Sofia Smallstorm and James Tracy appear respectively in the first and second hours of Professor Jim Fetzer’s The Real Deal for December 27, 2013.

They discuss Smallstorm’s Unraveling Sandy Hook presentation, in addition to American Free Press’ Michael Collins Piper and his recent disparagement of researchers who more deeply analyze the Sandy Hook Massacre.

Tracy and Fetzer also consider the Connecticut state law enforcement’s most recent data dump and announced conclusion of its investigation into the Sandy Hook School Massacre.

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        1. Yes, for some reason when I post vids here it is not shown by YouTube but so you don’t see the title.

    1. The testimony of Dr. William Begg, who was in ER at Danbury Hospital while Sandy Hook victims arrived, is very interesting. When asked if he treated the victims he very carefully parses his words and gives a misleading answer.

      Also he focuses entirely on assault rifles which comprise a statistically non existent amount of the total gun deaths per year.

      Correct me if I am wrong but he makes no mention of repeat offender criminals or suicides which are substantially higher statistically in the cause of gun deaths. He also totally ignores the fact and respective statistics for guns used defensively.

      He also states that he is a member of the Newtown Action Alliance
      who’s very mission statement is fraudulent.

      “Newtown Action Alliance is a grassroots organization dedicated to reversing the escalating gun violence epidemic through the introduction of smarter, safer gun laws and cultural change. Please join us in making a difference.”

      In fact FBI crime statistics show an overwhelmingly significant reduction in gun homicides almost without exception year after year in every category.

      A purely political speech with total disregard for real remedial action.

  1. Police State Desperate to Disarm Public

    everyone gets everything he wants
    I wanted a mission
    and for my sins they gave me one
    brought it up to me like room service
    it was a real choice mission
    and when it was over I’d never want another

  2. I think what Sofia is picking up on is a drive towards a kind of voluntary self-lobotomy. Human beings invited to render themselves incapable of anger or pain or any kind of independent thought. The bizarre behavior of the SH parents isn’t about forgiveness and love, it’s about brains medicated beyond thought and feeling. I don’t believe anyone died at SH. But if they did, these parents would be the first examples of the pacified non-people the PTB want us all to become.

    1. I have come to the conclusion that there has to be a numerous amount of people who were not on board with Sandy Hook Elementary School who in fact are now dead because of this Farce.

      1. John, could be. We know that one “disappeared”. A lady who used to post at another site and lived their years ago said that someone she knew was a local photographer who didn’t buy this either. She was in contact with his widow. He supposedly was out taking pictures by the river, fell off his bike, was rescued, but fell off again and drowned.

        Now, that could happen…… One of the things that bothers me most about this is the absence of any controversy from locals. Even if they buy the story you would expect to hear something about all the hanky-panky with the records, etc..

        The whole thing is like Norman Rockwell meets Alfred Hitchcock.

        1. Lophatt I believe the story with the photographer is that he fell off of his mountain bike and he and the bike went into the water. He swam to safety. However he returned a day or several later in an attempt to recover his bicycle. He went into the water at a channel where the river accelerates into a lake and his body was recovered days later.

          Sadly most locals believe the official story. If you raise questions and point out the anomalies then you are looked upon as a nut or labeled a conspiracy theorist. Our system of programmed acceptance conditioning is amazingly effective. What is so obviously wrong to me is completely accepted by the masses.

          Something as obvious as Adam Lanza’s mug shot picture nobody notices or asks about it’s origin when it is an obvious creation.

        2. Article on photographer that drowned

          Here is the woman responsible, apparently, for the Lanza photos. My understanding is that she has the copy right to the Lanza “mugshot”. This picture was almost immediately available to the media and I believe NBC was the first to use it and referenced it as a “high school cropped” picture or something like that.

          So if she really created the picture when did she do it ?

        3. Carl, like I said, It “could” happen that way. My “contact” said that she knew his widow pretty well. He was nosing around. He was a little scared.

          It seemed to me that he was either a candidate for a “Darwin Award” or something evil this way comes.

        4. Alfred Hitchcock didn’t need any help from Norman Rockwell. He made many movies satirizing soppy American culture that underneath was swarming with an undercurrent of violence and murder – Shadow of a Doubt, Marnie, The Trouble with Harry, etc. The question is what would he have done today with staged group events that utilize the same hokey culture he analyzed in his movies about individuals? My guess is he would have made a Nazi revival movie like 39 Steps American style. You can get away with more if you use a past historical event.

        5. @ lophatt – David Lynch is in there too. And we also have hints of Rosemary’s Baby and The Stepford Wives.

        6. That’s true Hilary. I haven’t been keeping count. Given the vibe from that town they may be eating them.

      2. David Hochsprung, brother-in-law of principal Dawn, was fatally stabbed by his room-mate. The whole thing is suspicious. Take a look at the picture of the house where it occurred, and read the comments as well.

        Start researching Dawn, her marriage to George (23 yrs. older than her, and no one can find a record of her marriage license on line). Her children never had their father’s name (her first marriage), but went by Lafferty, Dawn’s maiden name.

        After the shooting, George, a teacher, never returned to his classroom, but retired from the Danbury school system.

        George also moved as well.

        1. That was strange. So, she didn’t know her brother-in-law but “neighbors gathered at his house” when they found out she was killed?

          Then his “cousin” makes a production number about not mentioning anybody at Newtown? Weird.

          One of the things I ran across was a piece on a killing at one of her former schools that she was somehow involved in. I think it was a suicide that happened on the school grounds or something.

          There is nothing I believe about her story.

        2. Look at the picture of the crime scene. There appears to be blood on the outside of the second story window. Isn’t it strange that they, ……:argued about phone usage before engaging in a bloody ‘knife fight”.

          Huchsprung and his roommate, Brandon Burritt, both suffered from multiple stab/slash wounds to their upper torsos, necks, and head, yet Burritt plead guilty?

          Sounds like they want this story to go away as quickly as possible. Why on earth would Burritt’s attorney not have him plead not guilty?

          (snip)…A neighbor, who preferred to remain anonymous, described Burritt as a friendly, hard-working man who was holding down two jobs at one point. The neighbor expressed disbelief that Burritt would stab anyone for reasons other than self-defense.

          Again, I ask, why would Burritt plead guilty?

        3. Those comments after the article seem quite strange. Why so much emphasis on distancing the dead guy from his alleged sister-in-law? So many commenters harping on the “she barely knew him” theme. In a real situation where this guy had just died would people really focus on this aspect?

          Is it really offensive or insensitive to mention the relationship? Or is this some kind of smokescreen because the PTB didn’t want that aspect of the story to gain traction?

        4. Hilary, exactly. You could read those as “our victims are too low life to die in the company of Newtowners”, or, “Those victims at Newtown are so suspicious we don’t want to be associated with them”. Your call.

        5. Interesting. I went to high school with one of the alleged pilots on 9/11 (Burlingame). I remember what a straight arrow he was. The photo of him shown on 9/11 looked really out of date. He was a year older than I but I had him in my physics class. He was too old for the photo since he was already in his 50’s and the hair was too big, etc.. During my extensive internet reading of everything connected with that event, when I still thought it might be real, I came upon the info (which I have since lost track of), that he was involved in DEA in Latin America, and that he died in a plane crash during a secret operation years before. This would be entirely consistent with the guy I knew (and with his praetorian guard of a family).

          After 9/11, his supposed daughter who kept pit bulls and had a sketchy boyfriend died in a mysterious fire. It is possible she was his daughter. It is possible she didn’t go along with the keeper of the flame story the family told, so she had to go. Or whatever. At any rate I was struck by the story of her white collar crime record and other “off” things involving organized white collar crime, it seemed. Not like the Chic Burlingame I vaguely remembered, more by his image than by his person. I would imagine in all these false events, there are family members of the prominent people who have loose ends. They’ve traded on their relationship with the person, they know too much, and then maybe they stick their hand out for more money and get dead.

        6. Musings, that is very interesting. It’s always a strange feeling when we run across somebody that we know is being used in something like this.

          Like the writer in California recently that they say committed a “murder/suicide” of his family. “Case closed”. The local cops had the scene cleaned the next day. I sometimes wonder if they’re getting more brazen or we’re getting more aware.

    2. FEMA Private Sector Resilience Tip 12/30/13: Ring in the new year prepared for all hazards with Resolve to be Ready disaster preparedness tips, templates and tools.

      It’s all about the need to be fact if you see that word in the news, that and Boston Strong, Army Strong, BLAH BLAH’s all propaganda….courtesy of your own Federal government.

      I still think some of these players in Sandy Hook were either brainwashed or hypnotized like the Manchurian they would all say the very same narrative on cue, when asked by the media.

      1. My local “fish wrapper”, normally delivered on Wednesday, came with the cover photo of “Boston Firefighter James Plourde” posing smiling holding “Victoria McGrath, an injured spectator” in full color including the lurid red foot make-up and color-coordinated scarf. I recall that she looked like a Playmate, and all the men who came into her “hospital room” wanted to pose hugging and kissing her, she is so photogenic (long blonde tresses, 20 years old, someone you’d think had better things to do than hang around until the bitter end for the Boston Marathon).

        It’s just such a money shot, they had to put it on the front page.

        If you’re injured and good looking, a fireman will always pick you up even if it is medically inadvisable and not according to emergency procedure. After all, the publicity is priceless.

  3. This is one of the problems associated with “heroes”. We often place an undue emphasis on “who” says what. In fact, Piper even uses this ploy in his “argument”. “Those ‘qualified’ to evaluate evidence”. This, of course, excludes anyone who he wishes to discredit.

    The key to dealing with things like this is basically to say; “who cares?”. To do anything else is to place someone in a position of “authority” over you and substitute their judgement for their own.

    I see only two possibilities here. (1) He has been “told” what position to have. Or, (2) self-interest is at play. Many are so self-involved that they do things like this to garner support for their alleged “credibility”. In other words, “sure I write about controversial issues, but, I draw the line at……”. Most people like affirmation. Maybe he thinks he’s putting himself out there in a place where people will no longer listen to him.

    It is perfectly fine to have differing opinions. It is also fine to disagree with people’s positions or the thought processes involved. I place absolutely no more weight on anyone’s opinion simply because they have a reputation. It is what they say that matters, not who they think they are.

