Francine Wheeler (Lobis), the mother of 6-year-old Benjamin Wheeler who authorities say was killed alongside 25 others at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, is also a professional musician and actor.

Wheeler is a member of “The Dream Jam Band,” a group of “five musicians from the Northeast who,” according to their website, “write and play an eclectic collection of original music for children of all ages young and old [sic].”

In 2010 the entourage was favorably reviewed in the New York Times. In the video above The Dream Jam Band performs its mock hip-hop children’s song, “Brush Your Teeth.” While contributing background vocals, Francine Wheeler can be seen dancing and grimacing before the camera as she waves an oversized yellow toothbrush.

In 2001, Francine married David Cole Wheeler, a professional actor who starred in a surreal film, Faithful, also produced that year. The macabre short centers around the theme of suicide that eerily reemerges in the Sandy Hook shooting narrative and its aftermath.

Following the death of Benjamin both parents became strong gun control advocates. In April 2013 the couple (left) appeared on CBS News’ 60 Minutes alongside other grieving Sandy Hook parents to make their case for strengthening federal gun control laws.

Also in April, President Obama turned over his weekly radio address to Francine Wheeler so that she could make a direct appeal to the American people for heightened gun control measures. The event proved to be an overwhelmingly successful public relations maneuver, generating headlines throughout the world.

This brief video from The Paulstal Service explains how the strong embrace of Francine Wheeler by powerful Democratic political leaders should perhaps be unsurprising. This is because Wheeler was formerly employed as the personal assistant of noteworthy Democratic activist and former chief Democratic National Committee fundraiser Maureen White. White was the DNC’s champion campaigner, raising $51 million in 2005 alone. She now serves in the US State Department as a senior advisor on humanitarian issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

White’s husband, the powerful Wall Street investment banker and Obama administration advisor Steven Rattner, is also a close personal friend and money manager of staunch anti-gun crusader and founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg used the Sandy Hook shooting as a rallying cry for more stringent federal gun control measures. Rattner is also a member of the influential Council on Foreign Relations. He previously worked for the New York Times as an assistant to famed Times’ columnist James Reston. There Rattner befriended publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr.

As the Sandy Hook Timeline and the work of other independent researchers suggest, shortly after Obama secured reelection in November 2012 his administration and Democratic Party Congressional leaders including Senator Diane Feinstein turned to devising a strategy for enacting stricter gun control measures, even as gun-related violent crime and murder have decreased over the past two decades, alongside higher rates of gun ownership.

But the question remains, would President Obama and other political and economic elites ever use such dastardly means to hoodwink the American people into forsaking a major Constitutional right? Moreover, with overwhelming financial wherewithal and the personnel of every federal lettered agency at their disposal, how could they ever get away with anything of this magnitude?


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42 thought on “Sandy Hook Actors’ Elite Political Connections”
  1. Thank you for following this big government / media event. I too, have been following it with umpteen website articles. Would that more Americans also follow these events and ask themselves:

    “When did big government and its mainstream media (cheerleaders) ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

  2. It just shows that there is a huge network–if I wanted to be florid I might say nest–of these types that infest the government. I think a very good case could be made that the vast majority of them has major psychological issues that the average American would be shocked to see revealed.

    What causes people to become so corrupt, so defiled, is anyone’s guess. But the worrying part is that the vast majority of our fellows don’t even have their head in the game, let alone working to reclaim our constitutional form of government.

    It would appear that, just like the first revolution, this one will be fought by 10% of the population while the remainder either look on passively or work hard to see our enterprise defeated.

    1. It reminds me of Jim Jones, he had political backers and wanted “social change.” These cult types use the same repetitive words and phrases and will fake eventsfor “the greater good.” And the masses let their emotions rule over logic and reason.

  3. Some gun owners like to think that the dusty old revolver in their closet is a hedge against government tyranny. But it’s a safe bet that the truly elite, the psychopathic Nazis behind the scenes, find that stance laughable.

    No, the motive for these black ops must be found in the sadistic and satanic culture of elitism. These people despise the lesser classes — seeing us as nothing more than rodents, or “useless eaters.”

