From Brendan Hunt

On Sunday, October 20 New York-based videographer and independent researcher Brendan Hunt visited Newtown to further document the Sandy Hook Elementary School and its surroundings. The School is scheduled for demolition this week.

Hunt briefly interacts with Sandy Hook witness Roy Low, who was interviewed by CBS News the morning of December 14, 2012. In that interview Low describes the mysterious man apprehended by police in the woods behind the school.

Yet here Low declines comment, explaining how “that other guy got the FBI at his house. I don’t want any of that here.” Is Low referring to Ibragim Todashev, the acquaintance of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects who was killed while in FBI custody last May? (Note: Hunt has since pointed out that Low was gesturing as he spoke to suggest possible reference to a neighbor.-JT)
X-Ray Ultra TV

Hunt then visits the now-vacated residence of Marilyn Gudsnuk. Gudsnuk’s daughter Jessica explained to Hunt earlier this year how her mother observed Gene Rosen at the Sandy Hook Fire House on the morning of December 14 “looking for his kids,” just as screaming children were allegedly running from the school.

In the video Hunt also visits the remarkably dilapidated Sandy Hook School grounds to find new “Danger: Asbestos” signs posted on a rear door of the school. One must ask, if the structure contains asbestos, exactly how fit of an environment was it for children?

Images are also captured of the school’s abandoned and run-down interior through unshuttered windows.


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  1. the pile of evidence against them is stacked to the ceiling.. this coverup goes to the top.. whether obama is the “top” or not is up for debate, it could have come from higher elites.. but surely obama knows and many on the downline know.. i’m sure tons of blackmail and threats (and even murder) were used along the way, it’s no small operation. but it is very sad to know that many families like the low family are being threatened by the feds.. i don’t know what recourse we have other than to keep waking people up.. great work

  2. Right away the Sandy Hook incident seemed unbelievable as described by the mainstream media. Too many inconsistencies that were impossible to ignore led me to look further to alternative media for information. Brendan Hunt’s documentary was one of the best and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in the early days of the investigation. I’m happy to see a young person who is willing to look deeper, but I also fear for the possible consequences for him. Thank you Dr. Tracy for posting this on your site and for keeping the story “alive”.

  3. Brendon Hunt, as it looks to me, has done more research and critical thinking, and real journalism than ALL the mainstream presstitutes COMBINED. I continue to see the battery of slanderous comments trying to demean anyone who questions the Sandy Hook Movie. This IS what we have come to. Lies ARE the truth, Ignorance is Strength, so says Main Stream – bought and paid for propaganda. HAts off to Brendon. Be Careful.

  4. Boston is about to host the World Series first game at Fenway Park. Now all the references are to “Boston Strong” and the idea that if you get drunk, you are insulting and dishonoring this epithet, perhaps even spitting on the graves of the victims. It’s all so religious, and lacking in a basis in reality. Boston is now Lourdes.

  5. Where are the BILLS connected to this ‘school’ that was supposedly in operation & had hundreds of children attending it ? (electric bills,water bills, trash bills,food delivery people & bills,heating bills,cooling bills,school supply bills etc…etc..etc… ). This would be the sure fire way to legitimise that this was NOT even a functioning school at the time, as the evidence is mounting that this is of course is the case here.
    Who would be able to investigate this ? there must be someone who could get this type of information. As those of us that are non believers in the ‘story’ of sandy hook, THIS seems like the best and easiest way to determine what didnt go on there . Where are all the other people like Brendan who are interested in finding the truth ? there have to be others who have the funds that could hire the proper people to delve into this kind of information ? where are they ? or like everything else concerning this sandy hook ‘TV SHOW’ could all of those be faked too ? well that is a dumb question, of course they could be. but its worth a shot for someone to try to find these bills. Just an idea .
    But of course according to myself & so many others who understand what is going on around here, sandy hook was nothing but a ‘TV show’ put on the boob tube for the American people, the majority of them are so incredibly gullible that they actually think this ‘tragedy’ happened when it was nothing more then another TV show just like every other Tv show on the CFR/NWO owned media networks, All it takes is a script, actors ,directors,camera men and people willing to trade their souls for the almighty dollar and WHAM you have another TV show put on the great propoganda box.

    1. I watched most of the recording by Brendan. But not all. So please enlighten me – why would anyone be fixated on a “second shooter” if no one was shot there?

      To me it’s like calling Boston a “false flag” and concentrating on other suspects (like the Men in Black). It’s a fake from start to finish. That includes the subsequent MIT stuff (totally nuts for a cop to be in car where Sean allegedly was, and then to be shot), and the whole Watertown thing with all the bullet holes in houses where the only cop injured was self-injured or friendly fired upon (even that is dubious). Then the injured – taken to a brand new rehab facility which had apparently not yet opened to the public.

      So it seems the important thing to bear in mind is that this is fiction and that no one got killed. You do not do that in the making of movies for propaganda purposes. You’d make enemies. You’d have squealers. No, this is a gravy train for those on it. It’s propaganda, paid for out of black budgets.

  6. Brendan is the real deal. Roy Moore is the key to that visit in my opinion. Even on the day of the ‘incident’ his wheels were turning talking to that reporter, I could tell that he could tell that that he was seeing oddities before his very eyes. And man, we all know the official story is wrong, but to truly know what happened, I’m not sure we’re any closer at knowing. I wish we could at least confirm there were some real deaths. Can we?

    1. Good question Pat , actually the state of Conn. has very specific requirements for disposal of asbestos ( but of course we know even if there was asbestos in this building , no ‘requirements’ will be followed) ,BUT if there was asbestos in this building , what were school children doing in the building just a few months ago ? ITS ALL meant to confuse & disorient the sheeple . here are the VERY specific requirements for this question ::

  7. Sandy Hook shooting was alleged to have taken place Dec. 14, 2012. That is about ten months ago. The condition of the play equipment is so faded and obsolete that I find it indicative of an abandoned building, something that has been closed for awhile. Why put up a notice about asbestos unless you had an inspection for it. What would trigger such an inspection – yes, concern for the demolition people. But how old are those signs, really? Is there a shot of such a sign pre-dating Dec 14, 2012? The slight view of the internal building shows derelict kinds of things – the peeling paint you’d see in a place that had been abandoned for quite awhile.

    Always, the question is how they pulled this off.

    One possibility is districting, so that it was arranged for only fake people to attend the place, while everyone else was sent somewhere else.

    How do people stay quiet? I realize I probably don’t know how my own society actually works. I was startled by 9/11, but what makes me think it was the first time this stuff was pulled.

    The important thing to realize is that our society is full of false information about who we are. One need only realize that NSA records everything we write and say. That alone should be cue that our description of ourself as rational citizens whose Constitution guarantees our natural rights is a lie. The lie itself needs to be seen for what it is, without even needing to detail how it was done. And then to seen responsible people who scruple over every receipt in the grocery story to keep from being cheated – just overlooking things like the impossible numbers of the dead and injured from a fireworks powered pressure cooker bomb that didn’t dent a mailbox or take a single branch off a tree or break the globe of a street light. Sorry, our elites are paddling along like swans in a sewer.

    1. The film was extremely descriptive to the condition of SHES. Derelict is too kind of an adjective to the condition of the school. It looks like it has been vacant for at least 20 years; the parking lot is a shambles, the bricks and mortar are collapsing, cracked windows from birds flying into them, and handicapped parking spaces that are obsolete. The American’s with Disabilities Act (1994) mandated that all handicapped parking spaces be painted blue and white. I personally haven’t seen a yellow handicapped sign as seen at Sandy Hook since pre 1990.

      1. Wow. Good find about the handicapped spaces. And the schools are the first to come up to code on them! You could probably notice violations of access too in the way the doors configure….. thanks!

      2. After looking through the homes for sale in Newtown, CT via – it is interesting to note that this school was serving what appears to be a fairly affluent population (in most areas). I’m assuming of course that property taxes helped to fund the school. This school, the parking lots, etc. seem to be pretty sub-standard when compared to the properties in the area but just an observation.

  8. Great work, Brendan, and it looked scary to do. If there really is asbestos, the demolition has to be done with covers and done carefully, so we’ll see if it’s true.

  9. Hi Prof, its me Brendan. Thought I’d just add: it was my impression that Mr. Low was referring to a neighbor of his when he said the FBI had been there, because Low pointed to the West/Northwest when he said that, like one his buddies was living over that way…

  10. Was Sandy Hook Elementary targeted for this staged event due to the fact it was loaded with asbestos and they would be facing potential hefty lawsuits by families with all the kids being exposed there?

    Perfect solution was to hold the event there.

    Now they get to “demolish and pulverize” the building this week, (and all the workers have to sign confidentiality agreements to not talk about what they see) Get to build a brand new Elementary school worth $50M (twice the value of an average up-scale school), face ZERO lawsuits and face ZERO public criticism.

    It’s the perfect smoke-screen because the public was too busy watching what the one hand was doing, nobody was paying attention to the other hand.

  11. Some notes on the asbestos: Schools are subject comprehensive asbestos inspections. Non-friable asbestos containing materials (those that aren’t easily crumbled by hand pressure) that are found can be safely managed in-place under an Operations & Maintenance plan if it is in good condition.The materials have to be re-inspected periodically to ensure that the condition is still undamaged. Some examples of asbestos-containing materials often found in older schools are vinyl flooring, the mastic that holds the flooring to the subfloor, window caulking, roofing, ceiling tiles, and wall board to name a few. It is standard to do an AHERA survey prior to demolition of any building to determine proper disposal of any asbestos-containing materials. Asbestos can not be incinerated on-site. The posted signs may be left over from an asbestos abatement that was conducted in accordance with pre-demolition work.