    Any thinker who studies this could not come to the conclusions he does without either something being wrong with his thinking or having an ulterior motive. Of course arguing with someone like this just reinforces the notion that they have the authority to decide what is real and you don’t.

    So, that’s too bad that he says he’s a “believer”. Maybe he’s joined a long list of “experts” who do this routinely.

    1. “I see only two possibilities here. (1) He has been “told” what position to have. Or, (2) self-interest is at play. Many are so self-involved that they do things like this to garner support for their alleged “credibility”. In other words, “sure I write about controversial issues, but, I draw the line at……”.

      Yep it is a form of gatekeeping, a role they choose as a status booster, even though the enclosure might be illusory. “If I just look like someone that has a responsibility, people will think I’m worth listening too”. Very common trick!

    2. Lophatt I am convinced Sandy Hook is seriously radio active. Even Jesse Ventura is serving the Kool Aid on this one. Nobody is touching it. AMTV is a very popular alternative media Youtube channel and he has been hands off as well.

      Lanza’s hat picture should be the most obvious fraud indicator at the moment. He supposedly shot himself in the back of his head, with Glock’s most powerful handgun, up through the top of his head and blowing his hat off with a bullet hole in it. The top half of his head should be in the hat with brains and blood and bone and yet there is less blood then when I cut myself shaving in the morning.

        1. Do you see any alternative media discussing the issue and contradictions ? I don’t.

          Alex ? Nope, Jesse? Nope, Chris Greene at AMTV ? Nope.

          What is worse is that Jesse seems to be serving the Kool Aid too and blaming all the inconsistencies on the media.

        2. Carl, the more you post, the more of a shill you sound like. AMTV is a complete fraud. I don’t trust Chris Greene further than I can spit in his face. Alex Jones? We have already beat him up pretty bad, and it seems many on this message board do not follow him. Jesse? Is it his job to do this? No, he is not media. He is considering a run for president, and if that is the case, he must be very wise in picking his battles. Carl, please let everyone know which organization you work for – DHS? FEMA?

        3. No matter what anyone’s opinion on this Sandy Hook Event really is, it is extremely disturbing that not one person in power, and there are 535 of them, will even mention an independent inquiry into this travesty. That should tell you that we do not live in a free country at all, and it is going to get far worse in the coming months.

        4. Well, we don’t live in a “free country”. Haven’t for a long time (if ever). When both Obongo and Holder are up to their horns in this it isn’t too surprising that there isn’t any opposition. Who ya’ gonna call?

        5. I know Alex is in the tank but he does like to get some miles out of each controversy yet he avoids SH like the plague. Same as Chris Greene and AMTV that’s my point! These guys could get some mileage out of this but still stay within satisfactory bounds of TPTB yet the subject remains HANDS OFF. Since I am always on the side of exposing this fraud I don’t know how in hell you can accuse me of being a shill. Although I may disagree on what components are proven fraudulent I have always maintained the official story is a lie. The agenda is gun confiscation and anti 2A propaganda tied in with mental health issues as they relate to gun rights. Since everyone is on Zoloft or Paxil and all kids are on Ritilin then the government can justify raiding anyone’s house for their guns can’t they?

        6. It seems a lot of alternative researchers are convinced that Sandy Hook is used to set up and undermine the truth movement/conspiracy theorists and make them look foolish in ordinary peoples eyes. Ho they supposedly would dö that, I have no idea, but the notion is widespread.

        7. I agree, most of the alt-media avoided the topic almost completely for a whole year. Now I see more interest but the majority of posts on popular forums are sending people down rabbit-holes that basically imply that part of the story was real. Rabbit holes that they seeded with the release of the materials.

  4. Michael Collins Piper and AFP adopted the MSM story from Day One of Sandy Hook, as did Mark Glen and Alex Jones.

    Linked below are some of my articles related to the immediate adoption of the MSM narrative by Mark Glenn, his falling out with Gordon Duff of Veterans Today over it, and Michael Collins Piper at AFP:

    Sandy Hoax – Mark Glenn exposes himself as a fraud

    “When the Sandy Hoax occurred, Glenn immediately (and foolishly) began referring to those (many) peoples who realized Sandy Hook was in fact a Sandy Hoax as: “conspiracy theorists” “nutjobs” and “truthers” as he was no doubt ordered to do, having most likely received his Sandy Hoax talking points directly from the ADL and DHS…”

    Read more: Sandy Hoax – Mark Glenn exposes himself as a fraud –

    Israel, DoD, and the Sandy Hook School Shootings

    “Sandy Hook happened…People died…The most likely culprit was a crazy kid named Adam Lanza. Get used to it, get over it. Sometimes things are what they are.” ~ Mark Glenn

    Read more: Israel, DoD, and the Sandy Hook School Shootings –

    Connect the dots… Mark Lane, a CIA lawyer, is with Jim Jones at Jonestown…

    “Connect the dots… Mark Lane, a CIA lawyer, is with Jim Jones at Jonestown… Mark Lane (who wrote the first book exposing the JFK murder conspiracy) goes to work at The Spotlight on Capitol Hill in Washington… Timothy McVeigh takes out an ad in The Spotlight…. the ADL tells the media this after the OKC bombing…. the Spotlight is sued, loses, and changes its name to the American Free Press, with Michael Collins Piper, which he has been with for 30 years (=Jonestown/Iran-Contra)… Christopher Bollyn is one of the first AFP ”Israel did 9/11″ writers and activists on the 911 Truth scene, immediately following the events of 9/11, followed by Eric Hufschmid, and, eventually, AFP‘s Mark Glenn, of The Ugly Truth Radio Network…”

    Read more: Connect the dots… Mark Lane, a CIA lawyer, is with Jim Jones at Jonestown… –

    MCP’s email threat of bodily harm to me May 2013:

    “So, I was on LinkedIn the other day [May 2013] and, by accident, I sent invites to all my gmail contacts. I had one unhappy Bible hater curse me that night, and the next morning [May 28] I got this very unhappy email from Michael Collins Piper. I went to visit MCP in DC not long ago and he was afraid to meet with me, but online he’s a real badass. I may need to go to DC, again, soon. Perhaps I’ll check out the Capitol Hill bars he frequents to speak with him about his empty threats. MCP is yet another unhappy cointelpro agent, because I tell the truth.”

    See screen shot of MCP’s email threat to me at:

  5. I had to look up who “Michael Collins Piper” is. I had honestly never heard of him before. I’d say that if he really is a long time conspiracy theorist, like he says he is, then he is not being honest with his self or with others when he says matter of factly that there was a real shooting that day. If I was a fan of his, I’d really have to rethink things because the evidence is more in line with hoax then it is with actual shooting. I don’t think there is anything wrong with speculating either way but if he has not even asked the most basic of questions, then what is he doing?

    When I first heard about Sandy Hook, I turned on the TV and watched some of the news reports. Things were not adding up and I had a lot of questions running through my mind that day and in the coming weeks. When I heard the news reports of a “crazy professor from Florida promoting conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook”, I decided to see what this “crazy guy” had to say and looked up this blog here. I realized that “this crazy guy”, James Tracey, was asking the exact same questions that I was asking.

    If “experienced” conspiracy theorist such as Collins could not think to ask many of these same questions then I’m not so sure he is interested in the answer. By disparaging those who have taken the time to dig into Sandy Hook, he is essentially saying that we should only get our information from “experts” like him. and since he seems to have a following, it would appear that his main goal is to lead people astray.

    1. Zem, “Larry” may be on to something above. I’m not a “fan” of anybody but there are a lot of folks out there who publish pretty good stuff and, all of a sudden, their logic goes right out the window.

      Others have “blind spots” when it comes to certain issues. The fact that Sophia sent her video to him makes it worse. I could better understand if he simply hadn’t been interested enough to look into it. She did such a fine job of distilling a lot of information down to an understandable piece that it should give him pause for thought.

      He may be like Scahill in that regard. Some of these “alternative journalists” consider themselves under appreciated members of an elite class. Anyone else are, unqualified to have an opinion unless they provide it for them.

      One last possibility is that he is emotionally blind. This happened to a guy I work with for a while. He went nuts over this. It was surprising. He is very intelligent and logical normally. It took weeks of careful discussion with him and now he sees it for what it is. The “thought” of those kids being killed just short-circuited his brain somehow.

      I’m sure that any of us could make long lists of “famous” writers who wouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot pole. Not that they don’t know better.

      1. I guess I just can’t wrap my brain around how someone who was already very in tune with the idea of conspiracies being a bigger part of life then most everyday people realize, not even looking into one of the largest conspiracies we have seen in a long time. I sort of kind of knew that there were bigger things going on prior to Sandy Hook but was not actively looking into anything. I knew 911 was a lie but I never investigated it past my initial reactions. If someone like me could see it, why couldn’t someone like Collins even see enough to raise questions? Sandy Hook is big, too many inconsistencies for even an everyday person to completely ignore.

        I could see maybe an ego mixed with not wanting to risk his reputation being a possibility. Questioning the death of children is extremely risky. I could give him that. I just don’t see how he could not have even really looked into this and has just accepted certain “facts” at face value. I think that he either does not want to touch it due to the implications that he may face professionally or he is intentionally trying to lead people astray. Either way, if I was a fan, I’d really be questioning his motives.

        1. Zem, I think our Mr. MacDonald above, is on to something. I don’t really “follow” these various pundits so I, like you, don’t know much about “MCP”.

          MacDonald seems to be on top of it. I guess its like anything else in this business, if it doesn’t make sense, look deeper.

        2. I think so. I also don’t follow anyone in particular. I like certain voices and theories more then others. I tend to take what makes the most sense to me and leave the rest behind.

          I feel very naïve for this but I had no idea until very recently how large the disinfo movement really is. It’s pretty interesting. Very sound advice, lophatt, to look deeper when things are not adding up.

        3. Zem, you are anything BUT naive. It is always best to form your own opinions and theories, and not rely on the self-proclaimed “experts”.

          I remember at the outset of this that there were some with all sorts of theories of various militia types (even Germans!!!), and many of those were written by people with quite a “following”.

