The following brief address by James Tracy was originally intended for presentation via Skype to the No War with Syria Rally in Detroit Michigan on the evening of September 8.

The actual speech could not be delivered because of technical issues experienced by the event’s organizers.

Many thanks to The Liberty Defined Project for their production expertise in making this video possible.–_AD9pBnA&

More on the rally is available at the article below.

Bill Laitner, “Protesters Gather in Detroit to Oppose US Military Action in Syria,” Detroit Free Press, September 8, 2013.

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36 thought on ““Bring Them Home! Stop the Illegal Wars!””
  1. Great speech, James. It’s the military business/oil/gas cash registers that are running everything. The Big Sleep is the American people who believe our government is incapable of its own conspiracies is coddled by a lying media and aren’t getting the full story.

    What happens when you impeach Obama? Then you get an equally slippery Joe Biden who met with ISI Pakistan’s Chief Spy General Mahmoud Ahmad the week before 9/11. Biden will not be any different. A military/banker crony and nothing more.

    Now on the anniversary of 9/11, at least there are some reporters who are on top of things. Ben Swann has a great summary.

    and the elephant in the room – who profited and how has it led to this present threat to Syria and elsewhere? Abby Martin interviews Kevin Ryan. While I’m annoyed at her for never touching on the truth about Boston, she does a good job here.

    1. Thank you for the kind words and story links.

      Note that impeachment does not immediately result in removal from office. Rather, it is tantamount to an indictment in criminal proceedings (initiated by the House), whereby a trial takes place in the Senate.

    2. Marzi, although impeachment may result in another crony – eventually the crony will be thinking twice about decision-making. It’s not so much about getting a good person in as it is about keeping the power in check.

  2. James, one thing that can not be denied is that you put it ALL out there. My jaw dropped as I listened to your thought provoking comments and I began to fear for your safety because of your boldness. As I have said before, your blog is important because it offers more than opinion and affords anyone who wants to know more the links to discover the truth. I would imagine this very pointed video will have a tremendous personal backlash for you but please know that there are people who respect and acknowlege the importance of your words. Thank you.

  3. Hi everyone~

    Professor Tracy has garnered a certain amount of respect from me.

    This is unusual, because I do not ordinarily like professionals, people with extensive ‘formal education’ (and accompanying high salary), which, to my mind, is actual programming and induction into the Matrix of Evil, or ME.

    Please visit and take part in alternative alternative sites. Sites like this one andI also I recommend: and

    Just to name two.

    Notice I wrote ‘alternative alternative’.

    This is because mere alternative sites are GMO cornpone, ie., highly trolled and baited bullshit.

    Ned Lud

    1. Why is my comment now labeled ‘awaiting moderation’?

      We were on good terms and my comments, to my knowledge, were given thier just due, full spontaneity and respect, not this bs ‘awaiting moderation’.

      Are you having prioblems (sudden palpitations)?

      James, until (and if) I hear otherwise, you just a lost a step with me again and I take my praise back. I’ve been through censorship too many times on too many ‘owned and operated’ websites.



      1. “you just a lost a step with me again and I take my praise back”

        Ned, I’d advise you not to be so hasty. If you’ve followed my comments here, you know how much flack I catch when I draw James’ reasoning back into the 19th century, and inevitably, Lincoln becomes the topic. James allows it all.

        Twice, he has elevated a long comment of mine to a full-fledged article on the site. So he and I, as well, are “on good terms”. Yet sometimes my comments are not immediately posted in exactly the way you describe; most of the time they show up immediately. So don’t take it personally, Ned. It may just be a computer programming issue. Do you think he’s hovering over his computer all the day, with nothing else to do?

        James Tracy is a hero, and this site is a treasure. Don’t be so quick to take offense. Just my opinion.

    2. Ned,

      WordPress typically does not hold comments in moderation unless it is someone’s first comment. These are the settings I’ve chosen in an attempt to keep trolls out of exchanges. I don’t know why this particular comment was held up unless perhaps you are referencing a different email this time around, but rest assured that you have not been “censored.”