  12. So many good comments and insight here !! Please come and visit our page at where we continue to investigate and share information daily !!

  13. Thank you for posting this video and the text. I greatly enjoyed all of the commentary thus far! This is such a bazaar situation. I still shake my head at the number of new residents in that neighborhood prior to the event. Over a weekend, I spent time checking on the names associated with the stories and their length of time supposedly living in that community…for a scary majority of the names – they lived in that town 24 months, on average. I find that very, very strange even for a supposed area that had been “revitalized”. If the town was so shaped up so, how could this school look like it had been abandoned for 7 years or so? We’re in the deep south and buildings can get ugly pretty quickly in the humidity – but the condition of this northeastern school and surround property – after such a short period of time – is curious.

  14. Wanted to also mention that Mr. Low’s tone to our filmmaker here sounds more like a person who has been on the receiving end of some intimidation (FBI? Local Police? NSA?) than a man who just simply doesn’t want to be bothered, does he not?

    1. In today’s Newtown Patch

      This is a rather well done documentary on the subject that I found.

      There can really be little doubt that there were multiple assailants. If there were legitimate reasons for these other subjects to be in the area then why are all of the relevant facts about them being concealed ? To my knowledge not a single identified individual has witnessed Lanza shooting a gun at the school or any where else for that matter. The “apparent” circumstances as we know them are very suspicious. Lanza was found dead at the school, his neighbor was caught running away and confronted on Crestwood ? Another individual fleeing with Lanza’s neighbor toward Crestwood escapes ? Armed SWAT guy caught in the woods? Neighbor that was caught apparently has a daughter in Roig’s class which was not attacked (unconfirmed)? School nurse identified shooter as kindergarten teachers son and goes into great detail that she knew his mother? Tony Aiello reports shooter was recognized as son of colleague ? CNN reports Federal Agents stated shooter was connected to school? No questions or concerns from anybody ?

      The Sally Cox 911 call will almost certainly corroborate exactly what happened but the call is being concealed by Sedensky for no legitimate purpose.

      Andrea McCarren and nurse Sally Cox refuse to clarify what transpired between her conversation. Why ? Did Andrea make all that up

      Tony Aiello’s report corroborates the shooter was the son on a teacher. 4:15 on this video

      Lt Vance avoids answering the question if the shooter’s mother is affiliated with the school:

      Keep in mind also points others have made are very valid that Lanza had no motive, no history of violence or anger outbursts and no verifiable history with firearms proficiency at all.

      I also find it suspect that Nance Lanza would go all the way to a gun store 70 miles away to buy a very common place gun available at most any gun store locally.

      These are fair fact based legitimate issues and questions please make intelligent responses and refrain from name calling.

      The children and other victims deserve answers. For the Children please.

      1. I initially did not think too much about Chris Manfredonia being involved but now I am convinced that he is in it up to his eyeballs.

        I read one report that asserted that he had a six year old daughter in Roig’s class. If that can be confirmed there is practically no doubt he was involved. 1. Roig’s classroom was the very first one in the hall and was not attacked despite that and that the door was unlocked. 2. If Manfredonia was not part of the shooting why didn’t he go to his daughters class or look in the window at least ? Instead, apparently, he was caught running away toward Crestwood ? And the guy he was running with escaped ? Why are the police refusing to disclose who was caught on Crestwood ? Manfredonia also lives only a few houses away from Lanza he may have known him personally.

        Motive: Gun confiscation- particular objective AR-15s and other semi auto guns.
        Method: Create a “Dunblane” incident to garner public support to ban assault rifles despite that all rifles of any magazine capacity comprise only 3 percent of gun homicides.

        I agree with Brenden Hunt’s theory that this was a professional hit.

        Fake death theories are intended to undermine credibility of the truth movement like the “no plane” theories for 911. Where was all the bloody pictures from VA Tech ? Aurora ? Come on get real. Real murders are easier and more effective. Why hasn’t one victim been identified alive yet ?

        1. Manfredonia is a real puzzle. A female sergeant at Newtown PD told a visiting couple that the guy pulled out of the woods was an “uncle who came to check on his niece.” Given that there are two Manfredonias within a few hundred feet of each other–and of the Lanzas–in Newtown, I always wondered if Woods Uncle was the other Mr. Manfredonia (Bob). That individual has a stepdaughter who was in “Adam” Lanza’s grade throughout most of their schooling in Newtown; and his wife works at the high school (along with another woman who’s husband has been missing since July, possibly related to the case). Lots of connections. As a sidenote, this Mr. M. turned himself in to Newtown PD the summer before the shootings on an outstanding arrest warrant for a fracas at the Newtown Youth Center. The warrant was issued in Jan; he turned himself in four months later–pretty lenient scheduling between him and PD, if you ask me. All of this could be unrelated; however, it’s not hard to construct a concept of two local gentlemen, friends of police, one or both of whom go crazy post-divorce after an escalating dispute with the school system. Statistically, that’s a strong possibility (spousal or family involvement), sadly, in any crime involving the deaths of children.

        2. Oh – and there are multiple reports of both the purple van or black Honda going to the high school first. I should have mentioned it’s Mr. M’s ex-wife, not current wife, who works at the high school. Early reports described only two occupants in the purple van, wearing clergy/nun outfits. This van may well have swung by the school, been spotted by high school students who were the ones to report it to police later, and then went to SHS. At least one report at SHS states the shooters were “let in because they were thought to be clergy.” A student in Roig’s class stated no one knew anything was happening until Roig’s windows shattered, indicating (if the Barth child’s recollection is correct) that shooters began shooting only after being let into the building. Incidentally, 24 hours before the first Sandy Hook search warrants were released, the Barth’s home burned to the ground along with all their family pets. If the Barth child is indeed a witness to the suspects we are considering in this thread, and is indeed a classmate of the Manfredonia child, that’s sort of chilling.

        3. I want to caveat all this, again, by saying that these could just be great people in a small town where things can easily be confused, given the small population, and natural abundance of connections. But it’s no stranger to consider this angle than to consider the Lanza angle. If I were in these guys’ position, I wouldn’t like being looked at, but I’d like to think I’d understand that the string of coincidences justifies it. Innocent until proven guilty, though, without question.

    1. I can’t reply to Mr. Bittman down below, but want to emphasize again that the median cost for an elementary school in CT, for Sandy Hook School’s population of approx. 450, is not $47 million as he stated, but $22.8 million. No offense, but $47M is simply not correct. If you take into account the Newtown Public Schools enrollment trends, it’s even less justified.

  15. Other than Sandy Hill was staged, it is difficult to say with certainty what actually happened. However it is understandable why Obama was so concerned to outlaw assault rifles. The homicide rate of the USA is much larger than it is in most other developed countries, but the gun homicides are mostly conducted with handguns, not assault riffles. The concern is for quite another reason.

    The plutocracy under Bush-Obama and the Terrorist war is creating an apartheid racist state, like apartheid Israel or the former South African state. This is occurring not only because non-Whites have more children than Whites, but because immigration is now conducted primarily from non-White countries, over a million a year the past decade.

    It is supported by the business community to keep down wages, as it always has been historically. Non-Whites can be paid less, and this lowers the wages that Whites must work for. What is happening in the next few decades is that a White plutocracy, 1%or so of the population, and a White professional-managerial class, another 10% or so, will rule a population increasingly non-White as the economic inequality deepens.

    Since change is not possible through Elections, which are rigged;in law, which is racist; or in the media which is corrupt, the danger is that elements of the non-White population will rebel, and unite with a section of the White population. This happens when people have less and less to lose, and America’s traditional plutocratic Democracy is already mostly a farce.

    So it’s necessary to disarm the American population, even to the point of creating Orwellian scenarios like Sandy Hook. Which may occur again in different form.

        1. Not really, Brendan. When you read Onion stuff, it sounds plausible, if insane (remember when the Chinese government believed that the Congress was going to build a new facility, complete with skyboxes?). Mark’s material could not pass that test.

          Fantastic effort here, by the way. Thanks for making this effort.

        2. Yeah–I think Onion is used to test the waters, to see what will pass as news. It’s an experiment on the public. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out where their funding comes from.

        3. I find nothing wrong with Mark’s comment. I thought it was quite intelligent. Oh, you guys must be the new crop of ultra-right “conspiracy theorists” who’ve popped up in the wake of these recent hoax shootings to point out the obvious truth so you can get credibility to herd people into your Tea Party “revolution”. The type that acts like this type of stuff just started under Obama and is being done to usher in white genocide and a nanny political correctness state. Your right, why would the predominantly, if not totally, white 1% want to oppress other races? Of course they want to destroy themselves. Yes, as a white man I’m so oppressed by blacks. They sure are getting uppity.

  16. James –

    II know you’re a busy guy, and I don’t know if you ever got my note, but I have a BIG question about signing in. Please e-mail me (either address) – or if you’d rather I could post my experience on this thread…


    1. Their plan is to INCENERATE the contents of the school and melt down the metal on site. It seems like a dangerous decision due to the asbestos risk. First the asbestos needs to be removed, then the supposed biological waste can be removed. Both of these things need to be done prior to demolition.