          Most of the better known pundits are so full of themselves that it is difficult to read them. I would rather read a lot of people’s thoughts and gather whatever seems interesting. I think some have it largely right, but usually not completely so. You don’t have to be a “follower” of anybody. I’d suggest you don’t become one.

        4. Thank you lophatt. I feel very much the same way as you do. I like to hear a wide variety of ideas and opinions. I don’t think I could be a follower if I tried. If I feel something is not right, I can’t ignore it. I’m far too interested in the truth.

    1. For even more entertainment scroll down that article and read the comments.The amount of blind belief in what media and govt. spoonfeeds us is truly disturbing and disappointing…

    2. That’s funny. “The Daily Mail” said it was a picture of “a boy”. Like I said earlier, I have one of me at one or two holding a Luger. A cop who was our neighbor owned the Luger and took the picture. They thought it was “cute”.

  6. There’s a story on MSN front page about a nationwide manhunt for a surgeon who killed his girlfriend. They know the surgeon did it because his ex-girlfriend had told a friend that if she’s killed, he did it.

    It looks like another story-hoax to me. The story presentation seems to have a lot in common.

      1. I had to look it up, but that guy from Utah killed his wife by doping her up after cosmetic surgery and then drowning her in the bathtub. This new doctor shot his ex-girl friend in a hallway where they worked.

        The funny thing about these all these new tragedies is that they know who did it almost immediately. Well, there’s a lot of similarities in the way the stories fold out.

        1. Gee, you’ve got to give the first doc. credit for “creativity”. Yeah, the resistance to naming someone as the perpetrator is getting weaker and weaker. First, the verdict, later the “trial”.

  7. Here’s their latest data dump on Nancy Lanza and other ‘details.’ I can’t even slog through this stuff anymore. One could easily understand why so many people believe some massacre had to have happened.

    Also I’ve only gotten through 3/4 of Sophia Smallstorm’s talk on Jim Fetzer’s show, but I want to second, third, et al, her point about the psy op being designed to mold our feelings about ‘mental health.’ You can’t really separate that racket from the anti-2nd Amendment one, and neither is separable from the most fundamental rights of the people.

  8. A year ago, one rumor was that Nancy was going to have Adam committed, and that that’s what got him so angry. But of course that was too illogical even on it’s face in that no mother, no matter how Preppy prepping she was, would have left that emotionally disturbed a son alone with tons of guns. So they’ve altered the story to make it at least semi-coherent.

    Also note that in the article it’s now all white boys who are fascinated with war and battles who we must commit. Adam, according to this version, wasn’t about to be committed as no one, not even the shrinks, could predict his explosion. It was just some vague, nebulous set of emotional issues combined with an ‘obsessive’ fixation on war and military apparatus.

    And people on here don’t think that race matters, or that the fact that we’re verging on a race war isn’t totally orchestrated by TPTB. But it’s the white males who scare them the most, as they’re more potentially powerful for various reasons. One is that the white middle class is funding the federal government and all it’s beneficiaries. Whites are the only ethnicity who really have a motive to secede, withdraw, etc.

    But of course, there were no outright signs, as it were, that Adam would become violence. Evil is just potentially lurking in every white male around you…

    The autism people have also had autism and asperger’s exempted from the DSMV and from the rubric of ‘mental illness,’ so they might be spinning to deal with that, although the more vague and undefinable this ‘mental illness’ is the better…

    1. Sue, “Adam” is a “character”. It isn’t real. You are right that the story was designed to paint a picture. “Mental health” is very much a meme in this. More pushing to have everyone “evaluated” for “pre-crime” and medication.

      I have an autistic daughter. She is 40 years old and lives with us. I’ve been around a lot of autistic people over the years. I have seen cases where they’ve been self-destructive. I’ve seen a few who were violent in minor ways (but those are rare).

      Asperger’s is somewhat different, but not that different. If he were a real person and graduated from a normal high school, he would have to be highly functional. There would be records of his evaluations and the state would have kept some tabs on him over the years.

      The painting depicts a suspect mother (due to her liking of guns), living a reclusive life with her disturbed son. I suppose the take away is supposed to be “if they could have INTERVENED, this wouldn’t have happened”. They could have just marched in there and taken her guns away and told her what she had to do. Believe me, that type exists and is often associated with children’s services.

      They have not been very careful or creative in this. I suppose they only cared about the initial impression. It won’t stand careful scrutiny. The overall goal I think, is that the state is supreme. See what happens when they leave us alone?

  9. Are there any lawyers on this blog who will chime in? The US statistically has the most lawyers in the world. There is no way anyone could be convicted of any type of violent crime based on any of the evidence presented by the state in the Sandy Hook case. I would find it impossible for a jury to even convict James Holmes or Jared Lauoghner of committing the crimes that they are specifically accused of perpetrating. Those respective cases also lack compelling evidence.

    How come, out of the millions of lawyers in the US, there is nothing but silence?

    1. I was going to become a lawyer once, then they found out that I knew both my parents…….(sigh!).

      Anyway, all they have to do is go to a grand jury. They’ll indict a ham sandwich. Frankly, I don’t know why anyone would have more faith in a jury than in the pool that they come from. Look at the chumps these things generate.

      Most people do not have the ability to think critically. The same thing happens in court. They appeal to emotions, not logic.

  10. I just finished listening to the interviews. I have a few observations.

    First, it is always interesting to listen to James Tracy talk about these things. The bad folk who want the truth suppressed will never find a sound bite to destroy him with. Fetzer goes off on glorious tirades, full of fact and outrage, as if he’s writing a comment here at MHB, and it’s fun to listen to. He’s right, too, obviously–his pointing out, for instance, the fact that actual human parents wouldn’t have stood for Dr. Carver Frankenstein ordering that their wounded, dying tots be left in a pile of their classmates’ corpses for 18 hours, proves the story is a hoax. But Tracy, in response, focuses right back on the reporting. He does not speculate.

    Anyone can see, just by coming here, that Tracy knows everything Fetzer is talking about; our James reads everything that he publishes here. But he never gives the MSM ammunition to blast him with; he just keeps throwing their malfeasance into their faces. Bravo!

    This Piper thing is fascinating. In the Tracy portion of the show, Alex Jones comes up, and James, as usual, is very kindly toward his work, but perplexed that he’s taken the same stance as this Piper fellow–and gives specifics as to why it’s so hard to understand. But doesn’t speculate as to motive Again, he’s exactly what an academician is supposed to be (a question this raises: was Fetzer so prone to tirades before he retired? I have no idea.) He’s level headed, even handed, probing, aloof. Enjoying the tangents, but always keeping the central issue in view: the reporting. Well, lack thereof.

    Sofia is always interesting, too. She clearly has a unique perspective, and listening to her interact with Fetzer is interesting. She, as well, leaves open the possibility that people died, but unfailingly points out that the official story is impossible. I can’t make out exactly what she believes about it. She cultivates a mysteriousness about herself. I do think that her focus on the training program aspect of these fake events is a little recognized, but vitally important factor. Seemingly, we are being trained to become Stepford Wives; she’s right about that. No one is supposed to be outraged, angry, demanding people in charge be fired. Medication, and complacency seem to be the ticket for the future. Chilling.

    1. Good post Patrick. This country is probably way ahead of “1984” now and rapidly approaching “Logan’s Run” with an overabundance of complacency and medication.

    2. The fictional town of Stepford, CT has much in common with the village of Sandy Hook, CT, which also might be, in some ways, fictional A Potemkin village of sorts. The zombie like residents of Stepford Village resemble the zombie like reactions of the too perfect parents and people of Sandy Hook. The parallels between the Stepford tale and the Sandy Hook tale are intriguing.

      1. One of Glenn Close’s character’s lines in the remake of Stepford Wives was:

        “Where would nobody notice a whole town full of robots??

        Remember she was an “Up With People” person. Ha!

        1. Hah! Sue, that’s good. A little synchronicity there, wot? You know “whole towns” full of weirdos has been a stock plot for a lot of horror tales. I wouldn’t want to spend the night there.

    3. Those are good, studied observations Patrick. People have different styles. Fetzer is good. Sometimes he “jumps” when he should relax (IMHO). I like him though.

      I just listened to a radio program with him as presenter today. It was on JFK and he was singing MCP’s praises to the heavens. Of course it was taped before the “Smallstorm storm” (pun intended!).

      As far a Dr. Tracy and this site goes, I think that is just the general dynamic here. We make comments and put our thoughts out there. He doesn’t have to. Every so often he says something.

      It has always been hard for me to understand being a follower. I don’t follow sports, and that may explain why I can’t understand someone who puts credence to something just because of the “who” of it. I don’t consider myself superior to anyone but I’m not inferior either.

      So, while I don’t know a lot about MCP, I’m not surprised by this sort of reaction. Unfortunately it happens quite a lot. I think that when someone with a reputation for delving into conspiracies starts to call the kettle black it shows who they really must be.

      A lot of these guys are pretty smug.

      1. Just to add bit of perspective as I’ve been reading up a lot about all this lately. Fetzer was indeed an early supporter of Wood, at least to the point of supporting the criticisms made by her and Reynolds of Steve Jones’s work. At some later date, according to Wood, he “threatened” her (her words, I can’t in any way verify them), and they have not communicated since.

        The info on all the personality clashes and ad hominem exchanges between the Woodites and Jonesites is all available on various Youtube videos and websites. It’s all very complicated and subterranean. Morgan Reynolds’ role – as an ex-Bush employee turned fervent believer in high energy space beams and disparager of controlled demolition theorists – is probably one that would benefit from close analysis.

    1. that is strange because I always thought he was a fed because he promoted her work, at least he was when he spoke in portland. for more on Judy Wood you should watch all three parts of this and come to your own conclusions. she doesn’t seem so hot when she can actually be questioned. how anyone could watch her and not read liar written all over her face is beyond me.

      I would love to hear what fetzer had to say about her, do you have a link?

    2. I must say I too am not foresquare in the Fetzer camp. His delivery is bombastic and often reminds of Limbaugh, with Rush’s sense of self-importance. He has on several occasions questioned Robert Groden for not acknowledging the bullet hole in the presidential limo’s windshield–which he claims was later replaced. Groden’s first book has been my reference on the Kennedy assassination. A bullet hole seems a small point that Fetzer hammers on with great enthusiasm. I have read Judy Wood’s analysis some time ago. It is another tact on the road to discovery.

