The observations captured here emerged in preparation for a September 13 interview on Iran’s Press TV.

It is now becoming increasingly clear to the broader public that the so-called “War on Terror”–the latest chapter of which involves destabilization and proposed military action against Syria–constitutes a twelve-year-old effort to wage never-ending war abroad while maintaining a massive psychological warfare campaign on the citizenry back home.

Ever since September 11, 2001 the US public has been misinformed and terrorized by their own government into believing that fanatical Muslim terrorists comprising “Al Qaeda” are out to get them. In reality Al Qaeda is an established component of US and Western intelligence, and thus the “War on Terror” is a colossal fraud that in many important ways has only intensified under the Obama administration.


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19 thought on “This Global War on Terror is a Big Fraud!”
  1. The Terror War, as Peter Dale Scott has termed it, is presenting an enormous and increasing public relations problem for the US power system. In my opinion, it is a major reason why the US indulges in endless war and will institute, sooner or later, a form of martial law.

    As James has stated, an increasing number of Americans are questioning the authorized media account of 9/11, and there is currently an emphasis by 9/11 truthers on building 7, where internal demolition is most evident. The question sooner or later arises, how could the building be mined with internal explosives without elements American power knowing about it.

    The implication is that 9/11 was not only used to begin the Terror War, but that American power was complicit in orchestrating it precisely to allow it to be so used. That is, American power was complicit in the homicide of 3000 Americans. And the media and the other truth institutions of the American power system has been complicit in covering it up.

    American power can never concede or acknowledge this because it would tend to de-legitimate American power. But this de-legitimation will occur anyway over historical time as people lose their fear of telling the simple truth. So the only response that the American power system has is fear. But in a world were truth is now communicated world wide, this is increasingly a flimsy defense.

    I don’t know how it will play out, but it is an historically central problem.

  2. Well articulated Mark. Truth is constantly on my mind and I discuss with a few enlightened friends. Am wondering when there will become the tipping point of recognition of the untruthful elephant in the room.

  3. The title says it all, everything about the war on terror is fraudulent, even the premise of Islamists being at war with the West is false.

    Islamists are not at war with the West, they are at war with Muslim nations that are secular, this is their number one enemy and they have been at war for decades, they see secular Muslim governments as traitors to Islam and believe all Muslim nations should follow Islamic law.

    The Islamists don’t give a shit about the West and are actually happy to side with the West in wars against secular Muslim governments, like in the case of Libya, Iraq, Syria, and right back to when Al Qaeda was first formed by the CIA to fight the Soviet backed government in Afghanistan.

    Every attack on the West by Islamists is a staged event without exception because there is no war between Islamists and the West, there is however an ongoing war between secular Muslim nations and the Islamists, and this is something the West exploits for geopolitical gain by using the Islamists to destabilise entire nations.

  4. Andrew W…are you being a little naive re radical Islam? Check out riots in England and Sweden by raging Muslim youth. Check out Dutch PM, Geert Wilders warnings of the Islamization of Europe by a culture stuck in the 16th century, unable to evolve along Western paths of moderate ideology. Open Sweden cannot tame the drive of separateness instilled in Muslim doctrine. A billion faithful, held in check by a few dedicated extremists, are terrified to step over the line or even explore other belief systems. The horrors are too many to enumerate here. Sharia law imposed in the UK and the US, trumps native jurisprudence.

    Research. Islamic banking and Arab oil are infectiing Western democracy. Political correctness is dimming common sense. Only a few are fighting back–not with guns, but with logic and truth.

    Inclusiveness is a two-way street.

  5. As stated, it’s crucial that Al Qaeda is understood as a group (maybe more like a program) that is funded, trained and managed by Western Intelligence. It’s a truth that just hasn’t reached the masses. Most people reading this blog realize that the false interpretations circulated by the two extremes (take O’Riley and Hedges as representatives) work off each other, creating a tension that ignites to drive the war machine. In this way you can be anti-war but still produce war.

    Those who truly are against mass murder but have followed the Chomsky-Hedges-whomever gang need to wake up quickly. Those who are full of aggression and want revenge should pause for a moment to see who is responsible. No one has to stop being timid or aggressive, if that’s what they are. They just need to value the truth a little more and entertainment a lot less. A controlled demolition is a controlled demolition. Every fairy tale used to explain this away does not change the fact of it.

    Hopefully, those at Presstv who hosted Tracy will continue to be receptive to fact-based explanations and analysis.

  6. “…established component….”? Valid point. So the implication is asymmetric warfare against the American people by AQ, or cover to give plausible deniability to fed false-flag ops?

  7. There is overwhelming evidence that elements of the American power system have been complicit in the past in staged homicidal scenarios. The media now report that their are 12 persons dead at a Navy yard shooting. The question may arise: is this a real terrorist shooting, a staged terrorist shooting, or some combination? And what are the power implications for the American people?

    The Marathon bombings were used to shut down a whole city. How will the Navy Yard shootings be used by American power under the Terror War?

    1. The event today occured at a ‘high’ security area, the killer passed through two armed security checkpoints with a stolen id card. Surprised to hear there were no metal detectors there. Worked at a nuclear power plant that had 2 detectors to walk thru and all belongings were xrayed. It was imperative to notify security when your id was lost and they would immediately deactivate it and escort you until it was found. DC already has very strict gun laws. It was shocking to hear our leader give mention to the event and jump right into his planned speech on how bad the republicans are. The witnesses and family members were visibly shaken. Either they hired really good actors this time or more likely, this was a real, unplanned event. At least the White House canceled their planned party tonight out of respect.