      1. My point to Newtown officials was that this seems like a case of adult overreaction and overcommemoration gone awry. They’re saying the site is so sensitive–so dangerously prone to evil sightseeing efforts–that they literally must post Blackwater-style armed guards 24/7. So they can…build a school there. Logic much? They’re flat out claiming the site is so dicey it has to be under armed guard even as a pile of dust; but in August 2016 the bouncers go home and everyone cheerfully drops of their 6 year olds? Honestly, at this point, Newtown officials, en masse, ought to receive no-confidence votes. I don’t mean that cruelly–it’s just quite clear they’ve lost perspective, at best, and fallen prey to corruption, at worst.

        1. Ah, but Brendan proved that the site was not only abandon, but not particularly fit for habitation at all. I was bummed he couldn’t get around to the front of the school. My assumption is that they did have a guard there.

          I firmly believe there was a shooting there, I simply want evidence to support my belief. There is no question in my mind the devastation that an AR-15 can cause. I own one (legally). The veil of secrecy ruins the Connecticut AG’s credibility in my eyes.

        2. Everyone who has to live in Sandy Hook now is in a horrible escapable never-never land where they have to pretend until the end of time that is thing happened. No amount of money would be worth that.

      2. Another thing that galled me today was Superintendent of Schools John Reed’s statement that Bestech (the company suddenly hand-picked by Gov. Malloy last week, skirting the bidding process) needs to 1) get cracking and 2) feel “thrilled with the attention” they’ll be receiving as the overworked yet grateful recipients of the contract. Reed’s words. For a town daily chastising Americans for simply asking questions, calling that “ghoulish,” they have some nerve slinging around suggestions that companies ought to be “thrilled” to achieve fame & fortune as the result of the worst mass-murder of schoolchildren in recent history.

  17. If asbestos is a major concern in the demolition, it was likely recognized before, and the children moved to another school. Sandy Hook 1 therefore being an empty stage prop for the mock drill. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that there was no shooting or killing. Nancy Lanza’s death certificate was filed, there were bullet holes in a car outside, there was a purple van traced to heroin addict gun nuts, there appears to have been a nun disguise. Both fraud and shooting were both possible.

    But a fundamental journalist question is not only HOW this scenario was planned, but WHY. It was an historical event in that the president of the USA identified himself with the official media narrative. Why would he go to such lengths and put himself in that situation to abolish assault rifles?

    This requires people to think historically and the commenters on this blog, who are very acute in analyzing specialized details, are adamant in evading general historical reasoning. The leftish are afraid to subvert the authorized truth consensus, and right generally put forth drivel. But this mock drill was planned under Obama, and possibly Bush, for many months, and American power obviously had something in mind.

    Americans tend to be afraid to think about it, or comment about it, like Mr Low. They are afraid of critical comments, or ultimately the FBI, and are silenced by being conceived Conspiracy Theorists or crazed paranoids. The media narrative are lies piled on lies and, perhaps most important, a media or learned silence of the most important aspects of the American historical process. A gangster police state is being installed in the USA to maintain and increase the monstrous economic inequality, and racism is being used to divide the American people, allowing the pluts to divide and rule. But the increasing class and racial inequality is out of bounds in the American media.

    But this can be corrected over historical time. All that it is necessary to do is to make people intellectually braver. That can be done by simply repeating the concepts and words stigmatized by the media, such as ‘socialism,’ ‘racism,’ or ‘conspiracy.’ The operative historical content relating to these words and concepts have been deposited down the memory hole, and it is not only the specific information that must be retrieved, but the entire discourse of past generations.

    If one can get Americans to agree that ‘single payee medical care’ is the same as ‘socialized medicine,’ and they are for it anyway, the cloud cover on their brains has been shoved back at least to that extent. The current infirm Affordable Medical Care has been dubbed ‘Obamacare’ by the corporate media to smear it implicitly with racism. This is very effective, since the Dems and left use the concepts and terms developed by the right.

    It will take some years to penetrate the Know-Nothingism, and to subvert the authorized Orwellian truth. One can start with empirical facts that even the most fearful and deluded can accept, such as that most homicides occur with handguns, not rifles. So why all the emphasis on rifles?

    But there also must be a breaking of the restricted American world-view, of forgetting the past and ignoring the future. This will be harder, since Americans are afraid of general ideological ideas that conflict with traditional American ideology. We are afraid of being called Communists, or Terrorists, or Conspiracy Theorists, or trolls for that matter. But there are worse things, and I fear that we are going to experience them.

    1. “If one can get Americans to agree that ‘single payee medical care’ is the same as ‘socialized medicine,’ and they are for it anyway, the cloud cover on their brains has been shoved back at least to that extent. The current infirm Affordable Medical Care has been dubbed ‘Obamacare’ by the corporate media to smear it implicitly with racism. This is very effective, since the Dems and left use the concepts and terms developed by the right.” (per Mark)

      Mark, with all due respect to your views, “Obamacare” was written by the corporate health insurance companies, of the insurance companies, for the insurance companies–unread by Congress and signed into law by our current President. Single payer medical insurance (such as the Medicare model) excludes corporate health insurers.

      1. (Continuing)…Jon Rappoport thinks it was designed to fail to further globalist policy to bring the US into compliance with their vision of a one-world economy, erasure of national borders, the institution of revolutionary changes after the instigated planetary fall. That sounds extreme unless you are up-to-speed on the back story.

        Don’t get trapped into the old left/right paradigm. Barack (aka Barry) is not an old-school socialist; he is a modern globalist. Neoliberalism is the kinder, gentler term for fascism. Former Labor Sec., Robert Reich, says this new health care program is the precusor of single payer. I rather doubt it will ever get to that stage of development. Astounding how many upper echelon dignitaries seem clueless.

        1. I want to concur with things both you and Mark have observed – that the public generally sees things in partisan and parochial terms, missing the entire globalization issue, some of which has obvious agendas. I recently took a class on British law and the European Union. It is clear that sovereignty of Britain has been on some issues been relinquished and the supremacy of the EU law enacted. Internally, this has an effect on the country. The US is not part of any such entity at the moment and many treaties remain on the drawing board, unsigned. But that those uppity colonists can be disarmed has got to be devoutly wished for in many circles of would-be rulers. The connection between such wishes (often verbalized privately) and something like an outrageous event at Sandy Hook is yet to be proven. Is global or is it local? Is it international or is it about internal problems which threaten those in national power? I cannot say that I know enough to decide what the source of the story might be. Clearly the Marathon bombing had a component which needed to play Russia against Chechens, in maybe a divide and rule strategy vis a vis the other Caspian basin players like Iran and the Stans. That seemed to have huge international implications, not the least of which is the Olympic-like quality of Boston’s run with its international super-stars of the running world, and the need to watch everybody with drones (which will be launched for it in 2014). At one time, it could have been seen as simply local, manipulating the US citizens. But with world wide events which mimic some of ours, it clearly provokes global comparisons – and solutions.

    2. The nuns did exist prior to 12/14. I found them on Newtown Bee’s web site in an article long before that date. The purple van was signifying one of the school colors. They are not FBI, CIA or illuminatia, to the best of my knowledge that was debunked.

    3. As someone who formerly worked in the Asbestos Abatement business and removal from schools, there are a couple of things I’d like to say. In many cases, the asbestos removed from school wasn’t even hazardous. Asbestos is known for it’s fire-proofing capabilities and used as insulation (very friable and dangerous), insulation on pipes (dangerous once the pipes get old and the fibers become airborne), flooring, ( a lot of schools had asbestos floor tiles but not really dangerous unless they were old and starting to fall apart and asbestos siding (again not dangerous unless the tiles are starting to fall apart.

      None the less, it was fashionable to remove all the asbestos out of schools in the late 1980s when I was working for a contractor to remove it or encapsulate it before it became a hazard.

      I’d be willing to bet there were several “bids” on removing the asbestos at this school long before this event ever happened and it was probably due to be either remodeled or demolished anyway.

      Since these are public buildings, there would be a public record probably with the State of Connecticut on this.

      1. Thanks bewisetoday about another possible paper trail existing before SHES event, which could offer a plausible explanation as to why that school was used. I felt at the outset that the sign outside in the parking lot, sometimes photographed as part of the shooting story (an irony appreciated by any videographers with an ounce of film-school training) – “Since 1956 – Visitors Welcome” – had to have been left up past its date of relevancy, just as the school parking lot had obsolete handicap spaces (wrong size, markings, color, as someone here pointed out).
        In an age in which strangers on elementary school campuses are definitely not welcome, it clearly was an artifact of the 70’s or early 80’s at the latest. It would have long since been changed on any current elementary school, as it is almost a come-on to passing traffic. But leaving it there (or putting back an old one) serves to dramatize a school taken by surprise, out of its presumed depths of privileged WASP naiveté (again, the Connecticut burbs ain’t what they were when that was a true characterization of their demographic).

  18. Evidence of asbestos on the set? What a sloppy production! And the circus goes on, even in the Rose Garden. It has just been confirmed that the Leader (aka Messiah and Savior) has supernatural powers and can sense that a woman standing behind him – without making any physical contact with him or saying a word – is about to faint. This is beyond pathetic! It seems there is no limit on how low these totalitarian clowns will go to further their destructive agenda. There is no reason to believe a single word this regime and its media utter. Have they had any credibility to begin with, they would have lost all of it long time ago.