    If they use a black op to promote some political wedge issue like gun control, that’s only a side benefit. The fact is that psychopaths and Nazis, the people capitalism puts into power, just love killing. Especially children.

    1. Bingo. A lot of this isn’t just about money; rather, it’s mostly about power and mostly about very dark power. And yes, that includes a lot of “sacrifice”, mostly on the part of others that is. These sorts will actually procreate in order to sacrifice them at a later date. It’s all very Alistair Crowley…

        1. Such DHS drills have in fact been repeatedly considered in this forum.

          See, for example, some of the articles here.

          The link provided does not readily work and had to be attempted a few times before it was accessible.

        2. LAX is interesting for many reasons, including their recent “Active Shooter” DHS drill which proceeded the live active shooter event by a mere three weeks.

          Another is the background. Congress slashed the TSA budget in 2013, which removed non-tsa armed law enforcement officers from checkpoints stations, and there has been evidence DHS plans to arm certain TSA officers in the near future. DHS recently contracted for a shooting range within 20 miles of LaGuardia with secure access for TSA/DHS and Federal Air Marshalls to practice 5 – 8 hrs per day and 25 days per month.

          Another possible budget slash for the administration is on the horizon. TSA has come under fire for its expensive Behavior Detection Officer program. Congress is not convinced of any tangible results, and was also concerned about the group of BDO’s out of Logan who were terminated for profiling Hispanics traveling to Miami. The LAX story has effectively martyred an Hispanic Behavior Detection Officer. A problem with the story is that he was supposedly working a post that is never filled by the BDO.

          One of the other victims, who works in set art and design in Hollywood, was interviewed and expressed deep relief when the armed police showed up. Several key witnesses made a point of being concerned that the TSA weren’t armed.

          Capstone Event fingerprints are all over this. Key witness Nick Pugh, also a set designer and special effects creator for Hollywood has a very distinctive appearance and voice. He was interviewed at least eight times at LAX…Coincidentally, this is the second time he has been a key witness to a terrorist attack. The other time was about twelve years ago – on 9/11.

  4. Way to go, James. I don’t think it is a matter of covering up the truth eternally, but merely DELAYING it enough historically till it is no longer relevant, and the perps are no longer vulnerable to punishment. In the Cheney roast where they joked about torturing prisoners, they exulted that they got away with it politically, and the powerful are not subject to the criminal laws under the Terrorist War.

    But the effect on the population may be cumulative. The distrust of the American people in American power over historical time may breed the conviction that we are ruled by political gangsters who serve the plutocratic power system and not the American people. And something must be done.

  5. With the main stream media in they’re back pocket the elite must be pretty brazen as to what they think they can get away with. Never was there more sloppy a inside job as SH, but the main stream media is easily the game changer that secures the win in the minds of the masses. For now.

  6. I am beginning to suspect that Benjamin Wheeler was not murdered after all. I think it is more likely that he committed suicide due to the overwhelming amount of shame he felt over his mother’s toothbrush song. RIP Little Bennie.

  7. The secret goings-on and the lies that saturate the federal government, surprisingly, never cease to surprise. This is so shameless one can scarcely believe they though they could get away with it. But no sweat. No chance this will come back to bite them, any more than the IRS, NSA and the park ranger thuggary scandals will.

    Mark Steyn, being an immigrant to America from the British Commonwealth, is keenly aware of what America loses when its citizenry ceases to care that its historical roots of liberty are being dug up before their eyes: freedom, lost, can’t be gotten back. Here, he comments on an equally almost unbelievable charade, this time in the Department of so-called “Defense”:

    1. Patrick, I agree with your points about 99% of the time, but I saw Steyn for part of the controlled opposition long ago. So Steyn is surprised that everything is a sham and fakery? Why now? He certainly has made made mockery of those of us that know without one doubt we have a fake president in the WH who is not constitutionally eligible, not a natural born citizen. You see, Steyn is like so many of these foreigners that come over here and profit off this country by having a media voice while trying to rewrite the US constitution, OUR constitution, without the amendment process and the peoples’ input! They think that by obfuscating an issue and promoting a false definition of true natural born citizenship that was understood by the framers they can deceptively promote their tainted idea of what it means to be natural born. And anyone with more than one citizenship AT BIRTH can never be POTUS. Jus soli AND jus sanguinis and the natural born citizen…. through soil and the blood! A person with divided allegiance may never be the CIC and certainly not one born as a British subject (well, at least that is Obama’s story of fiction and what he claims). And we are living it right now under the current occupant. What a nightmare and Mr. Steyn has done nothing to shake anyone awake out of the nightmare!

