By James F. Tracy

This story originally appeared here and at Global Research in July 2012. It was recently selected by an international panel of evaluators as Story Number 14 in Project Censored’s Top 25 Most Under-Reported Stories for 2012-2013. The article is featured in the new volume Censored 2014: Fearless Speech in Fateful Times (Seven Stories Press, 2013).

Electromagnetic pollution is one of the greatest threats to human health today. Over the past several years this public health menace has only intensified with the rollout of “smart meters” that replace standard analog meters on residences and businesses throughout the nation and world.

Wireless Technology and the Accelerated Toxification of America

As a multitude of hazardous wireless technologies are deployed in homes, schools and workplaces, government officials and industry representatives continue to insist on their safety despite growing evidence to the contrary. A major health crisis looms that is only hastened through the extensive deployment of “smart grid” technology.

In October 2009 at Florida Power and Light’s (FPL) solar energy station President Barack Obama announced that $3.4 billion of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act would be devoted to the country’s “smart energy grid” transition. Matching funds from the energy industry brought the total national Smart Grid investment to $8 billion. FPL was given $200 million of federal money to install 2.5 million “smart meters” on homes and businesses throughout the state.[1]

By now many residents in the United States and Canada have the smart meters installed on their dwellings. Each of these meters is equipped with an electronic cellular transmitter that uses powerful bursts of electromagnetic radiofrequency (RF) radiation to communicate with nearby meters that together form an interlocking network transferring detailed information on residents’ electrical usage back to the utility every few minutes or less. Such information can easily be used to determine individual patterns of behavior based on power consumption.

The smart grid technology is being sold to the public as a way to “empower” individual energy consumers by allowing them to access information on their energy usage so that they may eventually save money by programming “smart” (i.e, wireless enabled) home appliances and equipment that will coordinate their operability with the smart meter to run when electrical rates are lowest. In other words, a broader plan behind smart grid technology involves a tiered rate system for electricity consumption that will be set by the utility to which customers will have no choice but to conform.

Because of power companies’ stealth rollout of smart meters a large majority of the public still remains unaware of the dangers they pose to human health. This remains the case even though states such as Maine have adopted an “opt out” provision for their citizens. The devices have not been safety-tested by Underwriters Laboratory and thus lack the UL approval customary for most electronics.[2] Further, power customers are typically told by their utilities that the smart meter only communicates with the power company “a few times per day” to transmit information on individual household energy usage. However, when individuals obtained the necessary equipment to do their own testing they found the meters were emitting bursts of RF radiation throughout the home far more intense than a cell phone call every minute or less.[3]

America’s Telecom-friendly Policy for RF Exposure

A growing body of medical studies is now linking cumulative RF exposure to DNA disruption, cancer, birth defects, miscarriages, and autoimmune diseases. Smart meters significantly contribute to an environment already polluted by RF radiation through the pervasive stationing of cellular telephone towers in or around public spaces and consumers’ habitual use of wireless technologies. In the 2000 Salzburg Resolution European scientists recommended the maximum RF exposure for humans to be no more than one tenth of a microwatt per square centimeter. In the United States RF exposure limits are 1,000 microwatts per centimeter, with no limits for long term exposure.[4] Such lax standards have been determined by outdated science and the legal and regulatory maneuvering of the powerful telecommunications and wireless industries.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ceased studying the health effects of radiofrequency radiation when the Senate Appropriations Committee cut the department’s funding and forbade it from further research into the area.[5] Thereafter RF limits were codified as mere “guidelines” based on the EPA’s tentative findings and are to this day administered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

These weakly enforced standards are predicated on the alleged “thermal effect” of RF. In other words, if the energy emitted from a wireless antenna or device is not powerful enough to heat the skin or flesh then no danger is posed to human health.[6] This reasoning is routinely put forward by utilities installing smart meters on residences, telecom companies locating cellular transmission towers in populated areas, and now school districts across the US allowing the installation of cell towers on school campuses.[7]