      1. Thank you for the link Dr. Tracy. This whole industry of faux news with horrid actors would be funny if was not tragic, if it was not intended to make us all slaves of a marxist totalitarian regime. A pregnant? Obot faking a fainting spell to distract the public from Obama’s socialist healthcare disaster and to allow Obama to “save the day” – it does not get more nauseating and Orwellian than that. Propaganda ministries of Stalin et al would be proud. All people who participate in these hoaxes are sociopaths.

        1. Haha – yes, with regard to the whole fainting episode Obama “saw” in the back of his head before it was even close to happening — I watched a video montage of “faints” this morning and this is just tooooo much. Honestly, the fainting of people in the crowd and his responses are so canned and repeated that it clearly is like the canned and repeated statements he has made whenever he speaks in multiple locations. It’s so blatant, it just floors me…Obomba will do or say anything, I swear. He’s not even good at it….but the Obomites who worship this man, just don’t see it. Amazing.

    1. Ironically, over on Godlike Productions we suggested that instead of armed guards, the town should simply put up “DANGER: ASBESTOS” signs to ward off thrill-seekers. Lo and behold…

      But the school was said to have asbestos, regardless. I do wonder, though, whether that suggestion was taken to heart. They don’t really have much incentive to actually advertise the existence of asbestos, imo, unless they feel it helps avoid the greater problem of people sneaking in to film the school.

  19. A bit off subject here, but your last post (about the new book “the Dynamic Duo”) had no space for comments…. and I want to put in my 2 cents worth about it.
    Fetzer may be, in actuality, a great guy searching for the Truth about 9/11, but I remember him as being one of the most divisive elements in the nascent movement because he began going off on a tangent that there were no ‘actual’ planes, that it was thermonuclear devices… whatever… and created a split in the Movement between scientific researchers like Dr. Stephen Jones, and logicians like David Ray Griffin, who were attempting to give it all a sense of seriousness and gravitas.
    I lost all respect for him then. And, as far as I can say, some “whoop-dee-do” self promotion of being a ‘dynamic duo’ carries no weight.
    Not with me.

    1. Thank you for the comment. If the post promotes a video, book, etc., the opportunity to add comments is typically not provided. Most posts, however, do allow for such.

      This controversy has been discussed in the past on this blog, and perhaps from a somewhat one-sided perspective. A discussion by Fetzer on how he has seen his role in the 9/11 Truth movement is available here for consideration:

      1. I really appreciate how Fetzer founded the scholars together for 9/11 Truth – that said he then went off base to back Judy Wood when Bob Bowman who worked on Star Wars didn’t even agree with her. James, you’ve never had an article from any of the 2000 architects and engineers for 9/11 truth on your blog and for some reason only seem to feature people who follow Wood. Kindly, be more open minded and ask Crockett Grabe or other scientist to do a guest article for your blog.

        1. Thank you, Marzi…, for your comment, which I agree with wholeheartedly… and thank you, Professor Tracey, for your link to Fetzer’s article and many videos. It took me well over two hours to listen to all of them, which I did in order that I could feel I had a grasp of his “position” on this subject. All he said seemed well until he fell under the spell of Dr. Judy Wood.
          Here’s a key quote from him: as far as I am concerned: “Most of Steve’s fans, alas, do not understand that the adequacy of any theory about the destruction of the WTC can only demonstrate its superiority in comparison with alternative theories”.
          Now consider this from a ‘Scientific’ point of view: “…any theory about (fill in the blank) can only demonstrate its superiority (?) in comparison with alternative theories”… Well, I don’t believe that is a scientific requirement. A theory is postulated, and its relevance is measured by how well it fits the established FACTS. I have no idea that it must also address OTHER theories… except to “fit better” than they do to discovered facts.
          (as a side note here, my Hero in Controversial Science, Rupert Sheldrake, has questioned the very premises of modern Science using established FACTS and premises and provided fact- based theories in order to do so, without considering OTHER theories in order to do so. See: )
          Fetzer stated in one video that Building 7 was “obviously” a “controlled demolition” because there was substantial debris left in the aftermath… but the towers were “pulverized” into dust (which they were)… but gives no substantial, scientific reason why the pulverization would NOT have happened with Jones’ “Thermite/Thermate” “theory”. (I put the word ‘theory’ in quotes because Jones, and many others have physically determined that they ‘exist’ in the rubble dust.) More than can be said for Dr. Wood’s totally hypothetical Theories, which do NOT fulfill the requirement of fulfilling more, or all, of a premise.
          In the end, I can’t help but think that Fetzer had an Ego-based falling out with TRUE scientific inquirers, and he is struggling to regain credibility.
          The fact that “the Movement” dissed him is most likely well founded.

    2. Physics is way over my head, but it did occur to me two days after 9/11 (after the shock wore off; had a relative in Manhattan that day) that there were too many questions unaddressed.

      No planes? hollograms? Media sleight of hand? Nuclear-age explosives AND Star Wars technology from space employed simultateously to make sure nothing was left standing worth identifying. Someone had great fun that day producing and directing the action. The job of a lifetime. Small wonder as time passes, the films get nuttier and more easily reviewed with a critical eye. They are getting sloppy. Sooner or later, familiar names will pop up as the credits roll. Hollywood has a way of pushing the envelope too far.

  20. The fainting stunt in the garden is illuminating. Apparently Obama has included public relations stunts routinely in his repertoire. And they work! The bin Laden caper was initiated by a famous picture of him and his minions watching the firefight in Pakistan that didn’t occur. There were so many lies that unfolded in the telling that the security chief Brennen had to go on tv with a written list to tell the official story.

    Bin Laden, who was reliably reported dead for years, served as the Trotsky figure, Goldstein, in 1984. But Obama got a bump of ten points in the polls, and the fable may have won the election for him. The caper and the fainting fit in the garden makes an Orwellian caper like Sandy Hook more understandable and more believable.

    Marilyn, Obama isn’t a socialist of course, he was put in office by the plutocracy to do their bidding. But calling him a socialist and medical care Obamacare tends to de-legitimate the single payer medical care, for which Obamacare is a weak step forward. The pluts finance the Tea Party and the Repubs to shut down the government to stop it, because they are against ANY government medical system. It is labeled Obamacare to make it appear that it is directed primarily to non-Whites.

    1. Mark, of course language is a powerful tool in the ansenal of tyranny.

      Even in today’s high-tech environment, semantic devices still act as diversions because in the species, communcation is vital to survival.

      But don’t dwell on the propaganda ploys. Step back and see the global picture, as the elites do…in-fighting and internecine rivalries will do the job for them–eliminate hugh blocs of ‘useless eaters.’

  21. It never rains but it pours. So I see the story of the kid (Philip Chism) who stabbed a teacher to death in Danvers. Kid new to town, came from Tennessee, mixed race and apparently very successful soccer team member, goes missing. Teacher found dead in woods, she’s young too (24, while accused is a mature-looking 14). Then I see a picture of another kid, after the incident, who looks a lot like the killer. Name of the kid (who would usually be anonymous in such a shot – the adult isn’t named) is Christopher Veach. Out of curiosity, I go online to find this person too, to see if the picture was a mislabeled picture of Philip Chism. The first thing I see is a Find-a-Grave of a Christopher Veach who died the day he was born in 1998, so he would have been 15, which is close to the right age for the kid shown in the picture.

    Normally and in a sane world this would simply be a coincidence. But as we know, policies of all kinds are driven by violent events. Is this a policy-making event or not?

    Is there an agenda which will be easier to promote after this?

    Although the school seems to have had surveillance cameras, it seems that a killer was able to take a person outside (unless the blood wasn’t hers in that second floor bathroom) without any interference. Is that the message? There need to be guards at all times on campus? The surveillance seems to come after the fact.

    This may be simply a murder, but let me tell you, it is on the BBC, CNN, everywhere. It is the headline on CNN, and above the christening of Prince George at BBC. So something is up with this. Perhaps the interracial angle, perhaps not.

    I once again must reserve all credence for the news until something seems like a sad but normal crime once again.

    1. Any shooting which receives attention by the regime media can safely be presumed to be a politically motivated hoax. Remember that BBC is a fraud no different from America’s marxist media. Indeed, anything that the regime uses to boost its image and its political agenda are suspect, like the most recent incompetently staged “fainting” in the Rose Garden. The regime and its media have zero credibility.

      1. Although in most ways, the story of a student who kills a teacher who was trying to deal with his slacking off in class by drawing pictures, so that he could be prepared to take an exam, seems plausible, the way it is being responded to seems to draw from institutionalized catchphrases of the day. One elderly woman (a parent or grandparent?) who was quoted standing outside the school used that word I believe we first heard uttered about Sandy Hook and what one of the commenters wrote here: “Our children are RESILIENT, and they are going to get through this.” “Boston Strong and Resilient” you might say – and Colleen Ritzer, the slain teacher, had “Boston Strong” on her website. In the absence of economic prospects, is that what is left – while supposedly gruesome murders take place all around, the herd moves forward confident in their strength and resilience – yeah, right. Sure they are.

        If my kid went to that school, I wouldn’t sit still for the authorities to give me an explanation. I might just decide to walk in and snoop around to find out how the place could have been so deserted someone could have committed such a murder and disposed of the corpse without provoking comment – or even how the victim could have fallen without a sound. The more you think about it, if you do, the odder it seems (although as I say, plausible on the face of it).

        As with Tsarnaev, there will be a trial. Let’s see how that goes.