      Today, I did go to the Fetzer blog and read his “holocaust revisionist’ point of view. Interviewing an anonamous ‘franklyspeaking’, I was taken aback by their discussion. Nothing much happened at Auschwitz? A much ballyhooed scientist from the Max Planck Institute was cited for his
      intense study of the physics involved; the official post-war story was
      debunked. It is impossibe for a lay person to argue with a bonified scientist; however, that might be the clue–how bonified is this man?

      How many times have we become aware of science selling out for money and prestige? Too many! The proffered notion that there were not that many Jews in Europe at the time (many had fled) followed up by how many Germans were bombed by Allied planes seems an exercise in futility to throw off the prime contention that there was a holocaust and too many died–and it happened under a German flag.

      Throwing out chaff to jamb the radar is an old, old, ploy. Don’t know why, but I keep going back to the sad facts promulgated by war. The deeper the search, the more unbelievable the findings.

      Look up the Martin Bormann organization and see how successful it has been in stirring up dissention and covering up their continuing sins. Seems in this age, everyone is suspect.

      1. Oh, another moderated comment…my computer was hacked (second time) a few weeks ago; I had to take down my Yahoo user page (Weblewowzers) and my e-mail list. I used my page to comment extensvely on any number of subjects, including politics, social issues, or even posting creative writing at times. I do miss the exercise as it allowed me to vent–sometimes moreso than on other managed blogs.

        Without passion, there is no real engagement with the outside world.

    1. AJ, very nicely done. Wow, I guess he gets a little “testy”, doesn’t he? Reminds me of another Jewish lawyer I have to deal with regularly….., but that’s another story.

      That’s an interesting history. You’ve done a fine job of outlining it. I don’t need to say that this is what happens when ideas “take off”. When people form “movements”, they get infiltrated or “co-opted” , happens every time.

      It’s a lovely way to silence or derail discussion. I suppose I have rather a different take on all this. When someone starts talking about “the credibility of the movement” (or some variation), I see that as just another ploy to silence whoever they would silence.

      “Credibility” comes from the logic and believability of what someone is saying. It also has some distinctions associated with it depending on whether it is presented as an idea, thought, or theory or opinion.

      There is a difference between someone disagreeing and someone setting themselves up as an “authority” that must be pleased. This seems to be a model for how a lot of online discussion proceeds.

      Someone offers something, and someone else “pounces”. In most cases they are simply trying to silence what they don’t want to hear, or don’t want others to hear. “I’m all for free speech, but, what you’re saying could DAMAGE the credibility……..”. The corollary to this is; “I demand that you satisfy my question. What you say must meet my standard”. That’s pretty imperious but happens all too often.

      Myself, I’m all for putting it out there. If someone doesn’t like it, fine. I guess my ego isn’t as hungry as some others. Nice post, I’ll go back and study it more later.

      1. There is IMO a lot of responsibility on those of us who dig into this stuff to be both very open AND very rigorous. We have to be sure we don’t exclude on grounds of prejudice or fear, but we also have to be sure we vet and test the veracity of everything to the utmost of our ability, because if we don’t we risk losing our way in this dense and dark forest.

        When we are discussing the physics of an event we have to be bounded by the rules of evidence and by the known physical laws (at least within reason). We have to proceed impeccably and scientifically or we just make it too easy to dismiss us.

        “Credibility comes from logic and believability” – exactly so.

        1. “Hilary, are you and lophatt married?”

          LOL – if we are then I think I’ll be getting divorce papers served pretty soon! 😀

        2. …our ability, because if we don’t we risk losing our way in this dense and dark forest.

          When we are discussing the physics of an event we have to be bounded by the rules of evidence and by the known physical laws (at least within reason). We have to proceed impeccably and scientifically or we just make it too easy to dismiss us.

          “Credibility comes from logic and believability” – exactly so. (End quote)

          Hilary, poetically put, however, you apparently are not aware of the pushback on the primacy of scientific methodology. That theory is called the folly of “scientism,”–questioning the unhealthy frame of mind foisted upon a receptive public. Posted some details in the past and both times, the link was erased. But the crux of the debate is that science is not the final arbitor of all human transactions. (Especially when the men in white coats are so easily distracted by money and perks. Climate change comes to mind.)

          Read the link posted above re Fetzer; copy is long but thorough and will lead to recessed rabbit holes. However, perhaps you prefer not to delve into them. Facts do tend to distort one’s belief system. And as you say, we must not be persuaded by emotion or bias. I certainly have some–biases.

        3. Marilyn, I doubt that its wise to try to assess the extent of anyone’s knowledge simply by something they may post on a blog as an observation or idea.

          If one is defending a dissertation in some rigorous forum, that might be a different situation entirely. I often don’t take myself or some idea I have seriously enough to want to devote great pains to defending it.

          I think the fact that some believe that ideas must be defended is disturbing. Some things are merely comments. If someone disagrees that’s fine. I don’t see the “obligation” to meet someone else’s standards to have an idea.

          Politeness would dictate that when someone says something we disagree with we either politely disagree or don’t say anything. When the response comes across as “agree with me or YOU’RE STUPID”, that’s rude..

          What I was saying about Fetzer is that I like and respect him. That doesn’t mean I think he’s always “right” or that his style always pleases me. But, then again, that’s the point I’m trying to make. He doesn’t HAVE to be right or please me.

          Frankly, I read quite a bit. I can’t name one person that I’m in total agreement with. That doesn’t bother me in the slightest nor does it stop me from reading what others have to say. Sometimes there are valuable things in something even if I think the conclusion is in error.

          If I sorted who I would read by some “error” or “conclusion” that I disagreed with pretty soon I’d be the only person I read. Comments about “one’s belief system” imply intimate knowledge of what that system consists of.

          I’m not searching for a guru and I haven’t found one. I don’t particularly think people should be “attacked” for holding ideas that are unpopular with some. I’m not nearly as concerned with what someone thinks as I am with other’s intolerance. No one is obligated to live up to my standards or hold ideas that comport with mine. If they don’t it doesn’t give me license to attack them.

          When people discuss ideas the discussion lasts as long as they are willing to respectfully listen. When that ceases it is an argument. Arguments are not “won” when it comes to ideas. One party gets insulted and either accedes to avoid further insult or becomes a bigger bully and attempts to get their opponent to “surrender”. That isn’t the same as coming to agreement or agreeing to disagree.

          Disrespecting others doesn’t make them “wrong” about anything or the one doing the disrespecting any more “right”. It is simply rude.

  11. Recent alleged Caucasus-caused bombings in Volgograd supposedly connected to Sochi Olympics: any thoughts on this connection to the fake Marathon bombings, also allegedly caused by characters from the Caucasus? Then skip over to Lebanon where Hezbollah is supposed to have caused a car bombing, etc. Can you see Iran being isolated for the kill? The Marathon bombing would create a plausible deniability of being behind attacks on Iran’s ally Russia, since we too were victims? The geopolitical chessboard is definitely in play, and it looks like once again our hearts and minds are targeted so that we will take sides or pretend not to be attacking Russia (who we can ill afford as an enemy).

    I realize this is off-topic, but if these security events in the US originate, as I am sure they do, with the federal government, then its propaganda machine about war with manufactured enemies must be part of the picture. I can just imagine how the “trial” of Tsarnaev will play out during “terror attacks by Chechens” on the winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, which a lot of countries are boycotting (or at least refusing to send officials to the opening). Apparently, something is going to terrorize that opening and they already know what it is.

    1. Do you know why they are framing the Chechens?
      I am seeing the words Chechens, terrorists, even “females” for some reason (female suicide bomber) on google news.

      How would they even know the current bombings are by Chechens?

      1. The spooks who manipulate public opinion are revving up for the Sochi Olympics–again the classic Russia vs. the rest of us. Checnya seems to be figuring prominently and conveniently as the Caucuses have always been a tinderbox of dissent. The ‘Stans’ as they are called, are in close proximity to Checnya and full of goodies like oil. See?

        “Plus les choes changent plus elles restent les memes.”

      2. Violeta, there’s a clip out there from a surveillance camera that shows the explosion appears to come down from the ceiling. Unless she was “Cat Woman” (or very tall), it’s unlikely that it happened as described.

        1. Ha! There’s actually a clip showing where it came from! I wonder how many people in Russia fall for this stuff. I have a neighbor from Belarus, and she’s the most alert person I know. I’ll have to see if I can catch up with her and see what she’s thinking about what’s going on over there.

        2. I’ll look for the clip. It was posted at another site via “You Tube” but when I went back for a second look it was taken down. The original still picture was on there, no video. I’ll look for another source.

          There were apparently two explosions on different days. This one looks like a terminal of some sort. There are people in line and you can see the thing come down from the ceiling.

        3. I couldn’t reply to your comment below.
          “He’s a psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy.” – Heath Ledger on his portrayal of the Joker in the Dark Knight. He’s an agent of chaos – a terrorist who invariably gets a kick out of what he does, he enjoys it and he always leaves a calling card at the scene of his crimes.
          As the Dark Knight could be interpreted as an allegory to the ‘War On Terror’, then the Joker is the perpetrator of the ‘terror’. He’s a representation of the psychopathic ‘elites’ that are responsible for all the staged events that happen all over the world, even if they don’t necessarily have to murder anyone to get away with it. I think that’s how the Joker theme has been connected to fake events and in the wake of the Aurora shooting it definitely stuck.
          Just like the Joker, they also leave their little calling cards at the crime scene, or in other places such as the Olympics, revelling in it, leaving subtle clues – arrogantly rubbing our faces in it. So I suppose the joke really is on us.
          The advert on the Tavistock square bus, for example. The Firehouse Subs ‘Well Done’ sign included at the Boston Marathon photo shoot, Joker Tsarnaev, Team Stork and the ‘pun run’, 26.2 miles for the marathon and 26(.2) ‘killed’ at Sandy Hook, Robbie Parker, Wayne H. Carver, Help For Heroes and little drummer boy in the Woolwich beheading, Paul Cia n Cia and many more.
          Incidentally, one of the calling cards used in the film features the devil on it so you might be right about that.

