By Vivian Lee*

(Time Sensitive: The following article was submitted October 5, 2013. The contributor wishes to point out that specific features of the referenced Wikipedia articles assessed herein are subject to uncertain change without the author’s control or public notice.)

“Let’s convict the son-of-a-bitch in the press. That’s the way it’s done.”-President Richard Nixon[1]

We are familiar with conviction in the press, one sub-category of the lying and propagandizing featured on a daily basis in the mainstream print and electronic media. But in this age of transparency and equal opportunity, we now find conviction on Wikipedia—and anyone can do it. Especially anyone with a huge government or military or corporate budget and hundreds of paid employees who use pen names to write their Wikipedia articles—and to vigilantly monitor them so that their views will stay posted. And we all use Wikipedia, although we know that we can’t trust it. But we use it anyway, and the things we read there, especially if well articulated and effectively illustrated, stick in our heads and become part of our reality. Most topically, we have wiki-convictions in two recent shootings in Washington, D.C.

The first, the “Washington Navy Yard shooting,” which occurred the morning of  September 16, 2013, can be found at complete with a head shot of Aaron Alexis (uploaded September 18), the supposed perpetrator, and another of Alexis roaming the halls of “Building 197” with his “Remington 870 shotgun” (uploaded September 25).

In addition we have a photo of Chuck Hagel and others laying a wreath at the Navy Memorial on September 17 in honor of the victims, as well as a video of a report on the event from the Pentagon Channel (uploaded September 17).  On September 27, we have an upload of the supposed surveillance video of Alexis driving into the garage, entering the building, and roaming the halls with his Remington 870:

As of October 5, we have a plethora of information on “the perpetrator,” both before the shooting and during the immediate run-up, documented with 71 scholarly endnotes. Alexis, a defense contractor from Queens, New York, was cited for misconduct in the Navy, arrested in Fort Worth for discharging a weapon within the city limits, and also in Seattle for shooting out the tires of a vehicle. Wikipedia provides details on his visit to a sharpshooters range in Virginia, his testing (but not purchase) of an AR-15, his means of entering the Navy Yard, his assembly of a sawed-off shotgun in a bathroom, his theft of an officer’s Beretta 9mm semiautomatic pistol, and his rampage—in surprisingly close detail. We have data on his use of the antidepressant Trazodone for insomnia, his claim to be a victim of harassment from ELF electromagnetic waves, and his quote, “Ultra low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last 3 months. And to be perfectly honest, that is what has driven me to this.”  This statement is said to be “A message obtained by federal authorities from Alexis’s thumb drives, phones and computers.”

And, yes, we have reports of other suspects, but we find that “officials ruled out the possibility of other shooters besides Alexis, but were still seeking one person for possible involvement.” We have the reaction of Barack Obama, who “pledged to ensure the perpetrators would be held responsible”—the “perpetrators”? And in the very first paragraph of the Wikipedia article, we have the verdict: “Aaron Alexis, a lone gunman armed initially with a shotgun, fatally shot twelve people and injured three others,” after which “Alexis was killed by police around 9:20 am EDT.” The article was created on Wikipedia at 4:03 pm (EDT) on the day of the shooting, posted by “Kennvido,” and since that time there has been a continuous succession of posts adding to and updating the article. What we don’t have is any comment on why the shooting supposedly proceeded for more than an hour (was anyone watching the supposed surveillance video?), why CERT law enforcement officers at the scene were asked to stand down during the shooting, or how and why the radios of police and firefighters failed as they went into the building.[2]

A more recent Washington shooting took place on October 3, 2013, in the early afternoon, and was of a different sort: the killing of Connecticut resident Miriam Carey by D.C. Capitol police in a hail of bullets. Carey, a licensed dental hygienist, was driving her car with her 18-month-old child in the back seat. The Wikipedia article, “United States Capitol shooting incident (2013),” was created at 6:36 pm (EDT) on the day of the shooting, and has been continuously updated. The page was created by GoldRingChip, with early contributions by Amazingdude89 and Kennvido. As of October 5, the article states that Carey “attempted to drive through a White House security checkpoint…, struck a U.S. Secret Service officer, and was chased by the Secret Service to the United States Capitol where she was fatally shot by law enforcement officers.” Carey, the victim of unlawful lethal force but called “the perpetrator,” is said to have run into a Secret Service officer, and backed out of an attempt by police to box in her car, “nearly striking half a dozen uniformed Secret Service officers as she drove away.” She was eventually “forced off the road and fatally shot by police,” pronounced dead on arrival at MedStar Washington Hospital. “A young child, believed to be Carey’s, was found unharmed in the car after it was ultimately stopped.”