        1. The key word is resilient, whenever you see the killer killed, immediate and widespread MSM coverage, and the word “resilience” it’s code for FAKE FAKE FAKE

        2. In this case, the boy Chism is still alive. But I presume there will be a history of his life elsewhere which points to mental illness, although no such assertions have come to light yet. The family of the killer is not visible – his mother has written a letter saying how sorry she is, but she has not come forward. She is supposedly somewhat transient, but native to the Boston area after having lived in other places and taken Chism all over the place.

          Right now, the students are mourning the teacher and being bused to the funeral Mass. I guess this does not violate the church/state boundary. Having been officially Congregationalist up to the 1840’s, it is now 80% nominally Catholic.

  22. James –

    I haven’t heard from you, and I’m sure you’re busy, but you run this site and this is bothering me. So I’ll post my experience here and please let me know what to make of this.

    The other day when I went to post a comment, instead of going through as usual, I got this screen from WordPress ( I also a WordPress blog) saying “Are You Mollie?” and demanding I sign in to WordPress to finish posting. The screen also said I was trying to use an account I wasn’t logged into. Now I DIDN’T choose that sign in with WordPress button, as I never signed in with WordPress before.

    I think one thing happened is that a couple of weeks ago, I realized my e-mail address WordPress has had never been updated – so I got that going and so I guess one reason it never happened before was they didn’t have my current e-mail.

    But it freaked me out! What are they doing demanding I sign in when I didn’t even choose that option? For now, I happen to have another e-mail, so I’m using that.

    What’s up with this? Thanks

    1. Mollie,

      The settings I have selected do not require those who contribute comments to sign in. After reading of your experience I attempted to post a comment with a secondary email. It successfully entered the Comment Que for approval. Perhaps the experience is anomalous.

      Of course, I cannot speak for WordPress. You may wish to take this up with their staff.


      1. Thanks for checking into this… I will definitely attempt to go into this with them. Maybe it is just some anomaly – but it surely was strange!

        I’ll let you know if they actually tell me anything! Thanks again.

  23. Not sure if facts or logic or morals fit this blog, but what the heck. Brendan didn’t “interview” Roy Low – he lied and said he was a reporter for a radio station, and secretly recorded the conversation without permission. Abatement prior to demolition started at Sandy Hook School a few weeks ago. A lot of buildings built in the 1950s have asbestos in their walls. Removing it is a part of abatement – not a shocker. Dilapidated? Duh – it’s being demolished. Roy is a neighbor of mine, and would be furious to know he was recorded, and would laugh at the interpretation that the FBI was some kind of threat to him. But, believe what you want to believe, and ignore facts. Some of us live in the real world, where bad things happen, and aren’t always conspiracies by the government.

    1. *Low is a public figure. He willfully submitted to being interviewed for a national newscast on 12/14/12 on an event of immense public concern. Such a practice is not a violation of CT’s public meeting law as only one party need be privy to the recording of such an exchange. See Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 53a-187, 189. Further, Low’s knowledge of what may have taken place on 12/14 is extremely important, particularly in terms of solving a potential state crime and coverup.

      *Abatement did begin on October 7, with Newtown engaging a company that had not yet been approved for such work by CT state officials. Why the rush? Why the violation of state protocols? Indeed, approval was not received until October 11. The building and its grounds do look very dilapidated, and did not appear in especially good condition on December 14 when the incident transpired.

      *Roy is a neighbor of yours? That’s funny. Your IP address indicates that you reside in California or Texas.

      *”Ignore facts”? Why has Newtown been given $50 million for rebuilding Sandy Hook School when the average cost for erecting such a school is $7.3 million? Is it safe to conclude that $43 million is necessary for abatement and demolition?

      Speaking of “logic and morals,” why is the Obama administration busy giving local and state law enforcement agencies $2.5 million? For the release of more trumped up “testimony,” “evidence” and “investigation”?

      1. Thank you James – an intelligent person that can do an IP lookup – love it when people’s BS to keep cognitive functions from being destroyed. It is a natural reaction for most to hurl labels and name calling or simply throw off the cuff lies to protect the “norm”.

      2. Mr. Low agreed to be interviewed by the press. You ignored my point – he didn’t agree to be interviewed by citizen Brendan, who lied about who he was, and taped him secretly. Your info about school construction is ludicrous. We added an addition to the Newtown high school a few years ago, and an addition alone cost at least $30M. Check your facts. You are absolutely right about my IP address – check closer – it was a hotel. And now I’m at a New York airport. Guess where I’m driving next?

        1. The State Statute is accurate. You are neglecting the citation of it.

          From Intellihub:

          In fact the national average cost to build an elementary school in 2013, even at union rates is only $7,393,000, a long shot from the payout Sandy Hook is getting.

          A report from breaks down the national average cost to build a school:
          Cost Estimate (Union Labor) % of Total Cost Per SF Cost
          Total $122.83 $5,527,500
          Contractor Fees (GC,Overhead,Profit) 25% $30.71 $1,381,900
          Architectural Fees 7% $10.75 $483,700
          Total Building Cost $164.29 $7,393,000
          Cost Estimate (Open Shop) % of Total Cost Per SF Cost
          Total $112.29 $5,053,000
          Contractor Fees (GC,Overhead,Profit) 25% $28.07 $1,263,300
          Architectural Fees 7% $9.83 $442,100
          Total Building Cost $150.19 $6,758,400

          Sounds like you’re well-connected, Mr. Tom. Please let me know if it would be possible for your to arrange an interview between myself and the foreman of the Sandy Hook demolition crew.

        2. i think the interview idea is brilliant – or – like most propositioned to go eye to eye, cut and run.

        3. The national average cost to build a school isn’t relevant. I wish it cost that little in Connecticut, because the higher cost is a major real estate tax burden on us. I had to double-check – the high school expansion – and it was just an expansion – cost us about $40M, most of it from Newtown real estate taxes. Here’s a reference for you, showing the costs for other schools built recently in Connecticut – the range is from $47M to $80M. It took a single Google search to find this article, so I’m surprised you were only able to find information that was 85% off. In terms of why we are in a hurry – we have 450 Sandy Hook children going to a school in nearby Monroe. We want to bring them back to Sandy Hook as soon as possible. But I realize this is a waste of time – people who want desperately to believe a conspiracy theory will ignore facts that don’t fit their theory, and that includes anyone who actually lives here and knows anything. There are 27,000 people in Newtown who are offended by theories that call us liars, actors, thieves. We are victims. And conspiracy jackals are re-victimizing us. Feel free to check my IP address now.

        4. Mr. Tom, I find it of no small interest that you have referred readers to a publication referencing CT construction prices that has a post published on December 15, 2012, “Our Historic Moment: Gun Control.”

          Perhaps this writer is taking his cue from Boss Bloomberg. As you know, the activism along these lines came quick-in-a-hurry. Not much time for really mourning “the 20 angels” when DC lobbying calls, is there?

          Your (entirely different) IP address now indicates that you are in Mansfield, CT, 68.4 miles from Newtown. Quite a commute! Nevertheless, please tell Mr. Low “Hello!” for us when you get a chance.

        5. Tom, what is the reason for the demolition and rebuild of a new school in Newtown? Enrollment is down, according to the local school board; which has been discussing (before and after the shooting) possibly closing a school in the near future due to low enrollment. If Sandy Hook Elementary School is indeed in such great shape, why tear it down and rebuild to the tune of $50 million dollars only to close a school in the near future? The $50 million is not free money, it comes from tax payers pocketbooks.

          Why so much secrecy surrounding the demolition of a public building? As you may recall, Columbine High School had a similar tragedy yet after some remodeling of a few key areas, it re-opened and is still open today. I don’t know of any other schools that were torn down after a shooting, do you? Aurora theater which happened only months prior to the SH shooting reopened a long time ago. What makes Sandy Hook so different? Why is there so much secrecy from everything from the 911 calls, to Lanza’s records to the demolition of a public building. As I recall, even those children’s bodies were removed form the building under the cover of night. I keep hearing the call for “privacy” out of respect for the families but these same families came to my town as well as many other’s towns and cities to hold an anti-gun rallies. They used this tragedy to lobby public officials to change laws. These people didn’t seem to care much about privacy then, now did they?

        6. Who said the school was in great shape? It’s 57 years old. But using pictures taken while they’re preparing for demolition, pulling out asbestos as evidence it was “dilapidated” is goofy. Why rebuild? Lots of different opinions in town on this. Some don’t want the “bad guy” to win. But I think the winning argument, agree or not, is that most of the teaching staff said they would never set foot in that school again. The committee looked at a renovation option, turning the murder scene into a memorial (like Columbine did), and the cost was still very high. Yes, enrollment is down in Newtown. Unfortunately, the one elementary school out of four that wasn’t in decline was Sandy Hook – even after we lost 20 angels. There has never been serious discussion about closing a school – at least in the near-term. And if one was closed, it would only be temporary, because Newtown is expected to continue growing as the economy improves. The idea of absorbing those 450 kids into our other three schools, ripping apart a very good school staff – just not realistic, and for a lot of traumatized kids, not something we want to do. But I will say this – there are many of us who are mourning the loss of the Sandy Hook School building.

        7. James, your IP locator isn’t a GPS. I’m in Sandy Hook. Is it easier to call me a liar than to have someone say you are wrong in your bias? I am curious – you do teach this citizen journalism stuff, don’t you? Do you recommend to your students that they lie in order to get interviews, and secretly record people? You promote this behavior, and get paid to do that? I believe in citizen reporting, but not what you’re doing.