    3. Hi Ned –

      Thanks for the links. I’ve heard of aagrilfan blog and actually have it bookmarked, but haven’t checked on it in a long time.

      The Tap blog looks really interesting. I bookmarked it and will be looking at some of the stories.

      Take care, Mollie

  4. Great speech James. Here is a link to a video of a Colorado politician who denies the importance of his constituents opinion. It is people like this who aspire to even higher office that continue the cycle in government we want to stop. This jerk was recalled yesterday along with one of his cohorts. I hope he has luck finding a job in a state he tried to run into the ground.

  5. Great speech. But the ability of the American people and the world’s people to delay the war does not mean it will not occur. Obama is a professional politician and the Democratic president has ALWAYS gone to war in his later terms of office throughout the 20th century.

    In 1916, Wilson entered world war 1 after winning his second term of office, campaigning in the election “He kept us out of war.”

    In 1940 election, Roosevelt campaigned on “No foreign wars” and manipulated Japan to attack Pearl Harbor to get us into world war 2.

    In 1948, Truman was elected president and committed the USA to the Korean war.

    In 1964, Johnson was elected to office, calling Goldwater a “war monger,” then entered the Vietnam war.

    In 1996, Clinton was re-elected, getting us into the Yugoslav war.

    Now its Obama’s term. The American people don’t understand how the political system operates because they are Educated in Patriotic ways to repress the simple historical truth. We are systematically miseducated by the schools as children to learn the ideological misconceptions that enable the mass media to systematically misinform us as adults.

    But WHY does Obama want to get us into another war? The reason is….

  6. Now, as to the message itself.

    James, I love the passion you display here, although I would regard your optimism as to our grass-roots power to change things as being, well, overly optimistic

    For example, Clinton rose up through the tender mercies of what is called the “red neck mafia,” another evil that Reconstruction bestowed upon us, and took to the system like a fish to water. The CIA, running guns and cocaine through Mena airport, never saw a greedier “partner.” Whitewater was a shameless fraud designed to fleece retirees of their retirement savings by selling them a dream that was designed to be stolen from them tout suite. We all know the long list of crimes the “Whitewater” investigation was supposedly digging into, but, in the end, not a bit of it was at issue; Big Dog was impeached because he poked an intern and lied about it. Murder, thievery, cocaine running, the CIA’s black ops, Barry Seal, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority slush fund; all down the memory hole. Everyone lies about sex, don’t you know. Bubba walked away smiling. He smiles still.

    Why would we expect it to be any different with Barry and the current crew?

    Yes, I’m a pessimist. I love that optimists hold out hope. Myself, I always ask, what level clearance does so-and-so have to visit what level in each Deep Underground Military Base? I’m guessing Barry couldn’t walk far beyond the front door of the quonset huts atop the one beneath Area 51.

    You mentioned Libya, and wonderfully. Very few Americans have heard of the Great Man Made River. I’m sure you know about it, but for those who don’t, look it up. The Western media might have presented him as a transvestite, loony dictator, but he really did wonderful things for his country. He took over an “Arab” country, and tried to make it a truly African country. I’d call what he did in terms of the intentional mixture of races a case of social engineering, which I object to, because I despise the state in principle and thus never trust its goals, but the point is, he was, as you correctly say, the builder of “the leading nation of an autonomous, self-determining continental union.” And Barry destroyed it. Why? I’m guessing it’s because his bosses told him to. He just does what he’s told.

    In your last article, I commented, calling Barry a figurehead in Mordor. Well, that’s what they all are. “Wall Street Bosses,” as you say, call the shots. Well, I say the shot-callers are way deeper down the rabbit hole, but that’s just quibbling.

    You are a hero. Thank you for standing up.

  7. Mr. Tracy:

    Great video.