      Phttt on Mark Steyn. Same goes for Levin, Hannity and Limbaugh and all the rest of the cowards.

      1. I completely agree with you Kath. One can’t have that kind of prominence and also tell the kinds of truth James Tracy fearlessly investigates. Mark Steyn would lose all his media fabulousness if he did.

        I remember one Friday in the 1990s, at the very end of the show, Rush hinted that something might be coming out over the weekend about Mena Airport, or Vince Foster’s murder, or those two murdered kids found on the railroad tracks–I can’t remember which. It was so veiled a hint that no one who wasn’t following the story already would have picked up on it. He had, naturally, always been silent on all the real crimes of the Clintons. My theory was that he had inside knowledge that the establishment was throwing Bubba over the side, and it would soon be safe for him, Rush, to start talking about the dark, “forbidden” stuff. But come Monday, not a word. And he never, ever, acknowledged these things–because the establishment didn’t abandon Clinton. Rush knows just how far his masters will allow him to push it–he’s a master at knowing that

        What this told me is just how completely all of these people are bought and paid for. Steyn was subbing for Rush a couple of years ago when a caller got through and challenged Mark to learn the truth about what “natural born citizenship” is. It is the only time I have ever heard him be genuinely rude. He basically called the man an ignoramus, who knows nothing of the history of the subject. It was very informative for me: I learned that day how far Mark Steyn can be trusted. For all his boldness and willingness to stand apart from his chums when required, wants no part of ideas that will stop him being loved by his chums.

        That said, he’s well worth reading. He’s a neoconservative, just like Rush, and a full blown member of the War Party, which is basically what being a neoconservative is all about. I hate that about him, but I know that’s not going to change. So I sift it out, because most of the rest of what he has to say is so good. He’s really knowledgeable, and really funny. And he has an amazing ability to detect the absurd in the behavior of government. He sees angles I didn’t, usually because he understands British history. He references Magna Carta a lot, and bemoans America’s abandoning the rights of freeborn citizens, substituting the micromanaging regulatory state. It is a perspective few offer, and I appreciate it. If only more people listened.

        People like Steyn, and Rush, probably don’t want to know about the secret government and all of its evil operations (or, more likely, wish they didn’t), so they mock anyone who does. That just comes with the territory. But both are worth my time, for all the agony of their selloutness brings.

        (Note that I have nothing to say about Levin and Hannity; I can barely stomach either of them, and rarely pay them any mind. I can’t put them in the same league with Steyn and Rush.)

        So, that said, Steyn’s observations about those fictitious “welcoming ceremonies” are spot on. He calls it “deeply weird,” and it is. He, being an outsider, can see how much of a trance the American public is in, in a way we can’t. Fish don’t know they’re wet, you know. He’s shocked that we don’t meet this kind of revelation with widespread outrage. He’s amazed that we basically don’t care that the government lies about everything, all the time. It takes an outsider to point it out. And did I mention that he’s hilarious?

  8. I keep thinking of a nest of vipers wriggling in the dirt. There must be a reason most revile snakes and even people of the Bible used one as the ultimate symbol of evil. They never quite made the evolutionary leap to footed mammals.

    The elite have the mistaken illusion that they are superior. Having forfeited their soul for material gain, they lose more than the past, they lose the future. But they are blind, living among their things…

    Another excellent insight by Dr. Tracy which bears further discovery.

  9. Now we have two Bloomberg employee connections…The first being Adam Lanza being portrayed by Janet Volmer’s son, Scott. According to Sandy Hook school nurse Sally Cox the Sandy Hook gunman was the son of a teacher “she recognized and locked eyes with” according to the ABC reporting done by Andrea MCaren .We now know Janet Volmer Sandy Hook kindergarten teacher has son, Scott, who just so happens to work for Mayor Bloomberg. According to Scott’s Facebook page we also know he photographs well with Clinton and Obama and he lives in Hoboken where police went to question the elusive Ryan Lanza. All a coincidence? I think not!