This incident created havoc in Washington, causing a “shelter in place order” to be instituted at the Capitol building; a “bomb squad robot was used to enter inside Carey’s house” in an attempt to determine “the possible motivation of her actions.” We learn that Carey “had previously been hospitalized for postpartum depression” and that the FBI found “two medications” in her apartment, “as well as a laptop, a flash drive, and three non-working cell phones.”  Officials said “she may have suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and believed President Barack Obama was communicating with her.” We have no photos or videos yet on the Wikipedia page, but we can be sure that incriminating photo documentation will appear in the near future. What we do not hear is that instead of trying to breach White House property, Carey apparently became frightened when she encountered a temporary checkpoint, which may have been part of a drill running at the time. As Paul Joseph Watson writes, “Perhaps cognizant of the fact that cops routinely shoot unarmed innocent people for no reason whatsoever, Carey panicked and tried to escape.”[3] Nor do we hear that Carey was “happy,” “stable,” and “a nice young lady,” as characterized by friends and two former employers. And we do not hear on Wikipedia that she was unarmed—or that Congress gave the Capitol police a standing ovation for gunning her down.

These two convictions on Wikipedia are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more, including the extensive and detailed page convicting “suspects” Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev for the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013 (“Boston Marathon bombings” and “Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev”). The two brothers are said to have been seen in photographs and surveillance video footage released by the FBI, although no photos or video footage actually show either of them engaging in anything related to the bombing.

In addition, we have the conviction of “Adam Lanza” who “fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members in a mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School” (“Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting”), with an impressive amount of detail regarding Lanza’s appearance, weapons, trajectory, commands (“Put your hands up!”) and, basically, his every move—as well as the actions of the teachers and children. Photo documentation includes the clearly manipulated “yearbook photograph of Adam Lanza, the shooter in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.”

We also have the conviction of James Eagan Holmes, “the sole suspect” in the mass shooting in the Aurora, Colorado, theater on July 20, 2012, during a midnight screening of the Batman film “The Dark Knight Rises.” His photo, too, is the one we always see elsewhere—the deranged “suspect” with dyed hair and a glassy expression.

As with the other wiki-convictions, this article (“2012 Aurora shooting”) boasts an amazing amount of detail regarding everything about Holmes—from his gas mask, ballistic helmet, and bullet-proof leggings to his 12-gauge Remington 870 Express Tactical shotgun, his Smith & Wesson M&P15 semiautomatic rifle with 100-round drum magazine, and his Glock 22 handgun. The Wikipedia pages on these events are all the more impressive when one realizes that much or most of the information contained therein appears to be fabricated—or at least has not been proven to be true, by the endnotes, photos, videos, or anything else contained in the articles. And the joy of this wiki type of conviction-in-the-press is that anyone with enough time and resources can be a reporter.

To take a wider view, we not only have convictions of supposed mass shooters and patently innocent mothers on Wikipedia, we have a great deal of other fictitious information cooked up in the same manner. Try typing “chemtrails” into the Wikipedia search bar and you will be “redirected” to the article “Chemtrail conspiracy theory,” the most incredible compendium of detailed disinformation imaginable regarding the poisonous trails of heavy metals, nano-machines, and blood pathogens that are sprayed over America (and most of the rest of the world) daily. The first reference to this article in the revision history is March 14, 2004, with early contributions by Dpbsmith, Vodex, Godzig, FirstPrinciples, and others. This page has changed significantly over the last decade, with more recent versions reflecting the need of the Air Force, their contractors, and others complicit in the aerosol spraying to counter the obvious fact that we are being bombarded on a massive level—and that more and more people are taking notice.

Whereas the article was once a discursus on “contrails vs chemtrails,” we now have a more detailed acknowledgment of “the chemtrail conspiracy theory” that “posits that some trails left by aircraft are chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for purposes undisclosed to the general public and directed by various government officials.” We are assured, however, that “this theory is not accepted by the scientific community, which states that they are just normal contrails, as there is no scientific evidence supporting the chemtrail theory.” Wow—great! And all in the first paragraph. We also have an acknowledgment of the Air Force strategy paper, “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,” as well as a nod to “accounts” of some of the substances we are all breathing: barium, aluminum, polymer fibers, and thorium, although no mention of strontium, freeze-dried erythrocytes, or Morgellons. And there is extensive photo documentation to put our minds at rest, such as the images below, labeled “A high-flying jet leaving a condensation trail (contrail)” and “Multiple persistent contrails.”