    It is fascinating to listen to the Conservative right slowly acknowledge the almost farcical and contrived nature of the situation. While I have listened to Rush, Levin, et. al. over the years, it has been over the past year or two (as my own perspectives have changed and I began to read, research and wake up) with a very different frame of mind – that of listening for clues to see how much of the truth gets filtered out to their audiences.

    As time passes, the largeness of the truth forces slow adjustments to their ideology. Rush’s feature of Bodansky’s analysis is just one example. The steady ostracizing of small government conservatives by the neocon/statist Republican establishment has forced these commentators to now more steadily bash the hypocrisy of their own party members who would use another war as excuse to further centralize power and control, and to call them out when they support policies that are patently absurd. On the liberal side, the liberal doves are agitating as they see (finally) that Obama is just an extension of Bush interventionist policy ostensibly under the guise of defense of human rights and they can no longer argue that the emperor has no clothes. Well they can, but when they do its just silly and I think they are beginning to recognize the stench of their own hypocrisy.

    I wouldn’t dream of arguing that all of these people are not seeing such events through the prism of the schizophrenic Left/Right ideology – they are. However it seems that collectively the pendulum seems to be forcing them to swing further to acknowledging the truth that these events represent. Whether or not these revelations will continue to occur among the Left/Right ideologues is anybody’s guess but it is truly fascinating to watch/listen to.

    Who would have thought that the real unifying moment of Obama’s administration would be his insistence on yet a new war? Even the most blinded and brainwashed of the sheeple are having hard time swallowing that load of horse dung and for the first time since 9/11 we’ve got a unified message from the people of the US and it is simple – no more war. Hopefully they will hold to it.

    1. Not to be cynical, but the idea that the likes of drudge and limbaugh are “waking up” may be a pipe dream. Believe it or not, Sean Hannity critiqued the bombing of Serbia carried out (sort of, at least) by the Clinton administration. You can probably find the clips somewhere. Hannity also added that the US is not supposed to engage in Nation building, pretty well opposing the use of the US military for aggression. I think his tune changed as soon as mad-dog bush the younger was elected, and not simply after “9/11″ . These guys are intelligence assets firmly entrenched in their opposition to ” the left.”

      If Gore had been playing president when the 9/11 controlled demolitions were carried out I’m not sure what script the “right” would have read from.

  8. If we could only flood DC with hundreds Dr. Tracy clones our country could be saved! It appears there may be a few there now! Pray for our country and world everyday and believe we are making a difference as evidenced by the scrapped war speech last night, the CIA news today that the witnesses of Benghasi will be allowed to testify, the recall of arrogant senators in CO that tried to ignore their constituants’ wishes and gun rights, and the MSM has shown signs of actually covering the truth! While FOX has widely reported on the coverup of the murder of our Ambassador and 3 other brave men in Benghasih, I admire Ms. Atkinson from CBS, who no doubt has overcome alot of resistance in her reporting of the subject.

  9. Excellent stuff, as always James.
    Your comment at the beginning – “Obama and his handlers”, was quite amusing, though completely on point at the same time and I’m glad you put it like that. It’s the truth.
    I too, take heart in the growing conciousness which has aroused suspicion that another false flag has occurred to get the U.S into yet another war. People just aren’t falling for it, or have grown wary of the same lies. However, I talk, like yourself of the public and not of those who hold certain positions of power whether it be governmental, financial or military.
    As you know the U.K parliament (where I’m from), voted against military intervention which was unprecedented and surprising, but I suspect they may have a ‘plan b’ up their sleeve and ‘we’ will be there, or thereabouts if or when the shooting starts. Or maybe they looked into their crystal ball and thought that this was too crazy even for them. The real question is can ‘they’ be trusted, and more importantly as you correctly point out who is really giving the orders?
    My point is that it’s a question of trust, which must have hit an all time low at the moment, on both sides of the Atlantic. Remember David Cameron was really pushing for war, and was utterly convinced he had the full backing of his country. Much more than Obama was at first, although he had others doing that job for him.
    Public opinion might sway matters to a certain degree, but when we are up against a globalist banking cabal which is directly tied to the thriving and thoroughly established military industrial complex, then it’s going to take something massive for us to stop and say ‘enough is enough’. Even then governments would probably turn on their own people in a desperate attempt to hold on to power.
    I too, among others am cynical of what can actually be achieved in the long term from action, or through demonstration, though it does’t mean that we have ton stop trying.