The FCC’s authority to impose this standard was further reinforced with the passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act that included a provision lobbied for by the telecom industry preventing state and local governments from evaluating potential environmental and health effects when locating cell towers “so long as ‘such facilities comply with the FCC’s regulations concerning such emissions.’”[8]

In 2001 an alliance of scientists and engineers with the backing of the Communications Workers of America filed a federal lawsuit hoping the Supreme Court would reconsider the FCC’s obsolete exposure guidelines and the Telecom Act’s overreach into state and local jurisdiction. The high court refused to hear the case. When the same group asked the FCC to reexamine its guidelines in light of current scientific studies the request was rebuffed.[9] Today in all probability millions are suffering from a variety of immediate and long-term health effects from relentless EMF and RF exposure that under the thermal effect rationale remain unrecognized or discounted by the telecom industry and regulatory authorities alike.

Take Back Your Power, an important new documentary on the relationship between electro-pollution and its health and privacy-related consequences, was released in September 2013. The film constitutes must-see viewing for those concerned over the immediate and long term dangers posed to human health and freedom by “smart meters” and similar silent weapons.-JFT

Growing Evidence of Health Risks From RF Exposure

The main health concern with electromagnetic radiation emitted by smart meters and other wireless technologies is that EMF and RF cause a breakdown in the communication between cells in the body, interrupting DNA repair and weakening tissue and organ function. These are the findings of Dr. George Carlo, who oversaw a comprehensive research group commissioned by the cell phone industry in the mid-1990s.

When Carlo’s research began to reveal how there were indeed serious health concerns with wireless technology, the industry sought to bury the results and discredit Carlo. Yet Carlo’s research has since been upheld in a wealth of subsequent studies and has continuing relevance given the ubiquity of wireless apparatuses and the even more powerful smart meters. “One thing all these conditions have in common is a disruption, to varying degrees, of intercellular communication,” Carlo observes. “When we were growing up, TV antennas were on top of our houses and such waves were up in the sky. Cell phones and Wi-Fi have brought those things down to the street, integrated them into the environment, and that’s absolutely new.”[10]

In 2007 the BioInitiative Working Group, a worldwide body of scientists and public health experts, released a 650-page document with over 2000 studies linking RF and EMF exposure to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, DNA damage, immune system dysfunction, cellular damage and tissue reduction.[11]

In May 2011 the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer categorized “radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer, associated with wireless cellphone use.”[12]

In November 2011 the Board of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM), a national organization of medical and osteopathic physicians, called on California’s Public Utilities Commission to issue a moratorium on the continued installation of smart meters in residences and schools “based on a scientific assessment of the current available literature.” “[E]xisting FCC guidelines for RF safety that have been used to justify installations of smart meters,” the panel wrote,

only look at thermal tissue damage and are obsolete, since many modern studies show metabolic and genomic damage from RF and ELF exposure below the level of intensity which heats tissues … More modern literature shows medically and biologically significant effects of RF and ELF at lower energy densities. These effects accumulate over time, which is an important consideration given the chronic nature of exposure from “smart meters.”[13]

In April 2012 the AAEM issued a formal position paper on the health effects of RF and EMF exposure based on a literature review of the most recent research. The organization pointed to how government and industry arguments alleging the doubtful nature of the science on non-thermal effects of RF were not defensible in light of the newest studies. “Genetic damage, reproductive defects, cancer, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, cognitive effects, protein and peptide damage, kidney damage, and developmental effects have all been reported in the peer‐reviewed scientific literature,” AAEM concluded.[14]

Radiating Children

The rollout of smart meters proceeds alongside increased installation of wireless technology and cell phone towers in and around schools in the US. In 2010 Professor Magda Havas conducted a study of schools in 50 US state capitols and Washington DC to determine students’ potential exposure to nearby cell towers. A total 6,140 schools serving 2.3 million students were surveyed using the database. Of these, 13% of the schools serving 299,000 students have a cell tower within a quarter mile of school grounds, and another 50% of the schools where 1,145,000 attend have a tower within a 0.6 mile radius. The installation of wireless networks and now smart meters on and around school properties further increases students’ RF exposure.[15]

Many school districts that are strapped for cash in the face of state budget cuts are willing to ignore the abundance of scientific research on RF dangers and sign on with telecom companies to situate cell towers directly on school premises. Again, the FCC’s thermal effect rule is invoked to justify tower placement together with a disregard of the available studies.