    1. The Lanza family, consisting of just Peter and Ryan, are on the government payroll for their part in Sandy Hoax Elementary School. There is not one shred of evidence that Nancy or Adam Lanza ever existed. They were written into this very poorly produced play, complete with incompetent actors, insane media, and the clueless spectators who call themselves citizens.

      1. The big mistakes made during the SH stage play are natural reactions.

        Natural reactions can NOT be faked and they were not faked at SH. These natural reactions did NOT happen on that cold day in December.

        Emergency resucitation did NOT occur , there was a stand down by first responders because there were NO victims. If there were victims we would have seen LIfeFlight choppers landing at every available greenspace near that school. Frantic firefighters & EMTs would have tried every method known to modern medical science to save even at least one victim. Instead a cop just makes the simple decision that all the victims are dead. That my friends is one Natural Reaction that is so flawed , because real parents of real victims would have raised bloody hell over that non Natural Reaction.

        The next flaw in their SH stage play was emotional reaction. If SH was real then every parent would have demanded to see their dead children and more than a few would have needed to be restrained from getting to their kids. Again this was a
        non Natural Reaction, where instead the reactions we witnessed were phony tearless interviews and bizarre joyous talking point and not one real example of Natural Grief Reaction. No parents demanding answers as to why zero attempts were made to save their loved ones.

        These Non Natural Reactions we displayed because there was nothing to react to because it was staged. Fake victims with acting parents trying to play a role that didnt exist, as a result their Natural Reactions did not exist either.

        With out Natural Reaction we can only logically deduce that the event was not Natural either.

        1. PCGeek, you are spot-on. The crowd milling around the firehouse waiting for news of their child’s status was far too calm. Non Natural Reaction. The faces of the “parents” did not display the degree of stress that would be natural under the circumstances. Rather, several parents at the scene (on the day of the event) displayed a degree of pleasure at being the focus of attention. Obviously, Robbie Parker is one. Krista Rikos is another that comes to mind.

          Once informed of their loss, any parent who lost a child in that manner would be a wild animal trying to get to their child… The Sandy Hook characters were not parents who tragically lost their children, they lied about that.

          As for the Wheelers and other Sandy Hook families with acting backgrounds (the Hockley couple), it says much about those who never mature beyond their youthful craving for the attention of strangers. It is no surprise that the Sandy Hook actors are middle-aged actors with unfulfilled dreams of fame and fortune—empty souls seeking to be filled before Life offers no more chances. Therein lies the reason these folks never made it as actors, they have no inner Life.

      2. John I think you have this right .. don’t know how they did it, but they manage to pull it off- its crazy, Something still is not viable..I think Adam didn’t exist but Nancy may have.. but whatever I think they will be far gone and in a different life.. ..Neighbours said they didn’t see any family at the Lanza house.. You would see something, if you lived near…youngsters coming and going…some form of activity..Did Ryan never visit his Mother..? I still think about the scenario and try and work it out..Even now a Year later. I will never forget Sandy Hook.

        1. it was a TV SHOW – nothing more- they make TV SHOWS every single day , actors ,directors a TV SHOW – the CFR ( counsel of foreign realtions – they own all 5 media outlets – turn off your TV – everything is a LIE – the TV is controlled by the new world order – everything on the TV is a TV SHOW – period. the TV is the best mind control machine ever made , they can make the population believe anything they want them to believe , and its working aye . the brain dead zombies turn on the TV and whalla – they think there are reporters , they think there are journalists, not true -they are ACTORS – all paid to read scripts and the american public will believe what ever the TV tells them to believe .

    2. You’re right about the Neighborhood. Bloomberg(New York/Malloy(Stamford,CT)/Holder(CT)

      Sandy Hook – CT
      LAX Shooter Paul Ciancia – Pennsville, New Jersey
      Ryan Lanza – Hoboken, New Jersey
      Scott Vollmer – Hoboken, New Jersey
      Recent Mall Shooting – New Jersey
      Recent College Campus Shooting – CT
      DC Capitol Attack by Woman in Car – Stamford CT

        1. bought and paid for , they are all infiltrated and they all work for the CFR ( counsel of foreign realtions) they are all new world order , they all are agenda 21 who have been bought and paid for , every single person in your local town/city government . we are living in the twilight zone.