    1. Makky, do you not agree that ‘surprises’ are a little like that bump in the night that we hear but cannot see? Yet, in the surprise you mention we can both see the actions (behavior) and hear the words.

      The bump in the night we can’t totally grasp because the night is covered by a ‘veil of darkness.’ In the surprise you mention what we can’t totally grasp is a veil of motivations and objectives which in ‘transition strategies’ I call ‘hidden fingers that claw at people psychologically as causing confusion within internal meaning.’

      If you examine the Syrian crisis from the perspective of ‘behavior’ what did we see?

      In the transcript of President Assad’s interview with CBS there were two dates mentioned as to chemical attacks; March and August. I sat and drew two red lines on a piece of paper that represented ‘windows of time.’ The March line stretched to Sept 10th; the eve of the anniversary of 911. As far as behavior like outrage, accusations, threats, political debate or decision making the line is inactive; no response or reaction as to behavior we can see and watch– (although Assad mentioned incidents we cannot see.)

      The August window stretched to Sept 10th, is much shorter than the March line but is very active with behavior we can see. I figured there just had to be something to that, considering that what had been a wholly explosive crisis had suddenly turned into a puff of smoke.

      I mused about the two balls bouncing across the globe: global domination versus world domination.

      You know, I’m a lot like a blood hound and I am prone to taking in too much information which of course I did over the course of the crisis that we could see. Actually by Sept. 10th I felt a bit like being cross eyed and feeling the crush of mind warp…smiles….I needed sleep badly before I ever attempted to connect dots and make connections. Funny thing is, and this has been going on for years with me, when I sleep the Universe must decide I’ve done my part and always seems to supply an early morning answer and just what I need. I’ve learnt not to question this but just to follow it….read with great thought and notice date at top….

      Thanks James and bless you for not allowing this struggle to exhaust your moral energy.

  10. Good show, James, no hyperbole, no disjointed tangents. Sticking to the facts sticks it to the PTB. And the facts are so very, very tragic. America suffers from a poverty of conscience. “America is great because she is good; when she ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” de Tocqueville’s observation becomes a cliche, but still haunts our present reality.

    1. Peter…serious? Father Coughlin began as rather rational but, having lost favor (especially with FDR) became more and more radical–in the end endorsing fascism as a firewall against Communism (read Jewish influence). He completely discredited himself, was tracked by the FBI for consorting with the enemy and censured by the Church, which warned him he would be defrocked if he continued to pursue his political extremism.

      He opposed usury and the Federal Reserve. He was blatantly anti-Semitic, but refused to allow that all bankers are not Jewish. He posed as a populist in an era of backlash against the old Robber Baron class, which played well until he overbid his hand. All in all, I would say he was typical of men who, given a little rope, will eventually hang themselves.

      I can understand how he would appeal to voters influenced by the New Deal and a desire to see change in a corrupted system. Too bad he ran off the rails. He may have had a positive impact.

  11. Persuasive videos like this being put out now, combined with credible truthers about staged homicidal events like the Marathon Bombings, have ominous implications. The American people are increasingly willing to believe that elements of American power are killing Americans in homicidal conspiracies. This is destroying the legitimacy of the American power system, because the entire American power system, especially the media, are implicated in covering it up.

    So Obama and American power need a war to divert attention away from these questions, to intimidate the population to Patriotically back American power against the Enemy. But the American people, as part of the world’s people, are against more wars. Obama and the leaders of congress have tried to begin a war against Syria, and were stalled. Bot the president of the Council of Foreign Relations, and the Economist magazine, both organs of American and Western imperialism, were for war, and still are, but are having difficulties with American and world opinion.