  8. As Kathy says, this may have been a real, unplanned event. It’s way too early to say. But the response to it was disturbing. The homicidal event took place a few miles from the White House and part of the capital was shut down.

    The NY Times began de-emphasizing coverage of the Navy yard shooting, assuming that the putative shooter was alone and had psychological problems. The hundreds of comments that I scanned to the Times story focused entirely on civilian gun control.

    I am strongly for gun control. I think the guns should be taken away from the American military, intelligence agencies, and police, along with the bombs, drones, etc, and AFTER THAT, taken away from the American population. Gun control begins with the American power system. I didn’t see a single comment by Times commenters that agreed.

    Or disagreed for that matter, since the homicide of non-Americans is conceived in the American media truth tradition in a different ideological and conceptual category than the random killing of Americans. And this helps fracture and prevent the opposition to homicide. Unless the killing of persons by any means at all is conceived as an obscene sacrilegious act, if sometimes in defense a necessary one, America will never repudiate its history as a violent homicidal nation. An opposition to homicide is also an ideological weapon against the Terror War, which is largely a war against non-White Muslims to steal their oil, homes, and other property and power.

  9. Like many such events in recent memory, the early reports are wildly divergent – he had a stolen ID, he drove in with the gun, he shot his way in, he had a real ID given to him by a disgruntled employee, his name was Rollie Chance, he had his own ID and had been hired to work there. It’s all over the map. His discharge was a “general discharge” (i.e. not dishonorable, but not entitled to benefits), his discharge was an “honorable discharge” (thus entitled to benefits such as VA psychiatric care). Sorting out the misstatements isn’t easy nor is it possible to tell where and why they diverged. Even some reports of earlier release of the whole story (but perhaps due to time-stamp issues).

    I cannot help but remember the stories which were used, briefly, to explain why the Tsarnaev brothers were in the neighborhood of MIT to shoot the guard Sean. Those stories were like two sides of a mold to establish the location, and when they melted away, nobody asked why they went there to kill a security cop. (Refresher: 1) alleged robbery of a 7-11 on Mass Ave, 1/2 mile away from the Stata Center and 2) alleged carjacking on Third Avenue, near Kendall Square (another 1/2 mile in the northerly direction away from Stata). The public believed for as long as it took, and then they did another carjacking story way over on the way to Watertown, which put them in a place where their incendiaries got police attention. I remember one newscaster (Emily Rooney, daughter of Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes), utterly entranced by the gritty writing of a young columnist, Mr. Moscowitz, about the second carjacking story in the Boston Globe, the go-to sheet for the Marathon legends. As I read it myself I said – OMG, this kid grew up watching Pulp Fiction over and over and over. I felt like I was biting into a Royale with cheese when I read his prose. No way did that Chinese guy tell it to him that way. No way is there even a Chinese hijack victim.

  10. The story of Aaron Alexis just keeps growing bigger, and it almost seems an experiment in seeing how much the public wants to take in and repeat. How did he wind up at the Naval facility? Well, the story was that he was hired to be there as a programmer. A reporter yesterday said he’d already been there a few days, that his car was found parked across the street. So how could he bring an obvious weapon into the facility? Now there is a tale of his going to authorities several times about hearing voices in his walls, all down the East Coast, at one motel after another, laying a trail of insanity all the way to Washington, even at one point going to a naval facility to sleep after contacting Rhode Island police about the voices he felt were being projected into his hotel room. And we’re expected to take this in, as though he just showed up at the Naval Yard and started shooting?

    Here’s a theory I have just cooked up: he was a member of the Ready Reserve (after a “general discharge” on the basis of disciplinary problems such as over-sleeping). If he were called to duty, he’d have to serve. Why not pretend he is insane to order to get compensation but to be able to leave the service altogether? In the end, after all this behavior, is it possible that he seemed just like anyone else in the military – the difference between malingering and really being mentally ill very hard to tell in these times of endless war and deployments. Did he finally decide on a suicide by cop to end the suspense?

  11. Another possible cause of paranoia like his is taking amphetamines to stay awake. It goes way back in the military. I remember people on them during Vietnam, who, not having slept for days while working on a ship, went paranoid on shore.

  12. Now the spin is, we need more money to prevent people with severe mental issues from getting hired at government facilities. Enjoying how the AR15 story got debunked, could there be dissension in the ranks? Sadly, it does not matter what Americans or their representatives think, we have been and are arming our enemies.

  13. I get the feeling that the media is downplaying the story, for a number of possible reasons. One reason might due to the Sandy Hook police report due to come out in Sept. It has taken 9 months to write this report, about the same time that a woman can conceive, bear, and deliver a child with only a little help from a friend. But, after all, the police usually have no background in literature or the writing of fiction, so the imagination in not tuned to the level needed.

    The same problem is occurring in the Michael Hastings murder. It was immediately declared an auto accident by the police, although there was overwhelming video and eyewitness evidence that the car exploded before hitting anything. The accident detective is having great difficulty writing the report because the motor and drive shaft, 6 or 7 hundred pounds, was blown 160 ft or so away from the car. This does not occur in car crashes. The detective said it was “amazing’ but “not amazing in a good way.”

    I suggest that the police be trained in short story writing as these scenarios multiply, to give them the needed background for their reports. And perhaps an award could be given out (the fraudy?) for the best story on these homicidal events.

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