Early on September 18 James Tracy posted several videos, photos and other materials, most of which were emailed to him by MHB readers concerning the September 16 DC Navy Yard shooting incident. No discernible claims or arguments were made regarding what took place at Navy Yard, only attempted descriptions of the items posted.

Yet less than twelve hours later WPTV News Channel 5 ran a story on its 12PM newscast, “FAU Professor Writes About Navy Yard Shooting.” (No print version has appeared on WPTV’s website. A WPTV producer reached by telephone on September 20 claims there was insufficient space on the station’s site that day to accommodate the story.) The report has been followed by “hit job” stories from national outlets, including The Huffington Post and The Daily Caller, exhibiting dismay at the notion that a credentialed public figure is “pushing conspiracy theories.”


In this brief video Tracy responds to the media’s latest smear campaign, arguing that it is yet another attempt to caricature meaningful discussion and restrict the public from considering a variety of legitimate perspectives on important yet often poorly understood events.

Video reposted at Infowars.com on September 20, 2013.

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37 thought on “Video: James Tracy Responds to Latest MSM Assault”
  1. Notice that the mainstream media has moved on from the story as the narrative has completely broken down. These events are ALL fake until PROVEN otherwise just like everything else on TV.

  2. Awesome video response, Prof. Tracy, Every reader of MHB.com should be going after Rachel Leigh (pronounced “Lie”) and Hunter Stewart for taking a paycheck to write this crap. Your website is absolutely a must-read for non-sheeple. Keep up the astoundingly great work, and let us know if you need a letter-writing campaign to shame the MSM hacks.

  3. ha ha ha ha the navy yard “shooting” notice how quickly they are trying to drop this scam out of the spotlight, i give this odds about 1/1 that it was most definately just another false flag event brought to the american people via the global regimes favorite propoganda machine ( the TV ) – thank you James for keeping these sick sociopaths & their theatrical events in the spot light, there are so many of us that support you and the work you are doing.

  4. Ha! You don’t even have to bait the hook to get these MSM clones to bite. The good news is they are following along and reading MHB. Perhaps they will learn a thing or two about what a journalist is supposed to do.

  5. We responded when the teachers union demanded that you be fired…(I thank God you’re tenured !). We’re ready to “take up arms” via the pc again ! Kudos for remaining civil in answer to this drivel !

    1. Thank you for your support Bonnie, yet Mike is correct. The FAU administration and faculty alike must abide by the contract to address such concerns, and the contract has specific provisions for why and how faculty may be reprimanded. When necessary an extrajudicial process ensures conformity with contractual obligations.

  6. I’m on your side Professor. Even if all theories of conspiracy were somehow baseless, the way the ‘official stories’ are put out, the way the media ignores anything else, the way evidence and even witnesses to contradictory evidence of the official stories are suddenly ‘gone’ from the media – all serve to make any thinking person suspicious of the ‘historical’ (i.e. officially created and endorsed) version of the event in question. Especially when the courts are used to bury evidence and records, or obvious inconsistencies and holes in the story, does it look really suspicious.

  7. Things make much more sense once you fully accept that we do not have a government in any traditional sense of the word. We have a criminal syndicate that perpetually conspires to expand its corrupt influence, secure undeserved and ill gotten wealth from those who have little to those who have orders of magnitude more than they should, and buy the supine acceptance of large group of strumpets who happen to make their living repeating the syndicates lies.

    Everything else falls into place from that. I suggest that we have all seen enough to know what the score is. At this point, the real question is what can we begin doing about it, today, in our own way, to subvert the system until it buckles. If we don’t, we are taking the easy–and immoral–path.

    This syndicate REQUIRES our cooperation because it CANNOT enforce it if everyone disobeyed. This syndicate will begin dying the moment enough people DISOBEY IT at all costs.

    It is a hideous monster that is devouring everything of truth and goodness in its path. The time for dithering about it is well past.

    What are YOU going to do about it?

  8. What’s missing from the Navy Yard news and thus giving rise to speculation among intelligent people are photos of the victims showing that they were indeed killed and that there is blood that is the correct color unlike Boston which was Stage Red # 33 or such. The photos of the victim on the sidewalk attended by pedestrians don’t reveal anything. There are plenty of blood and gore photos in other news so why not these photos to answer the big Navy Yard question? Was this a real attack and why was the second shooter released? Until these questions are answered, we can be glad James is here to allow us question in a public way.

  9. The corporate-stream media may do their best to try to discredit you, but they might end up discrediting themselves. Curious viewers can easily find your writings and judge for themselves. If they have even basic critical thinking skills they will see the rationality and logic behind your work.

  10. What proof do any of these MSM affiliates have that a shooting actually took place, short of what they were told? I don’t know one way or the other what happened, but neither do they. They are relying on what they’ve been told. Given all the subterfuge from the deep state as outlined by Snowden and others, how do we conclusively prove the Navy Yard shooting was nothing more than an elaborate psyops exercise? At least to this point in time the conclusions are taken on faith alone. Sorry, but that’s not a good enough standard for me to judge by.