        2. @ truthchase who commented …every single person in your local town/city government…

          True. I wonder how anyone got a copy of the video that you posted so it could be posted online? These “boards” are nightmares. Your town’s “sustainability” boards will promote smart meters and wind turbines and more without ever even TRYING to look up the health hazards…or they will ignore them. Go to their meetings. Find out what’s going on in your city/town. Make people aware. It’s all moving “forward” very very fast.

        3. VOTING – its ALL CORRUPT – they will get their AGENDA 21 /NEW WORLD ORDER people in no matter what with their CORRUPT appointment ‘voting’ machines – there is no way out of this except a total revolt. they are infiltrated too deep already, everyone let this happen & now its here & nothing short of a complete revolt in every single town ‘board’ in every city in the nation. the infiltration is too deep now, we are doomed unless they are stopped NOW, too many lines have been crossed to turn back. your children are doomed & forget granchildren, tell your kids to not bring them into this DOOMED WORLD.

  10. I had seen laura phelp’s lousy on stage performance before but just stumbled upon nick phelps acting work in these videos.

    this video on the keynan mall shooting is worth checking out too if you have some time to spare to be reminded that it is all fake.

    this has me wondering how far back this acting stuff goes. Virginia Tech? was that real? all I ever heard was a story that sounded ridiculous.

  11. Hold fast to dreams
    For if dreams die
    Life is a broken-winged bird
    That cannot fly.
    Hold fast to dreams
    For when dreams go
    Life is a barren field
    Frozen with snow.

  12. I’m taking a moment to ponder how incredibly weird these people are. Watch that “dream jam” video. Look at the faces these grown men and women make as they “hip” and “hop” for fluoride toothpaste. Are we looking at people who were manipulated to participate in a hoax, people who were paid off, or oddities that belong to strange societies which do very bizarre things? I think the last of the listed may deserve some attention.

    1. My take is that these characters crave external approval and validation to the degree that they are easily manipulated when presented with an opportunity to realize fame and fortune. They lack, obviously, a moral center.

      They are very immature. Which might be the reason why they are focused on children’s entertainment…. or, perhaps they’re going after what they perceive to be a less discriminating audience. But, most kids wouldn’t watch that video.

  13. It appears that the Sandy Hook Hoax production constituted the only 5 minutes of fame any of these pathetic fraudsters got. It is clear they have as much talent as they have conscience. Eugene Rosen was the lucky one, he got perhaps 10-15 minutes of fame. Too bad they did not utilize his exceptional talent in the Boston Bombing Hoax production and other hoaxes. Perhaps next time Rosen will get lucky…

  14. “But the question remains, would President Obama and other political and economic elites ever use such dastardly means to hoodwink the American people into forsaking a major Constitutional right?”

    The question has been repeatedly and unequivocally answered in the affirmative.

  15. Have you seen the 80-page PDF file entitled “Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging”? It urges gun-control advocates use images of “frightening-looking guns and shooting scenes to make their point”. It also says “The most powerful time to communicate is when concern and emotions are running at their peak”. This guide also insists “The debate over gun violence in America is periodically punctuated by high-profile gun violence incidents such as Virginia Tech, Columbine, Trayvon Martin, Tuscon, Aurora and Oak Creek. When an incident such as these attracts sustained media attention, it creates a unique climate for our communication efforts.” The manual offers a step-by-step guide on how to stir up sympathy for victims, arrest the “moral authority” from opposing groups like the NRA and keep the debate emotional instead of allowing facts to interfere. This was obviously a play book for Sandy Hook. This manual was prepared it says by 4 strategists including Quinlan Rosner Research and one of their clients is none other than…..who other than MICHAEL BLOOMBERG!!! Google this manual and you will see it was written for Sandy Hook which we now know was a FEMA CAPSTONE EVENT. Happy reading!
    By the way, this was written between Aurora and Sandy Hook events. Interesting huh?

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