        8. Tom please don’t tell me that you speak for all Newtown residents because you don’t. The people that want to avoid the facts are those controlling the local media including the Patch which deletes all critical writings of the “official story” and investigation.

          I am not talking about the wild hoax theories I am talking about simple basic legitimate questions. Who was the armed SWAT officer caught at the scene? Why is his identity being concealed ? If his presence was coincidental (not likely) he would have identified himself to police responders and presented his credentials and he would have not been led out in cuffs. Every tweet picture posted of this man demanding his identity and a reasonable explanation is censored. Why ?

          Why was Manfredonia (Lanza’s neighbor) running away if his daughter was in Roig’s class in teh first unlocked classroom after the entrance way ? Why did Andrea McCarren go into great detail that the school nurse knew the shooter and his mother and then refuse to discuss any clarification ? Why are the 911 calls being concealed ?How can anyone believe the nurse and Halstead hid for 4 hours in a closet after a minimum of 4 sweeps and the State Police were on the other side of the door using her office as a command post? Did all those police canines miss two women in a closet ? Maybe others are still in the building. I hope somebody else checks the building before demolition starts. Who ever saw Lanza shoot a gun ? If you are a local you would know that the lawn crew at his house could not use the weedwhacker by his window because the noise frazzled him so how could he last 2 minutes at a firing range ? And I can go on and on. NO EVIDENCE AND NO MOTIVE ON LANZA! PERIOD.

          The official story is so absurd it is obscene. If this goes unexposed our country is finished.

        9. I have felt since day one, this building had already been abandoned. It looked empty that day, nothing in the windows, no playground equipment., the grounds looked neglected, etc. does anyone know if there there is a record of asbestos or even lead paint on record? Something is snarky here. Why were all the families fairly new residents? Are they hiding the fact there are no bullet holes anywhere?
          Why was Holder there the month before? One resident was interveiwed and made the comment all the families were well paid. His interviewed was buried somewhere in the links of SH, the False Flag on YT.

      3. Quote – Abatement did begin on October 7, with Newtown engaging a company that had not yet been approved for such work by CT state officials. Why the rush?

        If you want to talk “rush”…within a few days of the “event” moving trucks were already emptying the school.

        Note the date of the YouTube posting…Dec19.!

        Who emptied the school? Did they have to sign confidentiality agreements? Why did the school need to be emptied so quickly…didn’t the empty school to which the children were moved already have desks, etc…?

        1. Thanks for the heads up, Brendan. I’m just getting back into things after the summer season. Unfortunately paying work has to come before works of passion.

          I just sent a note to Kennedy to see what’s up.

          Btw…good on you for continuing to press the issue re: Sandy Hook.

    2. Tom, if you lied about Mr. Low being a neighbor and really live in California or Texas, you should be banned from this comment board.

      We’ve seen this all too often in YouTube comments. “I went to school with the victim’s brother and this is hurtful to the families.” Then the writer refuses to answer a simple “who, what, where” question and runs away.

      The U.S. government no longer restricts the use of government propaganda against its own citizens. That doesn’t mean we have to put up with it here.

      Please answer Dr. Tracy’s reply – how can you be a neighbor of Mr. Low’s who lives in CT if you have a CA or TX IP address?

      1. Tom,

        The conspiracy theories aren’t anymore unreasonable than your seemingly being accepting of the incomplete official narrative, given the lack of sunshine on the particulars in this case. There will be no fact finding trial, thus the official narrative, which to date has not been independently verified, will be spoon fed us–at least that’s how it’s went down so far, with only a trickle of pertinent information here and there. In fact there is a strong movement afoot in your neck of the woods to suppress vital information such as death certificates, and there’s a virtual blackout of the school building itself, which to any fair minded person is dubious at best. This could have been cleared up long ago, by, among other things, releasing toxicology reports on Lanza, if he really is responsible for said crime, along with filling in the holes regarding a possible second gunman, among many other unanswered questions. A candid and open ended press conference should be demanded given there will be no trial. You got a problem with that or do you blindly accept what’s being fed to you? I’ll admit that I don’t know what went down that day other than what I’ve been told in the media, and sorry if it rattles your cage but that just isn’t acceptable considering what has been asserted went down that day. Unless you have information we don’t possess here then neither do you know what went down, unless you were there in the school on that day. Were you? If no then it’s all hearsay that you’re fronting here in your diatribe regarding skepticism of said event. And whether you or anyone likes it, I and others are damn skeptical. Instead of railing against those here why aren’t you demanding much greater sunshine on these events from your town? Why??

        1. Which conspiracy theory isn’t unreasonable? Name ONE. The one that says we’re all Satanists? Or Jews? The one that says the kids were taken to a FEMA camp? The one that says there were multiple shooters (even though there are more than a dozen eyewitnesses that truthers keep ignoring)? The one that says the parents are actors, even though they are our neighbors and friends? The one that says children I have known since they were born never existed? The ones that rely almost entirely on early, bad MSM reports, and then says MSM can’t be trusted? Or that Adam Lanza never existed – even though my kids went to school with him? The one that says the parents never got to see their kids, when I’ve had to hear parents tell me about the trauma of seeing their dead children? The one that says no caskets were open, when I went to funerals and saw open caskets? The one that says all the parents moved to town on the same day a few years ago, even though that date was simply when a real estate reassessment was done? The one that says the school hasn’t been in use for years, and somehow the entire town didn’t notice? The one that says we are all in on this, to get a new K-4 school? The one that says this was all about gun control, even though Congress didn’t pass even a mild improvement on background checks? The one that says no one cried, when we who live with these people see crying almost every day? The one that says it was nuns in a purple van? You’ve got to have serious confirmation bias to believe any of this crap. The Westboro Baptist Church nuts were vile enough, but I guarantee you, if hoaxers and truthers weren’t screaming “conspiracy”, showing up in town to abuse and record our neighbors without permission (and being called “heroes” for doing it), posting hate pictures and hate videos on the Internet, laughing at families that have been destroyed, there wouldn’t be a guard at the school and such a focus on the demolition. The death certificates are public info now – go get ’em, and enjoy! But remember that these were little kids, and their parents loved them. Want pictures of bodies? Want audio of screaming kids as they are shot to death? I’m one Newtowner who will fight to keep that from sick people who have already proven no respect for picture of the children when they we alive. We have children that still hide under their beds, or hide in the closet at the slightest scary noise. Couldn’t do fireworks this year. We have very real PTSD in town. We feel it everyday. Really, you should ask yourself – why isn’t there even one parent of the 450 kids in that school crying foul? Why isn’t there a single person from Newtown saying the “official narrative” is a lie? Probably because we rely on our friends, our neighbors, we know the school staff, and the local cops, and we try hard to ignore the thousands of hours of YouTube videos with scary soundtracks from people who don’t have a clue, just hate something and are happy to abuse people to sell their politics. I have yet to hear a single hoaxer “proven fact” that isn’t easily debunked. If you want to create theories about Obama or space aliens or NWO or Adam Lanza being remote controlled or whatever, go for it – but don’t just make up stuff and call it proof, and stay away from messing with these families who lost their children. Adam Lanza is dead. The only true evil we are still dealing with are the people on this page.

        2. I really think you have it wrong. All the “truthers” want is what ALL other tragedies have required to MOVE ON. What happened, is all – WHAT HAPPENED. No proof of anything has been released. Everything is GAGGED and Secretive for the same narrative. Laws into place in wee hours of the morning escaping FOI act that is so WE CAN ALL MOVE ON. The quick “gun control agenda” was a big part of why grieving parents were quick to parade this around the country with NO MENTION of privacy – and not being secretive about their personal relationships with their children. I, for one do not believe that the truth has come forth – and as long as I feel that way, it is my right to question secrecy and blatant disregard to share the truth with the public. And I have personally watched this unfold from the very night Robbie PArker laughed on camera. That was all I needed, as a FATHER of 2 – I will never forget the feeling I had watching that charade. And, I will never apologize or change the way I feel about this.

        3. One thing you said stands out – that you have PTSD in your Newtown community. That has to be true. Not a bit surprised. Second-hand smoke, hearsay evidence, an advertising campaign to promote an agenda. And don’t forget: murder as entertainment. Because under it all is the pleasure everyone takes in not being dead after the smoke clears away. However, we have discovered lately that this is a theater where the doors have been locked. It is war theater come home. Our very addiction to listening to these implausible stories, this junky journalism, forces us to remain for the next one rather than find a way out. So it’s pass the popcorn or look for an escape exit. What is it to be?

        4. James, that’s actually pretty funny – sounds exactly what FAU might have said to you at least once. I’m out. Feel free to delete anything that doesn’t fit your theory or elevate your status among truthers. Because this is all about you, right?

        5. Mr. Tom, if it were truly “about me” I would have acted like almost every one of my academic colleagues throughout the US and kept my mouth shut.

        6. I think Roy Low’s response is consistent with the other witnesses that day that made observations in real time that do not comport with the post event “official story”. The school nurse is refusing to answer any questions about her interview with Andrea McCarren where she identified the shooter as the son of a kindergarten teacher and went on to say in great detail that she knew the shooter’s mother. Andrea McCarren, award winning reporter, is refusing to answer any questions about her interview with the nurse Sally Cox on the same subject. Anyone that asks Andrea McCarren about that interview on twitter is immediately blocked. Why is there such abject fear about telling the truth about your observations that day ? Lanza was a 90 pound lone gunman who is now dead right ? Is everybody afraid of his ghost?

