An appendage of the world’s foremost advocate of psychiatric treatment, the American Psychiatric Association, is actively promoting a “teacher training program” that will enlist public school staff to identify “troubled thought patterns” of teenage students, NBC news reports.[1] The campaign is being pushed by the American Psychiatric Foundation, the “philanthropic and educational arm of the American Psychiatric Association,” according to APF’s own website.

The rationale for the new program together with the military-style training carried out in the midst of schoolchildren is that the country cannot risk having another tragedy such as the Sandy Hook School massacre or one authorities say came close to transpiring in Decatur, Georgia.

Upon its introduction in 21 states and the District of Columbia, “Typical or Troubled?” will instruct all school staff “from custodians to counselors” to detect and report “warning signs” that can include “persistent sadness, irritability, withdrawal, and even a major change in eating habits.” In other words, the ups and downs that tend to characterize the frequently awkward and uncertain progression toward adulthood termed “adolescence” by the Darwinian-inspired American psychologist G. Stanley Hall over a century ago.[2]

Once a “troubled” candidate is identified their parents are contacted and the child is assigned to a mental health “specialist.” In other words, this alleged public health and safety campaign constitutes what will likely become a major client referral program for the psychopharmaceutical industry that has essentially enlisted government employees to surveil unsuspecting subjects and identify probable treatment candidates.

What is of at least equal concern is the deceptive technique used to thrust this campaign on the public. The American Psychiatric Foundation masquerades as an independent entity that “retains control over all of its public education programs, content, and materials.” Indeed, as APF Executive Director Paul Burke explains to NBC, the philanthropic organization’s policy dictates “’that no supporter or funder has any direct influence over the content of any APF public education program.’”[3]

Yet a quick visit to the APF’s website reveals that it is a front organization for the powerful American Psychiatric Association—even operating from the same Arlington, Virginia office suite. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the APF also has net assets in excess of $52 million, according to the organization’s 2011 Form 990.

Such scrutiny would have been very simple (and an ethical given) for NBC News to point out. But APA’s practitioner membership alongside the pharmaceutical industry that so prevalently advertises on major corporate media outlets like NBC stand to profit handsomely from the anticipated revenue “Typical or Troubled?” and similar campaigns will generate going forward.[4]

The APA has surely taken the observations of master propagandist Edward Bernays to heart and practice. By establishing the ostensibly innocuous APF to initiate presumably do-goodish programs as “Typical or Troubled?” the psychopharmaceutical juggernaut further ingratiates itself in the sordid national landscape of horrific school shooting spectacles and accompanying police state terror.

While public employees are commissioned as mental health surrogates, thereby offering up most of the nation’s children to quasi-medical scrutiny and prospective forced drugging, genuinely demonstrable public health menaces such as genetically modified foods in the cafeteria, electropollution via “WiFi” pervading school campuses, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s many social engineering initiatives are readily espoused and actively promoted. Such developments should make ever clearer the fact that public education entails very little that is truly “educational”, and much that should shame any self-respecting nation.


[1] Erika Angulo, “To Prevent School Violence, Teachers Learn How to Spot Mental Illness,” NBC News, August 25, 2013.

[2] G. Stanley Hall, Adolescence: Its Psychology and Its Relation to Physiology, Anthropology, Sex, Crime, Religion, and Education. Originally published in 1904.

[3] Ibid.

[4] Janice Lloyd, “Antidepressant Use Skyrockets 400% in Past 20 Years,” USA Today, October 20, 2011.

Thanks to “JZ” for bringing the August 25 NBC news article to MHB readers’ attention.


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46 thought on “US Public Schools Train to Finger Mental Cases”
  1. Here we go … the State creating a trickle-down pyramid to yank children out from under their parents’ roof and into not just drugging but personality and brain control. The trained “experts” will be misinformed (brainwashed themselves) but proud of their role, just like TSA at our airports. Maybe we’ll see a big surge in home-schooling as a result of these sly “teacher training” programs, but then it will be our expert neighbors — “neighbor training” — who will qualify us for state interventions of this kind. All part of designing the Post Human Society!

    1. I think the analogy to “TSA at our airports” is insightful, and true.

      I have been looking into the topic of “Video News Releases” and their use in mainstream media. It would be so helpful to our American way of Life if more people understood that the “News” is not necessarily the
      “real news.”

      I do believe that particularly teachers and those in leadership positions in our small communities must have a “spidey sense” that things are amiss. This is all happening too fast, we are being enveloped in a well-crafted story to drive us toward a certain end. This “well-crafted story” has a massive budget with many players working to drive us to a certain result. Hmm…, it doesn’t seem to me that result is one I’m going to like. Or, one that squares with my idea of, “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

      People need to take responsibility and not participate in the story that, “the world is dangerous, people are dangerous.” Seriously, we’re being snowed.

