media circus. Lord forbid they act individually.

    It also occurs that Florida’s political climate is subject to the whims of
    some very questionable actors. Is there a spot in the country more prone to division or subterfuge than the Sunshine State? Watch how the 2016
    presidential campaign plays out for clues. But you must think outside the box; don’t be swayed by, uh, the MEDIA….

    1. This is a good link for the follow the money angle. Sandy Hoax Elementary School now has many corporate sponsors. Fascism is getting very deep in the USSA…

  9. I am very thankful for the questioning mind of Professor Tracey! The Sandy Hook story line simply does not add up and there is not to this very day, hour, minute, second, one scintilla of tangible evidence to suggest a single murder or multiple murders took place *as reported*.

    Even the just released report that states “case closed” seems quite simplistic and amateurish to the extent that even vital names of suspected/apprehended and questioned individuals go unidentified in the report! Really?

    The political and multimedia demons that have tried to pass this off as real have failed, utterly.

    Keep up the great work everyone and never let your mind be tranquilized to acceptance when faced with official works of fiction.

  10. Stay the course, Dr. Tracy. They are still ‘BS-ing’ America.

    Did you notice that the released report states the shooter killed himself 5 minutes after the 911 call, then that the first cop entered the building 11 minutes after the 911 call, and then states that the shooter killed all those 26 people in 11 minutes? Apparently, he went on shooting children for 6 minutes after shooting himself in the head (or being shot in the head by the handlers).

    Obviously, the state of CT has an issue with the possibility of the shooter (whomever it was) being able to kill all 26 of those people in 5 minutes. It would mean about 5 a minute without any breaks for walking from one room to another. But if he was dead 5 minutes after the 911 call, there is no possible way for him to be shooting for 11 minutes – unless the 911 call was not made until 6 minutes after he started shooting.

  11. Would anyone actually be on this blog if the media showed us a picture of “Christopher Doerner” as the gunman from SHES instead of the cartoon like picture from 1989 of “Adam Lanza?”

  12. Dr. Tracy thank you for providing this forum, we are all grateful you found the courage to withstand the public and private floggings. It is an enlightening position to be in and many times impossible to survive with your dignity still intact. Many people manage to avoid a lot of diversity in life and when they are flung into it, a new understanding of humanity, (or lack of it), emerges. A quick scan of the headlines reveals the brutal nature of the media, they are not compelled to report the truth and indeed make up outlandish lies to assassinate the character of those they are trying to silence. Ironic those lies brought many of us to your blog. If another goal of SHH was to restrict and remove guns from law abiding citizens, that attempt also backfired on them. You have renewed my hope that educational institutions may be instilling in our children critical thinking skills our country needs to advance from our current conundrum.

  13. “there are radio station that are allowing people on the air to say that the whole new down master never have right now to Florida Atlantic University professor saying it never happened it was a Obama push to push gun control advocate the day of wagging the dog , and said Finnigan”……………………..KABC Radio

    Wow, reading those transcriptions was like reading Finnegans Wake! You almost have to be a James Joyce scholar to understand the compexity, nuance, disinformation, red herrings, ect… in the Sandy Hook Mind Fook.

    1. My impression exactly – Joycean in its rambling rant. May the country, like Tim Finnegan, awaken at its own wake in time not to be shovel ready put in the ground down nations of blissed mimicry.

  14. We should go back to the basic premise that we are free to think and say anything we like (supposedly). What obligation do we have to swear allegiance to anything published in the MSM or touted by a politician?

    If people wish to believe garbage, let them. The real question is, why is it acceptable to attack others who do not believe what they are told? When I was young this was a common phrase to hear: “I may not agree with you but I’d defend to the death your right to say what you want”. People meant it. What happened?

    Most took pride in living in a country that espoused that ideal. People may have bee “amused” by an unpopular opinion, but they weren’t usually angrily opposed because it would smack of totalitarian attitudes.

    When people in leadership positions ridicule citizens for their opinions it clearly shows contempt for the Constitution and the principles upon with the nation was founded. There are many who I disagree with but I would never call for their censorship.

  15. Dr.Tracy All my gratitude to you for being an honorable human being, And for never letting the truth die in this matter of immense importance . there are so few human beings with honor & integrity these days as is blatantly obvious from the punishment you have recieved for defending the truth. Nothing in this world is harder then speaking the truth knowing how profoundly it will be punished. But in the end we know this about the TRUTH.
    “The TRUTH is incontrovertable,Malice may attack it, Ignorance may deride it,But in the end,There it is”


  16. Mrs. Karen Hudes, who was chief counsel to the World Bank for over 20 years, has publicly stated that most of the media is owned and controlled by a very small group of domain not critters. Google her name as she has at least a half dozen interviews on YouTube exposing te corruption in our world today.. Plus, being the spokesperson for a group of whistleblowers, she has a website that exposes much.