  11. They make it sound so simplistic, but 2 + 2, sometimes equals five – as the media so laughably demonstrates, with their low quality ‘news’ and the reporting of such.
    It’s great that you find ‘the holes’ in their plot and publicise it. The tables have turned and the mainstream media could now be tagged ‘conspiracy theorists.’

  12. The “Navy Yard” incident is consistent with other recent oddities (Sandy Hook, Boston) in that it is irregular in regard to the protocol of response teams:

    “Four Cert team members wearing full tactical gear and armed with HK-416 assault weapons arrived on scene at Navy Yard at 08:36 (12:36 GMT) on Monday, after reports surfaced of an active gunman at the complex at 08:20.

    According to sources, an officer with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), Washington DC’s main municipal force, told the Capitol Cert officers they were the only police on site equipped with long guns, and requested their help stopping the gunman.

    When the Capitol Police team radioed their superiors, they were told by a watch commander to leave the scene, the BBC was told…..

    Meanwhile, the department has installed a new leader of the elite unit. No reason has been given for the decision.

    The BBC has also learned that four members of the highly trained team have applied for temporary leave, as they “grapple” with the aftermath of the incident.**

    The Capitol Police department has not yet granted the request, nor given approval for them to use their own paid time off. ”


    **I’d want to get off the radar, too.

  13. James, you have my full support and if I could say anything about the MSM blurb against you, it would be that identifying you as a Professor and the mention of FAU, seems an attempt to vaporize you as a citizen. Using ‘conspiracy theorist’ or even the word ‘conspiracy’ certainly seems to fling up and away the actual structure of the ongoing Truth Movement attached to the fine threads of moving towards Peace and Justice.

    It takes a fine discerning eye to recognize who is a part of that Movement….there is a fine distinction between recognizing the presence of an ethical centre versus recognizing the presence of vain ambition. The former belongs to a conscious citizen knowing his/her responsibility to society and the latter belongs to those who control and use language as a weapon of power.

    This is a fine blog James. It encourages citizens to engage fully in caring about the society we live in and are a part of and if this is your part in a much larger movement it is most assuredly to be respected..not demeaned.

  14. Believe congratulations are in order here! While we occasionally flip to the misinformation channels just to witness what the latest spin is, absolutely refuse to visit these attacking, biased websites sited, just by chance they would benefit for one red nickel for an inquiry on their sites. Suppose the MSM is required to broadcast breaking government news and now as we have all observed, there are a bounty of more pressing issues our country needs to address and this all consuming event, has dwindled into the abyss. Have known plenty of folks, who after being laid off from their career jobs, did much better in their next profession. Speaking from personal experience, there is a huge amount of personal satisfaction, when you can declare to your boss, as the situation is no longer tolerable, as Johnny Paycheck so famously said Take this job and shove it, I ain’t working here no more. Suspect that while some might have a few ruffled feathers, given your field of expertise, you are perfect for what you are and are due for a huge bonus! Thank you for keeping on keeping on!

  15. James, I can’t watch your video response (I have a slow connection), however, you should consider it a “badge of honor” that the presstitute media is maliciously trying to defame you (and doing a very poor job of it). I detect an increasing desperation by the mainstream media, and a genuine crisis of legitimacy for both the MSM and the political overlords running this country into the ground, as a significant portion of the population recoils in thoughtful recovery (aftershock?) from the cognitive dissonance we’ve all been subjected to.

    One example: seemingly “out of the blue” three weeks ago (but probably planned for at least six years now, per former General Wesley Clark), the D.C. establishment and almost all the whoring pundit class began frothing at the mouth, promoting “24/7” the ~necessity~ of attacking the government of Syria, with the “President” proposing to bomb the guy (Assad) who is engaged in a life or death struggle against Al-Qaeda — supposedly our arch enemy and the reason for our shredded civil liberties! The Orwellian nature of the shifting narrative, the increasingly farcical “Global War on Terrorism” and all its inherent contradictions (is Al-Qaeda a virtual U.S. ally now?) is triggering a profound awakening for those who still have two brain cells to rub together.

  16. Bizarre professor encourages critical thinking lol

    How dare you, in a journalist role, gather information or investigate possibilities. Details, honesty and transparency don’t matter … isn’t that what indoctrination tells us?

    Intimidation tactics rule in today’s climate. Those in control seek to control all. And we can’t forget, psychopaths love smear campaigns.

  17. late ystd on FreeRepublic.com a post said Navy Yard Shooter was up on a social media site with a name (perhaps msp) as “Mohammed Salami” (??msp) the msm will never give us the truth/ forget the alphabets and move on/they’re in the tank great job Professor!!