  2. Attention: This is the principal. From now on anyone not seeming to be appropriately happy with the indoctrination schedule, or the cesspool of a world they will inherit upon graduation will be singled out for treatment, or you can choose to be burned at the stake during todays non-violent sport free recess. LGBT students will be exempted from this policy. Todays lunch will be hamburger like things floating in a green juice. And now we will recite the pledge of Obama.

  3. Rich,
    That is great!, My school is in the constant “fund raiser” mode, all they do is ask for money. Hop a-thons, fund raisers (no bake type–too dangerous) teachers gift collection in December, adopt a poor family, it never stops I kept a calendar last year and out of the 181 school days 179 of them one of my children came home with a request for money for something. Coat drive, school supply drive,backpack drive and unused book drive have already started this year.

    1. It’s a constant money suck scam. It’s also a perfect way at overwhelming middle-low middle class families into believing they’ve got life good in comparison to the rest of the needy world. Try opting out of some of the fund raisers and all of a sudden you’re black listed from room mom and labeled the lazy community volunteer.

  4. The first line of defense in gaining independence from this corrupt system is to protect the mind from any and all perverse influence: We must remove our children from these APS funded toxic “schools of indoctrination”.

    This requires an amputation, therefore, it might behoove us to become that “physician” so that we might “heal thyself” after taking such drastic measures.

    Good Luck…….

  5. so glad i had a child a long time ago & he is an adult now – I would be terrified to not only have a child now , as so many people i know are AFRAID to bring a child into this world,which to me is so sad. But there is no way on this earth i would send my child to a public school . that is like signing your children over to the sociopaths in charge . very dangerous. & they are also subject to terrorism in schools . no way , no thank you , Say hell no to public schools people , smarten up , home school your children , dont subject them to the terrorists.

  6. One has to wonder about such a program. Won’t kids medicated out of ‘teen angst’ miss developmental milestones required for ‘normal’ adulthood personalities? IOTW, won’t they become disfunctional adults? Also, will they be tagged as psychologically ‘unfit’, and would that not bar them from military service and from ever owning a gun? Maybe Bloomberg has his hand in this too?

    1. Great point. Medicating people into a state of arrested development would most likely be less expensive than “educating” them into said state. What happens when the dysfunctional adults all go off their meds due to a shortage?

  7. Any child with a personality and/or working, curious brain cells will be targeted by this.

    Fellow Americans, if you are ever called to your child’s school and told that your children fit some “disturbing profile”, there’s only one logical response – take your children out of that school and home-school them. Otherwise, you may never see them again.

  8. This is from the APF website about this particular program:

    Typical or Troubled?™ is currently supported by donations from individuals, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, and Shire Pharmaceuticals, Inc..

  9. I read the warning criteria this morning and I agree that many of the “signs” appear to me to be typical of young adulthood. What is interesting is that these “typical” signs of adolescence are actually not normal, but are symptomatic of children set adrift in the unnatural peer-saturated school environment with inadequate adult guidance, support and encouragement. A great read on this topic is, “Hold on to Your Kids” by by Gordon Neufeld.

    Also, having been through the public school system, I think there should be a companion program to train the kids on how to spot “mentally ill” teachers and school staff. There were certainly a few oddities wandering the halls of my own Junior High and High School.

    Seriously, statistics show that kids are more likely to be harmed by the adult staff than the other way around. Who is sounding the security alarms around that issue?

  10. There is a push to classify any emotion as a “symptom” of mental illness. What is phenomenal about this is the fact that there is no way to prove that the mental illnesses that are said to exist, actually do. These labels exist to push drugs, even more evidence that a healthy society is not desirable.

  11. You may want to take notes on a possible next timeline – how we got to the police state and not enough Americans noticed we were already there! Here’s an article from CT that roughly lists $4.5 million in security measures taken in schools, although plenty of districts did not give details of what their ‘improvement’ costs were. Considering the population of CT is 3.5 million, something seems to be amiss. There is no mention of where the money came from, but if proper plans are in place, federal grants will be available in 2014! Interesting that retired NYC police officers are taking part in the security forces in the schools!,0,1906279.story?page=1

  12. Thanks Kathy….great article! If you follow the money it seems the Security Systems Corporations will be the big money profit winners in the new game of safety. What a scam!!

    1. The key for an educated American is to follow the money and discern who the contractors are that “Win” these security funds.

      Are these security firms truly defending the Constitution against fr(enemies) both foreign and domestic? Or, are they the enemy with a trojan horse game-plan?

      I think the latter.

  13. This is why, wherever I go, to whichever website with commenting features, I am always against censorship (ie., sometimes termed ‘moderation’) by the respective site ‘owners’.