      I highly recommend this video. The headline is toward the end. The 33 minutes will be well worth anyone’s time. Im still trying to process what she said. Ms. Hudes has credibility and was certainly in a position to know being she was Senior Counsel for the World Bank. May help us all realize not only our MSM reaction to Tracy, but why our world is in the shape it is right now. I did manage to commandeer the living room TV and was surprised I got the attention of my family. The reaction? Ok so if its that bad there is nothing we can do anyway….Ugh! Makes me want to throw rocks! I niw understand why the PTB control so much and that most people feel they a just a grain of sand. Thank you holycrow for your comment.

  17. Firstly to MBrown….

    I have 4 degrees. Definitions of accuracy and precision go beyond target shooting. Thanks for the elementary primer.

    To Rich

    I will not get all the data to you as I was merely pointing out your misuse of data. In other words, you brought it up.


    1. Congratulations on your 4 degrees, that is very impressive. Perhaps you need one more class with Dr. Tracy and he can help you understand what critical thinking is. The fact that the evidence, if there is any, was withheld, does not mean you have a valid point. Killing 27 people in 5 minutes in 3 different locations is an unbelievable rate of accuracy. Suppose your code numbers on the bottom of your posts are what you submit to receive payments for your nonsensical blather.

    2. Yes Birtram, that’s the Idea here, to bring things up. Also, you were talking about the accuracy of the shooter, regardless of the many definition’s of accuracy your four degrees have given you. I’m sorry I only have one, and since I discovered its uselessness it didn’t seem like a good choice to go out and get another. And yes MBrown your are right. Accuracy is credited to the rifle, precision to the shooter.

  18. Looking back on all this, as I paid close attention to the brouhaha surrounding Dr. Tracy’s reserved skepticism about Sandy Hook, I conclude that academia is pretty much run by zionists – which is no news to anyone familiar with Norman Finkelstein. Finkelstein was denied tenure at DePauw for telling part of the truth about the Israeli Lobby and the Holocaust Industry. He had proven in one of his books that Alan Dershowitz, Zionist shill extraordinaire, had plagiarized his writings on Palestinian history. Dershowitz repaid him by making sure Finkelstein couldn’t gain acceptance into any university in the land.

    I really think upon reflection that the parallels between Sandy Hook and the Holocaust are so obvious when one contemplates them that the powers that be felt compelled to silence Dr. Tracy to contain the inevitable awakening to truth which is long overdue in America, and in the rest of the countires we have imposed our lies upon.

    1. That’s one interpretation, but one or two cases does in no way confirm that US academe is entirely “run by Zionists.” I would contend that the situation is overall more complex. One could make an equally strong argument, which I did not do in the above, that news media took advantage of or inferred conflicting notions of what societal roles those in academe are expected to fulfill. Does it merely involve imparting a body of knowledge (which itself is susceptible to change)? Or should those of us with the distinct privilege of tenure also be “public intellectuals,” partaking in and encouraging debate in important issues and events, however controversial they may be?

    2. The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore.” He continued “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”
      · Suskind, Ron (2004-10-17). Faith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush. The New York Times Magazine.

      This is the attitude that the American people are up against. Historically, such arrogance always, ALWAYS falls on its face.

    3. Unfortunately, Sue, it seems that when everything comes back to Zionism people stop using common sense just as readily as they do when they hear MSM. The grand theories do not explain too much. Just the other day, I heard from a person who was talking about a famous university, a person who had worked in the department that raises money for it. She said its president is a figurehead and the real boss is huge oil man who attended the university and heads its board, having dictatorial powers. I believe he is a Baptist. Maybe he is a neocon too but I think more libertarian. Anyway, it is the case that he once partnered with a big guy on Wall Street to help bring down regulation of banking. They had a falling out and now I wouldn’t be surprised if he had turned on his partner’s co-religionists. What we are talking about today is monopolies and what Teddy Roosevelt (who had his own problems with reality re: Spanish-American War) “malefactors of great wealth.”

      I’m not trying to obscure the fact that there are characters with a lot of fingers in the American pie who should not, because their interests do not lie here in the sense that we imagine of wanting the best for our citizens, whom they would readily sacrifice for their own. But frankly, they are not at the heart of these scams in my opinion, though some may be actors on the stage of it. The real “deciders” are “malefactors of great wealth” and there are not too many of those in the world, which is becoming ever more consolidated under them.