Those of us who can weather (as it were) the depredations of the US mass media still use Wikipedia. In many instances, one can correct inaccuracies in a Wikipedia page, if one has the time and inclination. But what about these big, important topics, with their detailed and extensive Wikipedia pages pushed as scholarly articles? One informed colleague who is an expert on the chemtrail phenomenon has refrained from correcting “Chemtrail conspiracy theory” on Wikipedia, saying, “They know who I am—they will come and get me.”

Yes indeed, they will know who we are, as editors must provide e-mail contacts. Retaliation might be expected in the form of change to an editor’s posts on other Wikipedia articles, or even the hacking of one’s own private websites. So while we assume that we can all contribute to the people’s encyclopedia, and do so anonymously, in fact we cannot—or at least we cannot hope to have our contributions stick. Those who wish to purvey disinformation, if they have the staff and requisite assets, can prevail completely and without exception. As Nixon said, “Leak it out!”—and that is what they are doing.[4]

*Vivian Lee is an American academic who teaches at an east coast university.


[1] Richard Nixon on Daniel Ellsberg, audiotape recording from the documentary, The Most Dangerous Man in America, Judith Ehrlich, Rick Goldsmith, dirs., 2009.

[2] Adan Salazar, “First Responders: Radios Failed During Navy Yard Shooting,”, September 21, 2013.

[3] Paul Joseph Watson, “Congress Gives Standing Ovation to DC Cops For Executing Unarmed Mother,”, October 4, 2013.

[4] Richard Nixon to John Mitchell, Conversation 532-23, 30 June 1971, 2:31 pm – 3:07 pm, Oval Office.

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27 thought on “Convicted on Wikipedia”
  1. The list is not entirely complete nevertheless it is daunting. This is from
    This “solution” is no solution at all, of course. It is a carefully crafted lie that has been implanted in our culture and infects us almost from the moment of birth through a steady stream of propaganda ranging from the innocuous (model United Nations in our schools) to the overt (the creation of chairs, scholarships and entire fields of study devoted to furthering global governance). The trick is that the globalization of the elites wraps itself up in nice sounding platitudes and lofty noble intentions that co-opt the common sense notions of global trade and cooperation amongst neighbors that most aspire to. Rather than the breaking down of arbitrary lines on a map, this elite-driven globalization seeks to draw one big line around the entire earth and to claim everything within that line as the elite’s jurisdiction.

  2. Good job synthesizing a number of highly dubious shooting cases. As to convictions in the press, Obama went further than Nixon shortly after the Marathon bombing with his breathtaking declaration (unremarked in the press) of Tsarnaev’s guilt that Friday, annihilating the presumption of innocence and the defendant’s right to a fair trial in one fell swoop.

    All of this is mere cavil over the rule of law, however, which as this video demonstrates (using Once Upon a Time in the West) is a dead letter that’s been replaced by theater under Obama…

  3. I learned long ago to NEVER trust any information found in the rag known as wikipedia. it’s no better than the lies and manipulation that many of us call the news.

  4. News 3 had a report of another adult in the car with Carey along with her child. They reported this unknown person was taken into custody. Tatoot 1009 also has footage on u-tube showing another person along with news 3 report. She was murdered in cold blood, and they applaud. Sickening.

  5. It first dawned on me that Wikipedia was rotten some years ago, when I looked up “The Franklin Cover-Up.” You know, the horrific 1980’s child-sex ring that used kids from Boys’ Town in Nebraska, who were flown to DC for orgies attended by both Rep and Dem Congressmen? the ring-leader of which went to jail?
    Well, according to Wikipedia, there’s nothing to see here, folks, it’s all just rumor. That’s why they’ve renamed the entry “Franklin Coverup Hoax.” Nice to know that the testimony of the victims has zero weight with Wikipedia, which happily protects the politician-perverts…

    1. Can’t cover all points discrediting Wikipedia, but this Franklin Bank coverup is worthy of discussion. First, no one was ever convicted of the child molestation charges, thus the term–‘alleged’ crime. There were two grand jury trials; the first–a county court–determimed the charges to be “a carefully crafted hoax.’ Those words come from official sources, not Wikipedia.