The School District of Palm Beach County, the eleventh largest school district in the US, provides one such example. Ten of its campuses already have cell towers on their grounds while the district ponders lifting a ban established in 1997 that would allow for the positioning of even more towers. When concerned parents contacted the school district for an explanation of its wireless policies,the administration assembled a document, “Health Organization Information and Academic Research Studies Regarding the Health Effects of Cell Tower Signals.” The report carefully selected pronouncements from telecom industry funded organizations such as the American Cancer Society and out-of-date scientific studies supporting the FCC’s stance on wireless while excluding the long list of studies and literature reviews pointing to the dangers of RF and EMF radiation emitted by wireless networks and cell towers. [16]

The Precautionary Principle / Conclusion

Surrounded by the sizable and growing body of scientific literature pointing to the obvious dangers of wireless technology, utility companies installing smart meters on millions of homes across the US  and school officials who accommodate cell towers on their grounds are performing an extreme disservice to their often vulnerable constituencies. Indeed, such actions constitute the reckless long term endangerment of public health for short term gain, sharply contrasting with more judicious decision making.

The 1992 Rio Declaration on Environment & Development adopted the precautionary principle as a rule to follow in the situations utilities and school districts find themselves in today. “Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.”[17] In exercising the precautionary principle, public governance and regulatory bodies should “take preventive action in the face of scientific uncertainty to prevent harm. The focus is no longer on measuring or managing harm, but preventing harm.”[18]

Along these lines, the European Union and the Los Angeles School District have prohibited cell phone towers on school grounds until the scientific research on the human health effects of RF are conclusive. The International Association of Fire Fighters also interdicted cell towers on fire stations pending “’a study with the highest scientific merit and integrity on health effects of exposure to low-intensity [radio frequency/microwave] radiation is conducted and it is proven that such sitings are not hazardous to the health of our members.’”[19]

Unwitting families with smart meters on their homes and children with cell towers humming outside their classrooms suggest the extent to which the energy, telecom and wireless industries have manipulated the regulatory process to greatly privilege profits over public health. Moreover, it reveals how the population suffers for want of meaningful and conclusive information on the very real dangers of RF while the telecom and wireless interests successfully cajole the media into considering one scientific study at a time.

“When you put the science together, we come to the irrefutable conclusion that there’s a major health crisis coming, probably already underway,” George Carlo cautions. “Not just cancer, but also learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and psychological and behavioral problems—all mediated by the same mechanism. That’s why we’re so worried. Time is running out.”[20]


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23 thought on “Wireless Technology: A Looming Health Crisis”
  1. Did my research over 3 yrs. ago & been “preaching to the choir” ever since. Tried to inform @ local community meeting (& provided links to sev. sites inc. MD’s) only to be laughed at. Thank you for providing a fb link as it seems my only source of “awakened” people.
    God bless you & your perseverance of the truth in sooo many matters that SHOULD be of interest to us all !

    1. Thank you.

      Many people who cannot readily observe the ill effects of technology will reject such information out of hand. My experience has been that people are very poorly informed on the health effects of “smart meters” and similar wireless technologies, even though utilities have absolutely no scientific data to demonstrate their safety. This suggests the high degree of efficacy–at least in the immediate term–of the propaganda system termed corporate media. Over time, however, these edifices start to crumble as genuine information begins to circulate. After all, informed people don’t pay twice as much to eat organic or consult alternative medicine because of unfounded beliefs, yet large segments of the population will exercise blind faith in irrational authority and ignore such paths as “superstition,” particularly in the short term.