        4. In response to what violeta wrote about “maybe the joker is satan” I think it pertinent to review what we know or at least have been taught about non-Western cultures which do not have the same relationship with pure good and pure evil that ours promotes. There are “trickster myths” where someone gets around power (a power we say is God sometimes, identifying it with ultimate goodness) by engaging in devious behavior to trick the powerful out of its grip on everything.

          I see some of these events that way, if, as I believe, no one actually died (in the majority of them). The powerful entity is the public. It has something the trickster wants. Other names for the public might be the audience, the stakeholders, the ones with rights and privileges. The trickster wants to draw off some of the power which exists in that public. If “vox populi, vox dei” then the trickster wants to make that voice of the people sing a new tune, its own.

          Examples of tricksters occur in myths and legends of all primitive people, including the ancestors of Western cultures. Brer Rabbit, various fox characters, raven in some native American cultures, etc. as well as various underworld gods of Latin America (where there are mines and the gods are propitiated with coca leaves), etc. are examples of these critters who might be called “jokers.” Every pack of cards contains one. The joker is “wild”, “wicked”, etc.

          Does that mean the joker is “satan” in the sense of wanting to lead others to destruction? I’d say sometimes yes, sometimes no. If this stuff leads to torture camps, war, allowing unlimited spying on citizens through fake terror, it’s definitely bad and not in the interest of the general population. It’s a kind of parasite on the body politic which weakens communication and misleads it. So it isn’t so innocent, in spite of how it is perhaps tolerated by those participating in these hoaxes, who are convinced perhaps that the end justifies the means.

        5. @makky and musings, thank you for the good explanations. So many good points were made that it’s difficult for me to comment. Definitely good explanations.

        6. Musings and Makky, I think you’re right about it being “parasitic”. While this is an age old problem, evil vs good, the “sweep” of it has changed and our awareness of it in a timely manner is new.

          I usually couch my discussions about it in psychiatric terms, such as “psychopaths” and “psychopathies” but, behind that is a very old theology. Many have problems with theological explanations so I avoid them in order to not lose focus on the problem.

          Obviously symbolism is important to them. Just as in “Faust” there is a bargain, or contract. The rewards are material. Just look at the efforts lately to “worship” the elites and their material worth. Leaving “calling cards” is both an inside joke and a boast. “We’re untouchable”.

          Chaos is a reward in itself. It is through chaos that “opportunities” are made for their exploitation. It is also the opposite of peace and order. Just like in nightmares, the “new reality” has an unsettling feel to it. One gets the feeling that “something just isn’t right”, and it isn’t.

          Sometimes, when we try to sort all this out and “make sense of it”, we miss the point that chaos is the point. Or, said another way, “evil is its own reward”. What is painful for us is entertainment for them.

          So I keep coming back to what the former Bushite said about “realities”. They keep throwing them out there like a rubber ball and we keep chasing after them like a dog.

        7. Lophatt, thank you for both. I see the think coming down from above. How anyone could see anything to name a suspect in that mess is beyond me. But of course that’s how those things go down.

          The blogger with the information about the passport asks the same logical questions that we would tend to ask. It most likely should not seem strange to us that the same techniques are being used in Russia as here. It’s a world wide force; different parts of the world, same agenda. One world agenda. One world dark agenda. Bigger than us.

        8. Lophatt, thank you for the links and also thanks to Violeta and Musings for the numerical synchronicity and the ‘Chechen’ connection. I posted your findings on another blog along with my own interpretations and the article below followed – tying all the themes together.

          Also, as our old friend Sherlock Holmes once stated, “When you eliminate all that is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable must be the truth”.

          The ‘White Widow’.

        9. You’re welcome, makky, and I only read at one of the links you supplied so far, but I actually need some help understanding some of this.

          I had seen that the Marathon bomber’s first name is pronounced Joker, and we have spoken here thanks to lophatt about “them” actually playing a huge “joke” on us, but I don’t think I get the whole ‘joker’ connection. Is there more to it? I also don’t get the Batman connection.

          Very interesting about the pattern for the pre-Olympic bombing, the tie in to Tavistock, the numbers, etc.

          The picture of the Tavistock bus at the link you provided more clearly shows dancing skeleton I had mentioned earlier.

          I’ve been trying to find a good link to the 2008 Olympics closing ceremony with the bus, Led Zepplin guy, and a sort of occult ceremony, but can’t find it. The videos out there that I’ve looked at so far don’t contain that part. I’ll look later.

          Did you guys get any sleep last night? I see some posts from the middle of the night!!!

          My dog is drawing back into reality. She wants to go for a walk:)

          Happy New Year to everyone! Do you get the feeling it’s going to be a doosey(sp?)? doozy?

        10. After a walk in the park and a shower, a thought came to me. Maybe the joker is satan. I do believe that when we talk about the “boss”, we are talking about satan. I understand that not everyone will agree.

          So I googled ‘the joker is satan’, and yes, at least that’s what pretty many hits said.

        11. Violeta, to try and answer your question about “The Joker” being “Satan”, in a way, yes. In terms of imagery and meaning, The Joker represents chaos. It is a way of saying that out there, somewhere, is danger is lurking.

          This is one of the “little secrets” to this game. You’ll notice that, while occasionally someone asks for legislation or something as a result of these events, there is NEVER a fix that will make it go away. If you responded to that event, there will always be another.

          So the thing is a predator. You can guess who the prey is. It preys on our fear and powerlessness. The more attention it receives the hungrier it gets.

        12. Lophatt, thanks, this is explaining a lot to me on a couple of different levels. I wish I could verbalize it but sometimes I can think about things but not get the thoughts into sentences.

        13. Violetta, you do a fine job of communicating. This thing can be confusing. It is on many levels. Sophia mentioned this as well and she is correct.

          To try to understand this you can’t just look at one event in isolation. Sure, each event has levels as well and they’re interesting. But, like our other references to “Operation Gladio” and such, each event is only part of a larger whole.

          Generating chaos results in opportunity for them, fear for us. Fear makes us easier to control. Control makes it easier to create more chaos.

          I remember when the USSR collapsed. There was all this talk of a “peace dividend”. We wouldn’t have to spend our economy on the Cold War. Looks like that turned out well, didn’t it?

          Peace and order are not conducive to control or profits.

        14. One thing I’m wondering is with the desire of the evil forces to create fear, I don’t know what to make of the “peace”, “love”, “forgiveness”, etc. that the Sandy Hook aftermath actors are putting out there. Those are not evil. I remember that it has been said here that the desire is to make us into some sort of zombie, is that all that it’s about? I don’t get it completely yet.

        15. Ah, I was thinking on the spiritual level when I asked that question, but the mental confusion that the inappropriate response to death and trauma would damage the human psyche.

        16. Another very strange story in the news this morning is the father of Claire Davis, the teen who was shot in a school in Colorado on December 13th, says he and his wife forgive the shooter, and so should all of us.

          The amount of weapons he carried into the school with him include a gun, a machete, and 3 firebombs. As the story plots have been running lately, he killed himself.

        17. violeta, I’m curious, did they provide the names of Claire Davis’ parents yet? So far they have kept their identities secret.

        18. Yes, Michael and Desiree. They are holding a memorial at some national event, too; I haven’t read that article yet.

        19. I’m glad they released the names, finally. There does appear to be a Michael E and Desiree E Davis living near the school, in Littleton. I haven’t dug too much into this but the location is suspicious considering Columbine and Aurora are nearby. I also know that there was an active shooter drill at a school near this one a month prior to the event and that the same two hospitals used for the drill were used for this shooting. That made me a little suspicious.

        20. Violeta, “Musings” mentioned other cultures beliefs and I tend to agree. All of the cultures that I’m aware of have some concept of “good and evil”. In the West we also have a “redemption or salvation myth”. In other words, that there are ways to counter “evil”.

          Many native American cultures simply accepted the concept for what it was, for example, without necessarily ascribing a value to it. For the purposes of this conversation I’ve been trying to say what I believe Makky is saying as well. “CHAOS” is synonymous with “evil”. Chaos creates fear. Fear makes us susceptible to control.

          I always tell people that, when assessing the relative nature of something, ask; “does it seek to control or does it liberate?”. If something seems to value your judgement and respect your free will it is good. If it seeks to control you, avoid it.

          In the Christian tradition God does not impose His will. He wishes us to use our free will to join in His plan. Evil, on the other hand, seeks to IMPOSE its will. It has no respect for people’s free will and wishes to eliminate it.

          When we talk about the “indwelling of the Spirit” we are saying that we have help to protect our free will. As we “grow in Grace” we strengthen our power through the Spirit. If we don’t exercise our free will it will be stripped away and we will, in essence, be soulless.

          So, regardless of your persuasion, “discernment” is important. Seeing the NATURE of things. Your response may depend on your understanding of what those things represent. Not everything is purely one or the other. Some “tend” one way or another.

          Regarding the “Satan” question, those are actually easy. Pure evil is easy to recognize, thought, as Musings suggests, Satan is a “Trickster”.

        21. Thanks, Lophatt, these explanations are very good. I didn’t see the one from Jan. 1st until I was replying to the one from Jan.2. I did need it explained with a theological explanation along side it, because that’s what I was trying to figure out in my mind. One thing that really made it all make sense is this: “If we don’t exercise our free will it will be stripped away and we will, in essence, be soulless,” as I had been thinking that is the main goal of satan. I know money is important, but I do think that he is mainly out to destroy mankind. The people he uses do care about money, power, and all sorts of worldly things, and that’s what he gives them for a season. I will add, just my point of view.

      3. Maybe the terrorist blast in Russia in the train station and the bus was meant to dovetail with all of this? Maybe the Winter Olympics will be the next staged “false flag” event. Again, no other reason except to create panic, fear, division with the masses, You can’t revolt against the Czars if everyone is at odds with each other.