    Invariably, almost without exception, the hierarchica authoritarian model is followed and commenters are forced to conform excessively.

    This produces sheep. Single sheep are thus gutted (eviscerated) routinely without complaint and without alarm. The other sheep like to sleep and never think it (getting gutted) will happen to them. Be a nice little lamb!

    Much of the work of authoritarianism and tyranny is done by the useful idiots, owners and managers who are themselves authoritarian and yet claim, in their ignorance, to be otherwise.

    Great website, James. Keep it that way.

    Ned Lud

  14. Jon Rappaport (investigative journalist, social critic) wonders why the uber elite work so hard at stealing our freedom.

    The mind is the seat of the human soul. It is a precious gift from nature.
    To own the soul of others is the goal of many parasitic predators of our species. However, they will rationalize their pernicious mendacity, declaring this practice to be ‘for the common good.’

  15. Logically there can be no such thing as Mental Illness. I’ve studied the mind, consciousness, brain science for countless years now. I’m convinced that this is a very sophisticated, fragile, three-part system that works together and the parts are separate.

    I believe the mind is of course intangible, is not an organ and therefore cannot contain illness or disease. Consciousness, we know can change, expand and be altered especially when one engages in critical thought. The brain is like a filtration system for consciousness which is directed by the mind. If the mind is not an organ and consciousness is not an organ then this might explain the scientific tampering with the brain, the drugging of the brain and the scientific obsession with biology and determining how much consciousness can get through an altered brain that’s become a ‘dis-eased filter.’

    It helps to have been following psychiatrist Thomas Szasz who stepped to the fringes of his profession roughly 40 or more years ago and informed the public that psychiatry intended to medicalize all human problems and emotions into named syndromes which could be drug treated. Years ago he was called a ‘conspiracy theorist’ but everything he claimed has become true and would be the disgraceful truth we all find ourselves in now.

    Personally I know there is no such thing as mental illness simply from experience with my own mind and consciousness. I am not schizophrenic nor have I ever been but when I experienced a huge alteration in my own consciousness I passed through a stage psychiatry terms as ‘hallucination’ which is really ‘higher visual information’ quite abstract and not belonging to objective consciousness because it is in the domain of the subjective. I know from the experience that the stage of higher visual info is part of a consciousness process, a stage that passes if the cycle is just left to unfold naturally. Its my personal opinion that psychiatry and mental health, drug this stage and then call it ‘schizophrenia’…a mental illness that a person then has to own. This is the error of our ways!

    1. Hi Bev –

      Not to discount YOUR experience, but I do believe there IS something we could term “mental illness” for want of a better/different term. My one late cousin was mentally ill and institutionalized for most of her adult life. She just became unable to function, although a trained and very competent bookkeeper. She was on several different drugs – so I do think I can agree that drugs are way overused. She really was at times overdrugged.

      What I’ve always felt about her case though is that the seat of her problem was never dealt with. Could have she have been helped by some different therapies (better counseling and talk therapies, more natural supplements…) – I don’t know, but I do wonder. There is no doubt in my mind, however that she had a problem. Unfortunately, it was not well dealt with.

      1. Thanks for sharing Mollie and of course when you use the words ‘her problem’ I feel you come closer to a truer term than ‘mental illness’ which is so devastatingly stigmatizing it truly is life destroying. Add drugs to that and it is a slow death sentence.

        Myself I rather prefer Carl Jung’s work on the possible psychological problems that can surface with the stages of life and the normal human impulse to attain what Jung called the process of ‘Individuation.’ I have studied it intensely due to my own experiences.

        Staying on topic here I might add that in reference to the present push to make children seem mentally ill Carl Jung did state in his work, that “the psychic life of the child is complex, but when the child is normal (unfolding consciousness not interfered with) the child has no real problems of its own. It is only the adult human being who can have doubts about himself and be at variance with himself.” [Aspects of the Masculine & Aspects of the Feminine–pg. 26]

        We really should think about this statement!!

        I truly am sorry about your late cousin and in her memory and all those others who were or are institutionalized we can only hope to find more intelligence and wisdom about our own human states’ with hope that time will give us a kinder and more compassionate world for any care needed.

        1. Lovely reply, Bev. I really liked that Carl Jung quote.. the adult being at variance with him(her)self. Does sound like what my cousin went through.

          Yes, I hope we can be more wise about dealing with such things!

  16. Those commenting over at the site on this story are mostly in favor of this. I just can’t imagine sending a child of mine to one of these indoctrination mills in the first place, much less one that elevates the pseudo science of mental illness to a “problem” that needs teacher intervention as a first step on the road to tracking students and then hooking them on psychotropic meds during their formative years. I know that’s what’s happening already, at least the mass drugging part,. This is just one more step to enrich pharmaceutical companies by increasing their market share to heretofore unseen levels. There will be little public resistance to this also. Homeschooling will grow a little more, but not much more. People are too damn brainwashed to give a hoot. Those comments at NBC really do tell the tail of what’s ahead, and the lack of push-back when it comes.