          Make no mistake about it Tom Bittman is a very intelligent man which makes his credulous attitude toward these, and other, highly anomalous circumstances very troubling.

        7. You are overgeneralizing all discussion of Sandy Hook to the particular conspiracy theories you just named. What we haven’t addressed are simple, troubling questions such as why Vance stated 18 deceased children remained in the school, yet his own men just came forward last week saying that they personally removed multiple children from the school and took them to Danbury by squad car, where they perished. What reason to Sgt. Cario and trooper Dragon have to lie about this? Just as crucially, what reason do they have to make a public statement to this effect, knowing it contradict’s the CSP spokesman’s statements? The official story also says the shooting took place in under 5 minutes, when it is clear from police audio that it lasted at the very, very least, 15 minutes. These are not conspiracy theories – they are simple observations which contradict the official story in important ways. For Heaven’s sake, Malloy’s even getting frustrated. This is not a matter neatly divided between “conspiracy theorists” (whatever those are) and “everyone else.” There are a great many people in between–to include first responders who were there that day.

      2. Tom, is not lying! Look up my IP address and guess what I am in CT too. Wow some people who are here now that the shooting happened cause we live here. Go check! Oh and Brendan hunts video was what I call pointless! The school here in my town never had a shooting (thank god and is in bad shape) getting renovated and is gonna cost 20 million right here in this expensive piece of *$%@ state! Everything is pricey as crap! Sorry to say but the shooting did happen but why don’t you guys look into jordan marsh and find the real story that makes no sense about sandy hook! The shooting happened but look deeper into jordan marsh please people come on!!!

    3. Tom, you are right – your “facts or logic or morals” do not fit this blog. Perhaps you should troll a blog with an average blogger intelligence closer to yours (in the turnip-squash range).

      1. Tom,

        Let me see, I’m suppose to believe what you tell me as gospel? I don’t know who you are or if what you are claiming is legit. It might be, but I’d have to take it on faith. You sound reliable, so I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

        I have never pushed any “conspiracy theory” on this website, and fyi I’m skeptical of most of those which you listed. I can understand how people formulated them, however, especially given the slow trickle of information coming out of the investigation. But, like you say, many of them are so far out there as to be unbelievable.

        I also have never implied that actual killings never took place. Some here have, and I think they are ridiculous assertions. I have been most interested in three aspects of this case: Lanza’s toxicology report (was he on psychotropic meds?) ; the lack of up to date “official” information regarding exactly what happened; absent a fact finding criminal trial I’d like a give and take press conference to clear up legitimate questions regarding the investigation. None of those are unreasonable. This could all go away if the authorities didn’t seem to be stonewalling and dragging this on for whatever reasons unbeknownst to those outside your geographic area.The pain the community is experiencing doesn’t mean inquiry must cease. That’s not fair, especially given President Obama and others have made this event a national rallying point for gun control, which may or may not be germane to this particular case. Would Obama rail against big pharma if toxicology came back and showed Lanza as a psychotropic zombie?

        Also, I have no problem with the school being demolished. I could not imagine returning to that place of carnage in any manifestation, including a rebuild at the same site. I don’t want bloody pictures of kids either and have never heard anyone here suggest that end. I would like, however, a more detailed explanation and virtual walk-through of exactly how this could have happened what-with the new procedures put in place to prevent such massacres from happening. Your and the community’s pain does not mean important facts such as these should not be brought to light.

        If what you say is true regarding your experience in Newtown then I completely understand your anger at some of what you’ve read here. If you don’t believe any legitimate questions remain unanswered and you accept the official narrative in it’s totality and it squares with your firsthand experience there then you are on solid ground. While much of your anger at this site might be justified, the larger public still has the right to have the many legitimate questions still left open answered irregardless of what this website has to say that is objectionable to you on the matter..

        1. OK, this is reasonable. I’m also looking forward to the final report, I wish it would come out already. I looked – Columbine’s report took 13 months. Virginia Tech’s came out in five months or so, but had mistakes and was corrected two and a half years later. I’m not a cop, and I realize that the real world doesn’t wrap things up in 45 mins like CSI – but it sure seems long. I do get some info that isn’t public yet, through victims’ families. Based on what I’ve heard, with a few exceptions they have a pretty good understanding of what went down. I hope every effort is made to be crystal clear with the general public when the final report comes out. I have no reason to believe that any report will satisfy everyone, but I certainly hope it satisfies those who aren’t hell-bent on a theory and just want to know the final facts. Obama and gun control – I know a lot of us wished he didn’t jump on that quite so fast. Maybe changes are needed, but maybe we should have had more time as a country to discuss them. And I would have preferred a more holistic focus on guns, mental health, school safety, parenting (especially when HIPAA makes it hard), etc. By the way, I gotta say that Robbie Parker’s smile was absolutely odd – however, he was in the middle of probably the most stressful situation you can imagine, and what he said was absolutely beautiful – about forgiveness. I don’t think I would smile even if I was nervous, but I’m also pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to talk. Everyone is different. He is a somewhat shy and awkward kind of person, and I’ll tell you while Robbie was able to hold it together, his wife was a mess, their two surviving daughters are adorable, and it makes me just heartsick to see that family abused – all because of a nervous smile. Anyway, ’nuff said.

        2. when the ‘final report’ comes out ? LOL thats funny , but while your at it can we see the script too please & the names of the directors would be appreciated also. this was really poor CFR/NWO theatre they put on the boob tube and next time they shouldnt settle with these 3rd rate actors they hired for this play . geeeeeeeeeeesh are you serious ? you actually want us to believe there where deaths on the set of the filming of this TV show ? this was a tv show ,nothing more , just like every other TV show.Still not buying what you are selling.

        3. Tom. When the coroner’s report on the death of actor Brittany Murphy became available, I read it in its entirety because reports of how she died seemed fishy and I was aware she had become active in researching corruption in some government agencies.

          To my surprise, the report contained all of the police reports and some other information not usually part of a coroner report. In a nutshell, it was very thorough, not anomalous in any obvious way and in general was a very believable compilation of official documents relating to her tragic death. In lay terms, her death resulted from complications from pneumonia. Fine.

          Roughly 3 weeks later, her husband dies from complications from pneumonia. Now, some people might find this unusual but not enough so as to re-evaluate their assessment of Brittany’s coroner report. It being so fresh in my mind, I too won’t be bothered to look it over again. But, you can bet your ass that my assessment of it has now changed to something like, “boy, their cover-up operations produce some very excellent, believable coroner reports.”

          Get my drift? I’m not an idiot and I don’t get anything out of bucking the trend except a drop off in communication with friends and family and beady-eyed stares. Not to mention all the time spent doing the ugly work that others in the national community are too foolish or frightened to do. So, accusing myself of the owner of this blog of attempting to garner attention is like splashing salt in our eyes. Equally upsetting is being accused of heartlessness or blood-thirst.

          Don’t you get that we do this because we want this to stop?! If you’re looking for the empathy that America has lost, you’re in the right place. I assure you. In fact, help us in any way and see for yourself how appreciative and respectful we can be. Either way, it doesn’t change what we’re doing because we knew what we would be in for from the very beginning. Again I say, we’re not idiots and we know when others are acting in service to themselves.

        4. Thank you to the poster who asked you if you were Tom Bittman.

          After reading Tom Bittman’s Sandy Hook postings, I think Dr. Tracy may have met his match.

          Tom, do you know Tom Bittman? My wife and I would pay serious money to be in the audience of a live debate on Sandy Hook between someone like Mr. Bittman and Dr. Tracy. This guy is good, really good and I look forward to reading more of his excellent point-counterpoint.

  24. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
    – Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propagandist

    I feel very sorry for Mr. Low, he seems like an honest and decent man who has done nothing wrong. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and saw things he was not supposed to see. Now he lives in fear for his safety. I never thought I would see something like this in a country which claims to be the leader of the “free” world. Very sad.

  25. Mollie, I commonly have problems with communicating e-mail, especially with other radicals. Sometimes half way through a comment it all turns to gibberish (or if you are a critic, more gibberish than the original.) It’s more or less random, there is no logic to it. This kind of thing will probably get worse as the USA descends into an Orwellian gangster state.

  26. I feel sorry for Mr. Low as well as he’s one of the few you can tell is being genuine. I could certainly hear it in his voice that he’s been asked/threatened/blackmailed to keep quiet– Sadly, I could also hear the fear in his voice.. In what could have been a hugely enlightening interview with Mr. Hunt, where Mr. Low could state facts of that day and thereafter, he just simply could not at this point.When you have something of this magnitude which has to be known all the way to the top brass, there’s just not much you can do without jeopardizing your and your family’s safety.

  27. This is for Tom:
    Since you’re in the know, please answer just two questions;
    1) What did the coroner mean when he said “I hope the people of Newtown don’t have it crash on their heads later.”
    2) Since Newtown is a relatively small place, you would know if Nick and Laura Phelps exist. Do they?

    1. 1) How would I possibly know what the coroner meant? In what context? Why does my opinion of some guy’s quote matter at all? Since he’s focused in the past on keeping pictures of dead children out of the public view, maybe that’s what he meant. What I know for sure – I wouldn’t have wanted to be the coroner on that day. He’s got to be messed up. I got a little too much information from a pastor friend of mine about what they had to do to prepare one of the children for an open casket.
      2) I doubt there is anything I could say that would convince you, but of course they are real people, with a son a year older than my youngest (and he has the same first name), in our school directories that go back at least three years (I don’t have older directories). I think they also have a daughter, but not sure.