    2. Kudos to you for trying to inform people at your community meetings. I’ve only attempted to educate (and warn) friends and family, but instead of being laughed at, it was suggested to me by one close (now former) friend that I see a psychologist. Of course, it wasn’t just the smart meter and electromagnetic radiation issue I was explaining, but other realities such as the Sandy Hook Hoax. Sure is frustrating, but honestly I’m happier not having to struggle with closed minded people. James has more long-term optimism, which I wish I could share. Call me a curmudgeon of the Mark Twain kind, when he stated “The more I know about people, the better I like my dog.” And let’s not forget our cats! 🙂

      1. A hearty “amen” to that, Kit. Home bound after chemo, I spend about 14-16 hrs/day on the pc. Have learned to sift out a lot of “crap” & fear porn; Holy Mackerel, the truth is bad enough ! But I was armed w/ what I thought could wake up the locals…..mostly farmers affected by all 3: chemtrails, smart meters, & GMO’s. They wonder why they have plants w/o bearing fruits or veggies, why their livestock is getting sick or producing deformed offspring, why everyone is feeling sicker than usual. I printed off handouts w/ links so they could do their own verifications. No ET’s, meteor showers, govmt. lies & corruption, Obamageddon, FEMA camps, etc……just verifiable things that affect them all. They won’t even look to the sky (which is plaid w/ chemtrails). I gave up & returned to prepping BIG TIME ! lol

  2. I get it. But outside of refusing smart meters what do we do about it? Seems to me the only way to improve the situation is to develop better systems for RF propagation. However, it seems this may only take place by allowing the current systems to remain (i.e., restricting current systems will restrict the potential for developing better systems because current systems provide the highest educational/learning resources we have ever had as a society).

  3. I don’t own a cellphone and urge those who can to throw them in a trash can. Best to avoid ipads as well if you can. There are plenty of studies about how the brain gets hot spots near the ears after cellphone use and the dangers of wifi are already established.

  4. I am grateful to Dr. Tracy for reprinting this article. I urge all readers to go to the archives and race to the bottom to see that only three people commented, only one of which made much of a point. This is the second repeat, so far as I can recall, that he has resurrected to quite a different effect. The last one (on chemtrails) generated a huge conversation the second time around; the first time, almost nothing. I’ll bet this one is gloriously the same.

    It is a testimony to his courage, just about a year ago.

    How many of us had heard of James Tracy until we read about the wacky professor who wondered if the MSM were honest in their reporting? If a lot, not many bothered to converse about his writings. They didn’t care very much, apparently. We made our way here because we were curious. We kept coming back because it was like coming home. Some of us are like kids who want to keep living in their parents’ house forever.

    James has obviously done wonderful work all along, but we only learned about him because of his courage in facing down (in the most gentle way) a hostile MSM. I’ll bet he would deny it’s courage–that he just did what needed to be done, and could do no other. That, of course, is the right kind of courage: not vainglorious, but humble. Doing the right thing because there is no other thing to do.

    Now, I have never met the man. All I know is what all the rest of you know. But we all come here, and keep on coming, for the same reason.

  5. I remember when I found out about the damage that ‘cell’ phones are causing to our ‘cells.’

    A lady died of a brain tumor which was located over her left ear, which was shaped EXACTLY like the antennae on her brand new (and overused) cellular phone. Her husband got on Larry King Live and told the World – these devices are hazardous to our health & well-being.

    That was back in the late 80’s or early 90’s (forget exactly when). What I came to find out later was that ‘the cell phone industry’ saw this information as being a detriment to their bottom line (and I say, the ultimate purpose and agendas behind the introduction of tis technology – like, tracking & the effects of harming a human being, invisibly, so that Cancer rates rise & our ‘health’ becomes the government’s ‘concern.’)

    They knew that the widower’s claims were true, but couldn’t let the public become aware of this. This would impede the agenda to implement control over everyone through ‘health care’ one day in the not-to-distant future (like NOW) Which, as an aside, the term ‘health care’ is an oxymoron, because the system and it’s corporate tools don’t care about our health, period – it’s ALL ABOUT CONTROL.