    So. Another staged Terrorist Attack? But it would have to be a really big one in order to initiate effective martial law, even if under the civilian commander-in-chief.

  12. An excellent video. I am certainly still praying and alternate between hope and despair. Just saw a blub that Kerry is rejecting the Syrian timetable. I just hope and hope that any attack can be averted. I just don’t understand why they ‘think’ the answer to the killing over there is – more killing.

    James, you say to contact your Congresspeople. Well, what to do? I’m in NJ. My Rep. is hopeless, just hopeless. And the one Senator – Melendez (who I USED to think was pretty good) was one of the architects of the resolution that so recently passed that Senate Committee. Are there other key people we could try contacting? It’s hard because most of them do not want to hear from you if you’re not from their district/state. Makes it hard to work with those who might be sympathetic.

    You mentioned Libya, and Patrick asked if we’d heard of that water project there. Of course Patrick and I don’t always see eye to eye, but on that he’s right on. I’d heard of that and was just – dumbfounded that that thing was targeted. I would probably agree that I didn’t think too much of Ghaddafi, but that he did try to do good things for his people.

    Now if I may propose someone write a bit about this, if I may; it speaks to ‘abuse’ of Executive Power. Some months ago (can’t remember exactly when) I was (as usual) up really late and some tv station had on this dramatization and commentary on the Supreme Court decision Marbury v. Madison. I’d heard of it, but didn’t remember any details. As the program progressed, and Marbury and all were not given their rightful posts, it stuck me that maybe some of our problems go back that far – that a President got away with something that seemed to be fairly illegal. I really haven’t gotten round to doing any more reading about it, so thoughts, anyone?

    Oh, and let’s keep praying for the Syrian people.

    1. I’m glad you checked out the Great Manmade River, Mollie. Drilling for oil in the south of Libya, they found a vast underground lake, and Gaddafi spent untold millions piping it to the north, splitting it to both the west and the east of the country, providing a desert people with abundant water for the first time.

      I don’t really know if he was bad; I know that he defied the West, and the Western media portrayed him as a mad dog and a loon. And he sure looked loony, what with all those women’s gowns he flounced around in. But he subsidized newlyweds’ new families, and worked to get the powers that be in the country to share the oil wealth with all the people (they blocked him on that, but he tried valiantly). Under him, Libya had no central bank!–one of the only holdouts that remained in the world, and I suspect the true reason he was eliminated; no one in our era is allowed to defy the Money Power.

      As for Marbury, it indeed was the first sign that ratifying the new Constitution was a grave mistake. In it, John Marshal, the chief “justice” of the Supreme Court, claimed that the Court has the final authority to decree whether a law Congress passes is constitutional. He was wrong about that, but he got away with it, and we groan under that horrible decision to this day. (Only Andy Jackson had the guts to tell the Court to piss up a rope, once, saying about one stupid decision that if the chief “justice” wanted to enforce his decision, he should go ahead and try. Would that every president had such gumption.)

      Because of Marbury, a fool like Roberts can be blackmailed into changing his vote, bizarrely calling Obamacare a “tax,” thus making it constitutional, and we all have to live with it. A travesty. Because of Marbury, what five lawyers in black robes say about a law trumps all; because the president did not actively denounce Marshall at the time–and not back down–and the Congress was not stoutly intent on impeaching him for it, one man was able to transform a representative republic into a judicial dictatorship.

      Take the case of abortion. If those despicable clowns on the Court had just left well enough alone four decades ago, saying that it is a problem each state must deal with on its own, the intense contention about the subject we suffer today would have been unthinkable. But Blackmun’s decision forces each and every state to allow abortion, even if every single citizen in a state considers it to be flat out murder. This is tyranny in a nutshell, and there’s nothing we can do about it because Marbury became an accepted part of our system.