      Accusations went all the way to the G.H.W. Bush Whitehouse–up the Republican chain of command. Who do you suppose had the clout to suppress evidence? Has anyone followed the Jerry Sandusky child abuse incident? John DeCamp (see his book) linked those crimes. Is there a national scandal of rampant sexual abuse of children? Sandusky went to prison; but who were his clients? The sordid mess brought down a major university, its iconic coach (Joe Paterno) and left a lasting imprint upon our collective psyche.

      Anyone reporting, asking questions about the unspeakable walks a minefield. People disappear never to be heard from again. Wikipedia simply reported facts it could gather in the way of information–which is truncated and murky. Just saying….

  6. Wikipedia is an open forum, in the manner of many blogs. I use it mostly to get background on trivia, such as movies/personalities or political figures, etc. Once looked up background on the aurora borealis, which, being of an unscientific mindset, seemed quite elucidating.

    Always impressed with the way the moderators cite insufficient sourcing on any given topic. They are volunteers, to my understanding, and attempt fair coverage of an undertaking so wide and deep–everything
    within our universe–it takes the breath away. So some are usuing it to espouse propaganda; they have co-opted all sites for their causes. The term ‘troll’ arose from this tangled conjunction of diverse ideas. But as anyone trained in journalism knows, two or more reliable sources are required to document a point.

    It isn’t difficult to spot blatant agitprop; it is still up to the reader to make informed decisions. It is also easy to separate the editorial comments from the facts of the case. As they say, once is a happening; twice is a coincidence; three or more times is a pattern. Patterns indicate manipulation of events, i.e., conspiracy. The ‘lone assassin’ mantra won’t fly anymore. Regardless of where the information originates, we in the know know better.

    1. The term troll has more to do with the word comtroller than you may think.

      Wikipedia is not what you’d call open. It’s no more possible to correct falsities there than at You can sign in and make changes but what a waste of time . . . comtrollers await. Better off in the library.

  7. Re chemtail disinformation: Even if folks don’t want to go all in to learn what is going on with this biologic and chemical warfare on the world’s people, it is an easy to understand the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail.

    Contrails are nothing more than water vapor or ice crystals that form in higher altitude atmosphere as a jet engine passes. As the atmosphere returns to its previous state, they disappear. That’s why contrails are typically seen as a speck of a plane leaving a trail that disappears rapidly behind it.

    When you see something that is not dissipating but diffusing and is as low as low passing clouds (as I saw last week) turning a blue sky into a gray blanket, you can be assured it most certainly is NOT contrails. At that altitude the atmospheric temperature is too high to permit the formation of contrails.

    We are faced with a government that has learned the effective Nazi technique of the Big Lie. Any child or adult can look up in the sky and differentiate between the two effects. The fact that millions of people disbelieve their eyes and instead trust a criminal organization disguised as a representative government is proof positive the old methods still work. Seig heil.

    When someone spouts this kind of garbage, have the courage of your convictions to call them out on it, whether among friends or in a public forum. It is absolute, mass psychosis to buy into the idea what is being seen in our skies has anything to do with contrail formation.

    1. Hitler was bringing attention to “the big lie” technique……not instituting it. He was criticizing it, not using it. The same Press/people who lie to us today, are the same who lie about the nsdap. There is one ‘big lie’ and it is so big that you can’t even question it in some Countries. They will put you in jail for doing so. Ernst Zundel comes to mind.

  8. One day we tried to change the word “feral” for wild in the entries under the The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 and the other entries for mustangs all on Wiki. Feral is a loaded term that the BLM and cattle owners prefer that means the horses aren’t wild but returned natives that aren’t so precious and don’t need to be protected by law – the opposite of what is needed. Two days later whoever was monitoring the sites changed all the “wild” terms back to feral, probably paid by our tax dollars to do so.

  9. The perversion of truth in Wikipedia is inevitable under the Terror War, just as it is in all the media from the NY Times to Fox News. Bullshit has historically been a crucial weapon of power, like money and homicidal technology, and it is cheaper to dupe people than to buy us, and easier than killing us. Here I am using the simple American concept of ‘bullshit’ in a philosophical sense, guided by the learned droppings of professor H. G. Frankfort in his trenchant philosophical thesis ON BULLSHIT. Whether bullshit is mightier than the sword I don’t know, but it is even more prevalent than the continuous war and other homicide under the Terror War.