    2. Musings, it is very interesting that you made the connection with the Volgograd bombing and Boston. The moment I saw the ‘explosion’ on the ‘news’ my immediate thought was that it looked very similar to the smoke bombs at the marathon. The female responsible has been called the Black Widow, which links to the Al Shabaab terror network that is masterminded by the White Widow, Samantha Lethwaite, who was married to Jermaine Lindsay one of the 7/7 bombers. That particular network ( Al Sabaab), were supposedly responsible for the Westgate shopping centre attack in Nairobi.
      Lethwaite was last seen fleeing on a camel towards a snake infested forest in Somalia, home to a secret Al Queda training camp. Here is the link to show you I’m not making this up.

      The ‘head’ of the Caucasus terror network responsible for the bombings reportedly dubbed the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Sochi the satanic games. Their words or more MSM blathering? – make of that what you will.

      Here is a video showing the second bombing in Volgograd which happened on a bus and looks very real.

      1. Sorry, the video of the bus is from an earlier attack that took place in October. There doesn’t seem to be any video of the recent bombing, just lots of moving images of the ‘aftermath’.

        1. Speaking of buses, the bus from Tavistock square had a dancing skeleton on it and an advertisement for a movie. I can’t find a picture with clear lettering to find the name of the movie. It seemed to be a dark type movie.

          I think I’ll watch the closing ceremony from the China olympics again, too, to see if it is more relevant as 2014 Olympics are closing in.

        2. Makky, the lack of video is interesting in itself. In Russia almost everybody has a dash cam. They do that because of the cops and the traffic. It is inconceivable that there isn’t any footage of the bus.

        3. Makky, this stuff gets spun in whatever fashion a particular faction wants. The U.S., Saudi Arabia and, of course, Israel, have been fighting a proxy war with Russia using the Chechens for a long time. Putin is trying to introduce a little balance against the unipolar juggernaut.

          On top of that Saudi Arabia is bought and paid for by the U.S. and has been funding those murderous “rebels” in Syria, at Israel’s bidding, of course. Russia has been trying to assist Syria, much to the cabal’s chagrin.

          So Obongo goes out of his way to insult them with his choices to their Olympic extravaganza and now Russia gets a dose of Boston disease. Remember the “assistance” received in Boston from those “experts on terror”.

          It’s a lot like watching the Purple Gang duke it out with the Gambino Family. It also has a touch of “Lord Farquat” from “Shrek”. “This may require a sacrifice, some of YOU may be killed. But, I’M prepared to make that sacrifice……”.

          There is no doubt that the Chechens would probably like self-determination. Putin is not going to let that happen. But the others are in there like a guy throwing ashtrays from behind the bar. It’s a form of amusement for them to “get even” with Putin. They don’t care how many are killed and maimed for their entertainment.

      2. Oh my! The white widow indeed. She looks like someone who gets regular facials. Perhaps the “snakes and scorpions” are in lieu of botox injections? I don’t like to make light of the way the public is deceived in these 19th century type tabloid myths, but please. Valerie Plame, Lara Logan, Paula Broadwell, Samantha Lethwaite (waiting for death?) – Bond girls all.

      3. Makky, interesting letter. No wonder Mr. Howard is such a success. He’s prescient! Ever have visions of these “leaders” dancing naked ’round the cauldron at night under the moonlight?

        1. Ha ha, lophatt, not as yet. That’s bohemian don’t cha know. Although I do see the gaining momentum and the omnipresent spectre of organised, stylised terror and its effect on our conciousness both individually and collectively. ‘Terror’ we are supposed to accept or interpret as actually being ‘real’ and respond to it emotionally. Along with that the modifications and the altered perceptions that we face in the outcome of the said ‘tragedies’ which are also not real by definition. How can they be? I would have thought we were all on the same page with regards to the global agenda.

        2. Yeah, that’s really all that’s “new” about it. High-tech and worldwide. “Just sit down and do as you’re told, we’ll take care of everything!”.

          Reminds me of something:

          “At times when things grow dark and dim,
          I think I’ll let the dragons win;
          But then again perhaps I won’t,
          Because they’re dragons, and I don’t.


      4. Ha, ha, “…last seen fleeing on a camel towards a snake infested forest in Somalia…”. That’s great.

        A Mata Hari rerun. The script writer must have spent too much time with “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.

        This white Muslim woman of mystery who slithers through the world financing explosions from dark mosquito-infested places. I guess we know what happened to all the TEE VEE script writers when the reality shows came in.

        1. Theresa, yes. “Aangirfan” has posted a few good articles on her as well:

          “Wheels within wheels”. I suppose it could all be “coincidence”. Exploding buses in Tavistock Square…….really! Our knife-wielding decapitator pictured in the link above? Ever see someone stop to chat with someone on the street holding a bloody knife after just “decapitating” someone? I haven’t. But, like I said, I don’t get out much.

      5. Makky, just a comment on the websites. That may be one of the silliest articles I’ve read in years! Holy Batman, Robin! If you ask me the half-naked celebrities in the margin are more of a “threat to security”.

        Precisely HOW, is she a threat? Are we to believe that “Al-Shabaab” sits in the snake-infested jungle playing checkers with camel dung, minding their own business unless in the presence of “white women” (er. excuse me, the “White Widow”)?

        Nice touch on the South African passport as well “Webb”, indeed! This is the type of thing that used to be written in comic books in the 1950’s. Maybe I should write the “Mail” and ask for my secret decoder ring.

  12. I was actually wondering if the “bombings” were fake. One clue was that they very quickly knew that the first bombing was done by a female suicide bomber. I am of the opinion that fake stuff has been going on in Russia, and I can get a link to one fairly obvious fake tragedy. It had to do with a nursing home, an hour away from a fire department, burning down. I’ll get a link if I can find it.

    Of course it’s impossible to prove anything, so I have to admit this is just conjecture on my part.

    conjecture is the polite word for conspiracy theory

        1. Well, one reading could be the tube bombings occurred on 7/7. This could be an announcement for the “second” bombing (2 X 7 = 14 [2014]).

          Who knows, I don’t play these games but I don’t deny that others do. The numbers thing is Cabalistic, it isn’t Islamic (unless you have “fringe” Sufis involved).

          I keep repeating what the Sparky Bush minion said: “While you’re looking at that reality, we’ll create another. While you’re trying to sort that out, we’ll create another…….” (paraphrase).

          We create our realities and when someone disturbs the process we go through to do that, confusion and fear result. So if it all seems somewhat “unreal”, its because it is.

        1. Yeah, and I was thinking it’s 7+7.
          Do you remrmber the Tavistock square bus bombing? July 21, 2005.
          And did you see the closing ceremony of the Olympics in China with the bus and zebra crosswalk?

        2. Only thing is, it looks like more people were added to the list who died in the first of the 2 bombings, and the number now stands at 17.

          I feel reluctant to deal in the numbers game, not because I don’t think they are used by fictionalizers of these events. I’m sure 9/11 was 9-1-1 for first responder calls. It was the name of the drill. But I am not an expert there. What concerns me is the indicators about whether something is real or not, and whether it can be stated that something alleged to have happened is impossible.

          I am not in Russia. I know the Russians have been accused of creating false flags – where real people died (perhaps because their entertainment industry is not powerful enough to pull of the kinds of things that can happen in the US). Maybe that is happening here.
          Actually, Sochi is a long way from Volgograd, but it is our press which is connecting the two places as somehow related (which is in itself suspicious). The US press is making political hay out of something going on a half a world away.

          I ventured onto this topic because of the Chechen allegations – perhaps fake in Russia too, which would not be the first time. Russia has had a Chechen “problem” since it began annexing the Caucasian countries. Tolstoy wrote about being a young soldier at war with Chechens!

        3. Numbers game does just bring with it a lot of speculation.
          I did see that they changed the number of deaths from the first bombing.

          Even though I say all that, I found it interesting that the numbers from Tavistock bus bomb were 52 deaths and over 700 injuries. I think somebody likes 7’s.

        4. Violeta, I think the choice of “Chechens” has to due with them being Muslim. Any time there is a Muslim component I think Israel. But, that’s just me.

          Numbers CAN have some significance. Some factions (mostly Satanic/Masonic) place great stock in numerology. They like to “advertise” their work and some of them think that they derive power from certain auspicious dates. I suppose the significance of that might be that a Muslim wouldn’t be likely to choose to do an action based on Cabalistic numbers.

          I think the whole thing stinks of another setup. Remember, they never have only one goal in these things. There’s the Fourth Amendment destruction, the “security” angle, the police state acclimation, and, of course the anti-Islam angle.

        5. Violeta, the London Bombings actually took place on 7/7 2005. Three bombs exploded on trains on the tube network and the forth was on the bus as you said above.
          On the 21st of July there was an attempt to explode four more bombs in the city but only the detonators went off.

        6. What is “real” and what is not? That is the fundamental question. Those who manipulate have been at this game for as long as there have been nation states, maybe longer.

          Most people want to live in peace. They really don’t want to hate anyone. To get people to hate you have to manufacture conflict and fear. “Left”, “right”, “East”, “West” are all just conveniences for this purpose.

          While its entertaining to try and sort through the minds of those who do these things, all we can do is make educated guesses. The whole Chechen/Caucasus story could fill a book. This is where “tribal cultures” clash with “modern” nation states, like tectonic plates sliding one under the other.

          With that it isn’t always easy to sort out how much is “home grown”, manipulated into being, or simply used for political purposes. The “media” will always provide the desired take away.

          Obviously, those who want more repression will spin the “terrorist” security angle. The “big boys” use these small populations like pieces on a chessboard. Whether they incite them into actions or simply perform the actions themselves and blame them on them is sometimes difficult to determine.

        7. Musings, I don’t believe in the power of numbers. I do, however, believe there are those who do. Sometimes it is helpful to know that when we’re trying to figure out who might be responsible for something.

          I think motives are central in that effort. If we understand that psychopaths tend to power, and they are primarily motivated by self-interest and obsessed with control, it becomes a simple matter of which group of psychopaths we’re dealing with.

          All of these groups ultimately work for the same boss. They are permitted their little scams (and the rewards that go with them), so long as they don’t endanger the overall script.

          There are commonalities among them. It is no accident that these “movers and shakers” often congregate together in various societies and groups. I’ve been around too many of these types in my life. They are very “proud” of themselves and like insider jokes. Some are smarter than others. This isn’t about “smart”.