      Under the Constitution, the states, which had been sovereign, gave away much of their power, and had thenceforth to trust presidents and congressmen (i.e. politicians) to do the right thing-that is, to defend states’ rights. That was a mistake. The three branches of the federal government tended to rapidly make a deal with one another to protect the interests of the federal government from the power of the states. The Antifederalists saw that coming. Too bad they lost the debate.

      1. Interesting. Can’t agree with you on Andrew Jackson, though – I think he was pretty bad as Pres. for the most part.

        I don’t quite agree with the Supreme Court being able to declare a law unconstitutional being all bad though. For example, if today Congress passed a law restricting, say Freedom of Speech or the Press – I would hope that The Supreme Court – or something/someone – would do something about it. Of course, with the way things are going, one has to wonder!

        I looked up Marbury v. Madison in Wikipedia. It said some legal scholars criticize Marshall’s reasoning based on the fact that under Article III of the Constitution, the Supreme Court WAS given original jurisdiction in cases of “…public ministers and consuls.” and Sec. of State should fall under that.

        It also struck me that the decision said there SHOULD be a remedy for Marbury, but what – failed to provide one. Doesn’t seem right to me. And there was no punishment or sanction given for denying Marbury and all their commissions, which were legal; so I wonder how can keeping legally appointed folks from their jobs be considered legal? That’s why maybe we have to trace at least THAT far back to see that Executive Power abuse overlooked by the Courts.

        I don’t think ratifying the Constitution was a mistake. But it sure would be nice if it were to be followed – then and now.

    2. If your representatives are taking an active role in Obama’s war mongering they are in fact more keenly aware of being involved in promoting a massively unpopular policy, and that 2014 is now on the horizon.

      It is entirely appropriate to direct comments to the chairs of relevant committees, such as the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce, or House Judiciary Committee chair Bob Goodlatte, regardless of the districts they serve.

  13. The operative function of US bombing of Syria is NOT to overthrow Assaud’s government, but to keep the bloodbath going. In a paper by the analysis Edward Littwak IN SYRIA, AMERICAN LOSES IF EITHER SIDE WINS, he explains that the ‘Rebels’ largely consist of al Qaida groupings, and if they came to power, they would confront Israel. So the idea is to weaken Syria by bleeding both sides, killing tens of thousands of people and evicting hundreds of thousands from their homes and homeland.

    In an article by Tony Cardilucci at GLOBAL EXCHANGE, called “continuation of the military agenda:…. ‘ he traces the financing, training, and arming of al Qaida to the Bush regime in 2007. The US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, the core of the ‘International Community’ in the Orwellian American narrative, began a terrorist war against the governments of the Middle East. The idea was to direct the Sunni’s against the Shiites in target countries, weakening the countries power systems to the point where they would obey orders.

    So Sunni Muslims were recruited from all over the world, and financed, trained, armed, and funneled by the USA to targeted countries. This was the strategy of Brzezinski under Carter for bleeding Afghanistan and helping the Soviet Union to disintegrate. Power organs repeat the same strategy over and over, which is why generals always fight the last war, in the beginning of a new one. Syria is a repeat of Afghanistan, except that the government is home grown, and now supported by most of the Syrians in opposition to the religious gangsters recruited by the US.

    Obama, who is continuing Bush’s policies, wanted to bomb Assaud’s military to ‘degrade’ it, because it was winning. Obama didn’t want to allow the war to end with an Assaud victory. Similarly in the Iraq-Iran war, which killed over a million people, when Iran began winning, the US stopped the war. It did so by shooting down an Iranian plane ‘accidentally,’ killing 2 or 3 hundred passengers, threatening further attacks, forcing Iran to negotiate. As Kissinger said about the two sides of the war at the time, ‘I hope they kill each other.’

    However, the American people are very reluctant to believe the horrors of the realpolitik of American foreign policy. “America is Good, it wouldn’t do such a thing.’ It not only would, it did. Under the Terror War, as Peter Dale Scott has termed it, the American power system has become a terror state, and the world’s people know it. The function of the people’s truthers of America is get the American people to acknowledge it, and to oppose it.

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