    However the basic idea of Wikipedia is revolutionary, and will eventually transform the political and ideological culture of the earth’s people historically. It is that the people ourselves can make our own truth, which can oppose the authorized truth of anti-people power. This idea also forms the basis for the technique of ‘crowd sourcing’ where corporations find it useful on a particular topic to throw it open to a population of truthers who are largely uncredentialed and perhaps anonymous, and pay them small sums for their ideas. Some of the attempts have been more successful than credentialed ideas.

    An American of east Indian heritage, Salman Khan, wrote a revolutionary book called THE ONE WORLD SCHOOLHOUSE. Instead of teaching kids math, languages, etc in the usual way, he advocates using modern techniques, like U tube, to TUTOR them. He developed simple videos which allow a kid, or anyone, to learn a topic at their own speed, which can be supplemented by tutors to clear up misunderstandings. A simple idea, as all revolutionary ideas are, but you can already see the traditions of transferring knowledge tottering and swaying as eventually the elaboration of this technique will eventually allow anyone to learn anything.

    Bill Gates used the technique to teach his own kinds, and is stingily financing Khan. The plutes have very big stomachs but very tight sphincters. The point, however, is that all these people truth techniques, such as Wikipedia, crowdsoucing, tutor, etc will eventually change the political culture and ideological world-view of the earth’s people, and America is responsible for initiating them. Truthers like Khan, along with Snowden, Assange, Tracy, etc, make me proud to be an American.

  10. Wow, Mark, either you’re a living, breathing ‘product’ of the purposeful agit-prop, or else you simply don’t get it, yet, I hope… And, ‘Traitor’ to ‘whom?’ Assange is one of ‘them’ – it’s called, ‘disclosure.’ Just like Snowden was a ‘snow job.’ Neither released anything we didn’t already know. Interestingly, no mentions of ONE particular ‘country’ ( and I’m using the word ‘Country’ loosely here) anywhere in these massive revelations. (Worth looking into, if you’re so inclined)

    The premise of disclosure: When too many of the subjects get too close to the ‘real’ truths regarding just what’s ‘really’ going on, put out a load of truthful-sort-of information that distracts (redirects) the focus so that the bulk of the mesmerized masses buy into the next wave of propaganda – fear mongering. Alex Jones & others are paid to scare the hell ‘into’ everybody so that they just sit in front of the screens sucking up & re-transmitting fear energy & adversely affecting their environment with this psychic pollution.

    It’s a truth in science now – look up bio-cognition – that we are effected by our environment (energetic frequencies & information) as much as we affect it as well. With everyone sitting in front of their screens watching television ‘programming’ (see: hypnotization) at a broadcast frequency of 100 cycles per second (see: mind control technologies) it’s no wonder the ruling class refer to us (LEGALLY) as chattel, property, subjects, franchisees, and Monsters (Black’s Law) and think of us as their slaves.

    Wake up friend – you’re under a spell if you still believe that the UNITED STATES is actually “America.”

    According to the ‘Bible’ of the elite, THE UCC, “The United States is located in Washington, DC.” And dig a little deeper & one finds that Washington DC is a 10 X 10 mile square of land, ‘OWNED’ (literally & LEGALLY – on paper) BY BRITAIN & CO. Maybe that’s why the residents (see: ‘subjects’) of (British) DC have different laws concerning firearms, than the rest of ‘America.’ (Because Britain does, and DC IS Britain) Wake up America, before they make us start using that annoyingly pompous, phony, (contrived) accent too. Sorry to my British subjects. it isn’t about you – you’re worse off over there than we are here. There, the Queen openly calls you her ‘subjects.’ (BTW – that means, “slaves”). This is ALL ABOUT the seat of the empire and it happens to be that throne & who sits on it in ‘Britain.’ But you must admit, actors & musicians KNOW that their ‘British’ accent is contrived, because when they deliver dialog, the way that Americans speak is how the words are supposed to be pronounced. Anyway…

    Britain still ‘owns’ DC & it’s ’employees.’ “Employee” is a French word meaning, ‘government worker.’ Hmm… are ‘politicians,’ ‘govern-ment workers?’

    A 1040 FORM is a tribute still being paid to Britain (PUBLICATION 6209) as ‘war reparations’ because we started this thing when we sent the King a declaration of In-dependence. They’re still pissed that we demonstrated the audacity to do so and then beat them at their own game – LEGALESE. That’s what the ‘declaration’ was – a contractual offer. We won by acquiescence.