          These mutts are selected for their usefulness. If some of them think that magical numbers give them mystical powers, the boss doesn’t care. If that’s what it takes to get them to perform, fine.

          One of the reasons for the push to destroy any semblance of Western Culture and belief is to destroy the revulsion we feel when confronted with this abomination. Part of their “reward” is the ability to flaunt their deviant behavior with impunity. What fun is it to be a slave to wanton self-interest if you can’t indulge in it?

  13. People, please think about this. Do you really think our federal government is going to stage an event like this only for gun control or to mess with our heads? NOT.

    Something much bigger going on here. And I’m sticking to my theory that this is related to 9/11. The coverups and strong-arming are active. Sandy Hook was a show of force, and also used to strengthen positions withing the federal government. This is is the true meaning of a false flag event.

    They would risk everything for gun control or mind games? No, they are desperate and risky because they know the 9/11 truth movement is gaining steam and they are doing everything in their power to prevent further investigations.

    1. Looks like the Parkers are getting out of Dodge.

      The Parkers are moving away. Apparently he got another job and they are not saying anything about it –

      apparently he was an engineer at a major defense contractor- see if you can get this GLP link to get to his linked in page- then he came to Danbury to live in a $400k house on a PA salary with 3 kids ?


        1. Reply to Bill – there’s a huge difference between 9/11 and other events being analyzed here. 9/11 truth has a peer reviewed scientific paper confirming it was nanothermite that was used for explosives and the cause of the three buildings coming down. No one else with a theory, including the zany NIST, or even Dr. Wood, has a peer reviewed paper. Even with this proof, the MSM ignores it, as it has with Sophia’s recent compelling analysis of Sandy Hook of the housing scam and the fire hydrant, etc.

          Latest news on Boston which is being bolstered to appear to have a legitimate fund (it’s already a scam) –

        2. What is this thing, “peer reviewed”?

          In the case of 911, it is meaningless. The “peers” are all questionable, and there are no journals.

          It would be a genuine howler, though, if this paper purported to “confirm it was nanothermite that was used for explosives and the cause of the three buildings coming down.” Any “peers” of the fellow making this claim, who applauded it, would be clowns.

          1) thermite can’t be used as an explosive, “nano” or not. It doesn’t explode. It’s a cutting charge. All it does is chemically slice through steel.
          2) The idea that cutting charges brought the three buildings “down” is simply ridiculous.

          If you think this os “proof,” you have no understanding of 911, Marzi. No one will ever find me extolling the worthiness of the MSM, but if they trumpeted this ridiculous paper, they would further prove what we already know: they are morons.

        3. What “peer review” is supposed to guarantee is that the “peer” doing the writing doesn’t stray off the reservation. Somehow, in this case, the evidence is meaningless. We have “super-duper magic do-anything Thermate”. It’s a a cult.

          Maybe we should just scrap the entire nuclear program immediately. Why do we need it? This stuff is FAR more destructive than any other substance. If we’d only known before we invested all that hard earned money.

        4. No amount of your ad hominem attacks will take away from the over 2000 architects and engineers who are qualified to pass judgement and who work in construction and design or demolition of skyscrapers. I forgot, there are diehards supporting a surreptitious attack on 9/11 truth on this site. Please do not bother to continue rambling on about your theories. I’ve read them before and know your point of view. Anyway, researcher Sofia would certainly disagree since she made one of the first videos on evidence of explosions using high temperatures. Also, check out top military personnel and many others on patriotsquestion9/11.

        5. Marzi, don’t take it personally. But the thermite/nanothermite idea is likely planted, just as is the substance itself. Enough thermite to take down those buildings would have lit up and welders’ blinded all people of Manhattan, and have been visible from anywhere. Please look into WHO pushed the thermite idea to cover/mislead from what. Code name is “Jones”.

        6. I did not attack you, and obviously you need to look up “ad hominem,” because that does not apply either. I merely stated that you can’t possibly know much about 911 if you think cutting charges explode. Duh. If you think a building brought down by cutting charges would have no toilets in the pile, well, you haven’t thought about it. This is not an attack, it’s an observation.

          I don’t know who these 2,000 architects and engineers are, and I don’t care. In logic, talk like that is called “an appeal to authority.” It’s what Ring Lardner meant when he wrote, in one of his stories: ” ‘Shut up,” he explained.” We are supposed to fall to our knees–even if the evidence completely contradicts what the “expert” is saying. Well, nuts to that.

        7. Since we must depend upon proof, I am with Marzi here. Peer review is not a bad idea in the scientific world from which all of us benefit. The very reason — reason being our guide mind you — to challenge 9/11 is that it does not stand to reason that the official story can be true. If men of good will, Americans who patriotism is true and grateful for our good life we have enjoyed, want to set their skills (whatever they be) to disentangling us from lies, even if their current hypothesis eventually must be abandoned in favor of another which more closely fits the facts, I applaud their courage in defying the powers that be. I am not maliciously destructive of their attempts by getting it mixed up with paranoia (which spins itself into a hole where it remains stuck in mystical glue).

          Whatever the conclusions, they are opposite to the official story. Engineers and scientists do not cling to something no matter the counter-evidence, and if in this case they are brave enough to risk their careers (as Tracy has been with his critique of the slavish MSM), then bravo.

          We all know what it isn’t – the official story. That is where we can agree.
          Those who say “Hoax” are the ones who are risking a lot to defy the demagogic herding of the mob in the opposite direction. Let’s not fall into quibbling.

        8. How’s the view of the Potomac? I don’t know today. I’m not there. I’m looking out at snow in Boston. Careful not to cast unwarranted aspersions on talented writers who would die rather than work for the spooks.

        9. By the way, Patrick, Elsevier, a scientific publishing house based in Europe (unless more recently acquired by someone else) published soon after 9/11 a series of essays by “truthers” which may have in some instances been peer reviewed. The publication cost more than $100, and that’s because they charge that kind of money for a non-popular book that goes into university libraries. Is it full of disinfo? I don’t know. But I do know that the writers challenged every piece of the flimsy official story upon which the wars depended, such as non-existent phone calls made from planes to identify the “box-cutter-armed” terrorists of mid eastern origin.

          Had the government or cabal within in hired someone with a modicum of talent in historical fiction writing, and some slight degree of cleverness, it would have been harder to dismantle the official story (which is all you really have to prove – that it does not work).

          But they used fiction-writers whose minds did not form in the same atmosphere as more mainstream Americans, and the intuitions were all off for creating a plausible story, which is how many of us understood it stank of cheap Hollywood effects and not complex interlocking plausibility. It served its purpose however, which was sensationalism and fad. Much like the team in Wag the Dog, crassness worked to its advantage. Nobody reads the Elsevier publication. It has not been admitted as evidence into the court of public opinion, and the mob continues to die choking on its popcorn and 20 oz. sugar sodas.

        10. “Peer review is not a bad idea in the scientific world from which all of us benefit.”

          I disagree, musings. “Peer review” is hokum. We know this from the asinine climate “science” charade. Everything today is a chase for government and foundation grant money.

          The thing about 911 is that some of us have been through the trenches, and don’t like having to engage newbies about old debates, and rehash arguments settled long ago. Count me one of them.

          It’s like that ridiculous Englishman who regards himself a distinguished thinker–mostly because of his haughty demeanor and his affected accent–Richard Dawkins, who presumes he handily disproves Christianity by facile arguments he thinks no one ever thought of before, even though Aquinas settled them eight hundred years ago. Listening to him is boring.

          Sorry, but there’s not enough money to play the devils advocate about 911 fallacies. Thermite is a fantastic way to get me giggling. And MY peers feel the same way.

        11. “Neener, neener”! Potomac? I haven’t seen the Potomac since October. Have to visit the Puzzle Palace from time to time.

          “9-11 Truth” (I didn’t realize there was a monolithic entity by that name), can have any opinion they like. Thermite (or super-duper thermate) could have been used in specific places-or EVERYWHERE- but it won’t turn steel to dust (or toilets). So, I’ll stick with my opinion that peer review doesn’t make the evidence go away.

        1. Susan I qualified my statement by saying “apparently” I did not make an unequivocal assertion. He does look alot Like RP. And the point was that if in fact that was him it would be quite anomalous a career change.

          As for the other issue that they are moving rather suddenly I thought that was noteworthy.

        1. But I don’t mean to suggest there’s nothing suspicious about Sandy Hook. For example, the 911 call listed as Holden (well, redacted, but obviously Holden) is from a woman with a daughter in the school; Holden didn’t have a daughter in the school. I think it is likely Mrs. Manfredonia making the call. She stated she was there very early; further, “Holden” is listed in the report as arriving at the school 38 seconds behind Mr. Manfredonia, and finally, Mrs. Manfredonia stated she had her young son with her, and there seems to be a child’s voice in the 911 call. (That’s the call at 9:36:48 am.)

    2. Bill Fred you are the Shill- just admit it. All of a sudden 911 is what is at stake ? If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be laughable. Which agency do you work for NCS ?

      1. I won’t go back and address all of the bogus information you have posted at this blog, but right here on this page is an example – the Robbie Parker LinkedIn page. That topic has been filtered through months ago….

        Sandy Hook should be on the same breath as the other questionable events recently – Boston bombing, San Fran airliner crash, TSA shooting, etc. There are others. Boston and San Fran were definitely NOT about guns. Or was it Mr. Shill? All this hoaxing is for a greater purpose, as if they are proving that hey can get away with crimes, without actually committing the crimes…..

        Please tell me, if SH was about guns, then what were Boston and San Fran about?

        1. Other ‘events’ on the list of questionable events should include – Bali, Nairobi, Washington D.C. (twice), Mumbai, Paris, Woolwich beheading and now Volgograd. I’m sure you there are many others but you (and I), should / are getting the picture by now.

        2. Bill, I don’t think you are a shill. My feeling is that this all relates to FISA – the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, better known as the Patriot Act. Without the “Lone Wolf” Provision, the NSA would be crippled. Without the “Lone Wolf” portion of the act, no domestic surveillance would be legal without a court order from a judge based upon a warrant.