  19. Either way the information comes out, it is a LIE and a HOAX and that needs to be addressed by any means necessary. If one can not see all the conflicts and cover ups and needs the story and truth to be told in a fashion they understand or compare with, then so be it

  20. I appreciate your candor Professor Tracy from day one. Wish I had you as a Prof when I was in college. I , myself try get people to step out side the box , observe with critical thinking not emotion. Then one can see the puzzle pieces, put them together to form a true & correct picture. Starting with piece #1 for me, a 19 yr old with no formal training killed 26 people with deadly accuracy in a short period is illogical & improbable. #2 The disturbing unemotional (as in real emotional grief) reaction of the parents & families. 26 families reacting the exact same way is illogical & improbable. I have long said since the day this happened through my own research & research of others , that the photos used of victims were old. I believed them to be older than what was portrayed in the media. Mainly due to my experience as a parent. A video upload of the Sandy Hook Chorus singing at the Super Bowl along with pics of TWO children positively identified with their PARENTS at the Super Bowl confirmed what I had always believed. They ARE in fact OLDER & ALIVE.

  21. ” Only a brief survey of today’s lamentably somber and often inane public discourse is necessary to conclude that tenure is far too infrequently used in the fashion originally intended—to allow academics to research with impunity the topics of their choosing that may prove inflammatory, particularly to some who may wield enough political influence to have them disciplined or fired.”

    We must question the social project that is the academy. We don’t.

    Today, every bum in every slum is told that he should go to college. Why not welding school?

    When the academy emerged, everyone who participated in it was really smart. They all spoke Greek, Latin, Hebrew, their own tongue, and a few others as well.

    Tenure is connected to that rich history. It strikes me that the reason no one avails themselves as you have done, James, of the privilege tenure was created to protect–free speech–is because the academy is now the purview of morons.

    And cowards.

    Cowards, because they never learned what genuine THOUGHT involves.

    That is, your academic attackers couldn’t make it five minutes at the University of Paris, circa 1200.

    I think you could, just by the spunk and spirit you have shown. Maybe you’re not as smart as those guys were , and you’d wash out–how am I supposed to know? But they’d certainly appreciate your character. I know I do. Thanks. You are doing God’s work here.


    1. Patrick,

      The Hubble DEEP SPACE TELESCOPE is meant to look into DEEP SPACE, trillions of miles away mostly to understand the origins of the universe. It does explore other phenomena such as quasars and black holes

      Because it is designed to look at such distant objects, observers cannot simply pivot it to something as close as the moon and get a clear picture. Optics don’t work that way. Due to the relative proximity the picture you would see is a gray blur.

      It would be akin to reading the newspaper with a backyard telescope, only the paper was 5 feet away

      There’s no other reason

  22. Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers who is Obama’s REAL father, and the admitted author of Obama’s book, “Dreams *from* my Father” was organizing student protests for his crime boss father, Thomas G. Ayers, under the guise of being radical, marxist, and socialist (but really to manipulate students to do the family dirty work and further the mob goals and family fortune doesn’t respect free speech.

    Watch videos of his weathermen underground and see that they used to search students purses, clothes and bodies before entering their own meetings!!! much like the airports are searching us now. Think about it.

    The media has evolved into something aggressive with a specific personality and purpose and the Internet is following.

    Check out Obama’s idol, Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals that they are applying to YOU:

    The big one, #12 is what they are using on you: Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

    Obama is not the disadvantaged youth that made it big that he portrays himself as – he is the grandson of super-wealthy Thomas G. Ayers and has had every opportunity and indulgence. When I had the displeasure to encounter him in Honolulu back in 1989, he had a yellow tinge to his skin that I interpreted as Hepatitis AND he had man-boobs. Plastic surgery can’t keep those puppies from coming back again and again. (If his mom is the very bosomy Mother Khadijah Farrakhan, then he’s going to keep growing those man-boobs, they’ll keep popping out no matter how many liposuctions he gets!

    The MEDIA who is attacking you, will allow people to say there are “deep connections” between Bill Ayers and Obama but no way are you allowed to say Bill Ayers and Khadijah are his parents. But they curiously live in his neighborhood and keep hanging around like, well, like family.

  23. Honestly, you make me wish I was back in college because I would love to take your class. You have my utmost respect for not backing down on your beliefs. You have been vindicated on Sandy Hook a million times over. You are an excellent communicator and and excellent writer. Your intelligence is apparent and appreciated!

  24. Oddly enough, I only found your blog due to seeing this reporting that you mention on Fox. I was immediately skeptical of how the news media was reporting Newtown. It just didn’t “feel” right to me. So, when Fox did the story on the “nutty professor” I immediately sought you out. I am sure this was the case for many others as well. Interesting how things tend to blow up in their faces. They would have been better off not engaging you at all.

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