    ‘THE CELL PHONE INDUSTRY’ began with tactical technology now being made available to the masses – which is how it ALWAYS ‘works’ – tactical to practical – we pay for their R & D to further implement ‘control’ over us, then they start corporations to distrubute this ‘must-have’ and then charge us again to acquire it. Don’t believe me? The Internet itself is owned by the military and from what I’ve been able to uncover, some retired generals own the ‘domain name’ domain, and are handsomely rewarded everytime we register our domain names. “Register” is Black’s Law for “to surrender.” So you may ‘use’ tha name on the Internet, but ‘you’ don’t ‘own’ it – these guys do.

    THE INDUSTRY went into retreat & pretreat mode and hired a PR guy with credentials to quash this information. Whew.

    Ahh… But even the best laid plans OF TACTICIANS are often undermined from the inside. The ‘expert’ they hired, did his own research and came to find that CELL PHONES ARE EXTREMELY HARMFUL to humanity, if not, the cellular structure of the entire planetary ecosystem – this large, bio-energetic ‘sphere’ we Earth. (as has been noted, there is 100 million times more (an estimate, made by this doctor) electromagnetic pollution is now in our unseen energetic ‘atmosphere’ than what our grandparents experienced, because of this new technology, which is actually harming the whole Planetary environment.

    (How much worse it must be by now, only a few decades later)

    This doctor turned on them & wrote a great book entitled, “CELL PHONES.” He revealed to us, what they wanted him to conceal for them – THE TRUTH.

    In closing, if every ‘thing’ & every ‘not thing” is energy, including us human beings, then I have come to the conclusion that the inclusion of this technological source of energetic dis-ease to our bio-energetic ‘selves’ (our 99.9999999999% ’empty’ – energetic space – ‘bodies’) then those responsible for introducing it, are ultimately benefitting from it’s tactical capabilities – being used surreptitiously to spy on & retain control over the masse – know EXACTLY what EMF’s are doing to us, and as history has shown, they don’t want us to know that these devices are a source of our Global health malaise.

    Like Brzezinski said, “A hundred years ago it was easier to control a million people, than it was to kill them. now, it is infinitely far easier to kill a million people than it is to control them.” Remember, it’s always ALL ABOUT CONTROL. Are these devices today’s ‘dirty blankets?’

    Sorry about the wordy response Dr. Tracy. I guess I could’ve just written:

    “Now ‘you’ know, what ‘they’ have known all along. These things ARE harmful to our cellular integrity (according to the research by ‘the experts’) & Maybe that’s ‘why’ they call them ‘cell’ phones…”

  6. We have all this new information from the Newtown event and we’re talking about this? I came to this site because of The Sandy Hook shootings and we finally get 911 recordings and the Attorney General report and there is deafening silence here? What the heck gives? I have to be honest, either put up, given the latest information, or just provide a mea culpa relative to all the accusations of malfeasance relative to Sandy Hook and admit the whole false flag accusations are erroneous and wholly unsubstantiated and let’s move on.

      1. Remember the robo-calls to the townspeople on their cell phones … This is how so many parents rushed to the school … All part of the drill exercise, and a test of FEMA’s IPAWS network (IPAWS – Integrated Public Alert and Warning System). We are all being encouraged to sign up with Smart911 (an IPAWS partner, along with Twitter) so that in the event of a crisis we will be alerted and told where to go, what to do. Smart911 depends on and is a product of the Grid — the vast wireless network that surrounds us today and which we are all being encouraged to become an active part of. There is continuing implementation and development of IPAWS, which includes testing and ongoing observation/surveillance of how we respond. This is referred to as crisis mapping or human data computation.

        1. Thank You.

          You might consider contacting Dr. Stan, to discuss this. I can only recall one interview you had with him, and it was long ago, but this is right up his alley–and everyone needs to know more about it.

          Thanks again.

        2. Smallstorm said, “This is how so many parents rushed to the school.”

          Sophia, parents actually rushed to the school as a result of robo-calls? As in… it really happened? Also, I thought it was reported that the parents went to the firehouse.