    All the ‘King’s men’ put it all back together again by 1792, when the red coat British soldiers got on their vessels and sailed back home to the seat of this Global empire – Britain – with weapons in tow. When, in the entire history of warfare on planet Earth, has a defeated, invading force ever been allowed to leave or retreat with their weapons at their side? Never, ever. So then there’s that too. And if you really see it all for what it’s worth? it’s been one big con job ever since.

    And, to further demonstrate that the word game is everywhere we turn, the word, ‘government’ is Latin for “mind Control.” (you can look it up).

    As George Carlin said, “You don’t have freedom People – you have owners.” Wake up my brothers & sisters. It’s getting close to the day when the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth, will be unavoidable. I really am starting to believe that they really want us to know too – this would be a principle of beginning a secret govern-ment engineered chaotic scenario. Hegelian technique.

    Allegedly, GHWB said to his secretary, “If they (meaning, ‘we the People’) ever found out what we’re really up to, they’ll chase us down in the streets and lynch us.” Allegedly. But if he really did say this, ‘what’ was he referring to, when he said, “..what we’re REALLY up to?” I would never stoop to such depravity myself. As an American (a true Sovran) this behavior is beneath me. Besides these Soulless sorts will gladly hang, feigning their innocence (think, Sandusky ‘types’), than admit their guilt and reveal to ‘their audience’ that they really are traitors to mankind. Socio-paths are like that. Exposure is their worst nightmare. two-faced cowards are like that.

    But it’s becoming more apparent lately, that the treasonous cabal behind it all, are willing to stoop to any low, because for them, “the ends always justifies the means. Because, in the end, they are just plain ‘mean’… I would say, ‘People’ but I think after thousands of years of inbreeding, these mental defectives aren’t ‘technically’ People anymore. Maybe, ‘they’ never were. But that’s another philosophical rant for another website.

    In closing, JFK said, “There is a plot to enslave every man. woman and child in this Country. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.” That was on November 15, 1963.

    Sorry Mark, I don’t want this to appear to be a condemnation of you or your love for our Country. Nothing personal. I was just inspired to put it out there. But, with that said, the point I intended to make was – we’re being deceived, because there IS a BIG difference between a ‘Country’ & a NATION. In the former ‘we, the People’ own our own property. In the latter (as it is right now) the ‘property’ is ‘us.’

    I’m sure JT will either edit it down or disregard it altogether. Either way, wordy I know, but sometimes (& this is one of them) you can’t express the truth in simple sentences.

    Moderate it or obliterate it JT. No ego here, just a desire to open some eyes still struggling with the paradoxes, conundrums & puzzles, to sort through the innumerable lies that have enslaved our minds in the first place.

    1. Hi Zareth,

      Many thanks for waking me up! Though I’m not sure that things are less confused now than they were while I yet slumbered eyes wide shut. Just wondering — now that you have me wondering in earnest — might this have anything at all to do with the ‘ big con job ever since?’

      … and if it does, in what way does it tie in?

      And my apologies for veering slightly off-topic in Zareth’s direction. I’m so easily distracted.

      1. Yes it does Norm. I would have gone deeper, but Professor Tracy has given me a fair warning before, because I tend to be ‘wordy.’ I love everyone at his forum for their courage. ‘Corazon’ is the Heart, and comes from the same root as ‘courage.’ There’s a lot of heart here. I discerned that from day one, so I feel in my heart that this group of Souls/People are worth every effort I can offer.

        I would have mentioned somethings that are even more interesting, but felt I went a little long on my last diatribe. but since you asked…

        Okay, so we have a Constitution, right?

        No, we have a “CONSTITUTION.” We originally, had a ‘Constitution’ but remember when i said, that by 1792, “all the king’s men put it back together again?” There’s a BIG difference between the Country of America & the NATION of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS on your ID means YOU are CAPITAL. That, is the difference between a ‘Country’ & a NATION. One, says, ‘We, here, are all Sovrans – kings & queens ourselves. There is none above us but the Creator. (No gender mentioned) America is our land, & no one ‘owns’ anyone here, period.’ (from my research, Jefferson was dead-set on abolishiong slavery immediately, but knew that it takes a generation or too to remove something so entrenched in the collective consciousness – thank you Ms. Sally Hemmings. I mean that. She influenced his thinking greatly, I’m sure, being the mother of his children and all. Love, funny thing.