  18. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/20/cuny-david-petraeus-protests-arrests-youtube

    Here’s another “professor” standing for “free speech”, to teach about the glories of illegal US imperialism. Police psyops with rabbit punches to the kidneys on purpose to go around the world in a video to discourage others from protesting.

    Why doesn’t Petreus simply go teach at his alma mater, West Point? What are they teaching those cadets now anyway? They hardly have any role models for the Code of Honor since the presently employed generals all lie like sieves.

  19. I support you professor! What is journalism? It is what John Kennedy said in his famous speech about government secrecy, that we, as a country, need journalism to keep as much transparency as possible!

    In my opinion, the navy yard shooting is similar, in many respects, to the other shootings that are considered to be psy-ops. So my conclusion is just that: a psy-op.

    Professor: Look into or google (if you haven’t already): “targeted individuals”. The shooter said he was “hearing voices” in such a way that that he felt he may be a targeted individual. I think he probably was, from my knowledge of the subject. Also the fact that witnesses said he seemed “out of it” is suspicious to me.

    Thank you, professor! We need to keep up as much transparency as possible these days. The pen is mightier than the sword!

    1. Even if genuine, an event like the Navy Yard shooting can be used to promote an agenda. It can provide what they call “a teachable moment” and a currency of exchange in discussions.

  20. The attacks are worrisome. You should know that I can’t get the sound on your video, and another commenter has stated that she can’t view it either.

    It’s curious that you were attacked for what you didn’t say on the Navy yard shooting rather than what you did say about the War on Terrorism. The local library that I use has librarians who I sometimes query to get their responses, and a number of them use your exact words, that the War on Terrorism is a fraud. This view is increasing, and although most people do not know the specific details about the homicidal conspiracies, they are beginning to suspect government complicity.

    The right wing has captured the Republican party and currently are threatening to shut down the government. What would replace it? This is still not clear, but I’m sure that the Koch wing that funds the Tea Party have something in mind. That the attacks on you were so rapid, that your video was attacked, indicates that you are being monitored. This may be part of a larger attack on the entire body politic, and perhaps this argument would have some effect in stiffening resistance at your university. Or perhaps it would just scare people.

    The vulgar sleaze by the Daily Caller against you also includes an attack on the university, and their may be some awareness that sooner or later they will have to make a stand. This would be the case in the California universities, but I am not familiar with those on the east coast.

    1. Oh, dear. Sorry you and the other commentator can’t hear/view Dr. Tracy’s video. Seems to work fine for me.

      I agree that any sort of attack of free speech is worrisome.

      Take care. James and know we support you.

  21. there is no excuse for you Mr. Tracy. Anyone who thinks,,,, now just give me a minute and I’ll come up with something so devastating a pillory that you will stop doing it. hmmm
    You are obviously a cradle robbing (holding your children’s future in honour as paramount) and an abuser of the elderly (Soros, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Rothschild etc) who only wants whats best for them at the peril of all others.
    I’m not sure I said that rightly but you know what I mean and you have to believe it’s unforgivable to pander feelings cloaked in facts and logic of which all that is main stream media refuses to acknowledge.
    I’m sorry but its just, not forgivable.

  22. I think people need to reevaluate what the phrase “conspiracy theory” means. Lately, I have heard a lot of really wild claims, just really crazy off the wall stuff that is just really hard to believe. These “claims” are made with little or no evidence at all. The funny thing is, it’s not people like James Tracy, or even many of our independent media agencies that are making these claims. It is the mainstream media that you see on television. We should all wake up and realize really who the “crazy tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists” are. They are those on Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, etc. The mainstream media are a bunch of whacked out conspiracy theorists! Where independent media sources are spreading news based on evidence, most of the time a lot of evidence. People would ask me “why do you listen to that idiot Alex Jones”? My answer to them is “because when I listen to him, I hear him say over and over again ‘don’t just take my word for it, go and do your own research and find out for yourself’.” The state run media is telling us all lies, and backing up their claims with no evidence. Thinking is not allowed, they don’t want the “discussion”.

    1. I have begun to look at them that way – the MSM are the ones who are breathing heavy, addicted to adrenalin, unable to focus. When I imagine anyone from a Wolf Blitzer to one of the excitable primates banging on their cages at the Eleven O’Clock news I have to say that they are pretty far gone. I’d walk away from one of them if they came up to me and tried to hold a conversation because it would all be one way (as it is on television anyway). They’re the kind of nut you cross the street to avoid. Of course, this is their theatre. This is their act. They are controlled in what they actually say, but they want to make it look spontaneous, as though they are Everyman, heaving with indignation.

  23. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Tracy and and all others who are members of this forum for their willingness to search out the truth. While I rarely make comments,be assured that I read and thoughtfully consider all comments,and look forward to each and every post. I am confident that there are many more just like me. I am a Vietnam vet(USAF,Nam in ’70) and am increasingly disturbed by the degradation of our rights as citizens of the United States of America,for which many of us fought on foreign soil. “In God We Trust!”

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