  7. All kinds of people in Newtown got “the call” — on their cell phones, in many cases. This is the kind of info Smart911 asks for. The school and firehouse are very close to one another. At the time of the first alert the children had not yet been evacuated to the firehouse. Many of the reported stories and details contain differences (e.g. picking kids up at the police station vs. the firehouse) … these variances may be elements of the exercise and the testing.

      1. No the school was not in use at this time and there were no children evacuated in this abandoned school. Worked in an industry that the gov required 4 drills per year, in a two year cycle one had to be unannounced. The unannounced drill required the emergency notification system be tested, as opposed to the normal drill where we all reported to our duty stations to play our assigned roles. For the most part it was a very boring day, although the engineers with a scenario of actual fake problems to solve, seem to enjoy the adrenaline rush or perhaps their jobs were on the line if they did not make the right decisions in the play. If I had a child in the school system, and they offered an emergency notification on the cell phone, would I sign up? For sure, have signed up with the emergency weather alerts, which are usually right and mostly late. Ironically, that place of employment, mandated that all employees should maintain a land line telephone, as cell phones would not be reliable in a real event and you must be prepared to report to duty 24/7. In other words, thou shall not ever enjoy a beer or a glass of wine! We did not stay long enough to see how that latest requirements of employment worked out.

        1. Hi Kathy,
          With respect to what you said about the school being abandoned at that time,

          “No the school was not in use at this time and there were no children evacuated in this abandoned school.”

          I thought that was fairly accepted here, but I am wondering about what Sophia thinks, as she said:

          “At the time of the first alert the children had not yet been evacuated to the firehouse.”

          And she said:
          “This is how so many parents rushed to the school.”

          From those two statements, it sounds as if she thinks the school was in use, and the “parents” arrived there because of robo-calls. If it was a hoax, I would think everyone arrived there at the time that they did because that’s what they were supposed to do.

          Maybe she will have an expanded explanation?????

          If she were just any poster, I would just ignore it. But since she is the author of the recent video linked by James, and we are all “trusting” her information, I thought I would look for a clarification.

        2. The school used in this drill was definitely not in use for almost two decades, as evidenced by the obvious lack of maintenance and ongoing decay. I did research on Sandy Hook, and it was an operating school, complete with teachers, yearbooks, students, lunch ladies, janitors, bus drivers, etc. However, the operational Sandy Hook School was not in the location of the decayed building. The school called Sandy Hook is in continuous operation where it has been for several years. Someone from that area who is not in on the take will eventually come forward. I do not believe in the occult or the satanic worship angle. I do believe that by following the money, many new details will come to light!

  8. “I do not believe in the occult or the satanic worship angle.”

    I don’t know one way or another about that angle, but the place DOES strike me as remarkably creepy. This whole thing seems to me more and more like a Steven King novel, as time brings perspective. One poster, long ago, I can’t remember who, compared it to the work of another author: The Wicker Man. Chillingly apt. All the town is incredibly hostile to outsiders’ probing, even as they pretend to be friendly–so long as you accept the ridiculous story they are all, in unison, repeating. Investigations are not welcomed. Why?

    Let’s say this: I wouldn’t be surprised.

  9. Hey All,Just jumping in to say that 11 months ago I removed my smart meter (ERT Module type) from my house myself and installed a refurbished analog meter I bought on line.My girlfriends,headaches. nausea ,dizziness,vertigo and sleeplessness faded away gradually.To my surprise my severe neck pain, for which I was taking Ibuprofen night and day for 1 1/2 years,also disappeared as well at the nigh time charley horses in my legs when I was in bed. I sent the smart meter to CEO of the power company along with a video of me removing it saying I was acting in self defense. That didn’t go very well so after having electricity for four days with the analog, our service was terminated by the power company cutting the wires at the pole. We have been off the grid for 11 months now and really feeling the difference between being exposed 24/7 to pulses of microwave and not being exposed. These smart meters are a serious toxic trespass. Thank you Dr. Tracy for making this issue one of your focuses.

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