          This provision was introduced in 2009, and with the help of DHS, the active-shooter phenomenon followed. Frequent crazy attacks give the NSA justification for their Orwellian snooping that has trashed the Constitution. Note the gov’t earmarks – they usually start between 8:30 and 9:30 am, and finish up by dinner time (9/11, Navy yard, LAX, Sandy Hook, Ct mother in DC, and others.) LAX was about making the TSA relevant, and casting the beleaguered force in a sympathetic light, before the agency gets cut in the wake of huge gov’t debt. DHS wants to arm this group and has recently contracted for a shooting range near La Guardia. Jeh Johnson, who assumed Napolitano’s job at DHS, is all about expanding cyber security. The light posts will be listening. I know this sounds crazy, and it is, but that is his goal.

          Maybe it’s about guns, or mental health intervention, or perhaps it’s about NWO conspiracy theorists…but I think it’s about a huge chunk of Federal money to fund power mad Intelligence professionals, as well as their friends and families.The richest counties in America surround the Capitol.

        3. American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution

          “A stunning exploration of the subtle erosion of freedom in an age of concocted fear and de facto military authority.”

          “William Arkin talked about his book, “American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution”, in which he argues that unelected officials in our national security establishment are undermining our constitutional rights. He argued that these bureaucrats, in the name of fighting terrorism, have figured out ways to work between the letter of the law and continue to remain largely untouchable, despite the many whistle-blower disclosures. Mr. Arkin spoke at Norwich Bookstore in Norwich, Vermont.”

          VIDEO – Book TV: William Arkin, “”American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution” (10:00) –

          VIDEO – Book Discussion on American Coup (FULL 56:23) – 

          BOOK – William Arkin, “American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution” –

        4. There are even smaller events, the local bridge in Skagit WA area that was sabotaged (they said a big wheeler hit it and caused it to fail and it was faulty anyway), the repeated train wrecks and big rigs blocking the roads (usually a FEDEX vehicle). The WACO Texas plant fertilizer bomb…the picture of the supposed bomber is a doppelganger for Peter Saarsguard. I do like how the time frames for these events always seems to fit 9-5 government hours.

        1. BF Sandy Hook was an assault on2A, Boston was an assault on 4A.

          Sorry for not getting back to you earlier the government web access software blocks Dr. Tracy’s page from our computers at the office.

    3. Have been watching the conversations of MHB since the Sandy Hook event. I knew the event wasn’t what it was publicized to be, but I wanted to know WHY anyone would do such a thing.

      Think I found my answer in an interview with Susanne Possel:


      I’m finished with Sandy Hook. It was fake. The Sandy Hook participants are losers who went for the money. Seriously, they got their kids involved… a new definition of “loser.” End of story.

      Looks like this may get worse before it gets better.

      I suggest you all make time to defend the 2nd Amendment in your State in the next legislative session.

    4. I think the 7 7 bombing may provide a framework for the False Flag plan and execution. There was a well done documentary that I had seen and I think this is it.

      A terror response drill is planned. Three innocent Arabs are requested by the planners to play the role of terrorists. The planners then detonate real bombs and accuse the Arabs as the evil terrorists and kill them. Some real injuries and deaths result and some planned actors and injured are inserted for adequate video and news propaganda.

      Hegelian dialectic and Occams razor.

      So the idea that the crisis is all real or all fake may be unrealistic and contradictory but when the evidence is considered in totality the big picture comes into view.

      The Sandy Hook parents full time job now is acting as professional victims to push gun control.

    5. Evidence found in a closet at SHS: Binders from an Israeli telecommunications company, ECI ECI provides “Government Operations & Homeland Security Multiservice, integrated network solutions that help governments manage day-to-day operations as well as respond effectively to crises and natural disasters, Mission-critical Communications, Proven and secure next-generation network infrastructure solutions that optimize net-centric warfare communications and cyber-security protection at tactical, strategic and national levels.”

      Go to frame 8:16 in this video to see the evidence:

      Read the comments posted below the video by Prop215Tv.

    6. The Lynn McDonnell interview continues to haunt me. I have watched it countless times and I finally came to this description in my mind:
      Lynn looks positively radiant, glowing and almost ecstatic when describing the loss of her child. I don’t know what this means, but it is helpful to me when I watch the interview because it seems so contrary to ANY grief process that I am aware of; especially when it’s put into its proper context on the timeline.

  14. While it is nice to see Sandy Hook investigators look at ALL the evidence or lack thereof, concentrating on the two obvious identifiers that Sandy Hook was a staged event are what is needed.

    Those two identifiers are as follows.

    1. The non response of Police/Fire/EMTs to get immediate emergency care to the supposed victims. That did NOT occur in any shape or form and is an immediate red flag.

    2.The non response of parents to the above 1. non response. Any real parent of a real school shooting victim would have displayed overwhelming grief and would have demanded answers as to why nothing was done to help save their loved ones. Legal action would have been pursued immediately for these gross incompetencies of emergency personnel.

    1. & 2. are facts that can not be explained away and are what should be put forth in a lawsuit against the State of Connecticut and the town of Newtown. The facts are proven and can not be denied.

    1. Agreed 100% PCGeek. If as a society we want to get rid of Obamacare and stuff like it, we need to focus on the obvious, such as Sandy Hoax Elementary School. That would be enough to bring 100s of politicians down, and locked up for treason.

    2. Yes, there are no unhappy campers after Sandy Hook, nothing like the Jersey Girls or any supposedly indignant group crying foul. Maybe it’s just a more shoestring operation, so everyone had to act like one big happy family (even burying some of their kids together and talking about them meeting together at the school in the sky where the principal, etc. would be presiding over them for eternity).

    3. I agree, there is enough evidence to move forward with a lawsuit, but who would be brave enough to attempt one?

      I checked out local politics on CT craigslist, just to see if anyone was discussing Newtown at all, and it was eerily lacking any conversation about it going all the way back to last year. Major story like that and only 2 or 3 mentions seems very odd.

  15. Thanks, lophatt, I didn’t realize the Chechens were Muslims. With respect to the numbers, so then perhaps the Cabalists are advertising their work in Russia, and they own the media here (and maybe there),
    and can at the same time blame it on the Chechens. Do you think the Muslim countries are on the outside looking in or just playing their part?

    Thanks, makky, yes, my boo boo. 7/7/2005, or 3 7’s. 21st is 3 7’s, too.

    1. No, problem. I was observing the numbers as well. The number on the bus that exploded in Volgograd was 12 33. 33 being a master number of important significance. Co-incidence? Have a look at my reply to Musings for some more interesting connections.

  16. Received via email:

    (At 1:38)

    Anderson Cooper: “As you were reading to them, I mean did the kids realize something was going or did they just think it was a DRILL like you’d had before?”

    Janet Vollmer: “Right, it didn’t seem a natural thing although we do practice DRILLS, and we just said, well, we’re not really sure, but we’re gonna be safe, ’cause we’re sitting over here and we’re all together”

    There’s that damn “D” word again!

    1. Thanks for this article, Larry.

      “And she (Pat Llorda) reiterated the information about possibly reoccupying versus rebuilding the school, saying, ‘We made the right decision to build new.'”

      Surprise, surprise! Geez… if this information about the building doesn’t just add some more stench to the entire event. Yeah, Pat… amazing that you made the right decision. I love the way all you guys continue to pat each other on the back for a job well done.

  17. Late as usual but my own personal belief is that 911/Boston/Sandy Hook/Aurora and a long list of other false flags are connected.Many people appear to have forgotten that president George H.W. Bush made a “prophetic” statement way back on September 11,1991 concerning a New World Order, and then ten years to the day later, terror strikes New York.This always stayed in the back of my mind and on the tip of my tongue.I’ll let everyone know what made me think something was up that fateful day…it was the way the top of the first tower leaned over like it was about to topple off but instead fell into itself and appeared to disintegrate right before my eyes and before any of the building below it could “collapse”.My search for answers began then and I’m still searching.911 was implemented to usher in the never ending “war on terror” and to introduce “muslim extremists” into everyone’s consciousness.Now, we all are aware that there is information and dis-information on this and many other subjects/topics so this appears to be one of those “buyer beware” kind of scenarios.For now[and until something more concrete is shared]all my marbles are in Dr. Wood’s court.Credentials up the yahoo and I thoroughly enjoy her work ethic.MSM is ignoring her completely,so I’ll assume that she might be on track.Others are allowed “air time” and are given platforms to shout from but Dr. Wood is ignored and ridiculed.Sandy Hook was an attempt to bring gun control to the forefront,even though other mass shooting have occurred elsewhere,they use the innocent lost lives to bring emotional knee-jerk reactions to the issue.Every mother would more than eagerly jump on the band wagon to help legislate gun control had they lost their child due to gun violence.This was targeted directly at our heart-strings.I’ve poured over mountains of evidence that point directly to this shooting to have never occurred.Period.The parents of Sandy Hook have been criss-crossing the nation doing what?Promoting gun control of course.Here is an example of their play book.
    Boston was also used to further promote the muslin-extremist angle and also to see if they could implement martial law via the “stay in shelter” order.Also with this false flag event, they is more evidence pointing to a false flag/drill than an actual terror attack.Countless photographs and videos prove this without a shadow of a doubt.Here is the scary thought for me–these are being carried out with the participation and approval of gov’t, right from the top on down.Something Wicked This Way Comes…indeed.
    I might be off topic but I wanted to share my two cents and I’d be more than happy to respond to any and all replies.

    1. Chris, I wouldn’t argue with anything you said. That’s been largely the outline of my discussions. I’m leaning in the “nuke” direction, but I’m not “married” to it. It is obvious to me that conventional explosives or incendiaries did not sublimate steel, concrete, office furniture, people, etc., (and toilets…..).

      Why anyone would believe that talking about the obvious is problematic is interesting. Anyway, welcome. If you’re looking for an argument you won’t get one from me.

      1. lophatt, I always like to bring up toilets because, unlike everything else in an office building–except concrete, of course–porcelain can’t burn or melt. It can only break into chunks, and it remains nice and shiny after, because dust won’t stick to it.. Any theory that can explain the fact that not a single photo contains a single chunk of a toilet is OK by me.

        1. Patrick, you’ve made “toilet champion” out of me. It says it all. I usually throw in the other “missing” items as well, but maybe that just confuses them. It’s frustrating.

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