  17. Have you read, studied, and understood the DSM 5? I doubt it. Until you do, I do not think you are in the position to state overarching phrases such as” the DSM 5 says we all have some form of mental illness”

    Not surprised to read an ignorant post here

    1. This was quite obviously in jest, yet it has apparently been lost on you, Herr Harkins.

      Honest psychiatrists admit the negligible degree of scientific empiricism underlying their profession, evident in the ever-expanding array of designations for socially aberrant behavior.

      1. I guess you want it both ways, to be taken seriously that the government can steer tornados, hurricanes, droughts, engineer viruses, kill its citizens, and pretend to kill its citizens. But also to take things as joke. Must be nice to dictate the tone

        1. “Must be nice to dictate the tone.”

          Hmmm. It’s the man’s personal blog. What part of this aren’t you absorbing?

    2. LOL. I own every book Szasz ever wrote. Also every book Breggin ever wrote. I’m also a high school teacher. I’m in a perfect position to know what I speak of, thank you.

      1. Thanks, Bev. That was powerful stuff you linked. It should be placed prominently and in view to all as a warning to those about to be victimized in every school, place of work, court of law and mental health facility throughout the nation.

    3. Touché ladies and gentlemen! One has to wonder the motivation of a commenter that declares “Not surprised to read an ignorant post here.” Personally, do not waste time to visit sites that spew ignorance, but apparently it is the occupation of a certain portion of the population to declare we are all crazy!

      1. Yes, are we crazy to wonder what pharmaceuticals the mythological Adam Lanza was on to have such large unnaturally wide open photoshopped eyes? No word from pharma fans to assess the quality of the touchup.

        Meanwhile it was announced today in USA Today that the School where the nonevent took place will be razed and a new school put up by 2016. Now no one will be able to perform an archeological dig to discover the gov a complete fraud.

  18. As a retired educator, this really caught my attention. I was educated public school (all but 2 yrs. at a private college) and thought I got a fine education. Of course I’m a baby boomer, so you can figure things have changed a lot! It hurts to see so many people down on public schools, though things like this give even me pause. I taught college, but I know quite a few public elementary/secondary teachers. They really have a hard job. Between the students themselves and the demands of the administration/state/testing, etc., they have their work cut out for them. Most of them really care about the students and doing their jobs. I’m wondering if they a) don’t really realize where all this is going, or b) are burned out – or just don’t care (though I think/hope that’s a small minority).

    I can’t help thinking of my Mother’s generation. She was trained as an educator way back when —– graduated Normal School in 1930. One thing I noted about that generation of teachers is – they KNEW kids. They knew how that kindergartner would act; how the adolescent behaved, they KNEW. That’s what makes this program troubling to me. Are we really educating the educators? Don’t teachers know about student behavior any more? And is a referral system really equipping educators to better serve the students?

    And I can’t remember the poster who wrote about the students being so involved with peers and having less and less adult guidance. Boy, I think you’re on to something there!

    1. I agree. Teachers once had more autonomy, and were respected as they acquired “seasoning” in the field, plus with so many fields practically denied to women, they were often the smartest, best-read, most able. Interposing a confusing bureaucratic layer of witch doctors will not impose their status. But I know that psychological testing has been around a long time. It should be obvious to those who pay attention that parental problems such as hopeless financial ones will be affecting their offspring. Also, the loss of stable living conditions,etc. Yes, there are homeless kids who do great – but they are exceptions.

      There are also new teaching methods which emphasize other things – I remember the days when plenty of kids mentally dropped out without physically doing so. Finding out that they cannot pay attention because they checked out long ago might be a good thing to know. The ideal teachers from the past realized they had a problem – how they dealt with it was different from today. Open shaming happened more – whether it worked I do not know. I was one of the cooperative students – up to a point. I did care about the ones who couldn’t keep up (I went to a school in Southern California which went from my day of 50% Hispanic to about 100% today – and there were many kids of farm workers whose parents were probably illiterate then).

  19. maybe psychopaths like Blair, Bush, Cheney, Obama, Kerry, etc could be snagged early before they inflict widespread damage.

    But, i guess, the filter is to neutralize anyone who opposes psychopathic government.

  20. This reminds me of the early George Lucas film, THX 1138 – in which a dystopian futuristic society controls the population through various types of medication. In fact the inhabitants are highly dependant on the drugs and are unable to function properly without them, or at least that’s what they are made to believe.

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