        Our declaration was based upon the maxim that, “the created can never be greater than the creator.” It stands too. because every single LAW in the world is based upon the original Law that ‘God’ gave to Moses. So we are told. True or not, doesn’t matter. What’s true is what I said about the laws of Planet Earth And what we think (erroneously) as we’ve been hearing A LOT LATELY, “”the law of the land” is actually, British Admiralty Maritime (CORPORATE) LAW. It’s ‘the LAW’ of the high seas! But wait, there’s more. Even if the CONSTITUTION protected you (from the tyranny of over-reaching government – (that’s ‘why’ we had to have a ‘Constitution’ in the first place) the SUPREME COURT (part of the foreign-owned CORPORATION – aka THE USA), has ruled, that since it was a ‘contract’ & none of us here, were there to sign it that day, it doesn’t apply to us anyway. One further – there’s the 100 mile zone from every shoreline inward, for one hundred miles, that also despises our freedom – aka ‘rights & freedoms.’ Not ‘LIBERTY’ either. that is a maritime term, for when a subject is permitted a ‘little’ ‘free time’ away from his ‘duties.

        Let me make the connection between the Bible and the Law, because it is based upon knowing what that Book is to the elite. I’m only going to say, that in essence, it is “God’s Last Will & Testament” to all of Mankind. In ‘His’ stead, we became the stewards of the Earth. No one on Earth has a status above anyone else. And since the created is never greater than the creator, then ‘government’ is Man’s ‘creation’ and other than being a complete FICTION (not ‘real’), is beneath us. But we never heard that in school, did we?

        So our ‘rights’ are protected by the Bill of Rights, right?

        No. We LEGALLY, have zero ‘rights.’ As CORPORATIONS, we have been provided, thanks to LEGALESE, with ‘privileges.’ (another term from maritime LAW) Like they tell us ‘driving’ is a privilege. It just goes on and on.

        The day the Constitution was finished, I read that one of the men there, stood and said (paraphrasing) “Now that we have that done, we should create a ‘Bill of Rights too.” The room went silent. Until someone realized what this man was up to. The response said it all. “Why would an entire country of People who just declared themselves to be kings and queens NEED to have a Bill of ‘Rights? Just ‘who’ would we present this BILL to?” Again, silence. That man hurried out, leaving his papers scattered on the floor. It was discovered that this man was a ‘lawyer.’ You see, ALL LAWS ‘patent’ are ‘patented’ by BRITAIN. Wow. them again.

        One layer of BS deeper and we find that the Bill of rights is also THE BILL OF RIGHTS (a patented document – therefore, whoever owns the LAWS and this NATION also ‘owns’ it too. And our so-called “Bill” of rights, in the eyes of the owner & the shareholders of the CORPORATION, is “IN-VALID.” In the eyes of the LAW it’s been declared an illegitimate document, because the law “society” located in, you guessed it, LONDON proper. is actually OWNED by the Pope (VATICAN INC.).

        Hmm… when did that happen? In 1215, when ‘the subjects’ of King John Plantagenet (look them up) decided that they wanted to become the ‘People’ of Britain, they held a knife to his throat and made him sign ‘the contract’ aka, the MAGNA CARTA. Ah, but the Pope stepped in and said, “The king is my vassel (slave, property). I own ‘him’ and everything he owns is mine. AND, since you forced him to sign that contract under duress, it is an invalid contract anyway.”

        I could go on for days. And this is just kindergarten. The Cons-Piracy 101 class is multi-dimensional. But, as Morpheus told Neo, “I can only show you the door…”

        Jefferson said that “a confederation” (Con: Latin; ‘criminal’) is a criminal organization (literally, a con ‘federation’ is a gathering of criminals).. He said, that ‘FEDERAL’ was just slang for that.

        I can’t be on the line too long or they’ll triangulate. Kidding. Later. Thanks for the video response Norm. This new and emerging paradigm is interesting. I see many women doing what needs to be done. When the masculine paradigm truly passes the baton, we shall know peace, love and compassion. Right now, it’s all weapons, warriors and war.

        Let’s realize ‘what they’re really up to’ and try our damnedest to leave this free Earth we ‘inherited,’ a better place than when we entered into it. And remember that we ARE the ‘authorities’ who ‘authored’ (‘Created’ the FICTION called) ‘GOVERNMENT.’

        “All government (LAW) is by the consent of the governed.” – B. Obama

        I am a Sovran. So are we all, but we have been indoctrinated by a foreign enemy to simply acquiesce & in so doing, LEGALLY, we unwittingly give what they have deemed as CONSENT.


        Much Love. I mean that. We’re ALL in this together.

  11. In closing, JFK said, “There is a plot to enslave every man. woman and child in this Country. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.” That was on November 15, 1963.