      If only answering questions worked.

      1. Tom, or should i say Mr Tom Bittman of Sandy Hook promise can you explain why there was zero natural grief shown by any of the supposed victim families ?

        And your son even got in on the $ action getting paid to make a tribute video …. And your son’s friend happened to be a witness at Sandy Hook and interviewed nationally.

        Real parents of dead children dont go onto gun control media circuits laughing and smiling without demanding answers as to why EMTs stood down and not a single attempt was made to save any of the supposed 26 victims.

        Tom Bittman you are a fraud along with all the other role players involved in the Sandy Hook Hoax.

      2. Tom, you are a disinformation apparatchik working for the regime, i.e. your handles pay you to lie to the public. It takes a particularly immoral and/or stupid person to do that. The moment you lied about being Mr. Low’s neighbor you revealed who you were – a FRAUD.

      3. Tom I am asking you to be a gentleman and take my personal info down from your blog. You sound so reasonable here yet your response to my simple question where’s the proof prompted you to find my full name, location, and YouTube account. That is creepy, and the readers here should be warned you do this kind of thing.

  28. You’re doing great answering questions, Tom, this time they sent a real pro. I especially liked the way you explained Robbie Parker’s ‘nervous smile.’ That’s what got me, and perhaps many others, interested in this scenario, wondering why they would use an actor to raise money. I used to attend small theatres and saw actors get into their roles many times; Robbie was really professional.

    But why didn’t they just cut out the smiling and preliminary part on the u-Tube? Clearly this was a Mistake, one of many. This scenario is not only Orwellian, it is partially Lewis Carroll. And that’s the real problem you have Tom. It is not only this homicidal operation that has to be covered up, it’s a sequence of them, including, and especially, 9/11. And a sequence of Mistakes. But you are doing good with what you have; I’m sure they’ll use you again.

    1. Mark, I disagree with you, unless you are being sarcastic about Tom’s disinformation skills. Tom lost all credibility the moment he lied about being Mr. Low’s neighbor. Dr. Tracy discovered Tom is posting from California, where a lot of disinformation apparatchiks reside. Tom made a big mistake when he began his disinformation campaign on this site with an obvious lie – that he was Mr. Low’s neighbor and was posting on Mr. Low’s behalf. On a troll scale from 1-10, I would give him 2.

  29. I apologize, Onslow. The devil, Beezelbub himself, made me comment with such ineffective irony. I agree with you, but my point was that the trolls are getting more sophisticated now, possibly due to their continuous practice.

  30. Mr. Bittman,

    1st allow me to say how impressed I am that you have taken the time to make yourself available to answer some of the questions surrounding the Sandy Hook event.

    If you could possibly manage a few more minutes I have a couple of questions that are specific to your area of knowledge.

    It is well known at this point that Nancy Lanza played a fairly active roll in Adam’s life and in his efforts at school…even volunteering at SHE on many occasions.

    My 1st question is this…if Nancy was active at the school in various regards, including Adam’s supposed developmental/emotional issues…then why did your wife say, in respect to the claims that the shooters mother (Nancy Lanza) was an employee of the school………”“No one has heard of her,” said Lillian Bittman, who served on the local school board until 2011. “Teachers don’t know her.”.”

    How did she come to that determination? It seems inconceivable that your wife, especially, wouldn’t know Nancy. Surely at least one of your children went to SHE at the same time as Adam.

    My 2nd question relates to the first.

    How is it that your wife came to be such a prominent spokesperson for this event so soon after? Within a couple/few hours she was giving interviews to, among others, PBS.

    She had not been a member of the school board or an employee of the school division for quite some time. It seems quite odd that she would be a spokesperson when there were many members of the school division that could have fulfilled that role.

    Was she contacted by media or did she contact media? Who, if anyone, gave her permission to speak for the school and the division?

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Nice points Swansong. Bittman has been asserting himself as THE spokesman for all of Newtown. He is also an unabashed apologist for the “official” story. If you look at his blog he has absolutely no questions at all about the official story. No questions about the SWAT guy caught in the woods, no questions about Chris Manfredonia running away from the school, no questions about whether Sally Cox identified the kindergarten teacher’s son as the shooter, no questions about teh nurse and Halstead hiding in a closet for 4 hours, no questions about how Lanza could shoot guns like an expert but be unable to tolerate the weed whacker noise from the lawn crew. No Tom Bittman thinks everything is just fine.

      And Sandy Hook promise apparently does not support any victims families that don’t tow the gun grabbing Obama agenda either.

    2. Mr. Bittman,

      As one who tries earnestly to be respectful and polite while also being direct, I find it most frustrating when people such as yourself, who profess to be interested in correcting false assumptions and setting the story straight, will not answer questions put to you.

      I can understand not wishing to answer questions which are not within your area of knowledge…but to avoid questions directly related to your family’s participation in the events of that day are unnervingly suspicious.

  31. I think what has caused so much questioning is all the secrecy surrounding this whole debacle. It has been shrouded in secrecy from the first minute.
    During Columbine, we saw and heard so many more facts. They took us inside the building. They gave us tons of info and answered hundreds of questions. They had countless interviews and it was covered on all the news programs over and over. We saw actual rescue attempts, with SH, it just looked fake, period, no other way of saying it. There have been nothing but crickets and yet, they wants us to believe their stories without proof.
    When you watch the pathetic performances of the so called coroner and Gene and then find the videos of Gene with the same kids much earlier, it just turns to spooky. When you watch all the rescue vehicle blocked in and no one leaving and the circle of people walking around and around the fire station, you have to start asking questions.

    1. I know it’s awhile since you posted this contrast of Columbine (a much more plausible story) and Sandy Hook and I have little to add. There’s a “little boy who cried wolf” aspect to recent activities, pointing to something spoiled in the power structure where they always expect to be believed (and cherished) like a spoiled brat. Reality eventually intrudes though. I’m afraid that the big wish of banning weapons will only have the same effect of Prohibition (a running roughshod by a minority over the majority), in which violation of the law was widespread and ill effects (more drinking than ever) brought about the very thing the promoters of the amendment were seeking to end. I won’t go into the War on Drugs but there is something there too. When I can go into the flower market in Amsterdam and buy both tulip bulbs and marijuana seeds if I so choose, and a perfectly nice guy I know gets a three year suspended sentence for growing not tulips but marijuana in his house, in Santa Monica, then I know that it is a screwed up world and that the US isn’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. We never learn.

  32. The thought of Sandy Hook parents feeling pain at our discussions does bother me–a lot. I worry about it. But, firstly, I doubt Robbie Parker is deeply disturbed by “YouTube videos with ominous music.” He, like I, was raised in a small, fundamentalist enclave, and we are taught from birth that the outside world are basically crazed heathens in need of salvation. Evidence of such crazed heathenry is not going to shock him, nor me, anywhere near as much as it might a regular old secularist American. Secondly, I would like to point out that when we’re talking about “conspiracy theories” hurting parents of Sandy Hook children, that knife cuts both ways. I, as a parent, hear myself called a “ghoulish lunatic” almost daily–not by anonymous internet users, but by Anderson Cooper, police chiefs, governors, and self-appointed spokesmen for the parents of murdered children. My crime? Asking questions. I’m a parent, too. Any parent reading this, who thinks about it a it, knows that whatever corruption allowed for Sandy Hook and its subsequent coverup poses a genuine threat to our own children. So, we all agree on one thing: it hurts to be a parent. The difference between us is that I would not fault another parent for asking questions in an attempt to protect his/her own child. And the more I dig into these self-appointed spokesmen, the more I feel that Sandy Hook parents aren’t the ones faulting other parents for asking questions.

    1. there are NO ‘sandy hook parents’ – there is NO EVIDENCE that there are any persons except ACTORS here . if there where ‘parents’ where are the 1,200 other ‘parents’ of children in this ‘school’ – we have only seen ‘victims’ on the TV SET- we have seen no ‘parents’ i assure you , we have only witnessed a TV SHOW with victims of a fake ‘massacre’ . if there where ‘parents’ we would see about 1200 of them that attended this ‘school’ – all evidence points to this not even being an operating school, so dont cry over children that are not ‘dead’ . there is 0 evidence to any of this , absolutely 0.
      & yes i agree your children are in danger in a public/government schools . its called common core and it is for the nazi agenda – people are protesting this by keeping their children home on Mon Nov 18 in protest of the agenda 21 indoctrination plan for the children – BEWARE –

  33. I noticed the houses close to what is apparently the rear of the school. I don’t recall any of those residents being interviewed during this fiasco.

    I also notice that there are no Christmas decorations of any sort visible. It takes a lot of courage to get that close. It also makes me wonder what happened to the full time guards. Did fear of confrontation keep all investigators away?

    It is also a sad commentary that the phone interview indicated that the FBI were intimidating witnesses. Nothing unusual for them. I would imagine that now that the action has died down the rest of the operation hinges on how tight a lid they can keep on this for how long.

    Good work.

  34. So, in total, how many new gun control laws were passed as a result of this phoney occurrence. I do believe that it is way past time to start charging these creeps with treason and hanging them from their scrawny necks. After a fair trial, of course. BTW people, google Karen Hudes. She was the chief counsel of the World Bank and investigated corruption around the world. She and her crew have a lot to tell you. And it is very important.

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