    This statement attributed to JFK has been debunked.

    1. Oh really? Must have gotten by me.

      Where did you read it – WIKIPEDIA?

      And of course, i never saw the ‘official’ stance on that particular (alleged) statement. I’ve only been at this since the early nineties.

      Funny thing – It’s the truth, either way.

      If that’s true, that he didn’t say it, then why was it attributed to him, considering how it all did wind up? Because that ‘plot’ is real, and it’s THE ONE THING that the elite kept secret from us by hiding it right in front of our eyes for several thousand years. It’s all a big ‘word game.’

      Then again, I must admit, I too had my doubts about the statement. Because surely, his father would have known about the entire STRAWMAN SCAM being played upon the population of the entire World. He was connected. Face it, he had the vote rigged in Chicago, and well, the rest is history. If he knew, John knew. Because this massive fraud being perpetrated upon humankind by a few self-serving families, along with their co-cons & pirates in this cons-piracy, has been going on for many, many years.

      It’s not a “hatching plot” – it’s a done deal. Kennedy Sr. had to know about the beast from Jekyll Island, and in 1933, when these foreigners stole all of our gold, they declared the American people their ‘enemy combatants’ and as a foreign enemy they have taken us prisoner. As an Ambassador, he had to be privy to the way it really is.

      We are owned, from day one. That’s why the birth certificate is printed on STOCK PAPER, and our ‘value’ is traded on the Global stock exchange. To our owners, we are LIVE STOCK, literally, well, LEGALLY anyway. Big difference between Law & LEGIS-LATION. That’s why they call their ‘LAWS’ “ACTS.” Because, THAT is all that they are – an act!

      Youtube, “Meet Your Strawman.” Then connect ALL of the dots. The image created when complete, is unavoidable.

      Did you know, that the use of the words ‘conspiracy theorist’ were first used by the entire fleet of the FOREIGN-OWNED CORPORATE ‘American’ media – (in lockstep, like they ALL do now), to dissuade any believers of the magic bullet ‘theory’ from paying any attention to any non-believers. “Offically-sanctioned de-bunkers” were given charge and memos were sent out to de-bunk the de-bunkers. Today, we call them der spinmeisters.

      See, the Katzenbach memo. Or did they debunk that too? Like the fact (truth?) that Hitler’s moms was a young maid at the German Rothchild mansion, until she got pregnant, from ‘someone’ in the ‘House of Rothschild’ and was put out on the street. That kind of thing could leave a person kind of ‘bitter’ don’t you think? Who knows? Sounded strangely true enough when i read about it. Time vets out many things, but the state erases all memories it deems dangerous. Was it Orwell, who said, “In a time of Universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act?”

      So, who knows? But I still have to wonder why a statement of such monumental truth concerning this global slavery co-operation being run by the power elite, was attributed to JFK? (Allegedly, of course).

      Because this involuntary slavery business that is being operated at our expense, right in front of our very eyes as we unknowingly participate in it, has been going on all along, and no one ‘sees’ it, because the majority of unsuspecting observers out there have no original ideas about what it is exactly that they are supposed to see – unless they’re told what to look for.

      Hence, our current dilemma. The collective programming of the masses through their media’s various venues and outlets. Which this article on Wikipedia’s role as an agency of sanctioned AGIT-PROP points out so well.

      So what can i do, but reach out and try to wake other People up too? I believe gentle nudges are the best way to try to open their eyes. Look at me, off on a tangent again.

      Thanks for the info though. Peace.

      1. Hi Zareth,

        You write: “So, who knows? But I still have to wonder why a statement of such monumental truth concerning this global slavery co-operation being run by the power elite, was attributed to JFK? (Allegedly, of course). ”

        By attribution, alleged or otherwise, and because JFK was of the elite, the attribution also applies (if only by proxy) to the elite as a whole. It may be an attempt at self-flattery or merely flattery of a misguided sort, but either way, a nod to the elite’s eternal humanitarian concern for the welfare of their human chattel.

        But I recognize that your question was merely rhetorical and that I’m adding nothing at all to the heights of your fine disquisition.

    2. Hi Glen and Hi Zareth –

      I was intrigued about that quote and didn’t find much, if any documentation that it was, in fact, real. See the discussion here at:

      I believe Prison Planet (or was it infowars) also had a discussion – a really long one about this – didn’t read it all, but it seems they were also having trouble verifying it.

      In all your research, Zareth, have you found any verification?

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